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May 9

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1/4》Frank, you wrote, "Only 6% of Russia's vast borders are with Nato countries" But it's really even less than that. Russia proper (not counting Kaliningrad Oblast) is bordered by 12 countries, only three of which are NATO members (Estonia, Latvia & Norway).

2/4》In alphabetical order they are: Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Latvia, Mongolia, Norway, and Ukraine. Additionally, Kaliningrad Oblast is bordered by Poland and Lithuania, which are NATO members.…

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3/4》Russia's borders (including Kaliningrad) total about 57,792 km, of which about 37,551 are seashore, 20,241 km are land borders with non-NATO countries, and 1,215 km are borders with NATO countries (including 512 km of borders with Kaliningrad).

4/4》Counting Kaliningrad, 1,215 / 57,792 = only 2.10% of Russia's borders are with NATO. Not counting Kaliningrad, only 1.23% of Russia's borders are with NATO. @Thread Reader App @Rattibha رتبها unroll/compile

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