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May 15, 2022
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#taekookau where every week Taehyung calls his mother on the phone. He tells her three things. "I love Jungkook a lot but I miss you and dad. " "Jungkook works hard for us so hes busy. " "I'm really happy, mum. He takes good care of me." One of these three things, is a lie.

kind of attraction, one that he felt for his unwanted husband. Taehyung was, there was no denying it really, very beautiful. And Jungkook as a photographer, was a connoisseur of beauty. He chased it, captured it for a living. How could he possibly pretend that he wasn't attracted
To the damned omega. He couldn't and there were nights when no matter how much he touched himself, thinking of the man in his heart, he ended up reaching his pleasure while thinking of the man in the room next door. On those nights he was riddled with guilt and self loathing.
Because no matter how much he wanted to blame Taehyung for this, he knew it wasn't the Omega's fault in any way or form. It was Jungkooks wretched body that refused to understand that he was off limits. The one omega in the world he would never bring himself to touch willingly.
Jungkook stared at the envelope in front of him, feeling, for lack of a better word, guilty and confused. He wasn't sure why he had behaved the way he had, with Hyunsik and later with Tae as well. The feeling of guilt returned when he remembered how Taehyung had looked,
When he had mentioned that not everyone was trustworthy. He had made the comment at face value, referring to Hyunsik, but when he thought of the hurt on Taehyung's face, he couldn't help but wonder if the omega had thought he was talking about someone else. Perhaps Tae himself.
Jungkook opened the envelope tugging the photo out. It was the close up shot of Taehyung's lips and fingers. He remembered how mad he had gotten at the sight of it, how he hadn't quite waited for an excuse or an explanation, stalking over and punching Hyunsik in the face .
The look of stunned surprise on everyone's faces, the hushed whispers and the wide eyes. The disbelief hanging heavy in the air at the sight of him nursing his own fist while Hyunsik lay on the floor, clutching his jaw in pain. He had never punched anyone in his life.
He remembered a very vivid argument with Yoongi once, when they were dating. There had been a party, and Yoongi had insisted they attend, although both of them weren't fond of social gatherings. Yoongi had to keep the connections he insisted and so they had gone.
Someone had hit on Yoongi and the omega had curled up against Jungkooks side, throwing vicious glares at the other alpha. Jungkook had told the guy to read the room and respect people's boundaries and had turned away. That had been that. Later that night, Yoongi had been angry.
"Why didn't you punch him? " He had demanded, pushing him by the shoulders and Jungkook had just stood there, at a loss for words. He could see that Yoongi was upset, but he couldn't for the life of him, understand why. Because the answer to that question was simple.
Jungkook hadn't punched him because he hadn't wanted to. At no point had his blood turned hot with anger, his breath turning into fire in his lungs, burning with the need to scorch the guy into ashes. His fists hadn't clenched in fury, and his feet hadn't moved against his will.
" You're not worth the trouble you come wrapped in, Kim Taehyung. " He muttered, running a forefinger over the curve of the jaw. He remembered how smooth Taehyung's skin had felt against his fingertips earlier. He was so thin, he thought, carrying him had been like carrying wool.
His head hurt. The clock on the mantle read seven thirty. Taehyung was in the other room, sound asleep. Jungkook had changed back into his shirt and trousers, and had come out to the balcony for some fresh air before leaving. He had seen the envelope in the trash.
A sharp pang of guilt had lanced his heart at that. Fuck, he hadn't meant for the omega to throw all the pictures away. They weren't bad. Of course he could do so much better, but they weren't bad. And he certainly didn't want to deliberately ruin something Taehyung wanted.
He carefully placed the photographs back in his briefcase . Because if he left them in the garbage bag someone else would find them and it would be awkward. Yes, that's why he was doing this. He sighed before stepping out of his bedroom, closing the door carefully without noise.
His feet paused in front of the door leading to Taehyung's room. He leaned in, listening for any sound but only the gentle hum of the air conditioner greeted him. The omega was deep asleep, likely exhaust and maybe even a little hungover. His eyes fell on the bottle of water, by
the table and he licked his lips, fingers trembling a bit. He felt jittery and nervous willing himself to keep walking but he couldn't. His mother, he told himself firmly. His mother would be upset if Taehyung came home with a hangover and then all the lying would got to waste.
He couldn't let that happen now, could he? Jungkook moved to grab the bottle of water, uncapping it slowly before grabbing the phone on the table. "Get me some hangover medicine. I'm at the Royal Suite. " He said briskly before hanging up. He moved to the door, pushing it open.
At first the bed looked empty, the omega curled into a ball in a corner under the thick coverlet and quilt . He felt his nostrils flare at the scent, the sweet comfort of it momentarily bowling him over in its intensity. He took a few deep calming breaths before reaching the bed.
When he pulled the coverlet back, just enough to reveal Taehyung's face, his body jolted in surprise. Taehyung lay on his side, hands drawn up to his face, fore and middle finger resting on his plush lower lip, mouth gently parted enough to show the white of his teeth.
The pose was so eerily reminiscent of that damned photograph that he couldn't help but stare, eyes taking in the soft downy brown hair, falling into his eyes. There was a scattering of moles, on his eyes the curve of his lips, over his brows . He hadn't seen those before.
They hadn't been there in the photograph. Another spark of irrational anger shot through him. Hyunsik had no bloody right to edit out those moles. He had no fucking right to- "Jungkook? " He startled, recoiling in shock as Taehyung's wide brown eyes blinked up at him.
The omega had woken up. How? And then his eyes fell on his hand, resting gently on the mole right by Taehyung's lips. He had been tracing the beauty spots with his fingers, without even realizing it. His touch had woken Taehyung up out of his sleep. He pulled his hand away.
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Taehyung felt a bit like he was underwater, blinking back the cobwebs of sleep as they clung to his vision, hands furling and unfurling under the sheets as he tried to get his bearings. There had been a vague sort of dream.
A monarch butterfly, large and majestic, fluttering around him as he stood in a lush, flowered meadow, the beautiful thing moving close to his face, resting every once in a while, first on his eyes, then on the curve of his lips and then over his brows.
