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#taekookau : deception when heir to the biggest crime syndicate, jungkook, comes to know he has a fiancé—he’s strangely looking forward to meeting him. taehyung was rumoured to be ruthless, selfish, arrogant and a huge ‘brat’—exactly jungkook’s type. or was he?

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A strike of lightning lines the dark, gloomy clouds in the distance, reflecting on the rain drops currently sliding down the long glass walls.

Jungkook gazes outside for a second, then continues to lay his head on the back of the couch he’s currently sitting on, his eyes closed. The apartment is dark, except for the thunder and the city lights outside being the only source that gives his room a dimly lit glow.

He likes the darkness better, though. Especially on nights like this, when the sound of an incoming thunder, the sound of raindrops harshly pelting against the glass windows, silences all the other noises in Jungkook’s head after a job well done.

He is shirtless, his chest moving up and down with the silence that had started to settle in, only for his lips to twitch upwards in annoyance and he slowly opens his eyes.

“I thought I said I wanted to be alone tonight?” Jungkook grits out, voice sounding tired, bordering on annoyance. Jimin scoffs, walking towards the kitchen and switching the lights on, making Jeongguk squint his eyes shut at the light suddenly peeking through the living room.

“I thought you’d not be able to sense my presence.” Jimin says, filling a glass of water for himself. “I think your senses heightens when it rains.” “Or maybe you’re not working hard enough to try to be stealthy.” Jungkook bites back.

Jimin ignores the jab, instead walking towards where Jungkook is sitting, grimacing when he takes in the sight. “Jesus, didn’t you clean up yet?” Jungkook finally lifts his head up, to rub his face, only to pause when he feels something wet graze against his cheek.

“Ah. I got it on my cheeks.” He then looks around: his bloodied shirt is tossed near the coffee table, and the blood from the knife he had been aimlessly holding, had slid down on the floor, creating a pool of blood there. “Shit.”

It makes Jimin sigh, as he takes a sip from his glass of water and walks back to the kitchen, watching as Jungkook flings the knife on the table, using the back of his hand to wipe the blood off of his cheek. He doesn’t make any motion to move though.

“Why are you here?” Jungkook questions when he feels Jimin’s stare for a little too long without even looking. “Did he send you to find out if I got seriously hurt? He should know I won’t fucking die yet, right?” He smiles. It sends chills down Jimin’s spine.

“Ah, but it did take me by surprise. I wondered why I was sent alone and I only realised it when I was surrounded by men I had no information about. Did my old man think I was going to die on their pathetic hands? Look at me. Unscathed. The blood is not mine by the way.

Broke the bones of every man there ever was in that warehouse. I do want compensation for putting in that extra work though.” He looks at Jimin, the smile not leaving.

“Aren’t you daddy’s little plaything? Relay the message for me then. I doubt you came here to say anything otherwise.” Jimin rolls his eyes, wondering why he needed to hear this slander. But there was no lie in what Jungkook had said anyway.

“Aren’t your words as pretty as you? I’m flattered.” Jimin says, walking over to Jungkook. “But I came here for something else as well. Since you’re /alive/, I need to tell you.”

Jungkook chuckles. “So if you had found me dead, you wouldn’t have told me?” “You’d be dead, you fucker. What would you even do knowing?” Jungkook pauses, then stares at Jimin. “Touché. What is it?”

Jimin hands a photograph to Jungkook, who stares at it for a few seconds, until he sits up straight and grabs the photo.

His eyes widen in a certain awe-struck daze, and something about the man currently covered in blood, looking like a child who finally received his favorite candy, in child-like wonder, makes Jimin shudder. Jeon Jungkook was an unpredictable man. The scary kind.

And Jimin lived long enough around him to know that. It still does not mean he had gotten used to it. Jungkook’s unpredictability is something Jimin might never get used to.

“So, it’s decided?” Jungkook asks, still staring at the picture, a buzz rumbling in his chest. Is it what they say, /being excited/? Or is it being /intrigued/? (the photo)

Jimin watches as the smile grows on Jungkook’s face—which does not quite reach his eyes. But he nods, looking at the picture of Kim Taehyung. “Yes. It’s been decided.” He says. “You are to marry Kim Taehyung, grandson of Kim Jeong Hoon, leader of the Daegu Kim clan.”

“He has fierce eyes, hyung.” Jungkook says, tilting his head as he continues looking at the picture in his hand, gazing, studying. “Do you think he is just as the rumours say?” “And what do the rumours say?” Jimin asks, curious himself.

“That he’s ruthless, a person who steps on anyone beneath him, arrogant and rotten to the core, a beauty that will kill to get what he wants.” A pause. “Ah, a huge brat that likes to get on everyone’s nerves. Someone who can fuck me over without batting an eye.” Jungkook laughs.

Jimin grimaces yet again, at the fact that Jungkook’s taste is kind of bordering insanity. It did seem Jungkook is pretty taken by Kim Taehyung. “What do I do, hyung?” Jungkook grins. “I want him. When is he coming to Seoul?”

Jimin sighs. “A nut job marrying another nut job. It will be a sight to see, really.” He then walks towards the door, putting on his shoes. “He’s coming in two days. Your father wants to have a talk with you before that though. Will you go to pick him up?”

