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Jan 29, 2022
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ye0nb1n angel/demon au where sbn is an angel sent to earth to protect humans and jvn is a demon, who just came to earth bcs he was bored. then one day when jvn visits his favorite coffee shop (bcs the barista gives him muffins for free), he spots sbn at one of the tables.

he immediately senses the other is an angel and he has to laugh bcs sbn is reading a romance novel and is drinking a flat white with a blueberry muffin on the side. it‘s very stereotypical for some reason but jvn is immediately drawn to him. sbn is dressed in light colors,
contrasting his black hair and jvn decides that even if he wasn‘t a demon, he would’ve still thought the other was an angel just by his looks. but sbn hasn‘t realized yet that there‘s a demon in this coffee shop with him and jvn decides it would be fun to mess with him.
after all how often do you get to meet an angel? so he gets his coffee (and free muffin) and walks over to sbn‘s table. he asks to sit down and that‘s when sbn finally notices jvn and once he looks at him, he senses the dark aura surrounding the demon and he‘s a little thrown.
sbn hadn‘t expected a demon here, or anywhere on earth but he‘s an angel, so naturally he has to be nice. he lets jvn sit down and jvn decides to make sbn his new project. from that day onward, jvn finds a way to meet sbn almost daily until he becomes a fixed part of his life.
and slowly but surely, jvn finds a way to corrupt sbn without the other realizing. it starts harmless with getting sbn to cross the street at a red light, to stop giving tips to waiters that were rude (sbn still used to tip them 10% bcs of course he did).
then jvn gets sbn to drink his first beer ever and manages to get the angel tipsy. sbn struggles with himself bcs he knows he‘s straying from his purpose on earth and he knows he‘ll eventually face consequences. at first, he didn‘t want jvn in his life but the demon seems ..nice?
he has no clue that jvn is just playing with him bcs he‘s too naive. in his mind it makes no sense that someone would go out of their way like this just to make him miserable in the end … right? there‘s a little voice in the back of sbn‘s head that tells him to be careful,
but he likes being with jvn. he figures as long as he doesn‘t go too far, it should be fine. he doesn‘t even notice that he lost contact with the other angels, doesn‘t really notice how his wings, invisible to everyone but him, feel lighter and have become a little transparent.
and then after a while sbn realizes he‘s starting to miss jvn on the days where they don’t see each other and after a little more time passes, he realizes that he‘s in love with jvn, but that‘s okay. if he doesn‘t act on it, he‘s safe. but everyday he asks himself, what if?
jvn has noticed of course that sbn‘s feelings have shifted and he starts acting like he has caught feelings as well. of course, sbn acts exactly like jvn wants him to. he knows what he wants to do next and he knows how to get what he wants.
so he starts dropping hints, how he‘s sad that bcs he‘s a demon he can‘t find love and isn‘t that unfair bcs doesn‘t everyone deserve to be loved? and of course sbn agrees bcs it really is unfair. and over time, sbn is certain that he‘s willing to risk it all for jvn.
so one night, sbn confesses his feelings to jvn and jvn almost can‘t hold back his grin bcs his plan worked?! so he tells sbn he feels the same and then they kiss, they make out and sbn lets jvn fuck him. when sbn comes, he can feel a stinging pain in his back.
he can‘t place it but the next morning when he wakes up, there‘s blood on the sheets and sbn realizes that his wings are gone. and when he looks in the mirror his eyes are no longer blue, they‘ve turned black. sbn searches for jvn but the demon is gone.
jvn doesn‘t pick up his phone, he never shows up in the coffee shop anymore. sbn realizes he‘s been played. jvn had his fun with him and then he left. and sbn has fallen. he‘s the same as jvn now.


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