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#taekookau a/b/o where Alpha Tae's family is in trouble and the only way to escape bankruptcy is for him to marry the rich heir to the Jeon fortune. Beta Jungkook is known to be cold, heartless.Which is why he must never know Tae's secret. That he is not what he seems. 🔞

Warnings : This fic deals with sub gender identities, social anxiety, nervous tics, self esteem issues. All though it is set against a fictional universe some of these are real issues that exist. So be kind .
🍒Arranged Marriage 🍒Angst with a ( very) happy ending. 🍒Hurt/ Comfort. 🍒 Jungkook is initially bad at feelings. 🍒 Taehyung needs a hug and a cup of hot Chocolate. 🍒They get better at the whole marriage thing eventually.
💠💠💠💠 Jeon Jungkook , at first glance , looked like the stereotypical alpha male from every scandalous romance novel you'd ever read as a teenager : tall , imposingly so , with a posture that was so impeccable that people straightened their own spines at the sight of him.
He had sharp, aristocratic features : a straight nose, slightly severe lips and eyes that seemed to judge whatever object or person they were trained on. He was very handsome, almost jarringly so and somehow his cold, aloof demeanor only seemed to increase his attractiveness.
Everyone who was anyone of repute knew the Jeon heir and his reputation. Jungkook was the sole heir to the massive Jeon fortune, the sole proprietor of Jeon Holdings, which included a widespread group of hotels , business ventures and manufactories.
He sat on top of the food chain, untouchable by mere mortals and doted on by rich, sniveling men twice his age, just so they could gain favour from the brilliant young businessman. And yet, he wasn't an alpha.
Jungkook, in fact was a beta, a sub gender generally considered placid and unremarkable and unworthy of any attention.Perhaps this was why his peers looked at him with disdain and condescension.Because although he was rich, intelligent and incredibly successful, he was not liked.
And Jungkook wanted to change that. He had plans to expand into high end commerce, luxury malls and real estate. And the clients he was looking to score were all part of the same elite that saw him with such disgust. He needed someone to bridge the gap. Hopefully a spouse.
Someone beautiful and charming and well liked, someone who knew how to navigate social situations and make friends . Someone bright and sparkly, like the chandelier in his company lobby that caught everyone's attention. Someone like Kim Taehyung.
A lot of you have been asking me for an arranged marriage fic for ages. I finally took the dive😬😬😬😬
( Regular updates because the boxer jk au is soon coming to an end )
Taehyung had never hated his father, but that was only because he was incapable of hate.The man had been a tyrant, a liar and a mean drunk. Amd more than that, he had been an addicted gambler. And that was the exact reason why the young alpha now stood outside Jeon Enterprises.
He had a few things to do, a small speech to give ns in his hands he held a small bouquet of flowers. They were periwinkle blue with pearly white baby's breath in between and in his jacket he had a small velvet box. Taehyung was on the way to propose to a stranger.
His mother had woken him up early for this . She had looked harried and anxious, hair messy like she'd run her finger through it too often. She had given him a stern glare as he ate his breakfast. "You can't ruin this . This is our only chance, Taehyungah. Don't ruin it ".
Taehyung stared up at the imposing building, seemingly climbing up into the clouds. The sides were all mirrored and the sun blinded him as he looked up at it, shielding his eyes with his palm. Jungkook was lounging somewhere up there , in his corner office.
He had only ever aeen Jungkook on TV and in magazines. The beta was intimidating ( although Taehyung as am alpha could never say that out loud to anyone ) and Taehyung could already feel a sick heaviness in his gut at the prospect of meeting the man. But he couldn't avoid it.
They were supposed to be engaged in two weeks , married in another two. He had to meet hom at least a few times before tying himself up to the man forever. Taehyung imagined him now, tall and scary ,dressed in an all black suit, staring down at the city , most of which he owned.
Taehyung's mother had given him firm instructions on how to treat the beta : polite and courteous and sweet. Apparently, Jungkook was younger than him by a number of years ( seven to be exact ) so Taehyung would essentially be his alpha. Taehyung wanted to bury himself alive.
💠💠💠 "Mr. Kim is here to see you sir. Should I send him right up?" His secretary's voice came over the intercom ans Jungkook fixed his tie one last time. He glanced at the large antique clock on the opposite wall and frowned deeply. His fiance was late by twenty minutes.
Absolutely unacceptable, he thought distastefully. Jungkook was a stickler for punctuality and he expected ot from everyone who associated themselves with him. He would have to let Taehyung know that this kind of behaviour would not be tolerated in the future.
But then his father's voice came floating through his mind. ' He's older and an alpha. If you don't compromise he will consider it an insult to his rank. So curb some of that perfectionism and act human like the rest of us.' Jungkook scowled at the thought of compromising.
But he wasn't successful by being an absolute ogre. Jungkook could sooth ruffled feathers when he had to. All he he had to find out were which buttons to push. Arranged marriages could only survive with sex, he thought. He had to satisfy the Kim alpha in bed, enough to keep him
leashed.That wouldn't be a problem at all. Although Jungkook preferred omegas he could be versatile. An illusion of control could be given to his spouse, in the bedroom if that was what the man wanted. As long as Jungkook had the reins in every other aspect of their marital life.
The knock on the door pulled him out of his reverie. He arranged his features into something welcoming and warm. Stepping out from behind his desk, he made his way over, smiling wide before opening the door. "Hyung, you're here." he said brightly, reaching out with both arms.
He lightly pulled the alpha into a hug, only to be taken aback when Kim Taehyung got dragged across the distance between them, crashing straight into the CEO with an absolute lack of grace or decorum. Jungkook flinched when his toes got stepped on and his side caught an elbow.
"Oh, shit. Oh fuck- I'm so sorry- I didn't expect you to -God, you're so big-I mean large -I'm not calling you fat of course, i can tell you're all muscle- I just meant that you're so much larger than me and to be fair you did pull me and-" Taehyung stopped."Ill shut up now."
Good God. "I'm sorry, hyung. Sometimes, I underestimate my own strength. You're not hurt are you?" he asked quietly, keeping his voice low and concerned. Internally he was annoyed out of his mind. A pretty face and a hollow head. Exactly the kind of person he loathed.
Taehyung had taken a few steps into the office putting some distance between them. Jungkook finally took in his fiances slender form, feeling his mouth go dry against his own wishes. Fucking hell, he thought in shock. He's so fucking gorgeous. Taehyung's smile was brittle.
"I wanted to make a good forst impression . Im sorry. " the alpha said looking anywhere but at him. Jungkook straightened, a slight frown marring his face. He had been with enough alphas to see that Taehyung was different. He smelled like an alpha of course. Heady and potent.
But there was none of the strength, self assurance or confidence that most alphas wore with ease. Kim Taehyung looked like he was two minutes away from a nervous breakdown. Jungkook hesitated, before pointing at the couch in the side of the room. "Let's sit down hyung."
Taehyung seemed to panic at the suggestion. "Oh, no no.. I just.. I came here to.. well. um.. " Taehyung stopped talking for a minute, eyes screwed shut. Then he smiled again. Jungkook was beginning to think he was being pranked. "Maybe you're right. Uh... Lets sit down."
Jungkook nodded awkwardly, before hesitantly making his way over to the couch , Taehyung right behind him. But no sooner had Jungkook settle down on the couch, when Taehyung's knees seemed to give out. Jungkook startled as the alpha sank to the floor, instinctively reaching and
grabbing him by the arm, bodily lifting him up from the floor .Taehyung squeaked, eyes wide as saucers and Jungkook finally noticed the box in his hand. Wait. Was that a -? Was Taehyung about to propose? Jungkook felt like his face was on fire , letting go of the alpha fast.
Taehyung was shaking,having been manhandled twice in the span of five minutes.He was staring at Jungkook like the latter was some kind of wild bear, about to attack him for sport. Jungkook couldn't believe what he was being subjected to. What the fuck lind of proposal was this?
Did he not warrant a dinner date at least? Was this Taehyung's idea of romance? No wonder he was thirty four years old and still unmated. Jungkook resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose in frustration. Instead he laughed, chuckling and holding his hand out.
"This is very sweet of you hyung. I'm sorry I mucked it up for you." he said gently, picking the box from the floor and carefully handing it over to Taehyung. His father owed him bigtime for this, he thought with a grimace. The alpha took out a gold band with a ruby set in.
Jungkook tried not to think of how inexpensive it looked. Wasn't Taehyung supposed to be from a very wealthy family? Why would he choose something so plain? Taehyung was saying something about protecting him and cherishing him and Jungkook caught only a few words.
But he didn't really care enough to ask the man to repeat himself. So he merely smiled and nodded. "Would you like to stay over till lunch, hyung? We have a rooftop restaurant." Jungkook said with a smile. Please say no. Please say no. "I'm afraid I cant, Jungkook." the alpha
said shyly, ( shyly? Jungkook had never seen a shy alpha before ) , "I need to get back to the children." The what? "Children ?" he frowned , confused." Where?" "From the artisan school." Taehyung smiled brightly." In Itaewon." "Oh.. do you, " he paused, "volunteer there?"
Taehyung shook his head, laughing lightly. "I thought you would have looked up all that before sending my mother your proposal. I work there. I teach pottery to the kids." Jungkook had infact checked Taehyung's profile and credentials multiple times before sending the proposal.
And according to said profile, Taehyung was the Managing Director of a luxury resort, located off the coast of Jeju Do. He worked out of his corporate office in Gangnam and had a number of upcoming projects in Macau and Okinawa. He most certainly did not teach toddlers.
"But, I do want to say, we're so grateful that you even considered me , let alone chose me , Jungkook. " Taehyung was saying. " I know my father has a terrible name in the community and everyone thinks we're trouble, but I promise.. I won't get in your way. "
In the years that he'd been trained in business, Jungkook had developed a certain sixth sense when it came to sniffing out potential mistakes before they happened. It was kind of like an internal alarm that rang,whenever he was about to do something damaging to him or his career.
And right now, that alarm was ringing at ten times its usual volume. He stared, a little disoriented as the alpha bowed to him and then to his horror, he reached out and actually pecked him on the lips. Jungkook watched as Taehyung turned pink and then fled.
Jungkook stared after the alpha for a few seconds his mind racing at a million miles a minute.His secretary was impeccable when it came to research. How had he not known thay Taehyung taught pottery of all things? Jungkook didn't begrudge him a hobby but to do it for a living?
Also what was that about his father's reputation? From what he knew the senior Kim had retired to the Bahamas , a very wealthy man with a reputation for philanthropy and sharp business acumen. Things weren't adding up at all. He moved to the desk again, settling into his chair.
And then he called his father. -------------
"You gave him the ring then?" his mother asked eagerly and Taehyung nodded around a mouthful of chicken and rice. She gave him a look of disgust before smiling again. "And he accepted it?" "Its on his finger right now." Taehyung said smugly. "Unless he took it off."
Mrs Kim looked satisfied. "In that case, we need only wait for them to call on us. I must say, I qas really surprised that Jungkook would go through a traditional courting ceremony. Those haven't been done in decades." Taehyung smiled dreamily. He was deeply smitten.
He had fully been prepared for a stiff, unpleasant sort of man with anger issues or something like that. But Jungkook had been bright and charming and kind. He hadn't been upset with Taehyung's natural clumsiness and he had been a good sport as well. Not to mention so handsome.
Taehyung still remembered how good Jungkook's body felt against his own, all hard edges and firm muscles. The beta really was big and clearly strong too. Taehyung could suddenly see himself enjoying his marriage very much indeed. Granted , Jungkook probably expected him to take
the lead. He could do that once in a while he supposed. He wouldn't enjoy it but it was fine.Most betas were versatile though so he could only hope Jungkook would prefer being the one in charge. "Traditionally ,they must call on us within three nights. So I'll wait till Sunday".
Taehyung hummed and took another mouthful of rice. He couldn't wait to see Jungkook again. -------------
Jungkook stared at his father , sitting across from him on the private dining cabin . "No." the beta said firmly. "This cannot be true." Jungkook's father, the senior Jeon was nothing like his son. The old man had had Jungkook when he was in his Forties and was now in his late
sixties. He gave Jungkook a deeply disappointed stare, but Jungkook caught the amusement in his eye. "It most certainly is son. You got yourself engaged to the wrong Kim." the man shook his head. "I specifically said Taeyong. Kim Taeyong. "
Jungkook felt very faint. "I... I can't believe. Why wasn't there a photo?!!!!" Mr. Jeon gave him a look. "There was. You specifically asked that I take it away because you didn't care how he looked as long as he could get you into the country clubs."
"It is as probably a clerical error. "Mr. Jeon went on. "Someone got the wrong address when you sent in your letter of intent." he laughed. "I knew this whole traditional courting thing you were insisting on was going to come bite you in the ass. I would have arranged a dinner
for you and Taeyong myself. Instead you wanted to send a letters to his parents for his hand and then you wanted to meet him and then you went and accept his ring with hia birthstone on it. " "Wait, the ring is a symbol too?" "Yes. It means you belong to him now."
"I'm going to call him right now and ask him to come and take this damned thing away. I can't believe that I got roped into this fucking mess. This is all Seokjin hyungs fault." he snapped. "Seokjin? What did he do?" "He said if I did this he would publish the story in his
magazine. Something about me preserving our culture and keeping the traditions alive... Most of the upper crest of Seoul reads that thing. I thought it would be good publicity!!" Jungkook swore. "The wrong Kim. And that bastard. How dare he waltz into my office. What the fuck??!"
"Jungkook don't be hasty. This isn't something you want to handle callously." Mr. Jeon said softly and Jungkook scoffed. "So what, I get married to a fucking nobody? Not just a nobody but a clumsy graceless nobody who is also apparently delusional?" Jungkook shook his head.
"Son.." Mr. Jeon said softly, holding a hand up. " You can't pin the blame on him. You sent his mother a letter asking to court her son. And she accepted it, as is her right. She sent her son with the courting gift and you accepted it. Now in three days, we have to visit them."
"What?" Jungkook choked out. "Tradition dictates that you get engaged in two weeks and married in another two." his father shrugged. " And frankly, I can't help but wonder if this is fate playing her cards. Perhaps , he is your destiny." Jungkook felt green around the gills.
"No. " he said sharply. " Im not waiting three days to go see him. I'm going right now and Im telling him to stop trying to reach for something he doesn't deserve." Jungkook snapped. Mr. Jeon watched his son storm out of the restuarant, shaking his head. He felt very old.
💠💠💠💠 Thats all for today . Poor tae baby. Jungkook is an asshole I know but he'll get better.
btw Taehyung suffers from a nervous disorder called social anxiety disorder in this fic : This is a real thing that people go through. So please dont send me messages saying "dont make him a nervous stuttering mess because he's a bottom." thats not why he's nervous.
I already put it up in the warnings and perfectly understand if that's not your thing. if its not just dont read. Just to let you guys know that he's not an abrasive confrontational character here.
💠💠💠 The artisan school Taehyung worked at was established a whole seventy years ago by the current owner's great grandfather. The building was located in a central part of Itaewon and yet had a spacious outdoor area where the students could relax. While they did, Taehyung
liked to go to the back of the property. It had a small koi pond and a rock garden , with small bear figurines in various poses. He had a kind of connection with the figurines because they were the only ones he could talk to without feeling like he was being judged.
Three of the bear figurines had been there when he first began working here. But as the months and years passed , Taehyung eventually bought four more , from different places he had been to : antique shops or thrift stores or even online. He had arranged them around the koi pond
in such a way that when he sat down on the flat stone near the waters edge, he could look at all of them. They were like his own personal courtiers and he was their king. He sat there and told them all about his father's terrible gambling debts and how by the time they paid it
off they were almost destitute. He also told them about how helpless and useless he had felt, as the man of the family. The Alpha of the family. Taehyung was supposed to be the one protecting his mother but it had always been the other way around.
And then the letter had arrived , like manna from the heavens. A blessing, a miracle, an answer to her deepest prayers, his mother had cried out, sobbing over the paper. A letter of intent. A letter, that the only son of the Jeon family was looking to be courted by Taehyung.
Refusing had never been an option. Taehyung had long since resigned himself to the fact that things happened to him even when he didn't want them to . And he was not good at fighting these things. It was so much easier to fade into the background and let others make decisions.
And so he had let his mother make all the arrangements and had tried to learn as much as he could about Jeon Jungkook. Nothing he learned explained why the beta had wanted to marry him of all people. He was beautiful yes, but in their world beauty wasn't worth anything,
unless backed by fortune. But Taehyung wasn't going to question it. He was thirty four years old, had been on hundreds of first dates that never had a repeat, and he was lonely . He could marry Jungkook. Especially because the beta was just that : a beta.
Betas didn't have agression in their blood like alphas and neither were they demanding or needy like omegas. Or so Taehyung had hoped. But really he of all people should have known that stereotypes were seldom true. His fiance in person was more alpha like than actual alphas.
Taehyung wasn't sure if he should be laughing or crying over that fact. On the one hand he was really,really attracted to the man and soon would be able to have him all to himself. And on the other hand, as an actual alpha,Taehyung would be expected to be the more assertive one.
Not that Taehyung didn't want to be assertive or confident. It was just that whenever he tried to be that way, his heart started beating rel fast and his mind told him that everyone was laughing at him on the inside. That no one actually wanted to hear what he was saying.
That if he stepped up and spoke to the two people by the side he would be intruding on their privacy. That if he tried to say something they would think he was weird. The voices in his head refused to quiet down and they silenced him instead.
