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#yoonkookau Yoongi is a prostitute whom crime lord Jeon Jungkook has taken a particular liking to. Except he gets a little too involved in his business and suffers the consequences. Yoongi dies, but not really. He gets stuck in a never-ending and terrifying time loop.

↳ finally a new au!! this was commissioned by the lovely @/DenTay1612 💕💕I really hope everyone will enjoy this story!! it’s truly the most challenging trope I’ve written so far (time loops are terrible) 🤧💕
↳ Tags Crime Lord JK Prostitute YG Sex Work Time Loop Temporary MCD Blood Violence Mystery Smut Angst Happy Ending <3
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Yoongi thought he would die. Who wouldn’t have in this situation? He was bleeding and there was the fiercest spark of pain in his chest. It was from a gunshot. Jungkook stood close, he was looking at him with a mix of disgust, disappointment and sadness.
However, Yoongi didn’t get to focus on the scene because he thought he would die and he felt like dying. It was the matter of a few seconds. He thought, /“It’s unfair, I didn’t do it.”/ He wanted to cry but the only thing that flowed was the blood.
Just a few seconds. The shot had been clear, right onto the heart. How could Yoongi survive? Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t.
But what was certain was that darkness engulfed him only for a few seconds and when he opened his eyes… There was no blood, no guns, no accusation of theft and no Jeon Jungkook.
Yoongi was in his bed in the shared dormitory of the prostitutes. He was staring at the bunk bed above his own and he was alive.
He blinked. Several times. Then he sprung upright before reaching to touch all over his chest. Yoongi looked around. A few other workers were in their beds, most curled under their blankets.
It was light outside but too early for work to have begun. Yoongi started to look through his sheets for his phone, he grabbed the device. The screen was cracked. Monday, seventh October. Nine thirty-three.
It was supposed to be the thirteenth. Sunday. But it wasn’t. Yoongi felt strange. He got out of bed, his legs were shaking but he stumbled all the way to the bathroom.
He faced the mirror first thing. His skin still had colors but was quickly palling. Yoongi felt himself getting sick. Had it all been a dream? It had felt so real. The pain had felt so real. He turned the tap on then quickly splashed his face with the coldest water.
Monday, seventh…
Even if he was shaken up, Yoongi tried to go on with his day. He thought it would get better. Once he was ready, once he busied himself with work, the strange feeling would dissipate. Or so he thought.
𝙨𝙞𝙭 𝙙𝙖𝙮𝙨 𝙥𝙧𝙞𝙤𝙧
Mondays were always a little hard. It proved he lived a routine that had become boring if not tiresome. Mondays, Yoongi worked from ten in the morning to eight in the evening.
The place was fancy. He often referred to it as a brothel but it was more of a bar that offered special services. Like prostitutes.
Yoongi had been working there since he’d been nineteen. He had just turned twenty-five. First he’d gotten into sex work for financial reasons but he wasn’t in a tricky situation anymore. He’d remained at the bar because it was easy work for him and it brought good money.
He’d started sex work at nineteen but he’d been at the bar since his twenty-first birthday. He had regular clients. He was a little older than most prostitutes, but his attitude and charms attracted attention.
This week would be busy. Yoongi had been warned by the boss. Jeon Jungkook was coming and it wasn’t just for entertainment. He was coming to the bar for business.
Jeon Jungkook was notorious around. Workers liked him because he tipped well and had a handsome face and nice body. Some were jealous Jungkook showed obvious favoritism towards Yoongi.
When Yoongi got ready on Monday morning, he chose an outfit he believed his client would like. Black lace, embroidery and a very tight pair of shorts. His makeup was simple compared to others’.
He didn’t go overboard with the powder, blush and eyeshadow… He wished he could but his skin simply wasn’t as good as it had once been and too many cosmetics made him break out badly. He preferred a more neutral look if it meant he could keep a smooth skin.
Yoongi left the room barefoot, only with his high stocking. Another preference of Jungkook’s. He stopped by the bar where his boss waited. The man gave him a once-over before reaching behind the counter for a bottle of champagne.
“Sir Jeon is waiting for you in the cabaret room. Be a darling and bring him this bottle. His favorite vintage with his favorite doll.” Yoongi took the bottle with a smile before heading to the cabaret room.
The cabaret room was their most expensive private room. Jeon Jungkook had booked it for the whole week. He had the means to do that.
No one knew for sure what kind of things he dealt with and where he got his money from. Only that the source was most certainly not a hundred percent legal. Truly shocking.
Yoongi was used to seeing gangsters (that was how he referred to them, although some were more corrupt citizens than real mean mob bosses).
He slid inside the cabaret room while brandishing the champagne bottle. He put on his most charming smile. “Sirs.” He walked in. There were two men on the couches and five others spread around.
Bodyguards. Yoongi headed towards Jungkook. The man had his lap full of another prostitute. Luna, Yoongi recognized. Jungkook gestured at her to move away. “Your favorite bottle, on the house,” Yoongi hummed showing the label before pouring.
“Sugar, I’ve been waiting for you,” Jungkook was smiling. He maintained a professional face but he didn’t hide how pleased he was to see Yoongi. Next to him, Luna was struggling to contain her anger.
She was displeased, with the situation and Yoongi’s existence itself. Jungkook ignored her and gestured for Yoongi to come closer. Once he was sat in his lap, Yoongi was able to assess Jungkook’s business partner.
“Mr. Xie, let’s drink to the beginning of a fruitful partnership…” They both raised their glass. Mr. Xie had two prostitutes on either side of him. He seemed content. “Let it prosper,” the man answered back. He spoke fluent Korean but with a slight accent.
His name had a Chinese sonority, but Yoongi could be mistaken. A name was just that. What was certain was that the man had traveled all the way to Seoul to settle a deal. Jungkook pulled papers out.
“Thank you for sharing your time with me, hopefully you will have a pleasant stay in my city.” My city. Jungkook said it without stuttering. No one in the room picked up on it.
The right corner of Yoongi’s lips curled. Although you had to have a high esteem of yourself to speak such words, he could admire the confidence Jungkook had.
“I’m aware you might feel this deal is at your disadvantage but if you gave me one week to convince you otherwise, I would show you how much you have to earn in this bargain.”
Mr. Xie let himself relax. He seemed young. Not as young as Jungkook was but he still deserved some credit. He was young and his shoulders were broad, his shirt was buttoned tight over his chiseled chest. Yoongi might have found interested in him in another life.
Prostitutes had one job and it was to entertain their client. And that no matter what kind of conversation was taking place around them. The two around Mr. Xie did their job well, filling his glass whenever it was running low and plastering their semi-naked bodies to his.
They touched him, his hands, his chest. They touched whatever they could as long as the client didn’t frown. Luna was taking care of keeping Jungkook’s flute full.
He didn’t like to have more than one person over him and Yoongi was the one he’d chosen. She played the role of a pretty hostess. They pretended they didn’t hear what was going on.
At first it was difficult, tuning out discussions of money, drugs and violence. Those people spoke of such things with terrible detachment. After some time it became easier. Some were able to ignore everything entirely.
Yoongi tuned out most of the discussion. However, his attention was caught when Jungkook mentioned a gift. Well, he didn’t only mention it. First he asked for Yoongi to move aside for a moment.
He obeyed with one eyebrow raised, following Jungkook’s movements. One bodyguard stepped forward with a wooden box in his hands. From the first glance anyone could guess it was expensive wood.
Jungkook opened it. Mr. Xie’s eyes glinted. Suddenly, Jungkook had his whole attention.
