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Mar 24, 2022
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au where ceo jeon jungkook was forced to go to a strip club with his friends because according to them, he needs to loosen up a little. there, he found taehyung—a new stripper with big round eyes still filled with innocence despite working in a filthy place.

like everyone else, taehyung didn’t have a choice. he’s an orphan and when he turned 19, he decided to leave the orphanage where he grew up in. he wanted to explore and see new things. turns out, it’s a huge mistake. the world is just too big and cruel. it was hard.
but he didn’t want to go back to the orphanage anymore. the people who raised him and took care of him are now taking care of new kids. taehyung doesn’t want to be a burden. so here he is in a strip club, getting ready for his stage tonight.
his new friend, jimin and also the one who brought him here is now guiding him with putting make-up. there’s no make-up artist here. every stripper has to do their own thing. outfits, hair, make-up. good thing that taehyung has jimin because he literally has no idea what to do.
“how’s last week, tae? you had fun?” hobi asked while fixing his hair in front of the mirror next to taehyung. hobi’s been working here the longest. he’s everyone’s favorite and he’s a really great dancer. he also has a thing with the owner of this strip club.
taehyung haven’t meet the boss yet but he heard that his name is min yoongi. “it was fine. i earned a lot,” taehyung smiled, sheepishly. it was really awkward, especially his first night. it’s only been a week so he’s still adjusting.
there’s a lot of old businessmen who act really weird. they make taehyung uncomfortable, especially with their comments about his body and the way they stare at him. it makes his skin crawl. he heard jimin called them disgusting at the dressing area and he agree.
“taehyungie here is slowly coming for our throne, hobi hyung!” jimin exclaimed playfully before winking at taehyung who just shyly smiled. “look at him getting all shy! aww! he’s really the sweetest!” hobi cradled his head before giving him a smooch on his fluffy hair.
“hyung!” taehyung is really glad that he has friends now. at least, he’s not alone. when the time has come, taehyung took a deep breath. with a smile, he walked on the stage where the pole is waiting. he heard loud cheers from the audience, calling his name. show starts now.
jungkook has no interest in going to strip clubs, getting wasted, and sleeping around with strippers. especially paying for pleasure. he doesn’t have to, when boys and girls chase him willingly just to give him pleasure without anything in return.
however, when everyone started cheering and shouting as the first stripper of the night appear on the stage, it’s safe to say that jungkook swallowed all the words that he said—he’s definitely interested. “taetae!” that’s what they call him.
he looks young. maybe a college student if he’s still studying. he has this soft look in his face despite the dark make-up. he looks sultry, but he has these big round eyes that look so innocent.
and he’s wearing a black and purple lace that’s so little, it barely covers his body. his honey smooth skin exposed for everyone to see. his 5 inch heels emphasizing his long legs, making him look taller. he’s gorgeous. and jungkook wants to take him home.
“someone caught your eyes, huh?” namjoon chuckled, sipping on his bourbon. “you know him?” jungkook asked, not taking his eyes off the pretty one. he dances well. his long legs moves perfectly around the pole. then, he suddenly threw his head back, showing his neck.
jungkook adjusted in his seat. his pants are starting to tighten up, making him uncomfortable. fuck. he can’t believe he’s getting hard by just watching a young stripper pole dancing. “i heard about him from jimin,” namjoon replied. “he’s new. he just started last week,”
“what’s his real name?” jungkook furrowed his brows when an old man approached the stage, tucking some cash in the younger’s panties. it annoys him for some reason. he can give him more than that. he can give him everything his little heart longs for.
“kim taehyung,” namjoon looked around to make sure no one’s listening. yoongi’s top priority is protecting his strippers. “he’s an orphan. basically homeless without the strip club. he’s also the youngest here right now. he just turned 19,” jungkook is decided. he wants him.
taehyung is exhausted after the show. his cheeks hurts from all the fake smiling and he smells like alcohol and smoke and wealthy old men that can pass as his grandpa. but the most important thing is he earned a lot of money. he’s definitely going to have fun counting them.
“you can’t go home yet, taetae!” jimin told him with a grin. taehyung wonder how jimin managed to stay energized despite a long tiring day. “what do you mean? do we still have work to do?” he looked at his friend, confused.
