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Taehyung gave a full body shudder and Jungkook immediately pulled back, horrified that he had woken his brother up. But Taehyung merely shifted, somehow spreading his legs wider and something inside him snapped.

Wine and pills forgotten, he crawled over the bed, straddling his brothers waist and grabbing his wrists in an iron grip. Taehyung’s eyes flew open in shock, mouth parting in a scream that Jungkook caught with the press of his lips.
Taehyung squealed, legs kicking out but he was no match for Jungkook. “Hyung stay still or mom and dad are going to find out about Hyunsik.” He growled without thinking and Taehyung went still, eyes going wide and scared.
“How did you know?” He breathed, looking horrified and Jungkook scoffed. “How did I know that you owed seventy million won to that bastard?” He shook his head. “ That’s not important. What’s important is that I paid him off.
You don’t have to worry about him sniffing around you anymore.” Taehyung stared up at him, still restrained with his wrists over his head. “I… Kookie.” “You don’t owe him, hyung. But you do owe me.”
Jungkook pressed his hips down into the soft flesh of Taehyung’s belly making the elder whimper. “Jungkook …wait…” Taehyung whispered but Jungkook? Well Jungkook was done waiting.
“I’ve waited long enough hyung. Now I’m going to have you. The way I’ve always wanted to. The way I deserve.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Taehyung stared at his younger brother, his head swimming with disbelief but also a voice in his head that said, ‘ I told you so.’ He had always known hadn’t he? That something was off with Jungkook.
That was why he had never grown to like the boy. But he’d never imagined it to be this. And now he felt helpless. If Hyunsik had been paid, he had likely given Jungkook the designs.
“Jungkook… those designs… I need them… Please don’t get rid of them.” Taehyung choked out and Jungkook hummed, leaning down and shifting a bit, enough to plant both his knees on either sides of his waist, the his arousal digging into Tae’s soft skin.
“Baby, I know. I know how hard you worked on them and they’re so good.” He kissed the corner of his lips and the words tugged on something inside Taehyung. He went still, his mind registering that Jungkook had just complimented him.
“Jungkook…” he breathed, head swimming from sleep and surprise but Jungkook was already moving , pressing his wrists together against his pillow with one one hand, while the other reached to tug on his tie.
Taehyung was too groggy to understand what he was doing and by the time he could get himself together, Jungkook had neatly restrained his arms over his head.
“Jungkook please don’t.” Taehyung felt his eyes well with tears and the younger stared at him, face tender and affectionate. “Hyung, I love you.” Jungkook said softly. “ You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. I’ve been in love with you for so long.”
Taehyung felt his gut churn in revulsion at the words. He felt sick to his stomach. “Jungkook… this is wrong. We’re brothers, we can’t…”
“Shut up.” Jungkook snapped and Taehyung flinched. “ I don’t see how that makes a fucking difference hyung? So we have the same father so fucking what? It doesn’t fucking matter to me and it sure as fuck shouldn’t matter to you.”
Taehyung felt himself tremble as the younger glared at him before moving to kneel by his side. Jungkook stroked the side of his face, thumb moving to press into the plump folds of his lip. “Just behave , baby. I swear , I’ll make this good for you.” He whispered and Tae bit
his lips, his nerves tingling at the words. He hated himself for feeling excited, for the jolt of attraction that ran through him as Jungkook reached down and fingered the top button on his shirt. Taehyung watched as his brother began to undo his shirt buttons,
and he felt his pulse quicken when Jungkook shrugged off his shirt and reached for his belt. Suddenly everything was too real. “Jungkook…” He cried out in genuine panic but Jungkook ignored him, stripping out of his suit till he was in just his silk boxer briefs.
It left nothing to the imagination and Taehyung could see the hard length of his erection, straining up towards his abs. His mouth went dry at the sight. Jungkook was so, so big and his pussy clenched involuntarily .
He felt shame flood his insides as blood flowed to his sex, the flesh plumping up in anticipation. He realized in horror that while his mind balked at the idea of what Jungkook was doing, his body was very much on board.
