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Mar 25, 2022
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#taekook #taekookau The Jeons and Parks have always wanted to unite their families through marriage. So the moment their children were born they promised them to each other. But, when Park Jimin's parents' die, they send the poor boy to his aunt in Europe. Years later, he comes+

back to fulfill the promise his parents' made to the Jeon family by marrying the young Jeon heir. However, this Park Jimin doesn't seem to look like the one everyone remembered or had pictured. Well, it's been 20 years since that... Maybe they are wrong. Or maybe...
Or the arranged marriage #taekookau where Park Jimin couldn't bring himself to fulfill his family's promise and sent his best friend Taehyung to take his place. Now why Taehyung agreed to this is still a mystery.
[Starting this soon] 💍💍
Leaving this here too 😊 I'm so excited about this one!
#taekookau [INTRO] ✈️✈️✈️ Park Jimin is for the first time in 20 long years on a plane back to Seoul. He's been living in France with his aunt, Park Josie, in a beautiful house near the Seine. Jimin loves Paris. It's the city of light and love. But in 20 years, Park Jimin+
hasn't managed to find any of that. Instead, his life has been full of heartbreak. Okay… He might be a little over dramatic. But, well, once your heart breaks it's difficult to put it back together. Isn't that what they say?
Now as his eyes meet the horizon, he can see his homeland. He wonders how the air will feel. Definitely polluted. Jimin hates it. It makes him cough. Luckily, his new home is nowhere near Seoul in a location near the coastal city of Busan.
It's a beautiful place built next to the waves. Jimin has seen pictures of the luxurious villa he is soon going to call his home. It is far away from the city, located between the pine trees. It even has a private beach. Convenient enough to satisfy his need for peace,
quiet and the occasional skinny dip. 'Home… I'm back in his shithole…' Park Jimin thinks as the plane gets closer to it. In thirty minutes or so he will be inside a car, heading to Busan. Is it business he's here for? Well, no… More like pleasure but we'll get to that in+
a minute. "Sir, could you please fasten your seatbelt. The plane will start descending in a couple of minutes." Park Jimin lifts his gaze from the oval window. He doesn't really like to get interrupted but for the sake of safety he is willing to comply.
"Sure," he smiles charmingly, making the flight attendant gasp a little. His black hair is slightly tousled but it looks extremely handsome. There's a mole adorning his heart-shaped lips. And don't get the flight attendant started on his eyes.
Those feline spheres can start fires. But not today. Today, Park Jimin has to look prim and proper. Also, he's not really interested in this woman or any other human being to be honest.
"T-thank you, sir," she then bows lightly before she heads back to her colleague, fanning her face. What Park Jimin is really interested in is tucked neatly inside his pocket. A photo he has kept for years when Korea was a happy place but not anymore.
But who knows, some day it may be again. 'Can't wait to meet you, dear future husband', he chants in his thoughts, leaning back on the seat to fasten his belt. Then, he reaches for the photo he alway keeps on him as a reminder of a promise he has to keep.
'You and I have a lot to talk about... Jeon Jeongguk.'
Title: [The Curious Case Of The French Copycat] #taekook #taekookau 💍 Arranged marriage 💍 NSFW 🔞 💍 Fluff/Crack 💍 Angst (20%) 💍 Mentions of a traumatic experience 💍 Falling in love 💍 Skinny dipping 💍 A touch of mystery
When Park Jimin's feet land on Korean ground he knows his life is going to have many interesting twists from now on. As he thinks about it, he walks towards the luggage claim, boston bag hanging delicately from his arm, to pick up his fancy suitcase.
When he has everything he needs to make his stay here more pleasant, he walks out of the automatic door elegantly, receiving a few looks from other passengers. Park Jimin is a stunning man. It's impossible to miss him. And he knows the effect he has on other people.
It's his secret weapon after all. The moment he is outside, he can see a crowd of people waiting with numerous signs on hand. Park Jimin is looking for his driver. He is supposed to meet him here so they can go to Busan and his new home.
As his eyes wander around, he finally sees a man in a black suit and chauffeur hat, holding a sign with the name "Park Jimin" written on it with elegant letters. 'Here you are', he says in his thoughts as a little smile forms on his lips the moment he walks towards the man.
"I believe you are Kim Namjoon. My driver." "Mr. Park Jimin?" The man asks, bowing lightly when the man nods. "Did you have a nice flight, sir?" "It was long but quiet," he answers, finally removing his fancy sunglasses, letting them rest on his fluffy black hair.
"I'm glad to hear that, sir. You must be tired. Please follow me to the car," the driver, Kim Namjoon, finally puts the sign away, grabbing Park Jimin's suitcase. "Please follow me. The car is outside." "How long will it take to get to Busan?"
"It's 4 hours, sir. And then we will need 30 minutes to get to the villa." "I see," Jimin says, following the man towards the exit. The air feels heavier and the noise irritates him just a little. This isn't Paris. There are no little cafes and bakeries next to the Seine.
But Park Jimin isn't here to fool around. "Also, Mr. Jeon asked me to inform you that he won't be at home until late. He will be attending the Busan's Annual Gala and Art Auction tonight." "Is that so?" Jimin wonders as they reach the car. "Where is this Gala exactly?"
"In Busan's Museum of Contemporary Art, sir," Kim Namjoon replies as he takes care of Park Jimin's suitcase, closing the trunk of the expensive black car carefully. "Do you know any good places around here to get a suit, Driver Kim?"
"A suit?" The man wonders, looking at the feline eyes staring at him. "Yes. I can't let my future husband attend the Gala all alone, can I now?" Park Jimin smiles, making the driver nod. The Park heir is nothing like he expected. The only picture he had seen was from+
years ago when the man was about 6 years old. Namjoon has to admit that he has changed a lot. Puberty must've hit him hard. "Chop chop, Driver Kim. Time is of essence." Namjoon bows lightly, murmuring a quick apology before they both get into the fancy car to fulfill Park+
Jimin's first request. Namjoon isn't sure how this will play out because Mr. Park was supposed to go home straight away from the airport. So he is a little worried about this slight change of plans. Well, he's been Jeon Jeongguk's driver and bodyguard for 8 years now and+
he knows that the young heir likes to party a little too hard during these events. And well, he may be attending this event with exquisite company. "Is everything okay, driver Kim?" Park Jimin asks, looking at him through the front mirror.
"Yes, sir. I was just thinking which store will suit your taste. I know a good place in Gangnam but they are famous for their edgy styles. If you want something more traditional, I can search it on Google." Park Jimin smiles. "Driver Kim, I came here from the city of fashion.+
I don't want to be traditional. I want to make an entrance for my new future husband to notice me. I'm sure the young Jeon heir will have company. I want them to look like a sack of potatoes when they'll stand next to me." Namjoon is quite shocked.
Park Jimin is going to be a handful, Namjoon is sure about it. He can already feel it deep in his bones. But maybe it's high time Jeon Jeongguk met his match. "As you wish, sir," the man finally says as they head towards the sleepless city of Seoul.
* * * Jeon Jeongguk never liked attending Galas until he realized he can turn them into a way of escaping his busy reality and his always grumpy father. It's already been four months since he graduated, majoring in Business and Engineering as per the family's request.
Jeongguk was good but he had no interest whatsoever in taking over the business his father and his grandfather had built from the ground up. A typical rich boy backstory if you ask him, destined to become the next Jeon in line to take over Jeon Motors.
Jeongguk would rather build the engines rather than sit behind a desk, listening to the shareholders. But well, he didn't have much of a choice. As he didn't have a saying when his mother barged into his room some months ago, announcing that it's time to get married.
Jeongguk probably had the biggest 'What the fck' moment of his life that morning. And he had quite a night the day before so everything seemed like a dream. And it stayed like that until noon, when his mother came over with fabric samples and numerous fashion magazines.
"So it wasn't a nightmare…" The doe-eyed boy had told her as she left the samples in front of him while he was trying to fight the worst migraine of his life. "Of course not, son!" Jeongguk had sighed heavily before he popped the question, "who is the lucky bastard?"
"Mind your tongue, son!" Jeon Areum had smacked him a little before taking her place next to her young son. "Your father and I gave our word to the Parks that you will marry their son, Jimin when you two will have successfully completed your studies."
"So you expect me to just do it like a pig to slaughter. Great. Thanks, mom. Should I start oinking, too?" Jeongguk told her, feeling frustrated and disappointed. "Jeongguk…" Areum's eyes rolled on her son's face. "We've been talking about this since you turned 18…+
I don't know why you still pretend that you didn't see it coming." "Maybe I don't want to marry a stranger. Maybe I want— I want—" Jeongguk had struggled to find the right word. "Yes?" "Maybe I want to fall in love, mom!"
Areum was this close to smacking him again. "You haven't had a real relationship in forever! I always wake up and see a young man or a lady wandering around the house butt-naked! Is this how you're going to fall in love? By doing what you youngsters call one night stands?"
"Fine…" Jeongguk had given up. Deep down he k ew his mother was right. Jeongguk gave up on love before he even experienced it. Or maybe he did once when he was young but it was taken from him. Jeongguk never talked about that. "When is my future husband going to come, then?
He's still in France, isn't he?" "I spoke to his aunt, Park Josie a couple of days ago," Areum said, letting her fingers roam on the soft fabric samples. "He'll be in Korea on the 18 February. His flight arrives at night." "The day of the Gala?"
Jeongguk had mumbled, thinking that it was only fitting to attend the event, drink himself to a stupor, hook up with someone and enjoy, probably, his last day as a free man. Because after the areival of the Park boy the media will be after his ass and his new fiance.
"Yes. Are you really going to attend it? You're going to make a very bad impression if Park Jimin arrives and you're not here to welcome him…" Areum said, trying to guess her son's thoughts. Deep down, the woman knew the pressure they had put on the 24-year-old boy.
But getting married like this was always how things were in her family. That's how her sisters and she had done. Areum never complained. She respected her father's wishes and Jeon Jung-woo had turned out to be a good man and a rich one, which was, well, a big plus.
"Don't tell dad," Jeongguk said, eyes begging her. "You're coming back from Malta on the 20th right? So he won't know. I'll be back home soon to welcome him. I might even buy him a little present at the auction. Now wouldn't that be a nice way to make a great first impression?"
"Always so thoughtful," his mother had answered, running her fingers through his hair. 'I'm gonna buy you the ugliest, shittiest-looking painting and put it in your room, Park Jimin', Jeongguk had thought, cracking her mother a big smile before he heard her speaking again.
"The wedding will be in June. So you two will have plenty of time to get to know each other. And who knows, you might even like Park Jimin." 'Nope…' Jeongguk chanted in his thoughts. He didn't even know what the man looked like.
Jeongguk had no pictures of him or anything to at least know what to expect. Well, the doe-eyed boy wasn't so shallow but he was curious. Hell! The man didn't even have a social media profile! And that was a big red flag in Jeongguk's little Gen Z book.
"What do you think about this one?" His mother carried on, occupying her mind with the fabric samples as Jeongguk felt his time as a free man coming to an end the moment his eyes fell on the fancy wedding magazine.
* * * "Jeongguk! You made it!" A voice echoes in his ears the moment the young Jeon heir steps inside the museum, escorted by a young and beautiful woman dressed in blue satin and a white fur coat.
"Yugyeom! Long time, no see," Jeongguk moves to give him a hug, creasing his expensive black suit just a little. "When did you come back to Seoul?" "A week ago." "And you didn't say anything… Some friend, you are!" Jeongguk acts hurt but he really knows Yugyeom is+
as busy as he is, recently joining his father's law firm. "I was extremely bus— Oh! Who is the lovely creature next to you?" Jeongguk wants to grin but he holds himself. "This Jung Ji-eun. My lovely date for the night." "Nice to meet you," the woman smiles, letting her+
perfect teeth show. "I'm Kim Yugyeom. Just joined the Kim and Associates Group in Gangnam," Jeongguk's friend says all charmingly. "You are a lawyer?" Yugyeom nods, before his eyes travel back to his friend. "Hasn't Guk mentioned me before?"
