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Oct 12, 2021
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Yoonmin‒ Cop AU Jimin’s birthday party was going well, surrounded by friends, blasting music, and cheap drinks until a gorgeously hot cop, Police Officer Min, knocked on his apartment door and said that a noise complaint was filed against him.

This is a commissioned AU. The commissioner picked it up for me from my list of prompts to finish writing the story.
tags: • police officer yoongⲓ, university student jⲓmⲓn • fluff, humor, teasing, flirting • parties, drinking • jⲓmⲓn has a crush on officer min (he's thirsty too) • mature content 🔞, bondage/handcuff sex
“Cheers!” Jimin shouts along with the crowd as his guests holler and propose a toast for his birthday. Bumping their red cups high up in the air, Jimin giggles when his best friend, Taehyung, drapes an arm over his shoulders and says loudly through the blasting music, +
+ “Happy birthday, Jimin-ah!” “Thank you!” Jimin beams at him and downs the rest of his cup, feeling the bitter liquor gliding down his throat with a pleasant burn.
It’s nearing midnight but the party isn’t dying anytime soon. It’s a good thing that he has his own apartment in the city; technically, it’s his aunt’s, but she told him that he can have the place as long as he wants because her family is currently living in Busan.
He’s currently in his last year of university but Jimin is considering applying for a job here in the city. There’s a lot more opportunity in the capital than back home after all. “Jimin-sunbae!”
The senior turns around at the feminine voice calling his name. A cute junior of his with dark shoulder-length hair and neatly trimmed fringe hanging past her eyebrows approaches him and says, “Happy birthday! This party is awesome!”
“Thanks!” he tells her with a smile. “If you need more shots, there’s still some left in the kitchen.” He doesn't remember her name because they don’t talk too much. Jimin sees her here and there around the campus +
+ and he’s fairly sure that she’s a member of their university’s cooking club because there’s one instance when Jimin saw her wearing a maid’s outfit at the university fair two months ago.
“Yo, guys! What about‒” One of Jimin’s guy classmates drags him in the center of the living room and raises a shot glass of tequila. “‒A body shot on the birthday boy?”
Everyone cheers and whistles at the idea, making Jimin laugh with both arms holding his tummy as a healthy flush deepens the redness of his cheeks. “Who wants to do it?!” the guy hypes up the crowd.
A few hands stick up in the air and Jimin can’t contain the tiny giggles spilling out of his mouth. “Me! Me!” The guy makes a face when Taehyung elbows his way through the group of people around Jimin. “Eh, you’re /the/ best friend. Let others have Jimin for tonight!”
Jimin laughs at Taehyung’s sulky face, patting the young man on the back. He has done body shots before and it’s actually quite exhilarating. The feeling of someone’s tongue on his abs or neck and the sticky juice of lime +
+ dripping down the sides of his mouth has always put Jimin into a good mood. He’s a very physical person; he likes touching and being touched so it doesn’t really surprise him if that little fun activity usually turns into something more in the club bathroom.
Just when a guy (desperately) volunteers himself and steps forward inside the circle, Jimin hears someone saying, “Hey, is the birthday guy there?” The senior turns his head to the lady. “I’m here. Why?”
“Uh…” The third-year student appears a little anxious. “There’s a cop looking for you.” “What?!” Jimin’s eyes blow wide in shock before he sprints toward the front door. What did he do? Fuck, no, he can’t end up in jail. His mom’s gonna faint. Fuck.
Jimin finds a man standing in the doorway and wearing the usual black police uniform but there is something about the way the fabric hugs his broad shoulders, wide chest, and narrow hips that makes the senior do a double-take.
When the cop’s dark eyes land on Jimin, the man grabs the bill of his cap and gives the senior a polite nod. “Good evening,” he speaks, and damn, why does his voice sound so deep and hot to Jimin’s ears?
“Good evening,” Jimin greets back, trying to push away any unnecessary thoughts in his mind. “May I help you?” “Are you the owner of the apartment?” “Yeah.” Jimin shifts his weight on his left foot, hip jutting out slightly. “Is there a problem, officer?”
“A noise complaint was filed against you by one of your neighbors. It’s already nearing midnight, sir. And it’s against the law to play loud music after ten in the evening.”
Jimin’s eye twitches a little, annoyed, but he lets out a sigh and scratches the back of his head, admitting defeat. He knows he’s in the wrong here. “I’m so sorry, officer. I won’t do it again.”
“Good. But I have to give you a fine for this.” The cop takes out a little pad and writes something down on the first sheet. “May I know your name?” “Park Jimin,” the senior utters through a small pout. He doesn’t want to pay for this shit.
The cop raises a brow at the sulky expression on Jimin’s face but instead of probing on it, he maintains a professional stance and asks, “Age?” “Twenty-three.”
“Occupation?” “University student.” Jimin’s gaze flicks on the cop’s left chest, reading the surname ‘Min’ embroidered with gold on the dark fabric. Officer Min, huh, he mentally notes.
“Really. You kids should know how to respect your neighbors. Parties are allowed but there are limits if you’re living in a residential area.” The cop sighs and tears the sheet off the pad, handing it to the senior. “Please come by the station tomorrow to pay for the penalty.”
The bridge of Jimin’s nose crinkles in distaste. He doesn’t like being lectured by a cop but he knows it’s his fault for dragging the party all night. Officer Min is gorgeously hot with his dark hair, pale skin, and black, feline eyes.
And if it weren’t for this embarrassing situation, then Jimin would’ve already flirted with the handsome police officer. “Oppa?”
Jimin watches as the girl he was talking to earlier approaches the police officer with wide eyes, her shoulder-length hair swaying when she stops abruptly in front of him. “What are you doing here?”
After the momentary surprise on the officer’s face fades away, he huffs a breath through his nose and hooks a thumb on his belt. “I’m here because of a noise complaint.” He frowns at the girl, unamused. “Yoonji-ya, does mom know you’re here?”
Ah, siblings, Jimin thinks in amusement. What a small world. The girl, Yoonji, pouts. “Of course. I’m twenty-one; I can take care of myself.” Officer Min looks inside the apartment and narrows his eyes slightly. “You’re not drinking too much, are you?”
“Oppa!” Yoonji whines. “I’m okay. Promise.” Officer Min rolls his eyes at her before turning his attention back to Jimin. “Jimin-ssi, please lower down the volume of the music and control your guests. Otherwise, you would have to call it a night.”
“Aye, officer.” Jimin grins at him with a cute, two-finger salute. Officer Min says to his little sister, “And you, Yoonji-ya, I’ll take you back home.”
Huffing out in frustration, Yoonji flips her older brother around and pushes him out of the door. “Go back to the station! Stop embarrassing me!”
Jimin laughs when the police officer tells her, “Ya, if someone’s trying to flirt with you, tell them to go and see me first.” “Ugh! Go away!” Yoonji groans and shoves the cop toward the police car.
Jimin watches the whole scene with mirth in his eyes and an amused smile curving his glossy lips. Those adorable siblings get along well together. He suddenly misses his own little brother in Busan who decided to stay there for college. Maybe he should go visit his family +
+ when things aren’t too busy in the university. Folding his arms together, Jimin rubs his chin as Officer Min goes inside the police car to start the engine. The sheet of paper containing his penalty weighs heavily in Jimin’s hand as a particular thought enters his mind.
It’s annoying to pay a fine for a minor violation, but maybe dropping by the local police station to see the handsome and grumpy police officer wouldn’t be such a bad idea. 👮
“So you mean to say,” Taehyung starts as he accompanies Jimin to the local police station near the subway the day after. “You’re here right now not because of the penalty but to flirt with that police officer who busted your ass last night?”
“Both actually,” Jimin smirks at his best friend and peeks through the glass door for a second before gripping the metal bar to push it open. “You’re such a hoe,” Taehyung mutters with an eye roll. The senior snorts.
“Hi.” Jimin approaches the police officer behind the desk. The young man’s fingers pause on the keyboard and he lifts up his head to look at him. “Good day,” he greets them with a smile. “May I help you?”
“I’m here to pay the fine for a minor violation last night.” Jimin reaches for the ticket and 25,000 won from his pants pocket and offers them to the police officer.
“Ah. The noise complaint,” the officer says as he reads the ticket and types something down on the computer. Jimin’s cheeks flush slightly in embarrassment. “Yeah.”
“Pft.” After throwing a glare at Taehyung over his shoulder, Jimin turns his attention back to the officer and looks at the embroidered name on his left chest. Jeon, it reads.
“Officer,” Jimin starts as he folds his arms on the table. “Is Officer Min on duty today?” “You know Yoongi-hyung?” Officer Jeon’s eyebrows raise up to his hairline. “Yeah, he’s on patrol right now.”