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Jungkook was watching him and Taehyung felt like a bug under a microscope, like the younger was examining every secret part of him, all his flaws and shortcomings. It made him want to run and hide.
“ You know hyung, I thought you were smart. I mean, yeah you dropped out of school and couldn’t get a degree or even a trade job …but I never really pegged you to be dumb.” He shook his head, a look of disappointment on his face and Taehyung felt his toes curl in humiliation.
Jungkook was playing with the thin platinum band on his finger, the dim light from the hallway catching the sparkle of his jeweled Rolex. Taehyung felt inadequate and inferior, realizing suddenly that Jungkook was so much better than him . Smarter. Richer.
“He.. He stole my designs..” He blurted out, desperate to explain himself. He wasn’t dumb. He was just too trusting. He gave people the benefit of the doubt, ignore his own instincts and believe the best in people.
It was just because he had always been a trusting person, more likely to gather someone close than to push them away. He had done the same thing with Hyunsik and had ended up losing money and his lingerie designs.
He didn’t care much for the money but the designs were his entire life’s work. He had worked so hard on them.
“He stole your designs? So ? You decided to give him your body? And seventy million won? What are you, an idiot?” Jungkook asked harshly and Taehyung bit his lips, flinching at the tone. “ Did you forget you have a lawyer for a brother, hyung?”
Taehyung stared at Jungkook, stunned. Asking Jungkook for help had never even crossed his mind. Mostly because he was too proud to admit to the younger that he had made a foolish , foolish choice by trusting Hyunsik.
He bit his lips, tugging rather futilely on his wrists. His shoulders were beginning to hurt a little from having his arms stretched. Why did Jungkook tie him up?
“Jungkook let me go, please.” Taehyung whispered and Jungkook stared at him for a second before moving to sit on the bed. He reached out and played with the hem of Taehyung’s long white sleepshirt. “I will hyung. But first I want to talk.” He said firmly.
Taehyung felt his nerves pick up. “Talk? Talk about what?” He asked nervously, squirming a bit. Jungkook wasn’t looking at him at all. Instead his voice traveled the length of his body, taking in his slim legs .
There was a raw hunger there and Taehyung had to remind himself that it wasn’t right, although it felt good. Jungkook hummed before moving just a bit closer and lightly lifting his shirt, enough to reveal the waistband of his panties.
Jungkook groaned, tugging the elastic and letting it go, the snap of it harsh and stinging against Tae’s skin , making the older man jolt in surprise. Jungkook turned to him with narrowed eyes. “Not a fan of pain, huh , hyung?” He asked teasingly.
Taehyung felt his throat go dry. He shook his head. Jungkook grinned. “We’ll work on that.” He said gently and Taehyung felt his head swim. What on earth did that mean?! “Jungkook , I’ll… I’ll pay you back..” He said desperately and Jungkook huffed, unimpressed.
“With what hyung? Not like you have a way to get the money. You don’t have anything to sell either, do you? Unless you count this slutty cunt of yours.” He slapped the covered crotch of Tae’s panties and it was hard enough to make his hips lift off the bed.
Tae felt tears gather along his lashes, body rebelling against his mind and heart. He had never enjoyed the thought of getting hit but the way Jungkook had done it, the painful sting hadn’t lasted long , but there was a low heat that remained spreading all over his pussy.
“Jungkook… we can’t do this.” He begged, his own morals making him say the words that he wasn’t even sure he meant. His head was spinning with thoughts of his parents cutting him out of his will. He could never get a job, if it became public that he was disowned.
“So what will you do instead hyung? Say the truth? What will mom and dad think if they find out you lost so much money? Think they’ll finally kick you out? I’m thinking dad will jump straight to changing his will.” He said casually and Taehyung felt his insides go icy
at the thought. As though sensing his agitation, Jungkook moved his hand, gripping his thigh softly. The touch sent heat straight up his legs to his center and Taehyung clenched down on nothing, crossing his legs to hide himself.
He was getting wet, both from being tied up and from the sight of Jungkook’s body. “I… no. I can’t.” “You can’t tell them the truth?” Jungkook asked softly and Taehyung bit his lips, shaking his head. Jungkook smiled, looking entirely too smug.
