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#taekook au tw // death, coping, established MCD Jungkook comes home to an empty house, no longer a home without Taehyung It’s been months and he still hasn’t been able to cope, drowning in sorrow He glances at Somi, their parrot Somi hasn’t spoken since Tae passed

Despite the large bird residing in his house, it’s empty, hollow Like his soul had become Jungkook and Somi spend their days in silence, grieving the loss of a loved one “Hey, Somi-ah, why don’t you say it?” But Somi only watches him, quiet
He holds back a tear and walks in, plopping onto the couch He misses the ruckus Taehyung and Somi used to cause He misses coming back home to them talking He misses Somi talking, more than anything now
“Honey! I’m home!” Somi would announce every time Taehyung came back home from work Taehyung had taught him that It’s a little sad to think that those were the last words Somi had spoken Because after the accident, Taehyung never came home
Jungkook breathes in and out, totally drained, not in the mood to cry his eyes out like usual “Hey, why don’t you say anything?” he asks again, only to be met with silence And he finally bursts, letting tears fall Somi flaps her wings and Jungkook grabs a bottle of whiskey
And before he knows it, he’s drunk out of his wits He misses Taehyung He misses his scent, his smile, his entire being Jungkook wonders where he is now He wonders if Taehyung’s okay, if he’s happy But sometimes, Jungkook gets a little lonely, it’s unbearable
Despite the alcohol in his system, Jungkook weeps, rubbing his face in his hands “Fuck, just…” “You said you wouldn’t leave me. You..promised, Taehyung” He falls onto the couch, out of his mind “Just…please. I need to know how you are…” he sobs, consciousness slipping away
He looks at Somi again, who watches him expressionlessly He shuts his eyes and sniffles, “just a sign, all I need is a sign” he utters And that’s when Somi speaks After 6 entire months “Honey! I’m Home!”
Spooky 👻 This is inspired from a movie called Dragonfly.
Happy Early Halloween I guess
Nope I won’t be continuing this. You can just assume Taehyung drops by every now and then and Jungkook learns to move on eventually. And Somi starts speaking again.
Taehyung’s a ghost, for those that didn’t understand
#taekook au Jungkook hates it when people talk during a baseball game Like, why would you come to a game if all you wanna do is chat? He rolls his eyes at the couple seated in front of him, one chatting away “Hey, the game is on” he grunts, startling the pair
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