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chari✨ (ia bc of uni)

chari✨ (ia bc of uni)

Jun 9, 2022
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Would want rofan au,,,kdj to be a king renowned to have a harem of beautiful women for some fucking reason but actually he's gay and they're just his friends that don't wanna bother with annoying suitors

Oh also the members of his harem (ysa,hsy,jhw,lsh, anna croft) are just dating each other and he's just 😐😐😐 so many "wives" but getting no puccy (that's what he prefers though he just can't be bothered with marriage)
Like, kimcom women are so beautiful kdj's notorious for it and he's even rumored to be collecting all the beautiful women in the continent. ysa?gentle and beautiful priestess hsy? prolific beautiful genius author w/ wit sharp as a knife. jhw? incredibly handsome peerless general
lsh? no one compares to her grace and she's also renowed for her medical skills. anna croft? one of the nation's chief tacticians + her cold beauty like no other
this is just me and my dream of kdj living in a house with his platonic besties and the worst of his problems is when he can't read in peace because the women in the detached palace of his estate are getting down and dirty
like, it'd be funny if min jiwon is a princess and she initially hated kdj thinking he was a philanderer but then develops a crush on him when he's so blasé with her like "how dare he 😡😳😡😳😡" so one day she comes to think well maybe joining his harem won't be that bad,,,
mjw: fine, I'll let you put me in your harem! kdj: ???? I don't know if they'd let you join though,,, mjw: what now
Anyway who am i if I don't make this about jd. Duke yjh from the neighboring kingdom is getting increasingly concerned because his disciple ljh is starting to spend more time in king kdj's estate. he's not one to listen to rumors but it wouldn't hurt to be careful
((ljh is just visiting jhw (her other master but don't let yjh hear that) and mooching off kdj's place but sshhh yjh doesn't know that)) Anyway where am i going with this. Right. Yjh thinks kdj is a pervert that's gonna seduce his underaged disciple to join his harem
One day yjh just straight up demands to go with ljh when she was going to visit to spend the week and he's just astounded to how much kdj's "wives" bully the shit out of kdj and by bully i mean "accidentally" pushing him onto yjh, making sure they sit next to each other on the-
dining table at lunch, making "chance" encounters throughout the whole week of his stay. yes kdj has been whipped for yjh since day 1 and all the kimcom girls know it.
yjh is just downright confused with what's happening because ??? wasn't this man supposed to be a lustful womanizer why are all his "wives" treating him like a clown??
yada yada yada the girls + ljh find a way for them to keep meeting and slowly but surely they start to get comfortable around one another. yjh is trying to be respectful because hell kdj is a married man (5 times!!!) why kdj just isn't getting his hopes up bc he's kdj lol
what truly takes the cake though aka how yjh falls in love is when he finds out kdj adopted two orphans, sys and lgy, as his legal children and sees how much he adores them (let's say he hasn't announced it widely because he wants them to live in peace, away from court drama)
now this is the part where yjh is starting to connect the dots. married to five beautiful women for a few years already but no children. how his "wives" kept pushing kdj to him. how kdj treats his wives without even a hint of romance or passion in his eyes. And.
How he'd blush whenever he gets to close to yjh. thus starts yjh's pursuit for kdj's hand in marriage and how kdj the dumb fuck that he is thinks yjh is gonna kill him
like it'd be funny if he was so confused he thought things were going well between them but then suddenly yjh is glaring (staring intently) at him every second they're together and just. grips him all over. His wrist, his arms, his fucking neck. He's brusing all over
ofc this doesn't go over the heads of his "wives" (bestfriends) and laugh at his misery but try to help this dumbass understand yjh's heart more.
Anyway blahblahblah they get together eventually and now kdj is know to be collecting all the beautiful women AND men in the empire.
Maybe when kdj and yjh gets together they'll finally get the law for same sex marriage passed.idt think kimcom girls would have the strongest urge to get married to eo themselves bc of they're already satisfied w/ their arrangement but heck idk maybe they'll do it for the funsies
Nothing makes sense in this au don't take it seriously.
((there's a subplot here where how kdj met his besties was because he was plotting to overthrow the (previous) king and eventually succeeded but brain too tired to think of the details just want gay brrrr))
chari✨ (ia bc of uni)
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