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yoonmin au | twenty jimin has forgotten yoongi, or so he thought. yoongi has gotten over jimin, or so he thought. that's what they both wanted to believe. but fate has different plans as it plays with ex lovers and makes them fake marry each other for a very stupid variety show.



twenty | yoonmin au trailer
– perfect brew of fluff, comedy and angst like a korean drama. – idol jimin. rapper yoongi. – post break up. exes to lovers. fake dating. arranged marriage lol. happy ending. yoonmin endgame. – written & socmed. – more tags to be added. – we got married au.
rapper yoongi and idol jimin
2/3 of cypher
idol jk, taehyung pd and actor jin
my sweet sweet angel
please i love him
oh i would die if this were canon
meanwhile the other half of the heart
ppl who distract u from work by luring u in using ur ultimate weakness 🚩🚩🚩
back to jimie
the selca in question
side jikook just some bit
hobi is such a cute friend
bad idea baby
HAHAHA my baby
there isnt enough namgiseok selcas out there im throwing a fit
wonder what it is hmm
my fave character be like
yoongi and drunk is not an easy process yk
his priv tweets throughout the night 🤣
namjoon 🥵
twenty hoseok my entire personality rn
meanwhile, someone saw the group selca cue an enemies to lovers tag
and they hate each other because..?
the next day (flashback to my death when this selca dropped)
morning w them
koobi layag ❤
oh oh a nerve
a day in stan twt:
i invented it if youre wondering
what iz itttt
buzzing in my seat rn
into the ceo's office they go
marriage 😔
just a normal day for them
how it went
a conclusion
army twt
and me
someone's.. excited?
they got it all laid out dont they 🤣
he really didnt know spare him
yes i am foreshadowing
sure jimin
he's so certain, im having fun
his thought process
fast forward to d-day 🤩
dreadful are you
then there's jimin
character unlocked!!! 💗
then what???
the fans
meanwhile jimin trying to pull the soulmate card
hmm i wonder why taehyung
he wants to know tae
you'll be so surprised jimin
i ghost tweeted this (no pun intended)
plot twist of the year
what can i say
dinner date
just chaotic namgiseok
first day of filming
going traditional here coz y not
tae be like 'yeah no idk well uhm'
they've been prepped too
for the nerves
not showing who's who for a reason
oh tae it hasnt even started yet
now where did that come from jimin
he liked it a little
Jimin, indeed, dresses up as a dog.
It is the most unhinged idea that ever came out of his mind, but he was left with no choice. Seokjin refused to tell Jimin anything else about his soon to be husband, and in his desperation, only one shop in Seoul had an available onesie to be delivered over night.
The production crew help him set up everything else, but it was all his dumb idea. He's going to be a cute little dog gifted to his husband as a surprise from the angels. They scattered varied sized boxes around a cozy fireplace, and in one of them, Jimin hid himself.
Throughout organizing the set and the cameras, Jimin can hear Taehyung snickering from wherever it was he was running around from. It really is stupid. At least, the director approved of the idea's appeal to the audience. All Jimin needs to worry about is his husband's reaction.
All the scrambling around and preparing for the surprise has taken Jimin's mind off the most important part of today's episode: meeting his husband for the first time. There were no articles, no one in production gave a clue, Jimin even begged Bae PD aka his ceo, but got nothing.
He's walking into this completely blind and vulnerable, and it's not even half of how he's feeling or what happening. It doesn't matter anymore who the husband might be. It could be anyone. All Jimin needs is to pull this off successfully and not embarrass himself further.
"Hey, Min," Taehyung whispers against the giant box Jimin is squeezing himself in. He's making himself comfortable inside the confined space, considering he's also wearing an overall, and he's sweating like shit. Taehyung continues, "We're starting in three. He's here,"
Oh, god. He's here. The person Jimin just talked to anonymously in a customized app, and even flirted for a bit. The person he's going to marry and pretend to be married to for as long as they're needed. He's husband is here. Jimin holds his breath. It's all real.
"Action!" Jimin hears the director command, but the box is too thick that the sound comes muffled and unclear to him. Jimin shifts his legs into a position that could help spring out of his box once his husband is just outside. He waits for movement outside.
The deafening silence that comes after the director's voice is enough to make a drop of sweat drip off of Jimin's face. Even the noise his throat makes when he gulps his nerves down is audible to everyone. It's just eerily still until he sense people walking closer.
"Ah, is this the surprise?" Comes a high pitched voice that sounds faint and muffled. Jimin scoots carefully closer to the lid so he can listen better, but he's in no luck. The movement comes closer, "I'm touched," His husband narrates to the camera, "He did this for me?"
Jimin closes his eyes and prays to every living entity for guidance and good graces. "I thought he was just humoring me when he said he'd have a surprise.. It worked. I am surprised." The sound is dangerously close, Jimin wants to faint, "Is he in one of these?"
Whoever it is outside, Jimin can imagine him scratching his head and smiling shyly at the fuss he just made, but that's exactly the reaction Jimin needs for the show. The air inside the box feels too tight, and then he hears his husband say, "I'm going to look for you now,"
Jimin clenches his fists as he prepares for jumping out his box like Jack. His knees are bended and his soles are stretched. This is it. It's happening. This is it. Jimin feels a hand scrape the lid above his head. He clears his throat to accompany his jump with a yell.
"Surprise!" Jimin springs out of his box, tossing the lid over and making his husband stumble back in shock. The lights are bright and his heart is beating rapidly. Jimin zeroes in on his husband's face as the man looks back up to Jimin. Their eyes meet and- "YOU!?"
"What are you doing here?!" "I'm filming a show. What are YOU doing here?!" "I'm working too, obviously!" But if they're both here and they're both filming then that means- "ARE YOU MY HUSBAND?!"
Jimin can't believe his eyes. Jimin can't believe his ears. Is this really happening right now? Both his arms that were extended in the air for the surprise drops down dramatically, and his jaw follows suit. This person.. his husband.. he's Jimin's ex boyfriend. He's Min Yoongi.
