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Feb 13, 2022
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the blanket || jakehoon au — having sunghoon in his life was a blessing for jake. having someone to take care of him genuinely, was something he wanted the most. it at least, made him want to live longer, at least just for a little more, he'll fight. "Thank you, Sunghoon."

notes: — hoho! another valentine's day special because you guys want one! — although I know that this is not the type of sc you guys are expecting — this sc is already in the ao3 one, so if you read the ao3 version then you don't need to read this ^^
note: — just want to tell you all that whatever the ending of TB is, that will be the ending forever, heheh, no more what ifs, it will remain like that. hoping you guys will understand that 😊 — this happened before he met areum — enjoy reading!
tags: jakehoon threadfic au, the blanket au, special chapter, fluff, don't worry no angst in this special chapter, just pure fluff <3
you can listen to this song while reading it, depends if you want to hehe, I suggest reading the eng trans after to know why I chose this song, this fits a lot to what they are both feeling in this au! or you can read the translation now, it's your choice!…
[ start ]
"Ugh! Too much!" Jake complains. He's learning how to cook right now. He never experienced cooking for himself and now he's asking Sunghoon to teach him. "AHHH! THE EGGSHELLS!!" Jake screams because the eggshells fell to the pan.
Sunghoon just sighs at the sight. "Jake..." Jake's just cooking omelette. An omelette. Sunghoon notices that Jake's a bit sweaty so he takes out his handkerchief.
He walked closer to Jake who's busy taking the eggshells out. He lifted his bangs and wiped the sweat gently. Jake froze and suddenly stopped what he's doing. He glanced at Sunghoon who looked serious, wiping his sweat. He closes his eyes to calm his heart.
"Why didn't you tie your hair? It's so long, it's blocking your view." Sunghoon scolds. "I'll, I will just-" "No, I'll get you a hair tie, just continue what you're doing. Remember to not burn it, okay?" he couldn't even talk because Sunghoon already left.
Jake bit his lower lip, slapping his face softly. "Jake, focus." He then tried to forget how loud and fast his heartbeat is by focusing on cooking the omelet, this is actually his second omelet. The first one was burnt.
Sunghoon came back with a black hair tie. "Let me—" Jake couldn't even continue talking again because Sunghoon already went in front of him to tie his hair. Jake was taken aback at what Sunghoon did. Sunghoon is going to tie his hair?
"Why is your hair so thick?" Sunghoon says he was already gathering all of Jake's hair that was blocking his view. Jake closed his mouth and looked down. 'Focus. Don't mind him.' Jake says, trying to concentrate in which he already failed.
"There." Sunghoon says and moves away. "It's a good thing I have a sister, at least I know how to tie hairs." Sunghoon says, looking proudly at what he did to Jake's hair. "You have a sister?"
"Yes. Little sister." Sunghoon smiles at the thought of his sister. He hasn't seen her in a long time. "JAKE! The omelet!" Jake's eyes darted at the omelette he's cooking, his eyes went wide at the sight. "IT'S BURNING!"
Sunghoon hurriedly turned off the stove and took the frying pan away. He put out the fire first before looking at Jake who's glancing at the other way looking a little bit flushed. Sunghoon slowly laughed before laughing loudly.
It was the first time Jake saw him laughing loudly like that. His dimple was showing while laughing. Jake liked it, no, he loved it. He loves to see Sunghoon laugh because he barely does, at least when he's with him. It was a sight Jake wanted to see, someone laughing.
Not someone looking at him with eyes full of pity. What he wants is that people around him should smile and laugh around him, not the worrying eyes he sees throughout his life. Jake blushed before he even knew it.
He clears his throat. "I—I guess you don't have a talent in cooking." Sunghoon shook his head while chuckling. "Let's just stop cooking, you have to rest." "But-" "Sir?" A maid suddenly came to the kitchen. "There's a girl outside looking for Mr. Park."
They looked at each other. A girl is waiting for Sunghoon? A girl? "Huh?" Sunghoon went to the sink and washed his hands. "Who?" He wiped his hands on the towel before walking to the living room. "Who are—"
"HOONIE!!" The girl suddenly stood up and ran to hug Sunghoon. "I missed you!" "Hyejin!" Sunghoon shouts in surprise, his eyes went wide, looking a little flustered because of her presence. What is Hyejin doing here? Sunghoon lets go of the hug.
"I haven't seen you at the hospital lately. Dad said that you are a private duty nurse?" "Uh-yeah." "Sunghoon-" Jake stopped at his tracks looking back from Sunghoon to the girl beside him.
"Oh! You must be his patient! Hi! I'm Hyejin! Nice to meet you!" Hyejin went closer to Jake to greet him. She even hugged him. "Hyejin?"
