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#taekookau where every week Taehyung calls his mother on the phone. He tells her three things. "I love Jungkook a lot but I miss you and dad. " "Jungkook works hard for us so hes busy. " "I'm really happy, mum. He takes good care of me." One of these three things, is a lie.

or Taehyung is trapped in an unhappy marriage with a husband who is in love with someone else. His parents tell him they're visiting him for a week. And Taehyung realizes that he can't let them know the truth. "Just for a week , could you pretend you dont hate me?"
Tags : ( i forgot to tag this but its a/b/o ) 🫧Angst with a very happy ending 🫧 Photographer Jungkook/ Preschool teacher Tae. 🫧 Alpha Jungkook/ Omega Taehyung 🫧Mpreg? ( i don't know but maybe ) 🫧No infidelity ❣️ Jungkook doesn't cheat. 🔞🔞🔞 🫧 Arranged Marriage
Thank you @Ingu🐣 아포방포💜 for Commissioning this 💞
Warnings : Past miscarriage, toxic friendships, Mentions of depression, Explicit Sexual Content, Heavy angst.
"Tae, I'm so sorry to bother you like this, but Namjoon hyung has booked us tickets for a movie and I would love you forever if you took over Saturday's shift instead of me." Jimin's pleading voice, familiar as it was, never failed to amuse Taehyung. He paused in the middle of
counting the markers in the box , before nodding gently sending the other omega into fits of happy giggles as he bounced around the deserted classroom in glee. It was way past five in the evening, and the kids were all gone. Taehyung stayed back on most evenings to help clean up
and also to prep for the next day. Most of the teachers were grateful for the omega's selfless generosity, only Jimin knew the real reason Taehyung preferred empty classrooms to his own home. It was rather sad, he thought with a bitter smile. As an omega he was supposed to be
attached to his home, fill it with his scent, with pups and with joy and laughter. Instead , the apartment he rented with Jungkook was always dank and heavy with the scent of the alpha's disgust for him. It made him nauseous on most days. Jungkook had been working from homey
for the past three days and Taehyung had stayed out as late as he could, often till midnight, simply to avoid going home to the man. He had briefly considered just staying at a motel but the payment would show up on their account. Jungkook would accuse him of cheating. Again.
"By the way, did you see Yoongis latest photoshoot? In the Fashionista? He was wearing almost fully see through gowns." Jimin whispered, sounding awed. "God,I don't know how someone that gorgeous exists. His skin is like actual milk." Taehyung stayed quiet, feigning disinterest.
Had Jungkook shot the pictures he wondered, rather bitterly. He must have. He was the top editorial photographer in the Fashionista, the most popular beauty magazine for omegas in the country. Jungkook worked only with the most exclusive models and Min Yoongi was the top model in
Korea . Taehyung remembered Yoongi from his college days, the omega bring the envy of everyone because he had both his parents' immense wealth and the undying devotion of the most popular and handsome alpha on campus, Jeon Jungkook. When Taehyung had married Jungkook, Yoongi
had scoffed at him at the after party, and told him with a steely glint in his eye, "Just remember Taehyung. Jungkook will never be yours till I'm done with him. And I'll never be done with him." Three years later, Yoongi had kept his word. He still had Jungkook wrapped around
his fingers. Min Yoongi still had Jungkook's heart and body while Taehyung settled for doing the alpha's dirty dishes and laundry and sharing his bills. Taehyung had spent all of his prayers on one thing only : that Jungkook would soon realize that the only one Yoongi loved
was himself. "I Think I'll pick a copy up ,on my way home." he said casually and Jimin hummed. "If you like any of those outfits they advertise, let me know. I have to start saving for your birthday." Jimin grinned. Taehyung smiled, giving him a half hug and a peck on his cheek.
" By the way, isn't it Tuesday. Your weekly call my mom day?" Jimin teased playfully and Taehyung nodded. "Yes, she's probably waiting for me. Once you leave, I'll call her. Namjoon's already here right? "He peered out of the window catching a glimpse of the familiar black SUV.
