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(UN)LOVABLE β€” Taehyung and Jungkook Visuals

Someone asked me to post some visuals for taekook in this story so here is an unnecessary and unimportant long thread
Last bit about Jungkook, I made it canon after ruii's edit (link below) but sometimes when he gets really flustered or angry, while in his human form, some of his jaguar spots show up on the side of his neck and face and his eyes turn golden
Here's a perfect visual of it ruii made T_______T🀍🀍🀍…
Imma cry he's so beautiful and the editing is fuxking exquisite look at the patterns on his skin and his golden eyes T_______________T I love it so so damn much thank you ruii, love you lots :((🀍🀍🀍
End of thread! (for now l m a o (will add more visuals for koo's tattoos eventually))
(I may self projecting on him my need to have a fuck ton of tattoos)
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