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#taekookau 🔞 where Jungkook is the college delinquent, with nicotine stained finger tips, tattoos and piercings and a reputation for causing mayhem. Taehyung is the very shy, chemistry major who is terrified of two things only : Losing his scholarship and Jeon Jungkook.

@ruiifishu wanted a drabble with your usual bad boy jk and nerd Taehyung trope and because she is my baby i will never say no.🥺❣️❣️😘😘😘
Tags : 🍒 Mild nsfw content. 🍒 fluff and smut 🍒 adorable tae and scary but whipped jk.
Its almost finished.. I'll post the whole thing tomorrow ❣️❣️
It was supposed to be Taekook only but i loved writing it so its longer and has yoonmin and Namjin too... 🥺🥺🥺❣️❣️
When Taehyung started his senior year in college, he promised himself two things : he would, without any hesitation, finally let everyone know that he was not looking for a relationship and two, he would finally lose his virginity.
It wasn’t a big deal , really. Taehyung wasn’t trying to save himself or anything like that. It was just that he was happy with the way things were going and being on a full scholarship meant that he had to work very hard to keep his grades up.
He wanted his first time to be special, and he wanted to enjoy it without worrying about his grades or exams or his labs. And after working his ass off for years, he was finally at the finish line of his bachelors.
So, now that he was close to finishing his degree, Taehyung wanted to take things easy. He wanted to take more time for himself, indulge in a few of his hobbies. Maybe stop being so shy and nervous around people. Maybe make a friend outside of Jimin and Seokjin.
It was easier said than done, though. Because Jimin, Taehyung and Seokjin were peas in a pod when it came to social interactions : beautiful but reclusive and intensely private. “I wish they would stop fucking staring.” Seokjin’s voice broke him out of his thoughts,
and Taehyung glanced sideways at where Seokjin was pointing. He blushed, almost at once because Jeon Jungkook stood there with his three best friends, smoking and leaning against their motorcycles.
Taehyung tried not to let his gaze linger on Jungkook’s gorgeous face and his mouthwatering dream of a body, well aware that his friends would disown him if they found out how he felt about the resident badboy. Jungkook looked breathtaking in the early morning light,
straddling the seat of his bike, slender fingers wrapped around his cigarette as he laughed with his friends. Taehyung watched the breeze play with those silky black strands, could almost feel the phantom touch of them between his own fingers.
“They’re just looking casually, hyung. They’re not staring.” Jimin was saying, drowning in his pastel blue fuzzy sweater, bubblegum pink hair soft and fluffy around his beautiful face.
Taehyung didn’t miss the way his friend shot quick little glances at the man leaning against the fence, piano prodigy Min Yoongi. Yoongi had a cigarette in his hand as well, and he wasn’t even looking at them,
his lean body against the metal mesh fence, leather clad legs crossed at the ankles as he stared into the distance. Jimin was just so crazy in love with Yoongi, Taehyung genuinely felt bad for his best friend. Because Yoongi seemed to loathe everything that defined Jimin.
And Yoongi had a boyfriend. “Hey, Kim! Nice shirt!!” Seokjin stopped walking , bristling visibly at the comment. He stared down at his Barbie print half sleeve shirt and turned around to shoot daggers at Namjoon, who was leering right at the blonde.
“Shut your fucking trap, Namjoon . And do not fucking talk to me, you mouldy piece of bread!” Seokjin shrieked, so loud that Taehyung’s ears rang. Fuck, he always forgot how strongly Seokjin hyung hated his ex.
That’s right. Kim Seokjin , heir to Kim Corp., campus heartthrob and the Dean’s only son …had dated Kim “ will put his cigarette out on your arm just for funsies “ Namjoon. Although Taehyung wasn’t sure you could call it dating because it was mostly just Jin hyung getting
naked in every empty lecture hall. The romance had burned fiery hot like a firework and then fizzled out just as fast. Neither Jimin nor Taehyung had asked Jin hyung about it afterwards, because the older looked like he would bite their head off if they brought it up.