"Yes , he's here. Are you sure you don't want a ride home, Taehyung? We could drop you off at your place." Jimin asked softly and Taehyung quickly shook his head. He would rather be alone than somewhere he wasn't wanted, thank you very much. He waved goodbye to Jimin watching
the omega leave through the door. He finished packing away the box of supplies before walking past the window, only yo catch a glimpse of Jimin and Namjoon kissing by the side of the alpha's car. He felt something catch in his throat, a familiar feeling of longing bubbling up.
No matter how hard he tried to suppress it, it never went away. This irrational, unfounded hope. Jungkook had done nothing to earn his regard and yet- That was the curse of loving someone who didn't love you , he thought miserably, even when you know you should stop, you cant.
But then, he wondered bleakly, was it even love? If so what exactly about Jungkook did he love? The honest truth was this : The man in his life was not the man he had built his fantasies around. Taehyung's version of Jeon Jungkook didn't exist.. or rather, didn't exist for him.
The Jungkook that he got to see was cold and indifferent. An angry, unreasonable man who blamed all of his misfortunes on him. Taehyung was the reason for everything wrong under the sky, as far as his husband was concerned and he made it abundantly clear, with the wayh
treated him. His phone rang just as he opened the laptop to start on the printable stock cards for the Farm animals crafting he had planned for the next day. He glanced at the screen and flinched. His mother. He loved her deeply but it was exhausting, lying to her .
"Good evening, ma." he said softly, taking the call and switching it to speaker so he could continue with his work. "I called Jungkook. He said you were still at work.." His mother said gently. "Taehyung, if Jungkook is home shouldn't you be there with him?" Taehyung groaned.
"I hope you're okay as well mom, thank you for asking." he said with a grin and she huffed at the sarcasm. "Yes, mock me. That is what I get for being worried about my son. You know when your father was alive, he would never let me worry. But now all I do is worry and you don't
care about it at all. My only son, so indifferent to the pain in my heart." Taehyung grinned a little. His mother's dramatics were old news. "Jungkook is a grown man, ma. He can take care of himself. Besides he's working and he prefers doing that alone." he said softly.
"That is what they all say. But as an alpha he will be comforted by the scent of his omega. And you know spending more time together will increase your chances of conceiving. Intimacy is an important part of a marriage Taehyung.Did your heat come in again?" Taehyung went still.
"No." he said simply. " I'm still on suppressants. His mother groaned out loud at that. "Taehyung, you're already twenty six. How much longer are you going to wait? Jungkook must want little pups of his own, right? And I know how much you love kids, my baby bear..."
Taehyung didn't say anything, staring at the screen instead. "Is this because of what happened Before?" she aaid softly and he stiffened. "Mother...." "I know. I know you don't want to talk about it. I'll respect that. But I just want you to know that its not something that
should scare you, Tae. It happens to a lot of people and doctors agree that just because it happened once, it will happen again. Darling, why won't you listen to me?" Taehyung swallowed, throat dry. "We'll think about it mother." he said finally. "That's good. are you well?"
"Yes. I am. Jimin and Namjoon are planning to get married in the spring. Thats just a couple of months away. " he said softly. "That's wonderful . Those two are crazy about each other." His mother laughed, although she had never met them. Taehyung had told her all about them.
Taehyung spent a few more minutes telling her about his week, about the kids and about the new recipes he had tried. His mother ran a food blog and was quite famous in their town for her eccentric cooking ideas. They were bizarre but somehow always a hit. "Do you miss me?"
Her voice was small and just a little worried and Taehyung felt his gut clench. "Yes, of course mom. I mean, I love Jungkook but I miss you. A lot." She giggled lightly. "I wish he would call me too. Your husband. He never picks up when I call him either." she sighed.
Its because he's busy. You know he works hard mom." he sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "Well you should tell him.I haven't got a lot of time left. Once I'm gone, he'll have to find a medium to talk to me..." she laughed and Taehyung felt a lump in his throat.
"We agreed you wouldn't talk about that." he whispered, fingers gripping the edge of the table as his knuckles turned white. "Stop saying that.. its not.. i don't like it." His mother sighed. "Tae bear, true happiness comes from acceptance of things that we have no control of."
