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May 24, 2022
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sbn thinks he’s been keeping it together quite well all things considered. after all who wouldn’t get jealous when their boyfriend has other peoples’ hands all over him? cw // semi-public sex , spit as lube , exhibitionism (?), ynbn fuck in a bathroom stall after enc0re

fucking hell. there’s no way ynjvn isn’t doing this on purpose. sbn doesn’t mind his boyfriend filming with other idols for promotions, obviously, but this? sbn doesn’t think it’s necessary for ynjvn to have his shoulder caressed like this and sbn might’ve thought it was just+
banter, but then he sees ynjvn smirk. ynjvn’s eyes meet his as he turns around and sbn notices the mischievous twinkle in them. well, then. ynjvn wanted him mad, so mad sbn will be. scoffing quietly, sbn steps away from the wall he’s leaning on and then, gaze lingering on ynjvn+
for a few more seconds, walks back to their waiting room. it annoys sbn that it’s so easy for ynjvn to push his buttons and maybe today is the day sbn’s going to pay ynjvn back. back in the waiting room, sbn sits down on a chair furthest from the door and his eyes radiate+
so much anger that none of the others approach him. it doesn’t take long for ynjvn to come back inside and sbn watches him as he tells bmgyv that he’s filmed another t!ktok for their account. sbn grits his teeth. he doesn’t need to see the video to know that ynjvn probably+
acted up there again. once again ynjvn’s eyes find sbn’s, but instead of offering him a smile like he’d usually do, sbn raises his chin a little, scoffs quietly and then looks away. it doesn’t take long for ynjvn to sit down next to him. he nudges sbn’s shoulder, leaning in.+
“something bothering you?” sbn can hear the grin in ynjvn’s voice and he clicks his tongue. turning his head to look at ynjvn, he places a hand on his thigh, squeezing maybe a tad to hard. ignoring ynjvn’s initial question, sbn leans in as well, they’re noses almost touching.+
“i just hope you know what you’ve gotten yourself into.” sbn can hear ynjvn gulp and he almost wants to chuckle at the way ynjvn’s eyes lose focus for a second before he manages to catch himself again. sbn smoothes his hand over ynjvn’s thigh and then stands up, intending to+
ignore ynjvn for the time being. sbn knows now is not the right time, he can wait. a look back at tells him, however, that ynjvn is not as patient. he has started bouncing his leg and he seems tense. sbn grins. good.
by the time enc0re is over, sbn can practically feel the tension rolling off of ynjvn’s body. sbn had ignored him up until then, only interacting again on stage as he crowded into ynjvn’s space. ynjvn had almost flinched in surprise, and while sbn wouldn’t do anything on stage,+
it was enough to show ynjvn that this isn’t over. as they’re walking off stage, sbn makes sure that no one can hear him as he places his hand on the small of ynjvn’s back to whisper into his ear. “bathroom in five.” the little hairs on the back of ynjvn’s neck rise but he nods.
sbn waits a little longer than five minutes to follow ynjvn to the bathrooms, and by the time he steps inside, he finds ynjvn nervously tapping his fingers against the sink. he turns to face sbn and is just about to say something when sbn presses him against the sink, making him+
look up. “you look nervous, hyung. something wrong?” sbn leans in until their lips are almost touching and he chuckles quietly when ynjvn parts his lips, waiting for a kiss. when sbn doesn’t kiss him though, ynjvn whines and attempts to close the gap himself, but sbn leans away.
“you don’t really think you deserve a kiss after this, do you?” sbn steps away and nods to one of the stalls. “in there.” ynjvn frowns in confusion before he understands. “here?” sbn shrugs. “where else?” he watches as ynjvn blushes and then chuckles. “problem?” ynjvn’s gaze+
flicker back and forth between sbn and the bathroom stall. “people might hear us.” again, sbn laughs. “it didn’t seem to bother you earlier. letting everyone see how much you enjoyed having these hands on you.”
