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Jan 22
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due of us a taehyung local au by @aya

šŸ“¢ this story is a sequel from Diff - Us (Different of Us ) [ ] In case, everything are connected to one another. Better if you read the prequel first biar nyambung sama conflictnya. And this is Tiyo & Tamara in 5 years after
disclaimers ; āœ“ 1000% fictional āœ“ the plot based on neyptunee's idea āœ“ harsh words, slight adult things but no nsfw āœ“ written in bahasa and broken english āœ“ don't bring the au to idol rl, be a wise reader āœ“ ignoring times posted n typos āœ“ comments and feedback always open
Ahz! šŸ’«

Ahz! šŸ’«

ahz! tes ombak šŸŒŠšŸŒŠ dulu, bakal ada yg baca g ya?
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