"Your father is waiting for me up there and we'll both watch over you and Jungkook forever. Nothing good wille come from pretending that I'm not dying." she said softly. Taehyung exhaled shakily. "I'm not saying I want to pretend... I just... Don't want to talk about it.."
His mother chuckled again. "Very well. We'll not talk of it if it upsets my baby. Eat well and get a lot of rest Tae. Don't skip meals." She said sternly. "Did you go to the doctor?" he aaid softly. "Thought you didn't want to talk about it?" she grinned.
She sighed before continuing. "Its just the same as always. A bunch of big words and expensive treatments. I said I'm not doing anything that requires me to be away from home." Taehyung understood. His mother thrived around their family. "I'll visit you, soon." he said.
His mother didn’t respond, probably hearing it for the empty promise that it was. Taehyung’s family was still very traditional and visiting home without his husband would cause a lot of tongues to wag. His mother would never allow it.
And visiting with his husband wasn’t something that could ever happen. After hanging up, Taehyung set about working, shutting off that part of his heart that liked to ponder on his marriage.
He finished prepping for the next day, made lesson plans for the coming week and then made small popsicle frames for the art that the little ones had done that day. He then put them all up on the bulletin board, all seventeen of them in a pattern. The kids would love that.
He finished clearing out the inventory of anything that wouldn’t be used, made sure all of the supplies needed for the next day were in place. By the time he left the room, locking it behind him it was a little past six.
He had a small crateful of art supplies that he would have to take home. Next week would be father’s day and he wanted to get some materials ready for the kids to make cards for their parents.
Hauling it all the way home on public transport wasn’t tempting but calling his husband was even more distasteful. “Taehyung ssi?” He startled at the voice, flushing a bit when he realized who it was. “Oh.. Principal Kim.” He stuttered. “ I didn’t know you were still here.”
Kim Seokjin, the Principal was an alpha about three years older than him and looked like he belonged on the pages of some alpha business magazine as a model . But Seokjin loved kids and took care of the primary Wing of their school.
He was Taehyung’s boss and the omega felt flustered worried that Seokjin would ask him questions about why he was working this late.
But to his surprise Seokjin merely glanced at the large crate by his feet, looking a little curious. “Are you taking those home, Teacher Kim? That looks pretty heavy? Do you need help carrying it to you car?” Taehyung hesitated before shaking his head.
“I don’t have a car. I was going to call a taxi actually.” He said hesitantly. “A taxi? What about Jungkook? Did you call him?” Taehyung went still, surprised. “You know my husband?” he asked, confused.
Seokjin shrugged moving closer and reaching down to haul the crate up into his arms. “I share a condo with Min Yoongi.” He said with a small smile, “ And I’ve seen your husband there a few times.”
Taehyung felt his blood run cold at the statement, his face flushing warm at the implications behind it. The burn of humiliation was strong and he felt his jaw harden. “Right.” He said curtly, no longer feeling any warmth towards the alpha.
Seokjin seemed to sense the hostility in his tone because he immediately looked regretful “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I wasn’t suggesting anything untoward. Jungkook does most of Yoongi’s photoshoots so he comes to pick him up , that’s all.” He said quietly,
giving him a worried glance and Taehyung sighed, relaxing just a bit. It made no sense to get angry at Seokjin anyway, when the alpha was just recounting what he’d seen. “Jungkook’s busy.” He said shortly. Seokjin didn’t press further ,
and they walked past the large ornate ferns in the hallway to the main lobby like entrance. “Taehyung ssi… I must say I’m really thankful for all the efforts you put in and lengths you go to , to make it easy for our little ones here.
Can I offer you a ride home today? Just as a token of my appreciation?” Taehyung bit his lips, uncertain. It didn’t seem right somehow. “Its either that or I give your husband a call and ask him why he’s a shitty alpha.” Taehyung’s eyes went wide at that and Seokjin laughed.
“Come on. I’m a gentleman. I promise. And its pretty late in the evening. It might be a while till you get a taxi and I know you’ve been here at work since eight in the morning.” Taehyung hesitated for just another second before nodding.
Besides, Seokjin was right. He had left home at seven in the morning. He was exhausted in more ways than one.
