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Feb 11, 2022
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#taekookau a/b/o au: The Alpha King Jungkook and Queen of Spring Taehyung were bound together by their parents, who wanted to join their kingdoms and forces. Jungkòok spent time with his many concubines, while Taè had to stay in the castle, looking pretty and submissive.

Taè wanted a mate who loved him, not someone who only cared for him when he wanted to fu*k him. Jungkòok ruled the kingdom very well with Taè by his side, as his Luna. But did Jungkòok and Taè love each other? Or was this only a business arrangement ?
Should I continue? (Probably after my ongoing au is complete!)
Tags: - Alpha Jungkòok - Omega Taè - Bp Taè with b00bs - Very traditional - Jungkoòk has concubines - they argue a lot - they have s€x a lot too - Taè is really submissive at times, he's forced to be - alphas are considered superior here - Discrimination
More tags: - Jungkoòk is really dominant here - Side ships - Jungkoòk loses his temper easily - Endgame Taèkook - Happy ending ( More will be added!)
Important Tag: NSFW 🔞
A/N: I'll start soon, loves! Likes , qrts and rts are always appreciated, they motivate me so much🥺
♤ 'His Queen' ♤ { Moodboard for this au }
Tag: M-PREG CROSSDRESSING ( I thought it was obvious I'm sorry😭)
"It's like chess, you know. The Queen saves the King." - Terry Pratchett
Jèon Jungkòok - Alpha - King - Married and mated to Taè ( arranged marriage ) - Kind- hearted - Respected and loved by his people - Has concubines - very charming and hot ( rest is in the tags )
Kìm Taèhyung - Omega - Queen of Spring - Married to Jungkòok ( arranged marriage ) - Jungkòok's Luna - Tends to be quiet and submissive most of the time - Sweet and Kind - Beautiful ( too pretty) - Respected and loved by his people except for a few jealous ones. -
Jeòn Jungkòok. The most powerful king, an alpha who is strong, kind and handsome, who has the prettiest Luna by his side - Taèhyung. Well, they got married just for business purposes, and because Jungkòok's kingdom needed a heir of royal blood.
Jungkòok had been determined to make Taèhyung his, as his concubine or omega. He had seen Taè at many events and balls, but they never interacted. Jungkòok's parents and Taè's parents had made a deal without their knowledge. They had decided to join their kingdoms by marriage.
Jungkòok was more than happy when he came to know about this. He liked Taè's beauty, he was so ethereal. He wanted to own the omega. And Jèon Jungkòok always gets what he desires.
Taè, however, was shocked and sad at the news. He knew about Jungkòok. He knew how the alpha was never going to love him, or treat him as his queen. But as years passed, he learned to adjust to the alpha's anger and temper. He would be ready for Jungkòo on the bed, anytime.
Now, years later, the kingdom was prospering. Jungkòok and Taè reigned together perfectly. Though they had their own problems regarding their relationship, they never let it affect the public. Taè was now in his and Jungkòok's bedchamber, writing something in his diary.
He was alone as Jungkòok was busy visiting another neighboring kingdom. It had been hours since the alpha left, and Taè hoped he would come back soon. He turns around and keeps his diary back on his table when he hears someone knocking on the door.
"Come in." Taè says, knowing it was one of the servants. "Your majesty, the king has arrived. He is asking for you." A scared looking maid replies, and Taè smiles softly before getting up from the bed. He fixes his long golden gown before turning towards the maid.
"You're new here, I presume?" Taè asks, smiling. "Y-yes, your majesty." The maid nods. "What is your name?" Taè asks while doing his hair. "I'm Minji, your majesty." She replies, and Taè giggles before walking towards her.
"Don't be nervous, you'll do just fine." Taè says, smiling at the scared girl. "I hope so, thank you, your majesty." Minji bows down. "Are you one of the new maids?" Taè asks and Minji shakes her head. "I'm one of the King's concubines, your majesty." Minji whispers.
Taè nods at that, looking away. "I'm sorry!" Minji exclaims, making Taè confused. "What are you sorry for?" Taè asks, raising his eyebrow. "I will take my leave now, your majesty." Minji says before running away. Taè sighs, then turns around and walks to the throne room.
He expects the shout he received when he enters the room. "Why are you late?!" Jungkòok asks in a loud voice, frustratedly. "Forgive me, alpha. I was fixing my dress." Taè replies, looking down. "Why do you wear such long gowns?" Jungkòok asks, making Taè widen his eyes.
"I do not know, but I always do, alpha." Taè mumbles and Jungkòok sighs before beckoning his omega to come near him. Taè walks towards him and Jungkòok makes him sit on his lap. Taè doesn't look at the alpha, but Jungkòok grips his chin to make him look at him.
"You will wear shorter dresses, I don't like seeing your whole body covered." Jungkòok tells the omega who nods. "Where were you, alpha?" Taè asks, smelling two different omega scents on him. "I was visiting a neighboring kingdom. I brought two new concubines." Jungkòok replies
"Oh. I understand, my king." Taè says, wincing when Jungkòo puts his hand inside his gown. "You are beautiful, my queen." Jungkòok whispers, caressing the omega's thighs. "Alpha, can we do it somewhere else? The ministers are watching." Taè tells Jungkòok, who clears his throat
"I don't have time, I have quite a bit of work to complete. We'll do it later, omega." Jungkòok says before kissing the omega's lips and standing up from his throne. "Be safe, my king." Taè whispers, fixing the alpha's collar. "I always am." Jungkòok replies, walking away.
Taè watches as the alpha gives out orders to the ministers and soldiers. They were all preparing for the next war. "Why are you still here? You should go take rest, my queen." Jungkòok says, turning around to face the omega. "I will take my leave then, alpha." Taè replies.
A/N: Please read this before you continue🥺 its important ♡…
So if you're reading @Lovie✒ | ia | MIN MARCH new au! Here's a few things you should keep in mind : The fic is historical and that means the characters behave in the way they are conditioned to behave. Jungkook, raised to be the king is used to having his word obeyed. Hence he has a temper
♤ Back to the au ♤
Jungkòok was currently doing some work while sitting on his throne comfortably. He was frustrated as he was not able to make some decisions. Jungkòok leans back on his throne, groaning loudly. He looks up when someone runs into the room, calling his name.
"King Jungkòok! Your highness, I have shocking news!" The minister who came in says, bowing down in respect. "What is it?" Jungkòok asks, furrowing his eyebrows. "The queen is cheating on you, your majesty!" The minister exclaims, making Jungkòok stand up angrily.
"What nonsense is this, Minister?!" Jungkòok shouts. "It is true, your majesty! My wife saw the queen and there was a man with him." The minister says nervously. "How can I trust you, Minister?" Jungkòok asks, narrowing his eyes.
"You can ask the queen, your highness." The minister replies, and Jungkòok growls before walking towards him. "If I find out you were lying, you will have to leave this kingdom. Forever." Jungkòok says loudly before leaving the room.
Jungkòok storms into his and Taè's shared bedchamber and looks at the omega who was standing there, trying on the shorter dresses Jungkòok had ordered him to wear. "Omega." Jungkòok calls, sitting on their bed. "Yes, my king?" Taè replies, looking at him.
"Are you a loyal queen?" Jungkòok questions, looking into the omega's eyes. "I am, alpha." Taè replies without hesitation. "Then why did my most trusted minister tell me you are cheating on me?" Jungkòok asks, making Taè widen his eyes.
"Alpha! I am loyal, I never cheated on you!" Taè exclaims, looking at the alpha with tears in his eyes. "Why should I believe you?" Jungkòok asks, standing up and grabbing the omega's waist. "Believe me, my king. I would never do such a thing." Taè whispers softly.
"I believe you." Jungkòok replies, wiping the omega's tears with his thumb. "You do?" Taè asks, looking up at him. "I do." Jungkòok nods, and Taè sighs in relief. "Thank you, alpha. For trusting me." Taè whispers, and the alpha leans in to join their lips.
Jungkòok kisses him passionately, his hand grazing the omega's exposed thigh. Taè gasps when the alpha undresses him hastily, leaving him naked. "Are we-" Taè starts, and the king nods. "Yes, I want you." Jungkòok replies and leaves butterfly kisses on the omega's neck.
"Alpha, since we did not have s€x for weeks, I am not prepared yet. Please give me a minute to do it." Taè whispers, moving to sit on the bed. "I will do it." Jungkòok says while removing his own clothes. "No, alpha. I am supposed to do this." Taè replies.
"I want to do this. I want to prep you." Jungkòok says, walking towards Taè and sitting on the bed near him. He holds up to of his fingers and brings it to the surprised omega's mouth. "Suck." Jungkòok orders, and Taè hesitantly obeys, lips wrapping around the alpha's fingers.
"Enough." Jungkòok says, then proceeds to bring those two fingers to the omega's exposed cùnt. "Alpha, you do not have to do this." Taè whispers, looking up at the alpha. "Stop talking, shh." Jungkòok says while fingering the omega.
When Jungkòok felt that the omega was prepared enough, he pulls out his fingers, then pushes the omega onto the bed before hovering over him. "D-do it quickly-" Taè starts, shivering when he feels the alpha's hot breath hitting his neck.
"I will not. I can take all the time I want." Jungkòok replies, his c0ck teasing the omega's clìt. "Of course, I am sorry, my king." Taè says, biting his lips when the alpha pushes his c0ck into his h0le. Taè m0ans when the alpha starts thrusting in a fast pace.
"I missed this." Jungkòok groans in pleasure. "I missed t-this too. You did not ask for me these past few weeks. D-did I do something wrong, m-my king?" Taè stutters, feeling the alpha's c0ck hit deep spots in him.
"No, you did nothing wrong, my queen. I did not ask for you as my concubines pleasured me enough." Jungkòok replies while leaving marks with his teeth on the omega's skin. "Oh." Taè says, nodding. "Can I come in you?" Jungkòok asks, nearing his orgasm.
"If you wish to, my king." Taè whispers while bringing his hand to his cùnt and rubbing his clìt quickly. "You may get pregnant." Jungkòok says, and the omega shakes his head. "I am ready for it if that happens, my king." Taè replies, making the alpha chuckle.
"You will take those special herbs tomorrow, to prevent this. I am not ready yet." Jungkòok commands, and Taè sighs as the alpha comes in him. "I u-understand." Taè says, m0aning loudly when the alpha rubs his clìt in a fast pace, making the omega come all over his hand.
Taè widens his eyes when he realizes what he just did. "I am sorry, my king! I will clean your hand, I apologize." Taè says nervously, getting up from the bed. "Leave it. No worries, I can clean my own hand, omega." Jungkòok replies, looking at the fluid on his hand.
Taè gasps loudly when Jungkòo brings his hand to his mouth and licks his fingers. "My king, what-" Taè begins, and the alpha hums. "I like it, your taste." Jungkòok says before washing his hands.
Jungkòok leaves the room after that, saying he had work to do. Taè was standing there all flustered, the alpha never failed to make him feel all tingly inside. ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤
Today was a busy day at the palace as Jungkòok was hosting a royal Ball tonight. Taè was giving out instructions to the servants, as Jungkòok was out hunting. "Yes, place the flowers there." Taè was telling some maids who were decorating the ball room.
"Your majesty, your gown for tonight's ball has arrived." One maid informs Taè, who nods. "Please keep it in my bedchamber." Taè requests, then goes back to signing some papers. "Your majesty, one of the concubines is asking to speak to you." A minister says, bowing down.
"Let them in." Taè replies, sighing. The minister tells the concubine outside to come in, and she walks in timidly. "Yes?" Taè asks, raising his eyebrow. "May I speak to the king?" The woman asks, looking down. "The king is not here at the moment." Taè replies.
"Then may I tell you, your majesty? It is important, please convey the message to the king." The woman, Chae-so, tells him solemnly. "You may." Taè says, not taking his eyes off from the papers in his hand. Chaeso walks a bit forward until she was standing in front of the queen
"I am pregnant." Chaeso mumbles, making Taè stand up from his seat in shock. "W-what?" Taè stutters, putting a hand over his mouth. "I am pregnant with the king's child, your majesty." Chaeso says, and all the maids around them gasp loudly.
Before Taè could reply, Jungkòok comes into the room while smirking. "Are you pregnant, petal?" Jungkòok asks Chaeso, who nods. "I am, your highness." Chaeso says, and Jungkòok smiles.
"Then you should immediately shift from the concubines' headquarters. You should stay in the palace from now on." Jungkòok says, smiling even wider. "Oh, thank you, your highness." Chaeso replies. Taè almost cries when he sees his husband caressing her face in front of him.
"But may I ask you something?" Jungkòok asks suddenly, gripping her hair. "Um- yes, your highness." Chaeso replies, widening her eyes. "How can you be pregnant with my child if I have never even touched you before now?" Jungkòok asks sternly, looking at her angrily.
"You h-have, your highness." Chaeso stutters, wincing in pain when the alpha tightens his grip on her hair. "Do you think I am a fool?!" Jungkòok shouts, pinning her to the wall roughly. "No, your highness!" Chaeso cries out, not being able to stand the alpha's strong scent.
"Leave. I do not want a concubine like you." Jungkòok hisses, releasing her from his grip. "I lied, I am sorry, your highness." Chaeso cries out before running off. Jungkòok sighs and turns around to face his queen, who was wiping his tears.
"Omega, stop crying." Jungkòok says, walking forward to stand behind the crying Taè. "I am sorry, I-" Taè whispers, wiping his tears hastily. "You have done nothing, why are you apologizing?" Jungkòok asks, holding the omega's waist gently.
"Why would she lie, my king?" Taè asks once he had calmed himself down. "I really do not understand her motive." Jungkòok says, nosing the omega's mating mark. "Alpha, you should go get ready. The ball is starting soon, the guests will arrive any minute now." Taè whispers.
"Won't you accompany me, then?" Jungkòok asks, holding out his hand and smiling slightly. "I will, alpha." Taè says before taking the alpha's hand. "Did you read the letter Queen Jimìn sent?" Jungkòok asks once they were alone in their chamber.
"No, alpha. I did not know he sent a letter." Taè replies, widening his eyes. "Well, Queen Jimìn is pregnant, and he wanted to inform his best friend, which is you." Jungkòok says, smiling while looking at the omega's reaction. "He is pregnant?!" Taè yells.
"My queen, I did not know you can shout." Jungkòok chuckles, making the omega gasp. "I apologize for shouting, alpha. I am just excited, he is my best friend." Taè replies in a low voice. "Queen Jimìn is coming to the ball tonight, you can shout together then." Jungkòok teases.
"I am sorry for shouting, please stop teasing me, my king." Taè whispers, looking away. "You are c-cute." Jungkòok stutters, and Taè looks up with wide eyes. "I did not hear you, my king." Taè says, and Jungkòok clears his throat. "It is nothing, my queen." Jungkòok replies.
"If you say so, alpha." Taè replies while smiling, then turns around to change his dress. They dress up in silence beside each other, until Taè trips and falls down right on top of the alpha, who was on the ground because of the impact of the sudden fall.
They stare into each other's eyes, till Jungkòok speaks up. "Your eyes are red because you were crying. Why did you cry earlier, my queen?" Jungkòok asks, still in the same position.
"You said you were not ready for a child, but you did not say that when that concubine lied she was pregnant, my king. Do you not want me to carry your child, alpha?" Taè asks softly, and Jungkòok sighs.
"What I said earlier is true. I am not ready for a child yet. But when the time comes, I want only you to carry our child. No one else, my queen." Jungkòok says, smiling at the teary eyed omega. "Thank you, alpha." Taè blushes, then both of them stand up from the ground.
"You look beautiful as always.." Jungkòok says with wide eyes, blown away by the omega's beauty. He looked so pretty in his ball gown. "Thank you, my king. You look perfect, alpha." Taè whispers, his cheeks as red as a rose. Jungkòok coughs nervously at the compliment.
"We should get going now." Jungkòok says, offering his arm for the omega to hold. Taè clings on to the alpha's arm and looks up at him. Jungkòok stares back at him and Taè looks away. Jungkòok chuckles, making the omega blush. They walk out of their chamber together.