“I’ve been made aware that you’ve been searching for this watch for some time… I believe this would make the perfect gift to celebrate a successful contract… That is if we come to an agreement.” Jungkook spoke with ease.
He was a man putting a treat under a dog’s nose. Except the dog was a Doberman and the treat was a watch worth billions won. Yoongi blinked. Jungkook was very eager to seal a deal with the man in front of him.
He had one week’s time and a watch to make it work. Yoongi was curious to see how it would all unveil.
When Yoongi walked into the cabaret room on Tuesday, Jungkook was alone. No prostitutes already clinging to him or bodyguards standing like furniture.
He was alone and as soon as Yoongi walked in, he sat straighter and smiled. That mischievous smile of his, which looked more like a smirk. “Sugar, it’s been a while.”
Yoongi’s head tilted to the side, “we saw each other yesterday.” It wasn’t anything funny but Jungkook threw his head back with a short laugh. “You’re always so cold, come here.”
Yoongi filled the distance between them. As soon as he was close enough, Jungkook caught him by the waist and pulled him in his lap. After so many times of seeing each other, Yoongi had learnt that Jungkook enjoyed these displays of strength.
He liked to show off. He was vain but it suited him. On anyone else, it would be too pompous. Jungkook’s fingers came to wrap around Yoongi’s throat.
He wasn’t squeezing, his hand was just there and it forced Yoongi to angle his head up. Jungkook’s mouth pressed against the column of his neck. There was a clear no marking rule. It was installed for all the prostitutes as a way to set boundaries.
Jungkook liked to play with him, kissing, licking and biting but never hard enough to leave a mark. It was a power game. He let go so Yoongi could look him in the eyes. He kissed him.
Jungkook was always the one making the first step in his direction. He was the one kissing him first, the one touching him first… Because Yoongi would never. Not in this life.
As Jungkook’s tongue fucked his mouth, his hands traveled down the length of his spine, right until it could rest in the swell of his ass. “It’s been so long since I last fucked you,” Jungkook grunted against his lips.
Yoongi was getting hot but he kept his composure. He cocked one eyebrow, “pretty sure it’s only been one week.” “Don’t try to play smart with me, it’ll only make me want to fuck you rougher.”
Instead of answering, Yoongi’s nimble fingers reached for the opening of Jungkook’s trousers. He reached right into his underwear. Jungkook closed his eyes. Yoongi’s nostrils flared at the sight.
“You’re always so sensitive,” he teased with a slight chuckle. Jungkook glared but before he could speak a word, Yoongi freed his dick and started humping. “Fuck—when are you going to put it in?” “You’re too impatient.”
Yoongi quickly slid his underwear down his legs. Jungkook didn’t attempt to hide the way he was staring. However, just as Yoongi was about to lower himself on Jungkook’s dick, the door to the cabaret room was pushed open and Mr. Xie made an entrance.
He paused a second in front of the scene and a loud laugh escaped him. He didn’t turn around. Yoongi first tensed but then shook his head. He didn’t need to act modest. Jungkook didn’t seem bothered to have been caught although he rolled his eyes.
“I see you’re having fun without me, Jeon.” Mr. Xie sat down on the other couch. Following him were the bodyguards from the previous day as well as prostitutes. Luna was once again amongst them.
Her eyes settled on Yoongi’s naked figure. Her stare sent a shiver down his back and he put his underwear back on. Jungkook tucked himself back in his trousers and sighed. “I thought I would have more time before you arrived,” Jungkook said. He didn’t need to mask any shame.
“You could have kept going,” Mr. Xie raised an eyebrow. Jungkook ignored his comment. He snapped his fingers to have one of his men bringing his documents.
The talks were long. Yoongi didn’t understand half of what was going on. To be entirely honest he didn’t put much effort in the task. At some point he got up and walked around the couch until he stood in Jungkook’s back.
He started massaging his shoulders and playing with his hair, a little bored. Luna made an attempt to sneak to Jungkook’s side. He didn’t reject her but he gave her none of his attention, instead leaning back against Yoongi’s touch.
The negotiations went until late. Around five in the afternoon, Mr. Xie started raising his voice. He called Jungkook greedy and almost stormed out but Alice, another prostitute, managed to sooth him. There were two breaks this day.
The meeting went longer than his shift should have but his boss knew how much Jungkook liked him and promised he would be fairly compensated for his after-hours.
So Yoongi remained, at some point he curled in a ball next to Jungkook, lying his head against his shoulders. The meeting ended. Mr. Xie was the first to leave, followed by the other prostitutes.
Luna lingered behind but Jungkook gestured at her to get out. Yoongi was blinking sleep away. Jungkook caught his attention by kissing his lips. Yoongi whined, barely responsive. “Should we finish what he started this morning?” He started loosening his tie.
Yoongi huffed before putting a hand to his chest. “No, my shift ended hours ago, I’m tired,” he grumbled. Jungkook’s features darkened. Yoongi stretched before getting to his feet. “You’ll have to wait a little more to get another taste of me.”
Jungkook was displeased but he let Yoongi leave the cabaret room without a word. Yoongi smiled to himself. He was playing with the man. He was playing with something dangerous but it made for some fun and distraction.
Maybe one day the fire would bite him back but that day hadn’t come yet.
Wednesday, Yoongi slept in. Wednesday, Yoongi didn’t work. Previously, his free day had been Friday but his boss had asked for a change since there weren’t many workers available on that day.
Yoongi had accepted. It didn’t make much of a difference to him. Unlike other prostitutes, he didn’t really have a life outside of his work. Most worked in the evening and weekends, outside of their studies. He used to. Not anymore, though.
He’d gotten into sex work for the money because his situation had been unstable. He could quit, now, but Yoongi had gotten used to this easy flow. And he was scared of changing.
Yoongi easily got bored with his redundant lifestyle but he was afraid of taking the first step towards change. Even his free day involved a routine, just in a lazier sense.
He woke up, scrolled through his phone. He wasn’t alone. Hope, another of the few male prostitutes was stretching on the floor. He was new. They hadn’t spoken.
Hope greeted him when he noticed he was awake. Yoongi simply grunted in acknowledgment. He snatched a few clothes from his space in the dresser before heading to the bathroom. Free days meant strolling through the city for Yoongi.
He was quick to leave the bar once he was decently clothed. He greeted the boss on his way out.
October was windy but not necessarily cold. Yoongi wore his leather jacket over a plain white shirt. He had tight black jeans and combat boots. He shoved his hands in his pockets and hopped onto the first bus that crossed his path.
Free days were for light fun, a short freedom. Yoongi always did the same thing. Walk around the city aimlessly, grab some food, do some window shopping (sometimes some actual shopping).
Then at the end of the day, go back to the bar, to his cramped dormitory. Routine. Yoongi had once been a normal student.
After twenty minutes of ride, Yoongi got down from the bus. The stop was crowded with young people. If he squinted he could see the Han River between tall buildings.
He could almost mix with the crowd. Students, loud chatter, groups of friends and laughter. Yoongi pulled his earphones from his pocket to tune out the noise. He had once been a normal student but he wasn’t anymore. He’d once been happy and carefree like all those people.
Perhaps he could go back to that kind of lifestyle now that he didn’t need to worry about his sister’s medical bills. He could go back to school with the money he had put aside. He could go back to his physics class and pour over astronomy books.
That had been fun and deep down, Yoongi missed it. He could go back to that, but he was afraid of change, of course. It always came back to that.
For now, Yoongi could pretend, with music blasting in his ears, that it was his life—that it wasn’t a stolen moment and that it was enough. He stopped by a street food stand and bought a hotteok then the window shopping began.
When he started walking, Yoongi often lost himself in his thought and in time. He entered a few clothing shops with alternative styles and then a large jewelry store.
