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May 7, 2022
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Taekook AU, Taehyung knows how to run, how to fight and that he can never be found. Prince Jeongguk swore that he will find the man that stole his son from him. But he doesn't understand why he can't possibly bring himself to push his sword into his chest when he finds him.

-Jeon Jeongguk -Soon to be king -He gave up so much to be in the position he is in right now -But he will never let his son be another sacrifice -Even if he is starting to question his whole life -Even if all his secrets come to life -Because he's all he still knows
-Taehyung -Jeongguk knows that he is the one that stole his son -He swore to k*ll him the moment he'd see him -But why is his eyes glowing blue? -And why does his hands shake on the sword? -Why does the only thing that feels right is how his own son calls the thief 'papa'?
-Park Jimin -Jeongguk's step brother -The person that is the closest to Jeongguk and yet has been so distant -Every time he sees him he looks at him with sad eyes, like he knows just how much Jeongguk has lost -Maybe even better than Jeongguk himself
-Min Yoongi -The one that Taehyung joined when he ran away -He is always seem to be around him and -He has intimidating red eyes when he's angry. The kind of red that doesn't look quite like Jeongguk's but similar -The kind of red that is mixed with so much emotions and anger
-Jung Hoseok -Jeongguk's other brother -The one that ran away and never intended to come back -And the person that might actually have some answers -Not that Jeongguk would ever seek a traitor for answers -Not unless it involves people more important than himself
-Kim Namjoon -Jeongguk doesn't believe in supernatural beings, even if he himself is secretly one but he has heard so much about men who practice magic -The same magic that has been banned from their land -And he has specifically heard of Namjoon, the sorcerer
-Kim Seokjin -Jeongguk's land has had the biggest conflicts with their land -And as far as Jeongguk is concerned, they are the enemy -But he wouldn't mind sneaking into the enemies land to find his precious one -Even if he never expected the land to be this different
-Vampire/ werewolf -Father TK -MP -Angst -fluff -Some comedy - Hate to love(?) -It'll be more 18+ than usual -You know the gigs, the more you interact with the story, the better it will be -Don't ghost read please. Even if you don't comment your likes can help the story a lot
-so if you can please try to follow the story and support it as it's going. Even if you have some days of delays. The story needs the most support and opinions while it's going -There would be polls -I know what I'm doing -T.R.U.S.T M.E - Enjoy the ride with the characters <3
Jeongguk stands in front of his window, looking up at the sky. The door opens up. There was no knock but Jeongguk knew who it would be. He even knows who it is. "I heard you're moving tonight." Jimin says, closing the door behind himself. Jeongguk doesn't move.
Jimin walks a bit closer, a bit hesitant. Jeongguk can hear it. The way the blood rushes through his veins, the way his heart is beating. It's distracting! "Are you sure you're even going to find him?" Jimin asks. Jeongguk turns around at that, his red eyes shining in the dark.
Jimin looks into Jeongguk's eyes and looks away in frustration. It's something he does often, he never seems to hold eye contact with Jeongguk. There is always so many emotions in his eyes. Jeongguk can't relate. He doesn't remember how it felt to feel!
"He's my son!" Son... somehow this word is the only thing that makes his heart feel a slight tingle. There should be a lot of things he needs to care about. The problem is that Jeongguk stopped caring about anything but this a long time ago!
"I know that you probably won't even feel it... but it's been years Guk. We don't even know if that boy is still alive. We don't even know what happened, if he'd even still want you. If-" "It doesn't matter." Jeongguk says. "It matters." Jimin insists.
"How would you even know it's him?" Jimin asks. Jeongguk stares up at the moon again. "I'll know." He says. "Unless you think I'm crazy too." Jimin's expression softens at that. "You're not crazy Jeongguk... It's just that a vampire reproducing is unheard of."
"I know he was mine hyung." Jeongguk says, looking at him with serious eyes. "He's the first thing I remember. He was holding my hand with his small ones, his eyes looked like mine. I could feel it, he was all I wanted to have." Jimin bites his bottom lip.
"That's what vampires feel around blood Jeongguk-ah." He points out again. "I didn't want to drink, I would never drink." Jeongguk says, shaking his head. "He was in my arms when that bastard snatch him and ran away. I was too weak to stop him then, not anymore!"
"Maybe-" "I'm getting him back." Jeongguk cuts him. "I'm going to find them, I get back my son and I'll make sure that man will never breathe to see another sunlight. No one is allowed to touch what's mine." His brother sighs in defeat.
"At least promise me one thing." Jimin says, finally looking up at Jeongguk's red eyes. "If you find him, you're not going to do anything that'd tear that little boy apart." "Why would I hurt my own son?" Jeongguk asks. "One would wonder!" Jimin says, walking to the door.
Jeongguk watches him walk out of the door and then looks up at the moon again. And then he suddenly jumps down from the balcony, turning into a bat as he flies far away from the castle. This could be just another baseless search, but Jeongguk will do anything to find him!
Taehyung sighs, trying to grab more water from the hole. "Can I help?" A boy suddenly looks at him. He is on top of the tree above Taehyung's head, staying upside down. "No. What did I tell you about climbing the trees?" Taehyung asks, lifting him to put him down.
"You didn't say it today." The younger boy says. "Where is uncle Yoongi?" Taehyung asks. "He pretended to fall asleep when I started talking about 50 different ways we can pet a bird. First way is to just-" Taehyung suddenly stands still, pushing the boy behind himself.
"Papa?" The boy calls his name, looking a bit confused. Taehyung looks around with serious eyes. "Remember what I told you about not climbing the trees?" Taehyung asks. "That I shouldn't?" The boy says unsurely. "Now I need you to do it." "Climb the trees?"
He sounds excited. "Yes. We're gonna have to do a little race. If I or anyone else sees you before you reach uncle Yoongi you'll lose. Do you understand?" Taehyung whispers to him. "YES!" The little boy says and then runs to the first tree he can reach to climb.
Jeongguk stands behind one of the trees, hearing them from a mile away. It's them! It took Jeongguk so long to actually get here but he finally has and he's not going to let them run anymore. He has already taken his shot so he can just catch them in the sun!
He rushes to them, following the sound of the blood flowing but something suddenly changes. And before Jeongguk can even figure out what it is, he feels it jump on him. He looks up at the wolf with wide eyes, trying to figure out where the hell it just came from.
The wolf growls at him, showing him its angry teeth but for a moment, for a slight moment, his teeth go back into its mouth, its eyes look a little surprised too. And that is what Jeongguk uses to throw the wolf away. Where did the man go? He looks around.
The smell is still around but he can hear the sound of no human hearts around. Only the child that is going away. And that's when he realizes! The wolf he just threw away is going to the same direction his son is. He rushes after them.
He's so much quicker than a normal wolf so of course he catches up to the wolf before it can reach his little boy. He holds onto the wolf's neck, holding it up. The wolf tries to struggle, finally managing to bite the vampire's hand, drawing bl*od. Jeongguk drops it.
"You little..." Jeongguk shakes his hand a bit until it heals itself. The wolf starts moving back, clearly a little hurt from the threw before. "You're being a really bad boy now. Do you want me to drink you dry?" He asks as a threat, walking closer to the wolf.
"Don't get anywhere close to my son again." Jeongguk says, he is about to turn. If the boy gets any further, Jeongguk won't be able to hear him! But he still pauses, noticing the way the wolf just suddenly howls, starting to change its shape.
He frowns in confusion. What is happening? It starts becoming clearer as the wolf's body starts looking more like the shape of a man whose eyes Jeongguk can't still see but his blood starts boiling from it. "He's n-not your son." The man's voice shakes. "He's mine!"
The man looks up through his hair, his angry blue eyes shining threateningly under the bangs. Jeongguk's hand starts itching to reach his sword until it does and then launches to the werewolf, pressing him against the tree with his sword on his neck.
It's annoying, how the werewolf is still looking at him as if he is the one with the sword, even though Jeongguk's hand is the one shaking on it. It makes no sense, why is his hand shaking? He looks into his eyes, trying to at least intimidate him with his red eyes.
"You wouldn't want to mess up with an angry werewolf Jeongguk." He says with wild eyes. "At least you know the name of the man whose son you just stole out of convenience." Jeongguk says. Taehyung scoffs. "Convenience!" He repeats it. "I guess that's one way to put it."
Jeongguk is not meant to feel, but he feels so much right now. He feels the way he wants to just bite his neck and drink every last drop of bl*od in his body. He's angry! "But guess what. You'll never get to my son unless you walk over my dead body." The werewolf says.
Jeongguk holds the sword over his chest. "Where did you send him?" The vampire asks angrily. The werewolf just looks at him with a smirk and a knowing look. Jeongguk has had it, he wants to finish it, to just push the sword in. But he just... he can't! He can't move his hand!
He drops the sword and holds onto his cheeks. That seems to take the werewolf taken back a bit more because he visibly stands stiff. Jeongguk tries to use his powers to get into his eyes. Taehyung looks between his eyes and then relaxes his face. "It won't work."
Jeongguk bites his own lip from frustration, it draws a bit of blo*d. Taehyung looks at the red liquid until the scar closes up again, but his eyes don't really look away. "Why the hell not?" Jeongguk asks. "Because I'm an original Omega, you're not an original vampire."
Jeongguk can't remember the last time he has felt this... this... whatever this is! "You can't do anything. You could try and actually k*ll me but I promise, even if you do find Junghwa, he will never call you father." Taehyung says. That does it.
He tilts the Omega's head and bites onto his neck hard. The werewolf shouts in pain, fisting his fingers onto the vampire's hair as the said vampire starts drinking from the scar he just made. The omega's hold suddenly starts getting gentler, his body going still.
Jeongguk very much intends to just suck him dry, make sure he'll never see another light like he promised. It must be his hatred because he can't even stop as if he is trying to suck something deep down inside of the werewolf out of him. That is until he feels it.
He's not even sure what it is, it is just the slow rush of warmth, the sweet and familiar scent of vanilla, the way his anger slowly starts being replaced by something else. He's not sure what, it might be- "PAPA!" He suddenly quickly pulls away as if he got burnt.
Taehyung quickly holds onto his neck, falling on his knees. "Hyung, what the hell?" Taehyung asks, looking at a third figure with accusing eyes. "I told him to stay. The little devil followed me." The man says as he gets closer to the Omega and lends him a coat.
"Papa!" The younger boy rushes to Taehyung as he tries to put the coat on. "You should one day learn to listen to us Junghwa." Taehyung says, barely even understanding his own words after losing so much bl*od. "You're bleeding!" The little boy says in a panic.
"I'm okay!" He tries to sound convincing even though he clearly isn't. The little boy runs in front of him as if to use his body to shield his father's, opening his arms. "YOU did it. You're a horrible horrible person! Go away." The boy says, mad at the vampire.
Jeongguk stares at the little boy, feeling strange. He doesn't know why! He can't remember the last time he felt anything this... real! Sure, he felt longing! He felt things to a small extent, close to nothing, he felt anger! But this is different!
He was too distracted by what was happening to him while drinking that he didn't even notice when the other man and the little boy approached them. And now, as he looks at the boy's angry doe eyes, he feels his heart... clenching? What is this feeling?
"Junghwa!" The other man rushes to the boy, lifting him in his arms but the boy tries to struggle. "LET ME GO, LET ME GO, LET ME KICK HIS BUTT." The little boy is saying but Jeongguk feels dizzy. His eyes fall on the Omega who is barely keeping himself awake.
Taehyung's eyes fall on him too as he forces himself to get up, his knees shaking in the process. "Hyung, take him away. He'll recover from drinking any moment." Taehyung says. "I'm TRYING." Yoongi says, still struggling to hold the baby still. He ends up dragging the boy away.
Recover? Did he know Jeongguk would start feeling strange like this if he'd drink? Jeongguk should probably follow the other man and the baby but his eyes are still fixed on the werewolf that is slowly getting closer to him. "Jeongguk, listen to me!" Taehyung says.
His has his hand up, as if he is holding a small defense against him in case Jeongguk snaps. Is Jeongguk going to snap? Seriously? Jeongguk has no idea because everything in his body is starting to feel slower somehow. "I know you probably feel too much at once!" Tae says.
He's so shaky! "But I'm right here. If you're angry, it's fine. Take it out on me." He says, trying to buy more time until Yoongi can take Junghwa far enough and maybe TIED HIM TO A FREAKING TREE so he won't follow him again. "Just what are you?" Jeongguk asks.
"Exactly what I said. An Omega." "That doesn't mean anything to me." Jeongguk says. "Just a werewolf. You drank from me. It heightens your feelings for a while. I have no idea what you're feeling right now but if you're angry, I'm right here." He says.
He tries to still look around, trying to find a way to run away and hide. But he is still a full bag of blood and Jeongguk is still a vampire who can jump on him at any second. Jeongguk is actually starting to get used to the sensation, getting to think clearer a bit.
Taehyung manages to slowly walk closer to the river. It's deep enough for him to at least try to swim away. If he's lucky, this water will be filled with sunflower seeds too and Jeongguk won't be able to jump in. But before he can jump Jeongguk launches at him.
He stands stunned. Jeongguk can hear how his heart speeds up the moment he presses his lips on the bleeding scar again, he can hear it when it slowly calms down as well. "You're healing it!" The werewolf whispers in understanding, Jeongguk injects his venom, closing the scar.
Jeongguk pulls away and watches it. There is no sign of the scar anymore and knowing his venom, it is probably going to heal the other damages in his body too. But then his eyes fall on the scar on the back of the werewolf's neck, an ugly-looking one. "Why didn't it-"
Taehyung slaps his hand away before he can touch it. "Your venom can't fix it." Taehyung says, moving away from him. "Why did you heal me?" Jeongguk's eyes look normal again, void of emotions. "I want my son back and you're gonna help me." Jeongguk says.
Taehyung snorts. "Sure I will." He says sarcastically. "You told me my power couldn't work on you because you're an original but I'm not. Yet my venom worked." Jeongguk points out. "I said your hypnotism wouldn't work." Taehyung says. "You missed something though." Guk says,
"I'm not fully original as a vampire, but I am half original." Jeongguk says. "Vampires can't have children." "Fully Original ones have a chance." Jeongguk says. "And so did I." Taehyung looks at him with hard eyes. "For fuck's sake Guk, he's not yours!" Tae says.
"He is!" Jeongguk insists. "Even if he was yours, Do you even remember him? Let me ask a better question, do you even remember with whom or how you had this baby? Do you even understand that you're a vampire and HE'S NOT." Taehyung says. "I can turn him." "No you're NOT!"
"Why not?" Taehyung just stares at him, like he has so much to say but then changes his mind. The smile on his face is a sad one. "It's been four years already Jeongguk. You're a vampire. Why would you even want a child? Why don't you just let us go?" Taehyung asks.
"He's my son!" It's the same things he has been telling everyone who looked at him the same way Taehyung is looking at him right now. A vampire, someone with no emotions, why would he even be this bothered about a child? Taehyung touches Jeongguk's chest.
"It's barely beating, your skin is cold, there isn't enough blood in your system to let you feel anything. That's what you're meant to feel, barely anything. Do you really expect me to believe it can beat for Junghwa?" Taehyung asks, trying to prove a point.
"Why else would I be here?" "How would I know? Heck I'm even more emotional than humans, my body is built to feel to the extreme and do all the impossible. Unlike you I actually know why it's a horrible idea to even think of turning a five years old baby." Tae says.
"I'm a vampire? Why would it be wrong for my son to be like me? There is nothing wrong with me." Guk says. Taehyung touches his chest harder. "Almost no heart beat Jeongguk, close to no emotions, THAT is the problem. He's a werewolf, like me. I won't let him be you." Tae says.
"At least I never die!" Jeongguk reminds him. "You prefer for him to grow old or get sick and hurt and die instead of being like me? My powers, my speed, my mind-" "And you'll outlive us all but you won't even know how sad that is to live way longer than beloveds."
He shakes his head. "You haven't felt anything in so long when you drank from me just now, you almost had an existential crisis over having some of your emotions heightened. And I knew it would Guk, I knew it would be so intense, it'd even give me enough time to run."
"Or enough for me to rip your head out." Jeongguk says. "I was gonna take my chances." "And yet you're still here." Taehyung looks away, trying not to blow up. "I don't care if you believe me or not but that child has been the only fucking thing I could think about." Guk says.
Taehyung looks at him with emotional eyes, folding his arms. "Maybe for someone like you it's nothing but I feel the little flip it does to my heart when I think of him. Maybe I don't have enough love to give him like you do, but I'm spending all I have on only him." Guk adds.
"So you can stand here and yell about being his father all you want just because he's like you, but he's mine. I might have had him before I fully turned, it could be a werewolf mother but I don't care who, I just want my baby." Jeongguk says in a serious tone.
Taehyung looks at him ironically. "You come from a land where there is close to no magical beings other than your own kind Jeongguk, what werewolf mother?" Taehyung asks, shaking his head. "The only reason I'm not k*lling you right now is him." Guk says.
"Wow! Thanks!" He says sarcastically. "He seems to think you're actually his dad. If he sees me hurt you he'll just hate me forever. I need you to even get close to him. Stop trying my patience. Even vampires run out of them." Jeongguk says. Taehyung snorts. "G'luck with that!"
And he finally jumps to the river. He is making a very big bet but he's always willing to take his chances. But before he knows it, Jeongguk is jumping too. Taehyung is about to swim away quicker in case the sunflower seeds are not in the water. Then he hears the shouts.
Taehyung pauses, watching as Jeongguk tries to still swim through the pain. The water does have the seeds! Why doesn't he just get out? Why is he still following him? He is about to swim away and ignore him, but who is he kidding? He swims back to him.
Jeongguk shouts in pain as the water burns more of his skin. Taehyung pulls him out of the water. Jeongguk lets him lead him until they are out and his skin starts healing from the burns. "You're insane." Taehyung says. "I'm staying with him." Guk says stubbornly.
Taehyung is clearly annoyed. "I won't turn him, not until he doesn't ask me to." Jeongguk says. "But you can't make me leave. I'm STAYING and I know... I know he'll eventually feel what I feel too." Taehyung looks a little terrified by that.
"And if he doesn't?" Taehyung asks. "If by the next couple of months he still doesn't want me around, I'll go. I'll go and I'll never bother any of you again. I'll shut down the little emotions I have left too. But only if you really help me in these two months." Guk says.
Taehyung looks hesitant. "Please!" Jeongguk insists and Taehyung knows that he is already caving. "Only if you really leave after it. But if you even try to take him or turn h-" "As if he'd stay with me if I'd just take him. Didn't you see the other man struggling to hold him?"
Taehyung can't help it, the thought puts a smile on his lip. "He got his stubbornness from his dad. It's a pain in the ass, really." Taehyung says. "Can we not pretend like he's your real son for a moment?" "But he is my son, Jeongguk." "Stop-" "I'm not lying." He says.
"At least not right now." Taehyung adds. "You're clearly a man and we can't possibly both be his fathers, can we?" Jeongguk says. "You really don't know shit about anyone but vampires, do you?" Taehyung asks. "I keep telling you, I'm an Omega."
"And I keep saying, that means nothing to me." Guk points out. "It means I can deliver babies you stupid dickhead." Tae finally snaps at him. Jeongguk sits there, confused. "That's impossible." He says. Taehyung just sighs and gets up. Jeongguk is still stunned.
He gets up to follow him. "You're lying, that's physically-" "Go on Mr 'I'm a man with extreme anemia and my strange allergy to sun and vitamin D, keep talking about what is possible and what's not." Taehyung says, having his back towards him.
"But that would make no sense because I know I'm his father and if you're really what you say it is it means-" "Woa there, let me stop you." Taehyung says, holding Jeongguk's lips. "No, you're not gonna start thinking about anything between me and you."
"But that's what you sai-" "Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba." He tries to shush him again, pressing his hand harder on Guk's mouth. "Besides, I'm just saying that unlike you who just 'feels' like he's your baby, I actually know it cuz he came from me and trust me, it wasn't pretty."
He removes his hands and starts walking away. "So as his actual father who remembers giving birth to him, you better stop trying my patience because I ran out of that way before he got out of me." He pats on Jeongguks cheek. "I'm just doing this so you can leave."
Jeongguk still feels a little dumbfounded and for a vampire, it's quite an ironic and embarrassing feeling! He sighs back and follows the Omega. Taehyung thinks of ditching him a few times on the way but then remembers that Guk is not just gonna give up!
They both stop walking when they finally see a very done Junghwa is arguing with a very bigger man. "No because I almost had him but you didn't let me kick his butt." Junghwa sounds very sure of himself. "You'll have a chance to win if I come too."
"Junghwa, if you follow me again, I swear-" "I'm glad I wasn't waiting for a rescue team cuz I'd totally be gone by now if I was still waiting." Taehyung says. Junghwa is about to happily run to Taehyung when he suddenly sees Jeongguk next to him. "SNAKE SUCKER!"
He runs and jumps to hit Jeongguk in the balls but Jeongguk quickly holds him by his armpits, keeping him up. "Woa little one, I'm here in peace!" Guk says. Junghwa is still kicking the air. "You hurt my daddy." "Calm down." Taehyung says. "I'm okay, look!"
Junghwa pauses just to see Taehyung's neck. It seems like there was nothing there before. "But... But you were-" "We were just playing. Your dad said you always climb trees so he wanted to show you why it's dangerous. Bad people can catch you." Jeongguk says.
Taehyung looks at Jeongguk with a knowing expression. Junghwa calms down by that, still a bit confused. Jeongguk puts him down. "You're so mean Papa. I got scared." Junghwa says in a whine. Taehyung smiles, reaching for him to pull him for a mini hug.
"Sorry. But now you understand why I get scared when you climb everything you see." Tae says. Guk watches them. It's such a strange view to see. The man he followed over and over, hugging the child he believed was stolen from him. But the strange part is that it looks right!
The kind of right that Jeongguk actually wants to observe. Even the way Junghwa climbs from Taehyung himself to his shoulders as if Taehyung just didn't tell him not to climb looks right. Maybe some of Tae's blood is still in him because he is smiling!
Yoongi comes to help and takes Junghwa, distracting him with some food. Tae chuckles at his son and then looks back at Jeongguk who is staring back at him. "Welcome to fatherhood." He jokes, patting Jeongguk's arm. He says it as if Jeongguk wouldn't want it with all he has got.
Junghwa starts eating the cherries and then turns to the vampire who is now sitting behind a tree. He lifts the cherries up, offering some to him. Jeongguk stares at him for a moment and then shakes his head. "You can have them, I don't need them." He says.
"No one needs cherries, they're tasty," The little boy says. Jeongguk snorts and takes them from him. "Thanks." He says with a smile. Taehyung is watching him from a bit further away. "I don't like this." Yoongi tells him. "He can hear you." Tae says.
"I don't care. Why did we even choose to stay in this side of the land if we're gonna have a vampire guest?" Yoongi asks. "Two months, then he'll go." Taehyung says, sounding very sure. "And pigs are starting to fly." Yoongi says. Taehyung glares at him.
"Don't look at me like that, we both know that this is just going to make everything more complicated." Yoongi says. "I'm sorry alpha, did my eyes offend you somehow?" Taehyung asks sarcastically. "And does it look like I had a better option?"
"I'm not trying to intimidate you." Yoongi says. "Then stop looking at me with your scarlet eyes." Taehyung says. "I will stop using them when you drop your blue ones." Yoongi says. Taehyung sighs, blinking. His eyes turn back to their normal black.
Yoongi's eyes turn black too. "I'm worried about you, I'm worried about Junghwa, I'm worried about how you're just gonna forget everything that happened." "Like I said hyung, he's going to follow us. I have enough people following me, even if he doesn't." Taehyung says.
"If he found us, it means we're being recognized again. It means we need to move again and every part of this land is going to be a slaughter space for vampires of all people. He'll just drag us down-" "What do you mean a slaughter space?" Jeongguk is suddenly next to them.
"Tell me at least you know that you're banned in this land!" Taehyung says. "The royal family is banned due to war but what does that have to do with vampires in general?" Jeongguk asks. "Your land fucked us all over, we won't welcome you here." Yoongi says.
"What do you even remember? Or know?" Taehyung asks, looking taken back. "What's fascinating to me is not the fact that I apparently don't remember enough, it's the fact that you know I'm not supposed to remember some things." Jeongguk points out.
"What are you all doing there?" Junghwa shouts, running to them. Taehyung looks at Yoongi, silently asking him to just help him with the boy while he deals with Jeongguk. Yoongi sighs even louder than before and goes to Junghwa. Jeongguk lifts an expecting bow at Taehyung.
"Hyung has a point. Vampire or not, people are not gonna like you around here and that's the last thing we need. We should move and if you want to move with us, you need to at least know what are some of the things we're dealing with." Taehyung says.
"But I need to know what you do know, what you do remember so I know where to fill you in." Taehyung says. "I don't remember a single thing before I turned." Jeongguk says. He can see the way Taehyung's eyes visibly drop. "And Junghwa is all I cared about after it."
"But you remember Junghwa." "I remember holding him when I was turning. I was in pain but I was holding it. I was weak... You took him away from me." Jeongguk says. This must be the first time he sees a hint of guilt on Taehyung's face.
Jeongguk can even hear the way his heartbeat has started beating differently. His smell has somehow changed too. "What about your parents? Your brothers?" Taehyung asks. "I know my father has passed, Jimin is still living in the castle. But we don't talk of the traitor."
Taehyung's heart gets hard at that. "And your mother?" "She's still the queen, trying to get me to earn the thrown bit I'm not holding onto anything until I get my baby back." Jeongguk says. "What about the war between your land and the Kims?" Taehyung asks.
"Do I seem like I give a damn about some war?" Jeongguk asks. "I'm looking into the eyes of the man that I'm sure I would hate with all I could have if I wasn't a vampire and I'm calm, because I feel nothing. I care about the war even less." "Do you even know why it's at war?"
"Different diplomacies. Apparently Kim has given refuge to wrong people but this was never even supposed to be about vampires. Only the royal family knows that I'm a vampire. People out of family don't even know we exist." Jeongguk explains.
"People all around the world knows of your existence Jeongguk. Most people might not know that you. specifically, are not one. But they know you exist. You're the one that doesn't know WE exist too." Taehyung says, pointing at himself. "Different species of magical creatures!"
"Your family made it their mission to get rid of every single one of us, we're all banned. Most of us are welcome in this land but... Not me and Junghwa. We're hiding here from you, your family and more because vampires would be stupid to come here." Taehyung says.
"But even here not everyone are our friends." Taehyung says. "Why would people here be after you?" Guk says. "There are a lot of different creatures in this land. Werewolves, lamias, ghosts, wizards... But some of us are rare. As an original werewolf, I'm very rare."
He then exhales deeply. "And Junghwa is my son, he has that rare risk too. He's the only son I can ever have after all, everyone would come after him if they know who he is." Taehyung says. "I thought you said you can bear babies." "I said being an omega meant that."
"And you are an omega." Guk reminds him. "I am..." Taehyung's heart is beating strangely again, it beats so hard that even Jeongguk is starting to feel the intensity. " And I could, I have Junghwa. Just not anymore." "Why not?" Guk asks. Taehyung looks away from him.
"It doesn't matter." Taehyung says. Jeongguk doesn't believe him. Maybe because of the way he is suddenly holding the bottom of his belly. "What matters is that I'm not letting anyone hurt him, not even you." Taehyung says, looking at him with serious eyes.
"That goes both ways." Jeongguk says and Taehyung's heartbeat stills a bit, he even ever hear something that sounds so similar to a sigh of relief. "Good! Then get used to moving. Don't give your last name to anyone, make up lies, don't trust anyone but the three of us."
"That's not exactly a problem to me." Jeongguk says. "If anyone asks, I'm a normal mated Omega. We are just a family. I'm not an original, we hate vampires. You love your vitamin D." Taehyung adds. "I love my vitamin D." Jeongguk repeats with confident eyes.
"How long are you gonna last in the sun?" Taehyung asks. "I brought enough shots." Jeongguk says. "So that couple of months wasn't a random number!" Taehyung points out. "Nothing is ever random with me." Jeongguk says. "Then it's settled." Taehyung walks away from him.
Taehyung starts packing the things they have put in the camp. Junghwa helps him and Yoongi looks into some device to try and find out where they should go to next. Jeongguk grabs some of the things and carries them on his back. They keep walking until they reach a village.
It's already nighttime when they reach it. The moment they get closer, Jeongguk can already hear them. There are a lot of sounds! The lights are all over the place, lighting everything up. Children are running around, strange creatures seem to be having fun.
"Is this some sort of Carnaval?" Jeongguk asks as they walk through the crowd. "It's the fairy of the night." Taehyung says. Jeongguk doesn't even know what that means. None of the creatures he sees around seem real! Is that a man with the body of a Zebra? Yikes!
"New comers!" Someone suddenly shows up in front of them. The man looks like a mixture of a cup, two legs and a rainbow as a head. What the hell even is that? "Don't look at me like that alpha, have I frightened you?" The cup thingy asks. "No!" Yoongi steps forward.
"We are just passers. Is there a place I can stay with my Omega and son and... him?" He sounds a bit annoyed at the last part. Jeongguk has so many questions! The first is, how is that rainbow on the cup talking? "Follow me." The cup says. They are lead to... nothing?
It's literally a big space of nothing in the middle of the crowd. But then the cup disappears. "I'll tell you later." Taehyung says like he knows that Jeongguk must be questioning his own existence too, He just holds his hand and pulls him.
It seems like the 'nothing' actually was something because suddenly he can see something and it's big, huge even! It's almost like a castle but with more people around. "You can get a guest room through him." The cup looks at a dog. "Thank you." Yoongi says.
Jeongguk has no idea how it even ended up happening. But apparently, everyone keeps thinking Jeongguk is an alpha because of his red eyes and two alphas can't stay with one Omega with a child so right now he is looking in the room he is going to share with... Yoongi!
"Such a delight..." Jeongguk says. "Between you and the little brat, I'm not sure who is worse to room with." Yoongi says "There is one bed..." Jeongguk points out. "Good think your kind doesn't sleep at nights." Yoongi says and then jumps on the bed. Guk cringes his nose.
"Good thing you're kind is so hospitable." Jeongguk snaps back. A mn who looks like them and might be anything comes to them with a tray of food. Jeongguk just takes the food and closes the door. He walks to the window to watch the party outside.
He can hear them but they are not the only ones he can hear. 'Why can't I just go and play with them outside? Everyone are playing.' Junghwa must be in the room next to theirs. 'Because we need to sleep and get out again tomorrow.' Taehyung says, it sounds like he's tucking him.
'But it looks so fun out there. Why can't we just stay here for a few more days?' Junghwa is asking. The omega doesn't say anything back but Jeongguk can hear the sound of a kiss. 'Good night my little wolf. We'll argue about it tomorrow.' Taehyung says.
He can hear him walk away and then hears the sound of water running. He must have put Junghwa to sleep and gone to take a shower. Werewolves must not have a good sense of hearing because it doesn't seem like Taehyung even hear the sound of the door closing.
Yoongi looks up when he hears the sound of the door and realizes that Jeongguk just disappeared. Jeongguk doesn't even have to follow the little boy too closely, he can already hear and feel everything that is going on. "Where are you going, little one?" He mumbles to himself.
Junghwa's eyes shine when he gets out and sees the other children running around the place and playing. Jeongguk is not sure what is safe and what is not, so he just stands and observes everything. It takes some time until he feels the familiar Omega finding them.
He looks tired, even a bit done. "Of course he ran away again!" Taehyung says, standing next to the vampire. "The other ones don't seem dangerous. They are just playing." Jeongguk ends up saying. "He even found the way to unlock the door!" Tae says.
Jeongguk doesn't know why he finds it amusing but he does. He imagined his son to be many things but this sort of feels so fitting. Jeongguk can't remember his own childhood but he has a feeling like he must have been very similar!
He turns and looks at the expression on Taehyung's face. His smile is soft, his expression soft. How does it feel? To look at his own son and feel more than Jeongguk does? How is that even possible? Taehyung catches him looking at him but none of them look away.
Jeongguk's eyes fall on Taehyung's neck, remembering a few hours ago and how he felt when he drank from him. "Are you hungry?" Taehyung asks. Jeongguk gulps and looks away. "Just a little thirsty." Jeongguk says. "That's gonna be a problem, you know that right?" Tae asks.
"I can hold my thirst." Jeongguk says. Taehyung looks at where Junghwa is and doesn't comment about it anymore. It doesn't take long until the little boy finally tires himself up and Taehyung lifts him in his arms, letting him sleep in it. They get back to their rooms.
Jeongguk watches as Taehyung puts Junghwa back to the room and gets to the door. "Get in for a sec." The Omega says, his eyes turning blue again. "How do you do that?" Jeongguk asks as he walks inside. "How does your eyes keep changing color?" "Just an emotional reflex."
"Emotional how?" Jeongguk asks, suddenly wondering why they are heading to the bathroom and why Taehyung is closing the door behind them. "It turns blue when I feel something extreme. Like when you scared me over Junghwa before." Taehyung says, walking closer.
Taehyung stands in front of him and then tilts his head, revealing his neck. "Is this a joke?" Jeongguk asks. "We can't risk and let you feed on anyone else and let them realize a vampire is inside. I can't let you feed on Yoongi hyung or Junghwa either, So it's just me."
"I don't 'have' to feed on you." Jeongguk says. "The first day it's 'not have to' but before we know it, you're gonna lose your shit. I don't like this any more than you do. And it's gonna give you that feeling again but it's just a price You'll have to pay to be here."
Jeongguk wonders if Taehyung is even aware that the problem is not that. Because when he was staring at Taehyung's neck, he wasn't exactly craving for blood. He was craving for what he felt when he got it before. Because before it he couldn't feel the void!
It's like being in the darkness for so long, not knowing that the sun exists. And then discovering a small candle and when the candle is over, you can't just ignore that fact that it's dark! He presses his hand on Taehyung's neck, moving closer to his neck.
The closer he gets, the faster Taehyung's heartbeat gets. "Don't over do it." Taehyung says and then bites his own lip when Jeongguk pushes his fangs to break the skin. Jeongguk can feel the way he holds Jeongguk's arm when he starts drinking.
Taehyung seems to know so much about werewolves but not enough about vampires. Because he offered something that Jeongguk can't believe he even accepted. Feeding is intimate. It either comes for a prey or someone that is meant to share more than just blood!
Jeongguk didn't lie, he can control his thirst, he probably should because Taehyung is not a prey nor something more, but he has something that Jeongguk has only ever felt when he has drank from him. And it's coming back again! The intense sensation!
Something like someone is gripping on his heart, like he is feeling so much at once that he can't even describe it. It feels so much! So much that Jeongguk finds himself pulling him harder to drink more. It tastes good. Not enough! It's not enough! "That's enough!"
He pulls Guk by his hair, looking at him as if he's breathless too. Jeongguk looks back at him with his own red eyes, wondering why he feels such a strong need to close his wound for him. He gets closer. Tae is about to pull his head again but- "It's okay, just gonna close it."
It's hard because every fiber of his being tells him to drink but the only thought that keeps him sane is the fact that Junghwa would never forgive him if Jeongguk would ever hurt his 'papa'. He licks the line the bl*od had made until he reaches the scar.
He pushes his fangs again, injecting his venom. He heeps his lips on it, making sure not to waste even a drop until it's closed. It takes a few seconds until Taehyung walks back and breaks out of his hold. Why does Jeongguk want to pull him back in again?
He sort of expected to feel the same anger he felt before, the anger he should feel... But he doesn't! He feels a mixture of so many things, things he doesn't even understand himself. "Just say it when you're thirsty again... But you can leave now." Taehyung says.
Jeongguk wonders again. Does this man even know that if it was about craving, Jeongguk had to be asking him again and again because he already does feel it. He moves to him and for a moment, Taehyung seems to think it was coming again so he stands still, closing his eyes.
But before he knows it he hears the door got closed and he opens his eyes to Jeongguk not being there anymore. It just felt like air, a small touch! He walks to the room and looks at his son sleeping. Jeongguk sits in the room yoongi is already sleeping in and touches his lips.
He was so close to pressing them on his neck again but somehow managed to just get out again. This is not good! Jeongguk has never been lured but right now, he has no idea how he can go on for the next two months without sucking him all dry.
He closes his eyes, letting all the emotions take over him. And then deep down, he feels what might be a memory or just part of a forgotten dream. A feeling of being held by warm arms. But then it all goes cold again his feelings calm down. It was nice while it lasted!
Jeongguk doesn't really sleep. He is able to but he is not going to dream anyway. If anything, the night is when he feels the most! He just lays upside down from the ceiling and closes his eyes to concentrate on everything that happened. Yoongi gets up and looks around.
He starts stripping, thinking that the vampire is actually sleeping. But then he turns and notices two red eyes looking back at him. They just stare at each other, Yoongi's eyes look wider. Jeongguk's eyes look down and just scoffs. Yoongi throws a nightstand at him.
Luckily Jeongguk is fast enough to get away from it and the whole thing just gets crushed on the wall. "I thought vampires had some fucking manners." Yoongi says, holding his boxers in front of himself. "I'm not the one stripping." Jeongguk reminds him.
"I wanted to take a shower while you were sleeping." Yoongi says, walking to the bathroom. Jeongguk just rolls his eyes and goes to check what is happening outside. Some creatures are outside, walking, even working. Jeongguk still has no idea what they are!
'Can I? Can I?' He hears Junghwa's voice from the other room. 'Junghwa, can we not do this right now?' 'But I want to take it this time.' He says. 'Why can't we talk?' 'I have a headache right now baby. If uncle Yoongi agrees to have your back, I'll think about it.'
Jeongguk is suddenly in front of their door, knocking. The little boy is the one that opens the door. "Sanke sucker!" He says in recognation. "Just Gukkie is fine." Jeongguk says. "But I like snake sucker better." "I don't." Jeongguk says. "Jeongguk?" Taehyung calls his name.
Jeongguk walks inside. "His uncle Yoongi is taking a shower but if anyone is looking for someone to look after him, I'm still here." Jeongguk says. Taehyung stares at him. Junghwa's eyes light up at that. "You're just looking for pointers." Taehyung says.
"I like you, Gukkie." Junghwa says. Jeongguk tries not to smile even though he looks smug. "Apparently I'm succeding." Jeongguk says. Taehyung looks at his son with eyes that silently ask 'Are you kidding me?' "Come on, we both know I can look after him."
"Do you even know what you have to have his back for?" Taehyung asks. "Probably something about him playing again?" Guk says unsurely. "WE'RE GOING TO STEAL." Junghwa shouts in excitement. Taehyung closes his eyes, trying not to lose it. "Excuse me?" Guk asks.
"Since we're always on the run, we don't exactly have time to work or get enough coins. He... sort of picked up on some of my habits." Taehyung says and then smiles fakely at the boy. "What did I tell you about not telling others Junghwa?" "But Gukkie is with us!"
"When he says... 'steal'!" Jeongguk pauses, emphasizing at the word. "Does he actually mean-" "Yes unless you're going to pay for everything." Taehyung's smile is still fake when he looks at Jeongguk again. "I don't really carry that much coin with myself." Guk says.
"Then make yourself useful and either find some or let the baby handle it." He says it in a way that is meant to hurt Jeongguk's ego. Jokes on him, vampires don't care about egos. "Okay. Come here little one. You're going to steal." Jeongguk says. Taehyung scoffs in disbelief.
And as if it wasn't bad, Junghwa actually holds Jeongguk's hand? THE LITTLE DEVIL NEVER LETS TAEHYUNNG OR YOONGI HOLD IT! "Why are you so cold?" The boy asks. "Does it hurt you?" Jeongguk asks. "Nah, I'm hot. You can get warmer if you hold my hand." The boy says.
"How do you know?" Jeongguk asks. "It's what Papa and uncle Yoongi do when I'm cold. I always get better." Junghwa says. Taehyung's expression gets softer at that. Junghwa is too pure to understand it, huh? He follows them as they get outside. "Now what?" Jeongguk asks.
Junghwa looks around and then his eyes seem to catch a figure. "Just watch, alphas are so stupid. I'm a pro now." The little boy says and then runs away from the vampire. He suddenly hits the man that he just saw before and screams. Taehyung chuckles from the back.
The man that Junghwa just called 'alpha' starts panicking. "Oh gosh! What happened? Are you okay?" The man looks distressed. "It hurt, why did you do that?" Junghwa looks like he is crying. Jeongguk wonders if he actually got hurt but Tae stops him from going to him.
"Just watch." Taehyung whispers next to him with knowing eyes. "Are you hurt? where are your parents? Oh gosh you're a little werewolf!" The alpha panics even more, trying to check the little boy. Jeongguk lifts a brow when he notices the way Junghwa steals his coins.
Didn't the guy even notice? The alpha helps the boy up, worried. "Let me go. You hurt me." Junghwa says and then runs away from the man. Jeongguk looks at Taehyung who looks too proud for someone who just watched his son manipulate a grown man and steal from them too.
Taehyung turns to Jeongguk and then his smile drops. "Why are you looking at me like that?" "What just happened?" Guk asks. Taehyung shrugs. "Every creature has a weakness. We werewolves have three kinds, y'know? Alphas, Omegas, Betas. Alphas are just... THAT!"
"They get constipated when a child crushes onto them?" Jeongguk asks. Taehyung chuckles, shaking his head. "They are the 'provider and protectors' y'know? They care so much about looking strong and taking care of people so when they think they hurt a baby... They lose it!"
Jeongguk looks at the alpha who still hasn't realized that his coins are missing. "They're also arrogant, they think they are the best and strongest and..." He pauses. "Some of them are really good in bed though, not gonna lie!" He says like he remembered something.
Why did he suddenly say that? Jeongguk didn't ask! As if he just noticed it too, he quickly shakes it off. "Either way, they're one of the perfect targets for a baby or an omega like me." Taehyung says. "Even if they do realize we steal from them, they won't show it."
"Why not?" Guk asks. "A child slash Omega just stole from them? Do you have any idea how it'd crush their ego? They'll never let anyone know! What are they gonna do anyway? Hurt the baby? They might try to hurt me but a baby? Never!" Taehyung says.
"They ARE stupid!" Jeongguk mumbles. Taehyung laughs lowly. "The irony!" Someone from their back says and they turn to see Yoongi. "The little brat just brought the coins, I paid for the guest rooms. We should start moving again." Yoongi says.
Junghwa is already there. They grab their stuff and start moving again. Junghwa keeps jumping from one tree to another. Jeongguk wonders if it's even possible for babies of any kind to be this energetic. "Are all werewolves this energetic?" Jeongguk asks.
"Yes, we're a ball of energy." Yoongi says sarcastically. "No, I'm just blessed with one." Taehyung is even more sarcastic than Yoongi. Junghwa stops jumping and then hangs on a tree upside down to glare at them. "I'm playing with myself because you never let me make friends."
"You have plenty of friends." Taehyng says. "You and uncle Yoongi don't count. I need friends my age." Junghwa says. Taehyung grabs him from the tree and puts him down. "You'll have more friends when I have more." He says. "It's not my fault you're bad at making friends!"