“Now that we know what you can’t do…” He reached for the collar of Taehyung’s shirt, unbuttoning the first two buttons, “ let’s talk about what you can do “
Taehyung stiffened, body going taut at the implication as Jungkook slowly began unbuttoning the rest . He wouldn’t be able to take the shirt off with Tae’s hands tied up .
But he didn’t seem to want that . instead he merely climbed onto the bed, kneeling beside his older brother and carefully pulling the shirt open, leaving him naked and bare from the waist up, all for Jungkook’s viewing pleasure.
Taehyung looked away, unable to bear the lust dripping from his brother’s gaze as the younger stared at his breasts. “Look at these tits… even better from up close.” Jungkook whispered, reaching out and flicking his nipple, hard.
Taehyung jolted, the little hit so painful that tears spilled over. His nipples were so sensitive these days he could barely touch them without moaning and Jungkook had flicked them! Taehyung wanted to cry. “ Jungkook …” He whimpered and he finally looked at him.
"What is it baby? He whispered softly, " Don't want me touching your pretty nipples?" Taehyung flinched when he pinched the tips between his fingers rubbing the nub till the older squirmed. And then he was leaning over , licking the sore skin with his wet tongue.
Jungkook suckled on his nipples, tongue licking at the skin around the bub, teeth closing on the hard flesh ad lips suckling around the swollen flesh of his areola. Jungkook worried the abused flesh till Taehyung teared up and his cheeks grew wet.
“My pretty baby… You’re like the prettiest doll, Taehyungie hyung.” Jungkook cooed and Taehyung felt his throat go dry at the fondness in the other’s tone. It made his head swim and he wasn’t sure if it was in a good way.
Jungkook somehow looked, both innocent and sinful, and Taehyung felt small and weak. “Mom and Dad don’t love you, hyung.” Jungkook said softly.
“ Do you really want to spend the rest of your lives terrified of losing their support? You do realize I’m just as if not richer than them? You’re not dumb hyung. You can see what the smart thing to do here is, right? You can see who you should be trying to impress…?”
Jungkook prompted, fingers brushing over the soft skin on his lower belly and Taehyung bit his lips. “I… “ His head spun. Jungkook was his brother. He couldn’t… couldn’t do this. But Jungkook was right.
It was exhausting, trying to please his parents all his life, simply because he was dependent on them for money. “I’m really lonely hyung.” Jungkook said suddenly and the words made Taehyung pause. He stared, some primal instinct making him want to reach out and comfort.
“Lonely?” He whispered, confused and worried against his will. “I’ve always wanted you.” Jungkook said softly, stroking his skin gently.
” Wanted you so bad. I wanted to be the reason for your smiles and for your tears. I wanted to make you laugh with joy and cry with pleasure. I wanted all of it. But you wouldn’t even look at me.” Taehyung stared at him, the words tugging on something inside him.
“If you let me take care of you… I’ll make it all go away hyung.” Jungkook said softly. “You’ll have everything : all the clothes you want, all the jewelry you want, the most expensive silk against your skin and the most decadent pleasure in my bed..”
Jungkook smirked, “ but in return, I get to have you , hyung. All of you.” Taehyung stared at him. “We.. We can’t… What will people say.. “ He stammered and Jungkook shrugged. “I’m not going to fuck you in the middle of a family meeting hyung.” He chuckled.
“ What happens inside these four walls, stays right here.” Taehyung felt himself cave, his body slowly beginning to heat up as Jungkook’s fingers began moving more firmly against his skin,
tracing a bath over his belly and to his sides, striking the curve of his waist and ribs before reaching the soft swell of his breasts. But he didn’t cup the curve of it, Didn’t even touch.
Instead he let his palm hover over the side, staring at Taehyung in askance. And Taehyung realized that Jungkook wanted him to make that first move. He bit his lips, torn between helpless attraction for Jungkook and the moral repercussions of doing something like this.
“You can always move out and got stay with our parents hyung. I’ll shoot them a text about what happened with Hyusik.” Jungkook said casually and Taehyung stiffened. It was never really a choice was it?