It had opened recently and the whole surface of the shop was covered with different pieces of jewelry. Yoongi roamed the earring aisle and perked up when a group of students stopped next to him.
He couldn’t hear them clearly with his music, but they were smiling bright and laughing together. One girl grabbed a pair of earrings and brought them next to her friend’s ear. They seemed to be having fun.
Yoongi looked away before he started feeling bitter. He bought one necklace and one pair of earrings before leaving the shop. The day went by and the streets got more crowded.
When it started getting dark, Yoongi slowly made his way to the nearest subway station. He carried a few bags in his hands and needed to juggle them to pull out his transport card.
The moon was in the sky when Yoongi reached the bar and it had gotten darker although not pitch-black.
Bags on his shoulder, hands pocketed and humming under his breath, Yoongi didn’t notice the figure standing outside the bar’s building until he almost collided with it. Or him, rather.
Jungkook was smoking at the front of the bar and when he noticed Yoongi, his eyes widened. His look of surprise was quickly replaced with a lazy grin. “Sugar, how lovely to see you here.” Yoongi blinked. He gave the man a polite nod.
He was ready to ignore him, but Jungkook seemed adamant to engage with him. “Where were you today?” Yoongi paused. “It’s my free day, I was just out,” he answered.
Jungkook nodded, “I thought your free day was Friday, I was disappointed when your boss told me you wouldn’t come…” He shrugged. “I changed my schedule to accommodate the boss… My coworkers are pretty, many to choose from.”
Jungkook took a puff of his cigarette before letting out a short laugh, “why are you so cold Sugar? No one compares to you, you’re my favorite.”
Yoongi bit down on his bottom lip, he started shifting from one foot to another. “I’m sure you can make do.” Yoongi turned towards the entrance. He wasn’t interested in making small talk with a client.
He was very adamant on keeping his professional life separate from his private one. Jungkook’s teasing teetered between the two and made him slightly uncomfortable.
He entered the bar and came face to face with Luna who was biting her nails right behind the door. She straightened.
“What were you talking about with Jungkook?” She asked right away without bothering with proper courtesy. Yoongi rolled his eyes at her antics, “nothing, he was just greeting me.” Luna was gritting her teeth. “You’re always all over him, it’s annoying.”
“Are you serious?” Yoongi asked, raising one eyebrow, “I haven’t done jack shit. If you want to work for him then go ahead, no one’s stopping you.” “He’s obsessed with you! You have to be doing something.” She accused.
“I don’t have time to waste on your bullshit.” Yoongi bypassed her with a long and tired sight.
He genuinely didn’t give a fuck about Jeon Jungkook. He wasn’t doing anything special. He treated the man like any other client. Because Jungkook was a client, nothing more. Yoongi wasn’t about to fight Luna about a random client.
Thursdays, Yoongi only worked from five in the afternoon to one in the morning. He walked out of the dormitory fresh and ready to get to work with an outfit he’d just unpacked from the bottom of his drawer.
He was wearing a pastel purple lingerie set underneath a white mesh dress. He had curled his black hair to further his soft/angelic look of the day. He was pretty satisfied with the work he’d done.
As soon as he was out, his boss spotted him. Yoongi already knew what his day would look like. If Jungkook was around, it was almost guaranteed he’d be tending to his needs. It was how it worked. Or rather, it was how Jungkook liked it to work.
The boss still called to him. “Luna said you trespassed your boundaries yesterday,” the man started. Yoongi’s eyes widened. For a moment, he was too shocked to speak out. Boss rubbed his eyes tiredly.
“Where is this coming from, I didn’t do anything?” Yoongi frowned. “I believe you, I didn’t call you here to lecture you or anything. You’ve worked here the longest and I know you’re professional but that girl clearly doesn’t like you.”
Yoongi looked around, checking if anyone could be eavesdropping. It didn’t seem to be the case. “What am I supposed to do about that? It’s obvious she doesn’t like the fact that Mr. Jeon always asks for me but I can’t do anything about that.”
To be entirely honest, the whole matter with Luna upset him. He thought, in the profession, prostitutes should stick together. It wasn’t an easy field and sometimes clients could get rough and possessive.
Yoongi always tried to help his coworkers when they seemed to be in uncomfortable situations and he’d been helped back in return. He hated getting involved in useless feud.
His boss put a hand on his shoulder, “for now, just watch your back. I wouldn’t put it past her to play some dirty tricks on you. She doesn’t seem entirely stable.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “Medical records?”
Boss bit down on his bottom lip, he crossed his arms over his chest, “there are a few things there but it says it’s all in the past…” A shiver ran down his spine.
Yoongi almost opened his mouth to ask why the boss wasn’t getting rid of her if he was suspicious but he already knew the answer. He shook his head dejectedly. Clients loved Luna. She was pretty, sweet and willing.
Yoongi was close to the boss, they could almost be considered friends. If the man had been younger, he might have been interested. But the man was all about business.
Businessmen made money, they found what earned them most and kept it going until it crashed or until they figured something that would make them even richer. It was all about profit. The boss shooed him away to the cabaret room.
His entrance didn’t go unnoticed since Jungkook looked up expectantly when the door opened. There was no one at his side. Not even Luna had taken advantage of his absence to get closer to the object of her desires.
They were sipping wine on the couches and eating fancy toasts. There weren’t any documents or folders in sight. Jungkook asked him to come to him with a finger and Yoongi went easily.
To Yoongi’s surprise, he was greeted with a kiss to his forehead. His eyes widened and his composure fell. When he pulled back, although still tucked into Jungkook’s side, the other was looking away. He started blinking rapidly. Jungkook’s gesture had broken his character.
Yoongi considered his job like an act. He played the role his client wanted him to. But there were boundaries on both ends. Kissing happened. But not like this. What happened was dirty, saliva and tongue involved. Not gentle forehead kisses.
Jungkook had never done that before and it was throwing Yoongi off. Business talk picked up once the plates and glasses were emptied.
Yoongi slipped back into his character. He started taking more space in the room. He threw his legs over Jungkook’s lap. He noticed the way the man straightened his back before one of his hands settled on his calves.
Mr. Xie’s eyes traveled back and forth between them. The day’s meeting finished when Jungkook handed the man a thick folder. “Here is all the information you might need to deliberate… Although it’s in your best interest to accept these conditions.”
Jungkook smiled. He was wearing a polite yet hard smile. Mr. Xie let out a raspy chuckle, “you like playing dirty… You know what I covet and you use it without any shame to tempt me.”
Jungkook didn’t bother denying. “You cannot rely on fairness in our world.” Yoongi stared at Mr. Xie and it seemed for a moment that their gazes locked. It was disconcerting but the feeling only lasted a second.
“We shall meet on Sunday, then, Mr. Jeon.” Mr. Xie stood up and dusted his impeccable suit. “Yes, two days to make the best decision,” Jungkook hummed. The two men shook hands on that promise. That left Friday and Saturday to think about their deal.
Yoongi got up when prostitutes and bodyguards started filtering out but Jungkook wrapped his fingers around his wrist and pulled him back. “You’re staying here with me,” Jungkook whispered to his ear. He waited until they were alone to make his first move.
Jungkook closed the door behind the last bodyguard to leave before pressing Yoongi to it. Then, he kissed him. Yoongi was able to respond to the gesture quickly.
He’d felt tension coming from Jungkook, he was bound to unveil one way or another. Sex definitely was one of them. So Yoongi got on his knees and helped him do just that.
With no meeting scheduled to take place in the cabaret room, Yoongi wasn’t expecting to see Jungkook at the bar when he walked in for his shift. But the man was there in flesh and bone.