Everyone in the hall bows down when the king and queen enters. The music comes to an abrupt stop when Jungkòok holds a hand up. "Good evening, my loyal subjects. My queen and I welcome you to our kingdom. Please, enjoy." Jungkòok announces loudly, then everyone cheers loudly.
{ Additional tag: Witches and wizards exist, but are rare. }
Taè was looking around while Jungkòok talked to the king of a neighboring kingdom. He gasps when he sees his best friend walking in gracefully. Taè waits until Jungkòok had finished talking to that person, and softly calls him.
"Alpha, may I go see Queen Jimìn?" Taè asks, and Jungkòok nods, his usual cold demeanor coming back. "You may, come back immediately when I call you." Jungkòok states, looking away. "Yes, my king. Thank you." Taè replies before walking towards Jimìn elegantly.
"Taè!" Jimìn whisper-shouts happily and they hug tightly. "Minnie! You are pregnant, I am so happy!" Taè exclaims, and both of them kiss each other's cheeks. "I cannot believe it! I am going to be a mom soon." Jimìn gushes, tearing up.
"Aw why are you crying, this is such a happy moment!" Taè says, but he tears up himself. "I missed you so much, Tetè.. We used to be inseparable until our marriages." Jimìn says, hugging his bestie tighter.
"I missed you too, Chim. Do you want to stay in our palace for some time? I can ask my king to arrange it if it is fine with you." Taè whispers, and Jimìn nods. "I will ask my Alpha, I am sure he will agree. He and your king are good friends." Jimìn replies, then squeals happily
"Where is your alpha?" Taè asks, looking around. "Oh, he is right there, talking to his friend." Jimìn says, pointing. "He's happy with your pregnancy, right?" Taè asks, looking at him. "Yes, it was planned." Jimìn replies, smiling.
"Ah, that is a relief." Taè smiles, pinching the other omega's cheek lovingly. "Taè, how is your husband, King Jungkòok? Is his behavior improving?" Jimìn asks and Taè sighs. "Yes, Minnie. He is a perfect alpha and husband. He behaves just like how a king should." Taè replies.
"That is good to hear." Jimìn says, knowing his friend well, but he couldn't say anything against the king. "I will just go and ask my king if you-" Before Taè could finish his sentence, he feels a hard chest pressing against his back. "Ask me what, omega?" Jungkòok asks.
"I-" Taè begins, startled. "Queen Jimìn, it is nice seeing you again. Congratulations." Jungkòok greets the surprised Jimìn. "Thank you, your highness." Jimìn says, bowing down. "What was it that you wanted to tell me, omega?" Jungkòok asks, turning to face Taè.
"My king, would it be possible for Queen Jimìn and his alpha to live in this palace for some time?" Taè asks softly. "Yes." Jungkòok nods, and Taè looks up. "Thank you, alpha." Taè whispers, and Jimìn tries not to squeal out loud at the thought of staying with his best friend.
Jungkòok stares at Taè for a bit before clearing his throat. "I have to go greet more guests. Carry on, both of you." Jungkòok says, walking away. Once both onegas were sure Jungkòok was out of earshot, they squeal loudly, making some maids look at them weirdly.
"We will have such a great time!" Taè exclaims, hugging the other omega again. "I know, I know!" Jimìn giggles, hugging him back. "Minnie..the concubines are here." Taè whispers, and both of them pull away from the hug. "Who is the witch?" Jimìn asks, looking at the concubines
"The woman in the front is the witch. She is the head of the concubines, and my king's favorite." Taè says, and Jimìn nods. "What if she performs her magic on the king?" Jimìn asks suddenly and Taè shakes his head.
"She does not have that much power anymore. She can only do harmless potions." Taè replies. "Ah, that makes sense." Jimìn says, looking at Jungkòok walking towards the concubines.
Taè watches as Jungkòok greets his concubines, and sighs when the head of the concubines, Soyeon, wraps her arms around the king's neck. Jungkòok holds her waist and whispers something into her ear, to which she nods in response.
They keep talking to each other, but Taè could not hear much as they were communicating in whispers, just to be heard between them. He moves a bit closer to them, and was able to pick up a few lines of their conversation.
"Alpha, you should visit me tonight. I will be ready for you." Taè could hear Soyeòn say. "I will, beautiful. Wait for me after the ball." Jungkòok was saying while kissing the side of her neck.
"I am already wet for you, your highness. I do not know how I will wait till the ball ends." Soyeòn was pouting now, and Jungkòok smiles. "My flower, it is just a few hours." Jungkòok says, caressing her waist. "I will wait, then. For you, my Alpha." Soyeòn replies, smiling.
"I will see you tonight then." Jungkòok says, and Soyeòn leans in to kiss him. Taè couldnt keep looking anymore, he runs away from the scene, tears filling his eyes. He crashes onto a hard chest due to his blurry vision and almost falls down, but someone grabs his waist.
Taè wipes his tears and blinks his eyes to look at the person who saved him. He gasps when he sees another powerful king- Park Hyun-sìk. "Your highness, I am sorry." Taè says, bowing down to the older alpha. "Queen Taèhyung?" Hyunsìk asks, widening his eyes.
"Yes, your highness. I apologize for my carelessness." Taè whispers, and the alpha shakes his head. "It is fine, but are you crying?" Hyunsìk asks, looking at the omega's teary eyes. "N-no, alpha. Something got into my eyes, that is all." Taè says, not looking at him.
"I know you better than that. We spent so much time together years back, that I can easily tell if there is something bothering you." Hyunsìk says, and Taè sighs. "What a coincidence this is.. I never thought we would run into each other again." Taè whispers, and the alpha hums.
Hyunsìk was Taè's fiance, years ago. But they had to cancel the marriage due to some reasons. Taè did not love him, but Hyunsìk had already confessed his feelings towards the omega earlier when they were planning the wedding.
Taè had told Hyunsìk he didn't like him, and that he was only marrying him because of his parents. But their parents had made them both spend time together, for them to get closer before the wedding day. They did become close, very close. Until the marriage was canceled.
Taè was snapped out of his thoughts when Hyunsìk called his name. "Yes, alpha?" Taè asks, looking down, as to show his respect. "Why were you crying?" Hyunsìk asks, and Taè shakes his head. Taè couldn't tell anyone about his problems, it would be considered improper behavior.
"I was not crying, alpha. Something got into-" Taè starts but was cut off. "Do not lie to me, omega." Hyunsìk says, pulling him closer. "L-leave me, please." Taè stutters, trying to push the alpha's hand away from his waist. If someone saw them like this, it would be the end...
Taè tries to move out of the alpha's grip, but to no avail. Hyunsìk stares at him, tightening his grip on the omega's waist. "Is your husband hurting you? Tell me." Hyunsìk says sternly. "No! Please let me go, alpha." Taè whispers, but Hyunsìk doesn't relent.
Taè gives up trying to push the alpha away when Hyunsìk's alpha pheromones effectively shuts the omega up, making him submit. "Now tell me, omega." Hyunsìk says, looking angrily at the omega's mating mark. "I cannot tell you, alpha. Please understand." Taè whispers weakly.
Hyunsìk looks into the omega's eyes, his hand wiping the omega's tears gently. "Look, your highness! I told you earlier." A voice was heard, and they both look to see Jungkòok standing there with a minister right behind him. Jungkòok looked at them both, his face calm.
Taè looks at Jungkòok, who looks back at him, his face void of any emotions. "King Jeòn." Hyunsìk greets, leaving the omega's waist. "So it is you. The one my omega, my trusted queen, was cheating on me with, all this time." Jungkòok says, his fists clenched.
"Alpha! I am not, please believe me-" Taè exclaims but Hyunsìk cuts him off. "He is not cheating on you." Hyunsìk says, making Jungkòok chuckle. "And am I supposed to believe you?" Jungkòok asks, raising his eyebrow. "My king, please!" Taè begs, and Jungkòok walks over to him.
Jungkòok grabs the omega's wrist and pulls him away from Hyunsìk. "You are hurting him!" Hyunsìk exclaims, looking at the omega who was wincing because of the tight grip on his wrist. "He is my omega. I will do as I wish." Jungkòok states, pulling Taè with him and walking away.
Jungkòok pins the scared omega to the wall once they get inside their bedchamber. "When were you going to tell me? That you are not loyal, being with someone else when you are married to me." Jungkòok hisses, and the omega whimpers when the alpha presses him onto the wall more.
"Y-you are doing the same thing, my king." Taè whispers, finding the courage to say this line out loud. "What did you just say?" Jungkòok asks angrily, his scent rising. "You a-are doing the same t-thing with your concubines, alpha." Taè stutters, and the alpha growls.
"That is different. I am the king!" Jungkòok shouts, and the omega whines when the scent is too much, almost suffocating him. "I- I am sorry, my king." Taè cries out, looking at the angry alpha. "You should be. How should I punish you for not being loyal?" Jungkòok asks angrily
"My Alpha, please believe me. I did not cheat, I am loyal!" Taè exclaims, wiping his tears. "How can you explain what happened earlier then? Was that not your ex- fiance?" Jungkòok asks, tightening his hold on the omega's hips.
"It was. But I did not cheat, he just caught me when I was about to fall down." Taè whispers, placing his palms on the alpha's chest to create some space between them. "Are you telling the truth?" Jungkòok asks and Taè nods frantically. "Believe me, alpha." Taè whispers weakly.
"I need some time to think. If you really did cheat, you will have to bear a lot of punishments. I cannot help you with that." Jungkòok says, running a hand through his own hair in frustration. "If you do not believe me, I am ready to take all the punishments." Taè replies.
"Like I said, I need time. I will tell you my decision tomorrow. I need to question the minister and the maids." Jungkòok says, and Taè nods. "Are you leaving, my king?" Taè asks, looking at the alpha who was starting to walk away.
"I cannot be with you right now. I trusted you the most, and now you have betrayed me, my queen." Jungkòok says, looking away. "I shall do everything I can to prove my loyalty towards you, my king." Taè states and the alpha nods.
"Prepare yourself for tomorrow." Jungkòok says, leaving the room without looking back. Taè leans back and slides down on the closed door, sobbing quietly. He wipes his tears when someone knocks on the door. "Come in." He says, and the food opens immediately.
A/N: typo!! Wtf where did "food" come from, it's "door" I'm sorry!
"Taè!" Jìmin comes in, hugging Taè instantly. "Yes, Minnie?" Taè asks, trying to smile. "I know you were crying, let it all out." Jimìn says, caressing the teary eyed omega's back. Taè sobs on the older omega's shoulder, wetting Jimìn's gown with his tears, but he didn't mind.
"I heard many talking about you. They were saying you cheated on the king." Jimìn says softly, and Taè looks up and shakes his head. "I did not cheat, you believe me, right?" Taè asks, wiping his tears. "I do, I know you would never do that." Jimìn replies, smiling softly.
"What should I do?" Taè asks desperately, tears sliding down his cheeks again. "You should prove your loyalty, that is the only way." Jimìn says, sighing. "I am ready, Jimìnie. I will do anything." Taè says, looking away.
"Since I will be staying here, I will help you." Jimìn says and Taè smiles. "How can I ever repay you?" Taè asks, and Jimìn giggles. "You can be my baby's godmother. That is all I ask for, in return." Jimìn says, and Taè nods happily. "I would love to!" Taè says, smiling.
"Then it is settled!" Jimìn smiles, happy to have succeeded in cheering up his friend. "Jimìnie, what if no one believes me?" Taè asks suddenly. "There were a few maids around you, right? When you were found talking to King Hyunsìk." Jimìn says thoughtfully.
"Yes." Taè nods. "I am sure they will tell the king what really happened, they will protect their queen." Jimìn smiles, patting the other omega's shoulder. "I hope so. There are some who do not like me at all." Taè whispers sadly.
"But, they cannot lie. King Jungkòok will get the truth out of them, I am sure." Jimìn states. "My king hates me now, Jimìn. I do not know how I will win his trust back." Taè says, sniffling.
"Your king does not hate you. He feels betrayed, though you did not do anything wrong." Jimìn tries to reassure the other omega. "I will prove I am loyal, Jimìnie." Taè says, smiling sadly. "You are one of the most virtuous queens, I am sure you will succeed." Jimìn replies.
Taè smiles and hugs Jimìn again, the older omega's soothing, comforting scent, making him feel better. "You are like a mother to me, Jimìnie." Taè whispers, nuzzling his face into the crook of the other omega's neck. "Then, stop crying and smile for me, my child." Jimìn says.
Taè giggles at his tone and pulls away from the hug. "What do you think will happen to me if no one believes me?" Taè asks curiously. "Many things could happen, and it is not your king's decision. He cannot do anything to help you. You could be banished." Jimìn says sadly.
"I know that." Taè sighs, looking at him. "If you are sent away from here, you shall come live with me. Do you understand?" Jimìn asks, and Taè smiles slightly. "I will, thank you." Taè smiles, nodding. "But none of that will happen, you will prove your loyalty." Jimìn says.
"You are right, I should be optimistic." Taè says, nodding. "I am wishing you all the best, I will see you I the morning. My King must be looking for me." Jimìn whispers, smiling at the omega.
"You should go now, do not keep your king waiting." Taè says nervously. "Will you be fine, Tetè?" Jimìn asks, and Taè gives him a small smile. "I will be fine, Minnie. Thank you for comforting me." Taè smiles softly.
"Always." Jimìn says, hugs the omega one last time before leaving the chamber. Taè washes his face and fixes his gown, then proceeds to walk back to the ball room. Some of the people in the room gasps and whisper to each other when they see him, but Taè did not mind them.
Taèhyung strides gracefully towards the table and chairs where the king and queen were assigned to sit. He sits on one of the chairs, looking at the empty seat beside him. "Where is he?" Taè mumbles, looking around. "Are you looking for me?" A voice asks from behind.
Taè gasps and turns around to look at Hyunsìk, who had said that. "Your highness, I was not looking for you. I was searching for my king." Taè says, immediately standing up to show his respect, and Hyunsìk clears his throat. "Did he hurt you, omega?" Hyunsìk asks sternly.
"No, now please leave me alone. I am already in enough trouble because of you, your highness." Taè says in his soft voice, making Hyunsìk sigh in frustration. "How can I ever leave you alone, when I just found you again?" Hyunsìk asks, and Taè widens his eyes.
"I am married, Your highness. Please do not try anything." Taè says, pleading him with his eyes. "I will not do anything. You will come to me when your so-called husband banishes you from the kingdom. We will live happily." Hyunsìk states, and Taè was stunned.
"No, I do not love you. I love my king, please." Taè says, and Hyunsìk laughs. "I know you do not love him, your marriage was arranged." Hyunsìk says, and Taè shakes his head. "I have feelings for my king, I love him. So please, leave me." Taè begs, and Hyunsìk sighs.
"You will come to me soon." That's all Hyunsìk says before moving closer. "Please! Do not come closer, I beg you." Taè pleads, his scent rising in distress, making people turn their heads towards them. "Park. Leave, now." Jungkòok cuts in, walking over to the distressed omega.
Hyunsìk glares at Jungkòok before grabbing the sobbing omega queen's waist. "He was mine first. You do not even love him! Leave him, I will make him my queen." Hyunsìk says, gripping the omega's waist, making him wince in pain.
"Your highness, please leave me." Taè whispers, pushing the alpha away. Hyunsìk leaves him when he sees the tears sliding uncontrollably down the omega's cheeks. "I will leave, I did not mean to hurt you. I love you, you are welcome to come to me anytime." Hyunsìk says softly.
Taè looks up at him when Hyunsìk leaves his waist. "Thank you, alpha." Taè whispers, and Hyunsìk only nods before walking out of the room. Taè watches as Hyunsìk turns to look at him once more over his shoulder. The alpha king smiles sadly when their eyes meet, then he leaves.
Taè wipes his tears and turns around, not wanting to think about him. He was feeling guilty, he had hurt the alpha. Taè flinches when Jungkòok grabs his elbow roughly, pulling him away from the shocked crowd. "Do you love him?" Jungkòok asks sternly.
