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nella 🌻 | 9k

nella 🌻 | 9k

May 23, 2022
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cw // angst , mpreg , a/b/o , the briefest mention of abortion alpha th has to help his best friend through a surprise heat. jm needs a knot, but since they weren’t prepared, there aren’t any condoms. so of course, jm gets pregnant.

th can tell immediately after the heat breaks that his seed took. jm smells different already, and it’s everything th has always dreamed of and more. but.
he’s devastated, bc he wants kids more than anything in the world. they aren’t even together, just the closest of friends. and he doesn’t know how jm feels about it either. th will always respect jm’s choice above everything, but he desperately wants a pup of his own.
a few days later, before they’ve told anyone, before they’ve even talked about it between themselves really, he catches himself reaching out to caress jm’s stomach.
it’s nothing unusual, but it holds a hell of a lot more weight now. he pulls away, settling his hand on the omega’s elbow instead.
he vows to support jm through whatever may come, just as he always has. whether it be as a friend or a father, that’s also for jm to decide.
jm comes to him about a week later, after the longest radio silence they’ve ever had between them. it was agonizing, but jm had asked for space, and even though it went against all of th’s instincts to leave his pupped omega alone, he readily followed through with the request
whatever jm needed, he would provide. always.
jm invites th into his nest, and pulls him close. th could cry, bc it’s felt like an eternity since they’ve cuddled. it’s a good sign, this easy show of trust. th was worried for a while that jm would hate him, but even when they were apart, jm would text him to reassure him.
he wasn’t mad. couldn’t be, never at th. “I’ve thought a lot about it. talked to my mom. talked to our doctor. th I- is it crazy that I want to keep them?” jm says, honest and teary-eyed. th’s heart pounds, and he pulls jk closer, tucking the omega’s nose into his neck.
pumps out his soothing scent, so jm will calm down. “no baby, I don’t think it’s crazy at all. you know how I feel. It’s no secret I love pups,” th replies, chucking wetly.
“I just- I was going over it in my head, again and again and again, and I realized there’s really no one else I would want to do this with. It’s always been you, but I didn’t know it until it hit me in the face.”
“As much as I’ve always wanted pups of my own, in my daydreams, it was always you I pictured too,” th sniffles.
jm’s shoulders shake as he cries, but th can feel the omega’s smile pressed against his skin. “I know it was sudden, and it didn’t happen under ideal circumstances, but I’m really happy th-ie. i love you.
“I love you more,” th coos, kissing jm’s soft golden hair. “you’re going to be such a good parent, I know it already.”
“promise me you’ll be there for me?” “oh jm-ie. you never even had to ask.”
nella 🌻 | 9k

nella 🌻 | 9k

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