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Jun 11, 2022
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sbn likes to think he’s a good leader. he does everything he can to help his members. buys them food, spends time with them … and lets them use him whenever they want. 🐱⬆️🐰⬇️ cw // consensual somnophilia

sbn kind of guessed that this would happen when he went to bed. tyvn had seemed extremely high strung all day, legs bouncing, gnashing his teeth and snapping at gyv for nothing. he had a feeling tyvn might come to him later, looking for something to ease his mind of whatever+
was bothering him. it had become some kind of a ritual for all of them over the past few months. they each had different ways to deal with stress and while it worked well for sbn to play games on his phone or watch 0di in his enclosure, the other members sometimes needed a+
little more. and sbn has been trying to think of ways to help, but he only came up with one thing. he still remembers the confused looks on the others’ faces when he told them he’d offer them his body whenever they needed to release their stress in other ways. it was pretty+
simple actually, sbn allowed them to fuck him whenever they wanted, wherever they wanted. and they had been hesitant at first but as soon as the first person came to sbn, the others started asking too. it worked well, from quick handjobs in the bathroom stalls of a broadcasting+
station and blowjobs in the shower to sbn getting fucked in one of the vocal rooms. sbn doesn’t really care about himself during all this, if he cums, great. if he doesn’t, also fine. after all, this isn’t about him, but about his members.
and then sbn allows them to take it a step further. he allows them to come to him even when he is asleep, they don’t have to wake him up, they can just fuck him like that. the only rule is that they have to tell him who it was the day after. if he wakes up with cum in his ass,+
he at least wants to know who it’s from. and sbn really doesn’t wake up most times, but he doesn’t mind. in fact, the thought excites him and he’s almost a little embarrassed to admit that he’s jerked off in the shower more than once while trying to clean himself after a night+
of being used, too aroused by the thought of it to not do it. - but today, sbn wakes up with three fingers in his ass and it takes him a moment to realize that he’s not dreaming. he’s laying on his side, upper leg bent slightly for better access. sbn groans quietly,+
his dick is hard and already aching and he suspects he’s being fingered for a while already. “sorry, hyvng, i just had to…” ah, tyvn. sbn doesn’t really answer him and just presses his ass back against tyvn. he’s not quite awake yet and he can feel himself drift off again, +
only vaguely aware of tyvn pulling out his fingers and wiping them on sbn’s thigh. if sbn were more awake, he’d probably be too aroused to properly think. tyvn isn’t touching him to pleasure him, doesn’t really care if sbn likes this too, tyvn is just using sbn for his own+
pleasure and sbn loves that. he’s just like a doll, maybe even just a hole. sbn can feel tyvn’s dick against his hole and he lets out a sigh at the pressure. tyvn’s hands are on his hips, holding him in place as he slowly pushes himself inside. the slide is easy, tyvn really+
must’ve fingered him thoroughly before and sbn shudders when thinking about it. part of him wishes he could somehow watch himself getting used like this, he wonders how he looks, being fingered open while unconscious, unable to move or respond. he moans quietly and tyvn stops+
for a second. “are you okay? should i stop?” definitely not. sbn quickly shakes his head as best he can in this position and reaches behind him to place a hand on tyvn’s thigh. “keep going.” sbn’s voice is rough, still heavy with sleep and then tyvn presses a kiss to his+
shoulder before he slowly starts fucking in to sbn. tyvn is pressed against sbn’s back which doesn’t really allow him a huge range of motion, but his thrusts, while slow, are deep and demanding. sbn almost shudders at the sound tyvn’s hips make as they meet his ass at every+
thrust. it’s obscene. sbn bends his leg a little more, moving it up for more space. tyvn seems to get the hint and reaches for sbn’s leg, lifting it a little as he leans back, speeding up his thrusts. sbn normally doesn’t do this, doesn’t expect the others to be considerate of+
his needs, but today he really wants to. it might be the thought of tyvn fingering him for so long before he woke up, it might be something else but he doesn’t care. sbn reaches down to wrap a hand around his cock, attempting to match tyvn’s pace. he’s a little clumsy, having+
just woken up, but it’s enough. he’s already worked up, he doesn’t know for how long he’s been hard already, it’s almost painful and his cock is leaking on the sheets below. sbn moans and he can hear tyvn huff behind him. “and we were worried that you just pretended to like this+
for our sake, but you really enjoy this, huh?” sbn doesn’t answer but his hand falters for a moment and he whines in embarrassment. he knows it’s not really a secret but he still feels embarrassed when someone says it like that. “it’s okay.” the next thrust hits sbn’s prostate+
dead on, and sbn can’t hold back his moans anymore. there’s a quiet chuckle behind him. “because we like this too. a lot.” tyvn’s thrusts seem to speed up a little more and sbn can tell that he’s close. sbn is close as well and when another thrust hits his prostate, sbn spills+
over his hand, clenching around tyvn who groans. it only takes a few more thrusts for the younger to reach his climax as well and then sbn can feel himself getting filled up. tyvn’s hips are pressed tightly to sbn’s ass and he’s panting against sbn’s neck.+
once he’s calmed down a little, sbn realizes how tired he still is. his eyes are threatening to close again and he doesn’t bother fighting it. he barely registers tyvn pulling out of him, he doesn’t really care that tyvn’s cum is leaking out of him. sbn feels heavy with sleep+
once again and the last thing he hears before he fully drifts off is: “thank you.” - when sbn wakes up the next morning, he almost thinks that he’d only been dreaming. but he’s wearing different clothes than he did before, he’s been tucked carefully into his bed and there’s+
a little note on the little shelf next to his bed. tyvn had taken the time to fully clean sbn up after he was done. sbn smiles at the thought and there’s a warm feeling in his chest. maybe he really is a good leader.


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