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Feb 5, 2022
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rewrite the stars | taegi au yoongi can see the red strings of fate connecting fated pairs to each other, and each time he falls in love with someone, he ends up losing them to their fated pair. since then, he learned not to fight fate ever again - for he would always fail.

☆ This was commissioned by @민홀리 💕 ☆ This story is completely fictional. The characters and events do not reflect those in real life. ☆ Please be aware that this has gay characters so if you're uncomfortable with that, please click away. I will not tolerate any hate.
☆ 1 Yoongi - a third-year student in the university; can see red strings of fate connection pairs of people to each other; doesn't have a red string himself Taehyung - freshman; studying creative writing; a little shy at first but quick to get attached
☆ 2 Namjoon - Yoongi's childhood friend; knows about the red strings Seokjin - Namjoon's boyfriend; knows about the red strings too Jungkook - a freshman student like Taehyung
☆ 3 Jimin - Taehyung childhood friend; very into dancing so he followed Hoseok to a university for performing arts Hoseok - Jimin's boyfriend and Taehyung's friend; a dancer as well
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☆ 8 Taehyung really wishes Jimin and Hoseok are with him right now. If they were, he wouldn’t be roaming around the campus pathetically and trying to pretend that he’s not lost because that would just be so embarrassing.
He’s been trying to gather the courage to ask for directions a couple of times now, but he hasn’t found anyone approachable yet. Everyone’s walking around with their own groups,
and Taehyung is not brave enough to approach a whole group of people just to let them know that he’s lost. If Jimin and Hoseok were here, they would be the ones talking to people and saving Taehyung from his struggles. But they’re not.
Those traitors decided to attend another university specializing in performing arts and Taehyung is left alone here to suffer by himself! Not that he’s mad, though. They’re adults.
They have to go their separate ways to pursue their own dreams, but still, it would’ve been good if they were here with him. Taehyung sighs, dropping his bag on the ground and leaning against the wall for support. He’s tired.
Maybe he should’ve gone with his friends and tried to see if he has a future with performing arts. Taehyung shuts his eyes, rubbing his temple to ease the headache that’s starting to form. He’s been walking aimlessly for what seems like an hour now.
He really misses the comfort of his bed right now. Taehyung was startled out of his thoughts as a certain figure blocks his body from the sunlight, casting a shade over him. He opens his eyes to see a man standing in front of him with a curious look on his face.
“Are you lost?” the man asks, voice drawling with a very deep tone, way deeper than Taehyung would expect from him. But then again, people are startled with how deep Taehyung’s voice is too.
It’s just kind of… cute to hear such a deep voice from someone who seems to be smaller than Taehyung. Taehyung isn’t standing, so he can’t confirm that yet, but the man definitely seems to be on the shorter side.
He has very soft features as well, his dark hair almost covering his eyes that seem very cat-like. He has a button nose, something that Taehyung weirdly paid a lot of attention to, and his lips have a very pretty shade of pink,
not one that you’d expect from a man who has quite an intimidating aura around him. The description makes up for a very cute, harmless, and pretty type of guy, but he still manages to look like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. But that’s just Taehyung’s opinion.
“You look pale,” the man continues as Taehyung was too distracted to answer. “Are you dizzy? Here, drink some water.” He pulls a water bottle from his bag and hands it to Taehyung, and Taehyung instantly takes the offer, eager to get rid of the dry feeling in his throat.
It was only when he was finally hydrated did he regain his senses, the dizziness subsiding gradually. “Thank you,” Taehyung says, handing the bottle back to the man. He notices how the man’s eyes widened slightly before returning back to their former look.
Taehyung was always told that his voice wouldn’t be what people would expect based on his appearance, after all. “It’s nothing,” the man replies, taking the bottle back and putting it inside his bag. “Do you need help? You seem… lost.”
Taehyung sheepishly smiles at him before nodding. It’s embarrassing to admit it, but he never really had the best sense of direction. Besides, he lived almost his whole life with Jimin looking out for him, so Taehyung never had to make difficult decisions and take initiative.
Well, until now. He still can’t really say that he’s good at it. “I’m… new here. I really don’t know where the dorms are.” “Ah, I see,” the man says, nodding. “I’ll take you there. I’m on my way back anyway.”
Taehyung’s eyes lit up at the offer, practically bouncing back to his feet with eagerness to follow the man. “Thank you!” Taehyung exclaims, dusting himself off and grabbing his bag before looking at the man expectantly. “Oh, I’m Taehyung, by the way. What’s your name?”
The man was already walking, so Taehyung just follows. He doesn’t seem to be the talkative type. Taehyung was so used to having Jimin and Hoseok chattering next to him whenever they’re together so silence is not something he’s used to.
“Yoongi,” the man answers. Taehyung nods. Taehyung’s eyes dart down to the man’s button nose and fair skin. Yeah, that name does suit him very well. They walked in silence all the way to the dorms, but it doesn’t bother Taehyung
because Yoongi has a very comforting presence and he’s grateful enough that Yoongi even took the effort to approach him and offer his help. They found out that their dorm rooms are on the same floor but on both ends of the hallway.
Taehyung thanked Yoongi over and over again, exaggerating how Yoongi practically saved his life, and Taehyung saw Yoongi’s lips curl up a bit with amusement before that neutral expression came back.
They also exchanged numbers so Taehyung could ask Yoongi for help whenever he needs to, and Taehyung beamed even brighter at that.
He feels so lucky already that he met someone so nice! He really, really hopes this wouldn’t be the last time they see each other. It would be really nice if they become friends!
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☆ 18 Taehyung, with Jungkook, eagerly waits for Yoongi to come knocking at their door so they can start the tour around the campus. Not to boast, but he really tried his best to dress up very well.
Hoseok likes to tease him that he dresses like an old man (and he argues that his clothes are very comfortable, thank you very much), so he tried extra hard today to look good with Jungkook’s help. He might be a little too excited for a simple campus tour.
If Jungkook didn’t know better, he’d think Taehyung is a teenager going on his first date. When Yoongi did arrive, knocking gently on their door, Taehyung practically springs up to his feet, beating Jungkook to the door despite the latter being closer to it.
He pulls the door open and greets Yoongi with a huge grin and an enthusiastic “Hi hyung!” Yoongi smiles back at him and gives a small nod to acknowledge Jungkook. “Are you guys ready? Shall we go?”
“Yeah! We’ve been ready since an hour ago!” Taehyung exclaims, practically dragging Jungkook out of the door and urging Yoongi to walk forward so they could follow. Yoongi chuckles, perhaps finding Taehyung a bit funny because of his exaggerated words and expressions,
but Taehyung really isn’t exaggerating much. He did wake up very early in the morning to prepare for this. He wanted to look good in front of Yoongi for some reason. He really just wants to make a good impression.
Yoongi was the one who helped him, after all. It’s only normal that Taehyung wants to be close to him. They spent hours walking around the campus with Yoongi who is very patient at explaining everything to the two.
Jungkook is listening very carefully, even taking notes on his phone so he would remember the important buildings, specifically those he’d have his classes on, and while Taehyung is doing his very best to listen,
he couldn’t quite comprehend everything because he’s too busy stealing glances from Yoongi and focusing on the way his voice and accent sounds, and not too much on his words.
Taehyung noticed that Yoongi talks with a pout a lot, and it doesn’t seem intentional, which made him even cuter in Taehyung’s eyes. He probably shouldn’t be thinking like this about a person he only just met around two days ago, but he couldn’t help it!
Yoongi is just so comforting to be around! He felt Jungkook nudging him on the side several times, telling him to focus and giving him a questioning look,
but Taehyung just grins before proceeding to talk to Yoongi about anything and everything just so he’d get to hear Yoongi’s voice more. And if Jungkook ends up thinking that Taehyung has a huge crush on Yoongi by the end of this tour, well, he’s not completely wrong.
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☆ 24 Yoongi took Taehyung and Jungkook to meet Namjoon and Seokjin during lunch. It would be good for his two groups of friends to be on good terms so he wouldn’t be in an awkward position when deciding on who to hang out with when he has time.
It would be good for Taehyung and Jungkook to have other people to rely on, too, other than him. And also, it’s kind of proof to Namjoon and Seokjin that yes, Taehyung and Jungkook are real people, and they are actually Yoongi’s new friends, and no, he’s not just making them up.
Yoongi led the two to the table they usually occupy when they have lunch together, and there sat Namjoon and Seokjin who are looking at Yoongi with surprise as if they didn’t expect him to actually have new friends.
Yoongi looks smug as he takes his usual seat, crossing his arms across his chest as he raises an eyebrow at Namjoon and Seokjin before turning back to Taehyung and Jungkook. “Take a seat. Don’t be shy,” he says, giving the two freshmen a gentle smile to ease their nervousness.
Taehyung and Jungkook did as he says, taking their seats beside Yoongi to seek familiarity. “These are Jungkook and Taehyung, the new guys I talked to you two about,” he says, pointing to the two beside him while looking at his old friends.
He then turns to Jungkook and Taehyung. “These two are Namjoon and Seokjin-hyung. They’re both older than you two so don’t be afraid to ask them for help whenever you need it.”
And with that, thankfully, Seokjin took the lead to greet the two shy boys and ease them out of their shells. Namjoon was comfortable enough to join the conversation at some point, easily influenced by his boyfriend taking the lead.
Jungkook and Taehyung adjusted very quickly, and soon, Taehyung is laughing at Seokjin’s jokes and Jungkook is looking at Namjoon with what seems like… adoration in his eyes. Yoongi stopped eating, eyes narrowing at Jungkook.
It’s strange. It usually takes people a while to warm up to Namjoon because he has a very intimidating look. And that look in Jungkook’s eyes is just… different.
That’s when Yoongi finally looked at Jungkook’s wrist, seeing the red string that he’s been trying so hard to avoid all his life. Slowly, very slowly, his eyes traced the path towards the other end,
and sure enough, Yoongi didn’t have to look for it for too long because there it is, wrapped around Namjoon’s wrist. Yoongi feels a knot in his stomach, and suddenly, he's not so hungry anymore.
He gulps, eyes moving to Seokjin who’s still talking to Taehyung about something that Yoongi couldn’t quite comprehend because his mind is full of worry, guilt, and anxiety. Seokjin loves Namjoon so much.
This is what Yoongi feared when Namjoon and Seokjin started looking at each other in a way that’s more than friends. He knew that they weren’t soulmates, and he told them that, but they didn’t care because they loved each other so.
But now… Namjoon’s soulmate is sitting right in front of him, looking at him with big eyes full of adoration, and it’s Yoongi who brought them together. And in a way, it would be Yoongi who would end up ruining what Namjoon and Seokjin have too.
Yoongi’s eyes moved back to Namjoon, his throat closing up at the thought of his friends falling apart, of Namjoon falling out of love, and Seokjin having his heart broken. He’s been there a lot of times already, and he never wished this upon Namjoon and Seokjin.
He never meant for this to happen. He didn’t know. Namjoon’s eyes suddenly meet his, and Yoongi could see them widen a bit, probably confused as to why Yoongi is staring at him so much.
Namjoon didn’t break the contact, perhaps waiting for Yoongi to say something, but Yoongi just shook his head, and Namjoon didn’t force him to talk.
But he gave Yoongi this look, a very familiar one that tells Yoongi that they will definitely talk about this later. And Yoongi doesn’t know if he wants to.
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☆ 36 “Namjoon was with Jin-hyung as usual, so I had the time to help out a new student. He was lost, so I decided to approach him,” Yoongi continues talking to Daehyun about what occured during the past few days as he munches on the food Daehyun bought for him.
“He was really nice. His roommate is nice too. I introduced them to Namjoon and Jin-hyung so they would have more people to rely on. I’ll introduce them to you too as soon as you’re free. Are you still busy with your projects?”
Daehyun is an engineering student. He has a very busy schedule so Yoongi rarely sees him, but it doesn’t bother Yoongi too much because he’s never been the clingy and needy type of boyfriend anyway.
“I still have a lot of work to do. You know how it is,” Daehyun says with a tired smile. “But I’d love to meet your new friends as soon as I have the time too. I’m glad they’re keeping you preoccupied since I’m not there most of the time.”
“It’s okay,” Yoongi says with a reassuring smile. “I understand. You should prioritize your studies.” “Thank you, Yoongi,” Daehyun says, giving Yoongi a smile and reaching for his hand over the table. “You really understand me best. I’m so glad I have you.”
Yoongi nods, still with a smile on his face as he returns Daehyun’s gentle grip on his hand. And it was at that moment when Yoongi’s eyes drifted to the red string around Daehyun’s wrist. He doesn’t usually pay attention to it.
He doesn’t do it intentionally because there’s no reason for him to be on the lookout for his boyfriend’s soulmate, but it happens anyway. It always does. And as Yoongi traces the string on Daehyun’s wrist, he found himself looking at another guy on the next table beside them.
His smile gradually drops, and his hold on Daehyun’s hand loosens. It’s happening again. Yoongi expected it, but not so soon. He just found Namjoon’s soulmate and potentially ruined his relationship with Seokjin, and now he’s ruining his own relationship too.
“Are you okay?” Daehyun asks with a very gentle tone, looking at Yoongi with genuine worry and affection. Yoongi’s heart drops. It wouldn’t last long before that disappears too. He’s been there before. A lot of times before, and it always ends the same way.
Daehyun doesn’t belong with him, after all. None of them ever did. Because they all have their red strings connecting them to their soulmates, and Yoongi is here, wrist bare from anything red. He doesn’t have anyone to belong with.
“Yeah,” Yoongi lies, the word rolling smoothly on his tongue. It’s something he had grown used to lying about. “Let’s finish eating then we can go home. I’m sure you still have a lot of work to do.”
It wasn’t a lie, but Yoongi didn’t say that he wants to go home because he couldn’t bear to spend another moment sitting in front of Daehyun while his soulmate is right there, so close and within reach.
