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#yoonmin au where Jimin is an up and rising idol who debuts the year Yoongi receives a grammy for the rap category, the first Asian from Korea. Things get chaotic as Yoongi takes to Twitter for no apparent reason...

More subtweeting--
More subtweeting..
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I WILL BE STARTING THIS LIKE A RECKLESS PG STUDENT I AM... That should be my name..!! And I am thinking of making it A/B/ spice up things..😚😀😉😉😉
Since I have decided...Let's just say, it's a sexual tension-filled, angst, sassy, fluffy, cliche a/b/o with my own kind of twists to it...
🔱Extra tags for discretion🔱 🌷Fem terms for the omegas because it's metaphorical and it's like calling someone Luna 🌷A/B/O dynamics/ Equality of Ranks 🌷Male omegas can get pregnant {Not that, there's Mpreg but just mentioning}
🔱if you are uncomfortable with it, I would request you to refrain from reading. Please don't come at me. It's my story and characters. Also, as soon as A/B/O is mentioned, it's understood that Mpreg is possible. Please don't make me explain it again. It's not a second gender.🔱
🌸Hoping that clears everything and won't offend any community of individuals. 🌸 Requesting you to know that all my A/B/O fics will follow these rules. 🌸Hoping you are willing to read ahead after carefully reading the warnings. 🌸Let's get it!
"Jimin...tchh... He..he's an idol now??!" Yoongi widens his eyes scandalously as he throws his coat across the studio at 1 am. "Yeah" Hoseok frowns, calmly sipping some cherry-flavored beer. "He's an OMEGA Hoseok.. how are you so calm..." "So what he's an omega??"
"You do know that all omegas need to do is shake their ass and all these wolves would drool over them and outsell everything..." Yoongi dramatically explains flailing his hands. "Ohh.. that's what you are concerned about..." Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows.
"Of course.. " Yoongi averts his gaze settling on his rotating chair and slumping. "You need to block him from getting higher..." Yoongi announces in his deep voice. Hoseko scoffs before chuckling.
"Last time I checked...Namjoon was the Cheif Finance officer of the company... when did you assume that role.. Yoongi shii?!" Hoseok licks his lips in a teasing manner. "Hoseok..your company will be ruined...your sales will go down, your new idol group will be nothing in front+
an omega soloist...this is an emergency..." Yoongi yet again indecently tries to explain. "Why do 'you' care about it?? Let the management do it ohkay?!" Hoseok rolls his eyes, that says 'you can't be serious'.
"I am your best friend and this is how you treat me when I warn you about the omega that will des---" "So you are accepting that even your fanbase would be divided if Jimin debuts... you are scared on him taking over yours..??!"
"No.. Hoseok, I am the reason your company is thriving...and the competitive company already has two omega soloists now..." Yoongi emphasizes before dragging his palms across his face.
"Yoongi..y-you...*loud laughter*..y-you are totally overreacting... you just can't believe your college crush has debuted as an idol and your alpha doesn't want others wolves to have a free show of him..." " are no--"
"OH please.. you disrupted your work to cry over an omega..I can't believe this... our company is well established with you and Jungkook having 60% share in the music market, today... you are just being too obvious with your inner jealousy..." Hoseok grins before spring up.
"If your 'oh so' 'I am so jealous..please help me to block Jimin from prospering like a petty alpha I am so I could keep him in my pocket' session is done... I am leaving...Good night.." Yoongi pouts helpless. Damn, Hoseok really didn't fall for his animated acting and lies.
🌷Tags: Cursing, Jealousy, There might be smut, seduction, etc. ~~~~~ "What's he so bitter for?? Fcuking alpha.. he's always been a trouble maker ..even in the wonder all his songs are so hot and explicit... he can't be nice at all..." Jimin huffs scenting Taehyung.
"I don't understand if you are praising or cursing him.." Taehyung chuckles into the pillow. Jimin whines draping a leg around Taehyung's torso, snuggling further. "Don't worry.... I hate him.." Jimin lowly admits. "Doesn't seem so..." "Shut up and sleep.." "Awww omega"
" you think wolve would accept me??" Jimin sighs insecurely. Taehyung turns to cup Jimin's cheeks and nuzzles into his cheeks before leaving a peck on his nose. "They have accepted me... they will accept you too!" Taehyung assures before they cuddle to sleep.
Omegas would always debut in groups. None of the omegas debuted as a soloist that too with a hip-hop genre, even if they were male. Society changed long ago but alpha idols dominated the music industry, with omega groups dismantling in few years.
Taehyung is one of those omegas who debuted under the omega Kim Seokjin's own enterprise, who wanted to found an organization to promote omegas and more freedom and diversity in their work.
Male omegas are a minority and although they were looked up to, they were secretly heavily courted and were kept reserved or were considered like trophy wives by the orthodox alphas.
Wolves' thinking took a great shift in the modern world but secretly the desire for a male omega was an unsaid rule. Jin was the talk of the country and internationally talked about when he brought these male omegas together and launched his own company. ~~~~~~~~~~~
"Seems like you are killing it on the assets..." Namjoon hisses as the vodka burn the back of his throat leaning over the bar with his elbow. "Well, I am...unlike some buffed alphas in your company... liabilities..." Jin smirks as he flashes his smug expression to Namjooon.
"Excuse me... we need to play Agustd card any day.. and get guaranteed revenues..." Namjoon huffs. "Whatever.." Jin rolls his eyes, sipping more of his wine. "So.." "So ....what?!" Jin quirks his eyebrow, resting his chin on the palm of the hand bending towards Namjoon.
"When are you letting me take you on a date..?!" Namjoon raspily asks, his expression softening, now filling up with something mischievous in his eyes, as he leans further until there are just a few inches between both their noses. Their exhales tickling each other's lips.
"Never..." Jin whispers, before bursting into a lopsided smile and backing up and heaving a breath.
"Tcch..tch.. you are already ruining our market with hot male omegas and now you are ruining my heart too..have some mercy..." Namjoon poutingly accuses, slamming his glass on the bar after gulping down the rest of the drink in desperation. "Ohh.. that's actually tempting..ngl"
"What ..ruinign my heart... you know there are other wa--" "Ruining your market... if I could do it.. I would gladly go on a date with you.." Jin grins. "Forget it then.." Namjoon huffs. "You will never be able to ruin our markets...maybe I will die single.." Namjoon slumps.
"Aren't you such a self-conceited alpha... too confident of your capabilities..." Jin wonders how come Namjoon still has the dominant aura of alpha even in a drunken state. "Well I am.." Namjoon bops Jin's nose earning a squeal from the omega.
"Dont touch me..." Jin is turning into a cherry but the low lightening making it subtle or invisible. "Does it make you feel hot..." Namjoon leans in to stare at Jin's features. "Stop staring at me..." Jin turns towards the bar ordering another drink.
"Stop drinking so much... it will hurt during your heat...then you will call me crying to knot you..and then..." "SHUT UP!! ...that was ONE time.." if Jin was turning into a cherry, he's a red tomato now.
Namjoon snickers and both of them share a moment of silence before, Namjoon speaks again. "Come on, let me drop you home.." "No thank you.." Jin scoffs. "Excuse me sir, is this alpha troubling you..." one of the alphas butts in between them.
"I have been observing it for a while..." Jin frowns before picking up his coat and curling his arms into Namjoon's sturdy arms. "NO sir. He's my boyfriend...Namjoonah, let's go..." Jin declares loudly. Jin pulls Namjoon to his car before both of them end up in the back seat.
Jin curls into Namjoon's side before their driver leaves to Jin's home. "That's exactly why Jinnie... let's get engaged already..." Namjoon talks softly but firmly. "I can't ... I need to reach a certain company needs to reach the break even and then.."
Jin's distress pheromones are filling up the car even with the windows drawn down. Namjoon frees his arm from where Jin's curled into and throws over his shoulder, pulling him into his chest and bending down to nuzzle at his exposed neck.
"It's okay omega...I have got you.." Namjoon whispers into his crown after which he leaves a firm kiss on his forehead further ducking down. "I have seen the financial reports.. your new idol can get you 300% revenues if it's a success. You are all in a good position.."
Namjoon explains in a soft assuring voice. Jin peers up as he sticks his chin to his chest. "of course you went through my company's financial statement...freaking cunning wolf.." "What can I do...we are not at number one for nothing..I analyse the competitors thoroughly.."
"Yeah scent me.... I won't meet you tomorrow... or day after that...or after that..I don't know.." Jin shrugs. Namjoons ducks down, lapping hungrily at the crook of Jin's neck and nuzzling him strongly before he nuzzles his wrists and kisses them softly.
"Now.. nobody would come near you.. my omega.." Namjoon possessively whispers. This has been the same from the time they graduated from the business course and then Jin started a company and Namjoon joined with Hoseok to found KimJung's entertainment.
Jin is snuggling closer into Namjoon's chest, burying his nose into the alpha's scent glands, taking in as much scent he can, wanting to drown in it. " you think Jimin will do the miracle.." Jin mumbles into his shoulders. "He will me... he's gorgeous.."
Jin whines loudly. "I have seen his performances and all... he's an asset...don't worry too much Jinnie... alpha is here, just a call away..." Namjoon pats Jin reassuringly. "Promis eme you wonwon'tt help me in any way..." Jin catches him off guard.
"Why would you say that... " "Because I don't want anyone to think I reached here through an alpha's help." Jin pouts. "I won't help you because you are too brilliant and capable for that...
but if you and your omegas are in trouble, I won't think twice before I rip off the heads of those wolves. Alphas no more dominate..but protecting you is my duty.. my instinct.. I can't promise you anything regarding that..." Namjoon declares.
Jin coos. He loves how safe Namjoon makes him feel His wolf is dancing as Namjoon leaves a wet kiss on his forehead before Jin hesitantly leaves to his apartment in one of the suburban complexes rather than posh localities of the city.
He's aspired to only live in the huge rich posh apartments only when he earns and buys it himself rather than faking it like some CEOs who fake it for maintaining their 'status' for false prestige. No, wonder Namjoon fell in deep love with truthful Jin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
IS THIS A NAMJIN AU OR WHAT??? THE fluff...uwu.. but they can't stay together!! 😰😰CHAA...!! This is the foundation of the story, where all the characters are introduced and their relationships. Now... it will go on Yoonmin focused..don't worry!! 🌸🌸
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~~~~~~~~~~~ "No way ... Namjoon please tell me whatever Yoongi is blurting is not true..." Hoseok pleads as Namjoon walks into the CEO's office as they prepare to have breakfast like they have been doing since the inception of the company. "What is he blurting about?!"
"That's Jimin has been trending for over two days..and he has as much engagement as Jungkook... a fresher.. a debut idol.. really??" Hoseok widens his eyes before Yoongi serves them to soup and scoops some noodles from the boiled soup.
"Yoongi... why are you researching about all this...I am the CFO and marketing director here..." Namjoon speaks in his alpha voice looking down at Yoongi as if exasperated with his antics.
"Namjoon... imagine he's having the same social media engagement and points, all brands would want to collab with him in no time.. you...." Yoongi is cut off as Jungkook barges into the CEO's room like his own home with his wide doe eyes. "Jimin's performing in few minutes..."
{Sorry to interrupt, but I need to prepare you for what is to come. All my aus are majorly based on professions, like my military one, or the CEO aus I wrote before, or the voyage of Salvos where they are scientists or the other spy a/b/o au or the Namjin scientist X physicist au
This is an Au based on business since am studying business administration & want to show how key ideas can develop a business, how the industry works, the privileges, entitlements in a light manner in but make it really fanfiction-ous, sexy, fantastical & romantic 😅😅
~~~~~~~~~~~~ Someone is keeping a track:
More subtle (direct) subtweeting:
"Stop pettily fighting over twitter.." Hoseok huffs after looking up from his phone. "I should say.. the omegas of Jin hyung's company are quite bold to actually subtweet Yoongi.. like they are not afraid of us only..."
"It's all Jinnie's doing... he lets his artists experience freedom and interact more on social media...In fact Yoongi is giving them free clout..." Jungkook switches on the TV. "Guys, let's watch his performance.."
"I am sure he would just roam around, all he did in college was to dedicatedly attend classes and write notes.. I don't think he can dance.." Yoongi mockingly utters, rolling his eyes.
"Then it's better, then the customers will turn to us...knowing that we are better.." Jungkook states nodding his head with conviction. The alphas keenly watch the start of the program till it's Jimin's performance where they have settled on the sofa with some cold coffee.
Jimin's performance:
Jungkook can find that instead of sucking on their straw, his mouth is wide agape with eyelids hesitating to close, afraid to miss the omega's moves. Namjoon has a smug expression as he watches the performance as he's immensely proud of his omega picking up great talent.
Yoongi is getting shoved on his face with a pack of tissues as Hoseok frows at him with disgust and shaking his head in disbelief. "What?!" Yoongi scoffs before taking the tissues anyway. "You are drooling.. like a alpha in rut.. clean up.." Hoseok grits as he speaks.
Namjoon and Jungkook are chuckling hiding their mouths behind their palms as Yoongi bashfully rubs the tissue all over his chin, truly dripping with drool. "I.." Yoongi starts to explain only to be pinned shut with Hoseok's palm, "Just shut up, don't even try.." Hoseok huffs.
"Namjoon.. do we need to be concerned.." Hoseok asked unabashedly. "See.. our target group is different.. we are the company of alphas...and them an omega one.. our major consumers are omegas and their alphas...yeah there are 20% other omegas and alphas here and there.. but..
" a male omega will have a fanbase of alphas.. and they don't form a huge part of our fanbase.. so there's nothing t worry about... in fact, it's the omega group company that needs to be worried..
moreover, female omegas have a thing for male yeah, a portion of them would check him out.. but we have a more loyal set of fans.. so no..." Namjoon explains patiently.
"I say we should we should block him..he's too dangerous.." Yoongi states before averting gaze elsewhere. "YAHHH... Jinnie wouldn't even go on a date with me..until his company breaks evens. He is not even ready to meet me... he's working hard..
don't want us to get married..mate..have little pups that you can scent and play with..." Namjoon pouts and rambles. "Aww...." the alphas in the coo but Yoongi frowns quickly. "Now, that's emotional manipulation.. you assh#le..." Yoongi jeers.
"Are we gonna prey on a omega company... that's no way a competitor to us..that doesn't at all belong to our market segment.. really.. don't you have any pride..." Namjoon yells as everyone freezes and leaves a deep sigh.
Hoseok puffs his chest before he speaks in his alpha commanding voice. "I have taken the decision to let this matter pass away until the Jinhit entertainment truly becomes our competitor." Hoseok declares.
"And Yoongi stop rubbing your unresolved tension onto the company.. you are such a WOLF!" Hosoek hisses. "Arghhh... you all will see... I will be right.." Yoongi cranes his neck in a warning-like fashion.
"Well.. I hope you understand that your claims are only revealing your deep admiration for him.. " Namjoon utters cheekily. Yoongi deadpans at him. "He's dancing like a swan.. he's freaking gorgeous...II CAN SEE and listen..." Yoongi slumps his shoulders.
"I just can't believe that the omega who always patronized me, now comes over here and takes over the little I have earned too.. and I will forever remain a loser in his eyes..." Yoongi blurts out his inner feelings.
The alphas in the room grimace deeply at that. "What are you even saying Yoongi? You are not a loser. You are a fighter..a grammy winner..although it's a racist show, anyways.. nobody is taking anything from earned everything through great struggle.." Hoseok comforts.
"I don't understand what even makes you think like that hyung.. do you wanna tell us.. what happened between you too..please.." Jungkook softly coaxes with his beautiful, undeniable doe eye as he pushes Yoongi back to the sofa and flashes a reassuring smile to him.
"Spill.. Agustd..." Namjoon lands his chin over his folded palms with a calm smile ready to listen to the dramatic story of heartbreak as it appears from Yoongi's glistening eyes. Who said alphas couldn't cry.. it's not what Yoongi believes at least.
"It all started in the third year of graduation.. Jimin was a transfer student.. a brilliant one.. so beautiful that one can keep staring at him for eons... so dedicated that the professors would preen.. so powerful that even I Agustd is afraid to be not enough for him..."
"You seem to had fallen in love..." Hoseok comments. "So deep that..even my alpha would bow to him any day..." everyone sucks a harsh breath at those words. "Do you still love him hyung.." Jungkook asks quietly. "Hmmh..." Yoongi scoffs a smile. "Do I deserve to?!"
"It was the music room.. his scent hit me before his ridiculously beautiful face.... roses, ealchi and honey, an exotic light scent that's so fresh and alluring... until he opened his mouth..." Yoongi reminisces.
"Min Yoongi shii..." a high-pitched strained voice reaches Yoongi's ears as he presses the keys of his production piano. "What??!" Yoongi curtly yells, not looking up from his notes of lyrics. "I am Park Jimin, the new CR.." "What?!" "I need to talk to you for a minute.."
"I don't want to... get lost.." Yoongi states as if it's not rude but a very normal way of speaking. The omega doesn't move cause his scent is still filling up his nostrils with the same intensity.
"You have been missing classes for a while.. you will not be allowed to write the finals if you keep doing so.." Jimin huffs. "Why are you concerned about it..." Yoongi mocks, still peering at his book and pressing few keys that make a periodic sound of notes. "I am the CR!"
"and I won't let any wolf fail under my watch.. I take my position of responsibilities quite seriously..." Jimin speaks in an authoritative tone. "Stop bothering me omega...leave.." Yoongi dismisses in not a harsh but an exasperated voice.
"Don't 'omega' me...come on... there's a class you need to attend right now...take your things and start moving.." Yoongi peers up meeting gazes with the omega for the first time and subtly clenches his jaw as it falls open agape. {"Gorgeous.. his inner wolf purrs."}
"And what would you do it I won't move.." Yoongi smirks as he's testing waters. Jimin stomps his feet whining. "Don't do this to me...I can't have people in class failing.. I can't bear that mole on my record, I can't.." Jimin continues to dramatically ramble and whine loudly.
"Arrghhh... are you going to irritate me into attending the class.." Yoongi grows his eyes in disbelief. "If that's what it takes.." Jimin is packing Yoongi's bag without his permission and the next second, he's pulling Yoongi's arm with his petite body towards the class.
"Wha---" Yoongi watches in disbelief as Jimin is dragging him across the corridor and he's moving with uttering a word. The wolves around are staring at them in disbelief at how Min Yoongi is going to the class being pulled by a beautiful omega.
Jimin settles beside Yoongi before flashing a cheeky smile. "See, wasn't that easy..." Jimin whispers leaning into Yoongi's space. He appears smug as his classmates gaze in awe to find Yoongi in the history elective class. "I have so many things to discuss with you..."
"You have very low attendance in some classes and others, you are the topper.... you are not a dumb wolf.. but you are not willing to put effort... I don't want you to lose the opportunity to graduate without all these stupids re-exams." Jimin is whispering with convincing eyes.
"I don't need all this.. when my dream is something else..." Yoongi lowly blurts, rolling his eyes. "Just have a degree... how bad it can be.. people will respect you.. you will get a broad perspective.. I am not asking you to stop giving up on your passion..." Jimin clears.
Yoongi scoffs and soon the professor is entering the classroom. Jimin stands straight quite excited for a student to listen to the history class. It was this day, Yoongi realized, that listening to the history class with a sweet smelling omega beside was not bad at all.
"I wanna know..what happened to the agustd and mine after the troops found out they were in love..." Yoongi sighs after the class. "And for that... you need to attend the next class." Jimin replies with a grin before bowing deep.
"Sorry to break the customs of an omega.... I don't believe in ranks but I duly follow the traditions... I am apologize if I hurt any alpha's ego." Jimin raises with an angelic smile. "Do I need to attend any other class??" "Yes, the maths one... your attendance is quite low"
"Would you sit beside me?!" Yoongi asks teasingly. "If that's what it takes..." Jimin chimes and soon both are on the way towards the maths class. Jimin had changed Yoongi's life overnight by barging into his life and commanding him.
It's still like a beautiful dream how the omega maintains confidence in his gestures and words. After few days of coaxing, Yoongi is attending classes by himself. Jimin is all smiley and happy about it that further warms the Alpha's heart.
And just like every beautiful relationship has envious people simmering over it, Jimin and Yoongi's fresh lovely bond also is jeopardized when Taemin pulls Jimin away from the music lab and urges him to have a serious discussion.
"Jimin, you are an omega belonging to you know.. an higher status... you can't be roaming around with a random alpha who is known to be all brutal and so messy and doesn't attend classes and what not.." Taemin whispers dipping into omega's space.
Jimin frowns at such an entitled statement. "Yeah so... Taemin, he's a scholarship student..he's a topper in subjects even if he never attends classes.... not everyone is born in a rich household.. so what he's messy..he has a dream...
have you looked at his eyes.. he's working day and night to cope up with everything... how can you be such a ..classicist..." Jimin yells almost, and wolves around are turning towards them in interest.
"He's my best friend and nothing is gonna stop me from spending time with him.." Jimin declares before springing up and striding towards the music lab. ~~~~~~~~~~~ "Hey... Jiminie.. you seem upset." It's not a question. Alphas can easily sense omega's distress. "Nothing..."
Jimin takes a deep breath which is obviously to calm himself as Yoongi perceives it. "You told you would write lyrics for the first version you would submit to a me..." Jimin flashes his signature angelic smile, seating beside Yoongi on the seat before the piano.
"ahh.. that..." Yoongi scratches his nape looking shy. "They are not anything g-great.. " Yoongi stutters as Jimin leans into him wordlessly, landing his jaw across his broad shoulders. "Jiminie..." "Hmm..." "what's bothering you...dear.." Yoongi dares to use an endearment.
Jimin's scent shows that he's relaxing against Yoongi's shoulder through his calming pheromones automatically released in response to the omega in distress. Jimin snuggles his chin against Yoongi's edge of his shoulder, trying to inhale more of his scent.
"Yoongi...promise me something" Jimin catches him off guard. Yoongi cranes his neck to glance at Jimin with a quirk of his eyebrow. "You would never leave me and stop talking to me because of anything that others spew.." OH.
"So it's that ahh.. this status differences.." Yoongi chuckles but it's not bright, more dry and raspy. Jimin curls his tiny palms around Yoongi's bicep, his lips puckered into a wet pout. "Don't.." he squeals, wincing and frowning. "I like this.. this relation we have..."
Jimin leans back onto Yoongi's shoulders. "I would be your first fan when you become a rapper.." Jimin muzzles his cheeks against Yoongi's arm, smiling shyly.
"Oh... that makes desire to become a rapper soon.." Yoongi sighs, bending his head to rub against Jimin's crown of hair, a move of affection in wolves. Jimin breathes deeply once more before both of them are immersed into Yoongi's notes and lyrics.
~~~~~~~~ "You know.. I wanted to be a singer too.. but then.. huh.." Jimin slumps. "what..?!" "I didn't know where to start.. I am trained but.. am I enough.. there are already so many idols and groups in the country.. I am just so in dilemma.."
"Hey, you have a beautiful voice.. I bet you sing like a nightingale too..." Yoongi praises and Jimin ducks his chin as blush blooms across his apples. "Would you listen to me.." Jimin's eyes light up suddenly.
"I was never comfortable to sing cause you know how society thinks that people who become idols are just stupid in their life.. when that's not at all true..." Jimin scowls as he speaks. "That's why I was hell-bent on making you get this degree, so none raises a finger..."
Yoongi sucks a breath realizing how keenly socially aware Jimin is. Jimin has already gone through all his profile before coming to him that day. There's might be a reason he felt so pulled.
Maybe it's the passion for the music they share or it's just that Yoongi felt interesting. Nevertheless, Yoongi would still be grateful for the day Jimin barged into his life, himself. How else could he find such a caring omega even if searched himself?
Someone more caring that they take the responsibility themselves?? Yoongi's wolf preens every time the omega's scent hits him like a warm blanket. But how can he go beyond friendship? When Taemin is actually true??
Who would want to let an alpha court their omega unless he's sufficient enough to provide their omega's needs? Yoongi wishes to earn enough one day... When he can proudly court Jimin... Until then, everything fluttery he feels.. is all suppressed in his wrenching heart.
"You make me feel so comfortable.. that I can express my deepest desires..." Jimin quietly asserts. "Go ahead, I am all ears.." Yoongi turns towards the omega. Jimin closes his eyes as he sings like there's no one watching him. Like he's free and unbounded,
and Yoongi listens to him, slowly dripping into a trance as Jimin sings with his honey-like voice and technique that it takes years for singers to master. Jimin opens his eyes, searching for Yoongi's eyes anticipatingly. "Beautiful.. you are.. you are already a singer.."
"You could give auditions right now..." Yoongi widens his eyes to show his conviction that he's not just praising him but it's really true. Jimin blushes but shrugs it away. "Let's pass this degree first...then I might dare to ask my dad to pursue it..." Jimin states calmly.
~~~~~~~~~~~ 4th year of graduation: Needless to say, Jimin has rejected all the courting proposals from the blue-blooded alphas, and moreover spending so much time with Yoongi has everyone assuming that Yoongi was courting him.
Jimin carrying another alpha's scent was already a turn-off, still, the clarification of Jimin that they are just great friends had some desperate wolves still trying to court him.
Yoongi is more focused on his music in this sem, majorly ignoring his curriculum and roaming around getting producers to listen to his compositions. Jimin like the 'great' friend he is, might have manipulated a few attendances here and there and helped with the notes to study.
"Did he agree to fund..." Jimin asks even though the tired expression on Yoongi says otherwise. "They said, my words are raw..cold.. and they are won't attract the audience..." Yoongi blurts. "What's wrong with rapping about my struggles.. what's wrong in that..."
"Why should all the songs be about sunshine flowers and fantastical love, when world is just filled with struggles and capitalism.." Yoongi slumps, exasperated, helpless, saddened, tears glistening in the pinkish evening hue in white of his orbs. "Yoongi.." Jimin reaches out.
Jimin urges Yoongi through his calming pheromones to melt into his embrace, wrapping his tiny palms around Yoongi, fisting his shirt pulling him closer. "They will listen to you...everyone will listen to you one day... have hope hyung!" Jimin comforts, mindlessly scenting Yoongi.
Yoongi's wolf purrs in the warm omega's hug. It's more than soothing and Yoongi dares to plant his arms on Jimin's waist and inhale his scent bashfully. "Everything will be alright...." Jimin chants in Yoongi's ears, before realizing how intimate they just got now.
"What would I do wihtout you.." Yoongi smiles, his gummy smile that Jimin loves, assuring the omega that he is fine. What does society call this intimate relationship between alpha and omega? Is it necessary that's it's not friends?? No one knows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Time passes in a rush with Yoongi trying to find someone to take him into their company and accept his style, his authenticity, his raw lyrics, and pure passion. Jimin is busy constantly rejecting Taemin's advances and sh#t talking about Yoongi. He doesn't stop.
He even went to Jimin's father to get permission to court Jimin against his will. Hell had to break loose one day. "Can you even buy him a bouquet of flowers.. tulips.. his favourite..." Taemin ridicules.
"STFU... who even are you to question my worth.." Yoongi yells equally raged. "Tchh.. can't even get to eat three meals a day.. dreaming of chasing the omega who has a line of suitors from the biggest families..." Taemin rolls his eyes tauntingly.
"huh..." Yoongi chuckles, weary. "If you are unable to impress an omega with those big biceps of yours.... don't release it on me..." Yoongi scolds. Taemin grit his teeth offended. He raises his hands as he looks down dramatically.
"Alright, I give up... let's make a deal ..hmm.." Taemin eyes him expectantly. "Fcuk off... I am not making deals with a jealous pathetic wolf like you..." Yoongi jabs. "Listen.. I know you are desperate to launch as a rapper.. I will let you meet the correct people.."
"Just... just get off Jimin's life.." Taemin urges, utter frenzy in his tone. "Ohh... asking me to give up on friendship for what...JUST SHUT AND LEAVE.." his voice booms like a command. Taemin feels a shiver jolt down his spine. Something about Yoongi is dominating.
"Ohhk ohkk..." Taemin huffs as if ready to bargain. "Just..just let him know.. you have no wish to court him...I will help you I promise.. since it's clear that you don't harbor any such emotions for him..." Yoongi glares at him as he blinks several times.
Should he consider? His dream is as important too!! Does just clearing out to Jimin that he's not interested in him that way would ease his problems? Is it even true that he surely doesn't have any such feelings?? Well, can he court Jimin right now? He internally asks. No!
His mind and heart quickly answer for uncountable reasons. Does that mean he doesn't harbor any such feelings towards the omega?? No. His heart and mind reply quicker, as he recollects all the beautiful times they spent together;
Jimin's fluffy blonde locks, his angelic smile, his sweet intoxicating scent, everything about him that made his wolf growl unabashedly at the other alphas when they interrupted, that made his heart flutter, summersault, that made him secretly write songs about his plump lips...
{No, you still don't deserve him now.." Yoongi consoles his writhing alpha and his wrenching heart.} "Just clear it out.. is that enough.." Yoongi asks, his wolf raging inside him and shaming him. Yoongi can't make himself to meet Taemin's eyes. "YES!" Taemin gushes.
"Fine... First, let me hit it off with a producer and then...I will clear it out to him.. although it's understood that nothing really exists that way between us.." Yoongi states, almost grinding his words as if they are painful to be spoken out even.