Jungkook hums. “I have something to do in two days. I’ll meet him at the house instead. I hope he wouldn’t mind?” Jimin smirks. “The least he’ll do is stab you in the neck for making him wait.”

Jungkook’s smile widens again, and Jimin notices the way it reaches his eyes. This crazy fucker is actually happy? “It would be an honour.”


The only sounds in the long hallway, save for the harsh whispers of the men standing guard, is the stomping of boots on the wooden floor.

Anyone who hears it, can say the person stomping right now is angry. It is rushed and loud, as if someone is on a mission. Anyone who /sees/ the person in question, can tell Kim Taehyung really is angry.

Everyone at the house had anticipated the return of the young master. Taehyung isn’t someone who had been particularly interested in the gang his grandfather leads, hadn’t even dipped the tip of his toes in the world of violent crimes and illegal doings.

Apparently, he had wanted to live a relatively normal life, open a cute cafe somewhere in Seoul, marry a normal guy and live a happy life. Despite his /normal/ facade, the men in the house had been curious about the grandson of Kim Jeonghoon, a fierce leader.

What if it was just that? A facade? What if he was just as brutal and ferocious as Kim Jeonghoon once was, still is. Taehyung does not care about the harsh whispers, as he stomps his way towards his grandfather’s office.

While he was confused, and happily surprised, that his grandfather had prepared a month long vacation for him in Paris, the first thing he hears after returning from his vacation is that he’s being thrusted into the very world he despises.

And what more? He’s marrying the man who is the portrayal of everything, evil, diabolical, monstrous, rumoured to be the infamous devil king of Seoul. Taehyung could feel his dream of an ordinary life getting cruelly shattered as soon as he had heard the name.

Oh, Taehyung has a lot to talk about with his grandfather.

“Where is he?” Taehyung fumes when he finds the office empty, just his grandfather’s secretary Kim Namjoon, standing there in shock and surprise. “I thought you were arriving in a week.” Namjoon asks.

“Well I was /supposed/ to, until my dearest grandfather left a voice note saying my marriage was set with a Jeon Jungkook.” Taehyung takes a deep breath. “Is he crazy??”

Namjoon purses his lips in a thin line. “He’s out in the back garden.” “Thank you.” Taehyung huffs, exasperated before he makes his way outside.

Taehyung finds his grandfather tending to one of his bonsai plants when he slams the door leading to the balcony open. “Oh? Taehyung-ah! You’re here.” His grandfather greets him enthusiastically. It irritates Taehyung more than it should.

“Don’t you have anything more to say” Taehyung asks, sitting down on the raised platform. “Like why there is talks about me marrying Jeon Jungkook. Tell me it’s a joke and one of your stupid pranks.” “It’s not though.” Kim Jeonghoon shrugs. Taehyung loudly groans.

“Grandpa! Marriage? With a Jeon? Aren’t they like your rivals or something? I thought you were on an inside war with the Jeon clan about a particular property in Seoul. Or did you forget the fact that five generations of the Kim clan and the Jeon clan had been continuously

fighting for who knows what and for how long. And I’m suddenly marrying Jeon Jungkook, the fucking heir to the Jeon clan, for what? Unifying two biggest clans? What even do you need that kind of unification for unless you want me killed?”

“Aren’t you glad I swooped in and saved your lonely ass from being single your whole life? He’s a good kid, that Jeon Jungkook. He’s around your age, is polite, always with a smile and runs a proper developmental company. knows? You might take a liking to him.”

Taehyung looks at his grandfather like he grew two heads. He keeps incredulously staring until his grandfather looks at him. “What?” Taehyung sighs. “Looks like we know different Jungkooks. Polite? A good kid?”

Kim Jeonghoon laughs heartily. “Oh yes, the rumours about him being the devil king. Is he as ruthless as they say though?” He smiles. Taehyung blinks. “What do you mean?” “I’ve met the kid and he’s the same as his father when he was young. His smile is charming!”

Taehyung rolls his eyes. “Might not be as charming when he kills me in my sleep while keeping that smile on.” He shudders. “You have a good sense of humour.” Jeonghoon points out, looking impressed. “I wasn’t joking.”

Jeonghoon walks towards his grandson while wiping his hands with a towel and sitting down next to him. “We want to cease this generations long war, Taehyung-ah. It has been too long of that. Ki hoon-ah agrees to it too.” “Who the fuck is Kihoon-ah?”

“Jeon Ki-hoon.” His grandfather slaps his back. “Keep up!” Taehyung groans, trying to soothe the stinging feeling in his back. “Well, I’m sorry I don’t want to do anything with your world!”

“Anyways. This unification can actually benefit us two clans a lot. Especially with the rise of another power clan from Suwon and Changwon combined.” Taehyung sighs. “So I have to be a pawn for your power drive here? Glad to see you raised me all those years for just that.”

His grandfather sighs, and puts an arm around Taehyung, rubbing at his shoulder. “I know you said you wanted an ordinary life, and while Jungkook is the heir, he does have a normal job and lives a relatively normal life if he’s not doing hang work. I don’t think you’ll

be limited to do anything even if you’re there. It won’t be like Daegu, but you’ll still be able to live that normal life you seek for. You can just meet with him, and see how it goes from there.” A pause. “Just for a year.”

Taehyung is confused. “What?” “This marriage. Make it last for a year, atleast.”


