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#taekookau where every week Taehyung calls his mother on the phone. He tells her three things. "I love Jungkook a lot but I miss you and dad. " "Jungkook works hard for us so hes busy. " "I'm really happy, mum. He takes good care of me." One of these three things, is a lie.

Taehyung curled in on himself at the words, wrapping his arms around himself , hating himself because he couldn't deny it. "But this isn't about you and me. Your mother loves you. She's here because she wants assurance that you're alright. We have to give her that."
"You just said you can't be a hypocrite. Pretty hypocritical of you to suggest this when you know that I'm not fine. You hate me. How can I act like I'm fine, Jungkook?" "We'll end this." Jungkook said firmly. "In six months, lets end this. Lets stop hurting each other."
Taehyung went still, eyes lifting to meet Jungkook's. "What?" He whispered, his world tilting on its axis. "I'll talk to my parents too and we'll break the bond. You can find your own happiness and I'll go back to mine." Go back to... Yoongi. Taehyung felt nauseous.
Somewhere inside his heart, there was a space carved out for Jungkook to stay in. Over the years he had tried to fill it with other things, his work his friends and even attention from other alphas. It had never worked. Because that space was Jungkook's. It had his name on it.
Staring at Jungkook now, at how hopeful he looked at the possibility of finally being free of him, Taehyung wondered where he had failed. His love for Jungkook, was always meant to be a source of comfort and joy. When and why had it become a noose around the alpha's neck?
"Go back to him? "He whispered softly, voice bitter and hurt," Are you sure he'll take you back? You do know he has a new boy toy." Jungkook blinked, frowning. "What?" "Why are you doing this , Jungkook? Because you care about my mother? Or because you can't wait to go back
to Min Yoongi?" Jungkook stiffened. "That wasn't what I meant at all, stop twisting my words." He snapped. Taehyung scoffed. "You literally just said you were going back to your happiness.. what else could that possibly mean?" "I meant back to when we weren't married!"
Jungkook shouted, "Back to when we didn't hurt each other every single day. Back to when I had friends and family who loved me and trusted me. Back to when I could breathe in my own fucking home. You have no fucking clue what you did to me, do tou Taehyung? Yoongi is nothing more
than a drop in the ocean of hurt your actions brought me. I got called a cheater, a fucking rapist, that I took advantage of you when you were drunk. I lost friends and I lost a full ride internship at my dream job. I lost everything because you said, I got you pregnant."
Taehyung felt the blow of each phrase like tiny little shrapnels exploding somewhere inside his ribs, lodging in his heart and drawing blood. He wanted to defend himself but there really was nothing he could say, was there? Jungkook would never believe him.
"I don't want to talk about this anymore Taehyung. " Jungkook said softly, looking absolutely exhausted. "We've talked and yelled and screamed and cursed at each other enough, don't you think? We deserve better. Both of us. Staying together is only making things worse."
Taehyung nodded, eyes fluttering shut for a few seconds. He was tired. Of everything really. He knew that Jungkook's offer was something he ought to welcome with open arms. But his heart still ached something fierce. "My mother isn't easy to fool." he said softly.
Jungkook frowned but nodded. "I understand. But you know her better than I do. And she knows you better than I do as well. She knows what kind of relationship would make you happy. The kind of mate you would want in your life. So we'll have to act just like that." he said.
Taehyung felt like someone had dumped a vat of ice cold water on him. "I'm - what?" Jungkook frowned "You must've had a dream about the kind of mate you wanted. How you would want him to treat you?" he asked briskly. "I'm asking you how you want to be loved, Kim Taehyung?"
Taehyung didn't respond, merely staring at the alpha in front of him. Jungkook's hair was messy, likely from wearing the helmet and his eyes were bright, likely because he'd finally found a way to get rid of Taehyung once and for all. How do you want to be loved, Taehyung?
"Easily." he said softly. Jungkook blinked confused. "What?" "I want to be loved easily . " he said simply. " Someone who doesn't make me feel like I'm unworthy of their time , or their kindness. Someone who doesn't make me feel like I'm hard to love."
Jungkook hesitated before running a hand over his face, sighing deeply. He stared out into the courtyard, eyes unfocused as he watched the flowerbeds and the small fountain that fed the koi pond. "Is love ever easy?" he asked softly. " Its always been so difficult for me ."
"Love is only difficult when you love the wrong person." Taehyung said without thinking, the words registering belatedly. He glanced at Jungkook in a panic. half expecting him to bead but he didn't seem upset by his words. The silence stretched and Taehyung hesitated.
"What about you? How would you like to be loved." he managed to say, voice trembling just a bit. When Jungkook looked at him he looked away, awkwardly, " I would make it more believable if... we made each other happy. For my mom that is." He felt his heart pound a bit.
Jungkook stared away for a few seconds before turning to him. "Completely." he said hesitantly." Sometimes people only love certain parts . The whole, the happy, the joyful. They don't love the broken , the hurt and the aching parts. I wish someone would love every part of me."
Jungkook sighed shaking his head. " I think when someone loves you, breathing around them shouldn't feel so difficult you know? Even when the world tried to suffocate you with its expectations and demands, you should be able to breathe free around the one you love."