Taehyung sighed, looking back at his bears. " So far, he's the inly person I've met whi didn't laught at the way i acted. If he's like that , if he's as kind as he was today, maybe this won't be so hard for me. " he whispered thoughtfully. "Mr. Kim!" Taehyung looked up.
"There's a Mr. Jeon here to see you." "Hes so handsome." they both giggled. Taehyung startled. Jungkook was here? Why? 💠💠💠💠
Jungkook stood leaning against his matte black Bugatti Veyron. His pride and joy, sunglasses perched on his nose as he stared around the buildings and the courtyard of the place. He wrinkled his nose at how rustic ot all looked , like it was from another century.
He had asked for Taehyung and apparently his wily fiance liked to hang out at the back . He had asked about Taehyung subtly and they aaid he was sweet and kind amd very quiet. Kept to himself mostly. The mystery of alpha Kim would never end it seemed. As Jungkook waited ,
his phone rang. He stared at the name and growled. "Seokjin hyung... " he snapped ready to unload his ire on the alpha when Seokjin laughed. "Jungkook ah...The article is out!." Jungkook felt his blood turn to ice in his veins. "What?!" he gasped." Hyung, are you serious?!"
"Of course I am. I spoke to your future mother in law today, the charming Ms Kim and to be honest, I was a little shocked that you were talking about Taehyung. I could have sworn you meant Taeyong. " "I did..." Jungkook hissed. " It was all a mistake hyung..!"
"What the fuck you mean a mistake. She showed me the letter. It was written with your hand and had your family's seal at the bottom. I even added a photo of it to the article. Which is a huge success by the way. Your secretary says that the phone is ringing off the hook."
Jungkook groaned in disbelief. This couldn't be happening to him. This was so , so unfair. Jungkook had worked ao fucking hard all his life. He couldn't marry the penniless alpha son of a disgraced family. He absolutely couldn't. "Hyung..." he almost whimpered.
"Seoul's most eligible bachelor is finally taken and everyone wants to get in on the action. Thank you for letting me get the exclusive on this, Jungkook. I owe you..." "Hyung , I have to break it off." he said softly. Silence. "Where are you, you dumbass?" Seokjin snapped.
"I'm at Taehyung's workplace.I'm going to tell him the truth and ask him to release me from this engagement.I cannot and will not marry him hyung. It can't happen." Jungkook hissed. "Jungkook,the President called your father ten minutes ago to congratulate him.Don't be foolish".
" Hyung, you can't expect me to-" " Listen to me Jungkook. You are not an idiot so quit acting like one. Any kind of influence or business you think a good marriage will bring... it cannot compare to the kind of backlash you will get if you break off the engagement. It will
hurt your business, yes but think of what will happen to Taehyung. He will be ruined over this." Jungkook swallowed. "Why must I care?" he muttered under his breath. "Because contrary to how you act, you're a very compassionate and good man. You wouldn't do that to him."
Jungkook groaned in disbelief. "Besides Taehyung is my second cousin. I grew up with him and if you hurt him, I will castrate you." Seokjin said brightly, tone very cheerful in contrast to the words. Jungkook felt a chill run down his spine. Fuck. Fucking hell. 💠💠💠
( hello Everyone. Ive been unwell since the morning and now I'm running a temperature. Let me take two days off and I'll see you on Monday.)
💠💠💠 Taehyung hid behind a pillar, watching Jungkook closely. He had been here for five minutes now, but he couldn't bring himself to move and walk towards the beta. My fiance, he told himself firmly. He's my fiance , and I can't be terrified of him, he thought miserably.
And he wasn't really terrified to be honest. Jungkook wasn't impatient with him, the way other people were. The trick to helping Taehyung feel comfortable was a little patience. He usually had a few things he did to cope with his anxiety and it worked for him.
But people were never willing to wait. They kept staring at him, expectant and demanding and it overwhelmed him easily. They didn't understand what it was like when you had to fight your own head just to be able to make his opinions known.
Jungkook was leaning against his car and it looked very expensive. Taehyung liked cars and he noticed the make and model, eyes going wide. He always forgot how rich Jungkook was. As he watched the beta talk on the phone with someone looking very distressed, he began to wonder.
Was Jungkook perhaps here to break up with him? he thought wildly. Surely not. It had only been three hours since they got engaged. Surely Taehyung wasn't that repulsive? But his heart began to pound as he watched the CEO pace. Jungkook looked upset, worried. Regretful. Oh.
Was he regretting the engagement after Taehyung's behaviour at his office? A man like Jungkook probably wanted to maintain a certain image in public. Had Taehyung appeared like a bumbling idiot? But Jungkook had been so kind about it? Was he just being polite?
He accepted my ring, he thought miserably. If he didn't want it he wouldn't have. For one wild moment, he wondered if Jungkook had expected someone else today. Had the whole thing been mistake? Had Jungkook accidentally sent him a letter meant for someone else?!
He stopped the mad thoughts quickly. That was ridiculous. No one was stupid enough to send a letter of intent to the wrong person. Those were binding legal documents. Taehyung could sue Jungkook over abandonment if that were it. He shook his head. He was imagining things now.
( tw : implied parental abuse) Get your act together and act like an alpha, Kim Taehyung. His father's harsh voice rang in his ears along with the phantom aches from getting hit over every stutter or hesitant sentence. He swallowed and shook his head.
He had to get his act together . Jungkook was probably here to talk about something important and here he was panicking over things that probably weren't even true. How on earth could he be a good husband if he acted this way? He had to prove to Jungkook that he was not so bad.
Straightening his shoulders, he quickly made his way over , licking his lips nervously. Jungkook spotted him when he was a few feet away and his face went blank. He looked , suddenly very stoic and unwelcoming. The opposite of what he'd been like this afternoon. Tae stopped.
💠💠💠 Jungkook watched his fiance stop mid stride and flinched. Fuck. He tried to smile but he knew ot probably looked artificial and put on. Jungkook had the sudden horrifying thought that be would have to pretend to smile and like Taehyung for the rest of his life. Fuck.
He couldn't do it.He couldn't do this to both of them. It was unfair both to him and to Taehyung. But the alternative was even worse. So he blew air out from between his lips, shaking his head to clear it. "Taehyung ssi" he called brightly, waving awkwardly. Taehyung smiled.
"Jungkook . You're here." The alpha looked happy to see him hopeful even and Jungkook bit his lips. He should tell him the truth. Right now. He should tell him it was all a misunderstanding. That he wanted to marry Kim Taeyong.That Taehyung was not in anyway fit to be his mate.
But staring at Taehyung, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. The alpha ( was he really an alpha? he thought, confounded) looked eager and almost happy to see him. Jungkook had never seen anyone look this glad to meet him. They always looked wary and disdainful.
But Taehyung had a smile on his face, and he was looking right at him. Holding his gaze although his eyes betrayed his nerves. Jungkook realized with a jolt that Taehyung seemed yo have some kind of anxiety. He looked scared even when there was no reason to be.
Jungkook was so stunned by the sudden revelation, that he blurted out the first thing that came to his mind. "Do you have social anxiety?" Taehyung froze, eyes going wide. His lips parted in shock, breath seemingly knocked out of his lung. As Jungkook watched , the alpha
started breathing in shallow , heaving exhales. Jungkook swore, cursing himself before rushing to Taehyung's side. He pulled the alpha close, pressing one hand over his upper chest, thr other just over his where his diaphragm would be. "Taehyung, I'm counting to five.
Take a slow deep breath in for me." he said calmly, keeping his voice steady . " Slow, breath in. okay?" he kept his hand steady over his chest, and slowly raised the one over his lower lung as Taehyung breathed in. The alpha's eyes were dilated, hos pulse pounding.
One. Two . Three. Four. Five. "Now breathe out slowly. Slowly, come on..hey, look at me. Hyung..." he whispered, the familiar honorific slipping out. Something lanced his heart when he said it. "Hyung, look at me." he whispered. " Slowly... Look at me. Just me."
Taehyung's gaze finally met his, settled on his own and held it. He breathed along with him , slow and deep. "Move your right wrist for me, hyung." he whispered. Gentle , Coaxing. He reached out and touched the delicate fingers of Taehyung's hand. "This one. This wrist."
"It... It has to be my ankles first." Taehyung said shakily. "I have to start from my ankles and.. and move up." he whispered. Jungkook smiled , endeared against his will. "Is that so? I'm sorry hyung. I'll remember that." he said softly. "Why don't you come sit in my car?"
💠💠💠 Taehyung sat on the expensive leather seats of the car, slowly naming the things that Jungkook asked him to. His panic attack had subsided and now he felt a burning embarassment. But more than that, he was beyond curious. "Excellent. Good as new, I say." Jungkook smiled.
Taehyung watched as the beta moved to pick up his shoes and socks. Jungkook had taken them off for him along with his tie. He had also unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt and rubbed his palm between his own hands. "How do you- How do you know all this?" he asked quietly.
Jungkook gave him a hesitant look as though weighing the choice of whether to tell him or not. Taehyung suddenly wondered if he'd overstepped, but before he could apologize, Jungkook hummed. "My brother. Older brother. He had social anxiety and depression. I was the only one he
let help him, when he had panic attacks." Had. Not has. "Is he better now?" Taehyung asked eagerly. Jungkook looked at him and Taehyung stammered. " You said had and not has... so I wondered... if he got better. I.. I wish " he dropped his gaze."I wish I could get better."
Jungkook hesitated before reaching out and touching his knee. "Have you tried therapy?" he asked quietly. Taehyung shook his head. " I can't..... if word got out..." he trailed off." They already treat me like I'm crazy."
Taehyung flinched when the words spilled out of him. What was he doing, confessing his ridiculous insecurities to the man he was supposed to be impressing. Although he supposed that was a failed attempt, seeing as he'd just gone into a panic attack in front of the beta.
Now he had a genuine reason to call off the wedding, he thought despondent. No one wanted to marry a nervous wreck,who went into palpitations over a simple question. Taehyung felt like crying, a strong feeling of helplessness welling inside him. Why was he like this?"
"I'm sorry for being such a bother." he said quietly. "I just got scared that you found out from someone else and maybe everyone was talking about me." Jungkooks gaze softened at that. "I just noticed you were a lot like my brother. I'm sorry... it was my fault."
They were both silent, each lost in their own thoughts. "Why did you come here?" Taehyung asked finally. Jungkook gave him a calculative look. "Photos." he said finally. " They're going to want photos of us together. When we announce the engagement tomorrow." he said softly.
Taehyung perked up. "We're announcing it tomorrow?" "Its already out." Jungkook said quietly." But we'll hold a small press meet tomorrow at my company. With the board of directors." Taehyung felt his stomach churn. all those cameras and questions. "Ill be there." The beta
said quietly." By your side. So don't worry. If it gets too much, we'll cut it short." Taehyung felt his heart swell.Jungkook was so good to him. So very good. He couldn't believe how lucky he had got. "Okay.. Jungkookie." he laughed."Can i call you that? Its cute."
The beta nodded but didn't look at him, turning away. "We'll go to my friend's studio in Gangnam." Jungkook said quietly, moving to get into the driver's seat. "Can we meet your hyung, soon? " Taehyung asked eagerly. Jungkook didn't respond for a second.
"He passed away when I was 23." he said finally and Taehyung's stomach dropped. "Jungkook I'm so-" "Its fine. Just.Can we just not talk ? For a while?"Jungkook asked . Taehyung felt his skin go cold at how formal he sounded. "Okay." he said. As usual, he had ruined it 💠
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💠💠💠 Jungkook's friend owned a photography studio in an affluent neighborhood. Taehyung remembered visiting the area, back when his family was still well off. He hadn't had a lot of friends, so Taehyung had avoided parties and social gatherings. Instead he liked thrifting.
It was an odd, slightly unusual hobby for sure but he just felt very sad, when he saw beautiful pre owned things in pawn shops and resale exhibitions. He liked to wonder what made people fall out of love with certain things, things they had once wanted.
He noticed a few of his favourite pawn shops and thrift stores nearby, as he stood on the curb, waiting for Jungkook to park the car and get back. Jungkook stood out in the hip, trendy neighborhood, looking very severe and judgemental with his crisply cut suit and sunglasses.
"We'll make it casual, so we can just stay in these clothes." Jungkook said , giving Taehyung's outfit a slightly distasteful look. Taehyung glanced down at the grey t shirt and murky brown slacks. They hid clay stains easily and that's why he preferred them. Flushing, he nodded.
"What's your friend's name?" he asked, as they made their way to the side of the building with a stairway leading to the upper floors. The walls were covered in graffiti that was signed , SUGA. The art was raw and almost arrestingly beautiful. Bright colours and vivid imagery.
"Yoongi hyungs more brother than friend. He's a professional photographer but he also does most of the graphic art for my Marketing department. " Jungkook explained, " He's also a celebrity photographer but he doesn't do much of that." That sounded intimidating. Tae swallowed.
Yoongis photographing a celebrity : Who do you think it is 👀
( if you picked jimin hoping for a vmin friendship 😬😬😬😬😬 well....)
There was no elevator in the building and Taehyung followed Jungkook up three flights of stairs and across a narrow , wobbling grilled walkway to a shuttered door, half open. Taehyung watched as the beta crouched low, shuffling inside the dark space beyond. Good, lord.
But he followed him getting on his hands and knees because he was too tall and well inflexible to do what Jungkook had just done. He felt like an idiot, crawling into the studio like that and Jungkook seemed more amused by him than embarassed by him. Which was good.
The inside was surprisingly big, sectioned off into a small office up front , a few changing rooms in the side and finally a wide open space with a photography studio, complete with lights cameras and an abundance of props and backgrounds.
There were only three people there, two men and a woman. The photographer was clearly an alpha, with porcelain skin and sooty black eyes . The subject was a dainty, incredibly beautiful omega that Taehyung recognised at once. It was Park Jimin, a very popular actor.
" Oh." the alpha gasped, grabbing Jungkooks arm in surprise. "That's.. oh my God.. is that Park Jimin?!!!" Jungkook groaned. "Oh fuck. This has got to be the worst day of my life." he muttered under his breath. But Taehyung ignored him, heart already racing as the duo turned .
Jungkook looked incredibly uncomfortable as Jimin laughed in disbelief at the sight of the beta, the omega’s dark brown eyes trailing all over Jungkook’s body before shifting to Taehyung.
“Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Yoongi hyung, you didn’t tell me we were having guests over. ” Jimin said with a wicked little smile, rising from the luxurious velvet couch he had been lying on.
Yoongi , the photographer clearly, was staring at Jungkook in surprise, eyes flitting between him and Taehyung in confusion. “Jungkook, what are you doing here? Who’s this?” Yoongi asked staring at Taehyung with a small frown.
Taehyung shuffled to stand behind Jungkook, staring at his feet, all the while aware that he should probably introduce himself. Just say it, he thought fiercely. Tell your name and look him in the eye. Don’t be weird, for the love of God.
“Isn’t it obvious? Its his soon to be husband. I thought you were joking Sana.” Jimin turned to the woman with light laughter, “ So it is true? You’re going to go and marry someone utterly unsuitable, just to keep your stupid fucking reputation.”
Taehyung felt his body go ramrod straight at the comment, head snapping up to stare at Jimin who looked unforgiving and vindictive as he glared at him.
“An alpha?” The actor spat out in disbelief. “ Jungkook, I know you don’t have a heart to empathize with but even a stone cold asshole like you should know its unfair to this poor fellow here.” Jimin pointed right at Taehyung, like he wasn’t even there and
Taehyung felt his skin go cold. What had he done? Why did Jimin look so angry? He couldn’t process the scene in front of him, couldn’t understand what on earth was going on.
“Hyung,” Jungkook said sharply, completely ignoring the fuming omega in front of him. “ I’m sorry, I should have called. This is Kim Taehyung, my fiancé. And we were hoping we could take a few pictures of us together.”
Jimin laughed at that while Yoongi looked downright stunned. “The tabloids are probably already printing pictures of us, Jungkook. Back from when we were together, remember? All those luxury trips you took me on : Macau and Japan and Maldives…
When you told me you weren’t interested in anything serious because you’re not the marrying type.” Jimin sneered. “ Fucking coward.” Slowly the pieces began to come together in Taehyung’s min and he felt nauseous. Exes.
They were exes. Jungkook’s last boyfriend was Park Jimin, the most loved, the most beautiful and most popular omega in the whole country. That was who Taehyung would be compared to , every time he appeared next to Jungkook. Sweat began to bead on his forehead.
He stepped away from Jungkook, putting space between them and moving away but the beta glared at him, grabbing his arm and yanking him back to his side. Taehyung flinched when Jungkook’s arm came around his waist, squeezing so hard that he felt pain shoot up his ribcage.
“You’re right. I lied. It wasn’t because I wasn’t the marrying type. It was because I couldn’t imagine being married to someone like you!” Jungkook snapped, voice low and rumbling. Taehyung , who felt nervous even in calm situations, suddenly felt like he was about to faint.
“I… Can I…” He stammered, trying to ask if he could just go wait in the car while they talked but the words wouldn’t come out beyond that. But his stammered syllables had caught Jimin’s attention. And the omega rounded on him, with blazing eyes.
“Have you no self respect?” He spat out.” Don’t you know what kind of a man he is?! Everything he says and does is a fucking act! He will treat you like you’re precious but inside he’s probably judging you for everything you do! +
+ He thinks he’s the most perfect fucking creature on God’s green earth and trust me, his ego alone will squeeze the life out of you!” Taehyung clenched his fists, eyes screwing shut in panic at the loud outburst and Yoongi’s loud growl was what made Jimin finally stop.