“no, silly!” jimin giggled, “we’re going to meet some people tonight for dinner. hobi, you, and me!” “some people? who?” “it’s a surprise so don’t go home yet, alright? wait for me and hobi hyung!” taehyung obliged, but he wasn’t prepared for what’s about to come.
“taehyung, this is our big boss—min yoongi.” hobi grinned as he introduce the younger to his lover. “good evening, sir.” taehyung bowed so deep that it made everyone laugh. he’s adorable. “no need for formalities, taehyung-ah. we’re not at work right now,” yoongi chuckled.
“anyway, taetae, this is kim namjoon and jeon jungkook.” taehyung learned that the three of them are business partners and close friends for years now. he also learned about their backgrounds and the businesses they established.
it’s very impressive, especially jungkook since he’s the youngest out of the three. aside from that, taehyung also learned that there’s something going on between namjoon and jimin with how touchy they are with each other. just like yoongi and hobi.
he’s happy for them, but at the same time he kinda feels like a third wheel. fortunately, he has jungkook next to him who’s a great company. taehyung is naturally quiet and shy with new people but jungkook is good at communicating so there’s no awkwardness between them.
“are you in college, taehyung-ssi?” jungkook asked with an amused smile as he watches the younger. taehyung wince at the bitter taste of alcohol before placing it back to the table, “no, jungkook-ssi. i couldn’t afford it, besides i haven’t graduated from high school yet.”
the smile on the older’s face disappeared after hearing that. learning about the younger’s life makes jungkook’s heart clench. taehyung is still so young. it must’ve been tough for him. when jungkook was 19, he was living his life to the fullest.
without thinking about responsibilities. he was a reckless teen. tattoos, piercings, getting wasted every night. now that he’s in late 20s, he’s more serious about life. he’s already done with that phase of his life. he has different goals and beliefs now.
more responsible and mature. but taehyung didn’t have that choice. he couldn’t afford to have a choice. he had to learn about life at such a young age to survive. to live.
the night ended with jungkook getting taehyung’s number. there’s a shy smile on the younger’s face as he types his number. jungkook find him endearing. tucking a piece of hair behind taehyung’s ear, “have a good night, pretty.”
after that dinner with their friends, jungkook started going to the strip club every night just to see taehyung. he would request a private room for the both of them. at first, taehyung thought jungkook wanted a private show, probably a lap dance,
but jungkook just wanted to see and talk to him while having a drink. but one night, jungkook was nowhere to be seen. taehyung prepared a special outfit just for the older but he’s not here. to: gukkie you’re not here tonight?
from: gukkie i’m sorry, sweetheart. i’m in jeju right now for business. i forgot to tell you. to: gukkie ☹️ from: gukkie come on, baby. don’t be like that. i’ll see you as soon as possible. okay? to: gukkie okay ☺️
an idea suddenly popped in taehyung’s head. giggling, he sent jungkook a picture of himself wearing the outfit that he prepared tonight. it’s a rose gold lingerie set. from: gukkie you little minx you better prepare your ass once i get back in seoul
taehyung bit his lower lip, giggling, feeling giddy and excited. the thing between jungkook and taehyung continued for a month until the older finally asked him out on a date.
“isn’t this too much, gukkie?” taehyung asked in a small voice, looking at the new clothes and shoes that the older bought for him. they’re all high end brands. chanel, gucci, louis vuitton, miu miu, and more. jungkook even bought him some expensive make-up stuff and jewelries.
“they’re all for you, tae. you deserved it,” jungkook said, watching the younger look through his new things. taehyung looks adorable sitting on the carpet in the living room of jungkook’s penthouse, surrounded with paper bags.
the younger looked up at him, soft eyes full of gratitude. “thank you, gukkie. i’m really grateful,” taehyung looks like he’s close to tears so jungkook brought him to the sofa where he’s sitting, placing the younger on his lap. “are you happy?”
