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Nov 27, 2021
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A #yoonmin au where After a very public announcement of their marriage, fans were speculating whether or not it was real. Many media and fans doubted their relationship and some even questioned if it was a publicity stunt, all until Yoongi stormed out of an interview.

Tags: >Yoonmin married >Idol Jimin, Rapper Yoongi >Minimini subunit exist in this world 😭 >Just lots of Jimin babying Yoongi 🥺 >Soft bickering, fluff >Self-indulgent fic >Short one-shot >possible 🔞 >socmed + a little written
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1. The announcements #yoonmin #yoonminau
2. Breaking news #yoonmin #yoonminau
3. Some very divided fan reactions pt.1 #yoonmin #yoonminau
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6. Someone saw the tweets… #yoonmin #yoonminau
7. Pouty baby 🤭 #yoonmin #yoonminau
8. Someone stop these two! #yoonmin #yoonminau
9. Interview #yoonmin #yoonminau
10. Bicker bicker 💞 #yoonmin #yoonminau
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11. The interview… #yoonmin #yoonminau
13. The fans are not happy #yoonmin #yoonminau
14. He MAD 😡 #yoonmin #yoonminau
15. Oh??? #yoonmin #yoonminau
16. These two…. #yoonmin #yoonminau
18. The media chaos continues… #yoonmin #yoonminau
19. Some of us are single you know! 😭 #yoonmin #yoonminau
20. Are all newly wed couples this annoying?🥲 #yoonmin #yoonminau
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21. What now? #yoonmin #yoonminau
22. Let the plotting starts #yoonmin #yoonminau
23. Ummm…… #yoonmin #yoonminau
24. How about both of you focus 😭 #yoonmin #yoonminau
26. Who needs plotting anyway…. 😔 #yoonmin #yoonminau
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27. Just a bit 🥵 #yoonmin #yoonminau
28. Just a tease for y’all 😂🔞 #yoonmin #yoonminau
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33. Round two #yoonmin #yoonminau
34. They have arrived (the 144p yoonminie life😭) #yoonmin #yoonminau
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📻 📻 📻
Neither Yoongi or Jimin had anticipated the amount of people, mostly fans, to be camping outside of the radio station to have a glimpse of the rapper. The moment Jimin was also spotted by the media and fans, commotions and cheers amplified in an instant.
The couple went hand-in-hand, hurried into the station to avoid too much exposure. As much as they wished people wouldn’t question their relationship, they would still prefer keeping things under wraps.
Once they got to the second floor for their interview, they were directed to the VIP room first as they arrived earlier than expected. Though Yoongi wondered why Jimin insisted they get there so early. “Please help yourself to anything in here.” One of the staff pointed out.
“Thanks.” Jimin returned with a warm smile before the door closed behind them. “So why are we here so early? Is this part of your plan?” Yoongi asked. “You’ll see.” Jimin placed a kiss on his cheeks right as another staff member entered with a knock.
“Hello Min Yoongi-ssi, our host was wondering if you could meet for a few minutes before the interview to go over the questions?” “Oh yeah of course.” Yoongi answered before turning to leave Jimin a kiss. “I’ll be right back, love.”
As soon as Yoongi left the room, Jimin started messaging someone on his phone, a smirk slowly appearing on the corner of his lips. His heart raced knowing his plan had finally begun, now he just needed for his husband to return.
It didn’t take long for Yoongi to return, he opened the door to an empty VIP room, but was surprised by his husband’s sudden grab from behind the door. Yoongi couldn’t believe his eyes, if this was what Jimin had planned, he’s all for it.
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*A/N: Warning on next > It's VERY🔞, so if you're not okay with smut pls look away. 😅 > minors OUT/DNI !!! > I don't usually post smut this intense on thread fics but you guys asked for it! so you shall receive 😂 > It was supposed to be just a quickie but I got carried away🙈
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📻 📻 📻
“So now that you’re not horny for my dick anymore, can you tell me how you planned for the host to walk in on us?” Yoongi looked up towards Jimin to notice he was still naked, hovering about not really doing anything. “Babe! Can you put some clothes on?!”