Taehyung sighs, glancing at his phone as he stands outside Incheon airport. “I can’t believe I agreed to this.” He says to no one in particular, looking around the crowd of people standing near the exit gates. He was told someone from the Jeon clan is supposed to pick him up.

As he looks around the people holding up name cards, he freezes when he sees his name. Two big man wearing black suits and black glasses, the evident sign of their tattoos creeping up from their neck, is making them stand out the most.

People around them were giving them space, looking terrified to even be around them, eyes glancing towards them once in a while. They’re also probably wondering who Kim Taehyung is.

Taehyung wants to slap his head, wonders if he can just slip past those men and get a taxi or something. But again, he’s not in Daegu and he does not want to disrespect a clan who had the most power in Seoul. He releases a deep sigh and walks towards the two men.

And of course, people stare. He realises it’s a good thing he wore some colour, in contrast to these men in black. He can just pretend he’s some rich chaebol with bodyguards, if anything. (taehyung’s outfit)

The men don’t talk much, as they lead Taehyung outside to a parked car, and he’s surprised to see more men standing guard there. It makes him wonder if he needs this much protection.

“The boss wants his future son-in-law to be as comfortable until we get to the house.” The man beside him suddenly says, making Taehyung flinch. “Ah. Yes.” Taehyung says, keeping to himself how all of this was making him more uncomfortable.

The man driving the car Taehyung is in, curtly explains that he’ll be meeting the boss, Jeon Kihoon first, since he wanted to greet and welcome him. Taehyung remembers meeting the man as a child, so he does not remember much of his face.

He did find a few photos of him online, attending some political and business conventions. He had a big name in Seoul, even though his clan originated from Busan. Maybe that protection was definitely needed.

The drive is longer than Taehyung anticipated, but when he does arrive, Taehyung is in awe of the place. It’s a traditional type house, a little away from the city, and at first glance, it does not look like the place is hoarding gangsters.

Taehyung is still cautious though, his hands getting clammy as he quietly follows the men leading him inside the house. The men suddenly stop in the middle of the hallway, swiftly bowing down with a loud, “Greetings!” echoing throughout the hallway.

Taehyung looks around, confused as hell, only to see the reason standing infront of him. His heart thumps a little.

Jeon Kihoon looks like he definitely lived a life full of…adventures. His face is rugged but Taehyung can see the handsomeness seeping through. He’s wearing a modern hanbok, hands clasped behind his back. He looks the same age as his grandfather, a little younger, probably.

“You must be Kim Taehyung.” Jeon Kihoon says, gaze racking all over Taehyung’s face and body, as if examining him. “You look just like your grandfather when he was young.” Taehyung gives him a practiced smile. “I’ve been told that a lot. It’s nice to meet you, Jeon Kihoon-ssi.”

Jeon Kihoon then turns around and ushers Taehyung to follow him. “I’m sorry that I could not personally come and pick you up from the airport. I had an early meeting I had to attend to. I hope your ride here was not too uncomfortable?”

Taehyung awkwardly laughs, politely following behind. “It’s alright. It was very comfortable.” He lies. “Thank you for a warm welcome.” He then looks around. “I had been told I would meet Jeon Jungkook-ssi…here?” Jeon Kihoon chuckles. “You seem eager to meet him.”

Taehyung clears his throat and blushes at the insunuation. He had only asked that because he thinks being around someone his age would ease his tensed soul a little. His grandpa did say Jungkook’s smile is charming. Jeon Kihoon was a straight up intimidating man.

“Ah no, I was just…curious.” As if on cue, the door behind them opens and Taehyung watches as a man in a black suit walks inside. He’s left looking because god damn was he hot! He’s wearing a black suit like the rest, but there is a boyish charm exuding from him.

He has a clean cut hair, a strand falling over his forehead, for eyes that’s currently looking at him and yes, the smile, it is charming just like his grandfather had said. Why is Seoul’s most ruthless heir this hot yet normal looking?

The word normal is ‘ambiguous’ in all sense, and Taehyung does not even know what normal can exactly mean. But with the way he had grown up, with gangsters around him, he’d say there is a distinct meaning behind looking normal.

Jeon Jungkook does /not/ look like an heir to the most ruthless crime syndicate in the country. At all. And Taehyung wonders if his speechlessness is because of that fact, or because he’s a little too taken in by that face. Screw his grandpa for knowing his taste in men.

“Pleased to make your acquaintance. I’m Jeon Jungkook.” He says, holding out his hand for Taehyung to shake. “O-Oh, likewise.” Taehyung says, holding Jungkook’s hand. It’s so warm and soft. “I’m Kim Taehyung.”

“I thought I told you to go and pick him up?” Jeon Kihoon says, when Jungkook lets Taehyung’s hand go and stands beside him, facing his father. “The meeting ran a bit late. I was about to go over there, but I got notified they were already on their way here, so I came here.”

Kihoon hums. “Well then, now that Jungkook is here, I’ll leave you two youngsters be. Jungkook, why don’t you show Taehyung around and take him to his accommodation.” He then turns to Taehyung. “I believe you are planning to stay here for quite some time?”

Taehyung quickly nods. “I wanted to scour some sites for this cafe I’m planning to open soon.” “A cafe?” Jungkook questions, a small smile playing on his lips. “Cute.” Taehyung tries his best not to flare up.