“super!” taehyung smiled widely, wrapping his arms around the older’s neck. “that’s all that matters to me,” jungkook whispered against the younge’s ear, fingers digging in his hips before capturing his lips.
taehyung whined in the kiss. it was slow at first, but then taehyung nibbles on jungkook’s lower lip, making the older groan. jungkook pulled him closer, deepening the kiss, now rougher and hungrier.
taehyung gasped and jungkook took that as an opportunity to slip his tongue in the younger’s mouth. taehyung felt his whole body weakening in the arms of the older. he felt so hot and he couldn’t help the lewd noises escaping his throat as the older sucks on his tongue,
on his lower lip, and taehyung can’t keep up. he lets the older take and take until he’s whimpering, feeling uncomfortable with his tight pants. jungkook pulled away from the kiss to watch the younger who’s riding his thigh desperately. taehyung whined at the loss of jungkook’s
lips, but he continued grinding, throwing his head back, shutting his eyes closed. the older leaned in to suck on the skin of taehyung’s neck, leaving purple and red marks, and taehyung keeps making these sweet and cute desperate noises that makes jungkook’s cock twitch.
the small “please” was the last straw. the older’s hand trails down from the younger’s hips to his plump ass, squeezing, and he just heard taehyung cried so desperately. fuck. he’s such a dream. he’s everything that jungkook ask for.
“sshh, baby, i’ll give you whatever you want. just be patient, hm?” jungkook said softly against the younger’s skin, pressing open mouthed kisses along his jaw and cheek. then he suddenly stood up, hands on taehyung’s ass, carrying him to his bedroom.
on the way to the room, taehyung gave jungkook a soft kiss on the cheek with a sweet smile. and jungkook doesn’t understand how can he be so innocent and cute after all the lewd noises that left his lips. “you’re going to be the death of me, kim taehyung.”
and taehyung just giggled, nuzzling his face against the older’s neck. the day ended with the two making love for the first time.
the next morning, taehyung woke up feeling sore all over his body. they did it for hours until dawn. both of them are insatiable and jungkook has an insane stamina, taehyung couldn’t keep up. they only stopped when taehyung felt like he couldn’t cum anymore.
he was so sensitive and he was trembling. he couldn’t help the tears. it felt so good, he cried. it was kind of embarrassing but the older find it endearing. “you hungry, baby?” jungkook asked, softly, cuddling the younger who just woke up.
“it’s almost lunchtime. what do you want? let’s just call for delivery,” taehyung smiled at the older, pulling him by the neck for a morning kiss. “i want japchae and pizza,” “alright, sweetheart. i’ll just—“ jungkook moved to get out of the bed but taehyung grabbed his arm.
“noooo! don’t leave,” taehyung whined, pouting. “but i’m gonna call for—“ “do it here, please.” of course, taehyung had to pull the puppy eyes at jungkook. so jungkook called for delivery while cuddling the younger on the bed.
while waiting for their food, jungkook and taehyung took a shower together which lead to something nasty because taehyung is slowly turning into a sex addict, all thanks to jungkook.
taehyung was beyond happy. in his whole life, this is the only time he felt this kind of happened. so he was sad when the day ended and they had to go back to their own life. jungkook in his business and taehyung in the strip club.
but god forbid jungkook will let taehyung stay in the strip club and let those filthy old men see and touch his baby. a week later, jungkook asked taehyung to resign and live with him. of course, taehyung said yes. all he wants is to be with jungkook.
in a short period of time, taehyung made a place in jungkook’s heart and he will do everything to keep the younger happy and satisfied. comfortable and spoiled. a year later, taehyung started going to college, majoring in arts. all thanks to jungkook.
taehyung didn’t expect his life to turn out like this. with a lover who’s willing to give him everything, every love that he could give. “i love you,” taehyung whispered, eyes shining with tears as he look at jungkook’s eyes.
“so much, gukkie. i feel like my heart’s going to burst. i’m forever grateful for you, you know that, right?” “i know, baby,” jungkook whispered, softly caressing the younger’s cheek. “and i love you more than you can imagine. you are everything to me, taehyung. remember that.”
— end. 💐 hi. wow. i didn’t expect this to get so long, i’m just trying to write again cause i feel like i’m getting rusty. anw, this is a cliche ik but i hope u still enjoyed it. thank you for reading! i’m grateful as always 🫶🏻
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