“Someone needs to take out that stick in your ass and replace it with a nice thick dick, babyboy,” Namjoon responded with a shit eating grin that showed off his pretty dimples, “ I’m willing to take one for the team , if you give me a time and place, princess.”
Seokjin swelled like an indignant puffer fish, eyes almost bulging out of their sockets. Jimin and Taehyung exchanged looks. They quickly grabbed each of Seokjin’s arms, frog marching him away as the older yelled expletives at the laughing gang of troublemakers.
Taehyung turned around to sneak a glance at Jungkook and this time, Jungkook was staring right at him. Taehyung felt his gaze soften as their eyes met and Jungkook visibly relaxed.
“I love you.” Jungkook mouthed softly, fingers making a small heart in his direction Taehyung blushed red, at the gesture , ducking his head shyly, before smiling sweetly and whispering it back. Soon, he thought firmly, soon they wouldn’t have to hide their love from anyone.
As a performing arts major, not to mention the top of his class, Jungkook was easily the most desired guy on campus. Girls and guys flocked to his side, all of them looking for at least a one night stand with the gorgeous raven haired boy,
who moved like poetry and looked like art. But for as long as Jungkook could remember, he had only had eyes for one : Kim Taehyung.
They were childhood friends and had started dating at the ripe old age of fifteen ( although they hadn’t even known what it meant back then ) and the relationship had certainly stood the test of time.
Even when Jungkook had left to study abroad, spending three years in the USA, Taehyung had been his anchor. Jungkook loved Taehyung, so deeply that he couldn’t breathe without him around. Which is why, any possible threat to Taehyung was seen as a code red situation,
and had to be handled swiftly and immediately. “Fuck, let me go!” Seojoon snapped, trying to pry Jungkook’s hand off his collar. But the younger merely smirked, tugging Seojoon forward before pushing him again till his back hit the concrete side wall of the building.
“Doesn’t feel good does it, Park? Being restrained against your will? So tell me why the fuck did I see you cornering Kim Taehyung near the cafeteria today morning? I heard him say three time, three fucking time to get out of his way and you didn’t fucking budge.
Do you not understand the meaning of the phrase ‘ get out of the way’? Do you need mw to show you?” He snarled. Seojoon hissed in pain as Jungkook dug his heel straight into the other’s foot.
“Fuck, since when did you care what I do to that nerd…?” He choked out and Jungkook had to clench his fists and close his eyes, just to stop himself from rearranging the bastard’s face.
The words stung, because there was nothing Jungkook wanted more, than to inform Seojoon of the exact interest he had in Kim Taehyung. But he couldn’t do that to Taehyung. The choice to keep their relationship a secret , hadn’t been an easy one but it had been necessary.
Taehyung’s scholarship was decided entirely by a board of professors, each of whom hated Jungkook with a passion. Jungkook didn’t want Taehyung to be affected in any way because of him.
And so even though Taehyung had protested, Jungkook had been firm about not revealing their relationship to anyone. Not even their friends. But it was so tempting, so fucking tempting to rub it in Seojoon’s face.
That the guy he panted after like a rabid dog, belonged to Jungkook : body heart and soul. Taehyung was his, goddamnit. Every single inch of his golden skin belonged to Jungkook. His to touch and kiss and worship and Seojoon had no business even looking at Tae with desire.
And if he didn't understand that Jungkook would be happy gouge his eyes out for him. “Listen here you stupid fuck..” He said softly, reaching out and gripping Seojoon’s neck , squeezing just a little,” either you stop harassing Taehyung,
or I chop off that fetid little thing you call your dick and feed it to dogs.” Seojoon snarled, shoving Jungkook hard, catching him off guard with a solid punch to his chin. Jungkook swore, stumbling back and nearly loosing his footing.