Daehyun didn’t notice Yoongi’s discomfort, though. He continues eating and talking about his day, and Yoongi just listens passively. He doesn’t have the energy to talk about anything anymore. He doesn’t have the appetite to eat either. He just wants to go home.
At some point, Daehyun’s soulmate stood up from his seat to make his way to the restroom, and he had to pass the table occupied by Daehyun and Yoongi. And Yoongi saw it – the lingering gaze the two shared despite not knowing each other.
They must have felt that strange connection that Yoongi’s past lovers talked about when they met their soulmates – something that Yoongi will never experience with anyone.
Daehyun was obviously charmed by the other man, and Yoongi couldn’t find it in himself to get mad. It’s not their fault after all. Fate brought them together. Yoongi’s the one who never belonged.
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☆ 59 Writing a story is so much better with Yoongi around. They don’t really talk much. They are just sitting side by side inside a book cafe, caught up with their individual activities, but benefiting from each other’s presence.
Taehyung is so much more inspired and motivated to write when he can feel Yoongi’s heat next to him and is able to give him side glances from time to time. And Yoongi, well, he feels a bit of comfort from having someone by his side.
Yoongi isn’t really doing anything academic- or work-related. He just came to be Taehyung’s company, but he’s spending his time in the book cafe casually scrolling through his phone.
Taehyung didn’t know what Yoongi is so focused on at first, but at some point, his gaze accidentally lands on Yoongi’s screen and he notices that Yoongi is scrolling through his gallery
and looking longingly at the photos he has with his ex-boyfriend before deleting them - slowly and hesitantly - one by one. Taehyung moves his gaze to look at Yoongi’s expression, and as expected, Yoongi is frowning and there is an obvious trace of hurt and pain in his eyes.
It must be so hard to get rid of the memories that one shares with the person they love. And after hearing about Yoongi explaining the red string of fate he sees, Taehyung assumes that Yoongi must have gone through this type of pain many times before.
“Hyung,” Taehyung calls, not really knowing what he wants to say, just wanting to distract Yoongi from the pain he’s feeling. Yoongi instantly puts his phone down on the table to give Taehyung his full attention.
“Do you want to know the plot of this story I’m writing?” he asks with a grin, completely unprepared to share the plot that isn’t even fully developed yet, but he has to, he has to do something, to say anything so Yoongi wouldn’t look so hurt anymore.
Yoongi chuckles, giving Taehyung an amused smile. “Sure, what’s going on in the story?” As soon as he asked that question, Taehyung went on and on about the plot he’s developing, and Yoongi listens intently, very attentively,
even providing some input now and then whenever he finds the need to. Taehyung feels weirdly happy when he sees Yoongi looking a lot calmer and happier than he was a while ago. It worked.
He made Yoongi even just a bit happier, and that is already a great accomplishment to Taehyung. Yoongi didn’t turn on his phone after that, spending the remaining time in the book cafe engrossed in a conversation with Taehyung on topics all about literature.
Taehyung wasn’t so productive after that, too busy talking to Yoongi to even add anything to his story, but he doesn’t mind. The story could wait. Yoongi’s happiness and comfort couldn’t.
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☆ 88 Taehyung should have probably denied the lunch invitation the moment he heard that Yoongi’s boyfriend was coming. Not only is Yoongi too busy talking and laughing with his boyfriend to even pay attention to Taehyung,
but Jungkook is busy flirting with Namjoon (and Seokjin too??)! Taehyung eats his lunch quietly even though he doesn’t really have much of an appetite today, having been forced to watch Yoongi sitting so close to another man
(his boyfriend, Taehyung reminds himself irritably), who is by the way, kind of really attractive too, making Taehyung sulk even more.
Taehyung thinks of himself as someone considerably attractive as well, so it’s not like he’s losing in that category, but the other man has something that Taehyung doesn’t – he has all of Yoongi’s care and attention.
Taehyung throws Jungkook glares now and then after trying and failing to get the other boy’s attention. That’s just great. Everyone is so busy flirting with each other, and Taehyung is just sitting here pathetically, with no one to talk to and /flirt with/.
Oh, how he wishes that it’s him across that table and next to Yoongi instead of that Junghoon guy who probably doesn’t even know Yoongi as well as Taehyung does.
The petty thoughts inside Taehyung’s head subsided once Junghoon excused himself from the group to attend his next class. Taehyung’s mood brightened up instantly, smiling as Junghoon bid his farewell,
eager to have the chance to talk to start talking to Yoongi and have Yoongi’s full attention once his boyfriend is gone. But his mood dampens very quickly when Junghoon, before leaving, leaned in to kiss Yoongi –
which Taehyung, fortunately, didn’t have to see because he immediately turned away as soon as he noticed the man’s intention (he’s burning with jealousy already – he doesn’t really need the horrible, horrible sight to fuel that).
The lunch ended right after, with Taehyung still having no appetite to finish his food and his mood at an all-time low after never having a single chance to talk to Yoongi. Today really isn’t Taehyung’s day.
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☆ 115 Yoongi’s professor asked him to stay for a while after class because she wanted to discuss the essay Yoongi had written, intrigued by his points and ideas and very generous in giving him a lot of praises for his work. Yoongi, of course, was very happy to hear the praises.
He does work really hard when it comes to music. Not only does he want good grades for his future, he genuinely enjoys doing anything related to music as well. It’s only a really cool bonus when he ends up making other people proud of what he loves doing.
Because the professor was way too excited about his work, they ended up talking for quite a long while, so most of Yoongi’s classmates were gone by the time they finished talking. Some students from the professor’s next class are slowly piling into the classroom,
but Yoongi noticed as he was packing up his stuff that, strangely, most of the students are peering outside the room and whispering about something amongst themselves. They were too quiet. Yoongi couldn’t hear any of their words.
So he just shrugged it off, not really one to concern himself with gossip. He excused himself from the crowd and made his way out of the classroom with a bit of a struggle since a lot of them are really trying to get a glimpse of whatever it is outside
while trying to be inconspicuous (which isn’t really working, because they’re way too obvious). Yoongi successfully managed to make his way outside, glancing at his phone for a moment to check the time and see if he has some time left before his next class.
He sighs in relief when he sees that he does. He has just enough time to make it to the other building for the class he shares with Namjoon. It’s one of his favorite classes. It’s always nice and comforting to see a familiar face.
“Hyung.” Yoongi instantly looks up to see the source of a very familiar voice, and Yoongi freezes with surprise and anticipation. Because Taehyung is standing there, boxy smile and all,
walking to Yoongi’s direction with a huge, huge bouquet of flowers in his arms. “Here, it’s for you,” Taehyung says with a gentle smile once he’s stood in front of Yoongi, thrusting the flowers forward and offering them to Yoongi.
Yoongi, still overwhelmed and feeling kind of lost, hesitantly took the flowers and held them against his chest. Taehyung grins, all too happy just to see Yoongi accepting his gift.
Yoongi’s face flushes as realization dawns upon him when he hears the sound of some people cooing around them. He and Taehyung and standing in the hallway outside his classroom,
with numerous students peeking from their respective rooms to see a glimpse of what’s happening. Yoongi swears he could even see his professor peeking at the window.
“Thank you, Taehyung,” he shyly says, subconsciously holding the flowers closer to him. He shouldn’t be accepting this. He shouldn’t be giving Taehyung false hope. He should be helping Taehyung give up on him and wait for his soulmate who isn’t Yoongi.
But a part of Yoongi is selfishly feeling so much fondness and happiness from receiving a gift showing Taehyung’s affection. The flowers are really pretty. Yoongi likes pretty things. It would be a waste if he didn’t accept it, right?
Besides, he wouldn’t want to humiliate Taehyung in front of these students by rejecting the flowers. Right. It’s only right for Yoongi to accept these flowers. He’s not being selfish.
He can just talk to Taehyung later and explain, once again, why he can’t accept Taehyung’s affection. He’ll keep the gift for now. Just now.
“You’re welcome, hyung. I didn’t know what your favorite flowers are so I just picked them myself. I really hope you like them,” Taehyung says sheepishly, his own cheeks heating up a bit at Yoongi’s stare.
“I do,” Yoongi answers instantly, almost too fast, not wanting Taehyung to feel like Yoongi didn’t appreciate his efforts. Yoongi does appreciate everything Taehyung is doing. It’s just difficult for Yoongi to be in this position. He’s conflicted.
And Taehyung isn’t making this any easier. Taehyung is just doing things that's making Yoongi want to give in to his efforts even though he knows he shouldn’t.
“I do like it a lot. Thank you,” Yoongi says once again, smiling at Taehyung before realizing that he’s been here for way too long and that he has another class to attend. “I have to go now. I have to attend my class, but I, uh, I’ll text you later, okay?”
“Sure!” Taehyung answers with a nod, giving Yoongi a smile and reassuring him that Taehyung understands that he’s in a hurry. “I’ll be waiting, hyung.” Yoongi nods, the words weighing heavier than they should be.
He knows that Taehyung meant that he’ll be waiting for Yoongi’s text, but for some reason, Yoongi felt like it meant something more like Taehyung is telling him that he’s willing to wait for Yoongi to be ready to give him a chance.
And with what Taehyung is doing, Yoongi fears that he’s not so sure about his decisions anymore.
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☆ 136 Taehyung wanted to watch Encanto with Yoongi because it’s apparently similar to the type of stories he enjoys writing and reading, and Yoongi, being completely in love with musicals, agreed with no need for further persuasion.
They sat inside the cinema, popcorns and drinks on hand as the movie starts. It’s very engaging, and Yoongi found himself focusing so much on the movie that the feeling of nervousness from the date is slowly disappearing. Taehyung isn’t a very demanding date either.
He must be enjoying the movie too because he’s not as loud as usual, chattering stories and comments about everything to Yoongi, no, he’s completely silent and watching the movie with wide, attentive eyes
(as Yoongi saw when he accidentally turned to face Taehyung a few times). Well, at least he was quiet until a certain part of the film. Because suddenly, the silence was broken, and Yoongi could hear soft sniffles from his side.
Yoongi awkwardly glances at Taehyung, concern filling his chest as he sees the tears on Taehyung’s face. Damn, he must really be affected by the story. Yoongi didn’t even know that he was this emotional.
So Yoongi reaches for Taehyung’s hand and silently grips it to offer some sort of support. It’s something that always makes him feel better when he’s having bad days, so he hopes that the touch can give Taehyung comfort too.
And it seems to be working well for a while. Taehyung returned his grip, holding onto Yoongi’s offered hand tightly as he wipes away his tears. Yoongi calmed down a bit after that, only a bit, though – he really doesn’t like seeing people upset,
most especially those he cares about a lot. He was able to turn his attention back to the movie, but his hand remains occupied and continuously offered Taehyung support.
It was enough until Taehyung suddenly bursts out crying again, startling Yoongi and almost making him jump out of his seat. Yoongi turns to Taehyung and sees him bawling his eyes out while trying - but failing - to control his sobs.
Yoongi notices the scandalous looks of the people around them. Most of them are watching Taehyung with concern and surprise instead of paying attention to the movie, and Yoongi really couldn’t blame them because Taehyung is a really loud crier.
“Hey,” Yoongi whispers, twisting his body to the side to face Taehyung. “Hey, look at me,” he continues, hand reaching forward to hold the side of Taehyung’s face. Taehyung sniffles as he obeys and looks Yoongi in the eyes. Yoongi’s heart flutters at the sight.
He really shouldn’t be liking anything about the sight of a person crying, but for some reason, Taehyung’s swollen face looks kind of cute and innocent. It reminds Yoongi that Taehyung is still younger than him, and apparently more emotional.
And while Yoongi dislikes dealing with problems, he finds himself completely unbothered by Taehyung’s crying. It just opened up a very caring part of him, urging him to do his best to soothe Taehyung and make him feel better.
“Calm down, Taehyung. It’s okay. It’s just a movie,” he whispers soothingly. Taehyung nods but continues to cry. He definitely seems to be trying his best to calm down, but he’s visibly struggling with it.
So Yoongi just shakes his head with a small smile before twisting his body in an almost uncomfortable position to be able to pull Taehyung into an awkward hug, allowing the younger boy to bury his face on Yoongi’s shoulder.
Taehyung instantly hugs him, and Yoongi busies his hands by rubbing Taehyung’s back as an attempt to give him more comfort. Yoongi could still feel the judging stares of the others, but they soon disappeared as Taehyung’s cries start to ease.
They stayed in that position until Taehyung finally stops crying. He does look pretty embarrassed, though, whispering apologies to Yoongi for crying too much.
Yoongi just chuckles and gives Taehyung a fond smile, reassuring him that it’s okay and even teasing him that he looks cute when he cries.
Taehyung didn’t cry again after that, but Yoongi did notice that he seems a bit distracted, and the pinkish tint on his cheeks says a lot too. Well, Yoongi muses, at least he’s not crying anymore.
☆ 137
☆ 138 They soon made their way back to the dorms. Taehyung insisted on walking Yoongi to his room first before going back to his own, and Yoongi, without much argument, agreed. He actually likes Taehyung’s company a lot, so a little more time with him definitely wouldn’t hurt.
“Are you feeling okay now?” Yoongi asks Taehyung as they stood outside his door. All traces of crying are gone from Taehyung’s face, but Yoongi still wanted to verify if he’s really feeling okay.
He must have been pretty hesitant and stubborn before accepting this date, but he doesn’t want this to leave a bad memory to Taehyung. “I’m okay, hyung,” Taheyung answers with a grin.
“The hug really helped,” he says with a wink, and suddenly, it’s Yoongi’s turn to feel flustered. He did initiate the hug, and honestly, he didn’t dislike it either. Taehyung’s presence and touch are just… so comforting, it’s almost unbelievable.
But then again, it’s Yoongi’s first time ever having a romantic attraction to someone he considers his friend. All his past lovers were strangers before they started dating. He must be feeling so much closer to Taehyung because behind all of this, they’re still friends.