And Taehyung shifted, moving just enough to press his breast into Jungkook’s palm. It was a subtle acquiescence, the older too humiliated to say it out loud but that was all the consent Jungkook needed.
He cupped the soft flesh, squeezing hard before climbing over him. Taehyung gasped when one hand shot out to untie his wrists and the sudden movement made him yelp, arms falling down to the pillow on either side of his head, numb from being restrained so long.
Jungkook buried his face into the curve of his neck, licking and sucking on the skin while his hands kneaded the flesh of his breasts. Taehyung raised shaky fingers to grip Jungkook’s shoulders, legs falling open to let the younger lie between them.
“Look at you, spreading your thighs for me like a two penny whore…” He said softly , spanking his breast sharply. “ You do this often hyung? Spread your legs for cock?”
Taehyung bit his lips, moaning as Jungkook grinded on him, the hard just of his cock digging into the softness of his belly. “Doesn’t matter. Its all in the past, right hyung? You won’t spread your slutty thighs for anyone but me from now on, right?”
Taehyung felt Jungkook shift, one hand slipping between his legs. “Say it.” The lawyer growled suddenly and Taehyung jumped. “I…no. No I won’t Jungkook. No one else. Only you.” He whispered brokenly, eyes fluttering shut when
Jungkook hooked both thumbs into the waistband of his lingerie. He tugged them down , swiftly over the lush curve of his thigh, growling out a , “ lift your legs,” and Taehyung obeyed, flushing as his brother pulled his panties off in a single move.
He could only stare as the younger crawled down the length of his body at once, pressing kisses on the way as he moved to settle right between Taehyung thighs. Jungkook looked up at him then, a feral grin on his handsome face.
His hands curled around Tae’s thighs just over his knees, gripping and parting his legs till the younger’s breath blew hot right against his center. “Look at this pretty pussy…” Jungkook whispered, blowing hot air all over the damp folds.
He shuffled closer, throwing Taehyung legs over his shoulders to free his hands and Taehyung whined when Jungkook’s thumbs dug into the fat folds of his labia, parting them so he could stare at his slit, wet and slick from arousal.
“I’ve dreamed of this hyung…” Jungkook looked awestruck, eyes trained unblinkingly on his sex, lips parted pink and wet as he stared at him and then he was leaning over, lips moving in a pout as he spat a long string of spit, right on to the hooded bud of his clitoris.
Taehyung felt his gut clench at the lewd act and a second later, he screamed when Jungkook pressed the flat of his tongue right over his clit, licking harshly .
He moved instinctively, body trying to get away from the onslaught but Jungkook dug his fingers into his thigh, keeping him in place with a growl. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going, you slut?!” He growled, glaring at him so hard that the look pinned Taehyung in place.
He watched, terrified as Jungkook spat on his pussy again, this time with very less affection. “Acting like you don’t want it when I can fucking see how desperate you are …. Look how fucking wet you are , baby…” His palm came down right over his sopping wet entrance,
and Taehyung jumped at the sudden spark of pain, mewling in gentle protest.
“Are you going to let anyone else touch you here?” Jungkook demanded, thumb parting the folds of his sex again and Taehyung stared at the ceiling, blinking in a haze as pleasure began to flood his senses.
“No…” He whispered, mind going blank from a mixture shock and pleasure. He felt Jungkook’s thumb rub circles on his slit, sending pleasure shooting up his spine.
He found himself drowning in pleasure, because it really felt so good and so what if it was Jungkook between his thigh? The same Jungkook he had watched grow up? He could still enjoy it right?
“Greedy little cunt…I can see you hole twitching , baby… like its hungry for my cock..” Jungkook spanked his pussy between each dirty little phrase and as the pain pleasure began to build, so did the floaty feeling of his mind clearing.
“Going to fuck you so hard.. Gonna put my babies in you tonight..”
The words registered but didn’t make much of an impact because all of Taehyung’s senses were zeroed in on his fingers as they played with the little nub of his clit , fingers dipping into his wet pussy in shallow little prods.
Taehyung narrowed his eyes, concentrating on how good it felt to have Jungkook play with him like this, how long and thick Jungkook’s fingers were inside him.
