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Apr 26, 2022
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✧ R o g u e ✧ A mate. A very special and very rare bond, a moon goddess can gift to a wolf. It is a blessing one can cherish for life. Like real-world soulmates, but much stronger. Taehyung, an omega wolf, longed for a mate too, for him to cherish, hold, and brag about.

And he gets one. Only for him to hide. For the goddess has paired him with a rogue A rogue, which is feared by his whole pack.
Just adding the tags! Kim Taehyung - Omega, 19 - Second son of the current Alpha - Brother – Kim Namjoon - Best friend with Park Jimin - No mate, yet Park Jimin - Omega, 19 - Mate – Yoongi
Kim Namjoon - Alpha, 23 - Next Alpha in line - Mate – Kim Seokjin - Friends with Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok Min Yoongi - Alpha, 24 - Mate – Park Jimin - Pack Soldier Jung Hoseok - Alpha, 23 - Has a mate - Pack soldier
Rogue - No name, yet // (pretend☺️)
Kim Taehyung, Omega of the Alpha Kim family, was seated in the window seat with curtains drawn open. It was nearly midnight, the moon blooming golden white. He was looking at the moon, mesmerized and deep in thoughts.
"Taebear!! Draw the curtain close and get away from there!!" His brother, Kim Namjoon shouted as he pulled Taehyung away from the window and switched off the lights. "Don't you know to not turn on the lights at this time of night?!" Namjoon shouted.
He knows. Everyone knows. Little children were grown up with these scary bedtime stories to make them sleep early. A story where a rogue roams near the packs at midnight, and if it sees anyone roaming outside, would wolf down in one go. He didn't believe it until people in his-
-pack returned home harmed, broken, impaired for life. And all these people pointed out the single nightmare of their pack. A Rogue Wolf. With Red Eyes.
✯ At Present ✯ He was late. He will get punished if he doesn't attend his first class. And if he's detained again they will call his brother, Kim Namjoon, the next alpha in line. He can't be late. "Tae, you bullspit!! If you don't come downstairs in two minutes, we'll be-
-late again!" Jimin, his childhood bestfriend, yells. Tae and Jimin go to their academy together. A year is all they have left to complete the program. "Coming! I'm coming! I was just looking for my other sock" he replied as he descended the stairs.
"Taebear, I've made breakfast. Eat with Jimin and then leave for your-", His Mother, Kim Jun hee, before she could finish talking, Jimin shouted, "No Luna! We are already late! We can't get any more black points or we'll be barred from dancing!"
Tae just looked at each other. "But--" "Yes mother, we are late! I'm sorry" Tae apologized before kissing her cheeks to make up for upsetting her. They both said their goodbyes and ran down the streets. To catch up with yoongi, who was leaning on the door of his Kei van.
Jimin left Tae to hop on his mate and kiss him senselessly. They are the ideal mates everyone adores, everyone wants and everyone jealous of, including Taehyung. Everyone in their friend circle got a mate except for Taehyung. He wants a mate badly, yet he's only 19. Just a--
Year went without a potential mate. But it makes him scared shitless. What if he doesn't get a mate? What if the moon goddess has found him not worthy of a mate bond? Every time he thinks about it, he cries, then his father, Kim Chan Yeol comforts him with 'Moon goddess--
--knows who are stronger enough to be alone. She finds you as a strong pup. Strong enough to be alone. Not anyone can be alone, bear. But you can. Because you are stronger'. Being alone is not a problem for him. It is him being lonely.
He just sighs and gets in his seat near the window where Jimin sat beside Yoongi holding his hands as the ride goes. ------------------- After the classes ended, Yoongi dropped them off. Tae and Jimin held hands as they walked together to their homes.
Tae spots a white fluff ball standing with its two feet and long ears up in the air as if it senses Tae from a long distance. Tae runs towards it and scoops the fluff ball in his hands and takes in the scent of cinnamon and pine.
He feels relished in the scent as he hugs the bunny close to his crook of neck. "Oh look! That's Mr. Cuddles! Tell me Mr. Cuddles, how do you get fatter every time we meet you?" Instead gets a smack in his chest by Taehyung.
"Stop that Chim! He's not fat just chubby. Right cuddles?" The bunny lets a soft grinding noise with his teeth as if saying yes to Taehyung. "He said yes!" Tae shouted and Jimin followed as they both filled the empty streets with their fits of laughter.
"Give me that chubby monster? Let me see how he is." "No Chim he's mine!" He hugs him closer, afraid of Jimin taking the bunny from him. He wants to hold that pine scent forever with him.
But then Jimin pushes his hands away from the bunny to get and as tae tries to run away from him, the bunny escaped these punks and ran towards the bushes and vanishes. Two just stopped fighting and looked towards the direction where cuddles just ran off.
Tae feels his temper rising as he turns to glare at his friend. Jimin starts running towards his house, as Taehyung starts chasing after him shouting profanities. "I just wanted to hold him! You didn't give me! It’s your fault! Not mine!"
The bunny just looked at everything from behind the bush as it takes its feet and hops off towards the woods. ---------------------
🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 Hoseok’s hands reach down and grab him by his collar. He snapped and punched the opponent square in his face. “That’s a fucking weak punch, Hobi,” said Namjoon and drove his fist deep into the other’s gut.
Hobi growls back at him in contempt, falling butt first to the ground clutching his gut as he tries to recover from the blow. Namjoon slammed his right foot down on Hobi's ankle, making him raise back again to clasp his foot which was probably broken by the impact.
The head swung left as Joon grasped his neck, fingers tightening on his jaw. A light graze of teeth is felt in the crook of the injured alpha's neck. He gasps in a panic only for namjoon to throw him to the ground again.
“That’s a pathetic move, Jung. With this you won’t even be able to win a wild boar”, Namjoon spats while glaring at Hobi as Yoongi runs to check his leg. Everyone can feel the tension in the air as the Alpha apparent shouts.
“Is this what you all can do? Is this what you’ve been training for all these years?! There's no wonder why we are losing people so quickly. “With this how will you save this pack? Do not call yourselves warriors!-
-Just run back home with your tails between your leg—“ he was then interrupted by, “Joonie Hyung!” The combat field, which was surrounded by dense woods and the smell of damp moss and wet tree trunks,
now whirled with the smell of floral scents as Taehyung ran towards them slightly stumbling on his way. “Tae stop running! You might fall!” “Hyung, stop shouting at everyone! It's Luperas! Everyone should celebrate”
Luperas marks a day where the whole pack celebrates it as an annual tradition to follow. It is the day for thanking and worshipping the moon goddess for purifying the pack and promoting health and fertility.
“I know bear, but we should be alert and high on senses for you and our people to celebrate” Namjoon sighs as he turns to look at his warriors, their eyes heavy with tiredness as they watch him. “But you all are already strong enough to fight.
"There’s nothing wrong in taking a daybreak”. Taehyung says back. “You are rig—wait.. what are you doing here? Did you come here alone? With no guards?” Namjoon raises his voice as Tae cowers back in panic and turns to give a basket to Yoongi.
“Okay everyone I bought food! Now Eat and get ready for the festival!” Tae says as all rush towards the basket to see what is in there. Tae was pulled back from the crowd by a grip on his forearm. “How many times do I have to say to not roam in the woods all alone Taehyung?”
His hyung called him by his full name. He’s in trouble. He looks back at yoongi or hobi only for them to turn the other way as if they didn’t want to face the wrath of their Alpha apparent anymore. “I just bought you food”, Tae pouted knowing it would always work on his hyung.
He hears a sigh as Joon speaks, “Where is Yunho? He’s the one who always brings the food.” “He left for town to get something. And I’m going back now. I have to practice the dance for today’s festive” he tries to run
but soon stopped as Namjoon speaks again, “Alone? Are you kidding me?” he looks back at the warriors, his eyes stopping at “Hobi, take Tae back to the packhouse.”
Hobi looks longingly at his meat which is close to his mouth to be eaten but leaves it in his place and gets up to walk Tae back. 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
Both were walking in the woods, Tae humming some tune, Hobi following him with his hands on his back. “I’m sorry Hyung for not letting you eat at peace”, Tae says, worry evident in his voice.