“I’ll let you be then. If you need me for something, just tell Jungkook.” Taehyung nods, bowing as Jeon Kihoon walks away with a few of his men. “I apologise for not picking you up from the airport. I suppose it was my duty to do so.” Jungkook says once it’s just them.

“Huh? N-No it’s fine! I don’t mind. I take it that you were busy. You can’t help being busy.” Taehyung awkwardly laughs. He had noticed how polite Jungkook is. Is he really different from the rumours? It seemed so.

“I’m glad.” He smiles, and Taehyung needs to calm his heart that picks up pace when directed with that smile. “There’s nothing here much, really.” Jungkook hums. “Since you won’t be coming here that much, how about we go to where you’ll be staying? You just be tired too.”

It’s like Taehyung can finally relax in that tensed atmosphere. “Will that be okay?” He asks. Jungkook nods, and swiftly grabs Taehyung’s hand. “Let’s go. I’m excited to show you the place.” As they walk away, Taehyung is very conscious of the hand holding his.

Jungkook does not really talk much during the drive to Taehyung’s accommodation. He had thought he’d just be living at the house. “I thought it would have been a little awkward and uncomfortable for you to stay there.” Jungkook had said. “I wanted to give you your own space.”

Jungkook’s thoughtfulness really touched Taehyung’s heart though. It would have been really uncomfortable if he stayed at the main house with big burly men coming in and out of there. Who knows what even goes on in the secret rooms if there were any? His grandfather had those.

But while Taehyung hadn’t expected much about the place he would be staying in, his mouth drops down when he steps out of the car and faces a beautiful two storey villa in a residential area.

“I-I’m going to be staying here?” Taehyung asks, just in case. Jungkook nods, the smile still present. “We were already planning to renovate this house, but since you were coming, I instructed them to renovate it to your taste.”

Taehyung is still in shock. “W-What?” “I heard you liked the colour grey on houses, with a touch of black, so I hope it’s to your liking. Oh! I also heard you liked swimming, so I had a pool installed. Do you want to go see?”

“Wait wait. I mean, you really did all this just for me? I’m thankful! But l-like I’m not even sure ab-about all of this a-arrangement between us and what if I decline? Wouldn’t this all be a waste to do? You didn’t have to go all the way like this.” Taehyung huffs.

Jungkook stares at Taehyung before he looks like he realises something. “Ah. You’re worried and confused.” Something in the way he says that makes Taehyung more confused. Jungkook’s not asking. He’s stating it.

But the smile is back on his face again. “I should have explained first. My bad.” He looks sheepish. “Well, this arrangement had been sudden.” He agrees, and Taehyung nods immediately. Jungkook then opens the gate and ushers Taehyung inside, the latter following behind.

“I mean, an arranged marriage between two people who hadn’t even met is kind of bizarre.” Jungkook chuckles. “I heard it was my grandfather who proposed the idea too. So, I can understand your concern.” Taehyung breathes a sigh of relief.

“But you don’t have to mind all this. I had plans to renovate this place entirely so you coming here provided the opportunity to do so. I’m not picky either, so even if you decline our arrangement, you can stay here comfortably for as long as you want.”

Taehyung wonders if Jungkook is actually an angel rumoured to be the devil. Because what the heck? He wanted to bonk the person who’d started those rumours.

“I also thought it wouldn’t really work out, you know? But still, when I heard you were willing to come and just try, it made me happy.” Taehyung blinks, staring straight at Jungkook, who’s opening the main door now. His heart picks up pace again.

“Let’s go in then! I’ll show you around.” “O-Okay.” Taehyung says, biting down on his lips as he follows Jungkook inside.

The place is /huge/ inside, and it all looks brand new. Taehyung feels a little burdened by the fact that it was renovated to suit his taste, and it shows. It makes him wonder if Jungkook had talked to his grandfather about it.

But then a sudden question arises within him. “There’s gas and electricity, I just need to have the air conditioner installed. I’ll have to call the—“ “Am I going to be living here alone?” Taehyung braves himself to ask.

Jungkook pauses in his steps and turns to look at Taehyung. “Do you want to live alone?” Taehyung clears his throat. “It would have been fine if it was an apartment, but I think it’s better to…have someone here. Just in case. Since I’m not too familiar with Seoul.”

Taehyung wonders if whatever he said made sense, because it was starting to not make sense in his head. He’s about to say it’s fine, that he’ll manage, but Jungkook beats him to it. “That’s good then. I was going to ask if it is okay with you for me to live here as well.”

Taehyung blinks. “It’s your house. You shouldn’t even have to ask.” He waves it off. “So, we’re going to be living together?” Jungkook nods, walking towards Taehyung. It makes Taehyung want to take a step back, but his feet stay rooted to the ground.

“Both of our purposes is to get to know each other better. I believe it is a beneficial arrangement.” Jungkook says. He’s close, just a few inches apart. Taehyung gulps down the lump in his throat. “I g-guess so.” He says, looking away. “The pool. Let’s go see the pool!”

Taehyung hears Jungkook chuckling behind him, his cheeks heating up. If this keeps up, he might just agree to this nonsensical marriage proposal. He sighs, willing himself to focus on checking out the house instead of his fast beating heart.


After Jungkook patiently gives Taehyung a house tour, the pool area included, he finally shows Taehyung to his room in the first floor. “My room is right down the hallway if you need anything.” Jungkook says, and Taehyung bows in gratefulness yet again.

