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May 13, 2022
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namgikook au : jungha /wants/ to finally give all of herself to her boyfriend namjoon, but he...he's just so /big/, it makes her nervous. thank god they have min yoongi to help her through her predicament.

cw// nsfw, kinda pwp, cisswap jungkook, established nk, eventual ngk, first time, sliiiight virginity kink, writing as i go, jungha feels a little guilty but nj doesn't mind it, dw. they work it out. inspired by cc anon!! ♡ pls don't reply, feel free to qrt and interact! ♡
they've been trying for three weeks, now. each time, jungha's sure it'll work, and each time, her body decides to be the bitch it is and ruin all her plans for a passionate night of first time lovemaking. it's frustrating and humiliating, makes her worry nj will think that
she's not actually ready. but she /is/ (god, is she ready). she can't count on both hands the number of nights she's lain in bed with three fingers opening up her cunt, whining and imagining the heavy weight of her boyfriend on top of her as he does it instead.
and he has, in a way. she remembers the time she'd climbed into his lap and desperately asked him to finger her, so wet the slick seemed to be making a puddle in her panties, and he'd-- well, he'd tried. but she just... would not open up.
it got worse (better?) when she actually saw his dick. it was so pretty, so big and red and jungha could not stop herself from leaning over and sucking the head into her mouth and groaning at the taste of him. but it /also/ meant her pussy was a sudden self-proclaimed no go zone.
which is what leads them here. it's a saturday night in nj's big apartment that he finally managed to buy as his first ever published novel took off. he's on the road to great thing, jungha knows, which just irrationally makes her feel worse about her Problem.
yg is here too. her head is on his lap as his fingers comb through her hair, so soothing she'd purr if she was able to. nj is trying to set up the ancient dvd player to watch tangled but keeps pressing buttons that open and close the dvd port rapidly.
he's so smart, but with things like this... "namjoon-ah," yg huffs a laugh, gently easing jungha's head off his lap with a soft "one second, baby." he helps her boyfriend, shows him how to open it, when to insert the dvd, how to close it. nj is pink with embarrassment
as he nods through it all, and jungha watches how they smile at each other, one in thanks and the other in something like endearment with a smile of her own. she's ecstatic that her boyfriend and her longest friend gets along so well.
the movie is as dreamy as ever. but halfway through it, jungha gets a sudden, abrupt thought that nj will leave her if she doesn't let up soon. it's the silliest thing ever, she'd know if she wasn't battling with heaps of insecurity for weeks, but right now it's so plausible
that she buries her face in yg's shoulder and cries. they're on her in an instant, yg pausing the movie and nj gasping softly when jungha obviously sniffles. "baby, what's wrong?" nj asks, so gentle when he touches her waist and seeks her face.
she can't get it out at first. probably for the better, seeing as someone not in their relationship is present to hear her worries, but it's/yg/, yg always understands. he won't think anything of it. he makes her feel so open and comfortable, the words slip out through a sniffle-
"i'm sorry you can't fuck me," jungha wails, lifting her head from yg's shoulder to look over tearfully at her boyfriend. nj pauses, gaping, glasses skew on his face. even in her tear-ridden state, she reaches over and fixes them for him before she sobs and falls on his chest.
"what?" it's yg who asks this. "joon-ah... what is she--?" "baby," nj says in jungha's ear, "must i tell him? do you want him to know?" and yg has solutions for everything, gives the best advice, she doesn't know why she didn't think of asking him about it earlier so she nods.
nj tells him, censoring it as much as possible, and yg tuts in sympathy and strokes jungha's hair. "ah, you really want it, don't you?" jungha looks at him and nods, clutching nj's shirt. yg's sharp features are softened into a look he reserves only for her (and nj, when he's
having his especially 'himbo' moments, but maybe jungha's the only one who knows that.) "what do i do?" she asks, far beyond embarrassment at this point. yg looks up at nj carefully, seems to search his face before humming in thought and tilting jungha's face up.
