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Kdj is a huli jing/gumiho disguised as a eunuch, scheming with concubines in exchange for treasures and stories for his nest. Crown prince kdj, who has been through countless of assassinations, cheating death, finds out who has been making these plan.

All of the evidence pointed towards the seemingly innocent kdj. It seemed like most of the other officials and servants either feared or sided with kdj and many concubines kept their mouths shut when it came to him.
Yjh needed more evidence to make an example of kdj and establish his power. So he decided to follow kdj on his day off. Kdj got a rare day off and decided to go rest in his nest.
It’s been weeks since he went back home, so he made sure he was packed with his favorite books and snacks.
Yjh tailed the fox. It didn’t take long before they were in the mountains. They finally reached kdj’s nest and yjh watched in the trees to see what this eunuch was doing in the mountains. And there was a poof.
Kdj turned into a fluffy fox, jumping into his nest and making himself comfortable. Yjh had no words. The scheming eunuch that gave his sleepless nights trying to cheat death was actually a little fox. He was tempted to turn it into a scarf for his sister.
Kdj was too busy organizing his nest and making himself comfortable to notice anything. He curled up into a fluffy ball with a book open and read. He read for almost the whole day before he dozed off. Yjh ended up wasting the whole day watching the fox do nothing…
A vein popped on yjh’s forehead. Should he just turn it into a scarf rn? He jumped down and looked the nest. It was filled with random Knick knacks like a jade toad, silk handkerchiefs and lots of books and paintings. It looked uncomfortable,but the fox still slept soundly.
Yjh decided to leave kdj alone for now. It seemed like today’s observations were not entirely fruitless. He now knew that kdj wasn’t human, but an actual scheming spirit.
Yjh continued investigating the fox. During his month long observations, he learned many things:
Yjh concluded that kdj needed to be locked up… for the sake of the kingdom… But it didn’t seem possible since the palace was wrapped around his thumb (paw?). The only option left was to trick the little fox and trap him.
He knew that kdj things in exchange for items for his nest, so he decided to start giving kdj little presents. Kdj was surprised when the crown prince appeared before him, dumping a small box in his hands.
Kdj opened it to find a small pillow scented with jasmines. It was the perfect size for a small animal. He was confused at the gesture, after all the crown prince use to avoid him like the plague. Kdj still kept the pillow, it was given to him so he couldn’t not just take it.
When he returned to his nest, he immediately made a place for the pillow. Kdj purred as he sunk into the little pillow. Yjh watched with a smirk.
The following day, yjh gave him another gift…And the following days after that. Kdj continued to accept the gifts without much thought until he saw the latest gift.
It was a perfume pouch with a jade pendant of a tiger, it had a scent of Jasmines and a hint of patchouli. It was the same scent that yjh used. The pendant was the same one that hung from yjh’s sword. Kdj’s face flushed. Was the crown prince courting him?
Kdj sniffed the pouch. His tail swayed back and forth as he worried. He wasn’t sure if he would make a good mate. What if yjh wanted kits? Was kdj qualified to become a parent? What if he turned out like his father? His ears dropped at the thought.
He had hurt yjh through his schemes, and he might hurt his own children. He knew yjh was aware of what he did. So why did yjh still court him. He was scared. So, Kdj came to a conclusion. It was to quit his job and run away!
The next day, he presented his letter of resignation to the emperor. He performed a little sob story and cried. He looked up with wet eyes and quivering lips. The emperor listened quietly with a finger tapping the throne.
He then exclaimed, “I will dismiss you of your duties… And I will take you in as a wife.” Kdj fell back in shock. What was this?! Did the emperor forget he was supposedly a eunuch?
Yjh watched from the sidelines. He felt his blood boil. He decided to step in, for the sake of the kingdom. Then kdj shouted, “This one cannot accept! I have given my heart to the crown prince.”
Yjh froze. Kdj liked him? He felt something warm spread in his chest. Yjh headed to kdj and kneeled. He might as well go along. “Father, I ask you retract your decision and allow me to court Kim dokja.”
The court burst out into whispers. The crown prince and kdj had feelings for each other?! Kdj listened to everyone chatter away and wanted to cough up blood. How did it end up like this?
He wanted to run away but now he’s really going to become yjh’s mate! His plan really did not work. It was the emperor’s fault. How could he lust over a plain little eunuch?
The said emperor looked annoyed but pretended to be benevolent, “I see, I allow it. You may take Kim Dokja as a concubine, but the future empress will be decided on a later date.” The emperor got up and left before yjh could say anything else. Court was dismissed.
Kdj slumped into the chair. He wanted yowl. He had gone through the five stages of grief and accepted that he would probably be yjh’s mate, but a concubine? Foxes are monogamous! For the most part…
Meanwhile, yjh was going thru his own inner turmoil. He had wanted to capture kdj for treason, but is now engaged to kdj. Not only that, he had somehow developed feelings for the fox along the way.