"Sure.." Taemin smiles devilishly, a smirk curling on his lips soon. Yoongi knows. Knows that Jimin feels something more than friendship between them. There's a reason he rejected every alpha in the college. Yoongi isn't dumb. He's seen everything.
He knows it might hurt Jimin. but he doesn't want to give him false hope of future which he himself isn't sure of. At least, this way he can ensure his endeavor, become worthy, and then later if his feelings retain, he will come back to him.
Yes, that's the plan. Yoongi thinks. Rethinks. Again and again. Assuring himself, his twisting heart. Until his wolf is fooled by his optimistic self-talk.
Until he can unwisely (or maybe wisely) think of himself as a selfless wolf who's striving to be worthy, to court an omega, instead of becoming a gold digger as the society perceives him right now. One day.... Yoongi persuades himself.
One fine day... When he can be clear of his feelings and then think about omegas in his life... Yoongi accepts the offer. ~~~~~End of flashback part 1~~~~~~~
To think of it today, with a grammy glistening in the studio lights, Yoongi gulps the lump in his throat, eyes determined as he glances at the alphas before him. "It was a right decision..." Yoongi whispers afraid that his friends would condescend to him. "Of course it was.."
The alphas in the room collectively mutter and nod in agreement. Society or omegas only look up to you, when you are earning and have influence. It's not a secret, it's an open truth in the world. Agustd, now means brand, a phenomenon. AgustD means beautiful raw music.
But there are things that need to be turned right as quickly as possible. "What happened then??!" Hoseok coaxes wanting to actually hear the partition. "I bet it's painful.." Jungkook voices, lowly. "It was... but maybe it was for everyone's good.." Yoongi sighs.
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I wanted to put forth that Yoongi was in PG & Jimin UG when they met. There's two years age gap & it was their common elective subjects that brought them together. Many institutions have common courses for PG and UG. Hehe!! Also Yoongi was 19 and Jimin 17 in college.
Yoongi required money to keep pursuing his passion and the only option was to join PG ...and use the time to prepare for his music career along with keeping up with the scholarship. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Part 2 of flashbacks!!
"Hyung, look at this.. how many times did I tell you to throw off eaten wrappers and what is this.. god, your music room stinks because of this...
and this one... can't you even throw off your beer cans..hyung you are so dependent on me..." Jimin rambles as he's cleaning the music lab that's almost always occupied by the older.
Jimin arranges everything prim and proper before turning towards Yoongi. "Hyung..take a's so clean and my scent with the petrichor just makes this room so tranquil..." Jimin groans as he takes a lungful of fresh evening stormy air and his rosy scent.
Yoongi glances around the neat room as he smiles thinly at Jimin. His scent and the cool breeze are intoxicating as they mix slowly in the room, filling up Yoongi's senses.
His wolf is dancing in the beautiful atmosphere as it urges him to hold and cuddle the omega in front of him. "Did I do good hyung..." Jimin voices in a squeal, hiding behind his palms quickly. The wolf of him is howling in praise and purring to ask for his validation. But.
FCUK. Omegas have this instinct to show off as the good wolves who can take care of the home when they want to impress the alphas. It has nothing to do with prejudices just the primal need of seeking praises and approval from their alphas that elates their heart in the core.
It's the natural way of letting the wolves find their best mates as they impress each other. Courting too is another form of a primal instinct to provide, care and feed an omega to show their capabilities and duty of an alpha, not that omegas can't live on their own.
Jimin is not supposed to do this. Not supposed to make it harder than it felt yesterday. Just when Yoongi thought, all he had to do was survive few months and then both of them can part ways so he needn't ever show his selfish face to Jimin again... Just when..
Jimin is showing signs of interest in him. Yoongi tries to abort the situation somehow without hurting Jimin but ensuring him that he did well. "Jimin ahh... you needn't do all this for me.. it's not like I need an omega to take care of me..I am fine...stop disturbing me...!"
Yoongi grimaces at those syllables leave his throat as he turns towards his piano, ducking his head as he pretends to go over his lyrics. Jimin is trembling with his eyes stinging at the back as he's controlling his tears from flowing for something so simple yet so hurtful
From the day Jimin has met Yoongi, he's never, ever called him a disturbance. Disturbance??! Really?? Jimin wonders from when did he turn into a disturbance in Yoongi's life. He's been doing everything he could.
"Oh may be hyung is worried about his audition.." Jimin explains himself before leaving the room calmly to not openly break down in front of his hyung. "I will leave you to yourself then.. seems like you are busy! Let me know if you wanna have dinner together!" Jimin sighs.
Yoongi groans as he holds his forehead in his palms and drags them across his face. He feels like crying. Like the tears are flowing but he's refraining himself from letting them be shown cause he's an 'alpha'. "At least save some pride for yourself..." Yoongi huffs.
Yoongi knows. Knows that the offer Taemin offered is a double-edged sword, both sharp edges meant to slice his heart and mind into two. When he agreed to clear it out to Jimin, it also meant that he can no more show those characteristics that would hint at his feelings.
He knows when he yelled at Taemin that nothing exists between them, that's exactly what the other wolf was aiming to get out of him anyway. Yoongi is trapped. Trapped in his own will. Trapped cause the capitalistic world doesn't give you a choice.
Trapped in the remorse to be free one day! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Jimin waits... waits and waits. But the call or message never comes. "May be he's busy ... may be he's worried.. maybe he's sleeping...may be.." Jimin comforts his craving omega heart with everything he can think of. It's been a week and Yoongi has still not contacted him.
Jimin can't find the courage to barge into Yoongi's studio when he called him a 'disturbance' last time. IT might be petty, but Jimin is upset. He's waiting for Yoongi to call him and cook him his favorite ramyeon like all other times he apologized. Yoongi doesn't.
~~~~~~~~~~ Jimin wakes up groaning every day in the anticipation of Yoongi reaching out to him but he doesn't. Jimin has already several times passed by the music lab peeking into it but all he sees is Yoongi immersed into his laptop or not there itself.
He tries to inhale as much scent he can gather like a pathetic desperate wolf whenever Yoongi leaves his lab which otherwise he's deprived of from ten days now that they haven't met and snuggled next to each other.
Damn, if only Jimin knew how much more his omega craves for the alpha than himself in his mind. Jimin was initially intrigued by the wolf. Soon it turned to reverence and it was about time he had fallen for Yoongi with all the time they spent together.
Yoongi was a reckless yet brilliant alpha the first time Jimin perceived him through his records. But when he actually met him for the first, he immediately fell in love with his earth pine cinnamon scent. Feline determined eyes, a facade of brutality but a kernel oh so soft...
Yoongi snapped easily if he was unnecessarily perturbed and if anyone or anything would come in between his music and his soul but the way Jimin was one such hidden variable or the exemption that stirred Yoongi's life made Jimin's omega proud. Doted upon.
Yoongi was openly smiling and eating together with the omega. He was honest, truthful, his lyrics were the representation of his mentality and others hated his guts. Hated his words cause of how true and piercing they were.
Hated how even after being blue-blooded and influential, Yoongi dominated them with a gaze. Hated him cause a certain ethereal omega would find peace in his scent and happiness in his company than everything they had to offer. Cause even without anything Yoongi had everything.
It wasn't Taemin alone... but an imploration by the wolves that cursed their relationship. See, what happens when envy and jealousy take over normal lives. Yoongi achieves it. He does it one day.
One of the producers of the biggest entertainment companies at this time has agreed to launch him. Said, he was impressed. Yoongi did it. He had signed the contract. Taemin has his end of the deal.
But when Yoongi walks back to his campus and stares at the tulips arranged on the roadside, his heart sinks. Like a ship with no stability that can't be restored through any buoyance of happiness.
His heart explodes like that a warhead shredding into million pieces but all of them are piercing back into him with several times the force. "Do you wanna buy tulips sir?!" the shopkeeper eagerly asks. "Omegas like them when gifted... these are always sold out..."
Yoongi breaks into a watery chuckle. Whom can he even gift it to? The only omega that has a special place in his heart who also tends to love tulips? Whom Yoongi unabashedly proclaimed to not love or have feelings for?? What a tumult of fate?
The shopkeeper is anticipatedly staring at Yoongi as he falls into the trance of pitying his life. "Here.. take this one... you needn't pay.." the shopkeeper shoves a tulip flower into Yoongi's palms. "Wha--" Yoongi jumps startled.
"An omega shouldn't miss out on happiness because of something as simple as a flower..." the shopkeeper who's an alpha has a proud reassuring smile as he coaxes Yoongi to take it. Yoongi heaves a breath he's been holding before he flashes his gummy smile and walks back.
~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Awwww hyung... are those for me..." Jimin is cooing as he inhales the sweet scent of the yellow tulips one of the alpha offers in the middle of their college grounds as Yoongi walks across to get to his music lab to find Jimin.
please play this as you read along....please...…
Credits of Lyrics in the content: SUGA of BTS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yoongi stares down at his lone tulip just like his heart. Alone. With no pretty little fingers to hold and admire them.
Yoongi just walks past with head hung low, in shame, in helplessness, one which not everyone can perceive except Taemin who's watching everything from the corners of his eyes before he breaks into a smirk.
Yoongi reaches his lab before his knees give out. His knees hit the cold floor as warm tears dripping down his cheeks wetting the floor in front of him, mocking his weak alpha. Oh, how could he permit this to happen to his life?? Did he aspire for something too great?
He didn't ask for superhuman gifts. He didn't dream of attaining fairytale love cause they weren't true at all.
Not for people doing graduation so they can earn and chase their passion besides cause their families would never allow them to waste the time of things that were 'never gonna feed you.
Yoongi would live in more reality than imagination. Then why?? All he wanted to do was to follow his passion. To rap and express his emotions attaining euphoria. Then why is he on the floor, crumbling...
Why is he afraid of his knees sinking so deep that he would never be able to raise up again if the weight of sorrow on his body is greater than his anything on the earth... Warm tears flow uncontrollably as he grimaces at his circumstances. But...
But he jolts up... Cause, that's the thing with artists you see...times when normal people release their emotions through tears and screaming, artists pour it into their art. Yoongi quickly fetches a pen as he starts scribbling on his notebook.
"Even if I fall, I will come right up That's how we've always been Even if my knees drop to the ground As long as they don't get buried It won't matter Win no matter what Win no matter what Win no matter what Whatever you say, whatever they say I don't give an uhh..."
Yoongi maniacally repeats the lines like it's his lifeline. Like it's his salvation. "Win no matter what no matter.." cause if he doesn't he can't hold Jimin like he wants to. He can't buy him a bouquet of yellow tulips like he wants to.
He can't love Jimin like he wants to. Oh. Yoongis' heart stutters as his mind at last dares to scream it aloud. The pen falls from his grip as his forehead hits the book he's been scribbling on. Love. Oh, boy he was in love. This moment.
This moment right here is the biggest irony in his life. Cause it is at this moment, he fully accepts that he's fallen in love with Jimin. But this is also the moment, he can't act on it.
Just the hazy visual of Jimin accepting flowers from someone else has his heart twist in pain and wolf rage in anger. "But didn't he belong to me.... you belong with me.." Yoongi squeals as he gasps to inhale some air which he seems to run out as he's sobbing.
What didn't Jimin do for him? Embraced at his worst, never looked at the social differences between them. Got him food, cleaned his lab, pampered him like his mate, comforted him through sweet voice and encouraging words, got his notes, stood up for him,
Moon knows what all he faced behind Yoongi's Yoongi can concentrate on his art. Because Jimin believed with all his soul that Yoongi was supposed to be there, in the stars. Because he loved him.
Loved his passion and hard work. Loved his gummy smile and the special softness that Yoongi harbors only for him. Loves that Yoongi's words are revolutionary and his thinking unprecedented. Everything just gave him happiness and never felt like a burden.
"How could I ever repay you..." Yoongi breaks into another sob as his arms clung to the keys of the large piano producing a sharp unbearable note. Yoongi drags himself as he settles before him as the melody flows from his sorrow.
He produces the first song with which was going to turn his life once and for all. "Even this grief is yours... this melody is dare dare you own everything mine... how dare you.. how dare you own me like this..." Yoongi breaks into more broken sobs. ~~~
"Hyung where were you... I couldn't find you in the lab...and then.." "I got it..." "I was--What??!" Jimin widens his eyes as a grin lightens up his ridiculously beautiful face. "I got the producer to work with me.."
Jimin jumps onto Yoongi hugging him closer and inhaling deeply. "I am so happy for you.. I am so so happy for you.." "Me too..." Yoongi sighs lowly. Jimin flinches.
Yoongi may not show it but the burned woody and pine scent is enough for Jimin to comprehend something's wrong. "Hyung what's wrong..." Jimin coaxes as both of them sit on the bench in front of the piano.
"Jimin....I might not be able to spend more time with you.. the finals are close.. you need to study too.. and I need to prepare the final track and recording and all..."
"It's ohk hyung...I will miss you a lot...but I understand.." Jimin's shoulders slump as his tiny fingers reach out to Yoongi's huge palms, just resting over them. "I will always be there..." Jimin nods with an angelic eye smile.
"Please don't make me feel like a monster..." Yoongi internally pleads. "Hyung...." Jimin drawls as he looks up with his puppy eyes. Damn. Why? JUST WHY? How was Yoongi supposed to hurt an omega with those eyes? How was he supposed to say 'NO'?
Yoongi knows. Moon why does he always know?? Why can't he be oblivious and a damn fool? Yoongi grimaces to be so understanding, for his wolf transmitting the omega's desire to him. Jimin wants to be scented.
He missed him. Yoongi ghosted him for few weeks and honestly, nothing ever felt more hell-like. "Jimin ..." "hmm.." Jimin looks up with a pout from before he was fidgeting.
"You know.. I don't want you to do all this ... l-like my mate... I mean I couldn't say no cause y-you omegas like to do this and all.. but it can put across wrong messages... don't you think..."
{ I did it for you.. not because I am an omega.. how can you...} Jimin screams internally. "Huh..." Jimin feigns a watery chuckle.
"I understand... we are just best friends.. isn't it.." Jimin peers anticipatedly, his expression slowing turning into an awkward stare, and then soon his eyes are glistening. Yoongi ducks down, not even brave enough to face those orbs.
Not bold enough to wear the badge of making an omega drown in tears. He is totally doing it right now. At least, maybe if he doesn't see, it wouldn't last. It wouldn't haunt. His other half of alpha wants to pity him. Livid long dead. Only pity and deep regret are left behind.
"That's the last time I saw him in the eyes...Things went downhill. His scent was always sour when he was beside me and one day, he was shifted from the hostel to his home after finals...
I debuted around a month after the finals and Jimin had apparently stuck posters all across the college for me.. I could no more meet him.... I was imposed with a lot fo restrictions.
But it's after a year, I realized that I was played.. played like a rat... my lyrics were stolen and used for other groups..whenever I confronted them I was thrown money at...I took every penny of it, wrote songs for others after my only debut album that didn't reach the masses..
It was all Taemin's plan to trap me...I still don't know... what desperation led me to accept his offer.. maybe the desire to debut soon, so I could earn some money... when I got out of that place is when I found you two...
look at me now... I am again an alpha with nothing, my beautiful flower...I lost him in the process..." Yoongi sighs as he rubs his temples, closing his eyelids shut as warm tears abashedly roll across his cheeks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"I couldn't believe I was used as moral support and left when...*Jimin wipes his tears off from the back of his palm that wrenches Jin's heart*--- I was constantly denied from meeting Yoongi in whatever that big company he's been working in, that damn omega assistant....
that's when I decided...I will prove it to him... I will not just prove it to everyone who took me for granted... my love, my passion... that's when I reached you...
father allowed me since you took over the media like wildfire... everyone looked up to you.. he trusted you...huh.. here I am..." Jimin completes reciting his story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
That's it for today.. I wanted to get done with flashbacks, cause I don't like the story going back & forth.. so I wanted to write as detailedly and as briefly s I can. Hope you like it! I was about to shed tears while writing this!🥺 🌷Please interact, like, qrt or send ccs!🌷
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"Hey, would you have lunch with me..." Yoongi cajoles with his gummy smile. Jimin glances to his side before slumping into a dizzy smile. "Sure..." That's the first time Yoongi took the initiative to beacons the omega to share lunch with him.
Jimin felt extremely warm that day. Yoongi even wordlessly filled his plate, prompting the omega to expect more than what he intended to. It might be true, maybe not.
At least that's what Jimin reminisces as he lies down, hugging his chick pillow in the bed. He checks his Twitter to go through the fans' reactions to today's performance.
A soft smile adorns the omega as praises and lovely weird pour in. After all a talented make omega was more than enough for the wolves to swoon in this world. Jimin can't hold back the cogs running at the back of his mind, now that he feels a bit confident in his life. (Myg-prt)
Private accounts: Mochi and Mygg....
"Kid, aren't you such a goner.. you didn't post in months.. and today you pick up the photo flaunting your jawline...ahemmm...." Yoongi drawls as he's drunk and slumping on the sofa behind.
Jungkook is sprawled next to him as he holds mobile above his face keenly checking out something. Namjooon is on the armchair as he elegantly sips his wine scrolling through the mobile.
"There you are... all of you..huh..." Hoseok enters the penthouse catching them off guard before emptying his package of food on the dining table. "Yoongi Hyung was continuing his story.. I wanted to know everything.. here we are..." Jungkook chuckles eyes restless in anxiety.
Hoseok stares at Jungkook before sighing loudly. "I thought I was running a business of alpha idols.. but now I realise, I am running a fandom for the omegas of the competitive company..." Hoseok states with an exasperated smile.
Jungkook hides under a pillow before Hoseok whips it from his hold and smiles devilishly. "Hyung..." Jungkook whines sitting up. "What can we do..Jinnie Hyung is a brilliant businessman having the best of talents the country has to offer..." Namjoon utters proudly.
"He was so happy and giggly when I invited him to my music lab...I reg--...everything..I..." Yoongi utters in a slushy manner as he takes short breaths with his eyes closed, tears dripping through the leaks.
"Here drink this and take a bath ..NOW!!" Hoseok pushes a glass of sour lime juice into Yoongi's hold. "I don't want to..." Yoongi huffs. "Get your a$$ up AgustD.. or I am cancelling the function that invites the omegas of JinHit entertainment this weekend..."
Yoongi jolts up like he's been electrocuted with widened eyes and heightened senses. "Really? Are you inviting them.." Yoongi holds Hoseok's palms in a pleading manner. "I may.. if you stop acting like a drunkard and be in your senses.." Hoseok scolds before rolling his eyes.
"So tell us... the truth now...." Hoseok coaxes as Yoongi walks into the hall wiping his wet hair at the midnight. Yoongi settles in one of the sofas and finds that others are all ears and alert drilling gazes into him, waiting for him to go on.
"Ohk I lied...!" Yoongi raises his hands in a "sorry I got caught" way. "I am just a pathetic insecure wolf who's afraid of not being enough because now the love of my life will become the phenomenon and---
I will be left in the shadows like a selfish prick in his memory... all the taller alphas in the industry will look at how gorgeous he is and then offer him tulips one day and then court him ..and he will cho---"
"Fcuking hell...HYUNG.." Jungkook instantly regrets cursing in front of his hyungs but he's not sorry at all as far as his expression goes. Jungkook shrugs off the condescending glares before speaking again.
"You are agustd... you are the 'AGUSTD'... any omega would die to be courted by you and Jimin.. as far as I perceive from whatever that's happened between you two... --
he loves you too.. he's not hurt because you chose an offer over him..." Jungkook pants as he's vividly making his whipped Hyung understand. Yoongi frowns as he awaits the next words.
"It's because you never let him have a choice, you never felt the need to let him know of your troubles or your choices involving him..because you reduced him to an 'omega'..."
"Oh.." Yoongi parts his lips as the realisation punches him like an asteroid hitting the surface of the earth displacing his feeble insecurities as it replaces them with the heavy metallic lustre of truth.
"4 years.. I have hidden everything in my heart and mind for 4 years... I had lost the courage to even try to contact him after I turned into this star..." Yoongi's voice wavers as he gradually shrugs his shoulders.
"What was I going to tell him... I was afraid...I might look like pitiful alpha who's standing on a pedestal built by him anyways... I didn't want to face the look of pity in his eyes...although everything is his's...!" Yoongi releases a shuddering breath.
Tears glisten in his cat-like eyes as the city lights sparkle in his orbs. He takes a deep breath before assuming a firm stance. "I want him back... I swear to Moon, I am not gonna spare any wolf that comes in between this time..." Yoongi declares before they toast.
"For love..." Yoongi grins. "For love!" the alphas in the room repeat. "Wait for me omega... I am gonna make you mine in no time!" Yoongi cackles to himself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "So YOU KNEW?!" Jin's jaw goes slack as Jimin smiles ruefully.
"Of course... I am not a fool you see! Taemin had been exchanging money with someone and then he revealed everything after some threatening to kick his balls..." Jimin sinks as he recalls the day he found out the reason
Yoongi behaved that way in the last. He could see that wasn't normal. "'s just that our relationship was cursed... if it wasn't Taemin it would have been the omega of his company who never let me meet him or the assistant of his other new company...
or the wolves who have banned me from attending his show recordings cause they apparently found out through some stalkers regarding our past...!" Jimin heaves a breath, wiping down the few drops of tears from the edge of his lashes.
"Maybe we were meant to be....away!" he shrieks as he gasps to fill some air in his lungs as he's unknowingly choking on a sob. Just stating it aloud, has his heart in gnawing pain. Only Moon knows how he survived these years. "I had to find my resolve and maybe try again.."
Jimin whispers quietly causing Jin to lean forward to listen to him. "Aww, my baby... there are only beautiful things awaiting you!! You will find all the happiness in the world and I will protect you no matter what..." Jin cups his cheeks before scenting him thoroughly.
"Thank you so much hyung... for coming to me, this late in the night..." Jin cuddles him as they lay together. I love spending time with my two little omegas. Taehyung is returning tomorrow morning and you know how he's going to crave my cooking.
"Of course.." Jimin lightens up before twisting in jin's hold and kissing him on the button of his nose. "You are the best Hyung.." Jimin chimes. "If it wasn't for Namjoon, I would have courted you myself!" Jimin chuckles as Jin pulls him closer nuzzling into him.
"You are my chance Jimin ah.. there are a lot of stakes on you.." Jin hesitantly whispers caressing the blonde locks. "And I won't disappoint you Hyung.." Jimin answers confidently before they smile widely and drip into the overtaking sleep after a long day.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next day morning: Yoongi is humming as he flips the pancakes and stirs some meaty soup before turning to face sleepy Jungkook and a fully dressed Namjoon on the breakfast table. "What are you so happy about Hyung.." Jungkook drawls, scratching his hair.
"Today is the day I have decided to officially court Jimin..." Yoongi states proudly perching his palms over the table's surface. Namjoon spits his black coffee and Jungkook suddenly feels wide awake. "Just like that?!" Namjoon asks cleaning the mess with a frown. "Yes..!"
" I had enough of mfers sabotaging my life...I ain't playing anymore..." Yoongi declares. "But are you sure, your feelings still exist.." Jungkook ducks down as he timidly asks. Yoongi shakes his head vigorously.
"More sure than the gr@mmy on my's not like my heart swayed by another omega anyways...huh..if only that ridiculously beautiful face left my mind.." Yoongi sighs dreamily, a soft smile adorning his pink full lips. "Whipped..." Namjoon remarks chuckling away.
Yoongi's move...
Why??? Cause they tired....
"Hey, why are you flirting with Jimin.. he's mine.." Yoongi scoffs as he's entering the CEO room. "Really now.. he's cute... you didn't even start courting him. " Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows before Yoongi is glaring at him with gaze drilling through his skin.
"Ohkay okay.. your alpha jumped out because I just commented under his tweet. Hundreds of alphas are watching his performance every day... are you gonna go glare at them too that Jimin is yours?!" Hoseok half-smiles, sarcasm dripping through.
Yoongi's jaw clenches as he stares intensely for a few more seconds ere he's striding out of the CEO room. "Well, that worked.." Hoseok grins as he gives himself a pat before sipping his morning coffee! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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"Quick freshen up Jimin ah.. we are going shopping..." Jin gushes entering into the dance practice in between with Taehyung trailing with his boxy grin. "For what hyung.." Jimin furrows his brows patting his sweat dry.
"For the anniversary function of the Kim Jung Entertainment," Jin answers packing Jimin's bag so they can leave as soon as possible.
Unconsciously Jimin zones as his lips part thinking about the reality of actually attending the party at the company where Yoongi works. He built that company from nothing to the one ruling the markets.
{"Am I even ready to face the wolves of the industry yet? Am I ready to face 'him'? Jimin internally squeals.} A hesitant blush blooming on his apples against his will. He's interrupted after he senses Jin towering over him holding him firmly as he urges to connect gazes.
"Darling.. this is the first party you would be attending other than the countless ones that will follow... I know you are scared.. but this is the chance you can prove yourself... " Jin purse his lips as he lets the silence speak the untold words and pleas. "I understand..."
Jimin nods quickly knowing very well what Jin expects from him. Their company is still in the start-up phase. All they did offer are digital downloads of the one song that's released and
that has garnered well 10% more revenue than any debut song but for the company to climb heights, they need more. Endorsements and other sources of income until the artist can no more involve themselves to generate money for the company.
Jimin needs to impress the industry, the big shots, need to put forth the stance of belonging here and affirming he's the one to stay. He knows it's unfair of him to be fulfilling this rather than any other idol from an established company but,
only a few people are blessed with the roles of being pioneers in the world and thus Jimin finds it prideful rather than a burden. Jimin quickly gets ready as they hit the mall with Jin who's all ready to shower the two omegas with gorgeous outfits.
Jimin finds that people around are recognising him and the alphas staring at him with hungry gazes as if Jimin suddenly is available for them to devour and undress with their eyes.
He feels vulnerable, disgusted even scooting behind Jin as he follows him with a lowered head and ignoring the glances. Jin can feel the distress radiating from the little omega.
Taehyung lands his arms around Jimin in a comforting side hug in a protective manner, glaring at wolves staring at the three male omegas pacing down the mall together. Within a few minutes of roaming around the mall, one could find wolves cluttering and staring at the omegas.
Finding one male omega on the streets was as difficult as finding a needle in the haystack, thus three gorgeous omegas together with their mixed alluring scents have caused a literal scene in the mall with some rich alphas following with expectant gazes,
while releasing their aroused pheromones forcing the omegas to quickly find a shop to look at the dresses. A strong thick musky scent of alpha with the suffocating sell of burning sandalwood takes over the omega's senses suddenly making them feel overwhelmed.
Jin whips his chin and turns on his heels to find the familiar homely scent. "Namjoon ahh..." Jin whispers with relief filling his mind.
Namjoon even though few meters across averts his gaze from the surrounding alphas who are scrambling to get away from the angry pure-blooded alpha. He closes the distance as he smiles softly at the two little omegas.
Jin jumps to hug him tightly before Namjoon nuzzles into his neck scenting him as much as he can without getting intimate. Jimin perceives the tall ripped alpha who in every sense screams 'alpha' with his ruby-red glowing orbs and broad chest and an dominant intimidating aura.
Namjoon steps back before he takes in the little omega squirming in his position both intimidated and swooning with Namjoon's delicate dimples, hot body and authoritative demeanour. He's going to tease Jin Hyung later now that he knows what a great choice is Jin's.
"Aren't you a gorgeous little omega?!" Namjoon coos as he ruffles Jimin's hair as the other melts under his touch. Jin smiles endeared, nodding as he's now clinging to his alpha.
"Accept my greetings alpha.." Jimin almost squeals as he bows, blushing crazily as his omega croons to receive praise and be called a good omega from the older alpha. It's an instinct. Namjoon radiates the same vibes as those of the pack leaders.
"What a beautiful mannered omega.." Namjoon pats his head before Taehygnu butts in like another little omega he is. "And me.. I am a good omega too!" Taehyung shrieks. "You too..." Namjoon smiles unabashedly patting him too.
Soon both omegas are buried into Namjoon's chest as the alpha nuzzles at their temples, scenting them. "Now we are good to go!" Namjoon chimes after the omegas calm down with the safe alpha scent permeating their senses.
The two omegas get into the shop as Jin is pulled back by Namjoon flashing a disappointed expression. Jin knows he's upset but he can't help it. "How many times should I tell you to not get out without an alpha or any protection.."
"Darling, I am an adult.. stop acting so prejudiced, we are living in 21st century.." Jin whiningly replies. Namjoon cups Jin's cheek and the omega melts like a whipped wolf he is. "But the little omegas...we can't afford to get them hurt... can we?!"
Namjoon delicately states stressing the fact that they were indeed being the centre of attraction in the mall. Jin feels guilty but he's chosen this life, this stance and the omegas under him too. They have oathed to make this work by themselves.
Even in a high-end mall flocked with rich lavish wolves, they stand out with their beauty and being the 'male omegas' and alphas have been trailing them shamelessly.
"Just.. just let me know... keep you all safe is the least I should be doing as an alpha..don't deprive me of my duty like this.." Namjoon sighs resigned. Jin's omega is preening to make his alpha feel better.
He pouts and hides into the alpha's chest, rubbing his cheeks lazily as he snakes his arms around his torso trying to feel the alpha's natural warmth and calm him down.
