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Anna🖊️ fan account

May 31, 2022
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•—• SELENE'S 25TH BIRTHDAY•—• A mini thread for appreciating the birth of a an Angel like her.

@selene Happy Day 1 of your birthday month!! 25 days until your 25th birthday so I'm gonna ask 25 wishes for you each day with a special picture. Love You 🤍 Ps- We're not on talking terms and yes I still stand my the words in my dms😊
@selene Happy Day 2 of your birthday month You posted a pic of yourself today and I missed it. Not like I care about it pffft never. My dn still stands. But oh I'm so damn furious at myself for being ia Even without seeing the pic I know you're beautiful inside out🤍
@selene Happy day 3 of your birthday month You praised my work today and suddenly I feel so confident over myself. So thank you for it Your works are always so amazing and to recieve a compliment from you is one of the achievements for me
@selene Happy day 4 of your birthday month Firstly, sorry for the spam hehe. Thanks to my injury I completely lost track of time and forgot to make the special template for today. Another reason why the words today might be too simple to convey my feelings. Love you 🤍
@selene Happy day 5 of your birthday month I don't have much to say today except a 'thank you' for talking so openly with me yesterday. I needed someone to talk to about random things and you were there so thank you. Also sorry for the au thingy :(
@selene Happy day 6 of your birthday month Sorry for leaving the chat abruptly last night 💕
@selene Happy day 7 of your birthday month my love We didn't talk today so I don't have anything to write here. I hope you enjoy the template though
@selene Happy day 11 of your birthday month. I'm sorry for missing out on past few days and I'm so mad I ruined this streak. But you know how unwell I was, right? I'll try my best to continue this streak now and hopefully I'll succeed
@selene HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY ANGEL!! Symbolism of browns and love, care and warmth. My moon and star I wish you a very happy birthday to you. I know I tease you alot over your age but it's the age of blooming youth. 25 is a beautiful number and I hope from the bottom of my+
+heart that it'll be nothing but a start of your even beautiful life. May all the happiness that you give to the characters come back to you in the form of good deeds in your life and all the angst you make them go through vanishes into thin air when it comes to you.
I can't give you anything else but I hope you recieve the letter I sent and sign of my adoration. I love you ❤️
Anna🖊️ fan account
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