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Because Every Time is KyuSung Time 🐧💙🐢 KyuSung SNS AU - No Strings Attached (aka superstar Cho Kyuhyun accidentally knocked up omega but no strings attached) *ABO & Mpreg read at your own risk *This is a work of fiction #현예 #ギュイェ #KyuSung #규현 #KYUHYUN #예성 #YESUNG

Congratulations, you're a daddy [1] #현예 #ギュイェ #KyuSung
To be continued on part 2 tomorrow~ 😆
Ask and you shall receive [18] #현예 #ギュイェ #KyuSung
That concluded my 3rd KyuSung sns au "No Strings Attached"!! 🎉 I really had fun making this one cuz it's pure comedy and fluff which is my ace~ Thank you everyone for all likes and fun qrt 🥰 I read them all and laugh a lot you guys are amazing!! 🤣👍 #현예 #ギュイェ #KyuSung
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