Luna was entertaining him, or at least trying to, but as soon as Yoongi made his entrance, his attention left the girl. At first, Yoongi ignored him, pretending he hadn’t seen him. Except Jungkook was a difficult man to ignore and Yoongi couldn’t act rude towards a client.
“Sugar, I was waiting for you,” Jungkook spoke. Yoongi raised an eyebrow, “is that so? You seem to be in good company, though.” He wanted Jungkook to turn towards Luna whose eyes were getting darker by the second.
“Sugar, you know you’re my favorite.” Really not what he should have said in front of Luna. “There’s no meeting today,” Yoongi said. “Doesn’t mean I can’t come to see you.”
Didn’t the man have a job? A business to run? He seemed determined to waste both his and Yoongi’s time. “How kind of you,” he answered sarcastically.
Luna daringly tugged at the hem of Jungkook’s shirt. She gave him her best doe-eye look, “I can take care of you today. Give you a different experience…” Her voice was sultry but Jungkook didn’t fall for it, if anything he almost regarded her with disdain.
He shook her grip off him. “I’m not interested.” He put distance between them and instead walked towards Yoongi. “I actually wanted to do something a little different today.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow which prompted Jungkook to follow up.
“How about I take you out?” There was a moment of silence. “I’m on a shift,” Yoongi blurted. Jungkook smiled, showcasing his white teeth. “I know that. What I’m saying is, instead of spending time here, let’s go see the city.”
That was definitely new. More than that, it was unheard of. “Pretty sure that’s not allowed,” Yoongi said.
Jungkook looked around the room. Yoongi thought he had understood he was being laid off but Jungkook was searching for something and as soon as he found it, he stalked off.
Yoongi followed him with his eyes and was surprised to see him engaged in a conversation with his boss. The latter glanced his way twice. He was frowning, shaking his head at Jungkook before the man reached into his pocket and pulled his wallet.
Yoongi’s eyes widened at the thick stack of fifty thousand won bills he put down on the counter. Finally, boss sighed. Jungkook came back to him with a victorious smirk. “I’m stealing you for the day.”
“Did you just bid for my time?” Jungkook simply smiled before shifting to a different subject. “I think you’d better change. Although this turquoise set makes you look ravishing, I doubt it’ll be convenient for what we’ll do next.”
Yoongi wanted to ask what they would be doing but Jungkook turned his back to him. “I’ll wait for you outside.” His mouth hung open. He stared at the empty spot Jungkook left before an uncomfortable feeling poked him in the back.
Luna was still there. She’d been here all along. She was glaring, directly at him. “Well, I gotta go, I think.” He quickly left the room and headed back to the dormitory to change.
Jeon Jungkook had a chauffeur. It shouldn’t have surprised Yoongi. Jeon Jungkook was the kind of man who could get everything he wanted. A chauffeur was small-scale. They sat in the back of the car with the middle sit left empty.
Yoongi felt out of place. He was wearing skinny jeans with holes at the knees and a white shirt underneath his leather jacket. He was fidgeting with his hands. Jungkook had his left ankle right over his left knee, he seemed laid back.
“Where are we going?” Yoongi broke the silence. Jungkook stared him up and down. He took his time answering. “We’re spending time together, Sugar…”
Yoongi bit down on his bottom lip, “that’s not what I meant,” he was itching to demand that Jungkook call him by his name—or anything else than Sugar.
This was just a stupid stage name he’d chosen at age nineteen and he liked it better to keep it in the bar. He didn’t, though. Mostly because he was on a shift even if Jungkook had decided to take them on a stroll.
He had to keep it professional. He had to do his job. Jungkook raised an eyebrow at him. “You seem a little tense, try to relax a little.”
Yoongi exhaled a shaky breath. Easier said than done. Nothing about this situation made it easy to relax.
Jungkook gave his chauffeur no instructions concerning their destination. Had this all been previously planned? Or were they simply sightseeing through black-tinted windows?
They came to a stop after the most painfully awkward car ride Yoongi had gotten the chance to endure. Before he could open his door, Jungkook had rounded the car and done it for him. If anything it made Yoongi feel more jittery. This was unusual and out of character.
It was a parking lot that Yoongi stepped out into. He looked around. It was mostly empty. The atmosphere was akin to that in a horror movie or a crime series.
This could have easily been a crime scene. There could have been a dead body nearby. Yoongi could quickly become the next body found in that place. Jungkook placed a hand on his shoulder which pulled him out of his thoughts.
Yoongi’s limbs were stiff as he dragged them towards the entryway.
It wasn’t an abandoned lot that they’d stopped at but a shopping mall. Yoongi blinked. He stole a glance at Jungkook and when their eyes met, he hoped his gaze translated his level of confusion. “Are we going shopping?” He asked.
“We just need to get a little something from here before our next stop.” What an ambiguous statement. None of Yoongi’s questions were receiving concrete answers. So this was only a first stop. Jungkook was really going to drag out this day.
They walked in. Jungkook didn’t linger around the regular shops, he led him towards the fourth floor where all the luxury brands had their boutiques.
Jungkook seemed to know where he was heading because he stepped into one specific store without calculating the rest. A few steps behind them, a man from Jungkook’s security team stopped. He remained at the entrance.
Jungkook stopped in the middle of the shop. One attendant walked up to them. “Pick some other clothes, what you have on isn’t suited for our next destination.” Yoongi blinked. “Welcome, sirs, can I help you?” The attention intruded.
“What? I didn’t bring any money,” Yoongi sputtered. Jungkook leveled him down. His eyes were dark. “You’re not paying for anything. I am. I thought it was a given.” It was not. Yoongi wasn’t unfamiliar with luxury brands. He owned a few statement pieces from big name boutiques.
“I would have put on something different if you’d told me there was a dress code!” Yoongi felt a little embarrassed. He was mildly annoyed. Jungkook was being too intrusive. He was stepping into his life—the private part of his life. He was acting too nonchalant.
Jungkook shrugged. “Just pick something.” Yoongi glared. The attendant between them started fidgeting, “Should I let you walk around? Call me if there is anything you need…”
Yoongi didn’t move. He wasn’t planning on looking around. He wasn’t planning on doing any shopping. This was something friends or lovers did. They were none of that.
Jungkook sighed before massaging the bridge of his nose, “find him some form-fitting pants. Something black and comfortable.” The attendant did a double take before stuttering away. “You,” he pointed at Yoongi, “follow her and try on what she finds.”
Jungkook had stalked away when Yoongi scoffed. He rolled his eyes which earned him a stern look from the bodyguard who stood nearby but he couldn’t bring himself to care much about that.
He followed after the attendant. She seemed a little shy at first or maybe Jungkook had made her uncomfortable. Jungkook wasn’t the most easy-going person. And it always looked like he was glaring at you.
“I think this would fit you well. You have thin legs so the cut of the pants will make you look taller.” Yoongi hummed, “it looks nice, I’ll try it.” The attendant led him to the back of the shop.
There was one large cabin. “Tell me if the size isn’t right.” The girl closed the cabin and Yoongi was left to undress. What was Jungkook’s stupid idea? He threw his ripped jeans to the floor before slipping his legs into the black pants.
He was aware that Jungkook enjoyed his company but this was a bit too much. Yoongi was a prostitute, not an escort—not Jungkook’s boyfriend or whatever the hell the other thought he was. There was a knock against the cabin door.
Yoongi closed the buttons of the pants, “the size is all good, no need to search for something different.” Except it wasn’t the voice of the attendant that answered him.