Blank and probably lifeless, Jimin's eyes remain on his husband.. his ex.. his new coworker? Goddamn it. Yoongi has his arms in front of him, a finger pointed at Jimin. His face is unreadable and he's just as out of breath. Yoongi, too, looks like he's on the verge of death.
"You..." Jimin says, his voice trailing away as he tries to form coherent sentences. How could he try to make sense when none of this does? Out of all the people in this intergalactic universe, it really had to be his ex boyfriend. His EX BOYFRIEND. God, why?
Yoongi opens his mouth but whatever it is he's about to say is cut off by a loud and shattering, "CUT!" Neither of them turns towards the director, eyes remained fixed on each other. "What the hell just happened?" The director asks but it gets drowned out.
"Do they know each other personally?" Another question whispered to whoever it was beside the director. It gets through Jimin's ear perfectly, and so does Yoongi, it seems. At the same time, both of them lets out a string of curses that's uncomprehensive.
Yes, Jimin knows this man personally. Maybe even more than he does himself. He was his boyfriend. Nights of crying and days of love together, how could Jimin not know him? Fuck the stupid box for being too thick, had he known it was Yoongi outside he wouldn't have jumped out.
In fact, had he known it was Yoongi he was fake marrying, he wouldn't have agreed to appear on this cursed show. At the dawning of thousands 'what ifs', Jimin's seething gaze travels across the room, beyond the cameras to a certain Kim Taehyung trying to make himself little.
"Jimin.." He hears Yoongi softly, as if it were only for him to hear, but Jimin pretends not to hear. Everything is coming back to him. The anticipation, the anxiety, the flirting, the surprise. Fuck, the surprise. Slowly, Jimin glances down on himself. A stupid puppy overall.
Jimin's face morphs into something that probably reads 'I crave death'. He shoves a finger to Yoongi's chest, crying out, "It's all your fault!" Before he hides in his hands and runs to nearest green room he can find. Call him runaway groom.
im back
hohoho taejin makes me so
meanwhile jimin
'Oh my god that is so sick' taking me out rn 😭
the dog costume more important
so here is where it started 😟 was wondering how the hell it got angsty while i was editing
yoongi updating the boys
excuses excuses
crying rn
mixed mixed emotions
i feel so pained rn
Jimin steps out of the green room and is immediately greeted by Taehyung squishing him in a warm hug. Taehyung whispers to his ears, but Jimin doesn't quite understand because they're too faint and quick. Jimin just hugs his friend back, and assures him the apology is accepted.
He is nowhere near fine and it must be very visible on his face, for after hugging him, Taehyung fixes his face and dusts off his onesie he still hadn't taken off. "You'll be great, okay? You're so pretty," Taehyung says, running his hand through the hair Jimin ruined.
"Okay," Jimin nods. There's so much going on in his head, and even his heart. Nothing could have ever prepared him for this day. He thought he'd never have to see Yoongi again. For years, he settled with that thought. Everything changes today and Jimin isn't ready.
But Jungkook and Taehyung are right. He's amazing and he'll do well. There are people relying on him, and he can't just let them down because of his personal problems. It's reasonable to feel such way, considering this is a big deal for him. But he'll have time to go over things.
Right now, he needs to focus on the job at hand. The cameras are rolling and people are running around just to deliver the same purpose as anyone, entertainment for survival. If people are expecting Jimin to marry his ex boyfriend for show, then he'll give them a great damn show.
Jimin walks towards the set and apologizes to the director and the producers waiting for him. They explain that they'd have to reshoot the entire meet up scene, though unusual, since their reaction were not really appropriate for people who are meeting for the first time.
Jimin subtly looks around him as the director is instructing him what to do, wondering why Yoongi isn't listening here with him. Then, he realizes, they must've told him what to do already while he was throwing a fit. Jimin suddenly feels ashamed for the inconvenience he caused.
Jimin apologizes one last time until the director clasps his back and tells him it's alright. He said there were far more worse reactions than that, though Jimin doesn't know what to make of the info. Soon, they usher him back to the set, and inside the surprise box like earlier.
Jimin sits crouched inside the box, waiting for Yoongi to come close so he can spring out. They didn't give them exact directions on what to do, since adlibs would still seem more natural. They were only instructed to give more innocent and authentic reactions not like earlier.
For the last time, Jimin takes a deep breath. This is work. He is great. He can do this. It's something that's easy for him because he's in front of the camera for years. It's all going to be okay. Jimin hears a knock on the lid and he jumps out with a wide smile for all to see.
Maybe it's the years, or the hatred between them, but Jimin had forgotten how dramatic Yoongi can actually get. A damn great actor, and overall just very good at stuff. To Jimin's surprise, and genuine enjoyment, Yoongi falls to the ground at his little reveal.
The string of laughter that springs out of him is nothing but sincere and heartfelt. Jimin is gripping his stomach hard from laughing. Yoongi looks absolutely ridiculous sprawled on the floor, a hand to his chest from shock, and his mouth opened wide.
Yoongi, too, starts laughing at what he'd just done. His entire face scrunches and it's a cute but still funny sight. Seeing him now, Jimin doesn't know if this fall was scripted or he was seriously surprised from Jimin's jump. Either way, it's better than what they did earlier.
"Woah," Yoongi says, trying to collect himself, "I shouldn't have been startled, but I just fell to the ground." He's still giggling, and Jimin settles with minimal chuckles too. "Surprise!" He says, gesturing around to the little set he designed himself. "I'm Park Jimin,"
Yoongi bows back and smiles, immediately understanding that Jimin is following their non existent script. He proceeds to introduce himself, "Hi, I'm Yoongi. I'm so surprised to see you here. Did you prepare all these for me?" Jimin is quick to nod. He then tugs at his onesie.
Yoongi's eyes scan his hilarious outfit and Jimin has to angle his face a few centimeters away from the camera to hide an unwelcomed blush. Focus, Jimin. It's work. "This is the surprise," Jimin says, pointing to the costume, "I'm a gift to you from the angels,"
"A gift from the angels?" Yoongi asks, "A gift from you then?" "No, it's from the a-" Jimin stops. He stares at Yoongi's face, and his heart starts thrashing a little insane. Yoongi bursts out laughing again, finding Jimin's expression humorous. Jimin tries to laugh along.
