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Jun 8, 2022
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A #taekook au where : "Sign the papers…" Taehyung says and pushes it in front of the other. "You- you want a divorce…?" Jungkook looks at the other in disbelief. #taekookau

"Yes" Taehyung says, looking at the other. "Why...?" Jungkook can't recognise his own voice, when it breaks. "Why??" Taehyung snorts. "What do you mean why?!" A mocking smile on his face when he says, "Don't tell me, you didn't see this coming!"
And Jungkook has no answer to that. Because he did! He saw this happening in future. He was dragging it. He knows that he was trying his best to avoid it. But he did not think that part of future will be this soon. And it hurts.
It hurts more than he imagined it to be. It hurts more than all those times he saw it happening in his nightmares. Those were frightening, this is terrifying. As he stands in front of his husband, he is terrified of the look on the latter's face. It's all blank.
"Baby..." Jungkook tries to say, as he takes a step towards the man in front of him. "Baby, we can ta- talk...?" He did not intend it to come off as a question, but lately everything is questionable between them. "Talk??!" Taehyung fakes a laugh. "What is that? I don't think-
-we are familiar with that word! What even is that?!" "No!" Taehyung says, as he sees his husband getting close to him. "Do not." His voice ice cold. And Jungkook spots the first real expression on the other's face. He gulps.
Jungkook tries to form thoughts, he tries really hard but nothing comes to his mind. He just looks at the papers in front of him and hopes it burns down with his stare. If he could turn back time- "Good. Since you do not have anything to say, just sign the papers so that we-
-can get done with this!" Taehyung shrugs. He takes the pen from the table and pushes it in front of the table, where his husband stands, motionless. Jungkook blinks when he feels tears blurring his eyes. He looks at his husband, who still have a blank face. It hurts.
"Can we talk...?" He still asks. "What is there to talk?" Taehyung asks, crossing his arms across his chest. Jungkook knows Taehyung is getting defensive, he knows his husband's habits when he's nervous. And it somehow calms him down. 'He feels something...'
And Jungkook feels a little bit confident. "Let's talk before we... We take any descision... Please...?" Jungkook hopes his begging still has some effect on the other. He hopes, his presence still effects the other. Hope is all he can ask for, at the moment.
"Talk what?!" Taehyung asks again, voice irritated. "What is there to talk about?" He looks around, troubled. Arms wrapping around himself in a protective gesture. "When was the last time we had a talk, ba-" Taehyung stops himself from saying it. Baby.
Jungkook feels his heart hurt when he does not hear it. "Baby..." He says it, instead. "I know we didn't talk before but let's talk this out now... Let's not make any decision in rush... Just-" "Why...?" Taehyung says, his voice wavers a bit. "Is it because of the fact that-
-noe that the divorce papers are in front of you? It is because that you now see the seriousness the matter...?" Taehyung grips himself stronger than before, as if he is stopping himself from falling. And Jungkook has never felt this weak before. "Now that you see we can't-
-be together forever, you want to talk?!" Taehyung rounds the table and comes to stand in front of Jungkook. "Tell me, when was the last time we talked?! Tell me when was the last time we had a proper conversation?!" Taehyung says in an accusing tone.
Jungkook does not have an answer to that. When was the last time they talked...? He only remembers them crossing paths with each other like strangers. Them, living under the same roof like roommates. Them, looking at each other like acquaintance.
Just two people who see each other when one of them is leaving for work. Taehyung is never home when Jungkook comes back from work. Jungkook is busy with work when Taehyung takes a day off. At first, it was accidental. But then soon they started avoiding each other.
It was not that they started hating each other. It was fear. Fear of losing each other. Their conversation became so less that they feared that if they talk, it will only lead to them losing each other at the end of it.
It was not a single person's fault. And Jungkook realises it when he looks at Taehyung. Taehyung looks guilty too. "Do we want this...?" Jungkook asks, tired. "Tell me baby... Do we want this? Let's give each other some time..." "How much time do we need...?"
Taehyung is also tired. "How much do we need? We already lost a year or so delaying this so what more time do we need? And for what exactly...?" "We've been married for 4 years!" Jungkook says, with a hurtful expression on his face. "How can you talk like it is some deal?!"
"Trust me, at this point, the only thing which is holding this relationship are those legal documents." Taehyung smiles, brokenly. "We have lost each other a long ago... Now we can't even call it a deal..." "It's just a contract..." Taehyung, blinks when his eyes get teary.
"So let's just end this before-" Taehyung takes a sharp breath when Jungkook takes a huge step towards him, trapping him against the table and himself. "I don't want to end this!" Jungkook whispers, his mouth close to Taehyung's ear.
"Don't do this..." Taehyung tries to say, eyes not matching the other's. He puts his hand over Jungkook's chest and tries to push the other back from himself but Jungkook does not move. Jungkook gets more close to him. "Do what...?" Jungkook asks, voice low.
"This..." Taehyung looks at him. "Don't push the matters away with this." "Do you feel something...?" Jungkook asks instead, ignoring Taehyung's words. "Feel what?" "Feel something when I'm this close to you...?"
Taehyung sees how Jungkook's eyes move from his face to his lips. He gulps at the intensity of Jungkook's stare on him. And Taehyung knows that he should say no. He knows that regardless of what he feel, he should say no right now. But somehow, he can't.
His words too reluctant to come out of his mouth. "You do..." Jungkook whispers, close against his lips. Too close that their lips brush off against each other. "You still feel something when I'm this close to you..." Jungkook holds Taehyung's waist, and Taehyung hisses.