Jeongguk didn't mean to laugh but that sure as hell sounds like something relevant. Taehyung glares at him and then looks back at the baby wolf. "But if we're not your friends then I have more friends than you." Taehyung says. "Uncle Yoongi and Gukkie don't count."
"Why not? None of them are my family and they're my age." Taehyung says. "And I have other friends too, I just never see them." "Then you said it. You have more friends, I need friends too." Junghwa says. Taehyung's jaw drops slightly. Did he just? Jeongguk chuckles again.
"Can you either help or cease to exist?" Taehyung asks Jeongguk. "I could be your friend." Jeongguk looks at Junghwa. "But you're old. We can't play together." Junghwa says in a whine. "First of all, ouch! Second of all, I so can. I have more energy than you." Guk says.
He throws the things he was carrying at Yoongi and then he is suddenly on top of the tree. "WOA! That was so cool!" Junghwa says. "You can't catch up to me." Jeongguk says. Junghwa starts climbing. Taehyung watches as they race on the trees.
"Two months and he'll leave. Junghwa won't get attached, I won't either and he is totally going to leave without the kid." Yoongi says in a mocking voice, reminding Tae of everything he was saying before. "Sure buddy." He hits Tae's back. Taehyung bites his lip.
He follows them from the ground. "Be careful, he might fall." Taehyung says. "I won't fa-AHHHH." Junghwa indeed starts falling. Taehyung and Yoongi rush to grab him but Junghwa never hits the ground. Jeongguk has snatched him on the air, jumping on another tree.
Taehyung looks up at how Junghwa is clinging onto Jeongguk, his heart beating faster. "I'll never let you fall." Jeongguk says with a smile and if Taehyung didn't know any better, he would say that Jeongguk was actually feeling something at that moment.
They continue playing, jumping around until Junghwa gets tired and gets back down. "When are we stopping? I'm hungry." The baby wolf says. Taehyung looks around to find a place to camp. He throws something on the ground and it sets up a tent and turns a fire next to it.
"Magic?" Jeongguk asks. "No, I just got them all out of my ass." Taehyung says, using sarcasm again. "I'll go find something we can cook." Yoongi says, walking away from them. Junghwa yawns and gets to the tent. "Tell me when food comes." He says.
Jeongguk tries to go to Taehyung and make conversation but the Omega just heads inside to rest with the boy. Jeongguk looks around, wondering what to do and then decides that maybe it is the best to just follow Yoongi. Yoongi seems to be slowly following a... something!
It has wings but its head is filled with fur and it's walking on three legs, it's almost as big as a deer. "Is that even eatable?" Jeongguk asks. It starts running. "DAMN IT VAMPIRE!" Yoongi shouts and then runs to follow the deer. Jeongguk follows them.
"Y'know, I could catch it way easier." Jeongguk says. "F*ck off, I got it." Yoongi says, jumping on a tree. Jeongguk can tell when the brunch is about to break. He stands under it to catch him but Yoongi just falls on him. Taehyung gets out of the tent when he hears it.
He looks at Jeongguk being pinned on the ground with Yoongi on top of him, their clothes a mess and Yoongi's forehead on Jeongguk's. Yoongi quickly looks up. Taehyung stares at them for a moment longer and tjen sighs. "You know what? I don't wanna know!" He goes back inside.
Yoongi groans and then gets up, running after the prey again. Jeongguk can get up and help him but it looks like he is just gonna annoy Yoongi more. So he just decides to stay there and wait for him. When Yoongi comes back, he is breathing heavily, his clothes all torn.
"You look fantastic." "F*ck off." Yoongi says and sits down to cook. Junghwa runs out of the tent the moment he smells it. Taehyung doesn't get out even when Yoongi tells him that the food is ready. Eventually, he just decides to drop it and wait for him to get out later.
Taehyung gets out later that night and then stares at the meat, not feeling like eating any. "In case you didn't know, he went through a lot of trouble catching that." Jeongguk says. Taehyung looks up at Yoongi guiltily. "I'll look for food tomorrow, hyungie." He says.
"Just eat tonight." Yoongi says. Taehyung nods. He is eating but even Jeongguk can tell that he is just forcing himself to eat. "You don't have to eat if you're not hungry." "I'm just a bit tired." Taehyung says. Yoongi doesn't comment on it.
"Does it happen often?" Jeongguk asks. "No." Taehyung says. And it makes Jeongguk wonder... Is it because of him? But he has a feeling he shouldn't ask that in front of Junghwa and Yoongi. Junghwa ends up playing a bit more and then goes to sleep again at night.
Yoongi ends up going to sleep too but Taehyung just sits on the same spot, seemingly in thought. "If you need someone to keep a watch I can do it. I don't have to sleep anyway." Jeongguk says. Taehyung's expression looks a bit sadder at that. "Must be lonely."
"Lonely?" "Staying up all night when everyone are asleep. Never actually closing your mind... must be exhausting." Taehyung says. "Vampires never need to stop thinking." Guk says. "Like I said, exhausting." Taehyung says. "Then why are you exhausted if you sleep enough?"
Taehyung shrugs. "I wouldn't know. It could be just the weather, it could be my heat coming. I never know when it comes anymore, it's so irregular." Taehyung says. "Heat?" "It's something Omegas have, it's hormonal." He says. "Alphas have a version of it too, it's Rut."
"Betas?" Taehyung shakes his head. "Bettas are sort of like humans, except they can shapeshift to wolves and they're smarter. Heat or rut is just this annoying phase we have when we release pheromones, get moody, real horny and stuff." He explains.
"So you'll just wait till it passes when it comes?" Guk asks. "We can't. I'm still an omega and Yoongi hyung is still an alpha. When we feel them approaching, we need to separate for some time and find someone or just a place no one can be at to... pass it!" He says.
"I don't understand, why would you get away?" Guk asks. "We sort of trigger each other with the pheromones." Taehyung says. "Then why don't you just help each other out?" Guk asks. "We didn't want things to get complicated. Plus, someone needs to watch Junghwa." Tae says.
"Does that mean you have to go away for some time?" Guk asks. "I might. I'm still not sure if it's coming though." Taehyung points out. "Could it be because I drank from you?" Guk asks. Taehyung stares at him. "You used your venom, it can't be," Tae says.
"But the venom didn't work on your nape." Jeongguk says. Taehyung touches the back of his neck, looking a bit self concious. "That's... different." "Different how?" "It's not a normal scar. It's a fated one." "A what?" "It's from a broken mating bond."
"I still don't follow." Jeongguk says. Taehyung sighs. "You know how humans marry? We mate and it actually is forever." Taehyung says. "Only Omegas and alphas can. Its a bite behind our nape when we're having sex and we're connected in every way, physically and spiritually."
He doesn't look at Jeongguk as he continues. "It's euphoric, it's real." He smiles slightly. "You can even read their mind, you know that they really love you back." He looks up at him. Jeongguk can actually see the emotions in his eyes, the emotions he craves again.
"But the thing is that when they die... so do you. I mean, if you're an omega! Alphas have a higher chance of surviving. Omegas have close to none and even if they do survive, they're left with this. It can also break when the mate rejects you." Taehyung says.
Guk frowns lightly. "When you can't read their mind, when you know they are lying and then they tell you that they don't want you. Or even if they don't, they still break it or bite you with the thought of not wanting you anymore." Taehyung says, inhaling deep.
Jeongguk is not able to feel. I mean he can to some extent but he has spent it all on his son for so long. But right now as he stares at the Omega, he feels something so faint, he can only describe it as sadness. Taehyung presses his lips together, as if not to get emotional.
Jeongguk has no idea which one of these was the reason Taehyung got the broken mated scar but all of them sound horrible! "here is no cure?" Guk asks. "Not always. I could try and bond with another alpha, magic could help... But it might never work." Taehyung says.
There is a long silence between them. Jeongguk has so much in his mind. "Jeongguk..." Taehyung calls his name, getting his attention again. "I know that to you I'm just the man that stole your son from you... But Junghwa is everything I have."
Jeongguk stares back, not sure what to say. "He's the reason I breathe, he's the reason I keep going, he's the reason I'm alive... I'm nothing without him. If you want to bond with him... Do it, but don't take him away from me." He says, looking emotional.
"That goes for me too." Guk says. "You're a soon to be king. You have so many people, you have safety, you have so much more Jeongguk." "I spent the only four years that I remember looking for him and only him. He's my everything too. And despite what you say, I know he's mine."
Taehyung gulps hard at that. "I'm a vampire Taehyung. I think and I think and I think. So even if I don't say it, it doesn't mean that I believe everything you say. But I believe you when you say Junghwa came from you. I don't believe you when you say he's not mine." Guk says.
Taehyung's expression looks a bit hopeless at that. "I don't know why you took him from me or why you keep pretending like we are actually strangers. Why you don't tell me what part of this puzzle I'm missing when it's obviously about you and me..." Guk says.
He can tell that Taehyung's heart is beating faster at that, probably from panic. "But when you told me to lie, I could tell you were lying too. And I am smart enough to figure it all out one way or another, you can count on that." Jeongguk says.
Taehyung huffs out, smiling in irony. "Yoongi hyung told me that taking you in was wrong. He thought I was going to get attached again, to make a mistake with you again... What you both don't get is that I'm confident it won't happen, ever." Taehyung says.
"You might be a vampire, it might be so hard for you to feel anger or hate but I can and I have so much spot for it." He says. Jeongguk looks more serious at that. "And the kind of hate I still have for you is so real, it's exhausting." He is smiling, but Guk knows he means it.
"It's the kind of never again that is real. It's the kind that lets me think of how good it felt to be with you but for my heart to know how much it'd hurt to lose it. You forgot what you did to me, I didn't." He says. "What did I do?" Guk asks.
"Wouldn't you want to know, vampire?" He smirks at that. "I bet this is what real hurt must feel for you, not knowing enough." "I'll figure it out." Jeongguk says confidently. "You're welcome to try." Taehyung says, challenging him back. "But you see, I am working on it."
"Working on what?"Guk asks. "On moving on. On not feeling that hate, to feel neutral, like you never mattered to begin with. There is no honor in carrying this with me even if it's just hate, I want to feel absolutely nothing when I look at you." Taehyung says.
"You can't, you're not me." Guk says. "Oh I can. I'm here with you, smiling, having a civil conversation, even letting you closer to Junghwa. I'm already half way there. Before you know it there would be nothing you'd do that could get me to feel a single thing." Tae says.
"You and Yoongi hyung might see everything as progress for you but it's actually me healing. The closer you get, the more I'll learn that you don't matter." He doesn't even flinch when Jeongguk suddenly appears right in front of him. "Bullshit." Guk whispers.
"What? What are you gonna do? Drink? That won't make me feel Jeongguk, it'll make YOU feel. And sometimes that is the exact punishment some people need." Taehyung says. "Is that why you keep feeding me?" "What do you think?" Taehyung asks, smiling again.
Jeongguk looks into his eyes, studying him with his scarlet eyes. Taehyung's eyes turn blue, looking back. "Then why is your heart beating fast? Your eyes are blue." Guk says. "Fear, hate, they're emotions too." Taehyung says. Guk narrows his eyes.
"You're saying that no matter what happens, even if you smile, even if you feed me every day, even if anything else happens, none of it will mean anything." Guk says, "Not to me. I learned my lesson." Taehyung says. "And you believe me." Guk dislikes that he's right.
He's not sure why he is bothered. It might be because Taehyung clearly knows something, he had clearly known Jeongguk's best and worst sides before he turned and the thought of him moving up from them all like none of it ever existed is just... not right!
It must be the worst thing to do but Jeongguk does it anyway. He holds his neck and sinks his teeth into the skin, breaking it. Taehyung holds Jeongguk's head hard against his neck, letting him drink, almost as if to actually punish him with it.
It was a mistake, a big mistake because Jeongguk suddenly feels the pang in his heart. The thing is, it's not new! It's as if he was already feeling it, it just made it worse! It must be because Jeongguk is starting to learn how to manage the feeling better than the other times.
Because this time it isn't just a rush of every feeling. It's just pain, the kind that squeezes his heart. It's longing, the kind he didn't even know he had, the kind that wants to hold the Omega tighter, to protect him, to say sorry and the worst part is that he doesn't get it!
He doesn't understand a single thing. He closes his eyes and for a single second, he can only see a flash. One that he still doesn't get but it's of the same man in front of himself, except he is lying next to him in that flash, looking at him differently.
His eyes have the kind of glow that he didn't know he could have, his smile looks real and somehow happiness makes him look prettier. Jeongguk's hand is on his belly and somehow, he knows that there is something inside. 'Petal' He knows he calls him that in the flash.
He opens his eyes and looks at the Omega again, seeing how the man looks back at him without that glow on his eyes, with the kind of expression that looks so fake compared to the one in that flash. And somehow, it makes Jeongguk feel the pain again.
"Satisfied?" Taehyung asks, holding the scar Jeongguk just made. "Very." Jeongguk says, even if he is barely keeping a straight expression, feeling the kind of pain he only felt when he lost Junghwa. He moves closer to heal it again, feeling his emotions calm down again.
It sucks because he is craving for emotions but he's only starting to feel better when they start vanishing again! He when he pulls away, he watches the Omega walk away from him. He turns and holds his chest. That was horrible! Emotions are horrible.
That is how he feels, especially because they don't comoletely vanish this time. A lingering part of them stays. It stays until the morning when he feels a small hand on his back. "Gukkie?" He turns, looking at the boy. "Hey!" "Are you hurt?" The little boy asks.
"Of course not! Why would you think that?" Jeongguk says. "I don't know, you just feel like it." He says. And once again Jeongguk is reminded of the fact that he really is his son. His and the same man that just told him he'll only ever either hate him or forget to feel anything.
The child he lost a long time ago and doesn't even know that he is looking at his own father. He sits on Jeongguk's lap and pushes his head on this chest, wrapping his arms around his waist. "What are you doing?" He asks. "Papa does it when I'm hurt, it helps."
Jeongguk smiles at him and hugs him back, inhaling his scent, it is a little comforting. "Thank you." He says. Junghwa just smilies smugly, feeling like he actually helped a lot. Jeongguk closes his eyes and lets it soothe his heart. At least he still has a chance with his son!
It doesn't matter what Taehyung thinks. He is just a lost memory anyway. Jeongguk is a new man now and this new man will only ever need his son. "You're a really special boy Junghwa, did you know that?" He asks. "Yes I am." The boy says and Jeongguk chuckles at the confidence.
"You really are." Jeongguk says, patting his head. Yoongi watches them from the tent. He turns to see Taehyung laying on the floor, his eyes are open. He could just tell Taehyung that he warned him, that Jeongguk is obviously opening his way to Junghwa's little heart.
But he knows that Taehyung already knows it, that he already feels insecure and that he doesn't need Yoongi to make it worse. "He'll never love anyone more than you." Yoongi says. Taehyung looks at him with insecure eyes. "How can you tell? It's HIS son after all." Tae says.
"It doesn't mean he's not yours too." Yoongi says. "I don't mean it like that. I used to think his dad would always love me too. I shouldn't be surprised if his son takes after him." Taehyung says with a smile, as if he is joking but they both know he is not.
"He will ALWAYS love you." Yoongi insists. "But even if he doesn't, you know that you won't be alone, right? You'll always have me." Taehyung's smile drops and he looks away before Yoongi can see him emotional. The alpha just lays next to him, hugging him from behind.
He can see the bruise on his neck right in front of him. "I can smell it on you, your heat must be coming soon." Yoongi says. "How soon?" Taehyung asks. "Less than a week?" Yoongi says. Taehyung exhales sadly. "You know where we are, right?" "I don't know what you mean."
"You know exactly what I mean. You don't have to carry his mark all the time." "It's not like I have a choice." "I heard Namjoon moved to that village too. I'm sure he'll help you fix it." Yoongi says. Taehyung turns to look at him. "And who will be the alpha that helps me?"
Yoongi just stares at him. "We talked about this, you made it clear that you still have feelings for him and I'm not going to take that away from you. I already took enough." Taehyung says. "But I'm not in the equation. HE is in the village too." Yoongi says.
Taehyung licks his lip thoughtfully. "He was the one before Jeongguk came up anyway. Who says you can't just patch things up?" Yoongi asks. "It has been so long." Taehyung says. "Let him help you with your heat, who knows maybe then it'll make more sense for him to help."
Jeongguk stares at nothing in front of himself, feeling something bitter in his gut as he continues listening. "Gukkie? Isn't it helping?" Junghwa asks, looking up in concern. 'I'll think about it.' Jeongguk hears Taehyung tell Yoongi and bite his lip.
"It is," Jeongguk says, wondering why the stupid bitterness in his chest doesn't go away, and why he suddenly feels a type of coldness in his belly that is foreign. He hopes that they at least mention the name of this person that apparently came before Jeongguk.
Maybe then he'll at least know which village it is or who to look out for. Then again, why does he even care? He should seriously stop drinking from the Omega, it is messing up with his head! But apparently, Jeongguk is going to meet in less than a week!
Junghwa gets up runs back to the tent to see what his dad is doing. Meanwhile Jeongguk keeps thinking, Why does the thinking never stop? Because right now all he can think of is what this might mean. It's not even just about Taehyung, it's about Junghwa too.
Whoever this person is, if they do become Taehyung's mate, they might become the other father Jeongguk never got to be. And it's all going to start with them 'helping out' with this stupid heat. Jeongguk remembers the flash again and closes his eyes. He doesn't want to know!
What is happening to him? Why did he drink from him again? Because now he can't stop thinking of the Omega lying like that next to the mystery man, looking at him with the glow he used to have in that flash. And somehow, that little flash is enough for Jeongguk to feel uneasy.
Because he can't see a possible future for Junghwa to keep the father he grew up with and for Jeongguk to still be in the picture too. He doesn't know what to do but he knows one thing, he can't let this happen. If he loses one of them, he'll lose both of them!
Taehyung gets out a few hours later and then tries to hunt something for them all to eat. Jeongguk is still sitting where he was when Taehyung comes back with the food. They eat and then start moving again. Junghwa makes Jeongguk play on the trees with him again.
Yoongi keeps taking routes that have close to no one around on purpose. Taehyung is silent and Jeongguk knows that he must be thinking about what Yoongi told him before. Thankfully Junghwa gets a bit tired and walks down again, allowing Jeongguk to stop too.
Jeongguk jumps next to Yoongi, walking attentively. "What?" Yoongi asks without looking at him. "Tell me about alphas." It sounds like a demand. "No." Yoongi says. Jeongguk thinks a bit. "Have I hurt you or something?" He asks. Yoongi looks at him only to glare.
Taehyung looks at them with a thoughtful expression. "Why are you talking to me?" Yoongi asks. honestly, Jeongguk just figured that his best bet at finding anything out or improving in anything is by bonding with Yoongi. Taehyung seems to care so much about what he thinks.
"Because it pretty much seems like I used to be an alpha before I turned and you seem to be the only one who actually knows what it's like to be one." Jeongguk says. Yoongi and Taehyung both look a bit taken back by it, looking at each other with knowing eyes.
"You were an alpha?" Junghwa asks. "That's my theory." Jeongguk says. "Why would you even assume you were one?" Yoongi asks. Jeongguk looks at the mark behind Taehyung's neck. He must have done it, Taehyung's dislike to him must be related to it.
Plus, the way Jeongguk keeps feeling every time he drinks from the Omega. He quickly tries to heal him again, 'protecting' him. Even as a vampire, his personality traits seem to only fit an alpha based on how Taehyung explained to him. "Call it a hunch." Guk says.
"You vampires really are something else, huh?" Yoongi asks. "I'd answer that if I knew what you alphas are." Jeongguk says. Yoongi looks away, thinking a bit. "There isn't more to say. Taehyungie already said all there is to it." "Is that why you're following them?" Guk asks.
"What? Jealous?" Yoongi asks. "I don't feel jealousy. Vampires don't feel jealousy." Guk says. "Alphas do." Yoongi says. "We're very territorial. We don't like new people in our circle." "Is that why you can't even stand me?" Jeongguk asks. Yoongi stops walking.
Jeongguk stops too, seeing the way Yoongi is looking at him. "If you must know Jeongguk, I can stand you. At least I could. I was your friend before I even knew Taehyung. The person you used to be is the reason I'm following them around. The problem is that he's dead now."
He walks to the vampire, looking into his eyes. "And you're the one that k*lled him." He says, bumping his arm to Jeongguk's in a way to make him step back and then walks away from him. Jeongguk frowns at that, following them again. They walk until they reach a city.
"I'm on it." Yoongi says, walking around. Jeongguk can tell that he is stealing from some of the people he walks through. Most people around in this city look like they are either human or something similar to that. They end up in a normal hotel and enter.
This time they manage to get a family room with enough room for all four of them. The first thing Taehyung does is force Junghwa to get to the bathroom so he can take a shower. When he gets out, he insists that he wants to get out and look around the city.
"Hyung can you take him? I'm kind of exhausted." Taehyung says. Yoongi nods. Taehyung heads to his own room and closes the door behind himself. "Gukkie, will you come too?" Junghwa asks excitedly. Jeongguk thinks for some time. Maybe he shouldn't!
As much as he wants to spend his day with Junghwa, he also knows that he needs to use any time he has to find a way and do things right with Taehyung as well. He has less than a week! He shakes his head with a smile. "Come on Junghwa." Yoongi says, taking him out.
The door closes up behind them and Jeongguk tries to think of his next move. He still needs to be patient with Yoongi. His first try and Yoongi has already told him that they used to be close. But he also needs to know what the hell happened with them all.
Taehyung said that Jeongguk can't read his mind because he is an original Omega. But would Jeongguk's half original side help in any way? If it doesn't, then how is it that every time Jeongguk drinks from him, he seems to get close to some sort of flash?
As much as Jeongguk dreads how he felt last night, it seems like he needs to drink from him again to kno- His train of thought stops when he hears something. Taehyung's heart from the other room is starting to speed up, he can even hear his breathing going faster.
Is he okay? Should he check? Then he hears a strange whine, like he is in pain or something. He walks to the door hesitantly. It almost sounds like he is crying out loud but not exactly. 'Gosh, gh-' What the hell is he struggling with? He's moving on his bed.
He is about to knock when it hits him. He is in his bedroom, probably thinking no one else is there, he is on his bed... struggling! He suddenly feels out of place. Should he leave? Would that be worse? Tae will hear the door closing up. Should he stay? What the f*ck?
He could leave and pretend like it never happened. Or he could knock, asking if he needs anything. He could just open the door, see what Taehyung would react. Or he could just stay there and make no sounds until the Omega would finish. How long would that even take?
He ends up knocking. All the sounds suddenly stop and Jeongguk wonders if he even did the right thing by knocking. "Who is there?" He hears Taehyung's voice from inside. "It's me." Jeongguk says. He hears Taehyung gulping from inside. His heart speeds up again.
"I thought you left!" His voice sounds even deeper than it usually does. "Is it your heat?" Jeongguk asks. No sound comes, Jeongguk wonders "Was trying to delay it." Taehyung ends up saying. Jeongguk thinks more. Delay it for what? To get to the alpha that 'came first'?
He can't believe he is actually thinking about it, he knows that it is crazy to even bring it up. But to be fair, Jeongguk can't think of anything else. "I could help you." He ends up saying, hearing the echo of his own voice. The lack of response somehow sounds louder than it.
"I don't know how crazy it can get but I can keep up, I'm a vampire. I heard you and Yoongi before. He wanted you to relay on some alpha for it and it could pretty much just end up with a commitment. You don't have to worry about that commitment with me." Guk says.
He closes his eyes, choosing his words carefully. "Not that you'd care about how I'd feel but It's not like I'm gonna catch feelings and from what you said last night, it's not like it's going to mean much to you either. Plus, I'm here, reachable." He adds.
If this works, he won't have to worry about some alpha stealing his spot. Or at least he would have some more time to prepare for it. And he might even have a chance to try different things and see if there is any ways to get into the Omega's head.
And that's exactly why he uses his last chance to use these words, knowing they would work on the stubborn Omega. He opens his eyes, looking confidently at the door. "Unless you think you haven't moved on and you'd feel more if I were to touch you again." He smirks.
It's a gamble that would get him to win no matter what happens. If Taehyung says no, it would mean that he still cares, it's an admission. And the other situation would just end with Jeongguk getting what he wants. He can hear the Omega get closer to the door.
The door opens up and the Omega looks back at him with sweat all over his face, his blue eyes looking something between anger and lust. "I don't give a f*ck about you." He says, holding onto his collar. His eyes fall from his eyes to his lips and reverse.
"And as far as I'm concerned, you just look like a walking dildo right now." The Omega says. Jeongguk must feel insulted but honestly, he is too busy counting this a score. His lips move closer. "No kissing, skip the foreplay. Dildos don't kiss."
Before he knows it, he is on his back on the bed with the vampire on top of him. Jeongguk is holding him down with his body on his, looking down with glowing red eyes. "If you say so but a little warning. Vampires bite." He says before biting his neck.
The Omega yells out loud, throwing his head back and somehow giving the vampire more access. "And we get hard from this." He whispers next to his ear before taking a sip, only enough to multiply the little lust he feels deep down.
The Omega is breathing next to his ear, his heart beating so fast, Jeongguk feels his mouth water. He knows that his body is warming up more too from the way the Omega clings to him, eager to pull the vampire's pants down. Jeongguk helps him pull it down.
The way he looks down at him makes Jeongguk feel his lust grow. Has he always looked that desperate? He doesn't bother with anything from his waist up, going straight to the Omega's bottoms and pulling them down. He is about to look around for lube when he sees it.
He pauses for a moment, a bit taken back. There is no need for lube, the other man is literally leaking. His hole is twitching invitingly. He presses two fingers, trying to push in and gulps when it goes inside like it's trying to swallow it all in. "Holly shit..." He whispers.
The Omega pulls his hair, making him look at him. "I said no foreplay. Does it look like I need prepping?" He asks. His tone is harsh, like he is going to hurt Jeongguk if he doesn't just do what he's here to do. It might be the sip he took cuz it makes him want to ruin him.
"Just so you know, I can't c*m. I can just bite my venom in when-" "Gosh, shut up and f*ck me already. I don't care." The Omega says, almost demanding. Jeongguk scoffs and turns him, pushing him on his knees. "Fine." He says next to his ears, pressing between his cheeks.
He doesn't even try to be gentle when he pushes inside, holding onto his chest hard. They are both pretty much still dressed. Guk got rid of his pants but the Omega still has them on, they are just pulled down. There isn't even anything sweet about what they are doing.
There is no kissing, no words of care, no soft touches. Jeongguk's grip is hard as he starts moving and yet this seems to be the only way they actually want it. Jeongguk doesn't even know where the frustration is coming from but he's just putting it all in the act.
But there is also a very faint sensation. The kind that makes it feel like this has happened before. It's so foreign yet strangely familiar. The omega turns his face and Jeongguk stares into his eyes, like he is trying to read him the same way he'd read his favorite book.
Except this man is so much harder to understand. Because right now he is staring at Jeongguk's lips as if he is dying to k*ss them, he is holding Jeongguk's hands on his chest as if he shouldn't be pushing him away instead. Jeongguk sort of wants to try it.
How would he react if he'd do the exact opposite of what he said? A quick meaningless f*ck is what he was asking but Jeongguk was never one to listen to people. He's already deep inside of him, so what if he makes it challenging? He speeds down, turning his thrusts slower.
"What are you doing?" The Omega asks, narrowing his eyes suspiciously at him. Jeongguk moves his hands to his nipples, twisting them, seeing the way the Omega hisses, bites his lip to stop himself from moaning. "Pushing the limits." Guk whispers.
He pushes deeper, brushing over the spot that makes the Omega roll his eyes back. Holly f*ck! Jeongguk is not one to get stuck on things like this but how is he turning him on with every little thing that he does? Jeongguk is a freaking vampire!
"Jeongguk, I swear! I you d-don't hurr-" He just ends up crying out loud. "Then what? I could just stop." He says. "NO!" The omega almost panics. Jeongguk sees his chance in his eyes and stops moving. "Guk-" "Then kiss me." Jeongguk says.
He can literally see the conflict on the Omegas eyes so he pushes him more, pulling all the way out. It's fascinating how the other man's body starts shaking, like being denied of something it needs. Jeongguk turns him, pushing him on his back again, hovering over him.
Maybe it's mean to use his patience on a clearly impatient Omega for a freaking kiss but why wouldn't he? He lets the tip of his c*ck touch his twitching hole again, the rest of his body fully pressed onto his. He pushes his hair back, looking into his eyes.
"Come on little wolf, just a little kiss and I'll get right back in." He says, tempting him. The Omega is breathing way harsher, looking like he might actually break down if he doesn't get a release. Tae wraps his arms around his neck, giving in to the temptation.
Jeongguk closes his eyes, feeling the soft lips against his own, somehow feeling something overwhelming his chest. He even more aware of his scent, feeling the way he clings onto him. "Good boy." He whispers against his lips. "Guk, please! It hurts."
It takes Jeongguk's attention even more, suddenly forgetting about his own need of whatever it it was before. He wasn't aware that the heat would come with a pain and now here he is, feeling this urgency to take the pain away. He pushes inside again. The Omega rolls his eyes up.
"Better?" He whispers on his lips. The Omega nods, closing his eyes. "Move!" He sounds like he's whining. Jeongguk kisses his lips again as he starts moving and this time, the Omega actually kisses him back, keeping his hold onto his neck.
None of them are really aware that Jeongguk's hold has turned softer, that the kiss is deeper and that their bodies are moving in sync as if this has happened many times before. "C-close!" The Omega says between the kisses. Jeongguk is too.
He bites onto the same spot he bit before, injecting inside of him again. The Omega shouts out loud, shaking in his own org*sm, c*mming on their bellies as Jeongguk continues drinking from him. It feels different, so much different from the other times he drank from him.
He tastes so much better, it feels euphoric in a way he can't describe. His eyes are still closed, holding him tighter and this time he doesn't just see a flash. He sees some memories, not enough but intense enough to make him want to hold him tighter.
-Flashes- Jeongguk groans in annoyance, looking back at his best friend. "With this speed, mom is just gonna find me in a sec." He says. "Stop whining." Yoongi tells him, looking through his map. "We're here already." "At the Kim's?" Jeongguk asks excitedly.
"That's what it says. We're still so far from my village though." Yoongi says. "Dude, I don't care! Every step of the way is gonna be dope." Jeongguk says, rushing forward. He can already feel it, the magic all ver the place. He always wanted to experience it!
He was just one curious wolf, trying to see where he really belongs to, discover the same thing he was told was wrong all his life. He never expected to find any beauty beyond that and he certainly never expected to find love. He changes his shape, turning to a wolf.
He runs and runs because this is the only place he can run in this form freely without being afraid. The wind against his furs feel amazing. But as he runs, he starts smelling it. The scent of something, someone his wolf recognizes. He stops running and looks around.
Where is it? Where? He follows the scent, feeling it gett stronger. And then he sees it. The other wolf looks back at him with blue eyes. Jeongguk had only heard of this, didn't know if it was real or not but the Omega has obviously recognized him too!
They walk around each other in a circle, sniffing each other to make sure they are not being crazy. Jeongguk is about to go crazy. He turns back to his human form, waiting for the other wolf to do the same. Wow! What is happening to Jeongguk's heart?
The other man's eyes sparkle and Jeongguk wonders if his own are glowing too. Is he drooling? Is he making a fool of himself. F*cking hell! How can one person look this handsome and pretty at the same time? "Wow!" The Omega says it. "Are you?" "Yeah!" Guk says.
He might have said a bit too quick but can you blame him? The more time passes, the more he can feel it. This must really be it. His fated mate! The one that his wolf has waited for. The one his wolf has loved over and over in his past lives. "Hey!" The Omega smiles.
"Hi!" Jeongguk says it back, smiling much wider. "I thought it was just some myth? How is it... who even are you? I've never seen you around." The Omega says. "I'm Jeongguk!" He quickly says. "It's my first time here." The Omega chuckles at that. "You're cute!"
"I have a feeling that's not exactly flattering for an alphha." Jeongguk says. "No it's perfect." "You didn't tell me your name." Jeongguk says. "Taehyung." He says, biting his lip shyly. Jeongguk stares at his lips and then his eyes. Why can't he stop staring at him?
"You're literally my type, it's insane." The Omega says. "Your type?" "Muscular, cute, hot, doe eyes... Like damn, when can I have your babies? They'd look so cute!" It is insane because Jeongguk is blushing. Somehow this Omega is exactly Jeongguk's type too!
Jeongguk has no idea how this is gonna work. He barely even knows this man but the connection his wolf is making is so strong, he knows that it's not going to take much until he'll be insanely in love with him. He knows one thing though. He's never gonna let him go!
"Jeongguk!" The vampire stops drinking when the voice brings him back to reality, the flashes stop and he uses his venom to heal him. He's still feeling overwhelmed when he looks down at him. The other man is looking back with half-lidded eyes.
The Omega looks so similar to the one in the flash, except this one doesn't have the same glow the one in his flash had when he saw Jeongguk for the first time. Why did it stop? There is still so much Jeongguk needs to know because it still doesn't make any fucking sense!
The way he felt, it was like he finally met the person he was waiting for all his life. Then what happened? It felt like he was going to die before ever hurting him. Then how could he hurt him to the point that the Omega wouldn't want to have anything to do with him?
"I need to get up and wash up." Taehyung ends up saying. "Is it over?" Guk asks. "It usually takes way longer. It just calmed it down a bit, The real one is probably gonna hit later." He says. Jeongguk moves to let him get up. "I can still help you later." He suggests.
"Of course you would." He whispers and then walks away, leaving Jeongguk with the emotions he still needs to digest. How is it that every time the emotions come back stronger? Can Jeongguk even handle them all if he continues? Yet, he doesn't want to stop!
He opens the windows, trying to get rid of whatever pheromones that was released before Yoongi and Junghwa get there. Taehyung gets out of the shower and looks at Jeongguk with an expression that he can't really read. "What are you doing?" The Omega asks.
Jeongguk is on his feet, looking back with serious eyes. "I'm trying to clear the air from your pheromones before our son gets here." "You know what I'm actually asking Jeongguk." Taehyung's seriousness doesn't go away. "I was just helping you." The vampire says.
"And what are you trying to get in return?" "Nothing really." "You see Jeongguk, you might have lost your emotions and you might not remember shit about me, but I know you enough to tell you never do anything unless there is something bigger behind it. Spill."
Jeongguk licks his lip, thinking about his next words carefully. Taehyung waits for it but when he takes too long, he continues. "Then let me ask you another question, how the fuck do you know that I'm releasing pheromones right now?" The Omega asks.
Jeongguk pauses at that. He's not supposed to know? "I assumed? You told me you would." Jeongguk says. Taehyung still looks suspicious. "Is it the blood? You know you don't have to do this to drink." He continues asking, not letting it go.
Jeongguk could tell him the truth. That he feels insecure. He doesn't want to lose his son by losing the other of his son. That he is starting to remember and he wants to continue by drinking but from their conversation before, Tae wouldn't be kind enough to let him.
"It is the blood." He half lies. "It tastes better when it's during sex." It's not a lie, it does taste better. Somehow that seems to make more sense to the omega. "What? You think I'm doing it out of feelings?" He tries to make it sound sarcastic, smirking.
Taehyung glares at him. That's the thing, sometimes the reality is way more ridiculous and unbelievable than some half-assed lie. "It made sense. You needed someone to help you out, I happened to like how it tastes." Jeongguk says. Taehyung looks thoughtful.
"Unless you feel something?" Guk tries again. "Fuck off." The Omega says, sitting on the bed with a sigh. "How does it happen? Let me know so I can properly help." "You just have you d*ck ready all the time. I don't know when it hits. I tried to jack off to feel better."
"Feel better?" Guk snorts. "My mood swings are a bitch." "If it's about being moody, it doesn't seem like it actually helped." Jeongguk says. "It's a wonder why I even still tall to you." Tae says with a fake smile. And there it is again, being reminded that he doesn't know.
But he doesn't have any time to stay on it because Yoongi and Junghwa open the door to get back inside. Yoongi pauses on the way, standing frozen. He looks at Taehyung with a questioning expression. "We'll talk about it later." Taehyung says. Yoongi can tell?
Is it the pheromones? Is it why Taehyung asked how Jeongguk knew? Vampires have a better sense of hearing so would that be strange if werewolves would have a better sense of smell? They are wolves after all and they're supposed to be similar to dogs.
"I think it's better if we don't stay." Yoongi says. "It doesn't look like you have enough time." Jeongguk looks between them. Even Taehyung looks a bit taken back. "Enough time for what?" Junghwa asks innocently. "How far is the village?" Taehyung asks.
"We can be there tomorrow morning if we move now." Yoongi says. "And I think we should because if you end up needing to spend the heat alone, we need to know before it comes." "Heat? You're gonna go again?" Junghwa asks, his voice dropping a bit.
"Just for a few days again baby." Tae says and at first, Jeongguk just listens until it hits him. "A few days?" He can't even hold his surprise. "What are you? A dolphin?" "I would really rather not to answer to you about it right now." Taehyung says.
"It's not like you need to deal with it. No one would expect a vampire to last long enough." Yoongi says. "We should just go." "I'll get ready." Taehyung says. Junghwa looks at Taehyung and than walks to Jeongguk in confusion. "What?" Guk asks. "Do you ever shower?"
Yoongi is the first person who laughs, Taehyung tries to hold it. "I do occasionally but I don't need it as often as others." "That's dirty, ew!" Junghwa cringes hgis nose. Jeongguk closes his eyes, trying not to get offended. "In second thought, we can leave after I shower."
Taehyung can't help but to feel a bit mixed. As much as he wants to remember why he is mad at Jeongguk, every time Jeongguk does something extra because of Junghwa, a part of him remembers just how much he wanted this when Junghwa was born.
Jeongguk ends up showering and they start moving again. They reach a beach and Jeongguk is sure they need to find a ship or something but stands dumbfounded when they just step on the water. This land really makes no sense! How can they stand on the water?
Junghwa starts yawning when the night time comes so Taehyung picks him up and lets him sleep in his arms. Jeongguk stares at them, not even noticing that he is smiling. But when he notices, he also realizes that the smile is coming from a feeling, a sensation!
How is it that he is still able to feel this much even though he last drank from Taehyung a few hours ago? Taehyung seems to be getting tired. Of course he is. He is not a vampire and it's night. He walks to him. "Let me." He says, taking the little boy from him.
Yoongi looks at them with sad eyes. Ever since Jeongguk had joined them, he has been trying to avoid him because of things like this. Because he knows that moments like these were the moments Jeongguk would die for. Because it's wrong but looks so right!
He watches as Jeongguk lets Junghwa sleep on his back and the way Taehyung makes sure the boy is secured on him and remembers a long time ago when things were differet. The days they just ended up having the little boy. They looked so similar!
-A few years ago- Jimin laughs at the way Taehyung continues devouring the ice cream. "What?" Taehyung narrows his eyes at him. "Nothing." "It's not me, it's the baby." He says, pointing at his belly. "I bet it is." Jimin says, looking amused.
"I'm serious. I know I'm gonna feel sick but it won't stop making me eat. Before I know I'm gonna get even bigger and I'm so gonna be alpha-less." The Omega continues whining, still eating the ice cream. "Jeongguk is literally the one who keeps feeding you." Jimin says.
"He better. It's so unfair that I have to do this just because the fucker's condom broke." He says and looks around. "Do we have any pickles?" "You just... had an ice cream!" Yoongi cringes his nose at that. "Blame THE BABY!" The Omega says. They hear the sound of a laugh.
Yoongi looks back and sees Jeongguk walking to them. "I'll get your pickles in a bit, after this one sleeps." Jeongguk says. Taehyung's smile widens when he sees them. "Let me see him." He says and Jeongguk sits next to him, showing him the little boy in his arms.
The baby is not even one, just making noises that none of them understand. "He's hungry." The Omega says like he can actually understand the giberish. "I'll get his milk." Jeongguk says. "I'll do it, give him to me." Taehyung says, taking him from his mate.
He takes the baby to the bottle and starts feeding it. Yoongi can see the way Jeongguk is looking at them. He doesn't have to say it, it's written on his face that they really are his whole world. A part of Yoongi is jealous. All four of them are such a loving family!
-The current time- Yoongi presses his lips together, trying not to feel emotional by the scene in front of him. Taehyung turns and sees the look on his face. "Hyung, are you okay?" He asks. Yoongi blinks, looking away. "Let's just go." He whispers.
Looking at Yoongi's face makes Jeongguk wonder. Just how much does the man know? Is it possible that he knows all of it? Jeongguk can't get into Taehyung's mind but can he get into Yoongi's? What if he's an original too? He follows the other two until they move past the sea.
Jeongguk injects another shot before the sun comes up. "Is it safe to keep doing that?" Taehyung asks. Yoongi licks his lip. Why does he even care? "I'm okay. Are we there yet?" Jeongguk asks. Yoongi points at the place in front of them. "We're here." He says.
"I don't see anything." Guk says but then he suddenly can't move anymore. "Let me." Taehyung says, standing next to Jeongguk and closing his eyes, touching the air. And then suddenly, a man appears in front of them. "Taehyungie!" The man says, smiling widely.
"Hi hyung!" Taehyung smiles back. The man looks around. "And Yoongi and-" Then he pauses when his eyes fall on Jeongguk. "Jeonggukie!" He suddenly grows taller. Jeongguk looks up. "It is Jeonggukkie! Well come on in!" He pulls him inside.
"Woa!" Jeongguk's brows grow bigger when he takes one step inside and suddenly the view in front of him changes completely! A big rainbow, big and colorful houses everywhere, a big waterfall but the water is not destroying anything to making anything but the plants wet.
People are walking around and the whole place has two side, one with a bright light like day and one with the darkness of night. "What is this place?" Guk whispers. "Did you make up? Is he back again?" The man looks so excited, looking at taehyung.
Is he the person Yoongi talked about before? "Namjoon-ah, calm down. No one made up with anyone. We just need some place to rest." Yoongi says. "And are we gonna tell anyone that Jeongguk is clearly still a vampire?" Namjoon asks. "SHH!" Taehyung shushes him.
Why is this person act like he knows Jeongguk? And wait, Namjoon? As in THE Namjoon? The one from the myths and rumors? The one that practices magic? "We've been walking all night, we'll talk about it later. DON'T tell anyone." Taehyung says.
"You're defending him." Namjoon looks thoughtful and then smirks teasingly, pushing his finger onto Taehyung's chest. "You still love him." "HYUNG!" Taehyung's tone sounds threatening. "Fine, fine!" He snaps his fingers, their spot suddenly changes.
They look around the place. It looks like a huge castle. Yoongi groans. "Did you just take us to your place?" He asks. "You wanted a place to rest." Namjoon points out. "Is he okay?" Jeongguk mumbles. "In the village Namjoon, a place in the village." Taehyung says.
"Oh!" Namjoon says and then chuckles. "Silly me!" He snaps his fingers again and they are suddenly in a place that Yoongi seems to recognize the most because his heart is beating the faster. An old man looks at Yoongi. "YOONGI-AH!" "Not here, not here." Yoongi yells.
