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Apr 15, 2022
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#taekookau Taehyung is very content with his life. He is married to a wonderful man, has a job he enjoys, and a kid he loves more than anything. But when his past as a spy comes back as a threat to harm his family, he might go back to a life he left behind just to protect them.

tags: - married taekook - with a kid - fluff - chef jungkook - bookstore owner taehyung - family times
- former spy taehyung - jungkook has secrets of his own 👀 - fights and violence - guns and gangs - mentions kidnappings and death - no mcd - a tiny dash of angst - no this is not based on spyxfamily (i love the anime tho jajssj)
- social media + written parts - qt rts are appreciated - enjoy!
✨ character introductions ✨ 📍Kim Namjoon - travel v/blogger - friends with both jk and tae - has a crush on the florist 📍Park Jimin - the florist across the street - friendly and outgoing - has a crush on the travel vlogger - friends with jk and knows tae
📍Kim Seokjin - owner of the restaurant ‘Kim Seokjin’ - self-proclaimed best chef in town (it’s true) - good friends with both jk and tae 📍 Jung Hoseok - full time dancer, part time taste tester at ‘Kim Seokjin’ - best friends with jk and jin - polite and kind
📍Jeon Jungkook - chef at ‘Kim Seokjin’ - has plans to open his own restaurant someday - loving father to seong-min and loving husband to tae - kind and charming - has a few secrets up his sleeve
📍 Kim Taehyung - owner of the bookstore ‘Mirae’ - loving father to seong-min and loving husband to jungkook - quiet but approachable - loves the life he’s living now - former spy
📍 Min Yoongi - spy - used to be taehyung’s closest confidant - he’s on a mission
- this is a commissioned au - daily updates - oc’s will be introduced as the story progresses
The bell chimes by the door, the open space bringing in the muffled noises from the street outside. It seems like it is a busy day. Someone seems to have walked in, but Taehyung is a little busy attending to the customer in front of him to focus on the new arrival.
“Have a good day.” Taehyung bows as the customer walks out with a smile and a bag of the book they had purchased from Taehyung’s small store. Once the door is closed and the initial silence and peace is perceived, Taehyung goes back to organising the files on his computer,
when his eyes fall on the person next to a bookshelf in front of his reception counter. The man quickly averts his eyes upon getting caught, hiding his face in the book he’s holding instead.
The book is currently upside down. Taehyung sighs, tapping away on his computer before he makes his way to the man—who is currently acting like he doesn’t see Taehyung coming his way at all, eyes darting /everywhere/ else except on Taehyung. ‘Such a bad actor.’ Taehyung thinks.
“A tragedy.” Taehyung says, stopping in front of the man and folding his arms. “A plot weaved around murder and revenge.” He even tsks. It seems to have gotten hold of the man’s attention though. “Didn’t take you for a Shakespeare lover.” The man blinks, confused. “Huh?”
Taehyung nods towards the book that the man is holding. “Hamlet. You don’t even know the name of the book you’re supposedly reading?” The man quickly looks at the cover, closes it and puts it back on the shelf. “I seem to have been distracted.” He smiles, and it's charming.
Taehyung /almost/ smiles at the bashfulness oozing out of the man’s smile. Keyword being almost. “I figured that out at least.” Taehyung smiles, a little amused. Dammit. He gave in.
He turns around and makes his way towards the reception counter, the man following him behind this time. “For someone who doesn’t quite like to read, you sure confidently came in and picked out one of the English classics.”
The man clears his throat, staring as Taehyung takes his spot behind the counter, after which he stares back with an endearing sparkle in his eyes. “I can confidently come in and meet my husband though.” The man easily says, smiling wider when Taehyung laughs prettily.
“What are you doing here, Jungkook?” Taehyung asks, chuckles escaping his lips. At the question, Jungkook holds up a lunchbag and only then does Taehyung notice it’s almost lunch time.
“You forgot your lunch box. I get that you are a little busy today with the new books coming and all, but you shouldn’t forget to eat, baby.” Jungkook lovingly says, leaning in to kiss Taehyung on his lips. “I even prepared your favorite today.” “Japchae?” Taehyung’s eyes shine.