He holds Taehyung in his arms. "You feel something when I touch you like this... You do... Don't you?" The last part, full of doubtfulness. Taehyung sees the vulnerability in Jungkook's eyes. The desperation, the hope to never let go. Only if they had tried a bit earlier...
So it breaks Taehyung when he says, "It takes time for us to get over our feelings... And physical affection is no different." He feels Jungkook's arms go lax around him. "It takes time to let go of the physical pull, but emotionally... I'm already over you."
Taehyung cries when he looks at those wide eyes looking back at him in shock. "Your touches still makes me feel things because my skin is used to it but-" He takes a sharp breath before saying, "My heart no longer desire your touches... It used to bring comfort but now-
-it only brings pain..." "Earlier it used to ignite me now it only burns me..." Taehyung cups Jungkook's cheeks and their forehead touch in the process. "You are a bad habit to me, just like I'm to you..."
Taehyung wipes Jungkook's tears, but it's never ending. Jungkook sobs in his arms. "So, let's just not- not destroy each other more than we already are... Let's just end this and help each other is some way." "Let's just be there for each other at least for this time...?"
"I can't- can't live without you!" Jungkook says, in between his cries. "Baby, I can't live- my life I- please..." He breaks down, hugging Taehyung. "And I can't live with you..." Taehyung admits and cries when Jungkook hugs him tighter.
They cry in each other's arms. To afraid to let go. To afraid to leave. Taehyung kisses Jungkook's earlobe when he feels Jungkook kissing his nape. To afraid of memories. To afraid of a future without each other.
They didn't realise for how long they hold on to each other. Or how much time passes when they are in each other's arms. Only if they had hold onto each other before... Only if one of them had decided to come home sooner...
So when Jungkook moves back from Taehyung, the latter feels as if his one part was taken away from him. It's true. Jungkook is leaving with his heart. A heart which only beats for Jungkook... Taehyung does not know if it will beat the same when Jungkook will leave.
"Before leaving..." Jungkook says, his voice hoarse from crying too much. "Yes...?" Taehyung asks, voice sounding the same as the other. "Can I kiss you...?" "Kiss you one last time before-" Jungkook doesn't get to complete the sentence when he feels Taehyung's lips over his.
Taehyung kisses Jungkook with everything in him. He gasps when he feels Jungkook kissing him back, desperately. Jungkook bits his lower lip and Taehyung let's him kiss the way the other wants. Jungkook slides his tongue through Taehyung's mouth.
Jungkook slides his tongue through every corner of the other's mouth. Pulling Taehyung closer to himself to deepen the kiss. He grabs Taehyung and makes the other sit on the table. The latter moans in response. It this is all he gets before leaving, then Jungkook wants it.
He wants every bit of it. If he can't have this again, then he wants it to last longer so that his memories are filled with it. So that he doesn't forget the way Taehyung feels like. He kisses Taehyung with the hope that the latter never forgets him.
Taehyung cries when his hands comes in contact with a file beside him. The Divorce papers. He sobs louder against Jungkook's lips, when he feels Jungkook taking the pen in his hand. Jungkook signs it.
They both cry when they finally break the kiss. Just how the daydream became a nightmare... Just how the- "AND CUT!!!"
The director says, with a clap. For a moment everything is too quiet before the room fills with the sound of loud applause. Every crew member lauding the lead actors for their mind-blowing performance.
Taehyung and Jungkook avert their eyes from each other to look at the director, who is in awe. "You both are so brilliant, everytime! You both always amaze me with your acting!" The older man says, with a satisfied expression on his face. Both the actors smile at that.
Jungkook helps Taehyung get off the table. "Are you okay...?" He asks, in a soft tone, looking all over Taehyung to see if the other is not hurt in any way. "I am okay, Gukkie!" Taehyung says with a blinding smile on his face.
Jungkook can't help himself but to chuckle looking at the other's face. Taehyung's make-up is ruined because of all the crying he did and he knows that he must be looking like the same to the other. The absurdity of the situation that they are in. Taehyung pouts at him.
"What is so funny huh?!" Taehyung asks the other. Before Jungkook can say anything, the Director shows up beside them. "You both did so much justice to the scene!" They both bows in front the older man to show respect. "Really how do you both pull this off everytime?!"
They both smile, shyly. "And like how do you manage to deliver sad scenes with such grace...? After all, you both have been married for 7 years!" "Like why do you guys only do sad movies with each other?" And when the older man doesn't get a verbal response, he smiles at them-
-before walking away in acknowledgement of a secret. A secret they obviously won't share with the director. "Baby, let's go and eat something! I'm too hungry!" Jungkook says, turning to his husband. "Me too!" Taehyung says, putting a hand on his empty stomach.
"We shed so much tears, today... We should treat ourselves with a meal!" He says and intertwines his hand with Jungkook's. They both walk to their shared vanity van.
And when they both were having an ice cream after that, they smile at each other. They chose sad endings to their fictional stories because in real, their story will only have a happy ending. They feel enchanted at the feel of getting away from each other-
-for a while, only to close the book and get back to each other. The fear of loosing makes them realise how much they want each other. To never let go. Taehyung kisses Jungkook's cheeks when the other pulls him closer. Their eyes shine in the starry night.
"Mine..." Jungkook says, kissing his husband's cheeks. "Yours..." Taehyung says, giggling in his husband's arms. A happy ending in the real world. But their story continues... —— fin.
*2 minutes silence for everyone who thought, this will have a sad ending* Welcome to AJ's world! Thank for reading and if you want to support your smol writer on Ko-fi... 🥺


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