Yoongi, Jimin thinks in interest. Min Yoongi, huh. “Kinda,” Jimin replies. “When is he coming back?” “He went out an hour earlier. He’ll be back soon.” The senior purses his lips. Officer Min had better go back soon before the cherry gloss on Jimin’s lips fades.
A moment later, Jimin hears a bell chiming as the glass door swings open. “Speaking of,” Officer Jeon remarks and jerks his head at the entrance. “There’s Yoongi-hyung.” Jimin couldn’t whip his head around fast enough after hearing that.
And there he is. Officer Min is standing by the entrance in all of his hot glory with one hand holding the bill of his cap, taking it off with a sigh as he ruffles his dark hair. Damn, why the hell is he so sexy?
“Oh wow,” Taehyung mutters beside him, checking out the cop, and Jimin stifles an amused snort. His best friend knows a hot guy when he sees one. When the officer’s dark eyes crack open and lift up to look at him, Jimin feels a sudden rush of adrenaline through his veins.
He’s kind of excited to see the cop again. Okay, not kind of. He’s /damn/ excited to see Officer Min again. “Hi,” he greets him with a smile. Walking toward the desk, the police officer’s brow raises a little. “Mr. Park Jimin?”
“Ah, you remember my name.” The smile on Jimin’s face widens. “Because my little sister was at your party.” Yoongi flops down on the seat behind the opposite desk. “And your speakers were too loud.”
“Ya, I already said sorry and paid the fine.” Jimin walks towards him and sits on the chair across from the officer, folding his arms on the table. “But hey, Yoonji is a nice hoobae. She’s a very sweet girl.”
The cop narrows his eyes at him. “You weren’t trying to flirt with my sister last night, were you?” The question draws an amused laugh from the senior because what in the actual fuck is that absurd question?
“No, I wasn’t. Sorry, your little sister is cute but I’m not interested in her. Actually…” Jimin props his chin on a palm and smirks at the officer. “I’m trying to flirt with /you/, Officer Min.”
“Oh God, here it goes.” Taehyung huffs out a snort through his nose and makes his way toward the exit. “Jimin-ah, I’m heading back to campus. Text me when your hoe ass is done.”
Jimin grunts a ‘yeah’ and waves at him dismissively before turning his full attention back to the handsome cop in front of him, who is looking at him with surprise in his eyes. Cute, Jimin thinks giddily.
“Hyung, you didn’t tell me you have an admirer,” Officer Jeon teases from across the room. “Shut up, Jungkook,” Yoongi scolds him with a frown. “And no, I don’t have one.” He shifts his eyes back to Jimin. “Jimin-ssi, what are you up to?”
“Just call me Jimin, officer.” The senior beams at him. “I can arrest you right now.” “On what charges?” Jimin bites his bottom lip, amused at the officer’s frown. “For harassing an officer.” The words draw a bright laugh out of Jimin. “I’m not harassing you! How dare you.”
Then, the senior lays out his wrists on the table and says with a mischievous smirk, “But if you want to handcuff me, sir, then go ahead.” Jimin hears a snort coming from Officer Jeon behind him.
Officer Min closes his eyes with a sigh and snatches the police cap on his desk before standing up. “I’m going out for another patrol,” he announces to Jungkook before fitting the cap around his head. “Eh? Okay,” Jungkook replies with a nod.
Jimin stands up and follows the cop to the exit. “Can I come with you?” “No.” Yoongi glares at him and opens the glass door. “Good day, Jimin-ssi.”
When the door closes behind the police officer, Jimin watches with a disappointed pout as the man hops on a bike and takes off without a glance at him. “Stingy,” he huffs and crosses his arms over his chest. He just wants to spend more time with his crush.
“Jimin-ssi?” The senior turns around and sees Officer Jeon placing a cup of noodles on his desk. “Want some?”
It’s already nearing lunchtime and Jimin has to go back to the campus at 1 PM for his afternoon classes but he doesn’t know if it would be polite to decline the officer’s offer since he had already prepared the food.
Seeing the hesitation on Jimin’s face, Jungkook grins and tells him, “Do you wanna know more about Yoongi-hyung?” Now, that catches Jimin’s attention.
“You’ll tell me about him? Really?” Jimin sits on the chair across Jungkook’s desk. Okay, he doesn’t mean to sound excited but he did and it elicits a chuckle out of the other man.
“Yeah. It’s the first time I saw hyung so flustered like that. It’s hilarious.” Officer Jeon holds up the cup of ramyeon and smirks. “You should come by more often. It gets pretty boring here sometimes.” And damn, Jimin will do just that alright. 👮
Jimin didn’t expect that he’d be dropping by the police station almost every other day, around three to four times a week when his schedule isn’t too tight.
He plays cards with Jungkook when the officer isn’t busy typing down records on his computer and does his homework on Yoongi’s desk when the man is out for patrol. It’s already been two months and Jimin already feels at home in that little police station.
He met Yoongi’s other colleagues too and they easily got smitten over him. Well, Jimin is a very social and friendly guy so it’s not a surprise when the police officers immediately warmed up to him.
Yoongi as well. He doesn’t say it but Jimin is pretty sure that the officer had also accepted the fact that Jimin will always be there when he gets back from patrol. But beyond that, there is nothing more and it frustrates the hell out of Jimin.
“Ya, Yoongi,” Officer Song, a middle-aged man who took a liking to Jimin because he reminds him of his son, calls Yoongi. “Why don’t you date Jimin already? He’s been here courting you for two months now.” He chuckles.
The senior pauses typing on his laptop, both legs folded under him on the couch, and pouts at the handsome officer. “Yeah, Officer Min. Why don’t you date me?” Yoongi lets out a sigh before turning a page of the report he’s currently reading. “Just do your homework, Jimin-ssi.”
The pout on Jimin’s face grows and he huffs out a frustrated sound before hugging his laptop and falling back on the couch. “You’re no fun,” he mutters sulkily.
For all it’s worth, this is the first time that Jimin has expressed his interest in someone that stretches out this long. It’s also the first time that he gets too frustrated at someone that it makes him want to flip over tables.
Jimin isn’t sure if it’s because Yoongi’s a cop but the man has outstanding self-control even if Jimin is openly flirting with him. He does little to reciprocate Jimin’s advances, just a curt nod or a short reply, and sometimes nothing at all. The nerve of this man to ignore him.
Jimin had thought of stepping up his game; he’s being shameless after all, going out of his way to hang out at the local police station to see Yoongi, so he might as well go all out.
But the thing is, in the two months he has known the officer, Jimin is kinda certain that aiming for Yoongi’s pants outright won’t be the smartest option. Yeah, he wants to fuck the officer (God, who wouldn’t?) but more than that, he wants a relationship with him.
He had curiously followed Yoongi a few times before while on patrol under the pretense of buying something or running an errand for someone and Jimin had absolutely liked what he found out.
The locals all love Yoongi and his quiet but kind demeanor. The elderly women, more so. Jimin once spotted the cop helping an old woman cross the street and received a small pinch on the cheek in return.
Jimin had let out a snicker when he saw the healthy blush on the officer’s pale face. Surprisingly, he has fallen for him faster than he’d like but he can’t do anything about that now, can he?
The senior jolts awake when his head nods off the couch. He didn’t realize he fell asleep curled up like this. Sitting up to rub his sleepy eyes, Jimin touches his phone to look at the time, cursing under his breath when he sees it’s already 11:26 in the evening.
He didn’t mean to fall asleep here in the station and stay out so late. Putting his things back into his backpack and slinging the strap over his right shoulder, Jimin throws a glance at Yoongi’s table and finds him missing.
He looks around a bit more and finally catches the familiar figure of the officer standing near a metal cabinet and talking to Officer Song, holding what seems to be a case report.
Jimin wanted to say that he’d go back home but doesn’t really want to interrupt them. On his way to the door, Jimin hears Officer Jeon’s footsteps approaching him and the young man asks, “Going home?”
The senior nods with a smile, arranging the bag strap on his shoulder. “Yeah.” “Did Yoongi-hyung know?” “Nah, he’s busy. I don’t want to bother him.” Jimin pulls the metal handle, the door chiming open as the cool night breeze hits his face. “See you next time.”
“Mhn.” Jungkook smiles and gives him a little wave. After stretching his arms over his head and breathing in deeply, Jimin slides his hands into his pockets and starts walking toward his apartment.
He looks up and notes the sprinkle of stars in the night sky. There aren’t any clouds covering them tonight so Jimin can clearly see them twinkling millions of light-years away. Just as when he’s rounding the block, Jimin hears a bell ringing, and his footsteps halt to a stop.
His eyes grow wide in surprise at the sight of Officer Min riding his bicycle, stopping right beside Jimin and planting his left foot on the pavement to support himself. “Officer Min?” he says dumbly, blinking at the man who appears to have trouble lifting his eyes up to him.
