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Tacenda; a #taekookau "I love you," Taehyung’s eyes glisten, "I am in love with you." Jungkook knows. He worked hard to earn that. His heart flutters with excitement. "How much?" Jungkook murmurs, "enough to betray your family?" Taehyung nods, firm, "yes."

The Kim Production goes bankrupt in a month. The Jeon Entertainment buys the company from the Kims. "You promised to not take the company!" Taehyung shouts, devastated, betrayed, as he runs into Jungkook’s office, "gguk-" Jungkook frowns, "sorry. Do I know you?"
~~~~~~ The writer threw herself into the river. Bye! ~~~~~~
- Commissioned - Angst with happy ending
The way Taehyung's face falls is comical to Jungkook. He watches, amused, how Taehyung's eyes roam over his face. He leans back on his chair, "how did you get in here?" Taehyung gulps, tears pooling in his eyes, "oh..." he wipes his eyes, "hyung was right then?"
Jungkook nods, "well, Namjoon was right. You shouldn't have trusted me. But, you did, and here we are." Taehyung looks at the man, nodding, "here we are." Jungkook leans forward on his elbows, lips jutted out in faux concern, "you know, for old time's sake, I can help you."
Taehyung looks at him, hope lurking in those orbs. Jungkook stands up, walking up to Taehyung to hold the boy by his waist, "if you want," his lips press against Taehyung's ear, "I know how good you are in bedβ€”" he pulls back to watch Taehyung, a smirk on his lips...
Taehyung nods, "finish it," his voice sounds empty, "I believe in closure, Gguk," he urges almost, "finish what you were saying." Jungkook keeps his eyes on Taehyung, "you can join my club. Only gold membership clients canβ€”" He pauses, watching how hope dies in Taehyung's eyes.
Taehyung nods, "right," he pulls back, "thank you for the offer, sir," he bows before turning on his heels. Jungkook reaches, holding Taehyung's elbow, "there is another offer. You can exclusively stay for me. I will pay a good amount for your services."
Taehyung snorts, "how can a man pay me who got his wealth from me as a charity? I gave you what you have, Jungkook, you can't possibly pay my worth." Jungkook watches Taehyung, for a second they both stare at each other. Then Taehyung pulls away, "it was nice knowing you."
"It must be hurting you," Jungkook sighs, making a sad face, "knowing you loved someone and theyβ€”" "No, it is not hurting me," Taehyung sighs, "knowing you never loved me, it's easy to brush you off. It's hurting me that I let my family down. You, I will forget soon enough."
"I will get that back, Jeon," Taehyung points at the chair, "this is mine," his eyes are sharp on Jungkook, "all of this belong to me. I will get it back. Count on it. Unlike you," he chuckles, "I always say the truth. See you." Jungkook watches Taehyung walk away.
The bravery ends when Taehyung gets in the lift. His eyes pool with tears and he hides his face in his palms. He has to go and face his family now. His family, Namjoon and Jin, his brother and brother-in-law. His mother. Taehyung hugs himself, sobbing into his own clutch.
He came here with so much faith. There had to be a problem because his gguk would never do this. Now he is going back with nothing. Defeated. His family will never accuse him, but that probably hurts more. Taehyung walks out in the lobby, eyes roaming over the known place.
He stands, watches the walls, the decoration. Everything is the same. Even the faces of employees are the same. Just the head is not Namjoon anymore. Taehyung closes his eyes, thinking how he failed his late father too. He pulls out his phone, "hyung?"
"It didn't work, hyung," Taehyung sobs, "he," he closes his eyes, "he didn't hear anything. He was neverβ€”" "I know," Yoongi sighs over the phone, "I know, babybear, I know. Do you want me to pick you up?" Taehyung wipes his eyes, "can I come to your place?"
Yoongi hums, "you are always welcome." Taehyung nods, "can you tell me how to?" Yoongi pauses, "what?" Taehyung bites his lip, "I will use the subway," he closes his eyes, "for the first time." He deserves to be judged, Taehyung thinks, for being so useless, spoilt in fact.
Yoongi chuckles, "there is always a first time, taetae," he hums, "I will guide you through it. Get the map. See the nearest station and then buy a ticket toβ€”" Taehyung listens, tears welling in his eyes when he realizes Yoongi's voice is helpful, kind, friendly.
"I will be there in a bit," Taehyung looks around the subway, flinching every time someone comes too close, stumbling when people push past him in a rush. He hurries too, head hung low, shoulders slumped. "I will make you a cake," Yoongi promises, "see you, taetae."
β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” "He took the subway," Jimin on the chair beside Jungkook, "kind of got under the train than in it. For a second, scared the shit out of me. Then he got in and dropped off at that AgustTea CafΓ©. What a tacky name! If you are opening a business, how do you name it that?"
"What do you mean he got under the train?" Jungkook sits up, frowning at Jimin, "whatβ€”" Jimin waves him off, "boy was walking like bambi. I guess, never took the subway. Someone pushed him, and he was already looking around confusedly, slipped. I was being dramatic. Not really!"
"But what the hell is the name, 'AgustTae?' Like... how do you wake up one day and just randomly land on a tacky name like that?" Jimin makes a face, "I am damn sure the founder is very old, with weird choices. I am sure he has snakes as pets." Jungkook stares, "Jimin..."
Jimin sighs, looking back at Jungkook, "he got there. I came back. What more do you want to know?" Jungkook hesitates, looking down at the pages of the file, "nothing. Good. Thanks." Jimin hums, taking up a file himself, "you look tired. Go home. Rest for a bit."
Jungkook nods, "I will. In an hour or so." Jimin doesn't say anything more. He goes back to his file, working through it. Jungkook steals a glance at him, then looks down at his files again, and then steals another glance. "Do you want me to hire a guard for him?" Jimin sighs.
"No!" Jungkook frowns, "why would he need a guard? I am just saying," he sighs, "I expected more reaction from him, you know? More drama." "Book a ticket for theatre then," Jimin rolls his eyes, "he has self-respect. I like that." Jungkook bites his lower lip, "right."
"We have to work now, Kookie," Jimin points at the file in his hands, "that cafΓ© I went to for Taehyung? I am glad I did. My company is buying that building, and we will make a shopping mall there. But that idiot cafΓ© owner is not ready to sell it. I have to meet him."
"If he doesn't want to move," Jimin arches a brow, "you know what we have to do, right?" Jungkook nods, leaning back against his chair, "I got you. Just fix a meeting with him. See what he says." Jimin hums, "what are you going to do with your secretary, though?"
Jungkook winces, "she is too old now," he points at the stack of papers, "I can't even be mad at her. Worked so long for our company. I might need a new secretary, though." Jimin hums, thinking, "listen, how about," he holds his hands up, "don't get mad or rush it, listen..."
