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Dec 17, 2021
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Yoonmin AU— 🔞 Bandmates Yoongi and Jimin are known as the "orange couple" of the group but none of them wants to admit their feelings for each other. Until one day, the band attends a party where Yoongi is chosen to do a body shot with a guy, and Jimin gets inevitably jealous.

Based on my prompt ↷…
🦋 lady

🦋 lady

yoonmin au— 🔞 Bandmates Yoongi and Jimin are known as the "orange couple" of the group but none of them wants to admit their romantic feelings for each other. Until one day, the band attends a party and in their drunken state, Jimin kisses Yoongi in front of a crowd.
This is a commissioned AU. The commissioner picked it up for me from my list of prompts to finish writing the story. A special gift for cate's birthday! from: jamjam ♡
tags: • bandmates yoonmin • rapper yoongi, vocalist jimin • fluff, bickering, jealous jimin • yoonmin are in denial but obviously in love with each other • drinking, parties, body shots • sexual tension • explicit content 🔞 • oral sex, bareback, car/van sex
- profiles - band name: PERSONA vocalists: jimin, taehyung, jungkook rappers: yoongi, hoseok producer: namjoon manager: seokjin
Jimin raises his microphone up in the air as the last note of the song drops, looking at the ceiling of the concert hall with a wide smile tugging at the corners of his glossy lips.
The loud claps and shouts of the cheering crowd buzz Jimin’s skin, and for the millionth time since he'd started his career, the vocalist thinks this is where he belongs — on stage.
Closing his eyes as the spotlights become too much, the loud cheering amplifies in Jimin’s ears and he places the microphone against his lips. “Thank you for being with us tonight! This is PERSONA, and we’ll see you again next time! Good night!”
As the band disappears backstage, Jimin takes off his glittered jacket and lets it hang off the crook of his shoulders, sighing in exhaustion as their stylists pat tissues on his face and neck.
The cool air of the dressing room soothes Jimin’s skin and he sits on the chair in front of the vanity table. “Congratulations on another successful concert tonight!” he hears their manager, Seokjin, say and the whole team gives them a big round of applause.
“Let’s eat dinner somewhere! “Hyung, your treat,” Hoseok, one of the band's rappers, teases their manager. “Ya, I’ve been treating you since forever.” “Nah, you’re using the company’s money,” Jungkook counters with a smirk.
Jin rolls his eyes at the youngest. “Keep your mouth shut if you wanna eat something good tonight, brat.” Jimin hears Jungkook and Jin bickering in the background as he busies himself taking off some of his rings and bracelets.
He’s always loved accessories and as a celebrity, it’s a must to make himself presentable wherever he goes. After a tiring but fulfilling concert, Jimin wants nothing but to strip his clothes off, plunge into a tub filled with warm water and waste his two days off in bed.
But tonight with his bandmates looking so eager to eat out, the vocalist decides to postpone his much-needed rest and stick with them until the night ends. “Are you okay?” Jimin lifts up his eyes to the man standing beside him.
He’s wearing a black leather jacket over a white tank top and fitted dark pants tucked in a pair of black combat boots. His orange hair is parted to the side but a whole night of running and jumping around the stage caused a few loose strands to hang over his dark, cat-like eyes.
In other words, Min Yoongi, their band’s rapper and Jimin’s subject of sexual frustration, looks so fucking hot and sexy at the moment. “Yeah.” Jimin nods with a smile. “Tired, but I’m fine.”
When Yoongi hums and takes off his jacket, Jimin tries his best not to stare too much. But it’s hard. Fuck. It’s fucking hard not to /look/. Not when Yoongi’s pale skin and biceps are on full display and just a foot away from him.
So when the rapper catches his eyes, Jimin backpedals and conceals his blush with a mocking smirk. “You look more exhausted than me, hyung. What, is your age finally coming at you?”
Yoongi narrows his eyes at him and scoffs. “I’m twenty-nine and you’re just 2 years younger than me.” “Sure, old man.” Jimin waves at him. “I’m just worried you’re having arthritis and back pains.”
“Yeah?” Yoongi leans against the edge of the vanity table and crosses his arms over his chest. “I didn’t know you’re worried about me.” Jimin chokes. “I’m not. Don’t push your luck.”
“You just said you’re worried about me.” The rapper smirks, and Jimin suddenly feels the urge to punch him and run away a million miles from here.
“You’re hearing things.” Jimin runs a hand through his orange hair and turns his flushed face away, pretending to search for something in his bag. “You better get your head checked.”
The low, amused chuckle coming from the rapper sends a small wave of arousal to Jimin’s gut and the vocalist internally groans. He hates how much he loves Yoongi’s low and raspy voice.
“Hey, orange couple!” Taehyung snaps his fingers at them. “Stop eating each other up and listen to Namjoon-hyung.” “We’re /not/ eating each other up,” Jimin spits out at his best friend with a deadly glare but Taehyung just gives him a knowing grin in return.