“You didn’t say you’re going back.” “Ah.” Jimin turns his body slightly to face the cop. Jungkook probably told him. “You were busy talking with Officer Song. I didn’t want to interrupt.”
Yoongi hums and stays silent for a moment, leaving Jimin shifting his weight awkwardly between his feet. “Uh, do you need anything?” he begins then realizes something. “I didn’t eat your ramyeon, I swear. It was Jungkook!”
“What?” Officer Min finally looks at him with a confused frown on his face. “What ramyeon?” “The…” Jimin averts his eyes. “One on the rack near the water dispenser? Jungkook said you bought it, but he was hungry so… don’t kill Jungkook please.”
Jimin has grown to like Officer Jeon. He’s such a nice friend and he doesn’t want anything bad happening to him. The cop is looking at him as if Jimin has just lost his mind. “I’m not here because of the stolen ramyeon.”
“Oh.” Jimin tilts his head to the side curiously. “Then what is it? Did I do something to annoy you?” Jimin is aware that he must have been giving Yoongi headaches by coming over a lot, but he couldn’t help it.
He loves watching the cop work because he’s so dedicated to everything he does. Jimin can see the officer's passion for his work and somehow, seeing Yoongi like that inspires Jimin to work harder on his studies.
The officer lets out a breath and pulls the bill of his cap lower down his eyes. “Hop in.” Jimin blinks at him. “What?” “It’s dangerous to walk alone this late at night. I’ll give you a ride.”
Jimin’s jaw drops at the unexpected offer and he finds himself stammering out, “I‒I’m… you’ll let me ride your bike?” “Yes. I just offered, Jimin-ssi,” the officer says wryly.
“I just…” Jimin scratches the side of his neck as he feels heat pooling in his cheeks. Is he honestly blushing right now? “I didn’t know you would care.” “Why wouldn’t I?”
Jimin shrugs. “It’s just that these past two months, you looked like you didn’t give a shit to anything I do.” He chuckles and straddles happily on the carrier behind the cop.
“You’re making me look bad,” the officer replies with a sigh as he lifts the break of the bike. “As an officer, I should care about everyone.”
As they cycle on the sidewalk, Jimin decides to be a little daring and wraps his arms around the officer’s waist. “Ya,” he hears the man say, and Jimin snickers. “What?” the senior pouts innocently. “This is road safety. You should know that, officer.”
Officer Min throws a quick, reprimanding look over his shoulder and Jimin reciprocates with a cheeky grin. He knows that Jimin is taking advantage of the situation and it pleases the senior that Yoongi won’t be able to complain about it.
“You said as an officer, you care about everyone.” Jimin bites his bottom lip to stop the smile from splitting his face. He shouldn’t feel too giddy about this but he does and it makes him warm all over inside. “So, do you let other people ride your bike, too, to take them home?”
When Officer Min doesn’t say anything, Jimin peeks around him with a grin. “Do you?” “Shut up, brat.”
Jimin laughs and lets the officer off this time. He’s trying to be nice to him so the senior will take whatever the man gives him, deciding to just enjoy this beautiful moment with his crush.
Jimin tilts his head back to stare up at the night sky, in awe at how prettier the stars look while riding a bicycle than walking on foot. And to share the same sky right now with Yoongi fills up his heart with warmth and a lot of pleasant emotions.
“Whoa,” he says in amazement. “The stars are following us so fast.” “Stars don’t move,” Officer Min simply says and Jimin pinches his side with a pout. “Stop ruining my romantic moment.”
When Jimin hears an amused chuckle coming from the officer, he thinks that he might actually have a shot in this. Just a little more perseverance and station visits then maybe one day, Yoongi might fall for him too. 👮
“That’s all he did?” Taehyung asks as he murders Jimin’s console, eyes focused on the TV and shooting game he’s playing. His best friend is sitting on the floor beside the couch where Jimin is currently lying down, +
+ occasionally dipping his hand into a huge bowl of popcorn and stuffing his mouth with the snack. “Mhn.” Jimin nods as his hand mindlessly strokes Lady’s short golden fur while she lays quietly on his stomach.
She's Jimin’s dog, a four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, and the cutest one of her breed in existence. Well, yeah, Jimin is 100% biased.
“So that hot cop just dropped you off, bid you good night, and went away without giving you any kiss?” “Yeah.” The senior sighs. “It was really sweet that he cared enough to take me home, but it’s not enough, Tae.”
“Ya, don’t be greedy.” Taehyung curses when the word ‘Game Over’ appears on the screen, putting the console down on the coffee table and grabbing the bowl of popcorn instead to place it on his lap. “But I understand your frustration.”
“I really like him.” Jimin smiles a little when Lady lifts up her head and stares at him with her dark, round eyes. “But so far, he hasn’t hinted any interest in me other than that one /uneventful/ trip home.”
Two days after when he visited the station, Yoongi didn’t act out of the ordinary so it felt like that moment didn’t even happen. Jimin still sulks a little whenever he thinks about it.
“Damn, it’s so hard to seduce a police officer. He looks like he’s got a stick stuck up in his ass because of how stiff he is,” Taehyung utters with a light amused snort. “I know,” Jimin whines. “But that’s what makes him attractive.”
“You’re really into him, aren’t you?” His best friend smirks at him. “I am.” Jimin huffs and sits up on the couch, hugging Lady with a pout. “And that’s why it’s so fucking annoying.”
“Hey, what about asking Yoonji for help?” Jimin’s brow raises at the suggestion, turning his head to the side to look at his best friend. “Help for what?”
“Hm…” Taehyung ponders for a moment. “She’s in the cooking club, yeah? Why don’t you ask her what Yoongi’s favorite food is? Maybe, you can cook or bake something for him?” That’s… actually a good idea.
“A way to a cop’s heart is through his stomach, huh?” Jimin states with a playful smile. He’s kinda excited about the whole thing. “Yeah. One of many other ways.” Taehyung winks at him. 👮
Jimin learned from Yoonji that his older brother doesn’t like sweets very much so making chocolate for him is out of the equation. “He likes chocolate cookies though,” Yoonji had said to him. “Just go easy on the sugar.”
With that in mind, Jimin goes to the cooking club’s kitchen carrying paper bags containing the ingredients he’ll need to bake a few chocolate cookies.
“I didn’t expect sunbae to like oppa,” Yoonji muses while kneading the dough she’s going to use for donuts. “You aren’t that much alike.”
Jimin chuckles at this because she’s right. Officer Min is quiet and a bit grumpy, while Jimin is sociable and friendly. He still likes Yoongi despite the contrast in their personality. As they say, opposites attract each other.
“I love his passion for his work,” Jimin explains with a smile as mixes the batter. “He inspires me to be better in what I do.”
“Ah, oppa has always been passionate when it comes to his job. I think he got it from our father who’s also a policeman, but he’s stationed in Daegu right now.”
“I see.” Jimin listens attentively as his hoobae narrates a story of Yoongi’s childhood. He learned that the officer has always been a man of few words since he was little, but Jimin thinks it’s actually one of his charms.
Taking that fact into account, it always feels great whenever Yoongi speaks to him no matter how brief or trivial it is. Jimin loves attention, sure, but it’s different when his crush is the one giving it to him.
There’s always that warm feeling blooming inside his chest and that tiny flutters in his stomach whenever Yoongi does as much as hold his gaze. God, Jimin feels like a giddy high schooler, and he has conflicting opinions about it.
After washing the dirty kitchenware and placing the glazed donuts inside a carton box, Yoonji tells him, “Sunbae? Sorry, but I have to go now.” “Okay.” “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure oppa will eat your cookies.” Yoonji winks at him before closing the door behind her.
Chuckling, Jimin waits as the cookies bake into a golden brown color. Pulling the tray out of the oven and letting them cool down, he fishes for his phone from his pocket to check the time.
“5:30 PM, huh,” he mutters and looks at the grey sky through the window. “Looks like it’s gonna rain soon.”
After cleaning his station and wrapping the pink ribbon neatly around the container, Jimin hears the pitter-patter of rain against the window as it starts to fall, letting out a soft sigh at the gloomy weather.
Shrugging on his backpack and holding the carefully packaged cookie container with both hands, Jimin leaves the kitchen and walks toward the building’s exit.
He brings out his phone and dials Taehyung’s number in the hope of borrowing an umbrella but the line cuts off to a busy tone. There are only a few students in this building and most of them have already gone home. He looks at the couple sharing an umbrella under the rain.
He’d like to ask for help but he’s not fond of interrupting their little bubble. Sighing, Jimin resigns himself on a bench and decides to wait out the rainfall.