He had been cautious ever since he arrived to Seoul, even though it was unlikely that the Jeon clan would make him disappear overnight. He was just being paranoid over the fact that he had come alone.

His grandfather had promised him that the Jeon clan will give him the protection, now that there were talks about him joining their family. Taehyung had noticed a few men standing outside, sort of bodyguards, and he makes a mental note to ask Jungkook about them later.

But then again, there is a certain security that comes from being around Jungkook too. He looks normal. The word flashes in his head again. And maybe Taehyung had always sought for that normalcy growing up in a gang family. Jungkook looks like someone who’d understand him.

And the next few days, it’s…pretty normal for Taehyung. Jungkook is helpful, very sweet—asking Taehyung if he needs anything or if he’s comfortable at the house. He even makes breakfast for Taehyung before going to work, calls him during lunch hours (they exchanged numbers),

and honestly Taehyung is shocked that despite the countless doubts about having to be involved with the gang work of the Jeon clan (or maybe learning the ropes of being a member, just in case), they seem relatively normal for being the most feared.

Or maybe they had made a deal with his grandfather after knowing about Taehyung’s predicament about not wanting to be involved in /that/ part of their lives. Either way, Taehyung realises he’s living a pretty blissful life.

He walks down the stairs in the third morning of being in Seoul, stretching a little as he walks towards the kitchen only to see Jungkook already dressed and setting the plates on the table. “Good morning.” Taehyung greets.

Jungkook looks up and smiles at Taehyung. “You’re up.” His smile widens. “And you have ridiculous bed hair.” Taehyung blushes, quickly patting down his hair. “It’s not always this bad.” He grumbles, sitting down on the table.

Jungkook keeps looking at him with a smile. “I didn’t say it was bad. It looks cute on you.” Yeah. Taehyung blushes yet again.

Over the three days of living together, Taehyung had come to know Jungkook was also a very smooth talker and he got him blushing like a teenager every chance he gets. “So, you’re already leaving for work?” Taehyung changes the subject, shifting on his seat.

Jungkook nods, taking a bread and biting down on it before grabbing his coat that had been placed on an empty chair. “I’m sorry I won’t be able to join you today. I have an early meeting. I might come back late too, so I’ll inform the housekeeper to come help cook for you.”

Taehyung feels warm yet again. “I can cook by myself. It’s alright.” Jungkook smiles at him. “Still. I’ll send her over just in case.” Taehyung nods, a little shy under Jungkook’s stare. “There will be a few escorts outside if you want to go anywhere.”

“Oh, I can go al—“ “Taehyung.” Jungkook interrupts again and its a playful tone, as if asking Taehyung to let him do that for him atleast. “You’re in Seoul now, and even if it might not be the case now, dangers can be lurking anywhere.”

There’s a shadow that looks over Jungkook’s head, and it makes Taehyung freeze for a second. What the fuck was that? But the smile is back up on Jungkook’s face. “It’s just that you being here might have reached the ears of…enemies, for lack of better words.”

Taehyung sighs, nodding. He knows about it all too well. Jungkook does not elaborate on it, and Taehyung is thankful for that. So he just nods. “Alright. Take care then.” Jungkook smiles, and before Taehyung can comprehend, Jungkook leans over and ruffles his hair

before he takes his coat and leaves the room. Taehyung pats the spot Jungkook had touched, watching his retreating back until he disappears. He smiles as he starts eating his breakfast, until it falls when he remembers that split second of expression he’d seen on Jungkook.


Taehyung finds himself wide awake at 2 in the morning. He’s usually someone who sleeps early, but for some reason, he cannot fall asleep. There’s a lot on his mind, if he is being honest.

His grandfather’s cryptic request of staying in Seoul for a year with Jeon Jungkook, the Jeon clan heir being as normal as a gangster is /not/ supposed to be—completely deviating from all the rumours he had heard, this big, empty house, and just what the fuck he’s doing.

And he cannot possibly forget what split moment of emotion that had flickered across Jungkook’s face. Is it because he had seen Jungkook be nothing but sweet in the few days they have been staying together? It did come as a surprise. He remembers the chills he had felt.

Sighing, Taehyung gets out of bed, wanting to go take some water from the kitchen, and maybe walk around a little, since he’s not as sleepy. He gets himself a cup of water, walking towards the tall ‘floor-to-ceiling’ glass windows which looks over the pool.

There are dim lamp posts lighting the pool and the small garden area, so Taehyung takes the sight in. The night is peaceful after all. But that peace is quickly shattered when Taehyung’s gaze turns towards the backyard door.

Jungkook had given him a tour of the backyard and Taehyung had noticed the door, despite not really being talked about much. Taehyung watches, as a hoard of men in black enter through the back door, holding it open as of waiting for someone to walk in.

And the person does walk in. It’s Jungkook who walks in. Hair unkempt, the first few buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, his black coat hanging by his arm and his white shirt covered in…is that blood?

Taehyung keeps watching, in shock and pure surprise, as he sees the man who had always been smiling, walk inside the property with an emotionless face, splatters of blood on his face clearly visible under the garden lights. Even his hands are covered in the red liquid.

Taehyung gulps, the reality sinking in. He quickly moves to hide against the curtain when he notices Jungkook looking his way from outside, hoping he didn’t notice him standing there. Taehyung takes a deep breath, as if dazed. “He really is a gangster, huh?”