"I do not, my king." Taè whispers timidly. "You are loyal, then." Jungkòok says, and Taè nods. "I am, alpha." Taè replies. "I apologize for accusing you carelessly. It was my fault." Jungkòok says, making Taè and some of the staff standing near them widen their eyes.
"It is not your fault, my king. It is mine, I should have watched where I was going. Then I would not have bumped into him." Taè whispers, and Jungkòok sighs. "You should be more careful while walking, then." Jungkòok says, and Taè nods. "I will be, alpha." Taè says softly.
"You may go to our chamber, the ball is ending soon." Jungkòok says, guiding him to their room. "Are you not sleeping here tonight?" Taè asks, and Jungkòok shakes his head. "I have somewhere to be, omega. Sleep well." Jungkòok says, before leaving the chamber.
Taè closes the door and sighs in relief. Atleast he proved his loyalty, he thinks. Taè changes his clothes and lies on the bed, tired from today's events. "Good night, alpha." Taè whispers to no one, out of habit.
Taè couldn't sleep peacefully though, something kept bothering him. A feeling, like something bad was going to happen soon. Taè chooses not to dwell on it as he was already exhausted. But that feeling still remained.
Taè woke up early the next day, did his morning routine, and wore his gown. He was doing his hair in front of the vanity when Jungkòok comes in. "Good morning, my king." Taè greets, bowing down. "I see you are up early." Jungkòok nods appreciatively.
"Yes, alpha." Taè replies, and watches as Jungkòok does his morning routine. "I have cleared the misunderstanding, and banished the minister. You will hear no more of the false accusations. I apologize once more." Jungkòok speaks up, and Taè nods.
Taè sighs when Jungkòok comes to stand behind him, both facing the mirror. "You should not apologize, my king." Taè says, feeling goosebumps rise all over his body when the alpha holds his waist from behind. "I should, my queen. I am terribly sorry." Jungkòok whispers.
"You are a king, please do not apologize to a mere omega like me." Taè says softly, putting his palms over the alpha's on his waist. "You are my queen." Jungkòok states, turning the omega around. "That is why you should not apologize to me, my king." Taè whispers.
"I will do what I want." Jungkòok says, staring at the omega's plump lips. "Of course, alpha." Taè replies, widening his eyes when the king leans in to kiss him. Taè doesn't respond at first, but the alpha squeezes his waist, making him gasp.
Taè responds to the kiss then, wrapping his arms around the king's neck. Jungkòok kisses him roughly, much harsher than all the other times. Taè whimpers when the alpha sucks on his bottom lip, biting and pulling on it. Jungkòok pulls away when the omega pats his chest.
"You are too harsh, my king." Taè pouts, touching his bruised lips. "I am sorry, I was angry." Jungkòok says, and Taè looks up. "Why were you angry, alpha?" Taè asks, and Jungkòok tongues the inside of his cheek.
"It is because of your ex!" Jungkòok exclaims, scent rising. "W-what?" Taè stutters and Jungkòok holds him closer. "I do not know why, my queen. But I did not like it when he touched you." Jungkòok growls, then goes on to desperately nuzzle the omega's mating mark.
Taè hums, feeling the alpha's lips graze the mating mark on his neck. "Do not let any other alpha touch you except for me. Do you understand?" Jungkòok asks, possessively gripping the queen's waist. "I understand, my king." Taè whispers, and Jungkòok nods, satisfied.
"I did not get any sleep yesterday night because of you. I kept thinking about how you might still love him. Do you?" Jungkòok questions and Taè shakes his head. "Alpha, why would I love him? I promise you, I do not." Taè replies.
"I trust you, my queen." Jungkòok says, pecking the omega's forehead. "Thank you, alpha." Taè whispers, flashing him a fake smile, as he was still hurt because of yesterday bit he couldn't tell him. "I am leaving for breakfast, join me after you are done." Jungkòok says.
"I will, my king. I love you, stay safe." Taè says, hugging the alpha suddenly. "You love me?" Jungkòok asks, widening his eyes. "Oh, um. Yes-" Taè begins nervously but Jungkòok interrupts him. "Do not lie to me, omega. You know I hate that." Jungkòok says coldly.
"I did not lie, alpha. I do love you." Taè whispers, and Jungkòok chuckles. "Our relationship is something you dreaded. You hate being married to me, but you do not express it. So never lie to me saying you love me." Jungkòok states, sternly looking into his queen's eyes.
"My king. There is something you should understand. I may be quiet most of the time, but I have feelings too. I do not express it because I was taught not to. That does not mean you can treat me like I am a lifeless doll!" Taè pauses, seeing the alpha growing angrier.
"Do not act out, omega!" Jungkòok warns, gritting his teeth. "Let me finish, please. I will obey you for the rest of my life, but you cannot change my feelings. I love you, and I do not care if you hate me for this." Taè finishes, looking away from the alpha.
Jungkòok pins him to the wall, his knee pressing against the omega's lower body. "Yeah? You love me?" Jungkòok asks, chuckling. "I d-do." Taè answers, and Jungkòok growls near his ear. "Then you must bear all the pain. You cannot love me without getting hurt." Jungkòok replies
"I have been bearing the pain for years, my king. All the pain that I got in return for loving you." Taè whispers, making the alpha loosen his grip on the omega. "Stop loving me. You are only hurting yourself, omega." Jungkòok demands in a soft voice, and the omega sighs.
"How can I stop loving you, alpha? I tried, but I cannot. You mean so much to me, though I am nothing to you." Taè replies, cupping the king's cheek. "You are my queen, how is that nothing?" Jungkòok asks. "I am your queen for namesake. You do not love me." Taè says softly.
Jungkòok doesn't reply to that, just looks away. "I know you are probably in love with the head of the concubines, the witch." Taè suddenly blurts out, making Jungkòok widen his eyes. "I do not love anyone, nor will I ever." Jungkòok says, and Taè nods.
"Not even her, alpha?" Taè asks, and Jungkòok shakes his head. "Especially not her." Jungkòok states, and Taè hums. "You spend a lot of time with her, though. Anyone would think the king has fallen in love with a concubine." Taè replies bitterly.
"She is good in bed and helps me relieve my stress, that is why I always go to her." Jungkòok confesses, eyes not leaving the omega's face. "Are you not ashamed, my king? You are telling your queen about about some concubine pleasuring you!" Taè exclaims, done with him.
"Stop talking!" Jungkòok exclaims, but Taè doesn't listen. "Am I not enough for you?" Taè asks, looking into the alpha's eyes. "What are you saying, omega? I am a king, I have concubines!" Jungkòok says angrily, not understanding why the omega was behaving like this suddenly.
"I am sorry, my king. Let me go, please, I need to eat." Taè suddenly says, changing the topic. "Do you think Queen Jimìn's alpha does not have concubines anymore? Just because he loves Jimìn now?" Jungkòok continues, and the omega shakes his head.
"Forget everything I said, alpha. I am sorry." Taè says, pushing the alpha away. "Fine. I will forget this conversation ever happened." Jungkòok says, clearing his throat. "Let us leave for the dining hall." Taè states, his sad expression changing to a calm one.
"Do not be sad in front of the ministers and maids. They will use this against you." Jungkòok tells Taè who nods. Jungkòok places his palm on the small of the omega's back and guides him to the hall. Both of them put on practiced smiles, greeting their staff immediately.
"Alpha, may I go look for Queen Jimìn?" Taè asks Jungkòok who hums. Taè rushes out of the hall and knocks on Jimìn and his alpha's guest room door. A sleepy alpha opens the door, and Taè bows down politely. "Your highness, may I see Jimìn?" Taè asks, and the alpha nods.
"Queen Taèhyung, it is a pleasure to see you again." The alpha says, smiling at him. "Thank you, your highness. The same goes for me." Taè replies before looking into the room. "Who is it- Taè!" Jimìn squeals when he sees his friend.
"My love, calm down." Jimìn's alpha laughs, catching his omega who was about to fall down. "Thank you, alpha.." Jimìn blushes, and his alpha leans to kiss his lips. Taè smiles at the scene, feeling happy for his best friend who had found his love.
"Alpha, let me go now, my Tetè is waiting for me!" Jimìn says, hitting his alpha's chest. "Come back soon, my love." The alpha mumbles before pecking his forehead and walking away. Jimìn runs over to Taè in his long gown, then hugs him tightly.
Taè tells Jimìn everything that had happened, from his confession to Jungkòok's response. Jimìn looks at him sadly when he finishes. "You are going through a lot." Jimìn whispers, and Taè sighs. "I am used to it, Jimìnie, so it is fine." Taè replies, looking away.
"It is all because of this society, Taè." Jimìn says sadly. "Enough mourning, tell me about your king. Does he still have concubines?" Taè asks curiously, as he felt like Jimìn's alpha seemed happy and contented being with him.
"Taè, look. I love my king, he loves me too. But he still has concubines, and when I asked him why he keeps them, he told me it is because he wants to uphold his image as a real king." Jimìn says and Taè nods. "I understand.." Taè whispers.
"He has his reasons, and that is why I do not question him anymore. When he comes back with lipstick stains all over his face and neck, or when he smells of other omegas." Jimìn continues, smiling sadly. "Minnie, you are going through a lot too." Taè says worriedly.
"Not as much as you, Taè." Jimìn replies, and Taè shakes his head. "Leave it, we should go eat. I am starving!" Taè exclaims, trying to smile. "You are right. Why waste our precious time crying over some alphas!" Jimìn whispers, giggling.
"Shhh someone will hear us!" Taè giggles, holding the pregnant omega's arm. "Come on, I am hungry, I have to feed myself and my baby." Jimìn says, caressing his tummy. "Aw you are right, your baby must be hungry too." Taè coos, and Jimìn smiles.
Both of them walk down the stairs gracefully, holding their gowns. "Why are some of the ministers always glaring at you?" Jimìn asks in a low voice, looking at the way the ministers stared at Taè angrily. "Most of the concubines are the ministers' daughters." Taè replies.
"Oh, that explains it." Jimìn says, feeling bad for the omega. "I know, they look at me in such a disgusting way. Like I am worthless." Taè says, sighing. "Do not mind those jealous ones, Taè." Jimìn whispers, the walks straight to the huge dining table.
"King Jungkòok." Jimìn bows down when he sees the king. "Queen Jimìn." Jungkòok nods, then looks at Taè who was standing beside him. "Come here, omega." Jungkòok says, patting the seat next to him. Taè obeys, walking over to sit on the seat offered to him.
Taè could feel the ministers' glare on him, because of the alpha's gesture. He glances at the alpha beside him, who remained oblivious to all this "Queen Jimìn, where is your alpha?" Jungkòok asks, and Jimìn looks up from his food. "He will eat later, your highness." Jimìn says
Jungkòok nods and goes back to his own food, and they eat silently. Jungkòok stands up after he was done. "Minister Choi, I need your assistance." Jungkòok says, and the minister immediately follows him to the throne room.
A/N: The drama is only starting, my loves😌
It was past midnight, and Jungkòok still hadn't come to their chamber. Taè sighs and gets up from where he was sitting on the bed, wanting to go check on his king.
He knew no one was going to be awake at this hour, (except for some guards) so he doesn't bother to change his short nightdress. Taè leaves the chamber and walks to the king's throne room. But it was empty, making him even more worried.
Taè hears laughter coming from the dining hall, so he immediately turns and walks towards the hall. He widens his eyes when he sees Jungkòok sitting there, drinking with his friends. Everyone looked shit-faced drunk, and Taè sighs when he sees the concubines surrounding them.
"Oh, Jeòn! Here comes your queen!" One alpha laughs, pointing at him. Taè tugs his short dress down when he sees a couple of the alphas eyeing him hungrily. "Why are you here?" Jungkòok asks loudly, words slurred. "I was looking for you, my king." Taè replies, and he chuckles.
"Well , you found me." Jungkòok says, his eyes fixed on Taè's exposed legs. "Alpha, why are the concubines here?" Taè asks, looking at the witch who was on Jungkòok's lap. "Are you sad, my queen? Are you going to stop me?" Jungkòok asks sarcastically.
Taè was about to reply, but one of the drunk alphas interrupts him. "Jeòn, why would he stop you?" The alpha, Kang-min, laughs. "Oh, I forgot to tell you all something important, listen." Jungkòok says, smirking.
"Alpha, no please." Taè pleads, knowing the drunk, out of his mind king was going to tell everyone about his confession. "My queen loves me!" Jungkòok exclaims, then everyone in the hall begins to laugh loudly.
"Do you really expect the King Jeòn Jungkòok to love you back?" One alpha asks, laughing hard. Taè felt embarrassed, but he tried not to show it. "I do not expect him to love me back. I simply confessed my feelings." Taè replies, rolling his eyes.
"Do not roll your eyes at us, omega!" Kang-min exclaims furiously, standing up. "Kang, do not talk to him like that." Jungkòok states, and was about to stand up but the witch on his lap doesn't allow him to.
"Alpha, the queen needs to be taught a lesson, no? He was disrespecting you and these alphas. An omega should never roll their eyes in front of an alpha." Soyeòn, the witch, says, playing with the king's hair. "But-" Jungkòok begins, but Soyeòn cuts him off.
"Let those alphas handle this, you just sit here, your highness. You are sleeady doing so much." Soyeòn mumbles, looking into the king's eyes. "Um- I.. I will." Jungkòok stutters, nodding. "That is a good boy, my king." Soyeòn whispers into his ear, making sure no one hears.
"You are seriously a coward, my king." Taè suddenly says, making everyone in the hall widen their eyes. "Omega, mind your words." Jungkòok says, gritting his teeth. "Did I lie, alpha? Are you not a coward?" Taè asks, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Why would you let him disrespect you, Jeòn? Do you want me to show him his place?" Kang-min asks, starting to walk over to the queen. "And how exactly do you think you are going to do that?" Taè asks, his courage increasing suddenly. "Omega!" Jungkòok shouts, enraged.
"Yes, my king? Do you want me to stay quiet for the rest of my life? I was a queen before you became my husband, I ruled my kingdom perfectly without any alpha or king by my side!" Taè exclaims, and everyone gasps. "You should not talk to him like that!" Soyeòn speaks up.
"You can shove your opinions down your throat, witch. Or better yet, shove it down my husband's when you both kiss the next time." Taè replies, smiling sarcastically. "Jeòn, I swear. I will make him submit." Kang-min says angrily, not liking the queen's attitude.
"You cannot do that. I will not allow you to." Taè says, turning around to face Kang. "Where is this atrocious behavior coming from?" Jungkòok asks, staring at him.
"From me, my king. You cannot think of me as worthless, I will never be. I rule this kingdom by your side, I have the right to be treated fairly." Taè states, and looks around to see everyone looking shocked, their mouths wide open. "You are being treated fairly." Jungkòok says.
"No. None of the queens are, my king. Every one of us suffer because of kings like you. Queen Jimìn loves his husband, even though he is always with his concubines. Likewise, I accept your behavior, though I should not." Taè continues, and Jungkòok looks away.
"I wish I could just run away. Away from you and your ministers and concubines. But I cannot." Taè says, angry tears forming in his eyes. "And where would you run away to?" Jungkòok asks, raising his eyebrow.
"Anywhere. I would go to King Hyunsìk, he said he would provide me shelter anytime." Taè replies, and looks at the way the king was gritting his teeth at the mention of Hyunsìk "Then go. Let us see how long you will last with that pathetic excuse of an alpha king." Jungkòok says
"I cannot go. If I could have, I would. But I cannot." Taè sighs, looking away. "I knew it." Jungkòok mutters, shaking his head. "But one day I will, Jungkòok." Taè says, making everyone gasp at the way he addressed the king.
"Why not now, then?" Jungkòok asks curiously. "I do not want to leave you yet." Taè replies, looking down. "I will be fine without you." Jungkòok says proudly, narrowing his eyes. "I do not wish to leave just yet. You will suffer without me." Taè says quietly.
"I-" Jungkòok was about to reply but Soyeòn interrupts him. "He will not suffer without you. He is the king, and he has many to help him. Including me, your majesty." Soyeòn tells Taè. "Are you sure? Jungkoòk, confirm it." Taè says, facing the king.