He puts on his earphones and listens to his favorite playlist on Spotify, slipping his eyes shut as he hums quietly with the melody. He’s already on the fifth song but the rain isn’t giving any indication of stopping soon.
He should really remember to bring an umbrella every day with him in case something like this happens again. Damn. What if Yoongi clocks out early? Jimin lets out a frustrated sound at the thought. Now, that would really suck.
As the bass booms into his ears, Jimin’s vision gets blocked by a familiar dark uniform adorned with golden buttons and metal badges pinned on the fabric.
Eyes going wide in surprise, Jimin hastily takes off his earphones and gapes at the police officer who is staring down at him with a transparent umbrella hoisted in one hand. “O-Officer Min?”
The cop slides his free hand into his pocket. “My sister called asking if I received those cookies you baked for me.” “Oh, I… Uh…” Jimin averts his eyes as heat creeps into his cheeks, his fingers gripping the container on his lap tighter.
“I was about to head to the station when the rain fell and I don’t have an umbrella.” Yoongi lets out a soft sigh. “Figures. You’re too clumsy and forgetful sometimes.”
“Ya, I’m not.” Jimin frowns but the blush on his face only makes him look like a kid throwing a tantrum. “I just forgot to bring one this morning.” Every morning, actually, Jimin tells himself but the cop doesn’t need to know that.
“You’re five years younger than me and you’re a university student; your memory should be sharper than mine.” “Hey, that’s rude.” Jimin unconsciously pouts. “Come on. I have the police car with me. I’ll give you a ride home.”
Standing up from the bench, Jimin inquires, “How did you know I’d be here? And /how/ the hell did you get in?” “My sister told me you were probably stuck in this building. And I know the security guarding the gates.”
“A polite way to say ‘I pulled a string to get in here,’” Jimin mutters. Huffing out an amused breath through his nose, Officer Min replies, “Stop whining.” He looks at the pouring rain and then asks Jimin to hold the umbrella for him for a second.
Jimin watches curiously as the cop undoes his dark outer uniform, long bony fingers expertly sliding the buttons out of their holes.
Then to Jimin’s surprise, Yoongi walks behind him and drapes the uniform over his shoulders, taking off his police cap as well to fit it on top of Jimin’s head. “O-Officer?” Jimin stammers out.
“Come on.” It was the only thing that Yoongi said before he takes the umbrella back and wraps an arm around Jimin, guiding him into the pouring rain and pulling him close to his side.
Jimin’s brain is running with a million thoughts as they traverse the school grounds toward the parking lot, his cheeks burning hotly despite the cold and both arms hugging the container protectively against his chest.
Yoongi opens the passenger seat for him and Jimin slides into the vehicle with a quiet thank you. When the officer settles in the driver’s seat and starts the engine, Jimin awkwardly takes the damp uniform and cap off of him +
+ and returns them to the man with another small utterance of thank you. With a nod, Yoongi dumps the wet clothes on the backseat and leans back on his seat, eyes trained in front and keeping his silence.
Jimin is at loss for words and his head is spinning with so many questions and hopeful thoughts that are too scary to dig into at the moment. “Thanks, officer,” he mutters when the silence becomes too uncomfortable for him to bear.
“Are you still going to give them to me?” Jimin lifts up his head to looks at him. “Hm?” Yoongi’s gaze drops on the container in Jimin’s lap. “The cookies you baked.”
“Oh.” The blush in Jimin’s cheeks deepens when he offers the container to the man. “I worked hard on them so you’d better appreciate them.” “Pink ribbons.” The officer winces a little before pointedly looking at Jimin. “Really?” “You have something against pink?” he retorts.
“Just not my style.” “I’m guessing you like black, grey, and other muted colors, hm?” When the officer doesn’t say anything, Jimin supposes that his guess is right.
The senior fidgets with his fingers as Officer Min opens the lid and stares down at the cookies inside. Nervousness starts to crawl into his chest when the man grabs a piece and takes a bite of it. “How was it?” he asks, licking his bottom lip.
“My sister told you to go easy on the sugar, didn’t she?” the officer asks, turning his face to him. Jimin nods. “She said you don’t like sweets that much.” “I don’t,” the cop confesses. “But I don’t mind cookies. Just not those overly-sweet ones.”
The senior internally sighs. It’s a good thing he asked Yoonji about her older brother’s preference. “So how was it?” Jimin asks again, looking at the officer expectantly.
Yoongi licks his thumb, and a small smile curls the corners of his mouth. “It’s delicious, Jimin-ah. Thank you.” Jimin’s fingers curl on his lap. Jimin-ah. Yoongi just called him ‘Jimin-ah!’
Lashes fluttering and cheeks dusted with pink, the senior asks shyly, “What do I get in return?” “Hm?” Jimin pouts at the officer, pulling off his prettiest puppy dog eyes. “Can I ask for something in return?”
Yoongi huffs out a disbelieving chuckle. “You’re unthinkable, Park Jimin.” Then with a sigh, he asks, “What do you want?” Stifling a cheeky grin, Jimin presses a finger on his lips and utters, “A kiss on the lips?”
Yoongi stares blankly at him. “No.” The refusal makes Jimin whine. “Officer, please! Just one, hm? A teeny-tiny kiss?” Officer Min turns his eyes back to the front and grips the stirring wheel. “I’ll take you home.”
Jimin’s shoulders sag in disappointment and he lets out a frustrated huff before crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back on his seat with a frown. “You’re too stiff,” he sulks. “Excuse me?”
“Taehyung said you looked like someone who got a stick up their ass, and now I realize he’s right.” “Ya,” Yoongi warns with a scowl.
“I haven’t kissed anyone since I met you. This is so unfair.” Jimin chuckles bitterly. He hasn’t even gotten a single lay in the past two months because of this damn cop! The sexual frustration is getting too much into his head that it makes Jimin want to throw and burn things.
“If I’d known you’d be this against me flirting with you, then I should have gone with my friends in the club and find someone who’d be willing to‒”
Jimin didn’t get to finish his sentence because a hand grabs the back of his neck to tug him closer until a pair of soft lips pressed against his. He’s too shocked to move or utter a single word as Yoongi kisses him with his eyes closed.
Jimin’s lids automatically slip shut when he feels the officer’s lips move against his. It’s warm, soft, and gentle until Jimin feels a light brush of tongue and then everything comes crashing down.
He reaches for the cop’s shirt to pull him closer as he opens his mouth to grant access to Yoongi’s warm tongue. Jimin gasps softly when Officer Min’s hand on his nape grips tighter and the kiss becomes more heated.
Jimin can feel the cogs in his head malfunctioning as the cop licks inside his mouth slowly but deeply. His heart is threatening to beat out of his chest and Jimin wonders for a second if this is really happening because fuck, +
+ he had imagined a thousand scenarios of him kissing the officer but never once had he anticipated for it to feel this good.
And when he feels the man pulling away, Jimin whines a little and blindly chases for his lips only to be met by a flick on the forehead. “Ow,” he complains, rubbing the sore spot with a frown.
Chuckling at the sulky pout on the senior’s face, Yoongi says, “No more.” Then he turns his attention back on the steering wheel. “Ya.” Jimin holds the hems of the man’s shirt, still trying to process what the fuck just happened. “Did it mean anything? The kiss?”
Yoongi doesn’t answer and instead pulls the handbrake to drive out of the parking lot. “Officer Min, do you like me?” Jimin stubbornly asks. “Stop bothering me. I’m driving,” the cop responds without looking at him.
The senior decides to let it go and just settle back in his seat, fingers hovering his lips and smiling to himself like an idiot. “I like you, officer,” he mutters. “So please like me back. I don’t want to get rejected.”
When Yoongi keeps quiet, Jimin turns his face to the driver’s seat to stare at him. It’s not like he expects to get a response or anything, he just wants to look at that handsome face and laments his one-sided crush.
But to his surprise, Jimin notices the ghost of a smile curving the corners of the man’s mouth, and his lips part slightly just as his stubborn heart skips a beat. Is Yoongi laughing at him? Or...?
Averting his eyes from the cop and pointedly keeping them down on his lap, Jimin remains silent as he feels heat pooling in his cheeks. Is there a meaning behind that kiss? And that mysterious smile on Yoongi’s face too?
Flustered, Jimin looks out the window to calm himself down, losing himself in the raindrops trailing down the glass and in the blurry background as they speed past buildings and establishments.
As the cool air seeps into his skin, biting like little teeth, Jimin shivers and wonders with a tinge of hope and excitement if he has finally found the key to Officer Min’s heart. 👮
Jimin didn’t tell anyone about the kiss, not even Taehyung because he’s fucking confused. He’s tired of assuming anything and every time he asks Yoongi if he likes him back or if the kiss meant anything, the officer would tell him he’s busy or would just pointedly ignore him.