Yoongi and Hoseok were on Seojoon in a second, punching him in the stomach and Jungkook groaned, cradling his face in pain. Just as he straightened up, he heard footsteps and a second later Park Jimin came into view, holding a book , nose buried into the pages.
The pink haired boy startled when he realized he wasn’t alone and his eyes went three times as large as he took in the scene. Seojoon getting the full brunt of Yoongi and Hoseok’s fury while Jungkook’s stood , blood trickling down his chin.
Fuck. He really couldn’t afford another blip on his already less than stellar record. “You.. Stop it! You’re hurting him!” Jimin cried out, looking stricken and his high, panicked voice made Hoseok and Yoongi pause.
“Shit. Fucking hell, what the fuck are you doing here kid?” Yoongi growled and Park Jimin recoiled like he had been slapped, his mouth opening and closing like a fish, clearly too horrified to form words.
“Hyung take care of this…” Jungkook ground out, pointing at Jimin whose eyes went even wider. “T-Take care? Wait.. I won’t.. I won’t tell anyone.. please don’t hurt me!” Jimin began stumbling backwards and Yoongi rolled his eyes.
“I’m not a fucking Mafioso, kid . Stop looking like that and come with me…” He muttered, stepping up and lightly gripping Jimin’s wrist. Jimin’s entire face turned the exact shade of a tomato and his protests dissolved into meaningless stuttering.
Yoongi gave him a look of pain before shaking his head. “Where are we… Why…. Are we…” Jimin was squeaking out between heaving breaths and Yoongi groaned. “Somewhere private. So we can talk…” Yoongi said , voice low and Jimin all but whimpered as he got dragged away.
Jungkook watched them disappear around the corner before turning back to where Seojoon was on the floor, clutching his ribs and taking shallow breaths.
“I wouldn’t have done this, if you hadn’t pulled the same shit with Sana from the drama department. She told me you tried to fucking drug her at the party last weekend. I don’t want you within five feet of Taehyung.
And if I do see you breathing the same air as him, I’ll break both your legs. Is that fucking clear?” Jungkook said softly, crouching down to look the guy in the eye.
Seojoon grunted what had to be an affirmative and Jungkook nodded, satisfied. He glanced at the time and groaned. He couldn’t go the infirmary and answer questions. He would have to go to his dorm and just sleep it off. ~~~~~~~~~~
Jimin felt like his heart was pounding straight out of his ribcage, his entire body heating up, fire licking up his insides, right from the point where Min Yoongi held his wrist in an iron clad grip.
He bruised easy, and he just knew there were going to finger shaped marks on his skin from how hard the other was holding him. Yoongi dragged him all the way around to an abandoned shed with rusty metal pipes and wooden boxes and
Jimin bit his lips as the older student let him go, rounding on him with a stern look on his face. “You did not see anything, today, Park. Is that clear?” Yoongi growled firmly, sooty black eyes pinning him to the spot. Jimin swallowed before licking his lips.
Yoongi was doing his post grad and was older than him. Jimin had been pining after him for the better part of three years. This was the closest he had ever come to him. The first time he’d exchanged words with him.
If he agreed , Yoongi would never look at him again. He couldn’t let that happen. “But I did.” He licked his lips again, not missing the way Yoongi’s gaze dropped to his lips. He bit his lower lip, the plump flesh giving way under his teeth and Yoongi's eyes went right to it.
So Jimin cleared his throat. “ Your friend beat up Seojoon hyung.” Yoongi seemed taken aback at the answer. He blinked, before narrowing his eyes at him. “Or, you didn’t see anything because you were never here.” Jimin swallowed. He had to do this. This was his only chance.
The likelihood of him ever getting the chance to ask Yoongi out in the absence of anyone else… it was so , so low. He took a deep breath, suppressing the part of him that was screaming at him to not do it. “Yeah maybe i won't say anything if you get coffee with me?”