"No-" Jungkòok starts to say but Soyeòn cups his face and moves near his ear. "Say yes." Soyeòn whispers, and Jungkòok nods immediately. Taè watches in shock, not understanding the scene in front of him. Did this king love her this much? That he's just obeying her easily?
"Should I leave then?" Taè asks, walking over to the king confidently. "N-no.." Jungkòok stutters, and Soyeòn rolls her eyes at his response. "He is drunk, that is why he is not telling you to leave, your majesty. Believe me, he wants you gone." Soyeòn tells Taè seriously.
"I will leave then." Taè states, marching away from them. Jungkòok blinks his eyes, as if he just came back from a trance. He immediately gets up and follows Taè when he sees his omega running away, not minding Soyeòn who had fallen on the ground from his lap.
"Omega!" Jungkòok shouts, running after Taè. "What do you want, my king?" Taè asks quietly, going inside his chamber. "I am sorry for my behavior, I do not know what happened to me." Jungkòok says, looking at the omega who was sitting on the bed.
"You always apologize, but repeat the same thing, alpha." Taè sighs. "Stay. Do not leave." Jungkòok says, and Taè shakes his head. "I will leave the moment you tell me to." Taè replies, and Jungkòok nods.
"I was trying to see if you would really leave. I do not wish for it." Jungkòok confesses and Taè looks at him curiously. "Why not? If you do not love me, it is better I leave, no?" Taè questions.
"No!" Jungkòok exclaims, shaking his head. "Why should I stay, my king?" Taè asks, coming to stand in front of the alpha. "Because I want you to, my queen." Jungkòok says, reaching out to hold the omega's waist but he pushes him away.
"If you really want me to stay, I have a few conditions. If you agree, I will not leave." Taè says, and the alpha growls. "I am the king! You are going to order me-" Jungkòok begins, and Taè puts his finger on the king's lips to shush him.
"Do you want me to leave, then?" Taè asks softly, and Jungkòok shakes his head. "No. Tell me, what are your conditions?" Jungkòok says, running a hand through his hair. "Firstly, you will not touch me without my consent." Taè says and Jungkòok widens his eyes.
"What? You're are my queen, how can I not touch you?" Jungkòok asks, and Taè rolls his eyes. "You have concubines and that witch. Go to them." Taè replies. "Why do you call her witch?" Jungkòok asks, confused. "Because she is a witch." Taè replies.
"Anyway, my next condition. You will treat me as your equal. Not someone inferior." Taè states. "I will.." Jungkòok says, nodding. "Lastly, you will allow me to call you 'Jungkòok', whenever I want to." Taè says, and Jungkòok sighs.
"Fine, but not in front of anyone else." Jungkòok says, his face hardening. "I actually have one more condition. You will allow me to sleep with other men." Taè announces, smirking. "Never!" Jungkòok shouts angrily, pinning the omega to the nearest wall.
"You just broke your first rule, Jungkòok. Touching me without permission. " Taè whispers, smirking at the furious alpha. "I will most certainly not allow you to sleep with other men!" Jungkòok exclaims, releasing the omega from his hold.
"You agreed to treat me as your equal. That means I can sleep with other men too, just like how you do with your concubines." Taè says calmly. "No. I will never agree to this." Jungkòok states, and Taè sighs. "Then, my king. I guess I have to leave now." Taè says softly.
"Please, I will do anything else. Just not this, I beg you." Jungkòok pleads, and Taè looks at him with raised eyebrows. "But I want this, Alpha. Will you not change up the rules for me?" Taè asks seductively, looking up at the alpha with hooded eyes.
"I- I will, my queen." Jungkòok mumbles, staring at the omega's parted lips. "Thank you, alpha." Taè whispers, then leans in as he was about to kiss him. But before their lips could meet, Taè moves back. "I expect the rules to be changed by tomorrow." Taè says, smiling.
"Think about it once more, my queen. Are you sure you want to do it? Sleep with other alphas?" Jungkòok asks, and Taè nods. "Yes, alpha. I am sure." Taè replies. "You will be criticized and mocked if anyone comes to know about this." Jungkòok warns, and Taè laughs.
"I am already criticized by many, my king. So I will take the risk." Taè says, and Jungkòok sighs. "Which man will agree to sleep with a married omega queen like you anyway?" Jungkòok asks bitterly, making Taè giggle.
"You think men are not head over heels for me anymore? Just because I am married? Jungkòok, I am a queen, I have many ready to be at my service." Taè teases, and Jungkòok nods. "Fine, then. If that is the only way I can stop you from leaving me. But be careful." Jungkòok says.
"I always am, my king." Taè replies, then moves towards the alpha and pecks his lips, making the king widen his eyes. "What was that for?" Jungkòok asks in a low voice, and Taè smiles. "That is for agreeing to all my conditions. Thank you, my king." Taè whispers.
"Um- you are welcome, but I did it not because I want to. I did it because it is the only way." Jungkòok says, and Taè nods. "I know. Now, let me think. Should I go to King Hyunsìk first? He was really good in bed, he always made me scream." Taè says loudly, and Jungkòok growls.
"Stop this. You will not go to him!" Jungkòok exclaims, trying to control his anger. "My dear king! You are not supposed to say this, remember my conditions?" Taè says, his face calm.
"You know no king except me would agree to all these conditions, right?" Jungkòok asks, making the omega nod. "I do, and you are allowed to not agree too. And I will leave then." Taè says, and the alpha groans frustratedly.
"I am doing all this just so you will stay with me!" Jungkòok exclaims, grabbing his own hair in frustration. "I do not understand. You are not loving me back, I am just a burden to you. Why do you need me to stay then?" Taè asks, genuinely confused.
"I have my reasons. Do not question me." Jungkòok says, looking away nervously. Taè hums and moves towards him, then grips the alpha's chin. "You will do anything for me, right?" Taè asks, raising his eyebrows. "Yes, my queen." Jungkòok replies.
"Fine. Kiss me in front of her." Taè says, and Jungkòok furrows his eyebrows. "Who? Soyeòn?" Jungkòok asks, and Taè nods. "Yes, the witch. Can you do it for me, my king?" Taè asks, caressing the alpha's hair. "Yes. Anything for you." Jungkòok says, as if hypnotized.
"Good. She needs to know her place." Taè says, holding the alpha's arm and pulling him to the hall. Jungkòok follows him without a sound, scared of losing the omega. "Tell Kang-min to leave, my king." Taè whispers into the alpha's ear, and Jungkòok nods.
"Kang, please leave." Jungkòok orders, and Kang-min stands up in shock. "But why?" He asks, confused. "Leave." Jungkòok says again, and Kang storms out of the room. "Thank you, alpha." Taè says, delighted to see the alpha obeying his every command.
Jungkòok only nods before looking at Soyeòn who was standing there, mouth wide open. "I thought you were leaving, your majesty." Soyeòn says, facing Taè. "I am not, my king does not want me to." Taè replies, smiling brightly. "Your highness, you said-" Soyeòn begins.
"I want him to stay, petal. What is it to you? It is between me and my queen." Jungkòok says sternly. "I understand." Soyeòn says, gritting her teeth. "Kiss me, alpha." Taè says and Jungkòok turns around, grabs the omega's waist and smashes their lips together.
Soyeòn and the others gasp at the scene, but the married couple paid them no mind. Jungkòok doesn't touch Taè anywhere except his waist, unlike other times where he would have ripped the omega's dress. Taè tries to dominate the kiss, bit Jungkòok doesn't let him.
They make out for a few more seconds, until Taè pulls away, gasping for breath. "W-wow." Jungkòok says, completely blown away by the intense session. "Yeah, wow. Jeòn, let us have a taste too!" One of the alphas says, licking his lips while staring at Taè.
"No." Jungkòok retorts immediately, glaring at the alpha who said that. "Please, you do not love him. What is the big deal?" Another alpha asks, and Jungkòok growls under his breath. "I suggest you stop talking for your own well-being, kings." Taè says, smiling.
"Omega, shut your mouth and come sit on my lap." The alpha, Han-woo, says while patting his thighs. "He will not." Jungkòok hisses, his fists clenched. "My king, you do not get to decide that." Taè says, making Jungkòok widen his eyes.
"What-" Jungkòok starts, watching Taè walk over to Hanwoo before sitting on his lap. Taè wraps his arms around the alpha's neck, smiling seductively at him. "Are you sad, my king? Are you going to stop me?" Taè asks, mocking Jungkòok's words from earlier.
"N-no." Jungkòok stutters, controlling himself as he didn't want the omega to leave him. "Alright, my king. Thank you for your permission." Taè says, turning to face Hanwoo, who was staring at him like he wanted to devour him. "Omega, you are the most beautiful." Hanwoo mumbles
"Thank you." Taè replies, and flinches when the alpha puts a hand on his exposed thigh. "You are more beautiful than my queen. Like a pretty flower, you are." Hanwoo continues, not minding the low growls coming from Jungkòok. "You have a queen?" Taè asks, standing up.
"Yes, omega. But do not worry, my queen knows how I am. Come back and sit here." Hanwoo says, but Taè moves away, shaking his head. "I do not want to meddle with a married man. I know you have little respect for us omegas, but please understand we are humans too." Taè replies.
"My queen Seòkjìn knows I am not loyal to him. I can hear him cry every night, though I do not understand why. He is so sensitive, I married him because he looked confident when I met him. But I regret it now." Hanwoò grumbles, making Taè widen his eyes.
"Queen Seoķjìn? My cousin.. The one I spent my whole childhood with?" Taè asks, a tear sliding down his cheek. "Oh, is he your cousin? What a coincidence!" Hanwòo says, laughing.
"He was not sensitive. He was the brave one who always comforted me when I told him about my problems. But we stopped meeting and talking because of the distance. I cannot believe you make him cry every day!" Taè cries out, hugging himself.
"It's is not my fault! He is just too sensitive, I do not know why." Hanwoò states, and Taè shakes his head. "He told me his king loves him and treats him well, and my king would do the same for me too. But he was lying, to comfort me." Taè says in a low voice.
"I do not love him and he knows that." Hanwoò says, rolling his eyes "Seokjìn was supposed to marry my king, and I was decided for you. But he convinced everyone to let me marry King Jungkòok instead of you, and now I know why. You are an assh0le!" Taè exclaims, wiping his tears
"Do not speak to me like that, you mere omega!" Hanwoo says, standing up and walking towards Taè angrily but stops when he sees Jungkòok's red, angry alpha eyes, directed towards him. Jungkòok did not allow anyone to harm Taè in front of him, and Hanwoò understood that.
( tw// mentions of abuse ) "Seokjìn was trying to protect me! I should have known, I would have never allowed him to marry you. I heard some saying S€okjìn is being abused everday, and I thought it was only a rumour. But it is not" Taè continues, his eyes full of angry tears.
"Yes. I do abuse him. What are you going to do about it, omega?" Hanwoò taunts, smirking. "Take me instead of him! Free him, please. I do not want him to suffer anymore. I will come with you, you can do whatever you want with me!" Taè says, and Jungkòok widens his eyes.
"No!!" Jungkòok shouts, clenching his fists. "Whatever I want? Hm, go on." Hanwoo smirks, ignoring Jungkòok's protests. "Yes, whatever you want. I will let you, just please free my cousin." Taè pleads, amd Hanwoò sighs.
"Fine, pack your dresses and other necessities. We leave tomorrow." Hanwoò says, and Jungkòok shakes his head before Taè could reply. "Kìm Taèhyung! You will never go with him." Jungkòok states, grabbing the omega's wrist.
"I have to, my king. It is the only way I can free my cousin, who has sacrificed so much for me already." Taè replies, cupping his alpha's cheek lovingly. "No. You promised you will not leave me if I agree to your conditions! You cannot do this to me!" Jungkòok exclaims.
"My Alpha, are you crying?" Taè asks softly, looking at the tears sliding down the king's cheek. "N-no. I am sweating, the temperature is high in here." Jungkòok says hastily, wiping his tears. "I see, my king. I should go pack now. I love you." Taè whispers, smiling softly.
"No, please. There must be another way. If you leave me, I will not hesitate to k!ll him." Jungkòok says, referring to Hanwoò who widens his eyes at the threat. "Please, alpha. I will visit you, if I can. Do not choose violence, my king." Taè replies, looking into his eyes.
"No. I can take over his kingdom, I will declare war between the two kingdoms!" Jungkòok states, getting angry. "My king, no. War is useless and unnecessary in this case." Taè whispers, and Jungkòok shakes his head.
"It is not. I will fight anyone to keep you by my side." Jungkòok says, and Taè laughs. "My alpha, what are you even saying? You will be fine without me, you are a king. Do not act as if you love me, alpha." Taè replies, making Jungkòok look away from him.
"Jeòn! We are friends, you cannot declare war between your huge kingdom and my little one!" Hanwoò exclaims, and Jungkòok chuckles sadly. "If my queen leaves, I will do just that. It is all up to him now." Jungkòok says, looking at Taè.
"I have to leave, my king. But please do not declare war." Taè requests, looking up at him. "Fine. Leave, I will go prepare the official declaration letter." Jungkòok states, glaring at him. "Jeòn, wait! I do not have enough resources for war. It is not fair!" Hanwoò exclaims.
"Does it look like I care, Hanwoò?" Jungkòok asks, and Hanwoò shakes his head. "I cannot afford to lose my kingdom. But I have no use of Seokjìn anymore, you can take him. I will free him." Hanwoò states, and Taè gasps.
"He is not a doll for you to use!" Taè exclaims, wiping his stray tears. "I want my queen's cousin to be here before sunrise tomorrow. You will bring him here without a scar." Jungkòok says, and Hanwoò nods. "I will, if it means you will not declare war." Hanwoò replies.
"I will not." Jungkòok says, nodding. "Deal?" Hanwoò asks, holding his hand out for Jungkòok to shake. "Deal." Jungkòok replies, shaking the other alpha's hand. Hanwoò pulls his hand away in pain when Jungkòok shakes it with too much force.
Hanwoò holds his hand out to Taè who doesn't shake it, just looks away. "I see this feisty beauty is still mad at me." Hanwoò says, and Taè turns to face him. "Leave now. I cannot bear seeing your face for one more second! You are a worthless King." Taè says, glaring at him.
"I am leaving, then. Jeòn, I hope you tame this brat, this is not how onegas are supposed to act." Hanwoò states before walking out of the palace quickly. Once Hanwoò had left, Jungkòok turns to see his other friends and concubines looking at them with equally shocked faces.
"Everyone, you can disperse." Jungkòok says, and all the others- except Soyeòn- nod and walk away. "Are you not leaving?" Taè asks the concubine, who shakes her head. "My king told me earlier he wanted me in bed today. Right, your highness?" Soyeòn asks, facing Jungkòok.
"You can leave, petal. I no longer feel like it." Jungkòok says, dismissing her with a wave of his hand. "Are you sure, your highness? You seem stressed~" Soyeòn mumbles, moving closer to Jungkòok. "I am fine. Good night." Jungkòok says, smiling coldly.
"If you say so, my king. I will be taking my leave." Soyeòn replies, gritting her teeth because she was rejected. "Well, I am heading to bed, alpha. Join me?" Taè asks, placing his palms on the shocked king's chest. "Yes, my queen." Jungkòok says, licking his lips.
"I may even let you have me tonight, my king." Taè whispers, loud enough for Soyeòn to hear. Jungkòok widens his eyes at his words and nods. "But you said you are not in the mood, your highness." Soyeòn cuts in angrily. "He is always ready for me." Taè replies, smiling.
Jungkòok and Taè watch as Soyeòn rushes out of the hall angrily. Taè giggles when she almost falls down, then turns around and walks to their chamber. "Are you going to sleep?" Jungkòok asks, looking at the omega who was lying down on their bed.
"What else should I do, my king?" Taè asks, looking at him with faux innocence. "Um. Nothing, you can sleep." Jungkòok says, lying down on his side of the bed. "Good night, my queen." Jungkòok mumbles. "Good night, Jungkòok." Taè whispers, then giggles softly.