Jimin stopped asking one day because the lack of answers frustrates him. “Stop hanging out at the police station,” Taehyung had said to him one day while they were fetching lunch on the campus.
“You’ve been following Officer Min around for more than two months already, Jiminie. Be a little selfish and let him realize your worth.” So Jimin did just that.
He’s stopped coming by the station to spite Yoongi. Some people say that Jimin can be a stubborn ass if he wants to and if the officer is too obstinate to give him an answer, then two can play this game.
But just two weeks into this setup and Jimin is already itching to throw all of his pride into the air, say fuck it, and go straight to the police station to see the officer’s handsome and grumpy face.
Jimin misses Yoongi. So much. He’s been texting Jungkook from time to time, avoiding any topic regarding Yoongi even though his fingers are so tempted to type down a barrage of questions asking how the officer is doing these days.
He intentionally avoids the route going to the station, making a slightly long detour on his walk home just to steer clear of Yoongi. But more than not being able to see and spend time with the officer, it’s the thought of Yoongi not caring about his absence that upsets him.
Before he knows it, the examination week is approaching fast, and Jimin finds himself occupied with a lot of deadlines and notes he has to review. Although exhausting, the amount of things he has to do takes his mind off of the officer so he’s kinda grateful for that.
Staggering on his way to his apartment after a long day at the library, Jimin blindly fishes for his keys in his pocket with his eyes closed. He’s bone-tired and hasn’t slept enough in two days because he had to stay up all night to meet a deadline for a course he’s taking.
Once the door to his apartment creaks open, Lady barks and weaves through his legs to greet him. “Hey, baby. I’m home.” Jimin crouches and gives his puppy a kiss, ruffling her ears and scratching her chin. “Sorry, papa’s too tired to play with you tonight.”
Jimin drags himself to the living room and throws himself on the sofa face-first. He’s too tired to even take a shower or change his clothes so he lets his heavy lids slip shut and in just a matter of seconds, Jimin passes out.
It’s not until ten in the evening that Jimin’s eyes flutter open. With a grunt, Jimin pushes himself up from the sofa and rubs his tired eyes with a hand. He forgot to feed Lady. Fuck.
“Lady?” Jimin walks through the darkness to flip the wall switch on, squinting at the sudden brightness of light above him. He goes to see her bed but finds it glaringly empty. He also checks the kitchen, the bathroom, and his bedroom, but the puppy is nowhere to be found
“Lady?” His voice picks up a bit, heart starting to hammer in his chest at the lack of noise in his apartment. And when his eyes land on the ajar front door, panic starts to rise up in Jimin’s system, and he sprints out of the apartment to look around. “Lady!” he calls out.
Fuck, in his exhaustion, Jimin had forgotten to completely shut the door. He tries to search and ask around the area but no one has seen a stray puppy. It’s 10:30 in the evening too so there aren’t many people who could’ve caught sight of her.
Seeing it as his last hope, Jimin runs toward the police station as fast as he can. Fortunately, he finds Jungkook compiling papers on his desk, and when the young cop lifts up his head, he stares at Jimin with wide eyes as he takes in his panicked and disheveled appearance.
“Ya, what happened?” he asks. Panting and feeling hot tears burning behind his eyes, Jimin replies, “My dog’s missing.” Jungkook blinks and stands up abruptly from his chair. “Okay. Can you tell me what happened from the start?”
As the officer gathers some stuff to bring with him, Jimin tells him that his puppy could’ve gone out of his apartment because he couldn’t find her anywhere. Lady has a tag around her neck so someone might be able to return her to him, +
+ but Jimin still can’t stand the idea of sitting idly by until that happens. “Do you know where she could’ve gone?” Officer Jeon asks, fetching the flashlight from his belt bag and walking to the exit.
“I‒I’m not sure,” Jimin replies, brows knitted together. “The park, maybe? I usually take her for a walk in Yangchan Park.” “Okay, let’s start there. Dogs have a keen sense of direction when they’re used to taking a specific route. Your puppy could be there.”
Jimin nods and shows the officer a picture of his dog. On their way, Jungkook punches a number on his phone and presses the device to his ear, waiting for the call to connect. “Hello, hyung?” The senior looks at him.
“I’m with Jimin right now. He went to the station to ask help for his missing puppy.” Officer Jeon glances at him. “Mhn. No, no, he’s fine. Yeah. Rattled, but fine. We’re on our way to Yangchan Park. Do you think you can help us? Yeah. Mhn. Thanks, hyung.”
“Was that Officer Min?” Jimin asks. “Yeah. He clocked out an hour ago but he’s gonna help us search for Lady.” Jimin feels warmth pooling in his cheeks and he bows his head down to keep his gaze from the officer. “I didn’t want to disturb him,” he murmurs.
“Hey.” Jungkook peeks at his face. “You haven’t been around lately. Even the other officers have been asking about you. Did something happen between you and Yoongi-hyung?”
“Not really.” Jimin licks his bottom lip thoughtfully. “Things are just… confusing at the moment and examination week is coming up so I’m pretty busy with university stuff.” Jungkook hums. “Hyung misses you, you know.” Jimin snorts at this. “I doubt that.”
“He does. He’s a lot grumpier than before, quieter too. He spaces out sometimes whenever he stares at the couch you used to camp on.” Officer Jeon huffs out an amused breath as they enter the park, switching on his flashlight.
“Your presence at the station is being missed, Jimin-ssi,” he adds. “Even Yoongi-hyung feels it.” Jimin should feel happy, but any form of pleasant emotion at the moment is dampened by his puppy’s absence.
He keeps the thought to himself and follows Jungkook around the park to search for Lady. A few minutes later, Jimin hears another set of footsteps thudding on the rough pavement.
And when he turns his head to the approaching figure, his annoying heart does a backflip at the sight of Officer Min’s handsome face. Yoongi is wearing casual clothes: an earthy green bomber jacket thrown over a plain white shirt and a pair of black trousers.
This is the first time that Jimin has seen him out of his police uniform. “Hyung,” Officer Jeon greets him. “Sorry to call you out this late when you’re done with your shift but I thought I should let you know.”
The cop nods at him. “Thanks for telling me, Kook.” Then, his gaze shifts to Jimin, and the senior has to swallow the small lump in his throat when a bout of longing suddenly hits his chest. Damn, it’s been a while since the last time he saw Yoongi.
“Do you have a picture of your dog?” he asks and Jimin nods awkwardly as he scrolls down his gallery to show a photo of his puppy to him. “Name?” “Lady.” “Okay.” Yoongi brings out a flashlight and turns around. “I’ll go and look this way."
Jungkook nods and begins to search the playground. “Jimin-ah.” Jimin jolts slightly at the sound of Officer Min’s low voice. A bit reluctantly, he lifts up his eyes to the man. “Do you want to come with me?” he hears him ask and Jimin’s heart pounds louder in his chest.
“Mhn,” Jimin hums with a nod. They walk side-by-side silently while occasionally calling out the puppy’s name, Yoongi holding the flashlight and Jimin wringing his wrist nervously. As the night deepens, his anxiety progressively grows.
What if something bad happened to Lady? What if they don’t find her anymore? The endless possibilities engulf Jimin’s heart with trepidation and he lets out a trembling breath as tears spring into his eyes. He doesn’t know what he’d do if something bad did happen to his puppy.
“Hey.” Jimin’s footsteps halt to a stop when the cop touches his cheek. He lifts up his eyes to look at him and sees a visible crease between the man’s dark brows. “We’ll find her,” the officer tells him softly. “Hm?” Jimin presses his lips together, trying not to cry. “Mhn.”
The touch lingers a little longer, more than what is necessary but Jimin doesn’t protest about it. The officer’s palm on his face is warm and it strangely brings a sense of comfort to him. Eventually, Yoongi pulls away and brings his attention back to the task at hand.
Maybe it’s his police instinct kicking in because Yoongi manages to catch a movement behind the line of bushes near the park’s exit. He approaches it as Jimin waits and stands a few feet behind him, fingers fidgeting nervously in the cold.
“Ah.” Yoongi bends over and lifts up something behind the foliage. Then he turns around and walks toward Jimin carrying a golden brown Yorkshire Terrier in his arms.
Jimin gasps and meets the officer halfway, his trembling hands taking the puppy out of the man’s hold and hugging her to his chest. “Lady,” he sobs on her golden fur. “Oh my God, I’m glad you’re okay.”
As relief washes over his system, the tears that Jimin has been holding in earlier finally flows down his face. He’s so worried that he feels like he’s gonna collapse any moment now.
“Officer Min.” The senior sniffles and briefly glances at the cop before bowing his head to him. “Thank you so much for finding her.” Yoongi gives him a nod and steps forward to take a closer look at the puppy. “I’m glad she’s okay.”