"Not really," the woman answers, eyes wandering around the fancy room for something more interesting. Connections. That's one of the reason why she is here tonight. The second one is hooking up with her date so she can enjoy the comforts of his luxurious villa as her friend,+
Jeongguk's past hook-up, had told her about. The boy isn't looking bad. Not at all. The young Jeon is handsome, with pitch black hair, a charming smile, big eyes, muscular boy and, according to her friend, some hidden talents she needs to discover herself.
Nevertheless, her hopes of keeping him are close to nada because Jeon Jeongguk doesn't do relationships. "I'm going to head to the coat check lady," Ji-eun murmurs, moving elegantly away from the two young men.
"Someone is getting laid tonight!" Yugyeom exclaims slyly. "And that someone isn't you!" Jeongguk laughs a little, looking at his friend furrowing his eyebrows. "I see... Well, there are plenty of beautiful people in here, Guk," Yugyeom winks. "Wanna place a bet?"
"What bet?" The young heir moves closer, fixing his suit. "Let's spice things up a little. This Gala is so boring. So, if you hook up with in here and bring me proof of it, I'll give you my new apartment in Seoul for a month. It's super private. You can do whatever you like.+
Even set the place on fire!" "Interesting," Jeongguk murmurs. "What will the proof be this time?" "The underwear. Get the underwear after you do the deed, show me and you win the bet." "Fine," Jeongguk shrugs, looking around for the waiter. "That's so easy."
"Oh , my friend. I didn't mean your date's. Find someone else, man or woman, I don't care. I'll keep the lovely lady company until you do it." "Fck!" Jeongguk shouts in surprise. "That's not fair!" "If you lose, I get your new car," Yugyeom's playful eyes sparkle under+
the white light of the museum. "A bet is a bet, my friend." Jeongguk feels his blood boiling. He always forgets how sly his friend is when it comes to betting. He's a serial gambler after all who doesn't like losing. "Fine, then," Jeongguk murmurs, eyes finally spotting the+
champagne boy carrying around the tray with the tall glasses. "Give me two hours max." "Are you getting rusty, Guk?" "Have you seen this place? Everyone is either too old or has a date." "Good luck then, it seems you are going to need it." 'Fck', Jeongguk chants in his+
thoughts before he smiles at his friend and walks away to claim a glass of champagne. 'Let's do this!'
*** It's almost midnight and Jeongguk is probably too tipsy to convince someone to sleep with him. So instead of using his usual charm to get laid, he actually went to people and asked them directly.
This may have resulted in a slap or two, a young woman delivered to him outside the ladies room. Jeongguk doesn't even remember her face, just the sound and pain of her ringed hand crashing on his cheek just half an hour ago.
Women are easier to get, he thinks. They can't resist his face but Jeongguk likes men more, especially those who have beautiful features and small waists. As he wanders around the huge room, taking a look at the ugly paintings that in his hazy eyes look like a vomit of colors,+
Jeongguk's eyes meet, probably the prettiest man in the building. His hair looks sleek, styled in a neat manner. But this is not what attracts him the most. The stranger has these feline eyes and heart-shaped lips that make him look wild.
Jeongguk is instantly smitten, walking towards him to start a conversation that may or may not end with a slap. "Are you an—" "Angel?" The man beats him to it, making Jeongguk's jaw drop a little when his doe eyes meet his brown eyes.
"I wasn't going to say that," the young boy complains, feeling naked under the man's gaze. 'Holy sh*t!', Jeongguk's hazy and slightly horny mind thinks. 'I need to get you home tonight!' "Then?" "You are definitely not an angel," Jeongguk's eyes wander on the man's outfit.
It looks expensive and it's nothing like what the rest of the guests wear, sporting black high waist pants and a black blazer. "No angel would attend such an event half-naked!" Jeongguk lets his finger point to the man's torso.
His white shirt is neatly tucked into the pants but the buttons are open, letting the doe-eyed boy catch a glimpse of honey underneath something that looks like a full torso necklace made of golden pearls, crystals and thin chains.
"Do you like what you see? Is that why you are here?" The man asks, turning towards Jeongguk to let his eyes feast upon the man's beauty. If Jeongguk wasn't drunk, the man and he would now be on their way to his villa, probably giving him a handjob to keep things spicy until
they fcked senless in his room. But Jeongguk can't do that. Because back home, his future husband is waiting for him, probably wearing some ugly French pyjamas and an eye mask.
Jeongguk shrugs a little to the thought. Maybe if he asks nicely, the man will follow him to one of the stalls and give him a blowjob first. Those pretty lips would do a fine job, Jeongguk thinks, moving closer. "I definitely like what I see. What is this, though?"
His bold fingers dare to touch one of the little crystals next to his collarbones. "You like it?" The stranger's voice is deep like the ocean— exactly what Jeongguk likes. "I sure do. But I think you'd look prettier without it."
"Is that a suggestion?" The feline eyes explore his face curiously before he brings the tall glass to his mouth. "Maybe. Now that I look at it again, it's hideous. It needs to go, but you can definitely stay." The stranger smirks. "Is this your best?"
"My best is in my pants, baby," Jeongguk leans towards his ear, taking in the smell of light musk. "I can show you my best. You just have to follow me." "Interesting," the stranger smiles, making Jeongguk melt just a little. "You want to seduce me so badly that you forgot+
to ask for my name." "I don't need it because by the end of the night I will call you mine. But you can call me Jeongguk if you want something to scream when I have my way with you." "Oh, your name would sound nice on my lips, wouldn't it?" "You can try it," the doe-eyed+
his body getting warmer under the influence of the charming man with the most handsome face he has ever seen. "Then, /Jeongguk/, what would you like to do tonight?" 'Fck!' Jeongguk chants endlessly in his thoughts, feeling every word traveling to his lower regions, making+
him hard on the spot. "Me, you, bathroom stall. That's my offer." "I see," the man drinks his champagne bottom up. Then he uses his index to wipe the stray drop rolling from the corner of his mouth before he puts it in his mouth.
'Holy fck! You are a tease!' The young boy is losing his mind with this man and Jeongguk feels that the man will be up to anything. "Maybe get me another drink and I'll think about your offer, Jeongguk."
The young boy's hand reaches for his shirt, unbuttoning the first three buttons to breathe more easily. Then, he turns around looking for the champagne boy. The man stays there, looking at the huge canvas in front of him with interest as his fingers play with the little+
white pearls on his chest. When Jeongguk comes back, he takes in the image of his body hungrily, feeling his head spinning a little. The beautiful stranger seems to be looking at a painting of two people kissing while they are shrouded by a white cloth.
In poor Jeongguk's mind, the sight doesn't make any sense. "What is this crap?" He asks, moving closer to the man to hand him his new drink. "Do people buy this sh*t? What the fck does it mean? How can they breathe?" "Les Amantes…" The heart-shaped lips move but all+
Jeongguk can hear is the sound of his heart beating faster. "Your drink," Jeongguk finally hands him the glass, fingers brushing his just for a second. "So, did you think about my offer?" "It is quite tempting, I have to say."
Jeongguk smirks to the sound of that before his eyes fall on the little mole on the man's lower lip. It looks too irresistible. Too damn kissable. "Then what's stopping you, sweet cheeks?" "Are you sure you are going to last, bunny?" "Fck…" The young one murmurs, drinking+
the content of his tall glass in one sip before he moves between him and the painting. "I surely will. So what do you say?" Jeongguk tries not to hic as his fingers hover over the white pearls, almost feeling the heat of his skin.
"You're an impatient one, Jeongguk," the charming man then lets his index trace a line from his neck to his bare chest and towards his belly before whispering in his ear, "Let's get out of here. I'm dying to find out whether your ego is as big as your best /qualities/."
Jeongguk wants to cry but he contains himself in front of the other attendees. "Follow me," the doe-eyed boy says hastily, grabbing the stranger's glass from his long fingers and leaving them on a stand next to him. Then he grabs the man's hand and pulls him towards the+
museum bathroom to get what he's been craving from the moment his eyes fell on the sharp-eyed devil.
[Jeon Villa] Jeongguk opens his eyes, forced by the rays of sunlight that so cruelly invade his room. His skin feels a little chilly and when he looks inside the covers he finds himself in his birthday suit. "How… How did I get to bed?'' The boy wonders, feeling a headache+
spreading all over his forehead. Then small fragments of yesterday appear in his mind. The image of the beautiful man is still lingering in his mind although he has no recollection of what happened after pulling him to the bathroom. All Jeongguk knows is that he is lying+
naked on his bed. So he either brought the man home afterwards, they did the deed and he left or… "Sir? Are you awake?" A sudden voice accompanied by a voice pierces his head. "Come in…" When the door opens, Kim Namjoon appears with worry painted all over his face.
"Sir, are you okay?" "Morning to you too, Namjoon." "I'm sorry, sir. Good morning," the driver in the black suit bows lightly before he moves closer to the young boy. "How— Did you drive me home? Weren't you supposed to fetch that Park Jimin guy from Seoul?"
"No, sir," Namjoon starts, obviously hiding something. "You took a taxi back home." "A what?" Jeongguk is confused. "What about my car?" "Kim Yugyeom has kept your car until you give him proof of your bet." "That fucker!"
"Would you like me to take care of it?" "No…" Jeongguk pinches his nose lightly before he finally gets up from his huge bed. "Is there something else?" He then wonders, grabbing his silk robe to cover himself up.
"Mr. Park is here," Namjoon says with a straight face. "But—" "It's too early for 'buts', Namjoon. I need 3 litres of coffee and a painkiller…" Jeongguk moves to the small bathroom, leaving his bodyguard waiting in his bedroom. Namjoon shakes his head, pinching the bridge+
of his nose lightly before an ear-piercing screech is heard. "Namjoon!" Jeongguk's breathy voice is very loud. "What the fck—" He then storms back into the bedroom, moving close to Namjoom, pulling the silk fabric to show him his neck. "What are these?" "Mosquito bites?"
"Are you—" Jeongguk starts. "Who gave these to me?" "Sir—" "No. Let me think," the young one sits on the foot of the bed. His neck has three different purple spots that will need time to heal. "Fck! Did I bring him over? What was his name?"
"Sir—" "Fck! We were in the taxi together. Did you see a man walking out of my room?" "Well, yes. Last night—" Namjoon tries to complete his sentence but fails. "Where is he?" "At the indoor swimming pool, sir. I—"
"That bastard!" The doe-eyed boy shouts, fixing his robe as he storms out of the room. "Get security! He needs to go, now! That bastard marked me and then had the audacity to use my pool! Un-fcking-believable!" Namjoon is left behind massaging his temples before he walks out+
and after his young employer. "Sh*t... Here we go, again…"
* * * When Jeongguk reaches the indoor swimming pool, his eyes comb every inch of space for the /intruder/. To his surprise, the man is lying on one of the expensive sunbeds, his fluffy hair peeking through. "Hey!" Jeongguk almost runs to him, almost slipping when he walks
on the wet floor. The man, though, doesn't even move. "Hey, fucker!" Jeongguk tries again, finally reaching him only to come across a naked body enjoying a cocktail. His eyes are hidden behind black glasses. But, okay, that's not the most shocking part.
"Aish! What do you think you're doing? Cover up!" "I see you finally got up," the stranger says, lowering his sunglasses to take a look at the confused doe-eyed boy. "I thought you liked what you saw. Do you really want me to cover up?"
"Fck! You need to go! Now!" Jeongguk yells, turning around to find Namjoon waiting next to the small bar, mouthing the words, 'call security now'. "I don't think so, little cute-cumber." Jeongguk is at a loss of words. "Excuse me?" The man grins, pointing to his robe and+
Jeongguk feels embarrassement coursing through his veins. "Who do you think you are?" "I told you who I am yesterday night. Did you forget?" The man seems to enjoy every bit of it. "Of course I don't! I was drunk! Did we— did we fck?"