“It’s me. Open the door, I have something else I want you to try.” Yoongi was almost petty enough to ignore Jeon Jungkook. Keyword being almost. With a sigh, he opened the door and Jungkook stepped inside.
The cabin was large but fitting two people inside was still quite much. Though, it didn’t seem to bother Jungkook as the man locked them in. He handed Yoongi a lacy black fabric. It was a see-through top.
“Did you find this in the woman aisle?” Yoongi blurted out. Jungkook leaned back against one wall of the room before crossing his arms over his chest. “I did.” Yoongi didn’t have anything to add to that so he slipped the lace fabric on.
He stared at his reflection in the mirror. “So the place you’re taking me to allows see-through shirts but not holes in jeans?” He raised an eyebrow. Their eyes met in the mirror. “For you, I’ll make sure they do.”
“So it was you who didn’t want me in jeans?” “Maybe I wanted to see you in clothes I chose.” Jungkook hummed. Yoongi couldn’t understand him. He just didn’t make any sense. “Well, this fits. We can go,” Yoongi said.
Jungkook pushed against the wall to get to him, he tucked Yoongi’s new shirt into his pants in a way that accentuated the dip of his waist. “There.” Finally, he pressed a kiss to Yoongi’s forehead before leaving. He paid for Yoongi’s clothes with a swipe of his black card.
They stopped in front of a hotel. A very tall and modern building. At first, Yoongi’s thought Jungkook had just taken him there to fuck him on a different surface.
But then the outfit wouldn’t have made much sense. What was the point in buying expensive clothes if he was going to be ripping them off anyway?
They entered the building and were met with gold. Not literally. It wasn’t like every corner was filled with gold but there was a huge chandelier and that one was pretty golden and it made the color reflect all around.
They didn’t stop by the reception; instead, Jungkook led them to an elevator and pressed the button to the fifth floor. “We’re going to eat?” Yoongi asked as he read the inscription next to the fifth floor button. There was the name of a restaurant indicated.
Jungkook didn’t get to answer because the doors opened, right onto the restaurant. It was huge and unnecessarily fancy. So that was the reason Jungkook wanted him to get different clothes. He’d have made a fool of himself in street clothing.
Jungkook scanned the room. It seemed they wouldn’t be dining alone as they walked to a large table with only two leftover seats and a whole lot of guests already present.
Yoongi swallowed. If only Jungkook had warned him beforehand, he wouldn’t be feeling so awkward and out of place. “Ladies and gentlemen,” Jungkook greeted. Everyone looked up. Mostly at Jungkook but also at him.
Jungkook pulled out his chair for him before taking place at his left. “You’re late,” one man spoke, he looked to be the same age as Yoongi, making him a few years younger than Jungkook himself.
“Well, at least he showed up this time,” a woman piped up. Yoongi glanced between all of them. What was this meeting? “Let’s all calm down.” The oldest man at the table spoke up, “Jungkook, we’re happy you could make it this time.”
The way they were talking was awfully familiar. No formality at all. “I’ve been busy,” Jungkook said with a calm voice. “Not all of us can say the same, though. What do you think Taehyung, how are you doing in art school?”
This felt like a jab. The young man who’d previously pointed out Jungkook’s tardiness bit down on his bottom lip. He slumped a little in his chair before mumbling, “it’s fine. And I’ll have you know it’s keeping me very busy. Professors have high expectations for all of us.”
There was a silent glaring match happening. Mostly one-sided. Jungkook didn’t seem to mind the daggers being thrown at him. “Who is it that you brought today? We were all very surprised when you requested to have a chair added to our table…”
It was another woman who spoke, with graying hair and an impeccable look. Jungkook brought one arm around the back of Yoongi’s chair.
“Probably another one of his whores,” Taehyung grumbled, just loud enough for everyone at the table to hear. “Taehyung!” The oldest man reprimanded.
Yoongi’s eyes widened but mostly in amusement. He was starting to put two and two together, “did you bring me to a family gathering?” he asked, turning to look at Jungkook. The man in question shrugged.
That was unexpected. Yoongi couldn’t help but to start laughing at the situation. It earned him confused and slightly offended stares from around the table. “Jungkook, who is that?”
Before Jungkook could answer, he spoke, “I’m Yoongi.” It was Jungkook’s turn to look surprised. Yoongi scoffed at his expression, “you didn’t seriously think my name was Sugar?”
He prided himself for having put that aghast expression on Jungkook’s face. “Maybe I got used to it,” Jungkook admitted. Yoongi shook his head. At the very same moment, a whole group of waiters came by with small plates in each hand.
They hadn’t even ordered. Or maybe the rest of the family had. Yoongi looked at the content of the plate that was placed in front of him. So this was the kind of place with the ridiculously small portions and exceedingly high prices.
“Did you bring a stranger to our family reunion?” The oldest man asked, his eyebrows furrowed. “Not exactly a stranger,” Jungkook offered.
Taehyung let out a snort, “I told you he brought one of his whores.” The other young woman next to him—maybe a sister—didn’t hesitate to shove her elbow in his ribs.
Jungkook was glaring but Yoongi couldn’t be bothered. “Can’t deny that,” he shrugged. All eyes were back on him. Or rather, traveling between him and Jungkook. “Jungkook how could you?” The oldest man accused. “It’s not that big of a deal,” he rolled his eyes.
“Everything surrounding our family is a big deal—this could bring trouble!” The woman with graying hair spoke. They bickered. Yoongi decided to start eating. He didn’t need an invitation to dig in.
To hell with manners, this was all Jungkook’s fault. He took a first bite and his eyes widened. Shit, that was actually good. Absolutely delicious even. Except it was all gone too fast because the portions were, as previously stated, terribly tiny.
The family kept bickering back and forth. The oldest man accused Jungkook of endangering the family and its business.
The woman, his wife and apparently Jungkook’s step-mother, was lecturing him for bringing a dirty whore to such a fine establishment.
Taehyung kept jabbing at his brother and the youngest woman seemed pretty much done with this whole bullshit. Relatable. Five minutes after Yoongi had finished his plate, Jungkook hadn’t even started his.
Yoongi cleared his throat, effectively silencing the whole table. They all glared at him for the interruption. “Are you going to eat that?” He pointed at Jungkook’s plate, “because if you’re not, I’ll sacrifice myself and clean that plate, it’s absolutely delicious.”
Nobody spoke. Jungkook looked at him with wide, surprised eyes. “So are you?” Yoongi nudged at his plate when he received no answer. Finally, Jungkook pushed his plate Yoongi’s way. Amazing. Absolutely glorious.
With a newfound task at hand, Yoongi picked up his spoon. Except before he could bring the thing to his mouth, Jungkook wrapped his fingers around his wrist. “You have to let me try it, though.” Fair enough.
Yoongi went to hand him the spoon but Jungkook shook his head and smirked before opening his mouth. The whole family was watching them. “Seriously?” Yoongi asked.
Jungkook’s eyes glinted with a mischievous light and with a roll of his eyes, Yoongi obliged to his request. The whole dinner went on in a similarly disastrous way.
Just like Jungkook’s family, Yoongi couldn’t understand why he’d been brought along. At first he was pissed and he made sure he wouldn’t forget to ask questions to Jungkook afterwards…
But at least he got a good meal out of it. Starters, main course, cheese, dessert and all that good stuff. The good liquor was also a bonus point.
They were the first to leave at the table. Jungkook threw his napkin on the table in a mildly childish way and forced Yoongi to follow him. “That was a stupid thing to do.” Yoongi spoke once they were out.
Jungkook glared. “No but really, why did you bring a prostitute with you on a family dinner?” Yoongi pushed. “Why not,” Jungkook grunted. How eloquent.