Tae stayed completely still, wary of breaking the moment. He had never shared something like this with the alpha, a vulnerable part of him exposed. A part that was likely never meant to be seen by him. Jungkook seemed to snap out of it, rather quickly. He cleared his throat.
He glanced at Taehyung, face void of emotions. "Lets make a list." he said softly. " A list of twenty things we would want from our ideal mate. And then we'll, try to be that... for each other. For these six months. The more honest we are..the more authentic it will look."
"Right." Taehyung nodded, wrapping his arms around himself." And after my mother passes ..." he trailed off, staring at his feet. "We move on and find our happiness." Jungkook said." Wherever it may be." Six months. Taehyung would have to lose the two people he loved the most.
===== End of Chapter 2 =====
Taehyung felt, the gentle touch of someone stroking the curve of his cheeks, back and forth in affectionate touches. He felt disoriented, exhausted in a way . There was a heaviness over his body, like he was underwater and when he blinked groggy, drowsy eyes open,
he was met with the sight of dark doe eyes, staring down at him with gentle fondness. He was dressed in a powder blue dress shirt under a dark blue jacket, hair styled and with the gentle scent of the green apple body wash that he always used.
The room somehow looked both distressingly familiar and completely new. “Jungkook?” He asked, confusion lacing his voice and Jungkook chuckled, moving closer. “Hey, beautiful.” Jungkook whispered, running the tip of his thumb over the small swell of his lips,
“ I’m running late but I just wanted to tell you, I’ll be dropping Jun off at the play group and Sana at school as well. You need to rest well alright? Get as much sleep as you possibly can…”
Sana and Jun, he thought softly. The kids. They were two and five weren’t they? How did he know? When did that happen? Jungkook leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. The warmth of it spread all over him, the soft gesture making his senses sing.
He hummed, one hand coming up to gently cup Jungkook’s cheek. The skin was smooth and blemishless, so warm and real. He felt a sudden overwhelming urge to cry. Jungkook looked so beautiful, so ethereal in the sun kissed room.
It was still quite early in the morning and the curtains on the window were white brocade, letting the sunlight filter through like liquid gold. The lighting did wonders for Jungkook’s skin, setting off a halo around his hair,
and making Taehyung ache in all the best and worst ways. He felt a confusing mix of joy and sadness as he stared at him, his heart clenching and aching. “We have to go see the doctor tomorrow. Take the day off.” He heard himself saying,
and as Jungkook nodded, hand moving down to gently touch Taehyung’s midriff, the first tendrils of realization began taking root. “Think this one will be another girl? Poor Sana’s outnumbered in our home.” Jungkook was laughing.
The words seemed to rouse him out of whatever spell Jungkook’s beauty had cast on him. This isn’t real, he realized, even as Jungkook leaned over him, thick head of hair pressed against his chest as he peppered kisses over a baby bump that wasn’t really there.
He wasn’t pregnant. Jungkook wouldn’t treat him so well. They didn’t have other kids either. They never would. And yet there was something about this dream that made him feel at peace. It felt so real. So … right.
He sighed deeply, gently pressing his fingers to the thick strands of Jungkook’s hair. The texture was just like he’d imagined, a little wiry and coarse but still soft.
He indulged himself for a few seconds, imagining a life where this was possible. He didn’t really want to wake up yet. “What’s for breakfast?” He asked softly and Jungkook laughed, looking up at him with mischief.
Did you forget? It’s my turn to make what I want. So spring onion pancakes and egg rolls.” Jungkook said brightly. “ Tomorrow’s your turn.” Except there wouldn’t be a tomorrow. Jungkook would never know what his favorite breakfast was.
He smiled at little, nodding as he stroked his hair some more. “I love you.” He said rather shakily. “ So deeply and I wish I could tell you why, but the truth is... I love you simply because i don’t know how to stop.” It was less a confession, more an admission of defeat.
Jungkook didn’t stop smiling at him, and Taehyung saved the image away in his mind, this scene where Jungkook looked at him with so much love and affection. This scene straight out of an impossible dream. He wanted rather desperately to hear Jungkook say the words too.
But his mind seemed to draw the line there, because Jungkook didn’t. He merely stared at him with the same beatific expression on his face. Suddenly overwhelmed, Taehyung closed his eyes, screwing them shut with enough force to break the illusion.
And when he opened them again he was alone, the dark of the room greeting him like an old friend. The dull hum of the air conditioner was loud in the stillness of the night, and he exhaled shakily, eyes fixed on the ceiling of Jungkook’s room.
It was painted a dull, lackluster gray. The sheets under him felt cold and impersonal. The mattress too hard. He brought shaky hands up out of the comforter, placing them palm down on his stomach. The hollow empty ache of it made his breath catch.
Taking a deep breath, he turned to the side. Jungkook lay with his back to him, body covered by a thin white sheet and nothing else. He stared at the broad shoulders and the hair. Wiry and Coarse. Probably soft.
His fingers twitched , the phantom touch from his dream still very vivid. He took a deep breath, clenching his hands into fists and exhaling softly. Its alright, he told himself gently. It will be alright.