He blurted out, the syllables mixing a bit in his nervousness and he felt his mouth go dry as Yoongi frowned, eyes narrowed. “What?” The older man snapped. “C-Coffee?” Jimin stuttered. Yoongi took a step back at that staring at him in disbelief, before shaking his head.
“Get out of here.” He said softly. “ I have a fucking boyfriend. You know that, Park.” Jimin did. But he also knew something about Yoongi’s boyfriend that made his blood boil. “He doesn’t deserve you.” He blurted out, “ He… He’s cheating on you.”
“Shut the fuck up!” Yoongi roared, reaching out and grabbing Jimin by his arms, fingers sinking into the fleshy curve of his upper arms nearly lifting him off the ground. Jimin’s teeth chattered as Yoongi shook him, hard.
“Don’t you fucking dare run your mouth about my boyfriend like you know him… understand? You don’t know shit about us..” “I know you deserve better….” Jimin cried out, tears quickly welling up in his eyes, “ hyung please listen , I-“
“Hyung? What the fuck? Who told you, you can call me that?” Yoongi snarled, letting him go abruptly, the momentum sending the smaller boy sprawling down on the rough ground. Jimin winced as his palm and elbows caught the rough gravel, skinning him badly.
“Don’t come anywhere near me.” Yoongi snarled, “ a privileged, stuck up , rich brat like you. I’d rather dip my hands in a vat of acid than touch someone like you!”
Jimin felt his lips wobble , looking away as tears spilled over his lashes, wetting his cheeks. He felt pathetic, sitting on the broken gravel and concrete, as Yoongi stormed off. He stared down at his bleeding palms, but he couldn't even feel them over the pain in his heart,
which felt like it had been run through with a blunt knife. He took a heaving breath, sniffling and rubbing his tears with the back of his sleeve, before slowly standing up. Home and a hot mug of chocolate and hopefully, he could get drunk enough to forget this ever happened.
~~~~~~~ “What on earth?” Taehyung exclaimed, rushing to his boyfriend’s side and staring wide eyes at the swollen skin around his jaw bone, the latter giving him a sheepish smile as he stepped aside and let him enter into his room.
“Hi, baby.” Jungkook said softly and Taehyung huffed, upset. Jungkook closed the door behind him locking it before reaching out and gripping Tae’s waist, tugging him close and currying his face into his neck.
He groaned, breathing in Taehyung’s woodsy scent and peppered kisses along his collar bones, humming lightly. Taehyung smacked him on the shoulder, before pushing a palm against his bare chest, pushing him away.
“You promised me you wouldn’t get into fights. You promised me, Jungkook !!” He cried out, feeling his heart swell and ache in disbelief as he took in the purpling skin on Jungkook’s face, reaching out and gently cupping his jaw, and feeling his heart drop when Jungkook winced
at the feather light touch. He hated this the most. Jungkook’s short temper and quick fists were possibly the only thing about him that Taehyung would want to change.
“Babe, its nothing. And before you ask, yes, it was worth it.” Jungkook muttered, pushing forward and grabbing him again, backing him up to the bed.
Taehyung let him manhandle him onto the mattress, sighing in defeat when the younger straddled his waist, hands moving to tug his sweater out of his jeans. “Jimin told me all about it.” He said sharply.” Jungkook, you know I can take care of my self.” He whispered.
Jungkook paused at that, fingers stilling over the button of Taehyung’s jeans. He sighed before rolling off him, lying next to him and taking Taehyung’s hand on his own.
“Baby, I know. Its why I didn’t do anything when I actually saw him corner you like that He’s not just a creep , though. I was just worried he would actually do something and I just… I’m not with you all the time. So I worry.” Jungkook muttered, staring at the ceiling.
Back at home Jungkook had covered his ceiling with polaroids of him and Taehyung together, so anytime he lay on his bed he would be staring right up at that gorgeous smile. “Jungkook….” Taehyung said softly, “ There’s something I’ve been thinking about.”