“Park Jimin, that’s enough!:” The alpha snapped, eyes flashing red and Jimin seemed to cower in surprise, eyes still blazing but mouth going into a thin line. He threw one last glare in Jungkook’s direction before storming off the set.
Taehyung watched him leave, feeling lost and confused. Jimin looked so upset? Was he still in love with Jungkook? He glanced around at the beta who was staring after the actor with an unreadable look on his face.
Taehyung felt like his entire heart had been gripped by an iron fist, one that was squeezing down on the fragile organ with no mercy whatsoever.
“Jungkook..” Yoongi said quietly. “ Are you serious?” The alpha glanced at Taehyung with a look of disbelief. “ Jimin may be wrong about a lot of things but he’s right about the unsuitable part. You can’t marry an alpha. You aren't attracted to them.”
Taehyung felt himself shrink in on himself. Why did people always talk about him like he wasn’t standing right there? Why were people so needlessly cruel even when they didn’t know a single thing about him?
He felt tears sting but held his breath, trying to get them to go back. The last thing he needed was to be mocked for that by a complete stranger. "Since when did you guys get to decide who I can or cannot marry?!" Jungkook hissed, looking even more upset.
“I came here for one thing and one thing only. To get our fucking pictures taken . So for once in your life, why don’t you just do you fucking job and leave me the fuck alone!!” Jungkook roared and Yoongi recoiled.
Taehyung didn’t miss the flash of hurt in the alpha’s eyes or the way his gaze shuttered into empty black pools, lips going stern. “My apologies, CEO Jeon. “ Yoongi said stiffly.” My next open slot is in two hours. You can come in then and I’ll see what I can do.”
“Fuck.. hyung.. no, I didn’t mean to.. Fucking hell.” Jungkook groaned, letting go of Taehyung and burying his face in his hands.
Taehyung stared at him, the way his shoulders shook in frustration and he felt his heart hurt for the beta, reaching out and gently placing his palm on his back. “Jungkook.. its okay. It’s going to be okay.” He whispered quietly and Jungkook went stiff at the words.
He pulled away from Taehyung’s touch at once, brushing his hand away and straightening himself up, like nothing happened. Jungkook cleared his throat. “We’ll be back in two hours then , hyung. I’m sorry for what I said.” He said stiffly. Yoongi didn’t seem in the mood to listen.
“Your actions have consequences Jungkook.” He said quietly. “ You can’t go around treating people poorly and then not expect it to come back to you tenfold.” Jungkook’s jaw went taut at the comment and he didn’t reply, instead he turned on his heel and walked back to the exit.
Taehyung stared after him, swallowing drily and umped when Yoongi cleared his throat. He turned to the alpha, who was holding his hand out. “Min Yoongi. I own this studio.” He said mildly, eyes moving up and down his figure, lingering on his face.
“ You’re very beautiful. I’m sure the pictures will come out very well. You make a very handsome couple.” Taehyung had never heard such a lifeless compliment in his life. He shook the alpha’s hand with his own clammy one, bowing awkwardly before hurrying after Jungkook.
💠💠 In the car. Jungkook drove in steely silence while Taehyung stared straight out of the windshield. He had no idea where they were going and he was scared to ask. Jungkook looked like a gun with a hair trigger, ready to fire at the slightest movement. He felt overwhelmed.
“My father owns an orchid farm not far from here.” Jungkook said suddenly, startling Taehyung considerably. “ We have two hours to kill, so maybe we could just go look at a them. You can pick out any flowers if you like , for the wedding.”
Taehyung stared at the beta, the casual tone and the calm demeanor. How could Jungkook look like that after what had happened? There was no sign of any kind of turmoil on his face.
It was like he had just locked away all of his emotions in a neat little box, tucked them out of sight, and put on the face that would most appeal to Taehyung: calm and reassuring and even tempered. Taehyung suddenly felt very alone. Jungkook can’t be real, he thought miserably.
He was too perfect to be real, he had felt all along and he was right. “Taehyung…” Jungkook’s voice startled him out of his thoughts. He glanced down at his lap, playing with his fingers nervously, before nodding quickly. “Okay. That’s fine.” He whispered shakily.
Jungkook stayed quiet for a second and then cleared his throat. “Jimin hyung and i…” He paused, “ We were together for about two years. I broke up with him nine months ago and well, it wasn’t an amicable split.” He scoffed.
“ He took it as some kind of personal affront to him, that I was the one who broke up with him and not the other way around. That ego he talked about? Well if mine is big, his is twice as big.” Jungkook shook his head, laughing without any mirth.
Taehyung had no idea what he could say to that, so he stayed quiet, keeping his gaze lowered. “Would you be open to seeing someone if it was at home? After we got married? No one would know and it would all be very discreet.” Jungkook said suddenly and Taehyung blinked, thrown.
“Seeing someone?” He asked nervously, wondering what he was talking about. For one horrifying moment he thought Jungkook was referring to having a mistress or something like that.
“ For your anxiety.” Jungkook said quietly.” You seemed very nervous today and we’re going to be in a lot of social situations in the coming months. We could find ways for you to cope in situations like that. Because there maybe times when I’m not around.”
Taehyung’s head hurt from all of it. He had always balked at the idea of therapy, scared by the stigma that came attached with it. Outside, they had left the cityscape far behind, the countryside glowing gold under the setting sun.
“I’ll think about it.” He said awkwardly, trying to buy himself some time.” Later maybe..” “ I’ll hold you to that.” Jungkook said with a quick glance at him and Taehyung felt even worse.
As he stared out of the window at the rolling fields, the lush green of them , he couldn’t help but wonder who he was sitting next to. Jungkook was so polite and kind and yet Jimin had looked so convincing, when he’d said that it was all an act.
Or was Jungkook telling the truth? Was Jimin just a scorned lover, now spewing lies because his ego had been hurt by the break up? “Don’t think too much about it Tae.” Jungkook said suddenly, reaching out and grabbing his hand, startling him.
“ Don’t believe what others tell you alright? I chose you because I wanted you. You can trust me.” The beta smiled and gently raised Taehyung’s hand up to his lips, pressing a kiss to his skin with reverence.
The sweet gesture tugged on Taehyung’s heartstrings and he found himself falling all over again. Jungkook was right. They weren't being forced into this, either of them. Jungkook had chosen him. He nodded, squeezing Jungkook’s hand in reassurance. “Okay,Jungkook. I trust you.”
~~~~ (I'm going to stop here because the scene ends here . The next update will be much longer and we'll meet more characters :D Jungkook is doing some pretty dumb things . Lets see how it comes back to bite him in the ass. :D Good day!!)
💠💠💠 "He's quite attractive. But not made for the life you're dragging him into." Mr. Jeon said calmly, watching Kim Taehyung from across the room. Jungkook had brought the young man to meet him, an informal dinner and Taehyung had been quiet and polite, not saying a single
word more than necessary. His anxiety was palpable and Jungkook's subtle touches to his knee or elbow, didn't get past the old man. He recognised also, the look on his son's face. He wasn't sure he liked it. "Not much I can do about it anymore. I'm marrying him." the beta
shrugged, swirling the liquor in his glass gently,"I suppose we may break things off later, if we don't suit. But for now he's what I'm going to have to work with." Mr. Jeon shook his head. "He wears his heart on his sleeve and for now it looks like he's opening it to you."
Jungkook scoffed at that, shaking his head in disbelief. “You’re overestimating my charms, father. He’s in it for my money and for a chance at redeeming his family name.
He seems to have a tough time with crowds, but his vulnerability ends there. We’ve only met a couple of times and I don’t think that’s enough for anyone to fall madly in love with me.”
“I’m not saying it’s a wise choice on his part.” The elder Jeon retorted, “ but then Mr. Kim doesn’t seem to have a penchant for wise choices. He agreed to marry you, after all. ” Jungkook blinked at the tone, the slight anger to it. “That sounds like a subtle insult, dad.”
“Does it? Then let me make it clear. You don’t deserve him.” Mr. Jeon snapped. Jungkook groaned, shaking his head at how wound up his father sounded. This was exactly why he had asked the old man to step down, all those years ago.
Jungkook’s father made too many important decisions, from his heart. And his soft heart was a liability. “Father…” He began calmly, but Mr. Jeon held a hand up.
“He trusts you. He truly believes you want to marry him, for what he has to offer. It’s obvious in his words and his actions and especially in the way he looks at you. I’m telling you now, not to build his hopes up.
If you want this to be a marriage in name only, he deserves to know. Arranged or not, being mated comes with the promise of love. If that isn’t something you plan on offering him, now is the time to let him know.”
Jungkook watched Taehyung closely, the alpha moving around the perimeter of the large dining hall, where the walls were inlaid with painted tiles, depicting folktales from the Joseon Era.
Jungkook had designed the room himself. He had wanted to be an architect, once. Before he had given that dream up to live up to the expectations that hung over his head. His father was an alpha, and didn’t know the kind of ridicule, the kind of disdain people showed him.
They smiled, they simpered and they flattered him to his face but inside, they saw him as someone undeserving of the success he enjoyed. They did it because they needed thing from him. His money, his power, his influence. And he knew that.
Taehyung may not be one of them, but he was still a lot like them. Taehyung’s family was on the brink of destitution and he had a mother who would be forced into the streets.
If Jungkook were in his shoes, he would act like he was madly in love as well, to make sure he held on to an advantageous match.Taehyung's actions reflected his desperation to hold on to Jungkook, not his feelings for him. Because no one developed feelings for a beta.
“I’m not going to pretend to be in love with him, if that’s what you’re suggesting father. I’m going to be a faithful, considerate and charming husband. If he mistakes that for love, that would be on him, don’t you agree?” He said casually.
Across the room, one of the doors leading out into the balcony and then the grounds, opened. Jungkook watched as Taehyung moved backwards, staring at the walls and not looking at where he was going.
A familiar figure stepped into the room, tall and dripping wet, wearing a white t shirt and tennis shorts, carrying his racket and a gym bag. “Taehyung be care-“ Jungkook winced when his fiancée crashed head first into the man, taking both of them by surprise.
But Kim Namjoon was built like a wall, easily breaking the alpha’s fall and helping him stay on his feet. As Jungkook watched, he couldn’t help but remember how Taehyung had crashed just the same way into him at his office.
And he watched as Namjoon hyung did a double take at the sight of the alpha’s face, the way Jungkook had done as well. He couldn’t blame him, Taehyung was gorgeous. But he didn’t want the older alpha to get any ideas about his fiancé.
Stalking over with firm , long strides, he all but grabbed Taehyung around the arm, yanking him back towards himself. “Namjoon hyung.. I didn’t know you were visiting.” Jungkook said sharply, eyes narrowing at the alpha.
Namjoon was still staring at Taehyung, shameless in his scrutiny. Jungkook glanced at Taehyung, only to find his cheeks dusted with pink and eyes sparkling. He felt his throat go dry and had the sudden, uncontrollable urge to hold both his palms up in front of Taehyung’s face,
just so Namjoon wouldn’t see what he was seeing. Fucking hell. “Who’s this..?” Namjoon drawled, daring to step closer, completely ignoring Jungkook’s words. Taehyung looked up then, licking his lips and swallowing nervously.
“My husband.” Jungkook said sharply, his mouth running off before he could think properly. Taehyung choked next to him spluttering.
“Fi.. Fiance.” The alpha said nervously, chuckling.” I’m his fiancé. Not husband.. I mean.. I will be his husband eventually but right now I’m not. We got engaged …and we aren’t married. Yet. We will marry. Eventually.”
Namjoon and Jungkook watched him closely, waiting to see if he was finished . Taehyung seemed to realize he had rambled on too much and was now turning pale.
“I’m sorry. Excuse me.” And before Jungkook could say anything, the alpha had turned on his heels, fleeing in the direction of the rest rooms. Jungkook groaned before rounding on his cousin. “Could you not watch where you’re going? You scared him!” Namjoon rolled his eyes.
“Oh, forgive me for doing something as bone chilling, blood curdling as opening a fucking door.” Namjoon drawled, giving him and amused smile,
“ been going easy on your boy toy, Jungkook-ah? I’m really curious….If he gets scared so easily, he must be positively catatonic when you pin him to the bed and-“ “He is not..” Jungkook hissed sharply,” My boytoy. And he’s certainly not someone you need to curious about!”
“Oh, come now, when you put it like that, you know its going to have the opposite effect. Is he an omega? He smells like an alpha but that little display has me questioning my own nose.”
“He’s an alpha. And he’s my fiancé. What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you have your own estate to rattle around in? or that swanky bachelor pad in Gangnam where you like fucking other people’s boyfriends.” Jungkook sneered. Namjoon groaned.
“Will you let that go? It was like three years ago and I had no fucking idea you and Jimin were still together. He told me you’d broken up!” the alpha snapped, “ Besides, not my fault you couldn’t keep him happy and satisfied.”
Jungkook felt the sting of the words, the intention behind them. He’d heard enough versions of it over the years : not good enough, not man enough, not an alpha, not like us..
After so many years, he ought to be used to it, ought to harden his heart against it but it still stung. He felt his jaw go taut. “You still haven’t told me why you’re here.” Jungkook said sharply.
Namjoon shrugged, moving his bag from one shoulder to the other. “ your father sent for me. He told me I should take responsibility for your upcoming nuptials.
Although I must say, I’ll at least be looking forward to the outfit fittings. Your fiancé has quite the hourglass figure, Jungkook. He would look especially delicious in one of my creations.
But I’d have to take the right measurements , make sure they hug his curves, just right.” Namjoon grinned, curving his hands around an imaginary waist, meant to be Taehyung’s.
Jungkook felt nauseous. But Namjoon was arguably the most renowned designer in the country. And he was his fucking cousin. Of course they would have to wear the man’s designs. He schooled his features into indifference.
“We have wedding planners for this particular purpose, hyung. Don’t trouble yourself truly.” He said quietly.
“Are you sure, your father thinks that after your debacle with sending your letter of intent to the wrong groom, perhaps a grand wedding would make up for your callous actions.” Jungkook went completely still, his heart jumping up to his throat.
“Father told you that?” He croaked out, his pulse spiking through the roof. “He didn’t mean to. Poor man just blurted it out and then made me swear not to mention it to anyone else.
But you and I know, all secrets have a price, Jungkook-ah. And as long as someone is willing to pay, I don’t mind selling a few.” He smiled, just a little diabolical. Jungkook couldn’t think. For now, he didn’t want to provoke the alpha into doing something stupid.
So he cleared his throat. “It doesn’t matter. I chose him and he agreed. I don’t care about how we came together. What matters is we did . Just stay away from Taehyung.” He said through gritted teeth.
“Oh… Taehyung? Kim Taehyung? The one who works at the artisan school in Itaewon? With the disgrace of a father?” Namjoon looked surprised, “ Ah… I see. Now it all makes sense.” “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”
“It means that I know all about your fiance’s desperate situation. He’s one week away from being tossed out in the streets with that mother of his. No wonder he settled for you.” Namjoon grinned.
"I mean, you’re handsome enough Jungkook ah… but when it comes right down to keeping people happy, you fail pretty spectacularly don’t you? Isn’t that why Jimin left you?” he leaned in, “ Isn’t that why your mother left you? Because she couldn’t bear to have a beta for a son?”
The words held no power over Jungkook who had long numbed himself to the pain of being abandoned. He smiled evenly, shrugging one broad shoulder. "Hyung, at least my mother knew who my father was. Which is more than what your mother can say." he smiled. Namjoon smirked.
"Look at you flashing those fangs at me. " he laughed lightly. "I'm so sorry.." Taehyung's voice made both of them straighten, pulling away from each other. The alpha was standing a few feet away, fingers twisting together. "I just felt a little nauseous. Im sorry, Jungkook.."
Jungkook felt his gaze soften at the sight of the alpha for some reason. He felt the sudden urge to close the distance between them and he did just that, going straight for the alpha and pulling him into a hug, tight and almost suffocating. Taehyung gasped at the sudden move,
arms coming around to clutch his shoulders. "Oh!" the alpha whispered, before laughing nervously." Was I really gone that long?" Jungkook buried his nose into Taehyung's neck breathing in deep. He preferred omegas. But Taehyung smelt clean and heady and his body was so
pliant in his arms. He couldn't stop himself from turning his head, just a bit, letting his teeth nip at the thin skin over his scent gland. The gesture made the older man tremble, fingernails digging into his shoulder, and Jungkook caught the nervous gulp as he swallowed.
"Are you alright?"He asked urgently, cursing himself for not going after Taehyung right then. He would have avoided that terrible talk with Namjoon if only he'd gone after Taehyung instead. And Taehyung, sweet kind Taehyung would never make him feel the way Namjoon had.
His own thoughts confused him. His feelings were all over the place. He could feel his skin heating up, and his head began to throb a bit. Taehyung was supposed to be a mistake . But no mistake had ever felt so right to Jungkook.
💠💠💠 "Are you alright?" Taehyung asked worriedly, watching Jungkook grab their jackets from one of the footmen, shrugging his own on, before helping Taehyung with his. "I'm fine hyung. We just dont get along much." he said curtly and Taehyung felt at a loss.
Jungkook looked so sad, and unlike with a panic attack, there weren't steps you could follow to snap out of jt, although misery could just as much as anxiety. He felt useless and pathetic, watching Jungkook look so forlorn, but not being able to help him in any way.