Jungkook nods, smiling as he watches the excitement blooming in Taehyung’s face. “Will you be staying?” Taehyung asks. “Let’s eat together.”
“I can stay for a while. Not for long though. We have a big bunch to cook for.” Jungkook says, walking around the reception and towards Taehyung, arms instinctively wrapping around his husband’s waist as soon as he’s near him.
“Then I don’t want to keep you here for long.” Taehyung pouts, carefully smoothing out the creases on Jeongguk’s shirt. “I’ll make sure to eat it all.” Jungkook hums and kisses Taehyung’s cheek this time, but Taehyung tsks and puckers up his lips.
Jungkook laughs but he gently grabs hold of Taehyung’s face before pressing a loud kiss there. Taehyung laughs when Jungkook continues peppering his face with fluttery kisses that makes his stomach churn with a kind of giddiness he only feels with Jungkook.
Taehyung feels happy. But then again, he’s always happy with Jungkook. “You should go.” Taehyung says. “Will you pick up Min-ah today? Or do you want me to go?”
“I think I’ll rely on you for that task today. There’s another big bunch coming for dinner and I’ll have to be there to oversee the process.” Jungkook looks at Taehyung who nods and kisses his cheek. “I can do that. I was thinking of closing early today anyway.”
“Any reason why?” Jungkook smiles. “Songminnie, he seemed upset when he went to school today. I thought we could spend some time together, maybe he’ll open up to me about it? If not, the goal is to make him feel better.”
“I’ll try to come home early and cook his favorite dishes. Can’t let him sleep upset.” Jungkook seriously says and Taehyung smiles. “We’ll make sure he doesn’t. Off you go now.”
“Okay okay.” Jungkook laughs, letting Taehyung go out of his hold but not before pecking his lips again. Taehyung contently sighs, smiling and waving at Jungkook through the glass walls of the store.
The kindergarten Seongmin goes to, is nearer from Taehyung’s store than it is from the restaurant Jungkook works at. Taehyung used to say he’s okay with picking up Seongmin every day since Jungkook’s job gets a little unpredictable at times, but Jungkook insists he
can pick their son on days he can as well. Taehyung doesn’t push it because he knows just how much Jungkook likes being involved in every little thing that comes with being a parent alongside Taehyung. If anything, he’s grateful and so blessed to have met someone like
Jungkook, married him and built a family with him. That man definitely checks out every box there is on being a lover, a husband, and a father. There are days like this when Jungkook does rely on Taehyung because of unavoidable situations, and Taehyung is always happy
and ready to step in, even without being asked. Taehyung waits outside the gate of the kindergarten, saying his greetings to the few parents that he knows. It doesn’t take long before the kids are allowed to come out of their classes in lines, and Taehyung just coos at the
sight. His smile widens when he spots his son, and he soon makes his way towards the teacher who is waiting with the kids. “Ah! Seongmin’s appa.” She grins, letting Seongmin run towards Taehyung. He hugs his waist and buries his face on Taehyung’s stomach.
“I thought Koo appa was coming.” Seongmin looks up at Taehyung. Taehyung crouches a little and boops his son’s nose. “He wanted to come but he had to go cook. Is it okay that I came instead?” Seongmin furiously nods. “I’m still happy you came.”
“I’m happy to have come too.” Taehyung chuckles. He stands up straight and holds his hand, then they both bow down to the teacher before they are on their way home. They stop by the park on the way home and Taehyung watches from the side as Seongmin happily plays around
the kids in the park. He seems fine today. But it does make him wonder why he was upset in the morning either way. As they continue to walk home, hand in hand, Seongmin looks up at Taehyung. “Appa, is it bad to have two dads?” Taehyung freezes.
He immediately crouches down to the six year old’s level and sighs. Somewhere deep down, he had dreaded something like this to happen. But now that has, Taehyung’s heart breaks a little. He gives Seongmin a smile. “Who told you that, baby?”
Seongmin looks down, a pout forming on his lips. “Minjun and Hari told me that it’s bad that I have two dads and no mom.” Taehyung grits his teeth. He needs to talk to Seongmin’s teacher about this.
