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Nov 26, 2021
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a short #namjinau where they finally give into their pup, Tete's request in going to the new amusement park that recently opened to try out the new rides but as they were there, they accidentally cross paths with someone else too—

"Taehyung!" Seokjin calls out worriedly as he drops his and their pup's bags on the stroller that Namjoon was pushing, and dashes after their mischievous four year old. "Come back here! Love, hurry up! He's getting away."
Namjoon only groans as he hastily tries to keep up with his mate so they could catch up with the naughty baby bear. In all honesty, Namjoon hates going out.
It's not that he's anti-social or anything, it's just that, as a newly promoted lieutenant who only has a limited number of days to spend time with his family, he'd rather spend those limited days with solely just his pack, his family.
He'd rather stay in the farm cuddled together with his mate and pup while he reads them one of Taehyung's many bedtime storybooks aloud than go out and deal with other wolves like how he normally does when he's at work.
He knows that his mate share the same sentiments as him; if the way Seokjin also does his best to avoid going out as much as possible is anything to go by.
If only their pup shared the same sentiments as well, but alas, their Taehyung was always a social butterfly and could only be cooped up inside the farmhouse for so long.
"Papa, Appa," Taehyung told them one night as Seokjin gave him a bath at the bathtub while Namjoon stood by the door to watch. "Can we go and ride the mewwy go wound please?"
"The 'Mewwy Go Wound'?" Seokjin repeats as he lathers Taehyung's hair with shampoo, an eyebrow raised in question.
"Yes Papa!" the five year old replied, flashing his puppy dog eyes at him and Namjoon. "Soobinie towd me he went to the musement park the other day and Tete wants to go too." "The musement park?" Namjoon asked with a fond chuckle. "What's that?"
"Silly Appa," their pup said, making the two of them smile at him fondly. "It's where they have mewwy go rounds and rowwercoasters but Soobinie says we can't ride the rowwercoasters yet because we're too small."
"Really?" Namjoon heard his mate ask the younger as he rinsed the soap off of his body. Taehyung hums at him. "Yes Papa. Tete has to have ten more birthdays before I can ride it." he said with a pout.
"Only a few more birthdays then, Pup." Namjoon reassured him with a smile. "Tete's already getting a little big. You might be an alpha when you grow up." Taehyung scowls at him, offended. "Tete wants to be like Papa!" he retorted. "Papa is the bestest!"
Namjoon could only sigh as he watches his mate flash their pup a proud grin. "I know, right? I'm sure you'll be the bestest omega, pup." Seokjin says smugly, flashing Namjoon a look.
Taehyung grins at his Papa widely and proceeded to play with the plastic toys floating on the tub in front of him, before he suddenly remembers his earlier request. "So can we go to the musement park?" he asked again. "I pwomise Tete will be good, pwease."
"Well," Seokjin starts to say, looking at Namjoon subtly to see what he thinks. "Let's see what Appa thinks." "Pwease Appa," Taehyung whined as he looked at him with a pout. "Can we?" And who was Namjoon to deny his pup's request?
But as he and his mate runs after the same pup who promised to behave, wearing the most adorable bear costume Namjoon had made while Seokjin was at work, with the bear costume's tail wagging at them mockingly as their baby runs away from them—
he's starting to have second thoughts. "Taehyung! Stop running!" Seokjin calls out, dodging people left and right as he tried to catch the six year old. "Aish! Come back here!"
Namjoon sees Taehyung look over his shoulder to playfully scoff at his Papa as he continues to run hastily, making his omega mate groan. "I wonder where that kid got his sass from?" Seokjin mutters as he speeds ahead of Namjoon.
"Geez, My Moon," Namjoon chuckles as his eyes followed where their pup was going. "/Where/ did he got that from?" He sees his mate look over his shoulder, just like what Taehyung did, and rolls his eyes at him. Namjoon only smiles at his retreating back as a response.
"Tete!" Seokjin calls as the pup once again looks over to them with a wide boxy grin. "Watch where you're going! You might bump into -"
but before his mate could finish, Namjoon sees the moment Taehyung bumps into another pup, making the two of them fall on their bums and their baby bear's painful groan to reach both their eyes and sending both parents to alarm.