“No Tae, you need to be safe first for me to eat at peace”, Says Hobi in utter determination. Tae sighs again as he thinks of how the warriors in his pack always want the pack member’s safety first. No matter how pure their hearts are, they still get attacked and killed.
Why moon goddess allows them to be injured. He was deep in thought when a pine scent invades His nose. “Oh, cuddles!”. He looks everywhere for the white fluff ball. And sees him hopping towards himself and circling his legs.
Tae carries him in his arms and boops their noses together and sniffs in his oh-so-favorite pine scent. “What are you doing here in the woods every day? Did you find yourself a girlfriend or what?” he speaks, as the bunny settles itself comfortably in Tae's arms
and snuggles deep in his neck, searching for the warmth. Tae holds him tightly and takes him back to the packhouse. 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
Tae was so nervous as the hold he had on the bunny, made it fumbling and stumbling on his arms. He was nervous because there are so many people there and he did not want to embarrass himself in the Bima.
He was nervous because he didn’t practice enough as he was chasing the bunny every time it ran out of his sight. He was so nervous now that he needs the pine scent to calm his nerves. “Let him breathe, Tae. You’re making him uncomfortable.” Jimin groans as he fixes his makeup.
“Stop speaking if you are not helping me”, he says continuing to caress the uncomfortable bunny. “Oh god, please! You know you would dance perfectly” Jimin groans again, standing to dust off his pants. Just then Yunho, one of the dancers enters the room,
“Taehyung, alpha’s calling you” He puts the bunny down with half mind, looking at Jimin for his approval on his looks to step foot outside. Tae’s wearing a white sheer shirt matching with a white pant that ends with a glittering mess.
His hair is decorated with flowers, and his smoky eyes are surrounded by tiny sparkling stones. Once Jimin nods his head after a brief check on him, Tae leaves to meet his father.
“Oh son, meet Alpha Lee and his family. Here to celebrate this festival with us”, his father shows a man of his father’s age beaming with dominance with an alpha female holding his hands, assuming his mate, to the right an handsome man, an alpha again nearly his age.
Tae bows down to his hips, “Greetings to see you here Alpha. Hope you enjoy this evening” bowing again and again to the three alphas. “Kim, you raised him with such respect and elegance. And thank you Taehyung,-
- I already like this place. Hope to stay here for a while.” Lee says stretching out his hand for Tae’s father to hold. “It’s my pleasure and gladly we have enough place for your family to stay as long as you will,”
-his father says as they walk away talking something about the pack stuff. Tae stands there ideally as a voice interrupts him, “Hello, Taehyung-ssi. I’m Lee Jae sung. It's nice meeting you”.
He turns over to see where the voice comes from. Alpha Lee’s son. A pup alpha with his canines barely showing. “Jae sung-ssi. It is nice meeting you too” 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
Taehyung was seated with Jae sung as his father is giving a speech welcoming everyone that have come there. But he can’t sit still, the dance is next. He excuses himself and runs to the backroom to see Jimin correcting his stance with Yoongi helping him.
He searches for the fluff ball, it is nowhere to be found. “Chim where is cuddles?” “Cuddles? He was there at that table. Eating away my treats.” Jimin replies, smiling at Yoongi when he holds him dearly to prevent him from falling.
“No Chim he’s not here”. “Tae stop panicking. He must be here somewhere” Tae searches for him and asks for everyone who crosses him for the fluffball. He runs to the backside of the festive place where a kid said he saw the fluffball running there.
He feels the slight scent of pine in the air and runs in that direction. Now the voice of his father and the bustling of people and music sound back somewhere faintly. Tae knows he should return as the scent is trailing towards the woods.
He groans at the bunny for leaving him at his crucial time and turns his back to leave, for him to stop when his nose picks up distress in the air. And the distress is mixed with pine. He calls for the bunny. “Bunny, are you there? Are you hurt?”
He again starts walking, trailing towards the distressing pine scent. The scent is getting heavy in the air, meaning his bunny is near somewhere. It's dark everywhere and he's getting closer to the pine smell. Tae turns back, only for the trees standing tall.
He’s deep in the woods. He should return. But the bunny is near. He can feel it. It’s in pain. And he can’t risk going any further inside the woods. He contemplates what to do; then he hears a pained whimper. His bunny.
Tae runs. Clutching onto the wooden hand knife he always had for safety. “Bunny!”, he finds it, laying there, breathing heavily. Tae can see blood surrounding the area where the bunny lays.
He runs quickly, quickly cradling the bunny in his arm with utter care to not hurt him any further. There is a bite mark. Badly wounded. Bunny must’ve escaped before ‘that’ can attack him fully. He feels tears bawling from his eyes. “Bun, you should’ve stayed with me”
The leaves are brustling. Branches breaking. Something is slowly approaching them. Tae held the knife tightly before wrapping the bunny carefully with his shawl and tying it towards his chest and covering them both with his body coat.
The attacker is stronger than he is. He can feel it. But he knows few defense methods. He’s ready to run when the scent of pine increases in the air. Tae stands there confused as this pine scent is stronger and the cinnamon is mixed heavily with the pine.
It’s so strong that Tae now wants to cower in his nest. What confuses him more is the scent is not coming from the bunny. Just then the branches move away and
reveal dark red eyes, looking towards him, canines elongated with fresh blood dripping from them, he hears the low growl. Tae stands there one hand clutching the bunny and one with a knife, his eyes opened wide looking at the red eyes in panic.
His mouth whispers.. “Rogue”
#taekookau #taekook The ritual dance of Luperas is a kind of worship for the moon goddess as the dancers take rhythmical steps towards each other carrying flowers in hand and swirling in circles. This is a religious tradition for all the omegas, to venerate their deities,
#taekook #taekookau to provide them with health and fertility. Apart from this being a tradition, It is believed unmated omegas will be blessed with a fated soon after this day. So, it is a must for unmated omegas to take part in this dance.
#taekookau #taekook But, Taehyung is nowhere to be found on the Bima. He is to be dancing beside Jimin, but now that place is empty. His mother, the Luna is fuming. The dance ended with a slow twirl, as they throw the flowers they carried in their hand in the bima.
#taekookau #taekook Jimin descended from the stage, only to be surrounded by his best friend’s family with questioning eyes. Namjoon was the first to speak, “Where is Tae, Jimin?”. Jimin appeared to be nervous, sweating, while replying, “Hyung, I searched for him before the
#taekookau #taekook stage, but he’s nowhere in sight”. He looked at Joon and his leaders worried face, sighing, “Last time I saw him, he was searching for Cuddles.” “Cuddles?”, confused Joon asked. “That Rabbit, Hyung!”
#taekook #taekookau But still, he knows that would not stop his brother from missing this Celebration. “Where was he searching?”, “The last I saw him was behind the stage”, Jimin replied as Seokjin swarmed to their backstage holding his fated, Namjoon’s hand.
#taekookau #taekook There was a hint of lavender smell, but Tae nor the rabbit is there. They both walked the path following the faint smell of Taehyung, suddenly halting. Jin gasped with his hands on his shirt, the other holding Joon’s bicep, tightening.
#taekook #taekookau Joon, voice cold, said, “You go in, call the others. Now!”, as he stripped off his shirt. “Are you going alone?” troubled Jin asked. “I have to” kissed his fate’s cheek and took off to the woods in his wolf form. Jin ran towards the Bima to call the others
#taekookau #taekook 🤍🤍🤍🤍 It was not a rogue wolf. It was a creature depicting hell. Tall as him, teeth pointed sharpy, blood trailing from it to the ground, snarling with a low growl deep from its throat.
#taekookau #taekook Tae whimpered seeing the beast, hands tightening on his knife with a pounding heartbeat. He needs to fight the beast or should run for his life. But he knows he can’t escape the beast and he’s not ready to go down without a fight.
#taekookau He was taking slow steps back, as the beast advanced its steps towards him. Every time he took a step back, there was a pained squeal from the rogue. But it halted on his steps for a moment, turning its head towards the white bundle, lying injured on the ground.