When their director said he wanted a natural reaction, Jimin didn't think he wanted actual natural, uncontrollable reactions like being slightly out of breath, sweaty palms and a maddening red blush. This is all because of Yoongi, and Jimin doesn't like it.
Jimin hates it. He's not supposed to feel this way over an ex boyfriend. A coworker. A future husband? He's not. It's unprecedented and strictly unpermitted. But Yoongi looks so good in his shirt, under the lights, a smile that Jimin doesn't know if superficial or not.
He needs to get himself together. This is just the first hour. It's just a few words. He was almost on a breakdown earlier, he can't feel like this, not for this man, not again. Jimin takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself for whatever it is to come.
"How long have you been waiting there? Wasn't it hard slouching?" Jimin tries to have a conversation with Yoongi as naturally as he can. He can't make it obvious he's on the verge of falling apart. No one needs to know, especially Yoongi.
They carry on exchanging words and introductions between them, as if Jimin doesn't already know them. "You're younger than me no? You should be calling me hyung then." Hyung. A very familiar taste on Jimin's tongue. "Hyung," "Hmm?" "What would you call me?"
Yoongi pretends to think, as if he doesn't already know too. "Jimin-ah," he says then. Jimin can only blink back, the sound just as familiar to his hearing. Perhaps time wasn't really real, and Jimin was just fooling himself, but this is just too vivid like yesterday.
"But why are you wearing a puppy costume?" Yoongi asks, smiling sweetly and tugging Jimin's sleeve. He looks so endeared and amused, Jimin's chest hurts thinking some of it might not be real. "Puppies are the perfect gifts. You deserve to receive perfect gifts."
"Do you like it?" He asks, and Yoongi is nodding again, smiling brightly. "Very much. How did you know I'd be happy seeing you in a dog overall?" Jimin smiles back, one free of worry, as his eyes crinkle along, "I guess it's not just one of us that's good at taking a hunch,"
A moment so tender. Jimin never knew he'd have something this sweet and pure to live through again. When he and Yoongi smile at each other in the past, it's like nothing could ever go wrong. Smiling at him now, not much has changed. Perhaps, nothing at all.
It terrifies him.
The small moment between them is disrupted when a producer comes close to them with a camera. In his hand is a red envelope that contains Yoongi and Jimin's first mission as a couple. The two giggles at each other, and then Yoongi takes it and reads it aloud.
"Sweet blossoming love are always accompanied by tasty coffee. Growing relationships often bloom from small smiles and lingering glances inside cafes that feel like home. Order your first drink and meal as married couple to commemorate a joyous day."
Jimin licks on his lips as Yoongi finishes reading. Their first mission as a couple. A couple. A married couple. Jimin thought he'd never hear marriage and Yoongi in the same sentence again, but now he's here. It's all surreal. "I think I saw a cafe a few blocks from here,"
Jimin and Yoongi go to the cafe Yoongi is talking about, with some of the production crew either following them or leading them there. Once they go in, Jimin is not surprised to see cameras everywhere already. It must be part of the plan too.
"I think we should go order together at the counter, but you order mine and I'll order yours," Yoongi decides, and it makes Jimin frown. It's absurd and weird, but then he remembers the barista must be in this too, so he doesn't argue anymore. They both walk to the counter.
Jimin hasn't even finished reading the overhead menu for what he thinks Yoongi would like that Yoongi is already calling the cashier's attention. "Hello," he greets, and the cashier replies politely. "Uhm," he trails, "My husband would like a caramel macchiato please,"
Jimin is quick to snap his gaze towards Yoongi. It's a simple sentence, spoken in the most complacent way ever. But is makes Jimin's pulse accelerate and he hasn't even had an ounce of caffeine yet. His face must be really red by now.
It feels so good, having Yoongi address him as a husband. It was a fantasy Jimin thought died in him a long time ago, but now it's alive and in fire. He's Yoongi's husband. Yoongi who hasn't forgotten his usual drink. It's still a caramel macchiato. It's still Jimin.
Before Jimin can get too emotional for his own good, he smiles up at the cashier and mutters, "And my husband would like an iced americano." The cashier nods and smiles, and Jimin wishes hers is the only smile he saw. He wishes he didn't see the corner of Yoongi's lips curving.
There's so much thoughts and emotions and so little time and space to gather them. Jimin is well aware that he's all over the place, and a majority of him is siding to his idiotic side. He's well aware of the cameras around him, but his heart is also making its presence known.
Jimin tries to justify that this is all natural because suddenly meeting Yoongi was something he indeed did not prepare for. It would be understandable that he'd be an emotional and mental mess, since none of this were in his expectations. That's right. That's the only reason.
The couple goes back to their seat, and Yoongi, who seems to be more present minded than Jimin, is firing him questions to acknowledge the presence of the cameras more. "So, who did you think it was while we were messaging through that app?" "Uhm," Jimin thinks. He doesn't know.
"I actually didn't have anyone in mind," He says honestly. No point in lying. Yoongi nods in understanding. "Well, as for me, I thought it was a hoobae from the group Monsta X." Jimin's twitches a little. Kihyun.
"What made you think so?" Jimin asks, and Yoongi just laughs, not taking a hint. "I think it was the way you spoke to me informally though it was clear I was older," Yoongi continues smiling, he sips from his drink as he does. Then, his gaze is suddenly on Jimin.
Yoongi stares at Jimin for a few minutes, until Jimin has to mumble, "What is it?" The elder just shakes his head, then takes another sip from his drink. "I'm just glad," Jimin blinks, confused, but Yoongi looks directly at Jimin's eyes and smiles, "I'm glad it's you."