"You need to keep an eye on Taehyung," Jimin says those words slowly, as if to not startle Jungkook, "where can you keep an eye on him without wasting money to do so?" he claps his hands, "here! How about you hire him as your secretary?"
Jungkook stares, "you know you are stupid, right? How are you the CEO of the Park Estate, when this is your brilliant idea? Why would he work for me? Why would I hire him? How is that-" Jimin makes a face, "it will come in handy. He has no job. No experience. He is desperate."
"He needs money," Jimin's face softens and for a second, behind that tough exterior, Jungkook sees 'Jiminie,' his childhood best friend, the kindest person he knows, "he can do with some money and you owe him that!" Jimin points a finger at Jungkook, "you know you do."
"The world outside is cruel, kookie," Jimin's face falls, eyes distant, "people are worse than animal to defenceless ones. He is not used to that world. He is not experienced. It will be so easy for him to walk down the wrong path. Get lost in that wrong side of the crowd."
"You wanted the company, I get it," Jimin nods, "anything for business, but," he lets out a shaky breath, "think about it." Jungkook flips through the pages of the file in front of him, "as if he would agree-" "No one says no to me," Jimin winks, "I will rope him in."
Jungkook knows a losing battle. He nods. "See if you can," Jungkook shrugs, "I have no problem. He will just work for me, under Mrs. Lee. Until she retires." Jimin nods, "I will meet that cafΓ© owner tomorrow. I will see if he is there too or not."
β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” "It's a good idea," Yoongi eyes Taehyung who is walking back and forth, "I mean, I didn't meet the guy, Jimin? Right, but his idea is good. You will get money-" Taehyung glares, "from that shit? I don't need it!" Yoongi makes a face, "but you do, though? No?"
Taehyung shrugs, "I will find a job." Yoongi sighs, "think about it, Taetae. It's the best," he nods when Taehyung frowns at him, "I understand where you are coming from. I get it. But," he leans on the counter, a mischievous smile on his lips, "think about it for a second."
"You will be close to him, his work," Yoongi lists on his fingers, "you will know and learn his work. You will be the first one his deals go through. He will be around you all the time. You will know everything about his business. It will be so easy to trip him over."
"You really think he will be trusting me with his deals and secrets?" Taehyung snorts. Yoongi rolls his eyes, makes a face, "no. I know he won't. But people make mistakes, Tae. He will slip, you have to be there to catch the effect of that slip. Think about it. Yeah?"
Taehyung bites his lip, looking out through the window of the cafΓ©. Yoongi hesitates, "but..." he watches how Taehyung hugs himself, "if you still have feelings for him-" Taehyung chuckles, "I do," his eyes are glossy, "feelings don't go away just like that, hyung."
Yoongi comes around the counter, ruffling Taehyung's hair, "then divert those feelings into hatred, Tae. Use those feelings for your benefit this time. Take the offer, go to his domain, and trip him over. How sexy is that?" Taehyung looks up at Yoongi, "how tough is that?"
Yoongi's eyes are tender, "very," he nods, "that's why you can do it. I know you can. I trust you." "Even after all this?" Taehyung feels tears trailing down his face, "after I brought my family down?"
Yoongi nods, "everyone makes mistakes, Tae. But you are trying to mend it. I am proud of you." Taehyung's eyes water more, he lurches to hug Yoongi, "why are you so kind?" Yoongi chuckles, "only you think so." Taehyung sighs, "you are." Yoongi pats his back, "so? The offer?"
Taehyung nods, "I will do it." Yoongi heaves a sigh, "that's my taetae!" Taehyung smiles at Yoongi, "thank you," he shrugs when Yoongi arches a brow, "for always being there for me." Yoongi ruffles his hair again, "I will always be there for you, Tae. No worries."
Seeing Jungkook again brings back memories Taehyung would rather forget entirely. He bites back words while walking into the interview. Jungkook is alone, sitting on the chair and eyes fixed on Taehyung. "Good morning, sir," Taehyung bows, "I am here for the interview."
Jungkook points at the chair with his eyes, leaning back against his own chair, "give me the file of your qualifications." Taehyung holds out the file, eyes stuck on his outstretched hand. Jungkook takes it, reading through it, "how many of these certificates are real?"
Taehyung frowns, "I am sorry?" Jungkook's eyes flicker over to him, a lazy smirk on his lips, "how many of these your daddy bought for you, Kim? How many are really yours?" Taehyung feels anger sizzling down his spine, he straightens himself, face blank, "Oh, right."
"You would know about deceiving people and buying things that actually do not belong to you, but me, Kim Taehyung," Taehyung smiles, head tilted, "is not like that. Everything is real there. All of those certificates." Taehyung watches those lazy eyes roam over him...
"You are hired, Taehyung," Jungkook throws the file on the table, legs crossing over one another, "you have to take care of the things I send your way. Move in with me-" Taehyung falters, "wait, what?" Jungkook hums, "I often work from my home. I cannot be bothered-"
"To call you up all the time. You have to live with me," Jungkook arches his brow, "any problem?" Taehyung gapes, "why do I have to live with you?! I can easily-" "If I need something at midnight, would I call you?" Jungkook makes a face.
Taehyung glares, "that is not my working hours, though? My office hours-" Jungkook stands up, effectively halting Taehyung to round the table, "I am the boss here, Taehyung," he comes to lean to level their eyes, "you," he whispers, "will work for me. As I make you work."
"𝐾𝑒𝑒𝑝 π‘¦π‘œπ‘’π‘Ÿ π‘π‘Žπ‘™π‘š," Yoongi's words ring in his mind, "π‘‘π‘œπ‘›'𝑑 𝑙𝑒𝑑 π˜©π‘–π‘š 𝑀𝑖𝑛 π‘‘π˜©π‘–π‘ , π‘‡π‘Žπ‘’. 𝐾𝑒𝑒𝑝 π‘¦π‘œπ‘’π‘Ÿ π‘π‘Žπ‘™π‘š 𝑒𝑛𝑑𝑖𝑙 π‘¦π‘œπ‘’ π‘˜π‘›π‘œπ‘€ 𝑖𝑑'𝑠 π‘¦π‘œπ‘’π‘Ÿ π‘‘π‘–π‘šπ‘’ π‘‘π‘œ π‘ π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘–π‘˜π‘’." Taehyung grits his teeth, "I need double salary."
Jungkook snorts, "who said you are qualified enough for that?" Taehyung snorts, leaning back against the chair, "let's face it, Jeon," his smile dims to give way to a glare, "you are not hiring me to work for you. You just want to play your sick game. You like to play with me!"
Jungkook's eyes roam over Taehyung's face, trailing down till his toes before they are coming up again. Taehyung watches how the man smirks, nods, "I love to play with you." Those words remind him of those times when he would think Jungkook was joking, laugh at him. Now...
Now Taehyung wants to slam that man's face on his glass table. He clenches his jaw, face upturned, "then pay the price. Double salary." Jungkook eyes him, silently watching him for a few seconds before he snorts, "desperate for money, are we?"