#taekook #taekookau The lone wolf growled not moving its legs but his snout nudging the white fur, sniffing him, but eyes still on Taehyung. When it felt satisfied, not really sure for what, it turned its body again in the direction of Taehyung, baring its teeth.
#taekookau #taekook Tae knows now is the time or he would be dead. He took his feet off the ground, sprinting in a direction hoping it would lead him to his pack. But the beast is faster as it stretches its legs, claws sunken in his calf. The smell of blood pungent in the air.
#taekookau #taekook Tae staggered in his step, falling to the ground, as he let out a scream of pain. He swung the knife, plunging into the beast’s paw. Whimpering with a pained scowl, shaking its head, the wolf backed away more.
#taekookau #taekook Tae crawled backwards while crouching, to get afar from the beast. But the wolf is fast enough as it growled deeply before jumping at him. Tae let out a wild cry and closed his eyes, waiting for those clawed paws to hit him.
Should I continue or stop here?
#taekookau #taekook 🤍🤍🤍🤍 In the dark, in between the rustling of leaves, chattering and creaking of branches, Joon heard his brother’s scream, painful to his ears He sprinted in that direction. Followed by all the warriors of their pack and their head Alpha ran ferociously,
#taekookau #taekook guiding them towards the pained lavender scent. 🤍🤍 Eyes closed, Tae waited for the claws to appear, but none happened. He can only feel the warm breath near his face. He slowly opened his eyes, blurred vision becoming clear,
#taekookau #taekook and saw the rogue staring at his face, cold yet confusion evident in its eyes. He can’t look anywhere now but those eyes. Now when the rage is diminished from the air, the pine scent becomes palpable. Increasing, almost suffocating his lungs.
#taekookau #taekook He knows what it is, and why it’s happening. His heart stops at the recognition. He now knows who the rogue is. Mate. His Mate.
#taekookau #taekook The word breaks everything in him, then filling him with a warmth he had never felt before. He feels himself being lost in that word. Lost to a Home he never felt before. He can see the rogue sniffing the air surrounding him.
#taekookau #taekook Then near his face, then to his neck. It starts rubbing and licking the neck and his face all over, aggressively. Growling when his skin ends as his shirt covers the rest. He sniffs his chest, and belly and goes south, stopping at his privates.
#taekook #taekookau TW\\ slight NSFW (if you call that) The wolf growls in deep as heat rushes to Tae’s face.Lust clouding his senses. When the wolf starts rubbing its snout aggressively there, tae can’t stop the moan that leaves his mouth, pushing the wolf off him,
#taekookau #taekook “No-oo... Stopp!” The wolf stops himself staring at Tae. Those eyes holding some deep meaning in it It’s dark now. Darker than he has ever seen before, staring right back at him. Those eyes won't let him turn away from them.
#taekook #taekookau Holding and molding him in those eyes. Tae reaches out to touch his nose, hesitant on its steps but slightly pushes his snout in Tae’s hand. He caresses his mate’s fur, holding the face in both hands, rubbing the ears, halts hearing the wolf mewls.
#taekookau #taekook He mewls. Tae giggles a little at his mewl. The most feared rogue beast now mewling in his hand. Hearing the laughter, the wolf raises one of his ears, tilting his head to a side. Tae gasps as he boops their noses together, rubbing his cheek on the fur,
#taekookau #taekook rubbing his cheek on the fur, “My mate’s adorable” As they relish in each other, they hear, “Taehyung!” They both turn in the direction of the voice. Panic rose to his chest, now it is his father, “Taebear! Are you out there?”.
#taekookau #taekook Springing to his feet, almost falling cause of his injured leg, as his mate catches him by his back steadying him. It’s eyes staying on the place where he bit him. Then trailing to Tae’s face and then to the voices of leaves crunching, footsteps arriving.
#taekookau #taekook Tae knows he can’t let them see his mate. He looks at his mate, forcing him in the opposite direction, “Go!”. The wolf’s stubborn in his stay pushing its head in Tae’s belly. “You need to go! Now! Please.. go..” he gave a strained smile at his mate,
#taekookau #taekook nodding his head. The wolf looks at him for the last time before running in the opposite direction. Tae stays there, pain beginning to crush his inside, asking him to follow his mate. Separation from his fated forcing the air out of his lungs,
#taekookau #taekook caging his chest in itself. His legs get weak, as he falls to the ground, an agnoising scream of pain escaping his mouth. Throat straining from the intensity he cries hurts him. Still, mouth open yet no sound coming out of it as he curls to a ball of himself.
#taekookau #taekook He hears someone come to him, shaking him but all he wants is his mate. His eyes became hazy, visions blurry. But all he thinks is… His Mate.
#taekookau #taekook Dark, everywhere. It’s pitch black. He feels grieving pain in him, ready to take away his life. He tries to hold something. Anything. His head pounding like someone is hitting him. His throat is burning, as he finds himself screaming in misery.
#taekookau #taekook Writhing in the bed, his hands curling and his legs thrashing everywhere. He hears, “Tae, open your eyes! We are here with you... you are safe!”, and someone holding him down. A warm cotton smell engulfs him. His mother.
#taekookau #taekook She’s holding him. His body convulses, his lungs were desperate for air. “Breathe, Tae. Breathe!”, he tries sucking in the air as much as he can, his eyes falling open. His vision is blurry, as sees a few silhouettes in the room with him.
#taekookau #taekook “Tae!” he turns to his side, blinking his eyes, feeling tears roll down his cheek and vision becoming clear. It's his brother, eyes swollen. He stills for a moment, as the memories flush back in. His mate.
#taekookau #taekook A new wave of pain courses through him, his mouth falls open, body arching, he tries to speak yet no sound escapes his mouth. “It hurts-s..” voice weak, “m-make it stop… please-e”, he clutches his brother's hand, who helplessly looks down at him.
#taekook #taekookau From the corner of his eyes, he sees Seokjin running in, with their pack doctor. He injects something as Tae feels his senses getting numb, as his eyes fall shut. The last thing he sees is.. The black wolf… 🤍🤍🤍🤍
#taekookau #taekook He wakes up one more time and finds an arm circling his waist, he tries to look beside him, turning his strained neck. Its Jimin sleeping with a frown, dark circles beneath his eyes. His throat burns. He sucks in his breath, the air entering his dry lungs,
#taekook #taekookau making him cough. Jimin wakes up frantically, “what is it?” he tries to speak, voices gruff, “Water-r" Jimin gets the nearby tumbler, holds taes head, and feeds him Hoseok enters the Chamber, halting his steps when he sees Tae awake in the bed hugging Jimin
#taekookau #taekook His eyes gloss, as he comes near tae ruffling his hair, “God Morning kiddo..” Tae scrunches his face, “I-I’m not a k-kiddo”, as the other two laugh. Hoseok leaves before uttering, “I’ll call the others”
#taekookau #taekook Jimin looks at Tae, “What happened, Tae?” and receives no answer. He continues sipping the empty straw. “Everyone was worried. Joonie Hyung was crying. Never seen him crying before” “What do you mean?” “You were unconscious for 2 days!”, Jimin whisper shouts
#taekookau #taekook Tae looks down, his thoughts haywire. “What did you feel when you first saw Yoongi Hyung, chim?” Jimin halts as he looks at Tae, “why does it matter now?”, again he remains silent his head falling. Just as then for Jimin to press further about the matter,
#taekookau #taekook the door flies open, Joon running in, following everyone. His father hugs him close as his mother thanks to the goddess for waking up Tae. The next moments are a blur, with all asking the same questions.
#taekookau #taekook How does he feel and what happened. He avoids it by saying he doesn’t remember, assuming no one knows anything. “What’s there to ask? It's that Beast Unquestionably!”, Hoseok says, clenching his fist.
#taekook #taekookau Tae feels his body shiver again, fear rushing in his veins. “I’m gonna fucking rip off its insides and then torture it death” He growls. Tae feels his eyes on the verge of turning blue, his omega at the edge on hearing threat to his mate,
#taekookau #taekook his fists clenching on the bedsheets. He closes his eyes, face hardening as he takes deep breaths. He opens it and freezes when he feels Jimin’s questioning eyes on him. 🤍🤍🤍🤍
// i feel like it being rushed?? Is it okay?