sbn knows ynjvn isn’t actually scared of getting caught, he just likes to pretend. so as soon as they’re both in the small bathroom stall with the door locked, sbn pins ynjvn against the wall, securing his hands above his head and pressing their bodies together, before+
pressing his lips against the sensitive skin on ynjvn’s neck. they don’t have much time until they have to leave for their next schedule, but thankfully it usually never takes long to rile ynjvn up and it also doesn’t take long today until ynjvn starts whining softly, bucking+
his hips forward against sbn’s for friction. sbn allows it for now, focusing on sucking little red marks unto ynjvn’s neck. the marks aren’t dark, they won’t last but they don’t need to. ynjvn’s hands twitch against sbn’s hold but sbn doesn’t let go. he waits until he can feel+
ynjvn’s cock harden against him before he does, spinning ynjvn around so his front is pressed against the wall. ynjvn has to turn his head to the side and it almost looks like he wants to complain but then sbn is pressing against his ass and a moan escapes him.
“we don’t have much time, baby.” sbn leans in to nip at ynjvn’s ear, biting gently. “if i could, i would take my time to properly teach you a lesson, but for now, this has to be enough.” he lets one of his hands wander down ynjvn’s front until he reaches his crotch, pressing+
the heel of his hand against his bulge. ynjvn moans as he bucks up against his, searching for more friction. but sbn has other plans and moves his hand so he can open ynjvn’s pants, sliding his hand inside to wrap around ynjvn’s cock. ynjvn is half hard and although the touch+
is a little dry, sbn can feel him fully harden after just a few strokes. he holds his other hand in front of ynjvn’s mouth, waiting. ynjvn doesn’t react at first and sbn clicks his tongue. “suck.” that prompts ynjvn into action as he sucks sbn’s fingers into his mouth and sbn+
sighs softly at the feeling. he presses his fingers down on ynjvn’s tongue which earns him a moan from the other. sbn continues stroking ynjvn’s cock and he can’t help but moan himself when he feels ynjvn’s tongue swirl around him. he lets ynjvn continue for a while before he+
pulls his fingers out and works on pulling ynjvn’s pants down. thankfully ynjvn understands what’s about to happen and he sticks out his butt a little so sbn can easily move his wet fingers between the cheeks, pressing up against ynjvn’s hole. spit as lube really wasn’t ideal+
and sbn was glad that ynjvn was still a little loose from the last time they had sex. despite having to rush, sbn tries to finger yjvn open as carefully as possible. he works the first finger in easily enough and so he quickly slides in a second finger, thrusting them into ynjvn+
at a consistent pace. ynjvn has his hand pressed against his mouth in an attempt to muffle his noises. sbn loves how sensitive ynjvn is, he barely needs any stimulation until he starts moaning and whimpering. sbn would love to hear ynjvn beg right now, would love to hear how his+
earlier confidence is replaced by neediness, but unfortunately they don’t have time for that. “say, hyung. is that what you thought would happen when you let that guy touch you like that? that i’d fuck you in a bathroom stall?” instead of answering, ynjvn lets out a moan,+
pushing his ass back against sbn’s fingers which causes them to slide in a little deeper. sbn smiles. “didn’t think you’d like this so much. maybe you want people to find us?” he scissors his fingers a little, pulling on ynjvn’s rim to stretch him out more. ynjvn whines and+
shakes his head, but sbn knows him better. “no? you were so eagerly waiting for me here and you weren’t expecting this?” sbn pushes in a third finger and ynjvn hisses quietly. sbn pauses for a moment, pressing a kiss behind ynjvn’s ear. as soon as ynjvn relaxes, sbn continues+
stretching him while ynjvn’s moans are getting louder by the second. “baby, if you can’t stay quiet i can’t fuck you.” ynjvn whines and sbn can see him bite down on his lower lip, trying to be quiet. he pulls out his fingers and begins to unbutton his pants. “can you promise to+
stay quiet?” ynjvn nods frantically and pushes his ass out even more, sliding his feet a little more apart to give sbn more space. his hands are placed on the wall to support himself and sbn watches him thoughtfully as he pulls his cock out of his pants, stroking himself lazily.