Jimin's breath dies in his lungs. But he blames the coffee. On the caffeine or maybe even the sugar on this drink. He's due to malfunction, and it's all on the coffee. It's not because of Yoongi. It's the coffee. So because he has something to blame, Jimin whispers, "Me too,"
jimi's answer
this is just a short ud btw bc i suck so bad
oh trust me yoongi he values it a lot
caramel macchiato x iced americano
👀 weh yoongi
how did it feel to meet your ex boyfriend*
why do u think so yoongi
double entendre but lets not make it sexual
and its official!!!
both stans are happy about the show
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finally a fucking group chat its about damn time
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going hard GOING HARD
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excuses excuses no one will eat that up jimin do better
the resolution
thats a kinda sick reason jimin
they give up (ngl i would too)
introducing a separate gc operation yoonmin!!! ❤
meanwhile in cypher theres a little angst aha ofc its me what do u expect
yoongi feels defeated
prohibited discussion
a point!
and so he agrees
poor baby
the next filming day
everyone's worried
sigh.. jimin
heres another strong contender for the stubborn competition
Jimin believes Seokjin is right. This marriage is not just cute little dates and surprises. Atleast, for now. Destiny is still siding with him as he and Yoongi receive their second mission together. The producer hands them the red envelope, and they huddle a little close to read.
"Before marriage is engagement. Before engagement is dating. Before dating is being two individuals wanting to be close to each other. Take this chance, and this pocket money, to go out and be close to each other like you want to. Have fun and fall in love."
Yoongi is the one to read the instructions on the envelope. Once he finishes, he moves back and laughs to himself (maybe to Jimin), acknowledging the presence of the cameras and producers around them. Jimin doesn't know why he's laughing, but when he moves back, he figures out.
Yoongi is holding the pocket money the show gave them. He's shaking them in the air, chuckling in the way his eyes are almost closed. "Woah," He says, shaking his head but smiling. He looks down at Jimin, cue Jimin's eyes widening. "20k won, where will this take us, Jimin-ah?"
At the declaration of their pocket money for the entire day, Jimin's eyes widen a fraction more. He looks up and gapes at the production crew, some of them laughing behind their hands and masks. "20k won? Woah, that's cruel," He says, his mouth open in disbelief.
Jimin tries to look for Taehyung amidst the staff to complain to his friend as if he's in charge of the entire show. Once he sees Taehyung's apologetic smile, Jimin can do nothing but sigh. 20 thousand won for an entire day outside the streets. It's ridiculous.
He's never the one to spend his money smartly. This is going to be a (starving) disaster. Jimin turns to Yoongi with slumped shoulders, while the elder is smiling brightly. "What do you think can we do with this?" "Don't know. You were always the one to budget our money."
The silence that follows Jimin's words is like a tight slap to his face. Yoongi is staring at him in horror, and he can already hear the director yelling 'cut' while it's still bubbling in his throat. It's like an entire minute of pure uneven breathing in the entire set.
Jimin is about to bow down and apologize to everyone, when Yoongi quickly recovers and fills the quiet space with his heart swelling laugh. "You're giving me too much power, Min-ah." He jokes, and Jimin feels everyone relax. "But if you insist, then follow my lead."
Yoongi follows the words with a wink and Jimin physically feels his breath hitch in his chest. Mentally, he's banging his head against the wall-the wall closes to Yoongi-and scolds himself for being so mindless of his words. He needs to be more careful to make this work.
Like he said, Yoongi leads the way while they stroll around the streets. He's pointing to many stores and shops, acting like they have all the money in the world, only to laugh when Jimin says he wants to check something out. Yoongi seems to be enjoying all of this.
While Jimin.. well.. his mind is someplace else. He's observing and watching Yoongi and how he seems to be so in tune with this.. entire thing. He doesn't look like he's having the hardest time pretending to be dating his ex. In fact, he has the brightest smile on his face.
The conversation between him and the therapy gc is all coming back. They're all right. He and Yoongi need to talk. He doesn't know how. Heck, he wouldn't even care anymore who does it first, but they really need to set things straight if they want this act to be convincing.
He can't just slip up and confuse things with the past and let everyone suffer because of it. He can't let Yoongi save his ass every time he says something he shouldn't. Had Yoongi not spoken earlier, the director must've given Jimin an earful. Nobody wants that.
Jimin wouldn't pretend he didn't hear one of the producers praising Yoongi for saving Jimin there. Because they're practically getting married, Yoongi had pretended they were always doing this. Well, they have, but not really. It just can't happen anymore or else.
Okay. Jimin decides in front of his full course meal. How Yoongi got to buy this with just 10k won for food budget, Jimin doesn't know. He didn't really know how, but Yoongi had always done it, and Jimin always let him. Secretly, he's happy at the fact that Yoongi hasn't changed.
Jimin looks up and catches Yoongi happily slurping his food. After taping, he's going to talk to Yoongi. There is no concrete plan of how exactly he wants it to go, but it needs to happen immediately or Jimin might lose his job. He'll just need to figure how to bring it up.
Talking with Yoongi has never been hard, but Jimin finds himself groping in the dark.
The entire day passes by and not once did Jimin feel the absence of overwhelming money. Yoongi is amazing at this, and Jimin is content that he's in god hands. They spent the whole afternoon outside, window shopping at most, but it was fun.
At least, the presence of cameras and producers didn't allow Jimin to let his guard down and enjoy Jimin's company more than he'd want to. His actions and words are coordinated, but at the same time, cautious. He can't afford another mistake or it might be Yoongi who scolds him.
But that doesn't make the both of them, though. Yoongi stops in front of a small stand, staring at something Jimin can't distinguish. He scans the shop, and it's full of sparkly jewelries that piques his own interest. He gasps at the shining accessories.
Too busy looking at the jewelries that seem to be calling his name, Jimin doesn't notice Yoongi leaning in and picking up whatever it was he had his eye on. Jimin only realizes when he feels Yoongi's cold hand on the right side of his face. Startled, he jumps at the touch.
"Hyung?" he calls, his voice quite faint for the microphones to catch, but enough for Yoongi to hear. Still, the elder doesn't answer. He only pushes his hand close, until Jimin feels Yoongi's fingers tugging softly on his earlobe. Jimin breathes in the stillness of the moment.
