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May 21, 2022
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play games ♡̷̸ #jikookau where jimin’s feelings for his straight best friend are becoming too much to contain, especially when jeongguk keeps breaking up with his on-off girlfriend…

♡ don’t mind time stamps, hair color, grammar… ♡ my first try at angst ♡ will be 🔞 ♡ set in south korean during today’s setting, so might contain slight homophobia ♡ don’t hesitate to interact with the au
♡ jimin vs jeongguk ♡ 19yo 19yo
01 ♡ you up #jikookau
02 ♡ so close #jikookau
03 ♡ strawberry #jikookau
04 ♡ what you deserve #jikookau
05 ♡ yes #jikookau
06 ♡ can’t keep him #jikookau
07 ♡ just small #jikookau
08 ♡ tired #jikookau
09 ♡ stupid couple #jikookau
10 ♡ hi chaewon #jikookau
11 ♡ look good #jikookau
12 ♡ comfort you #jikookau
13 ♡ see you #jikookau
14 ♡ an idiot (here, jimin is posting on an anonymous forum/app where a lot of closeted/lgbtq people log in to share their thoughts) (pls don’t mind the facebook layout) #jikookau
15 ♡ wouldn’t get it (jmi met tae on the anonymous forum so they’ve never met, but since he’s his only gay friend they talk a lot through msg) #jikookau
16 ♡ hers #jikookau
thats it for now ♡ it’s my first time in a while to write a new au and my first time ever not writing jimin as a cute shy sub, so i’m really shy to post right now it’s so different!! but i hope you like it
please interact with this au a lot, i really want to know what you think about it 😵‍💫😣 i can’t tell when i’ll update soon but i’ll keep you updated (aha) <3 (also don’t bookmark this tweet, i’ll delete it!)
♡ disclaimer ♡ this au is not discontinued, i just tried to write 2 aus at the same time and failed so now i have to finish my previous au before continuing this one.. thank u for ur understanding and being patient ♡
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