"Oh, I'm not gonna tell you. You have to remember yourself." "For the love of god!" The young heir cries out again. "Namjoon! Call security right fcking now!" "I can't do that, sir…" Namjoon shouts, confusing the young one more. "What?"
"Thank you, driver Kim," the man smiles, leaving his cocktail on the side to turn around. Jeongguk can see every inch of his honey skin. The beautiful curves and dips and a perfectly round butt that has a red mark on it. 'Holy hell! Did I spank him?'
"Did I do that? Is that why you marked me?" "Of course I did. You forgot?" "Don't play games with me, stranger!" Jeongguk continues, folding his hands on his chest defensively. "What do you want? Money?" "Nah… I have plenty of that. What I want is a nice massage.+
My back is killing me, little cute-cumber." "Don't call me that! I will sue your ass for trespassing." "Oh baby…" the stranger's feline eyes appear from behind the sunglasses. "You can try that. But this hosue will soon be mine as well under law."
"Wait! What? Y-you—" Jeongguk stutters unable to believe the words coming out of the heart-shaped mouth. "You are Park Jimin?!" The man laughs before he stands up, letting the young boy take a look at his nakedness, gulping just a little when his eyes takes a quick+
glimpse at his lower regions. "In the flesh, baby." Jeongguk is screwed. He knows it. So screwed he thinks he wants to cry on the spot. "Now how about that massage, dear future husband?"
* * * It's been half an hour now and Jeongguk can't really believe that his last hook-up before committing to married life was with his actual future husband. He can't believe it and the more he stares at the honey face and feline eyes the more his head hurts, trying hard+
to remember what had happened last night. "So," Namjoon starts, sitting opposite to them in the big living room facing the sea. Park Jimin seems amused, sitting on the big sofa dressed in a white bathrobe with his long legs lying gracefully on the pillows, making Jeongguk+
stare even though he tries not to. "Well... Maybe I should leave you two alone to talk…" "That would be wise, Driver Kim," Park Jimin smiles at him, stretching his hands just a bit. Namjoon nods and as he stands up, he can see the young boy's eyes begging him not to leave+
him alone with the man who claims to be his fiance. Namjoon thinks he has had enough of this little drama. His eyes and ears have witnessed way too much today. So he finally leaves them alone to work things out, deciding to visit the kitchen for a glass of water and a snack.
"So," Park Jimin starts. "This is a lovely place we got here." "This is still /my/ house. Not yours," Jeongguk pouts, folding his arms on his chest. He still wears his silk robe, trying to sit properly to avoid exposing any more skin that will lead Park Jimin to more remarks.
"You aren't fond of sharing?" "Not really," Jeongguk adds, trying to avoid staring at the body sitting so provocatively in front of him. "How old are you again?" "I'm 24." "Oh, for a moment I thought I was dealing with a four-year old." "You—"
"Uh uh," the man shakes his long finger to prevent the doe-eyed boy from cursing. "No cussing in this house from now on." "What are you? A fifty-year-old ahjussi?" "Hmm," Park Jimin lets his long legs turn to the young one's side, crossing them in front of him in the most+
suggestive way ever. "I'm two years older than you, so you should really be polite in front of your hyung." "Yeah, I'm not going to call you that." "Oh, do you prefer something more intimate, then? How about, honey?" "Nope," Jeongguk furrows his eyebrows, bracing himself+
for the worst. "Then how about, darling?" "Double nope!" The young one's ears have turned a little redder. Park Jimin seems to enjoy Jeongguk's frustration. He has just found his weak spot and he is going to step on it with his beautiful foot.
"Then," the honey-skinned man speaks as he stands up from the sofa, fixing his bathrobe— or maybe unfixing it a little to let the doe eyes catch a glimpse of his collarbones and chest. Jeongguk gulps just a little at the sight. This is too much for him. He hasn't even had his+
morning coffee or an aspirin yet. "How about, baby? You seemed to enjoy calling me that yesterday night when I gave you these little things," Jimin's finger lands on Jeongguk's neck, letting his bathrobe open a little more as he stares at him. "Fuck!" "I said no cussing,+
Jeongguk." "If you think that I'm going to listen to you, you are the biggest fool in this house." "Nahh… You already hold this title. I don't want to steal it from you." "What the— Ahh—" Jeongguk shouts when he feels Jimin's finger pressing on one of the purple bruises+
on his neck. Then, he tries to grab his wrist to make him stop but Jimin is faster, catching him off guard when he straddles his lap and grabs his wrists, pinning them on the pillow. "Someone's misbehaving," the feline eyes fall on him all seductively, making Jeongguk feel+
uncomfortable. When he doesn't speak, the man leans towards him slowly. "What happened, baby? Did the cat eat your tongue?" The heart-shaped mouth is so damn close to him that Jeongguk can feel his breath fanning on his face. 'Fuck…' He thinks before he finally speaks.
"No, I—" He starts before a sudden voice floods the room and Jeongguk knows he is definitely double-screwed now. "Jeongguk? Where is Jeongguk?" A high-pitched voice is heard from the door, followed by the sound of heels crashing on the floor. In seconds, Jeongguk's Gala date+
appears in the living room, followed by one of the maids who doesn't know what to do. "What the hell is this? Why is he here?" The girl, Ji-eun, almost shouts in shock, looking at the naughty Park Jimin straddling Jeongguk's lap. "Ah, you again," Jimin rolls his eyes,+
letting his arms fall on Jeongguk's shoulders. "You're such a nuisance." "You fucking b*tch! You stole my date!" She now points to him and Jimin hums as he rolls his eyes on the petite girl. "It seems neither you nor your friends were taught any manners.+
Oh mon dieu, how unfortunate this is." "Ji-eun…" Jeongguk tries to say before he pushes away Jimin from his lap and stands up. "I'm so sorry about yesterday." "You should be! You and your /whatever-he-is/ really caused a ruckus!"
"A ruckus?" Jeongguk asks confuses, waiting to hear what had really happened the day before. "Yes! You don't remember?" Ji-eun folds her arms on her chest, giving the young heir a moment. "No. Not really." "So you didn't check your Insta…" "What—" Jeongguk tries to say+
when he feels a pair of arms wrapping around his waist, landing on the small silk knot of the belt. "Didn't you say enough, little wrench?" Park Jimin's feline eyes fall on the girl as he lets his hands roam on Jeongguk's torso, showing her that he has claimed the young heir.
"How dare you? Jeongguk? Why the fck did you leave me with your creepy friend? We were supposed to come home together! And you left with that creep behind you after uploading that video! What's wrong with you?" "There's a video?" Jeongguk tries to move but Jimin holds+
him in place, slotting his body against his as his chin rests on the doe-eyed boy's shoulder. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" "Juat resting on your big muscular body, honey." "Honey?" Ji-eun wonders, feeling anger and confusion flooding her petite body.
"Oh yes, you didn't like honey. How about husband, then?" Ji-eun's jaw drops to the floor, looking at the black-haired man leaving Jeongguk's side and walking to her in an elegant yet powerful manner. "Husband? What the hell? Are you married?" The girl looks at Jeongguk+
pinching the bridge of his nose, feeling too shocked to even speak. "Soon, little wrench. Now you can follow Mrs. Choi or I can call security. Whichever you prefer," Jimin says with an angelic smile, letting his silk robe fall foem hia shoulders on purpose, making the girl's+
face turn red and Jeongguk curse. "I'm getting the hell out of here! Jeongguk, fck you!" The woman gives him the middle finger before Jimin grabs her wrist, squeezing it lightly. "Trust me, we'll get enough of that. Now chop chop, wrench, time is of essence and you are+
wasting ours." Ji-eun releases a sound between a screech and a gasp. Then she turns around frustrated and walks to the door followed by the poor maid. "You really are a piece of work, aren't you?" "Who me?" Jimin turns his head to the boy with an innocent grin.
"See anyone else around here?" Jeongguk's face turns red, looking at the smooth lines of his honey back and the beautiful dip of his waist. "Well, she shouldn't be going after engaged men. Her mother should be ashamed of her. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a cocktail and a+
swimming pool waiting for me. You can join me if you like, little cute-cumber." "I said—" Jeongguk starts but Jimin has already turned around, discarding the silk robe on the floor and walking towards the pool room butt-naked. "For the love of god! Put some clothes on!"
"That's not what you said yesterday night, baby!" As Jimin goes, Namjoon finally comes back with a few pieces of tangerine between his fingers. "Jeongguk? Is everything okay?" He asks, looking at the young heir fuming.
"No! I'm not okay!" He then walks back to the sofa, letting his body fall on the soft pillow. "He's a handful, isn't he?" "He's a fu— a nasty one!" Jeongguk murmurs, pushing his black hair back as he slowly starts embracing his doom. "Do you have your phone with you?" He then+
asks, eyes traveling to Namjoon. "I need to check something out." "Sure," the driver pulls the device from his pocket, handing it to him curiously. "Thanks," Jeongguk tries to smile, grabbing the device and opening the colorful photo app. His eyes then move back to him,
shaking his head when he sees pictures of cats appearing on his feed before his eyes roll back on the screen. Jeongguk the finds his profile. There is a new post. A 20-second video that he doesn't remember filming or posting. And when he presses on it, his face turns white.
"What in the ever loving fck is that?" The young boy curses loudly, as he replays the video. "Call my lawyer now!" "Kim Seokjin?" Namjoon wonders, moving closer to the boy. "Yes! Because I'm gonna kill Park Jimin, right fcking now!" Jeongguk abandons the phone on the sofa+
before he storms out of the living room in search of his future husband. Namjoon isn't a fan of Instagram. He just follows a few cat and knitting accounts for tips. But as his eyes fall on the device, he can see Jeongguk's cheeks getting squeezed by long honey-glazed fingers.
But that's not the worst part. Namjoon brings the phone closer to hear the audio. "Whose baby are you?" Park Jimin's voice is heard. "Yours! I'm your baby! Can I have a kith now?" "No! You need to tell the world that you are a big baby first."
"Fineee! I'm a big baby! Can I get it now?" Namjoon doesn't have to listen to the rest of the video to know what is going to happen. He just locks it and runs towards the swimming pool to prevent Jeon Jeongguk from drowning Park Jimin on the spot. "Jeongguk! Don't—"
Kim Namjoon wasn't wrong when he said that Park Jimin was going to be a handful. Well, he might be more than that actually— a French devil who is ready to turn Jeongguk's life upside down.
* * * The sound of forks and knives fighting echoes in the huge dining room. It's a sound that hasn't been heard in a while as Jeongguk rarely has dinner there. He always prefers eating in his room, munching down whatever Mrs. Nam has cooked while playing games.
Jeongguk is thankful that these people have taken care of him. It's more than what his actual parents have done... Don't get them wrong, the Jeons love their only son but they have no time for him anymore. Which is tragic really… Jeongguk, while still young, had thought+
about it numerous times. If he is ever going to have children, he is never going to leave them alone no matter how busy he is. With the right partner, they could definitely make it work in order for their little babies to be happy.
But now, as his eyes shoot lasers at his future husband, Jeongguk isn't sure this is going to work out. Not at all. He thinks that they are so incompatible that this marriage will probably end up in a nasty divorce. Well, he won't be surprised if that happens.
"Hey!" Park Jimin's voice interrupts Jeongguk's thoughts. "Is this how we will be having our meals?" The man is sitting on the opposite side of the huge table, staring at the young boy. "Why are you bothering me, again? Yes, this is how we dine in this house. Deal with it!"