It was precisely three thirty-two when they got into the same car that had brought them in the first place. Once again, the chauffeur started driving without any indication from Jungkook.
This time, Yoongi recognized the roads. He let himself relax when he realized they were heading back to the bar. It was almost over. Jungkook remained silent. He didn’t ask any of his previous questions and mostly ignored him all the way back.
He kept his gaze out the window. Yoongi sighed when they arrived. The car stopped right at the front of the bar.
“Well, that was nice, let’s avoid any surprise meeting next time.” He was about to get out but Jungkook stopped him by locking the door. Yoongi looked back behind his shoulder. “What now?”
Jungkook’s eyes were dark. So dark that his irises were swallowed by his pupils. “I have an offer for you…” That earned him the rise of an eyebrow. It wasn’t particularly late but this day had been surprisingly tasking.
Yoongi was tired. “What?” He was still with his hand on the door handle, halfway ready to step out. “Sit back and listen,” Jungkook instructed. With a huff, Yoongi obeyed.
Jungkook gulped. Or maybe it was Yoongi’s imagination making his Adam apple bob like that. Probably not. “I think you should come to work for me.” Jungkook spoke and Yoongi blinked. Work for him?
“Aren’t I sort of working for you already?” There was a hint of confusion in his voice, mixed with the beginning of apprehension.
Jungkook shook his head, “I don’t mean it like that. You have a boss and multiple clients. What I’m suggesting is hiring you to work for me, exclusively.”
That’s what Yoongi feared Jungkook meant. This was too much. “Why would you do that?” Yoongi blurted. His heartbeat picked up its pace.
“It would benefit you. I’ll raise your pay and you wouldn’t have to worry about accommodation since you’d be living with me.”
Somehow that sounded a little too intense. But that wasn’t what Yoongi wanted to know. Jungkook hadn’t entirely answered his question. “No—like, why would /you/ do that?”
Yoongi spoke but he didn’t actually wait for Jungkook’s answer. “I don’t plan on doing sex work for much longer,” he blurted. Jungkook’s eyes widened.
He opened his mouth but Yoongi quickly unlocked the door and darted out. He felt hot and overwhelmed. He didn’t look back. Jungkook had always been a respectful client. He respected his boundaries, stopped when Yoongi said no and paid him well.
But that was simply too much. Yoongi wasn’t a boyfriend to rent. He was a prostitute and prostitute gave a good time to people willing to pitch in the right price.
There were so many wrong things with Jungkook. He was overstepping his boundaries for the first time since they’d known each other. He wanted to put a claim on Yoongi. No. It wasn’t even Yoongi he wanted to put a claim on, it was Sugar.
Jungkook was offering a deal to someone he barely knew. Sugar wasn’t Yoongi. Sugar was a part of Yoongi but he wasn’t /him/. Sugar was merely Yoongi’s shadow. Jungkook knew nothing about him.
Yoongi was an actor. And whatever Jungkook was offering him was bound to end in a disaster.
Saturday went without a hitch. Sure, Yoongi had struggled to find sleep but that was a temporary thing. Saturday, even with only five hours of rest on him, he played his role to perfection.
There was no meeting in the cabaret room. Jungkook didn’t come around (Yoongi didn’t think too much about the relief he felt at this news). He simply worked as he usually did. Coy smiles, dancing hands, swift movements of his hips.
He was making the most of his work. He was performing his best act and being rewarded with wads of bills.
Yoongi always needed to put more money aside. But these days particularly. He hadn’t been duping Jungkook when he’d told him he wouldn’t be working in the field much longer.
He needed to move on to something new. Maybe he’d pick up his life where he’d left it a few years back. When he had dropped out of school to work and gain money to pay for his sister’s medical bills. His sister wasn’t there anymore and Yoongi had erased all their debts.
Soon he would hand the boss his resignation. All hails to new beginnings!
Came Sunday and Yoongi slept through the morning before lazing out in the dormitory for most part of the afternoon. He started his shift at eight in the afternoon and that was when things were about to get serious.
Yoongi hadn’t forgotten about Jungkook, Mr. Xie and the contract they had been negotiating throughout the week.
There had been a last bit of arguing back and forth in the morning—Yoongi was updated by his boss—but the two businessmen were on a small break.
Jungkook must have gone out for a smoke because when Yoongi walked inside the cabaret room, Mr. Xie was the only one there. He didn’t wait for Jungkook to come in to start his show.
Yoongi swiftly glanced at the Chinese visitor’s glass and picked up the champagne bottle when he noticed it was running low. “Could I refill your glass?” He asked politely.
Mr. Xie stared him up and down. Then he took his glass and offered it as a non-verbal answer. Yoongi poured the champagne with practiced ease before sitting down on the empty couch.
Sitting all pretty, Yoongi attempted to engage in conversation with Mr. Xie, “how have you liked your stay in Seoul so far, sir?” The man raised an eyebrow. “It has been quite lovely.” Yoongi only now realized he had beautiful green eyes.
It was definitely an uncommon color in this part of the world. The man truly had everything to look handsome and more. “Truly? I hope you had time to enjoy the city without thinking too much about business.”
Maybe Yoongi was being a little prying even if he wasn’t asking any questions. Mentioning business wasn’t encouraged as a prostitute. But Yoongi kept up with the small talk and Mr. Xie didn’t rebut. On the contrary, something twinkled in his eyes. Curiosity maybe.
“There is no time to rest in the profession,” Mr. Xie said. Although Yoongi would have been tempted to agree, Jungkook never seemed like he was too busy. He always had a spot in his schedule for some good time.
Before Yoongi could keep going with his questions, the tables turned. Mr. Xie put his champagne glass down before manspreading. “You were always by Jeon’s side this week.” It wasn’t a question. Yoongi resisted the urge to blink. “Is that so?”
Mr. Xie nodded, “whenever you walk into a room, he drops everyone and focuses his whole attention on you. Not what I would have expected.” Yoongi let out a half-nervous chuckle. “You flatter me. But I assure you he appreciates the company of my colleagues all the same.
Those kinds of things depend on his mood.” His excuses were pretty pitiful. Mr. Xie was smirking in his direction. Yoongi was usually good at coming up with excuses but he’d been thrown off by the other man.
He was only saved by Jungkook making an entrance. Yoongi pretended he didn’t notice the way his whole demeanor changed when he saw him. Least of all because Mr. Xie was in the process of scrutinizing their exchange.
“Sugar, how lovely of you to join us!” Yoongi smiled sweetly. “It’s a big day, wouldn’t have missed it.” Jungkook dropped onto the couch next to him, swiftly wrapping his arm around his shoulders.
In the seconds that followed, more people filled the room, bodyguards and three prostitutes, each holding a bottle of champagne and wearing some of the skimpiest outfits Yoongi had seen around.
And that was to say a lot. They could have walked in naked and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. They looked pretty, though. He could admit that.
There was a moment of silence once everyone had filled the room and the door had been closed. Mr. Xie and Jungkook were holding a staring contest. Then weirdly, Mr. Xie smiled. “Well, well. I think we got ourselves a deal, Jeon.”
Jungkook grinned and one of the prostitutes cheered. Everyone had been given a notice about an important deal and a possible celebration.
One bodyguard, on Jungkook’s side, brought a file. It was thick. Mr. Xie took the stack of papers with both hand and flipped through with a serious albeit satisfied expression.
It was a contract. Yoongi raised an eyebrow. He’d never attended such an event. He was impressed by the process. He would have thought that men like Jungkook didn’t want to leave any clues as to what kind of business they got up to.