Taehyung shrugs, "at least not enough to sell myself like you did for a damn company." Jungkook's eyes harden, "it was-" Taehyung waves him off, "past is past. I don't like to look back and dwell on it. Tell me if you agree or-" Jungkook nods, "Fine, sign the contract."
Taehyung nods, "show it to me." Jungkook holds out a file, "here." Taehyung pauses, "you had it printed already? What if I denied?" Jungkook breathes out a laugh, "you are in no position to deny me, Taehyung. You are basically on the street. Don't take me for a fool."
Taehyung ignores Jungkook's words and flips through the pages. He frowns, "what do you mean by I have to help you in household chores?" Jungkook shrugs, "shopping groceries, laundry, remembering when the bills are due-" "You have maids!" Taehyung frowns, "and a cook!"
"Oh, cook is staying," Jungkook makes a face, "I know how terrible you are in the kitchen. When-" "No," Taehyung grips the files in his hands, "I will do all this, only on one clause, Jeon," he bites back a hiss, "we will never discuss our past. Do not bring that shit up!"
Jungkook watches him, "sign the papers, Taehyung." Taehyung looks down at the pages, reading the last few ones, "parties are free to lead their personal lives," Taehyung hums, "so, clear it for me. If I bring someone over for a hookup, I will get them in your house?"
"What?" Jungkook grips the edge of the table. Taehyung nods, "hookups, affairs, sex," he points at the papers, "you didn't clarify that. Can I bring my dates over at your place or do I stay at theirs-" "No one will be stepping in my house except you," Jungkook chews out...
Taehyung hums, "so I will stay over at theirs-" "You will be back home every night," Jungkook cuts him off, "I am not paying you to hop from one guy to another. I might need your help-" Taehyung rolls his eyes, "fine, I get Sunday off. I will manage," he reaches for the pen.
Jungkook holds his hand, wrist tightly gripped in Jungkook's grasp, "you are not managing anything, Taehyung-" Taehyung's eyes flash over his, he stands up to glare at the man in front of him, "why? If you get to go off with random people and I know you will bring them home-"
Jungkook stands up, their eyes on each other because of their almost same height, "it is my house. I can do anything-" "No," Taehyung's lips curl, "if you get to tell me what I can do even after office hours, then I can ask the same of you!" Jungkook snorts, "I am paying you!"
Taehyung shrugs, "you saw my qualifications. I will get another job. Keep it." Jungkook curses, "Tae-" Taehyung places the file on the table and holds up his bag, "it was nice talking to you, sir," he snorts, "hope you have a good day."
Jungkook's hand shoot out to hold Taehyung by the wrist, pulling him back, "this is not how you talk to your boss! This is not the professionalism-" Taehyung's eyes are boring on Jungkook, "there is nothing professionalism about any of this, Jungkook. You know that."
"You want to bend me till I break," Taehyung snorts, "and you are doing everything in your power to achieve it. I am merely trying to save myself. I know if I get another job, you will do something to sabotage it. I know you. You just want to play a game because-"
"you are bored, and I am entertaining, the day you find a new interest, you will move on," Taehyung's eyes gloss over, his face just as blank, "I need to protect myself until you are moving on and after that you will not care where I go or if I live or not. I am just a game."
"I always was," Taehyung snorts, "a ploy, now an entertaining person because you have nothing better to do. But one day you will get bored, like all of you, spoiled brats go, and then I will leave. Have a peaceful life. Away from you and find someone who would love me. Really."
"Until then, pay the price for my entertainment," Taehyung pats Jungkook's chest, "no worries. I will lose my shit almost every day. You will have plenty to do with. I will give your money's worth of entertainment. I promise." The silence is eerie. Jungkook watches Taehyung.
"But, if I am to not bring anyone home," he makes a face, "you can't, either. Otherwise, you know me, Jeon," Taehyung smirks, "I will show you how 'spoiled,' and, 'bratty,' I can get. Trust me, you won't like that. No one would. If you are okay, I will sign it."
Jungkook holds out the papers, "sign it." Taehyung reaches for the pen blindly, never taking his eyes off Jungkook. He flips the papers and signs before holding it out for Jungkook. Jungkook takes the file and throws it over his shoulder, "you are coming with me now."
"This is your room," Jungkook points at the door, "I just bought this house. It's not really decorated. Do whatever. Decorate it however you want. I don't care." Taehyung looks around, "what is that door leading to?" "My bedroom," Jungkook leans against the door.
Taehyung stares, "your... bedroom?" Jungkook nods, "yeah?" Taehyung looks at the door, "there are no locks." Jungkook shrugs, "why do you need a lock?" Taehyung blinks, "you can walk in here any moment?!" Jungkook nods, "yeah?" Taehyung bites back a curse, "do you not see-"
"This is my house," Jungkook shrugs. Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, "put a damn lock on that door. I need my privacy!" Jungkook stares, "who told you that you can order me?" Taehyung wants to throw something at the man, but he opts for glaring, "put a lock there!"
"Listen-" Jungkook pauses, ducking when Taehyung throws the bag at his face, "whoa-" "Put," Taehyung hisses, "a damn lock there, otherwise I will go to your bedroom and strangle you in your sleep. Watch it, Jeon!" Jungkook blinks, "what?" Taehyung nods, "you heard me!"
"Who are you?!" Jungkook throws his hands up, "I haven't known this Taehyung-" Taehyung holds up his phone, "forget that Taehyung. Fucker got me where I am right now, you," he points the phone at Jungkook, "call someone to install a lock. Right now!" Jungkook curses.
------ "Anything else you want me to do?!" Jungkook wonders after the lock is installed, "any more changes you would prefer?" Taehyung looks around, makes a face, "call your painting company. I need to change the room colour. Beige. I hate this colour scheme."
Jungkook glares, "what is wrong with black and white?" Taehyung makes a face, "too boring. I can't stand that. You told me I can do whatever I want with my room." "Colour it yourself!" Jungkook walks out of the room, "I am done. No way in hell I am indulging in that shit!"
Taehyung nods, "okay." Jungkook breathes out and stares the guy, "I will go to a party tonight. Jimin's company is throwing an anniversary party for him. Dress properly. It's a business setting, so you will join me." Taehyung nods, "okay. Now go. I need to clean this room."
Jungkook sits in the living room, turning on the television and watching 'Frozen,' as it plays. He is halfway through the movie when he sees Taehyung walking out of the room with a tray, "where is the balcony?" Jungkook frowns, "want to jump off it?" Taehyung stares.
Jungkook points at the direction, "where the light is coming from. Go into the light, Taehyung-" Taehyung storms off towards the balcony, on his way he steps on Jungkook's feet, totally ignoring the hiss Jungkook gives him. Jungkook follows, "don't actually jump off though!"