The man pouts instantly before murmuring something that sounds like a French curse word. When Jeongguk thinks he's going to carry on with his dinner in peace, though, the sound of Jimin's chair forces him to lift his gaze. The doe eyes now observe the man with the fluffy+
black hair and the blue silk robe carrying the chair to his side. Jeongguk waits, tongue hitting the inside of his cheek impatiently, to see what Park Jimin has come up with this time. Then he goes back to pick his plate, sitting right next to the young boy.
"You're invading my personal space…" "Good," Jimin cracks him a lovely smile that has an effect on the young one no matter how much he tries to deny it. "That's exactly what I wanted to do." Jeongguk sighs. Park Jimin is a menace. Maybe a bigger one than he is but he is+
definitely the most beautiful one he has every seen or slept with. Trying not to think that the man is sitting an inch away from him, Jeongguk remembers his mother's advice from earlier when he called her to tell her that he is seriously considering joing the monks up in the+
mountains to live a life of celibacy. His mother wasn't entertained but she gave him a couple of useful tips, which Jeongguk found outrageous at first. Maybe Park Jimin was acting this way because Jeongguk was provoking him.
'Whatever, I'm not in the mood to start a conversation with you. I want to eat and play games…' Jeongguk says in his thoughts, unconsciously furrowing his eyebrows when the light touch of Jimin's shoulder on his makes him look at his fiance. "What?" Jeongguk says, staring+
inside his dark irises, trying to guess what's inside his mind. "You're thinking too much, I believe your brain is gonna be set on fire any time soon. And we don't need that. The fire brigade will take a bit to reach the house." "You!" Jeongguk lets his fork and knife down,+
making his plate move a little. "What's with this attitude? I was just eating peacefully!" "Maybe," Jimin now moves closer to him. "This is payback." "Payback? For what? We've only known each other for less than 24 hours? Is this about the whole Gala thing?"
"No," Jimin lets his chin rest on the back of his palm. "That's for Yeontan." "Yeontan?" Jeongguk wonders. The name is somewhat familiar but hw has no clue as to what a Yeontan is. "I have no idea what you're talking about."
"Yeontan was a dog doll. My favorite one to be precise. And no. We've known each other for more than that. Did you forget our little playdates?" "Playdates? When we were children?" "Yes. You were probably too young to remember. Three or four, I guess. I left for France+
when I was six," the man's deep voice lacks his usual cheekiness. It almost feels like this is how it's supposed to sound. "But, I never forgot what you did to poor Yeontan." Jeongguk sighs again, trying hard to remember but it's futile. The young one doesn't even remember+
what he had for breakfast. So recalling some event that happened 20 years ago when he was a toddler is rather impossible. "Okay. Tell me then. What did I do that caused the wrath of the great Park Jimin to fall upon me?" "You decapitated him, you cruel little thing! And then+
you had the audacity to pull his cotton ball insides and scatter them all over the place like a maniac!" 'What…?' Jeongguk thinks before speaking."You are mad because I destroyed a silly toy?" "Silly for you!" Jimin says, eyes glistening. This is the first time Jeongguk+
witnesses a different emotion from him. He seems… rather sad? "Yeontan was my favorite toy. My father had bought it to me before—" Then Jimin stops, taking in a big breath before he carries on. It's like he had a moment to collect his thoughts before saying something he+
shouldn't. "Anyway. Consider this payback for murdering poor Tannie." "It was a toy! God! What do you want me to so about it? I don't even remember it! Do you remember everything from that time?" Jeongguk snaps a little, turning on his chair to let his body face Jimin.
"Of course I do!" "Oh yeah? Then tell me something you know about me! I'm sure you don't even know what my favorite toy was." "Gureum. It was a white dog plushie," Jimin says clamly, making Jeongguk's eyes open wide. "You remember Gureum?" His voice is almost emotional.
"Of course! You kept taking him everywhere until you lost him! That's why I gave you Yeontan and your stupid ass decapitated him in a fit of childish rage!" "Oh…" Jeongguk lowers his eyes just for a moment. Well, now the little memory comes back to him. He can almost hear+
Jimin's cries. 'Shit… I really did that…' The doe-eyed boy chants in his thoughts before he feels Jimin's fingers reaching for his arm, pulling the sleeve just a little to reveal his skin. "What do you think you're doing?"
"I also remember that someone let the bees sting him on purpose," The long finger traces a little circle on his smooth arm. "Because he believed that if you get stung, you'll get honey in return." "How— How the hell do you remember that?" Jeongguk thinks he needs to revisit+
the old family albums asap. "Well, I may have been the one who made you believe it," Jimin smiles innocently. "You made me think that I'll receive honey if I get stung by the bees until I was ten?" Jeongguk shouts in disbelief. "Well, yes! It was better than having you cry+
all the time after getting stung. Which happened a lot since you loved rolling down the flower field like a cute little pig." "Fck! You are truly a devil, aren't you?" "Well, it worked, didn't it, baby?" Park Jimin says contently, pulling Jeongguk's arm to his lips to put a+
kiss on the skin. "There. I stole your honey again. You can sue me now." Jeongguk is mesmerized but he won't say that out loud. The memory of someone, another boy, giving him kisses on his stung hand resurfaces in his mind. At least he's now sure that he isn't getting scammed.
No one knew about this little thing. No one but Park Jimin. "You're doing it again," The man lifts his eyes to look at the speechless boy. "D-doing w-what?" "Looking at me like you want to do something to me. Kiss me perhaps?"
"What the hell! No! Of course I don't want to do anything to you! Jesus!" Jeongguk pulls his arm from him a little harshly. "I was drunk last time. What would you do if they told you that you're going to marry someone you hardly remember?" "Probably drink and fck it out of my+
system." "See?" Jeongguk shouts. "We finally agree on something!" Jimin nods quite surprised this time. "It seems we do, little cute-cumber." "Why do you have to ruin it?" Jeongguk asks. "Because you are cute and your—" Jimin tries to explain before he feels Jeongguk's+
fingers shushing him. "Nope! Don't want to hear to your commentary. I've had enough for today…" The young one murmurs, feeling his cheeks blushing and his ears burning as he touches the heart-shaped lips underneath. "Fck… I'm going to bed." "I guess we will be sleeping in+
separate rooms tonight, right?" Jimin adds, enjoying Jeongguk's frustration. "I'm not sleeping with strangers!" Jeongguk shouts as he walks away, then cursing himself because that's exactly what he used to do.
"Is that so?" The man wonders, watching Jeongguk going away in the most adorably frustrated way ever. "Then I guess we need to get to know each other more, Guk…"
* * * After finishing his dinner in peace, Park Jimin helped the maid carry the dishes to the kitchen despite her insisting that he shouldn't. Park Jimin just smiled, though. One should always be helpful, he believes, no matter who or what you are.
When everything was clean, he left the kitchen and wandered around the huge villa, eyes catching a glimpse at the dark sea. It's not that he doesn't enjoy his time here. The pool is definitely a big plus but he misses Paris and the people he left behind.
Park Josie, his aunt, was a very kind woman and Jimin owed her everything for taking him under her wing. Now, as the thoughts of his childhood flood his mind, he walks to the upper floor, passing by Jeongguk's room. The door is slightly open and when be looks, he sees the+
young one on his bed dozing off as his phone is lying on his belly. The man walks inside as silently as possible, moving to the young one's side to pick the phone and leave it on the bedside table. His hands then pull the blanket over the boy's body, making him shift a little.
'You grew up well', he chants in his thoughts, enjoying the way his future husband sleeps so peacefully. He almost looks like a little bunny, he thinks, patting his head just a little before he finally walks away. Jimin's room is at the end of the hall.
It's a huge guestroom that has everything he has asked for— his favorite books, a few canvases and oil paints, a pickup and vinyls with his favorite jazz music. Jimin could never part with his little collection. When he finally goes inside, he grabs his phone and earbuds from+
the desk and goes to his huge bed, crossing his legs neatly on the mattress. Then he clicks on one of his contacts with a mochi profile picture. As he waits for the person to answer his call, Jimin plugs in his earbuds and makes sure that the volume isn't very loud.
"Taehyungie!" Jimin hears the voice of another man before the video starts. "My little mochi, what did we say?" "Oh shoot! Jimin!" The blonde man corrects himself, looking a little worried for the slip-up. "How are you? Is everything okay? Are they treating you well? How is+
Korea? Ah—" "Breathe, mochi!" Jimin smiles at him before he speaks again. "Everything's okay. Sorry for not checking in yesterday. I had to attend a Gala with my fiance." "What?" The man nicknamed mochi asks, looking confused. "That wasn't the plan."
"I know. But I had to teach the little bunny a lesson." "Should I be scared?" "Nope. I have everything under control. In fact, we went a little trip down memory lane tonight." "You didn't tell him about Yeontan, did you?" Jimin smiles a little, looking at his friend's+
puzzled face. "Well, I did. It's an ongoing grudge. I'll never forgive him." "You know I never had a dog plushie names Yeontan, don't you? What if he remembers?" "Don't worry. He doesn't even remember what he had for breakfast…"
The man suddenly moves the camera a little, walking to his kitchen to grab a bottle of water. "Just be careful, okay? I feel so awful… Every single minute I'm thinking about it. What if they find out?" "I know. I'm thinking about it, too. But I'm here now and he believes me.+
The hardest part will be the parents. We'll have breakfast with them tomorrow." "Be careful okay? You are my best friend. I don't want anything bad to happen to you because I—" "Because you followes your heart?" Jimin's eyes turn a little glossy.+
"They had no right to make such a promise. You aren't a piece of meat, mochi!" "I know… But you didn't have to take my place, T." Jimin shakes his head. "I have unfinished business here. I know you've come to terms with it. But I haven't. I'm trying really hard, Jiminie…"
A tear rolls down the honey cheek as the memories flood his mind. A young boy, six years old, standing next to his best friend as they buried the Parks and their driver after that terrible car explosion. Crying… More crying… A plane. Getting on it and going to France.
Park Jimin was sent there to his aunt. But he wasn't alone. Park Josie didn't have only one little bird under her wing but two. Her nephew and the only son of their loyal driver. Another six-year old named Kim Taehyung. "I'm so sorry…"
"Don't be. I chose this. I will make it work." The man nods, wiping a few tears from his own eyes. "And what about the wedding? Will you really marry Jeongguk?" "I will…" Taehyung now murmurs, feeling like himself after 24 hours of pretending to be Park Jimin.+
"If that's what it takes to find out the truth. I will!" "Please be careful. Yoongi and I will be extremely sad if something happens to you." "I know, my little mochi. Tell Yoongi to look after you more now that I'm not there. And give you extra kisses and hugs!"
"I will!" A new voixe is heard before a new man with black hair appears on screen. "Hey, /Jimin/!" He then adds, winking a little at Taehyung. "Hey, hyung. Take care of my friend, okay? He's the best one I've got!" "Don't worry. I'll make sure he doesn't worry too much."
Taehyung nods, feeling warm inside just by looking at the way Yoongi hugs the real Park Jimin, delivering a little kiss on his cheek. "I love you both. Take care, okay? And tell Aunt Josie that I'm fine. I know she must be extremely worried right now."
"We love you too, Tae. Call me anytime…" Jimin murmurs, feeling extremely emotional. "Thank you for everything." "You don't have to mention it… Jiminie…" The call ends a few seconds later, leaving Taehyung wondering about his little plan.
Jeongguk isn't the little doe-eyed boy he remembers. He has changed. Dramatically, he may add. His life is full of colorful adventures. He doesn't care with whom he will sleep at night. He just wants to enjoy life.
Maybe it's his previous experiences that have turned him into the man he is today. The young boy seems to have forgotten about the driver's son. Maybe the shock of that day has created a gap in his memory. Taehyung sighs heavily, opening the little colorful app and clicking+
on Jeongguk's profile. A smile then forms on his lips the moment he comes across the video he had a uploaded hours ago. 'You're still cute, Guk', Taehyung thinks, lying back on the pillow, eyes looking at him squeezing Jeongguk's soft cheeks before he finally falls asleep.