The old man starts running to Yoongi but before he can get to him they move to another place. "Where are we now?" Jeongguk asks. Junghwa starts squirming behind him, slowly waking up. "Hi." They see a dog saying. "A guest house then?" Namjoon asks.
"Yes." Taehyung sighs in relief. "Can we get some rooms please?" He asks the puppy. The puppy starts looking through a maze, trying to figure something out. Namjoon is looking at Jeongguk in a way that Jeongguk is starting to freak out. Why is he even this close.
"Can I help you?" Jeongguk asks. "Oh ho ho, no." Namjoon says with a creepy smile. Jeongguk is a vampire, he is no capable of being creeped out but he is. He rushes to the room when the dog tells them where to go, trying to get away from the new guy.
He puts Junghwa in a bed and then heads to the other room that was assigned to him and pauses when he sees a man on his bed, laying on his belly with his hands keeping his head up, looking at him in interest. "Wha-chu doing?" Namjoon asks.
Jeongguk can't believe him! "Certainly not you." He means to insult because what the hell? Why is this man on his bed? "Of course not? You'd probably want to do him? Right? Right?" He tilts his brows a few times. "I could totally teleport him. Wait-" "NO!"
"Why not?" Namjoon whines, sitting up. "Would this be better?" Jeongguk blinks and Taehyung is suddenly on the bed but it's not exactly Taehyung! "Don't you miss me Jeonggukie? My true love." Why is Taehyung blinking this much and sending fake kisses? Is that NAMJOON?
"Stop that!" Jeongguk says. "Can you stop terrorizing him?" The real Taehyung comes in the room and Namjoon looks like himself again. "Do you have any idea how long I have been bored? Some tea finally came up." Namjoon says. "There is no tea." Taehyung says.
"Yes there isn't." Jeongguk says and then pauses. "Wait, what does that mean? I'd actually like some tea." Namjoon starts chuckling. "I'm really tired right now. You can totally scare him off-" Taehyung says. "HEY!" Jeongguk objects. "Just don't do it with me." Tae says.
"He doesn't sleep. Does that mean we're gonna be best buddies again until you wake up?" Namjoon asks and Jeongguk actually feels a shiver. "Sure. But if he asks anything about my past and you answer, I'm gonna be so mad." Taehyung says. "And we wouldn't want that!" Namjoon says.
"No we wouldn't." Taehyung agrees. "Have a good day." He smiles at Jeongguk like he knows that there is no way it'll be a good one for Jeongguk. "Are you seriously gonna leave me with him-" Taehyung is already gone. Jeongguk sighs, turning to the wizard again.
"Don't eat me!" He doesn't know why but he wouldn't put it past this man. "Says the vampire." Namjoon laughs. "You've been drinking from him, haven't you?" Guk pauses at that. "How do you know that?" "Cuz it's obvious. I can feel the magic, you're feeling a bit."
Jeongguk goes serious when he hears it. This is trouble! Of all people... "Don't worry, I won't tell them you're trying to wake your wolf again." He says, shushing Jeongguk. "I'm what?" "You don't know?" Namjoon asks. "I'm not... what? What do you mean?"
"Isn't it what you're doing? Waking your wolf to remember everything again and make things right with Taehyungie?" Namjoon asks. "That's what happens when you stay with your fated one and do special things with them. If you know what I mean."
"I have no idea..." Jeongguk confesses. Namjoon blinks, confused. "Then you might wanna stop drinking or doing anything with him cuz your wolf is clearly already starting to wake up again. Haven't you felt strange? A bit too much?" The wizard asks. Jeongguk just stares at him.
"That's how it is with wolves. There is this one fated person thingy. It's supposed to be the person your soul spends every life with so when it finds it in a life, even if it's dead, you'll try to bring it back. Or follow it to the after life." Namjoon says.
Jeongguk remembers the flash he had before. He called Taehyung his fated one in it, something about a myth. "You two found each other so technically even if your wolf is dead, your mate's wolf is still alive. And his wolf is a stubborn one, it's gonna wake yours up."
Wait! So Taehyung's wolf has been trying to get Jeongguk's back? Is that why Jeongguk has been feeling this much? "I thought Taehyung said not to tell me." "He said not to answer your questions about his past. He was specific." Wow! Just wow!
Then it means that technically, Namjoon is going to answer anything as long as it's not a question! "We... are here because he is in his heat." He says, looking at Namjoon carefully. "Duh! Told you his wolf is trying. It's gonna lure your wolf in any way it can."
"But he doesn't want me." Jeongguk says in confusion. "He as in Taehyung or his wolf?" Namjoon asks. "Last I checked they were the same." Jeongguk says. "They are! Except his wolf is a wolf and his soul and it remembers all your past lives but Taehyungie doesn't."
"Oh..." "Wolves have all these experiences but they're kind of like babies. They want what they want, they can get unreasonable sometimes. It's the animalistic side of people." Namjoon says. "That explains a lot." Jeongguk says, thinking hard.
"I always liked you two. Do you remember? I helped you two together." Namjoon sounds proud of himself. "No I can't." "That's a pity. The last a few times I saw Taehyungie he was either alone or with Yoongi. He never told me what you did but he said you two were over."
So even Namjoon doesn't know what Jeongguk really did! "Don't worry though, I'm on your side. I helped you before, I can help again." Namjoon says with a smile and Jeongguk feels a bit overwhelmed. His first reaction to Namjoon wasn't good.
He didn't expect anything good by being around him but right now, he's actually glad they got to him. As strange as this man is, he is the only one that has actually helped Jeongguk in any way and told him that he'll have his back. "Thanks!" He means it.
"Nah, don't mention it. Just promise I can play with the little ones when you're back together. I never really got to play with Taeggukie." Taegguk? Did he just name their relationship? "If you promise not to break my son. Apparently, he is the only one we can ever have."
"A boy and a girl is enough though." Namjoon says. "A girl?" Jeongguk asks. "Sorry, I can't annswer questions." Namjoon chuckles and gets up. "Wanna see around the village instead? It's one of my favorite places in the whole world." "Sure..." Guk says unsurely.
They walk around the place, Namjoon explains everything about the place and the people in it. As long as it's not about Taehyung's past, Namjoon actually answers. Everyone actually seem so nice, some even recognize Jeongguk. Guk smiles, pretending like he remembers them.
"Yoongi used to have a lot of trouble here." Namjoon says excitedly. "That's his dad." He points at the man that almost beat the hell out of the alpha before. "He didn't seem happy to see his son." Guk points out. "It's just their love language. He runs, his dad runs after him."
"Nice..." Jeongguk says. "So he was born here?" "YES. Born and raised. Except he ran away from his dad and ended up in your shitty kingdom." Namjoon says. "Wasn't it dangerous for him?" "It was but back then it wasn't as dangerous, y'know?"
"No I don't." Jeongguk says. "Oh yeah... You don't remember!" "Can you help me remember?" Jeongguk asks. Because he might not be sure that he wants to be a wolf but he is sure that he wants to know. "I told you, you can when your wolf wakes up."
"But then my feelings will too." Jeongguk says. "That's the key. The reason you don't remember is because you are trying not to feel. Once you feel again, you will remember." Namjoon says. "Jeongguk-ah!" Someone calls out for his name. "Hi!" Who is she?
"It really is you! I couldn't smell you so I just thought I was wrong." She says. "No Jieunie. He is just using scent blockers." Namjoon says. Jeongguk is genuinely so happy he is there. "Yeah..." "I never thought I'd see you again. I heard you and Taehyungie separated?"
"We have." Jeongguk says. "That's sad. I always thought you were the perfect couple, wanted to find a right Omega for myself too." Jieun says with a smile. "How are the kids taking them though. Junghwa seemed okay the last time I saw him. Taegukkie is with you, right?"
Jeongguk pauses at that. The kids? Namjoon said that name too. Jeongguk thought it was just his way of combining his name with Taehyung but it doesn't seem like it anymore. "She's gone." They all suddenly turn to the voice. Taehyung is standing there.
"Gone?" The female alpha asks. Jeongguk doesn't know why but he feels his chest feel strange. "She was never born." Taehyung says and Jeongguk can actually hear the irregular way Taehyung's heart beats. "Oh my! Why haven't you ever told us?" Jieun asks.
Taehyung looks tired, staring down at the ground. "I don't want to talk about it." He says. Jieun walks to him, trying to greet him and cheer him up somehow. But then they hear the extra sound. "I'm very sorry to hear that Taehyungie." A man says with a gentle voice.
Jeongguk can actually hear the way Taehyung's heart calms down, the way his smile forms on his face when he sees him. And no one even needs to say it, Jeongguk can tell that it must be HIM. the one that came first. "Wooshikie hyung!" Taehyung's voice sounds so soft.
The man called Wooshik smiles, opening his arms and Taehyung walks to him. Jieun and Namjoon both look at Jeongguk when Wooshik pulls the Omega in a hug. But the thing is that even Jeongguk himself doesn't know how he feels. He is still stuck on Taegguk!
A little girl that was never born. Did it happen before Junghwa? It couldn't be after him. Junghwa is five! Did they get pregnant the moment he gave birth or something? And why didn't Taehyung ever tell anyone? "We missed you around here." Wooshik says, bringing Jeongguk back.
"I missed you too. I actually came to see you." Taehyung says, pulling away slightly. "you know you're always welcome here." Wooshik says. Taehyung smiles at him and then his eyes fall on Jeongguk who is staring down thoughtfully. His smile drops slightly.
Wooshik seems to notice the tension too. "Am I interrupting something?" Wooshik asks. "No. Can we just talk a bit later, alone?" Taehyung asks. "How is tonight?" Wooshik asks. "Sounds great!" Taehyung says, nodding. Jeongguk is still not moving.
Even Namjoon is silent and it's never a good thing. Wooshik walks away and Taehyung walks to the vampire. "Come on." He says, trying to pull Jeongguk by his sleeve, not wanting to talk out here. "Taegukkie was never born?" Namjoon asks, sounding upset.
"Joon..." Taehyung whispers. "How?" The wizard's voice shakes a bit. Jeongguk can tell from just that, Namjoon would have known if it happened before Junghwa. It must have happened after him. Taehyung tries to speak but he just can't bring himself to do it.
Namjoon seems to think that he is not speaking because of all the people around so he snaps his fingers and they are suddenly in another place, just the three of them. "What happened to her?" Namjoon asks, looking unusually serious.
Everything is going through Jeongguk's mind. The moment Taehyung took Junghwa out of his hold and ran away from him. The moment he saw him again. When he told him that he is not able to have any more babies anymore. The way he always looked at him like he betrayed him.
Jeongguk feels something deep inside of him feel like burning. The kind of hell he can never move on from. "How? Everything was okay. She was old enough. She-" Namjoon looks mad. "I k*lled her..." Jeongguk suddenly whispers. The whole room goes silent at that.
Everything is starting to come together and as much as Jeongguk wants to ignore it, he can't. Taehyung looks at him like he is seconds away from breaking down. "An Omega can barely survive a broken fated mate. You said that to me before." Guk says.
"He might hardly survive a rejected one but it wasn't just a rejected, I died, my wolf died." Jeongguk continues speaking. Why does he feel tired? Tiredness is one feeling he shouldn't feel. He's a god damn vampire! Taehyung's lips start shaking at that.
Namjoon looks between them in disbelief. "But if I'd turn, you were meant to die, unless the baby would be the way to survive? A sort of connection?" Jeongguk is trying to understand, he really is. "Or would it be the other way around? Or would that even matter?"
"Stop." Taehyung whispers. "But you wouldn't hate me if it wasn't that. You wouldn't take Junghwa if I didn't have something to do with it. You must have thought I wasn't safe. Because I must have done something to prove it." Jeongguk continues, mumbling none stop.
"You wouldn't!" Namjoon says, shaking his head. "But if I'd break the bond, if I'd reject my Omega then there was a clear chance my Omega would survive when I'd turn, even though realistically it must have been hard enough to have a toll on the baby." Jeongguk keeps talking.
That does it, Taehyung looks away, trying to hide his face as his tears start falling down. Jeongguk finally looks up with a blank expression, must be because of the numbness in his heart. "I did it, didn't I?" Jeongguk asks. Taehyung shakes his head, refusing to speak.
"That's not true! Taehyung, tell him it's not. Jeongguk would never-" Namjoon looks so sure. "It's true." Taehyung barely manages to be loud enough to say it. He looks at him with devastating eyes, trying to hold his breath. "You rejected me, you broke our bond."
Jeongguk has never hated knowing more than now. Never hated his mind for always thinking and thinking until it knows as much as right now. "You chose my life over our baby's... And I'm never gonna forgive you for that." He says, shrugging hopelessly.
"If you'd break the bond, I had a chance to survive, the baby couldn't. If you'd turn first, I would die for fucking sure but there could be a chance for the baby to live. Because even if I was dead, we could use magic to keep it alive and deliver it in my body." He says.
"We talked about it, it was supposed to be our last night. We just made love, I was holding you and I said it was okay... I said I loved you but you never said it back. You just looked at me and then bit my neck." He says, not even trying to hold his tears.
"And I think about it every fucking day. And now you're there and you don't even feel the way I want to die every day just to go back and fix it. And the only reason I'm even holding on is our other son. I don't think I'll ever stop hating you for that." Taehyung shakes his head.
Namjoon starts breathing louder, like he is about to have a panic attack, looking betrayed. Taehyung turns to him and then just watches him disappear into nothing. Jeongguk doesn't realize he is shedding a tear until Taehyung looks at him in confusion.
"H-How are you-?" His voice cracks from the tears. "I knew where you could have been. Jimin kept telling me to just let it go, he said I wouldn't even know that my son would even want me or what I'd find if I come after you." Jeongguk says, staring down again.
"Thinking of everything he said, I really didn't know how to answer them." Jeongguk says. 'Are you sure you're even going to find him?' He remembers Jimin asking. 'He's my son.' 'I know that you probably won't even feel it... but it's been years Guk.'
Another tears drops from the memory. 'We don't even know if that boy is still alive. We don't even know what happened, if he'd even still want you. If-' 'It doesn't matter.'" 'It matters.' Jimin insisted. It really mattered! Jeongguk just had no idea.
'I'm going to find them, I get back my son and I'll make sure that man will never breathe to see another sunlight. No one is allowed to touch what's mine.' His words must have sounded so ironic to his brother. So ironic to threaten the life of the person he sacrificed to save.
'At least promise me one thing.' Jeongguk greets his teeth together, why is it hurting more. 'If you find him, you're not going to do anything that'd tear that little boy apart.' Jimin tries to make him promise. A promise that seemed so strange at the time.
Jeongguk holds his chest, feeling like a shout in despair trying to come out of the deepest part of his soul. 'Why would I hurt my own son?' What a stupid question for Jeongguk to ask. He drops on his knees, Tae looks down at him with wide eyes. 'One would wonder!' Jimin said.
He lets it out, shouting loud from the bottom of his soul. It feels like he has been holding it for a very very long time. Taehyung is not shedding tears anymore, he just stares down with confused eyes. Jeongguk throws his head down, hugging himself. It's cold, so cold!
It was always right in front of his face. Jimin tried to stop him, to keep him out of all these but he never listened. He should have just let them go, let them live a better life. He should have just listened more carefully when Jimin hinted that he might hurt them.
He doesn't know what is happening to him. He feels so much at once. It hurts, until he remembers Taehyung's words. 'Alphas are the 'provider and protectors' y'know? They care so much about taking care of people so when they think they hurt a baby... They lose it!'
Is that it? He's not even an alpha, not a wolf! Is that why he forgot? Because he knew he couldn't handle living with himself while knowing what he did? "Guk?" He suddenly feels Taehyung's hand on his back, leaning down slowly. He looks up, wondering if his pain is visible.
Taehyung looks at Jeongguk's red eyes. He has grown used to them. They might look similar to everyone but Taehyung has always seen the difference from the time Jeongguk's eyes would grow red in passion and feelings from the red eyes of an emotionless vampire.
And right now Jeongguk is looking at him with the same eyes he fell in love with all those years ago. He thought he would want this. He thought it'd give him some sort of satisfaction if he ever would get to see him in pain for what happened, but he's not!
He doesn't want to see him in pain. He just wants their baby back. He just wants things to stop being so complicated. He wants Jeongguk not to have to make that choice. He holds Jeongguk's cheeks, trying to wipe the tear that runs down from his eye.
"How long have you been feeling?" He asks. Jeongguk licks his lip. "Since I drank from you." "I had a feeling you must have been hiding something." Taehyung says. "I went through this, what you're feeling. Even worse. I had so much pain, so much anger, hate."
Jeongguk gulps, not sure if he wants to hear more. "I survived on hating on you but sometimes when I'd miss my mate, I would think clearer. And one of those times was when Junghwa got sick and I was worried to death. I was holding him, medicating him, everything I could."
He probably shouldn't be nice enough to do this, but he was never good at seeing Jeongguk in pain. "He started getting better and then I thought to myself... What if I'd actually died back then? What if you'd let me. What if I wasn't there to take care of him?"
Jeongguk's expression changes a little from that. "What if I'd go and they would both live with a vampire father that might not even have enough feeling to hold them when they're in pain? What if no one would be there to take care of any of them?" He asks.
He sits down fully, looking at him with gentle eyes. "I never told anyone but I selfishly felt a little glad. Because now Junghwa had me, I could take care of him and she would never be in pain anymore without someone like me to stop her pain." The Omega says.
He pauses, thinking a bit. "As I was thinking, my thoughts sort of sounded like something you could have thought of too. I would probably deny it when it was the time, I would give my life any day for them, I would risk it. I guess that's what makes us different." Tae says.
"To keep an adult alive or let them die for a baby to come and deal with it all alone..." Taehyung whispers. "For Junghwa to be alone too. It should be a simple choice but it's not. Because I'm the adult and I just want my baby back. And I can only survive on hating you!"
Jeongguk feels a little calmer as he listens to him. "I know it's selfish. Because a part of me gets it even if I don't want to admit it. That's probably why sometimes I forget that I want to hate you but I just don't know how to live with myself knowing I'm living HER life."
He drops one of his hands on Jeongguk's hand, trying to stay calm. "It just made it easier when you were away. And I thought I could handle having you around for a couple of months and then never see you again, to convince myself that you should get hurt too."
"But..." He pauses, looking down. Jeongguk moves a bit closer, holding his hand back tighter. "It's okay." He says. Jeongguk looks up at him. "Of hating me helps, then do it. Give me hell, I can take it." "It's not about what you can or can't do."
"You were wrong. You, not telling me was never a punishment. It was sparing me. It's not fair for you to be the only one who has to know and go though the pain." Jeongguk says. "To hell with what's fair. The world is never fair Jeongguk." Taehyung says.
He holds both of Taehyung's hands in his hands. "Let me drink from you. It helps me feel, it helps me remember." "Guk-" "Petal, please!" Jeongguk says and Taehyung just stares at him, taken back. "I need to remember, You don't owe me shit but I need you."
Taehyung is still hesitant. Jeongguk presses his forehead onto his. "I'll do whatever you say. If you want me to leave, I will. I won't ever bother you again. Just this one, do me this one last favor... Please!" He pleads, closing his eyes.
"Okay." Taehyung ends up agreeing. Jeongguk opens his eyes, seeing the way the Omega is staring at his lips thoughtfully. "Thank you." Jeongguk says. Taehyung holds onto his hair, patting it and then looks into his eyes. "But you're not leaving. Not until I let you."
"Anything you say." Jeongguk says. Taehyung gulps hard, tilting his head for him. Jeongguk moves closer to his neck. He presses his lips on the spot. Taehyung closes his eyes, waiting for the sting but instead, he feels a gentle peck on it, then Jeongguk pushes his fangs inside.
The Omega hisses, letting Jeongguk hold around his waist, press his chest against his own as he drinks. He holds the back of Jeongguk's head and slowly caresses his hair, trying to tell himself that this is right. At least this time they're making the decision together!
Jeongguk opens his eyes when he hears the sound. He walks to the window and watches down. His mother is smiling at a man, her eyes are shining red. The man kisses her hand and then gets on their horse to leave. Her mother looks up, as if she can feel his eyes on her.
She smiles and Jeongguk suddenly feels another presence behind himself. He looks back, seeing his brother. "Father has already left." Hoseok says. "Is he coming back?" Jeongguk asks. Hoseok looks down at his younger brother with his own red eyes, no emotions on his face.
"He is going for important meetings, not war. If things go well with the Kims, there won't be any war." Hoseok explains. "As long as they listen, we won't have a problem." "Would I have to die if I were only a werewolf too?" Jeongguk suddenly asks. Hoseok frowns slightly.
"Like Jiminie hyung's mother. I don't think that she just drowned herself." Jeongguk says. "Why would you say that, Jeongguk?" Hoseok asks. "Because she loved living, she had her son, our father was her fated one, I don't believe that she wanted it." Jeongguk says.
"Aren't you a smart one Jeonggukie?" They both turn when they hear it from their mother. She is smiling at them like every other day. "So why do you think it happened to her?" She asks. Jeongguk just stares at her, answering with his silence.
She walks to him and leans on her knees. "Listen to me my young and smart boy." She says, pushing Jeongguk's back. "I don't blame you for being distracted by feelings. You are still part wolf after all, but your other half is your real gem."
Jeongguk gulps slightly. "Mommy needed to help your father to have you and your brother, it wasn't easy. But we are meant to be the strongest, the ones who will rule the world forever. Everyone else, they were always meant to die." She explains.
"That woman was just merely a distraction, she was always meant to lose her life anyway. We're the ones that can't die in common means. But what is outside of these walls in that land, it's evil. That magic, those creatures, they are our biggest threat." She continues.
"Why is it evil? If there are more people like me and Jiminie hyung. We're not evil." Jeongguk says. "It is because as long as they exist, we are in danger. We invented them and they are the ones who know our darkest secrets. And that's what we need to remain, secrets."
Jeongguk licks his lip. "The world shall not know of us. We should not parade with things that are meant to be misunderstood. Like magic, which is the practice that goes against the nature of everything. And what was made out of is also evil." She says.
Jeongguk looks at his brother but she turns his face to look at her again. "Don't you worry, soon you won't have to be distracted by these feelings anymore. And once you do, we shall rule this world together and erase every trace of evil-ness." "But aren't we from magic too?"
She caresses his face. "Yes, but you're my sons. Me, an original who has given birth to you, one that has seen many good and bad and spent my life keeping the world pure, you will remain pure because you came from me." she says. Jeongguk holds onto his robe, biting his lip.
"I have been void of feelings for many many years, but I have loved you both with my whole heart. Don't you love me too?" she asks. Jeongguk hesitates but then nods. She pulls him in a hug. "But I love Jiminie hyungie too." He says. He pauses at that.
She pulls away, looking at him with curious eyes. "He is not like us..." Jeongguk licks his lip nervously. "He loves life too, he's just a wolf. I don't think I'll love you as much if he loses his life mysteriously, like his mother." She stares at him.
"Don't worry my son. I will never hurt him. But you need to understand that one day, you have to let them go. We are the only ones who can live forever." "I will let him go when his time comes but only when it comes." Jeongguk says. She pulls him in for a hug again.
19 years old Jeongguk enters his father's room. It has been years since the man has lost his mate and if his mother wouldn't have turned him to a vampire, he would have died already. A sick vampire is what is left of his father. "Jeongguk?" His father calls his name. "Come here!"
He is in his bed but sits up when he sees his son. Jeongguk bows slightly and then sits in front of his bed. "Did you call for me?" He asks. His father stares at him. "Are you scared?" His father suddenly asks. "Scared?" "Your days are numbered." His father reminds him.
Jeongguk shrugs unsurely. "I always knew the day would come." Jeongguk says. "I heard you took care of a wandering wolf." His father says. "He was just lost, father." Jeongguk says. "He was running from his own father, Jiminie hyung seems to like him too."
His father smiles slightly. "You are really filled with love, Jeongguk-ah. You might think it's just a side of your alpha but it's purely you." His father says. "Mother would feel disappointed if she would hear that." "Your mother doesn't know real feelings." His father says.
Jeongguk had considered that too. "She doesn't know what Hoseokie gave up, what you are going to give up when your day comes and you need to turn too." He says. Jeongguk looks down, holding his own hand nervously. "I'm a king but I was a pack leader first Jeongguk, I know."
"Then how could you let them go?" Jeongguk asks. The older man looks away, partly ashamed. "I married your mother to have mixed children and finish the feud between vampires and werewolves. But when my pack became against you, my own sons, I turned my back to them." He says.
Jeongguk feels a sense of guilt even though he never chose to be born, He never chose to be the reason for his pack's leave, for more feud. He never chose to be a freak that is part vampire and part werewolf. "I'm sorry." He whispers. "It's not your fault Jeongguk-ah."
His father moves a bit closer to him. "I know your mother has told you not to. I didn't think it was important when Hoseokie's time was coming but I know what you really are going to lose. The wolf you looked after, do you trust him to lead you outside?" The king asks.
"O-oustide? As in-" "You deserve to know what's out there Jeongguk. You deserve to fall in love if it comes, to feel everything and experience all there is before you have to give it all up. You deserve to be a wolf before you lose it." His father says.
"Mom always says It's all evil." "It might be but I remember when I was on the side of 'evil' and everything was pure. Children playing, a bright sun on the sky without being afraid of burning under it, warmth, love, exciting creatures. You never knew what more was there."
Just listening to it makes him feel like dreaming. Yoongi has told Jeongguk about them, about how the world outside is and Jeongguk has always wanted to explore. "If one day you find it evil like your mother, it can't be helped but at least you explored it to know."
"But what if I explore it and find more than I'm willing to give up?" Jeongguk asks. It is one of his biggest fears. "Then I genuinely hope there will be a strong enough magic for all of you to help you keep them. Even if it comes from the impure side." The king says.
Jeongguk stops drinking, opens his eyes and uses his venom to heal the Omega. He wants to know more but he needs to be careful not to hurt the wolf. "What did you remember?" Taehyung asks. Jeongguk lifts his head. "My childhood, my father telling me to leave."
"Yoongi hyung was running away from his own dad, he ended up in your kingdom and you sort of took him in before anyone could hurt him. He agreed to let you come and see this place." Taehyung says, nodding. "And the moment I got to the Kim's lands I met you." Guk says.
Taehyung stares at him with emotional eyes and then looks down from the memory. "I was running too. But then I ended up feeling this connection... Like someone I lost finally came back to me. So I went after it and then I saw you." Taehyung says, looking in nostalgia.
"That was the most vivid flash I had." Jeongguk says. "Yoongi told me about fated ones and all that. My brother was his fated one after all but I still thought he was just saying it to get into my brother's pants. I didn't think he was serious till I saw you."
Taehyung inhales deeply. "You probably don't remember but when I met you... I was actually sort of going to mate with someone else." Taehyung confesses. "The wooshik guy from before?" Jeongguk asks. Taehyung nods. "I liked him." He confesses.
Jeongguk feels something bitter in his gut. "You would laugh if you knew the whole story. Because I liked him for so long, I ran away from home just to be with him. I was breaking all sorts of rules because of him. My brother kept telling me to wait for my fated one," Tae says.
"Your brother?" Jeongguk asks. "My last name is Kim. Kim Taehyung." Taehyung says. "You mean as in?" "As in THE kim, the land we're in. Like Kim Seokjin." Taehyung says. Jeongguk's eyes grow a bit wide at that. "Ironic, I know." Taehyung says.
"If he's your brother, then why are you still running away?" "It's complicated. Those days it was because he wanted to stop me from mating with Wooshik. He said I'd regret it if I would mate and then meet my fated one. I was so sure he would be wrong." Taehyung says.
"I kept telling him, 'why would I care about what fate would say?', ' The whole thing is probably just a myth anyway', 'who cares who was there before when I love this person now'." He says and Jeongguk feels his heart shattering more, even if he says nothing.
"Then I meet you and BOOM, I just... It's like I knew you all my life. I was happy and excited and relieved and all I could think about was how cute our babies would look even though I never even wanted to have babies before you." He confesses with a shrug.
"I broke his heart, y'know? He was so good to me, I made all these promises but then one day I went back and you were there too. And we were bonding and... I just knew I loved you from that first moment. And I could tell you loved me too." Taehyung adds.
Jeongguk can feel his emotions overwhelming him. "Can I drink again?" He asks. Taehyung sighs deeply and then nods, already feeling better from the venom. Jeongguk moves closer, holding him gently before breaking the skin with his fangs again.
Jeongguk looks down at the Omega in the water with wide eyes. "You're crazy! The water is freezing." Jeongguk says. "What's the matter Alpha? Scared of a little cold?" Taehyung asks. "Don't test me." Jeongguk warns him. The Omega licks his lip in mischief.
He suddenly takes his blouse off and throws it away. "What are you doing?" Guk asks. "This is one of the spots packs pass during this time of the year. Just trying to see if I can lure any real alphas in with my charm." The Omega says, trying to strip.
"Kim Taehyunng, stop that." Jeongguk says. The Omega throws away the last piece of his clothing. "Stop what? Want me to get out of the water?" He asks. "Fine!" He starts swimming to the shore but Jeongguk finally jumps down to the water.
"Sh-Shit W-why is it so cold?" Jeongguk starts shivering. "You actually jumped!" Taehyung is surprised. "YOU! Come here!" Jeongguk starts swimming to him. Taehyung laughs out loud, swimming away from him. He reaches the shore faster, trying to run but Jeongguk catches him.
They start rolling on the sands until Jeongguk presses the omega on the ground and cages him with his own body. When he looks down, he can see the way the moon is shining on the man under him, how his eyes shine blue, how truly beautiful he is.
Taehyung lifts a hand and touches Jeongguk's cheek. "You're so pretty." The Omega says and Jeongguk's heart almost skips a beat. He leans to the touch, closing his eyes. How could he be so lucky? He opens his eyes and feels the overwhelming need to do something more.
They haven't really done anything more than holding hand or teasing touches but right now, Jeongguk just wants to kiss him until he has stollen his breath away. But will it be okay? "If you don't kiss me right now Jeongguk, I swear I'm gonna cry!" The Omega says.
Jeongguk is never good at saying no to him or denying him of something he wants and he sure as hell never wants to see him cry. So he smiles wider and then leans down to finally get a taste of his lips and gosh, nothing ever felt as right as this.
He holds him tighter, inhaling his sweet scent and releasing his pheromones, loving the way the Omega's body reacts to it as they deepen the kiss. Jeongguk is fully aware that the other man is nude under him and his hands just won't stop exploring every inch they can find.
He has never wanted anything as much as this, he just wants to take over him and claim him, to never let him go, to mark every part of his body and memorize it. But they stop when they suddenly hear a sound. They pause and then they show up.
Jeongguk is about to hide the other wolf behind himself but the man moves past him and stans next to him. "You shouldn't be here. Vampires are not allowed." Taehyung says. One of the vampires throws a cloack. "Cover-up. We're just here to collect one of ours."
Taehyung just throws the cloak away. "Then go someplace else. We're both wolves." Taehyung says angrily. Jeongguk on the other hand feels his heart beating faster. "Your mother told us to bring you back by any means necessary." The vampire says, looking at Jeongguk.
"What are they talking about?" Taehyung asks, looking at Jeongguk. Guk licks his lip. "I need to talk to him, alone." He says, looking at the vampires. "I won't go anywhere, you don't need to hurt anyone." "Guk?" Taehyung looks like he is about to panic. "Be quick."
Jeongguk holds Taehyung's hand and pulls him a bit further. "What is going on?" "They're after me. I know you're tough but they're tougher than both of us." "But you're a wolf!" "Half wolf..." Jeongguk says. Tae stares at him. "And half vampire." "How is that even possible?"
"I never really had a chance to say it all. I sort of hoped they would never find me but I know what my mom is capable of and I'm never ever going to give her any reasons to hurt you." Guk says, holding onto his cheeks. "What are you talking about?"
"My father told me there were more things out here that I needed to experience. Things like magic, our kind, love..." Jeongguk's voice shakes at the last part. "And he wanted me to experience it before I would lose it all. And... I did. I found everything I wanted!"
"What do you mean lose it? You never even told me that you love me, then how could you possibly think of stop loving me?" Taehyung asks, sounding betrayed. "Shh, Petal look at me." Jeongguk says, looking deeper into his eyes. "I can't stop it. No one can."
Taehyung's eyes turn a darker shade of blue. "You're my fated mate!" He says. "I am. And I know it's the worst time to tell you and it make not even make any sense but I do... I do love you so damn much, it physically hurts me to think of not loving you anymore."
It seems to break Taehyung's heart more because not only his eyes turn lighter, his expression looks more broken too. "And I swear I would do anything to stop it if I could but once I reach that age, it's over. I'll be a vampire..." "Do you even want to be one?"
"Look into my eyes, can't you see it? What I want is to stay here with you. To be your mate, to make a family with you, to grow old with you." Jeongguk says and as strong as he wants to be, he is still tearing up. "But I can't. They're here, I need to go back."
"Look at me. I've run all my life. You don't have to go. We'll run away together, we'll find a way. I know the most powerful wizard out there. Just-" Jeongguk cuts his words with a kiss on his forehead. "Thank you! For making me experience what love is." Jeongguk says.
He can see the confusion and hopelessness in Taehyung's eyes but he knows that he can't risk his life with the vampires around. He walks to them. "Jeongguk, I-" Taehyung tries one last time. "Don't!" Jeongguk quickly says it. "Don't say it. I can't leave if you do."
"But I-" He suddenly passes out when one of the vampires hits the back of his neck. "HEY!" Jeongguk is about to attack it. "No worries, he is just sleeping. But your mother did order us to bring you back no matter what." The vampire says. Jeongguk turns the Omega on his back.
He lifts him inn his arms. "At least let me put him some place safe. I'm not leaving him here alone, unconscious." He says. They lead him to the nearest house and Jeongguk leaves the Omega at the last house he wanted to leave him at, Wooshik's place.
It has been almost a month since he left him and came back and Jeongguk still feels numb. Someone knocks on the door and then walks inside. Jeongguk looks at Hoseok. "Mom wants you to come down." Hoseok says. "I'm not coming down there." Jeongguk shakes his head.
"You know that if you keep saying no to her, it'll just make things worse." Hoseok says. "She's trying to compromise. If you want to experience love before turning, she's giving it to you. she has never even tried to do me a favor like that."
"I don't call this love. She just took a random wolf enslaved and she thinks she can just gift them to me?" Jeongguk sounds so insulted. "Who do you think I am?" "At least come and see, maybe you like this wolf." Hoseok says.
"Hyung!" "Just pretend Jeongguk. You don't have to do anything, you don't even have to be with the wolf. But if you say no to this one, she could just easily get rid of the wolf." Hoseok says. "Would you want that?" Jeongguk looks down in anger. "No!" "Then come down."
Jeongguk doesn't want to meet anyone. Of course his mother would just try to use a poor wolf to get Jeongguk's heart back. At least until Jeongguk turns and then Jeongguk is sure that she will just get rid of them anyway. He sits on his seat next to his mother bitterly.
"Bring them inside." The queen orders and Jeongguk finally looks up when the door opens. The first person his eyes sees is a man he doesn't recognize. A man that looks so excited to be there, then his eyes caught the sight of Yoongi and behind him... Guk stands up.
"This gives me the roman sort of vibes, I love the colors." The unknown man says. "Shh." Yoongi says to the man. Jeongguk's eyes on the other hand is just on the Omega behind them. "We found your little friend next to an original Omega. I heard they are rare." she says.
Jeongguk gulps, looking worried but Taehyung smiles, silently telling him that it's okay. "My men said he was with you when they caught you. Aren't you happy that I found your beloveds for you?" she asks, looking at her son. "I'm his beloved too?" The unknown man asks excitedly.
"He on the other hand just happened to be there with them and it seems like he has no real value. I just wanted to make sure it'd be okay when I'd-" "NO!" Jeongguk quickly says when Tae shakes his head. "I know him, he's a friend!" He lies. "I'm a friend." The unknown man says.
"Very well." She says with a smile. "Are you happy now, Jeonggukie?" Jeongguk gulps, knowing the situation very well. "Of course mother." He says. She smiles, looking away. "Then you can go and play with your little gifts." She says. Jeongguk nods at them to follow him.
They follow Jeongguk to his room and the moment they get inside Jeongguk pulls the Omega into a hug, pushing his head onto his shoulder. Taehyung smiles. Then the unknown man somehow joins the hug. "Group hug!" The man says. "Who even is he?" Guk asks the Omega.
"He's the wizard I told you about. Kim Namjoon." Taehyung says. "Hi bestie!" Namjoon says, hugging them tighter. "He seems lovely!" Guk says unsurely. "I am. SO, you're the beastie." Namjoon says. "It seems like we have so much to do!"
Jeongguk feels the man in his arms getting colder and stops, using his venom again. "Are you okay?" He asks when he pulls away. "Yeah, just a bit dizzy." The Omega says. "We don't have to do this all right now, I don't want to hurt you." Jeongguk quickly says.
Taehyung smiles with tired eyes. "There he is." He says. "He?" "You sound so much like the Jeongguk I knew right now." Taehyung says, touching his cheek. It might be because Jeongguk is still high on emotions over drinking and the fact that he remembers more now.
He seems tired so Jeongguk just pulls him in his arms, letting him rest in it. "Warm." Taehyung whispers, pushing harder against Jeongguk's chest and closing his eyes. "I missed you." He whispers right before falling asleep. Jeongguk hugs him tighter. "Missed you too, Petal!"
Jeongguk sits in silence, holding the Omega in his arms, trying to think of everything he just remembered. He doesn't know how much more he needs to drink until he remembers enough. Namjoon suddenly appears again, looking at Jeongguk in disbelief.
Jeongguk looks back at him with his own confused ones. "I can't believe it." Namjoon says. Jeongguk licks his lip. "It's true." He doesn't remember but he knows he must have done it. "But you loved her so much." Namjoon says. Jeongguk sighs. Namjoon snaps his finger.
They are suddenly back. Yoongi rushes to them and tries to check Taehyung. "He's okay, he's just resting." Jeongguk says. Yoongi looks up to say something but then sees it. "Why are your eyes black?" He asks. Jeongguk takes a step back and looks for a mirror.
He stands in front of one and pauses, looking at himself. "Gukkie?" He turns when he suddenly hears Junghwa's voice. Taehyung opens his eyes, sitting up. Junghwa runs to him. "Papa! Are you okay?" He asks. Taehyung nods tiredly. "Yes baby, I was just sleeping."
He hugs the Omega. Taehyung looks up and sees the way Jeongguk is looking down at him. He must have noticed Jeongguk's eyes too. "Is he still?" Yoongi asks Namjoon. "He'll always be half vampire." Namjoon says. "He was born with it."
"I remember some things but not everything." Jeongguk says, thinking hard. "It's okay, you can drink again." Taehyung says. "No!" Jeongguk says. A part of him is freaking out because the other wolf literally passed out in his arms. "You said you wanted to remember." Tae says.
Jeongguk looks at Yoongi. "What?" "You were there in the last flash I had. You, Taehyung and Namjoon. Namjoon doesn't know a lot but you do which makes me think you probably never left. You must have been there all along." Guk says. "And?" "Let me in your head."
Yoongi frowns slightly. "You're not an original, I can get into your head. It might trigger my real memories if I see things from your mind." Jeongguk says. "Remind me again, why do I have to help you?" "Hyung..." Jeongguk says it with a tone that is familiar to Yoongi.
Yoongi's expression gets a bit softer. He looks down at Taehyung. "It's really him." Taehyung whispers like he knows what must be in Yoongi's head. "There was supposed to be no way for you to get any emotions back." Yoongi says.
"I'm a wolf just as much as I'm a vampire hyung. I just want to understand how I ended up losing everything." Jeongguk says. Yoongi licks his lip, trying to decide if he can even trust Jeongguk in his head. But then he remembers the day he almost died but Guk saved him.
Jeongguk's eyes look the same, he smells the same, his voice sounds the same way when he told the vampires to stay away from him. "Fine." Yoongi says. Jeongguk walks closer to his and then looks into his eyes closely, his own eyes turning red again.
Yoongi looks at Jeongguk in the room. "So let me get this straight, you let them take you?" Jeongguk asks. "You left me before I could do shit. I told you I have a powerful wizard that can help. I brought him." Taehyung says. "I'm the powerful wizard." Namjoon says proudly.
"He knows." Yoongi says. "Do you have any idea how dangerous this is?" Jeongguk asks. "You can help, right?" Taehyung turns to Namjoon. "I can try! I never saw a beastie with half wolf and half vampire side like him." Namjoon says. Jeongguk already looks hopeless.
"You shouldn't have come. My mom is not someone you can play games with." Jeongguk says. Taehyung holds onto his cheeks. "You don't understand, do you?" "Understand what?" "We're fated Jeongguk. The moment you turn, I'll die." Taehyung says.
"But we're not mated." Jeongguk is starting to panic. "It doesn't matter. As long as we're fated, we're connected." Taehyung says. "But even if I wasn't, I'm not gonna just let you slip away. You said you wanted me." "I do!" "Then fight for me damn it!" The Omega says.
It feels like a moment that shouldn't be watched so Yoongi just looks away. Even if Namjoon is looking at them with bigger and sparklier eyes. "We should let them talk alone, Namjoon-ah." Yoongi says. "But it's just getting gooood-" He drags Namjoon out.
The moment they step out, a wolf reaches the door, panting as if he was just running. "Hey!" Jimin says, glowing with happiness. "I thought I felt you here!" Yoongi smiles back, feeling his heart beating faster. "Hey!" "I miss-" 'That's private.'
Jeongguk blinks a few times when he hears it. "Huh?" "You can find your memories but stay away from the ones that are clearly not meant for you. It's your brother, don't make it creepy." Yoongi says. "Okay..." Jeongguk says, feeling awkward as he tries to search for more.
Yoongi walks out of his room and then suddenly sees a certain Omega freaking out in front of his door. "We might have fucked up." Taehyung says. "Huh?" "Where is Jimin? I need to see if he can smell it too before Guk does." "Smell what?" "A baby?"
They both look at Jimin on the other side. "Fuck, you do smell it!" Taehyung says. Jimin looks excited when he gets closer the first time but then pauses when he remembers why this is probably not a good thing. "But wait, how? I thought you were careful?"
Taehyung opens his mouth to speak but then just closes it. "About that..." He presses his teeth together in emberessment. "Are you insane?" Jimin asks. "He was in rut and he got all hot and possessive and he was all about 'I want to breed you' and I caved!"
"You caved?" Jimin is about to pass out. "It felt like a great idea at the time until... I realized it actually wasn't." Taehyung confesses. "I might have even encouraged him a little?" "You actually wanted it?" Yoongi asks. "NO!" He quickly says. "I mean yeah..."
"You ARE insane." Yoongi says. "I mean I wanted it but obviously not in this situation. Sue me, I I'm weak for my fated mate and I fucking want to have a family with him." He sounds frustrated. "This really isn't good, Taehyungie!" Jimin says.
"I know." The original says, looking down in frustration. "I hopped I was wrong but if you can smell it, then..." He sighs. "Then we'll figure it out." They all turn when they hear Jeongguk's voice. "Guk!" Taehyung says, looking like he is two seconds away from panicking.