Namjoon is just a weak whipped wolf for his omega so he holds him closer in an embrace inhaling the omega's sweet soothing scent automatically feeling several times better. "I could feel... you were in trouble.." Namjoon murmurs in Jin's crown.
"I can't wait to make you mine and merge our dreams..." "Soon alpha.. very soon!" Jin rasps in the crook of alpha's neck. "You didn't have to leave work to come here!" Jin pouts as Namjoon caresses his cheeks.
"Even we need to buy clothes for the party luna" Namjoon teases making Jin a blushing mess. "I know. Your wardrobe sucks.." Jin concurs as he playfully rolls his eyes. "Yoongi and Jungkook would be here soon!" Namjoon informs.
"WHAT?!" Jin turns shocked, himself surprised at his reaction. "I mean you do know that..." Jin frowns. "I know everything about Jimin, Yoongi and Jungkook's not so subtle attempts to get an omega's attention..." Namjoon informs proudly.
"Well well.. aren't you learning the ways after all..." Jin teases. "What can I say...I have a gorgeous omega to satisfy and impress and he deserves everything!" Namjoon pushes Jin from the small of his back into the largest finest clothes shop with a variety of choices.
"Alpha.. imagine.. when you know.." Jin's eyes are filled with the glint that sparkles apart from the shining lights of the shop. "I know darling... sometimes I feel we are all destined!" Namjoon chuckles to which Jin smiles widely, nodding. "Hyunggg.. come here fast.."
Taehyung and Jimin are already holding a hoard of clothes to try on. "Please get us a private room to try.." Namjoon extends his black card to one of the saleswomen but Jin holds back his wrist with a vigorous nodding in 'no'. "I don't want anything I can't afford!" Jin claims.
"But...omegaa" Namjoon almosts wants to stomp his legs in annoyance at how stubborn his omega can get with his pride. "You have already upset me enough... do you wanna do more?!" Namjoon frowns as he lightly pretends to scold. "Your tricks aren't going to work on me, mister."
Jin waves his hands in a savage manner before walking past him. Namjoon firmly holds his wrist as he passes him, pulling him into a back hug and offers the black card to the lady with a flailing Jin tightly enclosed in his embrace.
"Jinnie hyungg...stop.." Jin huffs before wiggling out of Namjoon's clutches. "You are always imposing.." Jin accuses.
"This is your first party as the CEO after you started your company and there are two more omegas with us...if you expect me not to use the free added benefits of a black card for my future mate his babies, then no matter what you accuse me of, I am still going to do this!"
Namjoon explains sternly with a hint of anger bubbling at how his precious omega doesn't want to accept what he wants to provide. He knows that Jin has his principles. But his alpha just wants to pamper the omega and this is the least he can do.
"This is the lowest I can do for you omega... I want to drown you in lovely poems, endless flowers and all the pleasures the world has to offer...but.." Namjoon's eyes are twitching as Jin's blushingly cherry red in the middle of the mall. Jin ducks his head whimpering.
"Stop being so convincing... I feel so selfish... I-I feel like I am using you..." Jin utters in a low shaky voice, eyes restless on the ground.
"Your alpha is providing for you cause he loves you to the moon and beyond and he's doing the least he can!" Namjoon reiterates leaning into Jin's space and raising his chin, with his thumb and index finger. "I am so sorry.." Jin breaks into a sob. He doesn't like this at all.
He doesn't want to hurt his ever so caring alpha but he also doesn't want to be indebted to him in any way, not as his mate but as a business leader. As his mate, Jin would freely swipe the card a hundred times over without hesitation.
"Let's go come on.." Namjoon coaxes Jin into the private room before exposing a crying omega to the public that would only mean that his alpha isn't taking care of him. Namjoon orders some tea before Jin is crying full-on, about being sorry to upset his alpha.
His omega is weak now that he senses he's in his pre-heat. Namjoon suddenly feels immensely proud and relieved to get a private room cause no freaking way he was allowing Jin to roam in the huge shop smelling so alluring.
"I will get the omegas hmm.. stay right here.." Namjoon leans pressing a lingering kiss to Jin's forehead before leaving the room. Jin washes his face before they continue to shop. "Where's Jimin?" "He's still trying out one.." Taehygun points out to the trail rooms.
"Hey.." a deep raspy voice catches the omega off guard before the man himself AgustD itself, palms inside his pocket as he struts towards the two wolves. "So.." Yoongi eyes Taehyung intriguingly.
"Jin is in the room, the one we take every time...another omega is in the changing room.. get him to our room hmm..?! Chaa.." Namjoon is quickly coaxing Taehyung with an arm on his shoulders to move. Yoongi stares at him clueless.
"W-who even?!" Yoongi asks but Namjoon is already few meters away turning to mouth something. He gestures towards the trail rooms. "Just get him---" after that Yoongi hears nothing before he's casually shifting a few clothes on the racks to see if he finds anything interesting.
"Taehyung how does this look..." Jimin chimes striding out of the trail room before he quickly glances around not finding anyone of his personality. "Taehyung ahhh...Jin hyung.." Jimin voices a bit loudly turning around to find them.
"Jiminie..." a breathy whisper that feels like the other is choking rings in Jimin's ears. The scent reaches him before he perceives the wolf who's called for him. That scent he's struggled to forget every night... That scent his omega has found a home in, a few years ago...
That scent he believed he forgot cause he's a stronger omega now... But it all comes crashing down when he turns on his heels in the slow-motion, deliberately, hesitantly, heart thumping out of his chest, before meeting his bloodshot eyes with those of the intense kitten eyes...
Jimin gulps as he stifles his gasp, tiny palms clenched into even tinier fists into the clothes he's wearing... Yoongi dares to take a step forward. He's treading like he's walking over a volcano with his jaw clenched, sharp eyes pinning the omega as he closes their distance.
Jimin releases a stuttered breath as the alpha's extravagant scent that has spiked several times charges up all his senses. his omega dancing rediscovering that one scent it yearns for...
"Omega...." Yoongi rises his palm to hover over Jimin's cheek, skin burning to caress him. Jimin has to tilt his chin a bit to look up to the alpha in front of him, orbs turning redder with the great force he's holding back his tears from flowing, eyes stinging painfully.
Jimin averts his gaze to the ground suddenly as if he's been struck by a bolt of lightning, He takes a few steps back before running away from the aisle without sparing a second glance. "huh..." Yoongi sighs exasperated, eyes widened at others shaking his head in disbelief.
"Did he just run aw--..." Yoongi scoffs several times with his parted lips. Eyes still enlarged in scepticism. "How far do you think you can go... you have to come back to me at the end of the day..." Yoongi mutters to himself before chasing behind the omega. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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"Excuse me... where's Jin--I mean a tall beautiful omega... Namjoon ..." "Sir, this way please..." another saleswoman who's come to pick him up leads the way. Jimin follows her promptly before he picks up the hoard of clothes to try,
head hung low, to not be able to face that certain alpha again. But, soon Jimin can feel the alpha following him, his overwhelmingly intoxicating scent invading his nostrils as he's right beside him when he glances to the side.
"Whatt..." Jimin squeals hiding behind the clothes and quickly gets into the room he's been beaconed into. And before anyone can move or realise what's Jimin has been thinking he picks up the spoon from the side of the teacup holding it like a weapon in front of Yoongi.
"Stop following me.." Jimin snarls like an omega in danger as he points the teaspoon in a threatening way towards Yoongi, earning gasps from everyone around.
Yoongi lands his hands on his hips as exasperated expression curls onto his features before he's tonguing his cheek in a bored manner.
"You will need more than a teaspoon to stop me from pursuing you omega..." Yoongi informs in a teasing deep raspy voice that churns Jimin's interior in a fluttery way. Jimin's lips quiver as he realises how pathetic he might be seeming to be fighting the king with a teaspoon.
Jimin scoffs, dropping the spoon and settling into one of the sofas, making himself small as he presses his knees to his chest. Namjoon and Jin's gazes flicker between the other alpha and omega before the low noise of sniffling fills up the room.
"Baby..are you crying?!" Jin reaches out quickly as he can sense the distress pheromones the omega is unabashedly releasing. Yoongi's jaw clenches as he feels Jimin's scent spiralling into a sour rotten roses. He feels nauseous.
"Jiminie..." Yoongi tries to reach out, kneeling in front of him gesturing Jin to back up. Jin is no one to between an alpha and his omega, that too Yoongi, he knows better than that.
Jimin flinches, curling more into himself. Yoongi doesn't know why but he feels like he's dealing with a very dangerous and defensive omega who can strike anytime. He's releasing his calming pheromones which have an instant at the omega slowly easing as he breathes in deeply.
"Omega... we need to talk!" Yoongi voices low, intimate. "There's nothing to talk about!" Jimin yelps, looking up with his still redded eyes. "You can't walk into my life just whenever you want and coerce me to talk to you.." Jimin yells. Yoongi is patient. He needs to be.
"Omeg---" "Stop calling me that... you have no right whatsoever.." Jimin half rolls his eyes before glaring at Yoongi.
"Jimin I want to court you ...from right this instant!" Yoongi cuts to the chase springing up as he sternly looks down at the pliant little omega. Jimin can feel his brows reaching his hairline and his mouth wide agape at the sudden confession.
"Cour--Have you fcuking lost it?!" Jimin too jolts up but is standing on the soft low sofa. He's a bit higher than Yoongi when he stands like this. "You are the only one I lost ..and I want you back..." Yoongi chides seriously.
Jimin crosses his arms before scoffing loudly, uninterested and mocking. "It's been 4 years Mr. Agustd. People change. Feelings change...Goals change, priorities change... you are just in a delusion of wanting me because you are guilty of deeds... "
Jimin utters with utmost guilt and sadness laced through his shaky voice. "Delusion..." Yoongi repeats breathily with a sign of disbelief mustered up his features.
"YES! You found me after 4 years and suddenly you are just filled with regret or guilt of the past...whatever that's is and are assuming that..." "Shut up Jiminie.." Yoongi's teeth are gritted as he coldly warns the omega.
"Just shut up.." Yoongi huffs running his veiny palm through his hair. Jimin's jaw is taut with the hostility that radiates from a person who wanted to court him a few seconds ago. Jin shifts to speak but Namjoon holds him back with an assuring nod to let them talk it out!
"Because not wanting to court you at that time when I had nothing because I wanted to court you like a king is being delusional...then yes I am.." Jimin connects their eyes with parted lips, eyes softening at the meaning behind those painful words.
Yoongi dares take a step further, gradually holding the petite omega's arms, delicately. "If making my alpha suffer by forcing him to distance from your omega cause I didn't want you to suffer from the uncertainty looming over my life..I am very delusional, I won't even deny!"
" 'You' are my priority now!" Yoongi squeezes Jimin's arms as he leans a bit further to whisper his words, ashamed to say it out aloud with god knows how many wolves are there around them. A pause as Jimin searches for his face expressionless.
" You *chuckles*... see how you exposed yourself so easily!" Yoongi teases as Jimin's lips pucker into a confused pout. "I said I wanted to court you and you immediately concluded things are different from the past..." Yoongi smiles smugly as Jimin grimaces at the logic. DAMN !
"So you knew ah?!" Yoongi cocks his chin tongue wetting the corners of his lips. Jimin squirms in his hold jumping back and glaring at him, now with less hostility and more annoyance. "Everyone knew.." Jimin sighs softly averting his gaze everywhere except Yoongi.
"I need you to understand that you are the reason I am here.. if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been eager to become an idol, I wouldn't have fallen into a trap, learned the ways of this industry early & found the right people at the right time..." Yoongi clarifies.
"What you feel is gratitude and guilt..." Jimin retorts. "No thanks, I want none of that.." Jimin replies coldly. "I am on my own now... I have new challenges to focus on so please stay away from my life.." Jimin almost pleads.
Yoongi can feel the pain of his heart shattering into a million pieces. Jimin doesn't trust Yoongi with his feelings. Okay. Yoongi finds himself questioning if he really feels the same intensity of love and affection he harboured for the omega for 4 years till this morning!
Cause, no way Jimin just made his solid determination crumble into a doubt within few minutes. "ahh...did you just..." Yoongi is at a loss for words. He just stands there staring at the omega, powerful enough to leave the rapper who spits breathless bars speechless.
Jimin dares to peer back at Yoongi as the deafening silence takes over the room. He quirks an eyebrow in victory. "Destroyed your resolve? Didn't I?" Jimin tries to take a step to stare into Yoongi's eyes,
only to realise the soft cushion has sunk under his feet with his feet and he's stumbling. Jimin flails his hands automatically wrapping around Yoongi's shoulder and the alpha's thick arms around Jimin's slim waist on cue.
Everyone's breath hitches as they watch Jimin hanging off the sofa, clinging onto Yoongi in his embrace. Yoongi chuckles, lips soon curling into a smirk.
"You can't wait to get into my arms...who's delusional now.." Yoongi cocks his chin as he brushes the tip of their noses subtly. Jimin is squirming, in his mind pushing Yoongi but in reality, his palms are tightly clutching onto Yoongi's neck. "Leave.." Jimin demands, frowning.
Yoongi releases his arm in an instant, only to make Jimin realise, he's been held up just with one arm of the alpha as he directly hits the floor with a thud. Jimin fixes his raised shirt before glaring at Yoongi.
"What I mean is... have you come out of the delusion of pursuing me." Jimin questions crossing his arms again, trying to look imposing with a raise of his brows. Yoongi is licking his bottom lip with an unreadable expression. He scoffed once. Twice.
Thrice and he bursts into a cackle. "Jimin you... you made me rethink my 'own' feelings for you within few seconds..." Yoongi's eyes are glistening. Yoongi half-smiles. "You didn't destroy my resolve omega, you just made it thousand times strong..." Yoongi smiles amused.
Jimin stomps his feet annoyed. "Doesn't your mind 'rethinking' mean you are not sure of your feelings.." Jimin widens his eyes in a scandalous way at how whatever Yoongi is speaking not making any sense.
"No omega, cause, Namjoon has been asking me to help improve my reputation for few months..I didn't comply... but 'you'.. you just made me rediscover how I am weak for you..." Yoongi smiles softly. "But that's wrong..." Jimin squeals. "Yoongi PLEASE.. please understand..."
"I don't want your half a$$ feelings which you are not sure of...I don't want the badge of omega using the top tier alpha artists to climb up.. I don't want anyone to accuse me of anything. I am very prideful Yoongi, if you ever understood me, you should know."
"I don't approve of your courting!" Jimin declares sternly, eyes flickering into a cyan hue. And once the omega rejects, the alpha has to retract no matter what.
"Fine Jimin. I understand. I, as an alpha, would never let anything harm your reputation, or discredit your work. But my instincts are never wrong and they tell me you are the right one no matter what.." Yoongi's voice is breaking.
"Namjoon, just choose whatever you want... I am leaving.." Yoongi informs before staring at Jimin for few seconds and then striding across the room before closing the door roughly with a loud bang that startles everyone. "Why did you do that Jimin ah?!" Jin asks slowly calmly.
Jimin drops to the floor, pressing his forehead to his arms as he curls into himself, sobbing full on in front of Jin's sofa. Jin caresses his dark locks in a soothing way. "Baby...unless you don't tell us, we won't understand!"
Jin eyes Namjoon who is already releasing excessive calming pheromone with three distressed omegas in the room. Jungkook barges into the room, soon recognising the omegas in deep confusion, pain and sadness. Jungkook unlike the elder alphas is young and impulsive.
His alpha growls with the circumstance they are in and soon he's releasing calming pheromones too before jumping beside Jin before tugging his chin on his shoulder and nuzzling the elder omega. He just can't stand Jin being distressed. Jin leans into his cheeks smiling at alpha.
"H-hyung he's just's just the meeting after 4 years that forces him to oblige to have these feelings for me..." Jimin starts only to be cut off by the Namjoon.
"What even are you speaking omega...he's been drunk for 4 days from the time he's gotten to know you are debuting as an idol..he's been regretting everything and feeling deep guilt.. why don't you trust him?!" Namjoon probes.
"Even if I trust him..I don't want a relationship based on gratitude and guilt...I don't want someone to be obliged to love me because they are indebted to me... that's not the kind of relationship I want..." Jimin stresses.
"If he really loved me, he should have dared to stand up when the time really tested him... But he j-just left, didn't spare a g-glance" Jimin vents his inner buried feelings at last. He's choking on his sobs as he speaks.
"After becoming AgustD with all the money and power in fingers... now comfortably, he expects me to present to him like pity helpless omega.. *growls*.." Jimin seethes at the alpha, orbs glowing in a beautiful cyan-ish blue, earning a flinch from the pure-blooded alpha.
"I would rather never have met him at all..." Jimin's years of pain and sadness flows out as he reveals all his deeply buried feelings. The alphas themselves seem suffocated with the omega's distress pheromones densely filling up.
Jin's omega is more livid with his baby hurt and in pain. Namjoon scents him again and he kneels before Jimin to coax him into his arms. "Little to alpha.." Namjoon spreads his arms, inviting and Jimin can't find himself to resist such safe calming scent.
Namjoon holds the omega carefully as Jimin nuzzles into his chest. "Everything will be alright needn't do anything you don't want! Jinnie and I will protect you no matter what... ease omega.." Namjoon whispers assurance and pats Jimin's back soothingly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Jimin why didn't you ever tell me this is how you felt.." Taehyung is holding the omega closer, his omega scent tranquillizing him. "I don't know.. he's AgustD and if I feel like this..everyone will think I am attention seeking and someone who's not grateful.." "Jimin ah"
"Just because he's AgustD for the world doesn't mean all your past and feelings are suddenly invalid.. Jimin you have every right to feel like what you are feeling and none needs to know..." Taehyung kisses his cheek.
"Baby... take it easy.. give yourself time to heal and trust ...the day you see truth and love in your alpha's eyes... accept him ..Yoongi or anyone! " Taehyung can feel Jimin's eyes turning droppy as he groans. "Good night little omega.." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Hyung I missed your cooking so much.." Jungkook drawls slumping on the sofa. Namjoon is sitting alert on the breakfast table in the kitchen like a watchdog. With his omega in pre-heat and two alphas in house, his inner alpha is protective. "Namjoon ah go take bath.." "But."
"I am almost done... I will be in your room hmm.. come on..take bath.." Jin coaxes. "Hyung is so possessive, we are not going to eat away Jin Hyung.." Jungkook teases, rolling his eyes. "But..." Namjoon fidgets.
"Junguvaa can you take care of this..please.." Jin pushes Namjoon across the hall to his room. "Don't do anything gross.." Jungkook yells when the door of Namjoon's room shuts tight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Ohkay I fcuked up... I KNOW... Can you all help to fix it instead of glaring at me like I have committed an m#rder..??!" Yoongi has had enough.
"Arrgghhhh Yoongi it's not that...just because I am an omega and Jimin is my baby, doesn't mean I don't understand you..." Jin eases the tense environment on the table.
"He's hurt Yoongi... although he knows it's not your fault. He knows the number of envious people that cursed your relationship... but he's faced you after 4 years...
of course, he's gonna break down... of course, you are the only one visible to him whom he can point out for this grief when all this while he had no one to vent out..." Jin explains calmly. "Also, you need to be sure of yourself Yoongi.." Jin adds.
Yoongi opens his mouth to answer but Jin beats him to it. "No... you are not sure. Take some time...both of you need to give yourselves some time!" Jin firmly proposes. Yoongi nods pursing his lips in doubt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"If he to present myself... cause he's AgustD.....Never met at all...." Yoongi recalls the piercing words he heard standing outside the fitting room. "Ohh.. you were far away from me then and now I am, is it??!" Yoongi laughs dryly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
" about the omega you asked to meet.. can he meet me tomorrow?!...hmm...bakery near the suburban parts...hmm..." *cuts call* "Be sure ahh... I will be then! I won't leave the last stone unturned this time.." Yoongi sighs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Updated on Ao3 too! Chapter 2~~ #yoonmin au A/B/O Ao3:…
He just breathed. 👀
Little omega on a War....
"So what do would you like to drink?!" Yoongi asks with a thin lines smile. "What would you buy me if you took the decision", the beautiful omega in front of Yoongi retorts with a raised eyebrow. "I...I don't know what you like.." Yoongi huffs.
"But I do..." the omega exhales resigned. "You like Park Jimin." the omega says. It's not a question or even a hint of doubt.
"That's why we are here, in front of their agency. You can't stop looking towards the entrance hoping for him to get here...." the omega explains scoffing a soft smile at the widened orbs of the alpha. "Everyone knows...the industry speaks AgustD shi..." "What does it speak?!"
"Who?!" "The industry..." Yoongi enquires seriously, a frown pinching his brows.
"That there's a bold omega out there who needs to put in place and has a past with Agustd to make it worse..." the omega informs feeling there's no point in hiding the facts that the alpha would know within few days anyway.
The omega for the first time connects gazes with the alpha when a wave of scent filled with fury flares his nostrils. The omega smiles yet again. "No one likes a competition Agustd shi. You are not the person who needs to be enlightened regarding this.---
-A lot is being planned... to sabotage the JinHit entertainment.." the omega confesses lowly with a careful gaze that shows she's afraid to spill it out. "And why are you telling me all this.." Yoongi crosses his arms, glaring at the omega.
"I have no chance against that utterly beautiful omega...I thought maybe you will like my loyalty if not anything else.." the omega reveals with a saddened smile. Yoongi stares at the omega before nodding quietly. "Would you help me with something?!"
"Anything for you AgustD shi.." the omega bows slightly before keenly leaning ahead. Yoongi cocks his chin with a smirk pulling up his handsome face.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jimin can see that the omega is packing her bag before she springs up and starts walking towards him, the entrance. Jimin takes a deep breath to think for a second about what he's going to do.
"Sh#t.." Jimin stomps his feet before he's turning on his heels to face another direction to not face the omega Yoongi has met. "What if she's so so charming?" Jimin wants to cry.
"Jiminie..." that alluring voice of that one alpha he's here for startles him before Yoongi is smirking, with his palms pocketed as he waddles towards the omega. Jimin watches the floor tiles longer than it needs to be to not meet those dark dreamy eyes.
"Are you going for some war or what?!" Yoongi chuckles before stilling with the intense glare of the omega. "What do you mean by that?!" {does he mind read or what...Jimin wonders.}
"You have your lip gloss on." Yoongi's gaze flickers to Jimin's lips lingering there for enough time till he can feel a blush blooming across his beautiful cheeks.
"Everyone knew that only meant you were going to make an alpha go on their knees that day...." Yoongi leans in to whisper, inches from Jimin's lips. "A-ahk-ah..." Jimin can find his breath hitching as the alpha's aroused pheromones surround him like a veil of sin.
Jimin takes a step back only to realise there's a wall and now he's caged in between an alpha he wants to kick in the shin as well as kiss him numb. Yoongi's smile grows wider as he takes a step ahead and leans towards Jimin's ear.
"What a menace you are omega..." Yoongi breathily rasps before Jimin lets out a whimper. Soon, Yoongi's palm rest against the wall making Jimin wonder how come nobody's screaming or creating a commotion. It strikes him soon, that there's almost none in the cafeteria.
But he can't find himself to push the alpha away. Not when he's been craving this. This proximity, this warmth that the alpha's body radiates, that deep sexy voice that intoxicated him. {Moon, Jimin get a are just pathetic.."} Jimin internally curses.
Yoongi subtly brushes his lips against Jimin's temple as he positions them there before he speaks further. "You scared away my date..." Yoongi accuses with a teasing smile Jimin can feel without even peering up.
"I didn't do anything.." Jimin pushes Yoongi this time, crossing his arms in a defensive position. "She said, she can't compete with how gorgeous you are Jiminie....I felt so happy..." Yoongi has that gummy smile that signals his genuine happiness as he bops Jimin's nose.
" I can't change the fact that I am gorgeous, I was born like this..." Jimin retorts treading away from the alpha towards the counter avoiding the latter's gaze. A satisfied smile dances across Jimin's features as he turns his back to the alpha.
"Jiminie baby..." Jimin gasps bouncing few feet distant when the alpha delicately calls him wrapping his arm around the omega's waist. "WTF are you doing..." Jimin's being taken over by a cherry hue.
{He called me baby. Moon, my alpha called me baby. His omega purrs in happiness as it jumps in joy.} Jimin feels like the timelines freezing around him cause in no timeline did he dare assume a day would come when Yoongi would call him baby.
He's lost all hope once they partitioned and all he hoped was to admire the alpha from afar. But here he is after everything, with Yoongi tenderly closing his huge pale veiny palms over Jimin's tiny ones and cooing before he speaks.
"Omega, I have ordered your favourite hot chocolate latte and some surprise healthy snacks... would you grant me the honour to share breakfast with you?! hmm?!" Yoongi quizzes in a low raspy tone. Jimin glances at the alpha with a doubt looming all over his features and a pout.
"That way... hmm.." Yoongi has his huge palm pressed against Jimin's small of back before he pecks his temples quickly. Jimin flushes some more if it was at all possible. All he can think of is how his omega croons for getting pampered. He wants to. So direly.
"Why am I even letting you do all this..." Jimin scoffs moving towards the last booth of the cafeteria. His pout puckers into a plump glossy glob that Yoongi wants to kiss over and over again.
"Because you can't help being by my side omega..." Yoongi smugly utters pulling the chair for Jimin and gesturing him to sit. Jimin rolls his eyes before seating himself comfortably.
He tries to pat his cheeks to stop exposing him like the Hubble with all the pink accumulated on his apples. {Am I really having a date with alpha...Jimin stop calling him your alpha. He internally screams before he crosses his arms.}
"I am not here to give my company cause your date left...I don't give a damn to her. I am here cause I know how the world works. And I wouldn't let free breakfast go away..." Jimin juts his chin as he peers down, in a dismissive way to firmly put his stance.
Yoongi only chuckles. "I was not here to go on a date too... I was here to ensure you have a good breakfast!" Yoongi reveals, earning another defeated glare from the omega. Jimin's plump glossy lips are pursed as he bites down on his bottom lip unknowingly uncomtemplating.
It takes few moments before Yoongi's gaze constantly flickering low and back to his eyes that Jimin realises that the air around them has become thick with tangible tension one could cut. They are staring at each other with the world blurring around them.
"Yoongi..." "Jimin..." both utter simultaneously. "What are you doing Yoongi..." Jimin's expression saddens as he fidgets with wringing his fingers. "Making myself sure baby..." Jimin whimpers. Moon, how weak is he for the alpha. One word shouldn't want him to submit?!
"WHAT?!" Jimin can feel his throating drying with the alpha's strong emotions emanating in waves, causing his omega to flutter in an aroused way. He picks up a glass of water but-- "I am going to str#p club tonight... would you accompany me?!" Yoongi blurts casually.
Jimin's spouts all the water from his mouth as he chokes on some, coughing rigorously before Yoongi gets up to pat him and clean him with a tissue. There are few tears hanging at the edge of the omega's lashes as he finally calms down, breathing steadily.
"You are going to WHAT NOW??!" Jimin can feel his omega defensive system taking over sensing that his alpha is moving towards another omega. Yoong laughs loudly. "Str#p make myself sure you know.." Yoongi smiles pressing his lips together. Jimin's lips part in awe.
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"What exactly would you do there..." Jimin asks crossing his arms and jutting his bottom lip, as his eyes turn puppy alike. "What do people do at strip clubs omega..?!" Yoongi leans in to answer as he tongues his inner cheek.
Jimin gulps audibly as he glares into the alpha's eyes. "I don't know...I have never been there.." Jimin shrugs it off, unfolding his hands which go to pick at the threads of his hoodie, head hung low to avoid the alpha's stare. A silence.
Jimin drinks up a whole glass of water in front of him when they are being served breakfast, hiding from the alpha's eyes.
"Such an innocent omega you are..." Yoongi remarks as he serves the fancy seeming salad into Jimins' plate, filling it up more with the vegetables Jimin likes. "I know what happens in there..." Jimin suddenly huffs.
"I can't believe fame changed you Yoongi..." Jimin sighs remorsefully, shoulders drooping and his features turning into something similar to his soul being sucked out of his existence. Yoongi peers up frowning for a few seconds and then bursts into a hearty chuckle.
"Stop being dramatic and eat Jimin ah..." Yoongi pushes the plate filled with a delicious yet healthy salad and toasted garlic bread as served in the fancy coffee house with cold choco milk resting beside it.
Jimin connects their eyes with a silent question lingering all over his face that Yoongi seems to understand without any words. Damn. They really do each other too well. {Can Jimin get out of denial already...Yoongi internally huffs.} "No, I didn't sleep with any omegas!"
Yoongi sternly replies to the quiet question and smirks when Jimin just averts his gaze but lets out a relieved breath, lips twitching to break into a smile which Jimin covers by stuffing a piece of tomato into his mouth.
"If only I could get you out of my mind... omegas don't deserve to be treated with unsure feelings.." Yoongi adds digging into his plate, eyes outside at the Lamborghini parked.
Jimin follows his gaze as he listens keenly ending on a matte black Lamborghini Aventador parked across the street. Jimin's eyes widen as he gasps before whipping his gaze towards the alpha.