❀❀❀ The apartment that Taehyung and Jungkook rented was in a relatively posh locality, close to Jungkook’s workplace. It was larger than usual, the owner having merged two full apartments together and Jungkook had set up his workspace, away from the main living space.
He stayed there most of the time, having set up a bed and office for himself there. They only interacted during meals and even that was quite rare. It was better that way, Taehyung always felt worse for wear after spending any length of time in close proximity to his husband.
But today was just not his day. Before he could dig for his keys out of his pockets, the door opened, Seokjin having rung the doorbell.
About two minutes later the door opened, revealing a shirtless Jungkook clad in just his sweatpants, slightly wet dark hair pulled up into a ponytail and skin still damp from a shower. Seokjin seemed to take a double take at the sight, but Taehyung merely gave him a curt nod.
“Hyung , what are you doing here? Is Yoongi alright?” Jungkook asked, completely ignoring Taehyung and staring at Seokjin with concerned doe eyes. Taehyung clenched his fists. It was nine in the night and he hadn’t been home in over twelve hours.
Jungkook hadn’t sent him a single message asking if he was okay or when he was coming home. “Not everyone’s life revolves around Min Yoongi.” He snapped, exhaustion making his brain to mouth filter nonexistent.
He pushed past the alpha, knocking his shoulders against the other’s broader frame, before motioning Seokjin to come in. “My room is this way , Seokjin ssi. You can just leave the box by my bed.” Taehyung said softly, putting an emphasis on the ‘my’.
“Yoongi is fine, Jungkook. He’s out with Hoseok for the night , I think.” Seokjin said casually. Taehyung didn’t miss the way Jungkook’s jaw went hard at that. He rolled his eyes. Jungkook expected loyalty from Yoongi like he himself wasn’t married to a whole other person.
But he supposed , Taehyung had never been a threat to Yoongi in any sense of the word. Jungkook didn’t give a single thought about him. He moved to his room and Seokjin followed. Much to his surprise, so did Jungkook.
Taehyung felt the sudden petty urge to ask the alpha to stay out of his room but he swallowed it. Seokjin was his boss. He didn't want to come off looking childish in front of the man. He watched as the alpha placed the box by his bed before straightening and giving him a smile.
“No one works this hard at a preschool Taehyung ssi, the kids are lucky to have you here.” Seokjin said quietly. Taehyung didn’t say anything feeling Jungkook’s gaze on him from where the alpha was leaning against the doorframe .
It made him uncomfortable and he shifted on his feet, offering Seokjin a small smile. He lowered himself to sit on the floor, and much to his surprise so did the other alpha. “What is this for? That looks like a lot of stuff..”
Seokjin asked curiously reaching to open the crate gently.. Taehyung cleared his throat before explaining how he helped the children make small cards or craft pieces for family members on special days.
“That sounds incredible.. I’m really curious… Could I get a small demo though? I’ve been telling myself I should start taking a more active role and involve myself more with the actual lesson plan.” He said firmly. Taehyung brightened immediately.
He had a whole journal full of ideas and maybe he could even put a few of them up for Seokjin to consider. “This is relatively simple one… We use card shock and colored sheets and simple folding techniques to make this card which looks like a formal shirt with a bowtie.”
He held the sample card up. “ Its for father’s day. But to be more inclusive we just call it parent’s day. And we also have different patterns so the children can just pick the outfit they associate with their parent.”
As Taehyung went through a few more pieces, Seokjin responded with a few ideas of his own .Seokjin was sweet and funny, and in the next twenty or so minutes Taehyung found himself relaxing into the conversation smiling and comfortable in a way
he hadn’t been with another alpha in a long time. Seokjin was easy to like and had no airs about him , and Taehyung appreciated his presence in his own room . The alpha’s scent slowly began to register on his senses, wood apple and citrus lime.
It was fruity and light, so unlike Jungkook’s heavy woodsy scent that always carried a hint of the alpha’s distaste for him. All through it, Jungkook stayed exactly where he was , his presence like a thundercloud over Taehyung’s peripheral vision.