The touch of the featherlight wings against his lips felt so real, his body responded to it. The soft gentle touch against the plush folds rousing him out of his sleep and when he blinked awake, the last thing he expected was to see Jungkook,
hovering over him , hands lingering over his face. He stared, confused, mouth dry and tasting awful from the alcohol the previous night. His limbs ached and there was a very heavy air of exhaustion on his muscles. He was so tired. What time was it?
“Jungkook?” He croaked out and the gentle finger against his face drew away. He turned his head slightly, looking askance at the alpha who was staring at him like he had seen a ghost. “ I… You… You were talking in your sleep.” Jungkook said quietly and Taehyung frowned.
Really? He had never done that before in his life. “I was?” He shook his head, groaning a little when the movement sent sharp shards of pain shooting up his skull. “what did I say?” Jungkook looked away , scratching the back of his head.
“I don’t know but it sounded like you were calling for me. I was on my way out, actually. I heard you and just wanted to make sure you were okay.” Great. Now he was bothering Jungkook even while asleep. Taehyung felt a chill run up his skin.
He groaned, rubbing his palm over his face and shifting away from the alpha’s side, a dull sense of guilt pervading his insides when he remembered the events of the previous night.
He had made things so difficult for Jungkook with his irresponsible actions, a pattern in their entire relationships. Would there ever be a day when Kim Taehyung did not cause pain in some form to the people he cared about?
He wanted to crawl back into the bed and never emerge back. “You don’t hold your liquor well, do you?” Jungkook asked slowly. “ I remember you got sick on the night of our engagement as well.” Taehyung froze.
There had been an unspoken rule between them, where they didn’t talk about the past or anything that happened then. He was sure of it, because he had stuck to it quite faithfully. Their engagement? That had been … quite a while ago and well, Taehyung didn’t remember much of it.
Except Jungkook was right. He had been forced to ‘ celebrate ‘ by drinking with a lot of people and had ended up sick for a few days. How did Jungkook know? He wasn’t sure he wanted to know. So he shrugged, passing over the remark about their engagement.
“I don’t enjoy alcohol and maybe that’s why I never built a tolerance for it. I like tea. Chamomile tea. When I was around twelve I spent a few months in Japan with my father’s family and they taught me about the art of brewing tea. ”
Taehyung stopped talking abruptly, mind finally sobering up enough to remind him who he was talking to. Jungkook who possibly wanted to leave as soon as possible. And here Taehyung was revealing secret details about himself to a man who loathed him completely.
Why did he say that, anyway? That was an intimate part of him, a detail not many people knew, except for the ones he loved dearly. Jungkook wasn't the kind of person he should be sharing parts of himself with.The alpha couldn't be trusted with those precious aspects of his being.
He looked away, hands fumbling for his phone. He had to call in sick today as well, he thought miserably. His work was always a welcome distraction. Anytime he didn't go in, which wasn't often, he felt empty and miserable. And today would be spent with his mother. Oh, God.
"I'm going to Jeju Do. For two weeks. " Jungkook said suddenly and he paused in the middle of grabbing his phone from under his pillow. "What? " He frowned, confused why Jungkook was telling him this. He had already told him he was going away. What did it matter where?
"In case your mother asks. " Jungkook said stilted, and Taehyung nodded, glum. Right. His mother. The only one he could call his family. His mother who was dying and so deserved happiness although she had done nothing to earn it. Because she was dying, Taehyung would lie for her.
He remembered how it had felt the previous day, watching Jungkook and Yoongi talking. There was an intimacy there even though they were just talking. An air of two people who knew and cared for each other. It wasn't something you could fake. Why was he trying to?
His mother had never truly.... Been there for him. He remembered how vindictive and happy she had looked when rumors had begun about Jungkook and Taehyung. He remembered how she had preened at the thought of landing a rich, handsome son in law. She hadn't cared about him.
But here he was lying on the cold sheets of some hotel room, head pounding and body aching, feeling apologetic just for existing. It didn't seem fair. "Let's just tell her the truth. " He said softly, before looking up at the alpha. " Let's tell her the truth about us. "
"I... What? " Jungkook was staring at jim like he had grown an extra head. Taehyung shook his head, tugging the covers up to his chin. He stared at the alpha, holding his gaze. "Her and everyone else. Let's just tell them the truth and end this godawful farce of a marriage. "
"No." Jungkook said shakily. " We're not doing that. " Taehyung scoffed, looking away. "Right... I don't know why I thought for even a second that you would care at all about what I feel or want. " He whispered, burying his face in his arms. "We have a deal, Taehyung."
"You agreed to this. Your mother is-" "You do realize she's the reason you're stuck with me. " He said sharply. " Don't you remember how she screamed at your parents to take responsibility, all those years ago? You should be glad she's dying. " He spat out, eyes burning.
"It's not just about you. " Jungkook yelled. " Great, you hate your mother. Good for you. Did you forget I have parents too? And unlike you, I care about them. I will not hurt them anymore than I already have. I'm not going to walk up to them and tell them I'm getting a divorce."
Taehyung exhaled. "You will have to eventually. " He pointes out. " Six months remember. This ends in six months. " Jungkook crossed his arms, staring at him. "And I will. Slowly. I won't dump it on them with no warning. I don't want them to know I was unhappy. They will
Blame themselves and I cannot allow that to happen. You're not the only one in this godawful farce of a marriage, Taehyung. But you are the fucking reason for it. Your mother isn't to blame. You are! " Taehyung screwed his eyes shut. Back on square one, he thought shakily.
After a few seconds of silence, Jungkook exhaled sharply. Taehyung stayed quiet, his eyes aching from the effort of keeping his tears at bay. "You're tired. You need to rest. Get ready.. Let's go home. " He said quietly. "You do not have monopoly on unhappiness, Jungkook."
"I was unhappy as well. So much so I don't even remember what happiness feels like. I wouldn't even be able to recognise it if I felt it someday. Happiness has become a myth in my heart, ever since I tied myself to you. And you're right. It's my own fucking fault. "
"You're right. We're both unhappy. We're both miserable. We both want out. But do you think we'll get it if we just step of this fucking hotel and tell them we were lying for years? You think they'll believe us. And your mother... Are you strong enough to break her heart? "
Taehyung stayed quiet, the words hitting hard. "She's your mother. And when you have a mother you care about them. Whether we want to or not. Whether they deserve it or not. Isn't that how is goes here in Korea, Taehyung? If we walk out of our marriage they will never forgive
You or me. Are you strong enough to live with it? Because I am not." He shook his head. " You want to tell her? Do it yourself. I want no part of it. " "You think I won't? " He screamed, loud and ringing. " I can do it. I'm so fucking done with this! With you! " "Then do it."