His best friend knows Jimin’s got a boner for their hyung and Taehyung keeps on pushing his luck with them everytime he gets a chance. Honestly, Jimin thinks that Yoongi already knows about it (courtesy of his annoying best friend) but is considerate enough not to say anything.
But that’s the thing. Jimin has a hunch that Yoongi knows about his feelings and that the rapper feels the same way. It’s just that they’re too stubborn to admit their feelings for each other, at least Jimin is.
Namjoon clears his throat. “As I was saying,” the producer continues. “Lee Ryeowok invited the band to his party this Saturday. Do you wanna go?” “Are you kidding, hyung?” Jungkook says, eyes sparkling. “Ryeowok is one of the biggest celebrities today! Of course, we’ll go.”
“I’ve watched all of his dramas and movies,” Hoseok pitches in. “It’s gonna be amazing to meet him in person!” “It’s a private party at his villa in Gangnam so you don’t have to worry about reporters and paparazzi snooping around,” the producer informs them.
“That’s settled then.” Jin claps his hands once. “Pack up your stuff everyone and let’s hit a nearby restaurant. I’m starving.”
As Yoongi arranges his bag on the adjacent vanity table beside him, Jimin stands up and says, “So, hyung, when are you gonna dye your hair back to black?” The rapper pauses and turns his face to him. “I just dyed my hair last week.”
“Yeah, well, change it back or dye it to another color. It’s annoying to be called the ‘orange couple’ by the members.” Yoongi snorts and shifts his attention back to his things. “Then change yours.”
“Sorry?” Jimin’s brow twitches and he folds his arms over his chest. “I’m the first one to get an orange hair. /You/ change yours.” “Not a chance.” “I’m rocking it better than you,” Jimin huffs. “I’m sexier with orange.” “You are.”
The vocalist opens his mouth to bite back but stops himself when his brain finally processes Yoongi’s words. He blinks. “What did you say?” Yoongi places the strap of his bag over his shoulder. “I said, yeah, you’re sexier with orange hair.”
The vocalist gawks at Yoongi and feels his brain fizzling inside his skull. When the rapper sees the stupid look on Jimin’s face, he smirks and says, “You have a lot to say when you’re trying to annoy me +
+ but when I try to compliment you, your sassy brain shuts down and you get flustered.” Jimin feels the short hair on the back of his neck rise when Yoongi leans forward to whisper to his ear, “That's very cute of you, Jimin-ah.”
A hot, boiling sensation coils in Jimin’s gut at the rapper’s low and teasing voice. He knows he has kind of a kink for praises but hearing it come from Yoongi’s mouth feels a thousand times better that it turns Jimin the fuck on.
“What are you doing?” the vocalist challenges with a glare. Yoongi turns his head to the side and Jimin’s heart thumps loudly against his ribcage at the sheer proximity of their faces.
They’re not the only ones in the room but everything in Jimin’s surroundings seems to vanish under Yoongi’s presence. His senses are suddenly heightened and his pulse thrums under his wrist with excitement.
“It’s fun teasing you,” Yoongi drawls, and the rough sound forms a tight knot in Jimin’s gut. “Fuck you,” Jimin hisses through gritted teeth, cheeks flaming. Yoongi huffs out an amused sound through his nose before pulling back. “Come on, they’re waiting for us in the van.”
And if Jⲓmⲓn had jerked himself off and then fingered himself after in the shower that night because he felt so sexually frustrated, then no one else was to blame but Yoongⲓ because of his annoyingly smug, handsome face and his low and sexy voice. 🎤
Jimin stares up at the white ceiling of Taehyung’s apartment as he lays down on the couch in the living room, one hand propped on top of his belly as the gears in his head try to process the rapper’s behavior last night.
“Am I reading too much?” he wonders out loud. Taehyung hums in thought. “Nah, I think Yoongi-hyung really did flirt with you. The members know that you both have the hots for each other; you’re just too stubborn to admit it.”
At Jimin’s groan, Jungkook adds, “I’ve always thought you guys have hidden feelings for each other. My suspicion was confirmed last month when Taehyung’s tongue slipped about you and Yoongi-hyung.”
The vocalist gave Taehyung a lecture about that because he doesn’t want another person knowing about his secret crush on Yoongi but it’s Jungkook and the youngest is like a brother to him. Jimin trusts him as much as he trusts Taehyung.
“Why don’t you just confess?” asks the youngest as he sits on the carpet and pats Beom lying across his lap, a brown American Pit Bull Terrier. Jimin snorts. “Not a chance.” “Why? I think you have a high chance with hyung.”
“It’s his pride.” Taehyung strokes Beom’s ears. “If I’m the first one to confess,” Jimin reasons out with a frown. “It feels like I’ve lost to Yoongi-hyung or something.”
“I swear to God. Your petty, little challenges are so annoying,” Jungkook huffs. “But they both love it.” Taehyung smirks and throws a knowing look at Jimin. “You know, the thrill.”
Jimin’s face flushes red. Busted. “That’s why you’re both sexually frustrated,” Jungkook teases with a sly grin. “You like riling each other up but both of you refuse to man up for your feelings.”