He looks like he is expecting Jeongguk to just break down or freak out but Jeongguk just walks to him and pulls him in a hug. From the way his pheromones are being spread, Yoongi can tell that he's not mad, not even one bit. "I'm so happy!" Guk says.
He holds the Omega into his arms and Taehyung visibly calms down, hugging him back. They all know that this is going to be a big challenge, that they might end up doing things they won't like but for now, they try to celebrate the new life.
Jeongguk looks down when he suddenly feels someone pulling onto his pants. "Gukkie? What are you doing to uncle Yoongi?" The little boy says. Jeongguk can't help but to smile and then sit down. "I'm just seeing the days you were growing in your papa's belly." He says.
"Can you do that?" The little wolf asks. "Yes." "That's so cool! Can I do it too?" He asks. And with that, Jeongguk's smile drops because it's a reminder that he isn't just his son, he carries his genes too. And one day, he actually might!
He just pulls the little wolf onto his arms, trying to feel calmer. "You don't need to. You're already so cool." He says. The little boy chuckles and hugs him back. Taehyung stares at them with emotional eyes. This used to be his biggest dream!
"But can you still? Pretty please?" Junghwa asks. Jeongguk sighs and nods at him. He holds onto the boy's face, trying to think of a memory he can show the boy as he focuses on the boy's eyes. But then-
He just stares at the little boy with wide eyes. "Jeongguk?" Taehyung calls his name. "Gukkie?" Even Junghwa is not able to get him out of whatever he just got into. "Oh gosh!" Jeongguk suddenly says, his eyes turning glossy? "What is going on?" Yoongi asks.
Jeongguk stands up, looking to the wizard again. "Can you help me find my brother?" He asks. "Jiminie?" Namjoon asks. "No, the other one. Hoseok." Jeongguk says. "Why?" Taehyung asks. Jeongguk looks at his little boy again. "Because it seems like he has something I need."
"Why would I help you again when you-" Namjoon is about to say no but Jeongguk just holds his face, showing him what he means. And Namjoon pauses from the memory, his eyes grow wider. "Do you understand now?" Jeongguk asks. "What is going on?" Taehyung stands up.
Jeongguk turns to him and smiles. "I'll tell you, I swear. As soon as I find him and get it back." Jeongguk says. "Get what back?" Taehyung asks. "I'll tell you, I promise." He says and looks at Namjoon again. "I'm on it." Namjoon snaps his fingers.
Hoseok inhales deeply and then walks out of the house. He looks around at the darkness and smiles slightly. "Hi pretty." He tells the moon and then heads to the lake to wash up his face. The moment he looks in the water, he sees the picture of the other two men.
"Jeonnguk-ah..." "Hyungie." Jeongguk says it back, watching as his older brother turns. "You actually came!" Hoseok says. "I told you I would." Jeongguk says. Jeongguk has been trying to get a lot of answers from Taehyung, Yoongi and others. But he missed one piece.
The most important piece. The fact that while turning, Jeongguk was holding a baby. The same baby that must have seen everything Jeongguk had seen that night. And the baby who happened to trigger the most emotions in Jeongguk. Enough to help him remember.
When he was holding the boy, trying to find a memory to show him, Jeongguk saw it. He saw what really happened that day from the eyes of the same baby he was trying to protect with everything he had. And it brought back so much more than what he just saw.
*Flashes* "My brother? Are you insane?" Taehyung asks. "Your brother is not like my mother. If she finds out that I'm having a baby, it won't go well. Namjoon still can't do anything. At least your brother would care." Jeongguk tries to explain.
"Technically if we mate, I would be related to your kingdom too. Who knows, it could even end the damn war." Jeongguk insists. "My brother will not approve of you Jeongguk. You're half vampire, your mother's son." Taehyung says. "And this baby is still his nephew."
Taehyung just stares at him. "I know this is not ideal but we need to hide you and the baby. Namjoon can take us there. I'll talk to your brother." "If he doesn't try to k*ll you." Tae says. "Better I than the baby." Guk says stubbornly.
It takes some convincing but Taehyung ends up agreeing. Namjoon seems more than willing to take them there. When he snaps his fingers, they find themselves in the middle of Jin's room, the same moment the king drops his towel. For a moment, they all just stare in panic.
"Nice!" The person that says with a whistle and a smirk is Namjoon and then it follows with Jin's shout. He throws something at them and then quickly pulls the towel up. "What the hell?" Jin asks, lifting his hands and snapping his fingers. They're suddenly gone.
"OOOH! He learnt a new trick!" Namjoon says, his eyes sparkling. "Not now Namjoonie." Taehyung says and then disappears again only to appear in the king's room again, but this time Jin is properly dressed. "Your brother knows magic..." Guk says, suddenly feeling intimidated.
"I love it when you do that." Namjoon says smugly. "And I hate it when you just appear. How many times I told you to knock?" Jin asks. "But I brought gifts!" He points at Taehyung and Jeongguk. Jin looks at him and his expression gets a bit softer.
Taehyung looks back, a little unsure of what to say. "Finally! Are you done running away from me?" Jin asks. "It depends?" Taehyung says. "Is it really that hard for you to just wait for-" "I already found my fated mate." Taehyung says. Jin pauses.
He looks at Jeongguk, trying to analyze him. "And also..." Taehyung can't word it, he just holds his belly. Jin's eyes go from Jeongguk to where Taehyung is holding and Jeongguk smiles at how Jin's eyes sparkle. "Ah My gosh! Are you?" He looks up at Tae's eyes and asks.
The Omega nods quickly. "Kim Taehyung, you annoying little-" He starts walking to his brother but before he can even finish, he just pulls him into a hug. "Little devil." He whispers. Taehyung just stands still at first but then hugs him back hesitantly.
"Do you have any idea how long I have been looking for you? If you've already found your fated one and you're being a family, why would you still run?" The king asks. "Because beastie here is half vampire." Namjoon suddenly says. Taehyung closes his eyes in frustration.
Jin pulls away in confusion. "What?" He asks. "I'm sort of the last son of the King of the Jeons." "Jeons? You mean the same land that I'm at war with?" Jin asks. "Yeah..." "The same one that has been terrorizing me to get rid of all magical creaturs?" Jin asks.
"Don't forget that his mother is the real vampire bitch." Namjoon says, shaking his head. "WHOSE side are you?" Jeongguk suddenly snaps. "HEY! I'm just letting him know all there is to know!" Namjoon says, lifting his hands up. "Is this a joke?" Jin asks Taehyung.
"I don't agree with everything that my mother and father do." Jeongguk quickly says. "And I'm supposed to just believe that somehow you found my brother and had a change of heart?" Jin asks. "I'm just here to protect my mate and my son." Jeongguk says seriously.
Jin doesn't seem to believe him. "I grew up under my mother's shadow, believed that even feeling was evil, denied myself. You don't know what my mother is capable of. If she finds out that I'm going to have a baby... What might she do to him? I can't let that happen." Guk says.
"I don't trust you." Jin says. "Then don't. Take your brother in, let your nephew be safe here. I don't want anything else from you." "Of course he's going to stay here. Do you think I'm gonna let him leave with you?" Jin asks. "As if you can stop me." Tae says.
"No, it's fine." Guk tells Taehyung. "I need to go back to my place anyway but let him stay." "Guk I don't want to stay here alone." Taehyung says. "You're not going anywhere." Jin says. "What if Jiminie and Yoongi hyung come here too?" Jeongguk asks Taehyung.
"Are you seriously invinting more people in my kingdom?" Jin asks. "They are literally werewolves and my mom is a danger to them too and they happened to be an alpha and an omega who he knows and trusts." Jeongguk says in a serious tone. "Unless you want to abandon them."
Jin frowns slightly. "Yoongi hyung is already from our kingdom. He got lost." Taehyung says. "And you seriously need to stop talking to Jeongguk like this. Like it or not, he's my fated one." "He's a vampire." Jin says. "No vampire is allowed in my kingdom."
"The baby is going to need both fathers god damn it." Taehyung argues. "I'm gonna need his pheromones, don't you understand?" Jin looks away stubbornly. "I'm not keeping him here Taehyung." "Then I'm leaving. Coming here was a mistake anyway. I TOLD YOU, Jeongguk."
He is about to walk away but Jin stops him. "Wait..." He looks conflicted. Namjoon puts a hand on Jin's shoulder. "I trust him." Namjoon says. Jin looks at him with unsure eyes. The king sighs, looking down. "I can't let him stay." "Heh..." "But he can visit."
"Are you serious?" Tae asks. "Very." Jin says. "And he's only allowed to be in your room. I don't want to see him anywhere else." "Are you f*cking-" "I get it." Jeongguk cuts Taehyung before the Omega can blow off on his brother. "We can do that."
"No we can't!" Taehyung says. Jeongguk pulls him away a bit, looking at him with genuine eyes. "For now it's our best option. Think about the baby, it's more important than me." Jeongguk says. Taehyung seems to calm down at that. "Fine." He whispers.
Namjoon makes a special room for them where they get to be separated from everyone. The room is big enough to even be called a house, the balcony also is not viewable from outside but they can see everything from the inside. While Jimin and Yoongi stay, Jeongguk gets to visit.
They try to make sure the words don't go around because even they know that once people find out that the youngest Kim is bearing the baby of a half vampire, all of them will come for the baby. Jeongguk is there the day Junghwa takes his first breathe.
He holds the baby and looks at him like he is his whole world, because he is! And when Taehyung reaches out for both of them, Jeongguk helps him hold the baby, kissing his head over and over because he has the most beautiful family in the world!
Things are not perfect but at least they work. Jin looks at the way Jeongguk holds his brother, the way he holds his nephew and his expression doesn't look as hostile as months ago anymore. He even lets him stay sometimes, more like pretending like he doesn't notice it.
Jimin offers to look after Junghwa when Tae gets his first heat after delivering Junghwa. Jeongguk stays to take care of his omega. "Guk, it hurts!" The Omega says, Jeongguk strokes his aching c*ck a little gentler, his other hand playing with his nipples.
"I got you." Jeongguk says, leaving sweet kisses all over his neck. The Omega lets out a choked moan before c*mming all over Jeongguk's hand. He breathes, trying to calm down from his high and then looks down at his alpha with half-lidded eyes. "Better?" Guk asks.
The Omega shakes his head, open opens his legs wider and uses his finger to open his already twitching hole. "Need you here." He says, his fingers already getting wet from the slick. Jeongguk hisses. "What are you doing to me Petal?" The Omega palms Guk's c*ck.
"I need your knot alpha. Miss having a part of you in me." He says shamelessly and Jeongguk groans, sucking onto his adam apple. "I'm gonna ruin you." "YES gosh, take me." The Omega whines, his pheromones spreading all over the room. Jeongguk takes off his pants.
He strips down from all his clothes and takes the condoms he prepared from before. "No! I don't like them." The Omega says as the alpha tries to put them all. "We know we can't risk it again Petal." Guk says putting it in. "But I want your knot!" The Omega complains again.
Jeongguk presses him on the bed and bites his lip from the way the Omega quickly lifts his as* for him, opening the cheeks. The view is something he is never going to get tired of. "Hurry, f*ck me already. Jeongguk!" Jeongguk holds onto him strongly and pushes inside.
"Yes! F*ck, god yes!" The Omega shouts, rolling his eyes up. He is always so loud in the bed but Jeongguk wouldn't want it any other way. "You feel so good inside, so good for me." The alpha praises him, reaching his hands to his d*ck to stroke it again.
"Do I feel good?" The Omega asks again, moving his hips so Jeongguk can move inside him. "So so good." Jeongguk says, kissing his nape over and over. The Omega breathes harder, being so sensitive there. It's like he knows that Jeongguk just wants to bite him there, waiting.
Jeongguk takes him from behind, f*cking him until he fills the condom with it and strokes him to another release. But once the Omega turns, Jeongguk notices the tears on his face. "Why are you crying?" "I don't know, shit!" The Omega says. It's starting to freak Guk out.
He pushes his hair back, kissing his forehead. "Just tell me Petal. What happened? Did a turn you?" He asks in concern. "It's just, it's like you don't want me." He says. "What?" That's so out of nowhere! "Then why haven't you claimed me yet?" He asks.
Jeongguk pauses at that. "We already have a baby, we're fated? Why don't you mate me already? Why are you even wearing that shit? I'm your Omega, why don't you just knot me? I miss keeping a part of you inside. So what if I get pregnant again? Aren't I your Omega?"
Jeongguk knows that he is just being irrational due to his heat. He's probably even still a little hormonal from just delivering Junghwa. But a part of him feels guilty for making him feel this way. He kisses his lips gently and then kisses his wet eyes.
"Shit, I know I'm being unreasonable. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just need you so much." The man says, lifting his hips so his growing arousal can rub onto Jeongguk's. "It's okay, tell me everything that bothers you. I'll take them all away." He says.
The Omega pulls him for a kiss again and Jeongguk presses his full body onto his, holding him tighter, thrusting down on him so their c*cks can rub harder against each other. "You have no idea how much I want to claim you and have my mark on you." Guk whispers against his lips.
"Then why don't you?" "Do you want me to?" "You're already my whole f*cking world. I die if you die, does it look like I want to even have anyone else in my life?" The Omega asks. "What ever you say. I'm already all yours." Jeongguk says and the Omega's eyes go softer.
"Mine!" The Omega says as he opens his legs again. "Again, inside. I need you." He says, looking deep into his eyes. Jeongguk takes the condom off and tries to get another one. "I said no!" Guk leans on him, kissing his pout. "I'm going to mate you tonight." He says.
It seems to calm the Omega down again. "I'll claim you, bite your pretty neck so everyone can see my mark on you. And once we find a way to keep me alive by my birthday, I'll knot you every single day and give you as many babies as you want. You can keep all of me."
He pecks on his lips again. "But not this time, okay baby? I swear I want to too, so much. But my birthday is coming soon, if you end up pregnant again it can put you and the baby in danger even more." Jeongguk says. "But soon after it, I promise. I'll give you anything."
"Promise?" "Promise." Guk says with another peck. "I love you." The Omega smiles at that. "I love you too." He says and then feels Jeongguk pushing inside again. He clings onto him, closing his eyes to feel all of him. And when Jeongguk bites his nape, everything feels right.
They were very serious about not making things more complicated than just mating but while Jeongguk was helping him with his heat, he doesn't even realize that the condom breaks until he sees it. He almost freaks out but decides not to act on it and scare the Omega too.
"You're just the worst." Yoongi ends up saying when Jeongguk says that he can smell another baby on his mate. "I swear, the condom just broke. I was careful." "That's you being careful? This is the second time but I haven't even did it to your brother once." Yoongi says.
Jeongguk holds the baby in his arms and pats it, trying to calm it down. "I didn't mean to, alright? But what's happened has already happened. This will be our baby too, I'll figure something out." Guk says. "It'll be six months until your birthday, Guk." Yoongi says.
Jeongguk can't even pretend not to look horrified. "I know we want to be optimistic but it won't even be old enough to be delivered early. What is Namjoon even doing?" Yoongi asks. "He tries but he couldn't work with anything he knew. He out searching for more." Guk says.
"?he's supposed to be the strongest Wizard out there." Yoongi says. "I know. He happens to be my only hope but even he doesn't know what to do. He can't just undo my genes." Jeongguk says. "Well he better find a way because I for one am not just going to wait and watch him die."
But the things they didn't anticipate is Jeongguk's father passing and his mother taking full control over everything. And as if it wouldn't make things worse, some words has already started spreading about the young original Omega and his possible vampire children.
Jin is determined to shut them all out, trying to protect his brother. It takes Namjoon so long to look for a cure but he doesn't find any and even until the very last day, they don't hear from him. The night before his birthday, Jeongguk wished the day to never end.
He sits on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor with sad eyes. Taehyung hugs him from behind, kissing his nape. "Baby? Are you okay?" The Omega asks, trying to comfort him. "I don't know what to do." Jeongguk says, trying not to cry.
"It's okay. I'm okay." Tae says, pressing his chin on Jeongguk's shoulder. They have already been spending their last days as if they could be their last but Jeongguk is still not ready to just accept it. "At least the bright side of it is that you won't feel enough to morn me."
"That's not good, that's sad. You deserve to be mourned." Guk says. Taehyung pulls his head onto his chest. "I'm so sorry." "Shh, you did nothing wrong. I knew what was coming every step of the way. I don't regret a thing. You gave me everything I wanted."
"It's not enough. How am I supposed to live without you now?" Jeongguk asks. "An eternity? How am I supposed to have an eternity without you?" Taehyung smiles sadly. "You'll be okay. Just take care of our babies. I'm sure I'll still watch over you, even for an eternity."
He wipes Jeongguk's tears. "Let's not spend our last moments sad okay? I don't want to cry too." The Omega says. Jeongguk knows that he is just being brave for him and that makes him feel even more of a failure as an alpha. "Okay." He forces a smile. Taehyung kisses him.
Their gentle kisses remain soft as they remove their clothes, trying to savor their last moments together. One thing that has happened ever since they mated was a kind of connection, a kind where Jeongguk could sometimes hear his mate's thoughts.
'I wished I could at least see her or hold her' 'I'd call her Taegukkie, both our names because she really is our love' 'I hope she won't miss me' 'Will Junghwa be okay?' 'Vampire or not, Jeongguk will love them, right?' 'I hope they know that I loved them.'
'What if I never see Jeongguk again? What if I come back in life where he will never be there?' 'I'm not ready' 'I don't want to let go' 'It's not enough' 'I'll pretend like it's okay but it's just unfair' Every single thought breaks Jeongguk's heart more.
And as they make love and Jeongguk moves inside of him slowly, he knows that this might really be the last time. He is going to turn and his mate will die, leaving his body for his brother to keep the baby alive, something that Jin is still struggling to accept.
He will not only be the reason his mate died, but can he even offer a future to his children? Jeonguk knows that he will probably even forget his past once he turns. It happened to Hoseok after all. Then he'll be an emotionless and uncaring vampire... Like his mother!
The images of his life rush through his eyes. The life that ended up here. With him losing his mate only to keep his baby alive, a baby that is probably going to grow up trying to protect his brother, have a loveless life and lose what she might have to turn like his father.
Who is going to take care of them? Jeongguk? His mother? Hoseok? That's laughable. Jimin or Yoongi? Would his mother even allow them to get near them? Knowing her, she will just k*ll them both. Who will there to keep them safe? To teach them a love Jeongguk was never taught?
Honestly, if it was on Jeongguk, he wished he would never be born. He wished he would never be the reason their pack was exchiled. He would never be the freak that caused a war. He wished he would never have to live his life only to lose everything like this.
And in that moment, Jeongguk knows that he will hate himself forever for this. But at least he knows that his beloved will have a chance to survive, he knows that his son will for sure have a father to look after him and he knows that he will have a chance to come back.
There is an ancient saying that certain things can help a wolf come back to life, things like a fated mate, the kind of love that never died even if they have. And Jeongguk needs to come back, to remember, to keep them safe. And he can't be selfish.
He can't bring Taeguk in a world she never signed up to be a part of. He can't let her think she is the reason her father died. Taehyung can handle that but it would be too much for a little girl. He can't let her suffer just because he doesn't want to handle loss and guilt.
He kisses his beloved on the lips and closes his eyes to feel him, still inside of him. "Hey, look at me." The Omega whispers and Jeongguk opens his eyes. "I love you." Every fiber of Jeongguk's being wants to say it back, to kiss him. But he doesn't.
He knows that his mate will forever hate him, he knows that he might lose him but he prefers that over having him dead and everyone else that he knows hurt or gone. Taehyung won't let it happen if he remains. So if he has to curry the guilt, to be evil, he will.
His mother was wrong. Not just about love or feelings, not about magical creatures but about Jeongguk. Because he is evil and as he bites his mate on his nape, breaking their bond, feeling the betrayal the other man feels, he knows that he is the evilest of all.
But his father was right, evil or not sometimes the best decisions come from the unknown, from sacrifices and Jeongguk is willing to do it. Taehyung shouts in pain, his body shaking so Jeongguk holds him tight until he passes out. Jeongguk pulls away from him.
He can't feel her anymore. He knows that Taehyung is fighting from inside, fighting to stay alive and survive, but Jeongguk can't give him any comfort and that breaks him the most. He doesn't say sorry, he doesn't think he deserves it, he just walks out of the room.
He knows that in a while later, he is going to turn so he wants to at least say a few words as himself to his brother and his son. Jimin opens the door and he can tell something must have gone really wrong. "Jeongguk? What is going on?" He asks Jeongguk's lips shiver.
He opens his mouth to explain but he can't, nothing comes up. It's as if Jimin knows because he just pulls him in a hug. Jeongguk lets some of his tears fall, finally allowing him to speak. "T-Taehyung is in our room, alone." He says, sniffing between his words.
"I c-can't comfort him. Can you... please?" He says. Jimin looks at him with wide eyes. "Jeongguk, what did you do?" "What I had to." Jeongguk says. Jimin looks at him for a moment longer and then runs to where Taehyung should be. Jeongguk gets in the room, walking to his son.
Junghwa is awake, looking up with doe eyes. Jeongguk lets him hold his finger and smiles through his pain. "I don't know what I might do... But I need you to know, I love you with all my heart." Jeongguk says, even if the baby won't understand.
The baby makes a sound that Jeongguk can't understand but it makes him let out a huff. And that's when he hears it. It almost sounds like a whole ARMY chanting. He walks to the balcony, his heart almost drops. What is happening? An ARMY of magical creatures, trying to break in.
"Taehyung!" He whispers, running to take his son and then rushing to the room he left the Omega. When he gets there, Jimin is already passed out on the floor. A few people are inside. "He must be the half blooded vampire." One of the creatures says.
"Get out of here." Jeongguk says with a serious expression. His eyes fall on Taehyung who is shaking on the bed, sweating hard. He is fighting in his dream! "That must be the baby." One of them, seemingly a dragon in form of human, says and gets closer.
He takes a few steps back. How can he fight all of them while still taking care of his new born? He turns his eyes red, looking at them angrily. "Stay away." He uses his dominance from his original side. The creatures stop, trying to fight it but keep shaking.
He fights through it, making them submit. They are still trying to move and Jeongguk doesn't see it coming when more of them start coming. They head for Jeongguk from behind, ready to him him bit- All of them suddenly get thrown back, some being devoured by a vampire.
That's when Jeongguk notices them. It's Jin and Hoseok! Jin looks around and then rushes to his brother. He tries to check if he is okay. "How?" Guk asks his brother. "Words spread. I had a feeling you'd need a hand." Hoseok says. "Come on, come on!" Jin says.
"How is he?" Hoseok asks. "Alive. He is struggling." He says, holding his hand over his belly. "It's her!" "Her?" Guk's voice shakes. "I think he's trying to keep her alive. GOD DAMN IT TAEHYUNG. You can't do this, it'll destroy you." Jin says in frustration.
"He can't do that! I can't feel her anymore." Guk says. "I can. She's holding on but Taehyung's body is too weak, she won't survive and even if she does he won't." Jin says, trying to use his magic to heal him. "Come on, let go!" Jin tries to tell his brother.
Jeongguk finds himself in a delima. She is still alive and a part of Jeongguk is devastated. He can't let her suffer but he can't let him die either. Then his eyes fall on his brother who is looking at the Omega with emotionless eyes. His whole world almost crumbles.
"Is there a way to transfer her to another body?" Jeongguk asks. Hoseok turns to look at him. "Do you see an Omega or someone who can carry a person around here? Unless you're talking about your passed out brother." Jin says. "Not that brother." Guk says.
Jin looks confused. "A vampire doesn't have enough nutrients for a baby." Jin says. "My mother carried us and she was a vampire." "She was an original." "And he's half original who used to be an Omega." Jeongguk argues. He looks at his brother. "Hyung, please!"
"It's not going to survive Jeongguk." Hoseok says. "There must be a way!" Jeongguk insists. "There isn't! Taehyung should just give up." Jin says. "Unless you freeze her life." Hoseok says. "What?" Jeongguk asks. "It's an ancient trick to survive death." Hoseok says.
"I think I've heard of it. It's a trick because everyone thinks they are dead but they remain untouched until we unfreeze them. But I've never done it." Jin says. "Then I guess you'll have to try now." Hoseok says. "She's my niece too."
"Even if I do this, what happens then?" "I can keep the little one safe until there isn't an ARMY that wants to destroy them out there. She's clearly not going to be safe, even in his stomach." Hoseok says, pointing at the Omega. Jin looks hesitant at that.
They hear people coming up again. "You need to hurry. I'll keep them back." Jeongguk says. "Come here." Jin says. Hoseok walks to him and Jin starts focusing, trying to say the spells. The creatures get to them and Jeongguk uses his dominance to keep them back again.
Junghwa starts crying, probably feeling the tension. "Shh baby, daddy is here." Jeongguk says, still holding his dominance. Jin continues, trying to do his best with the spell he has never even used. And just like that, Jeongguk suddenly feels it coming. He's gonna turn!
He holds onto his son harder, using more of his powers to push them back. "Hurry up!" Hoseok says. "I'm trying." Jin says with his eyes closed. Jeongguk is trying his best to keep himself from turning. He needs his dominance, he needs to remain a wolf!
Jin opens his eyes and then looks at Hoseok with questioning eyes. "I can feel her." Hoseok says with a nod. Jin checks it one more time. "Her life is frozen." Jeongguk looks back, seeing Taehyung sleeping soundly and then looks at Hoseok. Hoseok looks back questioningly.
"Go, don't come back. Keep her safe. I'll find you, no matter what, I promise." He says because he knows, the sleeping man on the bed will for sure help Jeongguk remember again and once he does, he will try to bring make the world easier for her to be born.
Hoseok nods at that and then disappears. The creatures launch at Jeongguk but before Jeongguk can even try to do anything, he feels himself starting to turn. Luckily Jin is still there, trying to keep them all away. Jeongguk holds onto Junghw as the pain starts.
He shouts in pain and Junghwa cries harder. The room is a mess as more people attack and more Jin tries to defend and as Jeongguk keeps on holding his son as more and more of him vanishes. His body turns colder, his hunger gets stronger, his emotions...
And at one point, Jeongguk doesn't even know what is happening. All he knows is that there is a baby in his arms that he needs to protect it. The baby that holds his finger, the one with doe eyes, the one that Jeongguk just KNOWS is his. But then-
He falls, trying to keep strong but someone takes the baby from him. "NO!" Jeongguk shouts but the man with blue eyes just breathes harsher, looking so tired and yet his eyes look angry enough to k*ll every creature in the room. "Tae!" Jin calls his name.
But Taehyung doesn't listen to anyone, he just holds onto his son and jumps out of the balcony, running away before anyone can even stop him. Jeongguk keeps shouting, too weak to even stand up. Someone holds his hand, pulling him in a hug but he doesn't recognize him.
"He stole him! He stole my son!" Jeongguk says. "Jeongguk, calm down, it's okay." Jimin says but Jeongguk continues shouting until he feels nothing anymore. And even then, his focus only remains on one thing. "I need to find my baby." Even if he can't remember both of them.
*The end of flashes* Junghwa was there during it all, of course he had seen it even if he couldn't remember. But Jeongguk could find it in his memories. Hoseok doesn't look as pale as Jeongguk remembers, there is something strange about him. "I was almost going to doubt you!"
A vampire making jokes is never funny, yet Jeongguk smiles because he has finally found her. He walks closer and then touches Hoseok's belly. "I can't feel her." "Of course you can't. Her life is frozen." Hoseok says. "But she's still okay!" Namjoon says in relief.
"Where is the omega?" Hoseok asks. "I wanted to come here and check her myself first before telling him. If anything had happened to her, I didn't want to give him false hope just to crush it." Jeongguk confesses. "You don't sound like a vampire." Hoseok points out.
"You don't entirely look like one either." Guk says. "It must be her. I guess having a life inside of me has reminded my body that it used to want one." Hoseok says. "Do you want to take her now?" "Yes but it's still not safe for her." Jeongguk says.
There is a lot Jeongguk needs to do. A son to protect, a daughter to get born in a better environment and a lover he has to win over again. "But I need you to come with me. We have a lot to discuss." Guk says. "We sure do." Hoseok agrees. "I love family reunions!" Namjoon says.
Taehyung should probably be more engaged with everything but he's honestly too tired and too emotionally fucked to even worry what Jeongguk was possibly talking about. Someone suddenly rings the door. "Were we waiting for anyone?" Yoongi asks.
Taehyung blinks a few times and then it hits him. "Wait, how long Namjoon left me and Jeongguk? I feel asleep there." Taehyung says. "It's night time." Yoongi says. "Shit!" "How is it okay for you to say bad words but not for me?" Junghwa asks.
"You can start saying shit when you're as old as me." Taehyung says. "I don't want to be ancient just to cuss." The boy says. Taehyung sighs. He really doesn't have enough energy for this. He heads to open the door. Wooshik smiles. "Did you forget?" The man asks.
"I sort of had a situation." Taehyung says. "Did it have something to do with the Alpha you left me for?" The other man asks. Taehyung can't help but to feel bad but it seems like Wooshik notices it too. "Nevermind, I don't know where that came from."
"It's okay, it's not like you're wrong." Taehyung says, looking down. Wooshik sighs. "You can just forget about it if you're not up for it. I should have known he will always be there." The alpha says. "And I get it. You want to be with him... he's your fated one!"
"Technically, he isn't anymore." Taehyung says. Jeongguk broke their bond. There is no bond to be fated anymore. He rejected the fate by rejecting Taehyung. He looks back at the place and then sighs again. He promised to see him tonight so he will.
"Let me just something better, I'll be right out." Taehyung says. "You already look handsome." Wooshik says. Taehyung smiles at that and then heads inside to change. He is in the middle of changing when a vampire, a half vampire and a wizard show up in his room.
"Oooh why are we dressing up?" Namjoon asks. "Technically, he's naked." Hoseok points out. But unlike his brother, Taehyung doesn't look affected. "I'm a wolf, we're always naked, get used to it." Taehyung says and then looks at Namjoon. "And you, KNOCK next time."
Tae puts on the shirt he was wearing from before and starts buttoning it up. "Yeah but really, why are we dressing up?" Guk asks, staring down at his body and then at the clothes he is clearly going to wear. "I'll let you know when you learn to tell me things before bailing."
"I needed to check something too." Jeongguk says. "Well, me too." The Omega says, putting on his pants. "And we both know that you already know where I'm going." "I didn't know you'd still want to go." Guk says. "Why wouldn't I?" Taehyung asks.
Guk just stares at him. "Just because I let you drink from me to remember, it doesn't really change anything, does it?" The Omega asks as he walks away from them. "You know, a 'But our baby is alive and I have her' card would really help." Namjoon says. "If only we had one!"
"Technically, she's not." Hoseok points out. "Her life is frozen." "Shhh, let the bigger boys talk."Namjoon says. Hoseok scoffs. "I'll tell him when he comes back." Guk says. "Why wouldn't you just say it now?" Namjoon asks. "And manipulate him into staying by using her?"
Namjoon pauses at that. "He's right. I might have remembered enough to have my whole world turn upside down but nothing changed for him. Even if we manage to being her to the world... I'm still the mate that rejected him." Jeongguk says, gulping hard.
"I'm the one who is still a danger to our children, the one that he chose despite everything only to be betrayed by. I'm the one that did k*ll our baby, even if we somehow managed to save her. And I'm the one who knew he would hate me and accepted the consequences and did it."
"And I'm-" "Yeah, just let me know when you're done with your villain era dialogue and call me when we get to the 'But I gotta get my man back anyway and if that makes me the villain, then be it' part." Namjoon says, snapping his fingers. Jeongguk huffs out in offense.
"I believe he meant monologue, not a dialogue." Hoseok says. "But he had a point." "What's the freaking difference?" Jeongguk asks. "Monologue is-" "I meant, who cares?" Jeongguk cuts him. "You know I'm not the one you should be mad at, right?" Hoseok asks.
Jeongguk knows. He knows that technically, he doesn't even have a right to be mad or disappointed that Taehyung is still going. He knew this would happen. "Fine." Namjoon suddenly appears again. "How about we just go and eat?" "Do I look hungry to you?" Guk asks.
"For what we're gonna find in that restaurant? YUP." Namjoon says and then they are suddenly at a restaurant, sitting on the same table. and then Jeongguk's eyes fall on his ex mate a few tables away. "Are you serious?" Jeongguk cringes his nose up in disbelief.
"What a coincidence, they are here too!" Namjoon says, resting his chin on his twisted fingers, looking at Jeongguk with wide eyes. Taehyung's eyes fall on them too and he rolls his eyes. 'What?' wooshik looks back and then sees Jeongguk. 'Oh! He's here too' "Can you hear?"
"Yes, believe it or not, I'm still a vampire." Jeongguk says. "Sweet, menu please!" He calls out for a waiter. 'If you want to leave we can.' Wooshik says. 'It's okay, if they want to snoop, they are welcome. I have nothing to hide." Taehyung says.
'I guess you really are separated, huh?' Wooshik asks. 'I thought the past four years would give it away?' Taehyung jokes, thanking the waiter for bringing water. 'It always just felt like it was just a matter of time before you'd get back together.' Wooshik says. Tae snorts.
"Ouch! Did he just laugh?" Hoseok says. "Why are we here again?" Guk asks. "OOh, I love the mashed potato here. We should totally get it." Namjoon says. Jeongguk groans in frustration and pushes his head on the table. 'Why did you want to see me?' Wooshik asks.
'Something selfish.' Taehyung says, pausing a bit. 'Does that have something to do with the fact that you're clearly close to your heat?' Wooshik asks and Jeongguk lifts his head, feeling his heart speeding up a bit. 'Sort of...' Taehyung says.
Namjoon looks at Jeongguk with knowing eyes, pretending to look into the menu. 'Do you want me to help you?' Wooshik asks. Taehyung is silent for some time, Guk can't bring himself to look at anyone. 'You know I have a broken mated mark.' Taehyung says.
'I can... see it.' Wooshik says carefully. 'Yoongi hyung suggested that since I'm close to my heat anyway... We could try and fix it.' Taehyung says. 'Did he now?' Wooshik asks. 'Yes. But I'm still thinking about it. I needed to discuss it with you.'
"WOW!" Hoseok comments but Jeongguk doesn't move. 'I don't want to take advantage of you. I know I already hurt you so I don't even have a right to ask. Plus you could meet your own fated mate and-' "I already have.' Wooshik suddenly says. 'You have?'
'Yes... But we're separated.' Wooshik says. 'How about that?' 'I don't know about you, Taehyungie. But all those things we said, I actually believed them. I think the whole concept of fated ones is bullshit. Just because I wanted someone before, who says I'd still choose them?'
They pause when their food comes, meanwhile Jeongguk still feels the way his own heart is playing with him. 'I don't want to be manipulated by fate or anything else. I chose you in this life because I wanted you, not just over some forgotten bond from the past.' Wooshik says.
The Omega just stares at him. 'In some ways I can't even blame you for moving past our love when I did it to my mate too. If you want me to mate you and try to fix what he broke, I will but I won't do it if you still want to be with him. I won't let you break my heart again.'
Taehyung gulps at that. 'I can tell your heat would end up heating any moment. So if you're really sure that what we had was real, even realer than some fate, that you'll never get him back, that you stopped loving him... Just come to me. But if not, don't get closer to me.'
'But I'm going to say it anyway, I never liked him. I never approved of him. He did nothing but breaking you. I knew from the moment he just left you unconscious in my house even when you chose him. He put every alpha in shame when he failed to protect his Omega and children.'
Jeongguk suddenly starts feeling numb at that. 'But I think I've done enough to prove myself, that I would never hurt you if I were your alpha. I would actually take care of you.' Jeongguk gets up and starts walking away. He can't listen anymore. 'That's sweet.' Tae says.
Wooshik smiles. "But it's kind of annoying that you think I would need an alpha to take care of me at all." Taehyung says with a chuckle. "What have I ever done to give anyone the impression that I can't take care of myself? ANd everyone around me?"
"You know what I mean." Wooshik says. "That is the problem with you alphas. You think you're this strong person we want to hold onto but we don't. I have a more developed body than you, It fits a baby and guess what, I'm the one that takes care of it." The Omega says.
"I took care of my babies, I took care of people around me, I even took care of you when we were together and I took care of Jeongguk too every time he needed me. I'm not here for a charity case hyung, I'm here because I do think we had something." Taehyung adds.
"I never said it was a charity." "It felt implied. Because honestly the only time I felt like I 'needed' an alpha was when I was horny and in heat. And even then I didn't really need anyone, I just wanted to feel good." The Omega says. "Just like right now."
He gulps slightly. "The mark on my back makes me feel weak, I get sick more often because of it. It's literally a sign of my soul being broken. It won't let me have any more babies, It's obviously a turn off for other people who would even want to f*ck me." The Omega says.
"It's a reminder that I can give someone my everything and they could still break me, that I can never really trust anyone... ever! Because I can be holding them, I can be with them, trust them with everything I've got... and then they'd strike. I learned to live without it."
"It reminds me of him and I want it gone already. Do you have any idea how it feels to walk around when everyone knows that even your fated one couldn't love you? I know! And when Yoongi hyung mentioned you, it just kind of made sense." The Omega says.
He leans forward. "Because I actually want to move on from him. I want to never be reminded of him again. I don't want to take him back like an idiot. And I loved you once, even if I ended up loving him more. So trying to fix what we had, it sounded reasonable." Tae says.
"I want my son to be safe, to have more children if I ever want to. The kind of life we planned before, I want that. But mistake it with me compromising, hyung. I won't push Jeongguk away because of you, I'm doing it for me. And I'm discussing this with you, also for me."
"So if you still want me, tell me. Don't make it about Jeongguk, this is about me and you." "Jeongguk was the one who stole you from me." "No one stole me, he left me over and over. I chased after him, that was my mistake. I'm not doing that anymore." Taehyung says.
"What do you exactly want from me?" Wooshik asks. "I'm trying to see if I want us to continue where we left off. I won't need you to take care of me, not even my son, I can take care of him. I just need you... to love me and be honest with me. That's all!"
"That's easy." "Is it?" Taehyung asks. "Because the next time a loved one hurts me, they're going to need someone to take care of them from me." It's a joke but there is still a serious tone to it. "You wouldn't have to worry about that." Wooshik says.
Jeongguk is in his own room when he hears Taehyung come back. At least he came back! So much is going through his head. He knows that he needs to stay away, that he should just let Tae be free but... He sighs, walking to his door and knocking. Tae opens the door.
Jeongguk told them that he will tell Taehyung about Junghwa when he comes back but the more he looks at Taehyung, the more he wonders how this might affect everything. "I need to talk to you." Jeongguk says. Taehyung looks hesitant. "I really rather not!"
"It's important." Guk says. "I don't want to do this Jeongguk." Taehyung says. "I'm tired. If you want to spend time with your son, be my guest. But every second you're around... I just can't do it anymore! I'm done with the push and pull game."
Jeongguk opens his mouth to speak but he has no idea how to even do this. "I'm heading out for some time to pass my heat, I won't even be here, you can stay with Junghwa all day and all night and-" "Taegguk is not gone." Jeongguk suddenly says. Taehyung pauses.
He blinks, trying to think of which part he probably heard wrong. "What?" "You were right about what I was thinking. Yes, I chose your life over hers. I did it to protect everyone and you don't have to forgive me. But then my brother brought an idea... I took it."
"What idea?" Jeongguk can actually hear the scared way Taehyung's heart is beating. "Our six months old daughter never aged. Her life is frozen and she's inside my brother. She can still live." Jeongguk explains. Taehyung just stares at him with wide eyes.
"Jeongguk... If you're playing some game-" "I'm not. I needed to check if she was still okay before giving you false hope. She is. She is going to need someone to deliver her when the time comes but she's not de*d." Jeongguk says. "Is that why your brother left?"
"I told him to protect her, that I'd find them both. I knew one way or another you'd help me remember." Jeongguk says. "But I can't have her Jeongguk, I can't deliver her. I can't hold a baby anymore." Tae says, starting to panic. "We could find another Omega."
"No! No, she's mine! I can't trust anyone else to protect her and take care of her before she is delivered." Taehyung says, shaking his head. He looks like he is about to really have a panic attack. "I... I need to fix the mark! I need to take her back!"
"Petal..." "No! I need to get her back." Taehyung says, turning to just rush out. Jeongguk knows where he wants to go. He knows that when Taehyung walks out, he will probably forever be out of Jeongguk's reach. He needs to let him go but- "Don't go!" He suddenly says.
Taehyung pauses, looking back with emotional eyes. "Jeongguk I need to-" "Don't go... please!" Jeongguk ends up saying again, sounding a bit more desperate than he'd want to sound. "Even the thought of it makes me feel like suffocating, don't go."
Taehyung knows that he should just ignore him and leave. He had already decided to do it and hearing about Taegguk made him want it even more. "We'll get her back. I won't let anything happen to her. I promise. Just stay with me." Jeongguk says.
Taehyung has no idea why is he even hesitating. Why he can't move his legs, why his body is betraying him again. "I know I'm being selfish, you don't owe me anything. But if you'd just stay..." "Then what? Guk, we need her back. I need to feel her again." Taehyung says.
"I'll help you," "You can't, you're a vampire." "Do I look like a full vampire to you right now?" Guk is about to lose it. He takes a few steps forward while the Omega takes those steps back and feels a door behind himself. Jeongguk presses his hands on both sides on the wall.
The Omega tries to avoid looking at Jeongguk's eyes but the half vampire still moves his head in a way to force him into looking. "Come on Petal, look at me. Do I look like someone who doesn't feel like breaking this whole place down if anyone actually touches you?"
He might be releasing some pheromones. "Can't you really see my feelings in my eyes? Don't you see how I'm going insane?" Jeongguk asks. "Guk..." The Omega whispers, feeling the pheromones starting something dangerous. Jeongguk presses the back of his hand on his cheek.
"Do I feel cold to you? You think I can't keep you warm?" Jeongguk asks. "Guk you're.. You're triggering my..." The Omega starts breathing harsher. Jeongguk uses his other hand to hold his hand and presses it on his own chest. "Can't you feel how my heart is beating?"
Taehyung finally looks up but his eyes quickly go from his eyes to his lips, looking at them with desperate eyes, breathing heavier. Jeongguk is not sure what is going to happen until the Omega quickly pushes away from him and runs to his room, locking the door.
Jeongguk presses his forehead on the wall in frustration, trying to calm his emotions. It's like not taking something for so long and then taking it and everything ends up hitting so much stronger. His emotions are all over the place. He can hear the omega breathing harder.
He is trying to keep his emotions at bay but drinking twice as much as usual is messing him up. He hasn't felt emotions this strong in four years! He walks to the door and leans his back on the door, sitting down in front of it. "Can... can we at least talk?" Jeongguk asks.
The fact that Tae's heat is triggered is triggering Jeongguk too. "You're allowed to be mad at me... Even if she's alive, I did break you and chose for both of us. I did hurt her before I tried to save her. But you know why I did it Petal." Jeongguk says.
Taehyung leans his back on the door too, sitting on the other side of the door, trying to hold onto his sanity and fight the urges that are trying to surface. "It wasn't just about her, it was about everyone and we needed you alive. Everyone needed you alive." Guk says.