"Tete!" he and Seokjin say in unison as they rush over to the source of the incident. "Hey, are you okay, pup?" Namjoon asks as he bends down to check up on the two younger wolves, helping Taehyung stand first.
Namjoon was just about to reach out to help the other but Taehyung instantly goes to help the other pup up his feet, catching Namjoon by surprise, and gives him the other pup who seemed to be two or three years older, an apologetic look.
"I'm sowwy, hyungie." Namjoon hears their pup say, making him smile instantly at his remorsefulness. He sees the other pup stand still at the honorific. "Oh," Namjoon hears the pup say. "It's okay."
"Are you okay, little one?" Namjoon asks him gently, watching the young wolf clutch on to his purple bunny tightly and his autumn-like pinecone scent to mix with theirs as he slowly nods.
"Are you sure?" Seokjin asks, making the other pup nod again. "What about you, Tete?" "My back hurts, Papa." Taehyung whines with a pout, making his Papa coo at him before carrying him up in his arms. "My poor baby."
Namjoon goes to look around the area for the other pup's parents while he remains crouching, alpha instincts in high alert. "Where's your parents, Little One?" he asks the younger gently, offering him a dimpled smile.
He sees the pup look in between him and his shoes, seemingly distrusting, which Namjoon understands since he also taught his Taehyung not to talk to strangers, thankfully, Taehyung decides to intervene.
"Don't worry, hyungie." Namjoon hears Taehyung say encouragingly from Seokjin's arms. "My Appa is a soldier. He's not a stranger!" "R-really?" the young pup asks uncertainly, still looking down and hugging his bunny.
Namjoon goes to reach for his wallet where his badge is as a way to prove to him that he can be trusted. "You can look at this," Namjoon says offering the younger his badge. "It's proof."
He sees the pup slowly reach for it to check on it and can make out the little one read his name quietly as he does so, before finally looking up at him with doe eyes. "What's your name, Pup?" Namjoon asks calmly as he releases calming pheromones to soothe him.
"Jeonggukkie." he murmurs, hugging his bunny tightly.
"Where's your parents, Jeonggukkie?" Seokjin asks in an equally gentle voice. Jeonggukkie only goes to look in between him and Namjoon before releasing a deep breath.
"I don't know," he admits, looking down on his shoes in shame, the scent becoming slightly distressed. "Is hyungie lost?" Taehyung asks with a worried look. Jeonggukkie nods.
"Don't worry," Namjoon tells him easily, standing up and offering him his hand to hold. "We'll find them together." Jeonggukkie accepts his hand and the four of them start looking for an officer who can maybe help them.
Namjoon finds one at a nearby cafe and goes to lead everyone there with one hand pushing Taehyung's stroller and the other gripping Jeonggukkie's hand.
"Look, an officer," Namjoon tells them, leading them to sit around an empty table outside the cafe and parking the stroller there. "Let me go talk to him so he could find your parents, okay?" Jeonggukkie nods at him shyly as he sits quietly on one of the chairs.
"Hyungie, my Papa will buy us cookies, what's your favorite?" Namjoon hears Taehyung begin to ask in excited tones as he starts to leave. He hears Jeonggukkie mumble something incoherently quietly—
followed by his Taehyung's childlike rambles, seemingly able to understand him as if he can read his mind, that makes the alpha chuckle as heads into the direction of the officer.
"Sir?" Namjoon says, calling the seemingly bored officer's attention. "Anything I can do for you?" he asks with a yawn, resting a hand over his hip.
"Uh yeah," Namjoon replies. "We found a missing pup and we were hoping that you could maybe help us in putting out an announcement that we're waiting for his parents by the cafe next to the rollercoasters.
"Sure," the officer replies non committedly as he lazily reaches for his walkie talkie. "What's the pup's full name?"
"Oh, I don't have his last name. Let me ask." Namjoon says, looking over to the cafe to see said pup with less tensed shoulders, speaking to Taehyung still as Seokjin watches them with a smile.