Taehyung had spent these last few months sticking his own fingers inside himself, in the dark of the night under the covers and it had never felt this good. Never felt this satisfying.
Jungkook’s fingers were thick and when he slipped two of them deep inside and curled them just right, Taehyung writhed in pleasure. Jungkook leaned over him then, and his mouth hovered over his sex, eyes meting Taehyung’s.
“I’m going to taste that wet cunt now baby.. Going to make you cum with just my tongue.” Jungkook whispered , Taehyung stared at the top of his head, the thick black locks, and instinctively moved to thread his fingers through the silken strands, gripping them as
Jungkook lightly licked at the wetness dripping out of him, tongue curling on Taehyung’s slick skin. Taehyung’s head fell back against the pillow, his body thrumming from pleasure . it felt exhilarating, having Jungkook like this, between his thighs, tasting him.
So wrong and yet it felt so, so right. “Fuck.. you taste like heaven… only taste of heaven I’m going to get , right baby? Because we both know we’re going straight to hell for this..”
Jungkook laughed into his slick folds and Taehyung flushed in despair, although his heart filled with dark delight at the thought. Yes, they were going to hell for this.
This was a sacrilege, something that went against all the laws of nature and yet, lying here in Jungkook’s bed… at the mercy of his fingers and his tongue, Taehyung couldn’t bring himself to care.
Jungkook licked into him, fingers thrusting inside in counterpoint, and when Taehyung clenched down too much , he used his free hand to spank his clit harshly. “ Stop clenching so much you greedy little slut, I know you want my cock but first you cum like this… On my tongue …”
He hissed and Taehyung flushed, the words sending him over the edge. He shivered through the aftermath, drenching Jungkook’s face and bed in his juices and Jungkook chuckled fondly , pulling back and sitting up.
But before Taehyung could catch his breath he was straddling him again, lifting his thigh and parting it enough to line his pink cock right against the slit. “Look at me baby… Going to fuck you so good you’ll be feeling it for days.” Jungkook whispered,
before driving his hips forward in a brutal thrust, burying himself inside Taehyung’s swollen , wet pussy. The older whimpered, eyes flying open in shock, head spinning from the stretch.
His legs still shook from his orgasm and he could feel another one coming, the pleasure swelling as Jungkook pulled out only to slam back in with more force. The pace he set was brutal and Taehyung knew in heart that it was a punishment.
Jungkook had his eyes screwed shut, his lips set in a thin line, fingers gripping his thigh with so much force that Tae knew there would be bruises there, come morning. Jungkook fucked into him with a force that spoke of everything that the younger had ever felt for Taehyung.
Each push and drag of his cock a reminder of all the things he had endured for Taehyung : unrequited love and longing, anger and jealousy, an ache for the forbidden, a hunger for what was never ever meant to be his.
And Taehyung could only take it, lying limp and letting the pleasure rise and flow over him as his brother fucked into him, his heart caving in on itself as he realized that this was it. With this, Taehyung had damned himself forever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Two Months Later: Taehyung stood in front of the cereal aisle, reading the nutritional information off a packet of wheat bran cereal . It was a Saturday morning, the sun high and bright in the sky and Jungkook had taken the day off.
They were grocery shopping, stocking the pantry up for dinner the next night. Their parents were coming over and Jungkook wanted everything to be perfect.
“ Hyung, I saw this incredible recipe for saffron rice on Youtube. We have to try it.” Jungkook said excitedly, gripping Taehyung’s arm with childlike excitement and Taehyung stared at him in amusement. “Saffron Rice, really?” He asked , surprised and Jungkook hummed.
“Hang on I think I saw some of it over there…” Jungkook moved, turning a corner and Taehyung turned back to the shelf, frowning when a biter feeling of nausea hit him. It wasn’t like him to feel so ill for no reason. But off late, the exhaustion and nausea lingered.
Taehyung chalked it off to overworking. Jungkook had helped him get an internship with a popular fashion House, and Taehyung was making his own money now. His parents were glad . They congratulated Jungkook on ‘ taming’ him .