"We'll meet on the weekend,hyung. Im heading to Japan for the next four days," Jungkook said suddenly, making Taehyung startle. "Japan?" he asked, feeling unaccountably upset. " I... four days?" It was ridiculous. Taehyung hadn't seen Jungkook three days ago. But now,the Idea of
not seeing him everyday was absolutely depressing. He licked his lips, berating himself for doing this all the damn time. He got attached so quickly and with so little incentive. It was embarassing honestly. Jungkook would hate his aloha husband being a clingy mess.
*alpha, i hate my phone istg
So he stayed quiet, buttoning up his jacket and keeping his gaze on the soles of his feet. He was so lost, he didn't notice Jungkook slipping his fingers against his own ,fingers linking with his and squeezing gently. Taehyung stared down at where Jungkook held his hand, stunned.
"Let me drop you off at home hyung." Jungkook said gently. Taehyung felt himself start to blush, heat rising up his neck and flooding his face. He bit his lips, looking away even as his fingers tingled with sparks, his body so award of where they held each other. Jungkook's
fingers were a little rough, the tips a bit rough against his skin and he couldn't help but imagine his hand over his skin, a little rough and harsh maybe, gripping and touching him with intent . Oh God, he was going to pop a boner because Jungkook held his hand. Was he 14?!
The drive back to the apartment complex was quiet but heavy with tension. Taehyung didn't miss the way Jungkook kept looking at him, and at his lips . Jungkook also kept touching his knee. The alpha was no stranger to sex, but he'd never enjoyed it ,not the way he wanted to.
He wanted to be taken care of. To stop the thoughts in his head and let someone else do all the thinking for him. His anxiety made it so hard for him to lead when he was being intimate with someone, and his worry of screwing things up made the whole thing anything but enjoyable.
But he was an alpha. He was older. He felt his heart sink when he realized that's how it would be with Jungkook as well. He was so lost in his thoughts, he missed the fact that they had arrived, jumping when Jungkook lightly shook his shoulders. "Hyung, we're here ".
Taehyung nodded and turned to the handsome man , his eyes taking in the breathtaking features. Jungkook looked so beautiful, Taehyung ached. He didn't deserve him, at all. And he was so , so lucky that no matter how Taehyung messed up, Jungkook never mentioned a word about it.
Even with what had happened earlier with Jungkooks cousin, the beta hadn't said anything to him. Instead he had hugged him and asked him if he was alright. Taehyung didn't remember a time when someone had cared enough to ask. They thought they were being kind by ignoring him.
But all that made him feel was like he was unworthy of being acknowledged. Jungkook didn't pretend he hadn't messed up. Instead he reassured him that it was okay if he did. And it meant so much to him. He felt a pang of misery when he remembered that Jungkook would be gone.
Four days wasn't a long time in general but when you were trying not to miss someone, they could be endless. And Taehyung was terrified that in four days. Jungkook may realize that he wasn't worth it. Worse yet, what if he met someone, on the plane or in Japan??
Taehyung imagined someone like Jungkook, someone so self assured and attractive, the perfect gentleman. People must be throwing themselves at him. People better than Taehyung. Better at showing their appreciation of him. With better things to offer.
He had little to no skills, once he stepped out of his studio, all of his talent rested on his fingers, in shaping beautiful lasting art pieces out of clay. But here, in Jungkook’s world, he had nothing in him that would hold any worth to the beta.
Would Jungkook forget all about him when he ran into someone better? Would he change his mind? Maybe if Taehyung stayed close by, helped him in some way, proved himself useful, perhaps, Jungkook wouldn't leave him. He felt old fears kick in and spoke without thinking.
“Can I come with you?” He blurted out, without thinking. Jungkook went still next to him. Taehyung felt embarrassment spread through him, his heart squeezing in on itself. What on earth was he doing? Hadn’t he just decided he would not be the clingy, annoying partner?
Jungkook was a busy man and Taehyung had proven time and again that he needed to be babysat like a little child. Imagine having to work on your business, all the while worried that your fiancé was having a break down over something stupid again.
Taehyung felt his skin go hot as he imagined Jungkook getting sick of him in just a single day. “I’m sorry…” He blurted out.” I don’t… I don’t know why I said it.. I need to…” “Okay, hyung.” Jungkook said softly. Taehyung blinked, confused and certain that he had misheard.
“What?” “Yes. Okay. You have your passport?” Jungkook asked casually. Taehyung spluttered. He hadn’t ever been out of Korea. And Jungkook was just … “No..I mean.. yes I have my passport but I can’t.. you don’t have to…”
“Hyung, when you marry me , I’ll be taking you on all my business trips. You’re going to be the face of Jeon Holdings, by my side. As long as it isn’t a problem with your job… I mean… will you be okay missing work for four days?” Taehyung stared at him, completely taken aback
“You.. You really want me there?” He asked hesitantly, voice small. He was bad at these things. Sometimes people only offered to include him in stuff because they wanted to be polite. And then they made it clear he wasn’t wanted.
He was always left feeling so broken whenever that happened. He watched Jungkook’s face closely, to make sure there wasn’t even a smidgen of hesitation there. But Jungkook only looked fond and affectionate, the way he had always. “Hyung. There’s nothing I would like more.”
Once Taehyung stepped out of the car, Jungkook climbed out as well, coming around to stand in front of him, the night air cold and just a little biting on his face . He shivered, a little and Jungkook stepped closer, lightly gripping his wrists and tugging him closer.
Taehyung went willingly, embracing the beta in a gesture that was fast becoming familiar. Jungkook drew Taehyung’s hands into his own pockets and the sudden warmth made him flush.
“You are, “ Jungkook whispered, staring right at him, “ the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my entire life.”
The words were so out of the blue, so jarringly out of context here in the cold night air that Taehyung forgot all about his inner turmoil, eyes going wide as they met Jungkook’s own. There was nothing but honesty there.
“I.. Thank you. You’re not too bad yourself.” Taehyung whispered, shy. He made to look away but Jungkook wrapped both arms around him, tugging him till he was flush against his chest. Taehyung gasped, eyes wide as he stared at the alpha.
They were at the same height, Taehyung possibly just a bit taller, but Jungkook looked smug as he stared at him. “you were so brave, kidding me on the lips on our very first meeting hyung.” He muttered. “ Tell me, is that how affectionate you are with everyone?”
Taehyung went cross eyed as Jungkook leaned in till their noses touched. He blinked owlishly, shaking his head, rubbing their noses together. “No.. No! I… I just..” He swallowed.” I didn’t think. I just.. I just did it on a whim. It was impulsive.”
“ Hm…” Jungkook hummed.” Impulsive, you say? Well, hyung, you can be as whimsical , but only with me …” He warned, pressing a soft peck to the alpha’s lips.” I don’t want you acting impulsively with anyone else, hyung…”
Taehyung felt his anxiety spike. What did that mean?! What was Jungkook implying?
“I mean…” Jungkook kissed him again, this time a little longer,” I can be a very, very, jealous man. And if I find someone coveting what’s mine…” he nipped at Taehyung’s lower lip, the sharp sting making the alpha jump, “ I tend to get very, very , very angry…..”
Taehyung opened his mouth to deny it, he would never ever look at some one else or entertain someone else when he was- But his thoughts got cut right off, when Jungkook caught his lips with punishing force, one hand gripping his waist and the other the back of his neck.
Taehyung’s back hit the side of the car and he moaned, lips parting enough for Jungkook to push his tongue in, the hot muscle licking into his mouth with a hunger that was so strong, it knocked the air right out of his lungs.
Taehyung’s hands were useless, still trapped in Jungkook’s pockets and all he could do was arch his back and take , his hips chasing friction against his own will. He could feel blood rush straight down, could feel himself go hard in an instant,
“Fuck..” Jungkook choked out, pulling back for a breather, his eyes dancing all over Taehyung’s face.” Fuck, look at you… This face…” He growled, “ Do you have any fucking idea how you look, now alpha?” Jungkook growled, “ So soft and pliant and desperate for me. Only me.”
Jungkook kissed him again, groaning against his lips, and Taehyung whined when Jungkook slipped his knee between his legs, moving closer till Taehyung was straddling the beta’s muscled thigh.
Taehyung found himself grinding down on the hard length of Jungkook’s thigh , and felt his face catch on fire when he realized what he was doing and where. He yanked his hands out with force, pressing a palm against the beta’s chest and putting a few inches between them,
“Jungkook..not here…” Taehyung whispered,” People can see…” his eyes darted around in a panic. The street was deserted. It was very late . But there was street lamp not far away and –
Jungkook’s hand closed around his jaw, yanking his face around just a little roughly, till he was staring right into his eyes. "If you're still thinking of other people, I'm not doing this right, hyung." Jungkook whispered, thumb digging into his cheeks just a little,
" My pretty , pretty alpha, keep your eyes on me and stop thinking of anyone else." Taehyung felt breathless, hypnotized by the brazen look of lust on the beta’s face. He was used to people staring at him, but no one had ever looked at him like that.
Jungkook looked like Taehyung was the air he needed to breathe. Like he had to have him, right there against the hood of his car or he would die. The intensity of his desire, made Taehyung’s knees go week and he exhaled, throat dry and stomach in knots.
He shook his head in desperation. “What if someone sees us, Jungkook, we can’t…” But Jungkook shushed him.
“Hyung, let them see. If they have an ounce of decency they’ll look away and if they don’t, that’s their problem..” Jungkook smirked, moving his leg up, till Taehyung’s painfully hard dick rubbed against the rigid muscle,
“ I don’t care what anyone sees, as long as I get to see you come undone for me, right here… Just like this..” Jungkook whispered, before catching his lips in another bruising kiss.
Taehyung entertained the thought, swept away by Jungkook’s words and the heat in his own belly but just as he began to tip over the line of reason, just as he actually, almost gave in ,
Jungkook’s phone rang in his pocket, loud and jarring and making him jump almost out of his skin. Jungkook swore, eyes blazing as he let go of him, fumbling for the loud device. He pulled it out and glared at the screen before taking the call.
“Someone had better be dead or dying, Mr. Lee for you to be calling me in the middle of the fucking night.” Jungkook growled, his voice low and furious. Taehyung quickly stepped away, moving as far as possible and covering himself up fully.
He wrapped his arms around himself, still reeling and painfully aroused, head a little foggy from arousal. Jungkook looked angrier by the second and when he hung up, he swore again. “Stupid, fucking bastards!” He shouted, “ Fuck.”
He turned to him, some of the anger fading to remorse. “Hyung.. i.. I’m sorry. I need to go.” He groaned. “ They fucked things up down by the dock and now my shipment got delayed by two days. Incompetent fuckers, I don’t know what the fuck I pay them for.”
Taehyung had lost his ability to form words, merely staring wide eyed at the beta. His cheeks were flushed peach , lips bitten red and nose a pale pink from the cold. Jungkook groaned at the sight, his heart thumping because Kim Taehyung had no fucking business looking this cute.
. He stepped forward and held his arms out, “ come here hyung and stop looking so adorable for fuck’s sake, God, you’re making me feel terrible.” Taehyung blushed but went willingly enough. Jungkook hugged him tight, before pressing a kiss to the side of his cheeks.
He pulled back and carefully brushed Taehyung’s hair back into place. “I’m not sure what kind of screw up is waiting for me tonight.” Jungkook muttered,” But I’ll have someone pick you up tomorrow morning.
Just bring your passport hyung, nothing else. We’ll work everything else out.” Taehyung nodded, still feeling too overwhelmed by everything to speak. Jungkook laughed a little.
“You look traumatized hyung, was it really so bad? Being kissed by me?” He teased and Taehyung flushed. Finally ungluing his tongue from the roof of his mouth.
“No.. I.. it was.. it was fine. Not.. just fine. It was good. Nice.” He stopped, taking a small breath in.” I liked it.” He said finally, smiling a bit. “Well, as long as you liked it.” Jungkook grinned. “ Go inside hyung, I’ll leave when you’re in.”
Taehyung nodded, wrapping his arms around himself and beginning to move away. But three feet away he felt a rush of affection for the man standing behind him.Turning on his heel, Taehyung ran back quickly, grabbing Jungkook shoulders and kissing him square on the lips .
“Good night, Jungkookie.” He whispered before quickly turning back around and rushing away. He sprinted all the way to his door, rushed past his sleepy mother and locked himself in his room. Taehyung fell face first into the bed and screamed into his pillow in disbelief.
He was falling so hard and so fast. All he could do was trust that Jungkook would be there to catch him.
~~~~ Jungkook was bone tired by the time he reached home from the docks, his clothes wrinkled beyond redemption, hair sticking out in every direction and shirt drenched from sweat.
He hated having to handle people personally, because diplomacy was definitely not his thing when he was pissed . And tonight he was super pissed. Incompetence with work was the one thing Jungkook could not put up with and
today a number of his employees had screwed up in monumental ways. The shipment they were looking to bring in was time sensitive and a delay of a few days would have cost him billions. Thankfully he had been able to avert the disaster
and now exhaustion was beginning to make itself felt, his body aching and head throbbing. Jungkook had migraines. Severe debilitating episodes of them and while medication helped, sometimes, what really triggered them was stress and tiredness.
He was more prone to them when he didn’t get a good night’s sleep and he also got them on flights. He wasn’t fond of lying in general but this just made the whole experience so much worse. As he made his way upstairs to his room,
he was surprised to see the light in his father’s study turned on. It was already past two in the morning. What was his father doing up? Jungkook made his way over to the study door peering in suspiciously.
His father was on the comfortable armchair, a cup of steaming hot tea in his hands and a Jane Eyre novel on his lap, glasses perched on the end of his nose. Jungkook felt fondness bloom inside him at the sight. After his mother had left, about a year after he turned sixteen,
it had just been the two of them. Everyone had told Mr. Jeon to train one of his alpha subordinates to take over the company , because Jungkook was a beta but his father had been firm about making him his successor.
Jungkook owed a lot to the man who had fathered him and the debt grew everyday , he felt. He pushed the door open lightly, stepping in and tugging on his tie. His father looked up, brightening at the sight of him. “Son.” He said fondly, “ You’re back?”
Jungkook groaned before unbuttoning his shirt and collapsing on the sofa, eyes fluttering shut. He really was quite tired. He gave his father a quick rundown on what had happened, casually mentioning that he would be taking Taehyung along to Japan.
“You’re taking him along?” Mr. Jeon gave him a look. “ Why?” Jungkook frowned. “He’s my fiancée. Am I not allowed to take him with me?” “Jungkook, it can’t possibly be because of his charming personality which you claimed to hate.” Jungkook groaned.
“Father, you’re just overthinking things. Was Taehyung my first choice for a husband? No. Did I think he was annoying and hard to put up with at first, yes. But now that I’ve spent some time with him, I realize… he’s not that bad, really.” Jungkook shrugged.
“ Besides, I’m just making the most of a terrible situation. He’s attractive and he seems to be happy , hanging around with me. Not to mention his family gets saved from the streets. It’s a win win situation. Well more of a win for him, than me, but still.”
“You like him.” Mr. Jeon said thoughtfully. “ By God, you actually like him!” Jungkook spluttered in disbelief at that, sitting up and glaring at his father. “I… what? I don’t. What one earth?”
“You hate having anyone with you on business trips. Not even me or your secretary. I cannot think of a single reason why you would be taking Kim Taehyung n a trip to Japan to meet our investors, unless you actually want him there.”
Jungkook glared at the older man, standing up abruptly. “He was the one who wanted to come.” He snapped.” Practically begged me to take him along with those stupid gorgeous brown eyes of his, father! You should have seen the way he was looking up at me, blinking up at me
like he was a puppy left out in the damn rain! What on earth was I supposed to do? Say no?” He demanded. “Well… yes.” His father looked incredibly amused at his tirade and Jungkook groaned in disbelief.
“Only a demon would be able to say no to Kim Taehyung’s damned eyes, father. A fact you will soon realize once he moves in here with us.” Jungkook said firmly.
“ Which reminds me. He works at a pottery school so I’m assuming he would like having a studio of his own here in the house. You should talk to Mr. Cha and have him empty out the gym on the ground floor and get me an estimate for a pottery studio .
If we start work by the end of the week it should be ready by the time we get married.” His father was staring at him like he’d lost his mind. “What?” He asked annoyed. "You do realize that you're beginning to like him? "What ? That is absurd, why would you say that?
“ I refuse to believe that any son of mine is such an idiot.” “What on earth are you on about.” “You’re here thinking of breaking down your gym. Your gym, the place you practically live in, in order to make a studio for pottery. And you claim that you don’t like him?”
Jungkook rolled his eyes. “Dad the Gym can be in any room in the house it doesn’t matter. But a studio like that would require furnaces and water supply and also easy access. Its matter of practicality.
As for putting it up, its for my own benefit. If he’s occupied there, he won’t annoy me.” Jungkook said loftily. “He annoys you?” “Yes.” “then why are you taking him to Japan?” Jungkook frowned, before glaring at his father. “I’m not answering you.” Mr. Jeon laughed at that.
“You just did, my son.” He grinned and then cleared his throat. “ Jungkook ah, if you’re thinking of moving out of the house, you must know you have my blessings. You and Taehyung would like your privacy, I’m sure and I would completely understand if you-“
“Stop right there old man. I’m not leaving you to rattle around this place all by yourself. You’re staying with me till the devil drags you to hell.” Jungkook said firmly. Mr. Jeon smiled shaking his head. “ Alright, brat.” He chuckled. “ You look exhausted. Go sleep.”