#taekookau #taekook Tae was forced to stay in his room to recover. He was made to promise to not wander near the woods anymore. And he did. But he knows he would! And no one would stop him from meeting his mate.
#taekookau #taekook He spends the next few days in his chamber, sitting near the window aisle, looking outside. His thoughts always surrounding his mate. His mate. He smiles at the word, his insides flourishing on remembering his adorable fated.
#tekookau #taekook It leaves tingles all over,at the emotions he received for a few hours he spent with his mate. Lost in his thoughts, he doesn’t notice someone entering and the door falling shut again.
#taekookau #taekook 🤍🤍 “What is it that makes you smile this early, in the morning?”. Tae rushes to his feet after hearing a voice near him. It’s always Jimin who caughts him. “What are you doing here?” “Here to wash that tangled mess of your hair".
#taekookau #taekook And bought some oil. Yoongi purchased it for me. Wanna check it out on you first”, spoke with his eyes on the oil canner he had. “You don’t change, do you?” to which Jimin raises one of his shoulder. “Should I?”, tae sighs shaking his head walking towards
#taekookau #taekook the bath. Tae leans his back on the wall of the pool, with Jimin sitting on one of the steps, washing Tae’s hair elegantly. Tae was washing himself when he eyes the wound his mate caused him in his calf.
#taekookau #taekook He smiles lovingly at the memory of his fated, how he lapped the wounds, cleaning the gushing drops of blood off, whining and guilty looking at him. This goes noticed by Jimin. After moments of silence, Jimin speaks, “Did you find your mate?”.
#taekookau #taekook Tae freezes, his breathing pattern changing. “W-What are you talking about...?”, he nervously laughs it off. “You know what it is, Tae. I’m your best friend, I know how you’ll be when you are happy or when you are sad or in pain.
#taekookau #taekook Did you think I won’t notice? Your scent slightly changed but not much evident in the air. It means you found your mate. And it must be when you went in the woods”. Tae feels his heart hammering in his chest. He can even hear his heartbeat out loud.
#taekookau #taekook “But what I can’t understand is the wounds and the pain you felt the following days. I thought your mate is dead…”, his omega reaches out to grab Jimin by the collar, blue eyes piercing through him, “but I assumed he’s not,.. judging by the subtle smiles”
#taekookau #taekook The grip on the collar loosens, and his eyes return to normal. Jimin continues, “Which leaves just another option…”, he drags. His stomach twists, body mentally paralyzing, thinking about what would happen after. If Jimin knows, then yoongi knows.
#taekook #taekookau If yoongi knows then his family knows. His jaw trembled, his eyes almost pleading, “which is, you found your mate and they might be the one who saved you from the beast. Am I right?” Quite taken aback by this theory, he feels relief surrounding him.
#taekookau #taekook He slightly nods his head at Jimin who still looks inconvincible at this. “But what I don’t understand is why you hiding it. Whoever he is, even if they are our enemy, if they saved you, you know we all would accept them, right?”.
#taekookau #taekook How they would, when his mate is the beast, they all are afraid of. He thoughts but never voices out. Tae gets up, covers himself, and walks out in silence. Thankfully Jimin doesn’t push him further. Maybe he believes his Taetae won't hide anything from him
#taekookau #taekook 🤍🤍🤍🤍 It was mid-noon when Tae with his Family was invited to lunch by the Alpha Lee. It was quite boring, with the pup alpha pestering him in between bragging on how he would rip the jaws of the beast apart for touching Taehyung.
#taekookau #taekook He sighs and looks elsewhere, his omega is constantly at the edge to meet his alpha. The lunch ended soon, and the Luna of Lee pack suggested going horse ride. He gritted his teeth in annoyance, “ I’m feeling quite drowsy, will you please excuse me?”,
#taekookau #taekook he asked politely to which the others accepted dearly but the young alpha pouted looking down yet nodding his head lightly. Such a puppy, he thought. 🤍🤍
#taekookau #taekook When they all left, he ran in the direction of the wood, scooping his pants up. What goes unnoticed is Jimin watching him. He runs excitedly to meet his wolf. When he reaches the place where he met him last time, there’s not even a trace of Cuddles blood
#taekookau #taekook It frustrates the hell out of him as he doesn’t even know what to call his mate. He runs and runs his excitement dying down as anxiety rushes to the surface. What if his mate doesn’t recognize him and left him? He runs berserk to at least get a sniff
#taekookau #taekook of the pine scent. He runs till he reaches a lake he has never seen before. He yells his frustration out, tears streaming down his face, knees buckling as he falls down. His whole system halts when he smells it. The pine scent.
#taekookau #taekook He whips his head, in the direction of branches creaking, emerging the giant wolf. He’s once more mesmerized at his mate, heart skipping many beats, body feeling light. He feels a rope tying him and pulling him to his mate.
#taekookau #taekook The empty void he felt before long gone as warmth fills him. The rogue is no better, stuck between walking forward or drooling at this enchanted beauty, his doe eyes wide enough. He takes a slow step forward to Taehyung.
#taekookau #taekook As the wolf nears him, he notices another pair of doe eyes and fur white contrast to the dark wolf seated in between his mate’s ears. “Cuddles?”, Tae asks at which the rabbit jumps off the wolf's back and runs toward Tae as he cradles him in his arm.
#taekook #taekookau “oh my god! Are you okay? I was worried..” he snuggles in the fluff ball. He feels wet licks on his calf, in his wounds. The licks give a weird sensation, his world stopping, as electricity surges throughout his body.
#taekookau #taekook Shivers run to his spine as his legs start to tremble, losing their balance, and fell to the ground. He hears a low whine as the rogue grabs the long ears of the rabbit and yeets him to the side and settles his face in the palm of Tae.
#taekookau #taekook He giggles and scratches the rough fur, “is that jealous I see..?”, he hears a low rumble again and a gruff as the wolf stands to his feet and walks towards the lake. Maybe he understood Tae teasing him. He walks further inside the water turning to look at
#taekookau #taekook Tae as if he is calling him inside. Tae thinks for a moment, if he gets in, his dress might get wet. He can't explain it to anyone. But he can't really strip in front of the wolf. So he just goes with removing his coat and his pant,
#taekookau #taekook standing there with a sleeveless banion that reaches barely his hips. The cold hit him, shivering, he raises his eyes to his wolf, which are aimed at his naked legs. Arousal fills the air, making Tae whimper and hide his front.
#taekookau #taekook He hears bones cracking, an unbearable pain shooting inside him. The pain of his mate. He looks over to see the wolf changing, each bone-breaking, growling at the pain. Tae walks forward to help but the wolf glares at him with red eyes, which makes
#taekookau #taekook Tae cower back The pain tears him apart, as he closed his eyes and waits for it to happen sooner. When the sounds of growling and whimpering stops, he looks over to his mate and finds him laying, curled inside the streaming water of the lake.
#taekookau #taekook He walks forward a few steps, only to halt when the water splashes as his mate rushes out of the water, standing straight in all his naked glory. His heart stops in million pieces...
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#taekookau #taekook Addiction. Addiction and weirdness are all he feels these days. To the scent of this lavender.. A scent that 'white buffoon' always carries with it. Every time he inhales that scent, he can’t control himself, but to run in the direction
#taekookau #taekook to see what it is that is maddening him. There are always attackers who carry this scent, mildly yet enough to make his insider run berserk. Attackers who always hurt him, wound him, and scare him. He tries his best to run away from them, coming back
#taekookau #taekook To the white buffoon and nuzzling in its fur. But now stands here the same male he saw a few days back. The male with blue eyes, looking at him, with the exact scent he wants to sniff forever but it’s stronger. His insides do some weird stunts,
#taekookau #taekook his whole body electrifying with the overwhelming yearning to just bury himself there underneath him. Just like now, seeing him, staring at him, he feels weird enough to just do what his insider says. Even if it is to break his bone…
#taekookau #taekook His bones each snapping and mending is throbbing hard, but he feels the need to do this. Maybe he can see the amused smile, He had on his face when they encountered before.. when he saw him straight in his eyes.