“That was pretty embarrassing though. I hope it didn’t… bother you that much.” Yoongi laughs, remembering Taehyung’s cute crying face. “No, it was pretty funny. I didn’t expect you to be immersed in the movie that much. Is that a writer thing?”
Taehyung’s face flushes red in embarrassment. “Must be,” he mutters with a subconscious pout. “But I really won’t cry next time. You’ll see a cooler side of me, I promise. I’m usually not that embarrassing!” he answers defensively.
“It’s okay,” Yoongi says with a fond smile. Taehyung really is cute, isn’t he? “I don’t mind seeing you like that. You don’t have to try so hard for me. I like you as you are. It’s cute.”
Taehyung flushes even more at Yoongi’s words, and Yoongi thinks it’s not out of embarrassment this time. Oh, Yoongi might have said too much. “Oh, uh, right,” he continues awkwardly. “I should probably get in-”
“Hyung, can I kiss you?” Taehyung suddenly asks, cutting Yoongi off and leaving him speechless for a moment. Taehyung’s eyes are full of courage, hope, longing, and even a hint of nervousness. Yoongi could tell that it took him everything to be able to say those words.
So Yoongi’s shocked expression eases into a fond look as he nods, muttering a small ‘yes’ as a response to Taehyung. Taehyung bit his lower lip as he takes a step closer to Yoongi.
He looks so excited, way too excited, as he lifts his seemingly trembling hand to gently hold the side of Yoongi’s face, eyes trailing down to look at Yoongi’s pinkish and soft lips before slowly, slowly leaning in and closing the gap between them.
Yoongi shuts his eyes as he meets Taehyung halfway, having to hold back a shiver as their lips touch. Taehyung’s lips gently moved against his, as if the boy wants nothing but to savor the moment and make it last as long as he could.
The kiss was very innocent, short, and it's obvious that Taehyung isn’t very experienced, but that just made Yoongi’s skin tingle even more with excitement.
The kiss lacked the hunger and desperation that Yoongi usually shares with his past partners, but Yoongi finds himself craving for more of this – of what Taehyung just gave him.
The kiss was so innocent and comforting, and it very clearly portrays Taehyung’s intentions towards Yoongi. He’s just… full of so much love, so much, to the point where Yoongi doesn’t know if he’s capable of taking all of the affection Taehyung is all too willing to give.
“Thank you, hyung,” Taehyung whispers, breath fanning across Yoongi’s lips. “Thank you for giving me a chance,” he says before leaning in for another kiss, and just like before, it’s gentle, soft, warm, comforting, everything that makes Taehyung who he is.
And as Yoongi loses himself into the kiss, heart thumping wildly inside his chest and threatening to break free, he thinks that maybe, maybe he made the right decision – maybe he won’t end up regretting giving Taehyung a chance too.
☆ 139
☆ 140
☆ 141
☆ 142
☆ 143
☆ 144
☆ 145
☆ 146
☆ 147 Yoongi and Taehyung’s plan to cook together turned out to be a cooking class for Taehyung with Yoongi as his mentor. Yoongi was completely surprised when he found out that Taehyung, as it turns out, can’t cook to save his life.
“How do you even /eat/?” Yoongi asks incredulously, staring at Taehyung with wide eyes as Taehyung holds the knife awkwardly as the onion remains untouched in front of him. “Jungkookie is a good cook,” Taehyung sheepishly answers, giving Yoongi a big grin.
Yoongi scoffs (very cutely, if Taehyung may say so), his cheeks puffing out a bit as he walks to Taehyung’s side and, to Taehyung’s surprise, holds his hand. “Wow, hyung, you really are so forward, aren’t you?”
Yoongi gives him a playful glare. “I’m teaching you how to use a knife. I don’t want you to end up cutting yourself,” he says while readjusting Taehyung’s hold on the knife.
“And you have to learn how to cook. It’s an essential life skill. You’ll need it a lot, especially now that you’re in college.” “I will do my best to learn if hyung teaches me,” Taehyung replies teasingly, giving Yoongi his most charming smile.
Yoongi chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. “Fine, I’ll teach you. You’ll be like a chef before you graduate,” he proudly answers, before starting to guide Taehyung’s hands in cutting the onions.
Taehyung tried his best to focus as usual, but honestly, he paid more attention to the feeling of Yoongi’s hands on his. They are very big and experienced, and they feel really nice against Taehyung’s soft hands and slender fingers.
Yoongi scolded him when he noticed that Taehyung was just staring at his hand for a few moments, doing so with a flustered look on his face. It’s safe to say that Taehyung wasn’t much of a help in the kitchen that day.
He eagerly stood by Yoongi’s side and watched him cook though, waiting for Yoongi to ask him for help for simple things, like grabbing a spoon or opening the fridge. Taehyung did his small tasks with so much enthusiasm that Yoongi couldn’t find it in himself to be annoyed at all.
It’s cute. Taehyung is cute. Yoongi is serious about teaching him how to cook before he graduates though. Yoongi just hopes that… he has enough time with Taehyung to achieve that goal.
☆ 148
☆ 149 They ended up on Yoongi’s bed after sharing a meal (with Taehyung praising Yoongi and his cooking over and over again, making Yoongi more and more flustered as time goes by),
sitting side by side and sharing some snacks and drinks while watching another musical on Yoongi’s laptop. Yoongi’s roommate is not around, and Taehyung is very grateful because he can spend so much time with Yoongi without worrying about overstaying and annoying the other guy.
It must be so nice, Taehyung thinks halfway through the movie. It must be so nice to share a room with Yoongi, to be able to see him all the time without needing a reason to.
If he was Yoongi’s roommate, he could just stay by Yoongi’s side and watch him as he writes his music. Oh, and Taehyung can also write his stories on his bed, and he wouldn’t ever have to worry about motivation and inspiration ever again
because he could just look at the other bed to see Yoongi, and that would be more than enough to keep him going. Yoongi’s roommate is so lucky. Taehyung is really, really jealous of him already, even though they haven’t met each other yet.
Taehyung didn’t realize that he’s been staring at Yoongi for too long until Yoongi turns to look at him, face full of confusion. “What’s wrong?” he asks, pausing the movie to give his full attention to Taehyung. The simple gesture made Taehyung’s heart flutter.
Yoongi really shows his affection in subtle ways. And luckily, Taehyung is attentive enough to catch all of them. He shakes his head, a fond smile forming on his lips. “Nothing, hyung,” he says, wanting to ease Yoongi’s worry. There’s really nothing wrong anyway.
Taehyung just ended up staring at him subconsciously. “I just think you look really pretty.” Yoongi’s cheeks instantly heat up at Taehyung’s words, eyes darting around everywhere other than Taehyung’s face.
“You say the most embarrassing things,” he mutters with a subconscious pout, and Taehyung’s smile widens even more because that is just so cute! Yoongi doesn’t know how adorable and endearing he is and how bad this is for Taehyung’s heart.
“But I’m just being honest,” Taehyung says with a laugh, reaching forward to take Yoongi’s hand in his. He doesn’t know where he’s suddenly getting this courage, but he figured that he should use it while it’s still there,
because God knows when he’ll ever have this opportunity and courage again. “Hyung,” he calls, voice serious this time, and so Yoongi forces himself to look at Taehyung despite his face still burning red from the sudden compliment.
“I’m gonna ask you something but please know that I’m not pressuring you into anything. You can say no. Don’t worry about my feelings or about anything else. Just say what you want to say.”
Yoongi seems anxious for a while but ends up nodding anyway. “What is it?” he asks. “I really like you,” Taehyung answers, voice free of any doubt and hesitation. He’s sure about how he feels.
He knows that what he’s feeling is real and it would never disappear even though Yoongi is so sure that it will. “I really, really like you, hyung. I know you’re scared, but I promise you that everything I’m feeling right now is true. I will never hurt you.
I will never do that intentionally. I just really like you, and I want to stay by your side if you’d let me.” Taehyung gulps, gaze moving to their joined hands. He looks nervous, a bit anxious to say the next few words, but he managed to push himself to.
“So I wanted to ask you if maybe you’re ready to give me that chance now? If you… if you want to be my boyfriend?” Taehyung holds his breath as he waits for Yoongi’s reply, not wanting to miss it.
A part of him is scared, anxious, terrified that it’s no use after all, that Yoongi still won’t give him a chance for whatever reason, that Yoongi doesn’t like him in that way, that he wants to remain as Taehyung’s friend.
But another part of him, the bigger part, is hoping and praying and begging for a positive answer, for Yoongi to say yes, for Yoongi to like him back, for Yoongi to give him a /chance/, god, Taehyung will make sure that he will never waste it.
“Okay,” Yoongi’s voice interrupts his train of thoughts, and Taehyung felt his heart skip a beat. “Yeah. Sure, Taehyung, I’ll be your boyfriend,” Yoongi answers with a fond smile on his face and a light blush on his cheeks.
“You don’t have to be so scared. I really like you too,” he continues with a chuckle, tightening his hold on Taehyung’s hand to maybe show Taehyung that he’s genuine.
Taehyung’s fear and anxiety disappeared altogether at that point, a huge grin forming on his face as he practically launches himself over Yoongi, engulfing the smaller man in a warm embrace. But Yoongi didn’t seem bothered at all.
He just laughed fondly and wrapped his own arms around Taehyung to reciprocate. “Thank you, hyung,” Taehyung whispers. “This will be different, I promise. You won’t regret this. I won’t leave you for anyone else, I promise you that.”
Yoongi didn’t say anything, not wanting to ruin the mood with his pessimistic thoughts. He’s accepting Taehyung’s feelings while also preparing himself for the inevitable future.
But just like what Seokjin said, Yoongi should focus on what he has now and not on what he will lose someday. He’s right. Yoongi should focus on Taehyung right now. He should focus on his and Taehyung’s feelings, and on what they have between them.
That dreaded day will come, it always does, but Yoongi won’t think about that. Yoongi wants to believe Taehyung for now.
☆ 150
☆ 151
☆ 152
☆ 153
☆ 154
☆ 155
☆ 156
☆ 157
☆ 158
☆ 159
☆ 160
☆ 161
☆ 162
☆ 163
☆ 164
☆ 165
☆ 166
☆ 167
☆ 168 Taehyung quietly sits next to Yoongi inside the library as Yoongi immerses himself in the book he’s reading about 20th-century music literature. Taehyung promised not to disturb Yoongi too much by being loud, and he did abide by his words.
But he’s seated very closely to Yoongi, head resting on Yoongi’s shoulder and hand playing with Yoongi’s. Yoongi had to struggle with holding the book and flipping the page using only one hand, but he couldn’t find it in himself to take his hand back from Taehyung’s hold.
He likes it a lot, perhaps a little too much, so he’d rather struggle with the book than have to lose contact with Taehyung’s hand. You can say that Yoongi has priorities.
Taehyung managed to keep his word during the first hour, but as soon as the next hour started, he couldn’t stop himself from talking anymore. Yoongi doesn’t mind, though. He likes hearing Taehyung’s voice.
“Hyung, are you sure we’re not soulmates?” Taehyung asks, head shifting slightly on Yoongi’s shoulder, his hair brushing against Yoongi’s cheek. Yoongi sets the book down on the table, choosing to give Taehyung all of his attention for now.
A break seems pretty nice anyway. “Yeah, I don’t have the red string. You do,” Yoongi answers, hand reaching for Taehyung’s wrist, the one with the red string tied around it.
Yoongi caresses Taehyung’s wrist, exactly where the red string is, and he lets out a bittersweet smile as he watches the thread leading outside the door, and farther and farther away from them.
“Your soulmate is somewhere out there. I can see the string leading outside. It’s not me.” Taehyung lets out a sad sigh, taking Yoongi’s hand off his wrist and opting to intertwine their fingers instead.
“I wish you were my soulmate,” Taehyung mutters, moving his head from Yoongi’s shoulder to be able to face Yoongi properly this time. “It would make me really happy if it was you.” “It’s okay,” Yoongi says, giving Taehyung a genuine smile.
“This is more than enough for me.” And Yoongi knows that Taehyung could tell that it isn’t, that Yoongi is still so, so afraid even if he doesn’t admit it. But neither of them voiced it out. Neither of them wanted to.
“I’ll be your soulmate,” Taehyung says with so much conviction as if he genuinely believes what he just said. “It doesn’t matter what the strings say. I’ll be your soulmate.” Yoongi smiles at Taehyung, soft and bittersweet.
Taehyung is so determined to stay with Yoongi, and that makes Yoongi so happy. He’s never seen anyone try to fight for him half as much as Taehyung does, and a part of Yoongi wants to believe him, wants to believe that Taehyung will really be different like what he says,
that Taehyung would stay even after he meets the person he’s meant to be with, that Taehyung would choose Yoongi above anyone else. Yoongi wants to believe that, wants to believe Taehyung, but he knows he shouldn’t. He couldn’t.
But that doesn’t stop him from stupidly having hope anyway. “Thank you, Taehyung,” Yoongi whispers, voice warm and genuine, like the feeling inside his chest. “Thank you. That means a lot to me.”
He then gently pulls Taehyung closer and presses his lips briefly against Taehyung’s just to show him how deeply Yoongi feels for him. “I mean it,” Taehyung says as Yoongi pulls away, hand gripping Yoongi’s tighter. “I really mean it, hyung. Do you believe me?”
He’s looking at Yoongi with these wide and innocent eyes, and Yoongi couldn’t find it himself to doubt Taehyung anymore. “I do,” Yoongi answers. “I believe you, Taehyung.”