Taehyung puts down the tray, holding out those plants one by one. Jungkook watches how his empty balcony starts filling up with pots. Taehyung holds out a garden trowel for Jungkook, "help me plant this one." Jungkook stares, "you aren't serious!"
Taehyung glares, hand holding the trowel out. Jungkook kneels beside him with a sigh, "fine. What is it? What do I do?" Taehyung holds out the plant, "dig the soil and plant this one." "What is this?" Jungkook wonders, digging into the soil.
"Peonies," Taehyung murmurs, slowly planting them one by one. Jungkook takes the seeds, helping Taehyung. It takes them almost the entire noon to get the plants fixed and then Jungkook is leaving for a meeting with Taehyung right beside him.
==== V ====
Jimin walks inside the cafΓ© with his nose upturned. He looks around and lets the distaste show on his face. The place is not crowded, it's noon. The two tables are filled with two couples, talking among themselves. Jimin walks up to the counter, ringing the bell.
The man, who pops out from under the counter, almost gave Jimin a heart attack. He stares, noticing flour on the man's nose, cheeks bunched up in a small, welcoming smile. "I am so sorry," the man says, "the workers are on lunch break. Please wait, I will just wash-"
Jimin makes a face, "I am not here to order your stupid muffins," he crosses his arms over his chest, "I am here for the meeting you refused to show up for." The man frowns, "meeting..." Jimin glares, "I am Park Jimin. If I am not wrong, you are Min Yoongi, right?"
Yoongi nods, "right. You are here for the meeting..." Jimin nods, "I sent you the letter that I am buying this building and-" "I am not selling my cafΓ©," Yoongi gives him a small smile, "sorry, Jimin." "That would be, 'sir,' for you!" Jimin hisses, "and you have no options."
Jimin hates how Yoongi's lips quirk with an amused smile and the man leans against the counter. "Do you always show up to threaten your opponent and when they don't listen to you end up pouting or something," Yoongi pauses, huffs out a chuckle, "Jimin?" Jimin blinks.
Yoongi shakes his head, "I am not selling this cafe, love," he bends to pick up the packet of flour, smiling at him, "sorry." Jimin watches how the man goes inside the room behind the counter and lets out a curse. He stands and waits until Yoongi is coming out of the room.
"There are two options for you," Jimin places his card on the counter, "you call me and agree to sell this place, or," Jimin leans on his elbows, "I take it anyway." Yoongi wipes his hands on his apron, nodding to himself, "let's try the second option because I am not selling."
Jimin blinks when Yoongi holds out a muffin for him, "what?" Yoongi points at it with his eyes, "by your words, it looks like you can do with some sweets." Jimin makes a face, "I don't like muffins." Yoongi smiles, "I see that. One won't kill you. Here."
Jimin takes the muffin, "how much?" Yoongi shrugs, "free." Jimin glares, "I don't take charity." Yoongi laughs, his gums visible for Jimin, "if it's a muffin, you should, love." With that he is moving to the next customer and Jimin is watching him before turning to leave.
=== x ===
"Did you make notes of the meeting?" Jungkook asks, walking out of the room while fixing his coat, "I need the summary on my desk as soon as possible." Taehyung nods, "yes, I will be on it." Jungkook pauses to look at him, "sir," he nods, "you will call me sir here."
Taehyung bites the inside of his cheek, nodding, "sir," he grits out, "I will get it to you as fast as I can." Jungkook hums, "what's my schedule for today?" Taehyung goes through his tab, "you have another meeting, and then you need to attend a party. Tonight."
"Right," Jungkook nods, "do you have Dojin's number saved? I gave you the important numbers you should save, right?" Taehyung nods, "I have his number." Jungkook nods, "call him. Tell him I asked him to be my date for the night." Taehyung pauses, "what?"
Jungkook nods, "a date, Taehyung. You can't attend a party without a date. Call him." Taehyung bites the inside of his cheek, nods, "right. A date. Okay." Jungkook looks at him, "I am not going to bring him home." Taehyung ignores the words, dialling the number.
He holds the phone out for Jungkook and Jungkook talks. Taehyung looks down at his own phone to see Namjoon has sent him some texts about him searching a job. Taehyung wishes him luck, smiling when he sees Jin already got one. They are slowly getting back on track.
"Do you have something proper for the night?" Jungkook asks Taehyung, "I don't want my secretary to look cheap at a party I am a main guest to." Taehyung bites on his lip, looking away, "I don't have anything fancy." Jungkook frowns, "you had an entire closet full-"
Taehyung snorts, "we are living at a place where Joonie hyung and Jin hyung's room is the size of my closet. Where do you think I would fit those? I left it all behind." Jungkook stares, "your perfume collection-" Taehyung snorts, "it paid me good. I don't have much."
Jungkook watches the guy in front of him, "then... you have nothing fancy?" Taehyung's eyes snap to his, "no." Jungkook tries to match this Taehyung with the one he knows. The Taehyung who had a closet full of clothes, perfumes he liked to collect, ties... they used.. he nods.
"Go shopping," Jungkook holds out his card, the black surface reflecting the lights of the hall, "buy something fancy. Get your ass to some salon-" "I am not your date," Taehyung shakes his head, "whatever I have, as a secretary, it's enough. I don't need this. Thank you."
Jungkook looks at Taehyung, "do as I say, Taehyung." Taehyung shakes his head, "I am not going to spend your money for you to say I have to pay it back in some twisted way later. I don't trust you enough for this. I will wear whatever I have. Take it or leave it."
"So you will just be there, looking dull while-" Jungkook pauses when Taehyung barks out a laugh, hiding his grin behind a palm. "Sir," Taehyung snorts, "I will never look dull. I did not say anything about looking dull. I just said, I don't need your money to look pretty."
Taehyung walks ahead of Jungkook, "now if you will excuse me, I have some papers to collect from the IT department. I will get them to you as soon as possible." Jungkook reaches to take a hold of Taehyung's elbow, pulling him back, "you better look pretty, Taehyung."
Taehyung frees himself, "I am the prettiest, sir," he shrugs, "you are worrying about the wrong thing. Give your date this card, so he can doll up nice and proper because it will be laughable if your secretary looks better than your date. No? Excuse me."
Jungkook watches Taehyung go, his eyes roaming over Taehyung's form. A sigh escapes Jungkook's lips. He dials Dojin's number to ask him if he needs anything for the night, walking into his office.
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Ready for the night
Jungkook stares at himself into the mirror, looks over when there is a knock on his door, "come in. Where have you been since the afternoon? I was calling-" words dry down in his throat when Taehyung walks into his room, looking at him through the mirror.
Taehyung stands by the door, "the car is ready. Your date is downstairs. If you are ready, we can leave." Jungkook blinks, eyes trailing over Taehyung, "you bought these?" Taehyung looks down at himself, "no. These are mine. Why? They look odd?"