"Jeonggukkie!" he calls out, making the three of them look up. "Do you know what your last name is?" "Jeon." he answers.
Namjoon was just turning back to look at the officer to deliver the news but finds the other hastily paging his fellow officers already, no longer looking laid back like he was seconds earlier, muttering something about a code purple.
"Don't worry, sir." the officer says with a bow. "I just paged the right authorities and someone should be right with you to collect the young Jeon in a few minutes."
Namjoon raises an eyebrow at the name they used to call Jeonggukkie but doesn't think too much of it, as he goes to join his mate and the two pups.
"- my angels will always help me if I need anything." Namjoon hears Taehyung telling Jeonggukkie as he takes a seat next to Seokjin. "So if you get scared, you can ask for my angels' help. I can share them with you, hyung!"
Jeonggukkie nods at him as he takes a bite of his large cookie, now more relaxed compared to before. "Okay Taetae. I'll try to remember." "But I doubt Jeonggukkie is afraid of anything," Seokjin tells the younger encouragingly. "Isn't that right?"
Jeonggukkie flashes him a shy smile but nods at him nonetheless, bunny teeth slowly beginning to poke out. "Not even rowwercoasters, hyungie?" Taehyung asks with his mouth agape but eyes glimmering with astonishment.
"No," he tells him. "My dad says that once I'm bigger, he'll ride it with me." Taehyung looks in between him and the huge, scary-looking rollercoasters next to the cafe.
"It looks scawy," he comments, biting his thumb. "I don't think Tete can ride it even when I'm older." "Don't worry, Tete." Jeonggukkie reassures him with a smile. "When we grow up, I'll ride the scary rollercoaster with you."
Taehyung perks up at that excitedly. "Reawwy, hyungie?" he asks, a huge boxy grin appearing on his face. "Do you pwomise?"
Seokjin and Namjoon catches each other's eyes and flashes the other with a smile as they watched how Jeonggukkie offered Taehyung his small pinky finger to lock in their promise.
"I promise." he says. Taehyung hooks his pinky finger with his and smiles back at him. "Okay!"
Namjoon smiles at that. He knows promises amongst children are seriously meant to be kept, but sadly, these promises aren't fulfilled at most times, not because the children don't want to, but because they often forget about it in the few days to come.
He knows this one will not be an exception. But here's hoping.
They fall back into easy conversation after that, with Seokjin and Namjoon adding to their conversation as they waited for Jeonggukkie's parents to arrive—
conversations like "what do you want to be when you grow up, hyungie?" followed by "I wanna sit on a big long desk just like my dad" or "What's your favorite color?" then a "purple".
The lieutenant couldnot help but notice that as time ticked by, Jeonggukkie's tight grip on his purple stuffed animal is slowly loosening, his pup's friendliness the cause of it.
He watches how Jeonggukkie's shoulders become less and less tense and could see how he's beginning to swing his legs back and forth on the chair as he and Taehyung talk carelessly now, a small smile never leaving his place.
Watching Taehyung like how sunflowers would attune to the sun's light.
Namjoon was just listening to Seokjin explain the proper way to catch a chicken, because Jeonggukkie seemed to be fascinated when he heard they lived in a farm, when they heard the call of the young pup's name from a distance and making the four of them pause.
Namjoon immediately stands to see where the source of it was and finds an older alpha holding up a purple ballon in his hand, with what the lieutenant supposes, as their mate rushing beside him.
"Jeonggukkie!" the other alpha says with a relieved sigh once they're both near, crouching down to meet the pup at eye level and checking to see if he was alright. "Me and Eomma were worried sick!"
"Sorry Dad," Jeonggukkie says guilty as he allows his mother to pepper his cheeks with multiple kisses. "Sorry Eomma."
"Don't run away again, okay?" his mother chides softly as she stands to look at Namjoon and Seokjin to offer them a smile. "Thank you so much for watching over him." she says gratefully, hands gripping her pup's hand tightly.
"Yes, thank you." Jeonggukkie's father adds, bowing at them. "We were worried sick, and was looking all over for him."