A/N: Taè has long hair in this au, as in historical times.. You can imagine this pretty Taè from Hwarang♡ this is exactly how I visualize him😊♡♡
A/N: More visuals because Taè's pretty long hair >>>>>> ( I can't believe this is real he's too pretty 😭)
♤ Back to the universe ♤
Soyeòn walks to a chamber angrily, calling out for her father, Minister Choi. "Father, we need to talk!" Soyeòn exclaims, and the minister walks over to her. "You are supposed to be with the king, why are you here?" Minister Choi asks, and Soyeòn groans in frustration.
"Well, the king wanted to spend his time with his queen, instead of me!" Soyeòn grumbles, rolling her eyes. "Is the potion not working properly? I knew it. You do not have that much power anymore." Minister Choi sighs, shaking his head.
"I do. I still have enough to bewitch the king. But I need something more powerful. I should use the love potion now, it is time." Soyeòn says, tapping the table where she performed all her magic potions.
"Are you sure? It is a very strong one. If the king finds out, then-" her father begins, but Soyeòn cuts him off. "The king will not find out. He does not even know I am a witch, he lets me be with him at all times. He does not suspect me." Soyeòn smirks, and her father nods.
"Do you have enough power to make it, though?" Minister Choi asks, and she sighs. "I have enough power to make it once. But I think, after this, I will lose all my powers." Soyeòn says, her face sorrowful.
"Then is it worth it? You are going to lose your powers, all for someone who does not love you." Minister Choi says quietly. "The king will love me soon. I will give up my powers if it means I can have him." Soyeòn mutters, taking a vial containing a transparent liquid.
"Are you sure? Once you perform your magic on that liquid, you will never be a witch again. And the spell can be broken if tried, so think more." Minister Choi advises but Soyeòn doesn't listen "Only a genius can break this spell, it is that strong." Soyeòn says while making it
"I will say no more, then. Be careful, my daughter." Minister Choi says, and leaves the witch alone. "You will love me, my king. Then I will become your queen." Soyeòn mumbles to herself, performing her magic on the transparent liquid.
"I will wait, I will not potion him immediately." Soyeòn says, smiling at the successfully made vial of potion in her hand. "I cannot put it in his food, though. The cooks always check. And the head cook Yoòngi can easily spot anything wrong." Soyeòn mutters under her breath.
"Ah! I can do it after one of our sessions. I will just pour this in his water, which he drinks after every one of our sessions. I just need to get him in bed again!" Soyeòn exclaims, storing the potion safely inside her special box. "Sleep well, my king." Soyeòn mutters darkly
♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ Jungkoòk's point of view ♡
A few days had passed, and Jungkòok was sitting in his throne room, chatting with some of his friends, while his queen, Taè, was in the garden with Queen Jimìn. "Jeòn, how are things going with you amd your queen?" One of his friends asks, and Jungkòok sighs.
"He is really happy these days, as he and his cousin Seokjìn had reunited a few days ago." Jungkòok says. "Then why are you looking all sullen? You should be happy too." His friend says, and Jungkòok shakes his head.
"I am not able to rejoice. I sense something bad is about to happen. That feeling is not leaving my mind." Jungkòok states, and the other alphas laugh. "It is just a silly feeling, come on. You should be happy, do not let it affect you." An older alpha says, and Jungkòok nods.
"I will try my best to forget the feeling and focus on the present." Jungkòok says, and the alphas cheer. "To King Jeòn and his queen!" Jungkòok laughs, clinking their glasses together. "Jeòn, I need an answer. Do you love your queen?" One of his friends asks.
"W-what?" Jungkòok stutters, and looks away. "Do you love your queen?" The alpha repeats, and Jungkòok sucks in a breath. "I do not know. I think I do love him, maybe a little." Jungkòok confesses, and the others gasp in shock.
"Why did you not tell us earlier?" His friend asks. "I did not feel the need to. And do not tell anyone, I trust you, my friends." Jungkòok says, narrowing his eyes. "Of course, we are faithful." An alpha says, and Jungkòok nods.
"When are you planning to tell him?" "I will tell him when the time comes." Jungkòok replies to the question. "He will be happy if you tell him now, Jungkòok." The older alpha advises, making Jungkòok nod. "Soon, hyung. I will tell him soon." Jungkòok states.
♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ With Jimìn and Taèhyung ♡
"Jimìnie, are you feeling fine? Is the baby ok?" Taè asks, making his best friend widen his eyes. "Yes, Taè. Nothing is wrong." Jimìn replies, confused. "Thank goodness. I get this feeling nowadays, which makes me worried for no particular reason." Taè whispers.
"Do not start again! You should be happy your cousin is free from an evil king's clutches!" Jimìn exclaims, scolding the omega for overthinking. "I am happy, Minnie! But- You know what, leave it. It is silly." Taè says, sighing. "Exactly. Let us go inside now." Jimìn replies.
Jimìn and Taè go back to their respective chambers, both sleepy. Taè searches for his king, not finding him in their chamber. "Where is he now?" Taè whispers to himself, stepping out of his room to check. He sighs in relief when he sees Jungkòok walking over to him.
"I thought you disappeared, my king!" Taè whines, hitting the alpha's chest. "I will not disappear anytime soon, omega." Jungkòok replies, smiling and holding the omega's waist gently.
"I missed you." Taè whispers, looking up at the smiling alpha. "Did you, my queen?" Jungkòok teases, caressing his omega's waist. "Yes, you ignored me the whole day and spent it with your friends, my king." Taè pouts, and Jungkòok almost coos.
"I apologize, omega. I will include you next time." Jungkòok says, chuckling. "You better!" Taè exclaims before moving to lie down on the bed. Jungkòok lies down too, spooning the omega from behind. This was a new habit they had, they would cuddle every night.
"Good night, my king. I love you." Taè whispers, and Jungkòok clears his throat. "Um. Good night. I l-love you too." Jungkòok replies, almost inaudibly. "What?" Taè asks, immediately sitting up on the bed. "I love-" Jungkòok begins, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.
Both of them turn to look at the door, and Jungkòok stands up and goes to open it. "Yes?" Jungkòok asks the maid who was behind the door. "Your highness! The head Concubine is calling for you, as she is not well. She requests your presence." The maid says nervously.
"Now? Is she that sick?" Jungkòok asks, putting his robe on. "I do not know more, your highness. She is waiting for you in her chamber." The maid says, and Jungkòok nods. "I will go see her now, you may leave." Jungkòok tells the maid, who walks away immediately.
Jungkòok turns to look at Taè who was standing near the bed. "Do you love me?" Taè asks him. "I will explain everything after I come back, my queen. You should take rest." Jungkòok says, moving closer to kiss the omega's forehead. "I will wait, then. Come quickly." Taè replies
"Yes." Jungkòok nods before leaving the room. Taè sighs and lies down on the bed again, trying to sleep. He hopes what the alpha said was true. Taè hopes the alpha loves him back. He smiles softly at the thought before falling asleep.
Jungkòok opens the door to Soyeòn's chamber and was immediately pulled into a kiss. Jungkòok breaks away, looking at her suspiciously. "You do not seem sick, petal." Jungkòok says, and Soyeòn shakes her head. "It was the only way to make you come to me, my king." She replies.
"You lied?" Jungkòok asks, and Soyeòn nods. "I am sorry, I had to. You were spending too much time with your queen. You have been ignoring me!" Soyeòn says, and Jungkòok sighs.
"Of course I will spend time with him, he is my queen. You are only my concubine, Soyeòn. He comes first." Jungkòok replies sternly. "But you do not love him, my king. Why should he come first?" Soyeòn asks softly. "I love him." That's all Jungkòok says, and Soyeòn gasps.
"I knew it. He is stealing you away from me, my king!" Soyeòn exclaims. "Soyeòn! I was never yours to steal!" Jungkòok says frustratedly. "Your highness, I know. But do you not need me anymore? I am your favorite concubine, no?" Soyeòn asks, placing her hand on his chest.
"I do need you, petal. You are still my concubine, kings are allowed to have a queen and concubines. It is normal." Jungkòok says, sighing at her behavior. "So you will not stop spending time with me, right, alpha?" Soyeòn asks, stepping closer to the king.
"I will not stop, but our time together will be less." Jungkòok replies, and Soyeòn looks into his eyes. "My king, how can you resist me?" Soyeòn asks, seductively removing her dress.
"No, I do not feel like doing it now." Jungkòok states and turns around, looking away from her body. "Alpha! I know you want to." Soyeòn whispers, wrapping her arms around the alpha's neck. "Soyeòn, please. No. Do not make me repeat myself." Jungkòok replies, and Soyeòn sighs.
"I guess you are weak then, my king." Soyeòn says softly, backing away. "What do you mean?" Jungkòok asks, confused. "A king should never do this to his concubine, just because he loves his queen. Especially me, I was with you for years!" Soyeòn exclaims.
"And did I not treat you well? Better than every other concubine?" Jungkòok asks, and she nods. "You do, but you are stopping it now. You never rejected me, but you started to when your queen cane into the picture." Soyeòn says, rolling her eyes.
"Do not roll your eyes at me. You are given what you deserve, I respect you very much. But if you insist on acting like this, then you will lose all your privileges." Jungkòok says, eyes focused only on her face.
"I am sorry, my king. But you have to admit you are indeed weak." Soyeòn whispers, her eyes turning a shade of purple and pink. "I- I am not weak!" Jungkòok growls, looking into her eyes. "You are if you leave now, my king. Just this once, do as I say." She says, moving closer
"I will, then. This one time." Jungkòok mumbles, making Soyeòn smile in satisfaction. Her powers were not fully gone yet. Soyeòn pulls him towards her and they both fall on the bed, kissing messily. ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
After the long session, Jungkòok almost falls asleep, but Soyeòn calls him. "My king, have some water. You look tired" Soyeòn says, handing him a glass. "Why is the water pink?" Jungkòok asks sleepily, rubbing his eyes. "It is juice, your highness." Soyeòn replies, smiling.
Jungkòok nods and drinks it, wincing at the bitter taste. "I do not like this juice. Do not give it to me ever again." Jungkòok mumbles, groaning when he feels a sharp pain in his head. He falls asleep on her bed immediately, and Soyeòn smirks in victory. "You are mine."
A/N: So.... hi? I know you all want to scream at me for doing this but I'm sorry😭 that witch can really hypnotize j/k.. Tags: J/k is a bit dumb
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#taekookau a/b/o au: Strict CEO Jungkook and his sassy Secretary Taèhyung- A hot tempered alpha boss and his equally headstrong personal assistant. A peek into their not so just boss × employee relation.
♤ Time Skip: The Next Morning ♤
"Your majesty! The king is asking to see you." There was a knock on the door, and Taè could hear a maid call out for him. "I am coming, thank you." Taè replies, a giddy smile never leaving his face.
"Is he going to confess his love for me again?" Taè whispers to himself, then squeals. "Do not get your hopes up!" Taè scods himself, and proceeds to giggle. After dressing up, Taè leaves his chamber and walks to the throne room where the king was waiting for him.
"Alpha!" Taè exclaims, and Jungkòok turns around from where he was standing, to look at him. "Yes. You are late, omega." Jungkòok says, and Taè furrows his eyebrows at the king's cold tone. "Um. I woke up late, Jungkòok. I am sorry." Taè replies softly.
"Jungkòok? You shall not call me that anymore. Respect your king." Jungkòok says sternly, and Taè widens his eyes. "I do respect you, alpha." Taè replies, looking at the king who looked unusually cold and angry. "Yes. So never call me by my name." Jungkòok replies.
Taè wanted to ask why, but he decided not to. "My king, will you tell me about yesterday night? Do you love me?" Taè asks, and Jungkòok shakes his head. "I do not." Jungkòok replies. "But, my king. You said so yesterday-" Taè begins, but Jungkòok stops him.
"I never said anything. Besides, I love someone else." Jungkòok says, crossing his arms over his chest proudly. "W-what? You do?" Taè asks, shocked. "Yes." Jungkòok nods, and Taè gasps. "Who is it, alpha?" Taè asks in a low, broken voice.
Before Jungkòok could reply, Soyeòn enters the room, strutting towards him. "My king!" Soyeòn exclaims, rushing to stand beside him. "My love." Jungkòok replies, smiling at the head concubine. Taè looks at them both, not understanding the sudden change in their relationship.
"What are you looking at, your majesty?" Soyeòn snaps at Taè who was on the verge of tears. "D-does he really love you?" Taè stutters, and Soyeòn rolls her eyes. "Well, we can ask him." Soyeòn replies, turning to look at Jungkòok who was staring at her like a lovesick fool.
"Do you love me, my king?" Soyeòn asks, caressing the alpha's cheek. "I love you." Jungkòok replies, smiling and reaching out to hold her waist. "See, your majesty. He loves me!" Soyeòn gushes, looping her arms around the king's neck.
"H-he does not. He told me he loves me yesterday night." Taè says, and Soyeòn laughs. "Please, do not make things up, your majesty. He loves me, you must have been dreaming." Soyeòn replies, and Jungkòok nods.
"I am sure I was not dreaming. My king was about to explain, but he could not as you called him." Taè mumbes, making Soyeòn sigh. "Past is past. He loves me now, your majesty. Please accept our love." Soyeòn replies softly, and Taè shakes his head.
"I know you love me, my king. Please, why are you doing this?" Taè asks sadly, turning to face the king. "I do not, I already told you." Jungkòok replies coldly, and Taè couldn't help but notice that the alpha's eyes were void of any emotion.
"Stop embarrassing yourself. Your majesty, he does not love you." Soyeòn says, looking at the queen who was trying to blink his tears away. "Did you spell him? You are a witch, am I correct?" Taè asks, and Soyeòn gasps.
"Mind your words!" Jungkòok shouts "Your Majesty, I am not a witch! Those are only rumors." Soyeòn says, putting a hand on her chest "I am sure it is not just a rumor. But since I do not have any proof you spelled him, I will leave this topic." Taè replies, wiping his tears.
"You may leave, your majesty. We need privacy." Soyeòn says with a conceited grin. "You are no one to order me. I am still the queen." Taè replies, and Soyeòn nods. "My king, will you please tell him to leave?" Soyeòn asks Jungkòok, who turns to look at Taè.
"I will see you in our chamber later. You may leave for now." Jungkòok orders, and Taè looks at him sadly. "I do not know what happened to you suddenly, my king. But I still love you." Taè whispers, moving closer to the alpha.
"Do not be a homewrecker, your majesty." Soyeòn cuts in angrily, making Taè back away. "We shall see who is the real honewrecker here soon." That's all Taè says, before leaving the room sadly.
A/N: NOTICE!! The Soyeòn in this au is completely imaginary, not related to any idol with the same name!!
♤ With T4e and Jimì ♤
Tæ went to Jimi immediately, wanting someone to comfort him. Jimi welcomed him with open arms, letting him cry on his chest. "Baby...are you ok?" Jimi asks, patting the sobbing omega's hair. "Minnie- he t-told me he loved me, I swear!" Tæ cries out, and Jimi nods sadly.
"I understand, and I believe you. We will question him more, ok?" Jimi says softly, and Tæ shakes his head. "No, Minnie! He and his new soon-to be queen is not believing me!" Tæ exclaims, wiping his tears. "This is suspicious, Tæ. We cannot just leave this." Jimi replies.
"What can I do then, Minnie? I do not have any proof that she spelled him." Tæ says, and Jimi sighs. "I am sure she spelled him. The change in his behavior is so sudden." Jimi states, and Tæ moves away. "I know. But how can I prove it?" Tæ asks, fiddling with his fingers.
"First, let us confirm if it is true or not . If he is spelled, there is always a way to break it. Do not worry, Tæ." Jimi says, smiling reassuringly. "I agree, Minnie. I will try to find out more. I should go back to my chamber now." Tæ smiles sadly, then leaves the room.
Tæ enters his chamber silently, gasping when he sees Jungkòo sitting on the bed. "My king. You are back." Tæ whispers, and Jungkòo nods. "Undress yourself, I need you." Jungkòo orders, making Tæ widen his eyes. "Why, my king? You can go to her." Tæ replies softly.