" Fine. I will. " "Good." Taehyung threw the covers off, climbing off the bed and moving to the en suite. He would do it. Why wouldn't he? There was absolutely nothing stopping him from telling his mother that he didn't love Jungkook. That he didn't care about him.
Because that was the truth. The version of Jungkook he was in love with, didn't exist when it came to him. He would never get to see the sweet, gentle alpha, who had a kind smile for everyone. Who would rescue puppies and raise them behind the school buildings, who would help
Janitors clean up after hours, who would skip lunch to tutor friends who were falling behind. Taehyung had fallen in love with someone kind and thoughtful but circumstances had tainted his relationship with Jungkook before it could even form. If the foundation was rotten,
there was no point spending years building upon it. Nothing good would come out of it. And it was time he realized that. It was time he understood that there was no future here. He had to end this. For his own sake as much as Jungkooks. Because it must be hard,
For Jungkook as well. hating someone was hard work wasn't it? Someone like Jungkook wouldn't have enjoyed it. The alpha had probably never hated anyone else .How odd that he felt apologetic even for that? When had he become this pathetic? And why had he done this to himself?
Perhaps it was the alcohol and the evening with Seokjin, he thought despondently, dressing himself up quickly. When he stepped out of the shower his room was empty, and there was a fresh pair of clothes on his bed and a strip of tablets he recognized as the one people used for
a hangover. Disoriented , he dry swallowed one of the pills before moving to the mirror. He felt a bit like he was stuck in limbo, his mind and heart warring terribly. His mother was dying.
He would have to be a very cruel man to break her heart in the last days of her life here on earth. But he couldn’t trust himself to live through this charade for another six months. This would be better, right? She was a grown woman.
Why must he bear her share of emotional distress just to protect her when she had done nothing of the sort for him? Taehyung slipped into his clothes and stepped out when he felt he looked presentable enough. Jungkook was sitting on the couch,
elbows resting on his knees and head buried in his hands, fingers lightly gripping his hair. He looked up at the sound of him closing the door and Taehyung bit his lips when the alpha stood up, eyes more neutral and less antagonistic than before.
“I think,” Jungkook said carefully, these aren’t decisions we should make when we’re high on emotions. I provoked you, and I feel like I shouldn’t have. We decided on waiting for a reason Taehyung. I promise you that at the end of six months, we can walk away from each other.
Impulsive decisions only end in misery for everyone. Let’s think this through. Please.” Taehyung bit his lips. “What is there to think?” He said tiredly, “ My mother should know the truth at least before she leaves this world.
And as for your parents, you can tell them I left you. That I cheated on you. Or whatever else you want to say about me. I won’t refute it.” Jungkook exhaled, before moving closer. Taehyung flinched when the alpha reached for his arm and
Jungkook paused, before pulling back from him again. “Why do you think I would say such things to two people who love and care for you very much?” He asked quietly. “ That’s not the kind of person I am. But well, if you really want to do it, I suppose I can’t really stop you.”
“No, you can’t.” “Then let’s go.” Jungkook moved to the side, holding an arm out , gesturing him to leave,” After you.” The moment Taehyung walked past him, Jungkook reached out and gently gripped his elbow. "Tell her you fell out of love. It would be more believable."
Taehyung laughed shakily, " Believable? In what world, Jungkook? And just so you know, she told me she thinks you're halfway to falling out of love with me. She told me I should try harder because your face gives away your feelings. You think people assume we're in love,
but the ones who truly know us, can see right through the charade. I have always looked at you the way I do now. You don't have to act like you don't know about my feelings for you. " He tugged on his arm, but Jungkooks grip tightened. "The way you look at me has changed."
Taehyung stiffened, pulse kicking inside his chest, his heart squeezing tight as it trembled inside his ribs. It Was funny how his ribs were meant to protect his heart, but they were useless in front of Jeon Jungkooks razor sharp tongue. Everyday he felt more blows befall it.
"How do you know, Jungkook? Have you finally started looking at me? " He smiled bitterly. "If it bothers you that I don't look at you the way I used to, just stop looking at me. " He tugged his hand away. " It shouldn't be hard going back to ignoring me. You're good at that. "
Jungkook swore, hand moving up from his elbow to the flesh of his upper arm, tugging hima round when he tried to leave. "Why must you twist everything I say, Taehyung? " "I'm not the one doing the twisting here. It's you. You're twisting a dagger into my fucking heart! "
"Okay." Jungkook said quietly, dropping his hand away and stepping back. " Okay, Taehyung. Do whatever you want. I'm done. " He shook his head. " You're not my responsibility anyway. You can do whatever you want." He turned away.
Taehyung stood outside the door to their apartment, taking deep breaths. Jungkook stood just a few feet behind him, completely silent. They hadn't exchanged a single word on the drive over and Taehyung felt like he was on the edge of a precipice, with no idea how deep the chasm
was. But he had never been more ready to jump. He was going to do it. He was going to tell the truth. This was it. Enough was enough. He had suffered enough. There was no penance when the sin was unforgivable. He had to do this. He rang the door bell, holding his breath.
The sound of footsteps on the other side made him breath in deep and Taehyung took a deep breath. He closed his eyes shut for a second only opening them when the door swung open. "Mother." Taehyung froze. Because that wasn't him. It was Jungkook. "Tae." Mrs Jeon smiled.
Authors note : I'm sorry.
When Taehyung first met Jungkooks parents he had a very strong feeling of cognitive dissonance inside his head. All of his beliefs and past experiences when it came to how parents are, clashed very solidly with what he was seeing first hand. He couldn't come to terms with it.
The Jeons were for lack of a better word, ridiculously kind.They seemed to be caricatures of perfect parenting and he felt like he was floating in a pool of disbelief, watching them with Jungkook. They listened to the alpha, actually listened with the intent of understanding him.
He found it fascinating. Did parents like this exist? What was the catch here? There had to be a catch, right? They didn't hate him. That was a surprise in and of itself. Taehyungs mother hadn't been polite let alone kind, talking to them. But they still smiled at him.