“Hey, I’m not a coward.” Jimin kicks Jungkook’s back lightly, pouting at him. “I’m just waiting for hyung.” “Jiminie, if you two wait out your confession then there’ll come a time when one or both of you gets tired.”
Taehyung props an arm on the cushion and rests his left cheek on a fist. “Grab the chance while you still have it.” Jimin seizes a throw pillow and muffles a frustrated groan against it. “I fucking hate my life.”
“You’re the one who’s making it complicated, dummy.” Taehyung slaps his thigh. “You and Yoongi-hyung actually.” Beom barks and sniffs at Jimin’s arm. Putting the pillow down to scratch the dog’s chin, Jimin utters sourly, “You’re lucky you’re a shouldog.”
“Ugh, stop calling my baby that.” Jungkook wraps his arms protectively around Beom. “Beom’s a ‘shoulder dog.’ I mean, have you seen his shoulders?” Jimin points out. “They’re fucking broad and muscular.” Then, his voice trails off. “Reminds me of Yoongi-hyung.”
Taehyung snorts loudly. “/Everything/ reminds you of Yoongi-hyung.” Jimin groans and drapes an arm over his eyes. “Fuck my life so hard, Tae. I just wanna be a dog.”
“Stop being so dramatic.” Jungkook rolls his eyes at him. “If you don’t make up your mind soon, then somebody’s gonna show up and steal Yoongi-hyung from you.”
The vocalist lets out an annoyed grunt and smacks the back of Jungkook’s head with a throw pillow. “Ya, don’t say ominous things like that!”
“I’m being realistic.” Jungkook scowls as he rubs the back of his head. “You’ve gotta up your game if you don’t wanna lose Yoongi-hyung.” 🎤
PERSONA has a lot of celebrity fans; they’ve risen up to a level of fame where they’re widely known and liked by a lot of people in the industry so it shouldn’t be a surprise when there are gifts or endorsement offers sent to them.
But the thing is, as Jimin stands in the artist lounge with his members crowding Yoongi who is holding a black velvet box containing a luxurious Rolex watch, he begins to wonder if this kind of gift surpasses that of a fan’s support.
“Kang Min sent you that? ‘The’ Kang Min? Are you fucking kidding me?” Hoseok exclaims as disbelief crosses his face. “Apparently, yes.” Yoongi casually flips over the card attached to the package. “His name is written on it.”
“Are you sure it’s for you? I mean, it could be mine,” Jungkook says, pushing his luck. Yoongi snorts. “My name’s engraved on the watch.” He goes silent for a moment before shutting the cover of the box and offering it to the youngest. “It’s not my style. You can have it.”
Jungkook’s eyes bulge out of their sockets. “Really?!” “No.” Jin hooks an arm around Jungkook’s neck. “It’s yours, Yoongi. Don’t be pressured by this brat.”
“I’m not,” Yoongi says despite the disapproving look on their manager’s face. “But I guess I’ll keep it for the meantime. You can use it whenever you want, Kook.” The disappointed pout on Jungkook’s face morphs into a wide smile. “Thanks, hyung! You’re the best!”
A crease appears between Jimin’s brows. “Why would a top celebrity send you an expensive gift like that? It was customized with your name too.” The rapper shrugs. “Beats me.”
“Kang Min is undoubtedly Yoongi-hyung’s fan!” Hoseok teases and rests an arm over Yoongi’s shoulder, letting out a knowing smirk. “Maybe he likes you waaaaay too much.”
Jimin folds his arms over his chest as a tinge of bitterness coils in his gut. “Well, Kang Min’s rich so he’s totally capable of buying an expensive watch like that. It’s similar to buying a piece of candy for him.”
“Or—” Namjoon pats Yoongi’s shoulder, smirking. “Kang Min wants to take his chance with our handsome friend right here.” The rapper rolls his eyes and smacks Namjoon’s hand off of him, eliciting an amused laugh out of the producer. “You’re exaggerating,” Jimin huffs out.
“Or maybe not.” Taehyung grins and raises a brow. “I mean, Yoongi-hyung’s got the looks so a handsome actor like Kang Min isn’t far-fetched.”
The vocalist swallows a gasp as his best friend’s betrayal ticks him off. What the fuck is Taehyung doing?! “Nah, I don’t think it’s like that, Tae.” “Then what is it?”
Jimin’s attention turns to Yoongi who is staring at him with a curious look in his eyes. There is something playing in his dark orbs, an emotion that’s challenging Jimin to answer; it bites on Jimin's skin like a little itch that he wants to scratch.
“I don’t know.” Jimin shrugs, feigning nonchalance. “You think Kang Min can’t like me?” Yoongi asks and lifts up a brow at Jimin. “No, that’s not what I’m saying.” “Then tell me why you’re against the idea of him liking me.”
“I’m /not/ against it,” Jimin says defensively. Taehyung is smirking beside him, and Jimin knows why but he can’t, for the life of him, lose this battle against Yoongi. Everyone is quiet and keenly watching the two of them as if they’re witnessing an entertaining fight.