He grit his teeth at his father’s decision. Yjh wasn’t his father, he wanted to marry once and spend his days in peace with the one he loved. He was tired of all the schemes that almost cost him and his sister their lives.
Oddly enough, he couldn’t imagine a life with anyone but kdj… Was this some sort of enchantment that kdj had cast on him. He looked up to see kdj looking at him.
“Your Highness, do you know what I am?” “You’re Kim Dokja, a fox spirit.” “So you did know and you still courted me? What if I seduced you to eat your liver?” “I would’ve cut you down” “…”
Kdj decided to shed his human appearance and let his ears and tails loose. Kdj loosened his robes and looked at yjh. “Even if I look like this, you’re still willing to marry me? I’m the fox spirit who schemed with concubines to take your life!”
Kdj gestured towards his apparently monstrous appearance. White fox ears contrasted his black hair with white fluffy tails swaying behind him. His loosened robes revealed his milky skin. Yjh stared a bit too hard that kdj fixed his robes.
“I said didn’t I? I am courting you.” Yjh sighed. “But I’m a —-“ “Did I fumble my words?” Kdj kept his mouth shut.
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Kdj is a huli jing/gumiho disguised as a eunuch, scheming with concubines in exchange for treasures and stories for his nest. Crown prince kdj, who has been through countless of assassinations, cheating death, finds out who has been making these plan.
Rumor spread from the palace to the whole city in a day. Everyone now knew that yjh intended to marry kdj. It seemed that the people’s support for yjh slowly dwindled and other factions began making their moves more frequent and obvious.
As for kdj, yjh made him a new nest in his palace. Kdj didn’t want to admit it, but the nest in yjh’s palace was more comfortable that his original one. Now that they were living together, rumors continued saying that they were a promiscuous pair. That yjh was not a fit leader.
The power yjh had worked so hard to build up, crashed down overnight. But he wasn’t worried. Kdj and yjh had made a deal the very day they “confessed” in court.
Kdj would help yjh become the emperor and ensure his sister’s safety in exchange kdj would dismissed from his duties and given a plot of land to live his days in peace.
Although yjh had managed to survive kdj’s schemes, others weren’t so lucky. Kdj’s plans usually went through, there was enough proof for yjh to rest assured he would become emperor.
Through kdj’s plan and yjh’s abilities, they managed to turn the palace upside down. Making court officials turn against each other.
As for rumors from the public. They even made up a story about how kdj was some heavenly being that fell in love with yjh and descended to be with him. The public ate it up.
Things were going smoothly, until the emperor decided that he found a suitable princess consort for yjh. It was yjh’s childhood sweetheart, lsh. Lsh was skilled in the medical arts and was famed for her cold beauty.
It was a surprise for everyone that lsh would return to the kingdom. She had left yjh to pursue her medical training and ended their relationship. How did the emperor pull her back? Kdj drank tea absentmindedly as the nosiest concubine told of yjh and lsh’s childhood romance.
“They even promised to have a child together… Are you listening?” “Mhmm” “Are you jealous? To think the great schemer is jealous!” “Hmmm” She stuffed a peach bun in his mouth and he chewed lifelessly.
“Poor thing, being neglected by your supposed lover after his first love comes home.” They both sighed as the peach blossoms began to wither. —————… Kdj stared at the dilapidated bar sign, the characters almost unreadable. Heavens… kdj gave up reading it, and entered.
The nosy concubine told him that a fortune teller was always there. She always read the future correctly according to her sources.
Kdj, a great 1000 yr old fox spirit, was really resorting to this. He had already accepted the fact that yjh was in love with lsh, but he still ended up going to meet the teller. Well if she tried to scam him, he would outscam her.
“Welcome to ——, Kim dokja?” “Jung heewon? You’re a fortune teller now?” “No you idiot, I own this bar.” Jhw was an exorcist who tried to banish kdj but they became friends instead. It seemed that she now owned this run down establishment.
. . . “I’ve heard all of the rumors. You ok?” “I’m fine…” Jhw could practically see the ears drooping. She took out a large jug of wine and gave him a good slap on the back. She never liked seeing kdj looking so down. “I’ll call the fortune teller, just drink up for now.”
Kdj nodded obediently before pouring a cup. He heard crashing in the back and a couple of familiar voices. “Kim Dokja! You bastard, you haven’t contacted in 200 years and now you drag your ass back here?!” That voice, he recognized it anywhere.