Yoongi is staring at Jimin with something he doesn't know what to call. It's not the kind of gaze he gave Jimin while eating, or while they were embarrassingly counting money in front of the counter. It's different. Far different. Like it's... sad.
In his inability to fight back, Jimin blinks, and just like that, the moment is gone. Yoongi tilts his head and a hint of smile tugs at his lips. "This looks pretty on you," He says in high pitched voice. Jimin doesn't realize the breath he releases. Yoongi is back.
"Yeah?" Jimin asks, coming back with Yoongi and rising to the shore of reality they're in. Cameras. The show. "Can I see?" Jimin brings his hand up to his right ear, pinching the earring from Yoongi's grip onto his own, hiding the tingle of their hands touching in a smile.
Jimin brings the earring up into the light and sees it's a simple cross design with a few chains dangling and dancing with the wind. It's classy and it's definitely Jimin's style. So Yoongi still has him memorized, huh? This earring really is pretty, and Yoongi thought so.
Jimin doesn't know what to make of it, but he's aware now is not the time to dwell. To dissolve this growing.. something between them, Jimin cracks a smile and a following joke, "It is pretty. Do we still have money for it? We're going to go broke before the marriage."
Ah, right. The marriage. The show. Yoongi registers this in his head, and Jimin can almost see the entire thought process on his face. Yoongi smiles, too, a commercial one. "There can be some adjustments," He says, pulling out a few thousand won out of nowhere.
Yoongi purchases the pair of earrings. Jimin knows the remaining balance is not enough for it, but he doesn't really know if they're not allowed to use their own money either. Still, he flashes Yoongi a smile. "Thank you. Can you put it on for me?"
Yoongi seems surprised for a moment, but he quickly recovers and laughs at the side of Jimin's head, already leaning in before even agreeing. He takes the earring back, and clips it to Jimin's earlobe. It's quick and concise, he's already pulling away before Jimin notices.
"Aigoo," Yoongi says, jutting his lips into a pout. He's making squeaky noises like he's talking to a dog. The act makes Jimin roll his eyes, but he still smiles when Yoongi says, "Look at my pretty Jimin-ah."
Yoongi's voice is high and modulated to sound funny, and there's something building up in Jimin's chest like a pre-chorus of a song. It's weird but he smiles at Yoongi. "My pretty Jimin, are you feeling tired? shall we go home?" Jimin rolls his eyes, "Let's go home."
Yoongi puts down his phone and even his pride. Wait, it's not even his pride stopping him. Just the thought of talking to Jimin without cameras filming them and without specific words expected from them, it's like first day of school. Yoongi hates school.
But his friends are right. He and Jimin should talk and it should be now based from the few things that happened earlier. He can't just pretend there's nothing stinging his skin when he's a little too close to Jimin. He needs Jimin himself to remind Yoongi of his place.
To remind him nothing's real anymore. Heaving a deep breath, Yoongi steps out of his green room and searches for a mop of black hair among the crowd of staff. Miraculously, he spots Jimin by the corner of the set, right where the foods and drinks are.
Yoongi smiles to himself as he walks closer to Jimin. Poor man must be hungry from that joke of a lunch they had because of this sick show. He deserves to eat all the food he wants to without being restricted by shortage of funds. He watches Jimin munch on some toast.
Yoongi once again prepares himself and inhales deeply. He knows he's going to go mute once Jimin faces him, but he basks in this surge of bravery before it all fades into dust. Jimin is dancing around while eating, and it hurts because he's so so cute.
Just exactly when he's behind Jimin and he's gently squeezing his arm to face his way does the bravery in Yoongi truly die out. It left him right at the moment they're facing each other and now Yoongi is left with nothing but his lifeless body staring into Jimin's.
Jimin's eyes are blown wide, and suddenly everything starts to make sense, fit into its place. Jimin's surprised look, Yoongi's hand on hiss arm, his breath dying just above his throat and everyone else blurring away. It's too familiar. Like.. Like the first time they met.
Yoongi's curses get relatively louder as he dashes through the corridors of an unfamiliar building. How can Hoseok even dare leave him alone in a place as big as the maze in the fourth movie of harry potter. It's almost time for their audition and yet Hoseok is nowhere.
Yoongi shouldn't have let Hoseok go to the restroom on his own. Now, he's alone, and he doesn't know where to find Hoseok, nor where to find the audition room. So much for being the oldest of the group. Hoseok has always been the leader type especially when rehearsing.
"Fuck, Hoba," Yoongi whispers, turning his head left and right in search for a walking ray of sun. He guesses they only have ten minutes left before audition starts, and Namjoon is waiting alone in the queue. Jesus, this is a disaster. It hasn't even started yet.
Yoongi finds himself in what seems to be a large hall when he finally sees a familiar bright blue jacket. A heavy sigh of relief escapes Yoongi. He practically stomps to Hoseok in a hurry. He yanks him by the arm, "Where the fuck have you been-" Until he sees it isn't Hoseok.
Yoongi stands there, frozen. His eyes are wide, and so are the strangers' he thought was Hoseok. He can feel the man's bone tightly gripped by his fingers, and everything around them fades out as blood escapes Yoongi's head. They stay like that, in the stillness of the moment.
"Oh my god," Yoongi spills, springing away from the stranger like he's been burned, as if it shouldn't be the other way around. "I'm so sorry," He says, frantic, "I've been looking for my friend, and you had the same jacket–god, I'm so sorry," Yoongi scratches his head.
The stranger is only offering him a kind smile, calm though he's been touched by someone unknown to him without consent. Yoongi gapes a little at the sight, biting his lower lip. Then the stranger chuckles, "Are you alright? Need help?"
Yoongi doesn't get to answer, probably obvious on his face. The stranger chuckles again, "You must be auditioning?" He asks, voice sweet and gentle. Yoongi can nothing but nod, "It's okay. I often got lost here too when it was the first few weeks."
Before Yoongi can ask who the man is or what he's doing here, the stranger is already ushering him back to where he entered from, "Come, I'll help you find your friend. You say he has the same jacket?" Yoongi is flabbergasted. Things do quite happen fast around here.