Maybe the first few days of being around a seemingly normal Jungkook, had made Taehyung feel a little too comfortable around him. Who was he kidding? A Jeon clan heir was not going to be some goody-two-shoes, office worker who followed the justice system to the dot.

Or maybe, Taehyung made the mistake of thinking that Jungkook, despite being around violence and crime, would be a little like him—wanting to get away from the chaos of being born into a gang family. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same for others.

Especially for a family like the Jeon, who had generations of history as evidence for their almost psychotic bloodshed towards anyone who went against them.

Taehyung is not exactly scared. Okay, maybe he is, a little. But he’s grown around that similar brutality to completely want to run away from all of this. It does come as a shock though.

The next morning, Taehyung closely watches Jungkook as he hums around the kitchen, looking for ingredients to make breakfast. He does /not/ look like someone who came home with someone else’s blood on him last night. Taehyung bites his lips.

That’s probably what he does when he’s not going his office work. “I have an off day today.” Jungkook tells him, aimlessly working through the ingredients. Taehyung hums. “Then is it okay if you accompany me somewhere?”

Jungkook turns to look at him, eyebrows furrowed. He looks awkwardly curious, if that even makes sense. “I have Lee out there if you want him to drive you anywhere you wanted to go.” Taehyung clears his throat. “Well yeah, but I think I’m more comfortable with you.”

Jungkook looks like he’s thinking about it. Taehyung quickly chimes in. “It’s just the area that I’m thinking for my cafe is near your office, so maybe you’ll be able to help me around the area, since I’m not familiar with it. Also, we can spend some time out of the house.”

Jungkook nods. “I suppose that’s one way to get to know each other. Sure. I can get ready after I get done with a quick virtual meeting.” Taehyung purses his lips. “Is it…gang work?” Jungkook looks at Taehyung before a small smile appears on his lips. “No. Not today.”


Taehyung glances at Jungkook who’s walking beside him. He looks different out of his suit, with the beige coloured hoodie he’s wearing. Like a /normal/ young man. The word normal floats around Taehyung’s head until it completely disappears.

Guess he cannot really use it for Jungkook now. Taehyung looks around the streets of Seoul, the people, the stores, the restaurants, and a certain buzz spreads across his chest. It’s what he had wanted for the longest time and he was finally in the heart of the city.

“Where did you say the location was?” Jungkook asks, turning to look at Taehyung. “Oh, I have the business card right here.” Taehyung says, as he rummages in his bag to find it, only to realise he’d kept it in his smaller purse and that purse was currently not in his bag.

“I think I left it in the car.” Taehyung deadpans. Jungkook blinks. “Oh. Well—“ “I’ll go get it!” Taehyung immediately says. “I’m sorry for the trouble. I’ll be right back!” He says running towards the direction of the parked car. They had walked quite a bit though. “Bu—“

Taehyung doesn’t wait to listen what Jungkook has to say, partly because he’s paranoid about having to make this kind of mistake. He’s usually a composed person. But as he manoeuvres his way through the streets of Seoul at night, he realises he’s literally quite lost.

“Dammit.” He looks around, but neither does he see a familiar doe eyed smiling guy, nor does he see the car that was supposed to be parked somewhere nearby. He rummages through his bag again, only to notice he didn’t have his phone on him either. Great.

Taehyung decides to retrace his step back at least, the streets getting more confusing the more he tries to remember which way he came back in, but he’s pretty sure he’s getting more lost. “I’m doomed.” He sighs, stopping in front of an alleyway.

“Look what we have here.” A voice says, and Taehyung turns towards the alleyway to see a few unfamiliar men looking at him with sly smiles on their faces. “Wait I think I saw him next to the Jeon clan leader! He’s the one who came from Daegu!” Another voice says.

Taehyung keeps staring their way, heart thudding wildly. Were they part of some gang? “Wow. So it’s true.” A guy walks towards Taehyung and walks around him. “The Jeon heir is looking for a plaything, huh? You’re pretty. Did he have a taste of you yet?”

“I have somewhere I have to go. If you’ll excuse me—“ The man puts an arm around Taehyung’s shoulder and leads him to the alleyway instead. “Come on. We haven’t finished talking yet. Spare us some of your time.” He grins. Taehyung sighs.

“I think I told you someone is waiting for me.” Taehyung calmly tries to reason. “This is a bi—“ “Don’t try to make a scene then.” The man instructs with a laugh. “I can just kill you if you don’t co-operate. You don’t look like someone who’s even seen blood.”

Taehyung tries not to roll his eyes, despite his heart going crazy. Just what kind of situation had he let himself into? “Let m—“ A sudden force and the person who had been holding Taehyung’s shoulder flies forward, landing hard on the ground.

Taehyung, who’s in the middle of three other men, blinks in shock before turning back. It’s Jungkook, smiling at him. “Taehyung. Come here.” Taehyung quickly goes towards Jungkook, watching as Jungkook walks towards the man currently down on the ground, grabbing his collar

and whamming punch after punch on his face. It soon gets bloody. “I did hear about rats crawling the sewers of Seoul after a certain news got leaked. So it’s you guys?” Jungkook asks. He’s calm, and he’s smiling. Taehyung shudders.