"can i be explicit?" jungha goes a little pink at the words paired with his deep, raspy voice, but she nods. "do you want to try something with oppa here?" jungha blinks as nj inhales sharply behind her. "what d'you mean?" "joon-ah, ever eat her out?"
jungha's body might as well go up in flames for how much it burns. she buries her face in her hands as nj murmurs, "tried." "hm? jungie, you didn't like it?" yg asks as he gently pries jungha's hands from her face. she can barely stop herself from squirming on the big sofa,
feeling that telltale wetness gather between her legs at the topic of conversation and the memory of her boyfriend looking up at her with his mouth against that spot that makes her see stars. "n-no, i liked it." "did you cum?" "oppa," jungha breathes, actually squirming now.
"i asked you something," yg says, but his eyes follow her thighs as they rub against each other, how her hands clutch the hem of her sweater. "n-no... i uhm, spooked?" nj drops his chin on her shoulder and rubs his fingers over her hip bones idly. the air is filling with
a sort of heavy tension, something unsaid that makes jungha's heart thud, pulse flutter. "wouldn't open up for me," nj says, almost pouting. "it's not that," jungha stutters, knowing fully well that it was. she'd backed out when he tried to insert a finger, still aroused
out of her mind but too anxious to do anything about it. yg makes a thoughtful noise, looking between the two, before he bites his lips once and says, "do you want to try now?" jungha's mind blanks. she's so wet she can practically feel it against her clit.
"that could work," nj says, sounding so agreeing that one wouldn't believe a third party just asked him to eat out his girlfriend in front of them. nosing up jungha's neck, he asks, "does baby want to?" jungha's nervous, but she's also painfully turned on and can feel
the familiar press of nj's dick against the small of her back. "is oppa really...?" yg smiles and brushes back her hair. "i want whatever you want, jungha." she swallows, before slowly turning around and laying back until her head is comfortably in yg' lap, spreading her legs.
"eung," she says, wiping away the last of her tears. "want it." nj looks at her like he doesn't know whether to kiss or eat her, so he just opts for cursing softly and sliding down her pj's with slow hands, giving her time to back out. she doesn't, just lifts her hips and gasps
when yg's fingers curl under her chin, a light weight against her throat. "still okay?" nj checks, kissing down her thighs. jungha whines and spreads her legs, unashamed when she hooks her thumbs over the waistband of her panties and tries to peel them off. yg stops her,
reaching over to collect her hands and clasp them over her head with his grip around both wrists. the restraint makes her gasp. "let your joonie do everything, mm? you just lie still and be good." "nng." nj’s eyes are dark as they glance between jungha and her best friend.
"you're so wet," he teases, fingers prodding the slick patch gathering against the cotton of her underwear. he's devious when he leans in and nuzzles his nose in, making jungha squeak and jerk, hand straining in yg's grasp. "o-oppa-!" "mm?" yg answers, smiling.
"n–nnoooo, joonie-oppa--ah!" said oppa slips her panties to the side and slides his tongue up the whole length of her pussy with reverent moan. it's so warm, slick, hot that jungha's chest heaves, mouth open as her boyfriend seems to try and devour her.
a finger slips over her chin and against her lip. she's so out of it that she doesn't even think before closing her lips around it and sucking it in, tongue teasing around the digit and cheeks hollowing like it's a cock in her mouth. yg mutters, "fuck," before slipping his thumb
further into her mouth. her resounding moan prompts nj to look up from his meal. if jungha just opened her eyes, she'd see how nj's eyes narrow and how yg's own darken, tongue poking the corner of his lips. nj's doing things with his mouth jungha's virgin mind can't comprehend.
she closes her thighs around his ears when he throws them over his shoulders and burrows in further against her cunt, arms holding down her hips, mouth open and tongue teasing her entrance. miraculously, she doesn't close up. she's so focused on the thumb in her mouth and
the feeling of nj's fingers coming up to tease her nipples under her sweater that her moan is loud and euphoric when nj finally wiggles his tongue into her hole. it's so /long/ massages the walls of her ribbed pussy and thrusting in and out filthily.