Jungkook shakes his head, "n-no," he looks back at himself, "Dojin is downstairs?" Taehyung nods, "yes. He is waiting. We are done. Come on." Jungkook nods, "just be there in a minute. Come here. Fix my tie for me." Taehyung makes a face, "you can't do your tie?"
Jungkook shakes his head, "no, I cannot. Now do it for me." Taehyung lets out a breath, walking up to Jungkook and taking the tie from him. Jungkook watches, eyes focused on Taehyung while Taehyung knots the tie around his neck. He sucks in a breath when those eyes find him...
"What?" Taehyung asks, arching his brow. Jungkook reaches, plucking the eyelash that has fallen on Taehyung's cheekbone, "want to wish for something?" The words halt Taehyung, takes him back to all those times when he would do it and Jungkook would laugh at him...
Taehyung looks down at the lash and back at Jungkook, "I don't do that anymore." Jungkook watches him, "oh...?" Taehyung pats Jungkook's chest, stepping back to look at the man with a small smile, "learnt the hard way that wishes never come true." He walks out of the room.
Jungkook walks out of his apartment with his arm around Dojin. He watches how Taehyung opens the door for Dojin with a smile and comes around to do the same for Jungkook. He watches how Taehyung gets in the passenger seat, looking outside after tying the seatbelt.
Jungkook watches how Taehyung never looks back at them or says anything. "You can turn on the music if you want," Jungkook voices, looking at the side of Taehyung's face, "I don't mind. I am sure Dojin does not either." Dojin smiles, "not at all. Taehyung, go ahead."
Taehyung's eyes flicker over to Jungkook through the rear mirror, and he looks away as soon as their eyes meet. "I am fine, thank you, sir." Jungkook knows Taehyung hates silent rides. He loves to mess with the radio, bickering with Jungkook about the choices of songs.
Taehyung picks up his phone when it rings, talking, and Jungkook focuses back on the buildings they are passing by. "I will eat there," Taehyung whispers, "hyung, you need to stop worrying. I know," he smiles, "if the food is spicy, I will eat something else. Go and eat. Okay?"
Jungkook ignores those words. Instead, he smiles at Dojin when he leans against him, talking about how excited he is about the party. Taehyung's eyes find them on the rear mirror and Jungkook can easily see how that smile dims on his lips for a second. Then Taehyung looks away.
The party is crowded. Taehyung follows behind Jungkook and Dojin. He bows to the ones who smile at him and ignores the one who are side-eyeing him. He stands behind Jungkook, watching how the man shakes hand with others and shares greetings.
"Taehyung, get me a drink?" Dojin smiles, "there is the bar, I guess." Taehyung looks at the bar and nods, "of course, sir. What do you want?" He bows before leaving. After ordering the drink, he waits, tapping his finger on the counter.
"Are not you Mr. Kim's son?" Taehyung holds his breath, turning to see an old man smiling at him, "yes," he nods, "I am." The man holds his hand out, "I am Mr. Lee. I am a friend of your father's. He did not contact me after whatever happened. How are you all?"
Taehyung shrugs, "we are fine. Thank you-" The bartender holds out his drink and Taehyung is excusing himself. He turns to see Jungkook and Dojin still busy talking to others. A few men surrounding them. With a tired sigh, he goes up to the two and holds out the drink.
"Isn't he the son of the Kim's?" Heechul, one of Jungkook's friends, frown at Taehyung, "is he working for you?" Jungkook looks over at Taehyung, "yes. He is my secretary." Heechul eyes Taehyung, "I see. He is pretty, I must say. You got a gorgeous secretary, Jeon."
Jungkook grips the glass in his hand a little tighter, eyes on the man in front of him, "thanks. Now, if you will excuse me-" Heechul waves him, "sure. Hi," he steps around Jungkook to smile at Taehyung, "I am Park Heechul." Taehyung nods, "hello. Kim Taehyung."
Dojin looks at him, "babe, want to dance?" Jungkook lets out a breath, watching how Taehyung's large eyes look up at Heechul. How those cheeks bunch up in a smile while he blushes. "Yeah," Jungkook murmurs, staring at the two of them, "sure, let's go."
Taehyung is still talking as Jungkook and Dojin dance. Jungkook's eyes move from Dojin to Taehyung and he watches how Taehyung leans in to say something to Heechul. Heechul shrugs, holding out his hand, and then they are coming up to dance too. Jungkook's eyes find Taehyung's.
Taehyung holds Heechul close, his eyes shift from Jungkook to Heechul, and they are smiling at each other. "You look angry," Dojin quips, "is everything alright?" Jungkook shakes his head, "nothing. I just..." he looks at Dojin, "nothing. Sorry."
Taehyung giggles at something Heechul says, and Jungkook hears that sound. That sound is like nostalgia. It takes him back to a time when he heard that sound closer to his ear. Those starry eyes fixed on him. Something Jungkook did not think he will miss when gone.
"You look upset," Dojin frowns, "are you okay? Are you not feeling well?" Jungkook shakes his head, pausing on his steps when he sees Taehyung holding out his phone for Heechul to take. Something sour coats his mouth and Jungkook steps away from Dojin, "excuse me."
Taehyung watches how Jungkook storms out of the dance floor. He frowns at Dojin and looks back at where the man has gone. "Excuse me," he pulls back from Heechul, "I will call you. Sorry, I need to see-" Heechul waves him off, "of course. See you around, Taehyung."
Taehyung finds Jungkook in the hallway, leaning against a pillar and smoking. Taehyung frowns, coming to stand in front of the man, "you are smoking." Jungkook arches a brow, hands shoved in the pockets of his slack, "so?" Taehyung grits his teeth, "you can't smoke here."
Jungkook exhales the smoke, lips parting around the white stick, "who will tell me off?" Taehyung glares, "there is a 'no smoking,' sign right beside-" Jungkook rolls his eyes, breathing in, "I can read, Taehyung. I don't think they will care if it's me."
Jungkook curses when the cigarette is plucked off his lips and stomped over. He glares at the man in front of him, "get in. Why are you out here policing me?! Go in, Heechul might want to grind against you some more." Taehyung blinks, "he was not grinding against me."
Jungkook arches a brow, "really? That was not grinding? What he was doing and you were laughing at? I have a reputation, Taehyung. You cannot come to a party as my secretary and flirt with anyone-" Taehyung steps closer, "we were just dancing and I am your secretary. Not slave."
"That was not dancing!" Jungkook snorts, "you were all over him and so was he! This is a business party, Taehyung. You are representing me. How are you going to go off like that-" "What about it was grinding?!" Taehyung stomps his foot, "no, what about it-"
Jungkook stands up straight, hands coming to pull Taehyung close with his wrist. Taehyung sucks in a breath when one of Jungkook's arm goes around his waist and the other holds his hand, intertwining their fingers. The music is softly carrying out in the corridor...