“You got a problem with me naked?” Jimin glared at him for a second before breaking into a smile. Both his arms propped up against his waist on each side. “Yes! I don’t need to get hard again, please!” Yoongi sounded serious, though obviously not upset.
“Then stop looking at me, you perv!” Jimin teased, sticking his tongue out at Yoongi. “I can’t! Have you seen yourself before?!” Yoongi extended his palms out at Jimin, tracing the outline of Jimin’s body with an obnoxious expression on his face.
“Baby, you’re ridiculous. Fine, I'll put on my clothes.” Jimin couldn’t hide his smile as he reached for his clothes. “Not before you kiss me first!” Yoongi pushed out a pout, his arms out waiting for his husband to indulge him in his silliness.
Jimin rolled his eyes up, but was completely endeared by how cute Yoongi was. He could never get tired babying his husband whenever he could. “Unbelievable.” Jimin gave him the biggest smooch ever, making a loud obnoxious smack on top of it.
"So you wanna know how I got him to barge in?" Jimin added. "Heck Yes! Tell me please!" Jimin explained in detail what he knows and how he planned everything, a smile hung proudly across his face.
“Gross! So he’s a serial cheater!” “Yup, and apparently after our interview on his show where I turned him down, he went around and told people 𝘐 made advances on him. As if anyone would believe that!” Jimin continued while getting dressed.
“Wait, how does your assistant know so much shit about him?” “He used to work for him! How else do you think he could keep people away earlier?” Jimin explained, “So when I got my company to send him 𝘵𝘩𝘦 letter, my assistant told him we would drop it if he apologized.”
Yoongi howled in laughter, he’s definitely enjoying every detail of it all. “That’s brilliant. So your assistant organized for when he would barge in?” “Mhm!” “Alright, then was it part of the plan when you wanted me to top? I feel like it was, wasn’t it?”
“Well yeah, I don’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me naked. Plus…” “What?” “Plus I want him to see how big you are, and that you’ll ever be the only one good enough for me.” Jimin answered with a growing hint of pink on his cheeks,
feeling a bit embarrassed to say it out loud. “Aw baby!” Yoongi rushed over to wrap his arms around Jimin, “You love my big dick?” “Hyung!” Jimin shoved him away and smacked him hard on the chest, “You’re so annoying!”
“Annoyingly adorably hot, I know.” Yoongi grabbed Jimin back into his arms and kissed him silly. “I love you so much baby.” Jimin huffed out a sigh, completely defeated by his adorable husband. “Come on, let’s get things cleaned up so we can go.”
“Wait, but what if he has a bigger dick than me?” “Hyung!! Enough of the big dicks!” Jimin punched him on the arm again, “He doesn’t!” “Uh, and how would you know that?” Yoongi squinted his eyes at Jimin, “Hm?”
“Ew! Gross, hyung! You know what they say, when a guy has such a big ego like his, they usually have a small dick.” Jimin shrugged his shoulders. “And my assistant confirmed it!” “Your poor assistant, I hope he didn’t know it first hand.”
“Nah, he said it’s a well-known fact around here, so…” Before they could continue further with their discussion, there was a knock on the door. It was one of the staff informing them to get ready to go on-air.
“Ready my love?” Yoongi placed a deep kiss on Jimin’s temple. “I’m always ready.”
*A/N: Pausing here a bit! This should be the last of the written part. 😊 We'll be back more for their interview next! (we're close to the end!) Hope you guys are still liking the fic!!
78. The interview!! #yoonmin #yoonminau
79. Married life😊 #yoonmin #yoonminau
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82. I want you to want me more 😊 #yoonmin #yoonminau
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84. They bicker but they’re cute! ☺️ #yoonmin #yoonminau
85. Nation’s Couple! 😈 #yoonmin #yoonminau
86. A week later! #yoonmin #yoonminau
87. 👀 goodnight #yoonmin #yoonminau
89. And they live together happily ever after 🥲 #yoonmin #yoonminau
💖 The End💖 *A/N: Thank you for reading and letting me indulge my married YM agenda. Hope you all enjoyed the story!!!
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