Jungkooks dad shook his hand and patted his back. Jungkooks mother pulled him into a warm hug. They accepted him without a single ounce of hesitation, staying quiet and agreeing to everything his mother said. But they had looked at their son with a lot of sadness.
Taehyung supposed they had always hoped it would be Yoongi who would marry Jungkook. Yoongi who would make their apn happy. Perhaps in Taehyung's eyes they saw a lifetime of misery for their only son. That would make any parent sad, wouldn't it? But he was grateful.
His mother in law and father in law had never made him feel unwanted. They had always been there, open and friendly and accepting without expectations. It was something he wasn't used to: receiving affection without having to pay for it in some way. All love was conditional.
Taehyung himself hadn't had a very nice relationship with his mother. But it was only separation from her that had made him realise it. Out of the circle of her influence, he found a peace that hadn't been in his life before. A sort of weight lifting off his shoulders.
It was funny but Jungkooks disdain for him was a lot easier to bear, than the constant anxiety and worry that he had felt, growing up with his parents. There were times when only the reminder of what he had left, had kept him tethered to the marriage and to the alpha.
The feeling of being indebted to her in some way, simply because she had raised him, the feeling of owing her happiness, of being the cause of her unhappiness, it had all been so suffocating. And it was hard, because she had made it seem so normal, this environment where he felt
Like any small thing he wanted for himself, anything he desired for himself, could only be pursued if it fell in line with what she wanted for him. His desires couldn't exist if they didn't align with hers.
And it was a very twisted thing indeed, because a relationship with Jungkook had been the one thing that they had both agreed upon as something Taehyung could possibly want and pursue. For the first time, his mother had approved of something he had wanted. And it was Jungkook.
But it was clear that Jungkook hadn't grown up in a home like that. The relationship between Jungkook and his parents was one of understanding and respect, with healthy boundaries and open lines of communication. Jungkooks parents didn't make snide remarks or talk in riddles.
Taehyung, over the years had formed an attachment to them, not because he wanted to, but because they made it impossible not to. When he saw the look of warm welcome on Mrs Jeons face, he felt his heart take a steep dive. Because there on the fine wrinkles of her smile,
He found all the reasons why Jungkook didn't want his parents to find out this way. The soft kindness in her gaze and the cool soothing affection in her tone was enough to douse that fire inside him, the one that had fueled this need to end things with Jungkook right away.
"Are you alright? You look like you've lost weight, baby... " Mrs Jeon reached out to him, hands gently curling around his own, squeezing a little. The worry in her voice made his tongue run dry and he could only bow, his voice refusing to come out. His thoughts were a mess.
She stepped back in, taking him with her, but not before peering over her shoulders at her son. Jungkook stepped closer and Taehyung flinched when the alphas arm came around his waist lightly, almost naturally. "We didn't know you were visiting mom. Sorry we were out last night"
Mrs Jeon smiled a little at that , watching as they took off their shoes. "Taehyungs mother called us. She asked us over for lunch and mentioned that you were leaving on a work trip. For two whole weeks. " She hesitated, " Are you taking Tae along? You better, Jungkook. "
Taehyung felt the blood turn into icicles inside his chest. Blood draining from his face, he quickly shook his head, pulling away from Jungkook and stepping further into the hallway. "Oh no. I can't... My work... It makes it difficult.. For me to... Take a lot of holidays. "
"Nonsense." His mother's voice came from the hallway, and he closed his eyes in frustration. " Mrs. Jeon, you must explain to this child that some things are more important than his job. Like spending time with your alpha. Isn't that so, Jungkook ah? You want him there right? "
Mrs Jeon didn't say anything merely reaching out and gently brushing the hair off his face. "Taehyung isn't a child, Mrs Kim. " She said softly, fingers threading through his hair and putting the strands in place. It was a careful motherly gesture, one that made a
lump form in his throat, " Taehyung is a young man. A beautiful, successful young man with a career doing something he loves. And if he says that he can't afford it, we should respect his wishes. " She pulled away to cup his face, " how have you been, sweetheart? "
Taehyung on the verge of tears, could only nod, biting his lips so he wouldn't cry. The ache in his heart intensified. Her sweet words and gentle kindness were things that he ached and longed for all his life. And he only got them because he was married to Jungkook.
He imagined telling her he wanted to leave her son. That he wanted to end the marriage that had brought all of them together. Imagined the hurt that would flash through her eyes, the way she would be so confused, wondering if it was her fault in some way. How could he do that?
Her fingers against his cheekbones felt warm and so soft. He covered her small hand with his own, dredging up every single ounce of his energy to force his lips into a smile. "I'm well, mother. " He whispered, voice low and almost breaking apart. " Have you been well? "
She laughed lightly, shaking her head before linking her arms with his. She turned to Jungkook and smiled. " Your father is in the roof deck outside. He said he wanted to talk to you about something. Go find him. I'll catch up with Taehyung. " Jungkook hesitated before
stepping closer to her and wrapping his arms around her. "Oh! " She looked startled, but hugged him back nonetheless. " This is new. " She laughed. " You've changed him a lot Tae.. He would never hug me before. " Jungkook pulled back to look at him, his eyes sad but resigned.
"Do what you need to do, Tae. " He said quietly, before looking at his feet. " I'm sure every thing will be just fine. " The alphas words made him feel even worse. How could he possibly do what he needed to do? Especially like this? He looked away, head aching.
Jungkook gave him one last look before nodding and walking away to the wide bay windows that opened out into the deck on the roof. Mrs Jeon tugged him closer. "Your mother is making prawns and pork belly and I need help preparing the strawberries for dessert. Will you help? "
💫☄️💫☄️💫 Jungkook found his father seated on one of the lounge chairs a small glass of Bourbon in his hand. The older aloha sat up straighter when he saw him, a smile forming on his face. "There's my boy. Come give your old man a hug. " He stood up, his arms wide open.