“Thank you,” Jimin cries. “And I’m so sorry for troubling you tonight. Your shift is over and yet…” “Ya.” A slight frown appears on the officer’s face. “I don’t mind.” “I always bring trouble to you,” the senior says in a small voice. “Again, I don’t mind.”
Officer Min stares seriously into his eyes. “I don’t mind if you trouble me more.” Jimin’s lips part slightly as tears glide his cheeks. Why is Yoongi staring at him like this? Why can Jimin clearly see the emotions flickering in his eyes? Why is he being open to him like this?
“You’re confusing me again.” Jimin’s arms around his puppy tighten as he feels his heart beating loudly in his chest. “You say and do things that make me hope. Then you’ll go and pretend like nothing happened.”
Silence hangs above their heads for a moment and Jimin continues to stare at the interplay of light and shadows on the officer’s pale face. Then, Yoongi slips his eyes shut and lets out a soft sigh. “I’m sorry. I was being a coward. You don’t deserve to be treated that way.”
When he opens his eyes, Jimin notices the softness and concern in them and something that is too deep for Jimin to comprehend at the moment. “C’mere,” Yoongi mutters and wraps an arm around Jimin’s shoulder to pull him close into an embrace. Jimin stands frozen on his spot.
“These past two weeks, you made me realize something. How much your presence means not only to me but to everyone at the station.” Yoongi’s lips brush against Jimin’s forehead. “I've missed you.”
Jimin pulls his bottom lip between his teeth when he feels tears stinging the back of his eyes. “I thought you wouldn’t care,” he mutters. “I thought you wouldn’t feel anything.”
“Wouldn’t feel anything,” Yoongi scoffs lightly, and his arm goes tighter around Jimin. “You have no idea how bad it feels to see the person I like crying like this.” The senior’s breath hitches in his throat.
“What did you say?” Jimin whispers as he lifts up his eyes to him, wide and full of tears. Yoongi’s gaze softens and he thumbs away a tear under Jimin’s right eye. “I like you, Jimin-ah.”
Jimin’s face crumbles and he sobs on the officer’s neck, feeling a lot of mixed emotions ranging inside his chest. “Officer,” he whines, sniffling. “Call me Yoongi,” the cop says softly and presses a kiss on Jimin’s temple.
It takes around five minutes for the tears to stop but Yoongi stays with him through it all. When Lady grows restless in his arms, Jimin pulls back and licks his lips, trying to see through the puffiness of his eyes. He probably looks like a mess right now.
“Let’s meet with Jungkook then I’ll walk you home.” Jimin nods and follows the officer. And this time, the silence isn’t stifling or tense. It’s comfortable, and Jimin keeps himself close to Yoongi’s side.
After parting ways with Jungkook, Yoongi walks him to the apartment, trying to keep a light conversation because he knows Jimin needs it. Once they’re in front of the senior’s door, Jimin turns around to face the officer.
“Thank you,” he says again, heat beginning to build up in his round cheeks. “I’ll see you next time. Good night, Jimin-ah.” Yoongi’s eyes drop on the puppy in his arms. “And to you as well, little one.”
When the cop motions to walk away, Jimin’s hand darts out to grab his jacket. “Yoongi.” He blushes. The officer’s name still feels new to his tongue but calling the man by his name gives him a sense of intimacy that warms up his heart.
Officer Min pauses and looks over his shoulder at Jimin, waiting. “I‒” The flush on Jimin’s face grows deeper in color. “Stay?”
He doesn’t know why he’s so shy. He had been shamelessly flirting with the officer in the past two months or so but now that his feelings are reciprocated, it feels totally different and flusters Jimin to no end, +
+ especially how Yoongi is staring at him now with that soft and deep look in his dark eyes. “I can’t,” the officer refuses gently. “Please?” Jimin’s hand grips tighter on his jacket. He mutters, “I don’t wanna be alone.”
After almost losing his puppy, it carves out a chunk of vulnerability inside Jimin. He felt so scared and the lingering unpleasant emotion in his system unsettles him, wanting to seek reprieve from it. With a soft sigh, Yoongi faces him and says, “I’ll take the couch.”
When Jimin whines and insists on sharing his bed with Yoongi, the officer politely declines and tells him to take a good night’s rest. “You look like a walking zombie,” he teases, and the senior pouts.
Jimin walks to the kitchen to fill up Lady’s bowl with food before going straight to the bedroom. He pulls out a spare blanket and pillow from the closet for Yoongi and the officer accepts them gratefully with a smile.
“We’ll talk about everything tomorrow,” Yoongi says and leans forward to plant a kiss on Jimin’s cheek, making the butterflies in his stomach flutter. “Good night, Jimin-ah.”
Blushing, Jimin drags himself to the bedroom and once his face hits the mattress, his eyes automatically slip shut and everything fades into darkness.
The sound of Lady barking stirs Jimin awake the following morning. He groans on his pillow as he drags himself up to a sitting position, blinking away the blurriness in his vision, hair wiry and pointing to whatever-the-fuck direction.
Then, it hits him. “Shit,” he curses and stumbles out of the bed to take a quick trip to the bathroom. Right, Yoongi’s here right now. In his apartment.
After showering and deeming himself presentable, Jimin walks out of his bedroom and toward the living room where Yoongi is seated on the couch and scratching Lady’s ears with a grin on his face.
Sensing Jimin’s presence, the cop looks up in his direction and gives Jimin a smile and a small nod. “Good morning.” What a pleasant view to wake up to in the morning, Jimin mentally utters to himself.
“Good morning.” He smiles and walks back to the kitchen. “Toast? Coffee?” “That’d be nice, thanks.” “There’s a fresh towel in the bathroom. You can shower while I prepare breakfast.”
“Thanks.” Yoongi strokes Lady’s fur one more time before standing up from the couch and padding across the living room toward the bathroom.
After ten minutes, Yoongi emerges in the kitchen with a towel slung over his shoulder. He abandons the jacket and settles for a plain white shirt that hugs his chest and arms a bit snugly that Jimin had trouble keeping his eyes focused on the toast in front of him.
A few drops of water are still falling from the tips of his damp black hair, sliding down his neck and wetting the white fabric of his shirt. Jimin is spreading strawberry jam on the toast when Yoongi leans on the counter by his side and crosses his arms over his chest.
“That looks delicious,” he compliments. “Thanks.” Jimin blushes at the praise.
“Jimin-ah, look.” Yoongi stares at him in the eye. “I’m so sorry for making you feel bad. I was being a coward for not admitting how I feel about you and going around in circles. You didn’t deserve that.”
Jimin lets the silence stretch on for a few seconds before he says, “I’m sorry for avoiding you too. I was being petty.” The officer huffs out an amused breath through his nose. “Don’t worry. I deserved it.” “So why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
Yoongi drops his gaze. “Because I’m not sure if you’re aware of what being with me means." “What do you mean?” Jimin frowns a little, baffled.
“I’m a police officer,” Yoongi states seriously. “Even though my patrols go peacefully almost every time, my life is still on the line.” He crosses his foot over the other. “I fight bad guys, Jimin-ah. And I don’t want you to get entangled with that messy part of my job.”
Now, Jimin understands. All along, Yoongi has been trying to protect him.
“I can throw a punch too,” Jimin utters through a small pout. “I can protect myself.” The officer sighs but there’s a hint of a smile curving the edges of his mouth. “A tough and stubborn brat, you say.”
“Ya.” Jimin scrunches up his nose and presses his forehead on the cop’s shoulder. “I’ll learn to deal with the consequences. I just want you to be with me.” Tucking the blond strands behind Jimin’s right ear, Yoongi utters, “You sure?”
“Hundred percent.” Then he rests his chin on the man’s shoulder and beams up at him. “I want the hot Officer Min Yoongi to be my boyfriend.” Officer Min snorts lightly and pinches the senior’s cheek. “You’re a pain in the ass.”
“Oh, you don’t know how much pain my ass can take, officer,” he replies with a cheeky grin and the cop feigns a cough on his fist.
Sighing, Yoongi says with a wince, “You’re gonna give me a headache every day.” “As if I haven’t been doing that since the moment I met you.” Jimin laughs and hooks his arms around his boyfriend. Yes, his /boyfriend/. Damn.
“You’re right.” Officer Min chuckles and places his hands on Jimin’s hips, tugging him closer. Jimin’s gaze drops on the man’s lips. “Morning kiss?”
The officer hums pleasantly and leans forward to press their lips together, Jimin’s mouth automatically opening to grant access to Yoongi’s tongue. They kiss under the warm morning light slipping through the blinds in Jimin’s kitchen.
It’s everything the senior could have hoped for and his lips stretch into a wide smile against Yoongi’s mouth while their foreheads are still pressed closely together. “This is real, right?”