#taekookau #taekook But now He is in distress. .? Does he not like it when I change like him? Is he gonna attack me too like the others? Is thoughts pause, when the said male steps towards him.
#taekookau #taekook No, he can’t. He can’t come near him. Can’t let him see him in pain. What if he thinks he is weak? So instead he does what he is best at. He growls and glares at the male. And his plan works as He halts in his step and turns around, covering his ears.
#taekookau #taekook The pain increases tenfold before it all stops as he falls inside the water, drowning the pain away.. He feels weak and drowsy, even breathing feels like a hurdle to him now. He hears water burbling near him. He is coming nearer.
#taekookau #taekook He tries to stand with his knees weak and legs heavy. As he turns to see the male. His vision is now clearer than when he was in his original form. More colorful. Those vibrations in his chest are here again. He can’t stop himself from seeing him.
#taekookau #taekook Immense pain when he tries to run away from this threat. Yes, this male is a threat to him. To his Heart. Making it beat rapidly every time he looks straight at him. 🤍🤍
#taekookau #taekook Tae stands there looking at his mate, his hair long enough till his torso, his face not visible yet, but those eyes are captivating. They are green now, shining brightly through the sun's rays. Green eyes. He might be an alpha if he’s not a rogue.
#taekook #taekookau His eyes roam, noticing those chiseled abs that are covered with fresh new scars with reddish lines around them. Some marks of knife and claws. He wants to run his hands on his mate, touching him, feeling him. He carefully steps towards him, one hand up
#taekookau #taekook in the air, so as to not scare him away. He is knee length in the lake when a hands circles his waist and pulls him forward. He falls onto his mate's chest, both stumbling, but steps steady as they hold each other.
#taekookau #taekook The Rogue holds the cloth near his hip in a grip, as he runs the other in his cheek and then to his hair. He noses his jaw, tugging the hair back harshly. Tae gasps as his head fall back, rogue taking no time in sniffing his neck.
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#taekookau #taekooknsfw A wet tongue laps his neck, as currents buzz in his veins. He can’t ignore the hard-on poking his belly, lust blinding his eyes. He feels his own raising north, painfully hard. He looks at his mate's eyes, caressing his cheek, to his long lashes.
#taekookau #taekooknsfw His lips, were red and inviting, badly wanting to suck and pull them between his own. He feels the hand holding his waist roaming near his ass, momentarily squeezing it. He moans in surprise when the rogue starts kneading the flesh,
#taekookau #taekooknsfw and tugging it to pull him forward grinding against each other. The cloth being a hindrance, the rogue wastes no time in pulling those off him, tearing them. His undies being roughly tugged gives a painful pleasure to his cock, before they fall off him.
#taekookau #taekooknsfw His legs tremble for the nth time, when their bare cocks brush together, as his mate continues his attack on his ass, his fingers nearing his entrance. The feelings of his ass and his front getting attention, are too much for Tae,
#taekookau #taekook as he falls in the arms of his mate His human legs too weak to carry both of them, Rogue along with Tae fall into the river, emerging soon from it both chocking on the water Tae starts laughing at his mate’s shocked reaction, who has an amused smile on him
#taekookau #taekook The sun almost setting, dipping below the horizon. Mr. cuddles, hopping and sniffing everything laid on the wet grass, momentarily raising one of its ears, turning its neck in every direction, and getting back to sniffing.
#taekookau #taekook Both mates are seated side by side, on the rocks nearby the lake, one gazing at the sunset, and one gazing at the other. Not touching, just relishing in each other’s presence. But the inner turmoil can be sensed in the air,
#taekookau #taekook by the way, the naked rogue ignores his hard-on, trying to make subtle skin contact with his human, brushing the bare skin then and then. Tae trying his best to not feel another twinge of warmness, like he had moments before,
#taekookau #taekook focusing his thoughts on the setting yellow fireball, hiding away behind the slopping mountains. He looks to his side, to his mate, who whips his head in the opposite direction as if Tae has not noticed him checking him out.
#taekookau #taekook He can’t stop his thoughts before the mouth speaks, “Do you talk..?”, he asks the rogue who turns back to him, tilting his head with a look of puzzlement. No, it doesn’t matter to Tae. He’s thankful to the goddess for pairing him with a beautiful mate.
#taekookau #taekook Tae holds the hand of his mate, with much more ease than what the wolf has been trying to do for an hour. “You are my Mate”. Facing the sunset, he speaks again, “Mates are blessings given by The Moon Goddesses.
#taekookau #taekook She blesses everyone with a soulmate, uniting their souls with one another”, feeling like talking to himself, he looks back at those confused doe eyes again, “She has blessed me with you. Paired me with you. We’re mates. Not yet mated”.
#taekookau #taekook He scoffs, “Mated.. Mating happens when-“ Stops, face as red as Elmo doll, tries covering his face. Wolf not liking his human hiding from him, pushes those hands away, tilting Tae's face to himself, eyes darting everywhere, causing the color to intensify more
#taekookau #taekook They face each other, time flowing with no one noticing it. Birds screeching pulls them away from each other. Tae knows it’s time to go back. “I have to go..” as if he understood the meaning behind, the wolf holds him close, almost scooping him in his arms.
#taekookau #taekook “I have to go or they won’t let me come back here”. He hears the growl released near his chest, the wolf hugging his waist with his two hands. Hot tears stream down his face, Tae squeezes his eyelids shut, hoping it would stop those tears from running down.
#taekookau #taekook “I’m sorry.. but I’ll be back”, he utters in low voice, promising to himself more than to the wolf. He pushes those hands holding him away, but the wolf tightens it more. Tae tries moving back again, a loud growl ripping out his mouth,
#taekookau #taekook eyes on the verge of turning red. Tae laughs, caressing the frowns on his forehead, moving forward to kiss those glower away “I’ll be back soon”. The rogue stiffens, his heartbeat heard out loud,
#taekookau #taekook Tae took this chance to move out of the hold, looking at his mate once more, memorizing every detail of his face, and runs away to his pack, with cuddles hopping behind Tae. Rogue seated alone, watches his human running away from him with that buffoon again..
#taekookau #taekook Tae reached his pack ground, hands on his knees, panting hard. Cuddles keep circling his leg in a way to comfort him. His entire body screamed at him, chest constricting in pain. He wraps his hands over himself and walks toward his house.
#taekookau #taekook When he enters the veranda, he sees The Lee family on the sidewalk saying their goodbyes. He can’t go in there, weeping with wet clothes and hugging himself. He ran to the side of his house, climbing up the workers' ladder to enter his room
#taekookau #taekook through its window.The bunny was left behind. Tears pour from his eyes as he falls onto the bed. The touches, the emotions he felt all too new yet can feel himself getting addicted to it. But now, everything washes out with the cold air hitting him.
#taekookau #taekook He feels miserable for leaving his mate behind. Footsteps were heard near his room. He rushes to his feet to hide, but not soon enough as the door opens fast to reveal Jimin. He was holding the rabbit, who immediately jumps down
#taekookau #taekook and makes himself comfortable in the bed upon entering the room. The sight of Tae and his tears, fills Jimin with sympathy for his friend. Tae shakes his head feebly before falling into Jimin's arms. His body trembles as he sobs harder.
#taekookau #taekook Jimin holds him and pats his back, he patiently waits for his bear to calm down, who doesn't but sobs harder as time passes. He cups Tae’s face in his hands, “I don’t know what it is, but I hope this pain will go away soon, Taetae”.
#taekookau #taekook Hiccuping a few times, Tae sniffs his button nose and hides in his best friend's neck. “Just let me know this, Tae?”, Jimin asks again. Caressing his hair, “Will this end?” Taehyung knows what he is talking about, a whiny hum was heard. “Will it hurt you?”