Mr. Jeon watched Jungkook leave and felt his heart clench. Jungkook had always been misunderstood, looked down upon and judged harshly with no cause. The years of being called lesser than, had given his son a lot of insecurities.
Which Jungkook tried to mask with his cocky over confidence and seemingly judgemental nature. But deep down he knew that Jungkook was still very much the scared little boy who had crawled into his bed one night , asking him if he was the reason his mother had left them.
His fears stemmed from his belief that he wasn’t good enough for anyone to want to stay. Why else would a twenty seven year old CEO still stick around, living down the hallway from his father. Jungkook was terrified of losing the people he loved and for years now,
Mr. Jeon was the only one in his life that he relied on and trusted. But he was getting old. Some day he would pass on. And so, he was happy that Jungkook had found someone like Taehyung, someone truly good of heart.
Mr. Jeon felt he could rest a bit easier, knowing his son wouldn’t be alone after his time here on earth. “Jungkook ah!” He called out impulsively. The beta peeked around the door frame. “Yeah, dad?” “I’m proud of you. You did good.” He said softly.
He saw Jungkook’s shoulder relax a bit at that, physically. “Go to bed, dad.” He said softly before waving and moving out of sight.
💠💠💠💠 Jungkook had told him explicitly that he would send someone to pick him up the next day and so, Taehyung barred himself from his phone, and sat staring at the cracked screen of their Television waiting for the doorbell to ring. He wore his best clothes, black slacks
and a grey button down and he also carried a small bag with some toiletries and his passport. Jungkook had told him not to pack any clothes so there was nothing there, although he was beginning to wonder if that was just some form of speech and he was being an idiot not packing
for an overseas trip. Taehyung felt giddy at the thought of it.He had no memories of being on a plane and this would be his first time traveling outside Korea. He was , to say the least, very excited. There had been a moment of panic the previous night when he couldn't find his
passport in the mess of his room. He had felt on the verge of tears, at once. He was sure that this was karma for kissing Jungkook and liking it too much and having filthy thoughts about the beta right after. But his mother hd come to his rescue, finding the green case wedged
between two notices for eviction. Taehyung had stared at the leaflets and then his passport. He was supposed to be out on the streets without a roof on his head and now, thanks to Jungkook he was on his way to Japan. For pleasure. How could he ever repay the beta for this?
The doorbell rang, just as Taehyung was beginning to convince himself he had imagined the whole conversation the previous night and had now taken five days off for no reason. He leapt off the couch at once calling a hasty goodbye to his mother who was in the shower.
When he opened the door expecting Jungkook's chauffeur, he was stunned to find the beta himself , looking dapper in a black T shirt and blue jeans, a pair of sunglasses perched on his styled hair. The sleeves of the t shirt fit tight around his biceps and in the bright morning
light his tattooed arm looked absolutely delicious. Taehyung felt saliva pool in the back of his mouth, gulping in shame when his mind offered him a very explicit vision of Jungkook's tattoed arms, framing his body as he fucked into him, those cherry lips tracing his jaw-
"Hyung? Youre drooling." Jungkook's voice made him startle and he closed his mouth with a snap, clearing his throat, as his insides burned in self reproach. What on earth was wrong with him?! He managed a weak smile. "I didn't know you were coming to pick me up yourself."
Jungkook didn't say anything. Instead he stepped forward, wrapping on arm around the alpha's waist and tugging him close, so hard that Taehyung crashed into his chest, eyes wide as saucers. He blinked at the beta, who was smirking. "I couldn't stop thinking of you , hyung."
Taehyung flushed red from his ears down to his neck. His gaze dropped at once, unable to look the handsome beta in the eye. He bit his lips, glancing back at the bedroom door. "My mom's in there..." he whispered , shaking his head. "We can't.. not here.. Jungkook..."
Jungkook hummed and hugged him tighter, leaning in and pressing a kiss to the shell of his ear . "You know hyung, that excuse is getting old. What are you going to do when we reach the resort jn Japan and its just you and me? "
Taehyung's heart leapt straight to his throat as Jungkook peppered kisses, down his neck and across his jaw before finally catching his lips in his own. The alpha gasped, hands flying up to grip Jungkook's shoulders, fingers curling into the fabric of his t shirt, knuckles white.
Jungkook made a noise of pleasure, one hand coming up grip his jaw, gentle but firm. He pulled away, but kept his grip on his chin, staring at his lips. "This mouth is made for sin, hyung." he murmured, "I can't wait to see all the things its going to do for me..."
Before Taehyung could respond, or more likely pass the fuck out right then and there.... "Am I interrupting something?" his mother's voice came from behind. Taehyung felt himself sweat all at once, embarassed out of his mind. "Oh, God" he choked out.
Jungkook, showed very little shame, merely tugging him around till he was by his side, arm still firm around his waist. "Mother." Jungkook said easily, bowing respectfully. "We haven't had the pleasure of meeting formally yet but I'm glad to see you." Taehyung's mom smiled.
"I was going to ask my son to take care of you, but I see its the other way around." she grinned and Taehyung felt his teeth hurt from clenching them. "Mom!!" he hissed and she laughed. "He's very excited Jungkook. But he hasn't packed a single set of clothes."
"Ill take care of that mother. Say goodbye hyung, we need to go. Ill go turn the car around. The street was too narrow, I might have to back out." Taehyung nodded and watched as Jungkook walked away before rounding on his mother. "Why on earth would you say that?" he groaned.
His mother laughed shaking her head. "Just go and have fun, Taehyung. Stop overthinking everything he does or says. Just enjoy his money and his attention." she winked. He shook his head before giving her a hug and a kiss. "Ill see you in a few days, mum."
💠💠 Most department stores had their garment sections divided based on sub gender. Taehyung himself had only ever been to the session for alphas. Strong, monochrome colors, practical and elegant fabrics. Professional prints only. But Jungkook took him to a designer showroom.
Taehyung stared in awe at all the luxurious fabrics : satin, cashmere, tulle, silk and lace.. There were beautiful floral prints that made his eyes go wide and he didn't miss the small door that said ' Lingerie'. When he peered into it, curious he saw that it was empty.
"Pick out anything that catched your eye hyung. We'll try it on for size and send it up for billing." Jungkook said softly, lightly brushing his shoulders. Taehyung was completely at a loss. He had no idea what he would be doing, what he ought to be shopping for.
caught* 🥲 not catched . my English teacher rolling in her grave right now.
“Should I,” Taehyung began hesitantly, glancing around at the different sections,“ buy something casual or-” he trailed off watching Jungkook who was busy rifling through a set of silk shirts on a rack. The beta hummed, before grabbing a bunch of them and grabbing Taehyung’s arm.
“You’re lucky you’re pretty and I don’t mind babying you.” He whispered, lips brushing the side of Taehyung’s ear, “Where’s the dressing room?” he asked the woman standing by and her eyes went wide, flitting between both of them.
Jungkook was smirking and Taehyung flushed, before punching him lightly on the arm . “I’m not a baby.” He pouted , holding his hand out for the shirts Jungkook had picked out. The beta handed one over. “Try this on for me and then I’ll give you the next one.” He grinned.
Taehyung narrowed his eyes, certain that Jungkook was upto something. But he grabbed the pale blue shirt, and followed the lady as she led him past a few door and onto a large room, the walls inlaid with mirrors and vanity counters.
Taehyung felt his jaw drop at the sight of it. Jungkook was right behind him, hands tucked into his pockets . “The changing rooms are here, Mr. Kim.” The lady smiled, pointing out large cubicles on the side and Taehyung nodded, already picking his way over to one of them.
He stepped in, locking the door and pausing when he heard footsteps and light knock. “Need help, hyung?” Jungkook’s voice came through and Taehyung blinked, genuinely amused. “With what Jungkook-ah..?” He asked , rolling his eyes and unbuttoning his shirt.
“Anything.” The answer came quickly. Taehyung shrugged off the shirt and before he could put the new one on, he paused, staring at himself in the mirror. He had no great illusions about his attractiveness. Taehyung, as an alpha didn’t appeal to betas or other alphas.
He knew that his scent was a little too woodsy and he had always had a rather awkward relationship with his body. Yes, he had a very beautiful face but that only helped till he opened his mouth and everyone realized he was a nervous wreck most of the time.
He had slim shoulders, his collar bones peeking out most of the time, but he was still quite broad framed. And he liked his waist and hips, knew that he had an s line any omega would be envious of, but he never learned how to wear clothes that flattered his figure,
always conscious of what people might think. The shirt Jungkook had picked out was a size smaller than what he usually wore. The fabric felt like water on his skin and draped over his body, the neckline deep and enticing. He liked it.
“Hyung? Does it fit?” Jungkook called out making him jump a bit. Taehyung hastily opened the door, flushed. “I like this one.” He said softly, running a palm over the fabric. Jungkook’s eyes went to his collar, narrowing slightly.
“I don’t know , it’s a little too revealing. You can take it, but only wear it in the room. With me.” The beta said firmly, grabbing another shirt from the small pile nearby, “ Here try this.” Taehyung frowned. “You want me to wear this silk shirt in the room? What for?”
Jungkook smirked. “You don’t want me to answer that hyung.” Taehyung turned red but glared at him. “I like it. I was hoping I could wear it on the plane.” He protested, lips jutting out unconsciously and eyes going wide. Jungkook groaned in disbelief.
“Fine. You can wear it on the damn plane , just put those damned eyes away hyung.” Eyes? What was he going on about? Shaking his head, Taehyung took the next two shirts and went back into the changing room.
He had just finished trying on the next one ( a bit too tight for his liking ),when he heard another set of footsteps, click clacking across the room. “Fancy seeing you here Jungkookie.”
Taehyung went still. The voice was eerily familiar, one he couldn’t forget even if he wanted to. What was Jimin doing here? He waited, but Jungkook didn't seem to respond. "Oh, the silent treatment? Look at that. Just like old times." Jimin's voice had a hint of mockery to it.
Taehyung bit his lips, a sick sort of feeling building in his stomach. Jimin was so abrasive, and seemed to get a rise out of provoking Jungkook. And if Taehyung was going to marry Jungkook, he knew he was going to have to be on his side.
Jungkook was always helping him out, wasn’t he? Maybe he could return the favor? Taehyung quickly changed into his own clothes, opening the door and smiling wide. “Jungkook, I’m feeling a little hungry.” He said softly, ignoring Jimin’s gaze boring holes into his head,
“ Can we get something to eat and come back here later?” And then something very petty in him made him look up, staring right at Jimin, “ Maybe when it isn’t so noisy.” The omega’s eyes went wide in surprise, before narrowing into slits.
“Oh, the kitten has claws.” The omega drawled, lips twisting in a sneer. “ Now I see why you keep him around Jungkookie. You liked putting little brats in their place right? Isn’t that what you used to call me? You little brat. Your favorite brat.”
Taehyung’s fingers began to shake, and Jungkook seemed to notice. He grabbed his elbows, pulling him into a hug. “Hyung” He whispered, for Taehyung’s ears only.” Why don’t you go wait outside. I’ll be back in two minutes.” Taehyung felt the protest build up inside him and he
started to shake his head but Jungkook shushed him gently. “I’m a big boy, hyung. But I like this. I like the idea of you being angry on my behalf.” The beta smiled, hand reaching up to gently cup Taehyung’s chin, thumb rubbing his lower lip, “ Go on. I’ll be there , soon.”
“Make it quick.” Taehyung said softly, hating the idea of Jungkook spending even a single second with Jimin. “ Quicker than quick.” Jungkook chuckled, and leaned down, kissing him hard. Next to them Jimin scoffed. Taehyung ignored him, wrapping his arms around Jungkook instead.
He hugged him tight and without even thinking, he brushed his lips against the beta’s ear, “ You’re a good man. Don’t let him convince you otherwise. You're a good man and i know it's way too soon but I... i think I could love you...” he stuttered out,
fingers curling on the sleeve of Jungkook's shirt. " I could love you for a long time and I want you to know that." He had no idea what he was saying. The words made no sense. But Jungkook looked shocked , and not in a bad way. Taehyung turned to Jimin.
"You had your chance and fucked up. It's too late so just leave him alone." He muttered . Jimin laughed. " Honey, I wouldn't be here unless your precious Jungkookie called for me, right baby?" That made Taehyung freeze. "What?" He turned to Jungkook. The beta groaned.
"Hyung, just go. I need a few minutes to talk to Jimin." He said softly. Confused and just a little disoriented, Taehyung exhaled, fists clenched as he walked out. What did Jimin mean by that? He went out to the main area of the store, intensely aware of the people staring.
He moved to a couch on the side, settling into it . His knees began twitching and that anxious feeling of doom began to build. Did Jungkook call Jimin over? That made no sense.
Jimin had literally said, “ fancy seeing you here.” Didn’t that imply he didn’t know Jungkook was there? Was the omega lying? If he was lying, why didn’t Jungkook call him out on the lie at once? But before he could think much more, Jungkook appeared on the doorway, alone.
“Hyung.” He called out, spotting him and making a beeline for him. Taehyung, who had no intention of spending another second worrying about what had happened, cleared his throat. “Did you ask him to come here? Just tell me yes or no.” He said softly. Jungkook sighed.
“Yes and No. Yes, I asked him to come to my office . No, I did not think he would come here. But Jimin has a contract with the store so he’s probably a familiar face around here. i didn't know he was going to turn up hyung. I'm sorry.” "Why are you apologizing to me?"
Taehyung whispered, shaking his head, " i just don't like how he talks to you." It was hard for him to regulate his feelings when he was stressed. And right now they spilled over into wet lashes. An alpha, crying in public. His mother would be horrified. But he couldnt stop.
"God, this is embarrassing." Taehyung choked out, rubbing at his wet cheeks. Jungkook smiled at that, holding a hand out to him. Taehyung sniffled before placing his hand there. Jungkook tugged him into a hug. "No one's cried for me before. Is it fucked up that i like it?"
Taehyung clung to him. It wasn't funny, the way people walked all over Jungkook and the way he let it happen. It wasn't funny at all and he wouldn't let him make a joke of it. "i don't want him anywhere near you. I hate that he can say those things to you and get away with it."
"Get out! all of you." Jungkook barked suddenly and Taehyung realized that the staff had been watching. But the moment Jungkook asked them to leave the place cleared up. "hyung, it's fine.. I don't really hear these things anymore. People have always spoken about me like that."
"And Jimin hyung isn't really a bad person." Jungkook said softly. " He's just... upset. He doesn't like me anymore. But he doesn't want me to move on either. I don't know why." Move on. Was Jungkook just looking to move on. Did that mean he hadn't , already?
Taehyung had so many questions. Do you still have feelings for him? You broke up with him, but sometime you look at him with regret…Is that regret that you dated him or regret that you broke up. Taehyung bit his lips, his heart sinking like a stone in his chest. His heart hurt.
Jimin was beautiful and desired by millions . He had such a beautiful body and that pretty smile. He was everything Taehyung was not. How could anyone date Jimin and then settle for someone like him? Would Jungkook realize that he could do so much better? Would he leave him?
“Are you thinking of something ridiculous again?” Jungkook lightly bumped his forehead against Taehyung’s and the alpha bit his lips, cross eyed from how close Jungkook’s face was. “ Your face when you’re over thinking is really funny, hyung. I asked you to trust me right?”
Taehyung nodded, lightly gripping the hem of Jungkook’s t shirt and squeezing. “Is he gone?” “Yes. But now that we’ve got your size right, I’ve asked them to send your clothes directly to Japan. We’re running late hyung.
We need to get on that flight. Which reminds me? You know how to swim right?” The change in subject made Taehyung blink. Jungkook moved his hands down to cup his waist, palm shaping his curves and rubbing his skin gently. Taehyung tried not get distracted by the soft touches,
leaning a bit back to stare at the beta. “Swim? Yes. Why?” he asked, flushing when Jungkook leaned in, tracing his jawline with his lips. He would have to get used to this, he thought shakily. Jungkook was the most tactile person he had ever met.
And he seemed to have no hesitancy in putting his hands all over him. Not that Taehyung didn’t like it. He liked it , perhaps a bit too much. “Well, hyung…” Jungkook kissed his ear and pulled away to smile at him, “The resort I booked… It’s on the beach.
I vacation there often and they have some amazing adventure activities on the water. I would love to take you for those.” Taehyung blinked. “I thought this was a business trip.” He said softly and Jungkook grinned, kissing him softly.
It was brief over before Taehyung could even process it. “Well, it was. Until you said you were coming along. So now its less business and more pleasure.” His voice dropped low and Taehyung’s throat went dry. He looked away, face heating up.
“I… okay.” He scrambled to say something that wasn’t, ‘please fuck me right now, Why was the beta so hot? And why did he kickstart Taehyung's libido so quickly?“ You picked my clothes for me?” He asked instead, wide eyed. “And for me.” Jungkook grinned. That made Taehyung pause.
He couldn't understand why Jungkook would need to buy clothes as well. He was a business man. Surely he went on many trips like this. Didn't he have his own wardrobe? “Oh, you haven’t packed for the trip either?” he asked curious. Jungkook laughed , shaking his head .
“No Tae, that’s not what I meant.” He tugged him close, spinning Tae around smoothly and wrapping him in a back hug, both hands gripping his arms tight, as the beta kissed the back of his neck, “What I meant is, I picked the clothes for me, but you’ll be the one wearing them.”