He couldn’t for the life of him figure out what the alpha was doing, standing there when it was so obvious that he had no part whatsoever in the conversation. But Taehyung ignored him, determined not to let him bother him. But about twenty five minutes into their conversation,
Jungkook cleared his throat conspicuously. Taehyung shot him a glare but the alpha wasn’t even looking at him. He was staring pointedly at Seokjin who stood up immediately. He held his hand out and Taehyung didn’t think , grabbing the alpha’s wrists instinctively.
Seokjin grinned and tugged him up, hard. Taehyung yelped crashing into his broad chest before he could stop himself. “Oops.” Seokjin smiled, hand resting lightly on his waist to steady him. Taehyung jumped back, skin burning in embarrassment. But Seokjin only looked amused.
Taehyung glanced back at his husband. Jungkook had a blank look on his face as he gave Seokjin a smile. "Its getting late hyung. You should probably go home. Taehyung's been out for more than twelve hours. I'm sure he needs to eat and rest and not be badgered about more work."
"Actually would you like to stay for dinner, hyung?" Taehyung said loudly, giving Jungkook a glare. How dare he insinuate something like that when Seokjin had been nothing but kind to him. Seokjin chuckled and shook his head. "No,Taehyung. Your husband looks angry enough as is"
"Ill see you at work tomorrow and thank you so much for sharing all of this. If you come see me tomorrow with a list of items you may need I'll include it in our budget meeting." Taehyung felt genuine disappointment at that. It had been so long since he'd had company at dinner.
"Let me at least come see you at your car." He said with a pout. "Ill go too. Let me just get a shirt." Jungkook said quickly, moving to his room and Taehyung ignored him, pointing at the door instead. "Let's go , hyung. Its pretty late." Seokjin looked properly entertained.
Taehyung was feeling petty enough to grab both his and Jungkook's keys as he all but pushed Seokjin out of the house, locking the door and Jungkook inside the house. Seokjin grinned at that. "I'm assuming the phrase happily mated does not apply to you and Jungkook?" he asked.
Taehyung sighed feeling absolutely miserable. It was so unlike him to act like this. But Jungkook and Taehyung really brought out the worst in each other it seemed. Outside of their interactions with each other, they were both well liked and popular with many friends.
But somehow when they talked to each other there was nothing but bitter anger and resentment. Jungkook had a couple of friends who absolutely hated Taehyung and the omega knew they had fed all kinds of rancid rumors about him to Jungkook. This was even before they were mated.
Jungkook hadn't known him back then and had believed them all. And Taehyung had never gotten a chance to prove them false. "We're just... victims of circumstance." He said finally, as they took the elevator down to the parking lot. "We try to make it work for our families sake"
Seokjin hummed in understanding. He knew that there were a lot of very traditional families with orthodox ideas about mating and its permanence. Breaking a mating bond was out of the question with families like those. "So, is it an... open marriage?" he asked casually.
Taehyung went still at that. He glanced at the alpha and Seokjin was looking at him quite guilelessly. Was he reading too much into the question? Probably yes. People didn't hit on Taehyung because of the mating mark on his neck. Sadly, he had never been on a date.
Most of his adolescence and young adulthood had been spent pining behind Jungkook who had only ever had eyes for Min Yoongi. And now it seemed he would be spending the rest of his adulthood the same way, except Jungkook wasn't just indifferent to him but actively disliked him .
Taehyung shook his head in dismay. He hated himself sometimes. The parts of him that still clung to the past, to the many hours he had spent dreaming of a life with Jungkook. A life in which the alpha actually loved him and cared for him. It was hard to admit defeat and give up.
"No " he said softly. " No its not like that hyung. For me at least . I meant those vow when I told them and well, I haven't met anyone worth breaking them for." he said honestly. "And I don't know if my own heart would allow something like that." Seokjin smiled at that.
"I understand, Tae. But not naming names, I know a handful of alphas who would love to change your mind. Well , one of them is right here but I'm not going to ask you now when I know you'll turn me down. I can be a patient man." Seokjin paused." But I don't think Jungkook is as
indifferent as he likes to pretend. He was the one who called into the office and let my assistant know you were still in the school premises. I'm assuming he was worried about you." Taehyung stared at the alpha in shock, genuinely taken aback. Jungkook had what?