“I-Jungkook. It’s en—“ “Ah. Taehyung-ah. Just wait a little bit more, okay?” Jungkook sweetly tells him, before turning to the man currently groaning in pain, face not even identifiable because of the blood. His other friends had run off somewhere.

“Hey. Can you hear me?” Jungkook’s voice changes in an instant. It’s colder, piercing through the night. “Fucking look at me when I’m talking to you.” The man just groans in pain.

“Well, you don’t seem like you can talk.” Jungkook hums, before grabbing the back of his hair and yanking his face upwards. “But you do seem like you can hear. So listen up. I’m not killing you because you’re the only one left here. Your friends left you out here to die.”

The man groans again. “But I won’t kill you. You need to relay this message to the big man up there alright? You’re a rat from Suwon aren’t you? I saw the tattoo. Tell them to not touch what belongs to the Jeon’s alright? Starting from that man you carelessly decided to touch.”

A chill runs down Taehyung’s spine. “I don’t care if you decide to come for revenge.” Jungkook continues. “Actually, you should come for revenge. That way I can have some fun picking you apart piece by piece. Make sure to tell that to your friends. Okay?” “Ok-Okay.”

Jungkook then stands up, walking towards Taehyung. “Shall we go?” Taehyung blinks, coming out of his shock. “T-That—Shouldn’t we call an ambulance or something?” “It’s okay. He won’t die.” “Is it really okay though? Shouldn’t we at least—“ “It’s really okay.”

“Still—“ “You might be in shock, huh? Now that you’re under the protection of the Jeon clan, you really shouldn’t be. You might encounter situations like this, especially if you’re going out alone. This really isn’t Daegu, you know?”

“S-Sorry. I wasn’t aware and ju—“ “It’s okay. Let’s just go.” Taehyung gulps yet again. “Wait! What if someone reports you if you go out with that much blood?” “Ah.” Jungkook looks down. “I suppose that can happen. It’s alright, I can just remove the hoodie.”

Jungkook turns around to remove his hoodie. Taehyung takes the time to collect his thoughts. He did witness a brutal scene and the man might be in need of medical help, but then Jungkook just seemed a thousand times scarier even if he’s smiling so what should he eve—

Taehyung suddenly freezes when he sees Jungkook coming closer to him, hands lifted up to touch his face. “Are you okay?” Out of instinct, Taehyung slaps Jungkook’s hand away. The two of them stare at each other for a few seconds. Taehyung in shock, Jungkook—emotionless.

Jungkook suddenly laughs and rubs his face, smudges of blood getting on his flawless face. He looks scarier. Taehyung shakes a step back. “Ah. This is too tiring. I can’t keep up with this anymore.” Jungkook says. Taehyung takes another step back. “W-What?”

“You know, I had actually been looking forward to meet you, Taehyung.” Jungkook says, taking a step towards Taehyung. “The grandson of the leader of Kim Jeonghoon? A beauty at that? I was excited to meet you after all that I’d heard about you.”

Taehyung keeps taking his steps back, until his back hits the rough walls of the alleyway. His heart is gripping in fear and he doesn’t know how to get out of that spot. For the first time, Jungkook seems like a stranger.

“You were supposedly spoilt, rotten and selfish to the core, someone who thought the world revolves around him.” Jungkook lists out, getting closer. “Someone who’d even kill to get what he wants, someone who’s supposed to fuck me up and step all over me. A huge brat at that.”

Taehyung tries to appear calm. “What are y-you even saying?” “You don’t get it?” Jungkook asks, as if mocking him. Taehyung feels the strength in his legs give up and he slides down on the floor. Jungkook crouches down right in front of him with a smile.

“To sum it up, you’re much more normal than I had expected you to be. Maybe I got bored pretending to be the nice guy to go along with you. I was waiting for you to crack, after all. But maybe rumours will be just rumours, huh?”

Taehyung stays quiet, hands fisting to stop the tremble. “I thought we’d have fun for a year, but sorry. It was getting too burdensome to deal with this. Maybe it’s my fault for getting my hopes up, after all.”

Taehyung still doesn’t say anything. Jungkook stares at him for a second longer. “Aren’t you disappointed in me? Do you plan on returning to Daegu? You can still stay here, but you’ll pretty much be worthless to me, you know?”

Jungkook suddenly claps his hands together. Taehyung flinches at the sound.

“Actually, why don’t you go back to Daegu and tell your grandfather all of this? Wouldn’t it be fun if this could fuel some fire and start a fight between our clans or something?” Jungkook grins, as he stands up. “I never really gave two shits about the peace treaty, after all.”

From where he’s sitting and looking up at Jungkook, Taehyung could maybe understand a little what he had heard about Jungkook being the devil king of the streets of Seoul.


“So he left?” Jimin asks, incredulously. Jungkook takes out the cigarette from his lips and presses it against the skin of the person currently tied to the chair.

A scream echoes through the big and spacious warehouse, but as Jungkook flicks his wrist, a burly man hurls a hard blow at the screaming man, making him unconscious. “Who knows?” Jungkook says, ordering for a cleanup as he walks away, Jimin following behind him.

“He didn’t come back to the house, and he took a few things of his. He probably did.” Jimin scoffs, folding his arms. “And you didn’t think you should tell your father about it? It’s the peace treaty you’re messing with.”