"I found him!" Taehyung cuts in with a proud grin on his face. "I took care of hyungie for you!" The couple smiles down at their pup fondly and gives him a small bow.
"Then thank you -" the alpha says to say, smiling at Taehyung fondly. "Tete!" Taehyung answers happily. "Kim Tete!"
"Thank you for being reliable and for taking care of Jeonggukkie, Tete." the alpha says warmly. "If you want anything, just tell me. Okay? As a reward."
"It's no trouble at all," Namjoon cuts in with a grateful smile, waving him off. "The pups had fun while waiting and it was only for a couple of minutes. It was really no bother at all."
"But Tete wants one thing, Appa." Namjoon's pup intervenes with a scrunch of his eyebrows. "Taehyung." Seokjin warns under his breath, making a face at their son, the tip of his ears tinted pink. "That's impolite."
"No, it's okay!" Jeonggukkie's mother says, looking at the youngest intently. "It's the least that we can do to return the favor. What is it, Tete?"
Namjoon sees his pup flash his Papa a smug look, making Namjoon hide a smile behind his palm, and his mate to clench his fist in frustration.
"Can Tete and Jeonggukkie hyung ride the rowwercoaster when we’re older together?" he asks the couple innocently, puppy dog eyes flashing. Namjoon sees the couple look at each other wearily, probably thinking of the same thing he was earlier.
Again, he knows that this meeting can only drag on for so long and that the two will eventually forget about this in a couple weeks' time. "Well.." the other alpha says hesitantly, looking at Namjoon with an apologetic look.
"Tete, I'm sure you'll ride the rollercoaster with Jeonggukkie when you're older if fate allows it." Namjoon speaks on behalf of the alpha, trying not to promise anything.
"Fate?" he hears Jeonggukkie ask from beside his mother. "What's that, sir?" "It's like destiny." Seokjin explains to him in a kind tone. "We can't make promises now, but who knows? maybe you'll meet when you're older and you two could ride the rollercoaster together."
"But," Taehyung starts to say, already pouting and eyes starting to collect tears. "But what if Jeonggukkie hyung forgets me?"
Namjoon and Seokjin look at each other, trying to think of something to say to comfort their pup, but thankfully Jeonggukkie steps in this time and goes to hand Tete his purple bunny over, making his own parents' eyes widen in surprise.
"Don't worry," he says comfortingly, placing the bunny in Taehyung's arms securely. "This is my favorite toy. You can keep him until we meet again."
The older pup nods at him. "Yeah, you shared your angels with me so I’ll share him, and you could give it back to me when we meet again." he says with a smile. Taehyung's smile returns at that and nods at him excitedly. "Okay hyungie. I'll keep him safe." he promises.
"You sure about that, Jeonggukkie?" Namjoon heard Jeonggukkie's mother ask cautiously, making the alpha wonder if the toy was that important.
"Yes Eomma," the pup says with a bunny smile. "I'm sure." His answer makes both his parents give him a disbelieving look but they eventually nod at him and give him an encouraging smile.
They say their goodbyes after that, with the couples bowing at each other and saying their thanks once again.
Namjoon sees Taehyung copying them and bows at Jeonggukkie too, but the latter only goes to make him stand straight. "Stand up straight, Tete. You said your back hurts." he hears him say, making the younger stand and goes to give him a hug instead, before finally parting ways.
Namjoon instantly feels his pup's sadness as the three of them slowly make their way to the merry go round. "Don't worry, Baby Bear." Namjoon hears his mate say comfortingly. "I'm sure you'll meet your Jeonggukkie hyung someday."
Taehyung only nods at his Papa firmly. "No Papa," he tells him. "We /will/ meet again." Namjoon can only hope that that was the case, but he figures fate sometimes has its ways of making things work.
Who knows? Maybe they'll accidentally bump into each other in the future.
🍪 end 🍪
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namjin with their baby bear tete like—
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#taekookau where ceo alpha guk keeps baking omega secretary tae cookies evey chance he gets because tae has been very helpful at work, so it's really just him paying him back... right? taehyung misunderstands and chaos ensues or an accidental courting au no one asked for.


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