"Well" he struggled to get his emotions under control,"We're married. Thats like the bare minimum. He doesn't get brownie points for being a decent human being." Seokjin chuckled at that, before reaching out and gently curling his hands around his shoulders, turning him around.
"Taehyung, I think its important that you-" "Kim Taehyung!!" A loud and very familiar voice rang through the parking lot, startling him almost out of his skin. Taehyung turned, horrified only to be met with the sight of his mother , two of his aunts and his grandfather.
He couldn't process what he was seeing and a second later his mother's gaze zeroed in on Seokjins hands around his shoulders. Her mouth thinned into a severe line. "Who are you?" she asked sharply, voice as sharp as a dagger. Seokjin pulled away from him , clearly surprised.
"Mom... What are you doing here?". "What do you mean what am I doing here? You told me you missed me and that you wanted to visit me but Jungkook was too busy. So we decided to visit you instead. Where is your alpha Kim Taehyung? Its too late for you to be out with other men".
Taehyung bit his lips putting more distance between him and Seokjin in horror. His aunts gave him stern little glares as well. And his grandfather stood tall and regal, sizing up the alpha beside him. "He's my boss. He came here to discuss some stuff from work." he said quickly.
"You're still working?" His aunt asked with a tone of disapproval. "My son quit After the mating and he's expecting his third child now. Work is so stressful and doesn't Jungkook come from a very wealthy family? " Taehyung wanted to sob. He had forgotten how annoying they were.
"Oh hush Soyeon. Your son calls thrice a day whining about wanting to give the pups up for adoption and running away " His other aunt said with a small grin, winking at Taehyung. "Taehyung ah... Why are we talking in the parking lot? Let's go up to your home, baby bear."
"You're my son's boss?" His mother was saying behind him having cornered a hapless Seokjin against his car. "Why are you overworking him? Its the middle of the night and you come home to make him work? Can it not wait for tomorrow , whatever it is?" She demanded angrily.
Overwhelmed, Taehyung quickly rushed to Seokjins side , grabbing the handle of the car door and yanking it open before pushing the alpha in." I'm so sorry... I'll see you tomorrow." Seokjin with excellent self preservation skills made no argument, already starting the car .
Once the alpha had left, Taehyung turned to his family, giving them a wide smile. "Jungkook's upstairs." he said softly, " He's obviously not expecting you guys so-" "What do you mean he's not expecting us ..I already told him we're coming over for a week." His mother frowned.
"Yes you did." Jungkook's voice came from behind him and Taehyung turned around in shock, only to find a sweaty , disheveled Jungkook with soot on his face. "Jungkook.." he croaked out and Jungkook gave him a strong glare before bowing to everyone in his family.
Taehyung smelled cat litter on Jungkook's clothes as he passed by and realised the alpha must have climbed down the fire escape. He grimaced just a little at the thought. But as he glanced at the eager look on his mother's face and the annoyed one on Jungkook's he felt awful.
"Exactly twelve minutes ago." Jungkook added. " That was just too short a notice, mother. What if we had been out of the apartment ? You would be forced to wait so perhaps the next time, you could at least let us know an hour or two prior to your visit." the alpha grunted.
"Well, let's just head upstairs now." His aunt said brightly, giving Jungkook a wide smile. "We're all tired." Taehyung rushed to Jungkook's side, linking their arms together quickly. "You locked me in the apartment, I'm going to kill you." Jungkook growled, eyes blazing.
"I'd take you seriously if you didn't smell like cat piss right now alpha..." He retorted before groaning." Jungkook my mother cannot know about us So please for the next ten days , can you pretend you don't hate me?" he whispered , eyes wide and lips pouting.
Jungkook sighed but didn't protest, merely wrapping an arm around his waist. "Your room smells like Seokjin right now. " Jungkook said quietly and Taehyung felt his heart turn over. Oh shit. "We'll tell them its my office and that your room is my room." Tae whispered quickly.
"What?!No!" "Jungkook do you want my mother calling your mother and telling her we sleep in separate rooms? Because that won't end well for either of us." he said sharply. The alpha groaned. "Taehyung i need my privacy." "you can jerk off in the bathroom. Stop being a baby."