It was hsy, a fellow fox spirit. It seemed the ysa was there as well. “Dokja, it’s been a while.” Ysa smiled. She really was a celestial maiden. Kdj laughed wrly. “Don’t ‘ehe’ us! I heard you fell in love with a human and he abandoned you.” Hsy spat out, she was angry.
“I’m neither in love nor was I abandoned.” “Keep telling yourself that, should’ve accepted that martial God’s proposal.” Hsy huffed. What was she so worked up about? Wait, why did everyone seem upset?
“I only came to see if I would get my end of the deal I made with the crown prince. There’s no love between us, it was just a story I made up.” “You really wrote yourself as pfft— A ugly fox like you as a heavenly being… “ Hsy was clutching her stomach
“I can see Dokja as one of us.” Ysa was so kind unlike her wheezing lover. “That reminds me! I still have my robes from heaven! I was very curious what you would look like in them after hearing the story.” Actually kdj took that back.
Kdj shouldn’t have gone to the bar. He sat by the window to cool his face down. Ysa gave him her ‘spare robes’. It was thinner than the robes he usually saw ysa wear. Ysa said they could be sisters. Yeah right…
Kdj’s thoughts were interrupted when the door opened. Yjh was by the door with papers crumpled from the sheer force of his grip. Was he going to choke kdj, was today his death day. Yjh strode over and shut the window and trapped kdj between his chest and the wall.
He admired the little fox. Kdj’s hair was suddenly longer, pulled into a loose bun with a hair ornament keeping it together. His milky skin and neck free of any marks. His chest seemed to have a slight swell and two pink spots could be seen slightly under the fabric of the dress
A crack could be heard by the wall. Kdj looked over and saw yjh’s fist in the wall. Today was his death day wasn’t it.
“H-how was your day? I heard you were out with Seolhwa today.” “We went to do some inspections that’s all.” “Did you find out anything?” “Nothing that you need to worry about.” Hearing that, kdj felt a pang in his chest.
They were just working together, until yjh became emperor, why did he feel sad? “Kim Dokja, why are you dressed like that?” Yjh asked as he took a finger and rubbed it on the nape of kdj’s neck. Kdj purred. Yjh punched the wall.
“What are you doing?! The wall!” “There was a bug.” “I-I see…I just met a friend who lent me these robes. Looks funny doesn’t it.” Yjh wanted to thank this friend, she rlly knew what she was doing. Yjh only hummed as he kept rubbing kdj’s neck.
“While I was out, I heard that people are happy about your engagement with Seolhwa.” Kdj tried his hardest not to make noise. Yjh rubbed harder, he wanted to hear more of kdj’s purring. Kdj clutched yjh’s shirt, whimpering. The buds under his dress seemed to perk up.
Yjh felt his throat dry and his trousers was tight. His hand slowly trailed further down and rubbed the fox’s scent gland with his thumb. Kdj moaned. His ears sprang out and twitched. Yjh reached out to one of them and rubbed it. He eyed the fox’s chest, it definitely grew.
Yesterday when he saw them, they were flat. Was kdj trying to seduce him? He felt his hands itch, he wanted to touch those soft mounds. *knock knock* “Your highness? Lady Lee Seolhwa has called for you, she has urgent news.”
Yjh stopped his ministrations and looked down. Kdj was red faced and whimpering. Tears were forming and the buds on his chest were perky. His little fox looked ready to be eaten. Yjh wanted to kill the servant outside. “Tell her I’ll be there soon.”
Before yjh could swipe the tears away, kdj turned into a fox and hid in his nest. Kdj hissed and yjh tried to pat his head. Yjh got up and left, giving one last look at the fox before gently closing the door.
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Kdj is a huli jing/gumiho disguised as a eunuch, scheming with concubines in exchange for treasures and stories for his nest. Crown prince kdj, who has been through countless of assassinations, cheating death, finds out who has been making these plan.
“I apologize for calling so late but you need to see this.” Lsh handed his some documents and a note. Yjh unfurled the note and immediately burned it. “I will let Kim Dokja know to make preparations.”
“Your highness, before you go, remember to keep your end of the deal.” Yjh nodded and left. ————— Yma stared at the white ball of fluff. Her hand hovering over it, trying to pet it gently without waking it up.
She gently stroked the fur, it was so soft. She laid her face on its fluffy tail. “Mia, what are you doing?” “Shhh! Elder brother you’re going to wake it up!” “Mia, don’t bother him while he’s sleeping.”
They went out to the courtyard and Yma immediately began asking, “Elder brother, why didn’t you tell me about your pet fox?! You know I’ve always wanted one! It’s so soft and warm.”
“Because he is not mine…” Yjh looked back at yesterday. He needed to apologize. “Is he ugly mister’s pet?” “You could say that.” “Hmmm… I’ll just ask mister to give it to me.” Yma giggled. Yjh pat her head and smiled. “I asked him first, so that fox might become mine.”