Yoongi chuckles softly. “As real as it can be,” he mutters, and his warm breath fans over Jimin’s face, making his heart stutter.
“Coffee?” the senior offers, pulling back to thread their fingers together. Yoongi smiles and presses a kiss on Jimin’s knuckles. “Please. Thank you.” 👮
Not so much changed after Jimin and Yoongi got together. He still pesters the cop at the police station and the man still flicks his forehead whenever Jimin teases him. He has a few perks though.
He gets to have kisses from the officer, a few touches here and there, just chaste ones and not so intimately. Yoongi now looks at him with that soft look in his eyes, exuding affection and fondness. Jimin enjoys every bit of it.
The senior learns that Yoongi likes to maintain a professional attitude at the station. He politely declines Jimin’s little advances when he’s at work because of the 24-hour surveillance cameras around.
Jimin understands but it still makes him pout that he can’t even kiss his boyfriend’s cheek or hold his hand. So most of the time, Jimin invites him over to his apartment where they can make out to their heart’s content.
They are yet to make love because the officer is too much of a gentleman to make a move on him. It’s kinda frustrating but Jimin loves that part of Yoongi so much. He’s caring and attentive to Jimin’s needs. More of a ‘man of action’ than words.
Two and a half weeks into their relationship, Jimin had already gotten used to giving Yoongi some space to work with. The man likes to keep his privacy from time to time so Jimin respects that. He told Taehyung about this and his annoying best friend laughed at his face.
“I can’t believe Park Jimin is acting like the Virgin Mary for Officer Min,” he told Jimin and that stupid remark earned him a bonk on the head.
When the senior arrives at the station at 12 in the afternoon, he sees Yoongi eating his lunch behind his desk and typing down something on his computer. Ah, he’s busy today, Jimin thinks.
When Yoongi’s gaze catches him, Jimin gives him a pretty smile and a little wave then proceeds to camp on his favorite couch in the station. He places the paper bag on the coffee table and grabs his take-out, humming to himself happily +
+ at the delicious aroma of a bowl of jjajangmyeon in front of him. “Thank you for the food,” he sing-songs quietly and breaks the wooden chopsticks apart.
He’d love to eat lunch with Yoongi, but his boyfriend’s currently busy and Jimin doesn’t want to be a bother to him. He’ll talk to him later (and maybe get a sneaky little kiss) when he’s done with work.
Then, Jimin feels the cushion beside him dipping down and he turns his head to the right to look at Officer Min who has his bowl of ramyeon with him. Eyes wide, Jimin utters, “Yoongi?” The officer glances at him. “I thought you’d eat with me at my desk.”
“I‒” Jimin clears his throat. “You looked busy so I didn’t wanna bother you.” “You’re not a bother, Jimin-ah.” The corners of Yoongi’s lips curve up with a small smile. “When you’re here, I want to share my meals with you. It doesn’t matter how busy I am, okay?”
Warmth blooms in Jimin’s cheeks and he scoots closer to Yoongi with a nod, resting his head on the officer’s shoulder. “Ya, I can’t eat like this,” Officer Min utters with a low chuckle.
“If I do well on my exams next week,” Jimin begins and tilts his face up to look at his boyfriend. “Can I get a reward?” Yoongi’s eyes curve pleasantly. “Sure, what do you want?”
Trying to suppress a playful smile, Jimin leans forward to whisper to his boyfriend’s ear. And when he pulls back, a snicker makes its way out of his throat when he sees the healthy flush coloring the officer’s face, standing out from his pale complexion.
“Deal?” he asks, smirking. Yoongi narrows his eyes at him. “Is that one of your fantasies?” “Yeah.” Jimin flutters his lashes angelically. “Please?” Licking his lips thoughtfully for a moment, Officer Min finally lets out a sigh and says, “Only if you do well.”
“I will! Promise.” Jimin puts the bowl on the table and wraps his arms around the officer’s waist, grinning widely until his facial muscles hurt. Now, he has the motivation to study hard for his senior exams.
Examination week is one of the most grueling phases of Jimin’s life and to be honest, he thinks he’s running purely on caffeine by the fourth day. He hasn’t dropped by the station and Yoongi hasn’t visited him too because both of them know that he's a great distraction to Jimin.
His boyfriend accompanies him at night through the phone though, and Yoongi’s voice never fails to take a chunk of Jimin’s exhaustion away.
Sometimes, he even falls asleep with his phone pressed to his ear as the officer talks randomly about anything or hums a little tune for him that serves as Jimin’s lullaby.
So when the test results come out, Jimin lets out a big sigh of relief because he passed all of them, some even have high and outstanding marks. The senior goes straight to the police station to tell Yoongi about the good news +
+ and the officer lets him hug him in front of his co-workers and steal a peck on the lips. “You did so well, Jimin-ah. Congratulations,” Yoongi tells him with a wide, gummy smile that makes Jimin’s heart flutter in his chest.
Thus for Jimin’s hard-earned reward, he hangs out at the station until Officer Min clocks out at six in the evening. He laces their fingers together as he and Yoongi walk home to the officer’s apartment just a few blocks away from the station.
Yoongi’s unit is on the third floor so they have to climb up the stairs. The place isn’t small and not too big either, just enough for one person to live in comfortably.
And once the door closes, Jimin places his hands on the officer’s shoulder and pins him against the door, smirking at him with a mischievous look in his eyes. “Can I get my reward now, Officer Min?” he purrs.
Yoongi rests his hands on his hips. “Impatient,” he says in a voice that is lower than usual. “I passed my exams and I’ve been a good boyfriend.” Jⲓmⲓn presses a kiss on his lips. “Don’t I deserve a reward?”
Yoongⲓ snorts lightly and nuzzles Jⲓmⲓn’s cheek. “You do,” he whispers and his husky voice sends shivers of arousal down Jⲓmⲓn’s spine.
Jⲓmⲓn’s hands slide down on the man’s biceps, squeezing the firm muscles as he tilts his head back to give more space for Yoongⲓ’s mouth on his neck. “Bed?” he suggests, and Yoongⲓ sucks a bruise under his left ear before taking Jⲓmⲓn’s hand and guiding him to his bedroom.
“Let me undress you, officer,” Jⲓmin utters in a teasing tone, taking the police cap off the man and placing it on his head instead. “You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” his boyfriend asks with an amused glint in his eyes.
“I am.” Jⲓmin takes his time undoing the golden buttons on the officer’s uniform. Once off, Jⲓmin slides his hands over the broad expanse of Yoongⲓ’s chest, feeling the muscles hiding underneath his white shirt.
Jⲓmin bites his bottom lip to contain his excitement. “You feel good,” he comments. “Do you workout?” “Sometimes.” Yoongi helps him take off his uniform and the tie around his neck. “Police officers have free membership in the local gym. We need to keep our bodies in shape.”
“That’s nice.” Undoing the last button, Jimin’s palms snake up from Yoongⲓ’s taut abdomen up to his bare chest. “I used to workout almost every day, but I decided I want my body to keep a slim fit rather than a muscular one.”
Jⲓmin teases his boyfriend with a smile. “Would you like to see?”
Yoongⲓ’s eyes grow darker and he nods before Jⲓmin pulls him toward the bed. “I want your uniform on,” the senior drawls, hands unbuckling the officer’s belt and zipping down his pants.
Jⲓmin licks his lips when he sees the prominent outline of the cop’s erection under his boxers, lashes falling heavy over his eyes as lust fires through his system. He pulls the officer by the collar as he crawls backward on the bed, smirking at the dark look in the man's eyes.
Jⲓmin presses a kiss on Yoongⲓ’s lips when the man crawls between his legs, trailing kisses on the sharp line of his jaw down to the side of his neck. Then, he moves his face up to whisper to his ear, “Handcuff me?”
The officer freezes and pulls back a little to look into his eyes. “Are you sure about this?” “Yes.” He pouts, tracing a finger on Yoongⲓ’s exposed collarbones. “I’d like you to restrain me, officer.” “Jⲓmin-ah.”
“Please?” Jⲓmin takes the man’s face in his hands and nuzzles his cheek, pleading. “Please, Yoongⲓ-ya?” This is the reward that Jⲓmin had whispered to Yoongⲓ back at the station. He wants his cop boyfriend to fuck him with his wrists cuffed.
Officer Min lets out a sigh and captures Jⲓmin’s lips in a searing kiss, pushing him back until his spine hits the mattress. Jⲓmin moans against his lips as he feels the man’s clothed erection rubbing against his.
“Yoongⲓ,” he mewls as he tries to lift up his hips to seek more of that pleasurable friction. “Shh, I’ve got you.” Yoongⲓ drops a kiss on his cheek before pushing himself up from the bed, grabbing the metal handcuffs dangling on his belt strap.