Jungkook rolled over, propping his head up on his palm and frowning. “What’s wrong, baby?” “I don’t want us to be secret anymore.” He muttered and Jungkook made a small noise of protest. “We’re not a secret baby, we’re just private. We talked about this.”
Taehyung shook his head, turning over and throwing one long leg over Jungkook’s thigh, pressing in till his face pressed right into Jungkook’s chest. Taehyung loved being held like this, because it made him feel cocooned ,
in Jungkook’s warmth and his scent, the rhythmic pulse of his breathing and his heart lulling him into a sense of security. Of comfort. Here, wrapped in Jungkook’s arm, Taehyung truly felt safe and loved.
“I meant, its only a few more months till I graduate Jungkook. I still get people asking me out and it annoys me. i want to scream that I’m already taken . By a man who is so much better than any of them could ever even dream of being.” Taehyung whispered.
Jungkook chuckled, kissing the top of his head. “Baby, you don’t think I want to stand on the cafeteria table and yell that you’re mine?” He reached down, finger curling around Taehyung’s chin and tilting it up so he could press a gentle kiss to his plush lips.
Taehyung hummed, kissing back with more fervor, hands curling into the short dusting of hair on Jungkook’s chest. But he had to stop when Jungkook flinched, when their chins knocked together. Sighing, Taehyung pulled back, shaking his head in disbelief.
“See? Now I can’t kiss you..” He pouted. Jungkook grimace. “You’re right. I might have to rethink whether it was worth it.” Taehyung reached out and kissed his nose. “Jungkook, how about this?” He asked quietly. “ Let’s tell our friends.” “What?” Jungkook blinked.
“Our friends. Jimin and Seokjin and Yoongi and Hoseok and Namjoon.” Taehyung looked up at him. “ Let’s tell them, at the least.” Jungkook frowned. “They hate each other.” He grimaced.
“But they love us.” Taehyung protested.” Please Jungkook, I at least want us to all hang out together, once. Maybe at a bar or a diner…just… They’re important to me and you’re important to me and I want them to meet you. Properly.”
Jungkook sighed deeply. He could tell that Taehyung was serious about this, judging from the tone of his voice. And he really didn’t want to deny his baby anything without good reason. He didn’t want any of them to get hurt by acting impulsively.
He would have to have a word with the boys before making any sudden decisions . “Please.” Taehyung’s voice came, low and soft.” Please Kookie.” Jungkook has never been good at saying no to Kim Taehyung.
“Okay.” He smiled softly, brushing the soft brown hair off his boyfriend’s face. “ okay, baby. I’ll talk to them and we’ll plant something out.” He kissed his lips.
Taehyung hummed, before slipping on hand between his thighs, palming his through his grey sweatpants, fingers gripping and stroking with practiced ease.
Jungkook goes hard under his touch within a second, his body wired to react to Taehyung’s touch, his beauty , his fucking existence. “Now, let me thank my knight in shining armor..” Taehyung murmurs, before rolling on top of him and grabbing his wrists. “ Where’s that silk tie?”
Jungkook smiled, amused. “Tie?” “Yes. “ Taehyung said pertly, “ I’m gonna tie your hands to the headboard and then I’m gonna suck your cock..” Jungkook grinned, blood rushing south just at the word. He wanted to reach out and kiss.
But he stayed still, letting Taehyung tie his wrists together before typing the knot to the headboard. How could someone look so adorable while doing something so sexy, he wondered, watching Taehyung work on the knot with a small pout, pink of his tongue peeking out between
plush lips. He could almost feel how those lips felt, wrapped around his cock. Jungkook had probably received more than a thousand blowjobs in his life and all of them had been from Taehyung. And yet, he was just as desperate, just as eager as the first time.