Jungkook pulls Taehyung against him, "let me teach you how you dance, Taehyung, in case you have forgotten." Taehyung's voice dies in his throat when Jungkook starts moving. They will look silly to anyone who would walk out in the corridor, dancing alone, arms around each other
Taehyung watches how those intense eyes are fixed on him. Jungkook never looks away. Their feet moving together. As if on instinct. As if muscle memory. Taehyung's eyes pool with tears when he remembers their last dance together. Just like this, in Taehyung's room.
"I wish it was this easy," Taehyung stops, wrenching himself free from Jungkook, "forgetting everything. I wish I was this quick to forget. Just as I am to you, huh? How easily you forgot everything. I wish," Taehyung steps back, "I wish I knew how to do that. You know?"
"But it is not," Taehyung wipes his eyes, "so I remember, sir," he hisses, "sir, that is all you are to me, and I am not sure how proper it is to dance with my employer like this. Excuse me." He marches away, leaving behind Jungkook, who stares as long as he can see Taehyung.
It has been six months since then. Since Taehyung joined the company. They both have found a routine they stick to. In office, they work together, as a team almost. Taehyung obeys each and every order that is served to him. Jungkook makes sure the payments and tips are given.
They keep it professional, and the company is soaring. But Taehyung never joins those celebratory parties. He makes excuses, flimsy ones, but Jungkook lets him have it. Every time he ends up with Yoongi in his cafΓ©, mindless talking or baking with the man.
Jungkook cannot say he likes Yoongi. He can surely say the feeling is mutual. That man glares at him as if he would burn him to ashes if he could. That man frequents their apartment too. Stays with Taehyung all nights, watching movies, playing games. Jungkook says nothing.
Tonight is just the same. Jungkook's company opened a new branch in the UK, making it a time for celebration. Taehyung has made an excuse of family problem. He left the house that morning itself. Jungkook had said nothing. He is, by now, used to those excuses...
So he is surprised when the phone comes. He is surprised when he picks up, and it's Taehyung. Frantically blabbering something Jungkook does not understand. "What are you saying?" Jungkook walks out of the party, pressing a finger against his other ear to hear better, "what?"
TW// Accidents, blood, near-death experience
"Namjoonie hyung," Taehyung sounds terrified, "Jungkook, he met an accident. We, we had to take him to the hospital, but the hospital is not," Taehyung sobs, "they have to do surgery for some internal bleeding, I don't know clearly, but they need money. We don't have-"
"money and this place is not really good, we could not afford a good place. Please..." Taehyung sounds hysteric by now, "I will do anything. Just shift him somewhere better. Help me. I know no one-" "I am coming," Jungkook rushes to the lift, "just wait, Tae, I am coming."
Taehyung sniffles, "no, you are busy. Just..." his voice comes out hopeless, "I will pay you back. I... I will..." Jungkook counts the numbers of the floors in the lift, "Tae-" "You offered me to sleep with you for money," Taehyung whispers, "does that still stand?"
A sharp pang pierce through Jungkook's chest. He shuts his eyes, gripping the phone closer to his ear. "I will," Taehyung's voice sounds hollow, "take the offer. Just... just save him. Please. I have no one if-" "Send me the hospital's address," Jungkook whispers, "now."
Taehyung lets out a breath, "so, the offer-" Jungkook feels the bile rise to his mouth, he shakes his head, "no offer, Taehyung," he blinks rapidly, "I am shifting him to a better place. Just focus on him now. Yes? I will meet you there." Taehyung sniffles, "what do you want?"
Jungkook feels like a hypocrite, "for you to calm down. He will be fine and-" "No," Taehyung cuts him off, "I have learnt my lesson, Jungkook. Nothing in this world comes for free. What do you want from this? I am sick of you deceiving me. Tell me what is it? What do you want?"
Jungkook steps out of the lift, already pulling out his other phone to send messages to the people he needs to, "I will meet you there. The ambulance will be there on my name. See you." He calls the ones he needs to make the shift happen before he calls for his driver.
He sees the confirmation on his screen that the ambulance is on its way. Jungkook steps inside the car, tells the driver where to go before he leans back against his seat. It takes almost half an hour for him to reach there. Then Jungkook is rushing inside.
The receptionist sends him up to the fourth floor and when Jungkook steps out of the lift, he sees the family. Jin leans against the door, sobbing silently while he clings to the surface. On the bench sits Taehyung, face buried in his palms, legs moving up and down, jittery.
Jin does not even see him, too busy staring inside, while Jungkook comes to stand in front of Taehyung. He reaches hesitantly, hand shaking as he places it on Taehyung's head. Taehyung stills, looking up at him with tear-soaked eyes. His lips tremble with silent cries...
Jungkook has no words. He feels those word dry down on his tongue when he sees the pain in those eyes. The fear and suffering written so clear on that face. Taehyung is shaking, his entire body trembles with goosebumps all over his skin. Jungkook cannot speak a word.
"Tae!" Jungkook looks over his shoulder and flinches when Taehyung lets out a loud sob and stands up. Jungkook watches how Taehyung almost runs to throw himself in the man's arms who walks out of the lift and easily catches him. "Hyung!" Taehyung sobs, "Joonie hyung... hyung."
Yoongi's eyes are watering when he presses a kiss against Taehyung's hair, "he will be fine. Okay? He will be fine. Can you breathe for me? You are shaking, taetae, come on..." Taehyung grasps at Yoongi as if his life depends on him, "I will not survive if something happens to-"
Yoongi shushes him, "nothing will happen. Okay? Can you calm down for me?" Taehyung lets Yoongi lead him back to the bench, sit him down. Yoongi turns to stare at the door, where Jin is still standing. Jungkook watches the man walk up to Jin, placing a hand on his shoulder.
Jin silently turns to him and then he is letting Yoongi pull him in a hug. Jin clings to him, sobs tearing thorugh him. "If anything happens to him," Jin chokes out, "his family will lose their son," he grips Yoongi's shirt, "a source of income and their son and brother. But me,
Jin looks at Yoongi, "I will lose my everything. I will lose my everything." Yoongi nods, pulls Jin back, "it will be fine. He will be fine. You know how strong he is. He will be fine." Jungkook looks back at Taehyung, who is staring at them, eyes pooling with tears.
"What did the doctors say?" Jungkook murmurs, sitting beside Taehyung. Taehyung shrugs, "nothing. It is a critical surgery. They are not giving any hope," he grips the edge of the bench when he looks at Jungkook, "it is a costly surgery too. Too costly. We cannot afford it."
"But," Taehyung's face goes blank, "I told you, I will do anything, just..." his eyes show how he feels, terrified, "just pay the bills?" his mask cracks around the edges, "I will do anything. I will. Whatever you say. If you want, I can work at your clubs as you said-"
Jungkook watches him. Taehyung turns to face him completely, grabbing Jungkook's hand in both of his, "I will do it. I will not take any money until the debt is cleared. I will not take a leave. Even for a day. I will pay it off. I will do i-" Jungkook turns away, "stop it."