Taehyung fists his palm, holding it over his chest. "If you want him to just help you with your heat... go ahead. It'll ruin me but I'll live. I can't tell you who to be with, I don't want you in pain either but if you try to mate... it'll take away every chance of us."
The omega turns his head slightly, looking at the door. "Don't just take that away, don't take this huge decision when you're on your heat. I don't expect you to forgive me, I don't even promise not to choose you over everything again. I just need a chance!"
"To break me again?" Taehyung asks. "A chance to prove you weren't wrong. To prove that I would never hurt you if it wasn't a life or de*th situation, That the only reason I failed you was because I couldn't think of a single reason everyone wouldn't get even more hurt."
Taehyung knows that his mind is too clouded with everything to even think of anything. He stans up, reaching for the door with shaky hair. Jeongguuk jumps back, trying not to get tempted by anything. Taehyung looks at him with hard eyes. "Drink." He says.
"What?" "The pheromones and the urges are coming from my damn blood, drink it before I lose my damn mind." Taehyung says. Jeongguk takes a few steps forward, feeling overwhelmed by the sensation. He is shaking, feeling so much need. But then he just pushes his fangs inside.
Taehyung starts feeling colder and yet calmer when the vampire starts drinking, feeling his urges lessen. But on the other hand Jeongguk is starting to feel even warmer and naturally, he leans onto him. Guk heals his would and presses his forehead onto his shoulder. "Better?"
Taehyung nods, trying to breathe and feel a little clearer in his head. "Yeah, you?" Jeongguk breathes out shakily. "I'm... going to explode!" He says. Taehyung gulps. His emotions must have gotten even more heightened. He bites his lip, trying to think of what to do.
He keeps trying to detach but it's just his hell that he still can't see him suffer. He ends up holding onto the back of Jeongguk's neck and then tries to release his own pheromones, one that tends to help alphas relax. "I got you." The Omega says. Jeongguk closes his eyes.
"Don't think of anything just focus on me." The omega says. He tries to focus on them, breathing heavily, turning his mind off of everything else. "Don't think about the past or what might come. Just... focus on this moment." It helps, Jeongguk feels his emotions calming down.
He can feel the way the other man combs his hair from behind or the way his other hand moves his fingernails on his back soothingly. "Better?" Taehyung asks and Jeongguk exhales deeply. "Very." He says and Taehyung smiles, knowing JEongguk can't see it.
But then stops smiling when he catches himself. He doesn't want to make the same mistakes as before. He doesn't want to be hit by the same thing or go through what he did before. Jeongguk is not even promising not to do it again. And still...
But then he feels the way Jeongguk's arms come up to hug him and his hear does a thing. One of those things it always did when he used to feel happy to be around him. "I love you too." He freezes on the spot when he hears it. "Huh?" "I didn't say it back four years ago."
He suddenly feels like crying, remembering all the things that happened back there. "Maybe I should have waited more to say it but I've already held it for years. But you need to know if you are to make any decisions." Jeongguk says. He can hear the Omega's heartbeat.
"I won't ever promise not to put you first, I won't promise not to do anything to make sure you'll be okay. But I can promise to do everything I have to make it up to you and her and Junghwa. I just need a chance." Jeongguk says. Taehyung gulps hard at that.
He pulls away, looking at him with thoughtful eyes. It's not even a secret that he is dying to just hold him. That he hasn't nearly moved on. That Jeongguk still has him wrapped around his pretty fingers. That he had been fighting so long to stop loving him.
He knows that Jeongguk knows that too. Heck, everyone knows. He misses them. He might have gotten broken but he still remembers all their good moments. The moments that to this day he doesn't regret, moments he still loves and wants to go back to.
Having a family with him was his dream. And even right now, it is taking him everything he has to keep the little distance they have. "On one condition." Taehyung says. "Anything." "Next time you get a plan like that, you let me carry it with you." Taehyung says.
Jeongguk's expression changes a bit. "You want to put me first? Fine, but let me on it too. You want to be guilty, then fuck it we can be guilty together." Taehyung says. "You wouldn't let me do it." Jeongguk says. "What if I was the one that would say we had to lose her?"
"What do you mean?" "What if I wasn't ready? What if I just didn't want her? What if I didn't want my body to go through with it? What if I wanted to live instead of sacrificing my life for her? What if I just didn't want to be a father? Would you force me to have her?"
"Of course not?" "Then why do you think I would force you to have her if you would reason with me and let me know why you thought it'd be the worst idea?" Taehyung asks. "What sucked was you backstabbing me and blindsiding me. I wasn't ready for it."
Jeongguk gulps at that. "Do you have any idea how many potential kids we could have had but we don't? How many possible babies you throw away every time you jack off? Just because we could, just because it was a level closer, it didn't mean that we had to have more."
He gulps hard. "I hate that we lost her. I hate that I had to live when she couldn't because she was getting older and I was getting used to the idea of her living. Because I wanted her. But if I were to die, who was I to force you into having her?" Taehyung asks.
"What sucked was that you didn't give me the time to say goodbye to her, to stop thinking of how she would look if she was born. To prepare to get our bond broken. To give me a chance to make that difficult decision with you. Junghwa was already born, he was a priority."
"I don't need to be protected, I don't need to be falsely comforted. I just need to be trusted, need to be your equal and know that you believe it when we say it's us against the world. That's all I ever wanted." Taehyung's voice shakes a little as he says it.
"I said that to Wooshik hyung as well. All I need is honestly and love. If you can offer it, great! If not-" "I can." Jeongguk says, holding his cheeks, looking at him with emotional eyes. "The love is already there. I'll be honest too." Taehyung looks unsure.
"Promise?" "Promise. I'll show you, just give me the chance to prove it." Jeongguk says. Taehyung lets out a sigh he didn't even know he qas holding. "Then show me." He says. Jeongguk smiles, relieved. "Really?" Guk asks. "Really!" He nods.
Jeongguk smiles wider, his eyes sparkling and this time Taehyung doesn't feel bad about thinking that his eyes are pretty. He suddenly looks away and when Taehyung follows his eyes, he realizes that he must have heard Junghwa coming. "Papa? where do you keep disappearing to?"
"Sorry baby!" He says with a smile. "Did you go for your heat? Is it over yet?" He asks. Jeongguk wonders if he even knows what a heat is. "No, it's not. I still have to go until it's done." The omega says. That gets Jeongguk's attention. "It stinks here."
"Wolves stink sometimes." Taehyung says. "I see your nose is getting sharper." He pinches his nose. "Of course, I'm gonna be the coolest alpha ever." Junghwa sounds proud. "Bet you will." Taehyung says. "But I'm gonna put you to bed tonight and then leave, okay?"
"So I stay with Gukkie and uncle Yoongi till you come back?" Junghwa asks. "Actually, Gukkie has to come with me too." "Why?" "To help Papa. Right?" Taehyung looks back at Jeongguk, as if to silently ask if he wants to help him instead of spending more time with Junghwa.
"Right." Jeongguk says. Taehyung smiles at that. "Why don't you put Junghwa to sleep tonight though? He seems to like you." Taehyung suggests. Junghwa just looks at Jeongguk, not denying it. Jeongguk feels the overwhelmedness again. "I'd like that." He says.
Taehyung follows them and watches as Jeongguk helps Junghwa change and tucks him in bed, releasing his pheromones to help the little boy sleep. He smiles when Junghwa closes his eyes and Jeongguk kisses his forehead. Is it really okay to feel good about this?
Jeongguk stares at his son for a while longer and then gets up to walk to the omega. "Are you sure you want me to help you?" He asks. "Yeah! Unless you want Wooshik to help me." It's a joke but Jeongguk just glares at him before grabbing his hands and pulling him.
"Where are you even taking me?" The Omega asks with a chuckle. Jeongguk pauses, remembering that he has no idea where they are going. "Where are we going again?" Guk asks. "I was going to go to his house but obviously I can't now. Which means we're going to your room."
"My room..." Jeongguk says, his eyes going a little wider, as if it's an obvious answer and yet he didn't even think of it. Taehyung is the one who starts pulling him this time. The Omega is acting confident but Jeongguk can hear the butterflies from the way his heart beats.
He must be nervous! So when they reach Jeongguk's room, Jeongguk turns him around to press a gentle kiss on his lips, one to comfort him and remind him that he's not just there to be a heat partner. That this time, kissing is a necessity.
It takes the Omega back but not in a bad way. It just calms him down so when Jeongguk opens the door to let them both inside, he doesn't think of anything but the other man as he follows him inside. Maybe, just maybe this will end up being a good decision!
Jeongguk closes the door and then turns to look at the other man. He looks really confused and Taehyung actually understands his confusion. They both know why they are here but none of them are sure of how or when it'll start and if this is really going to end well.
"Are you hungry?" Taehyung ends up asking. Jeongguk looks at him for a few seconds and then chuckles, looking down. Wait, is Taehyung missing someth-Oh! "Oh... Vampires don't really need food." He remembers. "Just blo*d." Guk nods at that, looking at him again.
"This whole 'I'm a vampire but still party wolf' thing... I'm not sure if I get it at this point." Taehyung says. "Honestly, neither do I!" Jeongguk says. "From my understanding, every time I drink from you it lasts longer and gets stronger, my wolf side I mean."
"I can see." Taehyung says. "Does that mean if you stop drinking, you'll just..." He gulps. "Forget again or stop feeling?" Jeongguk licks his lip. "I have no idea!" He admits. "But it doesn't really feel like my wolf is alive. It's like... I feel signs but not IT."
Taehyung starts rubbing his arm, thinking. "Are you hungry?" "I just ate with Wooshik." He reminds him. "Oh yeah..." They stand in an awkward silence. "Maybe I should just take a shower? We could wait till it comes?" The Omega ends up suggesting.
Jeongguk hates how awkward this is. It's not that he doesn't want it. It's just that there are still a lot of lines that Jeongguk is not sure if they are boundaries he can just cross. "Sure!" He says and they both walk inside. Jeongguk sits on the bed and Taehyung walks away.
He starts walking to the bed and then pauses in front of the door. Jeongguk notices the hesitant and looks his way, wondering if the Omega is just double thinking everything. If he is just going to realize what a horrible thought this is and walk away. He's a little scared!
He gulps hard, waiting for the Omega to just turn around and say that he changed his mind. But it doesn't happen. Instead the other man just starts taking his clothes off in front of the bathroom, his back still toward the vampire. Guk is stuck between watching or looking away.
Can he look? Should he look away? Technically, they are here to do something anyway but Taehyung is not on his heat and even though it's normal for wolves to just walk around nude- "I can literally hear your head working." Taehyung cuts the train of Jeongguk's thoughts.
He finally allows himself to fully look at him. Taehyung looks over his shoulder, his eyes turning blue the moment he sees him. "Why don't you come and help me cleaned up? scrub my back and all?" He asks. Jeongguk gets up, walking closer to him.
He walks until he is right in front of him and then stops, not looking away from him as the other man reaches for Jeongguk's blouse. "Might want to get rid of these." He says. Jeongguk lifts his arms, letting him pull it all up and throw them away.
He feels the way Taehyung presses his hand on Jeongguk's chest and then closes his eyes, sighing in relief. "Warm, beating." He says, feeling the way Jeongguk's heart beats against his hand. And then his hand moves down, moving onto his skin until he reaches his pants.
He pushes them down without looking away from his eyes and it suddenly feels real. They are really here, both wanting the same thing. The Omega gulps hard before turning to get into the shower. He must be getting aroused because Guk can smell his heat coming again.
The Omega reaches the pulps, opening the water but the moment he feels the water pouring down on his head, he feels Jeongguk's hands too. He feels the way he holds onto his arms and turns him around, the way he reaches one hand to his neck and pulls his head for a hard kiss.
He might have had to wait, to at least let the water run for some time before trying anything but to be fair, Jeongguk just wants to close his damn mind and stop thinking about what is right or wrong and just do what he wants for once in his damn life. And he just wants a kiss!
And from the way the Omega leans onto him and kisses back without a second of hesitation, he can tell that he is not the only one who has been dying for one. The Omega wraps his arms around his neck, pulling him closer, letting out a sound of satisfaction in the kiss.
Jeongguk closes the water again and then breaks the kiss only slightly, staying close to his lips. "F*ck the shower, I'm gonna mess you up again anyway." He says and gets to physically feel the way the other man shivers from the thought. He releases his pheromones again.
He is in love with how the Omega reacts to them. Like he was waiting, like they are dancing and the other man just moves so perfectly with every move Jeongguk has. He jumps slightly and wraps his legs around the other man and Jeongguk quickly secures him up.
"Tear me down alpha." He says and watches the way Jeongguk's eyes turn red. The kind of red his alpha always had every time they were making love. The kind that were always filled with need and passion for him. He feels the cold wall behind himself when Guk presses him on it.
But it reminds him of the fact that the body pressed against him is warmer and he clings onto him. Jeongguk catches his lips for another kiss. His body is being painfully aware of his heat, everything starting to become more sensitive, every touch feeling more real.
Jeongguk is pressed hard against him so when he moves his body, he can feel himself being stimulated. His nipples get erected from the way Jeongguk's chest brush against them, his c*ck growing harder from the way Guk's d*ck rubs against his own. He kisses him deeper.
Jeongguk reaches a hand on his as*, slipping it between the cheeks. "Already leaking." The vampire whispers between the kisses. "Held back for too long." The Omega says in a whine. Jeongguk lifts him up a bit more, enough to press his erected c*ck on his as*.
"No holding back anymore." Guk says before slowly pushing inside. The other man holds onto him harder, pushing his nails on Jeongguk's back, his expression cracking in something between need and pleasure. Jeongguk pecks on his lips when he's all the way in.
The Omega pushes his head onto the vampire's neck, making little whiny sound as the alpha starts thrusting inside of him. "Does it hurt your back?" The alpha asks, The other man just quickly shakes his head. "F-Faster." He says and Jeongguk obliges.
It's insane how the only thought in Jeongguk's head is just the man in his arms. The Omega throws his head back up and Jeongguk uses it as a way to suck onto his nipples. The Omega cries out loud, feeling how sensitive it is, especially when Jeongguk bites it gently.
He c*ms all over their bellies but Jeongguk doesn't stop, he continues moving. "Should I wai-" "-not." "Not?" "Knot!" The Omega says, looking at him with half lidded eyes. Jeongguk pushes all the way inside and pauses. "You know I can't petal." The vampire says.
"You promised." The Omega whispers, looking rejected. Jeongguk wants to curse himself because he did and he really fucking wants to but he isn't wolf enough for that. The Omega holds onto Jeongguk's face, clearly already had given in to his heat.
"Please? You said after your birthday. I've been empty for so long, why can't you let me keep it?" He keeps asking, looking at the alpha with pleading eyes. "You promised, you say you would." Jeongguk feels frustrated as he continues moving quicker. He wants it!
He wants to give everything to him, to offer him anything he would ever desire but he can't! He uses his fangs when he knows that he's at his limit, injecting into the wolf. The werewolf rolls his eyes, letting it take over him. It takes a moment until he calms down.
Jeongguk tries to catch his breath as he looks at him. "Sorry, I-" "Again." The Omega says, more like tiredly demands. "You promised. My heat is gonna last for a very long f*cking time so f*ck me over and f*cking over until you can kn*t me."
It's incredible how he sounds both demanding and needy and how it turns Jeongguk on in a matter of seconds. "What are you doing to me?" Jeongguk asks and feels the way the Omega moves his hips, getting him to move inside of him again. "Move." He says impatiently.
So Jeongguk moves. He takes him against the wall and then lets him down just to press his chest on it and take him from behind, playing with his nipples through it out, letting his c*ck rub against the cold wall with every thrust.
Next he finds himself on the tube with the omega on top of him, hoping on his erection, almost like using it for his own personal pleasure. He can't look away from the gorgeous Omega and how pretty he looks as he pleasures himself on Jeongguk's c*ck. His...
It's a thought he hasn't had in a while, not to this extent. Not to the extent of wanting to mark every part of his body so everyone would know that he's his. He sits up, hugging around his waist, bitting onto his chest, hard enough to leave marks this time.
It's crazy how the Omega c*ms again on him, painting him in white but still doesn't get enough. Jeongguk pushes him on one of the tips of the tube and takes him from behind again. They go back to the bed for their next round and the Omega goes on his knees for him again.
Only when Jeongguk bites onto him for another injection does the Omega lets himself c*m again. He looks tired, Guk can tell that one of the waves has passed. He holds onto the other man, pushing his head onto his bally. He doesn't even notice when he falls asleep.
He only finds out when he feels someone kissing up his chest and then his lips. It's already day light. "wake up already baby, I'm horny." The Omega says in a needy voice. Another hit must have hit him. He kisses his way down to the vampire's c*ck.
The vampire hisses when the Omega licks onto his d*ck and kisses its tip, taking him onto his mouth. It's going to be a long process and somehow Jeongguk loves every second of it. Generally, the Omega's heat lasts two to three days,, this one is taking way longer!
But it's their sixth day in the room and Jeongguk can tell that it's wearing off. He pulls his teeth out and looks at the other man's blue eyes. "It's okay." The Omega says, like he has started to give up on it already. "I keep feeling more, it's just-" "Sh, it's okay!"
He kisses his lips and feels the way Jeongguk lays him on his back on the bed and grows bigger inside of him. "At least vampire you kept up, I'm not sure if alpha you could." The Omega says in the kiss. They are holding each other much gentler now.
"Not feeling insulted because I sure as hell could." Guk says. "Could you now?" The Omega challenges him and then smiles in satisfaction when Jeongguk moves inside of him. "You're underestimating my wolf." Guk says. Tae's blue eyes shine in pain at that.
"I want it back." He whispers so low, Jeongguk is only able to hear it because he is still a vampire. The Omega wraps his legs around his back trying to pull him as close as possible. He looks into Jeongguk's eyes, letting out a sound that is hard to understand.
Why does he look in pain? Is he hurting him? "Keep moving." The omega says, moving his hips just as slow. "Slow, don't just want a f*ck, Make love to me." Jeongguk listens, moving slower and yet deeper, hitting him stronger as the Omega kisses him again.
That's when Jeongguk hears the sound again and this time, it sort of sounds like a wolf howling. He tries to listen more carefully as the Omega makes the sound again, bumping his nose onto Jeongguk a few times with their eyes closed. "Wake up!" He whispers.
Jeongguk breathes shakily, feeling something inside of him reacts. A part of him feeling scared, worried! The Omega howls again, sounding like he is calling out for him. Jeongguk's movements start getting faster again, not really having much control over it, trying to reach out.
"Wake up, please wake up." The Omega whispers again, pulling him closer, howing needier. "WAKE UP!" The Omega shouts this time, sounding desperate. Jeongguk feels the need to bite onto him, to bite onto his nape but he can't reach so he just bites onto his shoulder.
The Omega's eyes grow wider when he starts feeling it. Jeongguk wraps his arms around him tighter, holding him firm as it starts building. "Guk!" "Hold on baby, I don't know how big it'll be." "F*ck yes, finally." The Omega lets out a cry in joy as the knot starts forming.
He bites his lip, feeling it fill him up in all the right places as it starts expanding. He's finally able to have him, to keep a part of him even when they're over to remind him of how good Jeongguk felt inside of him. But then it starts expanding a bit too much.
He grabs Jeongguk's arm, alerting him. "Jeongguk!" Jeongguk greets his teeth together, trying to control the flow. "I know Petal, I know." "It's big! F*Ck, I don't think I-" He is starting to panic. But Jeongguk kisses him to calm him down. "It's okay, I got you!"
"But-" "I'm here." Jeongguk says, pecking his lips again. "Will never hurt you." He presses another peck. "Just filling you up." The Omega bite his lip harder, trying to hold on. "It... h-hurts." "I can't pull out, just hold onto me." "Guk, hurts! It hurts!" He cries.
Jeongguk kisses his eyes, rubbing his as* to sooth him. "Almost done, just a bit more." "Almost?" He asks, sounding small. "Almost, almost almost!" He says and then bites him again, finally managing to set it all inside of him. The Omega moans in satisfaction.
Jeongguk gulps, trying to catch his breathe. "Are you okay?" He asks. The Omega quickly nods, smiling widely. "Yes! Gosh yes. Haven't felt this good in so f*cking long." He says, looking into his eyes. Jeongguk pulls out of him gently and moves down to check.
The omega willingly opens his legs for him like he has been for the past a few days but this time it's to proudly lets him see. The alpha touches his hole and rubs it. "Does it still hurt?" "No!" Jeongguk still leans to press a kiss on the hole, them on the cheek.
He runs his hand on the cheeks soothingly and presses another kiss on his c*ck, then another on his tummy and then his nipples, sucking on one teasingly and then moving up to kiss his collar bone. The omega chuckles when Guk kisses his neck and then chin.
"You did it." The Omega says, sounding genuinely happy. "You asked, I promised. And you were f*cking amazing." Jeongguk says on top of him. The other man smiles wider, his blue eyes glowing in a way Jeongguk has been craving to see for so damn long.
"I'm tired." The Omega confesses. "I'd go for days if you'd still want to." Guk half jokes. "I'm pretty sure my heat has passed already. I'm beat!" He makes another confession. "Just hold me." He asks and Jeongguk lays next to him, pulling him onto his chest.
Guk has no idea where the Omega got the energy. Even for an original, he lasted for too long this time. But a part of him knows why, because he can't get the way the Omega's wolf was desperately calling out for his own on their last round. And couldn't have been the only time.
He must have been trying to wake his wolf up no matter what! Taehyung inhales his scent and smiles from the way he feels Jeongguk's heartbeat. "I feel you." He whispers. "You do?" Guk asks. "Welcome back, my alpha. I missed you." The man says and Jeongguk feels it.
It sounded like the man was just saying things out of his zone, like talking gibberish before sleeping but Jeongguk can understand because he feels a fire inside of him that wants to scream that- "I missed you too." He says and the Omega smiles wider, clinging to him harder.
Jeongguk can tell when the other man falls asleep in his arms from the way he relaxes and breathes calmer. He sleeps like he can finally relax after trying so hard to get something back. Jeongguk kisses his hair and closes his eyes to sleep too. He feels alive!
Sleeping! It's something Jeongguk started feeling in the real sense when he started helping the Omega with his heat again. But waking up to him snuggling close to him when his wolf is clearly present again... It's something else! "Hey you!" Taehyung knows he's awake.
It's strange because he has his eyes closed. How can he even tell? "Hey handsome." Jeongguk says and the Omega smiles before opening his eyes. "So the heat really has passed huh?" "Yeah but I can't feel my legs." The omega confesses. "Or my as*!" "I can." "I know vampire."
"Six days." Jeongguk reminds him. "That's how long it took for you to c*m or wait... Not even c*m, knot!" The Omega reminds him as he half glares. A part of Jeongguk feels insulted for some reason. "In my defense, vampires do, we just do it with our fangs."
Taehyung's lips smile in a teasing way. He looks amused. "Do you feel it too?" He asks. "My wolf?" Guk asks. "Yeah. I don't know why, I feel you even more now." Taehyung says. Jeongguk nods and sits up when someone knocks on the door. "Did you two died fucking or something?"
"Die." Jeongguk corrects Yoongi's grammar with a shout. Yoongi groans and kicks the door open. Taehyung doesn't even move. "F*cking hell, what's with all the pheromones?" Yoongi holds his nose. "I woke Jeongguk's wolf." Tae says. "So you're completely back to how you were?"
"I don't know? It feels like I am." Jeongguk says. "For now." Yoongi almost jumps when he hears Namjoon behind himself. "STOP doing that." Yoongi says. "Where did you come from?" Jeongguk asks. "I've been kind of just waiting." Namjoon says.
"Is there any reason you two just barged in?" Taehyung asks. "It's been a week. Uncle Yoongi is starting to get really impatient." Yoongi says and then pauses, thinking of his next words. " And I'm sort of..." He can't say it. "He's gonna go after Jiminie." Namjoon says.
"My hyung?" Guk sits straighter than before. "When everything went down, Jiminie stayed with you. He insisted that he couldn't leave you alone with your mother. And I went with Taehyung to look after the kid." Yoongi says. "Now you're here, he's still there."
"But hyung that's..." Taehyung tries to find the right words. "Insanity, crazy, stupid and dangerous." Namjoon tries to find some that fit. "The last two times you survived her was because Jeongguk was there." Taehyung reminds the alpha. "He's alone out there."
"And I can get him back but it's not like he'd just come." Namjoon says with a shrug. "Why not?" Jeongguk asks. "He must have a reason. And your mother would never hurt him. She gave you her words. He is the only reason she knows you will go back." Taehyung says.
"Because he's a wolf." An extra voice comes. "Sure, come in! The more the merrier!" Namjoon says cheerfully. Taehyung sighs. "What do you mean?" Yoongi asks? "There is a woman that k*lled his mother, turned his father and then k*lled him. " Hoseok starts explaining.
"That woman is the reason what happened to Jeongguk had happened and also the reason he lost his niece. His lover is on a run because of her and the father of his nephew is also running away with her nephew. You must know Jimin, he's not going to move an inch away from her."
"Even us vampires feel, it's just not as much as the rest of you. And Jimin knows that. He knows that he is the constant reminder of his mother and father to her, the reminder that he is a wolf, 'evil' as she puts it and she can never hurt him." Hoseok says.
"So he's just staying to annoy her?" Guk asks. "That and he just simply wants to look closer to her actions until he can find her weakness. I have left without a single word, Jeongguk is gone too and if Jimin leaves, no one will be there. And she will get more serious."
"Which means there is no way he agrees to leave." Taehyung points out. "I actually sort of have a much better question." Namjoon says, turning to the full vampire. "Why would a vampire like you just accept to keep Jeongguk's baby?" He smiles accusingly.
Hoseok smirks slightly. "Does it matter?" "It does because last I checked you were on your mother's side and suddenly you hide the baby from her. How would we know you're not just working for her?" Namjoon asks. "Because my mother sent Jeongguk to get me." Hoseok says.
"No she didn't!" Guk says. "She let you go Jeongguk. When was the last time you saw her do that?" Hoseok asks. Jeongguk just stares at him. "You're not the only one that can look into memories little one. You weren't an original as a vampire, she must have seen it all."
Yoongi looks back and forth at them. "We're the pure ones, remember? Mother would want the both of us there and if there are children of us, what would you assume she would do to them?" Hoseok asks. "K*ll them?" Namjoon asks. "Worse, raise them." Hoseok smiles.
"In other words, she knew that she could get all of us back just by sending you away. You'd find your children and you'd find me. And you were never hard to find Jeonggukie. Now all she has to do is find you, then we're all in the same place." Hoseok explains.
"She won't find us here as long as I'm here." "But you weren't there when the attack happened, were you?" The vampire asks, looking at the wizard. "I'd assume you would be Jeongguk's last hope? He probably must have waited for you?" "I was still searching." Namjoon says.
"But you knew Jeongguk's time was about to end. Everyone did. By the age of 22, we turn." Hoseok says. Namjoon looks a bit guilty at that, looking at the floor. "Unless you just didn't have the guts to look at Jeongguk in the eyes and say... I've got nothing!"
Namjoon frows, looking up at him again. "You're going to turn and someone, possibly your mate is going to die. But then you saw him alive and you just ignored the obvious and thought they probably just unbonded and found a way to still keep her. Which they did!"
"I didn't think anyone would really die from him turning because he was always going to remain a wolf inside." Namjoon says. "So you risked it all over a theory? I'm starting to think you're the one working for my mother." Hoseok says. "I would never!" The wizard quickly says.
"That makes the two of us then. And if you still want to know why, because that is my niece in my belly. Because I was turned before I knew love, before I knew how it was to have a baby, before I could feel enough... And that's how I feel right now." Hoseok says firmly.
"And because I'm smart enough to see through my mother's bullshit. That she is preaching about everything because she just wants a normal yet wealthy life, to be un-evil when she can't. Children, crown, love! A family." Hoseok adds.
"She hates all you creatures, not because you're evil, because you're all from magic like she is but you all can have all those things she can't. She wants you all gone, she wants to prove that she can remain superior." Hoseok says. "She's insane." Taehyung says.
"Oh she is. But you know what is the sad part for us? If you think I'm smart, then you don't know her. She's old, ancient, one of the originals and she has lived enough to live way more than all of us. So that insanity? That's our least problem right now!" Hoseok says.
It seems to get all of them thinking. "Lucky for you, I happened to be her trusted one, I know some things that none of you might know. That's how I knew it's possible to freeze lives which... Heh! It just simply could be something she wanted me to know." Hoseok says.
"Like what?" Yoongi asks. "Like, are you aware what are the differences between Original vampires and normal ones?" Hoseok asks. "Originals were born as a vampire but others were turned" Yoongi says. "They were born from TWO vampires. Unlike me and Guk." Hoseok says.
"Vampires can't reproduce." Taehyung says. "Originals can because their bodies are different." Hoseok says. "Then why would he go to get your father? Was it the crown?" Yoongi asks. "That and the fact that she could have children that could love her. A mate that could love her."
Another awkward silence falls in the room. "Our father lusted over her but he never really loved her. She tried, even got rid of his fated one, it just made him dislike her more. So she just got rid of him. But she's still trying to get us to love her." Hoseok says.
"That's why she let your mate stay alive and brought him to you, why she won't ever touch Jimin or hurt him. Originals are born, they grow up until they are twenty two and then they just stop growing. Obviously, it's different for us." Hoseok says.
"For us we turn, our memories get lost so we can remain a vampire with no emotion. Because every time the memories come back, so do our emotions. But it's also so easy for us to fall back into full vampire mood. We're always going to be both." Hoseok explains.
"So what are you suggesting to do?" Yoongi asks. Hoseok turns to Namjoon. "We should go to the same enemy that has been resisting against my mother. The king of this land. We're going to hide this baby, let it be born and keep the other baby alive too." Hoseok says.
Then he turns to Jeongguk. "And we're going to find a way to attack from inside out. And when we take over, mom will be long gone and it will be a new era for us all." Hoseok says. They all exchange looks with each other. It sounds like a reasonable thing to do!
"But they already found us there. Your mother is not the only one after me and my son." Taehyung reminds him. "The last time he wasn't there to keep the place safe." Hoseok points at Namjoon. "And your brother is the one that fought hard to keep your baby alive."
Taehyung looks down thoughtfully. "You all just get ready. I'll go around to help a bit more, we'll leave by the end of today." Namjoon says. "Can you check on Junghwa? I still can't move!" Taehyung asks Jeongguk. The alpha smiles and gets up to check on their son.
Junghwa is paying with some of the kids when Jeongguk finds him. He looks so happy! Jeongguk feels a bit bad that the child had barely ever got the chance to find friends and keep them. The boy seems to notice him because he looks back at him and then runs to him with a smile.
"Did you and Papa come back?" The boy asks excitedly. "Yes." Guk says, patting his head. "We need to get ready now." The boy's smile drops. "Are we leaving again?" "We should." Jeongguk nods. The boy looks down, pouting sadly. This is not right!
Jeongguk should be able to keep this boy safe, to give him somewhere to stay and makes friends in. "You know I really love you, right Junghwa?" Jeongguk suddenly asks. "You do?" The boy asks in confusion. "I love you and your papa too." "Really?" "Very much."
The boy smiles slightly. "And I promise, one day we're going to be a family again and I won't let anyone hurt any of you anymore. We'll get to have our own home and you can make as many friends as you can." "A family like... I'd have another papa?" "Yeah, a dad."
The boy smiles even wider, somehow liking the idea. "Then marry Papa soon, I want more friends already." He says. "Soon. But let's get ready to leave for now okay?" Guk says. "OKAY!" The boy shouts and then runs back inside to get ready. Jeongguk smiles at his innocence.
Jeongguk helps him get ready and then goes back to the Omega who has just finished showering and is trying to put on some clothes. "You should totally take a shower before we go too." Taehyung points out. Jeongguk smiles with a nod. "Are you in pain?" He asks.
"Kinda? More like sore." Taehyung says. Jeongguk walks a bit closer to him. "I don't know how my vampire powers work now that my wolf is awake but I could try and heal you?" He suggests. "Can you still drink from me?" The Omega asks in interest.
"You still look insanely delicious." The vampire says as he puts his hands on the other man's as* and pulls him closer. "Is that so?" The other man smirks, biting his lip in interest. "Should I?" "Go for it." Taehyung says and tilts his neck, allowing Jeongguk to do it.
Jeongguk uses a hand to hold his neck gently and the Omega closes his eyes, sighing as Jeongguk pushes his fangs inside to drink. "I have a confesssion." The omega says, his eyes still closed. "I kind of like it." Jeongguk pulls him closer, one more sip and then injects it.
The omega gives into him. It gives Jeongguk the feeling that he can just trust him fully to let go of his own body weight and know that Jeongguk will keep him up. He won't let him fall. He inhales fully when Jeongguk finishes healing him and then kisses the spot he drank from.
"Better?" Guk asks. "Very!" Taehyung says. "I'll go take a shower then. See you all in a bit okay?" Guk asks. Taehyung looks at him for a moment then smiles. "See you." Jeongguk pecks on his lips before he can go. The Omega chuckles and then leaves the door.
He walks back to his room and sees Hoseok close by, staring at the sun. Taehyung licks his lip as he walks closer to him. "Isn't it dangerous?" He asks. "Maybe if I didn't have Taegguk." The vampire says and then looks at the Omega. Taehyung is a little unsure of what to say.
The other vampire used to be an omega too. The Omega that has lived as a vampire and yet spent the past four years protecting their daughter. "Can I?" He asks. Hoseok nods and Taehyung touches his belly. He closes his eyes and feels his heart almost shaking.
"You can't feel her but-" "I can." He says with his eyes still closed, smiling. "You can?" "I had her in me for months, of course I can feel her." The omega says and then opens his eyes. He looks at him with grateful eyes. "Thank you! For whatever reason you did it!"
Hoseok nods slowly. "The thing you have with Jeongguk, is it going anywhere?" Hoseok asks. "We used to be literal mates until he had to break our bond. I'd hope so?" "He was fully wolf when he mated you, he'll always going to be half vampire now." Hoseok reminds him.
"Will, always, now... Those are some contradictions." Taehyung says, trying to hide his nervousness under a joke. "I can hear your heartbeat Taehyung. You can't hide it from me. I can tell you're scared." The vampire says. "I... don't want to lose his wolf again."
Hoseok looks a bit conflicted. "The thing about me and Jeongguk, as the only people who are what we are... It seems like none of you really understand what we are." Hoseok says. "I know what you both are." Taehyung insists. "Do you?" Hoseok asks. "Or do you know one side of us?"
Taehyung doesn't respond, knowing that there must be more to what Hoseok is saying. "He's my brother, I'm the one that truly understands him and I know he wants to be a wolf way more then you do. But the problem is that he's not just a wolf anymore." Hoseok says.
He fists his palm and presses the fist gently on Tae's chest where his heart beats. "You're trying to love him. So if you really are going to do it, you can't do it without committing to the whole package. And the whole package is hot and also very very cold." Hoseok warns him.
Yaehyung fully thinks about it. "If you love one part of him and hate the other, can you even really love him?" Hoseok asks and that gets Taehyung thinking even more. "It's not about turning him one way or another, it's about giving him a balance. Don't forget that."
The vampire walks away with that, leaving the Omega in thought. He's a wolf but he really needs to remember that Hoseok is right. Namjoon said it too. Jeongguk's wolf is awake now, he is half half, he can feel but none of it is permenant. The constant change won't stop!
They all have been villainizing a side of Jeongguk that... hasn't really even done much damage! Because even in that full state, Jeongguk still loved his son, he still looked into everything for Taehyung, he still tried his best to make the right decisions.
He actually hadn't even forcefully drank from anyone and he has been healing Tae every chance he got. He didn't even manipulate anyone. And is that even really fair? Even if there was a way to turn that side of Jeonngguk off completely, would it be okay?
If Jeongguk was a human and Taehyung was a wolf, an alpha for any matter, if that would make him angrier, more stiff, more 'alpha'. And if human Jeongguk would want to change that, to make Taehyung a full human so they could be together... Would that make sense?
If he were to give up his own wolf or Omega side, heck even if he had to give up his human side... Would that be fair? Would it be fair if Jeongguk would only love one side of him. Especially if Taehyung himself hated the other side too?
And to be fair, Taehyung doesn't exactly hate Jeongguk's vampire? He tried to hate Jeongguk himself, the one that broke his bond, he hated the fact that Jeongguk didn't love him anymore! But the one that just hugged him and drank to heal him... He likes him!
And it's so strange to keep seeing both sides of him as different people when it's all just Jeongguk. "Papa? When are we leaving?" He gets out of his thoughts when a little boy runs to him and shouts. "Soon." He says. The boy looks at him and then chuckles. "What?"
"I can't say." The boy says. "Is it a secret?" Taehyung asks, lifting a brow. Junghwa pauses at that. "He didn't say it was." He says like he just realized too. "Who is he?" "Gukkie." Junghwa's eyes shine when he says. "He said he loves us." "He said that?" Tae smiles.
He leans down, sitting on the tip of his toes. "Yeah and he said we will one day be a family and we can stay and I can have a lot of friends." Junghwa says. Taehyung's expression grows softer at that. "Do you like Gukkie?" Taehyung asks. "I feel something."
"What do you feel?" Taehyung asks. "I felt it a little when I first saw him too. He smells nice and feels... farmiliot?" He tries to say it. "You mean 'Familiar'?" Taehyung asks. "YES! That. But it feels more than, it wasn't so much back then." The little boy says.
It shouldn't be a surprise. Wolves can feel familiar bonds, they feel their ownership, feel where they belong. Junghwa might be too young to understand what he feels, but he must feel it too. "Are you two really going to marry? Having two dads would be so cool!" Junghwa says.
"I don't know baby." Taehyung says honestly. "But if you ever want to call him dad, no matter how I am with him, you can okay?" "Wouldn't it be strange? He's not my real dad." Junghwa says. "Does he feel like he is? Do you want him to be?" Taehyung asks. Junghwa thinks.
The little boy nods slightly. "Then it's not strange. I'm sure he would love it." Taehyung says. Junghwa looks a bit more comfortable at that. "Don't ever try to bond with someone through someone else baby. Don't wait for me and Guk, your bond with him is not mine."
"But isn't a family people who mate and marry and their children?" Junghwa asks. "Not always. It doesn't always come from blood and sometimes the parents just feel happier when they are separated. But it should never affect the relationship of the other family members."
"Like uncle Yoongi and I?" Junghwa asks. "Exactly. He might not be your real uncle but he loves you like you're his real nephew. You love him too, right?" Taehyung asks. The little boy nods quickly. "Good." He pats his head again, pulling him in his arms.
He might not know what might come of him and Jeongguk, but he knows that Junghwa and Jeongguk must bond and have something despite it all. He doesn\t want to be with Jeongguk because they have children together, he wants to be with him because he loves him, all of him!
A while later everyone else joins them too. "We're all ready?" Namjoon asks. They all nod and then disappear with a flick of Namjoon's fingers. And then there they are, in the royal bathroom. Jin is sitting with a toilet paper in his hands. "WRONG TIME!"
Jin throws the role at Namjoon right before they disappear and appear in another room. "Just... why?" Yoongi asks, looking traumatized even though they didn't even see anything. "Its not like I know what he is always doing!" Namjoon says. Jin suddenly appears, looking pissed.
Namjoon laughs nervously. "Hey beautiful! Isn't it a beautiful day?" Namjoon asks. Jin starts walking to him. "I've had it with you." The other wizard says before throwing a spell at him. Namjoon gets turned to a frog. "Oooh! Nice! Are you gonna kiss me to make me human?"
Jin ignores him, turning to his brother and the rest until his eyes fall on the little boy who is clinging onto Taehyung's back. "Junghwa?" He asks. Junghwa looks at Taehyung in confusion. "It's okay." Taehyung says, silently telling him to go to Jin.
Junghwa hesitantly jumps down and then walks to the other man. "Woa! Your shoulders are big!" The boy says and Jin snorts, leaning down. "Then you better hope you've got my genes. I missed you little one." He says. "How do you know me?" Junghwa asks. "Because I'm your uncle."
"Like uncle Yoongi kind of uncle?" Junghwa asks. "No baby, he's my brother." Taehyung says. Junghwa's brows shut up. "About time. You just love running away from me, huh?" Jin asks. "The last attack happened here hyung, this would be the most dangerous place." Taehyung says.
"Then why are you here now?" Jin asks. "I brought them." Namjoon says, jumping on Jin's shoulder. Jin glares at the frog and then puffs at him, throwing hin away. Namjoon turns himself back to human and shakes his head. "Turning me to a frog and not even offering a kiss?"
"I know vampires are not allowed here and we have three but with Namjoon, this might actually become the best place for us to stay and deliver my baby." Taehyung says. Junghwa starts counting, not understanding how there are '3' vampires.
Jin walks to Hoseok, touching his belly and using magic to check if everything is still okay. He sighs in relief when he feels her again. "I never revoked my invitation from before." Jin says. "We ALL need to stay." Taehyung reminds him.
"Two of these people might be so important but they are literally the sons of the woman who would tear this place down to find them." Jin reminds him. "So we're going to tear hers down before she can." Hoseok says. "You're trying to betray your mom or something?" Jin asks.
"I just happened to think she has aged enough and she would probably need to be put in rest." "K*lling an original is close to impossible." Jin says. "Close but not impossible. If only you had someone close to her to tell you how you can do it!" Hoseok says smugly.
Jin thinks hard about it until he feels someone holding onto his legs. "Uncle, are you gonna let us go?" The little boy looks so innocent, so little, so- "Give me back my bracelet or god help me." Jin suddenly says. Junghwa looks taken back but then hands over what he stole.
He takes it and then looks at Taehyung. "You taught a five years old how to steal?" Jin asks. "I taught him how to live." Taehyung says, not even slightly sorry. "It's fine though. If you think we should go, I'm sure he can steal something we can eat for the night."
"Absolutely not!" Jin says. He misses the way Junghwa tries not to burst out laughing, looking like his mission just accomplished but Jeongguk doesn't miss it. He really does have Jeongguk's vampire genes, huh? "Put on what you have to put on." Jin tells Namjoon.
"And my kiss?" Namjoon lifts a brow. "It's gonna be on my as* because I'm still not done with you." Jin warns him. "Wow! Are you offering? Cuz-" "Am I the only one who remembers that there is a child in the room?" Yoongi asks. Jin glares at Namjoon again. "Put it up."
"Fine." Namjoon sighs and then works on the new environment he can make for all of them and the spell that wouldn't allow anyone to see them or get in without Namjoon allowing them. Yoongi tries to feel safe, even if all his thoughts are on the Omega away from him.
"Where is your other brother?" Jin asks Jeongguk and Hoseok. "He's staying put for us to gain more information for the time being." Hoseok says. "Wouldn't it be dangerous?" Jin asks. "My mother wouldn't hurt him." Hoseok says in confidence.
Junghwa starts running around to the things Namjoon made for him to play with, looking excited. Taehyung holds Jeongguk's hand, knowing that he must be nervous. Jeongguk holds it back, smiling at him. Hopefully, this new beginning has a better ending for them.