According to kdj’s observations, yjh was acting strange. After that incident, yjh was oddly docile. He followed Kdj’s orders obediently and didn’t try touching him unless allowed. Did he think kdj would forgive him that easily?
Kdj was still angry. Yjh playing with his ears and scent gland. He had already made it clear that he chose lsh, but he wanted to mess around? Kdj found it unacceptable. Kdj took out the perfume pouch in his breast pocket and sniffed it. The scent had faded.
. . The kdj’s plan was set into motion. The court was in chaos with the revelation that the emperor had embezzled a large amount of taxes and planned to sell out the kingdom. The people started to find out and they wanted the him gone.
Kdj looked from the palace walls. Yjh would soon become emperor and things would soon come to an end. Kdj couldn’t help but feel lonely. He lived in the palace for the past 200 years, he watched the change that happened and became somewhat attached.
He took out the perfume pouch and rubbed the jade tiger. Now that he remembered, young yjh was like a tiger cub, small and chubby. Kdj was sure yjh’s future children would look just as cute. Maybe once lsh and yjh had children, kdj would stop by and visit. He felt his heart ache.
Kdj returned to yjh’s palace to find him waiting outside. “Kim Dokja…” “After tomorrow, remember to keep your promise.” Yjh grabbed his hand and pressed a light kiss on his knuckles.
Yjh walked out, his robes stained crimson. The evil was banished and yjh was now emperor. Kdj announced loudly the good news, and the people cheered. Kdj turned to see lsh smiling at yjh. Kdj looked away and cheered with the rest.
That night, kdj packed up his belongings. He wondered what his new home would look like and how he should spend his days. He snuck books from yjh’s personal collection into his sack. Suddenly he felt arms around his waist and a heavy weight on his back.
He turned to see yjh nuzzling into the crook of his neck, “Kim Dokja, stay.” “Hmmm… I think it’s time I retire as a court official.” “Then stay… as my wife.” “What about Seolhwa? I’m not one to share.” Kdj gave an empty laugh and pet yjh’s head.
“There is nothing between us. We just worked together for the plan. I swear on the throne.” “…You never told me. I thought you threw me away.” “I could never.” Yjh pressed a kiss on the pale neck.
“I promise, I will give you anything you want, so stay by my side, Kim Dokja.” “Anything? Even your liver?” “If that’s what you want.”
Kdj chuckled. What happened to the man who said he would cut him down? Or the one wanted to lock him up for treason? That man was now clinging to him, begging him to stay. Kdj kissed the big sad man and a small smile graced his lips.
Ever since yjh was crowned emperor, everyone was busy… except for kdj. The day yjh was crowned, he announced that he would make kdj empress and abolish the harem. Their wedding celebration was grand display for the public to see that yjh was smitten with his wife.
Now the dust has settled and kdj lazed around in the palace. Yjh didn’t allow the fox to work and without an inner palace, kdj was told to sit back and relax. . . The peach blossoms were in bloom and a light breeze drifted into the room.
“Your Majesty, congratulations!” Lsh, the newly appointed head imperial doctor, felt kdj’s pulse. Kdj rubbed his stomach and looked as lsh. She nodded.
Kdj felt his ears wiggle and his tails wag. He got up to go to yjh. Lsh smiled and watched kdj scurry off, she prayed for their happiness. Kdj opened the door and slowly crept up to yjh. He ears peaked from the table. “Kim Dokja, I don’t have any work for you.”
“I’m not here to ask for work… anyways, how many do you want if we had a litter?” “…” “What’s with silence?” Kdj couldn’t tell what yjh was thinking. Why was yjh thinking so hard? “10.” 10?! He’s a fox spirit not an actual fox!
He looked at the fox chattering away and then it clicked. He went and embraced the fox. Kdj yipped. “Kim Dokja… we’re having a litter?” “Seolhwa checked herself.” Yjh knelt down and kissed kdj’s stomach and started to feel tears well up. “Hyuk-ah, let’s be happy okay?” . . .
“Emperor Yu was known for only loving the empress. Can you believe the empress ended up having 10 kids? Hey, Yoo Joonghyuk are you even studying?” “I don’t get how their family affairs is relevant to the exam.” Yjh continued to tap away on his phone and cleared another level.
“You never know, Ms. Han puts random stuff on the exam all the time… I wonder what the empress looks like? She must’ve been pretty.” “Kim Dokja, let’s go home.” “Why? We still need to study.” The taller boy grabbed their bags and dragged kdj like a rice sack.
Hsy looked at the two in the hallway and sighed, “Those idiots really reincarnated together.” “Aren’t you glad? You cried so hard when Dokja dec—“ Ysa was immediately dragged into hsy’s office. -end
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