Jungkook smiled, but it was more mechanical than anything else. His mind was only on Taehyung Would the omega tell his mother that they wanted a divorce? What would he do then? How could he possibly explain things without hurting them? "You alright, son? "
Jungkook dragged himself to the present, playing with the ring around his finger, nervous. "Yeah, dad.. Something you wanted to talk about? " He managed a weak smile. His father watched him carefully. "How are you doing, Jungkook ah? You and Taehyung? Are things okay? "
Jungkook went still . Of all the things be was expecting, this wasn't it. He licked his lips, before running a hand through his hair, scratching the back if his head. "Uh... Yeah, dad why? " His father sighed. "Jungkook ah... You know I don't like talking about these things,
But your mother, " He shook his head, " She worries a lot. And you know. How she gets when she worries. " He sighed, " She talks about it all the time at home but when I tell her we can talk to you and Taehyung she immediately refuses. She thinks you will hate us for it. "
Jungkook held his breath, he had an idea what was coming and he felt like he was going to throw up because of it. "Dad please-" "Jungkook ah have you guys thought about building family? " He said quietly. the silence that followed was so loud that Jungkooks ears rang.
"Dad - " He began shakily and Mr Jeon stepped closer, gently gripping his shoulders. " It's just a question. You can say yes or no. You don't have to give me a reason for either of those. I never wanted to ask you this. It's your choice of course.. You and him.. we have no say."
" But it's just that... It's been a while hasn't it. And I know you must still be mourning what happened before... it's a loss that you can't easily forget. But I also remember you were... Ready to be a father back then. You told me.. You would protect the pup.. "
A pup that was never there, Jungkook thought bitterly. He swallowed the words that threatened to bubble up. The urge to come clean and tell them what had happened. But he couldn't. He couldn't just tell them that, not when they believed the best about Taehyung.
"And you know... We're old too. Your mother she was telling me that perhaps you've been trying but ut isn't working out. I just wanted to tell you, if there's any support you need from us, we're here for you. I know you want pups son. I also know Taehyung does too.. So if you-"
"Dad, we're not okay. " Jungkook said shortly, his voice soft but firm. " We're not... Things aren't good between us. " Mr Jeon went completely still. "What? " He frowned. " Between you and Taehyung? What do you mean by not good?" Jungkook took a deep breath.
"We're considering getting a divorce. "
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Jungkook’s father didn’t respond right away. In fact, he didn’t react at all, gaze steady and his expression even. Jungkook felt like he had stepped right off the edge of a cliff, the ground dissolving into ashes under his feet,
his heart squeezing tight because he didn’t want to do this. He never wanted to do this. But this was what Taehyung wanted. And Jungkook didn’t want them to hear it from Taehyung. If someone was going to break his parents’ heart, it had better be him.
He took another deep breath before finally turning to look at the man he had modeled his life after, the man he held in the highest of esteem , the one he had always relied on.
Jungkook’s father was the one who had taught him how to walk, how to ride his bike, how to value people, to treat them with kindness even when they didn’t deserve it.
And Jungkook knew, deep down, that there was nothing his father detested more, than people who ran away from their problems. He wondered if perhaps, this one statement of his, would make his father question decades of parenting.
Was he wondering right now, where he had gone wrong? Was he perhaps trying to understand, why the boy he had raised with such meticulous care and concern and so much love, would choose to break his heart so? He bit his lips, and exhaled.
“Aren’t you going to say anything, dad?” He asked, voice shaking so much he could barely recognize it himself. “I’m waiting for you to continue.” His father said evenly. “ I know you, Jungkook-ah." he said gently, " I know how I raised you, and i know how much you believe in
giving people second chances. You forgive and pretend things are okay, even when they're not. So , If you're bringing up something as…. serious as a divorce, then there must be something very distressing going on. What happened? Did …. Did one of you stray in some way?”
Jungkook hesitated, because for one second that seemed like a perfect out. Except he couldn’t do that to himself or to Taehyung. It just felt wrong. There really was no way to sugar coat this , he thought miserably.
He would have to fabricate a few untruths but he would have to make sure to base them on a foundation of truth. That way the whole structure wouldn’t come crashing down on them.
He didn't want to spin elaborate tales and make things worse. It would be like ripping a bandaid off. Fast but effective in the long term. And there was only one, irrefutable truth. “We’re not…. In love with each other.” He stopped, before swallowing, “ anymore.”
His father showed the first sign of emotion them, his lips curving into a small frown, eyes going just a bit dimmer. He looked troubled, deeply so and Jungkook flinched when the older man reached out, gently cupping his shoulder.
“Let’s sit down first.” He said quietly, leading him to the chair nearby and waiting for him to sit before pulling another one close. He reached out and touched both of his knees, “ How long have you felt this way, son?” Jungkook’s couldn’t breathe.
“i… I don’t know.”He said helplessly, every single fiber of his body rebelling against the thought of lying to his parents. He had shielded them from a lot of painful truths, because he knew they wouldn’t be able to bear it the way he did,
but he had never, in his life deceived them so deliberately. He felt sick to his stomach, his skin ice cold and head pounding. There was an ache somewhere in his chest, like an iron fist that got tighter and tighter, squeezing the breath out of his lungs.
His father seemed to understand his distress, gently squeezing his knees, before reaching out and cupping his face, " Hey, baby, look at me. Its okay. Youll be okay." He rubbed a thumb under his eyelid and it came away damp. He hadn't even realized he had been crying.
“Dad..” He choked out. “ Please don’t hate me.” “No… No baby, I could never . Why would you say that Jungkook ah… there is nothing you could say or do that would stop me from loving you with every fiber of my being.
You’re my son, my biggest treasure . The only thing in my wretched life I am proud of…. Why would you think for a second I would hate you?” His father moved to kneel in front of him, both hands cupping his face, before stroking his hair. " I love you and I love Taehyung."
Jungkook felt like he had been squeezed dry of every ounce of happiness. He took a deep breath. A hundred emotions ran through his head, a hundred different thoughts, he couldn’t keep up with or decipher. So many lies, so many deceptions. Why had he let it get this far?
He struggled to contain his emotions, before finally looking up at the older alpha. “When Taehyung leaves me, can I come stay with you guys for a while?” He whispered, voicing the first thought that struck him, " Just for a while.?" His father’s face softened.
“Taehyung isn’t going anywhere. And neither are you. This is your home. Yours and his… You live here, Jungkook-“ But the alpha was shaking his head, leaning forward and wrapping both his arms around his father’s neck, burying his damp face into his shirt.
“No. No.. You are. You’re home. You and mom … That’s where home is and I just… It just hurts so fucking bad sometimes I can’t breathe , appa.” He choked out. Mr. Jeon held him close, hands gently stroking his back as Jungkook cried.