Taehyung walks to the room that he lost his daughter in. The same room he was supposed to die in Jeongguk's arms at but ended up losing way more than what he hoped. "We're going to have her back." Jeongguk says, standing behind him. Taehyung looks back.
He nods with a sigh. Hoseok walks to them too, looking at the familiar room. "The sooner the better." The points out. "But it's not still safe." Jeongguk says. "You have Junghwa. How is it safe for him but not her? It's never gonna be safe enough." Hoseok says.
"He's right. I told you, I want my baby back." Taehyung says and then looks at Hoseok. "But I can't carry her anymore. I have a broken bond." "In other words, you need to fix that bond first." Hoseok looks at Jeongguk. "And then you can carry the last three months."
Taehyung and Jeongguk stare at each other, conflicted. "Unless you don't want to mate again?" Hoseok lifts a brow. "I'm gonna burn your ass. Why wouldn't you want to mate my brother again when you broke it once already?" Jin asks, walking to them. Jeongguk shivers.
"I didn't say I don't!" Jeongguk quickly says. He wouldn't be surprised if Jin actually tries to burn his ass. "We just... We're seeing things through." "You spent a week fucking, the hell do you mean by seeing things through?" Yoongi asks.
"Which is exactly why I can't just jump him on the bed to fix this. It's not even on me. He's the one that got broken up with. I want my baby too but we're all here because I clearly already put him first and I don't want to use my baby to bond with him again." Guk says.
It brings a long silence. And to be fair, Taehyung is sort of glad. Just a while back when Junghwa was talking about Jeongguk, Tae was hoping that he wouldn't have to rush things with Jeongguk just because they have babies. He wants to be sure this time!
"I know it's your body hyung but I never gave you a deadline. So please... If he needs more time to decide how we're going to have this baby, he gets it." Jeongguk says seriously, looking at his brother. "The longer you take, the longer Jimin is in danger." Yoongi says.
"Hyung, Jimin is where he is because of his own choice. Can't you give me some time to make mine?" Taehyung asks Yoongi. The other alpha looks away, clearly worried. "With or without you, my brother will get her back." Jin says. "I know, I want her too." Guk says.
"If he fixes his bond, with or without me, he can carry her again." Jeongguk adds. "But I'll leave that decision to him." The wizard looks at him with a conflicted expression and then turns to his own brother. "Just let me know when you want to do it. Whatever you decide."
"I will." Taehyung says with a nod. Jin nods back and then runs after Namjoon, wanting to get back at him for before. Hoseok can see the expression on Yoongi so he takes him away to talk to him. He knows his brother the best after all! Jeongguk, stays where Taehyung is.
"For the record, I do hope I'll be the one that fixes the bond." Jeongguk says. Taehyung smiles and turns to him. "I know. Thanks for being understanding. I know you helped with my heat but... mating is forever and you already broke that forever once." Taehyung says.
"I get it, it's a serious decision." Jeongguk says. "I know that I want to try things with you, I want to try and love and trust you again. But when I think about mating..." He gulps at that. "It made sense with Wooshik but with you, it's more complicated."
Jeongguk stares at him with sad eyes. Because he gets it. As much as he wants it, he gets why the Omega would be hesitant. "Junghwa wants to call you dad." He suddenly says, trying to change the subject. "Did you tell him?" "I don't think that's my place!" Taehyung says.
"You need to be the one that tells him. I'll be there when you do but he already feels the connection. He's smart, it won't take long until he finds out." Taehyung says. "I've already been dy*ng to tell him." Guk says. "Don't think about me, do what you must with him."
"Would that really be okay?" "You're going to be his dad no matter what I say or do. You should have your own relationship with him and I should have my own. We don't have to get each other involved in every aspect of it.." Taehyung says. Jeongguk nods at that.
"Just so y'know, I still want to know your input in things related to him." Guk says. "I'm not gonna just hand him over. I'm still his father too. I just don't want him to be involved in our dramas. If we..." He pauses. "When we mate, I want it to be just about me and you."
"That's not an if." Jeongguk says. Taehyung holds Jeongguk's hands and presses them on his chest. "We both know I was never the best at rejecting you. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when I'm ready to trust again." Taehyung explains. Jeongguk nods with a smile.
"I can wait." Jeongguk says. He is about to lean and peck on his lips when they hear a shout. "GUKKIE! Wanna play?" The voice comes from the garden. "Duty calls!" Jeongguk says with a sigh and Taehyung smiles widely at that, kissing the alpha anyway.
"Yup, I'm all recharged now." Jeongguk says and then pulls away, walking to their son. Taehyung stands on the balcony, looking down at Jeongguk and his son playing in the garden. Junghwa keeps climbing and jumping, going upside down like a bat!
Jeongguk is using his vampire powers to follow him around. Every time Junghwa is about to fall, the vampire just catches him and Taehyung can't help but to wonder about this side of Jeongguk. He always feared Junghwa becoming one but Jeongguk seems fine!
The thing about mating jeongguk is not just about trusting him. It's also knowing that he needs to be prepared if his bond breaks again. If Jeongguk loses his wolf again and with that, Taehyung losing his life! He sighs at the thought. "Hi hi!" He hears a voice.
"Did Jin hyung just let you go?" Taehyung asks, turning to the wizard. "Nah, I just charmed my way out." Namjoon says. "What do you want?" Taehyung asks. "Wow! you think /I/ want something from you?" "You don't?" "No! I actually want to help you." Namjoon says.
"So you do want something." Taehyung points out. "Haha. Now listen. ou know how you die if you mate and Jeongguk's wolf dies? Which is like, 99 point 99999 percent a possibility?" Namjoon says. "I love your optimism." Taehyung says with a fake smile.
"I'm a realist." "You're a wizard." "Let's just move on from the technicalities." Namjoon says. "Sure..." "So I might have a way to fix that problem." Namjoon says. "Fix it as in?" "As in now that his vampire side is awakened and his wolf is awake again, I can ban it."
"You want to ban Jeongguk's vampire?" Taehyung asks unsurely. "I couldn't do it before because he was technically just a wolf and I couldn't reach his vampire side to just get rid of it. But now he's both, it should be possible." Namjoon says. Tae just stares at him.
"To get rid of a part of him?" Taehyung asks like he has a hard time digesting it. "Isn't that what you always wanted?" Namjoon asks and Taehyung feels a part of him drop. He did! 'did'. "It'll be safer for you and Taeguk! Or we'll just be in the same situation." Namjoon adds.
Taehyung turns his head to look down at Jeongguk again. They are just playing in the little pool and Jeongguk is swimming around. He obviously doesn't need much breathing so he keeps beating Junghwa by holding his breath and swimming down. They are laughing.
Even if it was silent, it was always part of Jeongguk. Jeongguk was always emotional but the logical side of him was never silent. Just like Junghwa and how he's always thinking beyond his age. It was even the reason he made the choice he wouldn't just by being a wolf.
He had the ability to put reason before emotions and what would Jeongguk be without that? What would that tell Junghwa and Taeguk about themselves? That they are broken? That a side of them is evil? It sounds so much like something Jeongguk's mother would say.
"I'll do it." He almost jumps out of his skin when he hears Jeongguk's voice and sees him right next ti them. Oh! He heard it? Of course he did. He's still a damn vampire! His hearing, his speed, that is what he is going to lose. His power even if he's against his mother!
"Guk! But-" "If it keeps you and the baby at ease, I'd do it any day. I don't need this side of me. It brought nothing but misfortune." Jeongguk says and something about it doesn't sound right to Taehyung. That's not true. That's not true at all!
"What do I have to do-" "You're not doing it." Taehyung quickly says. The other two men look at him in confusion. "Why not?" Jeongguk asks. Taehyung looks at him seriously. He fell for Jeongguk for all he was, they are where they are because of all he was.
"You're a vampire too." Taehyung says, looking at them seriously. "You always had been. Part wolf and part a bat. Just like our babies are going to be and I'm not going to be the reason you just throw that away." "It's just a cold emotionless shell." Guk says.
"It's not." Taehyung insists. "You felt. You said it, you put all you got to love Junghwa." "Not nearly enough!" Jeongguk argues. Taehyung walks to him and holds onto his cheeks, looking at him. "I was only ever mad at your wolf, never at your vampire side." Tae says.
Jeongguk looks genuinely confused and something about it hurts. Because Jeongguk must know, he must know that he has always tried his best. That despite everything, he did everything he could in every damn form. Why is he rejecting a part of himself?
Maybe a part of it is his fault. He let Jeongguk believe that this side of him was that one thing that made him unlovable... evil! But to be fair, he didn't know what to expect before Jeongguk turned and the real problem was the turning part.
"You want to put me first, then you can't expect me to just let you do this. You matter too, you come first too." Taehyung insists, seeing the way Jeongguk's expression changes at that, looking a little insecure. "I'm not losing any parts of you. I want the whole package."
"What if I hurt you?" Jeongguk says, sounding a little scared. He looks into Jeongguk's eyes and wonders why did he ever even think that he wanted to change any parts of this man? "The only time you hurt me was to save my life. You'll never hurt me that much." Tae says.
Saying it out loud makes him feel how real it is. That Jeongguk was never one to let him get hurt. "And I can take care of myself. I can take care of all of us. Your wolf feeds on love Jeongguk. The only way it'll die is when you stop loving. Are you gonna stop loving me?"
"Never." Jeongguk quickly says, holding Taehyung's hands harder. "Unless someone makes you, like your mother?" Namjoon reminds him. "Stay with me. Until I deliver her, be there for us, we'll give you enough love so you can give back." Taehyung says.
"I never planned on letting you go through that alone." Jeongguk says and Taehyung feels his heart giving in. He knew it. That no matter how much he tries, he is always going to come back to Jeongguk, to remember why he would always risk so much to love him.
Taehyung presses his forehead on Jeongguk's, closing his eyes. "Good." He whispers. Forever... That's a long time! That's a big risk that he had taken once already. But is it too long when you think of them being fated? Loving in lifelines after lifelines?
He trusted him enough for their love to last until this lifeline, who says he can't trust him one more time? What would forever even be without the kind of feeling he feels when Jeongguk holds him like this? If he's going to die due to losing love, then fucking be it.
"Let's do it." Taehyung whispers. "Do what?" Jeongguk asks. Taehyung opens his eyes and looks at him with a gentle expression. "Fix our bond, be mated again." He says. Jeongguk looks back at him with emotional eyes before pulling him in a tight hug. Namjoon smiles.
Taehyung closes his eyes and hugs him back. Being bonded to Jeongguk again, delivering their daughter and raising their children with love! That's all he ever wanted. All the risks will be worth it. They will be worth everything.
Jeongguk spends the rest of the day playing with Junghwa. The little boy ends up wanting to eat before eating but Taehyung doesn't let him sleep until he finishes eating. But somehow he seems to have extra energy when he finishes. So it's play time again.
Taehyung ends up going to the room that he is still not sure how to feel about and tries not to feel depressed by the memories. He let Jeongguk tuck Junghwa on his bed so they can have more time to bond. It's a little past midnight when Jeongguk goes back to him.
"I don't remember being as much energy as him when I was his age." Jeongguk says the moment he gets inside and then feels the aura in the room. "Are you okay?" "yeah just... Don't really like this room." He confesses. "We can change it." Jeongguk suggests.
"I don't feel like going to anyone for it." Taehyung says. "I'll just-" "Just come here?" Taehyung says. Jeongguk walks to him and sits on the bed next to him. The Omega moves closer and hugs him, pushing his forehead on his shoulder.
"Tell me you love me?" He asks, glad that Jeongguk won't be able to see his face like this. Jeongguk starts patting the back of Taehyung's back, soothingly moving his nails on it. "I love you." He says and Taehyung closes his eyes, inhaling his scent, trying to believe it.
"Can I confess something?" He says, still having his face hidden. "Go ahead." "I spent my whole life trying to show how strong I am. How I'm nothing less than an alpha or a vampire or anyone else. But I'm... kind of scared!" His voice shakes at that.
Jeongguk feels his chest tightening at that. It must be his alpha side, blaming himself for letting the Omega feel this insecure. "I'm scared of losing her again, scared of losing your wolf because when I die, my last moments would be knowing that you stopped loving me."
He bites his lip, thinking hard? "Is that toxic? Because you already didn't say it back once and stopped and it hurt like hell. But living on was harder but I knew I still had one person to take care of. And that scares me too." The omega adds.
"How?" Guk whispers. "Because this time our babies won't need me because they'll have enough people to look after them and if I let myself believe that, I don't think I'll really fight for my life." The omega says. "They'll always need you." Guk argues, pulling back.
He holds his cheek. The omega refuses to still see him even with their faces in front of each other. "Look at me!" Guk says so the other man finally looks up at him. "We're fated. I loved you even after death, you think I'm ever gonna stop?" The omega looks emotional.
"I keep telling you, I do. You're the one who doesn't seem to love me anymore. You haven't said it even once. But I still want you." Jeongguk adds. "It's not that I don't! I just... I keep thinking I'll say it and... you won't say it back and it'll just ruin me again."
"I will. Even if I didn't say it that night it didn't mean I just suddenly stopped. Let's just change the room." Guk says. "That's the thing. I don't want to. We have so many good memories in this room. We made both of them here together. But I can just remember that night."
He shrugs. "And I know there must be more. We must have had a ton of good memories. Why can't I remember?" He asks. Jeongguk pulls him in the hug again. He gets it. It must be his vampire side analyzing because he understands exactly what is happening.
People are complicated. Just because they understand, it doesn't take away the trauma. He was hurt badly, some Omegas literally die from a broken bond and he lost their daughter the same night, and saw Jeongguk turning to someone who couldn't even remember him anymore.
His mind might understand but the pain doesn't really go away! And in order to help him cope, his mind must have taken the good memories, trying to warn him of the bad ones so he won't get hurt again. Really! It's a simple defense mechanism!
"You know why I call you petal?" Jeongguk asks. "Because you're weird?" Taehyung tries to joke. Jeongguk snorts. "Y'know how rose petals are? They're pretty, they're soft. You want to just reach and grab them, but you do and the thorns will just hurt your finger."
Taehyung pulls away slightly as he listens. "Some might say the roses are just toxic for hurting us, we're just trying to reach out. But it's just protecting itself, it's strong even if it looks so fragile. We're the mean ones for trying to pick it, make it ugly, k*ll it."
Jeongguk brushes his hair away from his face and rests it on his cheek. "You are strong Petal, you don't have to prove that. And you should be scared, especially after what you went through. But even if I tried to pick you, it was to put you on a pot so you could grow!"
He can hear how much it is affecting Tae's heart. "It was because you were going to die without a proper spot to grow and you've grown! I'd never ever pull you out of the dirt if I didn't know it was toxic for you." Jeongguk says. Taehyung stares at him with emotional eyes.
"Because you're my petal. Strong, independent, beautiful, slightly irritating at times." He says, getting the omega to smile. "But everything I've ever wanted in a lover." Taehyung reaches for him too, moving closer to press a gentle kiss on his lips.
Jeongguk kisses him back just as gently, not rushing it at all like he is willing to give him every second of every day. He doesn't make any extra moves, letting the Omega be the one that gets even closer, sitting on his lap and deepening the kiss.
Taehyung remembers the days he used to have Jeongguk touching him and he knew that ever touch belonged to him. How confident he felt, how real it was. He pulls away only to move onto Jeongguk's neck where his scent is the strongest, leaving more kisses.
Even though he said that they should do it, none of them were sure when they would do it. But Jeongguk can't promise to hold back if the omega continues releasing his sweet sweet pheromones. He pulls Jeongguk's blouse and throws it away, licking his chest and sucking on a nipple.
Feeling the way Jeongguk's chest is moving under his touch makes the omega feel wilder, feeling the need to bite all his life out of him and keep it safe into his own clunch. But what he really does is bitting on his chest enough to leave a mark.
Jeongguk hisses from the slight pain but doesn't stop him, letting him touch him however he wants. The omega kisses his way up to where he bit to his collar bone, to neck and then looks into his eyes with his now blue eyes. JEongguk can actually see the lust in his eyes.
He wraps his arms around Jeongguk's neck and pulls him harder for another kiss. Jeongguk moans in the kiss when he feels the way the other man starts moving his hips on his crotch, rubbing his as* on the alpha's growing c*ck with each movement.
The alpha pushes his hand in the other man's pants, sneaking a few fingers between the cheeks and feeling the slick leaking out. "It's unfair how fast you get me all rilled up." The omega says in a whine. "How do you want me to have you?" Guk asks against his lips.
The Omega gulps at that. "On your back? So I can see how sexy you look when I'm deep inside of you. Or from behind? You have no idea how good and perky your as* looks when you stick it up for me. Or maybe on the wall? So you can't go anywhere, just can feel me inside."
He loves how every word is hitting hard because the older man is already breathing heavier, looking needier. "Whatever you say Petal, I'll make it feel so good." Guk adds, pecking on his lips teasingly. "I want to ride you." The omega says.
He pushes the alpha on his back. "Just watch how you dissapear in me." He whispers against his lips and moves down, pulling Jeongguk's bottoms along. He stands up and strips down from everything and then climbs back on top of him, leaning next to the alpha's c*ck.
"Be careful, you still have my knot. You're gonna feel fuller." Jeongguk reminds him. "You think I forgot? Do you have any idea how hard I worked for that knot?" The omega asks with a snort. "Until I get my baby back inside, it's mine." He strokes him as he says.
Jeongguk opens his legs as the omega takes him into his mouth and starts moving his head, getting him harder. Jeongguk plays with his hair as he watches. The omega sucks hard, liking how it twitches in his mouth every time he feels good.
The omega pulls away and strokes him again. "f*ck my mouth." He says. Jeongguk doesn't really needs to be told twice. The moment the omega takes him in his mouth, Jeongguk holds onto his hair and starts thrusting into his mouth. The Omega moans hard around it, closing his eyes.
He thrusts all the way inside until the tip of his pe*is hits the back of the omega's throat, biting his lip when the omega swallows and his throat gets tighter on him. The omega is making cute little sound, the kind that makes Guk wonder who is the one really being pleasured.
"You like this, don't you?" Jeongguk asks and the omega opens his eyes, looking up at him from his half lidded eyes as Jeongguk continues f*cking his mouth. "Having my c*ck in your holes, doesn't even matter which hole, does it?" "Hmm." The Omega makes another sound.
"Yes petal? Can you taste my prec*m already? Want me to fill you up with it?" He asks and the other man moans again, rolling his eyes up from the thought. But Jeongguk just pulls his hair until he isn't tasting him anymore. "Then ride it." He says, smacking his as*.
Tae climbs on him and keeps Jeongguk's already hard c*ck up, sitting slightly above it. He positions his pucker on it, knowing that Jeongguk is watching every movement. His slick keeps dripping on Jeongguk, showing how ready he is for him. Jeongguk holds his hips to guide him.
The omega cries out loud in bliss as he starts sinking down on it, getting filled by him more and more. Jeongguk bites his lip harder as he watches himself disappear in him, helping him take him all. The older man throws his head back when he's finally all the way inside.
Jeongguk starts running his hands from his hips to anywhere he can reach, like he knows that he is allowed to touch everything. Then again, he's already inside of him, a spot no one else is allowed to touch. He looks down at the alpha to see the way he is looking at him.
He lifts his hips up only to sit back down quick, crying out loud again when Guk's d*ck touches the knot inside of him. He's so so full! Jeongguk squeezes his chest, laying with his nipples as the other man continues moving, his own c*ck jumping up and down with each movement.
Jeongguk moves one of his hands to his belly. "Do you feel it, am I filling you good?" He asks. "Y-yes." "That's it petal, let your sl*tty hole ride my c*ck again. You always want it don't you? Bet you'd love it if I'd tie you to the bed and just f*ck you every day and night."
"You feel so g-good, gosh!" The Omega says in a whine, his eyes starting to water from the pleasure, his knees shaking. Jeongguk runs his hands on his hips and they shake even more. Jeongguk takes it as his queue to take over. He pushes him on his back, still inside.
The omega's mouth falls open from it, feeling the way Jeongguk lifts one of his legs up open his shoulder and takes him from the side. "F-faster! Guk, Jeongguk please!" "Please?" "Inside! c*m inside, fill me more." He says, tears running down his face.
Jeongguk turns his face and looks at him with a serious expression. "I love you." He says next to the omega's lips, licking them slightly. The omega stares at his lips, not knowing how not to say it back when Jeongguk is already in every part of him. "L-love you too."
And with that, Jeongguk bites onto his nape, the same spot that the ugly scar used to be. The omega shouts in the kind of sensation he can't recognize and then feels Jeongguk c*mming inside, burning his walls in a way he missed so much, throwing him over the edge too.
Jeongguk kisses his scar and then his cheeks, hugging him harder. 'He's still inside! Don't pull out.' Tae finds himself saying, still high on his org*sm. "I won't. love your inside." Jeongguk says. The Omega blinks, wondering if he said that out loud. "No, but I heard it."
The omega's heart almost drops. He touches the back of his nape and almost sobs when he feels it. "How is it possible? It was supposed to be so hard to fix! I thought we'd even need magic." Tae says. "You need to stop underestimating how much my wolf craves for you." Guk says.
He lets him lay on his back more comfortably and just pushes both of his legs up, still inside. "We're mated again!" The omega says, already recognizing the signs. Jeongguk presses his arms on top of his head. "I don't think we ever stopped. You've always been mine."
His mouth falls open again when he feels Jeongguk growing bigger again inside of him, the c*m oozing out of him. "These lips," Guk pecks his lips and touches his nipples. "These nipples," He runs his hands down. "This belly, this c*ck" He fists his hand on it hard.
He turns his face slightly to kiss the knee next to his head on his shoulder. "These beautiful f*cking legs, this as*." He squeezes the cheeks and spanks him again. "Everything inside and outside, everything you f*cking own, even your soul. It's mine. Always has been."
He starts thrusting again, holding him tight. "Just like how everything part of my f*cking being has always been yours." The alpha says, building a faster pace. The omega clings onto him. 'I love you!' The omega thinks without meaning to but Jeongguk hears it.
For a moment, he thinks that Jeongguk is just going to ignore it. But Jeongguk looks deep into his eyes. 'I love you way more than you can even imagine.' Jeongguk thinks back and the Omega is torn between smiling and crying. He clings harder onto him.
Jeeongguk kisses his lips again as he continues thrusting. The omega smiles at that, feeling every part of Jeongguk being connected to him again. None of the bad memories matter anymore. Not when the man he never stopped loving, his mate, is making love to him like this.
The next day Tae wakes up with Jeongguk's arms around his waist, his head onto his marked nape. How own as* is pressed against Jeongguk's crotch, more like their whole body is still pressed onto each other, feeling so natural. He smiles, sighs in relief.
It wasn't a dream! He really got his mate back! He holds Jeongguk's hands that are holding each other on his belly. There is only one thing left now. Their baby, a chance to let her grow enough in his belly until they can have her in this world.
Jeongguk kisses the back of his nape a few times, knowing that he's up. "We'll have her again. Just let me hold you more like this." Jeongguk says as if he heard his thoughts again. 'My omega'. He thinks, letting him hear. Taehyung smiles wider.
He closes his eyes and leans more onto him on his back, inhaling his scent, feeling even more relaxed. The outside world can be damned right now. He finally got his mate back and he won't let anything ruin this moment for them. He wished this could last forever!
Jeongguk feels him trying to move from his hold and whines, pushing his nose onto his nape. Taehyung turns his head. "I gotta use the bathroom and wash up." Taehyung says. Jeongguk pouts but lets him go. half an hour later Jeongguk wakes up from a very good smell.
He gets up and looks at the food with needy eyes. "I was starving!" "I guess the wolf in you really is awake." Taehyung says, giving him the food. Jeongguk takes the plate and starts digging. Taehyung starts eating from it too. Someone knocks on the door. "Yes?"
Junghwa opens the door and sees them sharing the food. "When did you wake up?" Taehyung asks. "Just now. Can I have some too?" Junghwa asks. "I made some for you too, come here." The omega says, getting up to grab the other plate from the top of the drawers.
Junghwa runs to them but then pauses when he gets a little closer, looking a little confused. "Come here." Taehyung says, sitting. Junghwa looks a bit conflicted. He looks at the mark behind his father and the other man on the bed. "Junghwa?" Jeongguk calls his name.
"You're a wolf." Junghwa suddenly says. Taehyung and Jeongguk exchange a look. "I'm half wolf, yes." Jeongguk says. "Papa's broken mark is gone now, now it's different. Did you fix it?" Junghwa asks thoughtfully. Jeongguk knows where this is going.
"I did." Jeongguk says. "Everyone told him it can't be fixed." Junghwa says, frowning slightly. "They said only magic can help. Is it fixed because you're the one that broke it?" Taehyung stares at his little boy with wide eyes, not expecting this at all.
He is too small to even be connecting this much. It's a little intimidating and even a bit scary. And somehow, it reminds him of Jeongguk. How did he ever expect to just hide this from the boy? Hide the fact that he was never just a normal wolf?
Jeongguk seems to be a little stunned too. He is just looking at the boy, trying to think of how to put it. "I am." Jeongguk says. "But I broke it because I needed to save your father's life." "Are you talking about Papa? Or yourself?" Junghwa asks. Tae's heart drops.
"I'm not talking about myself." Jeongguk says. "You can tell?" "I feel it." The wolf says. Of course he does! Taehyung just assumed he would be too young to understand what he is feeling. "I've felt it from the moment you came, it's just stronger now."
"You knew from the start?" Jeongguk asks. The little boy shakes his head. "You felt familiar but It just made sense now." He says. Jeongguk gets up from the bed and walks to the boy, sitting on his toes to see his eyes properly. "You really are a special boy." Guk says.
He pats the little boy's head and pushes his hair away from his face. "I still remember the first time I saw you. It was in this room. Your papa just woke up from the surgery and hugged you and I held you both." Jeongguk says. Junghwa's expression changes a bit.
"You were this little thing but you had the most beautiful eyes and both of us knew that there was no way in hell we were gonna let anything ever hurt your little pows." Jeongguk says. "And I held you until the last moment I could. You were crying in my arms."
Junghwa's eyes start getting glossier. Another reminder of Jeongguk. The way one moment he is thinking too deep and next his emotions just explode. "People were attacking, your father and your sister were in danger and I was trying to protect you all as far as I could."
"My sister?" "There were things we needed to do to keep everyone safe. We're gonna get your sister back too. And your father had to take you and leave and hide. But I promised you didn't I? It'll get better. We'll have a family, have our own house." Guk says.
Junghwa looks confused, probably not sure what to think. Jeongguk pulls him closer and hugs him tight. Junghwa takes a moment but then hesitantly puts his hand on Jeongguk's shoulder. "I looked everywhere for you. Not ever gonna let you go now that I finally found you." Guk says.
That does it. Junghwa visibly lets out a sob and hugs Jeongguk back, pushing his head onto his father's shoulder. "I'm here." Jeongguk says, releasing his pheromones, the ones that he knows will calm everyone in the room down. Taehyung feels himself reacting to it too.
"Papa?" Junghwa looks up for Jeongguk's shoulder, silently asking a question. Taehyung was trying to just stand aside and give them a moment but he knows what he is being asked. So he gets closer and joins the hug, letting them both know that he's there with them too.
They end up eating their breakfast while Jeongguk tells Junghwa about some of the stories of how he used to be so confused when Junghwa was just born or about that one time he tried to change him and Junghwa just p*ssed on him and then chuckled like he did a right thing!
"Ew!" Junghwa says even though he is laughing. "Tell yourself! You were laughing so cutely, I couldn't even get mad at you." Jeongguk says. Taehyung just stares at them with adoring eyes. Only he knows just how long he has been craving for this.
They join everyone for lunch, telling them that the bond was restored. Hoseok looks a little conflicted when Taehyung tells him that he can take her back now. And once the night comes, Namjoon calls out for the moon. The full moon shines upon them all.
Jeongguuk lifts Junghwa and stands back to watch as his brother and his lover step forward, standing in front of Namjoon. Yoongi and Jin stand next to Jeongguk, watching in worry. "Tell me if you need any extra magic." Jin says. "Don't insult me." Namjoon snorts.
"Goodbye little one. See you when you're outside!" Hoseok says, touching his belly. Namjoon touches both of them. "Are you ready?" He asks. They both nod, clearly nervous. Namjoon closes his eyes and starts whispering the magical prayers.
"Is it going to hurt?" Junghwa asks. Jeongguk wished he knew! "Don't worry. Your papa and your uncle are both strong." Jeongguk says. Junghwa clings harder onto him as they watch. Taehyung holds Hoseok's hand, silently telling him that they're into this together.
Hoseok holds it back. Taehyung shakes in pain as it continues and the vampire tries to hold on too. And then Hoseok suddenly stands still while Taehyung looks like he is about to drop. They all look alerted but then Namjoon uses both his hands on Taehyung. "AWAKE!"
The omega throws his head back, his eyes turning blue as his body flies up under the moonlight. And then he feels it, the familiar sensation of having her again, the feeling of having her back. Namjoon slowly beings him down and holds him on the spot. "Are you okay?"
Everyone else gets closer too. Taehyung nods quickly, holding his belly. "I feel her." He says. They can see the little bump appearing again. Junghwa jumps down from Jeongguk and runs to the omega, touching his belly. "I feel her too!" He says with wide eyes.
Jeongguk looks at him with relieved and yet tired eyes. The last time he felt her was right before he... He gulps, a part of him feeling the guilt again. But then- "DAD, She's back! I feel her! See!" Junghwa says with an excited voice and Jeongguk's heart trembles. Dad!
"Let me see." He says as he walks to them and sits down next to Junghwa, touching the spot. Hoseok looks at the all with a smile yet pained eyes before he touches his own belly and then closing his eyes. "That could be us but you're playing." Namjoon suddenly tells Jin.
"Don't ruin it." Jin says and Namjoon snickers before his eyes fall on the alpha and that vampire that are standing alone. He looks at the happy family again and then smiles slightly. 'Enjoy it, enjoy it while you can. Before things end up going to hell again!' He thinks.
"For the next three months if you take one step out of this place, I'm cutting everything you have." Jin threatens Jeongguk. "We need your wolf alive until she's born." "I'm not going anywhere until I see her breathing." Jeongguk says, pressing his forehead on his belly.
Hoseok walks to Jin. "I think we have some things to talk about." The vampire says. Jin nods. He takes one last look at his brother and his family and walks away with him. Yoongi follows them too, wanting to help in every way he can. Maybe then, he can see his omega again!
Namjoon watches Jeongguk take his Omega and son back to their rooms and his smile drops when they are gone. He looks up at the moon he just summoned. "Don't be cruel to them, pretty one." The wizard says. "They're the new blessings from you."
The moon shines brighter. "You, the one that gives us all more power when you shine. They want to keep all your blessings so help them keep the balance. For if they lose the wolf again, they'll lose everything." Namjoon prays, closing his eyes.
"I like them! I don't want to watch them hurt. Give me the power to help, shine the road I have to take to take them home. They deserve to have one." He says and opens his eyes, feeling the power of the moon all over him. He smiles. "Thanks pretty one, in advance."
Taehyung is not one to stand back and let others do what is needed to be done. But right now, all of his focus is on keeping his little girl safe. So every time Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok and Yoongi gather to talk politics, Taehyung stays away. Even when Jeongguk joins them.
The reason can be because he knows that when she is born, they can just run away and never look back. Nt having a home, always being on run, of course his first thought is not staying and protecting the house. But he can tell that they are all anxious for some reason.
And one night, as he is sitting on a swing, staring up at the half moon, Namjoon sits on the swing next to him. "She's growing cute." He says as if he can see her. "I mean I know his dads, she must be cute." Taehyung smiles at that. "She is." Taehyung agrees.
There comes a long silence. "Just say it." Taehyung says, knowing that he must be holding something back. Namjoon looks at him unsurely. "This kingdom, what does it mean to you?" Namjoon asks. Taehyung thinks about it. "It's the only place where our kinds can live?"
"I don't mean as a citizen. I mean as a prince." Namjoon says. Taehyung looks around the place, thinking a bit more. "I never really considered myself one. Jin hyung was always going to take over. I was always on the run." Taehyung says. Namjoon stares at him.
"Have you ever thought that maybe that's the problem?" Namjoon asks. Taehyung doesn't look confused. He knows where this is going. "I know where you're getting." Taehyung says. "You do?" "Yeah! I just don't know if it's about everyone or about my brother." Taehyung says.
Namjoon looks away, strangely silent. "No one thinks you're joking. We all know you love him. I know better than everyone because I've known you since forever and you never left his side." Taehyung says. "But you're a man that can have heirs with him."
"But you two already have heirs." Namjoon points out. "And you are from the two world that needs to be connected the most" "You want me to set the future of my babies up for this cruel thing." "They already have a cruel future ahead." Namjoon points out.
"I won't let that happen." Tae says. "Being serious doesn't suit you." Namjoon suddenly smiles, looking at him with cheerful eyes. "Then how about we talked about how you're going to make your children run away for the rest of their lives while people treat them like freaks?"
Taehyung frowns at that, holding his belly. Namjoon is still smiling as he gets his face closer to his. "So tell me, have you ever felt safe my prince?" He asks. His smile slowly starts falling and then Taehyung manages to see the emptiness in his eyes behind the smile.
"They won't be that safe here either. Did you forget five years ago?" Taehyung asks. "What happened to Jeongguk's pack Taehyung?" Namjoon asks. "They were banned." "Exactly. None of them dared to even fight their head alpha. They just left." Namjoon says.
"Do you know why they attacked here?" Namjoon asked. "Because there was a unique omega and what seemed to be the children that shouldn't have been. No one really thought of attacking royals when they did it. And you didn't think of protecting, you just ran."
"To protect my son and myself." Taehyung says. "Let's be real for a moment. Have you ever even needed protection? Other than the time you were literally unconscious." The wizard points out. "It's like you just don't want to be here. You feel no ownership about it."
"I don't." The Omega says. "Then let me put it like this. Do you see all the rainbows I make? All the creatures, all the magical things around. Anything other than humans and vampires? This, your kingdom, is the only place they exist in." Namjoon says slowly.
"And in a bit when you get your kids and run with your mate, his mother is gonna get here and little by little, more of us are going to disappear or end up trying to hide. And you, you will run out of places to run too. And she won't stop until she gets her son back." He says.
"Your daughter is never going to see the pretty magical parties. She'll always ever know how to run and she won't even know why everyone hates her fathers. And don't even get me started on one of you losing your wolf!!" Namjoon adds. Taehyung stares down, gulping hard.
"I don't like this. I don't like being like this Taehyung. I want to smile, make jokes, spell and make cute things, make everything pretty! But I can't k*ll an original. And even if I would, I'm not an heir. With her gone, someone has to take her place." Namjoon says.
"I can't even push you into this, I don't have manipulating powers, Even Guk and other vampires can't do it on you. And yes, it is about me and everyone else. But it's about you too. About your kids too! And Jeonggukie! Don't do this to all of us!" Namjoon adds.
He gets up from the swing and then takes one look at the omega. "The omega that can't get swayed by vampires with royal blood against the vampires that want everything gone. Convenient isn't it? But a bummer if he just runs away." He snorts and starts walking away.
That night he walks to his son's room, covering him with a blanket. He has been running since he can remember. An original alpha ends up marrying a powerful witch. The results become a powerful wizard and an original Omega.
The wizard ends up taking after their parents, ruling the land the best way he can to the point that his land becomes the only place that allows supernaturals to live. And for the Omega... He bites his lip and then looks at his hands. He flicks his fingers, nothing happens.
He has magical genes but he never gets to do anything big. Not like his brother! Setting up tents or small tasks are the only things he can manage. He gets to his room and opens a drawer, looking at a picture of his parents with him and his brother.
His father was... an interesting man! He was a lone wolf and it wasn't natural for wolves. He left his own pack and married the princess of this land. They were trying to have powerful children. After all, there aren't many original wolves around anymore!
Jin might not be Namjoon but to be fair, no one will ever be as powerful as Namjoon. But Jin is powerful and smart. His father was so excited to have a wolf son, until he realizes that he was an omega. Even as an original, his father was disappointed!
That might be why he never felt any obligations toward what they made. His father wanted either a female Omega or a male alpha that could go beyond, especially if they could also use magic. So Taehyung always tried to prove him wrong. To disconnect from them all.
He didn't even want to be called a prince. He ran away to find love and somehow found it in a village that was so magical and beautiful. He thought Wooshik was the one, even if they weren't fated! That was until he found Jeongguk and he knew, he could never love anyone more.
He never wanted to have babies. A part of him wasn't okay with the Omega side of him, his father's disappointed eyes always made him want to act either like a human guy or an alpha. But meeting Jeongguk, it made him feel the Omega side of himself even more!
He wanted to have babies. And a part of him was addicted to the love Jeongguk was giving him because it was to all he was, especially his wolf, the same wolf his own family was disappointed of! Maybe that's why it hurt the most when Jeongguk rejected his wolf suddenly.
Maybe Namjoon is right. Maybe Taehyung is the way they can make things right. But as he looks at his father's picture, a part of him knows that he can never be. That he's never enough. His father knew! And a part of him just wants to let everything his father worked for fail.
But if it fails, it'll fail for all of them and the only place his children could feel safe at could fail too. And he knows that his children would be safer as royals, unlike the life Taehyung had. But it's just so hard to call this place home!
He feels Jeongguk hugging him from behind, kissing his nape before resting his chin on his shoulder. "Is that you? And Jin hyung?" He asks. "And our parents." Taehyung says. "You seem in thought." Guk says. The omega nods. "Or is she just making you sick again?"
"I feel better when you're around." He confesses and Jeongguk helps him with his pheromones. Taehyung smiles and leans onto Jeongguk. Jeongguk kisses his nape again. It's a nice reminder that they are connected again. He thinks for a moment. "What are they planning?"
"They?" "My brother and the rest." Taehyung says. "I thought you didn't want to be involved." Jeongguk points out. "I'm involved even if I don't want to be." He points out, turning to sit in front of him. Jeongguk inhales deeply. "Yoongi hyung is going back." Guk says.
"Again?" Taehyung is starting to get arritated. "He wants to go back to Jiminie hyung. So we're gonna sort of... let him be found with Hoseokie hyung." Jeongguk says. "Found as in, get arrested?" Taehyung asks. "Yes. Hyung doesn't have the baby anymore, he can go back."
"And your mother can easily read their minds and find us." Taehyung says. "Namjoon has put a fake memory in their heads. If my mother tries to read anything, she will just see them finding each other here as they were trying to find more information." Jeongguk says.
Tae licks his lip. "Vampires are curious creatures so it'd make sense for hyung to want to know this land." Jeongguk says. "That's lovely except for the fact that your mother read your mind and knows he had our daughter." "She will see the baby die. She won't know we're here."
"And then what?" "It's not easy to k*ll an original. We have been through everything hyung knows and it's not going to be easy. One way would be a ton of witches or wizards trying to change her whole nature. We don't have enough allies." Jeongguk says.
"We don't." The omega agrees. "Another would be by..." He pauses. "By?" "By sacrificing her keen." Jeongguk says. "That would be me and hyung. There is a way for both of us to just do it." "Tell me there is a third option Jeongguk!" Taehyung says in a serious voice.
"Apparently the last one is if she were to k*ll herself. But that would require for her to feel and that's clearly not possible." Jeongguk says. "Jeongguk!" "So we ended up getting to the conclusion that we should... shut her off and imprison her or something!"
"I can't be the only one that sees how insane that is. She is an original. Faster than all of us, stronger than all of us, crueler than all of us, she can just manipulate anyone and read their minds and tell them what to do." Taehyung points out. "That's why they're going."
"To what? Join her? She can just-" "Hyung will be there to find the best way to lock her. The three of them will find a way and if they need any help-" "You're not going anywhere Jeongguk. Promise me!" Taehyung says with a serious expression. Guk stares at him.
"I'm not." He says but Taehyung doesn't seem to believe him. "I'm serious. I'm not. We're here for her and until she comes, I'm not putting any of you at risk." "It's not a risk Guk. It's a definite danger." The omega warns him. "I know!" Guk says.
Taehyung wants to believe him but a part of him can't. Because he knows how caring Jeongguk is and if his brothers or Yoongi end up being in danger, he might just- "You and our babies come first." Jeongguk says, holding his cheeks and pecks on his lips gently. "I promise."
That calms Taehyung down a bit more. Two more months! that's all they need until she comes. But even after that, they can't let Jeongguk's wolf die. Then they either have to break their bond again or Tae would just lose his life. And even the first option could k*ll him.
Four days later, they say goodbye to Yoongi and Hoseok as they go back to the land that doesn't welcome their kind. For the next month they hear nothing from them. Namjoon doesn't risk going there and suddenly appearing in front of the queen by accident.
Plus, if he leaves the Kim castle will be exposed again. Taehyung hears from the things going on in their land but he seriously doesn't feel well enough to even get involved. His body is all swollen, his feet hurts, he can barely sleep. He either wants to eat or wants nothing.
He either wants Jeongguk to hold him or avoids him because he doesn't want him to see him like this. His emotions are all over the place. What sucks more is when he realizes that Jeongguk is starting to drink from him again, only to calm and delay something. His rut!
Does he think he is too fragile to handle him? What if he is? Or does he just not find the Omega attractive enough to get over his rut with him. On the other hand can the Omega even handle it? It's the last month and he is just feeling like absolute hell!
Junghwa is the only person that calms him down. Thankfully the boy just lets him hug him and fall asleep so he can feel calmer. His fear is Jeongguk suddenly leaving him there. But the real fear is what comes when the place suddenly starts shaking.
He gets up, trying to understand what is happening. Why is there an earthquake? And why isn't Namjoon fixing it? He gets up, walking to the balcony. Jeongguk is playing with Junghwas in the garden. But then he sees it. The big army in front of the castle.
The army is not just of vampires, it's of different creatures and before he knows it, the place shakes again. And far away, Taehyung can see the sinister eyes of the woman that he had never wanted to see again. Some wizards are whispering a spell together!
He can see Jin and Namjoon next to each other, trying to hold on, still keeping them all away but before he knows it, something from the castle falls on them both and the spell that used to protect them from anything outside breaks. They become visible and she... she sees him!
He feels alarmed and turns quickly to run but the moment he reaches the door, he finds her in front of it. "Hi again my dear. I see you've already been onto the post I assigned for you." She looks at his belly with pleased eyes before grabbing him by his neck.
Jeongguk grabs Junghwa and runs inside to hide him as his first instinct. Once he hides the little boy, he runs to the room he knows his Omega must be at. Where is he? Why can't he see him anywhere? "Where is papa?" Jeongguk notices that Junghwa followed him.
"Junghwa I told you to stay!" Jeongguk says. "But Papa and Taegukkie!" Junghwa seems to be close to panicking too. Jin rushes to them too, looking around, holding his head. "where is Taehyung?" He asks. "I don't know. what happened?" Jeongguk asks. "Something fell on us!"
"Where is uncle Namjoon?" Junghwa asks. "It took some time to get him up again but he's trying to restore his spell." Jin says. "the bitch must have used the little time to get in." "Junghwa, stay with your uncle. I'll go find your father and sister." Jeongguk sounds serious.