#taekookau #taekook His mind wanders to those doe eyes sulking at him for leaving, whining and mewling at him to rub his back now and then. No, his mate would never hurt him. “No”, “Then I’m up for it. Will do anything to give you back your happiness”.
#taekookau #taekook Taehyung halts, raising from his neck to look at him, “W-What..?” Jimin sighs, “Tae, I realized this has something to do with your mate. And I guess he isn't somebody who our pack will acknowledge. So Yes, if he doesn't hurt you and
#taekookau #taekook there is a chance of you getting back with your mate”, Jimin grabs a shawl from Tae's cupboard and ties it around his head, “I’m ready to fight with everyone against everything”, he finishes with a kung-fu step.
#taekookau #taekook Both hear a gruff from the rabbit who turns to face the other side of Jimin as if he got bored of this situation. Tae laughs out. Jimin whines and jumps on the bed to attack the rabbit, which runs away to sit by the window.
#taekookau #taekook He then kicks his legs in the air but smiles a little on seeing those boxy laughs again after days. Tae stops on noticing this, clearing his throat, “No, we can’t do anything”, looking down, voice sulky again. Jimin holds his hand, “What can be tougher Tae?
#taekookau #taekook "Is he a witch?”, Tae scrunches his eyebrows shaking his head. "A vampire? HUMAN?” “No, he’s not a human”, Tae pouts. “He’s not a human too. What’s worse than those lowly creatures?”, Jimin ponders for a minute, before his mouth falls open,
#taekookau #taekook "Wait a minute. Is he one of those Original characters who are cursed by the gods, accidentally created with enormous powers? "Oh my god, if he is one of them, they sorry Tae. I can’t accept Villains inside our pack”. Jimin says, crossing his arms
#taekookau #taekook “What the fuck Chim? No, he is not a bedtime story's villain” Tae morphs his face in disgust. “Then what is he? I’ve mentioned every worst creature, and your mate is none of them. Why are you scared of your family meeting him,
#taekookau #taekook “You are acting as if the Goddess paired you with that beast roaming in the woods-“, Tae hisses, gaining Jimin’s attention. “ARE YOU FVCKING SERIOU---“ 🤍🤍 The two friends laid on their bed, Jimin rubbing the white fur that is snuggling in his shirt
#taekookau #taekook for his warmth. Their thoughts running wild. Tae is scared of what Jimin is thinking right now. “Is he 9 feet tall?” “No” “Does he talk?” “No” Springing up in his bed, “He has horns?!” “WTF? No, he doesn’t”
#taekookau #taekook Jimin lays again, “Have you seen him in human form” “Yes” “Naked?” “Yes”, face blushing hard. He turns his head towards Tae with a smug on his face. “What is his c0ck size?” “That’s it. Leave now. Before I castrate you”
#taekook #taekookau “Okay! okay, calm down. I’ll be serious”, Jimin laughs it off. A few moments of silence pass, “No but for real, is his c0ck big?” “Jimin Stop!” “You are blushing. You have seen them” “Why does it matter, now?” Tae pushes him off of him who is
#taekookau #taekook desperately trying to see his face. “Wait- did you two had any itty bitty moment there?” “No we didn’t. I didn’t even get to speak. I can’t even spend time with him in ease”. Jimin falls silent, sitting beside Taehyung, whose lips start trembling.
#taekookau #taekook “Should we try telling Mama?” “No Chim they all hate Rogues”. He shrugs, “Well, they have a reason to hate”. Tae raises his head, “I've seen him. He won't dare hurt a single bee” Jimin raises one of his eyes, “Are you sure?”, “Yes”,
#taekookau #taekook He says promptly, then his mind recalls the night when he was chased and attacked, “Maybe.. but he listens to me. He can learn if he has someone to teach him”, Tae tries to get some valid point. “Tae, they are rogues. They don’t understand anything.
#taekookau #taekook They lack senses. That’s why they aren't included in the packs”. Tae pouts, “But he is not like that. I swear” “Oh really, how many times have you met him before to believe this blindly?” Tae looks down, his eyes stinging, Jimin is right.
#taekookau #taekook But he knows he can trust the mate bond. The bond connecting them together now yet slowly. His heart flutters at the thought of the bond. It's like someone receiving signals from the other end.
#taekookau #taekook He places a hand over his chest, “I believe in him, Jimin. I don’t know how or by what. I and my omega are gonna trust our mate with our full being” 🤍🤍🤍🤍
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#taekookau #taekook It was early in the morning, and Tae woke up with this overwhelming yearning to see his mate. He doesn’t wait a minute more, wearing some shirt over himself, carefully descending the stairs to not let any sharp ears overhear him.
#taekookau #taekook He slides into the kitchen, grabbing a bag and filling it with all kinds of fruits then to the laundry, grabbing some of his brother's clothes before taking off towards the wood. While immersed in his flee, he doesn’t notice someone yanking the straps
#taekookau #taekook of his bag and pulling him backward. Tae falls toward their chest and whips back to see Hobi, “Where are you going early in the morning?”. “Uhh- to meet Mr. Cuddles?”, Hobi frowns tilting his head sideways,
#taekookau #taekook Tae looks over his head to see cuddles munching something in the kitchen with no care in the world. ‘Ah this dumbo’, he thought. “Hyung, I've to say this. Cuddles got someone pregnant and now I’ve to look after Mrs. Cuddles.
#taekookau #taekook "She might get sick with no one beside her, she needs to eat something and my omega is being restless since knowing this situation. "So please Hyung, let me go”, Tae says in a straight tone,
#taekookau #taekook standing in attention and glaring when cuddles looked baffled at this onslaught, celery falling off his mouth. Hobi looks concerned and nods his head after, “But you can’t go there alone without a warrior. Wait here I’ll come with you”.
#taekook #taekookau Tae panics before rushing to stop Hobi, “I’m not going there alone, I’m going with Jimin” “Oh Is he a warrior? the last I remember is him pestering Yoongi for pups so he could get free snacks..?”, he says, mocking Jimin.
#taekookau #taekook “No Hyung. Omega’s doesn’t like any other alphas near them during their vulnerable moment. So yes I and Jimin will go there and safely return as soon as possible." Hobi nods his head, scratching his neck. ‘Omega rabbit..?’ before he can ask,
#taekookau #taekook Tae has gone too far. He gets inside the house mumbling ‘from when did rabbits have sub genders? Why did no one tell me before?’. He enters the kitchen to make some coffee when he sees Cuddles making a littering mess everywhere.
#taekookau #taekook He yanks the rabbit's ears, “There your mate is pregnant, suffering in the cold and starving and you are here eating with no care. "Go and stay with your mate and help her in time of need”, he yeets the rabbit outside and closes the door on its face.
#taekookau #taekook The innocent little one stays there, scratching the door desperately to let him have his food. 🤍🤍 (My heart is aching for cuddles wth🥹)
#taekookau #taekook Tae runs towards the lake which has already become their meeting point. He mindlinks Jimin about Hobi and asks him to go flow with the story. He reaches the lake to see his mate already seated there on the rock, his legs dangling,
#taekookau #taekook like he was waiting for Tae to appear. Tae runs towards him, his heart fluttering at how the wolf ceases on seeing him. He throws himself over the wolf, who holds him, burying their face in each other’s scent.
#taekookau #taekook “I missed you”, Tae says to which the wolf replies with a low grumble in his throat. He misses him too. The laugh, the deep voice, the floral scent. In all, he misses him too. He doesn’t know what he is feeling.
#taekookau #taekook How did he get attached to someone who he has never met before? He just wants to hold him forever, away from every threat coming his way. The wolf drew him close, practically pulling him in his lap and rubbing his face all over his cheeks, his jaw, his neck.
#taekookau #taekook Tae feels himself getting aroused.. before the wolf pulls back, staring at his face and turning to his right. Tae stares at him and then turns to the right to see if anyone is there. No one. He looks back at the wolf who gruffs and does the same again.