Jungkook stops and turns towards Jimin. “You know it’s bullshit, don’t you?” Jimin grits his teeth. “What is?” “The peace treaty. The old man’s been crazy over the fact that Daegu might join hands with Suwon if he didn’t latch on first. You think I wouldn’t know?”

Jimin doesn’t say anything. “You think keeping little Jeonnie boy in the dark will stop be from going crazy? Forget it. I might cause even more chaos. Kim Taehyung might be a contributing factor. Atleast he was of some use.” Jungkook chuckles. “It’s a little too quiet though.”


Jungkook had always been a light sleeper. When he was just 13, his father had him trained to be someone who’d even know if he was being attacked in the dead of night. To be someone who is always ready to defend himself. A killing machine even when doused in sleep.

So when he hears the tiniest bit of sound coming from inside his room, he immediately wakes up, putting his hand under his pillow to get his gun, confusion settling in when he finds it empty. “Looking for this?” A familiar voice asks, and Jungkook turns around.

“Taehyung. Hi.” Jungkook says, still sitting on the bed. Taehyung, who’s leaning against the wall of Jungkook’s room, and who’s twirling his gun around his finger, walks out of the shadows and walks towards him. “Hey there. It’s been a while, Jungkook.”

“It sure has been.” “You thought I went back to Daegu?” Taehyung asks next, a smile blooming on his face just like Jungkook’s does, both of them smiling at each other now, as if meeting a long lost friend.

“I actually did. But it did make me wonder since I didn’t hear anything about a possible clash.” “Well, too bad for you then. Did I take away your idea of fun?”

“You did, actually.” Jungkook says, eyeing the gun in his hand. “How did you get the gun?” “Oh this? You aren’t that much of a light sleeper, Jungkook. I’m kinda surprised.” Taehyung says, walking closer to Jungkook. “And under the pillow? Really? Be a little original.”

Jungkook just chuckles. “Honestly, I disappeared because of what you told me at the alleyway.” Taehyung says. “I might be normal, and that might have bored your wacky ass, but did you forget I am the grandson of Kim Jeonghoon, the greatest clan leader of all time?”

Jungkook quietly looks at Taehyung, a rumble spreading across his chest. It’s subtle, but it’s rising and it’s there.

“Honestly, it was a major turn off.” Taehyung continues, walking even closer to Jungkook’s side. “It’s not like I didn’t get you either. I heard you were all sorts of crazy, after all. So, when you called me worthless for wanting to live a normal life while being beside you,

it pissed me the fvck off.” Taehyung now glares at Jungkook. His eyes look wild, almost the crazy kind. Jungkook smirks. “And then I realised, I didn’t ask you to fvcking help me in the alleyway. You swooped in with your knight in shining armour complex,

beat the sh!t out of those men without a second thought, because you are a psychotic maniac who likes to think with your fists first, after all. Aren’t ya?” “I’m glad you know.” Jungkook shrugs.

Taehyung scoffs at that and kneels on the bed before he grabs Jungkook’s hand and pushes him down on the bed, one hand tightly holding both of Jungkook’s hands above his head and the other pointing the gun right below Jungkook’s chin. “Again,I didn’t ask for your fvcking help.”

“Did you know what I did these past few days? I pulled out every little sh!ts from the sewers of Seoul who dared touch me in the alleyway, /found/ out who their leader was under Suwon and handed those nosy rats to my grandpa’s jurisdiction in Seoul.”

Taehyung laughs right in Jungkook’s face. “Safe to say, even the mighty Jeon clan could not wriggle out the kind of information we did.” Jungkook stares up at Taehyung in awe.

“I don’t need someone like you to tell me what my worth is. I won’t be going back to Daegu, so do your best you masochistic shithead. Just try to not get carried away too much. Got it?” Taehyung grits his words out, staring straight down at Jungkook, who’s just a few inches away.

“I might not want to be involved in the hay ever sh!t it is that keeps you going, but I am trying to live a normal life. I know that how much ever of a decent life I have lived so far, I am not all that innocent and unaware of this world that I am a part of.

I didn’t need you or anyone to fvck that up for me. I might not even get a decent death.” Taehyung is furious, gaze boring through Jungkook’s dazed ones. “So even if I have to crawl on the floor, choking on my own blood, I will fvck you up if you try to get in my way.”

Taehyung releases a deep sigh, letting go of Jungkook’s hand and about to get up only for Jungkook to grab his hand and turn him around, so that he’s the one under Jungkook this time. “Holy fvck. I think I’m in love with you.” Jungkook says, eyes wide and with a grin. “What?”

“No, I mean, seriously, that was the most thrilling I have ever felt in a long time.” Jungkook tries to explainwhile Taehyung tries to wriggle out of his grasp. “Are you crazy? That doesn’t mean you’re in love—let me go!”

Taehyung somehow manages to get out from under Jungkook, heaving heavily when he stands next to the bed. “You said it was even tiring to be around me! And now you come up with this sh!t?” Taehyung is disbelieved.

“I’m really serious. I love you. Let’s get married.” Jungkook says, still smiling, that excited candor very much evident and not at all leaving. “Oh fvck off!” Taehyung yells, before walking out Jungkook’s room and slamming the door shut.

He leans against the closed door, hearing Jungkook laugh out loud from inside. “That crazy fvcker.” Taehyung whispers into the night, tiredly walking towards his own room.


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