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Dec 16, 2021
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my friends said i should lock you down, before you figure me out & you run away |ye0nb1n au inspired by end up here by 5s0s sbn doesn‘t know what he‘s doing here honestly. he‘s been dragged to this club by his friend, who insisted sbn needed to do smth else but stay in everyday

so he‘s here and he‘s uncomfortable bcs it‘s loud, people are sweating and the shots he took aren‘t kicking in. he contemplates making up an excuse to leave but then he sees him. it‘s funny really bcs there are so many people here but this boy dances like there‘s no one else
and sbn knows he‘s not the only one looking but as he watches the boy from where he‘s pressed against the wall, sbn notices the other is rejecting everything. and suddenly, dark eyes are on sbn and he almost forgets to breathe bcs this gorgeous guy is actually walking up to him
this is how sbn gets to know that the gorgeous guy is called ynjvn and when ynjvn says that sbn doesn‘t really look like he belongs here, sbn should be offended but he isn‘t bcs it‘s true and he laughs with ynjvn, but he keeps wondering why someone like ynjvn is talking to him
but ynjvn just said he liked sbn‘s shirt and that‘s literally all it takes for sbn to let ynjvn take him back to his place. sbn lets ynjvn push him down onto the best and straddle his hips while they‘re making out and ynjvn tastes like chapstick and sbn is obsessed
ynjvn‘s bedroom is dark, only lit by the moon shining through the window but it‘s enough for sbn bcs even in this lighting, ynjvn is absolutely stunning and if sbn could he‘d take a million pictures but instead he lets ynjvn ride him and commits the image to his memory
and when sbn wakes up the next morning, ynjvn is still asleep on his chest, the sunlight making his skin glow and sbn wonders again how he ended up here with someone so out of his league but then ynjvn wakes up and they have breakfast together and then ynjvn asks for sbn‘s number
sbn gives it to him but he already prepared himself for the fact that ynjvn would never call but ynjvn calls sbn the next day and they meet for coffee. next thing sbn knows is that sbn sees ynjvn almost every day and he still can‘t believe his luck.
but when sbn‘s friend agree that his thing with ynjvn is too good to be true bcs sbn is a boring homebody who prefers playing video games all day over going out while ynjvn is the opposite, sbn gets a little upset.
they‘re right, of course, it‘ll only be a matter of time until ynjvn will get bored of him or realize he‘s way too hot to be with someone like sbn but ynjvn keeps coming to sbn‘s apartment after his work, he keeps kissing him and he keeps letting sbn take him apart in the bedroom
so when sbn finally tells ynjvn about his insecurities, ynjvn doesn‘t laugh at him but instead kisses him and tells sbn he‘s here to stay and he‘ll always come back to sbn bcs to ynjvn sbn is a ten


i write | +x+ centric | minors dnf dni | semi-nsfw | syun’s 💙 | read carrd before you follow!
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