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Jun 1

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1/12》From all the hoopla about global warming, you'd think that warming was the main effect of CO2 emissions. It isn't. It is of very minor consequence compared to the major, proven, biological BENEFITS of higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere.…

2/12》When IPCC says we must prevent global warming from exceeding "1.5°C" they don't really mean that. They mean 1.5° warmer than the chilly Little Ice Age, which they guesstimate was roughly 1.1°C colder than now. (Nobody really knows!) So they really mean 0.4°C of warming.

3/12》When the IPCC claims that ">2°C" would be catastrophic, they don't really mean 2°, either. They mean 2° warmer than the guesstimated temperature of the chilly LIA, so when they say "2°C" they really mean a mere 0.9°C warmer than now.…

4/12》They reference temperatures to the LIA so they can use a bigger numbers, to obfuscate their meaning & make the absurdity of their claims less obvious to the targets of their propaganda. It's easier to convince people that 1.5 °C "of warming" will be harmful than just 0.4°.

5/12》It's like when Putin feigns outrage at being "surrounded by NATO." It's just propaganda. (Not counting the Kaliningrad Oblast enclave, Russia is 1.23% "surrounded" by NATO.) Scientists call warm periods "climate optimums" because they're better!…

6/12》The claim that 1°C warmer temperatures would be catastrophic is 100% crackpot nonsense. The lunatics are running the –a̵s̵y̵l̵u̵m̵ – IPCC. 0.4°C is too slight of a change to notice, even indoors. 0.9°C is, perhaps, barely noticeable, but completely innocuous.

7/12》Plus, a nice thing about "global warming" is that it isn't really very global. It disproportionately warms cold winter nights at high latitudes, and slightly lengthens their short growing seasons. The tropics warm less, which is nice, because they’re warm enough already.

8/12》How much planting date adjustment do you think would be needed in the American heartland to compensate for 1°C (1.8°F) of temperature change? A table of average monthly temperatures makes it easy to answer that question:… A: about six days. 🥱

9/12》Now look at a growing zone map. Note the latitude change that gives ≈1°C (1.8°F) temperature change. I added the scale-of-miles to this map from the Arbor Day Foundation:… A: 1°C = about 50-70 miles latitude change 🥱

10/12》It's even easier to see how much elevation change gives 1°C of temperature change. The average tropospheric lapse rate is about 6.5 °C/km, so 1°C = (1/6.5) km = 500 feet. (Even less where it's very dry.) 🥱…

11/12》So, 1°C (1.8°F) of additional warming is like planting ≈6 days later, or moving 50-70 miles south, or moving to a 500 foot higher elevation. If those things don't sound catastrophic, congratulations! Welcome to the ranks of the Climate Realists!…

12/12》Such minor changes are a tiny price to pay for global greening, the enormous (+20% & climbing) improvement in crop yields we get from higher CO2 levels, and the end of major famines. @Thread Reader App @Rattibha رتبها unroll High CO2 🡷    Low CO2 🡶…

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