“It doesn’t feel like it.” Yoongi runs a hand through his orange hair and Jimin hates how attractive the fucking guy looks while doing it.
“Look, hyung. You can date whoever you want, so if you think you wanna take your shot at Kang Min then it’s up to you.” Jimin turns around and mutters, “It’s not like we have the right to stop you.”
Before Jimin walks out of the room, he hears a sigh coming from Taehyung but he ignores it in favor of saving himself from further embarrassment. He stops by the door and looks over his shoulder. “And I can date whoever I want either,” he retaliates before exiting the room.
Jimin touches his flaming cheeks as he walks along the hallway, cursing himself for running away like a coward. He didn’t mean it when he said that Yoongi can date whoever he wants. He doesn’t know if he can take it if he sees Yoongi with another person other than him.
Maybe, Jimin will learn to get used to it someday. Maybe, the thought of losing Yoongi to another person won’t hurt so much when that time comes. “Jimin-ah.”
The vocalist halts in his tracks when he hears that familiar low voice calling his name. Looking behind him, Jimin’s eyes widen in surprise and he says, “Hyung?”
There’s reluctance on the rapper’s face for a second before he sighs and walks closer to Jimin. He reaches for the vocalist's wrist and drags him towards a nearby restroom.
“Ya, hyung. What the—?” Jimin blinks at the orange strands behind Yoongi’s head, his mind running with a thousand thoughts at once because fuck, why is Yoongi dragging Jimin inside the empty restroom and locking the door behind him?
Yoongi stands there with a hand rubbing the back of his neck, his eyes lowered and trained on anything but Jimin. “I…” he begins but Jimin notices the hesitation in his eyes. “I won’t date Kang Min.”
The declaration catches Jimin by surprise but he tries his best to hide it. “I’m… Why are you telling me this?” “I just wanna clarify things.” Yoongi lifts up his eyes. “Just in case.” Just in case. What does Yoongi mean by that?
“I told you that you can date anyone you want, hyung. You don’t have to ask for our permission,” Jimin replies but his own words taste bitter in his mouth. Yoongi licks his lips and squeezes the bridge of his nose. “How about you?” he asks. “Do you wanna… date someone?”
Jimin leans back against the tiled wall and folds his arms over his chest, crossing his left foot over the other as he lets a few beats of silence pass by between them. “I do.” He hears an audible breath coming from the rapper in front of him. “Who?” Yoongi asks.
His hyung’s curiosity lights up something under Jimin’s skin. “Why do you wanna know?” “Is it bad if I’m curious?” Jimin hums and flicks his tongue across his bottom lip.
His heart thumps loudly in his chest when his eyes catch his hyung’s gaze following the motion, a moment of interest flickering across his eyes before lifting them back up again. “No.” The vocalist shrugs. “I didn’t know you’re interested enough to ask.”
“You didn’t know?” Yoongi snorts lightly and takes a step closer. Lips parting, Jimin’s pulse thrums louder in his wrist when the rapper places a hand on the wall beside his head. Then, leaning his face closer, Yoongi asks, “Are you sure, Jimin-ah?”
Jimin’s fingers are twitching on his arms as if itching to hold on to something, preferably Yoongi’s shirt to tug him closer. “Hyung,” he utters breathily and the elder’s gaze drops again on his lips.
Yoongi is close. Too close. Jimin can already feel the warmth of his breath fanning over the skin of his face, can physically feel the heavy tension surrounding them, can taste it even. What would it be like to kiss Yoongi?
“You can’t date anyone, Jimin-ah.” Jimin’s breath hitches in his throat when the tip of the elder’s nose brushes against his left cheek. “Other than—” He cuts himself off. “Other than?” Jimin presses on, his hands finally clutching the front of Yoongi’s shirt. “Who, hyung?”
The rapper lets out a sigh and Jimin feels the man tense up in front of him. When Yoongi doesn’t respond, Jimin lifts up his eyes and asks, “Hyung?”
Yoongi shakes his head with a sigh and pulls back to say, “Nothing.” Then, he reaches for Jimin’s face to pinch his cheek and the earlier tension between them vanishes.
Yoongi huffs out an amused sound through his nose. “You look stupid.” Jimin blinks before a knot forms between his brows and he smacks the rapper’s hand off his cheek. “You’re so annoying.”
Jimin thought that Yoongi would say something witty as a retort like usual but he didn’t, and Jimin wasn’t prepared when the rapper suddenly dips down to press a kiss on his left cheek. Completely frozen on his spot, he hears his hyung utter in a low voice, “You’re annoying too.”
Their gazes connect for a second or two before Yoongi turns around to open the locked door. “See you tomorrow, Jimin-ah,” he says before exiting the restroom and leaving Jimin alone with a thousand questions plaguing his mind. 🎤
Jimin stands with the group in the living room with a red cup in hand, chatting with the owner of the luxurious villa hosting a private party for celebrities. He is situated one foot back than the others, an unusual thing for a social butterfly like Jimin, +
+ but he’s glad no one’s noticed it yet. Despite the upbeat music booming across the entire villa and the strobe lights flashing everywhere, his spirit remains dampened and he doesn’t feel like chatting with anyone.
