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May 31, 2022
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πŸ”ž bp jm, incest, a/b/o, age swap, accidental/noncon anal, choking

jk's thrusts are uncoordinated in his desperate chase towards release, no regard for giving his little brother his third? fourth? orgasm as he fucks hard and fast into jm's sloppy, wet pussy. it's frictionless; jm's cunt is so ridiculously wet that the drag in and out of his +
practically gaping pussy, pelvic floor muscles having relaxed severely in his arousal, means that the grip around jk's cock is near nonexistent. so, like many times before when jm's cunt has become loose from being /too wet/, jk's cock slips right out.
when he lines himself back up, he's too enraptured with the sight of jm's tear soaked face, too occupied listening to his nonsensical babbles asking if he's being a good omega, soaking it all in with a feral grin, that he doesn't look down to guide his cock back in.
jm's eye blow wide and his body snaps rigid when jk thrusts back in, and jk immediately puzzles over the fit being impossibly tighter than it was just a few seconds prior. jm's face screws up in pain, entire body jerking away from jk, hands quickly shooting up to jk's chest, +
frantically trying to push him away with boneless arms. his legs kick out, tears running down his cheeks anew, and he starts hysterically telling jk to "pull out!!!! hyungie, pull out!!!!!! it's the wrong hole!!!!!" and it's not that jk doesn’t hear him, but...
but jm's ass is just so fucking /tight/ that jk can't fathom denying himself the pleasure of fucking a hole that hugs his cock perfectly, that swallows his cock with /just/ the right amount of pressure. his precious little brothers ass isn’t prepped for anal in the slightest, +
and jk hates to be the cause of jm's pain, he really does, but pulling out now just isn't a possibility. besides, jk's cock is drenched in jm's slick, so the slide isn’t nearly as painful as it otherwise would've been +
had jm not had a pussy that leaks like a faucet with even a /look/ from jk. he's got such a virginal charm about him, his body sensitive and reactive. jk finds it adorably irresistible. jk leans down to whisper praises in jm's ear, one hand running through his hair soothingly +
as his hips continue inching forward until he bottoms out. jm shakes his head, still trying to push jk away with weak hands, but the uncontrolled shoving of his hands has ended them up on jk's pecs, tiny hands repeatedly brushing over jk's nipples, +
unknowingly adding fire to the flame of jk's arousal. jk's chest vibrates on a low purr, the sound calming jm and his omega down in a visceral way. it's unintentional, but it does the job, so jk doesn't stop.
he really does truly hate contributing to jm's pain, so if the purrs of his alpha comfort his dear little brother, then he'll continue doing it without hesitation. jk's hips snap forward, completely out of his control, almost reflexive, and a groan slips out of his throat from +
deep in his chest. it's so deliciously tight. the contrast to jm's gaping cunt, a jarring one. his thrusts turn animalistic, driven by the desperation to cum, encouraged by the staccato moans his rough fucking keeps punching out of jm.
jk picks up the pace, furiously fucking jm's ass with abandon, and when his guilt over not stopping when jm asked him to finally catches up to him, he slides a hand down in between their bodies to jm's wet folds and starts pinching and rubbing at his swollen clit.
two fingers shortly glide unimpeded into jm's pussy, fast to curl and nudge his g-spot, and jk works to thrust his hand in time with his hips, moaning when he realises he can feel his cock through jm's walls. it isn't long before jm starts moaning all on his own, still with +
an undercurrent of undeniable pain, but there's sounds of genuine pleasure there, too. he whines helplessly, finally giving up on pushing jk away, and one of his hands curl around the wrist of jk's free hand, guiding it to his throat and letting out a breathless moan +
when jk immediately gets the message and starts choking him. he brings his other hand up to hold jk's wrist too, needing the contact to ground himself.
his eyes roll into the back of his head, legs shaking uncontrollably when his fourth? fifth? orgasm suddenly hits him, cumming with a hoarse, choked off moan. jk's fingers don't stop jabbing against his g-spot, neither does he pull out of jm's ass or stop choking him.
he is frustratingly relentless. "fuck," jk hisses. "so. fucking. tight." he punctuates each word with harsh thrusts that echo the slap of their skin in the unbearably hot room. jm thrashes on the bed, one hand wrapped around each of jk's wrists and trying to push them away +
β€” jk only relents his hold around jm's throat β€” and his thighs keep trying to close, but it's in vain as jk is still knelt in between his legs. "j-jeo-" jm tries, but his voice won't stop cracking, body still convulsing from the after shocks of his strong orgasm, overstimulated.
jk doesn't slow down his thrusts until he's cumming into the god awful condom he dutifully wears at jm's continued insistence, β€” "jk-ie hyung, what if i get pregnant? :( i love hyung, but i can't have hyung's baby. that's where we have to draw the line... +
a single dna test would ruin our entire lives." β€” groaning as jm's cunt tightens around his fingers when /he/ cums again, too. jm shudders, back bowing off the bed, and then he's squirting, cunt gushing wet. jk yanks his fingers out of his pussy to rub his clit, +
jm's squirt splattering everywhere, and groans, long and loud, at how much jm's ass tightens around his spent cock, to the point that it becomes legitimately painful.
by the time jk completely pulls out, condom quickly tied off and discarded on the floor to be picked up later, jm's already curled up on his side, hugging his midsection and whining about how jk's not a good hyung, voice hitching with his pained cries.
jk frowns, heart heavy when he realises that, even though he definitely just gave jm the most satisfying, mind blowing orgasm of his life, he still hurt his baby brother :( achingly apologetic, jk starts peppering kisses on every inch of jm's skin he can reach, +
plastering himself to jm's back and nonstop apologising until he's forgiven. jk grins predatorily when jm quietly says he'll let jk fuck his ass again so long as he properly preps him, and promises to be more gentle next time.
bye bye 🀭


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