The man is offering to help Yoongi? He's thankful, but he can't allow it, no matter how desperate he is. "Oh, no," Yoongi says, shaking his head as he catches up with the stranger's pace, "You must be busy, you don't have to. I can manage."
"It's okay," replies the man. "I have nothing to do, and I really want to help you." Yoongi makes an 'are you sure' question only in his head, but the man smiles brighter to say, "Don't worry, you're not bothering anyone." Huh. Yoongi thinks while staring. But I'm bothered.
They step out of the hall and Yoongi follows the man navigate his way through the floor like he owns the entire place. He's beyond thankful for this man's help, though quite embarrassed to admit that he really is lost. The man looks kind enough to be trusted, so Yoongi relaxes.
"If your friend didn't go to another floor then we'd easily find him here," the stranger speaks, halting Yoongi's thoughts. He's gently looking around, just as adamant as Yoongi to look for the person in the same jacket as him. A surge of warmth crashes Yoongi. Kindness is real.
"I'm Jimin, by the way," The man says again, answering Yoongi's question. "Park Jimin. I'm a trainee here." Ah, so that explains the clothes and the casual trainers. Yoongi nods and introduces himself as well, "I'm Yoongi, I'm auditioning for the hip-" "The hip hop groups yeah,"
"You know?" Yoongi asks an obvious question but Jimin kindly answers. "We are allowed to watch so we can learn, or something like that, but I wasn't really interested in going," Jimin says casually, "But now I think I'm changing my mind," He whispers but Yoongi doesn't get it.
They continue going around the floor searching for Hoseok while chatting and knowing each other. Yoongi discovers Jimin is nineteen and is training to debut as an idol. He says he likes to dance and sing, and Yoongi doesn't know why but he's interested in learning more.
Yoongi also shares stuff about himself. He's twenty one, and he's auditioning with his highschool friends, Hoseok and Namjoon, to become a rap group like they used to dream of. Jimin comments and says he likes rap, and Yoongi glowers with pride like an idiot.
"Ah," Jimin says, turning his head towards Yoongi with a cheeky smile, "You're older than me then," He says pertaining to their age. "Yeah, you can call me hyung." Yoongi says abruptly, but then jumps when he realizes, "If you want, of course." Jimin only laughs, "Okay, hyung."
After a few twists and turns, they still don't find Hoseok. Yoongi is well aware that auditions are currently happening and that they might miss this chance at such a big shot company but something in him doesn't want to part ways with Jimin this soon.
"We've checked everywhere but your friend is nowhere to be seen. You might miss the audition." Jimin sighs, the problem on hand weighing on his shoulders. Something leaps in Yoongi's chest at the concern. He's about to say it's alright, even if it isn't, like he's in a trance.
"Let's go check the audition room and see if he returned there without you," Jimin suggests, somehow finding the idea of Yoongi being left alone funny because he starts laughing. Yoongi, however, doesn't realize the words. He only goes where Jimin goes.
The walk to the audition room is disappointingly shorter than expected. From a few meters away, Yoongi can see the posters that's put up just by the entry door. Suddenly, Yoongi wants to halt and stop their limbs from taking another step. Yoongi doesn't want to say good bye yet.
Ridiculous, but Jimin's presence is so calm and gentle that Yoongi has reduced to a relaxed state unlike his panicking some minutes ago. Jimin has this aluringly soothing aura that stops Yoongi from worrying, like everything's going to be okay.
Just when the two starts to open the door to the auditions, someone calls Jimin and they both turn to see who it was. "Hey, Jiminie, practice in three minutes," Man says, tapping his watch. "I'll be there!" Jimin calls back with a nod. He turns to Yoongi with a sigh.
"Well, that sucks. Sorry I can't come in with you." Jimin sighs again. He looks like he's really feeling bad, Yoongi wants to lift a hand to pinch his cheek, but he stops himself. "It's okay, Jimin. Thank you a lot for your help." "Glad I could," Jimin smiles.
Yoongi's hand is on the metal knob, but he doesn't go in. Jimin's left foot is stretched outwards, but he doesn't walk away. They stand like that, not wanting to leave. The situation makes both of them laugh. It's insane and absurd but Yoongi is laughing not because it's funny.
But because something small and frail is dancing around his veins, and it tickles his heart. "So," Jimin says, "I guess I'll go see you around here then?" "And if we don't pass audition?" Jimin smiles and begins to walk away, stepping backwards, "Then you go see me."
Yoongi enters auditions in a daze, a small smile tattooed on his face. He feels and hears familiar presence around him, "Dude where the hell we're you?!", "Our turn finished minutes ago, we missed it idiot!" But Yoongi can only smile at his friends, happy, "Sorry. Got lost."
Yoongi releases a pained breath as memories of the first day flooded his mind. The skin against his fingers and the wide eyes blinking up at him keeps him from sinking to the ground and relishing on the beauty of what they used to have.
He just stands there, in the same place he used to be five years ago. The same person he used to have so close in his grip. Yoongi doesn't know how it makes him feel, being here again, being so familiar but so obscure. Then, ever so slowly, Jimin starts pulling his arm away.
Yoongi blinks, the movement waking him up. He takes a step back, aware and embarrassed of how rude he was just now. He's about to apologize to Jimin, perhaps even run away, but then Jimin is turning his body towards him and smiling widely. "Is that a habit of yours?"
Yoongi remains silent so Jimin continues. Tugging the arm that Yoongi had touched. "Yanking someone else's arm without checking who they are?"
The breath along with the laugh that Yoongi releases is like an end to the twisting pain organs inside him has been enduring. It's so easy. So,so easy to be with Jimin. The soothing aura, the calming smile, the voice that tells you it's going to be alright even without the words.
"Yeah," Yoongi replies, breathless. "Yeah, I guess." At this, Jimin laughs a little more. He tilts his head to side as if endeared at Yoongi. He must admit the look is making him feel things he doesn't know if he's allowed to. "You're lucky you finally got it right this time."
"Yeah," Is the only word Yoongi can answer, too shocked and speechless. He doesn't know why he expected Jimin would be hostile with him off cam, but he can't quite believe they're laughing like this over something.. something precious to them from back then.