Taehyung had sat through that conversation with gritted teeth, because while his parents spoke to them, Jungkook’s fingers had been pumping steadily into his pussy under the dinner table. What’s worse, Taehyung had let him do it.
Finger him to an orgasm under their parents’ noses, because that’s what Jungkook wanted. In the two months of being Jungkook’s lover, Taehyung had quickly learned that Jungkook didn’t take no for an answer. “Excuse me… Your husband was looking for saffron? Here it is..”
one of the workers appeared next to him and Taehyung blinked, surprised. “Oh no. He’s not my husband , he’s my brother.” He said absently, and there was a ringing silence that followed, which made him look up.
Taehyung glanced up and the woman looked stunned, her face a little red. “Oh.. oh.” She looked stricken, eyes darting around like she was plotting her escape and Taehyung felt his nerves kick up in worry. Anxiety hit him hard. Did she suspect something?
“Hyung?!” Jungkook’s voice made both of them look up and Taehyung stared as his brother made his way over, eyes shining with what was indisputably…love. He bit his lips and could only bow awkwardly and the worker excused herself.
Once they moved to pay for the groceries, Taehyung noticed the worker huddled in a corner with someone else whispering . And then as he watched the pair of them looked up, staring straight at Taehyung. He looked away, heart racing. They knew.
They were complete strangers. Had only seen Taehyung and Jungkook for a quarter of an hour and they knew exactly what was there between then. Love. No, Taehyung thought miserably. It wasn’t love.
What was between them was the bastard child of Jungkook’s unhealthy obsession with him and his irresistible attraction for the lawyer. And if two complete strangers could sense it, then how on earth could they hide it from their parents?
Taehyung felt his skin break out in a cold sweat, head beginning to spin a bit. He stumbled a bit , hitting Jungkook’s back and then suddenly the world was spinning and he was falling head first into darkness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Taehyung stayed quiet as he stared at the report in his hands. Jungkook was off paying the bill at the counter and Taehyung sat in the hospital bed, clutching the frayed cuffs of his jean jacket. The doctor who had examined him sat across from him, watching him carefully.
“You’re shocked.” He commented mildly and Taehyung swallowed. “Yes.. I.. I was on birth control.” He explained. “ So I don’t know how this happened.” The doctor gave him a searching look. “Your husband… he didn’t look very surprised though.” Taehyung stared at the man.
“We checked your blood levels, Taehyung ssi. Your hormone panel tells me that you haven’t been on birth control in months. Six months at least. Whatever you’ve been taking, they aren’t birth control pills.” Taehyung felt the blood drain out of his face.
“Oh.” He whispered, shocked and yet not really surprised. Taehyung was a fool. He should have paid more attentions To Jungkook’s filthy words in the throes of passion.
He should have realized that the younger never said anything without a reason. All that talk about putting babies in him, it hadn’t been just talk after all. “…Report him. Reproductive rape is still rape.” The words registered and Taehyung looked up, confused.
“Sorry?” He croaked out. “I said, if you want , I can help you file a report against him. Tampering with birth control is a criminal offence. Your husband doesn’t have the right to do that.” Taehyung’s mouth was on auto pilot.
“He’s not my husband. He’s my brother.” He said vacantly. The doctor blinked at that, recoiling. “Oh… “ He exchanged glances with the nurse. “ So he’s not the father?” Taehyung stayed quiet and the doctor laughed.
“I’m afraid I’ve judged your brother too quickly. Forgive me for that. What a sweet guy, taking care of you so well. You’re lucky. In that case let me print you out another picture of the ultra sound. You can it to your baby’s father. Bet he’d be overjoyed.”
Taehyung pressed a palm to his belly. “Yes.” He whispered. “ I bet he will
The door opened and Jungkook stepped in , a tall glass of lemonade in his hand. He glanced between Tae and the doctor. ." What's wrong? What are you guys talking about?" He asked curiously .
Taehyung smiled. " He was just telling me how lucky I was to have a brother like you." Jungkook's eyes glowed. " You're right doc. I've loved my brother all my life and I'll love him till I die." Taehyung flinched . Lucky, indeed.
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