Someday, the pain would stop being a living , breathing thing, sitting on his chest with an ugly gaping mouth. Right now it was a scraggly, leather skinned creature with black teeth , coated with the tar of Jungkook’s hurtful words,
the stench of his hurtful actions dripping from its wrinkled hideous face. Some day there wouldn’t be these razor sharp claws, digging into the flesh of his chest, threatening to rip his heart out with every breath.
Someday, pain would give up on trying to break him, would pack itself away and leave him. All he had to do was hold on, till then. And Jungkook had given him a timeline for it too, hadn’t he? Six months. He heard the sound of a door opening, somewhere in the living room.
A second later, light pooled in through the slit between the door and the frame. Taehyung blinked, worried. His mother was up. He sat up slowly, trying to decide if he should go check. She probably just wanted some water , right? There was no other reason for her to be up.
But when the light stayed on, five minutes later, he slowly levered himself off the bed, taking care not to wake Jungkook up. He picked his way to the door, taking care not to wake the sleeping alpha. He gently opened it, slipping out and closing it behind him.
Looking around, he found his mother on the couch, one of the side lamps turned on and her embroidery hoop in her hands. She was counting stitches carefully, briefly glancing at him before going back to the hoop.
Taehyung took the subtle invitation, moving to settle into the seat right next to her. "Bad dream? " She asked quietly. Taehyung considered that. No, he thought miserably. It wasn't bad at all. "Why are you up?" He responded and she sighed. "Does Jungkook want me gone?"
Taehyung didn't respond, merely staring at the opposite wall. He had a very volatile relationship with his mother, one that was fraught with a lot of misplaced anger and bitterness. He loved her deeply and knew she loved him as well, but there were times he found it impossible
to like her. His mother, he knew now, had her reasons for being the way she was. His father had left them alone at a young age, and she had been forced to raise him as a single parent. But it stung that she had taken it all out on him. She was just so stubborn
so irrational, so impossible to reason with... that Taehyung himself had grown up to be a bit of a pacifist. Why put up a fight when there was no chance of winning right? He stared at her now, knowing full well that her illness only rendered him further helpless.
But she had asked him a question and he was going to be honest with his answer. "You turned up here without a single phone call. Regardless of your ill Health, a little heads up would have been appreciated. And you didn't have to guilt him with details about it either."
She placed the embroidery hoop down and stared at him with firm, blazing eyes. "Do you know what my biggest regret is?" she asked sharply. Taehyung stayed quiet and she exhaled shakily. "That even knowing that your father was dying, I did not go see him." she bit her lips.
"Mother-" "No! Hear me out. Now that I am here, looking at the end of my life, I realise that if he was still alive, he would come find me. He would come see. Even if it isn't to reconcile, then just to... acknowledge that it wasn't all just hate and anger and exhaustion."
"He left you." "Yes. Only when neither of us had any reason left to stay. When we let all of our hurt fester into something venomous and toxic. Had we spoken freely..." she shook her head. " little misunderstandings in a marriage are common and not dangerous.
But if you don't addressed them-" "We're fine." he snapped, angry. "There's nothing wrong between us and -" "The eyes always tell Taehyung. I don't doubt you still love him but I wonder if ... If perhaps Jungkook is upset about something..." she reached out " talk to him. "
Taehyung stared at the woman in front of him. In the dim light of the lamp, his mother looked old and weary, fragile in a way that made him feel sorry for her. She was a sad woman, regretting past actions. She mentioned her husband but what else did she regret?
Did she perhaps also regret forcing him into mating Jungkook? Did she perhaps regret how she had guilted him into staying in the marriage when all he had wanted was to run? A life full of regrets, he thought with a gentle shake of his head. How pitiful that sounded.
And it stuck him, then, that this was her hoping to atone for some of her sins. She wanted to do some good, to make up for all that she had done wrong. And what better than to mend her son's relationship? He scoffed a bit. His mother had no idea how futile it all was.
But he wasn't going to tell her that. She was a dying woman, desperately hoping to save her only son from the same plight that she had been in : an unhappy marriage. He would give her the reassurance she clearly needed. It was what they had agreed on anyway, right?
He gently took her hand in his. "Do you want me to apologise to him?" he asked gently and she looked taken aback. "Is there something you did? Is he upset?" "Ive been a bit too close with my boss." he lied easily. " Jungkook was bothered by it." His mother hummed.
Her demeanor changed at his words. "I knew it. When I saw you with that alpha, I knew. But this is not a bad thing, Tae bear. If he is bothered by it. it means he still loves you. He still feels you belong to him." Tae hummed, rubbing a hand over her own. He would miss her.
Deeply. With her death, he would well and truly be alone in this god forsaken world. He squeezed her hand a little. "Do you think, I can win him back?" he asked quietly and her eyes lit up. "Yes of course! Do you need my help?" the eagerness in her tone made him smile.