☆ 169
☆ 170
☆ 171
☆ 172
☆ 173
☆ 174
☆ 175
☆ 176 Yoongi tiredly opens the door for Taehyung as soon as he hears the knocks. He’s been stressing himself out the whole day trying to finish all of the activities due this week and he’s honestly on the brink of crying
because he just couldn’t seem to finish them no matter how much he tries. He’s glad that Taehyung understands, though. Taehyung seems to be the clingy and needy type of boyfriend,
but when Yoongi told him about needing some time for himself to finish his workload for the week, Taehyung understood completely and left him alone to work even though Taehyung probably wants to go on dates with Yoongi.
So when Yoongi opened the door and sees Taehyung standing there with the warmest smile on his face while holding a bag full of snacks and drinks, Yoongi’s lips quivered as tears threaten to fall from his eyes.
He’s just so overwhelmed today, and now Taehyung is here, giving him the support he didn’t know he needed. “I’m sorry. I know you’re busy, so I won’t stay long! I just wanted to give you some snacks so you won’t get hungry,” Taehyung says, handing Yoongi the bag.
Yoongi takes it from Taehyung’s hand and places it on the table nearby before throwing himself into Taehyung’s arms and burying his face on Taehyung’s chest. “Thank you,” he whispers, voice muffled by the fabric of Taehyung’s shirt. “Thank you, Taehyung. You really are the best.”
Taehyung hums, wrapping his own arms around Yoongi and pressing a kiss on the top of his head. “I can’t help you with anything related to your work, so I’m just doing what I can do,” he says as he gently caresses Yoongi’s back.
“You can do it, hyung. I’m cheering for you. Then once you’re done, and you have some free time, I’ll take you out so you can destress, yeah? We’ll have a lot of fun outside. That’s something to look forward to. You can do this.”
Yoongi nods, allowing himself to drown in the comfort Taehyung is very generously giving him. He stays there for a while, a very long while until he starts to feel better and finally pulls away.
While he would much rather stay in Taehyung’s embrace the whole day, he really has a lot of work left to do. “Oh, hyung, another thing,” Taehyung says, hand digging inside his pocket and taking out something red.
Yoongi’s eyes focused on the object, and as soon as he found out what it is, his emotions went wild once again. “I got you this.” Taehyung shows the bracelet to Yoongi – the red bracelet. It was only then that Yoongi noticed that Taehyung’s wrist has the same bracelet around it.
Taehyung gently takes Yoongi’s hand and clasps the bracelet around his wrist. Yoongi stares at it with disbelief, still unable to say anything. He just really… doesn’t know what to say.
“I told you that I’ll be your soulmate, right?” Yoongi nods, his eyes heating up as tears start to gather in them. “I don’t know what exactly the red strings look like, but I thought this would be a good replacement!
Now, we both have red bracelets, and it’s like we’re soulmates, right? I’ll be your soulmate, hyung. I really meant that. I know this isn’t much, but… I hope it would convince you even just a bit. I really want to be with you forever.”
Yoongi didn’t say anything. He couldn’t because he was already crying, one hand wiping off his tears as his other hand, the one with the bracelet, remains in Taehyung’s hold. Taehyung coos at the sight and pulls Yoongi in for another hug which Yoongi immediately responds to.
He wraps his arms around Taehyung, pulling the younger boy as close to him as possible while muttering silent ‘thank you’s now and then. And Taehyung just held him.
Taehyung stayed and held him as he cries, gentle hands rubbing Yoongi’s back and lips whispering sweet nothings on Yoongi’s ears. Taehyung probably didn’t expect Yoongi to act this way. It’s just a bracelet, after all.
It’s a very common gift for anyone regardless of what their relationship is to the giver. But this bracelet – this red bracelet that he shares with Taehyung, the bracelet that Taehyung wanted Yoongi to see as a soulmate bond between the two of them,
it’s not just a bracelet. It’s a sign of Taehyung’s deep and genuine feelings for Yoongi. No one has ever gone to such lengths before just to prove themselves and their feelings to Yoongi. No one has ever done half as much as what Taehyung is doing for him.
No one has ever given him so much love and affection as much as Taehyung does. And the red bracelet – it’s a sign of all of that. Taehyung ended up staying way longer than planned.
He initially just wanted to drop off the snacks and the bracelet, and then leave right after so Yoongi can focus on his work again, but Yoongi insisted that he wanted Taehyung to stay. So Taehyung did. He stayed.
Taehyung stayed by Yoongi’s side, very quiet to avoid distracting Yoongi. But sometimes, he would interrupt Yoongi’s work to remind him to eat something and maybe drink some water.
Sometimes, Taehyung would just reach out for Yoongi’s hand when Yoongi isn’t using it, intertwine their fingers and bring Yoongi’s wrist to his lips, pressing a kiss on the red bracelet wrapped around it.
And Yoongi would smile, turn to Taehyung and pull him in for a brief kiss before redirecting his focus back to his work. To other people, it would seem like a very simple moment, one that doesn’t have much importance. But that’s them.
Because this simple moment that they share, with subtle acts of affection and silent encouragement, with the gentle touches and soft kisses now and then – all of these are special to Taehyung and Yoongi.
☆ 177
☆ 178
☆ 179
☆ 180
☆ 181
☆ 182
☆ 183
☆ 184
☆ 185
☆ 186
☆ 187
☆ 188
☆ 189
☆ 190
☆ 191
☆ 192
☆ 193
☆ 194
☆ 195
☆ 196 Yoongi’s father is probably one of the kindest people Taehyung has ever had the pleasure of meeting. It’s only their first meeting but he’s treating Taehyung like family already! He pulled Taehyung in for a hug after greeting Yoongi,
and he even started talking to Taehyung right after, eager to get to know him better. All of the nervousness and anxiety he had about meeting Yoongi’s father disappeared instantly because of how nicely he’s treating Taehyung,
not to mention how the man resembles Yoongi way too much, making Taehyung grow fond of him in just a few minutes after meeting him.
Before arriving, Taehyung was scared that Yoongi’s father would be scary and Taehyung would have to face another obstacle in his relationship with Yoongi, but he’s glad he turned out to be wrong. Sangho, Yoongi’s father, is very supportive of their relationship.
Taehyung saw his eyes linger on the red bracelets Taehyung and Yoongi have, and how he smiled fondly at the sight. He’s all smiles and gentle words too, and maybe Taehyung should have expected it
because it makes a lot of sense how a kind-hearted person like him can raise someone as amazing as Yoongi. They all talked over a meal, and Sangho is very excited to hear all of Yoongi’s and Taehyung’s stories.
He listened intently, smiling and nodding as Yoongi shyly tells him the details of their relationship. Taehyung even held Yoongi’s hand under the table to give him some sort of support, and based on Sangho’s reaction, he must have seen the act.
He didn’t say anything though. He just met Taehyung’s gaze and gave him a smile which Taehyung instantly returned.
Taehyung has always been sure about his feelings and intentions towards Yoongi, but with Sangho’s support, the man who is under the same circumstances as Yoongi, Taehyung was fueled with even more determination to keep Yoongi by his side.
☆ 197
☆ 198
☆ 199 Taehyung intentionally woke up early to be able to help Sangho with breakfast. He wants to show the man that Taehyung is worthy of his son, so Taehyung plans on impressing him with all the culinary skills he has right now (not much, really, but he’s willing to try!).
At least that was the plan until he enters the kitchen and sees Sangho already seated on a chair with plates of food in front of him. “Taehyung, good morning. Come join me for breakfast if you want. Yoongi always wakes up late when he’s home,” the man says,
gesturing towards the seat in front of him. Taehyung is a bit disappointed that he didn’t get to help and maybe leave a good impression on Yoongi’s father, but he’s starving anyway, so eating doesn’t sound too bad.
He took the seat in front of Sangho and thanked the man before starting to dig in. And oh, the Min’s are really, really good cooks. Taehyung would really /love/ to marry Yoongi someday.
They ate together in silence. Taehyung was busy enjoying the delicious food, and Sangho is all too happy to watch Taehyung enjoy what he had prepared. When they were both done, Sangho finally started to talk. He did look like he’s been wanting to say something for a while now.
“Taehyung.” He calls, taking all of Taheyung’s attention instantly. “I would just like to thank you for sticking around. Yoongi… he’s really happy because of you.” Taehyung smiles at the older man.
“You don’t have to thank me. Hyung makes me really happy too, so I’m not really doing anything against my will. I want to be with him, so I’m doing my best to show him how I feel.” “He has hope now,” Sangho says.
“Because of you. He has hope now that maybe things will work out for him. I can see that he really wants to stay by your side too, and I really wish that happens. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my son happy.”
“I’ll make him happy,” Taehyung answers. “I’m glad that he’s slowly believing me. He used to doubt me because we’re not soulmates, but I really care a lot about him. My feelings are true, and I’m happy that he believes that.
I told him that I want to be his soulmate, that I’ll stay by his side, and I know he’s still afraid, but I’ll prove it to him. I really want to stay, and I will if he lets me.” Sangho nods slowly, gaze drifting down to the cup of coffee he’s holding.
He doesn’t think he can face Taehyung while talking to him about this topic. It’s always been difficult for both him and Yoongi. “Yoongi has experienced a lot of things related to the red strings. I hope you understand why he’s so afraid,” he starts, and Taehyung nods.
He does understand. Yoongi’s fears are very valid, and Taehyung is doing his best to ease that. “Not only did he lose all of his past lovers because of the red strings. He lost his mother because of it too. It was… really hard for the two of us.
"I, too, was selfishly hoping that my wife wouldn’t meet her soulmate. We got married, and we had Yoongi. I’d like to believe that we were really happy. We loved each other- I knew that she loved me. She loved Yoongi so much too.
"But she met her soulmate one day, and I hoped that she wouldn’t choose that over a family that she had created, over the people that she loved for years and years, but of course, fate always wins.
"She left me and Yoongi to be with her soulmate, and I couldn’t even get mad, because deep down, I knew that it was my fault for selfishly wanting something that I can never have. It broke my heart, but I think it broke Yoongi completely.
"He couldn’t understand why his mother would leave us for another man when we used to be so happy.” Taehyung intently listens, stopping himself from saying anything because he knows that this is a very sensitive topic for Sangho,
and Taehyung doesn’t plan on interrupting him while he’s still so emotional and willing to share such a heartbreaking story. “My fear came true, but I realized a bigger fear by then – I didn’t want my son to have the same fate as me.
"But it’s not something that I can control. As soon as Yoongi was born, I knew that he didn’t have a red string connecting him to anyone, too. And when he grew up, he started telling me about the red strings he’s seeing, and I had to explain to him what those strings meant.
"He wasn’t bothered by it in the beginning. He was very young. All that he knows is that people with red strings end up being really, really close, nothing more than that. But when his mother left, I think he started being afraid too.
"He was heartbroken. He hated the red string because it took his mother away.” Taehyung couldn’t imagine how heartbreaking it must have been for Yoongi.
He was so young, and he didn’t just watch his mother leave, he did so while fully knowing that he could have the same fate someday too, that he would be alone and lose the people he loves as his father did.
“When Yoongi started dating, I was very worried. It was difficult for me so I knew that it would be difficult for him too. And as expected, he lost every single one of them as soon as they meet their soulmates. Yoongi really tried, you know?
"He refused to tell his lovers about their soulmates in the beginning, wanting to fight fate and win, but no matter how hard he tries, it just wouldn’t work out. Soulmates end up finding each other at some point no matter how much we try to fight it.
"And he had a realization by then that he won’t win no matter what, so he stopped fighting. He would still date, hoping that someone will stay someday, but he admits defeat when he finds that person’s soulmate. He knew he wouldn’t win, so he just lets them go.”
Sangho pauses, lifting his gaze to finally meet Taehyung’s. He still seems very emotional, but a bit better now so he’s able to face Taehyung again. “The world doesn’t revolve around romantic relationships, and I always tell Yoongi.
"I’m very satisfied with my life right now. I love my son and he’s more than enough to give me all the happiness that I need. But Yoongi really, really wants to be loved. He craves it. He’s really trying. And I’ve never seen anyone try as hard as you.
"You make Yoongi so happy. You make him feel so loved. He never brought a lover home before because he was scared that he’d look like a fool when I meet his lover and he loses them again. But you’re here.
"He was so happy to introduce you to me. I think he really wants this to work out. I think he really wants to stay with you too.” “I will,” Taehyung answers, determination obvious on his face. “I will stay with hyung, I promise.”
Sangho gives him a smile, soft and bittersweet. He really wants to believe Taehyung. The boy seems very genuine, and he knows that Taehyung really has feelings for Yoongi. He had seen it. No one can deny just how much he cares about Yoongi.
“Thank you,” Sangho answers. “I really want you to stay with him too. You make him so happy.” Taehyung smiles, happy to know that he really got Sangho’s approval. “But someday, when you meet your soulmate,” Sangho pauses, trying to give Taehyung a smile,
but Taehyung thinks that smile looks so sad. “When you find that person you’re meant to be with, and you find yourself falling in love with them instead, please don’t feel guilty.
"I know you’re trying your best, and you want to stay with Yoongi, but things might change if you meet the person at the end of that string. I’m happy that you love Yoongi, and I can see that very clearly, but… if this happens someday, just know that Yoongi will understand.
"He will never want to make you unhappy. That’s how he is. He’ll understand. Fate is… really hard to fight, and whatever happens, it’s not yours or Yoongi’s fault. Just keep that in mind.”
Taehyung feels his heart weighing heavier and heavier as he hears those words. He understands what Sangho is trying to say. Sangho genuinely wants him to stay with Yoongi, and that’s exactly what Taehyung plans on doing,
but he wants to reassure Taehyung that it’s not his fault if he has a change of mind after meeting his soulmate. And he wants to argue, wants to prove Sangho wrong. He wants to show him that all of their past experiences with the red strings are different from Taehyung’s.
He wants to tell them that he /knows/ and he’s /sure/ that he will choose Yoongi over anyone else, but he can’t invalidate Sangho’s experiences. He, like Yoongi, probably knows about the red string better than Taehyung does.