"You are my queen, you are supposed to serve me without any objections." Jungkòo states angrily, and Tæ rolls his eyes. "No, alpha. You can call her. I will not do this with you until you admit you confessed your love for me yesterday." Tæ says, looking at the alpha.
Jungkòo growls, stands up and walks closer to the omega who didn't bat an eyelash. "And if I do not? What are you going to do, omega?" Jungkòo questions, reaching out to grip the omega's wrist. "What happened to you, my king? Please, you were not like this!" Tæ exclaims.
"Nothing happened. You are acting weird today, as if I am your equal. I am not going to abide by your conditions anymore." Jungkòo states, his free arm wrapping around the omega's waist tightly. "The change in you is too sudden. I will find out the reason behind it." Tæ replies.
"You have nothing to find out. Just get on the bed, omega." Jungkòok says, his hand easily untying the knot of the queen's dress. "I refused, my king. You are not supposed to do this without my consent." Tæ whispers, trying to stop the alpha from removing his dress.
"You are my queen. You should never refuse me anything!" Jungkòok exclaims, his teeth grazing the side of the omega's neck. "You want to have me now? Then fine, as you wish, my king." Tæ replies, hastily pulling his half undone clothes down.
Jungkòo only looks on as Tæ gets completely nak€d. The omega looks up at the king and moves closer to him, his dainty fingers reaching out to unbutton the alpha's shirt. Jungkòo helps the omega remove his own clothes, then grips his bare waist and pulls him closer.
"So beautiful." Jungkòo whispers against the omega's lips, and Tæ just nods before leaning in and connecting their lips together. Jungkòo pulls away, then pushes the omega onto the bed and hovers over him, before reconnecting their lips.
Tæ m0ans when he feels the alpha's hand trailing down to his wet cùnt, wet, as he was already aroused by the king. Tæ breaks the kiss and looks into the alpha's eyes. "I need you in me." Tæ mumbles, and Jungkòo growls before pushing two of his fingers inside his queen's h0le.
"Were you not the one who refused me, hm? What happened to that bratty, disobedient omega?" Jungkòo asks, roughly fingering the whimpering omega. "J-just do it, stop talking, alpha!" Tæ exclaims, putting his hands on the king's broad shoulders.
"Are you commanding me now? What, did no other man satisfy you?" Jungkòo asks mockingly, pulling his fingers out after enough foreplay. "No, my k-king, I could not find anyone else. I will soon!" Tæ screams when the alpha enters his big c0ck into his h0le.
"Omega. You should know by now that I am the only one that can satisfy you like this." Jungkòo chuckles, thrust1ng into the omega slowly. "That is not true! M-my Hyùns1k can, alpha." Tæ replies, tears starting to slide down his cheeks because if the pleasure and pain.
"No one can! Only me, omega!" Jungkòo shouts, thrust1ng harder and picking up pace. "But you love that witch, so I have to find some other alpha as you will leave me soon, to make her queen." Tæ whispers, then cries out when Jungkòo hits a particular spot in him.
"But until then, you are mine. You are my queen." Jungkòo states, then joins their lips together before the omega could reply. Tæ kisses him back, looping his arms around the alpha's neck. He scrunches his nose disapprovingly when a different scent hits him.
"You s-smell like her, my king." Tæ whispers, pulling away from the kiss. "What do you expect? I was with her all day." Jungkòo replies in a raspy voice, still ramming into the omega's h0le. Tæ nods and kisses him again, both of them revelling in the satisfying feeling.
Tæ was lying on the bed, tired after the strenuous session. Jungkòo was next to him, one hand around the omega's waist. "You should go now, my king. She must be looking for you." Tæ says softly, turning to face the alpha.
"She will call me if she wishes to see me. Let me rest for some time." Jungkòo replies, his voice sounding sleepy. "Fine, but do not let that witch accuse me of trying to get in between you two." Tæ says. "Why do you keep calling her 'witch?" Jungkòok questions.
"My king, please do not tell me you do not know she is a witch!" Tæ exclaims, sitting up on the bed. "What nonsense is this?" Jungkòo asks, sitting up as well. Before Tæ could reply, there was a knock on the door. Tæ sighs, annoyed that they were interrupted now.
"Your highness~" There was a shrill call from behind the closed door. "Soyeòn!" Jungkòo says, standing up and walking towards the door to open it. "My king!- why are you naked?" Soyeòn asks, her excited tone changing instantly.
Tæ covers himself with the bedsheets immediately, then looks at the two who were talking. "My love, I was-" Jungkòo starts, but Soyeòn cuts him off.
"I can see, your highness. You and your queen were having an intimate session. I am sorry for interrupting, I only wanted to see my king as I missed him." Soyeòn says sadly, wiping her ( non-existent) tears. "Petal, I missed you too. Do not cry, I love you, hm?" Jungkòo whispers
"Do you still love me, my king? Is he not replacing me?" Soyeòn asks, stepping inside the chamber. "No, my love. It is only you." Jungkòo replies, smiling at her. "Then why would you sleep with him, your highness?" Soyeòn asks, although she knew it was a dumb question.
"He is my queen, of course I will sleep with him, love." Jungkòo says, furrowing his eyebrows. "I know, alpha. But I thought since you confessed your love for me, you will stop sleeping with others. As I am your favorite, right?" Soyeòn asks in a soft voice, and Jungkòo sighs.
"That is not how it works, petal. I love you but that does not mean I can stop having intimacy with others. I am the king, and you understand, right, my love?" Jungkòo whispers, caressing her arm while looking at her with love.
"I understand, I am sorry for questioning you, my king." Soyeòn replies, smiling at him softly. "I will put on some clothes and meet you in the throne room. You should join us for all meals from now on." Jungkòo states, and Soyeòn giggles happily.
"Thank you, alpha!" Soyeòn exclaims, then throws herself onto the alpha who catches her immediately. "Careful, love." Jungkòo says, smiling at her excitement. "Excuse me, but I cannot allow her to have her meals with us, my king." Tæ speaks up, and Soyeòn widens her eyes.
"And may I ask why, your majesty?" Soyeòn asks, composing herself. "You are not family or a friend, you are only a concubine." Tæ replies confidently.
"Do not get so brave, your majesty. I will take over your place soon. I will rule by my king's side, as his queen and his wife." Soyeòn says, smiling sarcastically. "Well, until that happens, you will obey my rules." Tæ states, and Soyeòn gasps.
"Alpha! He is disrespecting me." Soyeòn says, pouting. Jungkòo clears his throat and turns to face Tæ who was checking his nails coolly, not looking at them both. "Omega. You should apologize to her." Jungkòo orders, and Tæ only rolls his eyes.
"Why? Did I say something wrong, my king?" Tæ asks, looking up while batting his eyelashes. "Yes, she will eat with us. You cannot object to that." Jungkòo replies sternly. "No, as the queen, I have the right to make decisions too." Tæ says, and Jungkòo sighs.
"Petal, can you give us a moment?" Jungkòo requests the concubine next to him. "I will wait for you in the throne room, alpha!" Soyeòn replies, smirking secretly, knowing the king was going to scold the queen for objecting.
Jungkòo grits his teeth and turns to face the omega on the bed, when Soyeòn had left the chamber. "Why are you behaving like this?" Jungkòo asks, walking towards his queen. "I am behaving like how a queen should. Nothing more, nothing less." Tæ replies, rolling his eyes.
"This is not how an omega like you should behave! I married you because you looked the prettiest and most obedient out of everyone I have ever met!" Jungkòo exclaims, watching as the omega stands up and goes to his dressing table "Too bad, I am a pretty good actor." Tæ replies.
"You are testing my patience, omega!" Jungkòo shouts, and Tæ looks at him with a calm expression on his face. "I do not care anymore. I do not care if you beat me, or abuse me, even s€xually." Tæ says, and Jungkòo widens his eyes. "I would never do that." Jungkòo replies.
"You were about to do it multiple times, my king. But you did not." Tæ whispers while fixing his messy, long hair and putting his crown in place. "I did not. That is the point, I would never abuse you physically! That is not how a real king acts!" Jungkòo exclaims, sighing.
"Mentally abusing me years ago was enough, my king. Enough to leave a scar which I am trying to heal." Tæ replies, putting on slight makeup. "I did not do anything! I act like a king, as how I was taught to. I do not care if you find my behavior wrong." Jungkòo says sternly.
"I do not. I cannot blame you for the way you act, I should blame your ancestors and the society." Tæ says, putting on a short, red dress. "What are you dolling up for?" Jungkòo asks, looking at the way the omega was dressing himself up.
"Oh, do you not remember? Today is the monthly ball, I have to look great." Tæ says, checking himself out in the mirror. "Oh. I forgot about that." Jungkòo whispers, immediately rushing to change into different clothes.
"And, by the way. I invited Hyùns1k, as he requested to see me. He sent me a letter which stated he wants to talk to me." Tæ says casually, and the alpha widens his eyes. "Why would you invite him?! He is not welcome here!" Jungkòo exclaims angrily.
"This is my kingdom too, alpha. I will do as I like." Tæ replies, smiling. "Fine. But if he creates a scene, he will be kicked out immediately." Jungkòo warns, and Tæ nods. "Do not worry, he is well behaved." Tæ says, and Jungkòo snorts. "Sure, I can see that." Jungkòo laughs
"My king, look into my eyes." Tæ suddenly says, turning around to face the alpha. Tæ looks into the king's eyes and gasps. "I was right. You have been spelled, alpha." Tæ says, his hand reaching out to stroke the alpha's hair.
"Spelled? By who?" Jungkòo asks, totally confused. "You have been spelled by that witch, my king. That is why you are acting like this." Tæ whispers, stepping closer to the surprised alpha. "Stop this. She is not a witch." Jungkòo replies, pushing the omega's hand away.
"Why do you not believe me? She is a witch. I thought she was a harmless one, but no. She did this on purpose." Tæ says, checking the difference in the alpha's eyes. "She did nothing! Do not blame her simply without proof." Jungkòo states, and Tæ sighs.
"I will find the evidence and prove it to you. I love you, my king." Tæ replies, smiling softly. "I do not get why you love me. You are hard to decipher, omega." Jungkòo says, crossing his arms over his chest. "Well, love just happens!" Tæ exclaims.
"Now, if you will excuse me, I have an alpha to meet." Tæ says, smiling widely, then proceeds to walk out of the chamber. Jungkòo was deep in his thoughts, thinking of what the omega said. Is Soyeòn really a witch? "Am I that dumb then?" Jungkòo asks himself.
"Alpha~ are you ready?" Soyeòn comes in, bringing him back to reality. "Yes, my love. Let us go." Jungkòo says, smiling at her. "You look bothered, is anything the problem?" She asks, noticing the different expression on the alpha's face.
"Petal, may I ask you something?" Jungkòo asks, and she nods. "Are you a witch?" Jungkòo questions, and Soyeòn gasps. "My king, I am not. If I was, I would have told you. I will never hide it from you!" Soyeòn exclaims with fake sadness.
"I am sorry, my love. I will not question you again." Jungkòo apologizes, not wanting to sadden the concubine. "I accept your apology, my king. Buy please, do not ask me this again." Soyeòn whispers, and Jungkòo quickly nods.
Ill update "His Queen" soon!! Check out this prompt if you'd like♡♡…
#taekookau a/b/o au where: tw // cheating ( between j/k and his wife ) Jungkòok is rich, he is the owner of one of the top companies, and he has a beautiful wife. He has the perfect life, you might say, but no. If only he was married to his mistress, the beautiful Tæhyung.
Jungkòo walks to the hall where the ball was being held. Soyeòn held his arm, looking up proudly. Everyone in the hall gasps when Jungkòo comes in with someone else other than his queen. "As you were!" Jungkòo exclaims, not liking the numerous stares from the people present.
Jungkòo looks down at his concubine who was looking around. "My king, look at them." Soyeòn whispers, pointing to a direction. Jungkòo turns his head to look, and sees his queen talking to King Hyuns1k, both of them looking sad but happy at the same time.
Jungkòo didn't feel jealous like he used to. But he did feel something that he could not explain. Soyeòn tries to overhear the queen and Hyuns1k's conversation. "Your highness, I accept your apology. You do not need to be sorry anymore." Tæ tells the smiling Hyuns1k.
"I hurt you, omega. I did not mean to, I was just sad seeing you with your new king." Hyuns1k says, and Tæ sighs. "My king..." Tæ whispers, and Hyuns1k raises his eyebrows curiously. "Is everything fine? With you and your king?" Hyuns1k asks, keeping some distance between them.
"Yes, your highness. Everything is good." Tæ gives him a fake smile. "Then why is your king coming over to us with some other woman beside him?" Hyuns1k asks, looking confused. Tæ gasps and turns around to look at them. He bows down politely when Jungkòo comes to stand near him
"King Jeòn." Hyuns1k greets Jungkòo who doesn't reply. "Your highness." Soyeòn says, bowing down to Hyuns1k. "Who is this, may I ask?" Hyuns1k says, looking at Soyeòn curiously. "I am King Jeòn's future queen, your highness." Soyeòn replies, smiling proudly.
"Oh, is that so? Then what about Queen Tæhyung?" Hyuns1k asks, and Soyeòn shakes her head. "He will step down as queen, your highness." Soyeòn says, and Tæ rolls his eyes.
" I was a queen before I married King Jeòn. So, I will still be a queen, but of a different kingdom." Tæ states, trying not to sound rude. "I know, your majesty." Soyeòn says, gritting her teeth. "Good." Tæ replies, turning his attention to his cousin who was calling him.
"Tæhyung-ie, come here." Seokj1n beckons him to come near him. Tæ excuses himself and walks to his cousin, Hyuns1k following from behind. "King Hyuns1k." Seokj1n greets him, and Hyuns1k nods in acknowledgement. "Queen Seokj1n." He replies politely.
"Why did you call me?" Tæ asks his cousin, who looks at Hyuns1k nervously. "Can you wait there, your highness? Please give us a minute." Seokj1n requests, and Hyuns1k walks away to give them privacy. Seokj1n pulls him into the huge kitchen and Tæ looks around curiously.
"I was talking to N@mjoon, Hob1, and Yoong1- the three heads of the castle, and they told me something interesting." Seokj1n says, and Tæ widens his eyes. "Is it about-?" Tæ asks, and Seokj1n nods. "Yes! They told me they knew Soyeòn is a witch." Seokj1n grins.
"What? Why did they not tell me?" Tæ pouts, and Seokj1n sighs. "This is not the time for that. Do you want to know what they said about love spells or not?" Seokj1n asks, and Tæ gasps. "Yes, yes. Tell me." Tæ replies, nodding excitedly.
"Love spells can be broken with a cliché kiss." Seokj1n says, and Tæ's smile fades. "That is not true, hyung. I did kiss my king, but he did not change. He is still behaving strangely." Tæ sighs sadly. "Try again, Tæ." Seokj1n urges, but Tæ shakes his head.
"I cannot even confirm if he is under a spell or not. He is probably not." Tæ says, looking away. "He definitely is. He is acting very differently from earlier. The day I came here, he was not taking his eyes off of you. He was staring at you with love." Seokj1n states.
"Are you sure, hyung?" Tæ asks softly, and Seokj1n smiles. "I am sure, Tæ. Believe your hyung." Seokj1n says, and Tæ nods. "I will try again if he lets me." Tæ smiles, then both of them look at the door when they hear footsteps. There was no one there.
♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ Meanwhile, Soyeòn was eavesdropping on their conversation, and she groans in her mind when she hears Seokj1n revealing the way to break the spell.
"If that queen kisses my king when they are not having s€x, the spell will be broken! I cannot let that happen." Soyeòn says to herself, running away before the two queens could spot her. She stands beside Jungkòo, and looks at him with puppy eyes.
"Will you do me a favor, my king?" Soyeòn asks, looking up at the king. "What is it?" Jungkòo asks her. "Can you not kiss your queen?" Soyeòn asks, and Jungkòo furrows his eyebrows. "Why should I stop? I do not understand." Jungkòo says, and Soyeòn sighs.