“And now, get ready for your punishment.” Taehyung said softly, sitting back on Jungkook’s muscled thighs.” I’m going to strip .” “Baby, that’s not what a punishment is.” He grinned. Taehyung smirked, before kneeling over him,
hooking his thumbs into his own jeans and slowly tugging them down. Jungkook’s jaw dropped open, eyes taking in the silk and lace panties and a garter. A fucking garter.
“Taehyung” He growled, almost breaking the headboard as he lurched forward, grunting when his restraints stopped him from moving closer. Taehyung smirked, running soft fingers over the swell of Jungkook’s cock, so hard he felt like
he was about to cum right then and there just from the sight of his sexy boyfriend in lingerie. “That’s right. You can look but you can’t touch.” He grinned. Jungkook groaned in disbelief. Why did he keep forgetting what a cunning little vixen Taehyung actually was. ~~~~
🌻🌻 There were a lot of words people used, when describing Kim Seokjin depending on whether they liked him or not. His friends would call him : beautiful, confident, self assured, smart . Others would call him arrogant, attention seeking, obnoxious, an annoying know it all.
Seokjin, personally considered himself pretty unremarkable, outside of his beautiful features. But he knew all about the phrase, fake it till you make it...And so, he hung on to that tiny bit of advice, hoping that someday he would believe his own invincibility.
Seokjin didn't think of himself as irresistible or anything like that. But he knew that people found him very alluring.They tended to flock to him, wanting his approval, his friendship. He was the dean's only son, rich and smart and popular ,loved and hated in equal measures.
But Seokjin, in addition to all this was also very petty. He didn't forgive easily, and he certainly didn't forget. He loved fiercely , without restraint and so when he hated someone, it was just as fierce and strong. And no one knew this better than his ex boyfriend.
"Are you fucking serious?" Namjoon muttered under his breath, staring down at his chest, thighs and clothes , all of it soaking wet, because his lunatic of an ex had just poured icy cold water all over him . "Sorry, Namjoon ah. You were looking pretty heated.
Just wanted to cool both of you down. "Seokjin said sweetly, unmindful of all the stares that the rest of the diners in the cafeteria were tossing hia way. The slutty little bitch who had been straddling Namjoon and sucking face was gone, that's all he cared about really.
He knew the girl, a freshman who had been panting after namjoon, even when they had been together and something in Seokjin had just snapped at the sight of her spindly legs and bony ass perched on Namjoon's thighs like she owned him. It irritated him. Because it should be him.
He stared down at the younger, lips set in a smug smile, eager for a reaction but all Namjoon did was shake his head and give him a look of disgust. "You're so fucking childish. Thank you for reminding me exactly why i broke up with you." Namjoon snapped, getting on his feet.
And that, that was a low low blow. Seokjin was not childish, thank you very much. He was older, wiser . Namjoon had some gall calling him childish, when he was the one who had quit his business major to pursue boxing of all things. Seokjin had built their entire future in his
head and all of it had rested on Namjoon getting that business degree and joining a successful company. Because there was no way his parents would ever approve of him marrying someone who beat people up for a living. But Namjoon had refused. Even when Seokjin had promised
to help him pursue the sport as a hobby. And he knew he had no right to be mad at Namjoon, because everyone hd the right to pursue their dreams but this wasn't like music or art or writing. This was something that could hurt him. Cause actual damage to him. How could Seokjin
accept something like that? He hated the idea of it. The crowds, the naked girls, the sweat and the swearing, the blood , the broken bones and all that pain inflicted and endured.... For what?! A lousy rush of adrenaline? How did that make Namjoon any better than a thug?
"You broke up with me because you're a fucking idiot. Let get that straight. " Seokjin snapped, pressing a finger into Namjoon's chest. "Because you can't get your head put of your ass, long enough to understand where I'm coming from. And this wasn't me being childish.
This was me not wanting to vomit at the sight of you getting to third base with some bitch in the middle of the fucking cafeteria. Have some decency Namjoon people are trying to eat here." "Didn't hear you complaining when it was you in my lap. Sure you aren't just jealous?"