He supposed business remained business no matter what kind of shady place a contract was created at. The tension of a week eased off. Mr. Xie pulled a shiny fountain pain from the front pocket of his blazer and the contract was signed. Just like that. For the very first time.
Yoongi clapped when the champagne popped. He kissed Jungkook as his very personal sort of congratulation. Until Mr. Xie cleared his throat. He smiled brightly in a way that showed his white teeth minus the platinum tooth
Mr. Xie started pulling the sleeves of his blazer up, he showed his empty left wrist. “Aren’t you forgetting part of the deal, Jeon?” Jungkook laughed, making a show of throwing his head back.
“How could I forget?” He snapped his finger and it was all it took for a different bodyguard to bring a bag. Jungkook took the bag in his lap and retrieved a lavish wooden box from the inside. Yoongi recognized it right away from the first day of the meeting.
Jungkook handed the box to his new business partner, leaving to him the pleasure of discovering its content for the second time. Yoongi was at the edge of his seat as Mr. Xie popped the lid open.
Except his eyes dimmed. First painted with surprise his look switched to one of disdain. “Is that a joke?” His voice was dry. He didn’t look up from the box. Yoongi couldn’t see the watch, he tried craning his neck, suddenly curious.
“What?” Came Jungkook’s voice. “Are you trying to have a laugh at me?” Mr. Xie’s voice grew louder and his accent got thicker.
“What’s this about?” Jungkook asked. He straightened his back at the same time that Mr. Xie put the now open box on the table between them. Empty. There was a cushion adapted to the size of the box but that was it. No watch. Nothing.
Jungkook froze against Yoongi’s side. Yoongi felt a terrible shiver run down the length of his spine. The two business men stared at each other before Jungkook broke the eye contact and instead glanced at his men, then at the rest of the room’s occupants. No one dared speaking.
It was horrible how quickly the tension grew back around them. Yoongi gulped. Mr. Xie stood up so abruptly he menaced to send the whole couch backward. His eyes were pure fury. He pointed one finger at Jungkook, “if this is one of your twisted games—”
Jungkook put his two hands up in surrender. He didn’t seem scared by the threat but he turned to look at his men. “Search this place. Find the watch and the person who tried to steal from me. Bring them back here.”
And that’s how the chaos was created. Yoongi remained by Jungkook’s side, mostly to appease him. His hands were balled into fists and trembling. Mr. Xie was pacing the room, kicking furniture and cursing even though Yoongi couldn’t understand his speech.
The two men’s business was enough to upturn the whole bar. The bodyguards were not kind with their treatment, they emptied clients’ bags and opened drawers before tossing the contents aside. Yoongi watched it all unfold, his arm linked with Jungkook’s.
“They’ll find it,” he murmured. He wasn’t sure he believed his words but they came out of his mouth without him trying. Yoongi wanted the stupid watch to surface back until Luna showed up, disheveled and panting.
The words she spoke silenced the whole place. “I found it!” Yoongi’s eyes widened. Since when was she there? He thought Sundays were her break day…
If she’d been there before, why hadn’t she been in the room with them? Luna never missed an occasion to be close to Jungkook. Still he felt relieved that she’d found the watch which she was presently showing off.
Their gazes met. A shiver ran down Yoongi’s spine. Jungkook stepped forward, surely meaning to take the watch. Except Luna wasn’t done. “It was hidden in Yoongi’s bag.”
All at once, the relief seeped out being replaced by confusion and disbelief “What?” People were staring back and forth between him and Luna.
The boss who had joined the rest of his employees in their search for the watch stepped forward. “Now, now, what’s all this about?”
“I found it in Yoongi’s bag, under his bed! He stole it!” Luna said. Her voice was loud, she was making sure everyone heard her accusations. Mr. Xie was there. His eyes were dark.
Yoongi’s mouth hung open. He hadn’t touched this watch. This was the second time he was seeing it. Jungkook who was three steps ahead of him turned around. In his eyes, Yoongi found disappointed and what seemed to be the feeling of betrayal.
“I didn’t take the watch,” Yoongi defended. However, his voice was small. His heart was pounding hard. He was beginning to sweat. “Don’t lie! You must have stolen it, otherwise I wouldn’t have found it in your stuff!”
Yoongi wanted to scream at Luna that she was making it up. He wanted to plead for his innocence but his tongue was tied and nothing was coming out of his mouth.
He looked around the room. People were whispering. His boss looked confused, eyebrows pinched together. No one was saying much. “I didn’t do it.” Yoongi stuttered. Although he looked every bit guilty.
Something glinted in Luna’s eyes. Mischief. Yoongi didn’t know what was happening but he was being set up. He never got his investigation and fair trial because Mr. Xie moved quickly.
He reached Luna’s height and snatched the watch from her grip before Jungkook could. Then he pulled a gun that had been strapped to his belt all this time. Yoongi blinked and the weapon was pointed at him. It was all over so quickly. No one had time to move.
Yoongi heard the shot. It was a deafening sound. He felt the pain in his chest. It was an explosion. He looked down onto himself and immediately noticed the red seeping through the white fabric of his lingerie set. It was all he had time to do.
He felt himself fading right away. He didn’t see his whole life play out in front of his eyes like an old movie film. It was too quick. All it took was one bullet and Yoongi succumbed to darkness.
Yoongi startled awake with a gasp. His body shot upright. Without a second thought, he reached for his chest, he pulled at his pajama shirt looking for any leftover blood. His gaze darted all around the room, searching for a clue, an answer.
He was sweating like he was sick. Yoongi felt like he might be. He had been shot. He had died. What was happening? Yoongi threw his blanket away, he searched through his sheets for his phone before finding it under his pillow. The date on the scream mocked him.
Monday, seventh October.
He jumped out of his bed and his flailing legs almost gave out. He managed to reach the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and went to grab the edges of the sink. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. Pale skin taunted him.
Yoongi undressed quickly before once again turning back to the mirror. Nothing. His chest was bare, his skin as smooth as it had ever been. Except Yoongi was certain, he remembered the pain. And the red.
Bloody red was a very alluring color. Yoongi had always been in love with that color, he loved it on clothes or nail polish… But not this time, because all the red had been coming from his bloody chest. What had happened?
Had it all been a dream? Yoongi splashed cold water on his face. He was going crazy. This couldn’t be happening.
He had dreamt so many times already and none had ever felt so realistic. He’d had nightmares but this was very real and Yoongi couldn’t pinch himself awake.
Still, the dream remained the best explanation. Time travel? Reincarnation? Yoongi had always been more of a science person, facts over hypothesis. He needed something concrete to make sense of this situation. A dream. Yeah. A very realistic dream.
When Yoongi walked back to his bed, he let himself drop at the edge. Two fingers over the pulse point at his wrist, he counted the beats of his thumping heart. Too quick. Other prostitutes started waking up. They went about their morning while ignoring his strange comportment.
A dream. Yoongi inhaled and exhaled. He kept two fingers over his pulse point until his heartbeat slowed down.
A dream. This was all it was and once Yoongi got started with his day, the strange feeling in his chest would go away.
It didn’t get better. If anything it got worse. Everything was happening as it had in his dream. Boss waiting for him with a bottle of champagne and Yoongi met Mr. Xie for the first time—except not really because they already knew each other.
Yoongi knew that man, he’d seen him, he’d spent many hours in the cabaret room with him. This man had killed him. Yoongi couldn’t get the image of the gun pointed at him out of his head.
Everything was going terribly. Yoongi tried to do his job. He was a prostitute, an actor, so he put on a mask and pretended he wasn’t losing his mind.
Even when Jungkook brought up the terms of contract and the watch. Yoongi stared at the jewelry with a knot in his throat. He’d gotten shot because of it.