"That... is that yours..?!" Jimin asks with a curious smile as he admires the beautiful vehicle from afar. He remembers mentioning it to Yoongi that he would want to buy that model when he earns enough. It was out of the trend and market at this moment.
"Yes.." Yoongi shrugs with a smug half smile. Jimin flutters his lashes dumbly a few times before bursting. "Are you flexing in front of me..ME?" Jimin pokes his chest as he gapes with his mouth in a big 'o'. "Wouldn't everyone you that you were here?? Are you dumb?!"
"Do I look like I care Jiminie??!" Yoongi snickers that ring like a evils' laughter in Jimin's ears. "You think that will get me back to you..." Jimin points towards the car. Yoongi stares t him blankly. "YOU REALLY THOUGHT IT WILL WORK.." Jimin screams this time, scoffing.
"Yoongi, you are not understanding..this can't work like this..I..I don't love you ohkay??!" Jimin blurts it out. Yoongi's expression falls like his lifeline has been cut off. Like, someone has broken his heart by piercing a thousand knives. Jimin's orbs are soon glistening.
"You don't understand at all..." Jimin gasps to breathe as he feels a sob choking up his throat.
"You are AgustD...everything you do with me will only be seen as me taking advantage of a higher-up alpha in the industry....I-I don't want any of that...I want to achieve this myself.." Jimin rubs the tiny back of his palms against his to wipe his tears.
Yoongi wants to end the world if it would ensure Jimin stops crying like that, being all underconfident and doubtful. "I don't give a damn to the--"
"But I do...people will... I am in a startup that needs to flourish and that can't happen until we maintain a good reputation for a while..." Jimin heaves a heavy breath. "Jin hyung already gives us so much freedom to use SM and all..but...Yoongi this isn't easy!" Jimin winces.
Yoongi's features turn into a deep scowl. "People..industry...classmates...that alpha... this alpha.. that tabloid..this TV... so you would let the world tear us apart... AGAIN??!" Yoongi can feel his alpha unleashing slowly.
Something about not being able to court the omega he dearly loves and want to hold in his arms, but the same omega spewing all the excuses in the world has his alpha agitated. Jimin's mixed signals are annoying and hopeful at the same time.
Jimin flinches at the Yoongi's uproar but can feel the tick in his jaw as his iris hints at the cyan hue being challenged by another wolf. "YOONGI, I wanted this in a very different way..." Jimin sighs.
"I don't want you to feel obliged to take care of me or name whatever emotions these are that you harbour..." Jimin connects their eyes. There's a pain that's wavering through Jimin's eyes.
"I wanted all of this to be so real..I hope I could trust you, these circumstances...myself.." Jimin lowers his gaze. "But I need time and strength.." Jimin finally states sparking a light wave of hope in Yoongi's heart. "Jimin ah... it will be natural.."
Yoongi's deep voice resonates through the cafeteria as he assumes his alpha voice to promise Jimin something. "Just like Namjoon says.." Yoongi's reaches out to Jimin's palm holding it gently but engulfing it in his warmth. "It will be so natural that you won't see it coming"
"Omega...just... give me a chance.." Yoongi pleads leaving off his alpha AgustD status as he ducks his chin to softly gaze into the omega. "Would you?!" Yoongi cups Jimin' tiny palm in both his veiny palms, caressing in a soothing manner. "Let me be, Yoongi.." Jimin replies.
"If it would be natural...I am no one to stop you...Let fate decide Yoongi!" Jimin smiles softly, a flower of optimism blooming in his heart too. Something tells him it's gonna work out. How? He doesn't know, but the unwavering determination in the alpha's eyes energies him too.
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "But how are you gonna do it?!" Jimin springs up as he straightens his back. Cause, ensuring that AgustD doesn't sabotage the whole problem of pride and ability of the omegas of Jin's company but also pursue Jimin seems to be an overwhelming task.
Yoongi uncovers his palm from, Jimin's palm, raising their intertwined fingers, a smug twitch of his lips enlightens Jimin with the intent behind it.
"Like this... naturally..." Yoongi whispers before pecking Jimin's knuckles feather-like. Jimin can find the heat finding his cheeks and he averts his gaze, wiggling his hand, hesitantly from the alpha's warm palm. "When did you turn into a sweet talker.." Jimin sighs amused.
"After an omega barged his way into my life..and changed my selfish goals forever..." Yoongi answers with a monotone voice. Silently gesturing Jimin to eat more. Jimin still only stares at the alpha. "You ...idiot.. you..." Yoongi touches his forehead with a tired expression.
"What have I done that you don't trust me at all??! Ahhh?" Yoongi asks with a hint of hurt underlaying the casually put forth question with a watery laugh accompanying it. Jimin purses his lips with an expressional face.
"You are AgustD." Jimin quietly answers as if that suffices. He's AgustD. He has a news article written about being found with a new omega every other day. There have been gossip sites talking about his d!ck size as revealed by 'anonymous insiders'.
Jimin has read all of them like an idiot. He truly is. May be. "Oh.." Yoongi quirks his brow, jaw clenching, as he seriously eyes the omega that jolts a shiver down the omega's spine. "I am AgustD. Yes, it's a part of me that will stay forever. I am proud of it indeed."
"That doesn't stop me from being Yoongi. That doesn't change the fact that I took that offer because I wanted to earn something soon..s-so I could court 'you'...I worked hard day and night for the past 4 years until I can raise my head to walk up to you and ask you to be mine.."
"You are the reason, I found a purpose.." Yoongi glances down as he drinks some water. "I j-just wanted to produce some songs and earn more money, so I never need me sacrifice my life like it's nothing, just to do something I love to..."
Yoongi heaves a heavy breath as it's heavy on his heart to speak this out. Maybe he's never revealed this to anyone other than the alphas in his firm who are like a family to him now.
"But you came into my life and I felt I wasn't enough...I was ready to sacrifice all of myself..everything seemed easy when you smiled like an angel..." Jimin breaks into a smile, shaking his head lightly, tears glistening as they form a layer in his eyes.
"Exactly that one..." Yoongi rests his chin onto his palm resting his elbow on the table with a dreamy expression. Jimin smiles shyly as he keeps their gazes connected, controlling himself from exploding into a burst of a blush spreading through across his features.
"How come you got more beautiful omega.." Yoongi voices an octave lower, his gaze turning hot, as it traces across Jimin's sharp jawline, smooth cheeks, plump glossy lips (thanks to the gloss), just a personification of perfection.
Jimin gulps under the scrutinized gaze of the alpha, palms raising to pat his cheeks and eventually cover himself with how wavy and fluttery it feels to be complimented by AgustD.
It feels like he would turn into a cherry if the heat rising through his chest across his body keeps increasing with the alpha's gaze lingering over his features. "Stop it..." Jimin squeals which come off more like a plead.
"Such an ethereal omega..." Yoongi sighs as if he's not admiring the person in front of him who is living and breathing and currently embracing himself to stop his heart to beat out of his chest.
"I don't know what I would do if someone---" Jimin lurches his gaze into the orbs of the alpha. "Hyungggg..." Jimin whines, eye crinkling at the edges as the spiked Yoongi's scent wafts through the air getting tense around him.
Yoongi's alpha demeanour spreading across like a ghost of scent, reeking of dominance and hunger. "What are you trying to do...." Jimin accuses, stuffing his mouth with something to ground himself and distract from the alpha's scent.
"You know..." Yoongi juts his lips as he pouts, attitude suddenly changing into a cute wolf. Jimin glares as he sips on the choco milk shake. "I KNOW..." Jimin huffs, rolling his eyes exasperated. "Jimin ah, promise me something..." Yoongi blurts.
Before Jimin parts, his lips to answer Yoongi beats him to it. "Promise me, you would be careful, the industry is a very cruel sly place Jimin ah..." Jimin frowns with an uncomfortable expression taking over his features.
"I know... but Jin hyung is the strongest omega I have ever known..." Jimin states confidently. "He would protect us..." Jimin's voice cracks at the end. He knows it. Without an alpha backing up, the industry wasn't a safe place at all.
But Jin wanted to have something that's his. His success without the help of anyone. Yes, he's rational, but the safety of the omegas was still a concern.
"Jimin ah.. just know, Namjoon hyung, me and Jungkook are always here..." Jimin nods wordlessly, clearly understanding the implications of those words. "Namjoon is going to be with Jin during his heat, this time..." Yoongi reveals. Jimin widens his orbs in amusement
"But Jin hyung..." "What I mean is... they are waiting...for Jin's company, your to breakeven and maybe carry out an IPO... they would get engaged the next second..."
"Ohh.. Jin hyung deserves to be with his alpha after all..." Jimin smiles softly, a tinge of happiness with the thought of his hyung being happy. "See, we are fated already..." Yoongi crosses his arms with a smirk. "Yeah yeah..whatever..." Jimin bursts into a laugh.
Both of them laugh heartily before Yoongi ceases first. A soft smile still dances as he gazes at the omega, who eventually turns consciously at the other staring at him. "What..." "I can't wait baby...." Jimin groans, followed by a whiny sound.
"Better get used to it omega..." Yoongi snickers in a deep tone with a half sided smile, that just makes Jimin want to submit and curl into the alpha's embrace if he could. "Stop calling me omega..." Jimin scoffs. "I will think about" Yoongi smirks more.
Jimin feigns anger as he crosses his arms and squints at the alpha. "I am going... I have to practise." Jimin declares getting up. Internally, praying to the moon for the alpha to stop him cause, no, he doesn't want to leave this cosy place with that one, AgustD, ever.
"Ohkay.." Yoongi sighs, utterly disappointing the omega who turns on his heels to pout at the alpha cutely, unknowingly, a furrow of the brows.
"You don't wanna leave...? You can come to my mansion to spend time then, after your practise? hmm..?!" Jimin's cheeks are getting dusted with a pink hue again. "YOONGI..." Jimin stomps his feet. "You are not going to give up are you?!" Jimin quizzes with puppy eyes. "NO!"
"Meet you at the party..." Yoongi softly shuffles Jimin's dark locks before patting the omega lovingly, once they are out of the cafeteria. "What are you doing Yoongi?!" Jimin flares again. Yoongi pales being caught so naively. "I wasn't doing anything!"
"Stop acting like a territorial alpha and leave..." Jimin orders, suppressing a smile as he chases Yoongi with his gaze crossing the road with him before he unlocks his Lambhorghini, putting on his black shades.
The alpha looks like a wet dream, with the shades and perfectly vein arms clutching onto the steering before he cocks his head to spare a glance at the omega who's gawking at him with jaw slack. Yoongi directs a blown kiss towards the omega, zooming past him the next second.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Jimin you..." "I know...I have an alpha scent on's Yoongi's..." Jimin nonchalantly says as if it's not a big deal. They used to carry each other's scent all the time in their college. "WHAT...AgustD's??! WHY?!"
"Because Jimin is his omega...DUH!!" Taehyung butts in, rolling his over the other omega sulking in jealousy. "Taehyung, shut up..." Jimin glares. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"So, they are trying to sabotage 'MY' omega's company?" Namjoon's deep's alpha voice resonates across the CEO office. "When did my office become your think house??!" Hoseok groans before laughing loudly. "Hyung..." Yoongi glares.
"Why can't we just combine our companies..." Hoseok starts but his voice dies, knowing very well that Namjoon has signed the bond that only allows them to merge when JinHit goes IPO.
No matter how deeply Namjoon loves his omega, his professional ethics prevent him from jeopardizing his own company. Moreover, Jin would hate it to the core. Namjoon knows better than to hurt his omega's pride and sentiments.
"Well, the industry can try you know..." Namjoon snickers. "But we won't let them even affect a hair on the omegas.." Jungkook smugly declares, puffing his broad chest. The alphas nod in unison. Yoongi zoning out into deep thought.
"It warms my heart so much that you young alphas are so in love and ready to do everything..." Hoseok sighs in a daze. " if you aren't expecting..." Yoongi blurts, earning gasps from the other alphas. "WHAT?!"
"Hoseok, did you just hide that from us..." Namjoon jolts up offended. Jungkook is fuming as he glares at the Hoseok. "I am sorry guys, I was supposed to tell you..." "Yoongi, you are sooo gone..." "When can we meet the omega hyung?!" Jungkook coos. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~Saturday party~~~~~ *Entrance of the building of KimJung's entertainment.
The actually party area organised for guests from all of entertainment industries. It's a huge affair as Jung Hoseok collaborate with his omega's company who's on top in modelling and acting fields. But the omega has always been the brain and reserved from the media.
The topmost part of the party open into the night sky, a week decorated rooftop, reserved for special guests and secret discussions, sometimes even leading to signing of contracts if both parties are interested.
Jung Hoseok and Jungkook for the party.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Glittering decorations with dim lights that forces everyone to appear flawless, alphas flexing their musky natural pheromones and scents load up the scenes of the party, unlike parties that usually start one hour later than the designated time.
This party starts an hour before with wolves gushing about everyone walking down the aisle. The big names in the acting industry, the idols of every country company, pretty faces with tones of makeup smeared up to feign, impress and grab every chance they can sense.
Nothing wrong. Survival of fittest. Everyone is dressed exactly liek that, an armour, to survive in a hungry industry. The hosts Jung Hoseok, his omega, Jungkook and Yoongi, are not yet into the party.
Nevertheless, everyone is quite excited to meet the phenomenon himself, AgustD. Needless to say, the omegas has touched a million times before the hot alphas show up, Jungkook and Min Yoongi.
The industry sponsors anticipating, watching closely like wolves to exploit and pounce on any opportunity to communicate with Min Yoongi or Jungkook, the new wave in the industry, who just in 2 years has increased his revenue ratio from 5% to 15% of the KimJung Entertainments.
"Jinne hasn't explicitly mentioned, but he won't be able to make it today. I have mentioned it before, but please take care of the omegas..." Namjoon repeats on the phone as Yoongi and Jungkook listen keenly.
"Hyung, you needn't even specify; we know you are spending the heat with Jin hyung. We will take care of the omegas with everything.." Jungkook confidently retorts without a breath.
"Thanks, kid... Yoongi, you know what to do.. please look over Jimin. Remember, Jin hyung doesn't like favours, but in between us, you know, how shameless people can get, I don't think any of us would appreciate anything wrong happening at the end of the day...
Jin hyung doesn't expect it, but it's sour responsibility alphas... "ALPHAAA, get your a$$ down here........" Jin's scream in the background rings through the phone that turns the young alphas into a blushing mess.
"I know, I know...go take care of your omega..." Yoongi huffs, laughing out loud, and Namjoon embarrassingly cuts the call. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Are there here yet?" Yoongi springs up, flattening the creases on his suit as he rechecks himself in front of the long mirror.
"I guess so..." Jungkook wonders. "Honestly, I just want to have some wine with my omega and gaze at the stars..." Yoongi sighs, already feeling tired of the big party that's going to start soon. His only mission today is to look over the omegas of Jin's company.
Both young, male omegas, the most susceptible and vulnerable. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Woahhhhh...those lights seem like a shower of glitter all over the place." Jimin admires the beautiful decorations at the entrance of the seven-star hotel where the party was being held.
"I know..." Taehyung gapes at the beautiful, subtle, classic arrangements for the big party, already a pool of excitement filling up his stomach. They feel so small in an industry that seems vast and overwhelming.
The two male omegas stride together with confidence, perfectly concealing their insecurities, fear and anticipation with an otherworldly smile and ethereal visuals.
Heads turn towards the new sweet scents permeating through the arena, and when a hundred eyes land on the omegas, few gasps, widened orbs and spike in alpha scents follow.
Jimin and Taehyung make it a point to bow down to the famous directors, advertisers, the veteran singers as they walk into the core of the party's place, where they can initially greet the hosts and then can get onto their responsibilities.
Yoongi and Jungkook strut into the party at last. Hoseok walks in with his omega, who's already flaunting a small bump on his belly.
Flashes shower when the successful entrepreneur couple pose for the cameras, and soon, the hosts are assembled on a small stage arranged in the middle of the grand.
The speech ends with ".....I know you are all excited about meeting new people and forming great relationships. Please enjoy, dance, and hope you all have a great time.." Hoseok ends with his sunshine that just simply lifts everyone's spirits instantly.
Soon, people are rushing towards the alpha of the hour, the grammy recipient, Min Yoongi. Jimin watches as Yoongi greets and smiles at the various officials and idols that flock around and discuss.
He's wearing a dark coat, flaunting black hair and a suit that snugly sculpt over his sturdy arms. Jimin smiles unknowingly, wide & blushes within few seconds. It just makes him happy to see the alpha he dearly spent his time with, admired and prayed for is thriving like a king.
Their eyes meet perfectly as if the alpha sensed his presence, eyes suddenly averted to exactly meet omega's, smirk curls up the alpha's lips as he quirks an eyebrow with acknowledgement.
Jimin finds himself blushing more, a beautiful red embellishing his ethereal face, heat creeping up around his neck. Maybe it's the star of the evening, staring at him,
or the way Jimin is so far yet the closest to the alpha, or perhaps the butterflies that erupt across the omega's chest knowing that the alpha everyone desires is begging to court him.
Maybe all of it that charges Jimin up with confidence and energizing aura coaxing him to return an equally cheeky smile. Jimin soon raises his chin, flicking away to other people and start a conversation.
Yoongi's eyes chase the omega for a few seconds before pursing his lips with a smirk, stealing a few glances. Everyone falls into their own conversations.
Play this as you play along.…
"Hey, aren't you the omegas from the JinHit?!" an alpha catches the omegas' attention. They turn on their heels, facing a tall, lean alpha who's smiling softly. "Yes, sir.." they bow.
"Male omegas are hard to find, you know. And talented ones on top of that.." the lean alpha shakes his head. Jimin grins widely. "As you might be knowing, I am an actor, and this is Park Jimin..."
The alpha waves his hand. "He's a singer, everyone knows. Park Jimin shi, you are gorgeous." the alpha compliments unabashedly. Jimin blushes, ducking his head. "You are the marketing manager of the famous omega heat gift store. It's a startup, isn't it?!" Jimin asks, curious.
"Yes, it is... we wanted to come up with a new product that is different from all the existing omega heat-related products. Gifting them the available products with customization seemed a more fascinating concept... we had a great response, and we could even open our first store.
We need some more marketing to increase the reach" the alpha scratches the back of his head. Jimin claps in tiny, excited, "Could we be your endorsers??!" "You would be?!" the alpha exclaims with amusement.
"I mean, we are just a startup, and we might not be able to pay you as much the biggest marketers pay.." the alpha's voice slowly wavers. "But, we would be enthralled to have you on board!" the alpha gazes anticipatedly, with wide eyes.
"It's okay, sir. I was gifted one of them by my friend, and the product quality was top notch. Even, I debuted two weeks ago, it's not like I am getting the MNC product deals on the first day.." Jimin smiles shyly, putting up a matter of factly expression.
"Here.." the alpha quickly draws his business card and hands it over to the omega. "Please call us if you are interested..!" the alpha sports an ear to ear smile before both of them bow to move on with the party.
"Taehyung, we already have an endorsement card....ahhhhhh", Jimin squeals as they face each other with unabashed excitement and happiness. "I know...I am proud of you, little omega.." Taehyung nuzzles into him.
They currently have no alpha scent since Jin spent his time in Namjoon's apartment, and they couldn't be scented with a strong fragrance. They have their fresh innate scent on them now. "Taehyungaa..go on... I will be fine.." Jimin smiles assuredly as he entangles their palms.
"Are you sure??!" Taehyung pulls Jimin towards one of the walls of the circular party arena. "I saw some alphas can't take their eyes off you...I can even feel some pre-rut stinking through those alphas. Will you be careful??!"
Taehyung enlarges his eyes as he protectively squeezes his palms with so much concern marring his brows.
"I will be..oh, Moon, you need to get more roles too. Go out there, show your gorgeous self... Lets' get it!" Jimin hugs him, scenting him slightly, and both omegas part with phones clutched in their hands with emergency numbers on speed dial just to be safe.
If only they knew, two alphas have constantly been watching over them with a team of guards placed across the vast party to keep an eye, to protect them. Yes, Min Yoongi is extra. Nobody needs to know about it. He can do things on his own.
Jimin can feel the curious and envious gazes drilling into his skin as he slowly walks through the crowd. He doesn't know which circle to settle in. The idols of the same company have settled around each seating circle, and Jimin doesn't belong to any of them.
But Jimin isn't a fool. He has studied the guests tonight, and he can perceive his effect on the alphas when he smiles at them.
It's as if they are swooning over him. Jimin's gaze, after a few minutes, automatically search for the host, Jung Hoseok, who's near the stage chatting away with some officials who seem to be pretty rich and influential.
Jimin understands that he can't butt into them to meet the alpha, but he needs to thank him for inviting him. Jimin steps towards the stage, but before he reaches, an alpha catches hold of his wrist, startling him as he turns on his heels with widened eyes.
Soon he is dragged into a circle of guests consisting of alphas, and few omegas, which he recognizes are neither idols nor actors, definitely the managers or marketers.
"Jimin shi, meet us; we all wanted to get acquainted.." the alpha smiles blindingly as he gestures for the omega to have a seat. "Hello, everyone.." Jimin greets without any hesitance, settling elegantly. "I am GM of marketing of the omega modelling agency."
"I am the talent acquisition manager of the Plidis company." Jimin keenly listens to other wolves' introductions as they professionally speak about their positions and nods promptly in acknowledgement.
"Jimin shi, a male omega with so much's really amazing.." one of the wolves comments. "Thank you..." Jimin smiles softly. "Could you sing for us a snippet??!" one of the wolves asks, but it seems more of a demand.
Jimin is a newbie, and this has nothing to do with lowering his pride. He obliges with an awkward smile.
Jimin sings a part of his released part, and soon the wolves are clapping, obviously not at how detailed the notes were or how beautifully he sang but just for the sake of it. They don't precisely understand music, do they?
They are the people who are into flourishing a business, use a talent to generate money. "Jimin shi... do you think you can get the required exposure in JinHit, like you are so beautiful and talented, and you could be on the top of the world one day...*chuckles*
you have all the skills, but JinHit, a small startup, who's struggling to break know, everyone knows about it...why don't you know... come to our organization..." Jimin's face, which was gradually moulding into a frown, now contorts into disgust.
"Jimin shi, don't misunderstand.. we are just advising you.. we have 20 years of experience behind. We can identify potential in someone..just like that.." the other elegant looking omega snaps her fingers as her eyes sparkle with confidence and conviction.
Jimin hales deeply before he springs up, wringing his fingers which are itching to slap the wolf if he could, but he can't. He flashes a huge smile that drips full of sarcasm. The seniors who were purely selfish and cunning deserved nothing.
"Thank you for those kind words. I should say, never did I feel so confident about myself. You have enlightened me with things. But, Jin hyung took me into his care when I was lost in my life.
I can't leave him for anything or anyone. I am so sorry to disappoint the seniors like this. I apologize. Thank you so much for the offer. I will cherish them." Jimin bows, striding away without sparing a glance.
"Freaking wolves.." Jimin sighs internally before he walks straight towards Hoseok to greet him. Hoseok is a little less packed as he's smiling with his omega. Jimin meets him with a broad smile before he's hugging him. "Accept my greetings, alpha!" Jimin bows deep.
"Thank you so much for inviting me.." "As if Yoongi would leave me alive if I didn't..." Hoseok jokes laughing away loudly. Jimin flushes as he averts towards the omega beside who's smiling lovingly.
"You look so beautiful, dear..." the older pregnant omega coos before Jimin is hugging him and nuzzling into him.
They exchange a few sweet words and compliments before the omega leaves to meet with the new film crew he's considering, and Hoseok is left with many other alphas waiting to talk to him.
Still, seeing a debut idol with him, it's below their pride to break into a conversation with him in between them. "I am so sorry, I didn't know about the good news. I will get hyung a pretty dress next time." Jimin promises.
"Ohh.. don't worry, little omega. Let's talk about's everything? You have AgustD wrapped around your finger ah?!" Hoseok wiggles his brows suggestively.
"Hyung, not you too...." Jimin covers his mouth immediately with widened eyes. "Aww dear, you can call me hyung... we are like family after all.." Hoseok pats Jimin lightly.
"Anyways, when's the new album coming? The industry has all eyes on you now; it's the best time to release.." "Yes, we are planning to release the new album right after Jin hyung's heat. The link will be available within a week." Jimin confidently replies.
"Honestly, I feel so much better knowing you are all there...." Jimin shyly, whispers stepping a bit closer. "Thank you a lot!" Jimin expresses an ocean of gratitude in his eyes.
"Come to me whenever you need help, hmm..." Hoseok ducks his chin to meet Jimin's eyes with a cheeky expression. Jimin chuckles, and soon, Hoseok ruffles his hair, excusing himself to meet the other officials who've been waiting for long.
Jimin sighs contently, a new surge of happiness and courage streaming through his body. Jimin holds many conversations and succeeds in getting another offer for endorsement from a relatively established firm that wants a new fresh face for omega-based food products.
Jimin holds many conversations and succeeds in getting another offer for endorsement from a relatively established firm that wants a new fresh face for omega-based food products. Jimin happens to be the perfect model that the firm seems to be looking for.
Jimin's target was to get 3 deals at least by the end of the day. Everything is business. Even to flourish with talent, money drives to an extent, makes your artistry reaches more people.
Jimin finds Taehyung once again, who had a conversation with one of the directors interested in a male omega character in a modern society series.
"So, you are getting the role??!" Jimin squeals as he listens to Taehyung.
"Actually, it was Jungkook. He came to praise me for my first drama, and then, the people speaking with them walked up to me to and then, Jungkook further talked about what he loved about my part and .." Taehyung's cheeks are blushing as he averts his gaze looking elsewhere.
"Aww... the alpha is showing interest ahhh.." Jimin teases.
"I don't think he's interested in that way...I mean, you know I have been a huge fan for 2 years. I was standing there blankly for half a minute before I got reminded to speak..." Taehyung covers his eyes in embarrassment.
"Aww.. are you blushing now... someone has caught the omega's heart after all.." Jimin whispers further. Jungkook appears behind them, earning a gasp when they take in his scent and whip their heads towards the alpha. "Ahh, Jungkook shi, glad to meet you..." Jimin greets.
"Jimin shi, I am honoured. How can you move like that? Like water..? Yoongi hyung was drooling, you know.." Jungkook cheekily laughs, joined by Taehyung as Jimin gapes at them with cheeks turning into tomatoes.
Jimin wants to say something, but only squeaks make out of his mouth. "You broke him.." Taehyung sassily replies and high fives the alpha, soon both of them looking awkward with how close they acted.
"Do you want to share some wine...?!" Jungkook dares to ask, and Taehyung instantly jumps to accept and soon, they are moving towards the bar. Jimin winks at them before he excuses himself and further explores the party.
He's already found some very encouraging and welcoming people who are either feigning or are really warm. He would learn to differentiate over time; he's an omega, after all, which adds to the special treatment he's receiving.
Jimin finds himself smiling and clinking glasses with four alpha wolves who are overly sweet as they praise him for his singing.
"Jimin shi, your first performance itself was a firework. Such smooth moves...I could never..." the elder alpha smiles brightly before he furrows his brows as he analyses the omega's expression. "What happened, Jimin shi..?!"
"Ahh...I feel a bit cold.." Jimin answers, hugging himself. His thin film of cloth is doing a poor job in keeping him warm.
" could have mentioned it, darling..." the alpha coos, quickly taking off his coat, and Jimin is waving his hands in a big 'no'.
"Please, it's not required.." Jimin can feel the alphas around are trying to make him submit. A release of pheromones follows that almost suffocates him into their chokehold. Jimin curses internally on how easily he trusted the obviously creepy behaviour.
He just thought he could make more networks and maintain his boundaries. But now, he's obviously being coaxed into submission by the dreadful wolves.
Jimin decides to run away, but before he takes a step back, a strong scent of musky, cinnamon, earthy scent envelopes him as a heavy coat is being wrapped across his shoulders.
Jimin gasps, glancing at the alpha, who cups his shoulders gently, pressing the omega into his chest with an arm docked across his shoulders.
His eyes sparkle up, and the apples of his cheeks dust with pink, watching Yoongi smiles smugly, eyeing the wolves with a gaze of contempt.
"I can take care of my guests... thank you for your, if you will excuse us..." Yoongi slightly bows. The next second, he's coaxing Jimin away with his massive palm at the small of his back.
Jimin complies without any resistance, quickly moving to the other end of the room with the overwhelming but warm, secure hand of Yoongi on his back.
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Yoongi is calmly guiding him across the crowd as curious and envious eyes chase them on their tracks. Yoongi stops near one of the servers, taking up a drink and whispering something leaning into his space and soon, Jimin is being escorted to the ramp that ends at the terrace.
Jimin wordlessly follows him, only focusing on the soothing warmth seeping through the large palm on his waist. Jimin gawks at the extravagant decorations that adorn the almost empty terrace. There's a bar on the side, sofas everywhere in small booths like fashion.
Jimin automatically smiles as he peers around. "Hyung..." Jimin hisses. "Yoongi.." Jimin is slowly, walks out of Yoongi's arms. They are near the railing that looks over the city, the whole skyline in place.
"Sir, your drink.." someone delivers a blue coloured drink which Yoongi takes offering it to Jimin, who accepts wordlessly. Soon, they are left all alone with a cold breeze wafting through the free space and the golden-reddish glow of lights bouncing on their skin.