* * * [Chapter 2: Breakfast-In-Law] #taekook #taekookau Taehyung wakes up 5 minutes before his alarm goes off. Today is going to be quite a day as Park Jimin is going to meet Jeongguk's parents. Or, more precisely, re-meet them. Taehyung has a faint memory of them.
Thank god Instagram exists and Jeon Areum is quite fond of posting pictures of herself and her husband so he knows everything he needs to know to impress her, from her favorite breakfast bowl to her love for all things Gucci. The sharp-eyed boy knows exactly how to win her heart.
Jeon Jung-woo, on the other hand, is going to be a bit harder to crack. But Taehyung needs to do it because this man is part of his little list. What list you may wonder… Well, the real Park Jimin had the same question when Taehyung climbed on his bed one fine morning and+
told him that he was going to take his place as Jeon Jeongguk's husband a few days after graduating college. Which, of course, resulted in tear-stained faces, denial, more tears and Jimin hugging him so tightly Taehyung thought he was going to suffocate.
It took them half an hour to calm down before Taehyung showed his friend his list of potential suspects, people who might be involved in the death of the Park couple and their driver, Kim Tae-joon, Taehyung's father. "This is… I don't know what to say, Taetae.+
Is this why you're willing to take my place?" Jimin had asked as worry painted his beautiful face. "Yes," Taehyung was honest. "I want to find out who is responsible, Jimin. I need to see that son of a b*tch rot in prison," Taehyung declared, reaching for his best friend's+
petite hands. "I know this is hard. Aunt Josie will probably chase me around with a stick for putting you under stress but I need to know. I need closure, Jiminie. And no… I'm not only doing this just for my own selfish reasons. What you have with Yoongi is real.+
I've seen how he looks at you. He'd gladly die for you, Jiminie! This arranged marriage is complete and uttwr bullshit. I'm sure that if your mom saw you, she'd call it off immediately!" Jimin couldn't even speak after his soulmate's statement. He just broke into tears, hugging
him tightly before they were finally calm enough to carry on. "Who's in your list?" "Jung Min-ho, Kang Ji-ah, Park Sherry, and Jeon Jung-woo." "My father's half sister and Jeongguk's father? Why? He doesn't even have a motive." Taehyung took a big breath before answering.
"I don't know, Jimin-ah… I just have a hunch. I looked through the files thousands of times. Jeon Motors were in a tough spot back then. The merger practically saved their company." "But it doesn't make any sense. Jeongguk and I would co-own Park-Jeon Motors after getting+
married. They had planned everything," Jimin wondered, hugging his pillow tighter. "I know, but what about now? Jeon Motors is still Jeon Motors. Park Tech exists only on paper." "You think they did it out of pride? That's impossible, Tae…"
"Is it?" Taehyung asked, squeezing his list a little harder the moment he saw his friend's eyes growing dim the moment the memories flashed before his eyes. So, slowly, Taehyung folded his list and shoved it into his pocket before closing Jimin between his arms.
"I want you to be happy, Jiminie. I'm gonna do everything. I'll take responsibility. You just stay here. Continue living your life. You are free, okay?" "How can I enjoy myself when you will be lifting the burden of being me?" Taehyung pressed a kiss on top of his head,+
holding him closer. "Don't worry about me. As long as you are happy, I'll be fine." Jimin is the only one Taehyung has left and he'd do anything in his power to see him happy, even if that meant living the reat of his life as a fraud and marrying a stranger.
"Did you talk to Aunt Josie about it?" "I was about to," Taehyung finally unwrapped his arms from his precious friend. "You know she won't agree to it, right?" Jimin said. "I know," Taehyung added. "But I'll find a way to convince her that this is the best course of action+
for our family..." And that's how everything started. Now, as the conversations turn into fleeting memories, Taehyung walks to the bathroom sleepily. His hair is a mess and his shoulders hang a little low.
When he comes back, though, he has put on his Park Jimin mask, looking like a completely different person. Slowly, he leaves his room, towel hanging on his shoulder and chest naked. The hall is still dark. Of course, Taehyung doesn't expect anyone to be awake at 5:30 am.
So, silently, he finds his way to the indoor swimming pool. Taehyung loves the water but, more importantly, he loves swimming completely naked, something that has become the source of infinite frustration for the young Jeon heir and blushed cheeks for the poor staff.
Taehyung is aware, but he thinks it's essential to keep this part of himself. People only see him under the filter of his prestigious name. His clothes make his persona even more stunning and real. But without any trace of fabric, Taehyung is himself. And he's gonna keep this+
little habit of his to remind himself who he is. * * * Forty minutes later, the sharp-eyed boy feels rejuvenated and ready to carry the weight of his new persona.
Taehyung comes out of the pool elegantly, drying himself up with the towel before wearing his clothws. Then, he walks away from the pool barefoot, heading back to the main house when the sound of coughing attracts his attention.
Curiously, Taehyung follows the sound to the huge kitchen where he finds Mrs. Nam, the cook, looking tired and pale. "Mr. Park," the woman hurries to bow before the sound of coughing floods the room again. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know you'd be awake this early. I would've—"
The woman manages to say before Taehyung moves closer to her. "Mrs. Nam, this is unacceptable," he starts, making the woman in front of him bow lower. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Park. I'll prepare your breakfast—"
"Oh no, Mrs. Nam," the sharp-eyed boy smiles before he gently reaches for the old cook's hand, making the woman sit on the stool. "What I meant is that working while being sick is a big no-no in my book." "But, Mr. Jeon—"
"Mr. Jeon is a silly young boy who apparently pays no attention to his staff," Taehyung tells her, moving to the counter to grab the kettle. "I'm gonna give you the rest of the day off. I'll let the maids know so they don't bother you for the rest of the day."
"But, Mr. Park, this isn't how we do things around here." The woman is in shock, looking at the young soon-to-be master of the house preparing a cup of tea for her.
"Well, Mrs. Nam, now that I'm here some things are about to change. So, please, take care of yourself first," Taehyung adds, opening the cupboards to find a jar of golden honey. "I'll take care of the cooking today. Have this and go back to sleep, okay?"
To the sound of that, Mrs. Nam's eyes fill with tears. In her 35 years working as a cook, never had she ever been treated like this. Rich people didn't have time for their staff, she believed. They just wanted their fancy ass breakfast at X o'clock no matter what.
"Mr. Park…" "Jimin. Please call me Jimin." "I can't do that, sir. This is against the house rules!" Taehyung sighs a little, moving to her to place the steaming cup in front of the older woman.
"Rules…" the young boy smiles at her. "A lot of things are going to change now that I'm here, Mrs. Nam. My aunt would never want me to let a member of our staff work while being sick. You take good care of us, cook all our meals. So please, use my name as if I was your nephew."
The woman can't contain her tears, wiping her face with her apron the moment one of the maids comes inside. "Mrs. Nam?" The young girl says running to her side. "Are you— Is everything alright?" Her eyes roll to Taehyung's face, examining the big boxy smile on it with wonder.
"Jennie—" The woman clears her throat before carrying on. "Please help Mr. Park in the kitchen today." "Help Mr. Park?" She asks, again unable to understand what is going on. "Mrs. Nam will be resting throughout the day because she's feeling under the weather.+
I'll take care of the Jeons' breakfast and lunch." "I'm so sorry Mr. Park, but this is not how we do things—" Taehyung sighs again. "Ms. Go, things are going to change around here so please lend me a helping hand today until I get myself familiar with our kitchen."
"Don't be rude, girl," Mrs. Nam catches her sleeve lightly, smiling at Taehyung with the most grateful expression on her face. "Thank you. Now, I need you to finish your tea and go get some sleep. Ms. Go and I will be making an array of French delicacies for our guests."
"S-sure, Mr. Park," the young woman nods, still unable to believe what had just happened. "Parfait!" Taehyung smiles at them charmingly before he leaves the two women alone to change into something appropriate for cooking.
"Mrs. Nam? What was that?" "An interesting development, my dear," the old woman says before she takes a sip from her tea, feeling the sweetness of the hot beverage relieving her aching throat. "A very interesting one."
* * * Jeongguk wakes up with the alarm penetrating his head. It must be the third one trying to get him off bed. The doe-eyed boy hates waking up early, especially when he goes to bed pretty late. Which is about to happen more frequently from now on since /he/ is here.
'Stupid alarm…' He chants in his thoughts as it tries to get him to wake up. Jeongguk finally gives up and sits upright, reaching for his phone to turn off the terrible alarm. It's almost 7 and he feels like there's something he has forgotten about but he's+
too sleepy to even recall what it is. So, instead of heading to the bathroom, Jeongguk lies back on the soft pillow, leaving his phone on his chest and closing his eyes just for a moment.
The next thing he sees when he opens them again is four missed calls and the clock showing 9. When he rubs his eyes to check the caller, he comes across a new text message from no other than his own mother, Jeon Areum.
[ignore timestamp] Actual time: 9:01 am
"Fuck!" Jeongguk shouts, jumping on his feet immediately and running to the bathroom to wash the sleep off his face. When he comes back again, he puts on a pair of black shorts and a black T-shirt, totally unfitting for the occasion and storms out of the room.
The moment he walks downstairs, his nose picks up the delicious smell of freshly-baked pastry and Jeongguk, being a slave to his love for everything Mrs. Nam cooks, follows it until he finally discovers the source. "Mr. Jeon, good morning," Ms. Go says, bowing her head when+
she comes across the young heir. "Are these croissants?" He asks before he moves closer to the petite woman holding a big tray full of golden-brown crescent moons. "Well, yes," the woman smiles shyly. "It's for your breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Jeon. They called some time+
ago while you were sleeping. They will be here any minute now." "I'm aware," Jeongguk murmurs, still feeling sleepy. "Would you like to try one, sir?" Jeongguk can't really say no. Mrs. Nam's cooking skills always surprise the young one, even though he doesn't say it out loud.
Jeongguk is the type of person who was taught to keep these things for himself in order not to seem weak in front of others— his father's notions, though, not his. Slowly, he reaches for one, feeling the warmth between his fingers and when he bites it, Jeongguk feels+
like spring has come earlier. "What do you think, sir? Isn't it really good?" "It is," the young heir tries to prevent himself from saying words like /the best thing he has ever tasted/ or /let me kiss Mrs. Nam's hands/. "Mrs. Nam did a fine job making these."
"Umm, sir—" Ms. Go tries to say when the older maid comes to her side carrying another tray full of butter cubes and different kinds of jam. "Mr. Jeon, good morning!" She mumbles in a hurry, before she turns to her colleague. "Mr. And Mrs. Jeon are here."
"Oh," the younger girl bows her head quickly and leaves Jeongguk alone with her colleague. Jeongguk doesn't like it when both of them come here. This is supposed to be his house and their presence always make the staff go crazy to please them.
Jeongguk doesn't even like having breakfast with others— the young one always has a smoothie and vanishes in the gym area next to the indoor swimming pool to atart his day in peace. 'This is the only thing that'll keep me sane…' The doe-eyed boy chants in his thoughts before+
he devours the rest of the fluffy croissant in a single bite. 'So good!' A couple of seconds later, Jeongguk finds his way to the garden and the outdoor swimming pool where he comes across the huge table. It's a little chilly but nothing he can't handle. [Outfit ref]
His eyes travel on the different types of pastry the maids have already left along with a breakfast bowl decorated with strawberries halves and blueberries that really makes Jeongguk wonder. As the young one tries to decide what to choose, he catches a glimpse of Kim Namjoon+
walking towards him. The driver's sleeves are rolled up and his tie is hanging loose around his neck. "Namjoon!" Jeongguk waves, inviting the driver to join him. "Try this!" The boy then grabs one of the still warm croissants and offers it to him.