"Jealous? Of what? getting fucked on an old mattress in the back of your father's auto garage? Sorry, but no. " he shrugged. Namjoon smiled, rather bitter. "Yeah, perfect prince deserves nothing but silk satin sheets and someone rich and successful. Sorry i was never enough."
Seokjin felt his heart drop at the implication, eyes going wide with regret. "I didn't mean-" "I know exactly what you meant hyung. Its what youve been telling me since the day I asked you out. Wear better clothes, get a better degree, use better words, be better in every way."
“You know that’s not true.” Seokjin whispered, eyes filling up with an ease that he hated, “ I’ve never once asked you to be better, Namjoon. I’ve only wanted you to meet me half way. I love my family and I wanted them to love you too…”
Namjoon didn’t respond, instead he packed his books up into his backpack, head bowed. “It doesn’t matter anyway. We’re over. You can go find the perfect boyfriend, get your family’s approval and ride off into the sunset, the way you’ve always wanted.”
Seokjin watched as the younger tossed him one last glare , before turning on his heel and stalking away. Seokjin stared after him, hands clenched into fists. He had no idea how to move on from Namjoon, because he was still, so deeply in love with him.
But his pride stood in the way, stopping him from going after the younger and telling him what he really felt. That Namjoon had, always and in every way, been better than the best. ~~~~~~~~~
Taehyung wouldn’t call himself subtle, or overtly shy . But he still felt unaccountably scared as he waited for Jungkook to pick him up on his bike, that weekend.There was a popular cabin resort, an hour’s drive from Seoul and Jungkook’s uncle’s friend apparently owned the place.
Jungkook had asked Taehyung to come along with him, so they could go check the place out. The plan was to invite their friends over to the place the next weekend because they had both Friday and Monday off.
If they left on Thursday night, they could get a solid four days, out in the woods, to bond and get to know each other. Taehyung loved the idea of it, knew that Jungkook would make sure everything went perfectly.
He was sure the fresh mountain air and the chance to relax would make his friends more receptive to the idea of them being together, but what terrified him was something else entirely. Because come Sunday, they would be celebrating their seventh anniversary as a couple.
And Taehyung was finally ready to go all the way with Jungkook. He had no idea how to bring the subject up without sounding pushy, because the last thing he wanted was for Jungkook to feel like he owed it to Taehyung or something. He wanted both of them to want it, equally.
The sound of Jungkook’s motorcycle made him look up and he felt a thrill of attraction at the sight of his handsome boyfriend, wearing his leather jacket and tight jeans,
straddling the bike as he slid to a halt in front of him, opening the visor on his helmet to give him a bright smile. “Hey beautiful, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” Jungkook whispered, eyes dragging up and down Taehyung’s lithe frame.
Taehyung blushed, looking down at his creamy white jeans and soft blue sweater, fuzzy and huge on his frame. He loved wearing oversized clothing and Jungkook loved them on him. He reached over and kissed his boyfriend’s nose before moving back and hopping on to the bike ,
after wearing his own helmet. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s torso, burying his face in his back, and kissing the back of his neck. “Okay, lets go.” He said excitedly, shrieking as Jungkook revved the engine, tearing off from the sidewalk.
He hugged him close, eyes fluttering shut against the force of the wind. It was liberating, holding Jungkook like this, his scent all around him. Taehyung wanted this and he wanted it in public. He wanted to show how much they loved each other. That they belonged to each other.
The past years in uni had been hell for Taehyung, having to pretend like he didn’t know or like the boy who held his whole heart, the person who occupied his thoughts most of the time. He remembered how much it hurt, watching people hit on Jungkook.
The dates Jungkook would sometimes go on just to keep the suspicion off. It had all made him ache in pain. But there would be no more of it. He wanted to be able to hug his boyfriend and he wanted to kiss him when they met on the hallway. No more hiding, he thought fervently.
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