Jimin clutches onto the railings, breathing in a deep inhale of air that's mostly filled up with the Yoongi's scent, making him feel dizzy. "What are you doing...putting up a show ahh..." Jimin chuckles, trying to put up something mean.
But the sudden turn of the alpha's scent into burnt leaves, ash, his musk getting thicker in an overwhelming way jolts a hint of fear through the omega. Yoongi is staring at him with hooded eyes as he swirls the whiskey in his class, before gulping down.
"Wha--" Jimin purses his lips, as he connects their gazes. Yoongi closes their distance, leaning against the railings, sideways, his palm training to caress Jimin's cheekbones. Jimin can't help but lean into the touch.
"Show, you say?!" Yoongi's rough voice, rings accusingly in Jimin's ears. Yoongi leans further, his lips inches away from Jimin's. Eyes painfully admiring the omega's features, who whimpers under his contact. Jimin can't bring himself to move or make any sound.
The alpha's palm caressing his cheek with his alluring scent concealing him in closer has his omega preening. He loves it. He's dreamt of it several times.
Even the last cafeteria meet hasn't satisfied his mind who still, somehow feels Yoongi is just grateful to him and is mistaken for his feelings. "If I had to put up a show..." Yoongi smirks against his face, which glows in his eyes.
"I would have made you scream my name in my studio..." Yoongi whispers, tugging away in an instant. Jimin gulps audibly for both of them as he feels his omega yell at him to present himself, cause Yoongi wanting to make Jimin scream his name has an effect like no other.
{Does Yoongi really look at him that way?? Really? Would he want to touch me? Mate me...?! Does Yoongi really likes him that way..."} Jimin has several thoughts. The predicament is when they were pining for each other none of them broke the dam of their true emotions.
It takes a lot for Jimin, right now, as a male omega rookie idol in the industry to easily accept that Agustd wants him....desires him...loves him. Yoongi crosses his arms, looking straight into the bar, his back incliningagainst the railings.
A mar of frown on his features and a soft tone of burnt scent to his beautiful scent doesn't go unnoticed. Jimin's omega scolds him in annoyance to upset his alpha.
Damn, he needs to stop calling him his alpha for Moon sake. But he just can't help it. His omega has already chosen the alpha and nothing will convince him about that.
"Yoongi..." Jimin squeals, blushing furiously at how hes' unable to even bring a racket out of his lips, too flustered with the alpha's words. He takes a sip of the drink to ease his drying throat, out of the heat, which is definitely not due to the weather.
"Yoongi, I thought being AgustD, you were above silly taunting and bickering we had..." Jimin turns to face the opposite side of Yoongi, unknowingly, touching his arms.
"You can't be offended so are you going to court me if you are can't even take 7 million more mean things I need to let out, before..." Jimin questions, before it turns into a shilling whines slowly dying down. His lips puckered into an adorable pout.
Yoongi's features are breaking into a smug smile, as his lips quiver to open into a bright smile, but he presses his lips with all his strength.
He purses into a smirk, before caging Jimin against the railings, with his arms confining the omega between him who gasps and quickly acts to gaze at the city lights rather than crooning over the chest pressed against his back.
Yoongi has slowly, pressed their bodies together, giving the other enough time to push him away,. But Jimin just makes himself small as he ducks his chin, his pout helplessly breaking into an angelic smile. Yoongi coos at him before his lips reach the omega's ears.
"Jimin ah...I thought after knowing me, you knew, I couldn't ever be upset with you..." Yoongi voices cheekily. Jimin stills, twisting to glance at Yoongi with parted lips.
" dare you walk around like this.." Yoongi rasps. Jimin blushes red as he watches the alpha's gaze fall to his lips. Their eyes meet with Jimin abusing his bottom lip.
"Do you even know..." Yoongi appears like he's snapping which makes the omega scrunch and shut his eyes in an unknown fear. Yoongi frowns as the omega shivers even with his thick coat around his petite body.
" look too gorgeous today" Yoongi's nuzzling extreme softly at his temples, to calm him down and Jimin relaxes against the warm touch, breathing evenly.
"My alpha doesn't like to share omega..." Yoongi says with a smile but words firm, enlightening the omega the possessiveness behind those words. Jimin dares to chuckles, turning around in Yoongi's warmth, facing him now.
"So..." Jimin quirks his eyebrow, feeling a sudden surge of confidence flowing through his veins. Moon, he's loving this. Loving Yoongi opening up to him. Loving, the way he always wanted to recognise Yoongi. As the alpha who's ready to claim him, confidently.
"Soo..." Yoongi drawls flickering his gaze across his omega and floor, mouth turned into a cute scrunch as he pretends to think. Jimin giggles more at the alpha's antics. "So, I don't want to hide you away in my heart and never let you out.." the alpha says with a pout.
" so cheesy..." Jimin cringes as he eyes the alpha with sheepish eyes. "But... Jimin ah...I am serious..." Yoongi affirms in a pout. "Hide me away..." Jimin cocks his chin. "In my heart..." Yoongi nods with eyes dripping with love.
"No thank you..." Jimin sasses, pushing the alpha away and peals into a burst of laughter as he sips more of his neglected drink. Yoongi is smirking again, proud to make his omega smile.
"Yoongi, I like your Agustd persona.. you know...when you used to curse the society, the government as you wrote your you used to criticise the corruption..that zeal..the fire in your eyes when you rap.." Jimin lands his hands on his hips.
"Honestly, what's with this mushy squishy cuteness overload Yoongi?!" Jimin frowns, a bubble of giggles following. Yoongi watches him as his Jimin, the Jimin who used to speak like that...NO, demand and accuse him of things, with confidence during their college days.
That sassy hot damn Jimin is back. Jimin just opened up to him like old times and Yoongi is frozen as he smiles amused at the omega. "Is that so?!" Yoongi cocks his chin, cackling nevertheless. "Yeah.." Jimin answers as a matter of factly.
"I thought if I had to show you I desire you..." Yoongi tongues his cheek with a half-smile. "You just have to command omega...your alpha will fulfil all your wishes," Yoongi assures settling across Jimin who stares at him as he takes in those words.
His scent has spiked into that of arousal. His omega is dancing in happiness with the territorial claim and begging him to just accept the alpha and let him mark him. "Mine..?!" Jimin quizzes lowly, more to himself as he tries to subtly pat the heat out of his cheeks.
As if he could flush anymore when he's already a tomato. "Of course.. yours.." Yoongi declares, his alpha voice in the tone and Jimin feels weak in the knees. If Yoongi doesn't stop, he's going to leak slick and embarrass himself.
This is all going so fast. Jimin heaves a breath, as calming pheromones flood his system as if the alpha is acting on cue. "Yoongi...y-you really..." "Really, love you, want you..want to mark your neck--" "STOP... ..stop.." Jimin splutters.
"Why... are you gonna submit yourself..." Yoongi's orbs darken like hes' never seen before. Like the red hue is flickering into his iris as he stares at the omega. "I ...." Jimin closes his legs instinctively. "Omega..." Yoongi's deep voice isn't helping at all.
Jimin squints his eyes as he flares in feigned anger. "Don't be mean alpha.." Jimin blurts before the realises and there, Yoongi beams quickly springing up and settling next to Jimin, their thighs touching. Jimin wishes if the air could sublime him.
"Did you just..." Yoongi whispers and Jimin winces as he fidgets his fingers and almost stomping his feet. "Omega...don't feel shy. Didn't I tell will happen naturally" Yoongi caresses the omega's silky strands of hair. Subtly scent him as much as he can.
Jimin no matter what still relaxes under Yoongi's touch. It's as if Yoongi would be the death of him but also his cure. Yoongi is far yet soo near. He's someone so warm yet, so devilish. He's someone Jimin wants to embrace but also want to run away from.
Cause, he can no more distinguish reality from his dreams. He's afraid if it all breaks one night like a dream. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
After Yoongi comforts him, Jimin is smiling as he's unabashedly leaning on Yoongi's shoulders hiding from all the prying eyes, even from the bar at the back as they settle on the opposite side on the sofas. "Yoongi..I am stronger than you assume to be..." Jimin voices cutely.
'I know darling..." Yoongi hums. "Someone asked me to join their organisation..." Yoongi's jaw immediately clenches. Jimin backs as Yoongi coaxes to speak further. "I rejected them and ran from there.." Jimin smiles dryly. "Those b@stards dare do that.." Yoongi scoffs.
"They should be praying...Namjoon isn't here... he would have beheaded them with his arms.." Yoongi scoffs more. "Why him..even I would have torn them apart if they try to sabotage the head omega's company.." Yoongi sighs with gritted teeth, eyes glowing with determination.
"Head omega...??!" Jimin muses loudly. "Ahh.. that.. we are going to start a new pack with Namjoon as the head alpha and Hoseok's family would be joining us after we buy a mansion for ourselves. We are waiting for JinHit to reach breakeven and go IPO ..." Yoongi explains.
"But...Jin hyung never told me..." Jimin feels hurt and betrayed even. Is it because of his past? He wonders with doubtful eyes. "Who would be in the pack...?!" Jimin quickly asks. "Namjoon, Jinnie hyung, Jungkook..and our omegas when we mate..." Yoongi clears. "Oh..."
Jimin can't stop thinking about the beautiful desire that sparks inside him to be under the Alpa head Namjoon, with his best friend..Yoongi...damn, if only all of this works out. "Jimin ah... you are always welcome to join our pack.." Yoongi smiles sheepishly.
"Is that your way of asking to court me?!" Jimin huffs, rolling his eyes. "You rejected me didn't, you. I have pride omega. I won't until you yourself ask me to.." Yoongi puffs up his buff chest, utterly disappointing Jimin. "Really?! Forget about it then.." Jimin jolts up.
Yoongi pulls him by the wrist, making Jimin land directly into his lap and Jimin wriggles to get out. "Omega... omega darling..." Yoongi sweetly holds him in his lap before Jimin realises how futile it is to fight a territorial strong alpha that in his lap.
Jimin scoffs crossing his arms with an angry pout. "If I was prideful, would I be a puppy begging you...I would have shown my dominant side and made you submit..." Yoongi speaks in pout which has Jimin's heart-melting,
but the mention of Alpha's dominant side has his stomach-churning into something sensual. Jimin is seated on one of Yoongis thighs as the alpha has wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist to hold him there. "Do those.." Yoongi asks catching the staring Jimin off guard.
"What??!" Jimin enlarges his eyes animatedly. Yoongi smirks, bringing his other palm to pull Jimin closer. "Would you find it hot if I made you submit..." Yoongi asks again, now with Jimin's lips hovering above his. Jimin's lips curl into a sly smile.
"Maybe..." Jimin's lips brush the alpha's as he answers and soon before Yoongi does anything. Jimin gets off, walking away. "Is that a CHALLENGE??!" Yoongi's flaunting a devilish smirk that Jimin's omega's croons over.
Oh damn, he wants to be ravished by the alpha as he makes him submit. But Jimin wouldn't voice it out. He needn't. Those sharp angelic eyes and that spiked sensual scent of his pheromones, that have been flooding Yoongi's senses for a while are more than enough evidence.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Where were you?? Are you two already mating or what??" Taehyung sniffs around Jimin who's obviously carrying the alpha's scent which is already attracting a lot of attention from wolves around. Jimin chuckles shyly before shaking his head in a 'no'.
"Well... wearing a donated LV coat doesn't increase someone's status.." one of the omegas of the rival companies offhandedly comments loudly, as people around, turn to stare at whom she's referring to. Jimin. Jimin scowls as he absorbs those words.
He flutters his lashes several times to verify if it's really happening before he speaks. He recognises it's that idol known for being rejected by Agustd, a million times. He smirks before taking a step forward. "Excuse me..?!"
"Oh..please.. you are excused..." she just flicks her hair in a dismissive way. Yoongi reaches before Taehyung holds him back to let Jimin deal with it himself. "Excuse me miss, but I think you just spewed some nonsense right there..." Jimin starts.
"Oh please, you are the nagging type too... alphas don't even like the ones like you..." "WTH..." Jimin is fuming. "Listen here lady, cause I hate to repeat myself.." Jimin roars loudly.
"I wasn't picked from streets. *scoffs* I have worn clothes costlier than those fake Guccis.." Jimin gestures to her sandals, watching her gape in awe and shock.
"But, I am not here just like myself, an idol, but I represent my company, the JinHit entertainment. We are a start-up and my single only sold 50k copies till now. That's 150K $ but what actually reaches as profit is just only 90K$.
This top has been picked up by my hyung, with all his heart and love. It means more to me than any branded cloth would ever mean. I can't possibly be wearing a 5k$ shirt when we have not even breakeven." Jimin snaps. He takes a step further.
"All you had to do was some maths, and not make a fool out of yourself..." Jimin extravagantly mouths his words to stress on them. Soon, Yoongi is throwing an arm around his shoulders as he glares at the omega before him.
"Get out!" Yoongi voices, low, stern, devoid of any softness or respect. "Bu-t.." "OUT!" Yoongi snaps, almost making the wolves around cower and bow in submission. Jimin hides in his chest with the power exuded by his voice as he orders the omega to leave.
People watch it like the best drama films ever with thick tension where the alpha protects his omega. The omegas around are swooning and alphas envious as Jimin stirs in the alpha's embrace as get holds him openly, possessively. Who's he kidding, he's just sent an omega out.
"Who's he?" "The new idol?!" "Male omega..really?!" "Ahh..the powerful ones always get the best ones.." "Wish he was mine.." "He's gorgeous.. no wonder the alpha is whipped.." "They have a past..." "Is he courting?!"
A hundred questions rise as wolves eye the seemingly couple who are wrapped around each other in the middle of the party. The alpha being the AgustD himself has everyone in scepticism, hysteria and jealousy as they readily glare at them. ~~~~~~~~~~
"Jimin ah... you were great...I am so proud of you omega.." Yoongi coos before he's leaning to kiss his forehead, then and there, in front of hundreds, in the middle of the hall.
Of course, he hadn't thought it out. It was just the most natural thing to do. To appreciate his omega for acting right and not letting anyone look down upon him.
Jimin is all over, flushing into deep pink under the dazzling lights as Taehyung jumps in excitement and hoots from behind. Yoongi is scratching his neck sheepishly as he averts his gaze from the omega to find Hoseok chuckling at him from a distance with an approving smile.
Jimin lowers his head before he strides towards Taehyung hiding in the crook of his neck as quickly as he can. Jungkook shields them from gawking eyes glaring at them.
"Taehyungaaa...Yoongi just claimed me in front of everyone.." Jimin squeals, surprisingly he's more fascinated, flattered and feel warmth churning in his stomach than feeling disappointed. Who's he kidding??! Isn't that what he wanted? Yoongi to love him and claim him. ~~~~~
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"Alphaa.." "hmm.." Namjoon kisses Jin's head in response. "I have been thinking about it a lot and...I know this may seem very sudden...." Jin snuggles closer, resting chin on Namjoon's chest peering up.
"What is it, darling... I know you always think about your company, and honestly, I did too a few years ago..." Jin chuckles. "I am in heat and still...I just can't seem to care about the burn in my abdomen..." Namjoon smiles thinly, sadly.
"Omega, honestly, this is precisely why I wanted to spend the heat with you even after you being all ready to reject the idea... if I wasn't would have sat on that laptop and made proposals for the investors..." Namjoon pulls Jin closer, pecking his lips.
"Omega, you deserve to enjoy your heats, spend some nice time getting pampered with your alpha..." Jin purrs, burying his nose into Namjoon's scent glands.
"I can't see you all worked up about ... Jin, I have studied about everything...Jimin...I trust him; these prospects look great! Don't you trust me??!" "mhhmmhhh..." Jin hums, a muffled sound of agreement.
"But, Alpha, you know how understanding Jimin and Taehyung are, they take it...they have taken it onto themselves that they need to keep their emotions and lives in check just for myself...because I would get hurt..." Jin winces as Namjoon's expression stays calm.
"But.....isn't that unfair?!" Jin blurts. "I want to break even without anyone's support, but I have no right to impose my self ethics onto my babies who clearly are suppressing their instincts and working so so hard..." Jin's eyes are glistening.
"I don't know... I feel guilty... if it's me or it's their thinking...I still feel guilty to be unknowingly controlling them...when that's not at all what I want to do.." Jin reveals, collapsing on the Alpha's chest with a whine.
Namjoon smiles against the omega's hair. "I understand. I know everything, baby. It doesn't take a genius to understand it." Namjoon smiles against Jin's shoulder, leaving a wet kiss.
"Don't worry, the alphas are so whipped... they are going to claim the omegas like fools soon... then you can just let it go...It will reduce the melancholy of your heart." Namjoon laughs as Jin snorts. "That's actually quite plausible...." Jin hums.
"Plausible?! I am sure my alpha brothers did something very mischievous already...I can feel it in my instincts..." Namjoon gazes ahead, zoning out. "Honestly...." Jin wiggles out of Namjoon's embrace as the Alpha watches him anticipatedly.
🔞🔞 till it ends with 🔞🔞 Jin gets onto his lap, earning a hiss from the Alpha as he's sinking on the Alpha's d!ck again. Namjoon groans with the beautiful heat that surrounds his length, releasing a low growl as Jin's plump lips latch onto his.
"Kim Namjoon.." Jin starts quietly. The Alpha straightens up, knowing this only means business. Significant business. "Yes, my sweetest darling..." Namjoon caresses his cheeks.
"If I use the ongoing tension between the two thick-headed fools.. would that mean that I am exploiting you Alphas..." Jin questions seriously.
"There are two perspectives..." Namjoon starts, and Jin absolutely loves when Namjoon turns into this nerdy, no shit, business tone with his chin jutted out, his eyebrow quirked as a deep voice.
Jin finds himself grinding slowly, lazily, as another wave of heat builds up in his abdomen.
"You never wanted to rely on anyone else, for finances, like you know, owe them something.. you want real investors who will have some returns you can ensure of...
you don't want the public to proclaim that you ever depended on an Alpha's mercy to build your company. But.." Jin's excited as to what Namjoon is going to explain further.
He's done with grinding as he's already hard enough and his insides clenching, which earns a gasp from the Alpha. Jin starting riding it slowly, a series of moans spill from his mouth as he feels the Alpha hit all right places. "Hmm.. continue.."
"But, the feeling between these kids is true.. they are just exploring their lives. They are adults and can make decisions for themselves. By not interfering and letting them be, you are not imposing your prideful rules, and it's as natural as it can get.
Yeah, you and I know how much this would benefit your company, but that's not because you lowered your head in front of an Alpha or took money favours. It's just that your company's omegas are irresistible and it's natural selection in the end, isn't it?!
🔞🔞 The stronger one lives to mate and rule. The weaker los..ahhkk..ahhh.." Namjoon breathily chuckles as Jin's clenching his hole, squeezing his d1ck into a new wave of heat.
"Omega, warn a man..." Jin just kisses him hungrily in response, adorning a cute pout as they detach. "What...Alpha, can't even take that much..ahh..." Jin bites his lips most sensually.
"I am not going to fcuk you roughly, no matter what you do..." Namjoon groans. Jin laughs, his head falling back as his Alpha always looks past him. "So what do you think?!" Namjoon asks. Jin hums as if he's thinking.
"I think I will ask Yoongi to step up his game..." Jin answers with a sly glint in his eyes. "Now, that's my brilliant omega..." Namjoon whispers over his lips before connecting into another passionate kiss.
"But honestly, what if I overtake your company.." Jin wiggles his eyes teasingly, a lot of meaning hidden behind those words. "You can try.." Namjoon smirks. "But for now, overtake me...will you??!" Namjoon murmurs in his ears. "Ahhh...ahh.." Namjoon growls more.
"So, you will continue to be a brat.." Namjoon's eyes darken in an instant, with Jin's riling him up nevertheless. "Please, told me you will take care of me..."
"Now, I will..." and withing a blink, Namjoon has turned their positions with Jin lying on his back staring up at the Alpha, smirking gloriously at him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Jimin feels like he will burst into a supernova emitting high pitched screams if the silence prolongs. Taehyung and are utterly failing at hiding their giggles and teasing. "What if Jin hyung would be disappointed?!" Jimin voices out just a tone above a whisper.
"Please, no..he's one the hyung to interfere into someone's lives. He knows about you, and he will be supportive.." Jungkook quickly answers.
"So, can I court you?!" Yoongi pops the question like asking for ice cream. His arms crossed with raised brows and a damn smug half-smile. "You dare ask that after the stunt you pulled up..." Jimin scoffs, pouting, and rolling his eyes.
"Jimin ahh..." "No...stay away from me. Devil..." Jimin grimaces, jolting up.
The party ends with Yoongi stealing protective glances from Jimin, with a constant slight frown on his forehead. And Jimin being crowded with countless offers from people he can no more remember.
Jungkook and Taehyung slow dance for a while ending with Jungkook showing his studio to the omega. Overall, a momentous night ends with several fruitful happenings and new lovely and emotions blossoming between the four wolves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Two days later on the working day: "What did Yoongi do now?!" Jin quirks his eyebrow with a knowing glint in his eyes. "Hyung...I am so s-sorry..." Jimin springs up from the ending position of his dance routine, scratching the back of his neck.
"Darling...there's been endless calls to the PR team asking to clarify your and Yoongi's relationship. I have 30 cards of endorsement on my desk...I am just asking what did he do?! I am not scolding you, dear!" Jin pats him with a soft smile.
"He...he might have kinda kissed me in front of everyone..." "KISSED YOU.." Jin widens his orbs with an amused laugh. "On the forehead.." Jimin touches his forehead as he clarifies with a sheepish expression, cheeks blushing as the memory comes back to him.
"Ohww...." Jin wiggles his eyebrows. "Hyung, are you disappointed in me?! I am sorry I couldn't live up to your ethics. I ---" "Jimin ah... you live up to your ethics...not mine. You did nothing wrong. Yoongi is just a whipped wolf. " Jin teases.
"Moreover, we are signing 3 MOUs this week. if it works...3 more." Jin smugly announces. "Really hyung.." Jimin squeals. "Would I be able to do it??!" Jimin hugs Jin sweetly as he expresses his doubt. "Darling, you will kill it!!" Jin reassures.
"Common.. you need to announce it on Social media for the first phase of the contract. Meet me at 3pm in the office. I have read all the terms and conditions of the omega heat gift shop contract, no profit loss agreement.
Extra 1% of the increased profits will be paid if it's successful. Jimin, we will have a 300k dollars agreement. I know it's not what usually the idols receive, but...."
"I understand, hyung...I am not Yoongi hyung... he gets 5M$ for a deal..." Jimin feels some unknown pride filling his chest as he talks about Yoongi. Like, he's every right to. Like Yoongi's his. "He does..." Jin sighs.
"We will reach there, darling.. you are already doing great" Jin kisses his forehead before he flashes a warm smile before leaving. Jimin takes his phone, gazing at the Yoongi's contact, heart yearning to speak to him.
"Hyung...are you really sure that you are not upset with me?!" Jimin voices low as he settles beside Jin's knees on the carpeted floor. Jin caresses his hair as he looks into the report of Jimin's next album release that would happen in 2 days.
"Dear, I said I don't want an alpha's help to run my business. I never said I would mind free promotion for us! We can't control the world, Jimin ah. Not at this stage..but we can surely be wise and grab the opportunity!" Jin preaches with a coy curl of his lips.
"Hyung, I have so much to learn from you..." Jimin chimes. "It's all my alpha.. he's my idol. my mentor, my partner.." Jin grins as he talks about his to be mate. Jimin can sense the happiness that the omega radiates when he remembers his alpha.
It just makes his heart feel fuzzy, and he yearns to have an alpha for himself. "Yoongi", Jimin utters just about a whisper, but Jin hears nevertheless. "What about Yoongi?!" Jin asks, still carefully probing the contract of sales.
"Nothing.." Jimin nods his head vigorously with a shy smile as patting his cheeks blooming into a pink. "I know,'s a beautiful feeling, isn't it?!" Jin calmly proclaims with a tender smile.
"When Namjoon and I were pining for each other... I was so impatient, one day, I scolded him that if he doesn't start courting me, I will court him..and then he got brave.." Jin chuckles as he recalls a fond memory. "But 'you' are the patient one here... I am glad!" Jin sighs.
"Btw, when's your heat due?!" "Hyung, in three weeks.." "Will have to arrange the music shows accordingly! Jimin, I don't want you to put out excess music to gain money. I want quality.
Take your time. The first full album will be by the end of the two quarters later. I want it to be fire..." Jin speaks in his superior firm tone. "Yes, boss. You got it!" Jimin smiles brightly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Jimin's first endorsement!!
There it is...
Jimin's album gets released!!
"Hyung, we have laid low..and now the digital album pre-save and pre-order link are up too...but..that tabloids are publishing utter bullsh#t about Yoongi and me...I am just so.." "Dear, that is being taken care of from both sides!" Jin assures with a thin smile. ~~~~~~~~~~~
"Alpha... I thought Yoongi's promotion would be helpful, but people are bringing up the college time photos and private photos with captions. I can't even say with my mouth..
.this is Jimin's first release...we need to handle the situation..." Jin holds his forehead as he heaves an exasperated sigh.
"Darling..we are devising on a plan... I will let you know...we all will meet soon, ohkay? Don't worry! Take care!" Namjoon replies soon after cutting the call. "Fcuk..what do I do now?!" Jin flails his arms as he slumps in his CEO chair. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Jiminah...I hope you are not watching the SM, are you..please..." "I am not, ohkay! It's not like I expected this...but I never knew it hurt so much." Jimin's voice breaks over the line.
"They are calling me.. an sl## $$$$$ what not..but that's not what I mind.. they are writing I have hunted Agustd right from his college times for my own sake.." Jimin hiccups, taking few quick breaths to catch some oxygen.
"Our only beautiful time is being tarnished..." Jimin sobs. "I know..darling...I am so sorry, I am not with you...I am coming over tomorrow. I promise..!" Taehyung whispers more sweet nothings to calm Jimin down, who sleeps while on calling itself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Tomorrow Jimin's album is going to be released, and today there's a barrage of bullsh##...huh.. they are not even trying to hide at this point!" Yoongi seethes. "What if I release a statement ?!" Yoongi asks.
"But that would hurt Jimin hyung. He's already crying because of all the tarnishing of your relationship." "Crying?? Did you talk to Jin hyung?! Don't tell me this is my fault! I am all ready to agree to be in love with Jimin." Yoongi clarifies.
"It's not the present friendly conversations on Twitter.. they are pulling up some private photos from friends during your college times..." "Stop...that's why I stopped reading or caring about them long ago...Sh1t!" Yoongi clenches his fist.
"We are meeting at Jin's house tomorrow to discuss a solution with a lawyer!" Namjoon declares. "Lay low till then.." Hoseok orders, tonguing his cheek. ~~~~~~~~~~
"The problem is Agustd, and his company has grown beyond these silly news outlets and gossip channels. They no more care; just file a complaint and leave. But since we are at the beginning of our career...
it affects us more. It's not like Yoongi doesn't know what he's doing. Some friendly flirting on tl is an everyday business in the industry.
But this is being done by someone with a motive.." Jin explains to everyone at the dinner table where Jimin doesn't dare meet Yoongi's eyes, who's sitting beside him. Jimin's is curled into himself, just basking in Yoongi's scent that brings him comfort and a feeling of safety.
"And I know who that is..."Yoongi claims. "Who?!" everyone eyes him with impatience. Yoongi smirks, glancing at Jimin, who's pouting with sad eyes.
"Did you all really think I didn't think of this possibility? Like this is the first way to sabotage an idol....find a scandal and play on their fan's emotions." Yoongi huffs. Jin frowns as he strains his eyes on the alpha.
Yoongi wipes away the tears hanging at the edges of lashes Jimin with his thumb before cupping his cheeks to lean forward and peck his forehead.
"Hyunggg.." Jimin whiningly gasps with his heart suddenly beating out of his chest. Yoongi always did the unexpected. Jimin pouts, further flashing puppy eyes with a silent plea to assure him. And so does Yoongi.
"I know how to protect my omega...if I want to court him!" Yoongi claims. "Are you using our insider agents?!" Hoseok narrows his eyes. "Better...the insider itself!" Yoongi answers with a smug smile.
"So tell me, darling..." Yoongi squeezes Jimin's thin shoulders as his arms wrap around his back, slightly pulling him into his side. Jimin indulges in the calming pheromones and the warmth the alpha releases, burying his nose into his chest.
He needs this after sneaking out of the office for over 4 days and being scared of everyone around. He deserves to just lead an everyday life of a debut idol rather than the one that shared a past with Agutsd.
Why should his precious moments be tarnished into something so selfish and lewd? It hurts. It pains so damn much in his heart. Yoongi quickly rushed to him today, embracing him and scenting him as soon as they met, assuring he was there.
Jimin, wavering ship of emotions, at last, found an anchor that would steady him under the violent unkind waves. He can be selfish for a while, he wonders.
Everyone stares at the way the omega buries his nose into the junction of Yoongi's neck and shoulders, his tiny fingers fisting Yoongi's shirt as he evens his breaths.
He's been quiet the whole discussion, just listening to everything but the sudden assurance of Yoongi, his alpha, has him in a pleasant buzz. "So tell me, do you wanna expose the person who's causing all this or ..." Yoongi drawls, glancing down to his omega.