Jeongguk tries to find them, looking everywhere he can reach. Jin tries to use his magic to find him too but he is nowhere to be found and before they know it, the army in front of the castle is gone. And then there is just them and the castle, no signs of the Omega at all!
'Taehyung-ah. Don't listen to your father. He doesn't see what I see.' 'You only say that because you're my mom.' 'I'm a witch. I can see a bit of future and yours baby, it's going to be so bright. You'll be the light you didn't even know you had been.'
Taehyung feels the way she touches his face and looks gently in his eyes, even from the way her hands shake. 'When I go, you and your brother will be my biggest concern. Promise me, you won't give into what people paint you.' The woman says, clearly ill.
Taehyung doesn't understand what she is even talking about. He is just worried about her. He holds her hand in his own small ones. 'Why don't you just make yourself feel better?' He asks, his lip shivering. 'There are some things in this world that no amount of magic can change!'
He tries not to cry. Mend don't cry, nor do alphas. His father wouldn't like it if he would. But it's like she can hear his thoughts. 'It's okay to cry. If you hurt yourself now, you will never get to teach your children how to love themselves.' She says.
'I'm never going to have children.' The omega says stubbornly. 'Why not? Having them is one of the most beautiful magic out there. Show them that it doesn't matter what they are, they can be strong because their father was strong. There is no bigger magic than that.' She says.
Taehyung opens his eyes, barely breathing. He doesn't know what it was. It was probably just a dream! He doesn't really know or maybe it was a memory. His mother passed when he was so young, he barely remembers her. He looks around, trying to think of where he is.
His eyes fall on another Omega. Jimin looks back at him with a strange expression. "J-Jimin-ah?" Taehyung calls his name. Jimin walks closer to him and holds his hand. "I'm burning up." "It's okay, they'll... get here soon." The Omega says. "They?" He asks in confusion.
Jimin just holds his hand tighter, not saying anything more. "Where are Yoongi hyung and Hoseok?" He looks around. Jimin looks devastated for some time. "Just calm down." His voice shakes when he says. It's like someone hits his face with a pan. "Jimin, where are they?"
He shouts in the sudden pain. "Just calm down." Jimin says and then the door opens up. Taehyung sees the people walk in the room. They have no scent, their faces are close to white. And then she walks inside. "No!" He whispers. "It looks like it's time." She says with a smile.
"Taehyung, calm-" Jimin tries to keep him calm. "NO!" He shouts with a shaky voice, pulling his hand away from him, trying to stay away. "They're just here to help you deliver it." Jimin says. "They're not touching her." Taehyung says, walking back, away from them all.
"Why are you looking at us like this? Do you think I would hurt my own granddaughter?" She asks. "You're not touching my daughter." He says, sweating hard. It hurts again. "You might be able to carry her but you can't deliver her. You need us." The vampire says.
"I don't need any of you." Taehyung says, his back gently pressing against the wall behind him. Generally, he would have a much better chance of fighting but he clearly can't. He is in pain. She wants to come out! His eyes turn blue as he looks at them all. "Stay away!"
Why is she trying to get out? They still have a month. One of the vampires get close to him in a blink of an eye and he panics, lifting his hand and the vampire suddenly stands frozen. He looks at his own hand in surprise. Did he do that? But it hurts again so he groans.
She starts walking closer to him in interest. "You seem to have some magic in you! Interesting." She is still smiling. "Don't get closer. I swear, I'll k*ll you." "You're welcome to try my dear. Many have." She says standing in front of him.
He knows that even Namjoon is not strong enough in front of this woman. He just holds onto his belly and stands harder against the wall. "Don't you worry, I'm not planning to hurt any of you. You two are merely means to get my son back here." She says, patting his head.
"What did you do to me?" He asks shakily. "Just sped up the process a little bit. I'm kind of impatient to see her, you see? I've had sons and a grandson but never a daughter that was made from me." She says, looking down. "If anything happens to her-" "She'll be fine."
He grabs her clock, her smile drops slightly. "If anything happens to her, if a hair drops from her head. I don't care how, I don't even care if I have to die with you, I'll take you down. I'm a f*cking original, I'll find a way to do it." He threatens her.
She doesn't fake a smile anymore, looking at him with serious eyes. But before he can even react, she injects it into his body. "TAE!" He hears Jimin shouting his name and running to hold him before he falls asleep. "You didn't have to do that." Jimin says, looking at her.
"You didn't seem to have him under control." She says. "He was panicking." Jimin says. "Well, he's not anymore." She says and then points at the vampires to get to them. They put the Omega on the bed. Jimin holds the Omega's hand as they start the surgery. "Stay strong!"
Jeongguk is panicking. He doesn't know what to do, he just keeps walking around himself. "This is so wrong. I knew I should have had more people inside." Jin is clearly panicking too. "We've talked about this. More people in could leak more things out." Namjoon says.
"How the fuck did she have a whole army? Don't they fucking know that she is just going to k*ll them all anyway?" Jin asks. "They must have been hypnotized." Jeongguk says. "A whole ARMY?" Jin asks. "I told you, she's strong." Jeongguk says.
"There wasn't anything more we could do. she already breached inside once. She could control anyone." Namjoon says. "How could it be so easy for her to just... She must have known!" Jin says. "Yoongi or Hoseok. They must have told her."
"Or she must have dragged it out of them." Namjoon says. "I knew we shouldn't have just let them go." Jin says, sounding angry. "We needed more people inside and Yoongi wanted to get back to his Omega. We shouldn't just stop them." Namjoon says. "I COULD!" Jin says.
"Are Papa and Taegukkie gonna be okay?" Jeongguk looks down when he hears his little boy. The other two look down at him too. Jeongguk lifts him up and presses him into his chest. "Yes baby. Your papa is strong." He says, even though he himself is worried sick.
"But Taegukkie isn't. She's even smaller than me." Junghwa says. Jin looks devastated at him and then looks away. He doesn't even try to fight it when Namjoon pulls him in a hug. Jeongguk doesn't know what to do. Going back would be what she would want!
That would be stupid to just act exactly the way she would want him to. and if Hoseok also failed, who says Jeongguk wouldn't. So should he just leave Junghwa and go to them? Live his little boy to who? And as much as he wants to trust Tae, he is pregnant!
He has to be the freaking Hercules to still have enough power to go against his devil of a mother. The same mother that all of them combined couldn't go against. What does he have to do? "We need to get you two out." Jin says. "No, that's what she expects us to do." Guk says.
He looks at his son and then licks his lip. "He expects us to leave and hide or to get back to her. But this is our home, right?" Jeongguk asks Junghwa who just looks confused. "We need to keep this place safe for when they come back." "But Papa!" Junghwa says.
He wants to go and save him himself. But he knows that if Taehyung was here, he would smack the hell out of him for putting Junghwa in danger in any way. As hard as it is, they have two children now and each one has to look after one until they reunite.
His eyes fall on Namjoon. "If I go, this place won't be as safe." Namjoon reminds him. "I can handle it this time." Jin says in determination. He looks at Jeongguk and the little boy. "I won't let anything happen to them." "Nothing should happen to you either." Namjoon says.
"I'll be okay." Jin says. Namjoon looks at them with hard eyes. "Last time I left you bunch to figure something out, you were all torn." He says. "There is nothing in this world that is gonna let me lose my son. Or the brother of my mate. Go." Jeongguk says seriously.
"Uncle!" Junghwa says, looking at Namjoon with glossy eyes. "Please, bring papa and her back." Namjoon looks at him with emotional eyes, blinking a few times just so he doesn't end up crying. "Don't worry kid, I got it." He says, trying to reassure him.
His eyes fall on Jeongguk. "This place and everyone in it better be in one piece when I get your family back, beastie." He says with a smile. "It will." Jeongguk says and then Namjoon disappears before his eyes. Jin looks around and starts doing his spell.
"Just out it on Junghwa's room and the garden." Jeongguk says. "Are you sure?" Jin asks. "Let them see anything else they think they might find. We need to risk this time. And for that, we need to get more people inside." Jeongguk says with a serious expression.
Taehyung opens his eyes and finds himself in an unfamiliar place. He tries to get up but his body aches. "I wouldn't if I were you." He hears a familiar voice. "Hyung?" He looks over at where the voice came. Yoongi looks back at him from the other cell.
"They just too her out, your body was just under the surgery. You shouldn't move much." Yoongi says. Taehyung quickly touches his belly, seeing that the big bump is gone. He doesn't feel her anymore. He gulps down hard and stares up at the ceiling. "Where is she?" He asks.
"She as in the vamire or your baby?" Yoongi asks. "I wouldn't care where the devil is." Taehyung says. "Jimin must have her." Yoongi says. "He was pretty sure if he would play by her rules, she'd let him take care of her." "I can take care of her!" Taehyung says.
"You sure could if we weren't dealing with her. She wouldn't keep you where she'd keep her. Magic can't reach here. Namjoon and others wouldn't find us here." Yoongi says. "But they can find her?" Taehyung asks. "Maybe! Plus, she's scared of you." Yoongi says.
"The devil is scared of me?" He tries to make it sound as stupid as it sounds to him. "She can't read your head, she can't manipulate you and obviously you might be even more dangerous to her. But she can't k*ll you cuz Guk would never forgive her. Of course she's scared."
Taehyung looks at his hand. "You said magic can't reach here. Does it mean it doesn't exist here or it just can't pass through?" He asks. "Does it matter?" Yoongi asks. Taehyung touches his own scars. Trying to see if he can heal it. "It does." He closes his eyes.
A part of it almost closes up but then he fails. "What are you doing?" Yoongi asks. Yoongi gets closer to the bars. "Before she got me. I froze this one vampire." "Your magic?" Yoongi asks. "Still sucks." Taehyung says with a sigh. They suddenly hear steps.
A vampire walks down with some food and water. He pushes some onto Yoongi's and then puts some into Tae's cell. "Can you move and eat?" The vampire asks. "Does it look like I can move?" Taehyung asks. The vampire opens the cell door and brings the food closer to the omega.
"I need you to promise me something hyung." Taehyung says as the vampire gets closer. "What?" Yoongi asks. "Have my back when I tell Jeongguk about this." Taehyung says. "About what-" Taehyung lifts his hand and freezes the vampire next to himself.
Yoongi looks at them with wide eyes. Taehyung pulls the vampire closer. "Here is what we're gonna do. The only way I unfreeze you is if you drink a bit and then inject that little thing you do to heal." Taehyung says, looking serious at the vampire.
"Nah, Jeongguk is totally gonna kick your as*." Yoongi says. "Feeding is that little line for vampires. I'm not getting involved." "Jeongguk can suck it up." Taehyung says and then pulls the vampire's fangs closer to his neck. He releases his pheromones.
He knows that the pheromones will have his blood pumping, his heart beating more, get even vampires more thirsty for blo*d. And if he drinks, he will have that one moment of blanking out on emotions, enough to- The vampire finally gives in, bitting onto his neck.
Taehyung presses his lips together. He can tell when the vampire goes all stiff. "Heal! It hurts!" He says, relaying on the emotions the vampire must suddenly feel. It works, he feels the injection and his whole body start healing. He throws the vampire away when it's done.
He stands up, holding onto his neck and then looks down at his belly. His scars are gone but his body still feels strange. He must have lost a lot of blood. "Wow!" Yoongi says. "Sorry. I'd totally freeze you if I could but I have no idea how." Tae tells the vampire.
He leans down and grabs the keys from the vampire and then walks to open Yoongi's cell. "She probably miscalculated the part that you've ran all your life so getting out of here would probably be a piece of cake for you." Yoongi says. Taehyung snorts. "Get out, we're leaving."
Yoongi walks out of the cell as they start walking up. They have been working together and hiding for so long. sneaking away from people. So it isn't even that hard for them to sneak away from some people there, trying to get themselves to Jimin's room.
Jimin looks down with the baby in his arms and Taehyung's heart almost drops when he sees her. She is sleeping. "That... didn't take long!" Jimin says in surprise. Taehyung walks to them, feeling like crying suddenly. "Here, take her." Jimin lifts his arms to him.
He takes her from him and stares at her with a heavy heart. She looks so beautiful! "She's alive!" He whispers. "She's finally..." "She looks like you." Jimin points out and then looks at Yoongi. The alpha rushes to him and pecks on his lips, pressing his forehead onto his.
The older Omega smiles, closing his eyes. "Yeah, this is much better." He whispers. Taehyung is too distracted by his little girl to even pay attention to them. He sits on the bed and just stares at her with adoring eyes. Five years! He waited for her for five years!
Namjoon suddenly appears before them. His eyes fall onto the little girl in Taehyung's arm and that does it. He was holding his tears before but seeing the Omega with the baby they all tried so hard to have just shakes his heart. He tears up. "She's okay!" He whispers.
Taehyung looks up and then smiles, he nods, his eyes just as glossy. Namjoon gets closer, sitting in front of him on the floor. "Oh my god, she's beautiful." He says, touching her cheek. "The prettiest." Tae agrees. The couple gets closer to them too. "Just what happened here?"
Namjoon looks at all of them in confusion. "I have been searching for you all over the place." Namjoon looks at Tae. "Magic couldn't reach where I was." Taehyung says. "When I got here with Hoseok, we sort of... failed." Yoongi says. "No shit!" Namjoon says.
"She hypnotizes me to check what really happened. So the fake memories didn't matter. I couldn't stop myself from talking." Yoongi says. "Where is Hoseok?" Tae asks. "She put him off. I don't know what that means. I didn't see him again. I've been locked up." Yoongi says.
"He's locked up too. In his own room. She temporarily... let him sleep." Jimin says. "I've been just acting neutrally. She let me take care of her, didn't really feel threatened by me." "Then we gotta get him and get out of here." Namjoon says.
Taehyung stares at her, his eyes turning more and more desperate. She looks so so innocent and small and beautiful! He gets up and hands her to Jimin. "You should go back." He says. "Are you joking?" Jimin asks with a scoff. "I can't come." Taehyung says.
"Yes you can, I can take you back. I CAN." Namjoon insists. "You need to take my baby back to his father. She will think I took her and ran away, she won't know I stayed. But I need to stay because apparently I'm the only real solution to getting rid of her." Tae says.
"There are other ways." Namjoon says. "We can't find enough witches or wizards to help us that wouldn't just get manipulated by her. We can't sacrifice Jeongguk and Hoseok and we can't get her to k*ll herself. I'm a possible threat, I have to figure it out." Taehyung says.
"Jeongguk told me to get you ALL back." Namjoon says, starting to panic. "Look at me." Taehyung looks into his eyes, holding his cheek. "Jimin can't stay. If she finds out Taegguk is gone, she WILL k*ll him for letting me take her. Jeongguk won't matter. Same for Yoongi hyung."
"But-" Namjoon tries to argue. "But I can hide. I know how to sneak away from them all. Take them. Jeongguk probably needs someone trust worthy to help him with the babies too. I trust these two to look after them while we settle this." Taehyung says.
He holds her up to Jimin again. "You look after my little girl, I promise I'll make sure that vampire will suffer for everything. I won't come back until she's gone." He says. Jimin looks back at him with emotional eyes before she takes her. Tae has a hard time letting her go.
He looks at Taegguk like he is letting go of his whole world and Namjoon's tears fall a little. "Come here." Taehyung pulls him in a hug, pretending like Namjoon needed it even though he needed it more. "Get back soon. I'm not gonna take care of your babies forever." Jimin says.
"You don't have to." Taehyung says with a smile. "Be careful." Yoongi says. Namjoon is crying harder as he pulls away. Taehyung looks at her eyes opening up and looking at him for the first time right before they disappear. That's when he finally lets the sob break out.
He holds onto his chest, greeting his teeth together as he sits down on his toes, trying to silently cry. He's not one to let anyone see his tears. His mother's words never really hit him. He wanted to let them know he can do this, even though he's not sure he can!
They look back and see the castle in front of them. "It's been a while!" Jimin says. Yoongi looks in thought. A little guilty about leaving. "Maybe I should go back." Yoongi says. Namjoon is still silently crying, staring down. "How would you even help him?" Jimin asks.
Yoongi looks up slightly. "I've been everywhere with him for the past four to five years. I just... let him!" Yoongi says. "You already got manipulated once. Two people are harder to hide than one and you won't have as value to her as he has. Staying there wouldn't help him."
"He's there all alone." Yoongi says. "Put your alpha pride away for a moment and think. Junghwa grew up with you. You're his uncle, he sees his father with you. You're more needed here. You can't help in any way in there." Jimin says. "Come on you two." "I'm not coming."
Taehyung lifts his head slightly when he feels the presense. Namjoon looks down on him. Their eyes are still teary. "I got them back but I'm not staying behind with them. I promised beastie to get all his family back. Two of them are still here." Namjoon says stubbornly.
He sits in front of him. "And if you think I'm going to your brother just to tell him I left you behind, you're delusional." He says. Taehyung lets out a laugh, even though it gets more tears out. "You stubborn pain in the ass." He says but Namjoon still hugs him and he hugs back
It takes a few minutes but they finally calm down. "This is nice and all but y'know, hiding where they left the baby would probably not be so wise." Namjoon suddenly says. Taehyung chuckles and stands up. "Come on, I'll show you some of my ways to hide." Taehyung says.
Jeongguk is looking into the papers when the door opens. "Your honor, your old guests have shown up to see you." One of the guards say. "Tell them to leave. I don't care who they are-" Jin is about to finish saying when Jeongguk looks up with wide eyes. "What?"
Jeongguk walks past him, walking to the door and then to the couple standing outside, with the little baby in one of their arms. Jin follows him and stands next to him with a conflicted expression. Jimin walks closer and then shows her to the other two. "I believe you know her."
Jin flicks his finger, taking them all to the only place he hid in the castle, the place where a little boy was waiting for his fathers to come back. They suddenly appear in the room. Yoongi's eyes fall on the little boy. "Uncle!" Junghwa's voice shakes when he sees him.
Yoongi feels a part of him burning from the thought of leaving his father to be here. "Hey champ. Why the long face?" He tries to sound playful. Junghwa quickly gets up and runs to hug him. Yoongi doesn't waste any time hugging him back, patting his back.
"T-they took him, They took Papa!" Junghwa says. "They took Papa and Taegukkie and-" "Shh, it's okay. Look at me." He says, pulling back slightly. "Your Papa is okay. And look who we brought." He points at what Jeongguk takes from Jimin and looks at with emotional eyes.
Jeongguk leans down, letting the little boy see her too. "She... didn't cry when she was born. Everyone were sort of worried at first but then I put her on her father's body and she started crying." Jimin explains. "Taegukkie?" Junghwa asks in a whisper.
"Yes." Jeongguk says, smiling emotionally. "Say hi to your little sister Junghwa." Junghwa tries to touch her face hesitantly, not sure how she would feel. "Why is her eyes closed?" He asks. "That's how babies are when they're born." Jimin says. "But it's still early!" Jin says.
"Your mom wanted it out. She said she's old enough." Jimin says. "Where is Taehyung?" Jeongguk asks, looking up in worry. "He stayed. He said he's probably that one way we need to defeat her. She sent us over to look over the kids." Yoongi says.
"I don't know what really happened to Hoseok but Namjoon stayed to help Taehyung. He just took us here and left again." Yoongi adds. Jeongguk bites his lip. He doesn't like this one bit. To hold the baby his Omega tried to hard to keep alive while the said Omega can't do it.
To have him there at the devil's nest, not even having any clue if he is alright or not. "Will he be okay?" Junghwa asks. Jeongguk pulls him closer and kisses the top of his head. "He will. You know how tough Papa is. I'd be worried about our enemy." He says to comfort him.
Junghwa smiles slightly. "For now let's make sure you and your sister will be okay until he comes back, alright?"Jeongguk asks. "Okay." Junghwa says. Jeongguk looks down at his daughter again. Guilt filling him up again. Does he even have the right to hold her?
He, who let her die, even for a few minutes, does he have any right to be happy to see her beautiful face? To kiss her forehead because god, he's just so relieved! He stands up and hands her to the Omega again. "This room is fully hidden, other places aren't." Guk says,
"Don't worry about the kids. I've known Junghwa way longer than you. There is no way I let anything happened to him. Taehyung would have my head." Yoongi says. "There will be more people around, just be careful not to get caught." Jeongguk says. They all nod.
Jin walks to the little girls and touches her hair, smiling gently. "You gave us a hell lot of trouble. But look at you now." He says and closes his eyes, obviously relieved. And then he flicks his fingers to take them back where they came from. Guk looks at the guards.
He uses his powers. "You haven't seen anyone asking for us today. They had no baby." He instructs them as they stare at his eyes. He knows that it is all removed from their memories as he walks away from them to look back at the papers. 'Be okay, Petal!' He thinks.
Taehyung puts continues curring the potatoes, looking down. Namjoon tries to do the same but he keeps missing how to do it. "As much as I love the idea this idea of hiding here, I'm not exactly the best chef around." Namjoon whispers, using magic. Tae hits his hand.
Their faces are covered with makeup. "This place is filled with the scent of humans, food and stored meat. The vampire could never sniff us here. It has food and no one expects us to be working here. But if you keep using magic, they will find out." Tae says.
"What's the point of actually doing this when magic can just do it faster and easier?" Namjoon asks. "It's not supposed to be faster and easier. These people work in the kitchen every hour of every day because of that. What would they think if we finish fast?" Tae asks.
"You see? This is even eviler! Why would she let this poor people work this much when magic can just-" "YA ARE YOU WORKING?" One of the head chefs asks. "YES MAM!" Taehyung quickly says. Namjoon narrows his eyes. "You know what? I take that back." The wizard says.
"Shh." Taehyung shushes him and Namjoon realizes that he is trying to listen to a conversation from the other side of the kitchen. 'She never gets furious anyway but she wasn't smiling when she realizes the room was empty.' One of the workers tells their friend.
Taehyung exchanges a silent look with Namjoon, silently telling them about another reason they need to stay. This is the place with most of the gossip. 'I dunno the thief but I can tell ya, if she finds them they are gone gone.' The maid says. Taehyung focuses on the potato.
'I wouldn't wanna get on her bad side. I heard she even made the past king's lover k*ll herself.' "Shh, y'know we can't just say those.' 'But everyone knows. She only ever cared about herself and her sons and look what she did to her oldest one' Taehyung listens more carefully.
'Mate it's just a lie. She didn't k*ll him. People saw him again a few times' 'Maybe it's just a ghost' Taehyung looks at Namjoon. 'There is no such thing as a ghost' 'Then why do they only ever see him at nights on his own balcony?'
'Are you stupid ey? What ghost?' 'It's just what everyone says that the family is cursed' 'Cursed?" The man chuckles. "They have no idea, do they?" Namjoon whispers. 'There are just rumors that this all didn't use to be like this. People say she's the demon herself.'
"Oh she is." Namjoon whispers. 'We make all these food but the girls say sometimes she doesn't eat for days and she's alright. One time someone tried to steal from the royal wine and they swore it tasted sour and bitter and smelled like blo*d.' 'They just sound like rumors'
'Ya just wanna be smartass' 'Mate it all just makes no sense. It's probably just Kim spies planting doubt seeds in your head so we turn on our queen. They stole her grandchild and his sons are clearly okay' 'Then why can't anyone ever get to her room?'
'Because she's the queen' 'And her room never gets dirty? Because none of the staff are ever allowed inside to clean it' "ARE YOU TWO WORKING?" The head chef from before shouts at the two talking, cutting their conversation. Taehyung nods at Namjoon.
Namjoon nods back and then looks confused when Taehyung does the same trick he told Namjoon not to do and gets all the potatoes ready. "I thought you said no magic!" Namjoon says but he is mostly surprised that Taehyung picked up on his magic. "All ready mam." He says.
The woman looks confused that they actually managed to do this much. "Shall we extract the water and bring it for the nightly meals?" Taehyung asks. "Be quick." The woman says, sounding crancky. Taehyung pulls Namjoon by his arm until they get out of the kitchen.
The moment they reach a spot they know they won't be seen nor disturbed, Taehyung turns to the wizard. "Teach me how to teleport." He says. "You ask me like it's teaching you how to drink water!| "It's supposed to be. I'm gonna need it here." Taehyung says.
"Fine, fine!" He says. "First, you need to close your eyes." Taehyung closes his eyes. "Relax, take a deep breath, try to think of someone or a place, make as much connection as you can." The wizard says. Taehyung tries to think of Hoseok. "Imagine seeing them."
He focuses more. "Now create a magical knit, throw it at them and catch. When you do just click your fingers and let it pull you." Namjoon says. Taehyung snaps his fingers but when he opens his eyes, nothing has happened. He sighs. "Why am I so bad at this?"
"Who did you think of?" Namjoon asks. "Hoseok." "Then you just chose the wrong person. I tried to do him too but I couldn't find him." Namjoon says. "Sort of like how I couldn't find you down there." "What if I try to get to his room?" Tae asks.
"Do you know how it looks like?" Nnamjoon asks. "I've been to his room once when I still lived here." Taehyung says. "Then think of it, throw your knit to it in your head and try to get us pulled there." Namjoon says. Taehyung closes his eyes and focuses on doing it. *click*
The next time he opens his eyes he sees it. A coffin on a side of the room. The room is way darker than he remembers. A lot has changed in it. He gets closer to the coffin and Namjoon appears too. "Is this the room?" He asks. "I just followed you." "It should be."
He opens the top of it and sees him. The man that had taken care of his baby, sleeping in the coffin with his arms crossed and a big knife being pushed into his chest. "Holly shit!" Namjoon says in surprise. "Is he dead?" The vampire opens his eyes and looks at them.
They both take a step back. Hoseok just stares at them without saying anything. "Are you okay?" Taehyung asks, getting closer again. "Wait!" Namjoon says, not letting him get close enough. He tries to use his magic to see if he has any spells on him.
"What is it?" Taehyung says when he sees the way Namjoon's expression changes. "That fucking bitch!" He curses. "What?" "His wolf is slowly disappearing!" Namjoon says. Taehyung frowns. "The hell do you mean? Is it dying?" "No, it's literally disappearing." Namjoon says.
"How?" "It woke up because of Taegguk in his body but it's... it's like the dagger is just sucking out all of it." Namjoon says. "That must be why everyone only see him moving at his balcony at nights. He's turning full vampire. He's bound to his coffin too."
"What if we just take out the dagger?" Taehyung asks. "It can just take out whatever wolf it sucked out already." Namjoon says. "We need to exorcist it." "We?" He blinks and his eyes go wider. "You're kidding, right?" "You got us here?" "For the first time in my life!"
"He saved your daughter." "I KNOW. But I just genuinely can't. I can't even do simple tasks!" Taehyung says. "I can teach you. Maybe you just never had a good mentor. Jin grew up with me." Namjoon reminds him. "You were always running." Taehyung gulps at that.
He looks at Hoseok who is looking back with an unreadable expression. "He's alive. He's losing himself little by little. What if you were losing your wolf? We need to bring him back." Namjoon says. "The least you can do is trying." Taehyung nods slowly. He owes Hoseok so much.
"Come here." Namjoon says as he sits down. Taehyung sits next to him. "This is gonna take way more than a few days." "Just tell me what to do. We need to get back to the kitchen soon and we need some time to look around and find out more about her too." Taehyung says.
"They said she never let anyone in her room, something must be there." Taehyung adds. "It seems like sleep is not gonna be our friend for a while. But one by one, this matters more." Namjoon says before starting to explain the process. Taehyung closes his eyes to help.
Jeongguk breathes a little heavier as they continue sending out the invitations. "Are you okay?" Jin asks. The alpha is sweating a little. "I... was supposed to drink." Jeongguk says. "You're thirsty? I heard you can hold off for days." "Normally, it's different." Guk says.
"Different how?" The king is confused. Jeongguk just lets out a shaky breath. "Drinking helps me calm down. It delays my... Rut." Jeongguk says. Jin looks at him like he just admitted to a sin. "Are you joking?" He asks in disbelief. "I'm still a wolf too." Guk says.
"Just how long have you been trying to delay it? Taehyung was here until a while back." Jin reminds him. "For a while. He was already dealing with a lot. I thought I could hold it off enough until he can actually..." He pauses and then sighs. "Forget it." He is frustrated.
"Does it help to drink from anyone else?" Jin asks. "ARe you stuipi" Jeongugk is about to snap when he realizes the way he just yelled and what he just said. "Said, sorry. Just leave me the fuck alone." He is conflicted, walking away from the young king.
Jin tries to breathe a few time. "This is not happening, this is not happening." He whispers to himself. Of all times! "What can we do right now?" Jin ends up asking. "Why is it stupid?" "Because it's intimate." Guk says. "And I don't know. I'm losing my damn mind."
"Maybe we should just get Taehyung back?" "Ruts don't just end. They last for fucking days." Jeongguk says. "We get moody, unbearable, pissed off and I swear the little patience I still have left is just cuz I'm still half vampire. And I'm f*cking horny." "And too honest..."
"I'm sorry. I just... need to drink from him. It helps. I feel like I'm going through some sort of withdrawal." Jeongguk says. "You know how important this is right? It was YOUr idea to invite all these people. You're supposed to show these people that you're good!" Jin says.
"I know." Jeongguk sighs. "Some of them are gonna be wolves. Not only your rut can make them feel uncomfortable, especially for the Omegas, it's gonna rub the vampires the wrong way too. And you might even freak out the humans from outside." Jin says. Guk feels like crying.
Jeongguk just ends up sitting down, curling onto himself. "I know." He mumbles. Jin closes his eyes, trying to think of any ways he can make this right. "I'll go ask the other alpha. You stay here and work on the invitations. He might have a better idea." Jin says.
He walks out of the room. Jeongguk breathes out shakily, trying not to think of why he wants to just smash everything in the place. He wants his mate. He just wants him and to be with his children, comforting them instead of this!
Jin comes back after a few minutes and then hands Jeongguk some pills. "What are those?" "Suppressants. Yoongi said they help but you still have to be careful cuz you'll easily be triggered." Jin says. Jeongguk takes them and swallows one quickly. Jin leans down.
He pats Guk's shoulder. "If it makes you feel any better, we're all on edge. It's not just your rut. This is a risk, we all know it. But as much as I hate your mother, I've known you enough to trust you on this. We'll make it work." Jin says. Guk smiles slightly. It does help!
Taehyung and Namjoon finish at the kitchen and get their sheets, knowing that they should sleep in the same room as three other servants. They went until they sleep before teleporting back to Hoseok. They continue doing it for the next four days.
During the four days, Namjoon tries to teach Taehyung some of the basics of using magic too. Taehyung is not fast at learning any of them but he still tries to practice when he can. They barely get any sleep but at least they manage to bring some light to Hoseok's face.
Taehyung knows that he can't get closer to the queen, especially not when a lot of people inside might just recognize him without his makeup and with all the vampires outside, trying to find him. But he still wants to try doing a lot of things.
One of the things that he has been trying is something he hadn't let anyone know or see. Until one-day Namjoon catches him with cuts all over his arm. He grabs his hand, silently questioning him. Taehyung pretends like he doesn't remember how he got them.
But on the fifth day of trying to work, Namjoon catches him doing it. When he makes the slight cut on his hand, trying to mix his own blo*d with the food he knows they will serve the queen. The one that she eats sometimes for the sake of looking 'normal'.
"You're actually insane!" Namjoon says. "This is why I didn't tell you." Taehyung says as they take the food away. "You're feeding her your bl*od! You actually think she won't find out?" Namjoon asks. "She hasn't in the past five days." Taehyung says.
"But you're an original. Wouldn't it make her emotions strike or something?" Namjoon asks. "That's the plan." Taehyung says. Namjoon frowns slightly. "But it's not enough blo*d to make her emotional enough to notice. I want to see how it'd affect her, slowly."
Namjoon sighs in relief and then looks around the room. "You really planned it all when you brought us to the kitchen, huh?" "I've been doing this all my life. I know how to survive." Taehyung points out. "I wouldn't wanna be your enemy!" Namjoon says.
"I wouldn't want to be yours either." Taehyung says with a smile. Namjoon smiles back. But that night, when they try to get to Hoseok's room, they hear the guards talking to the queen from outside. Namjoon puts on a small spy doll in the room as they disappear.
The doll helps them hear what is happening in the room even when they are not there. 'Hi baby! I'm sorry I couldn't see you lately. Your brother has been giving me a very hard time. I'm still looking for our baby out there.' She says. Taehyung looks up at Namjoon from the doll.
'That omega thinks he can be any match for me. Stealing what has my cells in her body and hide. But not to worry my dear, I'll find him for sure.' She says. Taehyung feels chills. 'I will make sure, he will never steal anything from our family.'
Taehyung licks his lip, trying not to show his nervousness. "Today I went to your father's grave... I never really felt like this over it. But even as a vampire... He let the sun burn him to ashes. Was it just to be rid of me?' The vampire asks. Taehyung lifts a brow.
'We as vampires are cursed with this I suppose. Everyone assumes that we can't love but in reality, we can't be loved by anyone but ourselves.' The woman says and Taehyung can't help but to feel bitter. 'But I will never stop loving you. They think I can't, but I can!'
Namjoon looks at Tae with worried eyes. 'Your father was fascinated by me. He lusted over me but never loved me. I thought being rid of his mate would help but it broke him and even as a vampire, he found a way to love anyone but us. And yet, they think I'm incapable of love.'
There comes a long pause. 'This slight pain in my chest, I suppose it's expected as an original. Maybe it'd be worse if I were anything but what I am... And I know I was selfish. I should have made you like myself from the start. I feared your love for me wouldn't be enough!'
Taehyung closes his eyes, trying to stay quiet. 'You're still warm, but soon you won't have to feel the pain either. You won't be swayed. And now I know, your love will be real, just like how mine is to you. And once we get your brother back, it'll all be okay.'
She pauses again and then snickers. "I don't know why I am very sentimental today. It rarely happens! Your brother is still at the land of the enemy. He has called for all the prince and princesses of the neighbor lands, even the ones with evil blood!' She says.
'But he also called for me. He's challenging me, ME! His mother. He either has hidden his son elsewhere or he is very brave to want me there when I could easily take them all. Except, I want him to willingly accept us. So I'm going, going to bring him back'
Taehyung frowns at that. What is Jeongguk doing? 'And you my sweet sweet child, you need to take care of our home while I'm gone' They hear a shout. "She must have taken the dagger out!" Namjoon says, cussing under his breath. 'Look at me.' She says.
'You shall take care of this land and continue searching for the little girl. If they find the traitor of the Omega, He shall die on sight. And while I'm gone, you're only loyal to me. Do you understand?' 'Yes, mam.' "She's hypnotizing her own son!" Tae says in realization.
"At least we did our part enough to keep most of his wolf inside of him. I don't know how much of it is gone because of the dagger but it can't be so much." Namjoon says. "This is gonna make things complicated! Hoseok knows we're still here." Taehyung says.
"Technically it should only be effective while she is gone until she comes back." Namjoon says. Taehyung nods. "At least now we know that my blood works on her to some extent. We don't know if it makes her weaker but it makes her emotionally vulnerable." "Let's hope so!"
Jeongguk inhales deeply. The pills are sort of working. He is at least able to have some control over his pheromones and emotions. But his nerves are all over the place. He has asked so many people to join them in the castle. He has no idea how this is going to go!
He heads to see Junghwa and his little girl one last time before he has to go and greet them with Jin. Junghwa is playing around with room and Taegguk is mostly sleeping. Jeongguk stares at her. He still hasn't allowed himself to kiss her forehead. He doesn't deserve it!
But he promises himself to do everything in his power today to make sure she will have a safe future! "Be careful out there." Jimin says. Jeongguk nods and then walks out. Heads and leaders of different species start coming, some that Jeongguk doesn't even know of!
Jin greets the supernaturals and takes them to one side of the castle while Jeongguk greets the humans that have never heard of supernaturals as more than myth and takes them to another side. Jin can't help but to feel his blood boiling when he sees her.
"I never thought I'd see a day you would willingly let me walk past these walls." She says with a smile, her eyes shining red. "It's not like you haven't already forced yourself inside to kidnap my brother." He says. "And yet, look where we are." She says.
Jin steps aside, letting her pass. She looks so confident as she gets inside. Jeongguk manages to greet everyone and then lets them settle in their rooms as he gets to the main ballroom with the supernaturals. Everyone looks at him when he steps inside. Guk feels anxious.
He bows politely. "Thank you all for joining us. I believe tonight will be one that will remain in the history as the night that we have finally managed to come to some understandings." Jeongguk says. There are different expressions in the room. Jin feels her coming.
"Putting Jeongguk as the face of this when he's in the verge of his rut?" She asks. Jin frowns. How did she? "I'm a vampire Mr kim, don't underestimate my ability to know enough." "Jeongguk has it under control." Jin says. "Does he now?" she smiles wider.
She looks at her son. "But you see he has awakened enough of his wolf to need reassurance. It seems like he has been holding back for some time. In a room filled with Omegas, some as original as our brother, some close to their own heat... I guess it will be a night to remember!"
Jin looks at Jeongguk who is trying to loosen up his tie a bit. "I have to admit. I for one can step back and enjoy seeing how my son will tear your brother apart again. It will come and I have a feeling once he realizes what he has done, he'll willingly come with me." She says.
"Excuse me." Jin walks away from her, feeling his heart beating faster. This is a mess! But he still wants to trust Jeongguk. He reaches the alpha. "Are you okay?" Jin asks. Jeongguk doesn't hear him, too busy staring at someone. Jin turns, seeing the other Omega staring back.
"Jeongguk!" "Yes?" Jeongguk quickly comes back to his sense. "You remember why you're here, right? Focus!" Jin says. Jeongguk nods but his eyes fall on the Omega again. she smiles. Jeongguk doesn't, he just looks away in panic. "Don't worry." He sounds worried himself!
Jin looks back at the vampire that is looking at them with confident eyes. He has no idea if they did the right thing or not. But one thing is for sure. This night is going to be one that will be remembered. Either as a success or a disaster!
"Just try to-" "Excuse me." Jin stops talking when they hear a voice. It's the sound of the Omega from before. "I didn't expect you to be the infamous Jeon Jeongguk. I'm Jiyeon, it's nice meeting you." She lifts her hand so Jeongguk can kiss it.
Jeongguk gently just pulls her hand to his forehead, politely pressing it on it. "Such a gentle man." She says. Jin looks between them. He is about to freak out because she is looking at Jeongguk with too much interest. "That's how he scored his mate." Jin says.
She should be able to tell that Jeongguk is already mated. For f*ck' sake, why else would Jin invite them here as Jeongguk's brother-in-law if it wasn't clear? "I bet. Forgive my rudeness but I don't seem to see your mate here. No one seems to have your scent." She says.
"My mate has other matters to take care of." Jeongguk says. "Matters more important than supporting his alpha?" She asks. "My mate is a busy man." Jeongguk says. "An omega is never too busy for their alpha. At least, I wouldn't be!" She says, clearly not taking the hint.
Honestly, a part of Jeongguk is starting to feel pissed off. Maybe it's his rut talking but what kind of audacity this Omega has to still hit on him even though she knows he has a freaking mate? "Omegas should be really careful these days. Alphas can survive a broken bond!"
That triggers Jeongguk's nerves even more. To everyone else, he might look like he is looking at him with a heated gaze, she seems to take it as sexual tension even though it is purely from anger. "Who knows who would end up fancying their alpha's scent and sway them?" She asks.
"You seem very confident that alphas are that easy to betray their mates, Jiyeon-ssi." Jeongguk says. "Not all of them. It's completely excusable if their Omega isn't already there to do their duties right." She says. "I'm very committed to my mate." Jeongguk says.
"Why? How do you know he is being committed to you?" She asks. "This is probably the most important night to you and he is not even here. Not even when you are clearly needing him. As an alpha and as a prince. I don't smell him here." "Then check your nose."
She turns around and sees the Omega glaring at her. She recognizes the scent. Jeongguk's heart almost drops when he sees him. He feels like crying! He is actually here! "Be careful Mrs Jiyeon. You talk all about duties, it kind of sounds of prostitution." Taehyung smiles fakely.
Her smile drops. "Trust me, I'm fully aware that my alpha needs me." He winks at her. "But there are no duties darling. I'm here because I want to. So why don't you go back to the witch that got into your head and tell her that her son is never as wicked as her?"
She looks back at the vampire on the other side of the room. Taehyung follows her eyes and sees the vampire looking back at him without her usual confident smile. Taehyung glares at her, challenging her with his own eyes. The vampire doesn't look pleased.
The female Omega looks a bit out of place, even confused as she walks away. "What just happened?" Jin asks. "She hypnotized her to get to Guk." Taehyung says and then feels the way Jeongguk holds his arm and pulls him closer, closing his eyes and pressing his forehead onto his,
Taehyung's expression visibly softens at that, closing his own eyes too, inhaling Jeongguk's scent. "You gave me a heart attack." Jeongguk whispers. "I thought I lost you!" "that easy? Underestimating me alpha?" Tae asks. Jeongguk smiles. "Never." He shakes his head.
"You just worry about tonight baby. Let me worry about your ancient mother." Taehyungs says, knowing that the vampire must be able to hear him. "That's my Omega. It's funny anyone would even think they'd have a chance to compete." "Poor things." Tae agrees with a smile.
Jeongguk kisses on his forehead. Taehyung pulls away from him and lets him walk away and greet the people in the room. Jin walks to him. "Are you okay? Are you sure this is safe?" Jin asks. Tae's eyes are fixed on the Original vampire. "Not even slightly." Tae says.
"Then why are you even here?" Jin asks. Taehyung doesn't look away from her. "Because we're going to have a great show tonight and I wouldn't miss it for the world." He smirks confidently at her and then looks at Jeongguk. He can't wait for the show to start!
The female vampire walks around the room with her eyes still on the Omega. If there is one thing Taehyung has realized it is that the vampire always has an annoying smile on her face. And when she doesn't, it's when things are not going the way she wants. Just like right now!
He doesn't look away just to make sure that she knows he is not scared of her. Even though he knows that she can tell just by the way his heart is beating. It's probably confusing her anyway! Jeongguk is walking around, saying hi to everyone in the room.
He knows that everyone in the room must be confused. He closes his eyes, focusing. 'Jeongguk, can you hear me?' He tries to think in a way he hopes his mate would hear him. Jeongguk pauses for a moment as he continues talking to people. 'Petal?' He hears him!
He stands in a corner, looking at a glass of wine. 'I need you to listen to me. I've been feeding your mother with my bl*od. She has been getting more emotional. And that is exactly how we're going to take her down tonight' He thinks. Jeongguk gulps.
He takes his way to the stage with a wine, smiling at everyone. "Thank you everyone for joining us tonight. I know I'm not your favorite person, neither is my mother, standing right there!" Jeongguk says, lifting his glass toward her. She just looks back at him
"I know you risked a lot. Being in the same room as her. I know for a fact that it won't even take her long to hypnotize most of you in this room and use you to attack each other." Jeongguk says, still looking at her. She lifts a brow. "She can't touch my Omega though!"
Her eyes grow colder. "After all, he is an original. In fact, a lot of originals are in this room tonight. But then you'd think she would just use these people to attack them. Except, there is a drop of his blood on every wine in this room." Jeongguk adds.
