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Oct 7, 2021
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ally opens the front door on the passenger side, nodding to Jimin to hurry up and sit down but the blond man ignores him and follows Taehyung to the back. A cab is a cab.

n watches with a satisfied smile as Yoongi closes the door, as if nothing had happened. It's small, but it satisfies Jimin for the moment, giving him the feeling that he's got his act together after that cigarette thing.
usual, looks at the situation with an annoyed look, but he will always be on Jimin's side.
them arrive at the studio at the scheduled time for the photo shoot. This time, Jimin lets Yoongi open the door, and walks out like the prince he is, putting his sunglasses on his nose, without a glance for his doorman.
artists and stylists are busy as soon as Jimin crosses the threshold, while the rest of the staff make the final adjustments. It is a well-trained team, which is used to work with Jimin, activating like an ant farm around its queen.
is always amused by the hesitations in their voices when they have to address him, then he answers them with his usual confident and haughty air, with his head held high.
most effective way he has found to protect himself from the many dangers of this industry. He is contemptuous enough to keep people away and be untouchable, but he is also just polite enough that he cannot be blamed for anything concrete.
ke-up artist puts back a rebellious lock under the watchful eyes of Taehyung who can't help but check that the job is well done, Jimin observes Yoongi talking with the photographer. The blond man doesn't even blink when the latter turns to Jimin with a wide smile.
n waves his hand to make the make-up artist understand to stop trying to camouflage each of his micro flaws. He gets up and goes to the photographer, followed by Taehyung. " Shall we start ? " asks Jimin abruptly to the two men who were talking.
and mumbles something about his busy schedule, to the indifference of the idol who lives under the spotlight. The photographer seems a little more unsettled, but he quickly regains his composure, all too happy to have the chance to work with the idol again.
's start… " the photographer answers shyly, after a slight stutter, while moving towards Jimin. The blond sketches a satisfied smile by throwing him a cheerful glance. He is dressed in a shirt and tight black jeans, with a small red silk bow around the neck.
must serve for the promotion of his new album and the idea is a sexy and classy concept. Jimin has no difficulty in posing and creating this atmosphere, throwing languid glances to the camera... or the photographer.
n't hold back a smile when blushes rise to the cheeks of the latter, behind his camera. He knows that after the session, he will come to him to fill him with all kinds of praises,
d will only have to smile at him politely, then to ignore him in the sight of all, as he always did. He can't afford to give him any hope, so he takes all the attention the photographer can give him at the time, then dismisses him.
that the man will be satisfied with that little smile, so, still in the spirit of satisfying his ego and feeding his self-confidence, Jimin continues to flirt tirelessly with him, enjoying the theme of the photoshoot.
aff makes some changes in the setting, the blond quickly scans the room and his eyebrows furrow when he notices the director.
n pictures of the blond while he was changing and her manager at the time, who she was making eyes at, had finally convinced Jimin not to make a scandal, that she had a family and a whole kind of responsibility.
the blond had resolved to turn a blind eye, thinking that his private life was not worth that of a family. Jimin sniffs as he thinks back to that asshole and his guilt-ridden speech. God, how young, inexperienced and naive he was.
ed later that Taehyung had tried to make the agency understand that something was wrong. But just like today, no one took the young assistant very seriously, even though avoiding scandals was the agency's main strategy.
manager had only another young idol to deal with instead of Jimin. Damn, will this agency always hire anyone ?
pher signals to Jimin to change his pose and the blond man does it, showing off his body in positions more sensual than the others. He enjoys himself while he notices the man hiding the redness of his face behind his camera.
s the reaction of the staff, it's an effective way to know how his performance is. Taehyung chats with the art director, who holds Jimin with one eye and smiles at him, obviously pleased, while Yoongi- Yoongi analyzes the lighting arrangement?!
supposed to be like this poor and naive photographer, not wanting to take his eyes off Jimin. The blond wonders if he is not as sexy as the other times, or if it is Yoongi who is simply not human.
more takes, the art director asks him to come and see the rendering. The blond man complies but hastens to grab the photographer's arm in passing, with a honeyed smile.
pher accepts this affectionate gesture, and even has stars in his eyes, as he gently places Jimin in front of the screen.
a quick look at Taehyung, who obviously seems to be panicked by this overly attentive attitude that could lead to some flirtation rumors, yet again.
s being a bit overzealous today, but he'd really like to see the limits of his new manager. And Yoongi finally looks at him. Jimin grips his toy more tightly.