"Omega..." Yoongi whispers into his hair, earning a muffled hum. Namjoon eyes Jin with an expression of discerning. "He might be in preheat..." Jin whispers across the table.
Well, that explains the thing to everyone why Jimin is acting all clingy, although none is complaining. Cause his omega is seeking something safe and calming.
"Do you wanna tell the world that we are in love, dear??!" Yoongi susurrates as he cards his long fingers through Jimin's blonde locks. Jimin peers up with an indescribable wordless facial expression.
"Would you ever stop asking me out?!" Jimin utters just a note above a whisper. "No, darling..." Yoongi answers with a charming gummy smile. "Hmm.." Jimin buries his nose back into his chest as he contemplates. "fine then..." Jimin murmurs. "Fine for what?!"
"For you to...officially...*Jimin slides his palm from Yoongi's shirt to his neck, caressing it softly. "Court me!" Jimin declares with a dizzy smile, stretching his body to raise his chin to leave a wet smooch on the alpha's jaw,
and before Yoongi responds, Jimin passes out on the alpha's shoulders. ""What happened to him..omm..oh..ahh..." Jimin is laid on Yoongi's bed before everyone leaves him to rest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Yoongi caresses Jimin's locks fondly as he lays beside him on the edge, Jimin's head tugged next to his thighs. He's been checked by a doctor. Taehyung and Jungkook are sprawled on the huge sofa opposite to the bed along with Namjin cuddling on the side sloping thick chair.
"Yoongi, are you really going to let the people spreading all this..." Yoongi almost stops himself from snorting. "I was just looking for an opportunity here...just to let Jimin express himself." Yoongi sighs peering at 4 pairs of eyes glaring at him.
"That's emotional manipulation..." Jin huffs wincing. "Moreover Jimin is in preheat...he feels a natural urge to be close to an alpha and be pampered..." Taehyung argues. "Y'all want to say in all of my omegala except me ahh?!" Yoongi rolls his eyes.
"I am going to explain to Jimin, of course. What do you take me for?!" Yoongi drills knives through his gaze. And Taehyung realises the reputation that AgustD has exudes through his sharp gaze. It trembles him.
imin snuggles closer to Yoongi in his sleep, eyelids fluttering with the noise in the room. "See, you all are waking up my omega...tchh" Yoongi lowly growls. "H-hyung..." Jimin opens his frail eyelids as he gazes at Yoongi staring at him with so much concern and love.
"Yes, omega..." Yoongi helps Jimin sit up before he takes in the presence of others. Jin hugs him quickly,
"My baby, you passed out due to exhaustion..and you haven't been eating well! Jimin ah, how many times did I request you to take care of your health and food..." Jin nuzzles into his temples sighing. "I am so sorry hyung.." Jimin pouts as he detaches from the embrace.
They share a small smile. "Yoongi has something to tell you..." Jin quickly informs. Yoongi squints his gaze at Jin before huffing. "I know...we need to talk. I am glad you all are here! I feel better this way!" Jimin can feel the warm presence of Yoongi beside him.
"I know..." Jimin says connecting his gaze with the alphas. " I have accepted for you to court me. I stand by it!" Jimin smiles tenderly. Yoongi's alpha howls as he leans quickly cupping his cheek pecking his forehead.
"Thank you, Jimin have made alpha so happy.." Yoongi's eyes are almost glistening. "But, Jimin ah...I just wanted to know what you would decide and that's why I gave you a choice.." Yoongi breathes in sharply.
"But.." Jimin whispers, as he eyes everyone, gaze landing back on Yoongi. "Jimin, I can't let go of anyone who's tried to sabotage MY omega..." Yoongi sternly speaks. Jimin gulps gawking confused.
"What I mean is whether we announce courting or not...Jin hyung and I are going to file a case nevertheless. Jimin ah, I want you to decide, do you still want to let me court you even though we are gonna tackle this our way anyway?!" Yoongi asks carefully, cocking his head.
Jimin nods slowly understanding the situation. He hums in thought. And Taehyung snuggles beside him whispering something into his ears. Jin and the omegas have a conversation from which Yoongi leaves to join the alphas on the sofa.
Since it was Jin's company too, they had the right to decide after all. Impatiently wiggling on the sofa the alphas await the decision. Jimin stands up and goes to settle on the edge of the bed before the omegas join him.
"Let me clarify that I am in my right mind when I am taking this decision and I am not a helpless omega who can't think sanely just because I am in my preheat." Jimin's eyes are hooded as he quirks an eyebrow eyeing everyone before smirking.
"Alpha, you are a sly r@sc@l but me...I am beyond you..." Jimin smirks. "I didn't agree for the courting just so we can beat the allegations..." Jimin takes a deep breath to calm down, fingers fidgeting.
"Maybe you guys need some privacy..." Jungkook jolts up. "No!" Jimin yelps. "No dear, you can stay!" Jimin smiles fondly. "Alph-Yoongi hyung" Jimin purses his lips, a smile threatening to break onto his beautiful lips.
"I have realised that I will be blamed and accused of an alpha behind me no matter how I achieve success..." Jimin heaves a breath. "Why would I be a fool and sacrifice you, our bond, what we could be....*Jimin smiles shyly* and end up proving all their allegation true..."
"Alpha, would you really court me this time? Without regarding any fcukign wolf that comes in between us?? With your head held high, proudly?!" Jimin asks away without beating around the bush. Yoongi breaks into a smug smile breaking into a grin, flickering into a smirk.
Yoongi slides across the floor, cupping Jimin's knees eagerly. "I will omega!" Yoongi cups his cheek, raising to touch their foreheads. Taehyung watches in excitement.
"Won't let any living being come in between us..." Yoongi whispers over Jimin's lips, hot breath fanning the omegas lips.
"Will treat you like a princess and ensure everyone does..." Yoongi promises with a peck on his nose, cooing on the red blush that spreads beautifully across his cheeks. Yoongi rubs their noses, getting closer, "Won't let any alpha raise their gaze at you..." he rasps breathily.
Jimin's breath hitches as Yoongi lips brush Jimin's before both of them break into giggles and turn into a blushing mess. Taehyung and Jungkook clap in excitement and happiness. Jin tightly hugs Namjoon sharing a soft kiss. "That's one problem solved.." Jin announces.
Jimin ducks his chin, unable to stop himself from grinning wide. Yoongi properly holds him leaving a kiss on his forehead.
"Come need to eat something. You are low in sugars!" Yoongi softly pats Jimin's cheek, gesturing towards the hall. Jimin follows wordlessly, eyeing others with a smile of trust and acceptance.
The wolves perceive the happiness and the approval of the omega's heart in Jimin's eyes. "Namjoon ah...I am so happy!" Jin squeals. Jungkook smiles widely before he senses Taehyung gaze on him. "What?!" Jungkook's eyebrows ask silently. "Nothing!" Taehyung huffs. ~~~~~~
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Yoongi slightly pulls a blushing omega into the hall of the creamy hued high rise apartment before making him sit on the breakfast table at the edge of the kitchen. "Hyung will make some noodles and need it omega.." Yoongi chimes before getting into cooking.
"Alpha..." "Hmm..." "But, that doesn't mean I will stop taunting you; I am still very disappointed in you. I hope you don't break my heart again..." Yoongi freezes as the knife is halfway down the cabbage.
He quickly drops down the knife, washes his hands, and stumbles around the table to back hug Jimin from behind, burying his nose into his neck.
"Omega, hyung is sorry...Curse me out as much as you want, till the end of the world...I will stand there with open arms for you to run into then..." Yoongi promises into his ears, kissing his temples. Jimin flinches in the sweet loving warmth that adorns the whole room.
"Don't sweet-talk; it doesn't suit you.." Jimin whines as Yoongi smiles softly before gettgin back to his work. Others join them slowly as Jin helps Yoongi prepare some food for Jimin and some snacks for everyone.
"Hyung, where's the strawberry wine I got last week.." Jungkook enquires indulged into the fridge. "We can go and get fact some beers for tonight...what say?!" Taehyung pitches meekly.
"Sure, come on, let's go!" Jungkook grins, and soon, both wolves dash out of the main door with bashful smiles embellishing their faces.
"I think it's my responsibility to let you know the consequences, so you won't go and hurt yourself, little omega.." Namjoon pats Jimin's head softly, sitting beside him.
"Alpha, if it's about the awful things I am gonna hear...I have learnt and practised ignoring them. Jin hyung always empowered us with his training!" Jimin answers.
"I hope that's the case, dear! Since you are new to the industry and people already feel threatened.. you need to be careful.." Namjoon leans to whisper warningly. "Always know, everything you achieve is all yours, omega..." Yoongi turns to assert.
"I know, alpha..." Jimin sighs. "Thank you so much, everyone...I will be fine!! Trust me! With you all, I will be more than fine!" Jimin smiles assured. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The day ends with the six wolves having a delicious late-night snack and bombshell dropping the other day. "Omega rookie Idol Park Jimin sharing a past with the idol of the century AgustD jumps to rekindle the sparks."
"Park Jimin's, the rookie idol's company JinHit Enter is accused of fooling the market with fake dating rumours to elevate the debut idol..."
"Fanwasr spark between the fandoms of the debut fire pack idol Park Jimin's and Park Jinhoo's who's always known to have been interested into AgustD....." *Huge laughter..*
"What the fcuk are these tabloids?? Next thing, I know they are publishing d!ck pics claiming them as mine.." Yoongi huffs. "I can't believe you are so chill about the absolute bullsh!t being written about you..." Hoseok wonders, amused.
"All I care about right now is only omega! He's given me another chance, and I will not let him go anywhere out of my heart!!" Yoongi answers seriously. "I can't let these pathetic fcuks distract me!" Yoongi swings the tablet onto the sofa.
"Time to make my omega smile..." Yoongi winks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sir, you have a delivery..." Jimin's assistant pushes through the dance practise room and leaves instantly. Poor beta, consistently hard-working, Jimin sighs.
Jimin hesitantly stretches his legs, walking back to the entrance of his small studio to find a vast bouquet of purple tulips placed on the sidebar beside the door.
"Ohh...Hyung.." Jimin whines and flushes as he hugs his favourite flowers close to himself. He quickly messages a sweet message to thank Yoongi and goes on with the day paired with a huge smile.
Jimin keeps receiving a plethora of gifts ranging from the cliche elegant silver jewellery that shines beautifully on his skin to all colours of tulips, roses and lavenders and intricate mini waterfalls and incenses.
With the financial quarter's end coming near, idols find themselves in deep post-production for the next quarter's release.
Yoongi guarantees to let Jimin feel his presence and love as he sends him thoughtful courting gifts every other day until Jimin could feel his shared apartment with Taehyung overflowing with Yoongi's presents.
With the announcement of AgustD officially courting Jimin, JinHit needn't have had to spend a penny for marketing cause the articles about the rookie idol poured in like an ocean every day.
This itself kept Jimin at the higher ranks of engagement, and no matter what, publicity is publicity in the entertainment industry. Jimin's album almost recorded 10% more sales than the song release, which was an excellent performance for a debut idol of two months old.
"Right now, Jimin ah, we are at the highest peak of engagement... we are expecting a decline...I guess it's time to release the teaser for the next single, dear..." Jin intimates in the board meeting at the end of the penultimate week. "I am ready, hyung!" Jimin smiles softly.
"Hope you are coping up with all the social media and news.." the PR head enquires with an empathetic smile. "Please, Hyung always keeps me so loved that, and I have been busy with the shows and preparation.." Jimin quickly answers.
"Hope you are coping up with all the social media and news.." the PR head enquires with an empathetic smile. "Please, Hyung always keeps me so loved that, and I have been busy with the shows and preparation.." Jimin quickly answers.
"That's great!" the few board members of JinHit concur in unison. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "That's the hundredth time you are watching that fan cam..imagine what would happen if your fans knew this.." Hoseok chuckles evilly as he draws his mobile to snap a pic.
"Please, none of my fans gets bothered with fact, they are making beautiful edits of Jimin and mine and are calling us Yoonmin...cute, isn't it?!" Yoongi coos.
"Never in life did I assume to see this side of Yoongi... Love really changes people ahh..." Hoseok hastens without missing the chance to tease. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It's been weeks that Jimin had even met cause Jimin had to deliver and shoot for few commercials with the ad agencies he had been offered.
Apart from rare flirting on Twitter, the idol was rarely seen together, further strengthening the rumours that this was indeed a facade for popularity. Yoongi has been receiving criticism to agree to such a cheap tactic, but Jimin is oblivious too engrossed in the studio.
Reality hits him the day Jimin is at last ready to take their relationship further. Jimin inhales few deep breaths before calling Yoongi. "Hyung, what's happening?!" Jimin's broken voice makes Yoongi wince on the other side of the line. "Darling, alpha will take care.."
"Hyung, after everything, I wanted to meet you a-and...they are calling it an oscar level act..." Jimin cries. "Fcuk them omega, I am meeting you right now...hmm..hyung will take you to a beautiful place, I have always wanted to!! Darling, stay calm!!"
Jimin reaches home after swiping away tears, and when Jin confront him, he tightly hugs him, sobbing. "Darling, I didn't want to burst the beautiful bubble you were in, working on the next project...Jimin, ah, I am so proud of you for being so strong!
Don't worry about anything, just like I told you!!" Jin whispers more sweet nothings as he engulfs him in a warm hug. "I am fine, hyung...I am just... I needed a let out!" Jimin sniffles before they detach, and Jin kisses his forehead fondly.
"Come on...go take a refreshing bath and dress up...Yoongi has planned to take all of us out for this weekend." Jimin's jaw drops in astonishment.
"Darling, it was his idea to keep you away from all this...he always said, a musician should let to dwell in his serene foam of emotions for his artistry..."
"But how did he plan exactly for did he..." Jimin appears at the loss of words at his alpha's responsible and sweet gesture. The fact that they haven't been able to feel each other's embrace comes crashing down on the omega as he burst into tears.
"Hyung, I have been so selfish...I..." "Omega!" a deep growl of the deep loving voice pulls Jimin into a sprint, stopping only after jumping into the alpha's arms, unabashedly wrapping his legs around the alpha's waist.
"Alpha is here, darling!! Didn't I tell you, I won't let anyone hurt you..." Yoongi rigorously nuzzles into Jimin's crook of the neck as the omega willingly submits.
The wolf workers of the JinHit gasp as they are blessed with AgustD visiting their company, and the truth of Jimin being held high by his hips in the alpha's sturdy arms have the wolves cooing at the couple.
Despite not expressing it in the open, many of them never actually believed the official statement by the AgustD. Now all their doubts and envy are burned to ashes as they watch Yoongi scent his omega like there's no tomorrow in front of everyone shamelessly.
"Hyung, I am so sorry, you are being targeted because of----" "!" Yoongi pecks his cheeks softly.
"I am not taking this chance for granted, Jimin ah... when I told you I would treat you like a princess, I meant it.." Jimin beams, his delicious scent giving away his happiness as he shyly nuzzles into Yoongi's neck.
He senses the sweet smells of the omegas around, and that has his omega yearning to claim Yoongi for himself, and what better opportunity could it be than tens of pairs of jealous eyes.
Jimin may not appear sly, but he's more savage than people can perceive him to be. Knowing the gossip in the JinHit where the omegas taunted him in washrooms and canteen of faking a relationship, Jimin was just anticipating for the apt moment.
He buries his nose into Yoongi's scent glands, rubbing himself showering himself with the scent as he purrs, inhaling the gorgeous musky scent of the alpha.
"Omega is sorry.." Jimin squeals with glistening eyes then leans to kiss the alpha lovingly, which surprises the alpha himself. Never has Jimin been so affectionate with him; it's always him who reveals his love to the omega through kisses and hugs.
Jimin is still in his arms, who carry him like a superhero, and Yoongi is honestly proud of his alpha strength. He gets the clue when Jimin dramatically purrs, peering up from the lashes.
Yoongi touches their foreheads sighing contently with his happy Jimin in his arms. "Do you want to claim your alpha in front of everyone?!" Yoongi teasingly quips cooing at the way Jimin embarrassed dip into the crook of his neck, rumbling. "hmm..Princess can claim me anytime"
Jimin shudders, the vibrations arousingly shattering through the alpha's body. Jimin quietly bites the alpha's skin near his scent gland like a retort but ends up nibbling it softly marking him. After a deep breath, Jimin leans back to meet their eyes arms clinging to Yoongi.
"There are all media outside this gate.. would you mind if I claim you in front of them...?!" Jimin smirks smugly. Yoongi softly bops their foreheads together.
"Luna can claim me anywhere anytime darling...I would be honoured!" Yoongi breathily whispers only to earn a deep blush blooming across Jimin's smooth cheeks.
"Hyung..." he whines and Yoongi lets him down to his feet. Everyone around gawks at the whole interaction without blinking an eye, realising that it wasn't a facade after all.
The way the alpha's eyes drip with immense love and adoration and the way Jimin curls up comfortably against him couldn't be anywhere near an arrangement but a reality. Jimin smiles widely before hugging the alpha tightly.
Jimin saunters with his arm curled around Yoongis bicep as they step outside to the hundreds of flashes that rain over them with the news of Yoongi visiting JinHit travelling at the speed of light.
Jimin saunters with his arm curled around Yoongis bicep as they step outside to the hundreds of flashes that rain over them with the news of Yoongi visiting JinHit travelling at the speed of light.
The reporters assembled to get the first-hand account of the most buzzed Alpha-omega couple who had been missing in action since they announced courting.
Jimin takes the perfect opportunity to claim what's his, as he catches everyone, even Yoongi, off guard when he turns to fist the Alpha's Gucci coat into his tiny palm and pulls him crashing their lips for the first time.
Yoongi freezes with the warm, plump lips softly pressing on his own. The omega develops a throaty whine, but as soon as he reverts the pressure on the alpha's lips, Yoongi tugs him now, sticking together with their chests in a burning heat of desire.
Omega's lips are now captured desperately by the alpha who's dominating his way as he devours the lips like his favourite treat.
Yoongi sucks on his lip as his tongues slide across the bottom lip of Jimin, gaining immediate entrance, and the kiss deepens, earning high pitched gasps from the photographers, and the flashes turn blinding.
After what seems like an eternity, Yoongi detaches, smiling sheepishly as Jimin caresses his cheeks fondly. Without uttering a reply to the hundred questions that bombard them, Jimin firmly intertwines their fingers and gets into Yoongi's car, quickly zooming away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
"That was so hot, darling..." Yoongi praises, pulling the omega into his lap. "That was the first time you kissed me on my lips..." Yoongi whispers over Jimin's lips.
"And you, the drama queen you are, did it with a bang..." Yoongi chuckles, recalling the way omega boldly pulled the alpha in front of hundreds of cameras. It was unconventional, and Jimin was already a hot idol known for his courageous ways.
This kiss showcased his claim, emotions, the truth, and the message that he didn't bother with what the world thought. Jimin is proud of himself, but he blushes, nevertheless giggling as he curls himself into the broad chest of the alpha.
"Where are we going?!" Jimin jolts up, grinning with excitement. "Somewhere where sadness can't reach you..." Yoongi cups his chin pecking the button of his nose.
"Relax for this weekend.. we have another release coming up, right?! My omega would be so busy... there will be a flood of new needs to recharge, hmm..." Yoongi croons in a babying voice than has Jimin's omega preening.
All he wished for was to just get pampered in his alpha's embrace. Jimin prays to the Moon for this elegant dream to never end as he buries his nose into the safe, comforting scent of the alpha. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
That's it for now!! its' been 2.3K update!! I wanted to make a trailer for I am looking into it!! Hope you enjoyed this update! More fluff is incoming before some drama and some more troubles!!
Jimin finds Taehyung already packing his bag, and all his favourite people gather at the Jimin and Taehyung's shared apartment to start the trip from there. Jin and Namjoon are taking some time out in Jin's apartment, making out and packing.
"Taehyungaa...I am so excited!" Jimin squeals, sprinting into the fellow omega's embrace. "ME too!" Taehyung chirps! "All thanks to your alpha!" Taehyung teases.
"Hey, I helped plan this too! Actually, we thought it would be good to take some time off the hectic schedules before things get heated up again! Jimin hyung's album is in post-production,
and Yoongi hyung is done with his EP" Jungkook butts in with his large doe eyes. Taehyung pats his shoulders, acknowledging the young alpha who's preening for praises.
"Yoongi hyung, you are releasing new music?!" Jimin turns on his heels beaming. "Yes, darling!" Yoongi snakes his arm around the omega's thin waist, not getting enough of the omega drowning in his huge palms. "What's it about?!" Jimin asks with a shy grin, cocking his chin.
"Hmm..." Yoongi pretends to think before ducking low to Jimin's ears level. "About an omega!" he rasps. Jimin feels butterflies jitter across his body.
"Ah-hh...w-hich omega?!" Jimin asks, bending his neck instinctively for the alpha who's scenting him as he leaves a few kisses in the crook of his neck. "There's only one omega in my life, princess..." Yoongi's breathy voice rumbles through Jimin skin.
Yoongi straightens up, connecting their gazes. Jimin's large, vulnerable round orbs make him weak in his heart and knees. "It's you!" Yoongi whispers, pecking Jimin's lips.
"Eww...get a room!" Taehyung yelps at the couple, seemingly about to make out in the middle of the hall. Jimin blushes crimson, nevertheless returning the kiss on his cheek and then disappearing to pack his bags. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Alpha..." Jin whines. "Hmm.." Namjoon drawls, caressing the omega's hair who's lying on his chest. "I can't believe Yoongi just convinced us to go on a whole damn picnic trip..." Jin wonders, amused. "I know! He's taking his courting real seriously!" Namjoon hums.
"I am jealous...Jimin has such a dedicated alpha, who's pouring it all.." Jin pouts as he realizes the way he hasn't even been on a proper date in two years, and his last heat is the only time they spent together after an eternity which went in a blur.
Namjoon cups Jin's chin raising it to meet their gazes. "Are you not satisfied with your alpha omega? Do you think I have stopped putting efforts into this relationship?!" Namjoon's eyes are stern, although his voice is deeply gentle.
Jin nods hesitantly, not ready to upset his alpha. " know I am not the one to brag, but I have asked for this, actually! For you, 'my' omega!" Jin glances up, amused, a significant hint of guilt settling in his heart that reflects on his face.
Namjoon snuggles up against the bedboard letting Jin straddle him! "Yoongi was hesitant to, you know..he was afraid if Jimin would agree, but I insisted! I didn't want to disturb you in between your work!" Namjoon expresses apologetically.
"Alpha is sorry, Luna! But I know how much you hate when people take sympathy at you, no matter even if it's me! I didn't want you to...
I should have taken more care of you. I am sorry to make you feel less loved!!" Namjoon rambles with the most insecure demeanour Jin has ever noticed.
"No, no, alpha! You are the most caring wolf ever!" Jin scents him soothing him, to which the alpha relaxes visibly. "Omega just wants to spend more time with you...I .." Jin presses a wet kiss to the Namjoon's cheek.
"I might be jealous of.." Jin's voice shrieks as he's embarrassed to even admit it. But Namjoon's long fingers rub soothingly on his waist, coaxing him to go ahead.
"You want your alpha to get back to the courting phase! Make you blush with my gifts!" Jin chuckles at how silly it may sound, but his omega wants to be pampered too after his baby omegas are being actively courted by the young, enthusiastic alphas.
"Jinnie, I would court you for life..just come to me, darling!" Namjoon rasps into the crown of the omega. "I have prepared a surprise for you, btw!" Namjoon casually reveals, earning a gasp from the omega. "At the picnic?!" Jin chimes.
Namjoon nods, pulling the omega closer, nuzzling into his temples. "You are gonna love it, and then you might wanna mate me..." Namjoon teases throatily, leaving a trail of kisses down Jin's end of the ear down to his collar bones. "A-alpha.." Jin releases broken moans.
"Omega has no idea how much alpha is..*kisses*..controlling himself..*kisses*...I love you so much, Jinne! So much that it's painful for me to stay away!" Namjoon's words hold the glint of desperation and sorrow.
"ahhh...I shouldn't have mentioned it at all! I am not blaming you, Alpha! I am just jealous..." Jin mumbles lowly the latter part. Namjoon eyes him fondly.
"Ohk then, no more staying away! JinHit is in a better position now, and I won't restrict you anymore..." Jin pouts sweetly, gazing up at Namjoon. "This alpha is blessed, my princess!" Namjoon declares.
"Let me show you in all the love you stubbornly missed, my pretty omega!!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Yoongi hyung, I didn't mean to not meet you...ghost you...I just want to prove myself, hyung! I am a rookie, and if I don't, the industry will always come after you, for you know...those fcukers are already doing it!!" Jimin rambles as he chooses his beach clothes to pack.
"Darling, can you please not think about it?!" Yoongi sighs tiredly, not physically but with the way his omega keeps apologizing. "It's not like you have stopped me from meeting you! I didn't want to omega cause I respect you as much as an artist!"
"But they are pointing fingers at you hyung...and NOBODY POINTS FINGERS AT MY ALPHA!" Jimin growls, with his inner omega raging to take over. Yoongi flinches a bit, almost feeling aroused at his bold hot omega.
"You are hot like this little omega! Makes me wanna mark you mine," Yoongi seductively whispers, in contrast to the heated moment they had a minute ago. A ball of Jimin's shirt hits his face like a facepalm.
"Hyung, don't tease me.." Jimin whines, red dusting all his features. "Come on, help me pack instead of staring at me.." Jimin mutters. "My omega is gorgeous...what can I do?!" Yoongi sighs dreamily. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"I have packed sweaters and beach clothes...cause I still have no idea where we are going..." Jimin stomps his feet in the hall where everyone has gathered with the luggage. "Nor do I!" Taehyung pitches in. "Actually, I don't know too!" Jin sighs, breaking into a soft smile.
"Is this a surprise by the alpha for their omegas?!" Jimin chimes, making Taehyung blush as Jungkook meets his eyes while he glances towards him. "Sort of!" Jungkook answers, eyes still on omega Taehyung, making him curl up into a blushing mess.
"Ohh..." Jimin drawls teasingly, eyeing the two shy wolves, and soon Namjoon breaks all the tension with his announcement to depart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#yoonmin au Taehyung and Jungkook are bickering about the snacks on the back and Namjoon is discussing business with Jin in the front. Jimin calmly rests his head along Yoongi's shoulders sighing blissfully. They are almost there when Jimin sights the sea.
"Hyung.." he turns towards Yoongi brightening up. The port and the sea are lit with beautiful lights and it's almost 9 pm by the time they reach the ferry port. "We are going to Jeju.." Taehyung exclaims all cheering, jumping to hug Jungkook in happiness.
"Aww...I have so wished to be in the boat for a while!" Jimin pouts happy. He leans in to hug Yoongi tightly before burying his nose into his scent glands. "Thank you hyung!" he whispers already very content and extremely grateful.
"Come on...we have a great dinner planned for y'all!" Yoongi pats and soon, all their luggage is being loaded into the luxurious ferry which Jin winces at.
"Alpha, this..we feel like's .." Jin feels uncomfortable with the arrangements. "And that's exactly why I didn't disturb you Jinne!" Namjoon holds his palms in his as he sighs.
"I know.." Jin pouts peering down unable to form words. It was him who was jealous of the omegas some while ago and now, he again feels like he doesn't deserve something he didn't pay for.
"I know are an omega of pride! All of you!" Namjoon gently hugs him closer, cradling him against his chest.
"See, your babies haven't even stepped into it cause they can't without you! I am proud of how you have trained them. With ethics! But you are my omega. The Kim Namjoon's omega!"
"And you are the omega I am courting!" Yoongi growls beside them as Jin detaches to eye the two alphas.
"This is the lowest of the least we can do for you...and no, it's not about money..we are not flexing it in front of you..that's not the motive! We just want you to treat you, right! Like you deserve!
The most hardworking omegas with the gorgeous have tied our hearts to their deserve so much more!" Namjoon croons. "Don't ever feel..." Yoongi scans the omegas huddled up together with glistening curious and vulnerable eyes.
*smiles fondly* "Don't ever think about whether or not you deserve it when it's from your alpha...don't reduce our love to the value of money spent..." Yoongi pleads calmly. "I know it's hard! I KNOW!" Namjoon huffs.
"I know, being a male omega in the THIS industry, who just treats you like beautiful trophies....and us leading in the field...I KNOW!" Namjoon reiterates.
"But, this is just a vacation I would plan for my omega if I was married to him...would you ask your mate the same question Jinne...
Do you think your alpha can't even host a vacation for his omega and his closet babies?! Darling, who am I earning these millions for, if they are not for bringing that beautiful smile on you..." Namjoon cups Jin's chin raising it to meet gazes.
"I am so sorry alpha!" Jin bursts into tears, tiptoeing to hug Namjoon ever so closer. "I am repeatedly offending you, my alpha and you are still so patient with me..." Jin leans back to meet their eyes. "How do you do that? How are you so patient?" Jin breaks into more sobs.
"I feel so bad..." Jin cries like a child as Namjoon buries him in his chest rubbing his nape to soothe him with a fond loving smile. "Awww..I wish I had an alpha like Namjoon hyung! Jinne hyung is sooo lucky!" Taehyung pout as he coos dreamily.