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Taehyung spent the entire duration of the flight, deep asleep. He had woken a good few hours earlier than usual, and so by the time they boarded the plane, he was already stifling his yawns behind his palm every few minutes.
Jungkook seemed to find the whole thing endearing and the beta kept his arm draped around his lower waist, like he half expected Taehyung to fall asleep on his feet.
Taehyung had never actively thought about how rich and well known Jungkook was, until they had landed at the airport and quite a few reporters and paparazzi took pictures of them.
The alpha’s anxiety kicked up but Jungkook was there, fingers linked with Taehyung’s own, pressed close to him and whispering , “ Breath hyung….just breathe and count with me. I’m right here. No one will come near you, I’ll make sure of it.”
Jungkook’s presence was the anchor that kept Taehyung afloat, and he kept his gaze lowered, eyes fixed only on their hand, Jungkook’s tattooed fingers, thick and long, entwined with his own , softer and more elegantly long digits.
Taehyung’s touch was gentle and light , like butterfly wings on the petals of a flower, but Jungkook’s grip was firm and solid, trustworthy. The contrast made his heart flutter. When they landed , there was an entire delegation of people waiting to receive them .
Taehyung, still half asleep and disoriented, could only bow awkwardly and hide behind his fiancée, while Jungkook spoke flawless Japanese and interacted with the important looking men in suits. But even though they bowed and greeted him, Taehyung didn’t miss the scent in the air.
Hostility, condescension, disdain. He could sense the negative emotions coming Jungkook’s way like a thick suffocating fog and he realized that being a beta, Jungkook probably didn’t know. But there was no mistaking the fact that Jungkook’s smile didn’t reach his eyes.
Taehyung bit his lips, wondering how Jungkook felt, being treated with a respect that was so obviously put on. When they reached the resort, Taehyung was in awe. Like Jungkook had said, he had booked a private resort right on the beach.
There were individual cabins, widely spaced away from each other and as they checked in, Jungkook called over the omega manager and asked her something that made the lady blush a little before sending a rather underhanded glare Taehyung’s way.
Curious, Taehyung asked him what he had asked. “Oh, I just told her I’ll be booking all of the cabins in that row.” He said with a smile, “ more privacy.” Taehyung didn’t miss the glint of mischief in his gaze and stared pointedly.
“Okay, I may have added that you tend to get a bit loud and we wouldn’t want to disturb the other guests.” Taehyung felt blood rush to his face, eyes going wide and mouth parting in horror.
“Jungkook ! Oh my God!” He punched him in the arm , “ How could you say that?! I can never look at her again!” At that, Jungkook wrapped an arm around him, tugging him close and running the tip of his nose down the side of his jaw. "Look at me hyung. Only me."
The rooms were luxurious with a tiny pool out in the deck and stairs that led straight down into the ocean. Taehyung stood for just a few seconds on the deck, watching the sun dip lower and lower, his body aching and tired.
Strong arms came around his body, wrapping him in back hug and he smiled, content. Jungkook rested his chin on his shoulder , before gently gripping his chin, turning his face around so he could capture his lips in a kiss.
Taehyung let his eyes flutter shut, savoring the soft lushness of their lips meeting, Jungkook’s tongue licking along the seams , begging entrance. Jungkook kissed like he had all eternity, slow and methodical,
fingers firm but gentle against his chin, keeping Taehyung in place as he licked into the warmth of him, teeth playfully sharp as they nipped his bottom lip every few seconds.
Taehyung felt warmth boom at the center of his chest, spreading all over his body, his blood heating up just a bit. Arousal stirred, low and heady, somewhere in the pit of his belly, persistent and impossible to ignore.
Taehyung wanted more . More of Jungkook. More of them together. Just as he began turning around , ready to wrap both arms around the beta, Jungkook’s phone rang, loud and jarring in the cool evening stillness. Taehyung flinched, head still foggy from his nap and Jungkook swore.
“The fuck is up with these idiots and their terrible timing.” He growled, and Taehyung flushed, his eyes not missing the fabric tenting the front of the beta’s casual beige shorts.
His mouth went dry , tongue licking at his lips subconsciously even as he wondered what it would feel like, if he were to reach out and touch him. To be bold enough to As Jungkook spoke into the phone in clipped, fast sentences, Taehyung wrapped his arms around himself,
the sea breeze a bit cold against his skin. He shivered lightly, turning back around to stare at the sea, still reeling from the kiss. It was ridiculous to admit but he’d only been with female omegas or betas, despite having a preference for men.
And that was because he couldn’t possibly get what he wanted, not from someone who expected him to take the lead… Taehyung’s anxiety acted up a lot, in the bedroom.
Sex was nothing more than torture , his brain telling him he was a failure, a disappointment, that he was hurting the other person , that they would hate him after his poor performance. Female omegas were easy, because he was well endowed and that was all they truly cared about.
But with someone like Jungkook… he shuddered at the very thought of it. They hadn’t expressly talked about anything and his pulse quickened at the thought of it. He couldn’t bring it up. Not in a million years. If Jungkook wanted him to top…
Taehyung felt sick at the thought of it. He was half in love with the man. If disappointing strangers was scary, the idea of disappointing Jungkook made his fingers and toes go numb with fear. And it didn’t help that Jungkook was obviously a very sexual person.
Taehyung had never had a healthy relationship with sex and so, it was never something he actively sought out. But Jungkook wasn’t like that. Jungkook’s desires weren’t hidden, the beta made no effort to hide his wants and as his fiancé ,
wouldn’t Taehyung be tasked with fulfilling all of those wants? In his head, he imagined, Jungkook being so deeply turned off by how bad Taehyung was in bed and deciding to call of the entire wedding. His mouth went dry at the very thought of it.
He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t . God, what had he been thinking? He shouldn’t have agreed to come on this trip at all. Why on earth had he thought this was a good idea? Jungkook was going to hate him after tonight. He could feel it in his bones.
“Are you thinking nonsense again, hyung?” Jungkook’s voice, right near his ear made him jump , and Taehyung squeaked, stumbling a bit. But Jungkook wrapped his arms around him, keeping him close. “I.. I just…” He couldn’t say it.
“It doesn’t matter..” Jungkook said softly. “ Whatever thought put that look on your face, its untrue and it’s not real and it’s not going to happen, hyung. Okay?” Taehyung turned himself around in Jungkook’s arms, till they were face to face.
Jungkook looked so kind, so real and so understanding that the words flowed out of him before he could even think of stopping them. “I was scared that you would leave me. Because I’m not good at sex.” He choked out. Jungkook’s brows shot up. “You’re… what?”
“I’m.. I’m bad at sex.” He muttered, ears burning , “ I mean, I think I am… maybe… I don’t know it feels like that ….I just.. I worry that I am…no one’s told me I’m bad or anything but.. I assume… Well, I guess you’ll find out soon…”
Taehyung’s eyes went wide as he realized what he had just said, palm clamping over his mouth in shock. Jungkook cleared his throat. Taehyung chanced a glance up at the beta and there was no mistaking the devilish smirk playing around Jungkook’s lips. Taehyung felt his heart race.
“Is that… an invitation to find out if its true?” Jungkook whispered softly. Taehyung flushed, turning red as blood rushed to his face.
He bit his lips, shaking his head and turning away, trying to get away but Jungkook laughed, hugging him tighter and making it impossible for him to budge. Jungkook's laughter sent vibrations up Taehyung's body, his nerves singing from the warmth of his embrace.
“Oh, no you don’t… you can’t say something like that and not expect me to do anything about it hyung…” He whispered, lips brushing the curve of his ear, “ Poor baby, worried he’s bad at sex… how about I clear all those doubts for you, right now… would you like that hyung?”
Before Taehyung could respond Jungkook’s phone rang again. The beta groaned, shaking his head before releasing him gently, reaching for the loud device. “You need to work on your timing Secretary Cho.” Jungkook growled ,
before giving Taehyung a quick kiss and holding up a finger, letting him know he would be just a minute. Taehyung nodded, quickly picking his way over to the safety of the cabin.
How was Jungkook so good at this, he thought in awe, rubbing his wrists against the apple of his cheeks, trying to get rid of the heat there. He needed a shower, right away. Everything else would have to come after.
Taehyung quickly stripped out of his clothes, grabbing the small clear bag filled with his toiletries, moving to the en-suite. He wanted to wash up quickly and go back to Jungkook’s arms.
He was nervous yes, but Jungkook calmed his ears so easily, his easy banter and playful flirting distracting him from his own cruel thoughts. And Taehyung liked it. Liked being flirted with, liked being teased .
Jungkook laughed with him and not at him, and that made such a difference to him. Taehyung knew the other would have to take a shower too , so maybe when Jungkook was in the shower, he could go through his luggage.
Hadn’t Jungkook mentioned something about … wearing something for him? Taehyung blushed red at the thought . He had never thought of doing something like that but for Jungkook, for Jungkook he could.
And even if there was nothing, he had read in an omega magazine somewhere that sometimes, you could wear your partner’s shirt and nothing else…underneath. Taehyung had a figure that any omega would envy, he knew that. Maybe Jungkook would like seeing him like that?
He bit his lips, as he grabbed his body wash, carefully washing himself. He wanted everything to be perfect, these few days would have to be perfect. He wouldn’t let himself ruin anything.
He was just starting to shampoo his hair when Jungkook knocked on the door with a soft, “ Hyung?” Taehyung turned off the shower, carefully walking over to the door and pressing his ear against it. “Yeah, Jungkook?”
“Hyung, I need to go … Some of the investors from Spain want to have dinner with me.” Jungkook’s tone was very apologetic and Taehyung fought to stifle the huge wave of disappointment that swelled inside him, choking his insides momentarily.
“oh..” He swallowed, searching for something to say.” Do you.. should I come with you?” “No hyung..” Jungkook’s voice came rather quickly. Almost curt. It was so unlike him that Taehyung immediately felt anxious. Had he said something wrong? Was Jungkook annoyed?
“Oh.” He paused, afraid to say the wrong thing. “Once you’re dressed, you can call the front desk hyung. They’ll send someone to take your order and they’ll deliver it right to your room.” Taehyung swallowed.
“Should I come out?” He asked, mostly because he wanted to see Jungkook. “ You need to shower right?” He was such an idiot. He should have asked Jungkook whether he wanted to shower first.
The beta couldn’t go to a business dinner without taking a shower, right after flying overseas. Jungkook was so considerate with him, with the smallest things and Taehyung was just so bad at this. Did he even deserve someone like Jungkook? Guilt churned, choking him.
“No , hyung. My cabin’s right next door. I’ll shower there.” His cabin? Taehyung went still. Were they not staying together? He racked his brains, trying to remember the part where he was pretty sure Jungkook had mentioned he had booked a cabin for them.
He had assumed that meant one cabin for both of them. They were engaged weren’t they? And Jungkook had been flirting and making advances for so long, he thought they would be… sleeping together? Had he been misreading the whole situation?
Taehyung fought to keep himself from going into an anxiety attack, digging his finger nails into his palm. Pathetic. He was so pathetic. Jungkook was a busy, important man and he couldn’t possibly be a good match for someone like that. “I.. Okay.” He choked out, voice strangled.
There was a pause. “Hyung?” Jungkook knocked sharply. “ Open the door, for me.” Taehyung froze. No. No, Jungkook couldn’t see him like this.
He gripped the edges of the wall, trying to clear the voices in his head, the oppressive feeling of being wrong and awkward , a burden, a nuisance, someone unlikeable , someone no one could ever love,
a shitty excuse for an alpha, who on earth would ever love someone like him, when he couldn’t even take care of himself … “Hyung!” Jungkook’s voice was sharp and loud, “ open the damn door! Or I’m gonna break it down!”
Taehyung’s fingers shook as he reached for the knob, barely managing to turn in before his knees gave out from under him. The door swung open and Jungkook caught him in his arms, just a second before he hit the floor.
“Get the fuck out of here!!” Jungkook roared and Taehyung blinked, eyes bleary with tears . He watched two valets scramble for the door, and it took him a second to understand why. He was naked, still covered in soap and shampoo.
Jungkook didn’t seem to care though, his eyes swimming with worry as he gathered him close. “Baby…” Jungkook whispered softly, “ What happened?” The sweet endearment made Taehyung’s lips wobble, and he shook his head, tears spilling over his lashes and wetting his cheeks
as he gripped the beta’s arms, fingers digging into the corded muscles. “I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry, Jungkook..” He whimpered, shaking his head frantically. " I'm such a fuck up. You shouldn't have brought me along. "
Jungkook kept his arms around him, brushing the damp locks out of his face and gently cupping his face, tilting it up till their eyes met,
“ Tae…. Come on. You know I wanted you here. I asked you to come here because I wanted you here… don’t listen to that voice in your head , hyung. Listen to me. Please…” Taehyung bit his lips, shivering in the cold air in the room, the breeze hitting his damp skin.
“I… I’m sorry… “ He began again but Jungkook shook his head. He hugged him close, gently rocking him back and forth till Taehyung’s breathing settled, a languid exhaustion taking its place.
It was always like this, bouts of tearful panic followed by moments of fatigue and despair. “You’re okay, hyung…” He whispered, pressing soft kisses to his wet skin, unmindful of how his clothes were soaked through.
Taehyung felt himself calming down, his pulse slowing down and his skin slowly warming up. Minutes passed, or it could be hours for all he knew. Time stopped making sense, Taehyung’s eyes fluttering shut , both from the fatigue of traveling so long,
the tiredness from the panic attack and now the soothing motion of Jungkook’s arms around him, holding him like he was something precious. Jungkook’s scent, clear and subtle, with a hint of his cologne, made Taehyung’s frantic heart settle. It made his doubtful mind, trust.
As sleep began to take over, Taehyung felt some of his senses returning. “I… I’m sleepy..” He said helplessly, blinking back his drowsiness and trying to pull away from Jungkook who didn’t let go of him fully.
It took Taehyung another second to remember he was buck naked on the floor, knees drawing up to his chin in reflex, almost kicking Jungkook’s in the gut. The younger looked worried as he calmly reached for a towel from the bed, draping it over him.
“Can you stand up?” He asked gently and Taehyung felt his teeth starting to chatter a little. “Uhm… Yeah..” He whispered, voice a little shaky as he wrapped the towel tighter around his body.
“Okay, come on let’s get you into the tub…” The beta said softly, getting to his feet before slowly helping him up. Taehyung knees wobbled, his head throbbing from all of his own thoughts and his eyes swollen shut from crying.
His nose was clogged too and he felt incredibly icky and messy. “I feel awful..” He sniffled and Jungkook smiled, fond and endeared. He reached down and scooped him up into a bridal carry, making Taehyung yelp in surprise.
“That’s what you get for not being honest with me. If something upsets you, you need to tell me hyung… I can’t fix it if you just lock yourself in the bathroom and start panicking. You need to give me some leeway here..” Jungkook said quietly.
“I’m sorry.” He muttered and Jungkook sighed, gently placing him on the granite countertop before moving to fill the tub with water.
“No, I’m sorry. What kind of a shitty fiancé flies his husband to a resort and promptly leaves him for the night?” Jungkook moved back to stand in front of him. Taehyung sat on the counter, eye level with the beta and holding the towel around his waist.
He flushed as Jungkook stepped closer, moving between Taehyung’s legs. He reached down, gently gripping the alpha’s knees and spreading them apart , just enough to make room for himself.
“I’m bad at this relationship thing hyung… But I want to try..” He smiled and gently held Taehyung’s face with both his hands, “ I want to try for us.. For this marriage …but only if you promise you will try too.. You need to tell me when you’re scared or anxious or worried.
I can’t help you fight your demons if you don’t show me what they look like..” Taehyung bit his lips but nodded, gaze dropping to where Jungkook’s shirt was soaked through, all thanks to him .
“You got all wet…” He muttered, lightly touching the damp fabric right over the cleft of his pecs. Jungkook grinned, eyes glinting with mischief.
“You’re right. I should take it off.” He said nonchalantly and Taehyung’s eyes went wide in shock as the beta began unbuttoning the shirt swiftly. He looked away, eyes shut tight and Jungkook laughed, gripping his waist and squeezing till Taehyung yelped.
“Come on hyung…it’s too late for you to play the shy maiden… I literally just saw every single inch of you.” He whispered, “ Which, by the way, how are you this exquisite. It’s like they dipped you in a vat of gold… your beauty is blinding hyung.”
Taehyung didn’t say anything blushing when Jungkook shrugged his shirt off, revealing toned muscles and smooth abs, his skin ivory white and blemishless. The urge to reach out and touch was cloying, especially because he knew he was allowed too.
He looked away, heart racing. He gripped the edge of the counter, knuckles turning white from his grip. “You… You said you had to go meet-“ he began but Jungkook laughed, reaching out and grabbing his wrists, bringing the alpha’s hands up to rest on his shoulders.
Taehyung still kept his gaze lowered, his cheeks burning . He felt so unaccountably shy. Shy and not nervous or anxious. It was all so new and frightening. “ Look at me, Tae.” Jungkook said quietly. The name made him blush.
It was intimate. His name just felt so safe and cared for, when it was Jungkook saying it. Taehyung glanced up, and Jungkook was smiling, soft and gentle. “Jungkook…” He said softly. “What’s bothering you, hyung?” Jungkook whispered. “ Will you talk to me?”
Taehyung stared at the beta, feeling his pulse quicken at the thought of revealing all those hidden parts of himself.
The few times he had mustered up the courage to share his fears with someone, they had been invalidated , he had been told to suck it up and to get over it.