Yoongi’s mother was probably like Taehyung before she met her soulmate. She probably loved Sangho more than she had ever loved anyone else before. Sangho must've been her world. She must’ve been happy with her family before fate led her to a different way.
Sangho knows that this could happen to Taehyung too, that no matter how much he claims to love Yoongi, they can’t get rid of the possibility that Taehyung will meet his soulmate someday and he’ll choose them over Yoongi. Just like what his mother did.
Just like what all of Yoongi’s past lovers did. “I really want to stay with Yoongi-hyung,” Taehyung answers after a long silence. “And I’ll do my best to show both you and him that he has nothing to fear because I love him. I want to be with him.
"I know it would be very difficult for the both of you to believe, but I really plan on staying with hyung for as long as he allows me to. I love him. He makes me happy. I want to be with him.”
Sangho nods. “I know,” he answers, and he sounds genuine, like he really believes what Taehyung is saying. “I believe you. Right now, I know that you love Yoongi as much as you claim to. I’m not doubting you.”
They hear the sound of a door creaking, followed by the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer. Yoongi must have woken up. “And I really, really hope that it stays that way for a long time. I’d be very happy if you prove me wrong, Taehyung.”
☆ 200
☆ 201
☆ 202
☆ 203
☆ 204
☆ 205
☆ 206 Yoongi could see how Taehyung grew up to be the way he is as soon as he met his parents. They are just… so perfect for each other. Yoongi instantly saw the red strings connecting them, and he told Taehyung silently. Taehyung was very happy to hear that.
His parents love each other so, so much, and their personalities are very complementary, so it makes so much sense that they are soulmates. Taehyung introduced his siblings to Yoongi.
The first one is his younger sister, Aeri, who was very shy at first, hiding behind Taehyung’s legs while peeking to see Yoongi, but after introducing the two of them, with Yoongi giving the little girl the sweetest smile he could muster, Aeri started talking to him.
Yoongi especially praised her dress, and Aeri grins (exactly like Taehyung does) before twirling to show off her dress even more. By the end of the night, she was sitting on Yoongi’s lap and looking at him with adoration showing on her wide eyes.
Taehyung was very amused to see that. His sister is really just like him. They are both unsurprisingly very fond of Yoongi. Taehyung has a little brother too, one named Hajoon. He recently just turned five, and he’s the youngest out of the three of them.
He’s very lively and loud, completely different from his sister. But just like Taehyung and Aeri, he completely /loves/ Yoongi too. Taehyung didn’t even have to introduce him to Yoongi!
Hajoon took the initiative to talk to Yoongi, even praising Yoongi’s ‘cool hair’ and bringing out all of his toys to show Yoongi. Taehyung’s not sure how much Yoongi likes kids, but he seems very happy to play with Hajoon.
Hajoon’s best friend came over before dinner to play with Hajoon, and Taehyung noticed how Yoongi’s face was masked with surprise as he watches the two kids talking. “They’re soulmates,” Yoongi whispers to Taehyung, eyes not leaving the two.
He’s in awe. He has never seen soulmates meet each other at such a young age. Taehyung is very happy to hear that though. Jiho has been Hajoon’s best friend ever since he could remember.
The two boys grew up together due to them being neighbors and their parents being very close friends, and naturally, with the two boys being the same age, they became best friends. It’s nice to know that Hajoon will have Jiho by his side forever.
Taehyung really couldn’t imagine the two growing apart from each other. Taehyung is envious, actually. He wishes to have that reassurance in his relationship with Yoongi too. But that’s not something Taehyung will dwell on.
Red strings or not, he promised to stay by Yoongi’s side for as long as Yoongi allows him to, and he will do just that. Yoongi might not believe him, Yoongi’s father might not believe it either, but Taehyung is sure about what he feels.
Whatever those soulmates have, his parents, Hajoon and Jiho, Namjoon and Jungkook, and everyone else connected by those red strings, Taehyung will have that with Yoongi too. He’s sure of it. He’ll make it happen no matter what.
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☆ 211
☆ 212
☆ 213
☆ 214
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☆ 216
☆ 217
☆ 218
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☆ 222
☆ 223
☆ 224
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☆ 229
☆ 230
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☆ 235
☆ 236
☆ 237
☆ 238
☆ 239
☆ 240
☆ 241
☆ 242
☆ 243
☆ 244
☆ 245
☆ 246
☆ 247
☆ 248
☆ 249
☆ 250
☆ 251
☆ 252
☆ 253
☆ 254
☆ 255
☆ 256
☆ 257
☆ 258 Yoongi is both nervous and excited to meet Taehyung’s friends. He heard nothing but good things about the two of them, and Taehyung made it very clear that these two guys are very important to him,
so of course, Yoongi wants to leave a good impression on them on their first meeting, and it’s making him quite nervous. He wouldn’t know what to do if they end up not liking him or think he’s not worthy of Taehyung or something.
With the nervousness, though, comes the excitement of finally meeting Taehyung’s best friends and being introduced as Taehyung’s boyfriend. It’s a bit silly, but Yoongi really wants to be loved by everyone Taehyung loves.
It was the same when they went to Geochang to meet Taehyung’s family. Yoongi tried very hard to impress them, and he plans on doing the same for Taehyung’s friends. They’re basically Taehyung’s family, after all.
Yoongi followed Taehyung inside the restaurant he and his friends agreed to meet at, and Yoongi is trying very hard to hold back a huge grin from forming on his face because Taehyung is holding his hand,
seemingly not having any intention to let go and not caring if other people see, if his friends see. Taehyung always does these small things that make Yoongi happy. He’s very clear when it comes to expressing his feelings.
He wants to show Yoongi every single day how happy and proud he is to be Yoongi’s boyfriend, and so Yoongi lets Taehyung express his affection in every single way he possibly could. Yoongi enjoys it. Yoongi enjoys being showered by Taehyung’s love.
He thinks he’s very lucky to have that, and he would never take any of it for granted. Yoongi sees the two guys as they were approaching. Jimin’s face is already very familiar to Yoongi because of all the photos Taehyung had sent,
and Yoongi took the time to follow him on his social media accounts last night as well. Jimin is very pretty, Yoongi didn’t lie when he told Taehyung that. He has beautiful androgynous features, and when he spoke to call Taehyung, Yoongi hears how soft and warm his voice is.
He’s just… pretty in every single way. Yoongi doesn’t think there’s another word that can possibly describe Jimin perfectly. “Jimin! Happy birthday!” Taehyung runs to Jimin, practically throwing himself on the smaller boy,
and Yoongi feared for a moment that they’d end up tumbling on the floor, but surprisingly, Jimin managed to hold Taehyung with unexpected strength. He didn’t look like the muscular type. Yoongi is sure he would’ve fallen if Taehyung jumped on him like that.
It’s very endearing though. Yoongi ended up smiling at the sight. It’s very clear how much those two love each other. Yoongi reminds himself to thank Jimin later personally for staying by Taehyung’s side and protecting him from everything that could possibly hurt him.
Yoongi thinks he and Jimin would be great friends. They both love Taehyung after all – that’s something they already have in common. Yoongi turns to the other guy, Hoseok, if Yoongi remembers correctly, to introduce himself.
“Hey, I’m Yoongi, Taehyung’s boyfriend. It’s nice to meet you.” Oh, it feels so nice to be able to say that. Hoseok looks very friendly, too, grinning at Yoongi with his heart-shaped lips and introducing himself,
“Jung Hoseok. It’s really nice to meet you too, Yoongi. Taehyung talks a lot about you.” Yoongi chuckles. It does sound like the Taehyung he knows. “Good things, I hope?” Hoseok nods firmly. “Really good things. I swear he’s obsessed with you.”
Yoongi laughs at that. He wonders if Taehyung also jokes with his friends about wanting to marry Yoongi. It would be pretty cute. Yoongi had gotten used to hearing it all the time by now.
“Oh, hyung, come here,” Taehyung calls, offering a hand for Yoongi to take as he urges him to come closer. Yoongi, of course, took the hand and walks towards Taehyung and Jimin. “This is Jimin, my best friend I talked to you about.”
Jimin was smiling warmly at Yoongi when their gazes met. “It’s nice to meet you,” Jimin says, voice soft and velvety. Yoongi could understand perfectly why Hoseok would love Jimin. He’s just so beautiful, and he seems really, really nice too.
And with Hoseok’s own attractive features and kind demeanor, Yoongi thinks they fit each other perfectly. “It’s nice to meet you too. Thank you for taking care of Taehyung. He told me a lot of things about you,” Yoongi replies as he shakes Jimin’s hand.
Jimin giggles, turning to face Taehyung and teasing him about some of Taehyung’s childhood memories that he’s all too willing to tell Yoongi later. Taehyung flushes and pouts, complaining that Jimin is his best friend and he shouldn’t embarrass him in front of his boyfriend.
Yoongi watches them in awe. There’s something about the two of them that makes them seem so… whole. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been together since childhood. That’s definitely a firm foundation of such a strong bond.
At the thought of bonds, Yoongi’s eyes immediately drifted to Jimin’s wrist out of habit, wanting to see if he’s connected to his boyfriend. Taehyung would certainly be pleased to know that the two are destined for each other since they’ve been together for a long time.
Yoongi excitedly traces the red string, eager to see Hoseok at the other end, but when the string leads in a different direction, and as Yoongi’s gaze fell on the other person’s wrist, the end of Jimin’s own red string,
Yoongi’s smile freezes and gradually drops – exactly like how his heart did. Yoongi lifts his gaze to look at the person sharing Jimin’s red string, and dread fills his chest as his eyes meet Taehyung’s.
Yoongi’s world stopped for a while. The sounds suddenly became very overwhelming, and he could feel his throat closing up. His head hurts. He feels dizzy. He feels like he’s going to be sick. Taehyung stops talking to Jimin as soon as he notices Yoongi’s state.
He tightens his hold on Yoongi’s hand and grabs him by the shoulder with the other. “Hyung?” he calls. Yoongi wants to scream. “Hyung? Are you okay?” Yoongi blinks back the tears and tries to swallow to get rid of the tight feeling inside his throat.
“I’m fine,” Yoongi answers, voice cracking. Taehyung became even more worried. “I- I just don’t feel too good. I’m gonna- uh, head back to the dorms now.”
Taehyung intertwines their fingers together, and Yoongi wanted to rip his hand out of Taehyung’s hold because it doesn’t feel right. Should Taehyung really be holding him like this when his soulmate is in the same room? The same person who means the world to Taehyung?
“Oh, okay, I’ll take you back-” “No, you don’t have to,” Yoongi says, trying to give Taehyung a smile, but it’s so, so hard when he wants to do nothing but cry.
His hand is getting heavier and heavier inside Taehyung’s hold, and his bracelet – his bracelet is becoming heavier too as if mocking Yoongi for not being the person at the end of Taehyung’s red string. It’s not him. It will never be him.
He knew that from the beginning, but it’s so, so hard to accept it now that he’s facing the reality – Taehyung was never truly his, and he never will be. “It’s Jimin’s birthday, and you haven’t seen him in months. Spend time with him. I’ll be fine. It’s not that bad.
I just need to sleep.” “I can take you back to the dorms, though. I’ll just come back here after. I want to make sure you’re safe,” Taehyung keeps on arguing, and Yoongi saw Hoseok and Jimin nodding along to Taehyung’s idea.
“No, stay with them,” Yoongi argues back. “Just listen to me this time, okay? Stay with them. I promise I’ll be fine.” He won’t. He’s not fine. He just wants to scream and cry and throw his whole heart away
because he doesn’t know if it would still be fixable once he loses Taehyung, but he can’t tell Taehyung that. Taehyung still looks worried, but Yoongi gives his hand a small squeeze, and finally managed to smile. “I promise. I’ll go now. Stay with them.”
Taehyung reluctantly nods, and Yoongi finally lets Taehyung’s hand go. Just this simple act almost brought Yoongi to tears because he doesn’t know if he will ever have the bravery to hold Taehyung’s hand again after this,
not when he feels like he’s stealing Taehyung from the person he’s meant to be with, not when he knows that he’d have to let Taehyung go. Taehyung leaned in for a brief kiss, and Yoongi had to stop himself from pushing Taehyung away.
It would only make Taehyung more suspicious. But Yoongi just feels so, so guilty for doing this in front of Taehyung’s soulmate. This was never Yoongi’s place.
He just forced himself to belong right here, beside Taehyung, out of pure selfishness, but he was never meant to be here. It’s not Yoongi’s place. It never will be.
Yoongi pulls away from the kiss, gave Hoseok and Jimin another smile before finally turning away from them and making his way out of the door. He didn’t look back.
He doesn’t have the guts to – not when he has to see the red string connecting Taehyung and Jimin again, one that Yoongi will never have. When Yoongi is sure that he’s out of their sight, he started running.
He ran and ran as tears finally fell freely from his eyes, wanting to get as far away from the restaurant as possible. He doesn’t want Taehyung to see him like this. He doesn’t want Taehyung to know. Not right now. Yoongi isn’t ready for that confrontation yet.
Yoongi knows that some people are looking at him as he kept on running. He must look so stupid, being a grown man and crying like a child in public, but he can no longer hold it back. It just hurts so much. They would never know how it feels like to lose Taehyung.
Taehyung who knows Yoongi so well, Taehyung who gives Yoongi all of the love and affection he has ever wanted his whole life, Taehyung who looks at Yoongi as if Yoongi is his whole world, Taehyung who promised that he would stay by Yoongi’s side forever,
Taehyung who… doesn’t belong to Yoongi anymore. No. Taehyung never belonged to Yoongi at all. Every moment that they shared, those were stolen moments, they never belonged to Yoongi, they were never Yoongi’s to have.