the rest of the session flirting freely, in full view of everyone, under Taehyung's apparent panic and Yoongi's watchful gaze. " Jiminie-ssi... that's a bit much… " Taehyung meows, in an annoyed voice, as Jimin allows himself to be made up.
pher had just spent 10 minutes praising Jimin and his perfect face and body in front of Yoongi and Taehyung.
n had continued to smile, which is completely contrary to his usual behavior, he even went so far as to let a longing look travel on the lips of the latter.
erplayed but charming attitude that made his interlocutor lose his words, for the greatest pleasure of the blond. He hopes that Yoongi will take good care to note, in his damn notebook, how desirable he is.
e has the same eyes as you when you look at that bucktoothed boy hanging around the agency." Jimin turns his head to his assistant with laughing eyes.
oing to go home happy that I smiled at him, just like you would be." still tries to reassure Jimin, he knows what he's doing and he knows he's in control.
es a step back with immensely round eyes, obviously surprised that Jimin has discovered his little secret. His assistant then turns to Yoongi, who still hasn't said anything, and bows slightly.
lly sorry, I didn't mention but Jimin is friends with that photographer, so please don't pay attention to that. " lies Taehyung.
at Taehyung with a judgmental eyebrow raised. The assistant seems so frightened by his discovery about his crush that he tries to change the subject suddenly with an obvious lie. This is not really like him, and it is rather distracting.
n though the blond is amused by it, he also knows how much Taehyung is worried about his reputation, and he admits that he really overdid it with the photographer this time... but it was way too satisfying.
al." immediately replies Yoongi with a nod, arms crossed... Jimin and Taehyung look up at Yoongi. The role of a manager is also to keep his Idol in line, to avoid any outbursts.
at it's normal when Jimin admits to flirting directly with the staff is not quite expected. "It's even rather reassuring that Jimin-ssi is trying to fill a sense of satiety." Yoongi continues, nodding to himself, looking in the direction of the photographer.
it hard to believe what he's hearing, and as he quickly looks at his assistant beside him, he also seems lost. "He simply found a way to fill a gap." the manager pauses before finishing his sentence, looking at Jimin sideways this time. "Obviously."
s close to raising his chair and asking what Yoongi is implying, but Jimin remains plastered against his file, because his new manager turns completely towards them and raises his index finger in the air before continuing to speak with a rhythmic, unruffled voice.
hen faced with stress, feel the need to satisfy their egos, to feel loved and desirable. It releases endorphins, just like eating chocolate, or petting a cat, or holding someone."
rtist who seems to feel out of place quickly walks away putting away her equipment.
rrently under stress and given the disdain with which he talks to the staff, no doubt he is also upset. This adds to his need to feel pampered. So we have two factors at play to explain Jimin's behavior, maybe three."
ehyung look at Yoongi, like two children who are told that Santa Claus does not exist. They are both curious to know what happens next, and upset to be told the truth. "Jimin-ssi is stressed, he's upset and he's hungry."
" asks Jimin almost soullessly, who is stunned by this string of illogical statements.
u are hungry. Two easy ways to tell. Your schedule hasn't allowed you to eat since this morning and you feel you need to go on a drastic diet, according to Taehyung's notes. So from a biological point of view, it's normal."
at his assistant like he's a traitor, not liking the words "estimate" and "drastic" in his notes. He should really check what the younger guy writes before giving it to a complete 'stranger'.
ks away, he knows his note about Jimin's diet had an alarming turn of phrase.
other hand, hunger creates a sense of survival, leading to an increase in testosterone, which causes both aggression but also desire. It all seems to fit. Not to mention that you can't smoke. You need to be satiated," Yoongi concluded, in a totally unaffected voice.
h his mouth wide open and Jimin stares at Yoongi, void of any emotions. "Taehyung ..." Jimin clutches his assistant's vest. "Yes ?" the latter asks, still absent-minded.
andwich...and you go get some fresh air." Jimin firmly orders, trying to regain control of his thoughts. Taehyung runs to get the sandwich he prepared for the idol while Yoongi, who thinks that Jimin is inevitably in a bad mood due to hunger, quietly leaves the room
s his sandwich, which is delicious, and vows never, ever to miss the opportunity to eat in front of Yoongi again. Next time, Jimin will eat and go to make the photographer blush with impunity, under Yoongi's nose.
am continues its day with a few hours of dance rehearsals, Jimin firmly restraining himself from throwing even one ambiguous glance to anyone among the dancers, or the staff.
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