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Feb 18, 2022
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you look so perfect standing there, in my american apparel underwear | ye0nb1n au based on she looks so perfect by 5s0s (part 3 of ela) cw // fingering, anal sex, smut, boys in love jvn thinks he can get used to this as he wakes up with sbn‘s arms around him, cozy and safe.

in fact, he thinks he likes this version of sbn the most, how soft he looks with his eyes closed, how the sunlight catches on his lashes, how his lips are lightly parted in his sleep while quiet huffs escape him. it’s adorable how much younger sbn looks in his sleep.
jvn can’t help himself, he reaches out and lets his index finger gently stroke over sbn’s skin. along his eyebrows, over his cheekbones. when he reaches sbn’s nose, sbn wrinkles it in response and for a moment, jvn is afraid he woke him up. but sbn relaxes and jvn keeps going.
he lets his finger run down sbn’s nose and then over his cupid’s bow. the hair growing there is a soft peach fuzz and jvn almost chuckles. it fits sbn’s overall softness and jvn is momentarily stunned because he can‘t believe his luck. he caresses over sbn‘s lips and then gasps.
sbn parted his lips to bite into jvn’s finger and then giggles. “good morning.” when sbn opens his eyes, jvn pouts at him. “were you awake this whole time?” sbn nods. “wanted to see what you were going to do.” jvn laughs and reaches out to squish sbn‘s face between his fingers.
“idiot.” sbn doesn’t answer and simply takes jvn’s hand away so he can lean in and kiss him. jvn isn’t really mad but he keeps pouting. then he squeaks. now it’s sbn’s turn to hold jvn’s face between his hands and he peppers slightly wet kisses all over it.
jvn makes a fake disgusted sound and attempts to wipe his face but sbn just laughs. he leans in and rubs his nose against jvn’s neck, making him squirm. “can we just stay in bed today?” sbn’s voice drops a few notches and he accentuates what he means by biting into jvn’s neck.
jvn shivers in response and tilts his head back just a little. “haven’t you already had enough of me last night?” sbn scoffs. “i could never get enough of you.” jvn sighs as he feels his face heat up. he can’t remember the last time someone told him this and he had believed +
it without hesitation. it had cost him a lot of courage back then to text sbn. he was far too used to people only using him for one night and then ignoring him. it kinda came with being a rockstar, he supposed. when he and sbn started talking, he’d initially expected +
that sbn would ignore his messages or that he’d stop calling at some point. but sbn did none of that. and although he’d given jvn no reason to doubt him, there was this annoying voice in the back of his head telling him it was too good to be true. even as he packed his things,
he kept expecting a message from sbn telling him he couldn’t come. but then sbn had been in the crowd at his concert and jvn could‘ve cried with relief. he then had decided to just indulge in this whole thing with sbn. he already worked too damn hard to give it up now.
sbn had made him nothing but safe and protected. another bite from sbn brings jvn back to the present and he moans quietly. “who am i to deny you then?” sbn groans against his neck and rolls them over so he’s on top of jvn. he leans up a little and looks down at jvn with an +
expression so soft and fond that jvn fights the urge to close his eyes. sbn places a hand under jvn‘s chin and tilts it a little before he presses a kiss to jvn‘s lips. “ah, i can’t believe i got so lucky with you.” jvn wants to laugh because honestly it’s him who got lucky here.
sbn gently brushes the hair from jvn’s forehead and smiles before he reconnects their lips. the kiss is gentle, without pressure and yet so full of emotions that jvn almost gets choked up. his arms find their way around sbn’s shoulders to hold him close and sbn fully settles +
down between jvn’s legs. their crotches are pressed together but there’s no attempt to move against each other yet. instead, jvn parts his lips and allows sbn’s tongue in. sbn cups jvn’s cheek with one hand while the other gently strokes down his sides. there’s something +
distinctively different about this kiss compared to the other ones they’ve shared and jvn can feel that something in their relationship has already shifted. he presses his fingertips into sbn’s shoulder blades and sighs in content when he feels sbn’s chest against his.
their tongues move slowly along each other and while there’s now clear intent behind the movement, it’s still unbelievable gentle. jvn just hopes sbn can feel the same things he’s feeling because he there’s now way he could possibly out into words what his heart is doing.
they’re not doing much but jvn can feel himself grow hard nonetheless and he would be embarrassed if he didn’t feel sbn’s erection press against his hip. instinctively, he parts his legs a little more as he pushes up his hips. sbn seems to understand immediately and soon they’re
grinding against each other in slow, unhurried movements. it doesn’t take long for jvn to become fully hard and he’s a little glad that both sbn and him had opted to sleep naked because he isn’t sure he could be bothered to get undressed.
sbn lifts his hips a little and jvn moans in protest but stops immediately when he feels sbn’s hand on his dick. sbn breaks away from the kiss and immediately attaches his lips to jvn’s jaw and jvn swears he can feel him smile. sbn works his hand on jvn’s dick until he arches +
into the touch, breath quick and stuttering. the slow pace is almost maddening and jvn tries more than once to buck up his hips in an attempt to get sbn to speed up. but sbn doesn’t. instead, sbn takes his sweet time to trail kisses all over jvn’s neck, leaving little marks.
it’s the first time jvn doesn’t mind being marked up by someone, this time it fills him with a weird sense of pride that sbn wants to mark him as his. it’s almost like lipstick stains but they’re left behind by teeth. jvn makes a mental note to admire them in the mirror later.
