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May 22, 2022
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ynjvn knows he should stop sbn from leaving so many marks on him, but it feels so nice. they’re both catching their breaths, exhausted and sweaty and ynjvn is just about to drift off when he feels sbn’s lips on his neck. the little kisses sbn leaves feel nice and soothing+

and ynjvn could easily fall asleep like this, but then sbn starts gently sucking ynjvn’s sensitive skin in between his teeth and ynjvn whines quietly. he hears sbn chuckle softly and ynjvn almost raises his hand to lightly hit sbn’s shoulder, but he’s still exhausted.
instead, he tilts his head back just slightly and sbn immediately takes advantage of the additional space he’s given, nipping and licking at ynjvn’s neck. “don’t leave marks, we’ll get in trouble.” ynjvn knows they will because he’s been scolded by the stylists too many times.+
of course he understands that he has an image and that showing hickeys like this will cause rumors, but ynjvn finds that he doesn’t care all that much. sbn would stop marking him immediately if ynjvn seriously told him to stop, but ynjvn isn’t actually bothered. he loves having+
little reminders of sbn on his skin, feels proud even that sbn loves him so much that he wants to mark ynjvn as his. that’s why he doesn’t mind if the marks show from time to time, doesn’t care that when he searches up his pictures after an event the purple bruises slightly+
peek out from underneath his collar. he doesn’t want to cause a scandal, of course, but showing the marks is the only way he can show people that he’s taken, that there’s someone he’s in love with. ynjvn will never admit it, but he kind of enjoys reading the rumors regarding+
sbn and him. instead of feeling upset, it makes him feel warm. people can speculate all they want, but they’ll never know for sure. people might joke that the marks are from sbn, but only ynjvn and sbn will ever really know the truth. something that is just between them.
inspired by these pictures <3


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