"Yup! Hyejin, Hoonie's friend!" She says smiling widely. 'She obviously likes Sunghoon.' Jake thinks. He just smiled at her. "I'm Jake. Nice to meet you too." "So, can I-"
"Hyejin, you're leaving already right? Let me escort you out." Sunghoon interferes. "Huh? But I just-" "Okay! Let's go!" Sunghoon pulled Hyejin away. "Oh, okay! Bye Jake! Nice meeting you again!!" She even waved at him.
Jake lets out a chuckle. "I think she's nice." Jake already changed his clothes when Sunghoon came back. Sunghoon was all sweaty, it looked like he had a hard time talking to Hyejin.
"Why did you let her leave? I kinda wanna talk to her." Jake complains to Sunghoon. Sunghoon suddenly coughed loud. "What?" "I said, I wanted to talk to her." "Huh?"
Jake licked his lower lips, smiling while observing Sunghoon's reaction. He looks funny. "You're not mad?" "Huh? Why would I be? Is there something I have to be mad about?" Jake asks, showing a playful smile.
Sunghoon looks away, awkwardly standing in front of Jake. He wanted to hit himself right now for saying such stupid things! That was so…so full of him. How could he ask Jake something like that? "Right. Hahahaha! Silly me, I'll just-just change my clothes."
Hyejin is just someone he knows at the Hospital. She's the daughter of the Director of the Hospital and she's been tailing Sunghoon ever since he started working there. She's just...someone. "Okay, Hoonie! Goodluck changing your clothes!" Jake teases. "JAKE!"
Jake just laughed out loud when he heard Sunghoon shout his name.
Weeks later, Sunghoon and Jake became a little bit closer than before. "Jake, I told you to be careful." Sunghoon scolds Jake. He already warned him that it's dangerous because he doesn't know how to do it but he still did! Talk about being hard headed.
Jake pouts, "I didn't know that roses have so many thorns." Sunghoon is busy cleaning his wounds. He got wounded while picking roses. Jake got bored once again so he decided to go to their garden to pick some flowers.
Sunghoon blows on his wound before covering it with band aid. It's just a small cut but Sunghoon looks really mad at him. "What do you expect, it's roses Jake, roses." Sunghoon lets go of Jake's hand. "Besides, why aren't you wearing gloves?"
"I didn't know I had to use a glove! I didn't even have the chance to pick one!" Jake complains. He wanted to get 5 roses today but his clumsiness said no, and he literally got a wound without even getting one.
"Do you really want to pick flowers?" Sunghoon asks, observing Jake's reaction. Jake smiles a little. "Yeah." "Okay, I'll pick them for you." Sunghoon grabbed Jake's wrist carefully. "You have to go with me so I'll know what flower I will pick."
Jake's smile then turns into a big grin. "Thank you Sunghoon!" They went back to the garden after treating Jake's wound and even greeted the gardener who's busy watering the flowers.
In their garden, there are different types of flowers. There are pink, red, peach and white roses, pot marigold, sweet alyssum, nasturtium and many more. Jake's mom loves flowers so much that he even knows the meaning of every flower.
They stopped at where the roses were. "What color should I pick?" Sunghoon asks while rolling his sleeves up. He's wearing a black long sleeve scrubs right now, which isn't a good idea. "The peach one!" Jake says pointing at the peach colored roses. "Five, pick five okay?"
Sunghoon nodded. He brushed his hair away from his eyes using his fingers before going to pick the roses. Jake just watches him in silence.
Admiring how good looking his nurse is. Why did Sunghoon choose to be a nurse? With a height that he has and a face like that? Also with that kind of body proportion? He could be a model! "Why are you staring like that?"
Jake was taken aback when Sunghoon suddenly stood up. He was already holding three peach roses. "Staring like what?" Jake looks away, acting as if he was caught doing something illegal.
"Staring like..." He hears Sunghoon chuckling, making him turn his head to him. Sunghoon is grinning from ear to ear. He lowered his head trying to suppress his laughter because he probably looks dumb in front of Jake right now.
"Staring like what?" Jake asks again, looking at Sunghoon weirdly. Why is he suddenly laughing? "So you're admitting it? That you are staring at me?" "HUH? ME? WHAT? NO! WHY WOULD I? DUH! I AM NOT!" Jake panics, is he playing him right now?
He gave a small chuckle, briefly amused at something Jake doesn't understand. How is picking flowers making Sunghoon smile today? Why is he laughing and smiling a lot? "Does picking flowers make you happy?" Jake asks Sunghoon who's already done picking five peach roses.
"Maybe, maybe it does." Sunghoon is still holding the thorny roses, Jake was about to ask for it but Sunghoon talked first. "I'll remove the thorns first before I'll give it to you. You might get hurt because of this again."
