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Netijen bertanya tala menjawab 😜

01. I would leave a million words
02. If I tried to define
03. All the things you mean to me
04. For you, I'd die a thousand lives
05. So promise you'll never change
06. And I'll always be the same
07. And I'll never lie to you Just don't you hold back on me
08. I don't really know what's right
09. You're something like an angel
10. I wanna love you as strong when we're ninety two.
Dah. Makasih yg udah nanya semoga ga ada yg ketinggalan hehe πŸ’— kalo mau ngobrol/request ☺️ (janjiku kemarin plg kerja tp ada unexpected event soooo gak sempat krn blm selesai nulis juga, sorry! akhirnya jd pagi ini ajayaπŸ₯Ί)


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