"Thank you, sir, but I already had—" "Just take it!" Jeongguk pouts, extending his arm to him. "Mrs. Nam worked hard to make them. Don't be disrespectful." "Mrs. Nam?" Namjoon tilts his head, finally taking the croissant from his hand. "Didn't—"
"Oh shoot!" Jeongguk shouts, wiping his fingers on his sides when he finally sees the old Jeon couple walking towards them. "Where is he? Don't tell me he's still asleep!" "Mr. Park?" Namjoon wonders, hiding the croissant behind his back as Jeongguk's fancy-dressed parents+
move closer to them. "Son!" Jeon Areum speaks first, wearing an expensive black suit that hugs her lithe body nicely. "Why are you wearing this? Did you just get out of bed?" The woman carries on, removing her big sunglasses before she tries to fix her son's hair. [Areum ref]
"Come on, mom. It's just us…" Jeongguk pouts, forcing a little smile out of Namjoon who is still silent. "Driver Kim looks far more presentable than you, Jeongguk!" She then lets her eyes wander on the driver, admiring the way he always keeps himself looking prim and proper.
"How are you, Driver Kim?" "Good morning, Mrs. Jeon. Everything's well," Namjoon answers as politely as always before Mr. Jeon joins their company. "Good morning, son," the strict looking businessman finally speaks, examining his son's appearance from top to bottom.
A hint of disapproval crosses his eyes the moment he finds his son looking sleepy. "Busy as always," the older version of Jeongguk adds before one by one takes a seat around the table with Namjoon standing still behind the young Jeon heir. [Jung-woo ref]
"Mrs. Nam outdid herself this time. Is this an oatmeal bowl?" Areum wonders, placing her sunglasses on the side along with their fancy Gucci purse. "Of course she did!" Jeongguk's eyes wander on the delicious things in front of him, wishing to try everything for the first time+
ever. "Where is Mr. Park?" His father's eyes look around for his future son-in-law. Jeongguk has no answer so he just turns his head to Namjoon before he replies. "He's sleep—" The young one assumes before Namjoon's hand pats his shoulder lightly.
"Sleeping?" Mr. Jeon asks curiously, obviously a little annoyed by the turn of events. No matter how tolerant he is, Jeon Jung-woo always disliked unpunctuality more than anything. "Apparently your new son-in-law isn't as punctual as you wished for— Hey!" Jeongguk is+
now genuinely frustrated by the number of times Namjoon has hit his shouldet. "What?" "Mr. Park is already up, Mr. Jeon." "He is?" Jeongguk asks, clearly surprised. "You don't know what your future husband is doing, son?" His mother wonders. "Don't you two get along?"
"We do," the doe-eyed boy lies, faking a little smile that doesn't fool his father. "We just started getting to know each other." "And?" His mother is curious. "How is Park Jimin so far?" "He's an ass—tonishing man," Jeongguk saves it at the last moment, catching Namjoon+
breathing out in relief. "So where is my future son-law then?" Jungwoo asks, losing bits of his patience. "He—" "There," Namjoon beats Jeongguk to it when his eyes travel back to the house. The man surely knows how to walk and that white pair of pants he's wearing makes+
his waist look smaller. Jeongguk murmurs something that sounds like /wow/ when his gaze meets Park Jimin's. 'Pink?' The young one has a hard time processing the image in front of him. Park Jimin looks absolutely astonishing and pink is definitely his color.
"Good morning, Mrs. Jeon, Mr. Jeon, Driver Kim and…" His deep voice catches Jeongguk's mother by surprise. "Honey." "Mr. Park," Areum's eyes are scanning him from top to bottom, realizing not that her own son is furrowing his eyebrows to the sound of the endearment.
"Nice to finally meet you! Your aunt has told me a lot of things about you but she definitely forgot to mention how good-looking and fashionable you are." "Thank you for your words, Mrs. Jeon. But you are the one overshadowing us here today."
Jeon Areum chuckles at the words of the young charmer, rolling her eyes to her son who seems to be watching them with his arms folded on his chest and a pout pinned on his face. "Oh my, Jeongguk… Stop pouting so excessively!"
"I'm not…" The young boy murmurs, trying hard but failing to drop it the moment his fiance chooses, of all places, to sit next to him. "Mr. Park," Jeongguk's father now demands his attention the moment he gets comfortable. "How is your aunt?" "She is well, Mr. Jeon."
"Still in Paris?" The man continues, examining Taehyung's face inch by inch. "Yes. She will never part with it, I'm afraid." Mr. Jeon nods. "Not even for the wedding?"
Taehyung's eyes roll momentarily to Jeongguk, enjoying the sight of him munching one of the delicious croissants. "I'm sure that if her condition allows, she'll be happy to attend," Taehyung answers honestly, keeping his eyes glued on his young fiance.
"W-what?" Jeongguk has to ask, trying not to choke. "I'm glad you like my cooking," Taehyung says proudly before listening to the young one choking for real. "Didn't Mrs. Nam cook all these?" Areum now wonders as Taehyung pours a glass of water for the poor boy.
"Mrs. Nam wasn't feeling well today so I was in charge of preparing our breakfast," the sharp-eyed boy says, enjoying the disbelief coloring his young fiance's face. "You made all these?" Jeongguk asks. "That's impossible!" "Well, it's quite possible if you wake up at 6+
and have Mrs. Park as your aunt. She taught me everything she knows about French cuisine—" "Mr. Park," Jung-woo cuts him off. "This isn't France. And while this is admirable, I'd prefer our traditional dishes. That's why Mrs. Nam is here for; to be in charge of your meals."
"Exactly. Also, the staff has dedicated leave. We don't just hand them out like this," Jeongguk adds but the sharp-eyed boy isn't sure if he means it or not. It kinda sounds fake— just for the sake of agreeing with his father. "I'll speak to Mrs. Nam about the situation."
Taehyung keeps smiling, though, despite feeling the urge to slap father and son for being ungrateful. "I'll make sure to remember it next time, Mr. Jeon. My knowledge of Korean cuisine isn't limited, though."
"Don't listen to them, Jimin, Jung-woo is joking, aren't you honey? Everything looks tasty and my son has already eaten a bunch of the croissants so I believe he appreciates your cooking skills," Areum interrupts them, trying to make her husband look less like an asshole.
"It's alright, Mrs. Jeon," Taehyung reassures her before he lets his fingers land on Jeongguk's hand, receiving a confused look from the boy. "Love goes through the stomach, so I'll make sure that your son is both well-fed and—" Taehyung pauses to look at his fiance, "loved."
"Aww," Areum exclaims, enjoying the little display of affection. "Aren't they lovely, Jung-woo?" The man nods, sipping his coffee with his eyes still glued on Taehyung. 'What do you see, old man?' Taehyung wonders if he's trying to find similarities between him and+
the late Park couple. "Your father and I were best friends," he finally says, "I'm saddened to see that you don't look like him at all." "Jung-woo!" Areum pats his shoulder lightly but Taehyung is ready for questions like this one. Jimin and he had rehearsed all the potential+
scenarios a million times, from questions about his relatives to his parents' favorite restaurants, company and pastimes. "Don't worry, Mrs. Jeon. I get that a lot. My aunt tells me I took after my mother's side. Also, puberty really hit me hard like a truck, my grandfather+
would joke." Areum tries to compose herself listening to the remark. "That's definitely something Park Seung-woon would say." "I hope this answers your question, Mr. Jeon," Taehyung's eyes roll to the wrinkled doe eyes with a satisfied smile.
"It does," the strict man speaks again before he adds, "I hope to see your aunt in person soon." Taehyung nods, reaching for one of the now cold croissants. "I guess you'll have to wait until June, then. That's when the wedding will take place, isn't it?"
"Oh, we can definitely speed it up if you two want to! We said June just to be sure that you will have enough time to get to know each other," Areum says, eyes wandering to Taehyung and then back to her speechless son.
"I don't have a problem having the wedding earlier, Mrs. Jeon," Taehyung now grabs Jeongguk's hand and touches it lightly on his cheek, making the young one blush just a little bit. "Jeongguk and I got to know each other really /well/ despite being here only for a couple days."
"We did?" The young one asks, trying to retrieve his hand. "Of course," the feline eyes form little artificial crescent moons as he stares at Jung-woo. "Jeongguk is truly a force of nature," the sharp-eyed boy begins, feeling Jeongguk's fruitless attempts to reclaim his hand.+
"He's a dedicated one but he needs somebody to take good care of him since he's still so young. I believe this union will work well, don't you think so too, /honey/?" Jeongguk is close to bursting into flames, realizing that Jimin is probably implying that he is a baby.
The memory of that cursed video is still haunting his thoughts. He should probably delete it after breakfast. 'Fuck you', the young one wants to say but instead he nods, trying to hide the fact that his ears are burning. "If that's the case, why not have the engagement party+
on Saturday?" Areum suggests, looking at her husband. "What?" Jeongguk shouts in surprise. "That sounds wonderful," Taehyung agrees with the woman, "we can have the wedding by the end of March then." Taehyung is sure the young boy is going to throw a tantrum for cutting+
his freedom shorter but, well, the whole thing is unavoidable. Sudden memories of him during the Gala now flood his mind. This is necessary. As long as they aren't married, Park Jimin has no power whatsoever. He owns nothing and he needs to reclaim that 50% his parents left+
him so he can finally make things right— for the real Park Jimin and the woman who raised them. As Taehyung waits for an answer, Jung-woo's phone rings impatiently, making the old man excuse himself to answer. When he is far from the table, Areum moves her body closer to them.
"Jung-woo and I had two dates before getting engaged. Why don't you plan a special day to get to know each other more?" "Mom…" Jeongguk whimpers, clearly defeated. His heart is racing and he can feel his doom speeding towards him faster than he had anticipated.
"That's an excellent idea, Mrs. Jeon. Jeongguk and I definitely need to get to know each other a little more. It's been years since we got to talk." Areum smiles. "I'll be looking forward to hearing about your little dates then! Don't forget to give me a call me, son!"
Jeongguk can't do anything else than nod when his father returns to the table. "Sadly, I need to go back to the factory," he informs them. "So soon?" Areum asks with a pout that resembles her son's.
"There's an issue in the production line that needs my attention. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Park," the man says, looking directly at Taehyung. "The pleasure was all mine, Mr. Jeon." "We'd also love to have you come by the office, isn't that right, honey? Our new son-in-law+
needs to get to know the family business. They'll be running it after you retire." "Sure," Jung-woo says in a hurry. "I'll have my secretary arrange it." "Thank you, Mr. Jeon. I'd love to see how our merged business is doing," Taehyung smiles, feeling the older man's gaze+
trying to penetrate his thoughts. "And I'll be in touch with you two concerning the engagement party. We have a lot to do and so little time!" "I'm sure everything will work out, Mrs. Jeon, don't worry," Taehyung reassures her. "Why don't we meet for lunch tomorrow?"
Areum nods excitedly, feeling charmed by the young Park heir's exquisite manners and alluring flair. It takes a couple of minutes for the Jeon couple to leave, exchanging a few more words before they are escorted to the door by Namjoon. When they are lost from sight, Jeongguk+
starts clapping, surprising the older one. "Did you study acting back in France? Because these were some amazing acting skills!" "Well, it comes naturally to me when you are watching me, honey," Taehyung reaches for a knife to split one of the croissants in half and+
spread butter and strawberry jam on the soft flesh. "Stop calling me that. I don't like it!" "You sure, my little croissant?" Taehyung asks, having a big bite from his tasty breakfast.