He then gently holds Seongmin’s hand. “And how do you feel about having two dads? Do you think it’s bad?” “No!” Seongmin shakes his head. “I love you and koo appa so much! i have so much fun with you and-and I’m always so happy! Koo appa makes me tasty food.
You always read me my favorite stories, and i’m so happy to have two dads!” Taehyung smiles and hugs the six year old’s small frame against him. “Then that’s what matters, Seongmin-ah. Your koo appa and I love you so so much too. We’re so happy with you too.”
It seems Seongmin goes back to being his happy self after that. Maybe those questions were weighing on his mind and he somehow got an answer to those. Despite knowing, Taehyung cannot help but be a little upset about Seongmin having to face situations like this.
“I’m home!” Jungkook declares, walking through the front door of their apartment. Taehyung is doing the dishes in the kitchen and he can hear Seongmin’s excited squeals and Jungkook’s happy laughter out in the entryway. He cannot help but smile a little.
Seongmin soon resumes his activity of colouring after his greetings to Jungkook and that is when Jungkook pops into the kitchen. “Welcome home.” Taehyung greets him, smiling again when Jungkook hugs him from behind and kisses his cheek.
“I’ve come to take over the kitchen. What do you want to eat for dinner?” He asks, leaning against the countertop. His smile fades a little when he gets a good look at Taehyung’s face. “Tae? Baby, what’s wrong?” Taehyung blinks. “Huh?”
Jungkook holds Taehyung’s shoulder and turns him around to face him, both hands gently caressing his face. He looks so worried. “Your eyebrows were scrunched up, and your lips were slightly turned down. You’re worrying about something. What is it? Tell me.”
“Why are you so perfect?” Taehyung asks instead. It makes Jungkook frown the more though. “Tae.” Taehyung sighs and steps forward to properly hug Jungkook. It’s warm, the way Jungkook immediately embraces him whole, steadying all of his worries in that moment.
“It’s just, my heart breaks when I think about what Seongmin has to face in the real world, you know? People hold a lot of prejudices and our Seongminnie having to face it without any fault of his makes me worry.” Jungkook holds Taehyung tighter.
“As parents, we do have the right to worry about our son. Maybe because we know this world isn’t too kind when they can still choose to be. What did Seongmin say?” “That he’s happy with us. That he loves us.”
Jungkook smiles and kisses Taehyung’s head. “Then it’s our duty to keep loving him as much as we can and keep him as happy as he can be. I think our Seongminnie will be alright. If he does have to face something like this again, we’ll always be here for him, won’t we?”
Taehyung smiles and nods, already feeling better. “We will.” “Me too!” Seongmin’s voice suddenly reaches them and they break free from the hug to look at their little angel. “You’re hugging! I want a hug too.” He raises his arms up.
Jungkook laughs and leans down to lift Seongmin up. “Come here, angel.” Seongmin squeals happily when Jungkook tickles his face with kisses. Taehyung feels so content just looking at the sight. “Tae appa too. Come hug us!” Seongmin calls out and who is he to say no?
Jungkook keeps smiling when he pockets his phone and starts working on the orders that have started to come in. He gives instructions to the other chefs and is almost done with his shift when Seokjin walks inside the kitchen with a grim look on his face.
Jungkook is a little confused, of course. “What’s wrong?” “He’s here again.” The confusion is replaced with understanding and Jungkook grits his teeth in annoyance, an emotion he rarely shows considering how patient of a person he is.
It’s only for a split second though, because the smile is back up again and he directs it towards Seokjin. “I’ll be right back.” Seokjin stops Jungkook from walking past him though. “Jungkook.” He says, almost nervous. “I know you won’t be completely honest with me about it.
But, I’m just asking this as a friend and a hyung. You want to open up your own restaurant, and it requires a lot of money. You didn’t…meet some shady people, right? That man has come here thrice this month, and he doesn’t look like a friend or an acquaintance.”
Jungkook chuckles and pats Seokjin’s arm. “Don’t worry, hyung. I know better than to fall into something like that. I promise you it’s not what you’re thinking.” Seokjin sighs, but nods. “Okay. I trust you.” Jungkook gives him another smile and walks out of the kitchen.