"My king, please? Do it for me?" Soyeòn whispers, but Jungkòo shakes his head. "I do not think I can stop myself from kissing him while we are having those sessions." Jungkòo replies. "You can during that that. But please do not kiss him otherwise." Soyeòn requests, and he nods
"Fine, but tell me the reason." Jungkòo says, and Soyeòn sighs. "I feel sad when I see it, my king." Soyeòn whispers. Jungkòo hums and looks away, searching for Tæ who has been gone for a long time.
He widens his eyes when he feels Tæ's arms wrapping around his neck, holding on to him tightly. He hesitantly places his hand on the omega's waist. Jungkòo looks at him questioningly when Tæ leans in, clearly wanting to kiss him. Jungkòo does not protest, he leans in too.
But right at that moment their lips were going to touch, a female hand pushes them both apart. Jungkòo whips his head to look straight at Soyeòn who was smiling sheepishly. "My king, I am sorry to interrupt. But it is time to announce it, what you wanted to say." Soyeòn states.
"Yes, I will be coming now." Jungkòo nods, and turns to face the omega in his arms. "What announcement, my king?" Tæ asks, and Jungkòo shakes his head. "I will tell you later, omega." Jungkòo says, then walks away. "That witch!" Tæ curses, rolling his eyes unnoticeably.
"May I have your attention? This is an important announcement." Jungkòo states in a loud voice, and everyone's attention was on him. "Let me introduce Soyeòn. She will be your queen soon." Jungkòo announces, and everyone claps monotonously, not surprised as this happened often.
Only Tæ and a few others were shocked at the king's words. Jim1n sighs and puts his hand around the bewildered omega's shoulder. Seokj1n stands beside him on the other side, and holds his hand comfortingly. Tæ was silent. He didn't utter a word.
He looked straight at the smiling Jungkòo until he met his stare. Tæ looks away when he feels his king's gaze boring into his soul. He turns away and smiles nervously at his best friend and cousin, then rushes out of the room.
Tæ goes to the garden, where it was silent. Just him and the stars. He sits on the stairs while looking up at the sky sadly. "Grandma? Do you think he's under a spell? Or does he really like her.." Tæ says into the calm night, a single teardrop sliding down his cheek.
"Talk to me." A man comes to sit beside him, smiling softly at the queen. Tæ startles when he hears the familiar voice, and hastily wipes his tears to not show that he was crying. "Your highness, I should be going now. It is late." Tæ whispers, aiming to stand up.
"My beautiful queen, I know you are sad. I can tell from the way you were staring at the sky, looking so forlorn." Hyuns1k- the man- says, scooting closer to the surprised omega. "Are you sure this is not going to cause trouble for me and my king, your highness?" Tæ asks him.
"No. Your king is with his soon-to-be queen now. He will not even notice your absence. You stay here, let us talk." Hyuns1k says, looking into the omega's teary eyes. "If you say so, your majesty." Tæ replies, fiddling with his fingers nervously.
"Is your king replacing you as queen? Or will you remain the queen but with an additional one?" Hyuns1k asks, and Tæ sighs. "He did not tell me anything about that. I will leave his kingdom if he wants me to." Tæ replies in his soft voice.
"It is not only his kingdom. It is yours too." Hyuns1k states, gently holding the omega's hand. "Your highness-" Tæ begins nervously, looking at their intertwined fingers. "Do not say anything for the moment. I have a proposal for you." Hyuns1k says, caressing the omega's hand.
"What is it, your highness?" Tæ asks curiously, he ignores the voice of his conscience telling him it was not something good. "Come back with me to my kingdom. I will take care of you like the queen you are. I promise, I will never treat you as my inferior." Hyuns1k states.
"I cannot do that to my king, your highness. He had said earlier he needs me to stay." Tæ replies, though the thought of leaving with Hyuns1k did not seem half bad now. "Ask him, then. If he allows it, we can go back together. Tonight." Hyuns1k says, standing up with the omega.
"Tonight? Is that not too soon?" Tæ mumbles. "I will give you all the distance you need. I will never make you uncomfortable." Hyuns1k assures him. "Then I will come with you if my king allows, your highness." Tæ says, a small smile tugging on his lips.
"I would love that, my queen." Hyuns1k says, smiling at the omega. "I have one condition. Can my friend and my cousin come along? They have been with me through thick and thin." Tæ requests, and Hyuns1k's expression turns a bit sour but he nods nonetheless.
"Fine. They cam come too." Hyuns1k states through gritted teeth. Tæ doesn't notice the sudden change in his behavior though, so he only smiles shyly. "Thank you, my king." Tæ says, then proceeds to walk to the ball room with Hyuns1k following from behind.
Jungkòo looks at Tæ when he comes in to the ball room, but his expression hardens when he sees Hyuns1k right behind him. "My king. I have to tell you something." Tæ bows down in front of Jungkòo, who nods. "What might that be? Speak up, omega." Jungkòo replies.
"I will tell you, Jeon." Hyuns1k cuts in, and Tæ notices the immediate rise in both the alphas' scents. "Go on then, Park." Jungkòo says, crossing his arms over his muscular chest.
"Queen Tæhyung is leaving this kingdom. He is coming with me, he will be my queen." Hyuns1k says, making Jungkòo widen his eyes in shock and anger. "I am his king. I will not allow that." Jungkòo replies, not liking the idea of 'his queen', his property, living with another man.
"But, my king. I want to go, please give me your permission." Tæ pleads, but Jungkòo shakes his head. "Never. You will never-" "Stay in this kingdom!" Soyeòn interrupts Jungkòo's words, appearing out of nowhere.
"You will never stay in this kingdom, your majesty. You are free to leave!" Soyeòn continues, but Jungkòo stops her. "Soyeòn, I do not want him to leave. You cannot change that, my love." Jungkòo says in his stern yet soft voice.
"But, My king. Please, let him go? It is the queen's wish, you have to respect it. Besides, you will have a new queen soon." Soyeòn replies. "I can have two queens. That is what I meant when I said I will make you a queen. I did not mean I am letting go of Tæhyung." Jungkòo says
"I wish to leave with King Hyuns1k. If you do not grant me the permission, I will have to-" Tæ begins. "Go! Leave, I do not care. Why did I even want you in the first place? Oh yes, it was because you are too beautiful. Well, leave now." Jungkòo states.
"My king, thank you!" Soyeòn exclaims, smiling at Jungkòo who smiles back. He turns to face Tæ, with a smirk on his face. "Leave, omega. Enjoy your new life." Jungkòo tells the surprised Tæ. "I will, my king." Tæ whispers weakly.
Tæ was sad, he did not expect the King to allow him. He thought Jungkòo would protest more, not let him go this easily. He shakes off his thoughts, he was going to have a new life soon. Why think about ths now? Tæ looks up at Jungkòo who was still looking at him.
"My king, I have to go see my friend. I will be back in a moment." Soyeòn informs Jungkòo and walks away. "My queen, can we leave now?" Hyuns1k asks Tæ. "Y-yes." Tæ replies, then gives him a weak smile. "But. Before that, I have to tell my king something." Tæ suddenly says.
"Make it quick, my queen." Hyuns1k says, then moves away to give them privacy. Once Hyuns1k was out of earshot, Tæ steps closer to the confused Jungkòo. "I am finally leaving you, my king." Tæ whispers. "Yes. You are." Jungkòo replies.
"Take care of yourself. That is the most important part." Tæ says, looking at the alpha who nods. "I always do. I have got to admit, I feel sad seeing you go." Jungkòo mutters under his breath, moving even closer to the omega.
"Do not worry, you have another queen." Tæ replies. "Yes. I do, you are correct." Jungkòo states, then looks away. "I will be taking my leave then. I love you." Tæ whispers. "Goodbye, my queen. I will visit you someday." Jungkòo smiles, watching the omega walk away from him.
Tæ was starting to walk away with tears in his eyes, when he feels Jungkòo's hand gripping his wrist and pulling him back. "My king, what-" Tæ asks, but was interrupted by the alpha, who joined their lips together in a desperate kiss.
Tæ registers the faint scream of horror from Soyeòn, and he feels the alpha deepening the kiss. Jungkòo wraps his arm around Tæ's waist, as the omega clutches onto the king's shirt. Jungkòo didn't stop the kiss, it was as if something had turned on in his mind.
They only stop kissing when Soyeòn forcefully pushes them away from each other. Jungkòo widens his eyes. He felt like he had just woken up from a deep sleep, but he remembers everything that happened in the past few days. He looks down at Soyeòn who was saying something.
"My king? What are you feeling right now?" Soyeòn asks frantically. "Petal? What do you mean? What happened?" Jungkòo asks, not knowing why his concubine was acting like this. "Nothing happened, my king. Who do you love?" Soyeòn questions, a bit of hope still there.
"I do love someone. I will confess my love soon" Jungkòo says, and Soyeòn confirms that the spell had been broken. Before Soyeòn could say anything, Jungkòo cuts in. "Wait. Why did I say I was going to make you my queen? What was going on?" Jungkòo asks, really confused.
"N-nothing was going on, my king." Soyeòn stutters nervously. "I do not remember everything. Just some things. What had happened to me?" Jungkòo groans frustratedly. "My king, you were sick-" Soyeòn makes up a lie, a foolish one.
"I need to see my queen, where is he?" Jungkòo questions, looking around for Tæ until he spots him talking to Hyuns1k. It looked like they were arguing. Jungkòo pushes Soyeòn who was trying to stop him from going there. He rushes to where Tæ was standing and pulls him away.
"My king?" Tæ asks in shock, turning around to look at the alpha who was scenting and nosing his mating mark desperately. Tæ feels the tears forming in his eyes when he sees the empty look in the king's eyes gone. It was now full of another indescribable feeling.
"Why are you crying, my queen?" Jungkòo asks softly, using his thumb to wipe the omega's tears. "J-jungkoò?" Tæ whispers, tears of happiness sliding down his cheeks. "Yes?" Jungkòo replies, confused at the omega's tears. "So you were spelled..." Tæ says in a low voice.
"Spelled? By who, my queen?" Jungkòo asks, ignoring Hyuns1k's presence. "I will tell you later, alpha. I am just happy you are back to normal." Tæ smiles and rests his head on the king's chest. "Oh, of course." Jungkòo says, hugging the omega even closer to him.
"Excuse me. It is time for us to leave." Hyuns1k interrupts their little happy session. "Actually, your highness. I changed my mind, I no longer want to come with you. I am sorry." Tæ tells Hyuns1k, who looks at him angrily.
"No. I do not know why I said that earlier. I was not in my senses, so my queen will not come with you." Jungkòo states, gritting his teeth He didn't understand why he had said he will allow his queen to leave the kingdom. Jungkòo couldn't imagine a life without his queen.
"Jeon. A king's word to another king should never be broken. You have to do as you said earlier, allow your queen to come with me. Your omega belongs to me now." Hyuns1k says, and Tæ widens his eyes. "Your highness, I am sorry. Please, I cannot come with you." Tæ whispers.
"Oh, you will, omega. Your king cannot go back on his word." Hyuns1k says, smirking. "Park, I am certainly not allowing my queen to leave me!" Jungkòo growls, tightening his grip on the omega's waist.
"Then you know what that means. War, Jeon. We will fight for him." Hyuns1k continues, making Jungkòo even angrier. "No. I cannot risk losing my omega." Jungkòo replies, shaking his head.
"Are you scared to fight me and my kingdom? Do you not love your queen enough to fight for him?" Hyuns1k taunts. "I agree, then." Jungkòo states, and Tæ gasps. "My king, no. I can go with him, there is no need for war." Tæ says, but Jungkòo doesn't agree.
"I have to, omega. I will tell you something important after I return from the war, with victory." Jungkòo smiles softly, caressing his queen's waist. "Tell me now, alpha. Why wait?" Tæ whispers, looking at his king with sadness. He hated war, he hated to see his king fight.
Tæ was always afraid whenever Jungkòo went off to fight, he was nervous. There were many bad possibilities, he hated to imagine something happening to his alpha. He was cut off from his thoughts when Hyuns1k speaks up.
"According to the rules, your queen will have to stay with me. When the war is over, Queen Tæhyung will go with the winning kingdom." Hyuns1k states. "Winning? Do you think war is a joke, Park? I am risking losing my omega!" Jungkòo exclaims.
"I do not care. Your omega will stay with me for a few months until the day of the war." Hyuns1k says plainly. "Never!" Jungkòo shouts, but Tæ immediately covers his mouth.
"My king, he is right. If you do not follow the rules, this war will not be fair. I have to stay with him." Tæ sighs, and Jungkòo removes the omega's hand from his mouth. "Do you want to stay with him? Is that it?" Jungkòo asks frustratedly.
"My king, of course not!" Tæ gasps, and Jungkòo relaxes visibly. "But I have to. You understand, right, my king?" Tæ continues softly, not wanting to anger his king again. "No, I said no! I will not-" Jungkòo was saying when Seokj1n comes into the scene.
"Your highness. King Hyuns1k is correct. Please let him go, it is only for a few months. You may lose him forever if you do not do this." Seokj1n states. "But, I.. Alright, fine. But you will come back immediately if he mistreats you." Jungkòo tells Tæ.
"He will not do that, alpha." Tæ smiles reassuringly. "When do you have to leave? It will take months, maybe even an year, to prepare for this war, I cannot be away from you for that long." Jungkòo says sadly. "You can visit me-" Tæ whispers. "No, he cannot." Hyuns1k cuts in.
"Why not?" Jungkòo questions angrily. "We will find a way, my king." Tæ whispers into the alpha's ear, as to not create a scene. Jungkòo nods, understanding the situation. He looks at the other king who was standing there with a proud look on his face.
"Leave. We will meet again on the day of the war." Jungkòo says, glaring at Hyuns1k. "I will not leave without my omega." Hyuns1k replies. "My omega will stay with me for today. He will come to your kingdom tomorrow." Jungkòo states.
Hyuns1k was about to protest, but decides against it. He walks out of the castle silently, and Tæ sighs in relief. "Jungkòo..." Tæ whimpers, feeling the alpha kiss his neck lovingly. "Can we run away? Just me and you?" Jungkòo asks in a low voice, making sure no one hears.
"No, alpha. I am actually returning to my own kingdom. With Jimi and Seokj1n. King Hyuns1k cannot protest to that as it is not against the rules." Tæ replies, and Jungkòo widens his eyes. "That is brilliant! You are so intelligent as always, my queen." Jungkòo smiles in relief.
"I know, my king. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go prepare everything. I am leaving for my kingdom tomorrow morning." Tæ says, getting out of the alpha's grip.
"No! Stay with me for the night, please. Do not do anything else, you can ask the maids to prepare everything!" Jungkòo whines, following the omega to their bedchamber.
"Alpha, even though I do love you, that does not mean I am forgiving you. You kept that witch around and let her put a spell on you! How can you be this dumb? Are you not the most powerful king?" Tæ asks, clearly disappointed in him.
"Did she spell me? Is she really a witch, my queen?" Jungkòo asks, his expression changing into one of betrayal and anger. "Do you still not believe me? After all you went through, you still think I am lying." Tæ rolls his eyes.
"No, my queen. I believe you, I am just surprised." Jungkòo says. "Do you want proof? Question her." Tæ demands. He receives a nod from the alpha in response. "I will. And if she did something of the sort, she will be punished." Jungkòo states sternly.
"Punished in the bad way, I hope." Tæ mumbles, making Jungkòo chuckle. "Of course, darling. In the bad way." Jungkòo replies and walks out of the chamber, while Tæ swoons internally over the new nickname.
"Soyeòn!" Jungkòo's angry voice bellows across the room, where Soyeòn was sitting with some other concubines. "Your highness!" Soyeòn and the other concubines stand up nervously. "Everyone, out." Jungkòo orders, and all of them scamper away immediately.
"Not you." Jungkòo says when he sees Soyeòn trying to run away. "W-why do need me, your highness?" Soyeòn stutters, her eyes filled with fear. "Did you put a spell on me, Soyeòn?" Jungkòo asks, his eyes flashing with anger. "N-no, my king." Soyeòn lies.
