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Sarah Beth Burwick

Sarah Beth Burwick

Mar 9, 2022
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PEDIATRIC "COVID" DEATHS IN LA -- A THREAD As others have reported, CDC massively overcounts covid deaths for all ages. The CDC counts as a "covid" death any person whose death certificate references c19, even if unrelated to the cause of death. 1/

Fellow LA moms @Nikki will not comply 🔥🇺🇸, @Cynthia Rojas, @LA Parent Union ❄️😢🪳 and I wondered whether, and to what extent, local pediatric deaths were being incorrectly classified as “from” covid when in fact a covid-19 infection may have been incidental. 2/
As of late January 2022, Los Angeles County reports that of the 26,332 people in the County who have died with or from covid since early 2020, seven were under the age of 18. 3/
Due to privacy concerns, the County does not publish any other information about these pediatric covid deaths, including whether covid was the primary cause, the gender or ethnicity of the deceased, or what other co-morbidities they may have experienced. 4/
In an effort to try to learn more, we decided to search records maintained by the LA County Medical Examiner/ Coroner. Not every death leads to an autopsy, & therefore this is not an exhaustive analysis of all pediatric c19 deaths in the County. But it's pretty close. 5/
We found details on 6 pediatric covid-related deaths in LA County. Using CDC Wonder data brilliantly compiled by @Stinson Norwood, we confirmed that each one is included in the CDC's pediatric covid death count, which as of end of Jan. 2022 totaled 733. 6/…
Stinson Norwood

Stinson Norwood

As of today there are 731 pediatric Covid-associated deaths in CDC's WONDER system for 2020-21. I've broken out each one by underlying cause of death & multiple causes of death. I've attached a key to help identify the residence state; this should locate a fair share of them.
In sum: 4/6 LA County pediatric "covid" deaths were not covid deaths at all, and 3/6 were caused by illegal drugs such as fentalyl and methamphetamine -- not covid. 2/6 appeared to have actually been *from* covid, and involved serious comorbidities. Details below: 7/
D.M., black male, age two. Per County Medical Examiner, he died from sequelae of diarrhea following "recent past exposure to methamphetamine" and tested positive for c19. CDC Wonder describes cause of death as "sequelae of other specified infection and parasitic disease." 8/
A.M., hispanic male, age 17. Per County Medical Examiner, he died from "effects of fentanyl" and had dilated cardiomyopathy and a history of c19 positive. CDC Wonder describes multiple causes of death including "accidental poisoning by and exposure to narcotics[.]" 9/
M.C., hispanic male, age 16. Per County medical examiner, cause of death "chronic lymphocytic meningoencephalitis w/ remote cerebral infarctions & hypoxic encephalopathy." CDC Wonder lists 8 causes of death... including c19. 10/
J.A., hispanic male, age 17. County medical examiner lists cause of death as "fentanyl toxicity" and notes decedent's marijuana use and c19 positive. CDC Wonder data lists multiple narcotics-related causes of death... and c19. 11/
C.H., Black male, age 16. County lists cause of death as Covid-19 and notes morbid obesity and unspecified cardiomyopathy. CDC Wonder lists c19, obesity, and cardiomyopathy. (Query: was his c19 treated? Why did he die at home?) 12/
A.R., hispanic male, age 15. Medical examiner ruled cause of death c19 and noted decedent's myocardial bridging and history of asthma. CDC Wonder lists multiple causes of death, including "other congenital malformations of aorta," asthma and c19. 13/
Every death is tragic and my heart goes out to these families. But it's impossible to have reasonable discussions regarding covid's risk to children when the CDC is routinely counting fentanyl overdoses as covid deaths -- and no mainstream media outlet will cover this. 14/
The public deserves to know the real number of children who have died from covid, and how many (if any) were previously healthy. Not because any life is expendable -- it's not -- but because context matters, and the harshest restrictions continue to be imposed on kids. 15/
Since journalists are not looking into this, we will. And we have a lot more work to do. Stay tuned for more on this on substack and in upcoming posts. 16/
Sarah Beth Burwick

Sarah Beth Burwick

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