As a parent, every single instinct in him screamed to make it stop. To stop his son from hurting, but he realized that he couldn’t. He had no idea how to. Helpless , all he could do was hold him .
He whispered assurances, that it would be alright. That he would always have him. That he would do everything to help him, over and over ,all while his heart cracked right down the middle. His son's tears had always felt like acid on his skin, right from the time he was a baby.
The sound of Jungkook’s misery was so loud and jarring inside him, the stench of despair and sadness so cloyingly unbearable , he couldn’t stomach it. He realized right then, how much he loved the boy in his arms. Because the sight of an unhappy Jungkook was enough to break him.
How long, he wondered. How long had his precious son been in such pain? How had he never noticed? As Jungkook cried, all his father could do was keep watch. And hope that he could fix it for him. Because that was his job. And he would do it faithfully, for as long as he had to.
Taehyung sat across from his mother in law, the short width of the kitchen counter between them. Mrs Jeon , despite having a lot of helpers at her place was a phenomenal cook, fond of taking complete control of the kitchen, involving herself in every small thing.
His own mother was out of earshot, having gone to take a quick nap while they fixed dessert. Taehyung was grateful for the respite in a way. He watched as the older woman carefully washed and peeled and sliced the berries with careful precision, her perfectly coiffed hair
early earrings looking a little out of place in their apartment. Despite being from a wealthy family, Jungkook had insisted on only using his own money when it came to their apartment.
The place was a modest affair by any standards, and Mrs. Jeon looked expensive and regal in here. “Your mother ….is unwell.” She said carefully and Taehyung went still, pausing in the process of slicing a berry.
He wasn’t sure how much his mother had shared, wasn’t sure if it was alright to tell them the entire truth. He supposed as Jungkook’s mother she deserved the right to that information, but his own mother was unbreakable with such things. He didn’t want to upset her in anyway.
But she reached out and lightly touched his hand, her gaze soft and tender, “ You have to know you’re not alone Taehyung. No matter what happens you’ll always have us.” Ah, so she had told her the truth then. Perhaps so she could have that small edge of power over them.
He nodded and went back to slicing the fruit, not sure what else to say. There was a short, terse silence and then Mrs. Jeon cleared her throat again. “Are things alright, with you and Jungkook?” She asked casually. Taehyung’s pulse picked up.
This was it. The most perfect opening. Here was the chance to tell her the truth. He could do it. He could casually look her in the eye and say , no, we’re not doing well. It was what he wanted. It was the best way to end the agony they were causing each other.
Taehyung took a deep breath, ready to spill it all, "You know we were so relieved when he agreed to marry you, because if not, he would have married Min Yoongi instead, and God, he would have made himself so miserable with him. You saved my son from that, Taehyung".
The words, fully formed and on the tip of his tongue, ready to spill out, died a quick death. He felt a little like he had been doused with ice cold water, and then with gasoline and then set on fire. His skin burned hot but felt icy cold. What did she just say? Had he misheard?
" You were also with him, weren't you? All of you, you were in college together. I don't know if you liked him, Min Yoongi. If you did, I apologize. But I have been thinking it for so long, and I couldn't ever say it out loud to anyone. " She shook her head."That boy.. Bad news."
"And I know the circumstances weren't... Ideal. You went through so much, that night and the days after, but you must forgive me for being happy that you came into my son's life. Please, consider it the madness of a woman who loves her son very much." She sighed.
Taehyung wasn't quite sure what to think, his thoughts in shambles, head starting to ache a little. "But you knew your son didn't love me. " He said shakily. " You knew that. " She bowed her head. "I was certain that he would. Eventually. Once he spent more time with you.. "
She looked up then, eyes a little cloudy. "And you, Tae? " She asked quietly. " I'm old and foolish at times. At times, I think I see you look at him with love, but I don't know if that's just wishful thinking on my part.A trick of the light. But I know you won't ever lie to me"
"So, Tae, please tell me this. Do you love my son? "
He felt the words pierce through his heart, sharp and throbbing. He couldn't quite breathe, because the truth was he didn't know. Young, naive Taehyung had loved Jungkook. Yes. But the Taehyung of today, wasn't sure if he was even capable of loving someone. He didn't know how to.
He had been so numb and miserable for so long, he didn't feel anything except a nagging urge to apologize, over and over again, to everyone around. Sometimes he felt apologetic for his very existence. Did someone like that deserve to love? Was his love even worth anything?
His love for Jungkook had never amounted to anything. It was worthless. Invalid. He only carried it in his heart because he was scared of the hollow emptiness it would leave behind, if he tried to get rid of it. A pained heart felt better than one that had nothing in it.
He stared at her for a few seconds, the openness of her gaze making him ache in many ways. She wanted him to say yes, he thought vacantly. But he knew that would only make things difficult. "I think you can love someone deeply, " He said carefully,"and still want them gone."
She didn't respond for a few seconds, her gaze still steady on his own. "Do you mean yourself, or my son? " She said finally. He sighed, shaking his head. "Mother, " He said quietly, reaching out and touching her gently, " I can't tell you what you want to hear right now..
But I can tell you this. Your son is easy to love, and so he will always be loved. By many people, in many ways. My love, " He bit his lips, " He won't even miss it. "
“So, I was right.” She said tiredly. “ you’re not happy. Neither of you. Taehyung, tell me how can I help? How do we fix this?” Taehyung blinked. Fix it? Fix what? You couldn’t fix something that wasn’t even there in the first place. “Mother I-“
“And please, don’t tell me we can’t. Because love doesn’t just disappear. If you leave, you will hurt just as bad, if not more than how you hurt now. Just tell me what’s bothering you.
Why are things bad… is it… does it have something to do with what happened before?” she looked hesitant. “ I never talked to you about it…Because Jungkook was just so… He was so quiet about it. He wouldn’t say anything… And I didn’t understand…”
“He didn’t say anything?” Taehyung went still, processing the words. “No… We tried to get him to talk to us, but he never said a word. We assumed it was his fault … that he made a mistake…
and we were just grateful you weren’t pressing charges and –“ she sighed shaking her head, “ we did what we thought was right. We told him that actions have consequences and if there was going to be a baby, he would have to do the right thing . And step up and be the father….”
“Wait…” Taehyung felt his head spin a little, “ He didn’t tell you that he wasn’t the father?” he blurted out, his words spilling out before he could quite think them through. As soon as they were out there, the effect was almost instantaneous.