She seemed overjoyed and excited almost. Perhaps she saw it as a vicarious way of healing her own broken marriage. Perhaps she thought she would find peace knowing she had helped Taehyung find happiness. Whatever it was, he wouldn't take it away from her. So he smiled at her.🪺
Taehyung slept fitfully , the rest of the night, tossing and turning in bed until Jungkook’s alarm went off at half past six. He pretended to be asleep, while the alpha changed into his gym clothes, grabbing his bag and heading out. He wouldn’t be back for an hour and a half.
Once the door shut behind him, he slowly got out of bed, making his way over to the en suite to wash up. By the time he was back in the kitchen, the smell of sizzling spring onions and shallots made his mouth water.
His mother stood by the stove, wearing an apron, her hair pinned up to the top of her head. She stood with the handle of the skillet in one hand, an egg in the other. Taehyung watched her crack the egg onto the pan, before using chopsticks to give them a little mix.
“What is this?” He asked in confusion and she grinned. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m making spring onion pancakes, eggrolls and sausages for son in law. You can tell him you made them yourself. Those are his favorites, right?”
Taehyung remembered the dream and felt a small jolt in the pit of his stomach. “How did you know?” “You used to talk about him all the time.” His mother smiled, before carefully moving to plate the dishes and flip the pancake.
Taehyung watched her work, focused on the quick deft movements. He wasn’t good in the kitchen. He barely got by, actually. But Jungkook had quite a good grasp of cooking.
“You should make him lunch and go see him in his office sometimes.” His mother said casually. “ That would be a nice gesture.” Taehyung hummed, reached over to sneak a bite of the egg roll.
“He’s a very busy man. I think it would be a bother if I turned up in the place where he worked , he said easily. The truth was, he had never once been to Jungkook’s place of work. For one, Yoongi was there. Nothing good could come out of running into the model.
Also, quite a few of Jungkook’s friends from college worked with him. They were alphas and betas who had spread a lot of lies about him. Lies that Jungkook had believed without question. He didn’t resent him for that.
They were his friends. Sometimes people just trusted their friends at face value, took their words for truth without delving into it. He couldn’t blame Jungkook for trusting them over him. Taehyung had always been nothing more than a pest, a nuisance.
He had been an annoyance in Jungkook’s life and the alpha had only ever treated him as such. But it certainly said something, didn’t it? That even after the years of being married to him, Jungkook was still close friends with the same alphas. He still trusted them.
Taehyung had clearly not made much of an impression on Jungkook, these few years. Or maybe the alpha just hadn’t taken a second to get to know him. “The point of being married, is that you be a bother.” she said firmly, offering what Taehyung thought was abysmal marital advice.
But that was nothing new. “I have a job as well.” He said gently. “ You seem to be forgetting that.” “Why are you making so many excuses? Its like you don’t want to put in any effort at all.” She said sharply Taehyung winced. And there it was.
“Mother, I truly appreciate your efforts to help me but, can we just tone it down a little.” He said gently. “He’s here.” His mother said suddenly. “ I’ll ask him myself. Son in law! Can I have a word?” She called out loudly and Jungkook ,
who had just stepped into the house, froze. Taehyung, still with remnants from his dream, clinging to his conscience, looked away at the sight of him, heart pounding just a bit. That dream had felt so real and now he would ache for impossible things even more.
He moved away to the table, taking a seat, knowing full well that his mother could be like a bull charging at a matador when she wanted to get her way. He wasn’t going to get caught in the crossfire. “What is it mother?” Jungkook asked quietly, putting away his shoes and making
his way over. He had clearly showered in the gym. Taehyung peeked at his hair. It looked damp. Did he use that green apple wash again? He looked away, giving himself a mental shake. What was he thinking? It was a stupid dream. He couldn’t get hung up on it.
“Can Taehyung come see you at your work today?” she asked eagerly “ He made breakfast for you and I will be making lunch. You can have something hot and delicious.” Jungkook’s eyes snapped to him at once. Taehyung shrugged. He had no intention of going to Jungkook’s work place.
“Well, I don’t see why not.” Jungkook said carefully. He stared at him again and Taehyung didn’t miss the slight panic there. He ignored it. The whole thing had been Jungkook’s idea to begin with. “Excellent.” His mother went back to the stove and Jungkook cleared his throat.
“Tae could you help pick out my clothes ?” He said casually. Impressed, Taehyung nodded, giving his mother a small smile before following the alpha to his room. Jungkook waited till the door closed behind them before turning to him.
“Visit me at work? Is that really necessary?” He asked, face ashen. Taehyung frowned. “Do you think that’s something I would have suggested?” He retorted, moving to the couch and settling there. Jungkook ran a hand through his hair, looking around in frustration.
“I have a shoot with Yoongi today. You can’t be there. You can’t.” He said sharply. “ And I’m not trying to be hurtful, but none of my friends like you.” Taehyung stared at the alpha for a few seconds. “Do you think,” He said softly, “ I care about their opinion of me?”
Jungkook blinked before frowning. “That’s not what I-“ “This was your idea.” He said sharply. “ You stood there asking me what kind of a mate I wanted. You said that for six months we would act like we were in a healthy loving relationship.