Yoongi stopped running when he reached a park. He dropped down on the bench, thankful that there was no one else around. He needs this moment. He needs to think. Yoongi’s gaze drifts down to the red bracelet on his wrist, and he couldn’t hold back the sob from escaping his lips,
his face scrunching up as tears continue to fall from his tired eyes. He takes the bracelet off with shaky hands, clenching his fists around it as anger starts to cloud his mind.
It’s unfair. It’s so fυcking unfair how everyone else is allowed to love, but Yoongi is destined to be alone forever, just like his father. He doesn’t know what he did for fate to treat him this way, to take everyone he loves away.
It took his mother from him, and now it’s taking Taehyung too. Why couldn’t he keep Taehyung? Why couldn’t he keep the person he loves? He never asked for much. He was never selfish.
This is the only thing Yoongi has ever desperately wished for in his life – to have Taehyung by his side. But fate refused to give him that too. Yoongi sobs as he throws his fist back, about to throw the bracelet away because it means nothing now.
Why would it when Taehyung has that beautiful red string around his wrist tying him to the person he’s meant to be with? Why would this bracelet mean anything when Yoongi has to lose Taehyung anyway? When Taehyung has to leave Yoongi soon?
But Yoongi couldn’t. He couldn’t throw it away. Because even if he knows that it means nothing now, that it will never compare to the red string Taehyung has, this bracelet is still the only thing that he shares with Taehyung.
It’s the only proof that Taehyung was his, even though it was probably never real. None of Yoongi’s relationships were ever real. He was just something temporary until they finally meet the person they were meant to be with.
Yoongi was stupid to hope that it would be different this time, that Taehyung will never end up meeting his soulmate, so Yoongi could selfishly keep him by his side.
Yoongi knows all of that, but he still can’t throw it away. He still can’t let go of Taehyung. He’s not brave enough to do that just yet.
So Yoongi puts the bracelet back on, trying to ignore how heavy it feels on his wrist. Maybe for another day or two, he can pretend that Taehyung is his. And then, after that, Yoongi has to let him go.
☆ 259
☆ 260
☆ 261
☆ 262
☆ 263 Namjoon opened his door to Yoongi practically throwing himself on him. It was very surprising, and he had to thank god that he’s been working out lately, or else they would’ve fallen on the floor by now because of Yoongi’s impact.
Yoongi was never one to initiate intimate contact with his friends, even with Namjoon, who has been his best friend ever since they could remember. Yoongi shows his affection in different ways, and initiating contact isn’t one of them,
so Namjoon was very surprised to have Yoongi hugging him so tightly without even saying anything. But as Namjoon hears Yoongi’s quiet sniffles and feels the tears soaking his shirt, Namjoon came to a full realization. He understands perfectly what had happened.
Namjoon leads Yoongi to the bed so they can sit down, and Yoongi follows without letting Namjoon go. Seokjin and Jungkook are watching them from the other side of the room, eyes wide with both concern and surprise.
But they knew better than to say anything that would bother Yoongi’s fragile moment. Seokjin went to the kitchen to get a glass of water for Yoongi, and once Yoongi is fine enough to let go of Namjoon and pull away from the hug, he accepted the water and thanked Seokjin.
Namjoon didn’t ask. He didn’t have to. And he knows that Yoongi doesn’t want him to. Especially not when Jungkook is in the same room – Jungkook who is Taehyung’s roommate and closest friend in the university.
Namjoon and Seokjin just gave Yoongi all the hugs that he needed until he feels fine enough to stop crying. It absolutely hurts Namjoon to see Yoongi so sad and miserable, with red and puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks.
He doesn’t remember the last time he had seen Yoongi this sad. He went through so many breakups in the past few years, and sure, he was upset all those times too, but not like this, not this much.
Because right now, Yoongi just looks so… broken and tired. He looks like he had given up. Yoongi turns to look at Jungkook after a while, eyes meeting Jungkook’s very worried ones. “Don’t tell Taehyung,” he says.
Even now, he’s still thinking about how Taehyung would feel more than himself. “I don’t want him to worry.” Jungkook looks reluctant. He doesn’t have any idea what could’ve happened, but he knows now that it must be related to Taehyung.
But he nods anyway, intending to keep this a secret even though he wants to tell Taehyung so much so Taehyung can fix whatever it is that went wrong. But Jungkook knows that he shouldn’t.
He’s not in the position to deny Yoongi’s requests, and this is definitely not his secret to tell. “Did… Taehyung do something wrong?” Jungkook asks, unable to hold back the curiosity.
Yoongi smiles, but it looks so sad and painful. “He didn’t,” Yoongi answers, and Jungkook would’ve doubted it if Yoongi didn’t sound so genuine. “It’s not his fault. We're just not meant to be together.”
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☆ 270
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☆ 274
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☆ 277
☆ 278
☆ 279
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☆ 283
☆ 284
☆ 285 Taehyung very patiently waits by Yoongi’s door the very next morning. It was very clear to Taehyung that Yoongi wanted to be alone yesterday, so he didn’t go against Yoongi’s wishes and decided to give him some space.
But today, Taehyung hopes that Yoongi is fine enough for Taehyung to be able to see him. It makes Taehyung anxious to not know if Yoongi is really sick and if he’s recovering well, but today, hopefully, he would finally be able to find out.
Yoongi opens the door to Taehyung’s knocking, and relief filled Taehyung’s chest as he sees Yoongi standing in front of him, looking a bit pale but healthy. “Hey hyung,” Taehyung greets, leaning forward and pulling Yoongi in for a brief kiss. “How are you feeling?”
Yoongi meets Taehyung’s gaze very briefly, but Taehyung didn’t get to hold the gaze because Yoongi abruptly turns away as if he couldn’t stand to even look at Taehyung right now. Taehyung frowns. He doesn’t remember ever doing anything to make Yoongi feel upset.
“I’m okay,” Yoongi responds anyway, though Taehyung is finding it hard to believe that with how Yoongi is acting. “Let’s go to class now,” he continues, throwing Taehyung a quick smile that doesn’t look very genuine.
Taehyung wants to ask Yoongi why he was acting so weird and if Taehyung did anything to upset him, but he knew that they don’t have a lot of time left before their classes start, so Taehyung just kept all of his questions to himself,
reminding himself to ask Yoongi later when they have more time to chat, and he grabs Yoongi’s hand to intertwine their fingers as usual. Taehyung was scared for a moment that Yoongi would pull away.
That would certainly confirm that Yoongi is upset about something that he did, but surprisingly enough, Yoongi didn’t. He froze for a while, steps halting as he looks at their joined hands, but he bites his lower lip and tightens his grip around Taehyung’s hand as he always does.
Taehyung smiles. Maybe it’s not that bad if Yoongi isn’t refusing his touch. Taehyung brings Yoongi’s hand up to press a kiss on his bracelet, something that Taehyung grew fond of doing ever since they started wearing the bracelets,
and Yoongi would usually blush and smile, and maybe even kiss Taehyung whenever he does this. Because Taehyung knows that Yoongi loves the bracelet, loves the thought of belonging with Taehyung.
But Taehyung swears that he saw something akin to hurt flash through Yoongi’s eyes. He doesn’t look as happy as he used to be whenever Taehyung would show such affection.
“Let’s go now,” Yoongi weakly says, looking away but tightening his hold on Taehyung’s hand. His actions are so conflicting. Taehyung doesn’t understand what’s happening. But Yoongi started walking again, and Taehyung couldn’t do anything but follow.
Taehyung is so confused. And he’s starting to get scared too. Surely, Yoongi would talk to him if something bad happened, right? Later, Taehyung makes a mental note to himself. Taehyung will surely talk to Yoongi about this later.
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☆ 287
☆ 288
☆ 289
☆ 290
☆ 291
☆ 292
☆ 293
☆ 294
☆ 295
☆ 296
☆ 297
☆ 298 Taehyung walked Yoongi back to the dorms, as usual, hands joined and swaying slightly as they walk side by side. He seems to be in a better mood now compared to how he was earlier this morning, and that eases Taehyung’s worries a bit.
Yoongi is the type of person who likes to keep his problems to himself, Taehyung had learned that very early into their relationship, and while Taehyung will absolutely be willing to do anything to help Yoongi out, he knows that he can’t force answers out of Yoongi too.
If Yoongi wants to keep something to himself (except if he’s cheating on Taehyung, of course, though Taehyung doubts that would be a problem they’d have to face), then he has the right to do so.
Taehyung will just stay by his side and show Yoongi that he will always be there to listen if Yoongi ever decides to open up to him, and Taehyung will give Yoongi all of the love and support he needs to get through whatever it is.
They reached Yoongi’s dorm room, and as usual, Taehyung leans down to kiss Yoongi on the lips, and Yoongi, very uncharacteristic of him, holds Taehyung’s face to deepen the kiss as if he’s desperate to have more and more of what Taehyung is willing to give.
So Taehyung supports Yoongi’s waist with his hands as he leans into the kiss, lips hungrily sliding across Yoongi’s with the desperation and intensity that he had never shown before.
When they finally pull away, Taehyung rested his forehead on Yoongi’s as he catches his breath and stares intensely at Yoongi’s face. Yoongi smiles, thumb gently caressing Taehyung’s cheek. “I love you,” he whispers. Taehyung feels his heart skip a beat.
“I love you so much, Taehyung. You know that right?” he asks, voice sounding so small and vulnerable. Taehyung is shocked for a moment. Yoongi never said that to him before.
While he knows that Yoongi loves him, and Taehyung is sure as hell that he loves Yoongi, they never got to say those words directly to each other before. They never had the guts to, perhaps in fear of making the other uncomfortable.
Love is a heavy word, after all. It’s not the same as a simple confession, a small expression of how one feels. Love is more than that. Love weighs a lot more than all of that.
And hearing those words from Yoongi, the same Yoongi who usually feels so shy to even initiate anything so obviously affectionate to his partner, Taehyung could feel his chest swell with love and affection. Yoongi loves him. Yoongi just told him that he loves him.
“I love you too,” Taehyung answers, stepping even closer to Yoongi to feel more of his warmth. A huge grin is forming on his face, and he couldn’t hold back a laugh from escaping his mouth. He’s just so happy. “I love you so much, hyung. I’m so happy you’re mine.”
Yoongi chuckles, leaning forward to press a kiss on Taehyung’s cheek. Taehyung almost blushes at the gesture. Yoongi is being way too affectionate today (not that Taehyung is complaining! He loves it so much!). “I always will be,” Yoongi answers.
“I will always be yours. You know that, don’t you?” Taehyung nods. “I know,” he replies, pressing his lips on Yoongi’s forehead. “I’m yours too. And I intend to keep it that way forever.”
Yoongi didn’t respond to that. He just hums and pulls Taehyung in for a hug, burying his face in the crook of Taehyung’s neck. Taehyung didn’t say anything either, just opting to smile and hold Yoongi tight
to enjoy every single gesture of affection Yoongi is willing to give right now. They couldn’t stay that way forever though. Yoongi had to pull away at some point, and Taehyung had to leave, but not before sharing a few more kisses and a long string of goodbyes.
Taehyung went back to his room with a huge smile on his face (which Jungkook never shut up about the whole night), and a heart full of love and affection for Yoongi. They’ll be fine, Taehyung thinks. Yoongi loves him, and he loves Yoongi. He has nothing to worry about at all.
☆ 299
☆ 300
☆ 301
☆ 302
☆ 303
☆ 304
☆ 305 Seokjin and Jungkook helped Yoongi a lot with the preparations. Yoongi only had to tell them that he was preparing for a date with Taehyung, and the two very eagerly agreed to help him. Namjoon would’ve as well, Yoongi knows how much Namjoon supports him and Taehyung,
but he’s been busy for a while now and he doesn’t have the time to get involved. But anyway, Seokjin and Jungkook are doing a really, really good job at helping Yoongi already.
Seokjin has a car so he offered to drive Yoongi to and from the park where they’re setting up the picnic date. Jungkook took over the decorating part, while Seokjin helped Yoongi with preparing the snacks for the date.
Yoongi is excited about the date, and also, he’s very happy and he feels so loved by his friends because they’re always so supportive, always ready to give him the help and support that he needs. Yoongi will owe this to them forever.
When it starts to get dark, Yoongi, with Seokjin and Jungkook, finally picked Taehyung up from the dorms and also dropped Jungkook off. Jungkook waved them goodbye with the biggest smile on his face, excited for Taehyung to see everything they prepared for him.
And Taehyung… loved it. Seokjin dropped them off at the park before leaving and giving them some alone time for their date. Taehyung just stared in awe at the beautiful lights wrapped around the tree beside the picnic setup,
before letting his eyes drift down to the picnic itself, the fluffy blankets and pillows, the basket full of snacks and drinks Yoongi prepared for the two of them, and his heart swells with love for Yoongi.
“Do you like it?” Yoongi asks nervously, fidgeting with his fingers as he anxiously waits for an answer. But he didn’t really have to worry at all, because as Taehyung said, anything that Yoongi does will make him happy, and this… beautiful sight is definitely not an exception.
“I love it,” Taehyung answers, turning to face Yoongi and leaning down to press a kiss on his temple. “I love you,” he continues, moving to press his lips against Yoongi’s this time.
Yoongi smiles into the kiss, closing his eyes and allowing himself to get lost in it before whispering back, “I love you too, Taehyung, so much.”
They spent the night lying down on blankets and pillows, eating some snacks now and then while looking at the stars and talking about everything they could possibly talk about, from their friends to their families, schoolwork, everything and anything at all.
Taehyung talked about the stars and the constellations, and Yoongi genuinely doesn’t know anything about things like this, but he eagerly listens anyway, smiling as he watches the genuine excitement on Taehyung’s face as he talks about his interests.
Yoongi thinks he could listen to Taehyung talk about stars forever. Between Taehyung’s rants, Yoongi swiftly takes Taehyung’s hand into his, intertwining their fingers together and resting their joined hands on his lap.