Yoongi was tense the whole time. He was pressed flush against Jungkook’s body, the same man who had last stared at him with disgust and betrayal in his eyes. He needed some air but he couldn’t rush out so early in his shift. It got progressively worse.
Déjà vu was a well-known phenomenon. It was a fun trick of the brain, something scientist liked to argue over but couldn’t explain with proper facts. Yoongi knew about déjà vu, he’d already experienced it, but this was something else entirely.
On Tuesday, when Yoongi entered the cabaret room to find Jungkook alone, a shiver ran down his spine. He went along with Jungkook’s games but predicted the time of Mr. Xie’s appearance much to his own horror. His whole body was cold.
It didn’t stop. Yoongi kept falling down the rabbit hole. On Wednesday, his free day, he almost decided to remain hidden under his covers. But then, he heard Luna’s voice and forced himself to escape this place.
He pulled on the first clean sweater he found and his jeans and he was out. Sort of hoping he could forget about the redundancy of this week, he didn’t take the bus.
He walked aimlessly until his legs burnt and his brain fogged. But it was no use trying to fight a destiny already written for him. He didn’t calculate the time he spent out and yet when he came back, Jungkook was out, smoking. The familiarity of this scene made him dizzy.
“Sugar, how lovely to see you here,” Jungkook smiled. Yoongi’s eyes widened. He let out a nervous chuckle, “maybe, maybe.” Jungkook raised an eyebrow but went on. “Where were you today?” Yoongi repeated his answers. Jungkook repeated his questions.
Those were the same words which had once been spoken to him, in the same tone. When Yoongi tried to bypass Jungkook, he stumbled. His vision swam and it was only the other who helped him stay upright, “Whoa there—are you okay?”
Yoongi didn’t answer, he pushed through. Luna was inside, waiting to let out her jealousy, but he ignored her and headed straight for the dormitory. He couldn’t run away. He couldn’t change destiny, or whatever this was.
The next day, he slept in. Work started, work ended. Friday, Jungkook was there even if there was still no meeting. He picked him up and Yoongi silently followed along. In the car, in the mall, in the clothing shop, in the dressing room and in the restaurant.
He was so lost he repeated his lines from the first restaurant encounter. This was the real life and his dream had been the script. Except at the end of the day, tiredness caught up with him. “Didn’t this already happen?” he blurted out as they pulled in front of the bar.
“What?” “All of this, didn’t it already happen?” Yoongi repeated with little explanation. Jungkook raised a confused eyebrow. “Forget it.”
Yoongi let the night flow. He let Saturday pass in a flurry and then Sunday came. That’s when he truly realized he couldn’t let destiny happen.
Because Sunday was the day he was getting killed and Yoongi didn’t plan on living through the pain of getting shot in the chest a second time. He started getting ready with numbness at the tip of his finger. His brain was all fogged and his thoughts were a haze.
His clothes were the only thing making him look put together. He didn’t put any effort in his makeup or hair. The day began with Yoongi moving next to his body. He was his own shadow. He was witnessing a repeat of a tragedy.
Then he met Mr. Xie and Jungkook joined. Yoongi felt tense and sick. The end of the day was just a few hours away and it was frightening. Yoongi was about to know whether it had all been a dream. His heart was pounding, all the noise around him was muted.
Until the contract was signed and Mr. Xie requested his part of the deal. Of course, the watch was missing.
It was then that Yoongi got up. His feet led him to the dormitory. The watch. Luna had said she’d found it under his bed. In his bag—Yoongi wasn’t sure anymore because it all felt far away. The dormitory was empty. Yoongi was afraid a monster would jump from nowhere.
He walked to his bed before dropping to his knees and reaching underneath with blind fingers. He touched his sports bag and pulled it to him. His breath was caught in his throat. The thing was open already even though Yoongi always kept it zipped.
When his fingers wrapped around a metallic object, Yoongi felt himself close to passing out.
It was the watch. He was going to throw up. He didn’t know how it had gotten here. He had never touched it before. Someone must have put it there, there was no other way to explain this.
Yoongi’s whole body jerked back when the door burst open. Luna appeared in the frame. The two stared at each other, Yoongi with horror reflecting in his eyes. Luna gaped but then her expression morphed into one of mischief.
It all collapsed when she started screaming to thievery. Yoongi jumped to his feet. His fingers tightened around the watch. “Thief!” Luna screamed. She was loud and people heard. People heard and they came to see what the fuss was all about.
Soon, Yoongi stood alone on one side of the dormitory with the prostitutes as well as his boss on the other. He was shaking. He hadn’t realized when he’d started shaking. “I saw him! He pulled the watch from his bag, he’s the one who stole it!” Luna repeated.
“No—this is all a misunderstanding,” Yoongi stuttered. “I swear I didn’t steal anything!” At the same moment, Mr. Xie and Jungkook appeared. When Yoongi’s gaze locked with Jungkook’s, his heart dropped inside his chest.
When the foreign businessman caught sight of the watch, he barreled into Yoongi and snatched it away from him. “You whore!” He spit in Yoongi’s face before striking him. The sound of the slap echoed around the room. The force of it sent Yoongi stumbling back.
Everyone was staring at him. His colleagues had started whispering. Yoongi tried to make himself smaller, shoulder hunching. “I didn’t do anything! I swear I only found it in my bag. You have to believe me.”
Yoongi’s eyes frantically searched for a face which would show empathy. There had to be someone who would believe him. But there wasn’t much in the crowd. Jungkook was looking in his direction but wasn’t meeting his gaze. His jaw was tense. Luna stood next to him.
Yoongi took a step forward, hoping to reach out to someone. Mr. Xie pulled out his gun. Tears of panic filled his eyes.
He wanted to stop the man from shooting but went about it in a clumsy way. He was too forward, trying to fill the distance between them. His mind was all over the place.
Yoongi noticed Mr. Xie pressing the trigger. He tried to avoid his aim. This death was different. This death was so much worse than the first. Yoongi felt the bullet lodge itself in his left lung. He gasped and as always, his instinct was to reach for his chest.
Mr. Xie stared down at him. He was the characterization of Yoongi’s worst nightmares. This death was more painful because it was a slow one.
Yoongi collapsed when he started choking on his own blood. It spurted out of his mouth. There was iron everywhere, the taste and smell was so much it made him dizzy.
It was as Yoongi lied on the ground that Jungkook finally decided to step forward. Yoongi opened his mouth, hoping to defend himself—but his “I swear I’m innocent,” came out in spurts of blood.
He started crying and Jungkook kneeled down next to him. He brushed away his sweaty bangs. Goddamn did this hurt.
The pain had him wishing for a quick death. He knew Jungkook kept a dagger in the inner pocket of his jacket, he wished he had the courage to take it and end it all. Suffering was worse than death. Pain was worse than death.
Yet, Yoongi was too much of a coward to kill himself. So he choked on his blood uselessly until his eyes rolled to the back of his head and darkness filled his entire being.
When he woke up this time around, he didn’t gasp. But he was sweating and panting heavily. This was the second time. It couldn’t be a mistake, he couldn’t be imagining this or dreaming it.
Yoongi had died again—and been reborn. Or was it time related? Had Yoongi gone back in time? He searched for his phone first thing. Monday, seventh October. Again.
It was the second time he was reborn and the third time he was waking up on Monday, seventh of October. Yoongi was scared. He was absolutely terrified. He didn’t understand what was going or why it was happening.
The first time he could try and convince himself it was all a dream. The second time, though, it became harder. He couldn’t ignore what was happening. This third time, Yoongi acted terribly awkward.
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