"No," Taehyung grasps at Jungkook's shoulder, turning him forcefully, "no, please. Please pay for the operation. I will do anything." Jungkook lets out a breath, "it is paid," he looks over Taehyung's shoulder to not see that face, "everything is paid. I already paid for it."
Taehyung goes lax, his grip loosening, "so… which one?" he braces himself visibly, shoulders going taut, "which option did you choose? The club… or… anything else?" Jungkook looks at the door of the OT, "none of it. You do not have to pay me back. I owe it to you, and more."
"What?" Taehyung blinks. Jungkook looks down at his hands, nods, "yes," he sucks in a breath, "you do not have to pay me anything. It is okay." Taehyung breathes out, "you want me to believe you? I cannot." Jungkook shrugs, "that's okay. But, I do not need any payment."
Taehyung watches him, too exhausted to speak. Yoongi comes to sit on the other side of him, squeezing Taehyung's thigh. Jungkook watches how Taehyung turns to the man and leans against him. He watches how Taehyung buries his face against Yoongi's neck, crying silently.
Jungkook watches Jin. Memories flashing across his mind. How Jin would make him things he liked to eat. How Jin would take his side whenever Taehyung and he fought over something. How Jin did not believe him when Namjoon said Jungkook took their company. How Jin looked at him.
"How did this happen?" Yoongi asks Taehyung. "He went for an interview," Taehyung murmurs, "got rejected, and his last job was already running on loss, so they got rid of the newer employees. He crossed the road without looking at the signal, apparently," Taehyung sniffles.
"The rent is due," Taehyung whispers, clutching at Yoongi, "dad needs his asthma medicines. Mum is not doing well since all this started. She is losing her mind. He and Jin hyung are paying most of the bills. He was so stressed. I... I feel like such a burden, hyung..."
"I stay away from them, I visit once in a while," Taehyung lets Yoongi pull him closer, "mum hates me. She hates my face now," he weeps, "she blames me for everything and I deserve it. I know, I do. I wish..." Taehyung hiccups, "I wish it was me crossing the signal-"
Jungkook stands up, taking fast steps to walk out of that corridor and to the fire exit. He sits down on one of the steps, trying to ease his breathing. In his haze, he pulls out his phone and dials a number, waiting. "What's up?" Jimin sounds sleepy. Jungkook exhales...
"I fcked up," Jungkook hides his face in his hand, "I fcked up so bad." Jimin hums, "what did you do now?" "Namjoon is in hospital," Jungkook whispers, "after an accident. Jimin..." "What?!" Jimin sounds alert now, "wait, what?! What happened? How is he now? His family...?"
Jungkook closes his eyes, telling Jimin everything. "I cannot fix this, can I?" Jimin sighs, "the first step is, you want to. I would say, you should." Jungkook looks at the steps, eyes boring on the tiles, "Right." Jimin lets out a curse, "what?"
"I need his company," Jungkook combs his hair back, "you know how it is. Their company was our biggest rival, I needed to take it down somehow. I did it for business." Jimin snorts, "then why are you regretting it now? If you are, then you should think about it, Jungkook."
"Maybe sign a deal," Jimin sounds tired, "a partnership deal? Offer 40% of the profit to them. That's a good start. Right?" Jungkook hums, "I will think about it. You..." he hesitates, "you won't ask why suddenly I am changing my mind?" Jimin laughs, "I know why. You don't."
Jungkook frowns, "what?" Jimin lets out a breath, "nothing. Just do what your heart says, you idiot. Your brain got you here, and you now have their company, but you are still not happy. So, listen to your heart. Do what you want to. Just remember, what you did was not right."
"If hurting him hurts you more, then stop hurting him, simple," Jimin lets out a chuckle, "do you want me there?" "No," Jungkook shakes his head, stands up, "he has everyone here. I will leave now. I paid for everything anyway." Jimin hums, "tell him before leaving, though."
Jungkook walks out of the fire exit to look down the corridor. He watches how Yoongi says something, making Taehyung smile. A small, frail smile, but a smile nonetheless. Jungkook shakes his head, "no, it's better to not disturb him. He got his loved ones with him."
Jungkook turns on his heels, "see you tomorrow." Jimin hums, "fine." Jungkook cuts the call, takes one last look at the man who is closing his eyes in Yoongi's arm. Jungkook walks inside the lift again. He leaves one of his men there, to inform him if anything is needed.
Taehyung looks at the man who comes to stand beside the bench. He knows the man works for Jungkook. "Where did your boss go?" Taehyung asks, looking at the empty corridor. The man bows a little, "he had work, sir, he left." Taehyung gulps, "right. Of course."
"How is he doing?" Taehyung looks at the ceiling of his room, ignoring the shadow by the door, "well. He is… conscious. He can finally be off the iv. He is doing well. He will be discharged in a week or so." Jungkook hums, "good to hear." Taehyung sits up on the bed, "is it?"
Jungkook sighs, leaning against the doorframe, "it is. I would not wish death upon someone. Even I am yet to stoop that low." Taehyung fists the quilt, his eyes boring on the man's silhouette, "you might as well. The debt this caused us, the worry it caused us… wish it on me."
Jungkook steps inside the room, slowly coming to stand by the foot of the bed, "go to sleep. You are exhausted and-" Taehyung huffs out a smile, "I am exhausted. Indeed. But, I would not get any sleep until I know what you want, Jungkook. I want to know what you want in excha-"
"I said I want nothing," Jungkook grips the bedpost, "how hard is it to believe-" "Then do I owe this to you?" Taehyung wonders, "will you ask for something in the future. I need to prepare myself, Jungkook. I need to know what you are planning. This is keeping me awake!"
"I want nothing against it," Jungkook curses, "why cannot you trust me?!" Taehyung snorts, sitting up on his knees, "trust you?! Are you asking me to trust you?! After what you did! After what you caused my family! After everything?! I do not trust you anymore. I will never!"
Jungkook nods, "Taehyung! It is business! I did what I needed to do to save mine, and I am pretty sure if your brother had faced what I did, he would-" "Do not!" Taehyung lurches to grab Jungkook by his shirt, "do not even take his name along with yours. He will never be you!"
Jungkook watches how moonlight dances in those irises, those lips parted on a curse, that face so gloomy yet gleaming, "I had to do that to save my business. My family. I could not bring them down on the streets. For that, I would do anything. I had to do anything."
"My entire family depends on me," Jungkook grits out, holding Taehyung's wrists in his hands, "they have no one. I am the only heir of my family and this business. I got to do everything to make sure they are eased and happy and fine. I have to."
"For that you would ruin any other family that comes your way?" Taehyung's eyes shine brighter now, moist, "for that you will manipulate someone to fall in love with you? For that... you would betray someone to the level where they cannot face their own family?"