My mother is dying and you were the one using her as a get out of jail card.”He smiled bitterly. “ And I agreed didn’t I? You get your freedom at the end of all this, Jungkook. Focus on the prize and maybe the sight of me won’t disgust you so much.”
He looked away, fighting tears. Jungkook stood still, not moving. After what felt like a small eternity he moved to the closet , rummaging there for a second. When he came back he had a small embossed card in his hand.
“That’s my office. If you give this to the receptionist, she’ll bring you straight to me.” He said curtly. Taehyung took the card, running a hand over the edges.
“I wasn’t planning on coming.” He said finally. “ We don’t have to do everything she asks us to do. You can come pick me up after work and we can get dinner or-“
“And if your mother turns up at my office, to make sure you’re there.” Jungkook retorted.” Don’t tell me she won’t. We both know she will.” Taehyung grimaced a bit at that. It was actually quite a valid fear.
“Fine then.” He sighed, running a hand over his face. He was still tired. “ I’ll take the day off. And I’ll come see you during lunch.” The lack of sleep was getting to him. He wouldn’t be of much use in school either. He could at least sleep in a bit.
Jungkook seemed to be struggling to hold back his words. “What is it?” He asked tiredly, not in the mood for games. “If they say anything, just… just ignore them.” He muttered under his breath. Taehyung smiled a little.
“What will they say?” He asked casually, “ That I’m a slut? A whore?” “Taehyung…” “If they feel comfortable saying things about me in front of you, that is a reflection of who you are alpha.” He said firmly,
“ Not me. Because no matter how bad things are between us, we’re still married. If you had any respect for that, you wouldn’t ask me to ignore it. You would ask them to be respectful. We aren’t kids in the playground throwing insults over the sandpit.
"We’re adults. If the people you call your friends can’t act right, that’s something you should be ashamed of. Not me.” he shook his head. " So go tell them to act their age. Don't ask me to be a doormat for them to step on. " The alpha stared for a second, before turning away.
🪺🫧🪺🫧🪺 Yoongi sat back against the plush leather couch, eyeing the alpha on the far end of the room. These days the distance between Jungkook and him, had grown as wide as easy from west, he thought miserably. Ever since he found out about his relationship with Hoseok,
Jungkook had drawn such firm, infallible lines between them , that Yoongi felt frustrated and annoyed and helpless. Hoseok was meant to be a distraction, a tactic to remind Jungkook of what he was missing out on. But Jungkook didn't try and get closer, like he had hoped.
And now , this. "Mr Jeons husband is so beautiful." the hair stylist working on him whispered and the make up artist fixing his jacket giggled. "You aren't the only one who thinks that. Did you see Park Hyunsik? Can't keep his eyes off . Jungkook looks pissed."
"Can you blame him? They've been going at each other's throats ever since Hyunsik got transferred here. And now he's ogling his mate. Won't be surprised if Jeon throws a punch." Yoongi scoffed. As if, he thought angrily. Jungkook was not the kind of person who would act
like a barbarian over something like that. Least of all over someone like Taehyung who really was the most despicable person on the planet as far as Yoongi was concerned. But he couldn't help but wonder why the omega was here in the first place. What was the conniving fox
playing at? And why was Jungkook encouraging this? He cleared his throat and both the gossiping betas moved away. "Ask Mr Jeon to come see me." he said quietly, staring at his assistant who sat a few feet away. The boy bowed before scarpering off. Yoongi watched
as he reached Jungkook who was busy fixing the lens in his camera. Taehyung sat next to him, looking awkwardly out of place. The omega hadn't spared him a single glance since he came in and Yoongi felt belittled for some reason. He wasn't used to being ignored.
As his assistant whispered his request, Jungkook looked up , catching Yoongis gaze. He nodded softly and a second later, Yoongi sat back satisfied as Jungkook stood up, making his way over to him. Taehyung, finally looked up at him. Yoongi smirked. Taehyung looked away.
"The next shot will be in half an hour. You can take a break." Jungkook said casually moving to stand in front of him " What is it, hyung?" Yoongi frowned. "Why is he here?" he asked softly, not one to beat around the bush. Jungkook frowned before glancing back at Taehyung.
"Because he wanted to come see me." Jungkook said simply. Yoongi frowned deeper. "And you just allow him to do whatever he wants?" "What do you mean allow?" Jungkook asked sharply, a bit too curt. Yoongi bit his lips. "I just meant... You haven't had him here before."
"I don't ask you about Hoseok hyung." Jungkook said shortly. " You know why?" "Jungkook -" "Because its none of my business. And the same goes for you hyung." Yoongi felt his pulse quicken. "If you ask me to break up with him, I will." he said desperately, hating himself.
"Why on earth would I do that?" Jungkook laughed. " You're allowed to date Hoseok if you want. And I'm allowed to give my marriage a chance, if I want." Yoongi felt his heart turnover. "You're lying. You would never do that. You hate him." he hissed furious.
"Is it easy for you hyung?" Jungkook said quietly. " Hating people?" Yoongi blinked taken aback. "What?" "To be so bitter and angry and upset all day , everyday. Do you enjoy it?" Jungkook shook his head. " Because it isn't easy for me. And I don't hate Taehyung."