"you're doing so well, baby," yg whispers, leaning over until his lips are at her ear. she shivers, full-body, and feels herself go slack when nj's finger slips inside. it feels – amazing. "th—aaank you," she manages to breathe, for both of them. nj moans and adds another finger
to pump in and out of her gently as his tongue circles her clit before he wraps his lips around the swollen pearl and sucks. "can i touch, jungha?" yg asks, unsure for the first time tonight. she's half delirious when she nods, feels nj nod too, and yg keeps nj's stare when
he slips the large neck of jungha's thin sweater over her breasts to expose them. the cool air against her nipples is a relief and a danger, and even more so when yg's spit-slicked fingers find one and /tugs/. "grew up so well," yg murmurs. jungha opens her eyes, tears pooling,
and catches how intense and heavy his gaze is on her breasts, on her face, on nj still fingering her cunt and licking around the pink rim of it. the sight of his dirty blond hair falling over her lower belly as he tongues her pussy is so erotic. she sucks harder around yg's thumb
and her throaty moans crescendo when nj adds a third finger. she's never felt so full, so slick and tight but open everywhere. nj between her legs and yg leaning over to suck a nipple into his mouth, it's all too much, it's all—
"/oppa/," she cries as she finally, finally cums. yg pulls his warm mouth off her nipple and grips her hands in his as her back arches and hips jerk against nj's mouth, orgasm coursing through every nerve until it's nothing but a rushing woosh in her ears. nj's fingers don't
let up their curling and prodding, drawing out her climax until it feels like he's milked every last drop of slick from her cunt and all she can do is shake her head and try to squirm away from his incessant mouth. yg holds her still long enough for her to sob and cum again,
wailing in pleasured pain as something unfamiliar wets her nether region entirely. she worries for a horrible second that she's... /done/ something, but nj just pulls back and groans as jungha'a cunt spews out a dribble of slick over his hand. "n'more," jungha begs turning over,
and nj listens, drawing his fingers out one by one. "fffuck," junghs breathes, blinking rapidly to ease the white spots in her vision. "oppa-" they both answer, hands gently cradling her face and chin. yg and nj meet eyes for what must be the nth time that night,
but this time it's accompanied by amused smiles. "my pussy was good," jungha mumbles happily, bleary and sleepy from two orgasms not even a minute apart. "let joonie in." "she did," nj chuckles, petting her slick, chubby lips gently. she whines from oversensitivity, so he huffs
a laugh and pulls away. "well done," nj whispers agaisnt her lips after a soft kiss. jungha holds him agaisnt her and deepens it, desperate for the taste of herself mixing with his. "aren't you going to say thank you to your oppa?" nj says once they pull apart
with a soft, slick noise. jumgha tips her head back and meets yg's eyes, which watch her with a tenderness that seems very, very different from what it was when she was seventeen. it's a risky move that she prays nj doesn't misunderstand, but she grips the back of yg's hair
and tugs him down, slow. his eyes widen, but she doesn't let him overthink it as she surges up to meet his lips in an upside-down kiss, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth as his hands fall on nj's where they hold her shoulders.
it's warm, wet. yg uses his tongue in a way that makes jungha dizzy thinking about what he could do with it between her legs, but he pulls away before she can get too excited again. "thank you, oppa," she remembers to say, eyes beseeching.
yg is very, very quiet. his thumb strokes her lip and, just like before, jungha sucks it in and looks up at him from under her lashes with big eyes. "you're welcome," yg says, voice almost resigned. in a rapid turn of events, nj reaches over and grips yg's chin
between his fingers, leaning over to drop a quick, chaste kiss on yg's lips. jungha gasps, delighted as yg seems to chase nj's lips with a puzzled expression that makes him look like a confused cat. nj smiles, strokes yg's cheek and says, "thank you, hyung."
[ end: :D i didn't follow the prompt to the T which i hope is ok bc i wanted that little last scene to happen!! who knows, i might even right jungha's First Dicking as well B-) depends on feedback, honestly. anyway, hope you enjoyed this little pwp thread :D ]
as always, feel free to share your thoughts here ♡
zinnia 🍒

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