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Hello hello hello! I’ve decided na per ganto na lang ako mag update. So since down cc u can qrt na lang if ever may question or violent reaction. Thank you! 😊
Hello! Belated merry Christmas and happy new year to all!! Pasensya na di ako makapag update hehe sobrang busy lang. I’ll try to update next week po. :))
Hello! So, I've decided to discontinue this. The motivation to write this is gone. I really tried to continue this, pero nawalan na talaga ako ng gana. I'm sorry po sa mga naghintay. I think socmed aus are not for me hehehe I am going back to aff po. I'll just post the link here+
So, ayun, sorry po hehe
kaye • winrina au 💙⭐️
I guess I kinda write aus? #taengsic #winrina
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