It made him feel weak and useless, like he was making a big deal out of something that no one else cared about. Like he was just weak and worthless. But Jungkook… He knew Jungkook wouldn’t do that to him. “I… okay.” He said softly. “ Okay, let’s talk.”
( a/n There's another 2k words left but I have a meeting in like fifteen minutes 🥲) Ill be back ... its fluff and then smut and then angst and then comfort and then hurt....😂😂😂😂😂
💠💠💠 Jungkook had never been big on physical affection outside of foreplay before sex. This wasn't because he didn't like to, but because he'd never been with anyone who gave him that. Hugs, soft touches and smiles were alien to him. Even Jimin had seldom if ever touched him
without intention. There was a reason behind it. Alphas and omegas could sense each other, feel things through touch, smell. But Jungkook as a beta wouldn't feel any of that. He was there but not really. An anomaly if you will . As Taehyung lowered himself into the pool,
Jungkook had fully expected the alpha to climb in between his legs, settle against his chest and curl up. But to his surprise, the older slipped in behind him, hands resting on his shoulders thighs on either side of the beta's slim hip. Jungkook smiled a bit, as Taehyung
carefully settled behind him, tugging him half onto his lap. "Not that I'm complaining but I was hoping you'd be on my lap hyung, and not other way round" Jungkook smiled, leaning back to stare at the alpha. "I just... It's easier for me to talk, if I'm not being watched."
Jungkook hummed, turning back around obediently. He didn't stay still though, gently kneading the soft skin on the bck of Taehyung's knees. He loved his legs, the long golden beauty of it. He couldn't wait to kiss every inch of it. "As you wish hyung." he whispered.
A few seconds later, he felt the gentle warmth of water against his scalp, as Taehyung took the showerhead and held it against Jungkook's hair. "I like having my hair washed. Do you?" Taehyung asked softly. Jungkook , who had never had anyone touch his hair with such tenderness,
couldn't quite form words. The heat of the water as it soaked his hair, the gentle caress of Taehyung's fingers as they threaded through his hair, and the low depth of his voice , made something clog up inside his throat.
He closed his eyes instead, nodding absently. Washing and grooming and scenting were things most alpha omega couples, even onea in casual relationships were familiar with. But the people who slept with Jungkook didn't want that with him. Because he was a beta and he wasn't worth
all that effort. Taehyung had probably had so many partners, willing to do that for him. He bit his lips , realizing that if he were an omega or even an alpha, Taehyung would be able to sense his arousal, his pleasure. "My mother does this for me, sometimes." the alpha said
softly, " It calms me down a lot. But Right now, doing this for you... that's calming me down too.." Taehyung laughed softly, and Jungkook felt his heart lurch a bit. "What happened, earlier?" he asked softly. Taehyung didn't respond at once. Instead Jungkook heard the
sound of the shampoo bottle being opened and a second later, the alph began lathering his hair. Jungkook stayed quiet, giving him time and space to get his words and thoughts together. After coating every strand with foam, Taehyung began massaging his scalp, in gentle movements.
"I got scared." Taehyung said softly. Jungkook blinked waiting for him to add more. When it didn't come, he frowned confused. "Scared of what hyung?" Taehyung took a deep shuddering breath behind him. A second later , something warm dripped into his nape. Tears.
Jungkook stiffened but Taehyung's fingers curled around his shoulders, gripping hard. "Please don't turn around." Taehyung choked out. "Please just let me say this. i can't say it to your face Jungkook, because then I'll keep thinking you're judging me and-" "Hyung-"
"I know you're not. I know you would never but knowing something and believing it are two different things in my head Jungkook.." Taehyung cried softly, his voice low and broken."Although I know people don't hate me, although I know I am not worthless, my mind can't believe it."
Something broke inside Jungkook's heart at the words. It reminded him chillingly of his brother. I know you love me Jungkook ah.... but I can't believe I'm worth your love. Jungkook felt an iron fist clench his heart at the memory. How lost and helpless his brother had been.
He wouldn't wish that kind of pain on anyone, let alone someone as pure and gentle and wonderful as Taehyung. He wanted to turn around and hug him. To swallow all those words of doubt with kisses. To whisper praise and adoration into the alpha's skin in their stead.
But he knew it didn't work that way. Anything he did would at best be a temporary relief. Taehyung's anxiety and thoughts were rooted deep. He would need professional help. But that wasn't Jungkook's call to make. Till then Jungkook could only offer what Taehyung asked of him.
"Okay hyung." He whispered. "Go on, I'm listening." 💠💠💠💠 Taehyung stared up at the ceiling, watching the patterns on the walls, his mind somehow well rested and at peace. The room was shrouded in darkness, a little colder than he was used to , but that was for Jungkook.
The beta was fast asleep, on his side, his face buried in the pillow and mouth a little parted. Jungkook snored, soft and oddly soothing. And Taehyung was ridiculously in love with him. There. He had said it. It was out there. All these days he'd been hanging on the edge
of that particular cliff, but today in the tub, Jungkook had pushed him right over the side, plunging deep into the waters of what was surely going to be a painful and difficult path of pining and longing. Jungkook was lying next to him and he still missed him. He was fucked.
Taehyung had told him about the cabin , about being scared that Jungkook was upset with him , of being worried that he was a nuisance. Jungkook hadn't offered meaningless assurances. Instead he had merely kissed him and asked for a chance to change Taehyung's mind about him.
Taehyung played with the hem of the oversized t shirt. It was his own. It smelled like him. He stared down at the beta in his bed, his gaze trailing over the broad shoulders and the narrow waist. Jungkook slept shirtless, with his body out of the covers. And Taehyung felt all
kinds of things at the sight of it. For all the things he had told Jungkook, there were quite a lot that he hadn't. Things that were too intimate, things that made him feel to shy to think of let alone say out loud. In a perfect world Jungkook would read his mind all by himself
but then in a perfect world, Taehyung wouldn't be an alpha. And that was what he couldn't possibly tell Jungkook. That he didn't identify with his sub gender, not in a single way. That there wasn't a single alpha like thing about him. He wasn't meant to be one.
💠💠💠 Jungkook woke up sometime in the early morning, his ears picking up the gentle sound of a birdcall, shrill but oddly melancholic . He blinked tired eyes, still a little tired from the long journey the previous night. He shifted around, skin damp and sweaty against the
sheets. His eyes landed on the figure lying next to him, and he felt himself wake up with a jolt. Taehyung looked absolutely breathtaking, lying on his side with his head cradled against his arm, lips wet and parted, hair tousled and soft. Jungkook felt his mouth go dry.
Taehyung was hugging one of the pillows , grip tight and Jungkook found it endearing. He moved closer, slowly pulling the pillow away, only to be met with a soft mewl of protest, Taehyung's brows furrowing as he chased after cuddle buddy. Jungkook tossed the pillow away
and slotted himself in its place, grinning as Taehyung wrapped his legs around his waist instead, arms coming around his body, face burrowed in the base of his throat. He smirked as the alpha gave a pleased little hum, nuzzling the skin near his neck , breathing in his scent.
He didn't want to do anything else with Taehyung still awake, so he slipped his hands up the back of his shirt, splaying his palm flat on thr arch of his back, trying not to groan at how perfect Taehyung's body was. He moved his hand down, just to where his back began to curve
into his ass, squeezing the plump flesh , and simultaneously blowing gently against his eyelids. "wake up , my gorgeous." he whispered softly, voice low and raspy from sleep. Taehyung stirred, lips pouting and Jungkook couldn't resist, leaning down and kissing the plush folds.
Taehyung stirred, a low mumble making its way out as the alpha blinked awake, pretty brown eyes shifting, trying to take in his surroundings. The moment his eyes met Jungkook's, they went wide. "Jungkook!" He exclaimed, trying to scramble away but Jungkook hooked his
thigh around his waist, keeping him in place, hands curling around Taehyung's waist. "Hyung, I think we've teased each other long enough, don't you agree..?" he whispered softly and Taehyung went still. Jungkook watched him gulp nervously. "You- You're the one who t-teases."
Jungkook chuckled lightly, reaching out and brushing his hair back. "Is this too soon hyung? If it is you can tell me.. I'll be honoured to act as your platonic pillow for the rest of the trip." He kissed the alpha's nose gently and Taehyung blinked, cheeks dusting pink.
(a/n warning : exorbitant amount of fluffy smut 🔞) Taehyung shifted in his embrace, eyes flitting away for a second, but returning to hold his gaze. "Have we overslept? What time is it?" The alpha asked softly, moving his hands up to rest on Jungkook's shoulders.
The beta smiled, eyes heavy as he kept his gaze on the pillowy pink lips. Taehyung had the prettiest lips he had ever seen. He couldn't wait to kiss them again. "Too early for us to be worried about all that. Besides, everyone knows I'm here with the man I'm going to marry.
They won't knock on my door this early." He murmured gently, before raising one hand up to brush a few strands of hair off the alpha's face. "Why are you so beautiful, hyung? Don't you feel sorry for us mere mortals?" Taehyung turned redder, licking his lips. nervously.
"I'm sorry about last night." Taehyung said quietly, hand moving to play with the soft strands of hair at the base of Jungkook's neck. "You're stuck with me And I'm sorry.." Jungkook didn't respond for a second, considering the words carefully. "Hyung,
You must know something about me. " He said honestly," I'm not a good man and I'm certainly not the best man you can have. Not by a long shot." He bit his lips. "But Its been a long time since I've wanted to be so selfish." He shook his head. " I want you all to myself."
Taehyung's lower lips seemed to wobble a bit at that and Jungkook pulled him closer, cooing when he fely the aloha tremble like a leaf in his embrace. "Tae, do you really want this? With me?" he asked softly. " I don't want you to think you have to do this. Its not... I would
never force you to do anything you don't want." He said softly. Taehyung touched his waist, lightly. The contact sent a spark of awareness up the beta's body. He bit his lips, trying to stay composed as Taehyung got just a bit bolder, hands stroking the bare skin of his chest.
"Can I take my clothes off?" Taehyung asked quietly and Jungkook stared at him. "Okay. You want me to do it? Or do you want to do it yourself?" he whispered. Taehyung seemed to hesitate before pulling away and gently holding an arm out, ears red. Jungkook took the cue
moving to grab the hem of the large night shirt. Taehyung started shivering when his upper body came in contact with the cool air of the room. Jungkook smiled a little before grabbing the blanket nearby, pulling it over the alpha. "You get cold so easily." he laughed.
Taehyung looked adorably embarassed and Jungkook was endeared, so he quickly slipped under the blanket with him. "We can do it in here too. " He assured him quickly. " You don't have to bear the cold just for sex." "It it?" Tae asked softly. "Is it what?" "Is it just sex?"
Jungkook felt something rise up and clog his throat at the words. He was a beta. He wasn't good enough for anything other than sex, was he? Surely Tae must know that? He swallowed the lump in his throat , managing a weak smile. "Just sex isn't good enough? You want kinky sex?"
Taehyung reached out then, cupping the beta's face gently. He seemed to be on the verge of tears. "Do you think sex feels different when its with someone we love?" he whispered. Jungkook laughed shakily. "I wouldn't know Taehyung..." He shivered a little.
"Do you..." Taehyung bit his lips looking very hesitant. " want to find out?" The words jarred him, the weight of them hitting him hard. This was a confession, there was no doubt about it. Jungkook felt overwhelmed and terrified, because the crown of Taehyung's love would
be too heavy for him to wear . "Hyung ." He said shakily. " I don't know what this is... I don't.. I can't label this with big words that Ive never ..." he shook his head. " But I do know you're the most enchanting, the kindest, the most selflessly beautiful man Ive ever met."
Hands wrapped around his waist drawing him in and Jungkook hugged him close, the warmth of his chest heavy and amazing against Taehyung's own. The alpha jumped a little when he felt the gentle press of Jungkook's lips on the curve of his neck. "Tae, tell me what you want."
Uh…” Taehyung stared straight ahead, already half aroused. “I want….to feel good.” Jungkook laughed lightly against his skin, his hold around him tightening. “That can be arranged.” He said hotly, teeth nipping at the skin before he gently kissed the corner of his mouth.
Taehyung looked up at him, drinking in his gorgeous face and Jungkook hummed, eyes narrowed as though in deep thought. “Can I kiss your pretty mouth, alpha?” He prompted and it was ridiculous, how one word could turn him on that bad.
Taehyung nodded, making to move but Jungkook surprised him, moving to climb over him, straddling his knees beforehand grabbing the back of Taehyung's thighs, pulling him up so easily, that the alpha shrieked. Jungkook grinned. "Let's get this off you first."
Jungkook grabbed the waistband of his shorts, tugging them down his legs and leaving him completely naked in a second. Taehyung wrapped his thighs around Jungkook's waist, more by instinct than intent and the beta laughed at the look on his face.
“This always gets the ladies going.” He winked before making his pecs bounce lightly and Taehyung flushed. “Show off” he muttered, lightly punching his thighs and Jungkook grinned. “I don’t hit the gym five times a week to not show off darling.” he drawled before leaning down.
He crawled forward on his knees, closer and closer till he was straddling Taehyung's waist. “Tell me alpha, has anyone ever put you in your place” He teased and Tae grinned up at him. “I think I’m right where I want to be. Under you.” he said honestly and Jungkook flushed.
“It’s where you belong.” He whispered, taking Taehyung entirely by surprise . The alpha's heart began pounding a familiar ache, a familiar pang. He knew it was an illusion. He didn’t for a second believe he belonged here but it was hard not to believe Jungkook,
when he was hovering over him, looking like a fallen angel. God, don’t get emotionally invested. He doesn’t actually mean it, you fool. “Kiss me.” Tae held his arms up and Jungkook lowered himself carefully, keeping his weight off the alpha as he kissed him, soft and gentle.
Tae let his fingers tangle in the damp ebony locks, tugging gently as Jungkook angled himself better, tongue begging entrance. The heady mint taste of him, sent the alpha into overdrive and he wrapped both his legs around Jungkook's waist, pulling him down.
Taehyung took a second to just take him in. The scent of his skin against his own, clean and woody, slightly sweaty, but mostly just musky. The smell of a man . The weight of him on the alpha's body, the hardness of his arousal evident even through the sweatpants.
Jungkook pulled back to stare at him, his fingers brushing Taehyung's cheeks. “You have perfect lips for kissing. Lush and plump. Like tiny pillows I can sink my teeth into.” He whispered, catching Taehyung's lower lip between his teeth and tugging. Taehyung sighed, shakily.
He wanted this to be mutual, he didn't really want to just lie there and let Jungkook do all the work. Taehyung was used to staying quiet during sex , scared of saying something that would be unwelcome. But he knew now, with Jungkook, he would always be welcomed with open arms.
“You have beautiful nipples. I want to lick them some day” he breathed, running his thumb on the curve of Jungkook's cheek bones. Jungkook stared at him in complete shock for a second and then laughed . “Thats…. a new one. Jesus. “ he shook his head, almost in disbelief.
“Sorry.” he flushed, embarassed and Jungkook waved off his apology with a laugh. “Hyung, you said you wanted to feel good. Why don't you let me help you with that ?” His eyes twinkled. Taehyung nodded, his breath catching as Jungkook stared at him for a second.
“Beautiful.” He said, voice deep and husky. "You said that already. A lot of times..” Taehyung grinned, amused . Jungkook laughed again and shook his head. "Hyung, I don't think i could ever get tired of saying it. You are unreal." Taehyung smiled at that. "You are too."
He laughed again and shook his head. “I can’t remember ever laughing so much before sex. This is so weird.” “Weird bad?” Taehyung asked, nervous. He shook his head. “Weird good.” He leaned in, kissing his cheeks, “ Weird adorable.”
Taehyung crossed his legs, drawing his knees up at once, feeling devastatingly shy. But with it came another pang of anxiety. Was Jungkook being honest? He blinked up at the beta, feeling vulnerable, mostly because he couldn't hide his feelings. His eyes always betrayed him.
"Must.." He said carefully, licking his lips with a tongue that felt sandpaper dry. " Must the lights stay on?" he asked nervously. It was too bright. Too revealing. Jungkook's gaze softened a bit at his words.
“You want me to turn off the lights? “ He asked gently. “Yes please.” Taehyung said desperately and the beta nodded, quickly climbing off the bed and fumbling with the light switches. He left a single light on , near the closet. It left the rest of the room dimly lit.
“Has it been a while for you ,hyung?” He asked, rubbing his hands together before climbing onto the bed again. "They never meant anything” Tae said quietly. Jungkook didn't press. “You’re gorgeous. Toss me that pillow.” He pointed to the one next to the alpha's head.
“Lie down for me darling.” He smiled. Taehyung hesitated, closing his eyes tight just because it was overwhelming, seeing Jungkook in front of him, shirtless while he himself was naked. He laid back slowly, knees still pulled up and feet on the bed, thighs pressed together.
Taehyung's heart was pounding , less from nerves and more from sheer anticipation. He had waited long enough for this to back out. And ge didn't want to. He wanted this . And the fact that it was with Jungkook… someone who genuinely accepted him for himself. It was special.
Jungkook's hands on his knees made him look up, their eyes meeting. “You okay?” He asked gently. He nodded. “Let me between your legs?” Jungkook asked sweetly. Taehyung felt the blood rush to his face, his legs shaking as he spread hus knees and thighs, letting him in.
His fingers closed around Tae's ankle lightly, gentle as he ran his hands up and down his legs. “Relax, hyung. You wanted to feel good and I’m going to make you feel good. The only thing you need to do is, well, feel.” He smiled, impish bunny teeth bright even in the dark room.