#taekookau #taekook Confused Tae looked again at the woods, sniffing the air for any intruders. There’s no one. Wolf having his patience runoff, pulls Tae flush towards him before, rubbing his cheeks on Tae’s lips. 'Oh My Goddess he is asking for a kiss'
#taekookau #taekook Tae reddens before leaning in and giving a peck on his cheek. But his lips stay there, his heart palpitating at the contact with his mate. He lets his lips brush before kissing him again. And again. And then kissing him with his tongue.
#taekookau #taekook He sucks and nibbles his cheek. Tae flinches when something pokes him from below. He falters at his very naked mate, pushing away from him. “I’ve bought you some clothes”, he says attempting to get the clothes from his bag but doesn’t get to,
#taekookau #taekook when the wolf pulls him forward hugging his waist and burying his face in the other’s belly. It does weird things to his heart, mainly down there. He tries pushing Kook off again,
#taekookau #taekook “Come on, let’s try clothes on-“ kook then pushes his head against his groin, just enough to see what happens beneath the clothes. Tae grabs his mate’s hair, in a grip. His head falling back, ‘stop-p.. please-e.. stop’.
#taekookau #taekook The wolf does stop. Turning his head again to the right. Tae looks at the woods again. No one is there. Is he asking for kisses again? He leans down to kiss him,
#taekookau #taekook when his wolf growls turning to his wolf form in an instant, secluding Tae behind him. That’s when Tae smells another scent in the air. An intruder. A threat.
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#taekookau #taekook Taehyung turned in the direction, a silhouette can be seen. Hiding behind a tree trunk. An intruder, intruding their moment together. A threat, not for Tae but for his mate. Because for Tae it's just his stupid childhood friend, Jimin,
#taekookau #taekook who wants to inspect his mate. His mate, upon noticing the intruder, snarls, elongating his canines with a stoic seriousness in his gaze. He growls to challenge the one hiding behind the tree, who peeks at them before hiding again.
#taekookau #taekook Tae sighs, walking before the wolf, who grabs his pant in between his teeth, to not let him move any closer to the ‘threat’. Tae rubs his fur, “It’s okay” and smiles at the wolf, who gruffs, but his instincts wary, ears pointed sharp, ready to attack anytime.
#taekookau #taekook “Just come out, Chim. You are just making him more agitated”, Jimin holding the tree trunk, peeks one eye at them. And when the rogue growls at him, he covers himself behind the tree, to hideaway.
#taekookau #taekook Tae groans, walking further, grabbing Jimin by his ear and making him stand before his mate. Jimin stands there awkwardly, one leg over the other, fidgeting his hands in the front. But the wolf’s eyes are on Tae, who is /touching/ a midget.
#taekookau #taekook His throat rumbled in displease, gaining attention from both pairs of eyes. “Jimin, My mate,” he says to Jimin, before turning to his mate, “This is my best friend from childhood. If you know what it is..” he frowns, “Anyway... Chim what are you doing here?
#taekookau #taekook Is Yoongi hyung here too..?” “Yoonie-e is not here-e... Why is he glaring at me-e?”, Jimin comments, his voice wavering, hiding further behind Tae. “Yoongi Hyung is not here? Then did you come alone?” “Yes, I did” “You can’t be serious.
#taekookau #taekook How can you walk alone in the woods, Fool?” “Speak for yourself. And if Yoonie knows your brother would know too? Is it okay?” “Ah.. yes.. wait—so you won’t tell Yoongi Hyung about this..?” "Well, I didn’t say that particularly. Just, for now,
#taekookau #taekook can't hide anything from him” "Anything..? How about his lost chain you traded for ice creams?” “Are you seriously bringing back that now?”, Jimin looks baffled, “It was gifted by that s!ut. And don’t forget that I know about your grade report fabrication?”
#taekookau #taekook Rogue just look at these two humans babbling something, his head turning right from left to right. Tae hisses, “How about you making out with Jungwon in middle school” “I was not making out. We just pecked. Bish! What if I tell Luna
#taekookau #taekook about your belly button pierci-" They both halt when they hear sounds of bone-breaking, followed by a series of painful grunts. Then there stands the rogue, with his uncaring nudity. Jimin gasps, running back to the tree, covering his eyes, " Noo..
#taekookau #taekook My innocent eyes…”, hitting his head on the trunk and mumbling, “Yoonie, think about Yoonie.. my sweet Yoonie”. Taehyung was perplexed, fuming at his mate, rushing to cover him. Rogue frowns, because he just wanted attention from his human.
#taekookau #taekook He pouts when Tae drags him behind a rock, pulls out a shirt, and shoves at him. When his adorable mate looks at him with his doe eyes, he can’t help but coo at him. He points to the shirt he’s wearing, then gives Joon’s shirt to the rogue,
#taekookau #taekook who grabs it, instantly gasping at the weird scent. Tae mentally smacks his head, taking back the shirt to scent it for his mate. He sniffs, Joon’s scent.. and smiles remembering how he wanted his brother's scent to be around for him to feel safe back then.
#taekookau #taekook An annoyed gruff and pouty wolf brings him out of his memories. He nuzzles his nose on the shirt and starts rubbing the fabric in his scent glands, his neck. Tae’s scent spreading in the air does make the rogue feel those weird emotions again.
#taekookau #taekook A part of him aches, but it gives pleasure to him. He can’t stop his hand from touching his hardening length, as he hisses at the sensation. Tae’s heartbeat reaches its peak, when he sees his mate’s eyes expressing the same emotion he is feeling now. Lust.
Oops🫣 Tw// slight NSFW so minors..
#taekookau #taekook His own, hardens again, noticing where his mate's hands are. He mind seeks attention on how his mate holds his length hissing everytime he runs his calloused hand. Tae mouth waters, omega threatening to succumb to his mate.
#taekookau #taekook Before he can lose control, he wears the shirt over his mate, inserting the hands and doing the same with the pants, pants which did not do enough to hide away his length. Tae holds his mate's hands and walks him over to Jimin,
#taekookau #taekook seated on a blanket in the middle of dandelions, various foods splayed across it, and him munching on an apple. Tae leads his mate, more like carrying him because of his weak human legs. As soon as they both settled down,
#taekookau #taekook rogue pulled his human on his lap, nibbling the skin on his shoulder, and rubbing his nose right there. Tae feels his mate sneaking his hand inside his shirt to get in contact with his skin. Tae allows, which then escalates
#taekookau #taekook as the rogue pulls his shirt all over his chest, greedily touching his skin. “Would you two stop being horny for a second? Mind the people trying to spend time with you”, Jimin utters in disgust but smirks when his best friend's face reddens in embarrassment.
#taekookau #taekook Wolf growls at this to which Jimin barks at him and in return scares away when the rogue eyes glow red. The rogue continues his roaming hands on Tae, nearing his nipple, “Stop…”, Tae whines, embarrassed at his friend witnessing everything with judging eyes.
#taekookau #taekook Jimin fake gags, turning away to continue enjoying his apple. Tae picks up a blueberry and shares it with his mate, and determines he doesn’t like it by his facial reaction. Then moves on to feed him his favorite, the strawberries. He likes them.
#taekookau #taekook After a few strawberries, he feeds him bananas, at which rogue grabs them from his hand and dumps it in his mouth with avarice. There... his favorite is banana. 🤍🤍🤍🤍
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#taekookau #taekook They all eat in silence until when there’s one banana left. With the way the ends of the banana were held by two competitors, Tae concluded, "The two don't get along". His first glimpse of his mate smiling widely is when he sides up with his mate
#taekookau #taekook instead of the midget, by taking the fruit out of Jimin’s hold and handing it over to the rogue. The smile, that clenches his insides and held his breath away. The way his nose scrunched with two adorable teeth peeking out. ‘𝘉𝘶𝘯𝘯𝘺’, he calls him,
#taekookau #taekook and his inside sparkles when he feels his emotions being returned by a door he opened through his mind. Rogue turns his head to Tae, face scowling with puzzled eyes stopping at his lips. ‘𝘉𝘶𝘯𝘯𝘺.. 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳 𝘮𝘦?", rogue’s face delights
#taekookau #taekook his smile widening, the smile with his nose adorably scrunching. “You look like a bunny!”, he shouts flinching his bunny as well. “No, no… I’m sorry. Please don’t stop smiling”, Tae wants to see his mate smiling for as long as he can.