“if you get to loud, i’ll stop. got it?” sbn positions himself and strokes his cock over ynjvn’s hole without any pressure. ynjvn nods quickly but sbn clicks his tongue. “words, baby.” ynjvn whines quietly, although it sounds more like a sob. ah, there it is. this is where sbn+
wants him. smugness gone, just wanting to be fucked. “ynjvn.” sbn reminds the other that he has to answer and ynjvn seems to need another second before he finally answers. “promise, i’ll be quiet.” sbn hums in praise. “good boy.” ynjvn lets out a moan at the pet name and then+
sbn finally pushes in. neither of them can hold back a quiet moan. despite stretching him, ynjvn is still tight. sbn really wishes they had proper lube. he presses himself fully inside and then waits. ynjvn is tense and sbn smooths his hands over his sides, trying to soothe him.+
while sbn waits, he spits on his hand, smearing it around ynjvn’s hole for extra help. he reaches around and wraps his hand around ynjvn’s cock once more, stroking him to distract from the pain. ynjvn moans softly and then after a while, moves his hips a little, a signal for sbn+
that it’s okay to move. he carefully pulls his hips back and then starts thrusting. he can’t hold back a quiet moan. ynjvn is really tight and sbn already knows he won’t last long like this. thankfully, ynjvn seems to relax quickly and soon sbn is able to increase his speed,+
thrusting at a quick pace. the sound of their skin slapping together can be heard clearly in the otherwise empty bathroom and sbn really hopes no one comes looking for them. ynjvn moves his hips in time to meet sbn’s thrust and then when sbn changes his angle a little, he lets+
out a startled moan. apparently, ynjvn has surprised himself by moaning so loudly because he immediately presses a hand against his mouth to keep quiet. sbn decides to let it slide for now but as he continuously thrusts against ynjvn’s prostrate, ynjvn struggles to keep quiet+
his hand barely able to contain his noises. sbn knows he should stay true to what he said and stop, but he just doesn’t find it in him. it seems both of them are desperate to fuck. “can’t keep quiet, huh? let’s hear it then, let everybody hear how desperate you are for my cock.”
sbn moves his hand away from ynjvn’s cock so he’s able to put both on ynjvn’s hips for more leverage as he pounds into the older boy harder. ynjvn sobs and sbn sees how his hand twitches. “go on, touch yourself, baby.” normally, sbn wouldn’t allow it, but they don’t have much+
time left. ynjvn nods quickly and then his hand is around his own cock, stroking himself. “you know, i don’t care if the others touch you, you know? because in the end, you belong to me. your lips, your cock, your ass. all mine. mine to kiss, mine to mark, mine to fuck.”
ynjvn sobs and nods quickly, hand moving over his cock almost frantically. “yes, yes, all yours.” sbn knows ynjvn is close, can tell from the way his thighs are twitching, from the way his moans are getting higher. “do you think you deserve to cum?” sbn presses his fingertips+
into ynjvn’s skin, thrusts never faltering. ynjvn nods again, whimpering. “please, i want to …” sbn hums quietly, pretending he has to think about it. but he can feel his own orgasm approaching, so he leans in to whisper into ynjvn’s ear. “cum then.”
sbn can feel ynjvn tense around him and then ynjvn moans almost a bit too loud as spills into his own hand. sbn never stops thrusting, now chasing his own release. ynjvn begins to whimper a little from being overstimulated but it doesn’t take sbn much longer until he presses+
himself completely inside ynjvn and fills him up with his cum as he finally reaches his peak. he moans lowly into ynjvn’s ear and then they’re both trying to cath their breaths. after a moment sbn reaches up to gently nudge ynjvn’s cheek and as he turns his head, sbn finally+
kisses him. ynjvn sighs softly and sbn smiles. — sbn watches ynjvn grimace as the older pulls up his pants. they don’t have time to clean up properly, but ynjvn definitely has it worse with his ass full of sbn’s cum. sbn knows he should feel bad, but he grins a little at the+
thought of ynjvn having to sit through the rest of their schedules like this. “couldn’t you have used a condom?” ynjvn tries to sound angry but there’s no bite behind his words. sbn leans in for another kiss and then smiles against ynjvn’s lips. “remember this for next time.”


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