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Dec 15, 2021
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so we‘re taking the long way home, cause i don‘t wanna be wasting time alone | tægyv au inspired by long way home by 5s0s (req by @syun🐱 💕) in which th is a tired grad student dating barista bg // th has his most important exam coming up, so he‘s stressed af

so when he picks up bg from work one night, th decides fuck it & at the crossroad where he usually turns right, he turns left & when bg asks what he‘s doing th just says to trust him, he has a plan so bg just nods bcs he trusts th
& they‘re driving for a while, leaving the city behind them, so eventually th has to stop to fill up the tank & while he does that bg goes inside to buy snacks & drinks, bcs he doesn‘t know how long they‘ll be but it‘s okay bcs th already looks more relaxed than he has in weeks
so when bg gets back to the car, th is already waiting for him & bg can‘t help but lean over to kiss him & when th smiles against his lips, bg also smiles & then th turns on the radio & it‘s a green day song, so they laugh bcs it used to be their fave song when they were teens
then they‘re back on the road & bg opens the window to stick out his hand, enjoying the feeling of the cool night air on his fingers, next to him th is singing along to the green day song, getting the lyrics wrong & bg laughs bcs it‘s cute & when they stop at a stop sign
bg kisses th again bcs he can‘t help it, there is something in the air tonight & even if it‘s getting dark & they should go home, the stars are out, finally visible when they‘re not overshadowed by the neon lights of the city & it‘s just them, that‘s all they need
& then th seems to have found the place where he wanted to stop, they‘re on top of some hill god know‘s where & bg is almost certain th has no idea how they ended up here but he seems happy, so bg is too and they can see the stars from here, so they lay down on the car hood
& bg is in th‘s arms, the light from the car illuminating the background & when bg looks at th, he feels his heart sing bcs the boy finally looks at peace, so bg just has to kiss him again and the moment is so perfect neither of them want it to end
they don‘t talk about work or th‘s exams bcs it‘s not important & after some time they realize neither of them will make it back in time for work or class but it doesn‘t matter bcs they have each other & they‘ll make it home eventually


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