"Anyway," Jimin says, biting from a sandwich he got from the row. "What brings you in this part of set? Need help on anything?" Yoongi closes his fist on the constant referencing, a pinch on his chest evident though aware it's all in jest. He licks his lip before speaking.
"No, no, nothing's wrong, I just wanted to talk to you.." Yoongi says, fainter than he intended. Jimin only raises a brow at him, wanting to continue teasing, he even adds, "About what?" But it's not time for joking, Yoongi has been anxious all day to talk, he can't let it pass.
Jimin doesn't seem to be backing out, and Yoongi grows frustrated. A pout puckers itself on his lips, unaware but just really worried about how these moments are going to continue on. Somehow, this makes Jimin crumble. The younger sighs and starts nodding, "You're right,"
"We do need to talk." He starts looking around and gives another sigh to Yoongi who's copying Jimin on glancing sideways though he's not sure what to look at. "Will it be okay if it's in my room?" Jimin asks, and Yoongi looks at him. "Will it be okay for you?"
Jimin stops for a moment, before he smiles warmly. "Yes, it's okay." Jimin pushes the remaining sandwich in his mouth and the sight makes Yoongi chuckle amidst the jittery feeling he's got in his toes. At least, he can find comfort in something. At least.
Jimin leads them to his green room, ushering Yoongi in with a small voice. No one seems to be looking their way, catching the main casts locking themselves alone in a room, so he figures it would be okay. He closes the door and when he turns around, a finger is pointed at him.
"You," Jimin says, hiding his face behind his small hand, "I have one request from you before we sit down to talk." Yoongi's eyes are wide as he receives Jimin's glares. He nods, his pupils glancing around the room, restless. "Okay, what is it?"
"Don't you ever, EVER, do that again." Yoongi blinks, confused. "Do what again?" Jimin pulls his hand away only to tuck them in his arms in front of his chest. "That thing you did earlier." "What thing?" "The face!" "What face!"
Jimin furrows his eyebrows, pissed off at Yoongi over something he genuinely doesn't know about. A few more fiery breaths and Jimin groans out loud. "Know what? Nevermind." He stomps to the couch to plop himself down. "Thinks he could get away with it because he's-" "What?"
"Because I'm what?" Yoongi taunts, but it doesn't work because Jimin only says, "I said don't mind. Come sit and tell me what you came to tell me." Yoongi raises a brow at the sudden change of air. He's wondering why Jimin seems so annoyed suddenly, but he's also taken aback.
Yoongi sits down on the chair in front of Jimin. Though their seats are the exact opposite of the other, Jimin is refusing to meet Yoongi's eyes; so unlike earlier, outside with everybody. Yoongi frowns, so was Jimin still faking it then? Is this how he truly feels about Yoongi?
"Can you calm down for me, Jimin?" Yoongi says, trying to maneuver the conversation before it takes an unwarranted turn. "I can't talk to you when you're like this," "Like what? I'm perfectly normal." "You're not, you're pissed and I don't know why." Jimin rolls his eyes.
"Fine," Yoongi says, sighing. "If you don't want me here, I can go. We can have this conversation some other time that suits you." Yoongi stands up, not knowing how to feel about leaving but praying desperately that Jimin stops him. "Wait!"
"We do need to talk." Jimin mumbles. "You're right, I'm being ridiculous right now. I'm sorry." Yoongi turns around to face Jimin whose head is hanging low and his gaze somehow far away. "We really need to talk, hyung." He whispers, "Please don't leave."
Yoongi is a man of easy words. He walks back to the chair he occupied earlier, still eyeing Jimin cautiously. "Are you going to tell me about what I'd done that's pissing you off?" Jimin shakes his head, only to follow with, "After what's important."
"Okay," Yoongi answers, taking a deep breath. The small banter has made things weird, and it ruined whatever it was they shared outside. Now it's gone awkward, and Yoongi doesn't know how he's going to bring up the agenda of this meeting without feeling like absolute shit.
"I feel like I made things awkward," Jimin admits, self aware. Yoongi is quick to deny. "It's not your fault. I guess it's always going to be awkward the first time you meet your.." He trails off, his skin tingling at the thought of finishing the sentence. Jimin hums.
"This isn't the first time we're meeting, though?" "As husbands, yeah." "Oh." Jimin mutters. "You're right. This is the first time we meet as.." "People from each other's past." Yoongi finishes for him.
Yoongi watches closely as Jimin licks his lips, trying to grasp it in. It's obvious that the reality is heavier now that they're in front of each other. So because Yoongi doesn't want him in pain, he jokes, "Well, you kinda made it obvious that we knew each other before so.."
It's revitalizing, the way Jimin's face lights up in amusement and maybe even irritation. Yoongi feels incredibly happy that he still gets to do something to brighten Jimin's emotions, especially from the slump they were both dumped in. "Hey!" Jimin calls.
Yoongi can already sense the bickering that's forming under their noses, but he figures this is the only way they can approach the truth without digging up too much pain and unspoken words between them. At least, not now. It's late. They were out all day. Jimin must be exhausted.
So Yoongi goes for something easy. Something Jimin wouldn't have to stay up for and think about the entire night once he heads home. "You were, I was-" Jimin struggles, but there's a hint of a grin on his face. Yoongi settles on this. Struggle from embarrassment and not pain.
"What was I supposed to do?" Jimin then shrieks, laughing. "I didn't know it was you! No one told me, not even Tae!" Yoongi starts laughing at Jimin's hysterical voice. This is easier. It's not what they need, but it's something relatively close. It can do for now.
"So was I but you didn't see me freaking out," At this, Jimin gasps dramatically. He brings out the finger from earlier, "Well you weren't in a stupid dog costume either so it doesn't count!" Yeah. Yoongi thinks. That's exactly what he said to Hoseok and Namjoon that day.
Then Yoongi leans in, his eyes glinting, "Oh, yeah. The dog costume. Totally forgot about that." "Oh, god." Jimin mutters, burying his face in his hands. "Why did I even mention it," Comes out muffled. "You're never going to live it down, are you?"