Jake slowly nods while looking at Sunghoon's face. Sunghoon has been taking care of him so much these days. He has been paying attention to everything he does. Even the smallest things and details about him, he notices it.
One time, Jake was about to eat his favorite dish when he forgot his honey but before he could even get to stand up, Sunghoon was already there holding his honey. There was also one time, Jake didn't even say anything to him but he would suddenly give him the things he needed.
‘Can he read my mind?’ he asks himself. "You're spacing out." Sunghoon worriedly states, waving his hand in front of Jake's face. Jake's thoughts were cut off. "Are you okay? Do you feel anything weird? Are you in pain? Tell me." Sunghoon bombarded him with questions.
"It's nothing. I suddenly remembered something, I got lost in my thoughts." Jake says as an excuse. "Okay, let's go back inside the house then." Sunghoon leads the way with Jake once again, just staring at his broad back.
Jake has been feeling something weird every time he's with Sunghoon, and they are together everyday. He would feel his heart beat faster than normal. He also feels weird because he would feel butterflies inside his stomach, if that's even possible.
The emotions he was feeling are still foreign to him. He can't describe it properly. He likes that kind of feeling though. The feeling like he is on cloud 9 everytime Sunghoon is beside him. The feeling of wanting to have more, to feel more.
At the same time, it also makes him sad. Wanting to feel more, means he also needs to live longer. Wanting to feel more means he should not give up and live for the people he loves. “Can I?”
They both arrived at the kitchen. Sunghoon was busy looking for scissors to cut the thorns. Jake is drinking water because he felt a little bit tired. Sunghoon placed the roses on the table before getting something in his pocket.
He pulled out a pulse oximetry. Sunghoon went to Jake. "I'm just going to check your oxygen saturation level, you look a bit pale." When Sunghoon touched his hand to put the oximeter to his finger, Jake suddenly felt that foreign feeling again. Jake touches his stomach.
Sunghoon went back to cutting the thorns and when he finished his task, he went back to him to check the pulse oximetry. "It's 92 percent." Sunghoon whispers. He removed it from Jake's finger. Sunghokn held both of Jake's shoulder bending down to look at Jake's eyes directly.
"Are you sure you're okay?" With his sudden action, Jake felt his cheeks burn. "You're turning red." Sunghoon looks more worried now. "Jake, answer me. 92 percent means your oxygen saturation level is not normal and your heartbeat is faster than normal.”
Sunghoon pressed his palm on Jake's forehead to check if her body temperature was higher than normal. Jake blushed even more.
Jake stopped Sunghoon's hand by holding his wrist. Sunghoon glanced at it before looking back at Jake. Sunghoon is trying to read what Jake is thinking but he surprisingly can't.
"I-I'm fine, don't worry." Jake says in a soft voice. He lets go of Sunghoon's wrist. "It just feels a little hot here." "Did you forget to take your meds today?" Sunghoon asks suspiciously.
"Right! My medicines!" Jake suddenly remembers that Sunghoon told him earlier to drink his medicine but he forgot because he got distracted with her phone. Sunghoon sighs. "Let me go get it."
It's like Jake was waiting for Sunghoon to go before he can breathe normally again. How did he hold his breath that long? Jake started panting because of what happened, before Sunghoon could come back, he did breathing exercises to normalize his breathing. “That was dangerous.”
Sunghoon came back with his medicine in his hand. "Next time, I'll watch you drink your medicine. I know you hate them but this will help you to get better. You should always, always take them. I want you to be better Jake, so please, cooperate with me.”
Jake never told him that he doesn't like taking medicines, how did he know about that? Sunghoon gave it to Jake and he also got him another glass of water. Sunghoon watched Jake drink his medicine.
"I think you should rest for today." Jake was about to complain but Sunghoon looked too serious to even argue with him. Jake just nodded.
They even took the elevator again after so many days of not using it! Jake can't even talk because he thinks Sunghoon is mad at him for forgetting to take his medicine. Sunghoon escorted him to his room.
Jake is still holding the rose that Sunghoon picked. "Sunghoon..." he calls him. He took a deep breath. "Here." Sunghoon stared at the rose Jake was holding. "Huh?" Jake sighs. He took Sunghoon's hand and opened it. He gently placed the roses there.
"Do you know what peach rose means?" Jake says, staring at Sunghoon's hand holding the peach rose. "What does it mean?"
Jake looks up, this time, his confidence gives him the courage to look at Sunghoon straight to his eyes. Maybe, maybe he will try to live longer for him. He’ll try to be with him a little longer. He’ll try to fight this pain. "It means..." "Hmm?" "Thank you." and I love you.
[ end ]
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thank you so much for reading the blanket <3 this will be the last time I'm going to write for this au, I'll finally let go of it. I hope you loved this au like how I loved writing it! I love you guys! Happy Valentine's Day! See you on my next au !! — sam <3

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