Yoongi’s thumb is busy caressing Taehyung’s hand as he leans his head on Taehyung’s shoulder, just taking in the beautiful sound of Taehyung’s voice that he loves so much. Taehyung’s voice makes Yoongi feel so warm.
It stirs up something inside of him. Yoongi wishes he could listen to Taehyung’s voice forever. “Taehyung,” Yoongi calls after a few moments of silence. Taehyung hums, tilting his head down to meet Yoongi’s gaze from where he’s still resting his head on Taehyung’s shoulder.
“Thank you for everything,” Yoongi continues, giving Taehyung a smile. “You make me really happy. Thank you for staying with me.” Taehyung smiles back, leaning down to press a kiss on top of Yoongi’s head.
“You don’t have to thank me for that. I love you and you make me happy too. Of course I’ll stay with you.” And Yoongi didn’t have an answer to that. He never does.
He never knows what to say when Taehyung makes promises like that because he knows, more than anyone else, that promises like that wouldn’t last no matter how much Taehyung means it right now. Because Yoongi isn’t at the end of the red string wrapped around Taehyung’s wrist.
Yoongi isn’t the one Taehyung is meant to be with. He had seen it all before, he had hoped for it before too, but fate always ends up slapping him with reality when he’s finally being forced to let go of what he’s been trying so hard to hold onto.
So Yoongi just leans in to press his lips against Taehyung’s, wanting to keep Taehyung close for as long as possible. And if Taehyung felt the desperation in Yoongi’s kiss and touches, desperation that he doesn’t show very often, he didn’t say anything.
He just holds Yoongi close and kisses him back, all too willing to give Yoongi all the love that he craves, all the love that he deserves.
And Taehyung thinks, at that very moment, that he really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here, right next to Yoongi. He hopes Yoongi knows that. He hopes Yoongi believes that too.
☆ 306
☆ 307
☆ 308
☆ 309 Seokjin drops them off at the dorms, even helping them with disassembling the decorations and taking them back to Yoongi’s room. He then waves his goodbye, but not before taking Jungkook from his room so the boy can stay with him and Namjoon.
Yoongi walks Taehyung back to his room this time despite Taehyung insisting that he can go back by himself just fine. It’s not what they normally do. Taehyung would usually walk Yoongi to his room before going back to his own.
Yoongi doesn’t usually walk him back, but Yoongi insisted this time, so Taehyung agreed, happy to spend a little more time with Yoongi anyway.
Yoongi held his hand tightly as they walk to Taehyung’s dorm room, and when they were finally there, Yoongi pulled him in for another bruising and desperate kiss, and Taehyung, of course, very eagerly kisses him back.
Taehyung doesn’t know why Yoongi is being so affectionate lately, but he definitely loves it, loves having Yoongi so close, and loves Yoongi’s touches and kisses. Taehyung was prepared to say goodbye once they pull away from the kiss.
It’s late anyway, and it’s time for them to go to sleep, but not once did he expect to see Yoongi taking off his bracelet, eyes teary and full of pain as he grabs Taehyung’s hand and places the bracelet there.
And Taehyung doesn’t understand. He could only stare at Yoongi with confusion. Why is Yoongi giving him back the bracelet? What is that supposed to mean?
“Thank you for everything, Taehyung. I’m- I’m letting you go,” he says, voice rough and unstable as he holds back his tears. He doesn’t want to look weak in front of Taehyung. “I don’t understand,” Taehyung answers, the gravity of the situation finally settling in.
Yoongi is breaking up with him. It doesn’t make sense. They were kissing and whispering I love you’s just a while ago. “Why?” All the warmth is gone from Taehyung’s voice by now, replaced with coldness and bitterness. This isn’t how he expected this night to end.
This isn’t how he wanted this to end. Why is Yoongi doing this now that they’re so happy together? “Jimin,” was Yoongi’s answer. “He’s your soulmate.” And that’s all it took for Taehyung to freeze, shock obvious on his face as he takes in that new piece of information.
It all makes sense now – Yoongi suddenly leaving when Taehyung introduced him to Jimin, Yoongi growing so distant after that, and now, the break-up. But Taehyung couldn’t quite comprehend what Yoongi had just said.
He had known Jimin ever since he could remember. They’ve been best friends since forever. The two of them being connected by the red strings and expected to be romantically involved at some point just doesn’t seem right.
Jimin loves Hoseok. Why is he connected to Taehyung and not Hoseok? It just doesn’t make sense. “I’m sorry, Taehyung,” Yoongi speaks again, eyes cast downwards, unable to face Taehyung now.
“I really do love you, I promise. And- and I would’ve kept you if it wasn’t so impossible. But we know who your soulmate is now, and I can’t take that away from you.” He laughs as he wipes off the tears that finally escaped his eyes no matter how much he tried to hold them back.
“I’m sorry for hurting you, Taehyung, I really do love you, more than I’ve ever loved anyone before, but I have to let you go. You’ll be happier-” he stops for a few seconds as he sniffles and wipes even more of the tears.
“When you’re finally with him, you’ll be happier, I promise.” Taehyung didn’t get to say anything after that. Yoongi gives him a broken smile one last time and mutters a ‘sorry’ under his breath before turning away and running back to his room,
leaving Taehyung frozen in his doorway, staring at his retreating figure and holding the red bracelet in his hand. It took a long while for Taehyung to comprehend what’s happening, and as he finally tilts his head down to look at the bracelet Yoongi gave him back,
the bracelet that Taehyung gave Yoongi to reassure him that they belong together no matter what the red strings say, the bracelet that’s a sign of Taehyung’s love and commitment to what he and Yoongi had, Taehyung finally breaks down.
☆ 310
☆ 311
☆ 312
☆ 313
☆ 314
☆ 315
☆ 316
☆ 317
☆ 318
☆ 319
☆ 320
☆ 321
☆ 322
☆ 323
☆ 324
☆ 325
☆ 326
☆ 327 Yoongi arrives with his friends earlier than Hoseok and Jimin did. Not only is it polite for them to be there first, but also, Yoongi needed the extra time to compose himself and prepare for the confrontation that would definitely not be easy.
He’d be facing Taehyung’s soulmate, after all. He doesn’t really know what to expect. Yoongi didn’t really plan on ever doing this. His initial plan was to stay out of Taehyung’s life until he’s finally with his soulmate
so Yoongi wouldn’t be tempted to get close to him again and potentially ruin the beautiful bond he’d have with his soulmate, but as always, Yoongi’s plans never work out.
Yoongi might just be too weak for his friends who are trying their best to fix his relationship with Taehyung, but also, deep inside, Yoongi might also be hoping that he’d find a reason, a good enough reason to be with Taehyung again.
Hoseok and Jimin arrived soon after, and Yoongi could instantly see the protective hold Hoseok has on Jimin as they walk to the table occupied by Yoongi and his friends. Yoongi understands Hoseok’s uneasiness completely –
it’s definitely scary to know that you can lose the person you love to someone else. Yoongi has been there way too many times before, but nothing quite compares to the pain of losing Taehyung.
Yoongi’s friends took the initiative to introduce themselves to the pair, and as usual, Hoseok and Jimin responded very nicely, with gentle smiles and all. Jimin also smiles at Yoongi, and although it pains him to see Taehyung’s soulmate, he forced himself to smile back at Jimin.
The boy has been nothing but nice to Yoongi, so Yoongi has to at least treat him with decency too. Yoongi really doesn’t know what they’re here for, or how they even plan on fixing Taehyung and Yoongi’s relationship and finding a way to fight fate,
but they didn’t have the chance to discuss all of that. They didn’t even have the chance to open the topic before Yoongi’s eyes caught a glimpse of Hoseok’s red string, and, out of habit, traces the string to its other end to find the owner.
Yoongi really shouldn’t have been surprised, but it was still heartbreaking to face the sudden revelation that Hoseok’s soulmate is no other than Seokjin.
Yoongi's heart drops, and he suddenly wants to cry again - not for himself but for his friends who love each other so, so much. It's happening again. And just like all those times before, Yoongi couldn't do anything to stop it.
☆ 328
☆ 329 Yoongi feels even more miserable now. Not only did he ruin his own relationship, but he’s ruining Namjoon’s too. Fate will take Seokjin away from Namjoon and Jungkook, the people who love him so, so much. Yoongi never wanted this to happen.
Yoongi doesn’t want to cause them even more pain. Yoongi doesn’t have the guts to tell them about it at all. And he wouldn’t have if only Seokjin isn’t so smart.
Yoongi didn’t have to say anything. When Seokjin met Yoongi’s terrified gaze, realization suddenly dawns upon him. He turns to look at Hoseok before shifting his gaze back to Yoongi’s again, and as Yoongi starts to look even more scared and anxious,
Seokjin got the confirmation he needed. “It’s him?” Seokjin asks. Yoongi tears his gaze away from Seokjin and just nods. And that’s all it took for everyone to understand what was happening. The whole group was silent for a while, unsure of what to do.
It’s a very… awkward situation. Seokjin’s boyfriends are there, and so is Hoseok’s. It’s definitely not the best time to reveal the two being soulmates, but it’s out there now, and they all know. And once again, it’s all Yoongi’s fault.
“Okay,” Seokjin says, breaking the silence after a very long while. Everyone turns their attention to him. “None of us is in a good position right now, so I have a proposition.” They all nod, willing to hear whatever Seokjin has to say,
but Yoongi could clearly see the fear in Namjoon’s eyes because no matter how much he claims that he’s confident that Seokjin will stay, facing the problem itself was always bound to make him scared.
Yoongi didn’t have to think too much about how Jungkook is feeling because the boy is downright terrified. He’s clinging onto Seokjin so tightly, a frown appearing on his face as he anxiously looks at Hoseok, afraid that the man would take his Seokjin-hyung away from him.
It’s such a scary and unpleasant moment, but Yoongi couldn’t help but feel some fondness for Jungkook, because it’s nice to see how much he loves Seokjin even though he’s not his soulmate.
Jungkook looks even more scared than Namjoon who has been with Seokjin for years. “My boyfriends are clearly anxious about this, and I’m sure Jimin-ssi is too.” Jimin nods, confirming his words. He is definitely scared.
He and Taehyung being soulmates doesn’t sound too scary because he’s a hundred percent sure about the platonic relationship they have, but this guy who’s apparently Hoseok’s soulmate, they don’t know him.
They don’t know the possible nature that his relationship with Hoseok would be. Seokjin is a very handsome man. He seems very smart and polite as well. It wouldn’t be very surprising for Jimin if Hoseok ends up finding him attractive at some point.
“So to clear off everyone’s worry, why don’t we find out how our relationship would be?” It’s now Hoseok’s turn to look shocked. That sounded like Seokjin is asking him out. Is he… giving up on his boyfriends that easily?
Jungkook’s discomfort was very apparent as he whines and clings to Seokjin even more. “Don’t leave us, hyung,” he mutters, sounding so, so scared. “You love us, right?” Seokjin turns to give Jungkook a reassuring smile. “Of course, Jungkookie.”
He leans in to press a kiss on Jungkook’s temple and reaches forward to hold Namjoon’s hand because even though Namjoon isn’t saying much, he knows that he’s scared too.
“Trust me, okay? We’ll just spend around a week together, and see how it will go – if Yoongi’s assumption about the red strings is correct or if it’s possible for pairs to not fall in love with each other after all. It’ll be just like a test.
"I’m confident about how I feel, about who I love. This is just a test so we can all ease our worries right after. It would be no use to drag this on for a long time. I don’t want to see any of you so scared for too long. It’s better to find a conclusion as soon as possible.”
Seokjin has always been a very convincing person, and it’s clear how Jungkook is starting to become less and less scared as Seokjin talks. He then looks at Hoseok and Jimin, still with that calm and composed look on his face, as if the sudden revelation didn’t bother him at all.
“Only if it’s okay with everyone, of course. I would understand if anyone is uncomfortable with the idea. We don’t have to do it if someone is against it.” “No, you’re right,” was Jimin’s reply, surprising even Hoseok himself.
“If Hobi-hyung is comfortable with it, then it’s okay for me too. I trust him.” The surprise on Hoseok’s face morphed into a look of fondness as he looks at Jimin as if he’s his whole world.
“I can do it. I trusted Taehyung and Jimin, and I still trust them now. I’m sure everything will be just fine.” Jungkook grumbles, practically hugging Seokjin at this point. “I guess it’s fine. I trust Jin-hyung.”
Seokjin smiles, pressing another kiss on Jungkook’s head as if praising him for his answer. “I guess… I’m okay with it too. As I said, I believe in Jin-hyung. I know that he loves me and Jungkook so I’m confident that he’d stay,” Namjoon replies,
tightening his grip around Seokjin’s hand. “And after this… experiment, no matter what the result is, at least we’d have a clear conclusion. That way, none of us have to be scared anymore.” Yoongi stares at all of them in shock, unable to comprehend what’s happening.
Why are they all so sure that nothing will go wrong? What if Hoseok and Seokjin end up falling in love with each other? That would be two relationships ruined. Namjoon and Jungkook would be heartbroken, and Jimin definitely wouldn’t like it too.
How are they so sure that they won’t lose the people they love by consenting to this? Aren’t they scared at all? “Yoongi,” Seokjin calls, and Yoongi turns to face him, still shocked and confused.
“This doesn’t only involve us. If things go well and we find out that Hoseok-ssi and I do not see each other in a romantic way, then that means I get to stay with Namjoon and Jungkook, and Hoseok-ssi will stay with Jimin-ssi.”
Seokjin pauses, giving Yoongi a stern look. “And if that happens, then you would have no reason to let Taehyung go too.” “Hyung, it’s not-” “Jimin is Taehyung’s soulmate,” Seokjin cuts him off.
“So if Jimin and Hoseok still love each other after this, then Taehyung wouldn’t be with anyone. So if he still loves you by then, and if you still love him too, then don’t let this hold you back anymore. If Hoseok-ssi and I can defy fate, then what’s the reason for you not to?”