"God… Did you make this? Or was it a lie to impress my parents?" Jeongguk folds his arms on his chest, eyes pinned on Taehyung's lips where a tiny red bead of jam rests on the corner of his mouth. The boy gulps a little. He knows he shouldn't stare because that will make him+
look weak and desperate in front of Park Jimin. "Breakfast? Of course I did," Taehyung's eyes catch him staring. "Do I have something on my face or do you enjoy looking at my lips, little cute-cumber?" Jeongguk's cheeks blush instantly, pouting a little at the realization+
that Park Jimin has excellent observation skills. Now how can a man like him rile him up so much is still a mystery to the young one. And if this wasn't enough, his fiance has to stare at him with those feline eyes that force Jeongguk notice his mismatched eyelids and little+
beauty mark on one of them. Then, Taehyung slowly removes the red bead from his mouth with his thump before he sucks his finger ever so provocatively. Jeongguk is sure he's doing it on purpose. "What is your plan?" "Plan?" Taehyung asks, licking the rest of his fingers+
before reaching for a napkin. "Yes! The wedding was supposed to take place in June!" "Your parents seemed to like the idea of speeding it up. You could have said something if you didn't like it." Jeongguk is at a loss for words. "You are so— Fck!" "Language," Taehyung+
murmurs, reaching for a glass of orange juice. "I don't know what your aunt taught you, Park Jimin, but this is Korea not France!" Taehyung takes a big sip before answering. "Well, I didn't think you were one of those children who always obey their parents' wishes."
"Stop making assumptions! You don't know me at all," Jeongguk is on the verge of breaking, Taehyung can feel it in his voice. "Or I'll start making assumptions, too!" "Okay, let's hear it," he surprises him again, turning on his seat to face the young boy. "What do you think+
of me so far?" "You're a mean Frenchman who just wants to make my life miserable…" Jeongguk admits but deep down he wished he hadn't said that. "Do you want me to be softer then?" Taehyung lets his body move closer, forcing Jeongguk to lean back on his seat.
"What do you really want from me? An apology for the shit I did at the Gala? That's who I am! Did you expect a perfect husband waiting for you here?" Taehyung flutters his long eyelashes. This is good. Jeongguk talking to him about it without running away is actually good.
"Well, I won't say my feelings weren't hurt that night. The video, though, is on your profile. You can delete it at any given time. So, why haven't you? Do you enjoy looking at it? Do you want hyung to squeeze your cheeks again?" "For real?" Jeongguk wants to facepalm himself.
Well, Park Jimin isn't wrong. He could have deleted it immediately but he kept it. Was it an unconscious statement for his followers? Well, Jeongguk doesn't even know. "An apology would be nice, too." "Fine… I'm sorry. Happy now?"
"No, that was the fakest apology ever. I want a real one, little cute—" Jeongguk cuts him off immediately to save himself from the embarrassment. "Don't even say it again. I don't like you calling me pet names since we have nothing going on!"
"Alright, then how about following your mother's advice and going out on those two dates? You can plan whatever you like and I'll do the same," Taehyung suggests, feeling the monster in his belly shifting a little. "You really want to go on a date with me?" Jeongguk is+
surprised for the nth time today. "Well, I flew over here from France and attended the Gala just to meet you, if that doesn't mean anything to you, then, my dear, you are dumber than you look." Jeongguk sighs at the sound of that. Maybe this man is genuinely here to fulfill+
his family's promise. A promise that still weighs on Jeongguk's young heart. If only Park Jimin knew the tears he had shed the moment he walked inside his bedroom after dinner. Would that make the man pity him and cut him some slack? Jeongguk is clueless.+
He never did emotions, he just enjoyed life until he had to fulfill his family obligation for the rest of his life. As Jeongguk gets lost in thought, Taehyung takes the lead, again. "Let's make a deal, then." "A deal?"
"Let's go on those two dates and get to know each other. If it doesn't work out then let's have a marriage blanc." "A marriage what?" "Blanc. White. Unconsummated." Jeongguk furrows his eyebrows in confusion. "Didn't we already have sex? How can this be a white marriage?+
Or—" "It's a figure of speech," Taehyung smiles a little shyly as a pink tint appears on his honey cheeks. "So no sex, no commitment? You can fck whoever you want, I can fck whoever I want? Are you suggesting an open marriage?" "Well, it's very common in Europe.+
Flings and affairs can be beneficial for some. Especially when romance has died." "We're not going to have any of that," Jeongguk says, making something inside Taehyung shift. Love, romance, feelings… That's all Taehyung ever wanted. But sometimes we can't have everything we+
want. Especially in a situation as complex as this. "Then, try not to fall in love with me, little one." "Fck!" Jeongguk lets the curse slip from his mouth. "Nobody's falling in love with you... Now, excuse me, I have to sort out the mess you've made with Mrs. Nam."
"Are you going to make the poor woman work when she's sick?" Taehyung can't really believe that Jeongguk means this. "This is my staff, not yours… Also, I want to be done with the date thing so I'm taking you out for lunch today." "I see," Taehyung watches the boy standing+
up and walking towards the villa without giving him a single glance. 'Interesting…' Taehyung thinks, pulling his phone out of his pocket to text his best friend back home.
[Ignore timestamp] Actual time: 9:36 am
Taehyung shoves his phone inside his pocket before he grabs a napkin and wipes his mouth delicately. Then, he makes his way back inside and towards the staff rooms to check on the old cook now that the Jeon couple has left.
Taehyung hopes that the young one didn't give her an earful for being sick. Or, at least, that's what he thought after that conversation they had with Jeon senior. People aren't disposable. Taehyung knows it. But sometimes the rich and powerful will treat someone as such.
Not the Parks, though. Jimin's parents were always kind to them that Taehyung felt Jimin like a brother to him, playing all day long, eating snacks, falling asleep together before Mr. Park carried the little boy to the house in the yard. Those days seem too far away now.
The house's sold and the Parks are gone. But Taehyung is still here, trying to undo a great injustice. Now, as he walks to the old cook's room, Taehyung is taken by surprise.
"Mrs. Nam?" He listens to the young boy asking, ready to intervene if Jeongguk is still there to scold the poor woman. But as he moves towards the door, Taehyung comes across a rather weird sight. Jeongguk is sitting on his knees next to the old lady, holding her hand.
'What are you doing, Guk?' The older one wonders as his fiance reaches for the small towel on the bedside table, soaking it into the water bowl before placing it on her forehead. "Mr. Jeon, you don't have to do this for me. Jessie wi—" "It's okay, Mrs. Nam. Please rest+
now, okay? I'll call Doctor Jung later on to check on you. It's most likely a bad cold." Jeongguk sounds different. Caring and thoughtful, Taehyung thinks. This is nothing close to the indifferent and arrogant version of him that he has to deal with.
'Are you pretending to be something you're not?' He chants in his thoughts as the feline eyes are still pinned on the black ball of hair. But why? 'Did you really mean those things you said when you got drunk?'
And then, the most shocking thing of all happens. It's so unnatural that Taehyung has to shush himself in order not to gasp in surprise. From inside the room, his ears pick up the sound of a song. The voice is sweet and airy, which makes Taehyung think that he just+
discovered something new about his future husband. As the song carries on, Taehyung steps back, heading towards the living room to spare the young one from the uncomfortable moment of catching him singing a lullaby to Mrs. Nam. "Mr. Park," Namjoon's voice suddenly echoes in+
his ears as the driver walks to him. "I wanted to apologize on behalf of young Mr. Jeon. He was caught off guard and—" "It's okay, Driver Kim," the boxy smile painting his lips makes Namjoon wonder. "No need to make excuses for him."
"Deep down, Jeongguk is a great kid, sir. He cares about the staff more than he shows so please don't misunderstand him. I know it's not my place to say this but Jeongguk never liked this—" "Again, Driver Kim, there's no need to speak on his behalf. If Jeongguk wants to explain+
himself, he's more than welcome to talk to me. I'm not unapproachable, you know." Namjoon bows his head a little embarrassed for trying to mingle with their affairs. "Thank you for trying to help, though," Taehyung adds, letting his hand land on his shoulder.+
"I told you a lot of things are about to change around here. So why not take Ms. Go and Mrs. Choi and have breakfast? We have enough food to feed an army. It's a shame to throw it away, don't you think?" Namjoon doesn't know what to say so he bows a little lower and murmurs a+
thank you before Taehyung draws his hand from his shoulder. The beautiful man then walks away, shoving his hands into his pockets, looking relaxed. Yet neither Namjoon nor anyone ever knows that in the far corner of his mind, Taehyung has found himself questioning the reasons+
for being here. 'Shut up…' He told himself the moment he was going up the stairs. 'Don't act like a silly college boy!' He continued when he shut the door and pressed his back against the fine wood. 'Why are you beating so fast? Stupid heart!'
A shy smile now paints Taehyung's face, making him look more beautiful and carefree. His cheeks are flirting with the pink tint, trying to decide whether they should allow it to color everything or not. 'Stick to the plan', Taehyung chants in his thoughts before Mr.+
Jeon's invitation swirls in his mind. Then, he shakes his head and slowly removes his pink shirt and white pants, reaching for his phone. After searching something up, he clicks on the number on the screen and presses the phone on his ear, waiting for an answer.
"Hello, I'm interested in the Red Thread workshop. Are there any available spots for the beginner session today?" Taehyung asks politely. "Hello, sir. Please give me a second to check." Taehyung walks to the bathroom, coming across his beautiful figure before the woman on the+
the phone gets back to him. "We do have a few spots open. For how many people are you interested in?" "Two." "Alright. Could you please leave a name so I can book your spots?" "Of course. Jeon Jeongguk."
"Alright, Mr. Jeon. The workshop starts at 6 o'clock. There are no requirements but we suggest avoiding eating 2 hours before the workshop to minimize an upset stomach," the woman adds politely and Taehyung nods, passing a hand through his fluffy hair.
"I'm aware," he grins a little before the woman speaks again. "Do you have any prior knowledge, sir? There's an intermediate session right after that." "No, it's alright. My partner has no experience whatsoever." "I see. Very well then. We shall be expecting you soon, sir.+
For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us." "I will. Thank you." "The pleasure's all mine, sir." When Taehyung hangs up, he has the sliest smile on his lips. "Oh, Jeongguk. If you think I'm gonna go easy on you just because you acted cute a minute ago you're+
so mistaken." Taehyung grins before he places the phone on the marble counter next to the sink and then hops into the bathtub to take a much needed shower. 'Let's bond, dear future husband…' And that's the last thing he thinks before the hot water hits his skin.
[Chapter 3: Bonding Time] #taekook #taekookau Taehyung enjoys the way the fresh air hits his face as Kim Namjoon drives through the forest. It's been a long time since his eyes saw so much green. It's refreshing, he thinks, wondering where the young one is taking him.
The only thing Taehyung knows is that Jeongguk is dressed casually, wearing a pair of baggy jeans, black stomper boots and a matching T-shirt. Taehyung's outfit, on the other hand, makes a contrast with the young boy's, wearing a pair of white slacks and a beige V-neck+ [Ref]
sweater that makes him look beautiful and elegant. "Any hint about this mysterious restaurant?" He finally asks, eyes turning to the young one when he receives no answer. Jeongguk is on his phone, playing one of those island puzzle games. "Are you listening to me, little+
cute-cumber?" He tries again but then notices the purple earbuds. "Seems you're not," Taehyung keeps staring at him solving the little puzzles before he adds, "black suits you. It makes you look cute…" "Still, I'm not going to tell you where we're heading," the young+
boy finally answers without taking his eyes off the game. Taehyung is caught off-guard yet he doesn't let it show. Instead, he lets his black sunglasses fall down from his hair to his nose, a smile appearing on his lips but Jeongguk can't see any of it.
"Driver Kim?" the sharp-eyed boy asks, paying no attention to the young one. "Uh uh," Jeongguk's voice is heard again and Taehyung is actually impressed. "I'm sorry, Mr. Park," Namjoon apologizes. "We'll reach our destination shortly." "I see. Thank you, Driver Kim,"
Taehyung leans back on his seat, this time closer to the young boy. "Need anything?" He asks, finally lifting his eyes from the screen to find a very curious Park Jimin staring at him through the dark shades. "What are you playing?" "A mobile game…" Jeongguk decides to+
talk as little as possible. "I'll help myself then," Taehyung's long fingers snatch the device away, making Jeongguk complain on the spot. "Hey!" The young one tries to get his device back, shifting his body to reach for it. "What's yours is mine," Taehyung announces,+
trying to avoid Jeongguk's hands. "No! What's mine is mine—" The young boy lets his body move dangerously close, fingers landing on Taehyung's thigh for support— maybe a little too close to areas that he doesn't want to re-explore.
