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Jan 30, 2022
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sbn has been teasing jvn all day, feeling him up whenever the camera couldn’t catch it or flirting with the others just to rile him up. maybe he needs to know how it feels. cw // masturbation, fingering, sbn has to watch jvn pleasure himself basically (for @𖥻 Ana 💿🐟 💕)

“jvn, come on …” sbn has his hands clenched to fist on his thighs. across from him on the bed sits jvn, legs slightly bend and spread, giving sbn the perfect view of jvn touching himself. jvn just shakes his head, smiling a little. “nah, baby. today you just get to watch.”
sbm twitches a little in his seat but he stays put. he watches as jvn slowly drags his hands down his chest, pinching his nipples between his fingertips when they run past it. a quiet whine escapes him and sbn bites down on his lip. how the hell is he supposed to just sit there?
jvn brings his left hand up to his lips and wets his fingers, dragging two of them along his outstretched tongue before slowly sucking them into his mouth. jvn keeps his lips parted just enough for sbn to see him work his tongue around the digits before he slides them in deeper.
sbn watches with his mouth open as jvn seems to push his fingers way farther than necessary other than to annoy him. sbn almost wants to scream. he presses his fingertips into the fabric of his sweatpants. this isn‘t what he imagined to happen when he teased jvn earlier.
jvn slowly pulls his fingers out of his mouth and drags them back down to his chest, leaving a wet trail on his skin. he circles his fingers around his nipple again, the wetness providing a new sensation and causing him to moan. he rolls the little bud between his fingers and sbn
can‘t look away as it hardens. he keeps playing with his nipple as his other hand moves down, slightly scratching over the skin. jvn‘s skin is so sensitive that even the light drag of his nails cause a pink mark to appear. despite himself, sbn whimpers. he wants to do this.
jvn‘s hand reaches the spot where his thigh meets his hip and sbn can see that his dick is already half hard. jvn slides his hand down and gently presses his fingertips into his thighs. sbn sighs quietly when jvn‘s thigh muscles tense under his own touch. this is so unfair.
sbn feels his own legs tense and he swallows thickly when jvn spreads his legs a little more. he slowly moves to touch his dick, loosely wrapping his hand around it before he slowly starts to stroke himself. when he reaches his tip, he swipes his thumb over it and moans quietly.
jvn shivers under his own touch and sbn can feel himself grow hard at the sight. jvn has always been sensitive, even the lightest touch makes him tremble. sbn never had to do a lot to make him release these beautiful moans. usually, sbn likes that but now it feels like torture.
removing his hand from his dick, jvn brings it to his mouth to lick over his palm, before wrapping it around himself again, the slide now easier. he slowly strokes himself to full hardness and then brings his other hand down as well to play with his balls.
sbn knows jvn has his eyes on him, knows he‘s purposely putting on a show just to spite him. sbn doesn‘t like to admit it, but jvn is succeeding in making him feel miserable. he thought if he could rile jvn up enough, jvn would maybe ride him or whatever. by now sbn‘s dick is
straining against his sweatpants but he knows if he were to touch himself, jvn would punish him in some way. so he focuses on keeping his hands still and hopes that jvn will show mercy. “aw, baby.” jvn’s voice sounds a little breathless and sbn has to look at his face.
he immediately regrets it. jvn’s mouth hangs open slightly, his tongue poking out a little. his eyes are half-lidded but he’s watching sbn. “jvn, please…” jvn chuckles and shakes his head. “you brought this on yourself.” he wants to say more but he’s interrupted by his own moan.
jvn tilts his head back a little, breaking the eye contact with sbn. “you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself earlier, in front of everyone, even the cameras.” jvn spreads his legs more and reaches one hand down, circling the middle finger around his rim. he twitches against the
touch and pauses shortly. “i think you need to learn how to keep your hands to yourself for once.” jvn is probably right, sbn went a little overboard with the pda today but they hadn’t had time to fuck in ages and he was horny. he still is.
jvn reaches for the bottle of lube on the nightstand, letting go of himself for now to coat his fingers with it. he moves his fingers back down between his legs and lets the coated fingers run over his hole, covering it with lube. “i was gonna let you fuck me tonight, you know?”
gently, jvn eases his middle finger inside himself, moaning quietly. “and now i have to do it myself, it’s inconvenient.” sbn knows jvn doesn’t particularly enjoy fingering himself, likes it only when sbn does it for him. and he knows sbn loves fingering jvn, enjoys the way it
makes him squirm. jvn is fingering himself so sbn can see what he’s missing out on. sbn’s eyes are transfixed on jvn’s finger thrusting in and out of himself and he lets out a moan. more unconsciously than anything, sbn moves his hand to his crotch and presses down on his bulge.
he bucks up against his hand, letting out another moan. “if you don’t get that hand away from there, i won’t touch you for a month.” sbn winces and takes his hand away. he has no doubt jvn will stay true to his words. “jvn, please…” again, jvn shakes his head. “no.”
jvn adds a second finger, pulling on his rim and stretching himself for sbn too see. his other hand is stroking his hard dick and sbn watches as a bead of pre-cum leaks out, sliding down the tip. sbn bites down on his lower lip. his whole body is tense.
he watches as jvn pushes his fingers as far as they can at this angle while picks up the pace. sbn can tell he’s tired of putting on a show, he just wants to cum now. jvn tilts his head back and lets out a quiet whimper. his thighs begin to tremble, his breath getting quicker.
sbn watches with his mouth open as jvn chases his orgasm, finally spilling all over his hand, back arched and his hole clenching around his fingers. jvn lets out a long, loud moan and sbn can’t help but to moan with him. his hands are fisted into his sweatpants and his hips buck
up into the air. “fuck, jvn.” jvn looks absolutely gorgeous like this, covered in his own cum. jvn says nothing, gives himself time to recover before pulling out his fingers. he wipes his hand on the bedsheets and then reaches for tissues to clean himself up as best as he can.
jvn ignores sbn until he’s done, quickly dressed in a shirt and sweatpants, he looks at sbn with a sweet smile. “this was fun.” then he walks over to sbn, presses a kiss to his cheek and leaves without looking back. sbn looks down at his still very hard erection and whines. fuck.


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