"No, don't worry." Yoongi says, laughing. He watches every change on Jimin's face when he says, "I shouldn't tease you about it. You shouldn't be shamed for preparing surprises and gifts I totally deserve to receive." Jimin almost cries. "Hyung!"
"Damn it," Jimin exclaims, "They really chose the worst person in the world to pair me up with," He complains but Yoongi knows he's joking. "I could say the same," Yoongi rebuttals but Jimin knows he doesn't mean it. It's so, so easy. "So we're really doing this, huh?"
"Yeah," Yoongi answers, "Well, we didn't have a choice. Are you okay with being here? Doing this?" Jimin only shrugs. "Like you said, we don't have a choice." Ah. Yoongi smiles a little less. Just like that, this little facade starts peeling off. The first stain of the glass.
Yoongi should know better than to expect something more from Jimin. If you look at it, it's literally just all what it is. Yet somehow, Yoongi can't hide the pain in the fact that though he was forced to be here, he'd do it all over again. Well, because it's Jimin.
"Okay!" Yoongi mutters a little loudly. He's going to steer the conversation the way it should go. "How do we make it seem like we're not both forced to prentend to marry our ex boyfriend and that we actually enjoy being here?" Jimin stares at Yoongi awfully long and silent.
Then, whatever it is Yoongi thinks he sees in Jimin's eyes vanishes when he shrugs and smiles. "I don't know, but I'm guessing it's why we're here now." Yoongi mirrors the smile. He has already forgotten what this is, why he's here. He got lost in Jimin's eyes again.
Ah, right. They should talk about the show. The stupid fucking show. Not what they are, how they feel, not who they still want to be. But it's all for the show. Sighing, Yoongi brings out his phone and opens the notes app. Jimin leans in, "What are you doing?"
"Oh my god," Jimin laughs when he realizes what exactly Yoongi is doing. "You're writing a contract?" "Wouldn't call it that, just some rules and regulations." "Are we going to sign it?" Yoongi nods and Jimin laughs brighter. "Then it is a contract!"
Jimin moves his body forward to peek at Yoongi's notepad. Yoongi types in 'Min Yoongi and Park Jimin's rules and regulations' while reading it out loud. Jimin shakes his head, "You're still so technical." "RULE NUMBER ONE," Yoongi crashes, "We can't reference the past."
Jimin bites his lips, caught in the act. He looks at Yoongi with a goofy smile, but Yoongi only rolls his eyes and elaborates the rule. "We can't go around saying 'you used to be like this or we used to do this' especially when we're filming." Yoongi says and types along.
"We're not supposed to know each other from the past. If he are, we shouldn't let it mingle with being fake married." Yoongi says, glancing up at Jimin and sees the younger concentrating. "Okay. Sorry about earlier. It won't happen again. But it's true. You budget our money."
"And you are still so reckless with money. Don't think I didn't see you eyeing that bracelet we passed by. I just know I'll see you the following day with that pretty thing dangling from your wrist," Yoongi says in a blank face, eyes on his phone. Jimin gasps.
But he is quick to recuperate his dignity. He shakes his head while clicking his tongue, "Ah, ah. Rule number one, remember?" Yoongi only snorts and it has Jimin huffing in annoyance. Yoongi finishes typing the first rule, so he looks up at Jimin again.
"Want to write up rule number two?" He asks Jimin, whose eyes sparkle as he tries to think of what to add. He's staring at Yoongi, which the latter must admit makes him feel queasy, but only because Jimin's eyes are pretty and he doesn't know what to do with himself.
Uneasy from the attention, Yoongi keeps his eyes from making contact with Jimin's. His pupils are dancing around, and his hands are restless whilst gripping his own phone. He even scratches his nape unconsciously. Yoongi only looks up when he hears Jimin sigh. "Okay,"
"Because we're not allowed to talk or mention anything about the past, we're not allowed to do things or say things we used to either," Jimin sasses, his arms crossed. But Yoongi is a little confused, "Such as?" Jimin stops to think, caught off guard by the following question.
From Jimin's silence, Yoongi speaks up,, "Because if you're talking about..." He trails, unsure, but he needs to deliver his point across, so he continues, "Physical intimacy.. then you know we can't limit on that because we need to pretend as husbands for the show,"
Jimin looks mortified, "No, no, I wasn't talking about that. Ah, shit, I don't know how to explain it." He says, frowning at his hands, "Just jot it down. You'll know what I mean when it happens," Without question, Yoongi writes down the second rule Jimin set.
"And the last?" Yoongi asks, looking up again. He catches Jimin with wide eyes, "There are only three?" Yoongi nods, scanning what they came up with so far. "Hm, most of what comes to mind is already under the first rule so.." "But why is it me comes up with the last one?"
Yoongi shrugs, the answer clear and easy in his head like all those years ago. "It's because you matter to me more than myself does."
There's silence that follows his voice. Jimin is staring at him, something swimming in his eyes that Yoongi is scared to decipher. He's starting to think that what he said was wrong and inappropriate, when Jimin leans back and sighs, "You're going against rule number two."
Ah. Yoongi immediately gets what Jimin means and what the second rule is for. It's more important than the first rule, honestly. Much more important and must be strictly followed. Before Yoongi can apologize for breaking the rule, Jimin says, "The third and final rule would be.."
Yoongi picks up his phone from his lap to prepare himself for typing, but what he hears from Jimin's mouth makes him stop on his tracks. "It would be better if we remain as people who didn't know each other before, during," Jimin looks up, "And after the filming ends."
Ah. So that's what he wants. There's something starting to weigh on Yoongi's shoulders, but he tries to disregard it as he slightly crouches to type in the rule. "Okay," He whispers, "No problem with that." He passes his phone to Jimin so he can sign, and he does that same.
Jimin stands up, smiling at him, and Yoongi takes this as his cue to stand up as well and leave the room. "So," Jimin says, "We have a deal?" Yoongi nods, "Yeah. A deal." Like he thought, he shouldn't have expected something more. The show is the show, and nothing's real.
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