Jeongguk's face is too damn close that Taehyung can feel his breath fanning on his honey face. Little red flowers have started blossoming on the cotton face too, making the older one wonder. 'Interesting… again…' Taehyung says in his thoughts, moving forward just a little+
to see what the young one will do. To his surprise, though, Jeongguk jolts back to his seat, folding his arms on his chest and turning his eyes outside the window to hide his blushed cheeks. "Did you give up so easily?" Taehyung wonders, licking his lips unconsciously.
Jeongguk is silent for a couple of seconds, trying to calm himself down. Jimin is a bastard, he thinks. But he's a beautiful one nonetheless.
"You got what you wanted. Just be quiet until we reach the strawberry farm—" The words slip from the cherry lips, making the doe-eyed boy sigh in frustration. "Strawberry farm? Are we going to a strawberry farm?" Taehyung forgets everything at the sound of it.
Well, Jimin may not be a huge fan of the juicy fruit but Taehyung, well, is absolutely mad about it. "Driver Kim, is this where we are headed?" "Don't answer him, Namjoon," Jeongguk warns him, staring at the driver through the front mirror. "How did you know that I love+
strawberries?" Taehyung waits for an answer with a boxy smile that hasn't made an appearance in a while. "Just a guess…" Jeongguk hums, finally catching a glimpse of his future husband's face. 'Fuck… How can you be so frustrating and cute at the same time?' Jeongguk+
pinches the bridge of his nose when the conversation he had with Mrs. Nam replays in his mind. Well, just a guess was more like a suggestion made by the old lady. The doe-eyed boy was never going to scold her. On the contrary, Jeongguk felt that Mrs. Nam was the grandmother+
he never had— always caring for him, making him his favorite meals and scolding him for some of his poor life decisions when serving him hangover soup. That's why, when Jeongguk found the woman lying sick, he couldn't help but run to her side and comfort her.
The young one knew how to cheer her up, singing one of her favorite songs that her late husband used to sing. Jeongguk knew because he had caught them strolling around the huge garden when he was a teenager and the couple used to work at his parents' house.
Mr. Nam was a fine man and a skilled gardener. Sadly, life had other plans for him and Mrs. Nam was left all alone. It was a sad event for the poor woman. So when Jeongguk moved to the Busan villa, he took Namjoon and Mrs. Nam with him.
Both of them are the closest thing he had to a family because his own parents lived in their own fancy world and Yugyeom is, well, Yugyeom. "Mr. Park was very kind to me today, Mr. Jeon. He only wanted to help," Mrs. Nam told the young one after Jeongguk stopped singing.
"The girls told me he is a great cook, too. Sadly, I couldn't try the croissants. Were they as good as they told me?" Jeongguk sighed heavily before giving her an honest answer. "They were indeed tasty. I thought you made them, Mr. Nam…" "You don't like that Mr. Park can+
cook?" The woman queried before coughing again. "He will never cook as well as you." "Mr. Jeon… I won't always be around, you know. I feel quite relieved that Mr. Park is a kind person who knows how to take care of himself." "Please don't say that, Mrs. Nam!" The corners+
of Jeongguk's lips fell instantly, reaching for the woman's hand. "That's how life is, Mr. Jeon," Mrs. Nam smiled, trying to soothe him by patting his tattooed arm ever so gently. "You don't like Mr. Park in general, do you?" "No…" "Why?" "Because…" Jeongguk wasn't sure+
if he should share his truth. "He is—" "Different?" Jeongguk nodded. Different was close to what he had in his mind. "I guess. He's a stranger, Mrs. Nam. I don't even remember him." "Why don't you try to get to know him?" Mrs. Nam suggested, realizing something that years+
of experience allowed her to detect. "He's very stubborn and annoying!" Jeongguk insisted, eyes falling on the old woman's face. "You can be stubborn, too, Mr. Jeon." Jeongguk just nodded. That's a debate he can't really win. "My mother suggested going out on two dates+
before the engagement party. She wants us to get to know each other more." "That's a great idea. Why don't you take him to your favorite restaurant then?" "No way!" Jeongguk pouted, thinking that he couldn't possibly share that place with him.
"Mr. Jeon, Mr. Park is going to be your husband. Getting along will surely make things easier. You might even find out that you have a lot of things in common." "Pfft," Jeongguk tried to maintain his polite tone but failed. "That Frenchman and I have nothing in common!"
"He likes strawberries. Here's something you two share," Mrs. Nam's eyes turned into little crescent moons, enjoying the little pout on the young one's face. "You really want me to get to know him, Mrs. Nam?" Jeongguk asked, letting the pout fade away from his lips.
"Marriage is unpredictable, Mr. Jeon, whether it is arranged or not. What will make this work is the right partner and I believe Mr. Park is far sweeter and kinder than he lets us see. I know you are probably hesitant to open up to him but Mr. Park hasn't been home for a+
long time. The people he once knew have changed, yourself included. So why not give him a chance?" "A chance…" Jeongguk didn't think he'd say that. In the past two days all he wanted to do was strangle Park Jimin with his bare hands. But maybe he had the wrong +
approach all along. What if Park Jimin was genuinely interested in this union despite his suggestion of having a marriage blanc? What if this meant something to him? What if… "Fine. I'll give him one and that's it." Jeongguk knew he was probably going to regret it but+
he promised Mrs. Nam he'd try. So here he is now in the car along with his annoying husband-to-be, feeling his ears getting warmer the more the French devil glances at him with the corner of his eyes. 'What are you looking at with that smirk?' Jeongguk wonders before+
the voice of his driver puts him at ease. "Sir, we are here," Namjoon announces and Jeongguk's eyes wander out and far to the strawberry farm in the distance. On top of the hill, there's a beautiful yellowish building with huge white windows, hidden between tall ginkgo trees.
"What is this?" Taehyung's voice is colored by excitement and wonder as he takes in the beautiful image of the landscape. "It's called Seven Trees, sir," Namjoon hurries to answer only to receive the doe-eyed boy's disappointed face and pouty lips.
Namjoon smiles apologetically, letting his cute dimples show the moment his eyes meet Jeongguk's. "Seven Trees? Very fitting. Is this a restaurant?" The honey-faced asks again, waiting for his husband-to-be to provide him with answers. This is a nice surprise for a change.
So nice that Taehyung is convinced that Jeongguk is faking this whole arrogant chad persona. Maybe today he'll catch a glimpse of the real Jeongguk; maybe he'll see the carefree and smiley version of him that he remembers from years ago. Or maybe he'll find out why the+
once sweet and shy boy has turned out to be something that doesn't really suit him. "Are you going to stay silent, little cute-cumber?" Jeongguk sighs when the car finally stops outside the beautiful building. The young one has been here numerous times usually in the+
company of his driver and bodyguard. Not even his friend Yugyeom knows about it because this is Jeongguk's safe haven. "Look," he now starts, turning to the honey-skinned boy. "I haven't brought anyone else here so I'd appreciate it if you behaved yourself just for today, okay?"
"Acting all mature now?" Taehyung lifts his sunglasses, allowing him to take a look at the chocolate eyes hiding underneath. "That's hot." "You're not going to drop the pet name, aren't you?" "Well, it depends on you. If you stop being rude, I can actually be+
nice and very pleasant. My friend, Ji– Ji-myung, says I'm quite fun to be around." 'Fck… That was close!' Taehyung chants in his thoughts, keeping a smile on his face to hide the fact that he almost called out Jimin's name. "Ji-myung?" "Yes. Kim Ji-myung."
Jeongguk's dark eyes seem to sparkle under the sunlight. "More Koreans in France?" "Ah, yes. Ji-myung and I met when we were in school. He's my best friend." Jeongguk tries to imagine what this Ji-myung person looks like. He guesses they must be similar because who could+
stand Park Jimin's remarks? "My best friend—" Jeongguk lets the words slip unconsciously. Yugyeom's name doesn't seem fit to complete the sentence. "That man from the Gala?" Jeongguk nods, searching inside his pocket for his sunglasses. "What was his name?"
"Yugyeom. He's a lawyer." "A nasty breed," Taehyung remarks. "He's the one who has our car, isn't he?" "Our car?" Jeongguk wonders. "How do you know about that?" "I'm the one who got you back home, remember? That imbecile just took the keys off your hand saying you lost a bet+
or something." "Shit…" Jeongguk murmurs as the memory comes back to him. "What is yours is mine, dear future husband. So, care to tell me why he took away our Benz? You kept bragging about it all night long." Jeongguk doesn't know if he should share the bets he and+
Yugyeom used to make. If you ask him now, he'll tell you that he doesn't really remember how it started. But well, Jeongguk knows that it's all due to this stupid promise that his family made. It never sat right with him— marrying someone just out of duty.
And while Jeongguk isn't a romantic, his heart craved it once in a while. Now, with Park Jimin here, Jeongguk will never get to experience true love or love that he chose for himself. And the realization was sad and had kinda made the young heir give up on it altogether.
You can't get hurt, if your parents have already hurt you with their stupid decisions, right? "I lost the bet, he got the car." "And what was the bet about?" Taehyung enquiries, waiting for Jeongguk to give him a satisfactory answer.
'Maybe if I'm honest,' Jeongguk thinks, 'you'll dislike me enough to run away.' "I had to get laid at the Gala," the doe-eyed boy reveals the truth. "And show Yugyeom their underwear as proof." "Oh mon dieu," Taehyung has a hard time believing his own ears.
"Does this scare you, Jimin-ssi?" Jeongguk has that smug look on his face that makes Taehyung wanna tease him so fcking much. "No, not really. But you did win the bet, didn't you?" "W-what?" The smugness drops from his face in an instant. "I guess you also forgot what+
happened between in that Museum bathroom… You can't really hold your liquor, can you?" "W-what? What happened?" "I told you I'm not sharing anything. You have to remember it yourself. I'm quite hurt actually that you forgot about it. If I knew, I would definitely have let+
you keep my underwear." Jeongguk is a little shocked because as much as he's tried to recall the tiniest detail about the Gala, he doesn't seem to remember a thing. "Mr. Jeon, Mr. Park," Namjoon interrupts Jeongguk's thoughts, "we are here."
"Ah, of course! I'm so sorry, Driver Kim," Taehyung says politely, grabbing his coat from the leather seat and hopping out of the car gracefully. "It was black lace by the way," Taehyung adds, looking at his cute husband-to-be changing 50 different shades of red.
"Don't even say it," Jeongguk looks at Namjoon, having the most flustered expression his driver has ever witnessed. "I'll visit the village and come pick you up for your next date in three hours." "Excuse me? Aren't you going to stay with us?"
"That's what Mr. Park requested. Weren't you aware?" Jeongguk grabs his plaid jacket from the seat, a bit annoyed. "Jeongguk?" "Traitors! Traitors everywhere!" The young one murmurs to himself, getting out of the car hurriedly.
Park Jimin is standing in front of the entrance, taking pictures of the ornamented door. Jeongguk takes a deep breath, feeling weird having someone else accompany him here. "Shall we go in?" Taehyung surprises him, turning his camera sneakily at him to take a picture for+
his private collection. "What is this place anyway?" "You'll see," Jeongguk lets his tongue hit the inside of his cheek unconsciously, finally walking towards the restaurant with Taehyung joining him after taking another picture of the doe-eyed boy.
'Cute,' Taehyung smiles looking at the picture as he walks inside the mysterious restaurant. It's going to be a long day full of surprises...
[tbd - Note] Updates will continue after WPKY wraps up! Which will be sooon! Ty for being patient! 🙇‍♀️💜🪢🍓
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