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Dec 20, 2021
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'Cause in the back of the room where nobody looks | ye0nb1n au based on good girls by 5sOs principal‘s son ynjvn gets fvcked by his boyfriend sbn in a private study room of their school‘s library cw // semi-public sex, ynjvn is wearing a skirt during, ynjvn is a good girl

ynjvn‘s doing it again. from the moment sbn stepped into the school this morning and saw ynjvn in that damn skirt, he knew the other would be a menace today. it started when ynjvn put his foot against his locker, slightly elevated to fix his sock which had slipped.
the skirt slipped dangerously high over ynjvn‘s knee, giving sbn a clear view of his bare thigh. “jjvn.” sbn’s tone was warning but ynjvn just smiled innocently as he put his foot down, smoothing out his skirt. “yes, sbn?” sbn clicked his tongue and leaned in. “behave.”
when he saw ynjvn grin in response, sbn knew that ynjvn would now be set on driving him crazy. and he was right. the first time ynjvn had shyly admitted that he wanted to try wearing the skirt instead of his pants with their school uniform, sbn had encouraged him, of course.
and it first it had been cute to watch how ynjvn found himself become comfortable wearing the skirt but sbn quickly realized that he made his life incredibly harder (literally.). bcs while he loved seeing ynjvn this confident, sbn found that it had become increasingly difficult
to keep his eyes from wandering up ynjvn‘s thighs, to keep himself from constantly staring at the other‘s cute little ass, to not wrap his hands around the other‘s thin waist.
and whenever he caught sbn looking, ynjvn would hike up his skirt by just an inch to reveal more skin, or he would bend down in a way that almost exposes his ass, just to get sbn‘s reaction.
today it started fairly innocent with ynjvn simply crossing his legs and letting the fabric once again slide up. but as soon as he realized that sbn wasn‘t reacting, the boy pouted. ynjvn leaned over to put his chin on sbn‘s shoulder, whining softly. “i’m a little busy right now”
sbn’s tone left no room for discussion, so ynjvn moved back, planning what to do next. with a sigh, ynjvn leaned back in his chair and as he uncrossed his legs, spreading them a little, letting the skirt barely cover the space between them.
placing his hands at them hem, ynjvn used his fingers to play with it, finally getting sbn‘s eyes on him. “jjvn.” ynjvn wasn’t listening. instead, he began to slowly pull up his skirt, revealing more skin. sbn raised his brows and finally reached out to stop ynjvn‘s hands.
“this is how you act when i tell you to behave?” ynjvn chuckled and took sbn’s hand to guide it up his thigh.“are you saying you don’t like it?”sbn clicked his tongue and stood up, pulling ynjvn towards one of the private study rooms in the back.
as soon as sbn had closed the door, he crowded ynjvn against a table. “sbn, the door doesn’t lock.” sbn merely chuckled. “you didn’t seem to care when you put on a show for everybody out there just now.” sbn holstered ynjvn up onto the table and positioned himself in between.
letting his hands slide up the smooth skin of ynjvn‘s thighs, sbn leaned in to nip at ynjvn‘s throat, who gasped in resonse. “you think i don’t notice? you always pretend but you love when other’s watch you. you’d love if they all got to watch you, wouldn’t you?”
ynjvn didn’t have to answer, the way his thighs shivered was enough for sbn. sbn hummed against ynjvn’s skin and let his wander up further until he met the spot were ynjvn’s thighs met his hips. “oh? jjvnie, what is this?” what sbn’s fingers touched was definitely lace.
“i put it on for you.” sbn pushed his fingertips underneath the soft fabric.“you did?” kissing him on the lips once, sbn moved his lips along ynjvn’s jawline while he slid one finger down ynjvn’s crack, grazing ever so lightly against his hole. “baby, why are you already wet?”
ynjvn lifted his hips a little, allowing sbn to slip a finger inside him.“fingered myself earlier.” ynjvn moaned and tried to pull sbn in closer by his hips. “couldn’t wait for me to fvck you, hm?” ynjvn nodded and let out a whine. “always want you to fvck me.”
in response, sbn bit ynjvn’s neck gently, pulling away. “bend over the table for me.”as sbn stepped away, he kept his eyes on ynjvn, who slipped of the table and turned around, leaning forward while supporting himself on his hands. sbn tsked.
“not like this, baby.” ynjvn whined and put his forearms down, curving his spine in a way that made his ass stick out. sbn moaned appreciatively and stepped closer to be able to smooth his hands over ynjvn’s ass, squeezing the plump flesh. “ah, you’re so pretty for me, jjvnie.”
ynjvn moaned and pushed his ass back. “please…” sbn listened and reached for the waistband of the lace panties, removing them swiftly so he could comfortably push his fingers inside. there was barely any resistance and sbn laughed quietly. “you’ve been planning this, huh?”
ynjvn just whimpered and moved his hips to get sbn’s fingers deeper. sbn pulled them out and opened his pants, not wasting much time to position himself against ynjvn’s hole and pushing inside. the moan ynjvn let out was downright filthy. “careful, baby. people might hear.”
ynjvn managed to keep quiet but once sbn set a steady pace fvcking him, it became harder. sbn slowed down, causing ynjvn to whine.“do you want us to get in trouble? be a good girl for me and keep quiet, yeah?” ynjvn clenched around him and nodded quickly.“i’ll be good.”
“i know, you’re always so good for me, baby.”sbn picked up his pace again, thrusting harder and faster, causing the table to bump against the wall.“if someone were to come in right now, what would they say? seeing you get fvcked like a slvt in the library, couldn’t even wait …”
ynjvn whined and pushed his ass back in time to meet sbn’s thrusts.“they’d know how dirty you are, but that’s okay, right? you’re only a good girl for me.” ynjvn nodded, sobbing.“only for you.”sbn leaned over ynjvn almost completely, thrusting deeper into the other.“‘m close.”
“come for me then, baby.”sbn kept up his pace, fvcking ynjvn through his orgasm, groaning at the way the other tensed around him.“gonna fill you up”ynjvn only nodded and then sbn finally came, pushing his cvm deep inside. after a moment, sbn pulled out, his cvm dripping out.
he watched for a second before pulling ynjvn’s panties back up his ass.“try to keep it in, yeah? you don’t want to get caught, right?”sbn took in ynjvn’s appearance. the front of his skirt was obviously stained and the lace panties did nothing to hold back sbn’s cum. oh, well.


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