Putting on a fake smile is something that he learned while in the industry and he’s putting it to good use tonight. “I’m so glad you’re able to come tonight!” Lee Ryeowok exclaims, patting Namjoon on the shoulder.
“We’re happy to be invited to your party,” the producer replies with a dimpled smile. As the conversation continues, Jimin’s gaze wanders off to Yoongi standing beside Hoseok.
He’s smiling and nodding his head, but Jimin knows he’s not that fond of parties because his hyung prefers peace and silence more than this. Jimin does too sometimes. But if he were left alone tonight in his room, then Jimin would remember.
Why did Yoongi kiss his cheek yesterday? Did it mean anything? Was the rapper only making fun of him? Jimin shakes the troubling thought off his mind. He can’t afford to be distracted tonight.
He’s at a social party where the band can potentially build connections. That’s how things work in the industry; it’s all about influence and network.
As everyone walks out of the house to the courtyard, Lee Ryeowok speaks into the microphone on top of a small raised platform and says, “Good evening, everyone! Thank you so much for being here with me tonight. I hope you’re enjoying the party as we speak.”
A round of applause. Jimin takes a sip of his party drink. “You’re quiet.” Jimin lifts up his eyes to his best friend. Ah, of course Taehyung would be the one to notice first. “Really?” Jimin says, eyes dropping down on his drink.
“Yeah. You sat at the back of the van on the way here. You usually sit in the first row.” ‘That was because I’d be sitting next to Yoongi-hyung if I did,’ Jimin thinks with a sigh.
He’s not avoiding Yoongi. No. He’s just confused. The rapper is acting normally like nothing happened. It’s not like Jimin wants to make a big deal out of it but he still deserves an explanation. He decided to confront his hyung the day after this party.
“I’ll tell you next time, yeah?” Jimin tells Taehyung with a reassuring smile. “Let’s enjoy the party first.” Taehyung looks worried but his best friend just nods and drinks his red cup.
Lee Ryeowok’s voice booms across the entire courtyard. “Let’s play a fun game!” He claps his hand once. “Since phones and cameras aren’t allowed in this party, why don’t we go a little wilder?”
The crowd looks pleased as they raise their cups to Ryeowok. “Why don’t we…” the celebrity smirks. “Do body shots?” As the guests holler, Jimin catches Taehyung smirking beside him. “I guess I’m getting laid tonight,” he jokes and the vocalist elbows him on the stomach.
“Behave, Tae. I’m not gonna take care of your wasted ass.” “Not if I end up at a handsome celebrity’s place first.” Taehyung winks and earns an eye roll from Jimin.
“Kang Min!” Jimin’s head whips towards the platform upon hearing that name. Kang Min is standing on the mini-stage with Ryeowok’s arm over his shoulder. “My friend right here is gonna do a body shot on someone tonight!”
“Are you serious?” Kang Min laughs with a high flush in his cheeks. But whether it’s because of the alcohol or embarrassment, Jimin isn’t sure. “Go and pick your lucky partner!”
Several people raise their hands while some point at another person. Everyone’s having a great time and Jimin would have had too if only Kang Min’s eyes didn’t land on their group and said, “I pick PERSONA’s Min Yoongi.”
Hoseok, Jin and Namjoon pat the rapper’s back in encouragement, wolf-whistling at the frown on Yoongi’s face. “Come on, hyung. Don’t be a party pooper!” Hoseok teases him. “Can I pass?” the rapper groans. “Nope.” Jin smirks and pushes Yoongi towards the drink table.
“What the fuck,” Jimin mutters bitterly under his breath. “Heh. Kang Min really likes hyung, huh,” Taehyung muses with an amused smirk. The vocalist huffs and takes a sip of his drink. He needs a stronger alcohol for this.
“Where do you wanna put the salt?” Ryeowok asks as Kang Min approaches Yoongi. “Abs,” Kang Min replies as the blush in his cheeks deepen. Jimin’s brow twitches as an unpleasant feeling lodges in his chest.
He watches as Yoongi’s sigh gets drowned by the crowd’s cheer, their claps and shouts going louder when the rapper leans back a little and lifts up the hems of his shirt to expose his firm abdomen.
“We got a real hot body right here!” Ryeowok says with a laugh. Jimin’s restlessness grows as Kang Min sprinkles a line of salt on the skin above Yoongi’s navel. Someone offers a shot glass to him which he downs in one go before dropping to his knees and grabbing Yoongi’s hips.
Surprise crosses the rapper’s face as the guests chant Kang Min’s name. The actor pulls Yoongi closer by the hips and licks the salt off his abdomen. After a while, Kang Min stands to his feet and takes the offered slice of lime.
“Great!” Ryeowok exclaims in amusement. “How about a more daring place?” “Shit,” Jimin curses as the crowd goes off. He wants to fucking flip over tables because what in the actual fuck is this nonsense?