Taehyung nodded, closing his eyes agains. “Don’t wanna watch?” Jungkook teased and the alpha shook his head. His pulse kicked up at the very thought of it. Jungkook wasn’t anything like I’d imagined, he thought with his heart racing inside his ribs.
He had been attractive as the stoic, serious man who wanted to do the right thing but like this : naughty and flirty and charming , he was absolutely devastating and Taehyung wasn’t sure he could come out of this unscathed. Every second he fell deeper. It was terrifying.
Taehyung couldn’t fight the feeling that he was making a huge mistake . that this whole thing was going to end with his heart ripped to shreds. That nothing good could come from emotions that were so intense. Jungkook's lips against his own pulled him out of his thoughts.
“I’m going to touch you.” He said softly and Taehyung shuddered when his fingers closed over his nipples, gentle but firm, kneading the flesh very slowly, thumbs rubbing back and forth on the hard nubs till they tightened.
Taehyung bit his lips to stop himself from crying out, the sensation overwhelming and foreign because it was someone else’s fingers and not his own. “Hey," one soft finger pressed against his lips, parting them gently and Taehyung shivered.
"I'll be quiet." he said , voice breaking a bit but Jungkook shook his head quickly. “ None of that. You should be as loud as you want to. How else will I know if I’m getting the job done?” he asked with a teasing smile.
You’re getting it done..” he choked out, shaking all over and Jungkook kissed his lips again, quick and hard. “So beautiful.” He murmured, lips pressing kisses down the alpha's chest. Jungkook's breath against his skin made Taehyung's heart race.
He trembled, yelping a bit when the beta dragged his teeth over the soft nub, nipping lightly before chasing the sting with his tongue. His lips closed around my nipples, the suction gentle but his tongue wet and insistent .
Taehyung went completely still, his hands flying to Jungkook's hair and gripping so hard he grunted . His hips lifted off the bed at the sensation, every nerve ending on fire as Jungkook kept suckling and licking , his body burning up from the pleasure.
He kept his lips over the peak, licking the tip over and over till it was tender and wet and hard . Jungkook used his thumb on the other side rubbing on the neglected nub and Taehyung felt his toes curling into the mattress, Jungkook moving to straddle his thigh, grinding down.
Im going to black out from having my nipple played with, Taehyung thought vacantly. He didn't realize he said it out loud till Jungkook chuckled. “ I’m glad you like it.” He laughed again and Taehyung loved the sound of it. Loved that Jungkook seemed to be enjoying this too.
And Taehyung really wanted him to enjoy it. Wanted to make him feel good. So he let his hand drop, down to his waist and then to the front of his pants. Jungkook went still.. “Hyung-” “I want to.” he said desperately “ Please , let me touch you too-”
" hey…its okay.. "Jungkook kissed him again quick and heady. “ Remember what I said? You call the shots…. “ He pressed another kiss to the corner of his lips. “ Want me to take off my sweats?” Taehyung nodded, “ Yeah.”
He wiggled out of his pants quickly and Taehyung cursed myself for wanting the lights turned off. He really wanted to see him. Taehyung hesitated, rubbing his palm on the beta's pecs and tracing the muscles down to his tightly packed abs . “You can touch.” Jungkook said hotly.
Taehyung caught his eye for a brief second before nodding,letting his fingers flutter down between Jungkook's gloriously thick thighs. His skin was smooth and hard , like silk over steel and Taehyung let his fingers go lower,
past the light dusting of hair to the thick, rigid length of him , his long slender fingers closing over the hardness of his cock. Jungkook jerked forward, head burying into the pillow near Taehyung's head as he swore. “Fuck…” He sounded strangled.
Taehyung panted a little , gripping him harder but not a lot because he wasn’t sure how much was too much. . “Teach me how to touch you…Show me what you like, Jungkook.” He said softly, loosening his grip a little to stroke up and down over the length of his cock.
“Fuck.. just the fact that you’re doing it is going to make me cum.” Jungkook choked out and Taehyung blushed, ridiculously flattered. He slid the tip of his thumb over the slit, gathering precum as it dripped out, making the slide just a little easier, and
Jungkook grabbed his wrist, pulling his hand away. “Lick it.” Jungkook said softly. Tae went still, his brain grinding to a halt.. Lick….?? His eyes went wide. And so did Jungkook’s. “Your palm.” He choked out. “ Lick your palm not my….Your palm. It’s too dry.” Oh.. oh.
Lick his palm. Not his ... Right. Got it. “Okay..” Taehyung drew his hand up and hesitated , unsure . Jungkook watched him like a hawk, eyes trained on the alpha’s mouth and
Taehyung bit his lips, cupping cupping his palm and spitting into it, twice for good measure feeling absolutely filthy. “Fucking hell.” Jungkook breathed as the alpha moved his hand down to his cock again, wrapping it around the rigid length and it did feel better,
easier to jerk him off with the lubrication. Taehyung moved his hands up and down , a punishing rhythm neither slow nor fast and Jungkook gritted his teeth. “Okay… I’m gonna.. “He shivered a little when Taehyung tentatively pressed his thumb to the head, surprised
to find him wetter , on the top. The alpha slowly gathered the moisture around his slit, spreading it all over the head of his cock, using his fingers to rub circles over the crown , fingers tracing the thick vein on the underside.
And Taehyung couldn't help but wonder, how would this feel inside him? Taehyung felt his thighs shake, his insides clenching, as he squirmed. “Please-Jungkook-I-” he hesitated.“ Will you -”he trailed off. “Fuck you?” Jungkook asked gently making Taehyung shudder in his hands.
"You sure hyung? Sure you can handle it? Handle me? Taehyung could feel himself panting, face flushed and his skin damp with sweat like he'd run a marathon.The sheets were cool , solky soft under his fingers as he gripped them, staring wide eyed at the man looming over him.
"Look at you hyung..."Jungkook whispered fondly,"You look so wrecked and I haven't even touched you yet.." The beta shook his head , looking amused," How are you going to keep up with me if all it takes to ruin you is a kiss?" he sighed," And now you want my cock? Baby..."
"Jungkook..." Taehyung reached out grabbing Jungkook's arm , trying to pull him down but the beta grabbed both his wrists quickly, pinning them over his head. He leaned down, till his nose brushed the side of Taehyung's cheek. "Patience" he hissed gently, kissing his eyelid,
"You need to be more patient here, hyung" he said firmly. "We do it my way . I don't care if you grew up thinking you're in charge because of your rank..."He paused, smirking and kissing his ear," But in our bed, I'm the one who calls the shots. Is that clear, baby alpha?"
Taehyung felt fuzzy, head cloudy as thr words registered. Jungkook would take the lead, he thought , relief flooding his senses, his body going lax.He just had to submit. And submission came naturally to him.
I got you…” Jungkook whispered, giving him a soft kiss. "I'm going to take care of you, hyung." He pressed small kisses all over his face before brushing the hair off his brows. "Have you ever been with another alpha?" He asked gently and Tae shook his head.
"Alright, hyung..." Jungkook smiled, drawing him closer into an embrace. moving to lie down next to him, "that's alright. I'll make this good for you.. " Taehyung clung to him, eyes fluttering shut and his brain turning to mush. Every word out of Jungkook's mouth pushed him
harder into his warm and fuzzy headspace. He watched, disoriented as Jungkook reached across the bed and grabbed a bottle of something. "We need to get you all ready hyung, so I'm going to stretch you out." Jungkook kisses his nose, " okay baby?" Taehyung nodded, lips parted.
Jungkook moved one hand down to lightly touch his waist and Taehyung's entire body went taut. “I..” “So sensitive, my baby." he smiled,"I promise it'll feel good. Wasn’t that the goal today? “ He tossed Taehyung a wink, squeezing his thighs a bit. " Let me touch, baby."
He moved back and grabbed a pillow. “Lift your hips up for me.” He said gently and Taehyung raised his butt, jerking when Jungkook folded the pillow in half and pushed it under his hips. And then Jungkook was crawling backwards, till his face hovered over Taehyung's belly button.
"Hyung , you have the softest belly I've ever seen. Such a cute little tummy," he rubbed his nose back and forth on the sensitive spot just below his navel, making Taehyung's toes curl. Jungkook laughed, pressing his lips to the plush, bouncy skin , watching Taehyung squirm.
"Thats... I try to excercise but it never.. I don't know why it stays soft." He whispered , face and ears red as Jungkook presse kisses all over. "Isn't that obvious? It stays soft so your husband can use it as his personal pillow." Jungkook said, laying his head down on it .
Taehyung giggled, hand reaching down to lightly brush the hair on the beta's head. "I suppose my bed partners would enjoy it." He said lightly, enjoying the way the silky strands slipped through his fingers. Jungkook had gorgeous hair. He really liked it. "Your what?"
Taehyung blinked, looking down at Jungkook who was staring at him, eyes narrowed. "Hmm?" he basked, confused on why Jungkook looked angry. "Your bed partners?" Jungkook drawled, moving up to hover over him. "Plural? Am I part of a list here, hyung?"
Taehyung's mouth parted in surprise. "I didn't mean..." he began but Jungkook was already shifting his weight over his waist, fingers reaching for the soft chestnut locks of his hair, gripping gently and tugging him up. Taehyung stared, wide eyed, as Jungkook frowned at him.
"Hyung, remember what I told you the other night? If you're thinking of other people...I'm not doing this right." he drawled, before kissing his mouth hard. "Throw your legs over my shoulders” He said briskly, gripping his thighs , one in each hand and spreading his legs apart.
Taehyung did as he asked, the back of his knees resting on the hard muscles of Jungkook's broad shoulders and the alpha raised his head a bit to peer down at him. The sight of jungkook’s gorgeous face between his thighs got seared into his mind and he gulped, overwhelmed.
Jungkook curved his hand over his knee, before pressing a soft kiss to his thigh, a little nip before sucking the skin at the juncture of his hip and thigh. He was breathing in suddenly, a loud, shuddering inhale. His breathing wavered and Tae felt the sharp pin prick of teeth.
"You smell decadent, hyung ." He licked his lips, kissing across his hip bone, finally reaching the throbbing length of his arousal. He licked at the tip, tasting the slightly sour tang of him, before lightly nipping his inner thigh, the skin blooming pink.
Jungkook reached for the uncapped bottle squeezing a bit of the gel onto his fingers before moving them between his thighs. Taehyung flinched as he touched his entrance, rubbing gently and coating the sensitive skin before sucking the head of his cock into his mouth.
Taehyung gripped the sheets under his fists, breath leaving him in little pants, eyes open and pupils blown wide, and when Jungkook moved down, liking lightly at the wrinkled skin of his entrance, he jerked, body shivering from pleasure.
Taehyung felt himself go harder, cock dripping all over the sheets, so wet and swollen and throbbing… “Relax for me hyung," Jungkook whispered between soft kitten licks against his center and Tae gasped as he slipped one long finger in, deep and with barely any resistance.
The warm wetness on his thigh began spreading, his cock leaking precum all over his skin and Taehyung heard Jungkook groan as he sucked harder, drinking him down like he was the finest wine. His finger worked its magic and he ached. “Another… give me more…please…” he gsped.
Jungkook hummed and Taehyung trembled as he felt another finger push in next to the previous one, deeper still, searching and stroking, tracing every ridge inside him, curling just right, and rubbing down on that spot inside him…the one he could never quite reach himself.
Jungkook used one hand to rub soothing circles on my thigh, while his fingers moved over his prostate, hard and gentle and then hard again until it throbbed and ached , over and over. Taehyung was sure the little nub was bruised, that he would be feeling it inside him for days.
Taehyung was sweating, his arousal so strong that the sheets were soaked, wet and so damp and the sensation of his fingers, thick and deep inside him while his lips sucked on him harder, it was just too much…too much.
He exploded around Jungkook's fingers , his orgasm so strong that his hips lifted right off the bed, and Jungkook fucked him through it, fingers pounding in and out of his wet swollen walls and Taehyung clenched down on him, shivering like a leaf caught in a storm.
( a/n I'm sleep deprived and horny so i keep slipping into first person for some reason forgive the typos) 🥲
Jungkook crawled over him till they were face to face till Tae was on his back, before climbing on top of him. "Still thinking of others?” He brushed the sweat damp hair off his face. “Why? Are you?” Tae shivered, barely sane. Jungkook growled.  “brat.” he said fondly.
He pressed his lips against Taehyung's own, a soft and gentle touch that lasted for just a few seconds before he drew back. And then he leaned in again, this time , lips parting, soft and wet as it closed over the alpha's, tongue sweeping across the seam of his lips,
begging entrance.Tae sank back into the pillows, letting him take the lead. Jungkook kissed like he did everything else, firm and hard but somehow careful and gentle. Tae felt himself relax finally, savoring the kiss to its fullest, body sated for the first time in his life.
The soft press of his fingers on Taehyung's chin as he tilted his face for better access, the way his tongue licked into his mouth in soft kittenish licks, the way his teeth nibbled on the plushness of his lip, only for his tongue to lick and sooth the sting right after….
Jungkook's kisses tasted like scotch and honey, like spring water in the middle of summer , cool and refreshing and reaching so far inside him that he ached for it. He was strong and warm against Taehyung, his hair felt like spun silk beneath his fingers .
The alpha traced the contours of his face , the sharp edge of his jawline, the softness of his perfect brows and the sharpness of his collarbones. Taehyung's mind was reeling by the time Jungkook pulled away.
“Can I fuck you hyung?” He asked softly and Taehyung jolted at the filthy words in that deep earnest tone. “I don’t know Can yo-?” He didn’t let him finish. Groaning as he sat up, lightly spanking the side of his thigh before straddling him again.
"such pretty pink nipples.” He said casually and Taehyung choked a bit when he reached down, thumbing at the hard nubs till they pebbled up under his touch. He threw his head back as the beta bent over, peppering kisses all over his jaw before moving down to lick his nipple,
Taehyung felt the hardness of Jungkook's erection against the softness of his stomach. “Can I take you from behind?.” Jungkook whispered into his ear amd Taehyung shivered. When he nodded gently, Jungkook kissed him again, softly. "I want to see your face but.." he pulled away
just a bit, "I'm sorry." he whispered,"Its just that It'll hurt less for you like this." "Anything you say. Jungkook " Taehyung whispered. Jungkook hummed before tilting his head to the side. “Hands and knees hyung, grab the headboard for me.” He said lightly.
When he did just as asked, Taehyung felt a soft, wet kiss right on his spine, before fingers gripped his hair again , tugging him back just as he pressed up against him, the head of his cock pressing against his rim. Taehyung braced himself, knowing that the pain was inevitable.
But it didnt hurt as much as he thought it would, perhaps because Jungkook wrapped himself around him, holding him close as he pushed inside him, his lips pressing kisses to his face , even as he whispered soft praises against his skin. When he was fully inside him, he shivered.
"Hyung can I move?" he begged and Taehyung swallowed before gently squeezing the hand wrapped around his midriff. He held on to the board, shifting his stance so Jungkook could pull out and push back in, a slow controlled pace that left them both shaking with coiled tension.
In just a few moments Taehyung felt his body go lax, cleaving open to take the beta inside him, and he groaned, reaching down to wrap a hand around his cock, desperate for more stimulation. "Hyung.. can I..?" Jungkook asked and Taehyung nodded. "Yes, baby, harder." he begged.
fingers gripped his hair again , tugging him back just as he slid right into him. The shock of it made Tae cry out, Jungkook's cock so thick and hard it felt like he had been split open. “How does that feel baby? …” the beta whispered, bending over and kissing his neck.
Am i making you feel good” Taehyung fought to get words out and then groaned when Jungkook slid back in ,a little rougher and a little faster. He stopped again, pulling out and hitting the alpha's thigh, the sharp sting making him yelp. “Roll over, sweetheart.” He whispered.
Tae blinked groggily, rolling over to stare at him. The beta grabbed a spare pillow, folding it in half before pushing it under Taehyung's hips.  Tae blinked in confusion as Jungkook loomed over him again, this time grabbing his leg and throwing it over his shoulder.
He pushed back in, deeper and harder and Taehyung felt stars explode in his vision. Jungkook caught the look on his face and smirked. “Mine.” He fixed the pillow again and this time when he pushed in , it was pure pleasure, his cock brushing the sensitive spot inside him,
making Tae clench around him like a vice. Jungkook moved to his knees, still inside him and Tae groaned in protest when his weight lifted off him. “Wanna see you cum, angel..” He whispered, grabbing Taehyung's cock and getting him off in smooth, little strokes .
It lasted less than two minutes. Taehyung came unraveled, his mind exploding in glorious white hot pleasure and Jungkook shuddered against him as well, the beta's orgasm hitting him hard. Taehyung felt the warmth of it inside him, filling him up and dripping down his thighs.
Jungkook's knees seemed to give out, but he moved till he was by his side, drawing him into his arms in a warm embrace. Taehyung trembled , sobbing just a bit as he fell back against him, boneless and spent and mind so blissfully empty in a way he had never experienced before.
"Hyung, " Jungkook gasped between pants. Taehyung merely groaned too exhausted to string words together. "I can now say with absolute certainty," Jungkook's voice shook a bit. " That you're very , very good at sex." Taehyung laughed, shocked. God, he loved him so much. 💠💠💠
( authors note : you know what beta jk? I can say with absolute certainty, I'm more exhausted from writing this than both of you combined.)…
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