"I hate what happened. I hate that he made those choices all those years ago. I hate that we're both stuck in this place where neither of us wants to be. But I don't hate him. At least not the way you do. So viscerally. I couldn't hate someone like that." Yoongi glared.
Its because you don't love me anymore, Yoongi thought furiously. If you still loved me, hating him wouldn't be hard for you. "You make me sound like a monster. Unlike you, I haven't forgotten all the pain he brought us. It should be me by your side right now." he snapped.
"You broke up with me before I married him." Jungkook retorted. "You slept with him!" "I did not." Jungkook growled. " I never did and just the fact that you still think I did.." "I was willing to forgive you for it-" "There was nothing to fucking forgive!" The alpha glared.
Jungkook took a deep shuddering breath. "Why did you call me here?" he said finally. "We've had this particular conversation a million times. I'm not going to be yet another notch in your bed. You have Hoseok You go home to him everyday. Its time to stop being so greedy hyung."
Yoongi felt like he had been slapped. "Greedy? Is it greedy for me to want to be with the man I love?" " When you have another man in your bed, yes." Jungkook retorted. "I told you I would break up with him" "Do it. For his sake at least. He deserves better." "How dare you!"
Jungkook held both hands up. "I'm done, hyung." he said quietly. " In all the years Ive been with Taehyung, I've tried to be here for you as a friend. I've tried to make up for the hurt that I caused you. But I can't do this anymore. Because you don't care about my feelings."
Yoongi felt ice in his veins and moved to argue but Jungkook took a step back. "Its always about you. About what you lost. About how much you hurt. You haven't once looked me in the eye and asked me how I am. You haven't asked me how I feel about any of this. All you
want to do is punish me for something I never did. Make me pay for marrying Taehyung, when you know damn well I never wanted to. Made me feel guilty everytime I smiled or laughed, because you were miserable and I felt like I wasn't allowed feel happy when you weren't."
Yoongi swallowed , ready to retort but he noticed Taehyung moving , his gaze shifting to omega instinctively. Jungkook's gaze followed his and Yoongi saw him go stiff as Park Hyungsik held a hand out, greeting the omega and sitting next to him. "Did he tell you this?"
Yoongi whispered." Did Kim Taehyung tell you this?" Jungkook scoffed. "Taehyung doesn't know a thing about us. And he may have his flaws, but he isnt selfish. Taehyung knows how to put others before himself. Something you're not capable of." Jungkook said shakily.
"How can you say that when the reason you're married to him is because of his selfishness?" Yoongi demanded. "Selfishness?" Jungkook scoffed. " Hyung what has he gained from this marriage except for heartache? " he shook his head, " You really are incapable of empathy."
"You've changed."Yoongi whispered." You would never talk to me like this-" "And maybe I should have. Tae-" Jungkook stopped, " Someone told me that loving the right person shouldn't be hard. They also said the right person would be able to love you. Easily."
Jungkook shook his head."You always made me feel like I was hard to love. Like you were doing me a favour by letting me stay by your side. I don't want to be with someone who makes me feel like I'm hard to love. Not anymore." Yoongi looked away, heart sinking. "Goodbye,Yoongi."
( Authors Note : The understanding here is this : Jungkook's relationship with Yoongi has been on the decline for quite a while now. It doesn't have anything to do with Taehyung by the way. Its started after Yoongi started sleeping with Hoseok because Jungkook never agreed to
cheat on Taehyung physically. The Yoongi Jungkook arc is what ends here to an extent. Jungkook's feelings for Taehyung are still the same. He doesn't like him or anything. He just empathizes that perhaps they have both suffered because of the events of that night.
Also perhaps a slightly petty side of Jungkook makes it sound like he's getting together with Taehyung to hurt Yoongi ) This chapter isnt done yet btw. 🥲🥲
Also here's a way to avoid confusion: Taehyung's opinion of Jungkook is not the real Jungkook and vice versa. So build their characters based on how they behave when its their pov. Dont decide what kind of guy Jungkook is based on what Taehyung thinks of him and vice versa)
🪺🫧🪺🫧🪺 They were fighting. Of this, Taehyung was pretty certain. Jungkook's body language, just a little angry and annoyed was something he himself was familiar with, having been on the receiving end of Jungkook's anger on many occasions. Taehyung wondered why.
Just a little, not too much. He had an inkling that it may be because of him being there. Perhaps, Yoongi was mad that Jungkook had brought him here. Jungkook was probably reassuring Yoongi that Taehyung meant nothing to him. It was Yoongi he was in love with. Yes. That was it.
They had had lunch, here in Jungkook's studio, rushed because he was busy. Taehyung had never felt more out of place and awkward in his life. He had taken efforts to look nice, not wanting to seem shabby and somehow affect Jungkook's reputation here. But he soon remembered why
he didn't dress up too often : People stared till their eyeballs were in danger of falling out. Especially the alphas. Taehyung had never done well with attention and he found himself glued to Jungkook's side, not wanting anyone to approach him. But now that Yoongi had Jungkook,
one of the alphas who had been ogling him, had made his way over and was slowly slipping into the seat that Jungkook had vacated. Taehyung bristled as the alpha held a hand out. "Hi. I'm Park Hyunsik." he smiled and Taehyung nodded very curtly. The alpha smiled a bit.