Mrs. Jeon went completely still, before pulling her hands away from his. Her face drained of color, eyes wide and lips parted in shock. “I…what?” She whispered, staring at him in disbelief. Taehyung felt the implication of his words hit him like a truck. “I… I’m… Mrs. Jeon…”
“What do you mean by that?” She asked shakily. “ What do you mean he wasn’t the father?” Taehyung felt sick, bile rising to his mouth and he pushed the chair back, ready to bolt but she reached out, grabbing both his wrists.
“No! Taehyung! Wait! Don’t run! Please! Just.. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to spook you! Listen to me… its alright… It’s okay just talk to me! Taehyung !” “No!No… No wonder you were so nice to me You don’t know… he never told you… I… I need to go…” He made to move again.
“No.” Mrs. Jeon’s grip on his wrist tightened. “ I am not being nice to you , Taehyung. I’m treating you with love and respect , because I love you and care for you.
There’s a difference between those two things. Being nice to someone is an act of kindness, something you show strangers and friends…. But treating someone with respect and affection…its an act of love.
Its reserved for people you let into your life and into your heart. People who matter to you. And you matter to me.. so please…
Please just listen to me. I trust you and And I love you. Nothing you say will change that… but you have to tell me the truth. What did you mean by that? If Jungkook wasn’t the father….? Then who was….?”
Taehyung stared at her and took a deep breath. He was tired. So tired of keeping it all in and he couldn’t keep up with the lies and the pretense anymore. “No one.” He said softly. “ there was no baby.” Mrs. Jeon seemed to be stunned.
“Taehyung…” she said shakily. “ You… Tell me you’re joking.” He stared down at his hands. “I thought there was.” He said shakily. “ There was a test… I took a test and it came back positive…..and I was so sick after that night… Everything just seemed to point that way …”
“Did you not go to a doctor?”She shook her head. “I did… they said it was too early to say… It had only been three weeks, so they wanted me to wait another couple of weeks but … my mother…” he trailed off
“But your mother wouldn’t listen.” She said shakily. “ She saw the test and she heard about you spending that night with my son and came knocking on our door right at once?” Taehyung stayed quiet. “When did you find out that you weren’t pregnant?” She asked shakily.
“Three days before the wedding.” There was a ringing silence then. “Did you tell Jungkook?” Taehyung felt his lips wobble. “No, I did not.” She pulled away again, and Taehyung watched as she buried her head in her hands. "If you had told him, we would have fixed it, Tae."
"I wanted to... " He said shakily. " I don't... I don't know why I didn't. " He shook his head. " Guess I was just scared that people would hate me. That they would accuse me of lying about the pregnancy and trapping him... so I just didn't tell him and the n three weeks later.."
"You told him you had a miscarriage. " Mrs Jeon groaned. " How did you think that was something you could lie about Taehyung? " She demanded harshly. " Because you call me mother, I'm going to be exactly that and tell you that was a horrible, horrible thing to do to Jungkook."
"And not just him. To yourself as well! You were young. Both of you... Way too young to deceive people with something of such gravity . " She gave him a look of utter disappointment. " I can't imagine Jungkook took that well. " "He insisted on us going to the doctor and well,
I couldn't pretend anymore. I had to come clean. " Taehyung closed his eyes, the memory of Jungkooks anger , the betrayed look on his face, so fresh in his memory. " He never forgave me for it. " " But why didn't he tell us the truth? He told us you did lose the baby."
"I don't know." Taehyung whispered. " I didn't question anything he did after that. I didn't think I had the right to. I just listened to whatever he said. " He swallowed. " And that's how I've been living the past three years." "Are you being fully honest with me? "
Taehyung looked up at her, holding her gaze before nodding slowly. “Yes , I am. I don’t remember what happened that night. I don’t know why the pregnancy test came back positive but I do know that if I could go back in time, I would tell Jungkook the truth.
I would tell him the truth and set him free, even if he hated me for the rest of my life.” Mrs. Jeon watched him for a second and then leaned in closer.
“Taehyung, I’m going to ask you one question. Just one. I want you to look deep into your heart and answer me , honestly. Between you and Jungkook, is there something left that is worth salvaging?” Taehyung licked his lips, confused. “I… what do you mean by that?”
“I’m asking you if you feel anything for him, other than a sense of guilt and debt.” She said softly. “ Are there any tender feelings left? If Jungkook forgave you for what happened, would that be enough for you to move on,
or is there a part of you that wants something more with him?” Taehyung felt his pulse quicken a bit at that. Without any warning, he had sudden , vivid vision of the dream he had dreamt that morning. Jungkook holding him close, looking at him with so much tenderness.
Talking about having more children with him. He remembered, jarringly, how soft the alpha’s hair had felt under his fingers, how real it had all seemed, despite it being nothing more than a dream.
He couldn’t stop himself from breathing out , his exhale shaky and unstable and his eyes welling with tears before he could stop himself. “Ah,” Mrs. Jeon said softly, leaning back and giving him a gentle smile. “ Your eyes tell me everything that your heart tries to deny.”
“It doesn’t matter how I feel.” Taehyung said quickly, swiping at the tears that brimmed over. “Jungkook deserves better than what happened to him and no matter how I feel, I have to let him go.” “You have to let him go? You think that is the right thing to do?” She asked gently.
“Yes. It’s the only way he can move on.” “Very well,” She said briskly. Then in all this, what you want the most is for Jungkook to move on?” “Yes.” “And you want him to move on but you think your feelings won’t affect his moving on?”
Taehyung stared at her in confusion. He shook his head. “See that is where I think you’re wrong. Your feelings not only matter, but they are the most important things to consider, if we want Jungkook to move on. You know why Taehyung? I know my son.
And he cannot live holding bad feeling towards a person. The only way he would ever move on is if he forgave you. And well, Jungkook cannot forgive you until he understands why you did what you did. And he won’t understand that till he gets to know you.
And you can never fully know a person, until you know what they feel. So, if you want my son to move on, you have to show him your real self. You have to tell him the truth. You have to tell him how you feel.”
She smiled softly, " So, Tell me Kim Taehyung, do you love my son enough to show him who you truly are? Because if you do, I'll help you. If you would rather cut your losses and end this here, well, I'll help you with that as well. It's up to you."