“Are you just gonna stand there and watch your man get eaten?” Taehyung teases him with a knowing smirk. “Shut up,” Jimin hisses as he downs the rest of his drink before taking Taehyung’s cup and swallowing the rest of the alcohol.
“Whoa, hey, Jiminie.” Taehyung laughs, patting Jimin’s back. “Take it easy.” Wiping his chin and lips with the back of his hand, Jimin shoves the empty cup to his best friend. “Nah, I won’t,” he says before walking towards the drink table.
When Ryeowok sees him approaching, the celebrity beams and says, “Oh. Hi, Jimin.” “Hey,” Jimin greets him briefly before his gaze connects with Yoongi. The rapper is staring at him with surprise and a curious look on his face that makes Jimin chuckle.
He turns to face Kang Min who looks a bit irritated for being interrupted but Jimin doesn’t give a fuck about him. The vocalist takes the shot glass from Kang Min and says with a haughty smirk, “I’ll show you how to do a real body shot.”
Jimin steps closer to Yoongi who keeps his eyes trained on him. He feels the fire under his skin starting to light up as he pushes Yoongi against the table. The rapper’s gasp gets swallowed by the loud cheering of the crowd, propping both elbows behind him to support himself.
“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi utters but Jimin has pushed it too far to back out. The vocalist climbs on his hyung’s lap and takes a slice of lime from the jar, leaning over the rapper to place the citrus fruit in his mouth. “Open up,” he drawls and sees Yoongi’s eyes growing darker.
When the elder takes the lime between his teeth without taking his eyes off him, Jimin whispers in a sultry voice, “Don’t bite too hard, hyung.” Then, Jimin pushes the end of Yoongi’s shirt over his chest.
“Whoa!” Ryeowok shouts in surprise, followed by gasps and whistles of encouragement from the crowd. Jimin daringly sprinkles salt around Yoongi’s left nipple before tossing his head back to empty the shot glass.
As the bitter liquid burns down his throat, Jimin winces a little before leaning down to lick the salt off the elder’s nub. Yoongi tenses up under Jimin’s touch and lets out a soft grunt when the vocalist attaches his mouth on his nipple to suck lightly.
“Go Jiminie!” Taehyung shouts somewhere from the crowd but the alcohol and the adrenaline are already starting to buzz Jimin’s senses.
Pulling back with a ‘pop,’ Jimin licks his lips before proceeding to take the lime between Yoongi’s teeth. Seeing a line of juice dripping down the corners of the elder’s mouth, Jimin tuts and says, “I told you not to bite too hard, hyung.”
A crease settles between the rapper’s brows and Jimin smirks in delight before leaning down to bite on the other end of the lime. His lips brush against Yoongi’s in a way that’s firm and totally not by accident.
Jimin knows he’s supposed to take the lime from Yoongi but all hell be damned. He opens his mouth a little and bites on the lime harder, sucking the sour juice off the fruit as his lips remain pressed against the rapper’s.
After a while, Jimin releases the lime and pulls back with a sigh, wiping the excess extract off his chin without taking his heady eyes off the elder.
Yoongi spits out the piece of fruit and runs both of his hands on Jimin’s hips, squeezing tightly. He sits up properly and whispers to the younger’s ear. “Come with me?” “Where?” Jimin breathes out. “Out of here.” Jimin doesn’t have the heart to say no.
Both of them try to subtly slip out of sight but some people give them knowing looks when Yoongi takes Jimin’s wrist to drag him out of the crowd. Not that Jimin cares; they can do whatever they want.
He even catches his bandmates’ eyes, flushing when Hoseok and Taehyung give him a thumbs-up. As Yoongi maneuvers him out of the villa, Jimin remains acutely aware of his hyung’s touch around his wrist and thinks what it would be like to have his hands all over his naked skin.
Jimin finds himself in the quiet parking lot a few meters away since the villa is located on top of a hill. “Are we gonna take the van and leave the others?” he asks curiously when Yoongi opens the side door of the van.
“No,” the rapper answers and guides Jimin inside the vehicle. “Can’t wait that long.” At the sudden realization, Jimin gasps softly when Yoongi positions himself on the backseat and pulls Jimin to straddle his lap. “You mean we’re gonna—here?” Jimin blinks at him.
“Yeah.” Sliding his fingers up the hems of Jimin’s shirt, the rapper speaks in a raspy voice, “You don’t want to?”
How can Jimin say no when Yoongi’s low voice is sending pleasurable shivers down his spine? How can he bring himself to refuse him when Yoongi’s face is already flushed and his eyes are looking up at Jimin with so much lust and desire?
“I fucking hate you,” Jimin hisses under his breath before attacking the elder’s mouth with his. Yoongi reciprocates at once, kissing Jimin with so much fire and passion. “The members are gonna kill us for this.”
“What they don’t see won’t hurt them,” Yoongi wittily replies with a sly smirk before biting Jimin’s bottom lip.