☆ 330
☆ 331
☆ 332
☆ 333
☆ 334
☆ 335
☆ 336
☆ 337
☆ 338
☆ 339
☆ 340
☆ 341
☆ 342
☆ 343
☆ 344
☆ 345
☆ 346
☆ 347
☆ 348
☆ 349
☆ 350
☆ 351
☆ 352
☆ 353
☆ 354
☆ 355
☆ 356
☆ 357
☆ 358
☆ 359
☆ 360
☆ 361
☆ 362 As soon as Yoongi opens his door and sees Taehyung standing there like he did so many times before, with the same sweet smile on his face and affectionate gaze in his eyes, for the first time ever since the ‘break-up’ days ago,
he couldn’t stop himself from practically throwing himself into Taehyung’s arms and burying his face on Taehyung’s neck. Taehyung chuckles but holds Yoongi close anyway,
returning the embrace with just as much desperation as Yoongi has because it’s been a while since he had seen Yoongi so close, since he had held Yoongi this way, and Taehyung misses this, misses Yoongi’s touch, misses having Yoongi in his arms. He missed Yoongi.
“I missed you,” Yoongi whispers, voicing out Taehyung’s exact thoughts. Taehyung shifts his hold on Yoongi to be able to press a kiss on his forehead before answering with just as much affection, “I missed you too.”
Yoongi smiles at him, so soft and warm, before pulling away from the hug and nervously taking Taehyung’s hand in his, just like how he used to. “Let’s go now?” Oh right. They do have their own classes to attend.
Taehyung almost forgot because he was too distracted by having Yoongi next to him. It was also when Yoongi held his hand that Taehyung remembered something important.
He digs inside his pocket to retrieve the very familiar red bracelet before gently holding Yoongi’s hand and putting the bracelet back around his wrist where it belongs. “This is yours,” Taehyung says as soon as he’s done putting it on Yoongi’s wrist.
Only then did Yoongi notice that Taehyung was wearing his bracelet too. “Keep it this time. Don’t return it to me ever again, because it’s yours. It will always be yours.” Yoongi nods, his heart heavy with emotions – positive ones.
He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the bracelets around their wrists. He did miss them. He missed belonging with Taehyung. He missed the reassurance of Taehyung’s love that he always gets whenever he sees the red bracelet around his wrist.
He’s so happy to have this back, to belong with Taehyung again, to have Taehyung’s love again. “Thank you, Tae,” Yoongi says, grinning widely at Taehyung and intertwining their fingers once again. “I’ll walk you to your class.”
Taehyung excitedly nods, and they started walking this time, with Taehyung childishly and adorably swinging their joined hands between them, and Yoongi laughing at Taehyung’s antics. He got the bracelet back. He got Taehyung back. Yoongi has never been so happy.
☆ 363
☆ 364
☆ 365
☆ 366
☆ 367
☆ 368
☆ 369
☆ 370
☆ 371
☆ 372
☆ 373
☆ 374
☆ 375 Hoseok and Jimin are just as kind and sweet as they were when Yoongi first met them. Yoongi thought that their relationship would be a bit strained after everything that happened because surely, Hoseok and Jimin would hold a grudge against Yoongi – and understandably so –
for hurting Taehyung by breaking up with him that one time, but that didn’t happen. Hoseok is still as smiley and giggly as usual, and Jimin is still so soft and warm and gentle towards everyone.
Yoongi treated them to a meal – including Taehyung – as an apology for everything that happened, and they were a bit reluctant to accept it at first, reassuring Yoongi that they're not mad at all,
but Yoongi insisted that it would make him feel a bit better if they accept the offer so they did. In return, Hoseok and Jimin, but mostly Jimin, started talking about their childhood memories with Taehyung,
about how he was such a sweet little boy who cries every time someone says anything mean to him, about how he used to cling to Jimin every single day because meeting new people makes him anxious, about how he was unable to sleep at night without his favorite plushy beside him,
and Taehyung was complaining and whining the whole time, glaring at Jimin and telling him to stop embarrassing him in front of Yoongi, but Yoongi was just fondly laughing and looking at him with an affectionate gaze so Taehyung stopped complaining at some point.
In the middle of the meal, while Hoseok and Jimin are busy talking about the dance routine they’re practicing, Yoongi’s eyes drifted to the red string Taehyung and Jimin shares once again. It still scares him a little, but he’s more confident now, he’s braver now.
Seeing the red string doesn’t break his heart anymore, and Yoongi thinks that’s a good start. His confidence grew even more when he felt Taehyung’s familiar and gentle touch on his hand, and he turns to face Taehyung to see him smiling as he pulls Yoongi’s hand closer to himself
so he could press his lips briefly against the red bracelet on Yoongi’s wrist. And Yoongi smiles, chest filled with nothing but love and affection for the man in front of him, the man holding his hand, the man who owns his heart.
He’s not scared anymore. Taehyung promised that he’d stay. And Yoongi believes him.
☆ 376
☆ 377
☆ 378
☆ 379
☆ 380
☆ 381
☆ 382
☆ 383
☆ 384
☆ 385
☆ 386
☆ 387 Taehyung is literally Yoongi’s number one fan. Sure, numerous people are cheering for Yoongi and Namjoon while they were performing on the stage, including their whole friend group and all the other students from the audience,
but none of them can compare to Taehyung, he would argue. Because Taehyung is standing there in front of the crowd with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a banner with Yoongi’s name written on it in the other while screaming his lungs out every time Yoongi finishes a verse.
“Oh my god, Taehyung, you’re embarrassing,” Jungkook would whine whenever their group receives judging stares from the crowd, but Taehyung just ignores his reactions because Jungkook is also squealing like a high school girl seeing her crush up close for the first time
when Namjoon’s the one performing. They’re really no different – him and Jungkook. By the end of the duo’s performance, every single person in the crowd probably already knows that Taehyung and Jungkook are dating Yoongi and Namjoon,
or probably has an idea about the two of them having huge crushes on the two performers at the very least. But that’s not enough for Taehyung – he was never a fan of uncertainties.
So as soon as Namjoon and Yoongi walk down the stage after an amazing performance that Taehyung is so, so proud of, he pushes himself through the crowd to make his way to the two.
After accidentally elbowing about twenty people in the process (and maybe hitting them with the flowers and banner along the way), Taehyung finally reached Yoongi. “Taehyung,” Yoongi calls, grinning as he watches his boyfriend approach him.
“Hyung!” Taehyung greets him back, practically running to where Yoongi is standing and waiting for him. “You were so amazing, oh my god, I’m so proud of you. Oh, oh, here, I got you flowers, but I’m sure you already know that.”
He excitedly offers Yoongi the flower, which Yoongi shyly takes. He’s used to Taehyung affectionate gestures already, and he loves every single act of affection so, so much, but he just finished performing as a rapper on the stage with hundreds of people watching,
and now that same group of people are watching him receive a bouquet of flowers from his boyfriend. It’s kind of embarrassing, but Yoongi just loves Taehyung and everything that he does so much.
“I looked so cool up there and now they’re watching me blush and everything because of you,” Yoongi complains half-heartedly, and Taehyung knows very well that Yoongi isn’t annoyed at all because he’s sporting this cute smile on his face
as he looks fondly at the flowers Taehyung gave him. “It’s okay, they have to see your cute side too,” Taehyung argues, pulling Yoongi closer to him and leaning down a bit so their faces are perfectly positioned in front of each other.
“And you’ll always be cool to me, hyung, even like this,” he says before he finally closes the gap between their lips. It’s definitely not the best place to kiss.
They’re standing on the side with hundreds of people from the audience probably watching them if their sudden cheers are anything to go by, but it doesn’t matter.
Because Taehyung wants everyone to know that this amazing man right here is his boyfriend, and well, honestly, he really just wants to kiss Yoongi, and none of these hundreds of people can stop him!
☆ 388
☆ 389 Taehyung is very grateful that Jungkook chose to stay with his boyfriends today because it means Taehyung and Yoongi will have the room for themselves. It’s nothing that they planned, really.
It just so happened that Yoongi is very excited and clingy today, still filled with the adrenaline from the earlier performance, and all too happy to listen to all of Taehyung’s praises.
They found themselves in a position where Taehyung is seated on his bed while Yoongi is straddling him, arms wrapped around Taehyung as Taehyung gives him all of the praises and compliments he deserves in a very soothing voice to bring him down a little from his high.
It worked out at some point, and Yoongi finally stopped physically buzzing on Taehyung’s lap, opting to busy himself with Taehyung’s lips instead. Taehyung doesn’t know what made Yoongi suddenly act like this, but oh, he’s not complaining at all.
He responded to Yoongi’s kisses without any word, not wanting to ruin the moment. Yoongi tends to become very shy when his affectionate acts are acknowledged, so Taehyung has learned to accept those acts without a single word.
Kissing is really nothing new to the couple. Taehyung always gives Yoongi kisses everywhere that he could possibly place them, and Yoongi eagerly accepts them every single time,
🔞 but something suddenly shifted when Yoongι subconsciously lets out a soft moan as he pushes his body closer to Taehyυng’s. He gives Taehyυng’s lips a kittenish lick, and Taehyυng opens his mouth to let Yoongι in.
🔞 It was then that Yoongι’s hips started to subconsciously(?) move as well, making Taehyυng whine as a spark of arousal hits him. He tightens his grip on Yoongι’s hip as he guides Yoongι’s movement while meeting it with his own.
🔞 They didn’t talk about this. They didn’t plan this. Not at all. But as Taehyυng feels himself growing harder and harder inside his pants with Yoongι rubbing his own clothed cock against Taehyυng’s, he couldn’t help but let go of all his inhibitions and give in to his desires.
🔞 He allows his hand to move to Yoongι’s backside, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of Yoongι’s ass as their movements become faster and more desperate, and he slides his other hand underneath Yoongι’s shirt,
🔞 gently and slowly tracing Yoongι’s soft skin with his fingers until his thumb reaches Yoongι’s chest and gently massages the hard nub, eliciting another moan from Yoongι.
🔞 Yoongι grabs Taehyυng’s hair and shoulder as some sort of support to ground himself as he loses himself in the pleasure. The room was filled with nothing but the wet sound of their lips meeting and the moans and groans escaping their mouths now and then
🔞 as the pleasure builds up inside them. It didn’t take long before the two reached their climax, separating themselves from the kiss for a while as Yoongι arches his back and releases inside his pants,
🔞 and Taehyυng soon follows, burying his face on Yoongι’s neck and giving Yoongι’s skin a weak bite to muffle the moan that escaped his lips at the feeling of the pleasure taking over his senses.
Heavy breathing filled the room for a few moments before Yoongi finally speaks, “I think I got way too excited.” He grins sheepishly at Taehyung, and Taehyung just laughs before pulling him in for another kiss.
“It’s okay. I loved this side of you too,” Taehyung answers, wanting to reassure Yoongi that he can be anything when he’s with Taehyung because Taehyung will love everything that Yoongi has to offer, everything that he’s willing to give.
“I’m tired,” Yoongi whines and complains, shifting himself closer to Taehyung and burying his face on the crook of Taehyung’s neck. Taehyung held Yoongi inside his arms with a fond expression on his face. Yoongi is cute like this too, all whiny and baby, as he should be.
This shows that Yoongi is really becoming more and more comfortable with Taehyung, and Taehyung absolutely loves that idea. “Let’s clean up and change our clothes then we can rest, okay?” Yoongi nods but makes no indication of moving.
So Taehyung laughs, kisses Yoongi’s temple, and uses all of his strength to lift Yoongi up and take him to the bathroom. Yoongi might be older, but there’s no denying that he’s Taehyung’s baby. And at this point, everyone, including Yoongi himself, probably accepts that already.
☆ 390
☆ 391
☆ 392
☆ 393
☆ 394
☆ 395
☆ 396
☆ 397 It turns out that Taehyung didn’t have to worry about Yoongi’s father holding a grudge against him for having a soulmate, because as soon as they arrived at Yoongi’s home, the old man instantly greeted the couple with a huge smile and a warm hug.
“I’m so happy you’re back,” the man whispers, and it’s unsure whether it was directed to Yoongi or Taehyung, but Taehyung’s heart swells with happiness anyway.
He’s so happy to be back too. When Yoongi broke up with him, Taehyung was so scared that he would never be able to fix it and he’d end up doing exactly what Yoongi’s father had feared, what he had warned Taehyung about the last time they saw each other.
But they’re here now, in the house Yoongi grew up in, in the arms of his father, and Taehyung’s heart still beats for Yoongi the same way it did back then. Nothing has changed. None of their fears came true.
Yoongi took a bath once they finished unpacking, and Taehyung, as usual, offered his help in the kitchen where Yoongi’s father is preparing something.
He was given small tasks once again, but he was just too eager and excited to do anything to please the older man, so he did his very best to perform each task perfectly. “Taehyung,” Yoongi’s father calls as Taehyung is chopping the potatoes.
Taehyung gives him a hum as a response to show him that Taehyung is listening. “Thank you for staying with Yoongi. I can see it very well. He really loves you a lot.” Taehyung smiles, heart filled with warmth at the thought of Yoongi’s love.
“You don’t have to thank me. I love him so much. I want to stay. And I will stay.” “I know,” the man responds, sounding a lot more confident this time than he did months ago. “I know you will. I believe you.”
And that means so, so much to Taehyung. Yoongi believes him now, and Yoongi’s father does too. He’ll show them that he really plans on keeping his promises.
Taehyung isn’t like everyone in Yoongi’s past. He loves Yoongi. He will never choose anyone over Yoongi. And that’s a promise. No matter what happens, even if the world tells him otherwise, Taehyung will keep that promise.
☆ 398
☆ 399
☆ 400
★ the end
And they got married years later 😋 Thank you so much to everyone for supporting this story, especially to @민홀리 who made this story happen! I hope you enjoyed the story uwu love u guys a lot 🤍
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