Taehyung didn’t respond for a few seconds. “Can I ask you for a favor?” He said shakily and she blinked before nodding quickly. “Anything, sweetheart.” “Don’t tell him what I said. About him knowing about the baby and the other stuff.
I don’t know why he didn’t tell you the truth but I know that he must have had a reason for it. Just, please don’t hold that against him. He really loves you guys the most. You’re everything to him.” Mrs. Jeon smiled. “Very well. I won’t tell him.”
They sat in silence, a quiet agreement between them. Taehyung stared at the table front till a cherry red fruit came into his line of vison. He blinked, because Mrs. Jeon was holding out a sliced strawberry near his lips.
“These are your favorite right?” She said gently. “ Go on, have some. They taste delicious.” He opened his mouth, letting her feed him the juicy fruit. As he chewed, savoring the flavors exploding on his tongue, she smiled.
He hesitated before smiling back, a small one but a smile nonetheless. “You really are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Even more so when you smile. But I realize you haven’t been doing much of that , have you?”
She sliced another fruit before reaching for a small pot of honey. Taehyung watched her drizzle a bit of it on the berry before holding it out to him again, “ Well, I’m going to make sure you have many more reasons to smile from now on, Taehyung ah. Now eat up.”
Author's Note : We have officially hit 10k words for this chapter 🥲🥲🥲 another eight k? Max... And I'll wrap this up. Updates tomorrow ❤❤ a lot of drama and fun coming up in the next chapter.... As these two slowly let down their guards and start getting to know each other.❤
The drive home was silent and charged , the air heavy with unsaid words as Mr and Mrs Jeon sat quietly, the chauffeur having brought the partition up to give them privacy. Unaccustomed to keeping secrets, the couple looked distinctly uncomfortable, their bodies tense.
It was quite clear that they were both waiting for the other to start, unsure and worried, their love for their son making it very difficult to put feelings into words. "So," Mr. Jeon said finally, reaching out and lightly touching her knee. " Did taehyung talk to you?"
Mrs Jeon took a deep breath.She had never kept secrets from her husband when it involved their son. And she certainly wasn't about to start now. She carefully told him the things that Tae had shared, looking for any signs of shock, but none came. Her husband looked troubled but
he wasn't surprised. "I take it Jungkook told you as well. " She said thoughtfully. "Yes he did. Well, first he cried for a long time, but then eventually he told me about what happened back then. " "He cried? " Her heart ached" A lot? My baby. " Tears welled over.
"Its a good thing. " Mr Jeon said firmly. " He must've kept it all to himself, all these years. Both of them. It's good that they've opened up to us. Acknowledging hurt is the first step to healing from it, after all. Now that they agree something has to change.. We can help."
"How? " She sighed deeply. " Both of them want to sweep it under the rug. Neither of them is nowhere near ready to open up. I told Tae he needs to be honest with Jungkook but that's of no use if Jungkook doesn't trust him in the first place. " She shook her head. " What now? "
"I think.. something happened that night, Aera. " He said softly. " Jungkook can hold his liquor well and he insists that he was alone in that bed that night. How did Taehyung end up there with him? " He shook his head. " And why would a pregnancy test come out positive? "
"Do you think someone else was involved? " "That's the thing. " Mr Jeon sighed, shaking his head. " There's no way to know, now. The kids at that party are scattered all over the country, living their own lives. Most of them were drunk that night. How can we possibly find out?"
They stayed quiet, each lost in their own thoughts. And Mr Jeon turned to her after a few minutes, a small frown marring his features. "Was Yoongi there? That night? " " Yoongi ? I'm not sure. But if he was there Jungkook would have driven him back home and returned himself."
"Yes. Exactly . It was very rare for Jungkook and Yoongi to be apart back then. What's more? Remember what Mrs Kim kept insisting that night she came to see us the first time? She kept screaming about how Taehyung was a good boy who stayed away from parties. So why was he there?"
"I can ask him. " She said quickly. "Yes you should. But more importantly, I need to talk to Jungkook. " He said quietly. "Oh what are you going to tell him? " "I told him that he can't find peace unless he knows why Taehyung made the choices that he did, but, "
He nodded thoughtfully, " Now I think we need to find out why Taehyung was put in a position like that in the first place. Remember what our doctor said when we found out we were having Jungkookie... He said false negatives are common. False positives? Those are way too rare. "
"Some of Jungkooks friends from college still work with him don't they? Jaehyun and Yugyeom? There was another guy too. Minjae? Mingyu? " "Jungkook mentioned that he had a two week work trip to Jeju do. He missed hia flight today and asked me to book him one for tomorrow. "
"Just him? " Mrs. Jeon frowned, " Darling..." "I did suggest it..." Mr Jeon shrugged. " He turned me down. He said he couldn't do that because it would upset Taehyung. " "So that's the only issue? What if Taehyung wants to come along. " She grinned. "What are you upto? "
"Nothing darling. You can do all the brainwork... Do your sleuthing with your son. Leave the matters of the heart to me. They need to spend more time together. Talk and get to know each other. I'm going to make sure that they do. " She grabbed her phone and began texting.
Taehyung stared down at the phone, trying to make sense of what he was reading. It made zero sense. "So... " Jungkook was over by the closet, changing out of his clothes. Taehyung sat on the pull out bed that doubled as a couch , still staring at the text. "DId you tell her? "
"What? " Taehyung blinked, confused and Jungkook turned around , shirtless. "Your mother. Did you tell her? That you wanted to end things... Between us. " Taehyung took a deep breath. "No, I didn't tell anything to anyone. " He said quietly before looking away.
Jungkook seemed to watch him for a few minutes, a thoughtful look on his face. "I told my dad we were considering a divorce. " He said quietly and Taehyung felt his pulse quicken a little. "Did you tell him why? " Jungkooks face was neutral. "No, I didn't. "
"Right.. What did he say? " Taehyung watched as the alpha carefully climbed into his bed, slipping under the covers. He leaned back against the couch himself. "He said we shouldn't make hasty decisions. " Jungkooks voice came over. " To think things through. "
Taehyung took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. " He said finally. " I... I got overwhelmed today and I... I may have been unreasonable in many ways. I don't know why I did that. " He bit his lips. Jungkook didn't respond. "You missed your work trip too. "He said quietly.
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