“Don’t get smart on me now.” Jimin crawls his fingers up the elder’s scalp and grips the orange strands to pull his head back. Yoongi lets out a low groan and Jimin’s lids fall half-shut, aroused by the beautiful sound.
“Tell me, hyung,” he utters breathily as he stares into Yoongi’s dark eyes. “Do you like me?” The rapper licks his lips and grabs Jⲓmⲓn’s ass, squeezing firmly. “What do you think?” Jimin’s heart jumps in his chest. “Like… sexually?”
Yoongi leans forward to bury his face into the younger’s neck, kissing the base of his throat. “A lot more than that, Jimin-ah,” he murmurs.
Jimin has to swallow a moan at the feeling of his hyung’s lips against his neck. “Me too,” he says, and he knows Yoongi understands because a soft look crosses over his face before kissing Jimin once again.
After a while, the vocalist pulls away to breathe deeply and runs a hand on the side of the elder’s neck. “Let me touch you, hyung.” Yoongi exhales an audible breath. “Okay.”
The vocalist pushes him until the elder’s back hits the tinted window. Positioning himself between Yoongⲓ’s legs, Jⲓmⲓn quickly undoes his belt and pants and pulls the garment until the elder’s bulge is in full view.
Jⲓmⲓn’s mouth salivates at the hard line of Yoongⲓ’s cock under his boxers, long and thick as it curves towards his right hip. He licks his lips once before diving down to latch on the underside, sucking hard and earning him a low moan in return. Jimin wants to hear more.
“Hyung,” he mutters as he pulls the waistband of the boxers down to free Yoongⲓ’s erection. “Can I suck you off?” “Fuck.” Yoongⲓ’s fingers curl in his hair, locking with the orange strands. “Yeah. Yeah, you can.”
Jimin doesn’t waste any time in taking the reddened head into his mouth, suckling on it to taste his hyung before sliding lower to take half of the shaft. He hears his hyung’s heavy breaths as he strokes the base with a hand in tandem with his mouth.
Jⲓmⲓn has imagined this scenario a lot of times in his head before but nothing can compare to the real thing. Yoongⲓ’s eyes are hooded and his pink lips are agape as he watches Jⲓmⲓn with a deep flush in his cheeks.
Jⲓmⲓn is already hard in his pants and his hand is itching to reach down for his cock, but he resists the urge to touch himself because he wants Yoongⲓ to make him come.
“Enough, Jⲓmⲓn-ah.” Yoongⲓ tugs at Jⲓmⲓn’s hair and the vocalist’s mouth pops off his erection. “Don’t wanna cum yet.” The younger hums pleasantly and kisses his lips. “Make me feel good, hyung.”
The elder grunts against his mouth and then he’s flipping them over. As Jⲓmⲓn’s back hits the cushion, Yoongⲓ hastily undoes the vocalist’s pants and fishes out his wallet from his back pocket.
When Jⲓmⲓn gives him a raised brow upon seeing a small pack of lube and condom, the elder snorts lightly and says, “I’m a boy scout.” The reason makes Jⲓmⲓn giggle and he hits the elder’s back with the heel of his left foot. “God, I swear. You’re so fucking annoying.”
The rapper chuckles and lifts up Jⲓmⲓn’s right leg, placing a kiss on it before proceeding to hook the limb over his shoulder. Yoongⲓ sucks him off as he fingers Jⲓmⲓn’s hole open, sliding the lubed digits in and out carefully.
Chest heaving, Jⲓmⲓn pulls the elder up to kiss him and urges him to continue. The intrusion was uncomfortable at first as his body adapts to Yoongⲓ’s size but the earlier burn in his backside immediately turns into pleasurable tingles as the rapper begins to move.
Jⲓmⲓn tosses his head back with a moan when the elder’s thrusts become more powerful, dragging along his hot, clenching walls as the head keeps on grinding against that special spot inside him.
“Fuck me,” Jⲓmⲓn moans as his toes curl with pleasure. “Harder, hyung. R-Right there—ah!” “It feels so good inside you, Jⲓmⲓn-ah,” Yoongⲓ murmurs against his neck, thrusting harder.
Jⲓmⲓn’s arms around his neck tightens and he captures Yoongⲓ’s lips with a kiss. “Wanna feel all of you,” he says breathily between kisses. “Hyung, fuck me raw.” He feels Yoongi tensing up against him as a low groan falls down his mouth. “Fuck, Jⲓmⲓn-ah.”
The vocalist chuckles and brushes his lips against the lobe of Yoongⲓ’s ear. “Would you like that, hyung?” he teases. “Fucking your dongsaeng raw?” “Yeah.” The rapper sucks on a sensitive spot under Jⲓmⲓn’s left ear. “I’d love that.”
Moaning as the elder’s cock keeps thrusting inside him, Jⲓmⲓn cups Yoongⲓ’s face in his hands and says, “Fuck me from behind. Want it hard.”
“Shit, okay.” Yoongⲓ slides out for a second to pull Jⲓmⲓn up to his knees, pushing him against the backrest and taking the condom off before sheathing himself inside again, longing to feel the younger’s tightness as soon as possible.
