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May 18, 2022
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#skfs modern au where tattoo artist Sukuna rides on the same train every morning, spending the entire ride listening to music while sketching either of the scenery or other passengers. Something to pass the time, inspire himself and to practice his skills. The same old routine.

Until one day a new passenger started to take the same train and same route, only getting off at the stop before Sukuna's own. He always sat in the same cart always a few seats away from him despite Sukuna's intimidating presence. The stranger caught his attention.
No matter where the other man sat Sukuna's eyes were drawn to him, to his messy black hair and green eyes. And before he knows it his hands are moving across the paper, sketching the stranger. Focusing on the details of his face, his long lashes, chapped lips and sharp jawline.
Drawing every design and wrinkle on his clothes. Whether the man was reading or simply listening to music with his red headphones while daydreaming out the window, Sukuna would sketch the beauty that he witnessed. Something about him was stunning yet mundane.
Before he knew it his sketchbook was filled with pages of a man he didn't know. But that didn't stop him, in fact it encouraged him to draw more. The man who now sat across from his was his muse, his inspiration in this dreary world. Bright jade in a world of black and white.
Sukuna has never been more excited to enter the train before work, even Uraume has noticed his positive change in attitude, they've even noticed his negative shift when the stranger fails to appear on their shared train cart. He became dependent on the stranger's presence.
~ One day while Sukuna acts distracted, the stranger enters holding a leash attached to a black dog. He sits across from him and instantly looks at his phone, the dog sits well behaved beside his leg, and despite the long leash the dog doesn't stray from his owner.
Sukuna raises his brow at the new sight and sketches a new addition to his ever growing pile of drawings, but this time including the dog. He's nearly finished with the line art when the dog begins to stand and walk in his direction, sniffing around his feet before moving
it's nose upwards along his pant leg. Sukuna puts his pencil down and places his hand outward, letting the dog sniff him and deem him as non-threatening. Once deemed safe, the dog tilts his head as an invitation for petting and Sukuna kindly accepts.
The dog is cute, panting with it's eyes closed as his ears get scratched. But somewhere along that time the dog gets distracted once again but by the book looks placed on his lap. It sniffs at the pages before biting down on it and yanking the book from Sukuna's grasp.
Before Sukuna could react the dog backs up while still maintaining eye contact, drool soaking the pages and cover. "Hey! Give that back. I pet you and this is how you repay me?" Sukuna grumbles.
"Kuro!" A male voice calls out. Both Sukuna and the dog look at the source of the voice and he instantly sees that it was the man that haunts his sketchbook or more like his dreams at this point. The stranger doesn't have his cool demeanor but seems to be a bit more scolding.
The dog whines and sadly saunters towards the man. "Give it," the stranger extends a pale hand towards the dog and Kuro instantly hands the book over. Turning the still open book over so that the pages were facing the stranger, he continues to speak. "I am so sorry about him,
he's usually not like thi-" the man cuts off his own sentence as he unintentionally glanced at the contents of the book. Sukuna swallows, trying to wet his dry throat. It's over, the stranger will know what a weird creep he is. "Did you draw this?" The stranger asks.
Closing his eyes Sukuna nods, he doesn't want to look at the others disgusted expression or his judgmental jade eyes. "I-it looks really good." He hears the man say. Sukuna opens his eyes and is instantly greeted by the sight of the man blushing.
He immediately feels his confidence return. He might have a chance after all! He smirks and leans into the strangers space. "Well I had good looking inspiration." His smirk widens as he sees the man blush even darker and avert his gaze. "I guess Kuro would make a great model."
The man points to the sketch of the dog, who stands proudly beside his owner, with his chest puffed out like he's guarding treasure. 'And maybe he is.' Sukuna thinks as he sees the gentle smile grow on the man's lips. He bursts out in laughter at the others joke.
Once his laughter subsides he says, "I was talking about you darling. Do you mind if I call you that or would you prefer telling me your name?" The man looks at him, then the dog, then back to him and extends his hand. "I'm Megumi." Sukuna takes the offered hand and shakes it.
"Sukuna, but you can call me yours." Megumi opens his mouth to respond but he's stopped by the loud screeching of the trains brakes and as it begins to halt. Sukuna turns to look at the screen now displaying the upcoming stop. "Well, I guess this is your stop."
He turns back to Megumi who is gathering his belongings and Kuro's leash. Megumi stands and hands back the closed book. "I believe this is yours." "I believe it is," Sukuna grins, grabbing his book. "See you tomorrow?"
The train stops and the doors open, Megumi and Kuro pause by the door, "who knows maybe we'll see each other sooner." With that Megumi walks off the train, leaving behind a confused yet hopeful Sukuna.
He sits down at his original seat and opens the book back to the previous page, but something is different about it. Sukuna smiles and outright laughs at his dumb luck. Under the drawing is dark ink spelling out a series of numbers and under it says 'call me'.
nks it means a lot, I'm glad you liked it🥺


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