"Are you a new model? Jungkook really has an eye for the best." he commented casually and Taehyung, blinked, surprised. "Oh.. I'm not. I'm his husband. Not a model." He flushed, shaking his head in embarassment. Hyunsik tilted his head in surprise. "Husband? Really?"
" Hmm.. Bastard never mentioned having a husband, let alone such a beautiful one. " He laughed. " Excuse my language. Your husband and I don't really get along." That piqued Taehyung's interest. "Really? Why?" he smiled. Hyunsik smirked before shrugging, all nonchalant.
"Maybe because I get a kick out of taking things from him." He glanced over Taehyung with a grin." Especially really beautiful things. Tell me Taehyung have you ever posed for your husband? Properly." Taehyung blinked surprised by the question. "No..." "Come with me." 🪺🫧🪺
Jungkook couldn't find Taehyung. The omega wasn't picking up his calls and a quick call home had confirmed that he hadn't gone back either. It had been about fifty minutes since he'd last seen him and Jungkook knew that Taehyung was a grown man. Perfectly capable of
taking care of himself. But he just couldn't focus on anything else. Where was he? If he was going to leave, why not just shoot him a message? He was supposed to be shooting and editorial right now wth Yoongi. And yet, here he was wandering the hallway on the fifth floor.
Most of the studios here were deserted, allotted for newbie photographers to mess around with lighting techniques. Jungkook himself steered cleat of the place. He couldn't see anyone else , the length of the hallway and stopped a few doors before the last studio.
There was no one here, he thought angrily, trying Taehyung's number again. It rang, loud and clear. But no one picked up. Sighing he ran his fingers through his hair, turning back towards the elevators when he heard it. A soft soothing laugh that sounded familiar.
And then a voice, deeper and much more disturbingly familiar. "Move your hands like this, Beautiful." Hyungsik's oily, disgusting tone made the hair on Jungkook's skin stand on end. He stalked over to the door, before kicking it open, so hard it crashed into the opposite wall.
As he stepped into the studio, the sight in front of him made his blood run cold with fury. Clenching his hands into fists, Jungkook growled , low and deep. "Get your filthy fucking hands off him , " he said softly, " right now." Taehyung who sat on a three legged stool,
Hyunsik standing over him and holding onto his wrist and his waist, looked like a deer staring down a hunter's gun. "Jungkook -" The omega began but Hyunsik cut him off with a laugh. "Always a little late to the show aren't you, Jungkook ah? We could've raised a family in
the time it took you to find us." Taehyung pulled away a bit at the remark but Jungkook glared at the older alpha. "What the fuck are you playing at? Bringing him here? I should get you fired for this." Hyunsik smirked. "Everything that happened here today was consensual."
Hyunsik turned to Taehyung, " Taehyung had a lot of fun. Very eager and a quick student." Taehyung stepped off the stool, moving to stand in front of him. "He was just taking pictures of me." the omega said , voice rushed and just a little nervous. " You were busy so I-"
"So you decided to follow an alpha you never met, to deserted fucking corridor and let him put his handa all over you?" Jungkook demanded, unable to reign in his fury although a voice in his head was screaming at him to calm down. But he couldn't calm down.
Did Taehyung not realize what kind of a Bastard this guy was? How could he be so reckless? There was no one here. He hadn't told anyone where he was going or who he was with. What if something had happened? "I'm not a child." Taehyung was saying shakily.
"I can decide for myself where to go and who to go with." He was glaring at him now, " You were supposed to be at a photoshoot and I had nothing else to do. Hyunsik offered to take pictures of me and I just-" "Stay away from him. " Jungkook growled, moving to stand in front of
Taehyung, glaring at the other alpha who looked amused. "No can do. Taehyung agreed to come shoot with me this weekend at the beach." He grinned, " Right beautiful?" "What the fuck?" Jungkook turned to Tae who was chewing on his bottom lip. "Have you lost your fucking mind?"
Tae stiffened. "No I haven't. Have you?" the omega snapped back making him bristle. He turned to Hyunsik, breathing deeply, eyes narrowed in warning. "You need to take several steps back. Your petty rivalry with me ends within these walls. You don't get to drag him into it."
"Not everything is about hou Jungkook." Hyunsik said softly, crossing his arms and glaring at him. " Your husband told me you've never taken pictures of him and he was curious how a professional photographer works. I was merely showing him how. " He shook his head in disbelief.
"It really makes me wonder, what else you haven't shown him" he smirked. "maybe I could do it instead, right Taehyung? I bet you would enjoy it more with me." "We're leaving." Jungkook snapped grabbing Taehyung's wrist and tugging him out of the room , his steps fast and sure .