“A-Ah…” Jⲓmⲓn moans brokenly as the rapper’s shaft reaches deeper this way. And when Yoongⲓ begins to thrust, Jⲓmⲓn hangs his head down and grips the seat tightly, mouth dropping open as his eyes slip shut.
It feels so good. So damn good that his mind feels like it’s going crazy. The vehicle is rocking because of Yoongⲓ’s hard thrusts and the way how his cock keeps on hitting Jⲓmⲓn’s prostate makes the younger moan loudly in the darkness of the van.
Jⲓmⲓn huffs as his breath gets punched out of his lungs everytime Yoongⲓ’s hips slap against his ass, their sweaty skin rubbing against each other with every movement. “Didn’t—ah—think you’d finally fuck me tonight,” Jⲓmⲓn breathes out with a lazy smile.
“After doing that body shot on me—” Yoongⲓ places a hand on his neck and pulls Jⲓmⲓn back against his torso, tongue licking on the crook of the younger’s neck. “Did you really think I’d let you go?”
A sharp thrust to his sweet spot cuts off Jⲓmⲓn’s chuckle and the younger arches his neck to give more access to Yoongⲓ’s mouth, lifting a hand to grip the man's hair tightly. “I guess the orange couple had it coming,” he teases, and the elder muffles a laugh against his neck.
“We’re officially a couple now?” The lazy grin on Jⲓmⲓn’s face grows and he presses a kiss to Yoongⲓ’s cheek. “Yeah, we are.”
Then, the vocalist grinds his ass against the elder’s hips and clenches his walls around his erection. “Now be a good boyfriend and fuck me.” Yoongⲓ huffs out an amused sound through his nose and drops a kiss on Jⲓmⲓn’s exposed shoulder.
“I got myself a demanding boyfriend,” he quips and pulls back to fuck the vocalist hard and fast. “Ah, fuck!” Jⲓmⲓn tosses his head back over the rapper’s shoulder as moans after moans fall down his open mouth. “Hyung—ahh—right there. Yes. Ngh…”
“Jⲓmⲓn-ah. Baby.” Jⲓmⲓn’s heart squeezes pleasantly upon hearing Yoongⲓ’s word of endearment. He moans as Yoongⲓ pistons his hips, pausing for a second in favor of grinding the head of his cock against the younger’s sweet spot, pushing Jⲓmⲓn to the edge faster.
When the assault to his abused prostate doesn’t stop, Jⲓmⲓn’s gut tightens and he lets out a drawn-out moan at the continuous sparks of pleasure running through his system. “C-Coming,” he sobs.
“Me too,” Yoongⲓ pants against his ear, keeping his thrusts hard and steady. “Together, Jⲓmⲓn-ah.” Jⲓmin’s grip on the backrest tightens and he comes with a long moan, lashes fluttered shut and mouth open.
His thighs are convulsing as his gut clenches hard with the force of his orgasm. Yoongⲓ’s low and guttural moan gets muffled on his shoulder, with the man still thrusting in and out of the vocalist to ride out his release.
When the rapper’s hips halt to a stop, Jⲓmⲓn lets out an audible sigh as he sags completely against Yoongⲓ’s chest, worn out and basking in the afterglow. After Yoongi pulls out, Jⲓmⲓn says, “We gotta clean up.” “Yeah,” Yoongi whispers, nuzzling his neck.
“Then let go of me and stop acting like a cat, boyfriend,” Jⲓmⲓn chides playfully, hearing a light snort coming from the elder. “You gonna call me that now?” “Yeah.” Jⲓmⲓn smirks and turns his head to the side to steal a kiss from Yoongⲓ’s lips. “Boyfriend.”
The rapper rolls his eyes fondly. “Why do I feel like you’re gonna be extra annoying to me?” “You have to deal with it.” Jⲓmⲓn pouts. “Don’t get mad at me.”
When a helpless sigh rips out of Yoongⲓ’s throat, Jⲓmⲓn laces their fingers together. “How can I ever get mad at you?” he hears the rapper mutter with a frown as if displeased by the fact that he’s a total goner for Jimin and the younger beams in triumph.
Jⲓmⲓn plants a kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “I really like you, hyung,” he murmurs and feels the elder’s wide smile against his lips. “I fucking like you too, Park Jⲓmⲓn. So damn much.”
Despite how fast things have escalated up to this point, Jimin wants to take the rest of their relationship slowly. He wants to know more about Yoongi, wants to know parts of him that other people have no idea of, +
+ wants to experience what it is like to be the subject of his hyung’s affection. He’s elated, and it’s filling his chest up to the brim. Jimin likes Yoongi, and Yoongi likes him too. That’s all that matters.
And the day when their feelings grow into something more, something deeper, doesn’t feel far away for the both of them. Jimin looks forward to the day when he and Yoongi can finally say “I love you” to each other. 🎤 the end 🎤
Thank you so much for reading! If you like my works, you can consider supporting me on ko-fi ♡
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