there’s no rush in sbn’s movements as the leans over to the nightstand to reach for the lube and jvn kind of hates that he’s still so composed. if he couldn’t see sbn’s erection clearly he’d think sbn wasn’t affected at all. jvn is suddenly overcome with emotion because sbn +
treats him with so much care that he feels treasured. it’s as if sbn senses all of jvn’s insecurities and makes it his mission to erase all the doubts from his mind. jvn is still so caught up in his feelings that he doesn’t realize sbn’s hand between his legs until he can feel +
a slick finger press against his rim. he jerks a little in surprise but relaxes quickly. again, sbn doesn’t rush as he prepares jvn for him. they don’t talk but words aren’t needed. there’s so much care and adoration in sbn’s eyes that jvn feels his eyes get watery.
he normally hated this part of sex. he never cared much about foreplay and he never gave himself much time to get prepared properly. but with sbn, it became his favorite thing. with sbn, his fingers feel just as good as his dick and jvn could cum just from this.
in fact he has cum from just this before and it almost seems as if sbn wants to remind him of this, because his fingers are fucking into jvn deep. the pace is still slow and jvn thinks he might just go crazy but it feels so good. sbn hits all the spots that make jvn squirm and +
he almost mewls when sbn continuously presses his fingers against his prostate, the touch lingering there before he continues to thrust his fingers. "sbn ... please." sbn just hums and jvn almost thinks he'll ignore him but then he carefully pulls out his fingers.
jvn keeps his legs parted and watches sbn as he slicks himself up. as sbn lines himself up to push in jvn, however, he stops for a second and jvn almost wants to ask what's wrong but suddenly, a tender smile covers sbn's face. "you look so perfect for me, baby."
jvn whines and grimaces. how unfair of sbn to say such things while he's all exposed beneath him. but sbn just chuckles and then carefully pushes inside. there's barely any resistance and all jvn feels is pressure as sbn continues to push himself forward.
when sbn's hips are pressed flush against jvn, he pauses for a second and leans down to press a kiss against jvn's exposed throat. "talk to me, baby." jvn releases a shuddering breath and tilts his head a little to look at sbn. ah. sbn really looks at him like he's the most +
precious thing in the world. jvn isn't sure his heart can handle this longterm. "i'm good." sbn rewards him with a smile and then slowly begins moving his hips. again, there's no rush, the pace sbn sets is gentle and they're so close together that jvn's dick is rubbing +
against sbn's abdomen with every thrust. sbn drops his head down to rest against jvn's neck and jvn can hear him release soft moans now and then. to jvn, sbn's moans are the best sound in the world and he can't get enough of them. he tangles his hands into sbn's hair +
and he lets out a quiet yelp when sbn's next thrust hits his prostate. sbn only barely speeds up his movements, his arms now resting under jvn's shoulders, trapping him in a tight embrace. jvn can feel sbn everywhere and he barely registers that sbn has started talking to him.
he's mumbling sweet nothings and praises into jvn's ear and jvn can feel himself tear up once again. he lets out a stuttering moan and he can hear his voice break. he rarely feels like this during sex but it makes sense, he supposes, that it's sbn who makes him feel like this.
sbn's thrusts become a little more forceful, his hips lingering just a second longer as he pushes himself inside jvn. like this jvn doesn't even need to touch himself to reach his climax and he doesn't get to warn sbn before he tenses up and spills between their bodies.
tears are now running over his cheeks and he's only able to release a soft sob as he comes, clinging onto sbn as he fucks him through it. it's all a lot and thankfully sbn is close as well and it doesn't take long for him to release inside jvn.
their movements still and jvn strokes through sbn's hair as they calm down. for some reason he doesn't understand he's still crying but he isn't sad. the feeling is indescribable and then he's full on sobbing. startled, sbn leans up and the worried expression on his face, almost+
makes jvn laugh. "i'm okay, i'm okay." he quickly wipes over his eyes but the tears won't stop. "i don't know why i'm crying." but he does. he isn't used to so much love, to being treated with such care. no one has ever made him feel like this. it seems sbn understands though +
and he gently wipes the tears from jvn's face and holds him until he calms down. he doesn't ask questions and simply peppers kisses along jvn's cheeks. for some reason it only hits jvn now that sbn isn't leaving. he wouldn't be going anywhere. and that thought gives jvn so much +
calmness that he stops crying. sbn waits a little longer before he presses a kiss against jvn's lips. "all good?" and jvn nods, smiling. he must look like a mess right now, covered in marks and his cheeks stained by tears. but sbn kisses him anyway.
they hold onto each other for a little longer before sbn pulls out and moves to clean them up. they would definitely need to shower later but not now. jvn's ripped jeans lie on the floor and sbn almost trips. when jvn giggles, sbn playfully glares at him.
when he's done cleaning them up as best he can, sbn leans over jvn and kisses him again. "coffee?" jvn nods and moves to get up. sbn stands up first and reaches for a random pair of underwear on the floor to put on. again, jvn laughs. "you look good in my underwear."
it's later when they've eaten breakfast and jvn watches sbn work on something on his computer that he gets struck with an idea. he didn't want to leave sbn in a couple of days. so before he can think about it, he says: "sbn. come back home with me."


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