The omega stumbled a little as he pulled him along to the elevators, his mind reeling from annoyance. As soon as they stepped into the elevator he rounded on Taehyung. "What the hell were you thinking, Taehyung?" he roared, making the omega flinch. "Jungkook -"
"He's a stranger... an alpha at that... Amd he asks you to come with him to. deserted corridor? You just go? Without letting anyone else know?" Taehyung bit his lips at that. " He works with you. He's not some guy i met on the streets! And I told you he said he wanted to
take pictures of me and I-" "Pictures!!" Jungkook scoffed in disbelief. " Are you ten?! Have you never had your picture taken? Is that what you dressed up today for?" he shook his head, " You're unbelievable." Taehyung looked down at his feet , fists clenched.
"Its so reckless. I can't understand why you would do such a thing, Taehyung. He's not a good man and he just wants to get back at me in any way possible! The fact that you're my husband is why he's doing this and I wish you would -" "I just wanted to know more about you."
Jungkook froze, the words registering but not quite making sense. "You- what?" Taehyung was looking away but there was no missing the sheen of wetness over his eyes. "I just wanted to know more about what you did. About being a photographer." he whispered.
There was a dull roaring in Jungkook's ears, a fist made of iron closing around his heart and squeezing. He felt his mouth go dry, the breath catching in his lungs as Taehyung's worda slowly sank in. Fuck. Fucking hell. "Taehyung..." "I wanna go home, now. I'm done."
Jungkook felt like his heart had dropped straight to his knees, his skin burning with regret. He wasn't sure why the sight of Taehyung upset, suddenly felt so ...wrong. He wanted to apologize but the words burned like acid on his tongue. "You.. You could have asked me."
Taehyung scoffed. "when? When you were chatting with your boyfriend?" "Taehyung..." "You know what, Hyunsik is right. You're so full of yourself you can't fathom that mot everything is about you." Taehyung shook his head. The alpha stayed quiet . "He's bad news."
Taehyung turned to him with a somber look on his face. "He made me smile more times in an hour, than you did in the entire length of our marriage. He's already better than you as far as I'm concerned." he said sharply. Jungkook swallowed, jaw going taut.
Taehyung stepped out of the elevator, ignoring him completely and stalking to the cafeteria. A few minutes later he came out with his bag and his phone Jungkook stood still , but the omega didn't come to him. Instead he merely glared at him before walking out of the office.
( Authors Note: Am tired 😭 There's more but I can't do this for a while. I need a break possibly for two to three business days. bye )
🪺🫧🪺🫧🪺 Taehyung found himself at the gates of his school at half past four that evening. The idea of going home to his mother was decidedly unappealing. She would want to hear all about his lunch, about Jungkook and about a million other things. He was too hurt,
too exhausted to do any of that. There was a lump of emotion clogging his throat. Every few minutes he found himself fighting tears. Why was Jungkook cruel to him? Why did he treat him like a nuisance? Like an errant child? Taehyung knew following Hyunsik wasn't
a very great idea. But he had done it quite innocently. Jungkook made it sound like he'd tried to deliberately mess things up. On purpose. Why was Jungkook always so ready to believe the worst about him. Why was Taehyung always guilty until proven innocent and not the other
way around? He sighed, leaning against the wrought iron gates and staring at his shoes. He wasn't sure what he'd wanted, when he had sat down to pose. Perhaps to feel beautiful? To be complimented? Taehyung couldn't remember the last time someone had called him gorgeous.
Hyungsik had used that word generously. Gorgeous. Tilt your face a bit, wow. Breathtaking. Lower your gaze, thats just lovely. You're gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. After the seventh time, Taehyung had actually started believing him. Had started feeling gorgeous.
And then Jungkook had turned up and all Taehyung felt was guilty and terrible. He sighed, running a hand over his face. Perhaps, it was because of what had happened between them. Guilt was the default emotion he felt whenever he was faced with Jungkook. Guilt, self pity, despair.
Sitting on that chair, with the lights on him, and the compliments pouring in, Taehyung had felt invincible for a few minutes. Untouchable in many ways. For a few minutes he had imagined Jungkook behind the camera. "A good photographer falls in love with his model."
Hyunsik had said that with a mischievous glint in his eye. Taehyung had laughed it off but the words had settled in the pit of his stomach. Because all he could think of was Jungkook taking photographs of Min Yoongi. Was that why they came out so well? Because he was in love?
"Taehyung ssi?" A familiar voice said right behind him and Taehyung jumped a little, eyes wide and just a little panicked. He turned around only to find himself face to face with a smiling Kim Seokjin, peering out of his car window. He blinked. "Seokjin ssi.." he bowed.
"Ah, you had taken the day off today hadn't you? What are you doing here?" the principal asked, looking curious and just a little worried. Taehyung suddenly felt very foolish. He shuffled awkwardly, managing a small smile. "I got bored at home and just wandered here..." he said.
Seokjin looked endeared for some reason. He nodded in understanding. "I guess that's what happens when you don't have much of a social life. " He said bluntly, amd Taehyung turned red. " Oh, i didn't mean any offense Taehyung ssi. I'm also much the same way. Home and school ."
Taehyung looked around and bowed again. "I'll let you carry on now, Seokj-" "Are you free for the evening? I have no plans to go home early today. I was actually craving some spicy fish cakes. And maybe some ribs." Seokjin said brightly. Taehyung hesitated.
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