"Aww my beautiful omega..." Namjoon coos, gesturing with his eyes for Yoongi and Jungkook to go ahead with the luggage. Jin sniffles after a while gazing back with warm tears at the end of his lashes.
"Why are you *hiccup* s-so *hiccup* P-perfect alpha?!" Jin croons tenderly sweetly. "Because I love you Jinne! Alpha loves his omega so much! I want to drown you in every pleasure there is.." Namjoon whispers. Jin smirks detaching.
"My babies.." Jin calls and hugs the two omegas close. "Get in darlings! My alpha wants us to have a great time and you have no choice but to obey!" Jin orders. Jimin and Taehyung chuckle before they are entering inside and settle in.
"Kim Namjoon..." Jin calls seductively, smirking after everyone leaves. "I might have a surprise for you too..." Jin bats his lashes. "What would that be?!" Namjoon feigns to ponder as he crushes their lower body together.
" least get inside.." Jin whines before gasping at Namjoon's wet tongue that teases his neck. They would have a long sleepless night! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The insides scream luxury and the wolves admire the whole arrangement. "Ah..I want to do the dinner arrangements with Yoongi hyung..everyone, please go and have fun.." Jimin declares blushing a bit as Taehyung teases him.
Yoongi smiles happily before both of them are at the kitchen with the chef who's getting ready with some fine dine dishes.
"Yoongi hyung...come.." Jimin leads him to the small opening that opens up into a deck with soft cushions and Jimin settles there with a glass of wine. Yoongi joins him settling beside and Jimin quickly snuggles up to him.
The pretty night lights gleam on the wavering water surface as the ferry has left the moment the wolves got on. "hyung.." "hmm.."
"It's like a miracle isn't it?!" warm sea breeze that cools over the surface of water thus turning into a comforting scented air wafts through their senses as they stare into the water and dark foamy waves in the darkness. "Us like this?!" Yoongi sips on some wine. "hmm.."
"It's as if life has given us another chance..." Jimin rasps already cheeks burning with unknown emotions and the blush. "Hmm..."
"Hyung...I may not show it. I might need time. But, I am an omega...and I am possessive about you..protective about you..just the way alphas are..." Jimin shrugs glancing at Yoongi with a tender smile. "I understand..but what' the problem in that?!" Yoongi questions curious.
"I don't take you for granted hyung! I want to give as much as you ways I can...I should!" Jimin determinedly answers.
"I have loved you so much called me to say, we could be nothing more..that day I broke down.." Jimin's orbs well up.. glistening with the stars in them. "I know Jiminie...hyung is so sorry.." Yoongi gently wipes away the tears that roll down his omega's cheeks.
"But what could I do?! I couldn't even get you tulips Jimin..." Yoongi grits his teeth at one of the harshest memories of his life.
"That day, I got you a yellow tulip were being proposed by someone rich with a whole bouquet of it...I felt like dirt, alpha tore itself apart in pride." Yoongi grits, the feeling of helplessness returning to him for a few seconds.
Jimin scowls at the upset alpha's pheromones. He can only imagine what the Alpha must have gone through where Alphas had to keep up their pride but how he couldn't bring himself to court Jimin cause he felt he wasn't enough. It pierces his heart in a thousand ways.
Jimin cuddles more cupping Yoongi's cheeks as he connects their foreheads. "I am so sorry hyung...I a-am.." Jimin's chokes on a sob with the breeze getting colder sending a shiver down his spine.
"I was so selfish...I wanted you hyung...I wanted you to hold me...I..." Jimin sniffles as he takes in a deep breath through his mouth, feeling breathless.
"I am so sorry...." Jimin cries unabashedly. "I-I un-understand...even Jinne hyung...I understand! Everything that alphas go through for their omegas and
we are such ungrateful petty wolves..." Jimin connects their eyes, tears charge up like a dam as he peers into those vulnerable orbs holding all the struggles inside and only pouring out love and concern for him. "Alphaa.." Jimin jumps into his lap, hugging him ever so tightly.
", it's okay darling...we,'s not a burden's our duty..our responsibility, our instincts pup..." Jimin croons under the endearment, pouting sweetly and kissing the alpha on his cheeks with his puckered lips.
"It makes us happy dear! I know, I was being an assh#le...but that's not because I doubted your feelings Jiminie... it's because I knew them so rightly and you deserved so much more..." "Jiminie, you deserve to be courted with all the prettiest things, all the"
Jimin shuts his mouth with a lingering wet smooch and smiles cheekily when he leans back.
"Thank you for choosing me are AgustD now..." Jimin's eyes twinkle with an unreadable expression. Jimin's tiny fingers find the alpha's shirt as he plays with the collar and a virtual button there with eyes cast downward and a huge doubt on his features.
"You might have had so many rich and hot omegas hitting at you everywhere..." Jimin's voice falls an octave. "A-at award shows...parties..." Jimin purses his plump lips, fearing to meet the eyes of his alpha, although he's straddling him like his own property.
"How did you.." Jimin's speaks just a tone above whisper almost whining and not even forming words further. "Say it properly omega..." Yoongi's deep rumbling voice makes Jimin shudder. He looks up with a scared and doubtful expression.
"mhhmmmhh.." Jimin whines, pulling his collar and falling his head back before he pouts deeper. "How did you not fall for anyone else??!" Jimin quizzes and with the most devilish smirk Yoongi poses, Jimin hides in his chest instinctively waiting for an answer.
"Omega..." the alpha, lowly growls and Jimin winces peering up. His cheeks tint crimson with the tension and his heart thuds with anticipation.
What ifs run jolt in his head like a thunderstorm. Just the possibility of Yoongi falling for someone else make his skin crawl with rage. Jimin stills as he meets that ruby-like iris and a smug hot smirk the alpha, more like AgustD flaunts.
"What if I did.." Yoongi quirks a brow and Jimin finds it too hot in the cold sea around them. He feels like he would suffocate if Yoongi doesn't say "no" right this instant.
"YOU TOLD I WAS THE ONLY ONE...alpha.." Jimin protests with widened eyes and then ducks down with a sad pout.
"Omega...look at me, dear!" Yoongi's deep voice quivers through his chest. "How could I even think of others when I was busy writing about you..." Yoongi smiles, cooing at the possessive aggressive omega. Jimin melts and fans himself reacting to the words.
"Was..every song about me?!" Jimin asks in a raspy teasing and seductive voice, wrapping his arm around the alpha's neck. "EVERY song is about you Jiminie.." Yoongi answers staring into those beautiful round orbs. Jimin stares back.
Just the sound of the waves, the wind and a grounding hum of the motor of the ferry fills their ears before Jimin crashes their lips together in a heated kiss.
"Ahh.hkk.." Yoongi chokes on how desperate Jimin kisses him, dominantly, devouring him, claiming him and assuring himself. Yoongi lets him have his way, opening up to let the omega taste his insides.
And soon, both of them are eating each other's lips out as they suck onto them reverently. Jimin stares for a few seconds before kissing him with jutting his tongue before licking path his bottom lip and sucking over his pink alluring lips.
Yoongi's tongue tastes Jimin's mouth before their tongues are flowing into a languid kiss, the kiss deepening but slow as if they are trying to memorise every sensation they feel.
The kisses turn open-mouthed as both of them fight for dominance and soon they softly and firmly press their lips sucking lightly ending in a romantic kiss that lingers and takes away Jimins' breath. "Alpha..." Jimin squeals before nipping at his jaw!
"Darling...we have wolves to feed!" Yoongi hesitantly detaches himself and smiles apologetically. "Mhhmmmm...ok! I am falling for you hyung...again!" Jimin says more composed and confidently. "Me too!" Yoongi quickly assures him. "Everday!!" Jimin grins before pecking him.
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There are 5 more short phases of the story! I hope you will be patient! I have been dealing with stuff...and the update is delayed!! I am really sorry!! 🥺🥺🥺
Jimin and Yoongi arrange the plates and chopsticks for others to return as they enjoy their own ride on the ferry. Jimin's giggles and soft kisses on Yoongi's nape make him feel war and firm, as if a surge of new energy is coursing through his veins.
"Hyung, what did..."win no matter what no matter what..." ..lyrics mean??!" Jimin asks, catching Yoongi off guard as he fills up two glasses of wine for both of them.
Yoongi stares at him for a while before he picks up the glass, offerign one to Jimin and clinking it a little as he drinks off the small amount. "Hyung..tell me..please..." Jimin shows off his puppy eyes and wine wet lips, clinging to his neck as he nuzzles into him as a bribe.
"I wrote that the day I saw someone treating you better than me....the day my knees fell to the floor...and I didn't have the strength to get up..." Yoongi answers.
"I wanted money, Jimin...I wanted to live a luxurious life, unlike my childhood..." Yoongi tugs Jimin, turning him over, pressing his back to his chest, and settling on the couch beside the table.
He embraces him with a warm, gentle hand caressing his waist as he speaks into the crook of his neck.
"But you barged into my life...and everything felt stupid...nothing compared to the desire of being with goals changed Jimin..
that day...I knew where the purpose of my music was..." Yoongi dips down to nuzzle and leave a warm wet kiss onto Jimin's neck, making the other blush red and feel all fuzzy inside. "Hyung.." the omega squeals and turns to steal a kiss from his lips.
They cuddle some more, waiting for others to join them, discussing more of AgustD's lyrics, and Jimin feels like an emotional wreck with each passing second as Yoongi reveals how literally every song is about him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Let me come there..." Taehyung sprints to get to the other side of the deck, where Jungkook is standing, but with the not so stable soft, flexible material beneath his feet, he stumbles and falls, and Jungkook jumps just in time,
landing with Taehyung in his arms. Both of them burst into a fit of a giggle as Taehyung rolls beside him and laughs, enjoying the warm sea breeze and the soft material beneath him as he lays sprawled all over it.
"Thank you, Jungkook...but you could have hurt yourself..." Taehyung softly states, smiling as he stares into the dark sky above. They are on an open deck where one could just laze around in the sun, but they decide to enjoy the breeze for some time since it's dark.
"Couldn't take a chance with you, omega..." Jungkook huffs, only stilling when he realises he's called Taehyung omega.
But Taehyung totally surprises him when he presses a kiss to his cheek, and both of them lay in silence, basking in the light scents and tranquillity for some time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Alpha...I think we need to take a bath before we get out for dinner..." Jin's words are muffled as he speaks them into the crook of Namjoon's neck.
"I know... we stink.." Namjoon chuckles but sighs dreamily, pressing Jin closer to his chest and massaging his lower back that could be sore with all the ruckus their heated up s#x session created.
"I am sooo happy...Yoongi is taking charge, and I feel like...I needn't worry about anything!" Jin claims, kissing Namjoon's lips sweetly as a gesture of thank you.
"Of course, baby... We both know there would be troubles many more...but the alphas will take care! Who do you think has trained them?!" Namjoon puffs his chest smugly.
"But you are the best for me.." Jin cheekily utters before they hesitantly pull away, stealing more kisses and dragging themselves to the attached bathroom to clean up. ~~~~~~~~~~~
"I thought you liked soft and cute omegas..." Taehyung singsongs as he saunters with Jungkook into the dining room just beside the kitchen on the ferry.
"Who even said that...I like omegas..who are rockstars and singers, to be honest.." Jungkook retorts and smirks at the omega blushing beside him, averting his gaze.
"Guess you both had a great time..." Jimin interrupts their lovey-dovey glances and gestures them to settle. Namjin is soon coming through the small door, hands intertwined and hearts so content that the glow on their faces reveal the happiness they are dwelling in.
After a relatively quiet dinner as everyone feels a bit tired from the activities from the past hour, just soft whispers and giggles and sharing of food, Jimin breaks the calmness when he speaks up, staring at his dessert.
"But what if someone leaks some a rookie idol...I mean..rookie idols don't usually go on vacations, and Yoongi being here... the people tend to blame him too..." Yoongi doesn't need to know how or why, but Jimin's insecurities are valid, and they can pop up any time.
It actually hurts his heart that Jimin can't seem to enjoy thoroughly regretting and feeling scared every instant of smiling with his alpha. His alpha wants to erase any and every concern of his omega, but he knows it's impossible.
Yoongi decides to assure him, not through false promises but with a reality check. "So what if the photos are leaked...JinHit is different omega! If Jin had to go with a flow...wouldn't he form a girl omega group already...
people are gonna speak Jimin all the time. Whether you risk it all or not...but you need to decide whom do you give the weight..
.the happiness here or the worthless remarks by someone who's just there to despise you!" Jimin's scent is confusing; it's both nervous and happy at the same time. Yoongi caresses his nape as Jin comforts him too.
"My baby...I know it's hard for you...but JinHit is not about being another company like others. If I treat my artists the same stupid way...There's no meaning to it! I have no rules in my company for the same reason, as only happy people can give you greater quality products!
Just be baby...we will take care of the rest!" Jin smiles and pats him assuredly as the younger omega preens with his crescent eyes and angelic smile, scent now turning sweet and delicious just the way Yoongi likes it.
Throughout the night, Jimin and Taehyung put up a mini rockstar concert in the small living space of the ferry as they cheekily sexily sway their bodies and flirt with the alphas.
When Jin passes out on Namjoon's shoulder, exhausted with happiness and fun, Namjoon leaves the other four to have fun and retires to their room.
Jungkook and Taehyung leave to the deck for some fresh air as the omega keeps singing and pointing at the alpha, reflecting all the stars in the sky and love through his heart, eyes watching the omega keenly.
Jimin cuddles into Yoongi, humming a low song, as the alpha pats him like a baby, lulling him to sleep.
Jimin feels his eyes drooping, but the worry he knowingly carried all evening has dissipated with the strength of his new family, who will always have his back and now all he thinks of are the ways to enjoy at the resort with his precious family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Jimin curls into himself as the A/C, even after being switched off, retain the room below the deck cold. He turns over with his palm searching for someone to snuggle into without opening his eyes, and there he finds Taehyung's legs.
Jimin groans at the feeling of his legs and wakes up frowning. " least sleep properly.." Jimin drawls as he falls asleep on the other side. All he remembers is cuddling with Yoongi but he never realised how he ended up here.
Jimin wakes up straight this time going to find the alpha, his comfort, his love.... Yes, he's already so much in love.... It's there ..just at the tip of the tongue waiting to be screamed to the world...
But, Jimin won't give in easily... how else would he get the revenge for Yoongi leaving him? Unlike the silent deck below, the upper living room is actually very noisy with Jin's windshield laughter and a refreshing scent of tea diffusing in the air.
Jimin enters the room rubbing his eyelids with the back of his palms as he sniffs his alpha with his closed eyes, going and dropping into him blindly. "Aww... is the princesss awake.." Jimin just hums, curling himself against the alpha's chest who cradles his face lovely.
"Look at that young love...I feel like I am gonna bleed with the sweetness in this room..." Jin chirps, pecking Namjoon on the cheek who nurses a warm cup of tea.
"We are almost there...." Yoongi whispers into Jimin's hair and scents him lightly on his temples as the omega rests in his slumber.
The staff is packing all their luggage and soon Jimin wakes up pouting but breaking into a huge smile as he finds Yoongi's features hovering over his face the first in the morning. He pecks his nose before rushing towards the bathroom to brush and be ready for the down boarding.
They have planned to have a self-cooked home-like breakfast in the small villa they have booked on the island. Taehyung lazily keeps yawning as he's running low on sleep after spending the whole night chatting away with a certain alpha on the deck and just couldn't stop smiling.
Jimin and Yoongi get down the ferry on the private villa's side itself in order to avoid paparazzi and they stare into the rising sun who's peeping above the horizon hesitantly, hands intertwined and gaze unwavering at the nature in front.
It's like the rays of the sun are beaming with the happy hope for tomorrow...and thereafter. A new day..a new beginning...a new feeling...a new bond...Jimin twists to glance at Yoongi, a smile soft and fond curling up his lips.
Yoongi heaves a huge breath and turns to meet Jimin's gaze... "What.." it's a silent whisper. Jimin's lips feel like they have a language of their own. One could study and understand the volumes they speak. Jimin's lips pucker slightly but quiver in an unknown feeling.
Yoongi waits for the omega to exhale his feelings. He's yearned for years. A few more weeks, days, minutes..he can survive! Jimin but doesn't speak anything. His eyes shine orangish with the rising solar beams and his fluffy hair flutters a little on his forehead.
Then Yoongi feels everything move in slowly, as if like a beautiful montage of a dreamy love story. Jimin begins his free hand to cup Yoongi's jaw before he's fully turning and smashing their lips together.
Yoongi stills for a second even after knowing and sensing Jimin leaning close. The omega's lips reveal a new passion, like the heat of the rising sun warming his skin, like the tranquillity of the breeze surrounding the desires coming true in a smooth kiss...
#yoonmin au "I.." Jimin leans back only leaving a hairsbreadth distance between themselves to stare into Yoongi's eyes. I love you! "You...?!" Yoongi ruthlessly hopes. Moon, he's been dying to listen to those words from Jimin. "I--" Jimin purses his lips, his eyes wincing.
#yoonmin au "It's okay..." Yoongi pulls the omega closer and hugs him tight. "Taek your time...Alpha will be here!" Yoongi rubs his back soothingly. Although he's disappointed, a hopeful smile creeps up his lips as he inhales the alluring accent of the omega.
#yoonmin au Jimin didn't want to confess at such an underserving location. His alpha deserved something so much more.
#yoonmin au More grandeur for all his sacrifices. More love...more pride...Jimin wanted to claim Min Yoongi like a princess not like a coward rat. Jimin places a wet kiss on Yoongi's cheek before they detach to get to their villa.
The wolves cheer as they bask in the early morning sunbeams and gush about their stay and the party they would want to hold in the pool.
Taehyung and Jungkook were already lovey-dovey in the kitchen trying to chip out everything from the refrigerator eventually getting scolded by Seokjin. Jimin was busy taking pics to update his social media which he had to keep updated for the marketing.
Jin was checking out if any news has been leaked and it really didn't come as a surprise when they were tabloids about the JINHIT company's idol's going on a vacation with Kim Jung's idols but thankfully there were no pictures.
With Jimin's and Yoongi's courtship made public, it was obvious that they were together and soon the scandalous lines were going to roll out. Jin declared that the wolves had to give up their phones for the time they spent so they don't give a damn to what's happening outside.
Jimin was a bit hesitant but Taehyung's squeeze on his shoulder and Jin's assuring smile strengthened Jimins' resolve to go ahead and start to learn to survive in the industry. If not now..then never. And thus started the journey of idol Jimin and his daring voyage of love!
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#yoonmin au Everyone explores the gardens and private beach the villa provides before cooking up something light with some coffee and juice making it to to the breakfast table. After some morning workout and calm walks, wolves get back to their rooms to freshen up.
#yoonminau #yoonmin Jimin stares at the lively living room filled with his hyungs, his best friend soulmate, his love... If he was ever told her would experience love in these many extravagant ways, he wouldn't have speculated it ever... It all like a dream.. Like a blessing!
#yoonmin #yoonmin au His omega preens at the pack that it perceives in the scenery of the wolves sporting warm smiles and subtle trust in each other. Jimin grins when Yoongi meets their eyes and raises his brow questioning. He joins them with a heart swollen with thankfulness.
#yoonmin #yoonminau Jimin spends some time with Yoongi under a shaded glass room that helps turn peer outside by keeps them from the heat and dirt discussing music and the elder provides him with various tips about how to sing the best with Jimin's range of voice.
“Jiminie...I wanted you to rest here but you tricked me into teaching you some musical techniques from the past two hours....” Jimin just huffs pouting. “Look who's talking.. The one who can't go anywhere without his recording equipment...” Jimin playfully rolls his eyes.
#yoonmin au “That's because they make me feel closer to my love...” “Music?!” Jimin flutters his lashes as if to warn Yoongi to answer him what he wants to listen.
#yoonmin au “Yes... Music which has given me a purpose and a channel to be finally be with you...” Yoongi rasps cupping Jimin's cheek and tracing his cheekbone. Jimin covers his tiny palm over the alpha's nuzzling it a bit. “I know Hyung... You inspire me so much...” “You too”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #yoonmin au Jin has already been cooking something special as he embraces his omega side that he rarely gets to. Even though Namjoon doesn't want him to tire himself with the work, Jin just wants to feed his babies and Namjoon joins him even when he sucks at it.
#yoonmin au With many shrieks and scoldings and Namjoon hugging the hell out of Jin to placate him cause he didn't know how to cut the damn onions, the couple reaches a consensus to let Jin and Yoongi cook the rest and leaves Namjoon sulking about how he not helping his omega.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #yoonmin au “Stand there...I will come running.. And then the dialogue starts...ohkay??!” Taehyung explains. He needs to continuously audition for some roles and he's preparing for the same.
#yoonmin au Jungkook stares amused at the boldness of the Omega who unabashedly makes him play a romantic scene with him. Taehyung as if understanding what the Alpha has been thinking breaks the harmony of crashing waves with his deep breathy voice.
#yoonminau “Are you uncomfortable with it?!” “No no.. Not at all ...” Jungkook bursts into a laughter. “I mean...I would love to do that with you...” WHAT??! “WHAT?!” Taehyung eyes him cheekily before smirking. “Let's do it then...” Taehyung feels energised as he enacts.
#yoonmin au “Where were you all this while..” Taehyung searches for Jungkook's eyes caressing his neck. “Moon knows how much I prayed for an alpha like you.. Just perfect for me...” Taehyung chokes on his tears which totally blows away Jungkook who sees his favourite omega act+
#yoonmin au right in front of him. “I love you...I love you so much that is crazy...” Taehyung shakes his head like in desperation and Jungkook heels it's doing unfathomable things to him.
#yoonmin au “I was waiting for you, to be found...” Jungkook unconsciously utters and then freezes in awe along with Taehyung who parts his lips and gasps. “Is that a confession?!” the Omega croons. “Yes.. This is a confession scene right..” Jungkook dumbly answers.
#yoonmin au Taehyung scoffs punching Jungkook slightly on his chest. “You are useless...” Taehyung accuses before beelining towards the dining room. The fresh smell of food already making his mouth water.
#yoonmin au “Listen everyone... We are releasing the second EP's first look like this afternoon. Since y'all are devoid of your phons...I will be screening it on the TV.
#yoonmin au Everyone claps and congratulates Jimin who basks in the positivity and good wishes and then they devour the completely hand cooked meal. Yoongi and Namjoon fill their omega's plate with some barbequed meat and side dishes.
#yoonminau Jungkook dares to fill Taehyung's plate with some pieces of meat which flusters the omega greatly. After what seems to be one of the best meals the Wolves had in a while, Taehyung offers to clean up and Jungkook joins him immediately.
#yoonmin Jin premieres the pre-recorded small teaser in the TV which has everyone in shock just like Jimin expected. It's about something that's really close to his heart... His love.. His Yoongi. The title goes as “Promise!”
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Jimin finds himself in the pool with Yoongi, boldly going shirtless to impress the omega with his alpha appeal, his broad chest, and ripped abs after working out for god knows how many years.
Jimin finds himself drooling, sitting at the edge of the pool, bringing a confident smirk to the alpha's features.
"Like what you see..." Jimin doesn't break their gaze; instead, he smirks himself, jumping into the pool and splashing water all over the alpha's hair which, after getting wet, he makes him appear hotter with beads of water glistening on his pale, fair skin.
Jimin closes the distance before caressing Yoongi's nape with one hand and wrapping his other palm around his waist, squeezing it. "Alphaa...." Jimin's breathy, high-pitched needy voice reverts the Alpha's gasping, heated reaction.
His translucent shirt sticks to his body like a second skin when he stares into the alpha's soul with his fiery orbs charged with desire and lust...
Jimin meets their foreheads in the warm shady afternoon breeze, half-submerged in the cold water of the pool that just comforts and lulls them into an aplomb euphoria. "Alpha..." Jimin rasps again before hearing an approving hum from Yoongi to go ahead.
"I have imagined us like this...for so long...countless times...I felt like...*deep breathes*...I felt like I lost you..." Jimin whines with tears hanging at the ashes when he raises his chin to face the alpha after his little confession.
"I thought...I---...*exhales softly as his little palm holds onto the alpha-like his lifeline.* " "I thought you replaced me..." Jimin pouts utterly adorably as he gazes into Yoongi's warm black eyes. Yoongi only chuckles before pecking his forehead.
"Alphaaaa...." Jimin whines, expecting Yoongi to say something when the elder only admires and holds him close, sticking their chests with his arms snaked around the omega's waist.
Jimin examines the Yoongi's features in the silence for any cue but breaks down when the alpha delays a bit in replying.
"I wanted to become an idol so I could be closer to you...I was jealous of every alpha and omega you were rumoured to be dating...I worked day and night, so I could qualify JinHit's audition..." Jimin hiccups on a sob.
"I went to all your shows, but they got to know I b-belonged to the same college like yours, so they k-kept me away...I cried myself to sleep for months cause the universe was not letting me meet you in any way *he winces as he reminiscences all his pain"...I felt broken.
...betrayed...I didn't deserve it, A-Alpha...I d-didn't..." Jimin sobs as he pours out all his heart. Yoongi parts his lips the first time he hears why Jimin wanted to be an idol.
It hits him like a thousand tons of bricks and many more piercing arrows that his omega went through all these trails and what, not for him. It boils his blood with a vengeance and also unleashes his alpha, who howls to claim the perfect omega in front of him.
The omega who took charge to get him, the omega whom he left recklessly without fighting...the omega who still loved the underserving pathetic Yoongi, four years ago...
Yoongi lets out a possessive growl as he brings his palms to cup Jimin's cheeks, bunching them as he coaxes the omega to meet their gazes and stares into his iris. Jimin crumbles, unable to hold the gaze that's full of love, concern, and anger...
for him..because of him. Yoongi cares about him, courting him...Yoongi wants him, unlike the old times. Jimin feels ecstatic with the feeling of being in the Alpha's safe hands washes over his outburst of painful confession.
Yoongi can feel his sight becoming hazy with the saltwater film filling his eyes. Jimin's cheeks are wet with his unending tears, and he hides in the crook of the Alpha's neck to calm himself down.
Yoongi possessively embraces him as he litters many kisses all across the omega's crook of neck and shoulder, scenting him. "I am here for know..." Jimin timidly states with his closed eyes as he rests his head on the Alpha's shoulder.
"It's just the fact that I will get to be with you and pursue my passion ...the only reasons, that give me strength...I am not ashamed anymore Hyung...I have hidden and repented on it several times...." Jimin sniffles before he takes in a deep breath.
Yoongi smiles against Jimin' skin on his shoulder, where he grunts, nuzzling roughly. "Alpha...I wanted to be yours...your omega..." Jimin lets his plump lips slide against the Alpha's skin as he confesses further.
He immediately hides in the crook of his neck, utterly flustered that he let it out after all these years. Yoongi squeezes the petite omega flush against his bare chest, lowly growly as he bites some marks below Jimin's jaw, marking him his.
His wolf finally unleashing, dancing, howling to Mark him, bite him, breed him..make him his...mark him...bite him....mark him... Jimin winces in the warm embrace, almost breathless with the way the Alpha hugs him as if to protect him and hide him in his embrace forever.
"Alpha has already accepted you, omega...." Yoongi's deep voice resounds in Jimin's eardrums as the Alpha claims right into his ears, biting his ear lobe a bit before kissing it and trailing kisses from his temples to the end of the omega's lips.
Jimin pulls back to speak something, but Yoongi beats him t it, pecking his lips like in a trance. "A-alph---...*chaste kiss*...Alph---*one more kiss*..." Jimin burst into a peal of giggles pressing a finger to the Alpha's lips to stop him from kissing him like he's on a rut.
"ALPHA..." Jimin winces, amused and croons at the pout the alpha's lips curl into. Jimin bites his lower lip lopsidedly to stop grinning widely and blushing red which further agitates the alpha as he has to hold back from such a gorgeous omega who has finally accepted him.
"Alphaaa.." Jimin pouts with his puppy eyes, laying his chin on the Alpha's chin. "I really..." Jimin looks exceptionally vulnerable and doubtful of judgment.
"Jimin...I have known you for 5 years almost...Spill it...Alpha loves you anyway...I--...I.." Yoong shakes his head, coaxing the omega to go ahead and express all his insecurities first.
"Do I look like a desperate omega...who's driven by...I don't know desire..Hyung, I promise...I really love music...I fought with my father to take lessons and happened and...I---
...I feel that I said it aloud..." Jimin feels annoyed at himself and all his weird feelings. "I were always into music, you worked towards it..and I ...I feel..." "Shhh..." Yoongi caresses the omega kissing his forehead to calm him down. .
"Alpha is here...I know..." He soothes. Jimin huffs before Yoongi pats him in a placating manner and cradles the omega's chin in his chest "I know you love music with all your heart. I understand what you wanted to achieve when you wanted to pursue it professionally!
But never be ashamed of the reason that pushes you towards your passion. You were my reason omega...but doesn't make my love for music or my professionalism is lesser...I am proud of it...and thankful!"
"Me too...I am very proud of you Alpha...." Jimin whispers, leaving a kiss on his chest. "And I am proud of you, omega. You did so well! You stood against anything! You will strongly further face everything. Don't worry!