He looks down at Jⲓmin with an intimidating glint in his eyes and the senior has to stifle a moan because of that hot and sexy aura around his boyfriend right now. “Arrest me, officer,” he says in a sultry voice, offering his wrists and smirking at the cop above him.
Yoongⲓ narrows his eyes and tongues the inside of his cheek. “You’re really testing my patience right now, Jⲓmin-ah.” Then, he binds the senior’s wrists with the handcuffs, the metal slicking shut and significantly limiting Jⲓmin’s movements.
Officer Min grabs his bound wrists with one hand and pushes them up above his head. “Keep them there,” he commands and the low baritone of his voice sends a spike of arousal between Jⲓmin’s legs.
A low and soft moan comes out of Jⲓmin’s mouth in response and he utters breathily, already panting with arousal, “Touch me.” And Yoongⲓ does just that. His mouth latches on Jⲓmin’s neck the moment the words left his mouth, licking and sucking on his skin.
He pushes the hems of Jⲓmin’s sweater up to his chest, revealing his pert, dusky buds and taking the left one into his mouth as he plays with the other with his fingers.
“Ahh,” Jⲓmin moans and stretches his neck on the pillow, eyes fluttering close as the police cap he’s wearing falls down on the mattress.
Then, Yoongⲓ caresses his sides as he trails kisses down the length of Jⲓmin’s body, humming in satisfaction as Jⲓmin’s abdominal muscles flex in response to his touches. “Beautiful,” Jⲓmin hears him say after the officer frees his lower half from his pants.
Flushing at his nakedness, Jⲓmin waits patiently as Yoongⲓ drops kisses on his hip bone until his lips meet the sensitive skin of his shaft. He sucks him off like that, with Jⲓmin’s legs parted and wide open for him, +
+ chest heaving and mouth letting out moans to express how good the man is making him feel. It has really been a while because when Jⲓmin feels the officer’s finger slowly sliding inside his rim, he feels a slight sting of pain and winces at the intrusion.
“You okay?” Officer Min asks with a slight crease of concern between his dark brows. “Yes. It’s just… it’s been a while.” Yoongⲓ hums and continues to stretch Jⲓmin with his fingers, lathering his walls with lube and teasing that sensitive spot inside him with his fingertips.
Once Jⲓmin’s stretched out, Yoongⲓ rolls a condom down his length and hovers over him to fit his narrow hips between the younger’s thighs. “I’m going in,” the elder mutters against Jⲓmin’s cheek before the tip presses inside his hole.
“F-Fuck,” Jⲓmin moans breathily as the officer’s wide girth fills him up. The pressure is tantalizing, and it’s making Jⲓmin’s head spin with lust and heady arousal.
Yoongⲓ waits for him to adjust, just like the gentleman that he is, showering Jⲓmin’s face with kisses to soothe him as the burn on his backside subsides. And when the officer moves, God, he does so beautifully.
Jⲓmin’s mouth drops open with a continuous string of moans as Yoongⲓ thrusts in and out of him, grunting and groaning on his lips as his hips slap against Jⲓmin’s rear. The younger feels blood rushing to his ears, deafening the sounds into muffled echoes, +
+ as his heart threatens to beat out of his chest. He tries to wrap his legs tightly around the cop to press him closer, but Yoongⲓ slides a hand under his right knee and pushes his leg close to his chest.
The change of angle is spot-on, and the sudden gush of pleasure that fires through his body when Yoongⲓ’s cock hits his prostate rattles Jⲓmin’s core.
“A-Ah! Fuck, Yoongⲓ. Right there‒ ah!” Jⲓmⲓn’s wrists pull against the cuffs, the cold metal biting onto his heated skin. “Fuck me right there. Ngh…”
The officer groans and presses his forehead on Jⲓmin’s neck, keeping his thrusts fast and steady. Jⲓmin wants to grip the sheets to ground himself from the nerve-wracking pleasure, but he can’t.
His restrained hands are keeping him from doing anything and that thought alone coupled with the officer’s weight pinning him down the mattress is enough to push him closer to the edge.
Yoongⲓ’s cock is doing wonders inside him, dragging along his clenching walls and grinding the head hard against his prostate. It’s too much, and he feels the swollen gland inside him quickly becoming sensitive as the stimulation grants him no reprieve from it.
When the knots in his groin pull taut, Jⲓmin moans and hooks his cuffed hands around Yoongⲓ’s neck, fingers curling tightly on dark strands as he ushers Yoongⲓ into a fierce kiss. “Shit. Ahh,” he breathes out between kisses. “G-Gonna come.”
Yoongⲓ groans against his lips, the sound so raw and guttural that it makes the hair on Jⲓmin’s arms stand up. “Me too.” The officer’s arms flex as his thrusts speed up, fucking into Jⲓmin hard until he hears the bed creaking under him.
He throws his head back onto the pillow as the continuous onslaught to his prostate makes him slip his eyes shut, mouth hanging open with wanton moans as Officer Min completely consumes him.
“Yoongⲓ‒” Jⲓmin sobs brokenly at his impending release, toes curling. “C-Coming.” “Come,” the cop rasps against his ear, and then Jⲓmin’s gone.
The younger’s whole body tenses up as he comes with a loud moan, spurting his release onto his stomach as the officer continues to fuck him through his orgasm. His legs convulse around the cop, the pleasure dragging on the longer Yoongⲓ’s cock brushed against his prostate.
Then after a while, each movement becomes too much and Jⲓmin whines at the sensitivity. Yoongⲓ halts to a stop before pulling himself out of Jⲓmin’s hole. “Can you… your mouth?” he asks breathily and Jⲓmin understands at once, nodding.
Officer Min quickly moves until he’s straddling Jⲓmin’s chest, pulling off the condom in one swift motion and pressing the licking tip against Jⲓmin’s lips. The younger takes his cock in without hesitation, +
+ letting his tongue pleasure his lover as the officer fucks his mouth to chase his orgasm. With a harsh breath, Yoongⲓ plants a hand on the headboard to support himself as he thrusts in and out of the younger’s mouth.
Officer Min looks and sounds so hot above Jⲓmin, with that deep crease between his sweaty brows and his kiss-swollen lips parted with groans and low moans.
Yoongⲓ’s blissed-out expression urges Jⲓmin to suck harder and he hollows his cheeks around the man’s cock as his hand strokes his balls. The added stimulation makes Yoongⲓ groan and he throws his head back in pleasure with his eyes slipped shut and mouth open.
He comes like that, and Jⲓmin savors every bit of it, lapping on Yoongⲓ’s cock until the last drop. Yoongⲓ strokes his blond locks after that, looking down at him with so much fondness and affection in his eyes. “You did well,” he tells him and Jⲓmin preens at the praise.
When the officer lays on the bed to pull Jⲓmin close for a cuddle, the senior hops a leg over him and straddles his hips, leaning down to give him a slow and deep kiss. “Thank you,” Jⲓmin murmurs with a smile. “That was good.”
“You’re amazing,” Yoongⲓ replies with a low chuckle, palming the younger’s asscheeks. “Pretty.” Giggling, Jⲓmin kisses his boyfriend some more until both of them become lightheaded, smiling and bickering in between, and Jⲓmin couldn’t be more satisfied.
Yoongⲓ holds his wrists and frowns at the light red lines marking Jⲓmin’s skin. “We should get proper handcuffs next time. Maybe a silk one.” Jⲓmin’s heart swells at Yoongⲓ’s thoughtfulness and he watches his boyfriend press kisses on the slightly sore skin of his wrists.
Next time, yeah, Jⲓmin thinks. Next time will be different. “Officer?” he begins and knows that his boyfriend noticed the mischief behind the teasing smile tugging the corners of his lips.
“Mhn?” Yoongⲓ hums with narrowed eyes, dropping Jⲓmin’s wrists to place a middle finger between his cheeks, rubbing his soft and fluttering entrance. Bad cop, the younger tells himself with a smirk.
“Next time...” Jⲓmin slides a finger from the bridge of Yoongⲓ’s nose down to his lips, his heart pounding with so much adoration for the elder. Then, the smile on Jⲓmin’s lips grows into a full-on smirk and he drawls, “Next time, let me arrest you, Officer Min.”
Next time, Jⲓmin will have the hot police officer handcuffed under him. 👮 the end 👮
Thanks for reading! If you like my works, you can consider supporting me on ko-fi to keep me motivated to write. Only if you can; I still love you nonetheless ♡
NOTE: I'll be giving commission slots for (1) cop au sequel (which will be kinda angsty and will dive deeper into Officer Min's job as a cop), and (2) for extras (mostly smut) when I open my AU commissions again. Thank you ♡
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