The alleyway behind the restaurant is dark and devoid of any random presence. Jungkook clenches his teeth, obvious frustration seeping out as he drags a bag of trash behind him. He sighs, silently sorting out the trash. “I thought I was clear the last time.” Jungkook says.
A figure appears out of the dark. He has his face covered but his eyes are razor sharp. “You are being summoned.” Jungkook scoffs, gripping the metal bin a little too tightly. “Summoned? Since when do I follow orders?” “It is a grave situation. The h—“ “I don’t care.”
Jungkook throws the last of the trash in the bin—a little too loudly than he had wanted to. But he was also angry. “I have nothing to do with it anymore. I have a different life now. I am Jeon Jungkook, the head chef at a restaurant called ‘Kim Seokjin’.”
Jungkook walks towards the door and pauses before he opens it. “Don’t come here anymore. You’ll only receive my ignorance.” Another pause. “I’m warning you.” And with that, he opens the door and steps inside, the door slamming shut behind him.
Taehyung looks up from the book he’s reading as Jungkook makes his way inside their room, quietly closing the door behind him. “He slept already?” Taehyung asks, closing his book when Jungkook gets under the covers and lays his head on Taehyung’s lap, while his arms go around
his torso. Taehyung smiles and carefully cards his fingers through Jungkook’s hair. Jungkook hums. “He must have been tired. We played at the park for a while. He was also telling me about his day.” He chuckles. “You know, I get really happy whenever I see our Minnie
expressing his happiness at the end of the day like he did today. Maybe because I didn’t exactly have a happy childhood. I feel happy and grateful that I can give Seongminnie all of what I could not get.” Taehyung hums. “I understand.“
He really did. Jungkook and Taehyung, they were both orphans, and while they were raised in different orphanages, they did share a lot of unhappy childhood memories. So to see that they can provide Seongmin all their love and care, and good memories to look back to, it does
make Taehyung feel just as grateful. Jungkook then turns around so that he’s facing up at Taehyung. “Did you have any happy memories from the orphanage? Apart from what you’ve already told me?”
Taehyung thinks about it. “I remember one memory. I don’t think I’ve told you about this yet.” Jungkook looks curious. “What is it?” “There used to be a pond behind our orphanage. It was restricted, because it was a huge one, and we were kids. They probably didn’t want any
accidents happening. But me and…” Taehyung pauses, suddenly remembering a face he had not thought about for a while. “…a friend, we used to sneak out at night, especially during summers, and go for a swim at the pond. Because there were a lot of us,
all of us didn’t get our turns to bath. So it used to be especially hot during the summers. The pond was our natural AC.” Taehyung laughs. “I remember feeling so happy when I just laid there in the water.” “Ooh. Our Taehyung-ie was a mischievous one, huh?” Jungkook smiles.
Taehyung laughs and playfully pushes Jungkook away. “Not as much as you. You almost set your orphanage on fire!” “That was a very innocent accident. The keyword here is ‘almost’!” Jungkook defends himself. It only makes Taehyung laugh.
“But that friend of yours…” Jungkook starts to speak when their laughter simmers down to just smiles. Taehyung’s smile falls completely for a second, but he hopes Jungkook does not notice when he brings it back up again. “What about him?” “Who is it? Are you still friends?”
Taehyung maintains his smile and leans down to kiss Jungkook’s forehead. “Not anymore. It’s been a long time so I don’t even remember what he looks like.” Except he does. He remembers him clearly. Holds a guilty weight over what he could have said, but hadn’t.
“Well, that could happen.” Jungkook seriously nods. “I don’t remember half of the kids I grew up with.” “Don’t you have to sleep? I thought you told me you had a busy day tomorrow.” Taehyung looks down at Jungkook.
Jungkook smiles though, mischievously looking at Taehyung, and Taehyung—he knows what that look means very well. He blushes and his heart picks up pace. “Can we kiss a little before that?” Jungkook asks, sitting up. Taehyung huffs. “Only kissing.”
Jungkook laughs. “As you wish.” He carefully holds Taehyung’s face in his, smiling wide as he leans in to peck Taehyung’s own smiling lips. Taehyung feels the way his heart tightens in this gratifying happiness that washes over him. He wishes for it to stay for a long time.
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