I trust you with my everything, dear! You gave me a revived life. You will give yourself much better.." Yoongi feels Jimin smile against his skin before both of them jump to kiss each other fervently again till someone comes to call them for some snacks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Caught in a Lie......" Yoongi hums, and Jimin blushes, crunching on some snacks. "This is about me right...I broke our promise...and left you..and what not..." Yoongi smiles with an amused smirk as the colours fade away from Jimin's face.
" did you..." Jimin stares at him with lips puckering like a fish out of water. "Alpha knows everything.." Yoongi cocks his chin with a smug expression, patting his lap, and Jimin feels hot all over his body, burning with an unknown churn in his stomach.
Jimin stares at the elder without moving, freezing in his seat before the tension builds to a level Taehyung enters and gags. "Fcuk already and spare us this show..." Taehyung remarks rolling his eye, chuckling leaning into Jungkook.
Crimson dust blooms over Jimin's cheeks before he even responds. Jimin smirks, getting purposefully swaying his hips more than they naturally should beelining to the Alpha's room.
Yoongi gawks hungrily at the omega shyly, sauntering his way to the Alpha's room. He waits till the door closes and sprints to his room soon after. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"What are you doing in my room sunshine??!" Yoongi's gaze lingers on that gorgeous face of the omega who's biting his lips sensuously seated in the middle of the bed, watching how sleekly Yoongi latches the door to his room.
"Alphaaa....." Jimin tightens the hold around the pillow he's hugged, burying his nose into it. "What does the omega want?!" Yoongi smirks, treading like a hungry wolf eyeing its prey, getting ready to be devoured raw.
"I want to be good for y-you.." Jimin stutters as Yoongi's knee sink onto the edge of the bed. "You want to be good for the alpha...." Yoongi cocks his chin, eyeing the omega amusedly, gesturing him to come to him. Jimin crawls across the bed, reaching out to Yoongi.
He wraps his arms around Yoongi's waist as the other cups his cheeks, tilting his head to meet their eyes. "H-hyung.." Jimin's voice wavers with the ravenous look on Yoongi's face. It's as if he's restraining himself from losing control and doing unspeakable things to the omega.
#yoonmin au His omega dances in delight, whereas his body shivers in anticipation and feels a painful pleasure probing his insides. "I always wanted to be...your omega..." Jimin states in a breathy, raspy whisper.
#yoonmin au "You 'are' mine!" Yoongi softly caresses his cheekbone, eyeing him lovingly. "No...." Jimin whines, breath hitching at the words and lewd scenes developing in his mind that he desires to experience.
#yoonmin au "I want to omega ..with you...Alphaa...I want to be the truest form of wolf...serve you..." Yoongi's iris darkens at the implications of those words and the omega going pliant and submitting himself.
#yoonmin au It's not just a matter of pride for his growling wolf, but the trust he could regain from the omega. "I want to be ..yours..." Jimin winces features contorting into a frown at the Alpha not going ahead and just doing sexy things that Jimin wishes...
#yoonmin au --the ways he wants to be touched...kissed, marked...his omega begging the alpha through his scent to take over him and claim him then and there. "It's as if you don't want me only.." Jimin groans with pouted lips in a melancholy tone peering at their laps.
#yoonmin au "Jimin...this isn't too fast for you..?!" Ahhh..?!" Yoongi settles onto the bed, and Jimin straddles him quickly, not leaving the alpha's warm, safe touch and an intoxicating scent that's filled with pheromones arousal for a second.
#yoonmin au Jimin pouts, disappointed, playing with Yoongi's large slender fingers, automatically imagining how deep they could go inside him...damn... He's so gone for the Alpha..and is so damn horny cause his heat is near!
#yoonmin au "You pushed me away during graduation because I was apparently unreachable..and's going fast...well, I am starting to believe all those omegas you slept with..." Yoongi enlarges his eyes like saucers at the bratty omega.
#yoonmin au "All this tricks aren't going to work on me omega.." Yoongi pats Jimin's cheek a few times, flashing a gritted smile. Jimin lifts his chin to meet their gazes. "Then I might need to find an Alpha for myself..."
#yoonmin au "Omega.." Yoongi growls warningly. Jimin glares back with equal intensity. "Jimin I want you to be tell it to me with all your heart!!" Jimin huffs.
#yoonmin au "I am out of the mood now... you ruined everything..." Jimin flaunts his sad pout that would melt any rock in the universe, and Yoongi is just a whipped creature. Jimin begins to climb down Yoongi's lap, but he doesn't let go.
#yoonmin au "Let's cuddle??!" Yoongi asks with newfound enthusiasm, his wolf raging to upset his omega and not pleasuring him. He needs to do something to erase that hint of sadness from shi omega. "No!" Jimin averts his gaze wiggling out of Alpha's hold.
#yoonmin au "No..I said No...Nooooo..." Jimin gives up as Yoongi enforces his decision to cuddle the younger till he's smothered in love, which they never officially did on his bed.
#yoonmin au Jimin's omega would never want to leave the room, and the bed that smells like his alpha at all but Jimin doesn't always want to be the one to concede.
#yoonmin au "But know that I hate you Alpha..." Jimin glares before tiredly slipping into the sheets, which already reek of Yoongi's scent in such a short span of time.
#yoonmin au Yoongi gets into the sheets providing himself to hug and cuddle instead of sniffing on the blanket endlessly for the scent. "OMEGA...come here..." and Jimin turns unconsciously, snuggling into Yoongi. Moon! He loves it, and he hates it that he loves it too.
#yoonmin au Yoongi's lips tug upwards at the corners as the omega furrows into his chest and his nose in search of his scent gland, almost glueing the bodies. "My omega.." Yoongi breathes into Jimin's hair, hands roaming over the omega's back like a massage.
#yoonmin au "I want you much you know..." "Don't...don't even tell em all this bullsh#t when you won't do anything.." Yoongi can't see Jimin's face, but he can sense him rolling his eyes internally, nevertheless.
#yoonmin au "What do you want Alpha to do?!" Yoogni asks both to tease and with curiosity. "I want you to hold me.." Jimin mumbles into his chest. "I want you to kiss other places..." "I want your fingers to pleasure me..."
#yoonmin au "I want you to..." Jimin backs up, so his face is visible to the Alpha. "I want you to fcuk me to the oblivion..." Jimin reveals determination. "Ahaaaa..." Yoongi's lets out a low deep guttural growl as his hands slip into Jimin's pants.
#yoonmin au His fingers can feel the soaked up p@nty of the omega with the bit of intimacy they share.
#yoonmin au 🔞🔞 "You are sooo wet for me....arghhh....makes me wannna fulfill all your wishes..." Yoongi's seducingly claims, lips hovering over Jimin's like the other gasps when one of the fingers of alpha has tugged on his underwear, brushing his cheeks.
#yoonmin au "Alphaaa...please..." Jimins' moans at the sensation of the fingers intruding the thick a$$cheeks reaching the rim of his h@le leaking slick with how aroused he is with the alpha near him.
#yoonmin au It's always been the same feeling of longing, love, desire, and at times, lust that clouded Jimins mind since he realized he was in love with Yoongi in graduation.
#yoonmin au But now, at the prime age of active hormones and most active sex organs, Jimin can't at all resist the urge to sometimes just wanna get fcuked and owned by his alpha. It's his instinct and, to an extent, his explicit desires aligning with his physiology.
#yoonmin au "What please? What do you want?!" Yoongi seems smug with the reaction younger with just a little bit of teasing at his rim. Jimin doesn't answer, only capturing the Alpha's lips in a rough kiss, pressing back on the fingers to feel some sensation and Yoongi,
#yoonmin au in between their never-ending breathless kiss, enters one digit earning a gaspy moan that he swallows into his own.
#yoonmin au He rolls Jimin over, one of his palms now efficiently working his way up Jimins' rim, as he adds two more digits, with ease with the excess slick dripping down the omega's h@le!
#yoonmin au They don't break the kiss and only detach for a few seconds to catch air as Jimin pulls him down with his firm grip on his hair with desperation to feel connected.
#yoonmin au "Eager..aren't w---ahhkk..ahh", Jimin smirks before biting just below the jaw and sucking on it to leave a mark. A mark of the claim. A mark to showcase to the world that Yoongi is his. "Jimin...warn a man...that's gonna show for a month..."
#yoonmin au "Exactly..." Jimin's omega seems proud of it. Yoongi dips down to the crook of Jimin's neck to scent him while he thrusts his fingers into Jimin.
#yoonmin au The latter keeps emitting beautiful high pitched and raspy moans, which Yoongi notes, is the best symphony he's ever heard in his life.
#yoonmin au "Alphaa...just th-..t-there..." It makes Jimins' toes curl into the mattress as the pleasure caused by Yoongi's fingers exceed every imagination in his fantasy. "I think..I will..."
#yoonmin au Jimin feels the clothes on his and Yoongi's body are suffocating him with the heat of the arousal and hindering his omega from feeling the Alpha closer.
#yoonmin au "H-Hyung.." Jimin tugs at the Yoongis' shirt, and soon, both of them are scrambling to take off their clothes and throw them anywhere they can get before tugging down their bottoms without a hint of shame.
#yoonmin au "Do I look beautiful, Alpha?!" Jimins' puppy eyes preen for Alpha's praises as he feels self-conscious being so intimate and bare in front of each other for the first time.
#yoonmin au Yoongi feels his tongue tied and heart erratically beating at an impossible rate with the magnificence lying below him. He relishes at the smooth milky unmarked skin of the omega just waiting to be claimed.
#yoonmin au "You are are beautiful everywhere are my most precious little pup..." praises and sweet nothings flow like a river as the Alpha worships Jimin like the god, kissing every inch and thanking the universe for giving him a second chance.
#yoonmin au Yoongi's kisses become wet and sloppy with Jimins' restlessness, and his bed feels like a puddle of slick at this point which he wants to lick off right from his rim. But that's for another day. "Hyung....I w-want you..."
#yoonmin au "" Yoongi cards his fingers through Jimins' hair, clipping the sweaty strands behind his ear and kissing his forehead. " lucky am I?!" Yoongi wanted to whisper to himself, but it's let out loudly.
#yoonmin au Jimin melts into his hands and pulls him up for another heated kiss. Yoongi enters when his tongue is licking at the sides of Jimins' mouth, taking in all the parted lips and silent freaky moans the omega releases with the sweet sensation of being filled up.
#yoonmin au "Soo..soo full.." "Do you like it?!" Yoongi smiles waiting for the omega who's already feeling fcuked out to adjust to his girth. An expression of the content of his omega which reflects on his features
#yoonmin au " are so huge..I--I am...please move..." Jimin's sputters, and Yoongi determinedly caresses Jimins' waist and stomach before he literally fcuks him to oblivion.
#yoonmin au The evening goes by, falling asleep in each other's arms in the room that stinks with pheromones fo s#x and heavily mixed scents. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#yoonmin au "Kim Namjoon.....Look at this.." Jin frantically runs towards the Alpha, who's on the sofa on the front porch. "What happened now??!" NAmjooon scowls with the worry plaguing his omega's demeanour.
#yoonmin au "The photos of Yoongi and Jimin kissing on the beach have been leaked. The internet is going crazy...I just...I know we explained a lot to my baby..but...I am afraid he will go into a panic...
#yoonminau ...I just want to keep him safe..." Jin settles, leaning into Namjoon, who's going through the articles. "Don't worry..with us...he will take it well..." Namjoon consoles the agonizing omega. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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#yoonmin au "Jimin ah..come here, we need to talk..." Jin's careful gaze and subtle worry marring his features don't go unnoticed by Jimin when he's beacons towards the dining table the following afternoon.
#yoonmin au "Is this about the media?? Did they leak any photos? Hyung, you can tell me...I am...I am stronger!" Jin sighs, shaking his head a little. "There's just one picture leaked. Of you and Yoongi kissing on the beach.
#yoonmin au I know you are very well reserved and to keep up the image of rookie idol and not take advantage..and what not...the thing isn't even a big deal..." Namjoon shrugs with his mature smile, but...There's a BUT...
#yoonmin au "We want you to not look at the tabloids or anything online!! There's a lot of ruckuses and trust us..." Jin clasps his hands over Jimin's, warm and assured, we will take care of it.
#yoonmin au "I am always here if you want to share anything.." Yoongi adds knowingly about the situation. "Hyung, I told you...I am learning and honestly, I feel a lot better from the past two days with regard to this aspect..."
#yoonmin au Jimin smiles easily when his Alpha shows up with the most comforting voice and smile so endearing, radiating warmth and safety. Jimin falls into Yoongi's embrace as the most natural thing and calms down from the pacing heart that overtook him with the news.
#yoonmin au "I am so happy hyung!! I..." Jimin searches for Yoongi's face as he cups his cheeks, pecking his lips sweetly. "You make me feel so I never felt before!" Jimin buries his face into the Alpha's chest, inhaling his scent and just revelling in calmness.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #yoonmin au "What do they say Jinnie hyung?!" Jimin questions when they are having some late afternoon snacks. "I won't look at there something interesting?!" Jimin's eyes lighten up with a strange glint.
#yoonmin au "There's that same bullsh#t about rookie idol trying to gain favours from the Alphas in the industry....but there's also a lot of previous stories surfacing with the fans connecting your lyrics of Lie with the story going around the masses." Jin winks cheesily.
#yoonmin au "How dare you write a song exposing your Alpha like that??!" Yoongi playfully uses his dominant voice as he nuzzles into Jimin's crook of the neck, scenting him fondly.
#yoonmin au "Wait till you listen to the next album...Alpha.." Jimin smiles mischievously, giggling with all the scenting. "What did you write in that omegaa....."
#yoonmin au "Something about the Alpha, who never came back to me...about someone I cursed all those nights,
#yoonmin au about someone whom I wanted to kick in the b@lls but also kiss senseless...." Yoongi could feel a pang in his chest as he recollects his own pathetic times where he wrote his masterpieces.
#yoonmin au Sometimes great emotions inspire great art, which is valid with musicians too.
#yoonmin au His trademark style of angsty raw music evolved from his undying and unrequited feeling, the omega he fell in love with but never dared to court or show himself without becoming the king he was for the other. "Jimin ahh..."
#yoonmin au "It's ohkay hyung..I am not a innnocent helpless omega..." "I didn't mean that..." Yoongi quickly answers.
#yoonmin au "No, Hyung...just like your music, my music is inspired from, myself, at least the initial albums. I am sorry if they would offend you or your fans...but that's what I wanted to put out...
#yoonmin au that flowed through the ink...I couldn't help it..." Jimin seems happy and proud to embrace his sorrow and anger towards his love and dares to reveal it to the world despite who Yoongi was.
#yoonmin au "I am proud of you, dear! You are so strong! I am proud of JinHit!" Yoongi's gaze wafts to Jin, who smiles smugly. "Y'all are one group of strong willed omegas..." Yoongi shakes his head in appreciation that fills all of his chests.
#yoonmin au "Hyung..." Jimin's honey-sweet whisper from his chest propels his interest back to his gorgeous omega. "What do you" "I feel like doing somewthing naughty..." Jimin winks. "What..." Yoongi whispers.
#yoonmin au "Something for the tabloids writers..." Jimin smiles cunningly. "I would love that..." Yoongi leans to whisper on the other's lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#yoonmin au "Can you see them ..are you sure..." Yoongi huffs, hugging Jimin tightly over the pier in the evening, where Jimin is ensuring a correct angle to give the paps who are not so subtly clicking their pictures. "Yes..Hyung..are you ready?!"
#yoonmin au "Always..." Yoongi chuckles lightly. Jimin draws back and slowly meets their lips in a comfortable slow dance, languidly devouring each other as their lips entangle and stick together, closer, deeper,
#yoonmin au till there's no distinction between where each of their lips starts or end. The kiss turns intense as Jimin goes pliant under Yoongi's expert tongue crossing his lips and tasting his interiors.
#yoonmin au Jimin arches, making both of them bend aside in a beautiful movie-like style against the backdrop of a bright orangish sun.
#yoonmin au Jimin pulls his alpha closer with his fingers tangle in the black locks of the other, just taking breathes through open mouths kissed but overall not breaking the kiss and almost eating each other until Jimin smiles against Yoongi's lips.
#yoonmin au They both detach, and Yoongi dips to his neck to scent him openly, licking his skin and nuzzling deeply into it as Jimin moans rather loudly or at least seems so in the photos that are being clicked.
#yoonmin au "Are we d-done?!" Yoongi breathily asks with a smug, satisfied smile searching for Jimin's orbs. Jimin leans to leave a few more chaste kisses and declares they are done. They take a calm walk across the beach and go for their villa. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#yoonmin au "Jimin...did you really??!" Taehyung looks up from Jin's mobile and grins cheekily. "I had to ...." Jimin shrugs, proud of himself. "He gets his sassiness from Jin!" Namjoon comments, joining them. "I have raised them right!"
#yoonmin au Jimin wouldn't allow anyone to make him feel degraded for being with his Alpha, the Alpha he's pined over for years and loved with his everything against everyone. He releases a silent message about how he doesn't care nor would give a damn.
#yoonmin au The effect is immediate with the articles of slacking being replaced by the bold omega and his bold, prideful decision to show off his Alpha. The writings changed from seeking favours to winning love through the years.
#yoonmin au The entertainment industry was all a game of talent and tactics. Jimin was one brilliant omega trained by the masterminds like Jin, who gave him freedom in both his work and personal life, which further increased the goodwill of JinHit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#yoonmin au The fans quickly caught on to the nuances of Jimin's second album aesthetics, words, and phrases. It was about a past lover or might be the present lover he dearly loved to ridiculous heights and conquered all obstacles through time, patience, and hard work.
#yoonmin au The end of the vacation signified the release of his next album, which was anti-climatic and quite controversial as the lyrics didn't match the ongoing courtship and beautiful romance between Jimin and Yoongi.
#yoonmin au Some fans were bitter, whereas others appreciated the bravery to talk about the industry's most prominent Alpha artist and raw love Jimin nurtured towards him over the years.
Fans overall were over the cloud, with the pair in love despite so many struggles revealed in the albums. AgustD was dropping the album just next week. Jimin was over cloud nine on his tiptoes to listen to the new album, which Yoongi has worked on after their eventful rendevous.
#yoonmin au It came as a shock to everyone, including Jimin, when there wasn't a hint of sadness in the new album. It's so romantic to the extent Jimin blushes furiously when he reads the lyrics and almost smacks Yoongi for describing their first kiss like that.
#yoonmin au "Felt like gracing the aura of Aphrodite before being manhandled by her hands...." Jimin was obviously the most wanted model within just three quarters of debuting with not just his brand power he worked towards right from the first company that
#yoonmin au doubled its turnover but with Yoongi by his side, his value increased. The industry had a slick tradition of patching up idols to improve the overall brand worth of an individual and announce a break-up after the deal.
#yoonmin au Still, in the case of Jimin, it happened so naturally and honestly, there was nothing to blame for Jimin. He loved Yoongi more than the mere remarks of the bitter entertainment column writers or paparazzi.
#yoonmin au Jimin has the highest engagements in omega idols, almost close to Taehyung, a year senior in the industry. The profits for JinHit had it break even at the end of the third quarter of debut. In order to celebrate the same,
#yoonmin au Jin had ravished Namjoon till he was tired and chose AgustD's success party as the ideal occasion. Min Yoongi did not throw success parties when his albums were blockbusters anyway.
#yoonmin au However, this one that sidelines his original style still being well received was the cause of celebration. Hoseok was impressed in the least, and his husband was eager to spend some jolly time after delivery too after everything.
#yoonmin au "Owwwhh…looking ravishing there.." Taehyung compliments as Jimin enters the AgustD album success party whose sole motive is to officially take the next step in their relationship.
#yoonmin au Jimin hugs his soulmate and best friend tightly before grinning widely, eyes reaching for the man of the hour. Yoongi is flooded with media questions, short interviews. Then finally, when he's out of the bounds of the people trying to interview him,
#yoonmin au he's stopped by the gorgeous lady who flashes a tender smile at him. "Ahhhh… such a nice surprise!!" Yoongi exclaims, and the girl shrugs before congratulating him. "Thank you so much for helping with you know what…."
#yoonmin au "Please, don't mention it! I see you are dating Park Jimin.. he's accepted you after all. You two look great together!" Jimin can't hear anything from a distance he's standing at, but the way the female omega smiles and
#yoonmin au tugs a hair behind her ear unleashes a tide of rage in his heart. Jimin stomps towards his Alpha before greeting the other with a tight-lipped smile and curling his arm into the Alpha's. "Jimin"
#yoonmin au "I know who she is. What do you take me for? I belong to this industry too! IU shii, I am a great fan!" Jimin really was a fan, but a spark of jealousy stulls tungs him from deep beneath.
#yoonmin au Yoongi smirks, noticing the little omega's heated cheek and not so subtle glares, and he thinks he could play for some time. "Hey, you look particularly gorgeous in that dress!" Yoongi compliments the omega,
#yoonmin au and Jimin's nose flares up with anger as his tight-lipped smile seems more like a menacing expression.
#yoonmin au "Yoongi…I need you there. Jin Hyung is calling for us!” Jimin is tugging Yoongi's arm and almost pulling him through the crowd away from his insecurity before the female omega's cheeks tint red and showcases all her charm.
#yoonmin au "Jiminiee…why are we here?!" Yoongi questions innocently as Jimin take them towards the terrace decorated with some warm lights and a small bar on the side. "Are you done ogling other omegas??!" Jimin crosses his arms, rolling his eyes with a deep pout.
#yoonmin au "Awww…is my omega jealous?!" Yoongi pulls the omega closer into his arms, and Jimin pout only deepens as he looks everywhere else and his arms locked into himself to express his little anger.
#yoonmin au "Alpha only loves you, dear…." Yoongi leans in to nuzzle at his temples and leave a kiss there. Jimin's heart swells up with the word love. "Love", he's been running away from, afraid of, hiding from…till when would he do that, Jimin wonders.
He's no more a rookie idol; his albums, lyrics, and visuals have created a tsunami of influence despite not completing a year as an idol. The male omegas look up to him. He's helped his company break even. He's almost talked about when people talk about the A-listed stars.
#yoonmin au Jimin melts in Yoongis' arms and hides his chest. He hums lowly, a throaty growl slipping from his lips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Please welcome the one and only AgustD…." *Loud claps and hooting*
#yoonmin au "Thank you, everyone, for assembling here for this celebration. If you know me..this is not what I usually do...but this album is incredibly close to my heart cause now the unreachable love I have been writing about is finally beside me..."
#yoonmin au Everyone coos as Yoongi's gaze chase for Jimins sight and winks at him. Jimin flashes an angelic smile and tries to control the crimson overtaking his cheeks.
#yoonmin au "You would have seen the way, the songs are ....happy.." Yoongi smiles tenderly, eyeing Jimin, who smiles calmly at him. "That's because I am happy! I have finally found nothing is worth exchanging this happiness with. My omega being beside me, fame...
#yoonmin au I am so proud of him. You, Jimin ah...I am proud of you!" Yoongi raises his chin to emphasize, and Jimin melts in front of everyone, tears glistening at his lashes.
#yoonmin au "Thank you so much, everyone, for being, directly and indirectly, involved in the success of this album. Thank you for beliving this..and thank you for appreaciating it! I hope you have a great time and please...
#yoonmin au .love Jimin ah a lot too!" Yoongi doubtfully requests, scoffing into a smile, earning giggles and coos from everyone around with an admiring wide smile. The party starts with people dispersing to get drinks and others to talk business.
#yoonmin au Jimin smiles shyly, jumping on his heels as Yoongi steals a few glances from him in a conversation with a movie director producing the biggest film next year. "Taehyung...I think I am going to do it..." Jimin squeals as he fetches something from his pocket.
#yoonmin au "Oh my Moon, really.." Taehyung claps in tiny, excited. Jimin hugs him replenishing some confidence and calming his nerves. "I am sure of my feelings now. I am...I can no more stay this far from him.
#yoonmin au I can no more make him suffer like this. I think I am too kind..but he deserves better!" Jimin answers before he pulls both of them towards the terrace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Yoongi hyung, Jimin..." "Yeah, where is he..I have been looking for him.."
#yoonmin au "On the terrace...he's waiting for you.." Taehyung smiles as he answers, and Yoongi strides across the room, rushing towards the place, heart filling with an unknown excitement and mind racing to vibrant scenarios he wishes were true soon.
#yoonmin au "Jimin ah..." Yoongi calls as he finds Jimin facing the city just like they met months ago. A light cold breeze wafts the golden brown locks of Jimin onto his forehead as he twists to smile at Yoongi calling him.
#yoonmin au Yoongi feels at peace, like standing at the end of the race after winning it, like reaching salvation after ages of meditation, like just being in the the most lovely dream of himself...
#yoonmin au Yoongi closes their distance quickly before opening his arms for Jimin to find his warmth. Jimin leans, snuggling into his arms and tightening his palms around the elder's waist.
#yoonmin au There are no words spoken, just the heat of the fairy lights around, the calm breeze and full moon anticipating the union of her beloved children. "Hyung..." "Hmm..."
#yoonmin au Jimin backs up before flashing a mischievous pouty smile and a grin he's unable to stop from curling over his lips. "What..." Yoongi feels clueless even after reading into the omega's scent and eyes.
#yoonmin au Jimin lifts Yoongi's right hand holding it in his, before pressing some soft kisses over his knuckles and then, his right-hand raises to reveal a ring. "After buying gifts for my family and my second family JinHit...I was thinking what to buy for myself...."
#yoonmin au Jimin explains to a very wide-eyed, frozen, paling features fo Yoongi.
#yoonmin au "And then I realized...I deserve to present myself a very worthy" Jimin takes Yoongi's giant palm, spreading his fingers with his tiny ones that flush him more along with his ragged breath and thumping heart.
#yoonmin au Jimin starts to slide in the ring on Yoongi's finger as he says; "So, I give myself you! My most precious gift!" Jimin breathily whispers, gazing into Yoongi's enlarged orbs. Silence.
#yoonmin au Their foreheads are covered with their hair forming a curtain between their eyes. After what seems to be an eternity for Jimin, he speaks sick of the tantalizing silence.
#yoonmin au "What do you you like it.." Jimin doubtfully quizzes, his eyes now turning teary and pout deepening. Yoongi's free hand travels to Jimin's neck, cupping it before he smirks, leaning in,
#yoonmin au so close till their breaths are mingled into one, and there's a hairbreadth of the gap between their lips. " I love it!" Yoongi declares before smashing their lips together.
#yoonmin au Like an explosion of the star's core, like lakhs of particles of happiness emanating from the explosion, Jimin's wolf and his soul burst with a radiance of joy as his lips are caught in the pillows of Yoongi's lips.
#yoonmin au That soft yet deep press of their lips, that slow chasing of each other's lips to taste each other, just fills Jimin's senses with a buttery like tingles. Yoongi's other hand reaches the sides to caress him and squeeze just above his waist,
#yoonmin au one of his sensitive spots making the other gasp and Yoongi's tongue barges into the omega's mouth, tasting the sweet scent on his own. Their kiss deepens as Jimin pulls him closer,
#yoonmin au sticking their chests like glue and melting in his body warmth, tilting his head to give more and more. "I-..." Yoongi sucks on Jimin's tongue and detaches their lips with a wet sound of their saliva.
#yoonmin au "I love you, baby..." Yoongi declares with so much fondness and love dripping through his marron eyes. "Me too!" Jimin shrieks and quickly answers. Yoongi catches him in a heated kiss time. "I ..." Jimin gasps out. "I ..." *chaste kiss*
"Love you" *another chaste kiss licking on the bottom lips of the omega* "I love you so much alpha!" Yoongi growls into the next kiss and devours Jimins' lips in his own. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#yoonmin au 5 months afterwards: "And the best award for the rookie idol goes to ....." "Park Jimin!" Jimin kisses AgustD's cheek with a lingering kiss before raising gracefully and sauntering towards the stage.
#yoonmin au "Thank you ..thank you so much, angels! You know, this couldn't have been possible without my Jin Hyung, Taehyung, my soulmate, everyone who's helped me learn and grow every day!
#yoonmin au My fiancee, my love, my alpha Min Yoongi shii..." Jimin winks at him with a mischievous smile as yoongi shamelessly send him flying kisses, disregarding the crowd going crazy around him.
#yoonmin au "I am here because of you. You are my reason darling and this omega is proud to be yours!" Jimin heaves a breath smiling melancholy. Yoongi feels like crying like a baby, his wolf growling with pride and overwhelming love and affection for the omega.
#yoonmin au "Thank you for leaving me once with a heart full of pain...I have found my purpose, my passion and my love...stronger than ever! Thank you, everyone!!" Jimin completes his speech and skips down the stairs to be lifted into the Alpha's arms,
#yoonmin au who press a wet kiss to his cheek unabashedly in front of everyone. Thousands of flashes click their beautiful moment. They peck on the lips and settle down, keeping up the image of the most cutest and gushed about couple in the industry.
#yoonmin au People look at them with heart eyes and learn a lesson of striving love and boundless passion. Maybe if Yoongi didn't skip classes, Jimin wouldn't have come to him... Maybe if Yoongi didn't leave Jimin, he wouldn't have worked towards his passion for music...
#yoonmin au Maybe everything happens for a reason, after all... Maybe everything happens for love!! -Fin
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