"Are you a witch or not?" Jungkòo questions, his gaze piercing into her soul. Soyeòn couldn't take it anymore, the alpha's pheromones were too much. "I am, alpha. But I did not spell you." Soyeòn replies, and Jungkòo only chuckles.
"I am sure you spelled me. My queen is always right. I should have banished you much earlier." Jungkòo states, regret present in his voice. "I did it because I love you, my king. But you do not love me back, what else was I supposed to do?" Soyeòn asks sadly.
"Anything but spell me! I am a married man, and you know it. I only love my queen, even though I engage with you concubines." Jungkòo replies. "I am sorry, your highness. I will not repeat it as my powers are gone now. But please, do not banish me!" Soyeòn pleads.
"I will not banish you, petal." Jungkòo whispers, and Soyeòn looks up, sighing in relief. "Thank you, my king." She says, smiling at the alpha.
"I will not banish you as I will be punishing you." Jungkòo says sternly, and Soyeòn nods. "Now, your highness? Should I get ready for you?" She asks, and Jungkòo laughs. "Not in that way, Soyeòn. You will receive the real punishment for your bad deeds." Jungkòo replies.
"No, I apologize for doing that, your highness! Please, do not punish me! Remember, I saved your dear mother's life all those years ago. How can you do this to me?" Soyeòn asks desperately.
"I was indebted to you for saving my mother's life. I did everything to please you because you saved her. But this is getting out of hand, I cannot bear with it anymore. You will be punished, as per the rules." Jungkòo replies, and widens his eyes when Soyeòn starts crying.
"I beg you, my king. Please, forgive me." Soyeòn sobs, getting down on her knees. "Stand up, begging is of no use now. I cannot let you go without being punished." Jungkòo states. "Let me go? Where?" Soyeòn asks with wide eyes.
"After you are done with the punishment, you will be sent to prison. What you did was unacceptable!" Jungkòo exclaims, and watches how all the courage and fight left in Soyeòn drains visibly. "I understand, then." Soyeòn whispers.
"Guards!" Jungkòo calls out, and two men comes in to take the crying concubine away. "I hope you forgive me someday." Soyeòn says in a soft voice before letting the guards guide her outside. When she was gone, Jungkòo sits on her bed, sighing in relief.
"One has been taken care of, now another one is on the way." Jungkòo mumbles to himself, referring to the war. He stands up and rushes to where Tæ was standing, watching the guards drag the concubine away. "Alpha, you really banished her!" Tæ says in disbelief.
"Of course. She admitted to her wrong-doings." Jungkòo replies. "I feel a bit bad for her. It was your fault too, if only you had stopped sleeping with your concubines, none of this would have happened." Tæ says, and an elderly woman,-one of the head cooks- gasps from behind.
"A king should sleep with his concubines, you should never tell him not to. Immature queen." The old woman says, offended by the younger omega's words. "I am sorry if my words hurt you, then. This is between me and my husband." Tæ tells the woman and gracefully walks away.
"You are fired. Leave the castle immediately, i do not want to see your face here ever again. Do I make myself clear?" Jungkòo tells the elderly woman, who gasps and nods. "I am sorry. I just said what had to be said." She says. "I do not care. Leave!" Jungkòo exclaims.
"No. Apologize to the queen first. Then leave." Jungkòo says, and she nods before walking to where Tæ was. Jungkòo watches as she begs for forgiveness, but Tæ doesn't reply. He just nods and gestures her to leave, a satisfied expression on his face.
Jungkòo walks over to his omega who was packing the necessary stuff to take with him for tomorrow's departure. "Your staff really hates me." Tæ says, folding his clothes. "That is why I fire them. No one insults my dear queen, hm?" Jungkòo smiles.
"Yes. Well, I hope your staffs' behavior improves. I will not return unless they all treat me as they should." Tæ states, and Jungkòo couldn't help but feel the familiar wave of admiration towards his queen.
Jungkòo nods in affirmation, then sits down on the huge bed. "Are you sure you want to do this, my queen? If you stay here, I will protect you. I will not abide by the rules for once." Jungkòo states, playing with the thick ring on his finger.
"Yes, I am sure, alpha. Besides, it is only for a few months. Who knows, maybe I can try to forgive you within this time period." Tæ replies plainly, then gestures the alpha to turn away. "What?" Jungkòo asks him. "I have to change my dress, my king." Tæ says.
"And? Do it, it is not like I have not seen you, darling." Jungkòo chuckles. Tæ rolls his eyes and starts to change his dress, taking his sweet, sweet time. He smirks when he sees the alpha's eyes focused on his body. "Tease." Jungkòo grumbles and stands up.
Tæ doesn't protest when the alpha moves closer to him and pins his naked body onto the wall. Jungkòo locks the door hastily and was about to kiss the queen when he was stopped by a finger on his lips. "What are you planning to do?" Tæ whispers, a cheeky smile adorning his lips.
"You know, my queen. Let me do it, I may not be able to see you for months after this night." Jungkòo replies, softly rutting his erection onto the omega's hips. Tæ lets out a whimper when he feels his king's hardness against his own hip.
"N-no! Stop, I do not want this." Tæ says suddenly, surprising the alpha. "What happened?" Jungkòo questions, but Tæ just sighs. "I do not want to do it, please. I feel unwell." Tæ whispers, and Jungkòo nods immediately. "I will not force you. Go take rest." Jungkòo replies.
"I am sorry, Alpha." Tæ says in a low voice, and Jungkòo shakes his head. "You do not have to be sorry. Sleep well, omega. I will go take care of my- uh... problem." Jungkòo says sheepishly.
Tæ nods and looks on as the alpha walks away. He was not actually unwell or sick. He just didn't want to do it with Jungkòo now, for obvious reasons. He covers his body with a thick blanket, feeling cold because of the night's temperature.
Almost an hour had passed, and Jungkòo was nowhere to be seen. "Why is he not here yet?" Tæ whispers to himself, pulling the sheet more closer to his body. He sighs in relief when he hears the familiar sound of the king's footsteps. "Do you need this much time?" Tæ questions.
"Darling, I am sorry for being late. I had to settle some matters at the ball too." Jungkòo apologizes, lying down on the bed behind his omega after locking the door. He gets inside Tæ's blanket, then wraps an arm around the omega's waist tightly.
"What, it is midnight! Has the ball not ended yet?" Tæ asks, surprised. "Everyone just dispersed, my queen. You sleep, hm? Let me embrace you, as I will miss your presence for the next few months." Jungkòo replies softly.
"You must be rejoicing in your mind, alpha." Tæ says, letting out a short laugh. "No. I am not, I will miss you badly. Can I tell you something important?" Jungkòo asks nervously, his lips moving against the queen's neck. "Tell me later, my king. I want to sleep." Tæ mumbles.
"Uh- sure, it can wait.." Jungkòo trails off, sighing and looking at the omega who was dozing off. He leaves a peck on Tæ's lips and smiles when the omega furrows his eyebrows in his sleep. "I know you are not going to forgive me easily, my queen. I will earn it." Jungkòo says.
"You are correct. I will not forgive you anytime soon. Earn it." Tæ mutters, his eyes halfway closed. "You did not sleep?" Jungkòo asks. "No, I woke up when you kissed me, my king." Tæ replies sleepily. "Sorry, I did not mean to disrupt your sleep." Jungkòo replies softly.
"It is fine but I have to wake up early tomorrow. Good night, alpha." Tæ whispers, closing his eyes. "Good night." Jungkòo says, embracing the omega tightly. "You are acting different, my king. I wonder what happened." Tæ states sleepily. "You will know soon." Jungkòo replies.
♤ Time Skip: The next day ♤
"Is everything done? Did I forget something?" Tæ was standing in front of his mirror and adjusting his pretty gown. He was getting ready to go back to his kingdom, the one he used to rule. Now, it was being ruled by his parents and his siblings.
"Tæhyung." Jungkòo calls out suddenly, entering the chamber. "Tæhyung? Did I do something wrong-" Tæ asks with wide eyes, as the king usually did not call him by his name. "No, my queen. I just felt like calling you that." Jungkòo replies, staring at his omega's figure.
"I see." Tæ says, then turns back to check himself in the mirror again. "I have to tell you something." Jungkòo states, and Tæ nods in response, urging him to continue. "Go on, my king. What is it?" Tæ questions.
"Park has declared he does not want to commence the war anymore." Jungkòo says plainly. "What? If that is true, he does not know how happy he has made me! A true king never chooses violence." Tæ smiles in admiration, but doesn't notice the way Jungkòo grits his teeth.
"Instead, your true king has challenged me to a duel." Jungkòo mutters under his breath sarcastically, loud enough for Tæ to hear. "A duel? That is bad too, I would prefer you do not take part in it. I will face the consequences, do not get yourself hurt, alpha." Tæ states.
"Hurt?! I know how to protect myself! Do not talk to me as if I am a small child." Jungkòo replies. "I did not say so. I care for you, I cannot see you getting hurt. Every time you go off to war and other duels, my mind is always restless until you return." Tæ pauses then.
"I did not have a say then. I could not prevent you from fighting, as you are the king first, my husband second." Tæ continues. "What is your point?" Jungkòo asks, a confused expression on his face.
"You are fighting for me this time, Alpha. I do not wish for you to get hurt, though I know you will not listen to me. My wishes are never fulfilled." Tæ says, turning to face the king.
"You need not worry then. I will find a way to stop this, if you do not wish for the duel to happen." Jungkòo murmurs, moving closer to the queen. "Solve this with words, my king. Do not turn it into a physical dispute." Tæ replies, and the alpha nods.
"You are not leaving anymore, you will stay here." Jungkòo states, but Tæ shakes his head abruptly. "No, I am still leaving." Tæ mumbles, eliciting a low growl from the king. "Why? There is no need for you to leave now!" Jungkòo exclaims.
"I want to visit my kingdom, alpha." Tæ says, ignoring how Jungkòo's eyes hardened at his words. "This is your kingdom!" Jungkòo shouts. "But what about my family, then? I rarely see them. Besides, I will just stay there for a few months." Tæ mumbles.
"A few months?! But-" Jungkòo begins to say. "Please, my king. I wish to visit my family." Tæ cuts in. "I..." Jungkòo trails off, looking at the omega who was staring at him with a pleading look in his eyes. "Fine. Take Queen Jim1n and Queen Seokj1n with you." Jungkòo sighs.
"I was planning to anyway. Thank you, my king. And I would love it if you come see me when you get the time." Tæ smiles. "I will for sure." Jungkòo replies, then hesitantly leans in to kiss his omega's forehead. "I love you and I will miss you, Alpha." Tæ whispers.
"I will miss you too, my queen. More than you could imagine." "I should go now. If you have nothing else to say, I will take my leave." Tæ says. "Actually-" "Yes?" Tæ asks hopefully, a small smile on his face.
"T-take care. That is all." Jungkòo stutters. Tæ's hopeful smile fades away. "I will. Thank you for caring, Alpha. Goodbye for now." Jungkòo watches as the omega walks away from him, slowly but surely.
"My child! Your father and I missed you very much!" This was the first thing Tæhyung heard before he was brought into a bone-crushing hug. "Appa, Eomma. I missed you more." Tæ tells his parents. He was seeing them again after a really long time.
His father, who usually maintained a strict and cold demeanor, now had a teary smile on his face. The man was beyond happy to see his beloved son again. Tæ turns to look at his mother who had a big smile on her face, and her eyes were filled with tears of happiness.
"I did not expect this reaction." Tæ whispers. "What do you mean?" King Daewon, -his father- asks in confusion. "I never thought you will miss me, or be happy to see me back." Tæ replies. "Why, my child?" His mother- Queen Sumi-, questions.
"It is because I always thought I was a burden for you. I assumed that was the reason you decided to marry me off first, before my elder siblings." Tæ confesses. "I promise you, that was not the reason." King Daewon replies.
"It was only because we had to follow the tradition." Queen Sumi says quietly, her voice small as always. "I understand, I am sorry I ruined the mood." Tæ states. "But, my son, is there any particular reason for your sudden arrival?" Kin Daewon asks curiously.
Before Tæ could reply, his mother speaks up anxiously. "Did you not satisfy your king well? Are you banished for that? It is my fault then, I should have told you more about it. I am sorry, my child." "Eomma, I do everything I can to satisfy my king's wants." Tæ replies.
"But it seems that was not enough. My child, forgive me. If only I had taught you more, you would not have been banished!" Queen Sumi exclaims, and Tæ lets out a tired sigh. "I am not banished, Eomma. That is not why I returned." Tæ says.
"Your mother is only being dramatic. Ignore it." King Daewon replies. "I am starved. Please excuse me." Tæ says hurriedly, then rushes to his chamber.
It looked exactly the same. When was the last time he came here? Probably years ago. He had missed his own kingdom. His cosy bedchamber, his people, and most importantly, his family. Of course, his mother was more worried whether he could satisfy his king well, but still
He missed all of this. "Tae?!" Taehyung turned around and was attacked by a pair of arms in a sincere hug. His sister, Hyeji. They had never gotten along that well but seeing each other after so long brought tears to their eyes.
"Hyeji.." Taehyung offered a smile once they pulled back. "Why are you back unexpectedly?" She asked in surprise. "I missed everyone here a lot, I must say." Taehyung replies. "Including me, I presume?" Hyeji teases, earning a laugh from the other omega.
"Even you." Tae says, turning to look at himself in the grand mirror. There was silence for sometime, both of them stood there not saying anything. Hyeji smiles before nudging her brother who was looking at his own reflection in the mirror absent mindedly.
"Oh my, we all know you are beautiful, stop admiring your reflection." She jokes, shaking her head but stops when she notices the solemn, a bit sorrowful look on her brother's face. "Tae?" She calls softly.
Taehyung blinks, coming back to his senses. "Yes?" "I was wondering. What is the reason behind your unexpected visit?" Hyeji asks silently.
Taehyung looks at the ground. "I will tell you if you promise me you will not tell a soul. Not our parents, nor our siblings." He says in a hushed voice.
Hyeji nods vigorously, curious. "I want to separate. From my King." Taehyung states. Hyeji ponders over those words for a moment before looking up, confused.
"Separate, as in, separate for a few months, you mean?" Hyeji asks. "No, Hyeji. For good. I would like to be separated from him for good." He replies. "Tae? What are you saying? You know Mother and Father will never allow that-" Taehyung sighs. "I have it all planned out."
Taehyung sits on the bed then. Hyeji looked like she was about to breakdown. "What is the reason? I am aware of the fact that you love him. And yet?" Hyeji asks softly.
"Love is never enough, Hyeji. I learn that over these past few years." Taehyung begins to say with a deep exhale. "I spent years loving my King. Hoping he will love me back. Hoping our story will be like those fairytales Eomma narrated to us when we were quite young."
"But what is the result? After all these years, my King still does not want me. He does not love me." Taehyung whispers. Hyeji puts a comforting arm on his shoulder. "I do understand. But is leaving him the best way? Why not talk it out?" She asks.
"Oh, please. He is well aware of my feelings. I had confessed a while ago." Taehyung says. "Tae, do think this through. Did you talk to Seokjin or Jimin yet? They might have some valuable advice-" "They both agree with me, Hyeji." Taehyung cuts in.
"I do not get a say in this then. But I still think you should not be leaving him so unexpectedly." Hyeji mumbles. "I will think about it." Hyeji knew he won't. "What if you come to know he loves you? Then what?" She asks.
"That is a situation that will never ever take place. So I need not worry about it. My King would never love me, and I know that." Taehyung says as a matter of factly. Before Hyeji could reply, loud yells interrupt her.
"Taetae, you are back!" "I missed you, brother!" "I missed him more!" Taehyung giggles when the bickering of his youngest two brothers' could be heard in the backroom.
"I missed all four of you." Taehyung whispers happily. "Will you stay this time, Tae?" One of his brothers asks, tears in his eyes. "Do not cry, my dearest. I am not leaving anytime soon." Taehyung giggles.
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