#taekookau #taekook He sees how the rogue freezes, his lips in a weird shape. ‘𝘖𝘩, 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘮𝘦’, Tae hugs the rogue's neck, leaning on his chest. ‘𝘔𝘺 𝘢𝘥𝘰𝘳𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘦 ’, he looks over his mate,
#taekookau #taekook who is still smiling at him. ‘𝘏𝘦𝘺, 𝘣𝘶𝘯𝘣𝘶𝘯... 𝘐’𝘮 𝘛𝘢𝘦𝘩𝘺𝘶𝘯𝘨’, introducing himself, he adores how his face brightens on the name. but the next seconds the rogue face morphs into an unknown feeling and is left unnoticed by Tae.
#taekookau #taekook 𝑨𝒏 𝒖𝒏𝒌𝒏𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝒇𝒆𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒄𝒐𝒖𝒓𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒓𝒐𝒖𝒈𝒉 𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒃𝒐𝒅𝒚 𝒂𝒕 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒅, ‘𝑻𝒂𝒆𝒉𝒚𝒖𝒏𝒈’. 𝑨 𝒎𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒓𝒚 𝒇𝒍𝒂𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒃𝒆𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒆𝒚𝒆𝒔, “𝑻𝒂𝒆! 𝑺𝒕𝒐𝒑!! 𝑪𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒃𝒂𝒄𝒌!”.
#taekookau #taekook He shivers, roots of his hair raising, as he feels those captivating eyes are at his lips. And he does what his inner being tells him. He closes the gap between them, lips dancing in tension. Tae feels those soft pillowy lips against his own,
#taekookau #taekook nibbling his lower and tugging in his teeth, releasing and repeating it. He cards his fingers on his hair, clumped yet silken, as they breathed in each other. Tae's tongue swipes his lips for an entrance, unable to stop the emotions
#taekookau #taekook he has been controlling so far. He bites off the other's lower lip, who grunts, allowing him to slip inside as he demanded. It lasted long for them to separate in dismay, to catch their breath.
#taekookau #taekook Still, both felt the kittenish licks of their tongues on each other. Tae could get addicted to those milky lips and won’t complain. Not seperating, as the licks turn to nibbles, from his lips to his ears and to his neck..
#taekookau #taekook Deep in their sensual moments, they didn’t notice poor Jiminie slipping away from the place he was suffocated with pine and vanilla mixed with lust. 🤍🤍🤍🤍
Tw// a bit hot in here, so minors..
#taekookau #taekook In the middle of the woods, among the virtuous dandelions, any can see the image of two bodies merged as one, Tae still on his mate’s lap. The mates engrossed in each other, velvet heat of midday sun caressing their skins, as their hands fought,
#taekookau #taekooknsfw unsure of where to halt. Lewd moans fill the space, rogue lapping his tongue on his favorite honey-toned skin. He latches on to the lips, abusively sucking on them and then moving towards the neck.
#taekookau #taekooknsfw Tae felt himself being succumbed to his mate, as he felt the other attack his throat. The rogue allowed himself to roam his hands on Tae’s body, sliding over his shirt, then running them in his back, squeezing his hips.
#taekookau #taekooknsfw Tae shivered when he felt a long stripe of lick in his sternum and moans loud with a whimper when the other hand squeezed his ass cheek. He can’t help himself as his body twitches and flushes down, moaning loudly, rubbing their hard-ons.
#taekookau #taekooknsfw The sound sweet to his ears, he fondles the flesh hard, grunting every time the one on top rubs down. He holds on to those hard muscles in his hands, red scratch marks following his nails. His head falls back as his mate
#taekookau #taekooknsfw starts on his measured thrusts up near his taint. Rogue roughly tugs his hair, pulling him forward to suck on his neck, coloring purple all over. The pain is pleasured as Tae continues rubbing them together, not wanting to slow down.
#taekookau #taekooknsfw His heart takes a beat rest when his shirt was ripped off him. He scrapes his teeth against the rogue’s skin while the wild hands find their way to his bare chest, tugging and fondling all way.
#taekookau #taekooknsfw When those stop at his sensitive nipples, flipping it hard, Tae hisses pulling back to see him scrunching his nose mischievously, as well acting innocent. Their sensual feral moments come to halt when Tae ruffs the other’s head.
#taekookau #taekook 𝘉𝘦𝘤𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘦 𝘪𝘵 𝘪𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘯 𝘳𝘰𝘨𝘶𝘦 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘥𝘴 𝘧𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘩 𝘣𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘢𝘯 𝘦𝘥𝘨𝘦𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘧𝘪𝘭𝘦, 𝘳𝘶𝘧𝘧𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘥, “𝑲𝒐𝒐𝒌𝒊𝒆”, 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘨𝘪𝘨𝘨𝘭𝘦𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘨.
#taekookau #taekook He grunts, closing his eyes shut as the pain courses but soothes soon enough to the head kisses he receives from his human. The emotions he feels for the other, who is adoringly looking at him with his ever-known boxy smile are surreal to him.
#taekookau #taekook And the selfish greed that follows to keep that smile on his human is terrifying. He holds the hands that cup his face, leaning to the touch with closed eyes, immersing in the warmth of the hand, sighing.
#taekookau #taekook Tae chuckled and kissed his forehead a few more times, “Gosh, I can get used to this”. He hears a groan from his mate who turned back and huffed in annoyance. Tae looked over him to see cuddles tugging his shirt in between its teeth.
#taekookau #taekook Tae scooped him in his arms, placing him in the middle, and looked up at his mate, who looked at the fluff ball in distaste. Tae felt warmth spread in his chest, as he leaned down to boop their noses, rubbing them a little,
#taekookau #taekook “Stop being Jealous.. I’m your Mate. I belong to you” Even though rogue doesn’t understand what it meant, He can sense his heart fluttering and cozy at the words. Tae looks up at the sky, the sun moved south. He needs to leave before anyone gets suspicious.
#taekookau #taekook He felt bitter at the thought of leaving here, here his home, being with his mate, and their little cozy time. He looked up to the rogue, who frowned, spreading his pine scent in the air, nuzzling in his neck, and rubbing his cheeks in Tae's scent gland.
#taekookau #taekook Tae's insides ached in happiness knowing how his mate is comforting him when his soured lavender scent was splayed in the air. He pulled the other’s chin up to look at him and sees those dejected eyes as if he knows what Tae gonna say to him.
#taekookau #taekook “I need to leav-“, then cut off by kisses to his lip. “Come on. I need to lea-“, Wolf being adamant, pullrd his lower lip to himself. He pushed him by his chest away, leaving here getting harder as minutes pass by, “I will be back with a lot of bananas then”
#taekookau #taekook His face brightens at it, smiling wide enough for his cheeks to hurt. Tae pinches his bread cheeks, “Bunny” He proceeds to get up from his mate’s lap but staggered when he heard giggles. He froze,standing halfway, and looks back at him, to his giggling mate
#taekookau #taekook He tugs him up, planting a loud smooch on his lip, a smile carving his mouth, “My adorable mate!!”. Rogue watches his mate walking away in the same path he leaves every time, giggling once more when he stops in his track turning back to look at him,
#taekookau #taekook then running away from there. He recalls the day he spent with his human. His emotions. The talks... He smiles at the thought, his insides bursting with butterflies as his throat strains with his mouth pronouncing in a hoarse voice, “Mate-e”.
#taekookau #taekook 🤍🤍 Tae walks back to his pack, bouncing in his steps, on the pathway familiar to him. He loved being with his mate. His hands touch over the ripped shirt, only half-covering his chest. He knows he can always run up to Jimin and can ask for a spare one
#taekookau #taekook since it's near the border. His hands then slide over his neck, wincing at the hickeys his mate decorated him with. But he cares less about it, as again he can ask Jimin to do something about it.
#taekookau #taekook He skips his way, his walk jumpy with his hair bobbing in his way. He looks over to the sky, clouds covering the sunrays with the mood becoming gloomy. The pathway turning to dark with leaves whispering loudly.


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