Taehyung smirks at that. "And that single drop is enough to stop you from being controlled by her for at least twenty four hours." Jeongguk says. Her eyes fall on the other man that joins them, wearing formal clothes. Hoseok smiles at Taehyung, standing next to him.
"In other words, that is the first peace offering from me and my lovely mate. There is nothing my mother can do in this room that can be a match for you all." Jeongguk says. "Cheers to that." Hoseok is the first person that lifts his glass, drinking while looking at her.
She told Hoseok to go against the Omega the moment she would leave. But before she would leave, Hoseok would still be himself. And Taehyung was not going to let that pass. He has suspicious so he let him drink a drop of his blood and waited until she would leave.
Hoseok had to get him, he had to try and destroy him. His plan was to just flip away with magic if he would try but it never came. Because just like he guessed, his blood would take away what she put on Hoseok's mind. No wonder she never liked him!
She is strong, she is fast, but there are creatures in this room that could be way stronger and faster, especially combined. Especially one that stands next to Jin with a goofy smile. Jin looks a bit relaxed when he sees the wizard. She is surrendered by her enemies!
"But this is not about me nor my mother. This is about all of us and the future that we can have, together." Jeongguk says. "As of today, I will be taking over my kingdom. And I promise, all of you will be welcomed from tonight on my land."
She scoffs, as if she is amused that Jeongguk thinks he would even have that option. "And I'm willing to go to the extremes to prove, I am just as much of a wolf as a vampire. And even as a vampire, I'm still a magical being, just like the rest of you." Jeongguk says.
He looks at his mother again. "My mother always told me that the other side of our borders was evil. She told me that I should never go there, that I would find nothing but darkness." Jeongguk says. "But when I passed the borders, I found everything but that."
For a moment, it feels like no one else is in the room. Like Jeongguk has went back to the days he was way smaller while she looked exactly the same. "You were wrong mom. I have never seen the beauty I witnessed until I walked past those borders." He says.
"I found cities with light and darkness combined. I found waterfalls falling down on houses without causing single damage. I found creatures I never even expected to exist and I found love. And I found family in a way I never knew existed. Even though I had one." He adds.
Her expression changes slightly at that. Jeongguk bites his lip slightly. He focuses on everyone else again. "I gathered you all here because not only I am taking over, so is my mate. Jinn-ssi will remain a king and my mate will also be one, helping him." Jeongguk says.
"And since our lands are bonded and this land is the only remaining land that has you all in it, I think it's time for us to make things right again. But I don't mean for you to come back to my land. I'm offering the whole world." Jeongguk says.
"How can you offer something you don't have?" One of the creatures asks. "Because unlike you, I have a great relationship with the prince and princesses from the human lands. And as if now, they don't know of your existence or that you're safe. I could be your link to them."
The room falls silent at that. "They are here, on the other side. You can't spend the rest of your lives hiding from them. But if you allow me, I promise to have your back and let you show yourselves to the whole world. Show them what you showed me." Jeongguk adds.
Taehyung's expression is so soft as he stares at his mate, feeling so proud. He had never really considered this before a month ago or so but this suits Jeongguk so much. As if it has always been his role. As if he was born to be a leader for good.
Come to think of it, this is the Jeongguk he fell in love with. The one that grew up being told one thing but still went away to see things for himself. The one that saved Yoongi. The one that always tried to do what was the best for the majority, even if it hurt him.
His father was a pack leader after all! And if he had kept his pack, Guk could have been the next one! The one that carries both vampire and werewolf genes. His mother wanted them to rule. She got them to grow up, bond with every land but the one they are at. What a mistake!
"If you agree with my conditions, take a step forward. Lend me your trust. If you don't, nothing will happen. You're still welcome in our lands, no one will dare to hurt you or your kind. But you'll raise the chance of the world never accepting us." Jeongguk adds.
No one moves for a few seconds until one person does. Jeongguk smiles at Jin. Just a few years ago, Jin was the first person that wanted him gone. And as the person that has been the savior of so many here, his words matter so much! Jin smiles back at him.
A few people step forward when they see Jin take a step forward while a few just leave. Jeongguk doesn't move. "What about her?" Someone asks, pointing at Jeongguk's mother who has been listening. Jeongguk looks at her again. "She will be taken care of." Taehyung responds.
Everyone turn to the Omega. "Is that so?" The female vampire asks. "It is." Taehyung says. "Do you know how easy and fast it will be to just rush to you and take your head off of your neck?" The vampire asks. "It must be easy, but you're not gonna do that." Taehyung says.
"You sound awfully sure." "The fact that you haven't do it yet, that you even let me see Jeongguk again despite knowing how dangerous | am to you, you do know that your son will never forgive you if you hurt me. Especially when he is right there." He points at the alpha.
She didn't do it when she was fully vampire and now, with her being more emotional, he knows that there is no way she makes that her final act. "You're in a room filled with everyone that hates you. There are only two people that have loved you, in here. You won't ruin it."
"You can't k*ll me." She reminds him. "We can." Taehyung says and then the door opens. The same people with magic that she had possessed before to kidnap Taehyung suddenly walk inside. The omega smiles. She tries to run but they don't let her.
She is stuck with enough creatures that can be faster and stronger and it's not like she can manipulate them. The wizards and witches start whispering the spell. Namjoon takes a step closer, whispering with them. Jin joins them, Taehyung joins them too.
The omega stands right in front of her. Jeongguk looks away. As evil as she is, he has a hard time watching the way she screams as they turn her. She hurt people, she hurt him too but a part of him feels guilty. Because she tried to love him!
Because in her own twisted way, he knows that he did think that she was right. Taehyung's eyes turn blue as he says the spell louder. She falls, screams, crawls around and before their eyes, her nature changes into one of the creatures she called evil. Her eyes turn blue.
Taehyung looks back at her with his own blue eyes. And he knows, he knows that she is in pain but not just from being turned, also from having her feelings expand. "She can't hurt any of you anymore." Taehyung says. "Are you going to let her live?" Someone asks.
"I believe I shall let her fate in the hands of the person that would want her gone the most." The Omega says but the newly turned werewolf just stares down with glossy eyes, as if the weight of all her actions are just starting to really hit her.
Junghwa is sleeping when the door opens up. Jimin looks up, Yoongi is holding Taegguk in his arms. Taehyung walks inside hesitantly. He sighs in relief when he sees his babies safe. "Fucking hell, you really take no time!" Jimin says in a joke. Taehyung smiles.
"Do you want to hold her?" Yoongi asks. "You have no idea!" Taehyung says. He is d*ing to hold her! But he knows that he needs to do something first. "But first I need to borrow your Omega." "Is everything alright?" Jimin asks. "Just come, you'll see." Taehyung says.
The Omega follows him unsurely until they reach a room. Taehyung opens the door and Jimin's heart almost drops when he sees her, sitting on a bed with de*d looking eyes, staring down. But then he sees her blue eyes. "Is she?" "She can't hurt you anymore." Taehyung says.
He walks inside hesitantly, wondering if this is some sort of dream. "A lot of people wanted to deal with her but to be fair, if there is one person who deserves to decide this, it should be you." Taehyung says. Jimin looks at him with emotional eyes.
"She lured your father away from your mother, compelled your mom to k*ll herself to keep him, ended up taking your father from you in the process too. Let you live in fear of losing your life all your life. Made it harder for you to even be with your lover." Taehyung says.
"She hurt your brothers, your brother's child, got you all separated. I could go on forever. You lost so much because of her. If there is someone that has to take the last decision, it should be you." Taehyung says, handing him a knife. Jimin stares at it.
He takes a few seconds to just stare at the object, thinking. "Are Jeongguk and Hoseokie hyung okay with this?" "We all agreed to leave it to you." Taehyung says. Wow! This is unbelievable! Jimin has so much in his mind. What should he do?
"If it's hard for you to do it, I can do it for you." Taehyung suggests. "I've spent years dreaming about pushing a knife up her chest, that's not the issue." "Then what?" "De*th just would be too nice, too easy." He says. She looks up at him.
He walks to her to look into her eyes. "She needs a taste of her own medicine." Jimin says. "She needs to stay in this body, see how everyone are better off without her. She needs to run away, hide, fear for her life, away from her children and family, FEEL how that hurts."
She frowns harder at that. "Because every single person in every land will be looking for her, wanting to do all sort of evil things. Then maybe she'll know what she really did to all of us." He says and then puts the knife on her lap. "So either finish yourself, or run."
He walks out with that. Taehyung watches him leave and then looks at her. He feels strange. One part of him is mad at her, wants to put her through the worst. But another keeps remembering his own children, how it would be if they would ever turn on him.
To be completely alone, hated by every single person and knowing how it feels. But on another hand, he wants her gone. She has hurt enough people that he cares about. She closes her eyes and sighs, walking to him. He hands him the knife. "Take me out."
"Why?" "Because right now I really just want to disappear, because everything hurts and he's right. i would be too nice to myself if I just end it." She says. "You can never come back. No one will take you back." "I know." She says. Taehyung teleports them away.
They are in the middle of nowhere. "Everyone will think you're de*d, act like it." The male Omega says. "It's not like I have a better choice." She says. Taehyung is bout to leave when she speaks again. "We feel." "What?" "Even as vampires, we feel." She says.
Tae pauses unsurely. "I loved my children, wanted them even when I couldn't. And I hated your kind because while I had a life that would never end, you had a short life filled with all I ever wanted. Don't let my son and grandchildren feel how I felt." she says.
"My family will feel loved, I'll make sure of it." Taehyung says and the woman looks at him with a little bit of relief. She nods and Taehyung disappears. The moment he walks in the room again he kisses Junghwa's forehead and holds his daughter.
Yoongi smiles and gives him some time, trying to seek his own Omega. Jeongguk walks to the room and looks at them from the door. Taehyung looks up from his daughter and smiles at Jeongguk. This is the first time they are all together. "Come here." The omega says.
Jeongguk gets inside hesitantly and sits next to him. Taehyung puts her in his arms and holds them both, pushing his head onto Guk's chest. "I missed you all, you have no idea." "I have some ideas." Guk says. Taegguk makes a small sound and they both look down at her.
"She's gonna grow up and be just as amazing as his father." "You mean yourself?" Guk asks with a snort. "I am amazing but I meant his vampire dad. He rocks." He says. Jeongguk looks at him with emotional eyes. Taehyung smiles at him. "She'll be so proud!"
Jeongguk's heart melts at that. The Omega kisses the side of his neck and holds him tighter. "Even if I let her down?" "You're the reason she is still alive. You didn't fully give up on her." Taehyung reminds her. Jeongguk looks down at her. He loves her so much, he wants to cry.
Jeongguk finally lets himself kiss her forehead and she opens her eyes for that, looking at them with her innocent eyes. Taehyung rests his head on his shoulder and smiles wider. "See? She already loves you." "I love her too." Jeongguk says and a sob got out with it too.
Taehyung pulls his head onto his own chest and continues comforting him, showering him with lots and lots of kisses. Jeongguk didn't even know how much he needed to be around his family until his mate came back and made Jeongguk feel found again.
Taehyung brushes Junghwa's hair back, smiling at his sleeping form. "He'll be safe. But let's show her to the guests. They'll see you more... how to put it, human." Taehyung says. "I don't want to use her for things like this." Jeongguk says.
"It's not really using her when it's for her own future and it's just to show people the reality." Taehyung points out. Jeongguk is still unsure. His pheromones are all over the place. Taehyung turns his face to peck on his lips. "Just trust me."
Jeongguk trusts him with his life and he might just be a little weak for the Omega's kisses because he caves. He holds the baby as they go back to the party with all the humans. Taehyung is next to him. "I hope you are enjoying yourselves." Jeongguk says. "This is my princess!"
Some of them get closer, smiling at the little girl. "Who is the gentleman?" One of the guests asks. "I'm Jin hyung's younger brother. The one that is promised to co rule the land." Taehyung says. "And I'm also..." He looks at Jeongguk. "He's my mate." Guk says. "As in friend?"
Taehyung laughs at that. "I'm the father of his child." He says and they laugh, clearly not knowing what it all means. "Mate as in... I think in normal words would be similar to my husband?" Jeongguk tries to explain. "Oh! So you adopted the little girl!" One of them says.
They exchange a look. "May I have everyone's attention?" Jeongguk looks at them all. Taehyung grabs a glass and makes a sound with it. They look at them both. "As I promised, tonight will be a night full of magic, a night you will never forget." Jeongguk says.
They smile at him in a way that friends do. "And I'd like to start with my most precious magical being. My daughter. My son is sleep or I would show him to you too," Only Taehyung knows just what Jeongguk means by that. "She's lovely." One of the princesses says.
"She is. But she is not adopted." Jeongguk says, pulling his mate closer by his waist. "She is my daughter, my flesh and blood, and she is his too." They look confused, wondering if he is joking. But before they can question it, Taehyung smiles at Jeongguk and then turns.
A few of them step back, taken back. Jeongguk knows their thinking process. They must have thought that Jeongguk is just using some sort of trick. They must see this as a show. "Keep in mind that no one will harm anyone here tonight. So let's follow the wolf." Guk says.
He follows the wolf and some of them follow hesitantly. Other follow too when they see the first a few followers and once they get out someone holds a coat up and the wolf turns back to human, wearing it. "I hope you're ready for the performance of a lifetime!" The Omega says.
Namjoon has already instructed them all, showing them what they need to do and before they know it, the darkness of the night goes away. Water takes all over the sky, pretty fishes swimming in it. And then dragons flying through them. A rainbow appears.
Taehyung stands next to Jeongguk to watch it too as the creatures make a show. Enough of them has stayed to show how different they can be. The humans around are stunned. Some look excited, some confused, some shocked. Taehyung holds around Guk's waist. Their baby looks up too.
All kinds of creatures are around. Some that has been in scary stories of human kind for so long, except they are making something so beautiful, so stunning, the humans can't look away. And when they stop, little glitters fall from the sky and then the night comes again.
All magical creatures walk next to each other, standing under the moonlight side by side while the humans stand right in front of them. Jeongguk stands in the middle. "We live in a very big world, filled with the worlds we don't understand." Guk says.
"I didn't use any tricks. Your eyes are not deceiving you! This is the reason my mother has been trying to get you all to abandon the Kim land. But what she stopped you to see was this. A magical land filled with life, different from how you all know, yet beautiful." Guk says.
He lifts Taegguk up. "Just like her. A beautiful life between a wolf and someone who was born as a wolf, a human and a vampire. In human world she could never exist, even in this world she almost died over and over. But she's here now, alive!" He pulls her down and looks at her.
"I understand that it is shocking, even scary! And that is why you are all invited here to explore it all. This land and mine will always remain open to all of you, no matter who you are, no matter what kind! But I'm hoping by the end of this, we all get to share the world."
Jin walks next to Jeongguk. "I'm a wizard and I have given shelter to many different magical beings. And with no offense intended, my land is way more exciting and colorful than all of you. We just need peace, to be known. Just like my... brother-in-law said." Jin says.
"I know both sides will have so much so discuss. So drink on, eat and walk all over to talk and get to know each other's worlds. And you have our words that no one will get any harm." Taehyung says and Namjoon makes all the food and drink appear for all.
The rest of the night goes as everyone makes conversations, trying to discover other people's beings. Some seem scared at first before they watch more of what they have been missing all their lives. Jeongguk takes Taegguk back to let her sleep in peace.
Taehyung follows him. They look at their children with gentle smiles and then walk to the balcony to see the big party outside, still going on. Namjoon looks so excited to be a part of it. Jeongguk wraps his arms around his mate and rests his chin on his shoulder.
"You have no idea how badly I needed you here. There was no way I could do any of the things we did tonight if you were still gone." Jeongguk says. Taehyung leans onto his touch and smiles. "It would be so much easier if you'd just f*ck me in your rut when I was still here."
"I didn't think any of us would want to risk Taegguk's well being." "You give too much credit to your d*ck, it wasn't gonna k*ll me or her." "You know how my rut gets." "I do remember how we ended up having our first one cuz of it." Taehyung recalls with a chuckle.
"You should totally get some suppressants because even if I keep my sanity to wear the condom this time, it might break again. I love our babies but we're not building a sucker team." Jeongguk jokes. Taehyung laughs harder at that. "Why not?" He asks jokingly.
"How cute!" Namjoon suddenly appears. "I wished there was a knocking option for your magic." Guk says. "So would Jin hyung." Taehyung says jokingly. "Yeah keep laughing cuz you won't in a sec." Namjoon says. Guk lifts a brow. "Your babysitters... got busy."
Taehyung's smile quickly drops. "Busy?" "I don't know which one went to a heat or a rut but they told me to tell you that you might wanna stay away from them for the next a few days." Namjoon says. "Shit..." Jeongguk can imagine himself dying from a blue ball.
"And since your guests are still outside anyway, I would seriously advise you to keep it in your pants until it's all over." He uses his magic to separate them. "It means no hugging, no deep kisses or anything that would trigger his rut more."
"Are you joking?" Jeongguk is about to sob. He CAN'T do this anymore. "To be fair, you wanted to keep yourself sobber for at least another month. Suck it up. We're all trying to make things right again." Namjoon says. "My rut is gonna trigger his heat too." Guk reminds him.
"Don't make this about me. You're the ticking bomb here." Taehyung says. Jeongguk looks at him with a lifted brow. "I'm not the needy one in this relationship." Jeongguk says. "I can hold myself until everyone leaves. YOU are close to your rut." Tae reminds him.
"Even with my rut in the middle, you always crack first." Jeongguk says. "As lovely as this conversation is, I'm just gonna go. Your brothers are gonna need actual people to help them with this thing." Namjoon disappears. "Don't." Guk says like he knows what he is going to say.
"I didn't even say anything!" "You're thinking of proving me wrong." "You ARE wrong?" "Y'know what? We're gonna get our shit together until the guests leave and we know someone can watch the kids. I can delay my rut. But YOU will crack, I know."
"Your confidence is adorable." Taehyung says. "But you'll crack first. Y'know what? Let's make this until one of us cracks, not till the guests are gone. Let's see who really-" Guk pulls him closer, his eyes shining red. "The moment the guests are gone I'm having you on any bed."
The Omega looks back at him, his chest rising a bit more somehow. "I'm not gonna get into any petty bets. If it wasn't for our babies, I would have you right fucking now, even if I had to take you on the damn wall. Don't test me." Jeongguk warns him.
The Omega looks back at him, feeling the need in him grow by seconds. "I guess a little kiss wouldn't hurt!" He says. Just a kiss. Just one. But it's not a little. The moment their lips touch their mouths open too, going for a deep kiss only to suddenly be separated.
"Bad wolves, bad vampire What did I just tell you two?" Namjoon scolds them. "Don't make me put a spell on you." He teleports them back to the party outside. Taehyung looks at his mate again, biting his lip. He has no idea how they are even going to handle this.
Because to be fair it's not one of them that cracks both of them are already shattered and just looking for the smallest excuse to jump each other. There is only one thought that keeps him sane. The longer this goes the harder his alpha is gonna take him. He looks forward to it.
Jeongguk smiles sweetly at the man in front of himself, trying to pay attention to everything he says but his attention is on the Omega on the other side of the room, talking to the current pack leader of the pack his father banished. "Yes it's unfortunate." He says.
The man blinks a few times. "It's unfortunate that my son just got born?" He asks in confusion and Jeongguk realizes that he answered to what the other alpha said to Taehyung instead of the prince in front of himself. The alpha said they were planning to talk more!
"I mean it's unfortunate that it took so long." He says. "I'm eighteen." The prince says. Jeongguk smiles, trying not to lose his cool. "Inspiring!" Jeongguk says. "Excuse me for a moment." He walks away and reaches his Omega and the other alpha.
"Hello! What are we talking about?" Guk asks. "Can you not?" The pack leader asks, holding his nose. "I'm sorry. As you can tell my mate is trying to delay his rut. He's that committed to what is happening here." Taehyung says. "More committed than his commitment to his mate?"
Jeongguk releases more of his pheromones, pushing his tongue onto his cheek in offense. "Can we?" Taehyung pulls his away until they get to a less crowded spot. "Calm the f*ck down! "I've been calm enough. I'm gonna explode." Jeongguk says truthfully.
He had held back for a month before Taegguk, Tae was away for about a week and it has been two days since he came back. They even tried to sleep in different rooms but it seemed to just make Jeongguk worse. "I'm angry at everything, I'm gonna cry." Jeongguk says.
He puts his forehead on the Omega's shoulder, trying to relay on it. He has drunk three times from him the last day, once today and it's just noon! "Just drink, it's okay." The Omega says. Jeongguk just shakes his head without lifting it from his shoulder.
He can't just delay this forever and they both know it. The pheromones are starting to get to the Omega too. "Guk!" He says, noticing the way his own pheromones are leaking. Jeongguk lifts his head and looks into his, looking as if he is spelled.
Yoongi and Jimin are still away, They take turns in checking on the kids. Hoseok is currently looking over them but he will have to come back for some of the conversations. Same goes for Jin. And Namjoon can't leave, he needs to keep the security tight. It SUCKS.
Taehyung breathes out harsher, trying to hold himself from losing all his senses. This is probably his least favorite part of being a wolf. "I..." He says. Jeongguk's eyes are on his lips and then ook up onto his eyes. "You need to look after your baby." Namjoon appears.
He pushes them apart and even Taehyung feels the annoyance Jeongguk feels. "I'm gonna hit you." Jeongguk says. He never says anything even remotely violent so they all know that he is reaching the peak of his patience. "Try it beastie, I can take you." Namjoon says.
"How many more days do we have to do this?" Taehyung asks. "Until these people leave." Namjoon says. "Hold your penis for a few more days." "Rut is not just sexual. It's like... all these pent-up feelings. I gotta let it out somehow. Weather it's s*x or a freaking war."
"To be fair, I've never seen an alpha staying calm this long. This is literally one of the reasons a lot of packs end up having fights." Taehyung says. "I don't think it's even wise to keep him like this around anymore." "He's the face of this whole thing right now."
"And that is exactly why..." Taehyung growls. "Jeongguk, just drink from me. I can't take your pheromones anymore." "I'm not drinking." "Why the f*ck not?" "You let some other vampire drink from you too." Guk says in a sulking voice. The other two look dumbfounded.
"Am I tripping or did he already know that the whole room AND your mom had drunk from you?" Namjoon asks. "That's different. He got someone to drink from his neck." Jeongguk says. "How do you even know that?" Taehyung asks, Guk glares at him.
"What is he talking about?" Namjoon asks. "When I was down there, literally stuck. I froze a vampire and got them to heal me. Only Yoongi hyung and the vampire were there and Yoongi hyung obviously didn't tell him." "You should have told me." Guk says.
"I would but that had been the last thing in my mind in the past a few days. I forgot it even happened. I needed to recover fast to save myself AND Taegguk." "I don't like it. You know I don't like it. First you let them drink from you, before you know you let them turn you!"
Taehyung hits his forehead, speechless. "How did you get to that conclusion?" Namjoon asks in confusion. "You know I love you and I love every side of you but I'd rather die that being turned. You know that." Tae says. Namjoon is even more confused by that defense.
"It leaves a taste. I was trying to ignore it at first but I can taste the damn venom. It's not as strong anymore but I hate it. It's driving me fucking nuts." Jeongguk says. "You're being unreasonable." Taehyung says. Some people start noticing that they are arguing.
"You guys might wanna tone it down." Jin says as he joins them. "Great, just another person to scold me." Jeongguk says in frustration. Jin flicks his fingers, they teleport to Junghwa's room. Junghwa is...on the ceiling. "What did I tell you about climbing the wall?" Tae asks.
"You said you don't want to see me doing it. You didn't see me." Junghwa says. "Just let him play." Hoseok says as he continues changing the baby girl. "Junghwa, get down from there." Jin say. Jeongguk and Tae's hearts almost drop when he jumps down.
"Now I need you all to calm down. First of all, Junghwa stop climbing things. I know you're bored and you want to get out but you're not a full vampire yet and you WILL di* if you hit your head or break it." Jin scolds him. Junghwa blinks a few times, a bit scared.
"Second of all, you really need to stop trying to break them up. They are in the same house, they affect each other anyway. I'm pretty sure all the supernaturals already know that he is holding back." Jin says, looking at Namjoon. "Even the humans get it, let it go."
"It's not just the guests. It's the babies too." Namjoon reminds him. "They have been here for long enough. If they wanted to know about each other's world, they have found out enough. what they decide at the end is gonna take forever to know." Jin says.
"forever." Jeongguk is starting to feel sick and he is not even the only one. The Omega looks numb too. "So here is what we are going to do. We're sending them away so they won't have to rush things. They know we're rushing them. Then we'll ask them over when the time comes."
Junghwa looks at his father's. "I wanna be him when I grow up." He says. Taehyung would get offended but it's pretty clear that Jin has way more talent in this 'being a king' thing than the rest of them. Jin snorts at the little boy.
"Your brother must be tired of going back and forth to your kingdom too. You look f*cking exhausted. So we'll send them all off tonight, tomorrow tops. We let them discover whatever they want in time. Your brother can get back to your land properly to take care of things."
"I'll take care of things here like I always do." Jin adds. "Just one tiny problem." Namjoon says, lifting Junghwa up. "And another tiny one there." He says right when Taegguk starts crying. "Didn't you say you wanted to play with them?" Jin asks.
Namjoon's eyes suddenly start sparkling. "NO!" Taehyung and Jeongguk both say at the same time. Namjoon looks at the babies in a way that even Junghwa starts feeling creeped out. "With the guests out, you only have to guard here." Jin says. "He can handle it."
"We're gonna have so much fun together." The wizard says, lifting Taegguk higher. Taehyung and Jeongguk exchange a terrified look. "Dads?" Junghwa calls for them. Hoseok puts the baby in Namjoon's arms, looking at him thoughtfully. "Seems fine to me." Hoseok says.
"You let Junghwa climb the freaking wall. Like you have a say in this." Taehyung says. "Guess you just have to hold it all for longer then." Hoseok says with a shrug. Jeongguk looks devastated at that. He is three seconds away from hitting his head to a wall.
He's not crazy! He just wants to explode. From anger? Sadness? Love? He has no idea what it even is anymore. "Don't worry. I'm the strongest wizard around. What can go wrong?" Namjoon asks. "Suck it up you two. Just one more night and then you'll be all free." Jin says.
"You promised I could play with them." Namjoon says. "Technically, you asked for a promise but I never said yes." Jeongguk says. Taehyung sighs. "Just... come to us if anything goes wrong. I won't care how invested we are in what we'll be doing." Tae says.
"Yoongi and Jimin will probably come back before you two anyway." Hoseok points out. Jeongguk is still unsure. "I'll talk to Jeongguk." Taehyung says and then pulls him out of the room. Namjoon is alerted but Jin stops him from following them. "Trust them." He says.
They get to their own room and Taehyung closes it. He stands in front of him and holds his cheeks. Jeongguk is pouting. "Look at me." "It's like leaving our babies with a bigger baby." Jeongguk points out. "I'm okay. I can-" "I said look at me." Tae cuts him.
"Your wolf is more protective in this form and I know Namjoon is not the first person we think of when it comes to the kids but it's only until your rut wears off and f*ck Guk, we need this." The Omega says. "Both of us. You come first here."
Jeongguk looks a bit calmer at that. "I know you're insanely patient even to this point but the longer you delay it, the longer it's gonna backfire in a form. Us dealing with it is probably the healthiest way to go with it. No one will get hurt. Especially not the kids."
That gets his attention. "And not you. I can see that it's hurting you to stay calm when you're an emotional mess and I can't see you like this anymore. It's gonna be okay. He might act childish sometimes but do you think he'd do anything that would hurt them?" "No..."
"It's just about the priorities. We did our part for the guests, we're still going to be there for our babies but only when we're safe for them. And right now Namjoon is a way safer option. Let me help you feel better when they leave." He says, pressing his forehead onto his.
He nods slowly, smiling when the Omega bumps his nose onto his. "Drink from me? Last time until tonight so it can calm you?" He suggests. Jeongguk shakes his head. "It'll just make me angrier. I don't like the taste." The alpha says.
"Doesn't it go away?" Tae asks. "It does every time I drink and inject my own venom but I can still taste a bit of it. And it just... I don't like it." He says. Taehyung licks his lip. "I'm sorry." He says, looking down. "I really just needed a way to heal and get out."
"I get it. And really it sounds so badass and I bet if it was any other time it could have even turn me on. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I'm just so upset." Jeongguk explains. "I'll try to be badass another way next time." Taehyung says with a smile.
"No. There shouldn't even be a next time. I'll never let you be in a situation like that again." Guk says. "Stop being so cute, I might actually jump you." The Omega says in a whine. Jeongguk smiles back and inhales his scent. "One more night!" "One more night."
They walk outside and try to really take their distance this time. The only thing that keeps Jeongguk sane and focused is counting down the time until they all go. Some of these creatures might read his mind and know that he just wants them gone. Well... oops! But it's true!
Thankfully Jin and Hoseok are handling everything so well and everyone seems to be willing to go back to their lands and take care of their matters. He politely answers to all their last questions and matters and says a farewell to everyone.
It's later that midnight when Taehyung checks on the babies. Most of the guests have left and the rest will leave in the morning. Junghwa is sleeping and Taehyung feeds his little girl from the bottle. Namjoon looks excited. "Do you wanna try?" He asks. The wizard nods quickly.
He lets him hold the baby girl and then helps him with the bottle. Namjoon's eyes really sparkle from it. It's kind of cute. And Taegguk falls asleep again. "It's okay, you can go. I'll take care of them. I doubt anyone that's left is gonna attack others anyway."
"Are you sure?" Taehyung asks. "Yeah. Do get that as*. Or d*ck... or however you do it." Namjoon says and the Omega laughs, trying not to wake the kids with it. He smiles one last time at the wizard and then heads to the room next to it. He opens the door.
He doesn't even know when it happens but he's suddenly pressed against the bed and Jeongguk is looking down at him. Did he just use his vampire speed? "I'd be a gentleman but I don't have it in me to hold it for another second." The alpha says, leaning down.
He presses a hard kiss on his neck, sucking down, hard enough to leave a mark. The Omega knows how this goes. Jeongguk has never been gentle on his rut and he always likes to leave marks. It could be kiss marks, or bites or his finger spots, a knot... Or babies!
He just seems to love leaving all sorts of marks that would remind the Omega of tonight for as long as they can. And Tae is just happy he listened to Jeongguk and took the suppressants because somehow he always lets Jeongguk do whatever he wants when he's on his rut.
Like the way Jeongguk gets rid of his clothes and continues leaving hard kissing marks down his skin, like he is making art on his Omega's body. Maybe a part of him likes being marked. He's an Omega after all. He looks down at him spreading his legs.
He is leaking already and the way Jeongguk is observing it makes his hole twitch in need. The alpha looks up suddenly with so much desire in his eyes, the kind of lust that makes the Omega shiver in both want and even a little bit of fear. Guk gets up to strip from his boxers.
Jeongguk is the one who has been on his rut but maybe it's because they are connected through their bond because the Omega is feeling chocked up by it too. He watches Jeongguk climb on top of him, spreading his legs up to his neck in the process until their faces meet again.
They don't need to speak. He can tell all the emotions on Guk's face. The way he is silently admiring him, silently telling him to be ready, that he will keep the foreplay for later because he can't take another second out of him. He feels him slowly slip inside.
His mouth drops open, his eyes staring at Jeongguk with something between pain and relief. So Jeongguk kisses his lips, bottoming down. He holds him tight, not even caring if his fingers leave their marks on him. He rolls his hip slightly, rubbing against his prostate.
The omega almost bites his lip, whining in the kiss. But Jeongguk just kisses him deeper, moving his hips in deep thrusts. The omega throws his head back, feeling some sort of pain that must have come from Jeongguk's delayed rut, like he had needed him for so long!
But before he knows it Jeogguk pulls out of him and moves closer to his face. He strokes himself faster until his c*m hits the Omegas face, painting him white. Jeongguk once told him that the Omega just wanted to be full, it didn't matter from where. He was right!
Because the moment he tastes his alpha and feels him push inside his mouth, he feels the excitement again. He wants to get him harder again, using his hands to help. The way Jeongguk looks down at him makes it so hard not to c*m untouched!
Jeongguk thrusts into his mouth. "Such a good boy, so perfect for me."He says, patting his hair as the Omega sucks on him. He looks back. Watching how hard the Omega leaks on the bed and licks his lip. He reaches back and rouches his p*cker teasingly. That does it.
He pulls away when he feels the way the Omega starts shaking in his own orga*m. "So pretty." He says, not looking away from how his body jurks. "And all mine." He gets closer to his cheeks to spread them and pushes two of his fingers in, watching the way the Omega reacts.
"So needy! You like my fingers this much?" "Jeongguk!" The Omega sounds so chocked up. Jeongguk doesn't say anything, he just fingers him harder, rubbing his fingers on the spot he knows makes the Omega weak. The way Jeongguk smirks at it should be a sin.
He's not sure if it's the vampire in him or the alpha but it clearly wants to tear him apart. He pulls his finger out, leaving the Omega frustrated. "What is it Petal?" He asks, touching the sensitive p*cker again. "Empty?" "YES!" "Then ride my tongue baby boy."
The Omega is too lost to get it at first until Jeongguk lays down on his back and starts pulling him closer by his lips. He hesitates at first when Jeongguk pulls him closer to his face. "It's okay, just sit down." Jeongguk says and he does. Jeongguk spreads his cheeks.
He cries out loud when Jeongguk sucks on his twitching hole and licks the slick off of it, pushing his tongue inside. It's soft and small, kind of frustrating but it feels strangely good. He should be embarrassed by how much he's enjoying the tongue inside of him.
Jeongguk is not being gentle, he is taking his time eating him out like he is just playing with his favorite meal and Tae can't stop moving his hips, rubbing it down to get more friction. His eyes fall on Jeongguk's growing shaft. He reaches for it greedily.
Jeonngguk bites him when he feels the Omega taking him in his mouth again, sucking on the same spot. He spreads him wider, watching the way the slick drips out and licking it off. "So f*cking sweet. Tasting so good petal." He prases him and the Omega sucks his c*ck harder.
Jeongguk thrusts up into his mouth, getting closer to his org*sm again. It's obvious from the way he's eating him out too, making it harder for the Omega to hold it in. Jeongguk hasn't even touched his c*ck once and he already wants to c*m again. And he does!
Just when Jeongguk's hits the back of his throat. He doesn't let the alpha pull out, milking him out, drinking anything the alpha offers until the last drop. He pulls away once he had and Jeongguk pulls him up to kiss his lips, tasting himself on his lips and loving it.
"Do you even know how perfect you are for me?" The alpha asks against his lips and pecks on them again. "If you let anyone drink from you again from your neck, I'm gonna f*cking k*ll them. This is all mine." He touches his neck. "Everything you own is mine."
The way Jeongguk's pheromones from his rut keeps the Omega ready for more is insane. A part of him is scared he might not be able to keep up, Jeongguk is a vampire after all! that is until Jeongguk pushes his fangs in and drinks. And it feels euphoric!
And when Jeongguk injects his venom, he knows that he is not going to stop until he'll only taste like him. A jealous alpha is already too much to handle, a jealous vampire is worse. And the worse part is that the Omega actually loves it.
"Better?" Jeongguk asks. The other man nods. "Good because I'm not nearly done with you. Gonna knot you over and over, gonna breed you so hard you'll feel a part of me for months again. Won't let you forget how you feel when I'm in you." He turns him around.
The Omega goes on his knees and sticks his as* up for him until the vampire enters him again. Jeongguk grabs his hair and pulls him up until his back presses against his chest. He bites onto the shell of his ear and builds up a thrust, playing with his nipples.
"Gonna breed you so hard, you want that don't you? You love bearing my pups." The alpha whispers next to his ears. "Y-yes." The Omega shouts in a cry, feeling like he needs it. He wants to have anything Jeongguk gives him, to keep it all. "Of course you do. My greedy Petal."
He honors his promise because the Omega loses count of how many times the alpha knots him and replaces it with another in the next four days. Or how many times he drinks from him and promises to impregnate him despite the suppressants making it impossible.
He surprises himself too by keeping up with the vampire until the alpha calms down, knowing that his rut has mostly passed. He knows because Jeongguk is moving so slow inside, looking deep into his eyes, actually making love to him, even his kisses being sweet.
"I love you." He whispers against his lips right before filling him up even more with his c*m, it spills out because of the knot that is already keeping him f*ll. It triggers the other man's orga*m too, he ends up c*mming between their bellies and kisses him harder.
"Love you too." He whispers back. Jeongguk smiles, kissing his forehead and then nose and then pecks on his lips again. "You're so amazing." He says. The other man smiles back tiredly and then bites his lip when Jeongguk pulls out of his sensitive hole, more of his c*m leaks.
Jeongguk grabs a wet towel to clean them, the Omega keeps shivering every time the towel touches his hole. "Do you want me to heal you?" "Do I still taste like him?" "No, just like me." "Then no. I like it. Just tired." He mumbles, barely staying up. "Hug me?"
Jeongguk pulls him in a tight hug and kisses his neck a few times. Taehyung smiles wider, letting his eyes close up. He is so tired, his as* is sore but it was so worth it. Even if he ends up sleeping for the next two days, only getting up for food and more hugs or kisses.
He lets Jeongguk drink and heal him the next day. "I'm so glad you're a vampire too." He confesses with a laugh. when they get back outside, they just want to see their babies. Yoongi and Jimin are already there with Namjoon when they get there.
Jeongguk holds his little girl with a gentle smile. "Told you I can take care of them." Namjoon says. "Can I play with them again?" "Any time you want." Jeongguk says. Taehyung sits next to Junghwa, listening to his stories about the things he did with Namjoon.
Jeongguk is still not sure what tomorrow will bring. He remembers how he felt when he thought he had to choose between her being alive and giving her a life that'd be hell or losing her. The day he had to choose between her and everyone else.
The fact that they found a way to keep her alive is a miracle, one he will always be grateful for. Back then, he thought that his vampire side was evil. He wanted to avoid it, never really thought of it as a part of himself until Taehyung refused to let him get rid of it.
And as he looks at his babies, the ones that carry his genes, that also have wolf and vampire in them, he understands. There is no way that side of him was evil. Not when it kept them alive. Not when they have it too, not when all he sees in them is innocence.
He loves every part of them. And him! No wonder he chased after him life after life, loved him in every life. There is no one else like him, not for Jeongguk. Strong, independent, kind, smart, everything he had ever wanted in a mate even if he never knew he did.
Jimin pulls Tae away. And he knows that from today on, he will make sure they will be safe. They will rule their lands alongside their brothers to create the safest place possible for them all while looking after their children as well.
Guk is so emotional by it all until- "Remember when you said Guk got so hot during his rut that when he said he wanted to breed you you caved and thought it was a great idea? I get it now and I'm terrified. I wasn't on surpressants." His eyes grow wider from his brother's words.
-Less than 22 years later- Taegguk sighs deeply as she looks into the mirror. Someone knocks on the door and she looks at it. "Come on." The door opens up and his father walks in. He smiles, looking a little emotional. "Look at my little pumpkin all grown up!"
She snorts. "I'm not little anymore." "You're always little to me." Jeongguk says, putting a flower on her hair. "You look so pretty." "Got it from my dad." "Omegas have it easy." "Him too, but I meant you too." she says. Jeongguk hugs her tightly.
"Happy 'almost' birthday." He says, trying not to show his emotions even though the memories are hitting him again. Her birthday always reminds him that she was almost never born. Of the fact that he was the reason for that. "You know I love you, right?" she asks, like she knows.
Jeongguk closes his eyes, letting it sink in. "Not as much as I love you." He says. Her smile drops slightly as she looks down. "Are you worried about tonight?" She nods slightly. "What if it goes wrong?" "You'll be okay, we'll be there every step of your transformation."
"Junghwa was a pain in the ass when he did it." She reminds him. "It was our first time. We're more prepared now. And he's okay." Jeongguk says. She shrugs. "Come on, everyone are waiting for you princess." She holds his arm and walks outside with him.
There are all kinds of creatures outside. She has heard stories, all kinds of them. Mostly from how they used to be hidden, how only her uncle had sheltered them. And how his fathers along with his uncles and their husbands had helped them show themselves to the world.
It took time but they ended up settling around the world without fearing for their lives. This is the second time every since those days that they have all gathered here. The first time was when Junghwa turned twenty-two and was going to transform, now for her.
They are so beautiful! They say that she was a difficult one to keep. That they almost lost her a few times but she is sort of grateful that she got to be alive and see the beautiful magical creatures. To see her brother grow, to see her cousins grow with their parents.
Yoongi and Jimin are talking to their twin daughters and son about something. Namjoon is helping with the magic and the show while Jin looks at him with a fond expression. She watched their love develop and her eyes fall on someone else too. Hoseok smiles at her.
He was like a third father to her. He did keep her in his belly for a very long time after all, and every time they are together, Hoseok's wolf becomes more alive. And as he stands next to his partner, she can only smile back. She doesn't want to forget all these!
Taehyung and Junghwa walk closer to them. Seeing Junghwa comfort her a bit because she remembers him and seeing him remember again... it helps! "Everyone are here for you pumpin." Taehyung says, brushing her hair back. "Are you scared?" Junghwa asks.
She nods quickly. "Don't be. It's actually pretty cool to be a vampire." Junghwa says. "I'll teach you everything." "As long as you have love, your wolf will always come back." Taehyung says, looking at Jeongguk who smiles back, knowing what he means.
She looks more relaxed at that because she knows that she had been loved, even before she was born and they have given her so much to the point that she has so much love to give back. "Can I have this dance?" Taehyung asks Jeongguk. "Ah, my king!" He jokes and joins him.
They start dancing with the slow song, holding each other. "When did they grow up?" Taehyung asks. "I have no idea." Jeongguk says. "She was all panicky last night. she was like, what if I never found love. I reminded her that her mate will age with her and they die together."
"I bet it worked. She likes those sort of fairy tales." "We both know there is no such thing as a fairy tale. Everything is real." The Omega says. Jeongguk looks into his eyes and smiles when the omega's eyes turn blue. "Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Because I just remembered my own transformation. I thought you kidnapped my kid." Jeongguk says. Taehyung laughs, turning in the dance. "You weren't wrong." "You did but turned out you kidnapped OUR kid. You put me through hell to find you." Jeongguk says.
"You're the only one who ever finds me anyway. Once she finishes transforming, we're gonna let them take over and ditch this whole place. Gonna kidnap you and get somewhere no one can find us." Taehyung says. "Namjoon can!" "Way to ruin the moment!"
Jeongguk laughs and pulls him to his chest. "Fine, let's do it. Kidnap me, let's see what kind of world we've built." Jeongguk says. Taehyung closes his eyes and smiles at the thought. "I'd love that." Who would have thought their story would come to this!
And what is more exciting is that there is so much more to come! A lot has changed, their world evolved, their children grew, their friends made their own families. Only one thing remained the same. "I love you." It's the love they had for each other. "I love you too." -The end-
Thank you very much for reading and keeping this story alive until the very end. I missed petal characters so much, it was hard to end this and let them go again haha! I hope you enjoyed the story as well. I love and purple you to the moon and back~


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