Jungkook looked unamused by his little quip, brows furrowed and lips set in a thin line. Taehyung wilted just a bit, yet another reminder that Jungkook and he would never be on the same page, and he felt exhausted.
Taehyung had never actually felt anything beyond exasperation for his husband, a sort of helpless annoyance that he refused to hear his side of things. But Jungkook felt real and very evident disdain for him, and the weight of it often made him felt like he was drowning.
As an omega he craved approval and affection. It was hard ,reminding himself that Jungkook’s antagonism towards him was unwarranted. That he didn't actually deserve all the hurt that Jungkook's actions often caused him. What happened that night had been both their faults.
“I’m glad you find this funny, Taehyung. Just so you know I’m supposed to be at a client briefing on zoom right now. Instead I’m here because your family couldn’t announce their arrival before turning up at our doorstep.”Jungkook said quietly.
Taehyung glanced down, heat rushing to his ears in embarrassment. There was nothing he could say to that. Jungkook had a very valid point.
He wanted to apologize at once on their behalf but before he could say anything else, they were at the main lobby and climbing into the elevators. The ride up to the apartment was awkward, Taehyung standing close to Jungkook their shoulder’s almost brushing.
Jungkook was on suppressants as well, but this close Taehyung could smell him . It was a faint reminder of his days as a college kid, when he had spent a lot of time trailing behind the alpha like a lovesick puppy.
Jungkook had never noticed him, because Taehyung had been an unassuming , bespectacled introvert back then. It had been years since then, and Taehyung didn’t remember a lot of things, but the scent of the alpha was still fresh in his mind :
bergamot and something that remind him of alpine meadows. Jungkook was one of the very few alphas whose scent changed based on how he was feeling: petrichor and rainforest when he was upset, a pleasant floral scent when he was happy , a dark woodsy scent when he was angry.
He was very angry now. Taehyung bit his lips, knowing that Jungkook wouldn’t explicitly express his anger at him , that was just not the kind of man he was. But the indifference and cold stares would be enough to make him miserable and wallow for the rest of the week.
Taehyung hadn’t quite mastered the art of not caring. His heart still hurt when faced with He swallowed, worrying his lips between his teeth before glancing up at his husband.
Jungkook’s family was very wealthy and his mother was far more colder but she always kept her distance and respected their boundaries. Something his own mother wasn’t very good at.
And so Taehyung always felt like he owed Jungkook a million apologies for the way his family invaded the alpha’s privacy. There wasn’t much he could do to make them change their ways. And it didn’t seem fair that Jungkook’s life got disrupted as well because of him.
“Don’t be mad, Jungkook. I’ll fix this.” He whispered under his breath. Jungkook didn't respond, making him feel worse. The doors opened and Jungkook stalked out of the elevator first, Tae at his heels and his family behind them. When they reached the door, Taehyung opened it.
His mother was right by his side, stepping in an looking around with keen eyes while his aunts and grandfather moved to the dining space , looking around the flat with ill concealed curiosity. Jungkook moved to stand to the side leaning against a large bookshelf.
"Doesn't smell much like the pair of you. The house." His aunt said with a suspicious look at him and Taehyung stayed quiet, wary. Taehyung's mother made a beeline for the large bedroom pausing at the door. "This is your bedroom?" she demanded giving him a stern glance.
"No. mother." Jungkook said softly from his place by the bookshelf. "Taehyung and I stay in the other side of the apartment. This is where he works ." Taehyung's mother hummed but didn't look convinced. Instead she gave the omega a searching look. Taehyung stayed still.
He didn't dare look at Jungkook, afraid his eyes would give them away but he couldn't stop the rush of relief he felt at the alpha's words. This were terrible enough without his mother finding out the true nature of his marriage. He glanced instead at his grandfather who
was staring at the wall on the far side of the room where Taehyung had set up a small tableau of framed photos from back home. They were mostly of him and his dad who he missed terribly and a few of His mother. "There aren't any pictures of you and Jungkook here?"
Taehyung froze at the question, mind going completely blank. Oh no. He felt a familiar panic build up, his heart racing as his mother also began making her way over to check and he turned wide, desperate eyes towards Jungkook , who looked just as scared. "We took them down!"
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