Jungkook watches how Taehyung's hair brush against his skin, how those eyelashes flutter with teardrops clinging to them, "I did that, I know." Taehyung's hands tighten on Jungkook's shirt, "you did that, yes. Do you feel the slightest of regret-" "I do," Jungkook sighs.
"I regret it," Jungkook's shirt glows under the moonlight, whitish glow reflects on Taehyung's face. Jungkook watches how tears slowly gather on the rim of those large eyes, how that face crumbles. "I never asked," Taehyung's voice is heavier, "I was terrified of the answer..."
"But," Taehyung's palms flattens out over Jungkook's chest, "was it worth it? So much trouble? You could have found a different way. You could have-" Jungkook hopes Taehyung does not feel how erratic his heartbeat is when he smiles so painfully, "the question should be..."
"Was the company worth losing so much," Jungkook looks over Taehyung's shoulder, "was all this worth what I lost." Taehyung takes a shuddering breath before pulling away, "it must be. What did you lose anyway? You never," his voice breaks, Jungkook notices, "loved me anyway."
Jungkook chuckles to himself, "right. It is in the past now. There is no going back. So, let's not think about it. I will let you sleep now. Excuse me. Good night." He walks out of Taehyung's room, closing the door behind himself and letting out a long breath.
He unbuttons the shirt, tugging it out of his pant haphazardly, before he eyes the cold dinner on the kitchen counter and goes for the minibar instead. Jungkook pours himself some scotch, pushing open the door of the balcony to inhale the fresh air. He sips the drink.
"I do not deserve an answer, do I?" Jungkook grips the glass tightly, eyes on the citylights, "Tae, go back to bed." Taehyung snorts, "right. I just got an apology for what I lost, I should be happy. Right? Because anything more than that is not worth it! Of course!"
"Because I, personally, do not deserve an apology!" Taehyung hisses, "you do not owe me anything! I am just a ploy in your sick games. I am just a bloody idiot who fell for it all. I am so stupid, I ruined my family for you. I am so stupid, I handed those papers over to you!"
"You are absolutely right in thinking I deserve nothing more!" Taehyung cries, "I deserve nothing but the purpose of your amusement. I am here, entertaining you and in your office. Every day! You require more?! Would you prefer more?! Do let me know. Because-"
Taehyung flinches when the glass breaks on the floor, the liquid going everywhere. He gasps when Jungkook turns to him, pressing him up against the glass of the balcony, "shut, the, fck, up!" Jungkook hisses, "stop talking! Stop talking right now!"
Taehyung does not cower, his entire back presses against the glass while Jungkook presses against his front. Taehyung smirks, tears blurring his vision, "did I hit a nerve?" Jungkook hisses against his face, "seems like you always do! Always bring out the worst in me!"
"I didn't think there was anything best in you!" Taehyung turns his face away, "there's none." "Oh, really?" Jungkook chuckles, "I can name a few," his lips press against Taehyung's ear, "things I was told I am best at. By you, if you would like to remember. Shall I remind you?"
Taehyung's hands land on his chest again, "you mean, your manipulation, deceit and lying? Sure. Those, indeed, are your best qualities." Jungkook rests his hands on Taehyung's waist, holding onto the shorts Taehyung wears, "that's all? How about the things you used to love-"
"Am I still a plaything to you?" Taehyung whimpers, "still someone to tease and belittle and make fun of?" Jungkook watches Taehyung, watches how Taehyung wipes his eyes. "I am sorry," Jungkook murmurs, nodding when those wide eyes meet his, "for breaking your heart."
"I will try to mend it all," Jungkook pulls away, "but, till then, you have to wait. I need some time. I can't do it right away. Everything takes time, Taehyung, and I am planning to get it all sorted." Taehyung watches him, "what are you planning? What is it this time?"
"Nothing to worry about," Jungkook turns to face the horizon again, "this time, you will be fine." Taehyung grabs Jungkook's elbow, "no, tell me. What is it you are planning?!" Jungkook looks at him, lets out a breath, "I am planning on partnership. With the Kims."
"My company was facing some difficulties, after my dad," Jungkook frowns, shaking his head, "and, this rather luxurious choices. I took over when it all was going to crash. I lost my mind over it. Now... I am settled. The graph is going steady. I can afford this now."
"Your dad," Taehyung comes to lean against the balcony, eyes on the man beside him, "I have heard rumours about him." Jungkook snorts, nodding, "almost all are true, I guess. Alcohol, mistresses, gambling…" he blinks at the darkness, "all of those are true."
"When he died," Jungkook sighs, "I was left with the company and debts. Along with my mum, grandma, and," he waves his hand, "nothing. Go to bed. You might not want to hear any of these. You have nothing to do this any of these. Good night, Taehyung. Get back in."
"And, what?" Taehyung urges, "do not tell me you have a wife or a girlfriend or a fiancΓ©. Jungkook-" Jungkook laughs, looking at Taehyung with a disbelieving tilt of his head, "wow, that is too far! I am too young for that! No, hell, no! I am not engaged or married or... no!"
"Then, what?" Taehyung wonders, "what is it?" Jungkook gulps, looking out at the darkness, "another heir of his property. His mistress' son. Apparently he inherits half of my dad's fortune, and I am yet to find out who it is because the woman is not found yet."
"No one showed up," Jungkook frowns, "no one came forward to claim anything. I am not sure, but if and when they do, I have to share my profit and the property with them. So, I had to make sure, I make enough to feed my side of the family before that person shows up."
"I do know that woman has a copy of this will," Jungkook frowns, "I do know the heir knows by now what he inherits. I am baffled why he would not show up. I am so confused as to why a man not want such good amount of money monthly? He might be very rich or very stupid."
"Or, very prideful," Taehyung sighs, turning to face the horizon himself, "maybe he does not want to inherit something like this. That makes him a good man. I would say." Jungkook snorts, "you do not know. What if he is dead?" Taehyung sighs, "you want him to be. No?"
Jungkook shrugs, "well, I have to save up his money for him. Because if he shows up and claims it, I have to give it all to him. So, that's that. I am not left with much, as you can see. Even then, I was not left with much. I did what I had to, to secure my family."
"What are you reading?" Yoongi looks at Hoseok, shaking his head, "nothing much. Just a letter." Hoseok hums, "another?" Yoongi chuckles, nodding, "Another." Hoseok eyes him, "you look like you are thinking of something." Yoongi nods, "I am. For a while now."
"What is it?" Hoseok pours the noddle into the bowl, "you don't do well with thoughts." Yoongi stands up to come and lean against the kitchen counter, "I am thinking of giving Jungkook a visit."
Hoseok spills the soup, "Jungkook? Jeon Jungkook? The one-" Yoongi tilts his head, a smile on his lips, "the one, Tae's Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook or, shall I say, my brother Jungkook."
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